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student-in-devildom · a day ago
The one shared Braincell by 3
Yuu: I don't have a favourite that's absolutely ridiculous
Ace: Are you sure about that? It doesn't look like it
Yuu: shut up I am very certain
*says yuu as they're hugging deuce closer to them and petting his head*
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sober-pepper · 19 days ago
Ace, holding a hand out: Hey, Yuu. Wanna dance with a cool guy?
Yuu: I'd love to. Where is he?
Ace (-_-) (^^,) Yuu
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luxthestrange · 16 days ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#154 Tsunderes
The Tsunderes:Leona,Idia,Jack,Ace,Jamil,Riddle,Azul,Vil,Floyd,Sebek,Epel,
Do you know what your problem is? You're really cute, so no one ever told you to shut your pie hole
Yuu:...You think I'm cute? (˶◕‿◕˶✿)
The Tsunderes:Leona,Idia,Jack,Ace,Jamil,Riddle,Azul,Vil,Floyd,Sebek,Epel,
Tumblr media
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mall-0-ry · 4 days ago
first years with an s/o that has chronic pain? 👉👈
FIRST YEARS WITH A S/O THAT HAS CHRONIC PAIN ( Back Pain, Neck Pain, shoulder pain and etc!)
Ace Trappola:
- He went to the ramshackle dorm to fetch you and grim for today’s classes, only to find you sitting on the floor clutching your feet.
- He teased you about being clumsy, that you stubbed your toe.
- You told him you didn’t stub your toe on any corners.
- He stood in silence for a few seconds.
- before genuinely asking what happened and if it hurts.
- You told him it was from running around and doing Crowley’s works.
- he told you to not overwork yourself.
- “ You shouldn’t be handling that bird brain’s works! “
- Insists for you to stay at the dorm to rest your feet.
- You asked him to come over to ramshackle dorm for something
- Panics over if it was serious
- came to a conclusion that it was nothing to worry about.
- reached your dorm.
- When you saw him, you complained about your back pain.
- He saw grim trying to massage your back.
- was surprised that grim was being obedient.
- asked if it still hurts
- told him that it hurts for only a little
- he went and offered to massage your back for you.
- you accepted.
- he began pressing on your back, he asked what may be the cause for it
- you told him it was maybe from the uncomfortable bed you have.
- told you to rest up.
- “ I’ll see if i can borrow some comforters from house-warden, to give it to you.. “
- This boy felt guilty.
- he told you to do some squats and running yesterday, now you’re suffering the consequences of exercising.
- felt bad so he went to buy some salon pas for you.
- and offered massages.
- you happily accepted
- now he’s currently massaging your feet while you watch on his phone.
“ I’m sorry for forcing you to do some exercises.. “
- He doesn’t mind massaging your shoulder!
- would offer it every-time you two are together
- really good at massaging.
- Probably because he would often massage his Meemaw’s shoulder!
- sweet boy, he would give you apple slices while he massage your shoulder
“ Relax and let me massage your shoulders! “
- you told him to calm down.
- immediately calmed down.
- you told him that it was from from Vargas’s Exercises.
- doesn’t know how to massage.
- tries his best.
- when he finally got the hang of it.
- he became a pro!
- Offers Malleus to let him massage him.
- was sad when malleus rejected the offer
- became happy when lilia asked for a massage
Tumblr media
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treysimp · 18 days ago
Your blog is fast becoming one of my favorite x Reader TWST romance blogs. I really like your fluffy stuff!
I see you are taking requests, so I thought I'd give you one! Imagine you've gone to the carnival with a group of your friends. You are on a ride for 2 with your crush when the ride breaks down. He can see you are getting anxious about the situation and wants to comfort you but in doing so he accidentally ends up confessing. Now what fluffy things might happen while you two are trapped together in the ride? Choose whoever you feel inspired to write about.
Thanks for your work!
