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Hello hello author! could I request some Hcs for Vil, Rook, & Epel when their S/O’s friends bring their normally stoic and aloof looking S/O to them drunk and they’re just talking non-stop about how lovely their boyfriend is, how utterly in love they are with him, how they want to bring them nothing but pure happiness in their lifetime together
S/O is still completely deadpan while saying all this btw, they don’t even look drunk at first glance, but S/O can’t walk straight and their ears are bright red and flushed, so they definitely aren’t sober ;)
Oh, to be wasted and in love, refusing to shut up about your boyfriend. I say as I don't like alcohol.
Anyway I hope you like these, thank you for requesting!
TW: Mention of alcohol, drunk Yuu
Info: Yuu is reader, all characters are of legal drinking age.
Vil Schoenheit
Vil is unamused at Yuu’s drunkenness to say the least. That being said his heart is melting at all of the sweet things Yuu is saying. As monotonous as it sounds to the outside, Vil knows these are Yuu’s true feelings about him.
Hearing them talk about how much they adore him and only want to see him happy is making it  hard to stay mad at his lover for their reckless behavior. Hard, but not impossible.
As touching as it is to hear them gush over him, Vil is still going to lecture them about not making this a habit. He, as a celebrity, has a reputation he must keep up in the public eye and as his partner Yuu has to uphold themself to a higher standard than getting drunk at a public bar. 
Once Yuu sobers up in the morning Vil is waiting oh so patiently for them to notice him sitting at their bedside. They may have a hangover, but Vil will drill into them that, while he appreciates the sentiment, they need to be more careful.
Rook Hunt
Rook is clutching his heart as if he’s been shot, his beloved is waxing poetry about him and their undying love for him? He’s immediately all over them, holding them and trying hard to hold back his own flowery word vomit.
He’s soaking up everything Yuu has to say about him, listening intently as they go on and on about how they want to make their boyfriend the happiest person in the world. About how much they love him and want the best for him.
Eventually Rook can’t hold himself back from repeating the sentiments back tenfold. Rook and Yuu both gus about how much they love each other. Rook is only slightly concerned at how drunk Yuu is, but isn’t too worried unless it becomes a habit.
In the morning Yuu has a pounding hangover and barely remembers anything that happened last night. Rook is more than happy to remind them while helping them nurse their hangover.
Epel Felmir
As a country boy from a small town Epel is pretty used to seeing people drunk, hard cider is easy enough to make and it gets the job done. Plus it tastes halfway decent. He’s flustered when Yuu comes home and they’re sprouting overly-loving nonsense about him though.
He’s trying his best to ignore it, but damn is it hard, especially when they keep droning on and on about how handsome, reliable, and strong he is.. Honesty Yuu will be the death of him. 
At some point Epel is going to have to guide them to bed otherwise Yuu is going to keep talking all night and that definitely won’t be helping the painful hangover they’ll have in the morning. 
He probably has some obscure remedy for hangovers that’s known back in Harveston, so he’ll  prepare that in the morning before they wake up. Yuu called him reliable and now is the perfect opportunity to prove them correct. Though he is going to chide them on their drinking, not necessarily because of how much they drank but because he wants to go with them next time.
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— Fairytale Picnic Event !
୧ ‧₊˚ 🍃 ⋅ TWST and/or Black Butler x Fantasy/Fairytale au
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Ah- Well hello there! You came just in time! I just laid out the snacks and drinks on the blanket and was just gonna get something from the house. I kinda forgot the strawberry cake hehe... You go on ahead, the picnic blanket should be under the oak tree on top of the hill."
Request list ᥫ᭡
Tumblr media
༊·˚ How to send an ask~
You will be given three questions and from there you can pick what you want from the options listed below. (Sending a hi to Strawberry would also be nice!)
Example: I will pick the road to the lake and there I will meet Riddle, we will head to the picnic with roses and I will have ice cream sandwiches.
Or you can just say: Cottage + Lily + Epel + Apple juice
Tumblr media
Walking through the path of the garden the path ended up going two ways. In front of you was a sigh point where the paths go the first one goes to a small lake while the other one goes towards a small cottage. Which road will you pick? (pick one)
Go to the lake if you want gn reader Go to the cottage if you want fem reader
You noticed how many beautiful flowers there were but there were one that caught your eyes. You picked one.
A Lovely Rose ;; Romantic Yandere
A Pretty Lily ;; Platonic Yandere
A Bundle of Lavender ;; Romantic
A Single Daisy ;; Platonic
Choosing your path you passed by pretty flowers and cute garden decorations you soon reach the destination the sign pointed to and see? (pick one)
TWST ;; Ace Trappola, Azul Ashengrotto, Cater Diamond, Che'nya, Cheka, Duece Spade, Dire Crowley, Epel Felmier, Floyd Leech, Grim, Idia Shroud, Jack Howl, Jade Leech, Jamil Viper, Kalim Al Asim, Leona Kingscholar, Malleus Draconia, Neige, Ortho Shroud, Riddle Rosehearts, Rook Hunt, Ruggie Bucchi, Sebek Zigvolt, Silver, Trey Clover, & Vil Schoenheit
Black Butler ;; Any
(names that are green are PANTONIC only)
Tumblr media
"It seems that they have been here for a while and ask if they could join you to your picnic, maybe they were lost and could not get out of the huge garden, maybe they were just hungry or maybe they just wanted to spend time with you. In the end, you finally reached the picnic place, taking a seat you saw all the food laid out on the blanket and you wondered if Strawberry may have overdone it a bit." (pick one only!)
༊·˚ Deserts and Sweets~ (optional)
Caramel pudding; vampire au
Apple pie; fairy / pixies au
Chocolate brownie; mermaid / siren au
Red velvet cake; android au
Cotton candy; witch/wizard au
Strawberry tarts; naga au
Ice cream sandwiches; arranged marriage au (only yandere/romantic)
Oreo cookies; royalty / nobility au
Peanut butter cookies; love potion au (only yandere/romantic)
Chocolate churros; villain au
Tiramisu; body gaurd / knight au
Sugar-coated donuts; ghost au
Dark chocolate waffles; maid / butler / servant au
Vanilla Macarons; make a wish / magic au
༊·˚ Or do you want a Drink?~ (optional)
Apple juice; Little red riding hood
Strawberry milkshake; Pinocchio
Caramel Coffee; Alice in wonderland
Black Coffee; Sleeping beauty
Tea; Other fairytales
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Vil: What colour are [Name]’s eyes?
Epel: The prettiest [E/C], i could stare at their eyes forever and still not be bored.
Vil: And when's the last time they smiled.
Epel: About 2hrs & 13mins ago when they got to hold a chicken named Helen, and they just had the most triumphant smile etched their face… they looked gorgeous.
Vil: Yeah, okay, and how old am I?
Epel, for furrowing his brows: um…
Vil, gripping Epel’s shoulders as a concerned look enters his eyes: How old is your dorm leader Epel?!
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michelletsw · a month ago
The first years with overbolts:
Y/n: Time for plan G.
Ace: Don’t you mean plan B?
Y/n: No, we tried plan B a long time ago. I had to skip over plan C due to technical difficulties.
Deuce : What about plan D?
Y/n: Plan D was that desperate disguise attempt half an hour ago.
Jack: What about plan E?
Y/n: I’m hoping not to use it. Sebak dies in plan E.
Ace : plan E sounds nice.
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rggie · 29 days ago
< event m.list ┆ texting your boyfriends “they’re busy”
Tumblr media
characters: ace, epel, sebek, jack, deuce / gn!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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twst-shenanigans · 3 months ago
twst Incorrect quote #242
*MC walks into the classroom*
Jack: *doesn’t look up from his homework* “You look nice today MC.”
MC: “Oh thanks… Wait, you didn’t even look up.”
Jack: “No, but Epel’s heart rate sped up when you walked in the room so…”
Epel: *choking on his apple juice with now a huge blush* “JACK!!”
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arent-i-the-fairest · 2 months ago
𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧
crowley is (finally) allowing you the choice of leaving ramshackle to move to whichever dorm you please, but you’re still unsure which one to choose. knowing that, everyone is trying to win you over.
author’s note : out of curiousity— of the 7 dorms, which would you choose to live at and why?
part 2 here!
“so, prefect! tell me, which dorm would you like to move to?”
you froze up. you have to make the decision now? “w-way to put me on the spot..” you muttered under your breath, nervously looking at crowley who was expecting an answer. you like all the dorms! how are you supposed to choose just one?
“i’ll go with… heartslabyul? no, no, scarabia! wait, scratch that, i’ll move to pomefi—”
crowley put a hand in front of you, stopping you from speaking any further. “it seems to me that you’re unsure, but it’s no problem! because i’m so very kind, i will give you as much time as you need to consider.”
