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these are for me specifically
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*At the dorm leaders' meeting*
Riddle: And I need your signature on this. Idia I'll get it from you later. *mumbles* although it would be much easier if you were physically present at the meetings.
Idia: *mumbles* No. Being outside is dangerous for an otaku like me. There are things like other people, sunlight and Mc with a bucket of water.
Riddle: Mc with wath?
Mc: *trying to hide a bucket of water*
Idia: Mc with a bucket of water. I don't know what Mc is trying to do with it but for some reason they follow me with it.
Mc:*Succeeded in hiding the bucket of water* THAT'S NOT TRUE! *mumbles* But if it was, it would be for academic studies. Not because I stay up every night wondering how your hair will react to water.
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spookyredjelly · 23 hours ago
Replaced? (part 3)
Part 2
Female reader!, Twisted Wonderland fanfiction, angst
I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to give more well built answers to some of your comments: I’ve been very busy with work and school, I’m trying my best but know that I read ALL the comments! I’m really happy you guys like "Replaced?" so much and it makes me want to write more! As for messages, I read them all as well! But for spoilers reasons, I can’t reply to them☺️
If you want to be tagged in the next part, I suggest you use this beautiful shrimp emoji!! 🦐 You just have to add it to your comment, (or you can also only comment the emoji) and I’ll know to tag you!
TAG: @idkanametoputhere @mobbu-min @donuelle @hoo-hoo @cyanpasm @da-disappointment @intheheaven @aydencake @alaya-ignis-blog @p1nk-m1lk @kalims @1ocalb0zo @riivine @gardenofpurity
TW: blackmail, body shaming, feeling down, blaming own self, belittling…
Tumblr media
Part 3: What’s wrong with you?
- That’s too bad Y/n…
You stood there, completely stunned. Vanessa had reach her hand into her pocket, grabbing her smartphone, showing the screen to you: screen that was displaying an audio recording app… oh… how dumb you felt. "Stupid! You are so stupid..!" is what you thought to yourself. You could’ve told her a different way! Hell you could’ve completely ignore her! You wouldn’t be in this kind of situation if you hadn’t let your anger issues take over your words, now… now she was going to use that against you!
- I was ready to give you a chance… By now, the audio recording had stop. But you really want to play this game…
"What game?", you thought, still unable to speak up or even blink. She had in her hand a very well built proof of your hatred for her, and the worst part was that it was very, very convincing. You finally felt a small amount of energy running through your legs, allowing your body to move forward and take a step towards her.
- I suggest you stay where you are. You don’t want me to fake an injury, right?
Oh she was twisted. She had every cards in her hand… At any moment, she could ruin your reputation. She would even go as far as hurting herself to make you seem like a violent person, and if she did, you’d be done for: the Headmage would expel you and you’d have no one to turn to. It was a terrible situation you found yourself in, and it was partially your fault…
- Cheer up Y/n! I’ll only use this if you annoy me! She smiled.
- What do you mean by that..? You managed to mumble.
She shook her head and giggled, putting her phone back into her pocket as she flipped her hair over her shoulder. She looked you up and down as she made her way toward the stairs, not giving you the answer you asked for as she took a first step up. The girl turned around, giving you one last glare and sighed:
- You’re not very smart, are you? She scratched her temple. It means that if you’re being a bitch, I’ll make your sweet friends listen to this audio I now have!
And right after saying that, Vanessa walked up the stairs, humming happily. But you just stood there, shaking. Grim was asleep in your room, you couldn’t talk to him. It was too late to call Jack and have him calm you down, too late to go to the Mostro Lounge and cry in Floyd’s arms… and of course, way, way too late to send a message to Deuce or Ace… You took the last ounce of strength you had in your body, guiding your weight to the couch as you let yourself fall on it.
- What’s wrong with me..? You whispered to yourself, your voice stuttering.
