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"Replaced?" Sneak peek!!
Read the story here!! ➡️ Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
TAG: If you want to be tagged in the next part, I suggest you use this beautiful shrimp emoji!! 🦐
A little teasing while you guys wait for part 4 to be released. I’m having lots of fun writing this story and I’m so happy it’s as appreciated as it is!
Tumblr media
Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes, finally making your eyeballs turn red and shiny. Could you take anymore of this? Could you really stand there as all your friends will reject and throw you away like a mere stranger? A mere bully?
- Riddle listen-
- Sorry. I cannot listen to this anymore.
- Y/n you’re gonna have to calm dow-
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treysimp · a day ago
i’m sick as a dog rn (i think it’s just a cold but it’s got me DOWN) and was wondering if you could do headcanons of either the second or third years taking care of a sick reader 😭
Aww! Me too lovely! Self-indulgence coming right up! 🛎🍳
Taking Care of You When You're Sick 🤧(GN!Reader/Octavinelle: Azul, Floyd, Jade)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rating: G
Tags: Reader’s body not described nor are pronouns used, fluff, reader has a cold, Floyd says something suggestive but nothing actually happens haha, implied pining.
Words: 2k
Author’s notes: I ended up writing a short story rather than headcanons, whoops? Snipped it to just the Octotrio due to the length, haha. I just came down with a cold too, (as if just having recovered from surgery wasn't enough lol) so we can both project onto some cute fish boys to drown our sorrows together. 😖
Want more TWST? Here’s my masterlist!
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto:
He has no idea what to do (affectionate). Azul will notice your absence from daily activities fairly quickly. He had the schedules memorized of the more ah... let's call them 'notable' students, and that includes you. Grim had been attending classes, but if anyone asked him where you were he would just say something about him 'not being your babysitter'. This was technically correct because you were in fact, Grim's babysitter, but it wasn't worth the breath one would waste arguing with him.
By overhearing the conversation between some of your socially impaired first-year groupies, it appeared you were sick. This bothered him greatly. Humans were much more susceptible to disease than mermen and pathetic as it was, he felt a tinge of charity pull at his heart upon hearing that you were ill. He supposed that he could visit.
Armed with a ‘how to take care of a sick human’ article on his phone, a reusable bag, and a full wallet, he raided Sam’s shop for all of the things that are supposed to make even the frailest of humans feel better. He debated calling in Jade and Floyd for their assistance in taking care of you, but he decided the snide comments of the twins weren’t worth the possible benefits. If you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself after all. Armed with soup, tissues, multiple types of medicine, and hot and cold patches, Azul makes his way to Ramshackle.
He knocks, but no response. He supposed he should have guessed as much, it’s not like the ghosts would answer and Grim is doing whatever that fiery tanuki does on the daily.
“Prefect?” He called, pushing on the doorknob to find it unlocked. With a shrug he traipses inside, scanning around the lounge, the bathroom, and the kitchen. It was beaten to hell, but there was a charm to the small things you had littered around the place to make it feel like home. A tied rag potholder here, a stained apron there, he felt a small smile spread across his face. Cute. Terribly kitsch and with no sense of room appeal, but cute.
A floorboard creaked upstairs, and he figured that was where you might be. Azul headed up the stairs and softly called your name, hearing a loud ‘BWUH’ come behind a door that he assumed was yours. Knocking softly, he called out to you again.
“May I come in?” He asked, plastering on his proper salesman face. You so owed him for this display of goodwill.
“A-Azul? Uh, yeah.” You called, voice audibly hoarse and nasally.
Azul swept into your room and set down his bag of goods, sweeping over your room curiously for information. It was the cleanest room in the whole house, but that was like saying that you got second place out of three entries. There were your books and schoolwork, some knickknacks and souvenirs that your friends had undoubtedly given you, but it was otherwise quite bare. As to be expected, he supposed. After a moment of silence, his eyes finally fell on you. Your eyes were red and glassy, your lips chapped, and you were covered in goosebumps. He felt his heart skip a beat.
Wait, what…?
Azul slapped his hand to his chest instinctually, surprised at the sudden feeling that was washing over him. On the other hand, you looked at him with ever-increasing skepticism.
“How can I help you Azul?” You rasp, eyes flicking between his face and the bag that he had dropped on your floor. Azul looked a little flushed. Was it hot in here? Your fever was making it difficult to tell.
“I just ah…” Azul began, his pulse fluttering as he looked for a good explanation. “I just wanted to…”
Your brow was raised amusedly. How often did anyone get to see Azul of all people be at a loss for words?
“I just wanted to make sure that someone had thought to take care of you… since you’re alone here, and all.” He finished, the flush on his cheekbones darkening. He thought back to the times that his family had taken care of him when he was sick, and also the times that they hadn’t. The times that he was alone. And you, you were always that alone, weren’t you?
“Please allow me to help you… on the house.” He finished, eyes looking anywhere but at you.
“I see.” You say. You eye his bag, his expression, the way his hair was windswept in an uncharacteristic way, “Thank you, Azul.”
“You’re… very welcome.”
Tumblr media
Floyd Leech:
He has no idea what to do (insult). Azul had returned from Ramshackle earlier that day in an uncharacteristically spacey mood, and he had a suspicion that it had something to do with you. Telling Jade that he was heading out, he walked to the decrepit building. Opening the door without knocking, he saw that one of Azul’s bags was on the table. Huh.
Rifling through the contents, he found supplies for human colds. Putting two and two together, his face curled into a smirk.
“Azul is making shrimp scampi, huh?” He giggled, cracking himself up with his joke. The soup was chicken noodle, but you had to work with the material you were given. Waltzing his way upstairs to your room, he slammed the door open, which woke you up with a start.
“W-what? Floyd?” You yelled, holding your blanket to your chest in surprise.