“thank you, i’ll be thinking things over!” you waved before exiting his office. the door closed and crowley grinned, spinning around in his chair and rubbing his hands together.
“and i will be informing all your little friends that you’re still uncertain on which dorm to move to— a headmaster must keep himself entertained somehow!”
riddle is stressed, brainstorming different ways to convince you to come. he totally might just make a powerpoint presentation on why heartslabyul is the ideal dorm to be in, which is gold.
cater is just acting like he always does. he feels no need to do anything extra, isn’t he charming enough as is to bring you to heartslabyul?
ace “you and me are best friends” trappola. he absolutely exploits the fact that he’s one of the people to you, if not the closest. he bugs you about it so much though, it’s almost becoming counterproductive— not that he realizes it.
like most other times, deuce is dragged into ace’s scheme. and he totally buys that it’ll work too! they have the same logic of “we’re best friends, so they’ll choose us” and they’re gonna die on that hill. of course, until it comes out that you don’t choose them.
trey’s just caught up in the mess. he’s said “riddle, calm down”, “ace, leave them alone— you too, deuce”, and “thank god you’re so chill, cater” so many times.
leona doesn’t put in a lot of effort— he’s already certain you’re gonna choose his dorm. he’s not overbearing, you’re given a lot of free rein, and though the dorm members can be pretty combative, he’ll drive ‘em away if they try to mess with you. why would you go for any of the others?
ruggie’s got nowhere near as much confidence as leona does about this, so he’s going overboard with giving you gifts, doing little acts of service for you, buttering you up with (sincere) praise, anything that might make you gravitate towards picking savanaclaw.
as per ruggie’s request, jack’s (trying to) act sweeter than he normally is, but he just can’t— it’s way too embarrassing for him. he just ends up acting like the regular old him. and spills ruggie’s plan.
persuasion? it’s azul’s time to shine. he’s a master at this stuff, but there’s one mistake he’s making— he’s being so damn persistent and borderline annoying about it! the number one way to drive away customers! unless you’re a fan of that kind of behavior, it’s hard to even consider moving to octavinelle.
but you think it’s hard to catch a break from azul? pfft, he’s got nothing on floyd. there’s hardly any breathing room with him, literally and figuratively. he’s squeezing you nearly every second he’s with you and it’s hard to think around him.
jade just watches from the sidelines. he’s restraining himself from laughing as he sees azul trailing after you like he’s lost or floyd glomping you to the ground. when you’re tired of their antics and manage to get away, he’ll pour you a cup of tea (on the house!), asking if you’re alright. he’s octavinelle’s only hope.
kalim is basically like, “i don’t wanna sway your opinion, BUT—” he’ll tell you the most amazing things about living in scarabia and how cool the dorm and their members are with the biggest grin on his face. he hypes it up so much it’s sounding like the perfect place.
there’s not a lot left for jamil to do is doing since kalim’s doing pretty much all the work. just to pull you in a little closer though, he’ll give you more treats (made by him) during the day, sometimes reminding you that you could have his cooking every day if you lived at scarabia.
now, vil is sure you already have your sights set on pomefiore— but he’s not gonna take any chances! so he sends rook and epel to spend some time with you. or in other words, advertise their dorm. he’s expecting to see you with luggage soon, asking where their spare room is.
rook is having a field day, he’s probably having the most fun out of everyone here. he’s reciting poems he wrote just for the occasion and practically throwing flower bouquets at you, all while epel…
epel stands off to the side, awkwardly watching rook. he freezes up when told by rook to “show y/n how much you want them to choose pomefiore!” and his brain malfunctions, trying to put together a poetic sentence. all that came out was, “i’ll.. cut apple slices for you..?” not quite what rook had in mind, but it’s beautiful in it’s own way.
idia is extremely anxious— he wants you to pick his dorm, but has no idea how to convince you into doing it. or even how to make his dorm look like an appealing place to be. he feels like the greatness of his dorm pales in comparison to the other ones, so he kinda just hopes a miracle will happen and you’ll choose ignihyde.
oh, malleus is dead set on having you in diasomnia, you have no idea— he’s pulling out all the stops, pulling so many strings. wins “the most desperate” trophy by a landslide. it’s hard to tell though when he seems so nonchalant.
everyone’s trying so hard, it’s amusing, lilia thinks. it all looked like a ton of fun, so of course he was gonna hop onto the “winning you over” bandwagon! he’ll recount all the fun stories he and his dorm mates have had at diasomnia! such as studying gargoyles, and training, and the horrific yet oddly comedic injuries had during training… you question if lilia is throwing you off on purpose.
sebek’s bugging you whenever he gets the chance, boasting about his dorm. diasomnia is the best dorm all around! not only do you have the pleasure of worshipping the young lord, there’s plenty of fun things to do— don’t mind the dark, intimidating atmosphere! now, why don’t you just go and tell the headmaster your choice already?
silver honestly doesn’t know what he’s doing, he’s just goin’ with the flow. when sebek sent him after you, it was a bit awkward. he just said, “you can protect malleus with us and take naps with me :)” and called it a day. is it not enough to have you completely sold though? ♡
you let out a groan as you slumped on top of your bed, grim following after you.
“these guys have been draggin’ you all around! they’re treatin’ this like war!”
“no kidding.” you sighed, turning over on your back. “crowley just had to tell them, didn’t he? now they’re all trying so hard, it’s just making deciding on only one of them more difficult. i don’t wanna hurt any feelings.”
. . .
“should i just eeny-meeny-miny-moe it?”
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forgwater · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
wedding photos with some of the boys
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treysimp · a month ago
"I’m not sure how better to say this... do you want to make out on my couch?"
Tumblr media
Part 4
GN!Reader x Pomefiore (Vil, Rook, Epel)
Smooching, implied mutual pining and suggestive themes, but nothing explicit. Reader is not physically described.
Other chapters:
Savannahclaw | Scarabia | Octinavielle | Pomefiore | Ignihyde | Heartslabyul | Diasomnia
Want more TWST? Here's my Masterlist!
I don't know how better to say this, but do you want to make out on my couch?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Vil bit his lip, shrugged, and then put his hand at the small of your back, dropping you into an elegant dip (or it would have been if you hadn’t yelped in fright). You clasped onto his neck for dear life, and to his credit, he did indeed grasp you firmer in response. 
Like a movie, Vill traced from the top of your ear to your chin, gently tipping your face towards his before pulling you into a ravishing and intense kiss. Your eyes slid shut as you felt yourself being slowly raised back to standing while Vil generously lavished you with slow and romantic kisses. 
You wondered if this could go on for hours, you would do anything for it to never stop. Vil’s kisses were unlike anything you had ever experienced before. You couldn’t help but think that all your dreams of this moment had underestimated him. Nothing could truly compare to his petal lips, his silk hair, and his perfect skin passing over yours softly as you exchanged sweet kisses. 
Finally parting, you both stood in silence. Vil held your face between his palms, eyes boring into yours. You suddenly felt shy, but you couldn't look away either. It was like you were hypnotized. It made you wonder how he could ever think there was anyone fairer than he. You certainly had never seen one who was… not even…
“I refuse, by the way,” Vil says suddenly, cutting through your dreamy reverie. His voice perfectly even and serious. You sputtered in confusion at the statement.
“...you refuse?” You repeated. He literally just kissed you? What does he possibly mean by that? 
“We are not going inside the hovel you call home.” He says snappily. 
You frowned, he’d been in Ramshackle before for a week during the training camp, it’s not like he hasn’t been inside before. 
“Well sorry for my ‘hovel’ but that's all I’ve got.” you snapped back, rolling your eyes. What in the world were you supposed to do about it?
Vil’s perfect face fell into a frown, finally releasing your cheeks from his grasp, brows knitting ever so slightly. 
“It seems there must be a misunderstanding. Must I spell it out for you?” He says with a huff, crossing his arms and tossing his head to the side, blowing away the hair that had fallen out of his braid from his eyes.
“Yes your majesty, I would appreciate it,” you said, putting your hand on your hip and giving him a confused glare. 
Really? What was his problem?
“As an actor, I am only worth as much as the stage I perform on,” he says, extending his hand in a smooth motion to follow each of his perfectly articulated syllables. 
“Usually when I say that, the stage is a metaphor.” he continues, shaking one hand with a finger pointed to the sky while the other rests on his chin in a gesture to evoke thoughtfulness.
“Yep…” you had decided that he would probably be more upset if you didn’t respond to this weird interlude.
“But… in this case I… I…” he begins, eyes opening wide with intensity (perhaps a little too much, if you were honest).
“I will not have my first time intimately touching the love of my life anywhere that is less than gorgeous, Prefect! And that’s final!” Vil practically yelled, his perfect foundation no longer fully hiding the wild flush that had begun covering his complexion. His breathing was heavy, and his expression of frustration quickly turned to one of embarrassment.