You wanted to grab your phone and call Ace, or Deuce… you missed them. They would always do something that would cheer you up, no matter what it was, you still laughed. They really did throw you away like you were nothing but a mere empty can of a disgusting drink they had try… you didn’t matter to them. If you did, they would’ve been right there with you. If they did care, then they wouldn’t have leave you for her. They just pitied you, all this time you thought you were friends, they couldn’t have cared less about you.
You looked to the window, noticing small green lights outside: of course, you could’ve recognised them between million other lights. You swung your legs off the couch, pulling yourself up and you then made your way to the front door, being cautious not to make the slightest of sounds. You closed the door behind you, still being very careful, and walked towards the pretty sight you noticed earlier.
- Hello, Child of Man.
You turned around, facing the man who just spoke.
- Hey, Hornton… you smiled, but your heart wasn’t really into it.
He stepped closer to you, making you feel very small in comparison to his tall height. He reached his hand to the side of your face, gently placing a strand of your hair behind your ear as you shivered from the cold feeling. His hands were indeed pretty cold, but you put that on the cold weather. You sighed, feeling relieved that he wasn’t disgusted in you like your friends were, or like Vanessa was.
- You seem upset, is something the matter?
He spoke so softly and calmly, that made you want to burst out into uncontrollable tears and sobs: you wanted to sit and just cry. That’s all you wanted to do, as pathetic as it sounded…
- This girl… she wants to ruin me completely…
- Are you referring to Vanessa? What as she done to make you this sad?
You explained everything. You had cross your arms over your chest, shielding yourself from the sudden wind that was blowing cold, sniffling as you told Malleus what had happened these two last days. He listened silently, analysing your facial expressions and every inch of movement in your features, making sure he could catch your tears if any dared to fall down your cheeks. You remembered everything and told your horned friend everything, in details. How Deuce and Ace took her side, how she made you so mad you injured yourself, how she used you to get "proof", threatening you of blackmail…
- That sounds terrible indeed… He delicately held your wounded hand, tracing gentle circles on your palm.
- I just… don’t know what to do. I don’t want everyone to see me as a monster… A tear threatened to fall from your eye.
Malleus’ hand found its way to your cheek, wiping away the tear that had yet to fall with his thumb, slowly tracing over your skin. You bit your lip, trying not to cry in front of him: you wanted to be strong, or at least try and show you were, but you really, really wanted to let out all your emotions.
- "Everyone", like you said, will not fall for this snake’s vicious plan, only the stupid could believe such a liar. He caressed your cheek. And if some eventually decide to take her side, those were people you couldn’t have count on, and therefore, it would be the opportunity to let go of them.
Finally, he brought you close when he noticed your eyes getting red. He had a hand on your back as he held you close to his body. You held back a sad whimper and wrapped your arms around his torso lazily, finally crying your heart out as you buried your face in his chest. He played with your hair a bit, you could tell because he accidentally ran his finger into a knot, undoing it, careful not to hurt you. You could hear his deep voice humming a relaxing tune, one you swore you had already hear once upon a dream: you felt his chest vibrate as he lulled you to sleep. Your eyes eventually grew tired of pouring salty tears and you felt your eyelids get heavier and heavier. Before you could even realise it, you fell asleep against Malleus, and as the caring person he was, he picked you up, bridal style, and carried you to your room. He then got up from the ground, securing you in his arms as he flew onto the roof, next to your bedroom’s window.
- Ah! Hornton! Grim said, looking at Malleus as he opened the window, you still in arms.
He smiled at the demon cat. Grim gave him enough space to lay you down in the bed.
- Take care of her while I’m away, will you?
Grim nodded and took his place next to you, sighing peacefully as the horned man covered the both of you with the bedsheets. He then smiled at your relaxed expression, listening to your calm breathing. He waved goodbye to Grim as he made his way back to the window, closing it behind him as he stepped outside, disappearing into the dark of the night.
~ The next morning ~
The rain woke you up that day. You had groan and turn around a few times because of the thunder rolling… but it was simply impossible to go back to sleep after being awaken like that. What did make you sit up from your comfortable position though, was a loud noise, like a drawer closing, in your bedroom.