Rattling the bars of my cage
This is so cute! I am dying! Okay, I decided I want to write about:
Tumblr media
GN!Reader/Ace Trappola
Tags: Tooth-rotting fluff, love confessions, reader's body not described and no pronouns are used for them, ask to tag for more but this is pretty tame all things considered.
Words: 2k
Want more TWST? Here’s my masterlist!
It was a muggy summer day. Storm clouds hung in the distance of the currently sunny sky, and of course on one of the sweatiest days of the year, your friends decided that they needed to drag you along with them to the annual carnival. 
You didn’t really mind, the rides were far more intense than you were used to (after all, haunted houses with real ghosts add a little extra je ne sais quoi, no?), and the food was familiar in a way that a lot of other things weren’t in Twisted Wonderland. It felt strangely homey. There were food stalls, craftsmen with all sorts of wares, and tents with different displays of collections and curiosities. Just like home.
Grim was sitting on your shoulders, stuffing cotton candy into his mouth. He had already demolished his hotdog, which was a similarly sticky mess of sauce and crumpled brioche bun. You had decided that if that little troublemaker got any treat that you gave him on your hair or clothes, you were going to put him on a diet. It made your heart warm to see how happy he was at the moment, though. His ears were perky, his pupils were blown wide, and his was surprisingly well behaved when he wasn't begging for food.
Having your first-year Heartslabyul friends with you was also a treat. The best part might just be getting to see everyone in casual clothes. Tee-shirts, jean shorts, it was funny how normal and everyday it all felt. It made you feel a little better about missing home. You all looked like people that you knew in your world for once.
When Ace had asked you to go to the carnival with him… you thought it might have been a date. 
Sadly, those hopes were dashed when he immediately turned around and invited Grim and Deuce along with you both. In a moment of surprising perception, Deuce tried to get Ace to go with you alone, but Ace wasn’t having it. 
The result of that conversation was that Ace had got it in his head that Deuce was afraid of thrill rides. As a result, he had been putting you all through the wringer by making you all ride everything that even had the possibility of making you scream. Except Grim. He was too short for most of the rides, that lucky cat. Even so, Grim had joined you on the most recent roller-coaster, so it was amazing that he still had an appetite at this point. Especially considering how queasy you felt from the whole ordeal. 
“Okay guys, how about going on the Zipper?” Ace said with a smug grin. 
You had refused to go on any rides that dropped you over and over, but that was the one thing you had been able to get Ace to agree to. Looking at the chainsaw-like row of freely swinging cages makes you feel lightheaded, but it was hard to say no to Ace when his eyes were practically sparkling at the prospect. 
“Fine.” You say, pressing two fingers to your temple to ease the slight inversion headache that had been building behind your eyelids. “It’s two seats, who’s going with who?”
You could feel the motion of Grim shaking his head behind you. 
“I’m gonna take my sweet time finishing this treat!” He said, taking a large mouthful of a bite of his cotton candy to demonstrate his commitment. 
That big of a munch seemed a little counterproductive to his statement, but you just laughed and lowered him from your shoulders to the ground.
Deuce shook his head as well.
“I am going to see the Magical Wheel’s they have on display in the presentation tents. You guys can go ahead, I don’t want to ride by myself.” He said, starting to walk away before either you or Ace could object. 
“Well… just you ‘an me then, huh?” Ace asked, eyebrow raised and hands playfully tucked behind his head. “I can’t wait to hear you scream.” He giggled.
“You’ve been hearing me scream all day today, you know?” You said with a huff, joining Ace at the end of the line for the Zipper. 
You weren’t thrilled to go on another ride, but being alone with Ace for the first time today was a nice perk, even if he was using the opportunity to rag on you relentlessly. 
Thankfully the line was short, so while Ace had convinced you to play red hands with him (he called it ‘turning red’ hands, for some reason?) you got to the front of the queue without getting slapped too many times. 
Listening to the worker giving you brief safety instructions as you both climbed into the cage, you realized that there was nothing actually separating the seats, and that the lap bar was going to be the only thing keeping you from falling head-first any time the cage spun. 