There was a slight sliver of skin exposed from the buttons of your pajama top had come loose. Floyd’s eyes flicked to your slipping collar and then back to your face, giggling while he strode forward, flopping to a seat next to you.
“Shrimpy, what is it about you, huh?” He asks, getting dangerously close to your face as his eyes scan for any microexpression that might give away your secret.
“You’re just so… different, aren’t you?” He asked, trailing a finger down the line between your ribs. You frowned and slapped his hand away.
“Floyd, I’m too tired for your weird teasing, okay? Get away, I don’t want to get you sick too.” You chide, trying to push him to his feet and off of your bed with your germy self.
Floyd clicked his tongue, “Aww, don’t be like that. Idiots don’t get colds you know? I’ll be fine.” He said with a grin, the low light sparkling off of his pointed teeth.
You frowned. You highly doubted that but you also knew so little about mermen that he might be right? Ugh, why was everything so confusing?
“Aww, your face is so cute.” Floyd cooed, squishing your cheeks like dough. “Should I sleep here with you? Will that make you feel better?” He asked, getting uncomfortably close again.
“Flowyed, stut upf.” You whined, words muffled by Floyd’s vice grip on your face.
“Fish are cold-blooded, you know? I’d be like an ice pack for your feverish ‘Lil head.” He continued, seemingly convincing himself more than you about why this was such a good idea.
“If you’re really good, we can snuggle naked?”
“Fine, fine, you’re no fun,” Floyd sighed, finally standing up and walking towards your hall. He looked over his shoulder at you as he was closing the door, a mischievous sparkle in his eye.
“I’ll come to sleep with you when you’re well instead. Later!” He cackled, slamming the door shut to shield himself from the pillow you had tried to lob directly at your face.
Feeling even warmer than you had a minute ago, you collapsed in a huff and yelled into your pillow in frustration.
This freaking eel was going to kill you.
Tumblr media
Jade Leech:
Something was apparently in the air today, because both Azul and Floyd had gone to visit the Ramshackle Prefect. Jade had to admit that he was quite fond of them, their naïveté about the world they had found themself in was quite entertaining to watch, especially as it pertained to non-humans such as himself. One day they had taken multiple hours to quiz him about merpeople, their food, their culture, and even their anatomy. Jade had offered a “demonstration” on the anatomy portion, but they had sadly refused his kindness. A pity.
Both Azul and his brother had returned with significant mood changes. Azul had returned in a strangely introspective mood, staring dazedly out the windows with his brows knit in thought and then locking himself in his office for the last few hours, clearly wrapped up in some sort of project.
On the other hand, while Floyd was similarly distracted, he seemed quite frustrated. He was being fairly active on campus, running around in search of stimulation. Jade recognized this as being one of Floyd’s many coping mechanisms when he was actively trying to distract himself. How very interesting.
Walking up to Ramshackle, Jade was distracted by the thought of how the gloomy and decrepit building could be well utilized as a greenhouse for some tricky plants he had hoped to cultivate. He filed away that thought for later, perhaps the Prefect would be willing to trade him some growing space in one of the spare rooms at a later date. He would just need to think of something that they wanted enough to give it to him. Well, he was here anyway, might as well try and find out.
Entering the charming hovel of the entryway, Jade notices the Prefect’s shoes discarded next to the doorway. He certainly did not trust the floor enough to do the same.
Walking up the stairs, Jade decided that the best bet would be simply to beeline to the Prefect. He had brought his mushroom risotto along with him, thinking that you might appreciate a home-cooked meal when you were ill. The feedback he had received upon serving it in the cafeteria was quite positive from the other humans, so he was about 70% sure this particular species of fungi was not lethal to your species. Well, the ones from here at least. That is what the other 30% is for.
Rapping his knuckles lightly on the door, he heard a quiet ‘come in’ from inside the room. Jade turned the knob and let himself inside, holding up the thermos with risotto in one hand and one with peppermint tea in another.
“I apologize for the intrusion.”
“Jade?” You ask, “Wow, I think I’ve had more visitors from Octinavelle today than when you all tried to steal this place.” You graveled, weak cough shaking your body as you laugh.
Jade gives you a warm, genuine smile. His face crumples into a melodic laugh, a real one, and he covers his face to stifle the sound.
“Well, the location is still quite ideal if you ever change your mind.” He says, stepping forward to place the food he brought on your nightstand. “Food and drink, I get the feeling that you might not make some otherwise.”
You look wide-eyed at the two containers, carefully picking them up and unscrewing the caps to see the contents. Through your stuffed-up nose you could smell a hint of mint, and the risotto looked decadently buttery.
You looked to Jade, and he motioned to the attached cutlery. Taking a wary bite, your mouth was met with something both delicious, hearty, and oddly familiar. Had you had this before? Your heart skipped a beat at how tender this moment felt. Jade’s eyes looked lidded and fond while tears threatened to well up in the corners of your eyes.
“I-I really needed this, I think.” You say, your ‘D’s sounded like ‘B’s due to your stuffy nose. “Thank you very much, Jade.”
Jade nods, looking pleased. You continue eating your fill and then allow Jade to gather his dishes, promising that he will come again soon with another dish. You were fairly excited at the prospect.
Jade pauses for a moment at the door, seemingly in thought. He returns to your side, but before you can question him, you feel a warm peck at your forehead.
“Feel better.”
Jade leaves as fast as he came in. You sit there flustered and confused.
Is this just a merman thing or what?
Tumblr media
Pray for me! I hate phlegm with my entire body, I want to die and to kill at the same time. Why hast mine own body forsaken me?
What did you think? suggestions, feedback? LMK!
Love you, reader!
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hanafubukki · 2 months ago
~*Prefect looking for something*~
YN/MC/Yuu: Where are my glasses?
TWST Boy: Here you go, Prefect. 