- Vanessa?! What are you doing??
- Oh God! Just go back to sleep… I’m just looking for something to wear!
You stood up, still shocked at how straightforward she was. Forget straightforward, she could’ve just asked you! It’s not like you could refuse anyway… she had something against you.
- See I’m going to this unbirthday party… Ace and Deuce invited me!
- I see…
She took notice of the saddened look on your features and only smiled, taking absolute delight in seeing you so pathetic and weak. She then let out the most annoying sounding gasp when her eyes feel upon your favorite blouse: it was an off white color, lace on the sleeves and collar, ruffles here and there with beautiful silver pearls.
- Take something else. That’s my favorite.
- You think I care? Don’t forget our little deal~
That’s not a deal if it only benefits you… or if it threatens me! You sighed, loudly.
- Don’t be like that! I have the perfect red skirt to wear with it! It’ll suit me better anyway, so it’s no waste!
- Haha… very funny. You better bring it back like it was.
- Yeah, yeah…
She then left, not even giving you another glance as she made her way back to her own room, slamming your door on the way.
- Mya-!! What happened!?
- Go back to sleep Grim… it was just Vanessa slamming the door.
He sat up, yawning like crazy as he stretched his tiny body. You ruffled his fur, right behind the ears as you got lost deep in thoughts.
- I have an idea! Let’s go hang out with Jack!
- Sure… that’ll be better than doing nothing, right?
~ 11 AM, in the courtyard ~
- I will teach her a lesson she’ll remember!!
- Jack- Calm down-
Jack has been growling for a while now. All because you told him about Vanessa… well, you only told him about what has happen earlier this morning. He didn’t need to hear about the blackmail, did he? It was something you could handle on your own, no need to worry your friends over nothing.
- She has no right to treat you that way!
- I know, I know…
Of course you knew. But it was also your fault. In all of this, you weren’t totally innocent… so you’ll deal with it yourself. After all, all you had to do was to not annoy Vanessa… easy enough!
- If she bothers you again, call me.
- Floyd told me the same… you giggled. I’m glad I can count on you, Jack.
- Anytime.
You sighed, somewhat happily. Walking next to Jack as he told you about his weird dream, Grim stopping to look at all the bugs in the grass… that was a pleasant morning, away from you worries.
- Y/n!
You turned around. Riddle was coming your way, which you found odd: did he need you for something? Wasn’t he supposed to prepare the unbirthday party? He seemed mad…
- I’m gonna need an explanation from you.
- About what..?
- Vanessa made me listen to something I wish I never listen to.
You gulped. She didn’t… she couldn’t have! You did nothing wrong!! You haven’t even seen her since she stole your shirt! Why did she do that?!
- So?
Jack had his hand on your shoulder, gently rubbing it to reassure you. He saw how distressed you got after Riddle told you why he was mad. Grim had jump on your other shoulder, menacingly staring at the Heartslabyul student.
- What’s your problem?? Grim hissed.
- My "problem", is that Y/n has insulted Vanessa, for no apparent reason, and unfortunately for her… Vanessa recorded it all.
- What? Jack said.
You were shaking by now. Sweat dripping down your forehead as tears pricked the corners of your eyes. You bit the inside of your cheek, your heart beating loudly and echoing in your tempers.
- I-I didn’t-
- What’s wrong with you? You’re not the same since she got here. Riddle sighed. I did not expect this behavior from you Y/n… I’m honestly disappointed.
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kimbap-r0ll · 2 days ago
ur requests r open!!! yipee!!!!! I love ur writing so I was hoping to request when they were open !!!!! Can I request Jade, Riddle, Azul and Rook with a reader who tends to have memory loss sometimes? Maybe reader is a little embarrassed/insecure about it since they end up forgetting important things and/or forget things after it was told to them a few moments ago???
Hi, thank you for the reply! Sorry this is so late!