You swallowed down your nervousness again. It was going to be worth it. 
Even just accidentally bumping elbows with Ace while getting in your seat had already caused your heart to race, so what’s a little more adrenaline on top of that?  
“You ready, baby?” Asked Ace, ruffling your hair with his hand. 
Your heart almost stopped when you heard him call you by the pet name… that is until you realized that he was calling you a baby, as-in comparing you to an actual toddler. Rude.
You took the opportunity of your close proximity to tickle Ace’s ribs in revenge, and his squeaky laughter and ‘stop stop stop’s made it worth it. 
“Fine! You’re big and tough, okay? You’re not a baby, sheesh.” He said, face visibly red from the giggle fit you had just subjected him to. 
You nodded at his statement in satisfaction and pretended to flex your bicep at him, causing him to start laughing again. 
“Okay, very scary, very buff, thank you.” Ace said, slapping his hand on your arm and acting mockingly impressed.
Goofing off with him always made you smile. It was part of why you liked him so much. It was also part of why you were so terrified to try and tell him about your feelings. What if he didn’t reciprocate? Could you even keep having silly banters like this? The thought gave your heart an uncomfortable squeeze.
There was a creaky moan of metal, and the ride finally started moving. 
Ace’s grin turned into one of twisted glee as he began rocking back and forth to make the cage start rotating forward as fast as he could make it go.
All of the cute feelings you had about brushing against him while getting into the ride were immediately overshadowed by the g-force of repeatedly being slammed against Ace's side. He was doing everything in his power to make you scream louder than you had the whole damn day.
Hazarding a look at Ace’s face, your gaze met his for a moment. His eyes were crinkled in a smile, yet there was some other sort of sickly-sweet emotion oozing just below the surface. Despite the unflattering view from both your hair and clothes wildly flailing up and down, you couldn’t help but be taken by his boyish enthusiasm. 
Getting more comfortable, you started helping Ace rock the cage back and forth, getting both of you to go faster and faster as your distraught screams turned into yelps and giggles of delight. It was exhilarating, and while you had your doubts before boarding the vehicle, you really were enjoying yourself now.
That is, until that metallic creak from earlier repeated, and the wind was knocked out of your lungs by the safety bar. 
Both you and Ace looked at each other in surprise and then started looking at the ground below for an answer to what just happened. You could hear the chatter of a crowd below you and the worker operating the ride said something about ‘technical difficulties’. 
Oh great. You and Ace were stuck at the very top of the zipper, rocking back and forth uneasily as the rest of the ride stood eerily still. Just great.
You swallowed audibly. The ride had been fun while you were in motion, but being stuck at the top and not knowing why meant you couldn't feel anything but horribly anxious. 
Ace saw that you were shaking and bit his lip. He wanted to use this ride as an excuse to tease you and keep you to himself for a bit, and now you just looked miserable and sad. Just his luck. 
Ace reached out his hand and gently put in on top of yours, causing you to loosen your white knuckle grip on the safety bar in surprise. You looked over at him questioningly, and were a bit taken aback by the return of that mysterious emotion behind his eyes. 
“...Sorry.” Ace muttered, squeezing your hand protectively. “I was hoping to make you scared in a fun way.” He said, lightly tracing his thumb across the skin of your knuckles.
You laughed just a little. You felt much more at ease already. 
“Well maybe we can figure out another way to make me scream.” You say… before it hits you just what you had implied. 
“Ah! Not like! Not-!”
Ace’s shoulders were violently shaking from laughter, and he buried his face in the hand that wasn’t covering yours. The laughs started silently, but they built into bubbling hiccups of giggles. You could feel the cage shake from Ace’s laughter, but before you could get too anxious about it again, he had stilled himself.
Ace wiped a tear from the corner of his eyes, stifling more giggles. 
“That’s what I love about you, you know? You always make me laugh.” 