YN/MC/Yuu: *Puts on glasses* Thank you, without them I’m blind as a ba-
Lilia Vanrouge: *Smirks*
YN/MC/Yuu: You heard nothing. 
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night-rook · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Word Count: 1,309
Reader Type: Gender Neutral
Story Type: Twisted Wonderland
Beware: Angst, Mentions of Death
Summary: Everyone misses you. but Grim misses you the most.
Key terms: n/a
Rook’s Notes: I've felt pretty down lately, and this happened.
Tumblr media
Grim looked around the spacious bedroom. He jumped onto the queen size bed and claimed his usual spot on the right side. Softly he pawed the empty pillow by him. A downhearted purr echoed through the room as his small paw patted the dusty cushion. The burning sensation itching his cyan eyes only worsen.
"I am just a kitten. Hardly fit my mittens." Grim hoarsely purred while curling up on the pillow. Laying his head on the cushion rather than his paw, "Much too small, I figure. One day I'll be bigger…"
The nonsense residents of Heartslabyul didn't have their unbirthdays as cheerful. Their desserts weren't as sweet anymore as Trey had slowly lost his sense to bake. He would often make a few treats to distract himself, but those baked goods didn't hold the same flavor as they once did. Cater continued his social appearance, but the ginger would find himself in the rose garden when left alone. He would pick roses and paint them (color), not paying mind if he got in trouble as (color) seemed so beautiful than the dreadful red or empty white. Riddle would be held up in his room most of the time. Reading to himself before speaking out loud, he stopped himself multiple times when not receiving an answer from his commentary. "One day I'll be a great big kitty cat. Uses open windows to go from flat to flat."
Savanaclaw reverted to their old ways. No more socializing with weaklings or non-beastmen. Leona rather spent time in his dorm than in the garden, claiming the grass was too itchy. The plants were damaging his senses as his eyes would water. Jack's workout routine kept him active as he continued to train. However, he would stop every once in a while to catch his breath before snapping out of his daze with a light scowl. The mischievous Ruggie didn't pull pranks as the childish acts didn't cheer his sour mood without someone to help. Even the taste of donuts was bitter when he ate alone in the cafeteria.
Azul looked at the quiet lounge and signed at the empty seat by him. The paperwork is seemingly endless without an extra hand, especially when the help would distract him when he got frustrated. Tucked away in the forest, Jade quietly hiked through nature as his eyes scanned the ground. he tilted his head slightly to look behind him but shifted his eyes back to the ground in search of mushroom, not enjoying the lone hike as he used to. Floyd stared at the ceiling of his room while the a deep frown on his face. Bringing the shrimp plush towards him, the usually mischievous boy feels more tired than normal.
As lively as the halls of Scarabia, Kalim felt void of light. He could seem to hold his smile for longer than a minute, his dormmates noticing the lack of energy when he walked the halls. Jamil lost his sense of excessing and revolted back to his tucked-away nature of being average. His dancing becomes more intense as he ignores their memories and cheers.
"I am just a kitten. Hardly fit my mittens. Much too small, I figure. One day I'll be bigger. One day I'll be all grown up and strong."
The three beauties of Pomefiore grew bored without their admiring fan. Vil didn't have the usual urge to shop and dare he say- he lost the appeal to maintain his beauty routine when he passed a mirror. Rook grew bored as the students all looked dull to him, none appealing to his standards anymore. Epel slowly lost his nerve to bother working out and bite his tongue on makeup, covering up the bags under his eyes from sleepless nights.
Keyboard keys echoed the poorly lit room while the screen flashed with bright colors. Idia emptily stared at the computer while he built his character, focusing his entire mind on making the little icon identical. Ortho sat in the corner of the room as he built a hologram. Using every part of his memory software to mimic their voice so the brothers could have comfort during their hard days.
Diasomia shut itself away once more after the dreadful day. Lilia turned from being teasing and playful to forever strict. He stop being friendly when his closest friend left him alone. The usual loud mouth Sebek turned rather quiet as days went by, being rather more reserved. The quiet Silver revolted back to his old self of being distant and focused on his Knight training, however, the dull ache in his chest would hurt when he looked towards the clock. Reminding himself that he would need to take a break after hearing the small voice that haunts him. Malleus sighed during his nightly walk. He lost interest in interacting with the student body, the need to silence the thoughts growing with each passing day after losing his companion.
"But until then, I'll just purr and sing along."
Deuce and Ace both looked at one another as they heard the feline's broken purrs. The redhead pressed his back against the doorframe while humming to the purrs. He closed his eyes while faintly hearing the words to the small lullaby in his head. The ravenette listened to his friend hum as he sat down on the floor. Every night. They would hear you sing that lullaby without fail, as silly as it was that was the only way for Grim to fall asleep. The pair knew this and it hurt. Your absence had created a great void in their hearts. In everyone's hearts.
Ramshackle hasn't felt like home. Its clean halls had collect dust over time as the common room had a cloth over the furniture for no one dared clean. The once rowdy dorm had turned muted that even the ghosts found it too eerie. All the other dorms felt the effect of the absence as time went by.
Your absence bought great grief to everyone, but Grim had to worse impact. He had all his memories with you from the best funniest ones to the scary frightening ones. The warmth that once radiated from your desk chair grew cold after a week and caused him to move to the bed. He would avoid your side as much as possible, remember how you would hold him close at night. However, he misses your arms around him. He misses listening to your heartbeat after a hard day of class.
He remembers seeing you study on your desk every day while he slacked off. The first time you sang that stupid lullaby. You were humming while writing down notes, while he ate away at his tuna. The feline ears twitched when he heard your light meowing. Tilting his head he popped up beside you, catching your attention.
"Huh? What's wrong?"
He said nothing but stare at you. A blud went off in your eyes before you picked him up and set him down on your lap, running a hand through his fur as you went back to humming. The silly song was his comfort every day and night because you would always smile while humming it.