Looking almost like he could burst into tears, Vil grabs your elbow and begins dragging you away from your hovel-adjacent mansion without explanation. 
“We will go to MY room, we will make out on MY couch, and I will ravish you so perfectly that you will never so much as look at another man with fondness without tonight having been so perfect that it immediately ruins your attraction to him as it forcibly comes to the front of your mind!” he finishes, words tumbling out of his painted mouth at light speed. Vil was pulling you even more enthusiastically than before as his shoes clicked on the cobblestones that lead you to the mirrors. 
You couldn’t help it, you burst into laughter. Vil stopped in his tracks, looking positively horrified. 
“Look, I… I’m not… You're...” he mumbles your name softly, and the pure tenderness of his voice has you immediately pulling him into a hug even though your shoulders are still quivering with laughter. 
“Vil… why didn’t you just say that in the first place? You can ravish me all you want.”
Ears turning red, Vil gives you a sharp nod as he tightens the embrace between the two of you. 
“I’m not going to let you forget you said that. I’m not going to forgive you for ruining my beauty sleep so easily.”
"I wouldn't have it any other way, beautiful," you say, shoulders sagging in relief.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Oh? Mon trésor, do repeat that request?” 
You suddenly realized that you shouldn’t have turned your back to Rook when you felt one hand snake across your waist and the other brush behind your arm to grasp your chin. Startled but also more than a little excited at the close contact, you very much could hear each beat of your heart in your eardrums.
Hot breath fanned over your ear as you felt the skim of perfect teeth against your sensitive skin. Shivering excitedly, you stood perfectly still. Feeling as if you moved even slightly, took the smallest breath, or uttered the shortest syllable, the spell would be broken and he would disappear just as fast as he came into your life.
“You know, if you wanted to be caught by me, all you had to do was ask,” he murmured, each word tickling the baby hairs behind your ear.
The heat that crept up your neck was made of more than just embarrassment as you suddenly wondered if you did fall into a trap by asking this beautiful man inside of your house. The hand on your chin slowly turned your head to the side, and your eyes met with a sparkling crescent emerald green.
Feeling very much like every breath he took against your skin took away yours in turn, you closed your eyes for a moment. Feeling the thrill of him being so close and success being so close you could almost taste it. Building up your courage, you square your shoulders as you try to speak again.
“Is that a yes, Rook?” You ask. Your voice shook slightly more than you would have liked, but it certainly wasn’t from fear. 
“Ah, ma belle amie, I think you already know the answer.” He said, a soft kiss descending to the cheek you had tilted nearest to him.
The beats of your heart go into overdrive at the simple and relatively innocent act of affection, and this forceful kickstart to your brain finally enticed you to turn your head to him. 
Your eyes meet with one of the smuggest expressions you have ever seen in your life. You wanted to wipe it off of him.
“I suppose you’re right.” You say, taking the opportunity to surprise him for once by planting a passionate kiss onto the lips of the stupid, dumb, frustrating, incredibly hot, hunter.
With a soft hum, he reciprocates your kiss. A single strand falls loose from his ponytail and brushes past your cheek in a ticklish wave. The kisses are slow, soft, and so very tender. The romance that everyone wishes for when they dream of kissing the object of their affection for the first time.
Separating with a sigh, Rook’s cheeks are alight with a scarlet splash. “Oh! Mon amour! You do truly know how to stir the fondest fantasies of my heart.” He said, squeezing you ever closer. The embrace made you wonder if mice were this happy with the cheese they found before the trap clapped shut.
“… Rook.”
“Yes, my darling?”
“Can we go inside?”
Without a hint of embarrassment at being asked to let go, Rook loosens his arms to allow you to open the door you had been holding onto for the past couple of minutes. 
Without skipping a beat, Rook places his hand at the small of your waist and ushers you inside, closing the door softly behind you both. You are escorted forward through the living room until you sit on the couch. However, rather than sit beside you, Rook kneels on the ground.
“Ma lune, mes étoiles-!” He begins, holding your hands in between one of his, the other elegantly removing his baseball cap with a flourish and holding it to his chest. 
“Do you dare grant my fondest wish?”
You breathed in deeply, preparing yourself for what he may have cooked up in his french-speaking, romance-novel-infested brain.
“And what would that be, Rook?”
“For me to make a mess of you, my dear.”
You inhaled sharply, looking for any hint of a lie or facade in his glimmering emerald eyes. 
Maybe you were just naive, but no matter how hard you searched each curve of his elegant face, you could never find anything that ever so much as hinted at deceit. 
Well, you were down too bad to stop at this point anyway.
“I’m not convinced you’ve ever made a mess in your life, Rook.”
“Ohoho, well then ma cherie! Allow me the pleasure of surprising you.” throwing his hat into the air with an unnecessarily complex hand motion, Rook rises from his knees and uses his arms to box you in. 
As he descends onto you with the promise of more, you can’t feel even a trace of regret at letting this hunter into your den. For better, or for worse.
(Link to the smutty conclusion of Rook's story: for both AFAB! and AMAB! readers)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“…this isn’t fair.”
You spun around sharply to make eye contact with Epel, his arms crossed and his face screwed into a frown.
“Am I really supposed to believe that? That all my dreams would just come true suddenly? Who do you take me for? Did someone put you up to this?” Epel’s lavender hair falls into his eyes and his foot taps incessantly to the same rhythm that his eyes are rapidly darting between your face and the wall. Your heart falls while you look at him.
“Epel..” you say with a sign, pinching your nose in agitation. Was he this stupid? 
“What reason could I possibly be lying to you? What do I possibly have to gain?” you cross your arms haughtily, mirroring his body language. 
Epel is still frowning, but his eyebrows seemed to soften just a bit. 
“I don’t know! I just don’t… This isn’t…” he falters, seemingly deflating in front of you. 
You decided that the best bet is just to start your question again, “...Epel, you are gorgeous and I am trying to come on to you. Will you make out with me?”
For once the little country boy was speechless. His huge soft eyes were wide and his hand drifted to his mouth to cover his gaping mouth. 
It seems like at least some of Vil’s lessons in being demure had paid off, you supposed.
Finally pulling himself together enough to speak, he starts trying to argue again. “Y-you can’t tease me like..” he began in a sputter, but you immediately cut him off.
“Epel, if you want to say no do it! But just… look, I’m really…” your eyes were burning. How frustrating! What were you supposed to do? He wouldn’t believe you!
“No! I am-! I do!” Epel's face lit a bright ruby as he grabbed you by the shoulders, shining blue eyes boring into yours. After a pause that felt like a lifetime, he finally rushed himself towards you, teeth clattering against your own in his haste.
Your incisor felt like hell, but you quickly were convinced to forget. Epel’s kisses were hungry, aggressive, and wild. You were overwhelmed by the pure emotion of it all, of the desperate push and pull of his body as he did everything in his power to try and convey exactly how he was feeling. After a pregnant pause, Epel separates from you in a huff, wiping his mouth with his sleeve, clearly trying to hide his face from view.
“Ya can’t… ya can’t just…” Epel was panting, his hands trembled, and his face was painted with a beautiful flush. 
“…this is so unfair.” He finished, hands grabbing at your clothing to grope at every piece of skin he could get his hands on. 
You were immediately pushed up against the door from the surprising strength of his frail-appearing body, but you couldn’t stop your mouth curving into a grin as you watched Epel try and fail to unbutton your collar. 
Looking up at you with a glare, Epel finally just pulled your shirt hard enough that the button just popped off.
“Hey! I don’t have that many shirts, you know!” you said, trying to sound offended. He was cute when he was being bratty, but you didn’t want to encourage him. 
“Quit complainin’!” he huffed, successfully opening your shirt further without needing to pop more stitches. Looking up to your face with a mischievous grin, Epel chooses to kiss your neck sweetly. Making you almost forget that you were mad… almost.
“Epel…” you whine quietly, you were sure he was leaving marks. He was biting your skin hard, firmly laving his tongue against every blooming purple mark once completed. Looking very satisfied with himself, he started on the other side. 
“Don’t worry…” a sigh, a bite, a snicker “I have good concealer, y’know?” he says with another hearty laugh, seeming to get a kick out of the idea that the no-doubt expensive makeup was being wasted on covering up the marks that he was making on you. The marks that proved it was him that you wanted. He almost felt high on the validation. 
“...Epel… do you…” God, it was hard to talk when he kept playfully nipping at your windpipe. 
“Do you want to actually get on the couch?” you finished, misty eyes staring at him as the moonlight made him look almost like an angel. If it weren’t for the devious look on his face, that is.
“No…” he said softly, pressing you further into the wood planks of your front door, ever more firm, ever more persistent.
“I want you right here.” 