Now it was time for Ace to take his turn in immediately regretting what he said. 
“Ah! No, I um-!” Ace slapped both of his hands to hide his face, shaking his head violently from side to side. 
You sat completely still in shock. Did he really mean that? 
“Ahhh…” Ace was trying to will himself to make an excuse, any excuse, but he was drawing a blank. His Adam's Apple bobbed with a thick swallow, and he audibly inhaled to try and start again.
“I really wanted to confess to you at the fireworks show… actually.” He said. 
Ace looked so sweet in this moment, all the facade of a smug troublemaker gone, just a boy being so hopelessly lost in his feelings that he slipped up and just laid them all out on the floor. 
Your heart was drumming wildly, your mouth felt dry and (for not the first time today) you felt like fainting. Was this real? 
You reached over to your arm and pinched yourself. Ace didn’t look amused.
“Are ya really gonna pinch yourself and not respond! I just-!” He was shushed by you putting a finger to his lips. Words dying on his tongue, Ace fixated on how close you were and how soft the pads of your finger felt.
“I like you. So much that it hurts.” You say, revelling in the way that Ace goes almost slack-jawed at your response. 
“You like me…” He repeats, seemingly in a trance from your words. Ace leans towards you with a serious look on his face. 
“Say it again.” 
You smile and oblige him. “I like you.” 
“I like you, Ace.” 
“Who do you like?’
“Ace, I’m gonna take it back if you don’t stop.” You say with a huff, crossing your arms over your chest. 
“Yeah… okay yeah, I just… I can’t believe it.” He said, running his fingers through his hair in a self-soothing motion. “Since when?”
You were getting annoyed.
“Since forever, okay? I’ve liked you a long time.” You reply, the tips of your ears burning at the admission. Why did he always make you feel like this?
“Okay. Me too.” Ace said after a long silence. His gaze flicked to your lips and back again. “Can I…?”
You nodded, leaning forward. You could feel his breath fan over your cheek, his thumb smoothing over the edge of your chin and…
A metallic groan jolted you forward yet again, and the ride lowered your car to the ground with an ancient moan. Flustered and surprised, both you and Ace jumped away from each other. 
The attendant came over to let you out, and upon seeing your faces, gave an amused grin. 
“Sorry about the wait! Took a while to get everyone down safely. You both go and get going, you hear?” The man said with a boisterous laugh. 
Just as you were both exiting the car, the man says something you can’t quite hear to Ace, and his face splits into a grin. 
“Thank you!” Ace says to the worker, grabbing your hand dragging you off in an unfamiliar direction.
You look at him questioningly, but Ace doesn’t look back.
“What did he say?” You asked, tilting your head to the side curiously. 
“He told me that if we hiked to the top of that hill in the next fifteen minutes, we would get the best view of the fireworks in the whole town.” Ace replied, picking up his pace.
“Come on, let me do this whole confessing-thing right this time!” 
Tumblr media
So for context for anyone that has never seen one, I decided that Y/N and Ace went on a zipper ride! Here is a link to a video of one in action.
It’s not even that I was particularly like ‘I wanna talk about Ace’ but I just felt that this whole scenario was just too on brand for him to pass up, haha.
What did you think? I promise I will do more sexy things soon I just love the fluff too lmao
Love you, thanks for reading!
Requested tags: @readinganas, @yandere-kou, @daeda21, @buckketboy, @hxlcyon, @kxhyuns, @aikochan4859 @kumiko-desu, @ninjas-are-the-shit, @star-gods, @fragmentedstarlight, @sarahyumiko2, @rosalie-in-twisted-wonderland, @rebel-faes-writing, @witch-waycult, @naniky, @the-mermaid-of-the-stars
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lilirouge · a month ago
Hi!! I think you're blog is neat as heck, can i request (platonic) hugging headcanons for the first years? they're all like little brothers to me. I care they so much. Hope you have a nice day!!