It was your humming that bought him back when he overblobbed. It was the lullaby that woke him up when you called out to him. It was your smile that forever haunts him when remembers his jaw opening.
Grim let out a weak cry as he buried himself into your old pillow. Wishing wholeheartedly that you come back to him. Promising to the night sky that he would be better if it meant seeing you next to him. He would swear on his favorite cans of tuna that he was the good feline you proudly proclaimed.
"My little kitten.." He just wants to hear you call him one more time..
Tumblr media
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faeryarchives · 5 months ago
Diasomnia with a s/o who's way too chill that its concerning like theyd be in a situation where they almost die and be like "k"
diasomnia with a very chill gender neutral s/o!
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛ malleus draconia
malleus was surprised how chill you were, not minding the fact that you are in the company of one of the well known powerful student in twisted wonderland
"huh? so what if you are one of the most powerful here? you are still tsunotarou right?"
"i supposed you are right, but does it not bother you at all?"
"nope, well except if you commit a crime then i might think twice."
even after you two got together, it really makes him happy that you are always open to keep him on company to the point that he would also influenced by your laid back personality
and you guys always have each others back especially during fights but there was this situation where there was an incident in their alchemy class in which a random student accidentally made the venus flytrap grow bigger and attack people
you weren't aware that everyone has been running out of the class because you were deep asleep and because of this grim run towards to look for the dragon fae
"tsunotarou where are you?!"
"hm? it's a miracle that my jewel isn't with you, little monster."
"well yeah because any moment now they could get eaten b a venus flytrap!"
malleus never knew his heart would race so fast, in fear of losing you just because of an overgrown plant.
by the time he get there, you just woke up, stretching your arms as your eyes landed on your boyfriend who looks so worried.
"oh hey ma-"
"(name) watch out!" cue the venus flytrap almost chomping your upper body off when you side step and stared at the plant with an uninterested look.
after having a staring off with the plant for a moment, malleus got in between and made the plant disappear as if it didn't exist at all. he then comes up to you - giving you a tight hug that you returned with your own hug.
"are you alright, my jewel? are you hurt anywhere?"
"hm? lmao just peachy, that was cool though. i saw my life flashed in front of my eyes."
"... sigh."
malleus loves you so much but please let his heart be at ease 😭
never do that again, he was so scared that he almost lost control at that moment and went on a rampage. definitely need some cuddling to ease the pouting dragon but hey all is well right?
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛ lilia vanrouge
so probably lilia would be delighted the way you just down to join his shenanigans and all
trying to trick sebek by backing his random talks with made up stuff? yes. randomly popping out to scare people? very true yes. cooking? probably just do not let him make you his personal taste tester or you will definitely tell him on silver
you love him but you got to put your life first ❤️
lilia would never let anything happened to you and will always watch over you whenever you doze off to random places
but there was one time that lilia didn't get the chance to be by your side as he was on the opposite team during the sports feast against your team
"little bat, i hope you don't mind but victory will be ours."
"says who? sorry old man bur we are going to snatch that under your hat."
the game was really fun, you getting to enjoy and catch up with your other teammates even without them using magic. but at one point you feel really tired and decide to head back to the bench to rest
it was fun watching them and you were so relaxed at seeing them play that you didn't realized that the ball imbedded by magic was flying towards you!
"henchman look out!"
"mmmmm, grim let's get some wate-" after standing up, you miraculously avoid it by turning your attention to grim, just noticing the ball right after.
"what's that noise and what the ball doing here?"
"...you almost got hit by that ball (nickname)."
"really? okay, now let's get some drinks."
lilia knew that you are a very chill and reserved person but he never knew that you will take it into another level 😟
because of this, lilia would make sure to ask your friends to keep an eye out for danger around you.
the vice dorm leader knows that you can take care of yourself but it makes his old man's heart almost have a heart attack because of the incident.
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛ silver
OK so i am pretty sure you and silver would definitely get along well an become napping buddies.
the way you two just like how you do not need to exert that much energy to communicate with each other just makes you feel at ease
when the two of you got together - you decided to indulge each other's hobbies which includes practicing swordsmanship and reading novels
"you are getting good at this (name)."
"of course, i learned from the best!"
"wai- that's cheating!"
there are times that you two would just fall asleep on each other and it really doesn't bother the both of you at all until it almost cost you your life.
it was during the beanfest festival that you decided to separate from grim and sit on the branch - snipping the hunter groups to help the other farmers to survive while being concealed from everyone's sight.
so occupied on having your eyes on the target, you didn't realize that you were nearing at the edge of the branch
"... mmmm, i got you now jamil-?!"
"(nickname)!" silver came around in time to catch you before you fall into the thorny bush - you can see the terror and relief in his eyes.
"are you ok? are you hurt?"
"just peachy you know i can just jump back down right? but thanks love."
would be more alert now especially when you two are near a danger zone, his overprotectiveness rises not that you really mind because you know that silver just want to keep you out of harm's way💚
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛ sebek zigvolt
you and sebek really balance each other out 😭 one being the serious and hard working type while the other is the one who often help them to chill out
you are the go to place of sebek whenever he wants to talk how great his two senpais are + he really appreciate it when he notice that you are really listening and even join the talk sometimes
"did you see that!? look at the progress i made!"
"i did, i am so proud of you sebek"
he is such a sucker for your compliments 100 and help him to convey the real meaning of his words whenever you notice that people are having the wrong idea
and it was really a surprised to everyone that you got together like really unexpected but they realize that it really made sense and the diasomnia squad noticed how sebek became happier
sebek love how you seemed to be very relaxed every time in every scenario that he couldn't help but to be worried, won't you be in danger at that rate?
and it did happened one time during practice magic training class where you are sitting it out and watch grim instead
"keep it up grim, you did better than before!"
and unknowingly, a student's fire ball got out of control and it was heading straight towards you and the diasomnia first year couldn't help but let out a cry
but the fireball didn't hit you at all and just missed you by and inch, you looked back and saw the burned patch on the groud and shrug your shoulders
"i think heavens are telling me to keep on going lmao."