Oh man I really enjoyed this chapter. I feel like the more I write for twst the ever harder it becomes to tell which boys are even my favorite anymore, I just love them all so much.
As always, let me know who you want to see next and tell me if there are any ideas you want to share. Survey said yes on the spicy continuations so I may do a new fic post for those that includes these introductions and picks up where they left off. (I'm coming for you Floyd)
Love you, reader! Thank you everyone that told me happy birthday yesterday!
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kaiijo · a month ago
the first years crushing on you
characters: ace, deuce, jack, epel, sebek notes: none other crushes: housewardens
ace trappola
When Ace likes you, there’s a lot of back and forth banter and teasing between the two of you. He’s a bit mean, but he knows (or at least, he hopes he knows) that you don’t take it to heart. He likes to talk a big game but Ace is kind of hopeless when it comes to romancing someone. Such a showoff for you.
Because your clubs meet on different days, Ace often bugs you to come to practices. Most times you say no since you use your free time to catch up on studying or to do preparation for your next club meeting, but today’s different and you take up Ace’s offer to watch practice.
There’s a practice game going on when you enter the gym, shoes squeaking against the polished wood floors. Jamil and Ace drive down the court, shouting and dribbling. As you sit down in the bleachers, you watch Jamil pass the ball to Ace, who notices you out of the corner of his eye. He bounces the ball twice and says, “This one’s for you!” Without even looking at you, you know who he’s talking to.
It’s also at the exact moment that Floyd chooses to take the game seriously, crouching down into a defensive position from his previously lazy stand, eyes gleaming with mischief. Ace aims and shoots and the ball, predictably, is blocked when Floyd jumps up.
“Too bad, crabby,” he jeers and Ace scowls at him. Jamil looks exasperated as he throws a look at you that tells you to fix whatever you started.
“Don’t worry, Ace,” you yell. “You’re always a winner in my heart!”
deuce spade
When Deuce realizes that he likes you as more than a friend, he stops being able to function normally around you. He’s dropping things left and right, stuttering and tripping over most of the things he says to you, and he’s some shade of pink constantly.
Deuce never wished for the ground to swallow him whole more than this moment. He’s standing, frozen, in horror, staring at the tea that drips down the front of your white uniform shirt. Now, this problem is two-fold; one, that’s Riddle tea — or, it was — and Deuce’s sure Riddle’s going to have it out for him, and two, he spilled it on you, the person he likes so much and just can’t seem to do anything right around.
Deuce scrambles to get napkins, the force of his pulling causing the container to topple off the table and skitter across the dorm floor.
“Hey, Deuce,” you say and he steels himself for your ire, for you to tell him you never want to ever talk to him, look at him, or breathe the same air as him. It never comes and instead you smile gently and say, “It’s okay, it’s laundry day tomorrow anyways.”
“I’m really sorry!” he finally blurts out.
“It’s seriously okay,” you say. Then, you add, “Let’s brew another pot before Riddle notices.”
“Notice what, exactly?” Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Deuce, however, doesn’t feel the impending doom he expected. All he can focus on is the little wink you give him and his face blooms a bright pink.
jack howl
Because beastmen usually have one partner they’re with for their whole lives, Jack is very discerning about crushes so if he likes you, you’re definitely a special person. Jack tries his best to act casually around you but the excited twitch of his ear and the rapid tail wagging is a dead giveaway. Plus, he puts in a little more effort into whatever he’s doing when you’re around (like Ace, he’s a big showoff around you).
“Are you sure you’re okay with carrying all that?” you ask Jack as the two of you make your way to class. He nods, head still visible over the mountain of boxes. You were running an errand for the librarian when Jack found you struggling to balance the massive pile, swiftly moving to take the entire stack from you.
You have to walk up five flights of stairs to bring the books to the correct section, and Jack does so with ease, the two of you chatting on your way up. You ask about his siblings, watching fondly as he perks up. He asks about your parents and how your grandmother’s health is. You’re surprised he remembers.
“Okay, you can put them down there,” you say, pointing at a table and Jack sets them down.
“Need my help with anything else,” Jack asks, trying his best to subtly puff out his chest.
You consider it for a moment and say, “Yeah, I could use your height.”
Jack resists the urge of his inner wolf to howl proudly, but his wagging tail give everything away. 
epel felmier
Epel can’t decide what approach to take with you, if he wants to try to show you his manliness or if he wants to use his cute charm to win you over. He shows a very keen interest in things that you like — he watches shows and reads books that you like so you can talk about them together and he practices activities that you like so he can do them together.
Epel clutches the novel close to his chest, scanning the crowded cafeteria for you. He bristles when some Savanclaw meathead brushes past him roughly, scoffing like it was Epel’s fault. Epel rolls his eyes, glancing down at the book in hand. It’s over five-hundred pages and between school work and Spelldrive practice, it’s a miracle he finished it so quickly. That’s Pomefiore for you, tenacious to the end.
He finds you as you come in with some of your friends and darts for you. He calls your name and you wave at him. “Hey!” You peel off from your group and approach him, smiling widely.
You notice the book in his hand and gasp, “Is that the new book in the Paladin’s Sword series?”
“Yeah!” Epel leaves through the pages and says, “I really enjoy them!”
“Me too!” You ask him, “Have you seen the movies?”
Epel considers lying (he hadn’t lied about liking the books, he did wind up actually enjoying the series) but he shakes his head. You nod sagely and say, “Let’s watch them together sometime then!”
Epel’s heart skips a beat.
sebek zigvolt
Sebek goes to Lilia for advice on what to do about a crush, and given that Lilia is centuries old, the advice is a little old-fashioned. Sebek walks you to classes and brings you bouquets and gives you secret admirer notes that are a little clumsy and awkward, but so Sebek that it’s endearing.
Sebek watches anxiously out of the corner of his eye as you slide an eggshell white envelope out from your textbook. Ace and Deuce “ooh” and “ahh” and tease you over it, Deuce suggesting, “Maybe it’s a secret admirer.”
Ace shakes his head. “Who’d like this one?”
Sebek’s eyes narrow. How dare Ace believe that you were undeserving of affection? Didn’t he know that you were so special and incredible, second in Sebek’s heart only to Malleus? The audacity! How dare he?
Deuce snickers, “Stranger things have happened.”
Well, that’s certainly not how he wanted to confess to you, and his heart sinks to his stomach at the deafening silence in the room. When he glances at you, you’re beaming, and his heart is afloat once more.
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kurayami-eien-no · 2 months ago
Getting jealous of their tsum tsum counterparts.
Riddle/Leona/Epel/Jack/Cater/Floyd/Sebek x F! reader
A/N: This event is so adorable and cute.
Word Count: 3.06K
Re-uploading my stories is prohibited.
Tumblr media
When Riddle saw his tsum tsum version falling in the sky he thought it was cute.
He thought of it that he wanted to show this little creature to you, once he went toward the courtyard where you’re talking with Crowley and a problem occurred with a broken window in the cafeteria — he saw Crowley with an angry face on his face. He thought to himself that Y/N got in trouble so he went there.
 He could see his tsum tsum version get all calm and then kinda look as if there was an angry expression.
Once Riddle went where you were, his tsum tsum jumped out from his arms and went towards you.
He realized that you were having a bad today, so this is the reason why his tsum tsum jumped out from him and he wanted to comfort you, but his tsum tsum comforted you first by jumping on you in the head.
Suddenly you found a little creature that looked like your boyfriend and the little creature jumped a lot into your head, making it kind of better.
Riddle came in time to see his tsum tsum counterpart playing and making Y/N better, but why did he feel kind of...jealous of this tiny creature?
No way could he feel this way? It's a cute toy-like creature mini version of himself and yet...he feels jealous?
Riddle asks you if you're feeling alright and if there's anything for you that you need, before you could answer, tsum tsum Riddle snuggles your cheeks and out of nowhere pulls a candy pop rose shape as they give it to you.
Of course, you kindly accept the candy and tsum tsum Riddle jumps happily when you accept their gift, and meanwhile, Riddle looks at you awkwardly waiting for you to answer him. 
You turn Riddle on a smile yourself, “I am alright, Riddle...It's just that Ace and Deuce almost got me in trouble as both of them were fighting for the last meal during lunch and I tried to stop them to get any further but unfortunately, Crowley came I also got in trouble along with them…"
Riddle looks at you as he hugs you, "I'm gonna talk to them…" before you could answer back the tsum tsum Riddle jumps on your right shoulder and tickles you, causing Riddle almost fall back and tsum tsum Riddle tickles very hard that causing you to fall along with tsum tsum, and they jump over you.
Riddle helps you to get up and you get his hand, “Thank you, my king.” you smile at him and give him a kiss on the lips, “Don’t be jealous of them, Riddle. They’re like our little children if we ever have an actual baby.” Riddle quickly turns red, “No, I am not jealous, my rose. Is just a misunderstanding.” you smile and chuckles, “Sure, Sure, my king.” with that you hug Riddle.