Tumblr media
how the first years give hugs
characters: ace|deuce|jack|epel|sebek
genre: fluff
cw: none
an: omg thank you <3 i had fun writing this, i’m so sorry for the wait
Tumblr media
He DEFINITELY likes to hug you unexpectedly, no doubt
And to his amusement, you get scared every single time
Wraps his arms around you from behind and squeezes you
“Gotcha again!” *snickers*
Tumblr media
He’s more on the gentle side when it comes to hugging
Mostly because of his past of dislocating shoulders ;;
Wraps his arms under yours, so yours are around his shoulders
“This is comfortable for you, right?”
Tumblr media
Hugs extremely tight without realizing it
But he feels warm so it’s good for the winter
Plus, bear hugs are the best so I’m not complaining
“Is it really that cold?”
Tumblr media
Thankfully doesn’t squish you to death
Feels like a regular hug, not too tight nor gentle
Wraps one arm over your shoulder and the other under one of your arms
“Oh I almost forgot. Here’s the apple I carved for you.”
Tumblr media
He wouldn’t, you’re not Malleus
Okay maybe just this once he’ll allow it
Does that side shoulder hug thing, but painfully slow and awkward
“This is probably how the Young Master would do it.”
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theultimatepuddinghead · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
(For all intents and purposes, this is a joke. I just found the wording completely hilarious. I'm sure this was intentional)
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michelletsw · 2 months ago
Yuu talking about rook: he's speaking some kind of french?
Ace: wait here I got this.
Yuu: you know french?
Ace: I speak Italian it's basically the same thing.
Narrator: turns out it was not the same thing.
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certified-boyliker · 16 days ago
Cut My Hair (Ace x FtM!Reader)
Notes: he/him for reader, slight mentions of dysphoria
You dropped into the Heartslabyul dorm dimension, and looked around. You quickly walked around, hoping to find your boyfriend quickly. You ntoiced Deuce and Trey standing nearby, talking about something and rushed over to them.
"Trey! Deuce!"
They quickly turned to you and smiled.
"What's up?"
"I was wondering if you two knew where Ace was."
"Ah, Deuce, you saw him last, right?"
"Yeah, he said he was going over to the library."
"Alright, thanks!"
You made your way over to the library and looked around, hoping Ace was still around. You noticed him and you walked up behind him before wrapping your arms around him and kissing him on the cheek.
"Hey, babe." Ace muttered, his attention still on his work.
"Hey, I have a request..."
You gave Ace a bored look. "Ace, pay attention when your boyfriend's asking you something."
"Ah, sorry." He set down his pencil and finally turned to look at you. He smiled softly and pulled you down for a proper kiss. "What do you want?"
You held up a pair of scissors. "I want you to cut my hair."
Ace's eyes flickered between you and the scissors and took them. "You sure?"
"God- yes. I am certain. I hate having to see my hair so long. It still feels..."
"Alright, I gotcha."
He gathered up his stuff and followed you to the Ramshackle Dormitory and followed you into the bathroom. He set his stuff down outside of it and picked up the scissors from the counter as you sat down. A towel was draped over your shoulders and he pulled your hair out of the ponytail you fixed it in.
"How short do you want it?"
"Mmn..." You looked at the ground. "Not... not too short. Maybe.. below my ears?"
"Alright." He grabbed your hair and held the scissors up to your hair. "You ready?"
"Yeah. I mean, I think-"
Ace began cutting your hair, trying to keep it even as he did. When he was done, you opened your eyes slowly and saw how short your hair was now.
"How does it look?"
You hesitantly touched your hair and smiled, tears welling up in your eyes.
"Ah- hey, are you okay?"
"I'm fine, I... I love it. Thank you." You pulled Ace down for a kiss. You were the luckiest guy in the world. You had the best boyfriend.
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blackopals-world · 19 days ago
Twisted Wonderland cast & Artist!Yuu
Part 1/7
Summary: Yuu is holding an art exhibition at the college and is holding a private showing with her friends. Each having their own preferences in styles.