"are you ok (nickname)?!"
"don't worry sebek i am alive and not in ashes... why are you crying?!"
i think he would be the type to let out. few tears after seeing you in that situation pls give him a lots of hug, you really scared him out
i am really glad that i got to enjoy my tumblr experience with you guys u have been showing me nothing but happiness and kindness thank you so so much !! and
another news is that i'll be graduating with high honors sobs i've been happy lately i fear there is an upcoming storm but yes i hope you guys enjoyed and happy 1 month again <3
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cupids-chamber · 4 months ago
❝ 𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮'𝐫𝐞 𝐠𝐨𝐧𝐞 .ᐟ ❞
READER: Gender Neutral CHARACTERS: Dorm Leaders A/N: dlkadaskdJF> "fluff" qjisjiqwp.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
After you left, it seemed an infinite loneliness grew, something that could rival the one of his childhood. You left him without a thought. Was he that insignificant to you?
His mind is reminiscent of the memories he had made with you, the sweeter ones. The memories that he wished he could repeat. You clouded his thoughts daily, oh how he wished you'd come back within his grasp.
But you were gone.. and he couldn't change that. No matter how hard he tried the man wouldn't ever be able to bring you back within his arms.
Tumblr media
Azul will never forget the day you left him. It was normal for the most part... until you and him had fought. It was quite rare for the two of you to fight. And even if you did, it was even more rare for it to get out of hand.
Azul walked out of the conversation. He didn't think much of his actions. He never meant to harm you or disregard your feelings. But it seems that he did. Because the next thing he knew, you were gone.
The last remaining memory of you was a fight. A cruel one at that. Leaving a permanent distaste. The memory of that night will forever be engraved into his mind, like a broken record.
Tumblr media
Malleus never thought of the bitter aftertaste of his actions. He never meant to be oppressive of you. He also never expected for you to leave. Casually walking out, and leaving everything you both had behind.
Within minutes Malleus lost a close confidant, friend, and lover. He knew the words he said were harsh. And he regretted them with all his heart. But how could he fix things? He's already ruined them all.
Tumblr media
A bitter aftertaste was left when you walked out of his life. Memories of you were a sugar coated delight. Yet the man could never understand why you had left him in the dust. Like many others you too had given up on him.
He'd always love you, he promised he would. Yet you were like an intoxicating drug. Once you left, he craved more of you. However, you were gone. Never to be seen again.
Tumblr media
Your words taunted him. He knew he wasn't the most clear-cut lover. Yet he tried his best to lavish you in love. But you had left him. Maybe he did do something harmful without realizing it.
His memories were filled with the scornful look in your eyes as you said your final goodbyes. The man would never be the same after that eventful day.
Maybe he should have made it more clear how much you meant to him.
Tumblr media
Kalim was caring, sweet. Yet forgetful. Patiently waiting for him. However, he'd treat you no differently than others. It was as if being his lover wasn't that much of a deal.
Kalim was oblivious to his cruel actions. The day you walked away and left him, was the day he had first realized how absolutely cruel his actions truely were.
Yet he wouldn't chase after you, he couldn't. Not after what he's done. Leaving both parties with an undesirable aftertaste and a broken relationship, never to be fixed.
Tumblr media
Idia was a man who preferred to be alone, away from others' sight. Yet you had come into his life.
You were the morning sun compared to him. He was enraptured by your essence. He had no other wish than to be by your side. Yet when he had reached close enough.
You disappeared and left him, with no contact and or reach with you. You were yesterday's morning light, yet your voice would taunt his existence forevermore.
Tumblr media
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mymainwastoocluttered · a month ago
Mother Knows Best (Riddle)
Reader has a signature spell where she can impose her will/thoughts onto people when she says "Mother knows best". Example: if she tells Ace his hair should be blue, he will dye it blue and firmly believe that his hair should be blue, until she either reverses the magic, or he is able to break away from it by questioning the thought until he finds out the truth. The spell remains dormant within him until subject of his hair is brought up, so Reader does not waste magic until it flares up.
Note: I only write female reader (she/her), as stated on the blog's description
— (☞ ᐛ )☞
Stay. Away. From. Him.
No, seriously, Riddle is terrified of you when he finds out what your signature spell does
It's the trauma
His mother already did enough of that without magic, he really doesn't need someone else using magic to do it
He's very paranoid at first, constantly questioning every single thought in his head, afraid that he can't separate which ones are his and which ones you have imposed on him
It'll take some time, and him almost going crazy in his existential crisis, until he calms down and gives you a chance
Appreciates that you're actually very respectful of other people's free will, and eventually believes that you use your ability scarcely, and when you do is either on something necessary, or a harmless prank (that he sometimes laughs at under his breath, but shhh)
You're a great help when dealing with rule breakers, though he tries to only get you when the situation is dire
Your power still freaks him out, even when you start dating and he trusts you with his life
You understand, of course. Humans (and humanoids) have an inherent fear of losing their freedom, it's understandable that he's not comfortable with it
(honestly, you're a bit scared of your signature spell too, and take great care not to overblot, cuz it'd be Hell to deal with. Thankfully, your ability does require some wordplay)
You two are feared by pretty much everyone, with Riddle's ability to take away magic and your ability to controlling people
Thankfully, you're more friendly, and easy to talk to, so people aren't as afraid of you
Some (particularly Heartslabyul students, since you either are in the House, or spend enough time there to be a honorary member) even call you "Mother" or any variation of that because of the name of your spell
(they call Riddle "Father", but never to his face. He knows anyway, and has no idea if he likes being seen as a paternal figure, or hates being called that by a bunch of grown boys)
— (☞ ᐛ )☞
"You should be heading to class, Trappola"
"Dorm Leader! You see, I'm—"
Riddle scoffs as he listens to Trappola try to explain his delinquency, while Spade tries to avoid looking at him, eyes filled with guilt. To think a good student like Spade is doomed to get entangled with this guy's terrible ways. He can't stand listening to another word out of the redhead's mouth.