Tumblr media
Leona was kinda annoyed that his tsum tsum counterpart was getting Y/N's attention.
He wanted to grab that little creature and leave Y/N alone but he couldn't do that because he knew that Y/N would kinda dislike him.
But little did he know that Y/N would softly giggle at him out of jealousy for something so adorable.
Before he found Y/N, he entered his room and found his tsum tsum counterpart snuggling and receiving lots of hugs from you, and of course, he would be jealous and annoyed thinking 'Eh, this thing is getting on my nerves...' 
His tsum tsum counterpart gains a lot of cute reactions from his dorm students and they all like “I wish Leona was like this cute little creature” or “This version of Leona is better than we have.”
With that Leona makes a low growl from it.
You showed Leona a mini version of himself, that you said wanted him to pet a mini version of himself and took tons of cute pictures with him and his tsum tsum version.
That made your heart beat from cuteness. Also, you're aware of his grumpy attitude but you didn't mind because he's like a jealous version of himself. And to you, love him matters whatever he is.
"It's so cute that you get jealous of your mini version of yourself, Leona" as you squeeze the little creature and Leona stood next to you — as you cooed the tiny creature and Leona just sighs and sits next to you.
 The tsum tsum Leona jumps on top of your head and giggles at their adorableness.
"Leona, they're so cute." Leona looks at you while the tsum tsum is still jumping on top of your head.
Leona had still his arms crossed waiting for the day to pass by and suddenly you hug Leona while hugging the tsum tsum on your arms along with Leona as if the two of you were like a small family.
Tumblr media
Epel is happy that he got himself a mini version of himself. He thought that it would be cool to show this to his grandma, and he would also totally show it to you too.
His tsum tsum counterpart starts to jump around the Pomefiore dorm. Epel tries his best to catch his mini version of himself but fails himself catching them. 
And of course, Vil gets mad because he doesn't like crazy peanuts around the dorm.
"Peanut has made a mess right...I don't like how the headmaster told me to keep this creature in Pomefiore.." Vil angrily looks at tsum tsum Epel as they jump around a cross the room and Epel runs after it.
Epel can already feel his legs all tired and his tsum tsum counterpart still jumps around the place.
Then Vil stood next to Epel, "Baby potato I want you to control the peanut to behave around here. I won't allow any misbehaving around here." with that he left.
As soon Epel continues his catch for his tsum tsum counterpart and it goes so fast that he runs out of breath.
When you open the door and before you are about to say "Hello" to Epel, his tsum tsum jumps into and tickles you. Knowing Epel sees his long-time crush being tickled by his tsum tsum counterpart made him kinda angry.
"Hahaha! it tickles" the tsum tsum Epel tickles you very hard and your laughter and tears were coming out from your eyes and Epel stood there looking. When Epel is about to grab his little counterpart, the tsum tsum avoids Epel and jumps atop his head.
You stop laughing and get up from the floor, you see a little cute creature on top of Epel's head, "Omg, that's so cute!!!" you grab tsum tsum Epel and squeeze them. All the fluffy and adorable that they have and tsum tsum Epel rubs your chest making the "boing" sound.
Epel groans seeing his crush forgetting about him but suddenly you grab Epel's hand and bring him closer to you to the nearest sofa in Pomefiore.
"My two cuties~<3" Epel blushes from this and he normally doesn't like being called "cute" but he would let you since you're his crush," Y/N…" 
You looked at Epel and gave him a signal as if you answered him, "I am not cute…I'm a manly man" Epel replied as he covered his face. You just gave Epel a cute hug since he's very cute when he's like that.
"Oh yeah, Um, this tsum hit Crowley when he called them "cute" but somehow they didn't hit you...I wonder…." you just giggle and look at him, "Probably Crowley deserves it" you and Epel just laugh and the tsum tsum Epel jumps on top of you.
Tumblr media
Jack held his tsum tsum version with his strong arms because they grow more prominent so that's why Jack needed to carry them with his strong hands.
He doesn't like the idea that the headmaster wanted this dorm because Leona would not like this idea but unfortunately, he has a dilemma to deal with.
So he just took his tsum tsum version with all the force that he had used because they can change sizes; from big to small. Jack doesn’t like small creatures because he’s scared of accidentally stepping on them.
When Jack was about to enter his room, suddenly you appeared, “Hey jack!” you wave at him, but you notice that he has a huge creature on his arm.
Honestly, you admire him because he tries his best when there is an emergency happening in helping 1st-year students, and his fluffy ears and tail move like a happy adorable puppy that you find so adorable.
You don’t know that Jack has a huge crush on you and he’ll always help you no matter, well he likes you!
You ask what he has on his arms and he answers you, “Are you a creature that I found and I would put this in my room. Meanwhile, I work to find a solution to this.”
You and he enter his room, once you enter his room, the tsum tsum Jack suddenly grips out from Jack’s arms and jumps around the room.
"Aww look at that, Jack. They're jumping, making boing-boing noises like those cartoon shows as they jump." you held your hands with his.
And you went there to snuggle the tsum tsum Jack and they looked at you. Jack felt something in his heart….it felt like jealousy raising up to his heart.
He sighs and sits down as he watches you playing with his tsum tsum version.
"Jack…" you called him as you were on the floor and he responded with a hum. "I got tired of playing with this tiny guy…" Jack looks at you then gets up picks you up as a bridal style put you on his bed and sits next to you.
"You know..., I love you right…" Jack confesses to you unaware of his sudden confession, " I am sorry I didn't have time to tell you yesterday but I finally manage to tell you…" 
You get up and look in his eyes, "It's okay Jack.." you hold his hands and give him a kiss on the cheeks, "Your hair is so fluffy so cute" and yes he blushes from this, "Also don't jealous okay" of course he looks at you blush on his face and of course you laugh.
Tumblr media
Cater found his tsum tsum when he saw something in the sky, he was like “wow”
When his tsum tsum counterpart saw him, they jumps around, and Cater took out his phone and took a picture with his tsum tsum, and uploaded it to Magicam and hashtag #littleme #bigmeandlittleme #firsttimesseeingthis
When Cater is walking with his tsum tsum version of himself, he sees you walking towards him with a smile on your face. He wondered why you were smiling at him and holding something in your hand.
Once you get near to him, he has a big smile and then runs towards and hugs you.
You hug him back when the tsum tsum Cater jumps on your head, unaware of the gift that is your hand it dropped on the floor.
You have never seen this tiny creature in your life and this is the first time you're seeing it right now.
You ask to Cater where or what’s this tiny creature that looks like your boyfriend and he replies, “The sky was sparkling around the air and this little dude came to me!” As much as you're a big fan of the cuteness, you grab tsum tsum Cater and squeeze and give hugs.
“They’re so cute!! I wish I could have it as my own, but this is so cute…” you look at tsum tsum Cater from their eyes and you smile at them. And yes you have forgotten the gift from the floor and Cater next to you.
This caused Cater to get too annoyed as you were giving too much attention and affection to his tsum tsum counterpart.
“I can’t help it..they’re so cute I just wanna squeeze and pinch them!!” you held tsum tsum Cater in your hands and quickly took a picture from your phone then put it away. “Y/N! Please, I want to cuddle too! Can you kiss pretty please!” Cater holds his phone tightly as if his world is ending.
Once you cooed tsum tsum Cater — your boyfriend looks at you with puppy eyes and yes, he will keep doing that until you give his attention as well. So then you put tsum tsum Cater on your right shoulder and pick up Cater's gift from the floor and give it to him. 
“Y/N-chan! Is this for me…?” Cater grabbed his gift from your hand, then you indeed said to him, “Yes, I have forgotten about this…haha...I can’t help but this tiny creature is just so cute!!!” you grab tsum tsum snuggle the tiny creature and Cater is annoyed by this already.
Unaware of this, you grab Cater by the shoulder and kiss him, “My, Never knew you are jealous of your little creature version.” you tease him, and Cater blushes by this. Yes, love your BF so much.
Tumblr media
Floyd found his tsum tsum version of himself when he was with Cater because each of them look like their human version of themself.
So he thought to himself that could be cool to show this to his twin brother, Azul, and you.
Once he enters the main Lounge of Octavinelle and the first person he greets is Azul.
Azul tells him what he has and Floyd is like, “ Well when I was with Sea Bream. I and he were talking about something important and then, these creatures pop out of nowhere and into the sky. They were bright lights appearing in the sky and these little guys appeared from there, but I think they went to the corresponding  person, so this little guy who looks like went to me.”Floyd explained to Azul.
Then tsum tsum Floyd suddenly attacks Azul in the arm and causes pain and he is angry with Floyd, “What the hell, why did they attack me so suddenly!”