Jade, Riddle, Azul, Rook with a reader who has memory loss
While he might lightly tease you about forgetting small details of your past actions, he won't actually do a lot of jokes. This is mainly because he's still a respectful guy
He doesn't mind reminding you of things when you need and rather he's happy if he can help you out. If you feel embarrassed or insecure about yourself, he's always there to assure you that there's nothing to worry about
He might find it a bit amusing if you ask him the same thing like a few seconds later, but he'll just hug you even tighter
If someone makes fun of you, they better be careful when being next to a body of water :/
Similar to Jade in that he loves helping you, but he won't make a single joke out of you having memory loss
He might find it irritating at some point but he quickly reminds himself that it isn't in his position to feel this way. He tries his best to learn how to be the best boyfriend he can be for you
Definitely is someone you can trust with any of your concerns. He listens to you for as long as you need, and he won't let any of your insecurities get to you
He loves working in silence next to you usually, but he also likes taking strolls with you in the gardens. Either way just know you have tons of stuff to do with him!
He will off someone's head if they decide to poke fun at your memory loss though, you don't want to see him get angry :/
He won't make fun of you at all, he's learned from his childhood how horrible small degrading comments can be. He just tells you he understands and that he's open to helping whenever you need
By help he does though, as he's constantly next to you even when you don't need help haha. This octopus won't let go of you, and when you thank him he just gets giddy inside
If you ever need to talk to him, he just drops whatever he was doing and opens his arms for you. He will comfort you as much as you need and beyond! Speaking of which, expect discounts from the Mostro Lounge like 24/7 if he feels you need some happiness that comes in the form of a drink/food
He likes to read books with you, but he also likes to take you on a stroll by the seaside.
If someone decides to make fun of you, Floyd and Jade are brought into the action. The person will be confronted by the underwater mafia haha
He's super chill with you having memory loss, rather he doesn't mind that you have memory loss, you're still you!
He probably tells you the same sonnets all the time too since sometimes you don't remember them. He loves reading them to you or even reciting them honestly. To some people it might look annoying, but the two of you find it comforting
If he senses, not even sees, senses that you don't feel good, he'll slowly wrap his arms around you and ask if you're doing okay. If you need to talk to him, feel free to! He might take you on a walk while it happens
He might take you on one of his hunting trips. Even if he doesn't catch anything, the two of you like being around nature together.
The person that tries to make you feel uncomfortable about your insecurities will have an arrow shot a hair away from their face. Rook says he doesn't know where it came from, but of course that's a lie.
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mall-0-ry · a day ago
Drew our adorable fluff ball, while taking a break from writing~
Tumblr media
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tuxibirdie · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
the red ruler
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treysimp · 2 days ago
Now Entering: TWST Thirst Zone
Twst Character's Body Hair Headcanons (who's forearms do I want to gnaw like a rottweiler with some rawhide?)
Tumblr media
If you want to know my reasoning:
Tumblr media
Body hair is cute and endearing and cuddly and soft and if you have it you are also all of those things. 🥰
Tumblr media
Lucious gorgeous soft body hair oh my god hold me:
TREY, Deuce, Sebek, JACK, Leona, Malleus, VARGAS
Has no body hair, is bitter about it:
EPEL, Ortho (maybe someday Idia will build it for you buddy)
Has no body hair, is smug about it:
Azul, Jade, Floyd, RIDDLE, Lilia, Crowley, NEIGE
Has no body hair, spends a ton of time removing it:
VIL, Jamil, Cater, CREWEL
Has a ton of body hair, it's so pale you can only see it in the sunlight:
KALIM, Ace, Ruggie, ROOK, Idia, Silver, Trein
Cat (all hair):
Tumblr media
Honest question: do people want to be tagged in headcanons? I feel like people that ask for tags usually want actual fics rather than this silly BS, but I just don't want to be obnoxious mostly haha
Love you, reader!
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blues824 · 23 hours ago
❤️Riddle with a female satan from obey me
💚Imagen her telling riddle if you where lucifer I whoud brake all the 810 rules just to piss you of but since you are not him i will obey them
❤️The heartslabyul learning what real wrath feels like a them thing riddle is no longer scary but his girlfriend who reads more books than riddle. Them doing study dates and reading etchoter books
💚Satan going form this to😈😡this
❤️Riddle going from this to 🙂😠this
Tumblr media
Rip heartslabyul if they both get mad 💀
This escalated quickly, didn’t it?