"Enough!" Riddle interrupts, but before he can scold them, he sees his girlfriend walk up to them.
"Ace, you should go to class, Mother knows best, so listen to me"
Riddle watches as Trappola's eyes flash a deep wine red before returning to their usual shade. He excuses himself politely—as politely as Ace Trappola can be—and turns around, making his way to class. Spade looks relieved, giving both Riddle and (Y/N) a short bow before following his friend
"I figured something had happened when you weren't first in class," (Y/N) explains as soon as Riddle turns to her, stepping closer and taking his hand in hers "You ok?"
The redhead nods, squeezing her hand to assuring her he is not uncomfortable with her. Months ago, he would've speedwalked away from the scene as soon as he saw her approaching, but now he just tenses for a second when she says the phrase and relaxes soon after. It easy to progress after the overblot and much time spend together.
"How long is it going to last?"
"I'll take it back once he's in class and can't escape anymore"
"Good. Let's go, we have our own classes to worry about"
They walk in a comfortable silence, hand in hand. No doubt, this fulfilling feeling is all his.
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nakunakunomi · 7 months ago
Purr - Leona x Reader
Another one to feed my 100% self-indulgent twst obsession. Enjoy my friends. It is extremely short. Another blurb again more than anything. 
2nd person. GN Reader. No warnings, just fluff  
Tumblr media
“Hey Leona” 
A low grumble, one eye opening, half a frown. This was already the third time today you’d interrupted your boyfriend to ask him something, and while he had more patience with you than any other person in the whole school, you were starting to reach the point where he’d kick you out of his room so he could finally nap in peace. 
“I don’t think I’ve ever heard you purr.” 
He opened up his other eye, frown transforming into a look of more confusion. 
“Hear me purr? If you wanna hear purring, go find Grim, that dumb cat will purr.” 
He turned around, closing his eyes again, ready to finally sleep for more than ten minutes without you asking for his attention for any of your dumb questions. 
You pouted a little. 
“I don’t want to hear Grim purr. I wanna hear you purr” 
“Y/n... why would you think I’d purr?”
His voice was muffled and drowsy, speaking to a pillow more than you. Secretly he was hoping you’d get the hint and finally lay down with him, but your curiosity kept you wide awake. 
“Well”, you started, “You’re a lion, right?” 
A sleepy grunt and a flick of a tail was ‘yes’ for an answer. 
“And lions are big cats. Cats purr... so... “ 
“Lions don’t purr.” 
“Lions don’t purr. Smaller cats do. I don’t purr. Can we nap now?” 
He really sounded like he was done with you, and you weren’t quite sure just how far you could push him before he’d kick you out. You weren’t really satisfied with that answer, though. Sure, he could be right, and you’d never hear him purr. And sure, you’d be perfectly content giving up and napping with your wonderful boyfriend right now. But something in you still wanted to test the boundaries, tiptoe the line of just how far you could go. 
“But then... how would I know you are truly content?” 
“Are you serious?” 
You suppressed a laugh. He was so annoyed, but you knew him well enough to know that he wasn’t truly mad. The flicking of his tail, and the way he sounded more alert than ten minutes ago, made you prepare for what was coming. You knew this guy too well by now, so it was no surprise when he turned around, pulling your head to his chest, so all your concerns and questions would be muffled by his body, and intertwined your legs with his. All of this in a matter of seconds and you laughed, because it never ceased to surprise you how someone so lazy and slowgoing could be so fast and nimble at the same time.
You struggled a little, just to put up a fight, but gave in really fast. You had already annoyed him plenty, and were actually looking forward to nap and snuggle time. Yet, it didn’t escape you that he still hadn’t answered you. You were about to get back to annoying him, when he let out a content hum, louder than what he’d usually do. 
“clear enough? I like you. Love you even. No need to purr whenever you’re around. It’s best when it’s completely silent, so we can just..” 
He didn’t even finish his sentence, dozing off now that you were finally no longer trashing around or talking. It only took him a couple of minutes to softly start snoring and you smiled. 
It may not be purring, but you’d take that anyway. 
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lynnie-ee · 2 months ago
Phantom Bride: The proposal of a magicless prefect.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
╰┈➤"The prefect of the Ramshackle dorm has grown tired of witnessing the failed proposals of her classmates, so she decided to deal with the situation by herself."
╰►Female reader, oneshot, 1.1k words.
╰►Note: First post here 💫. English is not my first language, so feel free to tell me if there's any grammatical mistake <3.
╰►Masterlist. (requests open)
Tumblr media
“Utterly disastrous ”
The prefect of the Ramshackle could only sigh as she observed how the so-called capable students went into the cafeteria in order to conquer the heart of the ghost bride, Eliza.
At first, she thought the entire situation was going to be quickly solved, as her classmates were motivated (as always) by rivalry and selfishness. However, as soon as (Y/n) heard proposal after proposal, her hopes went significantly down.
Either way, it would be a lie to say that she didn’t felt amused as the bride slapped every suitor that stepped into the room. Eliza shut down the proposal of housewardens, vicehousewardens and a bunch of people who constantly mocked her for being a magicless student. Oh, how delightful was to see their pride being throw over the window.
Still, the prefect wondered how hopeless they could be. Every single proposal sounded so stiff and lacking of sincerity, she even started to feel sorry for whoever that would be the romantic partner of those irremediable creatures called men.
So, she decided to solve the issue by herself.