Floyd made his unusual smile, “Ah, yes, I forgot to tell you that they are very violent so be careful with them.” Azul with his still angry face on his face, “you didn’t tell me about this.”
Unaware of both of them, you and Jade are not very far from them, you giggle at this cute creature of Floyd.
‘They look squeezable!’ you thought about and then you went where you Floyd and grabbed his tsum tsum version of himself.
"Ah, Shrimpy! You're here~!" Floyd exclaimed and hugged you.
You held tsum tsum in your hand you could only barely breathe from Floyd's death hug.
He takes his tsum tsum away from your hand and swings you all the away as you barely breathe, but last only a few when he been stopped by his twin brother.
"Shrimpy, you have not been paying attention to me the whole time." He makes a face that would make you feel bad but you laugh at his behavior, "Floyd, I barely came here, and I wanted to see the little creature that you have is so cute!!!" you had sparkles on your eyes and before Azul was gonna warn you about the accident that happened to him.
You already grab tsum tsum Floyd and they give a hug not too hard, Floyd was already feeling jealous of these creatures. He wanted to crush it very hard, and he looked for "wanna die" or "wanna be a squeeze of my death hug" but he did manage to control himself.
You looked at Floyd and chuckled, " Floyd don't be jealous, and you know you'll be the one who does everything without thinking." you cheer Floyd up and ruffle his hair causing him to give you a hug again. 
Yup this never gets old.
Tumblr media
You and Sebek walk hand in hand at night, and you talk with him about his duties as Malleus’s loyal knight and he says always "Waka-sama always need to protect all the time because Lord Malleus is the prince of Valley of thorns"
You don't mind being listened to by that because you love and see that bright smile that he has.
Every time he tries his best to be a good knight and protector for his lord, you find him very cute.
Yes, he can become very grumpy but that's just his nature.
Sebek sees a tiny creature jumping toward you and Sebek is slightly surprised by this.
"Hmm? What's this creature" Sebek as he points and you just look where he points and see tsum tsum Sebek jumping as they are trying to tell you to get them and that's what you did.
You pick up tsum tsum Sebek and they jump on the right shoulder. 
You find it so cute that they have the same expression that Sebek does!
“Y/N, what is that? Why do they look like me!?” Sebek points to a tsum tsum version of himself and you look at Sebek with a smile on your face.
 “Sebeky, they're a mini version of you, so cute and adorable just like you! <33” upon hearing Sebek grump and crossed his arms and turned his head away, and murmured, “They are not cute like me, nothing can’t compare to me..!” 
You pet tsum tsum Sebek and they respond by jumping on your right shoulder and Sebek is like "I better not see that creature hurt Malleus or you…"
"Imagine if we ever have children in the future, Sebek!" you smile at him and Sebek blushes at this idea.
"Huma- I mean Y/N I don't like that creature." Sebek looks with worry on his face and you stopped how seriously it changes the atmosphere here. You get up from the floor and you see Sebek's face flush on his face. 
Then suddenly you softly giggle at how cute Sebek is. "You know...your very cute Sebeky!" You hug Sebek making him — his face goes redder, " And look at your red! Don't be jealous my Sebeky '' you kiss him on the cheek and then squeeze him.
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natewriteslol · 2 months ago
how bout first year getting teased by flirty f!crush headcanon?
plus they are the only person they flirt with
Warnings: none
Pls enjoy :)💞
-He gets flustered from your boldness, he’s had experiences with people who flirt in middle school. But since then he really hasn’t had that, certainly losing his touch with that type of stuff.
-But especially with his crush? He’s absolutely losing it on the inside, it bubbling up to the surface in small amounts. Telling you to quit it while swatting you away.
-“Don’t say stuff that you don’t mean you-you weirdo! I’m getting tired of it!” 
-“Who says that I don’t mean it, Ace?” 
-When he’s talking about it with the others, they tell him that they’ve never experienced something like that from you. 
- “I guess you’re their special person, Ace.”
-Sooner or later, he confronts you in the middle of your flirting, making himself confess his feelings for you. And you do the exact same.
-At first he just thinks that you’re doing this for jokes and that’s just the way your humor is. He tries hard to not think super deep about it, but his mind lingers somewhere else. 
-The compliments, saying you want to take him out, the lingering touches. He already had a major crush on you, and this most definitely didn’t help. 
-Eventually he starts to talk to the Heartslabyul members (except for Riddle since he’s kinda strict with that lovely dovey talk), organizing a whole ass meeting to come to a conclusion as to what you’re trying to do. 
-Are you serious? Are you joking around? Is Deuce going insane?
-Every single person said that they’ve never experienced this type of Y/N made him almost faint. Was this some type of prank? This is all just too overwhelming for him. 
-Eventually he pokes the question if you actually like him, and you realize that you most definitely need to take the wheel and confess. 
- “Deuce, of course I like you. That’s why I was doing all of that flirting in the first place,” you said, being held in his arms on the couch.
- “I just didn’t want to make assumptions,” Deuce said, his voice muffled from him burying his face in your shoulder. 
-He has never experienced this type of affection from another person before 
-Most people (while he is gorgeous) people found him incredibly intimidating and never dared to “bother” him, besides his good friends
-So for you to walk into his life and flirt with him so heavily, Jack just wasn’t prepared. Wanting to utilize his heavy feelings toward you into working hard, thinking that it would go away. (It didn’t.)
-He would blush a great amount, trying to shoo you away, yet you would persist
- “D-do you act like this with everyone you meet? What is with you?” Jack asked as you looked at him with loving eyes
- “Of course not, it’s all reserved for you.”
- “...Don’t say things like that when you don’t mean them, Y/N. It’s not funny.”
- “Who said that I was trying to be funny? I flirt with you because I like you, Jack.”
-How could you be so straight forward like this??? Are you not afraid of anything?
-Jack held his hands in his face while you hugged him, he was in so much shock and disbelief from such luck. Yet at the same time, he was the happiest man on Earth. 
-While he has been flirted with countless times, most of them were under the premise that he was a lady, as a joke, or they weren’t extremely serious about him
-Epel was very in love with you, but he was trying really hard to suppress it. He had thought that maybe if he just kept it on the low, he wouldn’t think about it that much. However, that was completely impossible. 
-It was all your fault! I mean, how was he supposed to forget about his feelings for you when you do is flirt with him?  
-One day, he became so overwhelmed with his feelings for you that he decided to come clean with his feelings. 
- “Y/N, I just, I really like you! And I don’t even care if you don’t feel the same, I just wanted to come clean and-”
- “Epel, I wasn’t flirting for no reason. Didn’t you notice that I only flirted with you?”
- “Y-you make a good point, but wait- WHAT?! You like me back?” 
-The worst denier of his feelings out of every freshman honestly. He detests humans and their weird habits and especially you yourself. 
-You shouldn’t be so close to Malleus! Just stay away from him, you make him feel things that he shouldn’t! And your stupid flirtatious ways, he absolutely despises them. 
-Do not ever ask if he’s blushing if you want to lose your ear drums. 
-Yet a part of him...loves it. He loves you, he’s constantly going above and beyond all for you. Sebek memorizes things about you and could read you like a book, yet you frighten him so much. You didn’t care about any form of judgement, you always knew what to say. 
-Once he describes his feelings to the other freshmen, they diagnosed him with a crush on you. Sebek adamantly denied this, saying that he could never, but eventually he just started to list reasons why YOU don’t like him. 
- “They’re so...ignorant to the way the make me feel. I feel like an option of some sort to them and they just flirt with everything they see-!”
- “No they don’t” Jack interrupted and then continued “Y/N was telling me the other day they only pursue when they want someone really badly. They don’t flirt carelessly.” 
- “Uh, you know for someone who pays close attention to little details you sure don’t realize that that behavior isn’t normal for Y/N. You’re the only person they flirt with Sebek,” Ace said, relaxed in a chair and appreciating his position as Sebek’s therapist. 
-This realization made Sebek go completely red, cupping his mouth, holding his hand on the ground as he turned into a bright crimson. It made everyone laugh and cheer for him, he confessed to you later on that week. 
-And that is what started the lovey dovey partner with extremely flustered and angry duo on the NRC campus
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ange1princess · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary❕Sleeping with them at night.
Characters❕Ace, Deuce, Jack, Sebek, Silver, Epel, Floyd.
Masterlist ❕
Tumblr media
❝ The kind to have you in a GRIP literally won't let go.
❝ I'm sorry if you want to go to the washroom in the middle of the night, if you move even slightly he's going to make his grip on your waist tighter.
❝ Mumbles in his sleep and says random stuff like "idiot cat" or "i love you" but you can never know if he's awake and saying it to you or not.
❝ Will definitely make you late for your classes because he'll keep insisting that the both of you stay in bed for just 5 more minutes.