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
“If you were my oldest brother, I would break all 810 of your rules just to piss you off, but I like you so I shall dedicate them to my memory, my royal highness.” You said after meeting Riddle. There was a mutual understanding that if the other crossed each other’s boundaries, undesirable consequences would be seen.
You both would find a new book and read it together and have very intellectual conversations over cups of tea. Sometimes, when you are having a tough day, Riddle will allow you to lay your head in his lap as he reads to you, and it’s the same the other way around.
God forbid someone walks in on you during a date, though. Sure, they already knew of Riddle’s renowned wrath, but they’ve never seen the Avatar of Wrath when she’s angry. I’m talking full demon form, whispering in your demonic tongue. You are unafraid to demonstrate the sheer amount of power you hold within every realm you are in.
If you both get made at someone (most likely Ace and his big ass mouth), you both are an indestructible force. You are unstoppable. You almost killed all of Heartslabyul with one swing, and you didn’t succeed mainly because Crowley walked into all of it and stopped you.
Now, if you both get angry at each other (which happens more often than you might think), there won’t be any destruction besides pride and egos. Hell, Heartslabyul picks sides and pops some popcorn because it’s gonna be quite a show. You love each other too much to actually destroy the things you’ve grown together (i.e. the roses). 
Just so you know, one time he got angry and derooted an entire rosebush that you were growing especially for him, and when you kneeled in front of it and told him it was for him, he had never felt so bad. It was a mix of nausea and being stabbed in the art with the thorns of the roses you grew specifically for him.
Let’s just say that it took an entire month for him to reconcile with you. You would have gone longer, but when he came to you on the final day, he looked a mess. His hair, his clothes, he had bags under his eyes; hurricane Katrina must have run its course here. To be fair, you missed him as well, but just like he uprooted the bush you worked so hard on, he uprooted your heart and trust.
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lumpia-ni · 2 days ago
I’m sorry WHAT!?
(I know the tsum event was like couple months ago)
Crowely : Good news boys I have found a way to get the tsums back to their home!
Leona, Sebek, Floyd, Epel, Jack , Riddle and others : YAYYYYY
*Yuu in the background spying on them* : YOU DAMN FUCKING BIRD YOU CAN GET THOSE CUTIES BACK BUT NOT ME!?
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pinsssss · a day ago
Tumblr media
// Guess what, I redesigned the “ghost marriage” dress completely- is a pleasure to ruin your eyes with the pink and red :)
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eunzul · 8 days ago
Hey, you know the disney princesses with their sparkly dress?
Tumblr media
yeah i wasted my time putting glitters on the dorm leaders cuz this what happens when you put all of your brain cells on your exam
Tumblr media
and i even went as far as remaking the logo too—
Tumblr media
I hate myself so fkn much :'))
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insertsomthinawesome · 17 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I told myself my first Twisted Wonderland post wouldn’t be memes-
Leona is from this Meme from this Music video  (also I just, used the in game drawing of the castle... i did not draw the background there xD) Rook is confused and maybe somewhat impressed... and also jotting down several notes.
Shout out to my friend for pointing out that Crowley looked like an abyss mage xD
-- -No Romance Included-
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cupids-chamber · a month ago
Tumblr media
Yuu: So what was your childhood like? Riddle: Oh, you mean my tragic backstory that you must be at level 4 relationship to unlock?
Yuu: ...
Yuu: Well, what level am I at?
Riddle: 10. So it all started-
Tumblr media
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tunabesimpin · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just normal heartslabyul things ^v^! + the scrunkly!
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kimbap-r0ll · 2 days ago
Dorm leaders react to reader pulling the “dramatic exit” on them(they just point in a random direction and yell “what’s that?!” and sneak away while the former is distracted) and when the dorm leader looks back, the prefect is gone except the door/window is swung open
Hi, thank you for the ask! I wanted to do this with all of them reacting at the same time, I hope you enjoy!