As soon as the remaining students stepped out of the school to come up with another strategy, (Y/n) stood firmly in the middle of her classmates, and with a sudden rush of confidence said,
“I have a plan.”
Tumblr media
“Great Sevens, I know I haven’t been a top tier person, but I know for sure I don’t deserve to go to the afterlife without seeing the next concert of Precipice Moirai…” Idia mumbled as the preparations for his wedding kept going around him. “At least give me a worthy heroine to save me instead of these normies, agh…” He groaned to himself.
“You know we’re right next to you, right?” Commented Trey, earning a scared glare from Idia, who, in fact, forgot he wasn’t alone, too buried in his own lament.
“Idia, my love, I see your perturbed expression! I’m so sorry that I had to leave your side for a minute, you must so impatient for our wedding.” Eliza appeared once again in the room, hurrying her steps to comeback to her spot next to the groom.
The blue haired housewarden could only let a panicked cry, silently coming back to his mental goodbye speech for every game and figurine that resided in his bedroom, continuing to lament every performance that he would miss from his favorite idol groups, to regret all those mangas he said he would buy later…
However, in the middle of his monologue, he was interrupted by the loud sound of the doors of the cafeteria being abruptly opened, which was followed by the melody of trumpets (although it seemed to come from a speaker, rather than an actual instrument).
Everyone in the room fixed their gazes on the source of such scandalous arrival, encountering the figure of a magnificent white horse, escorted by Riddle and Epel in the front, while Rook and Ace remained in the back of the group.
The biggest shock out of the entrance? The person who was ridding the horse.
The great prefect of the Ramshackle Dorm, looking particularly sublime while wearing the most magnificent tuxedo suit they could find, which complemented perfectly each beautiful feature that she had. Her eyes looking as shiny as the jewels that adorned her clothes and hands, matching exceptionally the bouquet of flowers that she held.
“Your Highness” Saluted Riddle, bowing slightly his head towards the ghost. “I present you to Princess (Y/n), the most admirable and outstanding member of Night Raven College, who has come to present you her wishes of courting you” Introduced politely the housewarden, as Rook helped the prefect to get down of the horse.
Eliza’s expression looked amazed as (Y/n) approached her, confidence and determination radiating from her gaze, as she softly took on the bride’s hands, laying the most delicate kiss she could on it. Then, placing the bouquet of flowers in the ghost’s possession, carefully keeping eye contact with the princess.
“My Lady, how pleasant is for me to be able to contemplate your beauty with my own eyes.” The prefect praised, performing with the most genuine smile she could draw on her face. “I’m aware that I have arrived a bit late, and that I might not be fitting of your expectations for a partner, but I just couldn’t give up the chance of express my adoration for you”.
“Not only you’re late, but I see you ignore my soon-to-be-husband, he’s right here!” Eliza quickly snapped out of her initial surprise, as Idia stood next to her, his eyes screaming ‘please take me out of here’ at the magicless student.
“I can assure that I don’t, princess. But I want to demonstrate you how perplexed I have been left by your mere presence, I’m in awe ever since I first saw you, and I can’t let you marry him without trying to capture your heart myself.” (Y/n) proclaimed proudly, trying her best not to forget every word that Rook suggested her to use.
“…I’ll give you a minute, just because I’m feeling benevolent”.
“It’ll be enough, my Lady.”
“Would you believe how long I’ve waited~? I’ve waited for so very long! For a glimpse of that tender smile...From youuuuu~!”
Sang the ghost, in the same way she did with the previous suitors, immediately noticing how the so-called princess (Y/n) didn’t follow her melody, and remained silent, watching her carefully. “How dare you to come here just to ignore my song! Haven’t you been taught of the courting rituals of a princess?!”
“…I apologize, Your Highness.” The prefect bowed her head in an apologetic manner. “But I have never heard such magnificent voice before, you have left me tongue-tied with the sweetness of your tune.” She smiled modestly, as the bride blushed slightly in reaction to her words.
Rook silently praised the words of his student, what a magnifique demonstration of devotion.
“I-It’s alright, Lady (Y/n)…” Answered Eliza, switching her gaze between the sweet suitor in front of her and the blue haired man that remained watching in silence how the student from Ramshackle tried to steal his position as the groom (not that he complained, though). “But you must understand that the time for my wedding is getting closer, so I ask you directly: What is your motive to ask my hand in marriage?”
The prefect sighed profusely in a dramatic way, as she fixed her suit, closing her eyes momentarily to prepare herself for the most demanding part of her performance of the night.
“Princess Eliza… As soon as I heard your story, the way you spent so many years looking for someone that could genuinely love you, I felt touched by your dedication and patience. Everybody could believe that after all these years, you would a bitter and tired bride, yet you remain as hopeful and kind as you can”.
The rest of the students could only roll their eyes as (Y/n) described the great kindness of the bride, the slaps on their faces aching slightly once again.
“You deserve nothing but true and sincere love, to be with a person that respects you and understands how precious you are.” She continued, looking for a second at one of the ghosts in the back, who looked at the bride with melancholy. “A perfect prince might not exist out there for you, but with the enough loyalty and trust, you'll forget about any ideal you had before.” The magicless woman kneeled down to the expectant bride. “So, my dear Princess Eliza, will you let me have the privilege of marrying you?”
The room stayed silent for a few seconds, with the spectators listening in eager awaiting to be released from the spell, as the ghost looked at the prefect with wide eyes and a crimson tone adorned her cheeks.
"What do you think about this, dear?" Eliza suddenly turned to Idia, who seemed a bit more relaxed after the declaration of the Ramshackle member.
"That was cool, I bet that if we were in a otome game, the affinity bar would have went like, a 20% up, y'know?"
An awkward ambient was set after the Ignihyde student's words, which was broken by the prefect clearing her throat to attract Eliza's attention to her. The bride looked at the prefect again, analysing her expression as if she was considering her options.