❝ A pillow hogging menace (affectionate) he had at least 6 pillows on bed before you started sleeping with him and you've only convinced him to get rid of One of them, barely any space for everything to fit on the bed.
❝ Probably sleeps in bed all sprawled out, half of his leg is hanging off of the bed while one of his hands whack you in the face.
❝ Has to adjust to sleeping next to you, and trust me it's not easy
❝ Is the small spoon initially so that you can hold him to restrict his movements or him accidentally kicking you.
❝ Once he gets used to it, is the same as ace that he has a strong grip around your waist and doesn't let up easy.
❝ Only difference is he's going to wake you up early in the morning so that the both of you aren't late and will not fall for you asking him to stay in bed for even a little longer.
❝ SWEET BOY, he may have trouble sleeping some nights because he's too big for his bed or because he feels lonely, but then you come along!
❝ Not much of a cuddler honestly, but liked having your presence next to him.
❝ Always falls asleep after ensuring that you're asleep first and then he'll keep some space between the two of you but wraps his tail loosely around you.
❝ Wakes up at the crack ass of dawn to go on his daily run but arranges the pillows next to you in a way where you'll not feel the emptiness on the other side.
❝ Not up for the idea of the both of you sharing the bed at first, why can't you share a room and have seperate beds instead? And all you say is, "It'll save money, better to have one bed than two!"
❝ Sleeps straight on his back because it's the easiest way to get up as fast as possible in case something happens.
❝ You usually lay your head on his chest listening to his heartbeat as it lulls you to sleep.
❝ Plays with your hair somedays when he can't sleep, it makes him relax but he'll deny it if you ever confront him, although the redness in his face would give him away.
❝ He's so sleepy he'd sleep anywhere you ask him to, probably falls asleep on your shoulder constantly.
❝ However when night falls, it's a different story. He can't sleep, probably paces to try and tire himself out, or reads a book.
❝ Will ask you if he's being disruptive but you'll shake your head, and ask him to lie down next to you as you try to sleep.
❝ He slips in next to you, and as soon as you fall asleep, his eyes go from being on the ceiling to being on you as he traces your beautiful features with his eyes as he smiles to himself.
❝ Won't fall soon but would let you curl up next to him as he traces shapes on your back.
❝ Hard to wake up in the mornings would probably cling on to the sheets but would listen to you begrudgingly.
❝ BLANKET HOG !! As soon as he's asleep he'll start twisting and turning so that he can be wrapped around the blanket the BOTH of you were supposed to share.
❝ You're going to have to get your own blankets sorry, he likes you a lot, loves you even so he'd not put on the "charm" he does for others and if you're taking too long to fall asleep he'd tell you to "shut the fuck up and get in bed."
❝ Would want to be the big spoon but would be a little shy to ask you so he just roughly pulls you against him and hopes you won't make a big deal out of it.
❝ Wants physical affection but won't ask for it, if you start playing with his hair as he's trying to sleep, he'll rest his head against your chest or in the crook of your neck.
❝ A little strange but likes when you smell like him, (might make you wear the same perfume/cologne he wears) will make you do a whole 10 step skincare routine before bed.
❝ His dorm room can get a little cold for you sometimes, so Floyd makes it a priority to get as close to you as possible for body warmth as he puts it.
❝ Tells you about his day as the both of you lay in bed, is surprisingly gentle with you as he runs his fingers up and down your arm, his voice soothing and low as he whispers in your ear.
❝ He loves the closeness, he can be moody where some nights he won't want to be as close, and he may not want to talk, but he does appreciate you talking to him instead, and playing with his fingers.
❝ His mood improves around you, you're like his personal recharge button, his mood usually improves before he falls asleep, and as a thank you he smothers you in kisses till you're giggling and asking him to let you sleep.
Tumblr media
© All rights reserved to ange1princess. Do not repost or take credit for any of my writings.
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mastersdomaine · 9 days ago
omg okay the first year cuddle pile was so great im obsessed now what if there was an individual cuddle session. i’m curious on how that would be with each of the first years
"cuddling with the first years," twisted wonderland
synopsis: after the first year's cuddle pile, [name] invited the first years back to ramshackle for individual cuddle sessions.
characters: ace, deuce, jack & epel (separately) x gender neutral! reader
includes: no sebek because i have not read a single one of his vignettes and i know absolutely nothing about him.
ace trappola: heartslabyul first year
a moderate cuddle buddy. he could defiantly get better, but it's not like he's horrible at it.
he will tease you before you nod off. you're slipping off into dreamland and he'll tickle you or pinch you just enough to make you wake up and question your surroundings.
he also sleep talks, punches, kicks, and full on fights in his sleep. you had just been sleeping and he kicked you in the stomach, you were about to mouth him off until you realized he's still sleeping. he's also a blanket hog and will cling onto you tightly.
although theres a lot a bad traits about ace's sleeping habits, he can also be really sweet. ace can let you sleep on him or vice versa and can work really well as a pillow.
his favorite position is him laying on you because it's comfier for him. he likes being spoilt by you. run your hands through his hair, kiss his forehead. he likes it because it reminds him you're there. you might actually leave one day and he doesn't want that. and the position is good for you because he can't really fight you or steal the covers this way.
deuce spade: heartslabyul first year
deuce is actually a pretty good cuddle buddy once he stops being as stiff as a stick. he is very flustered to be close to you. if you do happen to lay on his chest, be prepared to hear rapid heart beats.
he likes to have a nice held to hold ratio. he likes to be held and to hold you. he likes you holding him because it's reassuring to him that even though he hasn't done the best, he still deserves affection. plus, he's a mama's boy, so he loves affection!
he likes holding you because he likes to know that you're there because one day crowley might become responsible and actually send you home. or maybe the things crowley puts you through now might actually become way way to much and you get hurt or die!
deuce likes to hear your heartbeat, the rhythmic thumps are addictive to him. he doesn't have a favorite position, but he likes ones where he can hold your hands and hear your heartbeats.
jack howl: savanaclaw first year
jack is a very good cuddle buddy! he has two forms which he can cuddle in and both are good.
his wolf form however is big fluffy but he doesn't like it because he becomes a giant pillow for you. it's comfortable for both of you but you're always rested on his side, stomach, or back. if he's in this form while you cuddle, he prefers you on his stomach because his tail can't wag if he's like that. he also dislikes cuddling in wolf form because he can't really hold you.
jack in his human form is a big boy, just like in his wolf form, and he's still a pillow regardless. if you're laying on his chest, his heartbeat does not beat fast. he may be very flustered but he has really good control over that 'cause he's a runner.
if it's the off chance he's laying on you, play with his ears. he doesn't usually lay on you or to your side but if he does he doesn't really like it because you play with his ears. playing with ears = wagging tail. he can't have you knowing he's super happy!
jack likes to hold you in some form. he likes to know that you're there and he's somewhat possessive. you practically appeared in the twisted wonderland out of thin air, who says you just won't disappear the same? his favorite position is you laying on his chest with his arms wrapped around you.
epel felmier: pomefiore first year
epel is a really good cuddle buddy. he's small and soft.
he likes holding you because he considers it manly. he also likes the feeling of you relying on him. when he's holding you, he feels stronger, more than just a pretty face.
on the off chance you're holding him, he likes to lay on your thighs or stomach. he likes holding your waist while you play with his hair. please play with his hair. it's very soft and its well taken care of. you won't regret it!
epel, like the other boys, does have a slight fear of you leaving. but when you're sleeping, you can just let go of those worry and focus on your cute boyfriend!
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pinkanonwrites · a month ago
May i request some sleeping on them hcs for the first years? Thank you ❤️
Sure thing! Housewardens Version of this is here, and Vice-Housewardens version is here!
GN!Reader, They/Them Pronouns
Tumblr media
This boy is so incredibly smug, he's just got the most proud, devious little smile on his face as soon as you doze off against his shoulder. The ol' Trappola charm must really be working for him to actually get you to trust him enough to fall asleep next to him and not expect to be drawn on in marker or poked and prodded in your sleep.
Jokes aside though, deep down Ace actually is really happy that you trust him that much. He knows he can be a bit of a troublemaker and an instigator, but knowing that you still feel comfortable enough to use him as a human pillow makes him feel really soft and fluffy inside. He'll make a genuine effort not to disturb your rest.
He's probably gonna fall asleep on you in return. After trying to sit still for so long, it's basically inevitable that he'll get drowsy as well. He turns his head in his sleep to unconsciously tuck his face into the top of your head, nuzzling gently back and forth as you greet him in his dreams.
Tumblr media
Deuce is also incredibly happy and relieved that you trust him so much, though he's a lot more tense when you manage to fall asleep on him. He can barely believe that you feel so comfortable with him, and the last thing he wants to do is jeopardize that trust by accidentally waking you up with his nervous fidgeting.