Warnings: mentions of death/suicide (only in the art).
Ace Trappola
He doesn't really care about art. Which Yuu know but they still asked him to come to support them. Which he does.
He spent a lot of time with Yuu as they made these so he's invested in their success.
His favorite art piece was the painting he modeled for of him holding Grim while the cat hissed at him. It was hilarious.
Deuce Spade
"Grim looks so pissed! You did good!"
Like Ace he doesn't know anything about art but likes being near Yuu when they paint.
He was always over Yuu's shoulder when they were focused on their work.
Almost ruined a few pieces before getting chased out because he would fight with Ace.
Doesn't have a piece he favors.
Cater Diamond
"It's nice. Just being here. With you."
On thin ice!
He doesn't respect the art gallery.
No flash photography!
Is forgiven when he posted reviews of the exposition.
Still Yuu watches like hawk.
He like an charcoal drawing called "Ghosted". It's a powerful drawing of a teenager hovering over a phone. The last texts read I love you and goodbye. It implys that the reason that they don't text back is they already know what happened. The texts are dated at night. The sun is already hanging high.
Maybe he needs more credit.
Trey Clover
"I wonder how they felt to be the first to know but last to..."
Is happy to be there.
Genuinely admires Yuu's work.
His favorite is a small painting of a bakery from Yuu's home town. A little old French lady would pass out cookies to children there on Fridays.
Trey smiled when Yuu told him.
"It sounds like a nice place. I hope you can go there again"
Riddle Rosehearts
He of course wanted to make sure the others behaved themselves.
He treated the event with respect and considered buying a few for display before the other dorm leaders snagged the best ones.
He favored one of the paintings from the center collection. Each of them represented Yuu's experience in this new world.
The painting is call "Dismembered"
It's an oil painting of a woman at an opulent dinner table lifting the covers on a silver platter. Under it is a head with a white rose in its mouth. The king who sits next to the serving woman is blindfolded. Looking closely you see that the rest of the table is lined with body parts that are cleverly hidden in the food. It is not too gory but it is haunting. The king consumes but doesn't know the cost.
It twists Riddle's guts.
He holds your hand.
"It is quite the painting. I could look at it for hours."
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z3nur · 19 days ago
Aaa goofy
Tumblr media
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sober-pepper · 9 days ago
Ace: Hey, Grim, is your wifi down? I can't get on.
Grim: Oh, Yuu changed the password. It's now "Ace already eats our food. He can pay for wifi."
Grim: No spaces.
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luxthestrange · 2 months ago
TWST!Memes #13
Tumblr media
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savanaclaw-tiredtimes · 2 days ago
Couple Costumes
Tumblr media
Please do not repost my work/ideas on other websites!
N/A | The Halloween event is so cute and I just have to do something with it hgwo Plus it's almost Halloween and I've got ✨ideas✨ (It kinda turned into some things you two do lmao) (Also it's not rlly based on the Halloween Event because I don't talk about the NRC decorating event thing)
Reader | They/Them but in 2nd POV so You/Your
【𝚃/𝚁𝚢𝚜 𝙼𝚊𝚙】
Riddle Rosehearts
Tumblr media
Riddle isn't a big fan of dressing up, mostly cause he wasn't allowed to do it at home :(
However, if you ask him enough times and give him a good reason to do so (although you being happy is the only reason he needs) hell hesitantly dresses up with you
He's blushing the whole time he's dressed up and matched you (give him some time and hell get comfortable in it)
Hed probably like Queen of Hearts themes or something sweet-based (Like a chef and a pastry, or a baker and their helper, or even the queen herself and her lover, etc)
Although something simple is also on top of the things he'd like to wear, nothing too eye-catching but eye-catching enough yk?