Dorm leaders react to you pulling a "dramatic exit"
Riddle's the one that hates he got fooled like right away, he tells himself he's better than that but here he is getting bamboozled :/
Same reaction from Leona, who tsks and mumbles "that herbivore" before he quickly runs after you to basically give you a lesson :/
Azul tags along with Leona, but tries to tell him that you were probably just fooling around, and that it would be better if he could calm down and talk it out instead (Azul's actually planning to make a deal with you to protect you from the wrath of the other dorm leaders)
Kalim tells the other dorm leaders that you're probably playing tag and that they don't know it
Vil could care less, he's leaving for his dorm
Idia and Malleus aren't even there
You're running away (because you had promised to meet Grim, Ace, and Deuce at a concert but you had a meeting like 10 minutes before it started so you decided to leave early) but while you are you hear Riddle yelling at you to halt
Trying to pick up the pace, you keep running. Hopefully Leona doesn't pounce on you anytime soon :/
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choclatecoveredlove · 2 months ago
Your favorite??
synopsis: when asked who your favorite person is you respond with their name. they respond accordingly.
dorm leaders x reader
Tumblr media
are you- are you serious???
face is even redder than his hair
he can’t function for like a solid 20 minutes
has to make sure he isn’t hearing things
for the record you’re his favorite person too
he won’t admit it though because as a dormhead he has to remain unbiased
“Prefect, about what you said earlier, about me being your favorite- did you um.. did you mean what you said?.. Y-You did? Well I appreciate the sentiment.”
smug as hell
yeah of course he’s your favorite
he basically knew it already
honestly though it makes him so happy
he’s somebody’s #1 for once???
immediately pulls you into a tight hug and refuses to let go
“What’s wrong herbivore? Don’t you wanna be held by your favorite person? … And for the record, you’re my favorite person too, so don’t go sayin’ that about anyone else, ‘kay?”
oh shoot you killed azul
his brain is just white noise for like a solid hour
floyd and jade have a great time teasing him about it
he cant believe someone said something so nice to him
does he cry later when he thinks about it? yes
“ I’m the prefects favorite, really?!? This isn’t a joke?? I mean.. of course I’m their favorite. Um please excuse me, I have to do something..”
he’s your what??????
well youre his favorite too!!!
but so is jamil
oh and his mom and dad and his siblings and-
but now he wants to throw a party to show how happy he is that you said that
“Huh?!? Do you mean it?!? Wow, that’s so sweet!! Hehe you’re so cute! You’re my favorite person too y’know!!”
he’s definitely heard that before
it means a lot more coming from you though
he already knew that he was though
he’ll make you say it whenever he’s feeling down
will make you say it in front of neige
he is your fairest one of all
“Oh? I’m your favorite, do you truly mean that? That’s very sweet of you potato. Since you shared a secret with me I’ll share one with you as well, you’re my favorite as well.”
passes out
ortho has to wake him up
bright pink hair
super embarrassed but also super cocky at the same time
like he’s a loser shut-in but also he’s a genius so why wouldn’t you like him???
he doesn’t associate with a lot of people so it’s kinda hard to pick favorites but you’re up their
“ I-I-I’m your what??!?!? You can’t just say things like that!!! I guess I get it though- I mean I’m basically a genius so why wouldn’t I be your favorite!!”
woah no one has ever said that to him before (sebek is the exception)
after the initial shock wears off he becomes smug
i mean why wouldn’t you like him
he’s a crown prince, handsome, and incredibly talented
“ Child of man, I did not know you felt so strongly about me. Truth be told, I feel very strongly about you as well, you are the most precious thing in the world to me. Shall we begin our courtship now?”
A/n: Umm okay first work is fine idk i threw up before writing this so brain is a little fuzzy. hope you enjoy at least!! and feel free to request something ^^
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hoshiroshi1 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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