He does everything in his power (without moving or speaking too loudly) to keep other people from accidentally waking you up as well. If you're out in like, the Heartslabyul common area, he shoots that delinquent glare at anyone who comes into the room making too much noise, even his own upperclassmen. Nothing's going to wake you up as long as he has anything to say about it.
From that point onwards, Deuce makes a concerted effort to be the one sitting next to you at any events and outings. Not that he didn't prefer to sit next to you already, but now that he knows how likely you are to doze off on his shoulder he's even more pushy about being the one seated next to you. He picks a lot of small arguments with Ace and Grim over it, flexing his boyfriend rights even though the use of the very word causes him to blush.
Tumblr media
Before he's even consciously processed what's going on, Jack has instinctively slung a protective arm over your shoulders to keep you from sliding off of his in your sleep. It takes a second after that for him to actually process what's going on, but once he does his face flushes hot and embarrassed, ears flattening against his head as he glances around to see how many people have noticed your current position. Regardless, he doesn't remove his arm.
Once he's sure no one is paying too close of attention to the two of you, he'll subtly turn his head to rest his nose on the crown of your own, silently taking in your familiar scent. It makes him feel dozy and comfortable as well, like laying out in a warm sunbeam on fresh, green grass. If he let his guard down even a little bit more, he'd probably join you in dreamland.
Pinned between his back and his seat, Jack's tail can't help but keep wagging away with what little space it has to move. If it were all that visible to anyone else he may make an effort to stop it, but since it's so hidden he doesn't really see the point. He hides most of his emotions already, but the ones he feels for you aren't ones that he feels ashamed of.
Tumblr media
He's sitting still and pretty on the outside, but on the inside Epel has gongs and fireworks blasting in his mind, a cacophony of celebration and cheers. I mean, letting his partner sleep on his shoulder is super manly, isn't it? And if you feel comfortable enough with him to do that, than surely you think the same!
He's doing his absolute best to tamp down all his excited, jittery energy though. If he gets too hyped up he might risk jostling you awake, and that is the absolute last thing that he wants to risk doing. Epel is giving everything he's got to keep still and poised, but the big, wobbly grin on his face is such a giveaway for his true emotions.
This specific incident burrows deep into Epel's mind and never lets go, so much so that whenever he sees you looking the slightest bit tired from this point on, he invites you to rest your head on his shoulder. "Yer tired, right? Rest for a lil. I gotcha." Those fireworks and cheers in his head return without fail every time you decide to take him up on that offer.
Tumblr media
Despite all odds, you've somehow managed to fall asleep on Sebek Zigvolt's shoulder. Congratulations! You've also somehow managed to catch him so thoroughly off-guard that for a few seconds he becomes genuinely speechless. You're... You're sleeping? On him? Did he bore you or something? How rude!
I won't lie to you, the first time you fall asleep on Sebek he quickly jostles you awake, asking if he was boring you so much with his words that you were able to fall asleep of all things. Once you clarify that you fell asleep on him because you felt safe and comfortable he flushes bright pink, turning to hide his expression while he barks, flustered, that he supposes sleeping on him under those conditions would be "acceptable".
Anyone walking past the two of you would see Sebek sitting like a statue, face gradually getting redder and his brow furrowed in intense concentration as you slumber blissfully unaware upon his broad shoulder. He's really not used to such open physical affection, so he isn't really sure how to channel or vocalize it. But if he makes you feel safe enough to fall asleep, he'll give it everything he's got to not wake you up a second time.
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viluvr-archived · 5 months ago
Pomefiore. With a s/o who is always pretty. And does the most ATROCIOUS THINGS TO THEIR SKIN TO PISS EM OFF. Saint Ives, HANDSOAP, and still pretty I WANNA KNWO HOW THEYD RECAFT
Tumblr media
Vil , Rook , Epel .
GN!reader , Vil screaming is enough warning /J
( A/n — HOE I survived. 😈 @polluxminor )
Tumblr media
Gasps, shrieks, screams, and rolls and flips and does cartwheels whenever he sees you doing atrocious things to your skin. To be honest, you probably influenced Epel by doing it too, and whenever Vil sees you together with Epel he knows bad things are gonna happen, with you doing atrocious things to your skin and Epel wanting to be strong than be beautiful?
Everything could go wrong. "Y/n, in my room, now!" "But I.." "No buts." After he sees you putting those hand sanitizers on your skin, it isn't even for the face are you nuts?
The next time he sees you doing shit like that you better expect he's banning you from hanging out with Epel, he brushes your hair, scrubs your face with those skincare, and puts light makeup on you, dresses you up, and asks for a little spin and is absolutely in love, Vil's staring with heart eyes and goes "See? You're so pretty even without makeup and now that you have it on you've upgraded, of course only the prettiest for the fairest one. And don't go thinking I forgot about what you did to your precious face."
A threat comes after the many compliments he says. He probably grows some wrinkles from being stressed about you that easily go because he takes care of himself
Tumblr media
Dramatic about it like Vil, he cartwheels and does a split. "Mon amour! Stop what you're doing! Why harm such art that's your precious face?!" He guides you to the bathroom and despite you running and hopping around like a bunny really fast, Rook just catches you...
"Nobody gets to escape the hunter, you should know better Mon amour!" Tells you that every time that it's useless to escape from him. "Now you will go wash those... thingy that you put on your face, quick! Before Vil sees us, I'll help you."
He's kinda scared Vil sees what you do to yourself, if Vil did see it he's gonna pass out. And whenever he sees something suspicious in your room that he thinks you're putting on your face sooner or later, he throws them off or gives them away for your own good.
"Rook, did you see my newly bought lotion? I swear I just left it here..." "Oh dear, don't mind it, I'll buy you a new one!" Rook knows that lotion isn't fit for your skin and the vitamins there and ingredients suck or isn't fit for your skin, you can thank him later!
Tumblr media
Menaces together. God forbid what happens when you both are in the same room with Vil, he's copying what you do, Hey and when Vil sees the both of you? You both run while holding hands, jump, and suddenly the both of you know how to parkour,
"Y/n watch out there's a tree!" You and Epel team up with everything and Vil's chasing the both of you two little gremlins. And when he finally gets a hold of the both of you he scolds you off and grounds you like a parent, sometimes when the other gets caught Vil holds one of you hostage saying "I have your little partner here! Come out now."
In other instances when Epel sees you doing it he's worried for your skin too y'know, and he doesn't wanna see you getting scolded by Vil nor see you upset when you get scolded, when he sees you upset about it his annoyance over Vil gets stronger because he doesn't like seeing you like that, he buys you ice cream after with your favorite food! You guys can share or have individuals, just don't tell or let Vil and Rook caught you!
(Bonus : Epel does the thing where you guys share one glass of milkshake with two straws)
Tumblr media
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candyk0rn · 5 months ago
Hi I'm new here virtual hugs for all-
Anyways is it ok to request riddle,epel and Floyd witnessing their s/o's popsicle or ice cream falling and they look upset about it
Tumblr media
Hi hi! Welcome to the madness, lmao. And it’s perfectly fine for you to request this, in fact I think it’s super cute! (≧∇≦*)
Gender neutral reader (per usual!)
Riddle, Epel,and Floyd witnessing s/o getting sad after dropping ice cream
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He stares at you, slightly worried but also confused?
Why are you sad? It’s an ice cream
But the moment he sees your pout he freaks out
He lightly grabs your wrist and reassure you that it’s just and ice cream, and he can get you another one
That’s just an excuse to dash you out of there so he doesn’t have to see you sad anymore LMAO
He does get you another ice cream though, if he doesn’t break rules he also doesn’t break promises
Makes sure it’s your favorite flavour too :D
“Don’t drop this one, okay? Seeing you upset over something like that makes me upset, too.”
Tumblr media
Unlike Riddle, he acts immediately
Not as calm as Riddle
He gets really sad too, and seeing your sad face makes him sad and it’s just sad all over
He comes over and hugs you, telling you he will make sure to get the coolest dessert that makes that popsicle look like nothing!
He doesn’t know how he’s gonna do that but he already told you he would
He’s really just trying to help you feel happy, or even giggle
Because seeing your frown is something he doesn’t enjoy seeing
So he’s gonna get the worlds:
“Coolest looking and tasting ice cream ever!”
Which is probably just some desert that was being sold at the Mostro Lounge..
He’s trying, tho (^^♪
Tumblr media
He laughed at first when he saw it
But that quickly changed when he saw you look down at it all gloomy
He was like: >:0
So he grabs his own ice cream, and slowly drops it down
“See? Now we are even!”
Doesn’t even care if it’s a waste of money or if you could have shared it together 💀
Because he just goes off and buys two more
I mean, as long as your laughing or smiling at him in the end
He will stupidly drop as many ice creams as he must!
Tumblr media
Thanks for reading!
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