He doesn't really know how to deal with so much attention, especially if it's teasing, so hell prefers to stay at the dorm and watch movies with you
If you want to go around the campus 'trick or treating’ then hell begrudgingly and embarrassingly go
This is all new to him so explain some things to him pls
His mother never let him celebrate Holloween :(
He knows a bit about it but still wants to learn, especially if there is anything that's different from his world to yours
It interests him, he loves to learn things from your world
Ace Trapola
Tumblr media
He would be the one to ask you lol
He probably texts you costume ideas at like 3am when he's half asleep and trying to study for the test the next day that he postponed (like me-)
Whenever you suggest an idea he probably teases you for it cause that's what he does
He'd probably like the matching food costumes that you can barely walk in huewoa (Like peanut butter and jelly, that one oreo costume where the cookie is split into, and when you hug it's a whole oreo, etc.)
But that's only leading up to Halloween
Ya you heard me he dresses up on all days of October, all in different costumes, and they're all those cheap ones that you can get at the dollar store
And on the last day is when it's the big, decorated, actually good-looking costume!
Probably something basic like pirates or even vampires if he's up to putting a full face of makeup on (all the shibam that Epel and Vil will probably criticize him on lmao)
If you want to do something else then go for it, he won't stop you
But he won't help you that much either lol
He wanted to do his idea and is being a little shit about it (even tho he also agreed on doing it but he's trying to spite you-)
He loves to go around saying trick or treats to people, especially the Housewardens (Just to annoy them)
You will have to listen to him complain about the collar Riddle put on him later that night
Deuce Spade
Tumblr media
Omg this sweet baby will dress up however you want
You want to do Pirates? Ok, let's do it! You want to do Ghosts? So does he! You want to do matching Cat Cafe outfits? . . .He’ll do it but hell be blushing the entire time as he awkwardly walks around-
Like Ace, he likes to do the dollar tree costumes of food with you! He thinks they're cute
His mom will want pictures of him and you and of the school
Ofc you both gladly take pictures for his mother cause yes
We love Deuces Mother
We stan Mother Spade in this household and if you do anything to offend her its bye bye to you
Sorry, those are the rules 🤷
Trick or Treating isn't a must but he will ask if you want to go, he's excited cause he never really…did it yk?
He was a rebellious kid and never really trick or treated that much, he was usually with his gang damaging some property :,)
But if you don't want to then he’ll stay at the dorm with you, he'd prefer it at Ramshackle, and watch some scary shoes with you!
Hed probably likes Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, and James, and the Giant Peach
The cartoony horror movies are what he likes, and he's so cute while watching them
He has a blanket up to his face as the ‘scary’ parts came up and he hugs you close for comfort and it's just adorable
I love him so much hfeuw
Mother Spade is your #1 fan, she ships you two so much ghwa
I want her as my mother :( <3
Cater Diamond
Tumblr media
He wants a cute costume! Cute matching ones like doctor and nurse or maybe hunter and deer or something like that!
He needs to look cute for Magicam and you are going to be in the pics! (you can hide your face if you want he won't mind!)
He spends the whole day doing your and his makeup as well as perfecting your guyses costumes
He's going to drag you to all the aesthetically pleasing places around campus just to take some photos with you
He's not a big fan of sweets but if you want hell take you trick or treating
But not for too long! He wants to get back to the dorm to take more photos~!
He would love to try and bake some sweets with you! Although you two would probably just make a mess and never actually bake anything lmao
So many kisses and hugs <3
I don't know what else to put sorry :(
Trey Spade
Tumblr media
He's not too big on dressing up, so if you don't want to or aren't that persistent n it he won't dress up
But if you do want to dress up and you persist and persist then he will
He'll be happy too! Oh yes he will he thinks you're adorable and wants to help with it if it makes you happy
Hed probably like something simple, like a scientist and his helper or maybe a chef and assistant and maybe just maybe one of those dollar tree food ones
However, he'd prefer the scientist one lol idk why he just gives me the vibe
Baking baking baking baking baking baking-
Riddle has to try to bake some Halloween-themed treats for those students that do go trick or treating around the campus (and himself-)
He loves to experiment with the Pumpkin spice
He's tried it in so many recipes and you're the taste tester! Sometimes it's delicious and sometimes it's terrible and you need to puke-
He prefers not to go trick or treating and just to stay at the dorm with you baking or watching shows
He also really likes Nightmare Before Christmas I believe, and all the other cartoony Halloween shows
But he will also watch horror shows if you want to but prefers the cartoony ones
That's all I got sorry :,)
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fuzzybonefluffy · a month ago
Adeuce&Grim: Kicks the door down looking panicked MC/Yuu/You: What did you do? Adeuce&Grim: Nobody died! MC/Yuu/You: WHAT KIND OF ANSWER IS THAT???
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rs-wonderland · 3 months ago
Sam: Would Yuu please come to the front desk?
Yuu walk to the desk: What is it Sam?
*Sam point at Ace and Deuce*
Sam: I believe they belong to you. -_-
Ace and Deuce: We got lost...
Yuu: Wtf! I didn't even bring you guys with me-
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ladyorchidia · 3 months ago
first year gang with a gen z reader please
Oh la la la ! This idea will surely be fun. Especially with the fact that my previous post had went completely overboard with crack.
Warning(s) : this fic contains cursing and a lot of it, please beware and read at your own risk.
Thank you for requesting anon !
First year gang with a Chaotic Gen Z reader
Tumblr media
Holy shit-
reader just broke all the rules of heartslabyul.
in. front. of. riddle's. face..
Not gonna lie there, reader you're fucked up.
My boy was stupid enough but you just had to come here to absolutely destroy what was called 'peace'.
And turned this school INTO A FUCKING BLIZZERY
Every time you do dumb shit, his face is the definition of
"mom pick me up, I'm scared"
Please try not to tell riddle a your mom joke or this is going to be problematic- Aaaaannnnd you just did.
Why ?
Now he's hiding with you in a closet like in horror movies as riddle stomps around menacingly calling out for you like this :
Oh reader~ where are you ?
Well if you wished to die, today is the day my friend. And to be quite frank with you, getting murdered by riddle is the exact opposite of "He died peacefully in his sleep".
Tumblr media
I pity riddle at this point.
You two are the partners in crime of night raven college.
Dear god, the worst thing you've done by now is smash through the windows of NRC will holding grim like a fucking flamethrower and ace just throwing oil everywhere to send the school into an inferno of madness and chaos.
To make matters worse, Crowley had to rebuild the school 37 times. And none of y' all got expelled because being malleus's closest friend has advantages.
You know what I'm saying ?
ha ha...yeaaah
Well if you wished to leave something for NRC once you go back to your world, I'm sure that the one thing your leaving them is fucking trauma and piles of taxes from each and every student.
You too are basically the Elmo meme. Just standing in front of a raging fire as you summon Satan from hell.
I may be exaggerating to destruction side of ace but that's just how it's gonna be...
And you're gonna deal with it.
Tumblr media
"how many times did Vil scold you ?"
Enough for him to receive a pimple the next morning.
You both will be the absolute death of the famous young actor Vil Schoenheit. (for those who have no idea whatsoever about the complicity of writing down that wretched last name you got another thing coming because I HAVE TO SEARCH IT UP ON GOOGLE AND COPY PASTE IT EVERY TIME HIS NAME NEEDS TO BE MENTIONED)
Moving on you are the perfect opportunity for epel to be himself and cause chaos amongst all dorms.
I'm hesitating on yes or not praying for your safety because at this point it will cause my death.
Stop slamming into people thinking it's funny, you are causing huge hospital bills for everyone and again with the jokes-
You are literally having a battle while screaming random family members into each others face just to talk back and find a comeback. The room gets really silent once one of them says their grandpa is dead.
Tumblr media
I'm sorry I couldn't fit it all into one headcanon, there will be a second part so that jack and sebek are included.
I hope you enjoyed reading this !
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