"...I accept your proposal, Lady (Y/n)!"
The declaration was loud and clear as the ghost threw herself at the arms of the human student, who reacted quick enough to catch her, feeling immediate relieve at the positive result of her plan.
Now she just had to put the ring on Eliza's finger.
Tumblr media
"Just another day of saving everyone here at Twisted Wonderland".
The prefect thought, as she bid goodbye to Eliza and her now husband, along with the rest of the ghosts.
(Y/n) was glad to have been able to solve everything in the best way possible, even if it implied that she was left planted at the altar. Either way, she wasn't ready to get married yet, it was alright.
As soon as the room was left with nothing but students from the school, the prefect dramatically took the bouquet she brought with her, turning to the direction were her released classmates stood.
"And that's how you ask a woman to marry you. Y'all could learn one or two things from me, suckers."
(Y/n) smirked proudly of her work, throwing the bouquet at them as she walked with Grim out of the cafeteria, ready to go to her dorm and finally rest without ghosts invading her home.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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stormgardenscurse · 3 months ago
Dream a Little Dream
About: They go to sleep one night and have a peculiar dream (June Bride themes - is their subconscious hinting at their feelings for you?)
CW: marriage/wedding themes (though they mostly just want to be with you for a long time, instead of marriage specifically!), hints of living together in Trey’s (domestic)
Characters: Vil, Trey, Leona, Lilia
Tumblr media
His dream toed the realm between vivid realism and a haze. In a forest one might imagine from out of a fairytale, Vil found part of his vision blinded by sunlight. It was bright enough that he had to raise a hand to shield his eyes, which allowed him to notice your figure in the short distance.
You seemed to be talking to creatures of some sort, ones that flitted around you and left golden dust in their wake. It was only after registering the entire scene that Vil realized what this was: you were dressed up for the fairy gala.
It was the most elegant ensemble he’s ever seen you in, complete with a charming hairdo and accessories.
Despite how extravagant the whole ordeal seemed on paper, it all somehow felt very… you. Your own style of fairy gala attire - what Vil (perhaps subconsciously) thought you’d look best in and still feel wholly yourself.
Noticing his presence, you turned and gave Vil a smile as you waved him over.
For the first time in a while, he wondered if this was what it was like to be starstruck by someone’s beauty. Even after Vil wakes up, he's still able to recall the dream and the way your eyes lit up when you saw him.
…Someone’s mentioned to him before; the way the outfits for the fairy gala were designed… Their colors looked a bit like wedding clothes, don’t they?
As Trey prepares breakfast for himself in Heartslabyul’s kitchen, he couldn’t help but feel a bit uneasy due to the dream he woke up from; wasn’t this exactly what he was doing inside it?
Well… sort of. That kitchen hadn't been located in the school, but instead a comfortable, peaceful apartment. He was preparing a simple meal to start off the day in his dream, and poured a cup of coffee for himself just as you entered.
The both of you sat down together at the dining table as if it was routine. The scariest part was, thinking back, that it genuinely did feel like routine, which now leaves a pang of nostalgia in his chest for something that never took place in reality. (Yet, at least.)
…Trey is starting to get afraid of how immersive dreams could be. In it, you talked about your plans for the day, and Trey noticed that your hairstyle was a little different - the way you were holding yourself felt more mature, too.
Trey squeezes his eyes shut as he wills himself to stop recalling the memory, placing the dishes into the sink and hoping the cold water that hits his hands can help ground him.
Just how badly has he fallen for you to be dreaming about a life together, even beyond Night Raven College? He’s still a student after all!
To be honest, Leona thought his dream was going to be an annoying one at first.
The first thing he registered was the sound of classical music, then the tinker of glassware and people’s chatter as they mingled within the crowd.
Out of all things, he just had to dream that he was in a party - a fancy one, no less.
But then it was as if the camera panned away to another shot; from an overview of the event to close-ups of the main characters, you and him.
You were dancing together amongst other couples, but somehow Leona didn’t feel too annoyed about being around so many people.
It was probably because of your presence, since it allowed him to focus on things that calmed his nerves; your little expressions whenever the dance steps changed, the swishes made from your outfit (when had you found such a formal one? Its silhouette might one-up the host’s), and the fondness in your eyes that made Leona want to turn away and huff (to hide the way his own gaze softens).
At the back of his mind, he knew that in this narrative, you were attending a wedding as guests. What irked his now-awake self however was that around the very end, Leona looked down to where your hands met - only to see bands of gold adorning your ring finger and his. And it felt normal.
Lilia immediately recognised the scenery his dream used as a backdrop; it was a spot in the Valley of Thorns that he’d frequent to watch the stars and ponder over his thoughts, especially before and after big events in his life.
Thus, having a dream about this place wasn’t very odd for Lilia. But what was unusual was your presence there.
Lilia hasn’t invited you to his homeland yet, nor has he told you of his extensive history. However… The way you were gazing out at the stars, leaning your arms against the railing of the stone bridge - it felt as if you already knew, and that you’ve been living here with him as well.
While Lilia knew that this certainly wasn’t reality, he allowed himself to muse within this dream. Perhaps this was his subconscious’ way of apologizing to you for his cowardice - for he was still hesitant in fully courting you, fearing that the burdens of his past would weigh you down.
But now that this dream has been shown to him… How could Lilia deny that it was what he wanted, deep down? To bring you to places that mattered to him, tell you the stories that made him who he was - to let himself rely on you.
Because in this dream, where you were talking together under the timeless sky? This felt like home. It made him want to make a promise with you under the light of these stars.
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ravynous · 3 months ago
Hey! May I ask for Savanaclaw trio with Childe like S/O? Thank you and take your time!
unleashing mayhem in the savannah。
Tumblr media
▌|﹫ᅠcharacter/s ⦂ leona kingscholar, ruggie bucchi, jack howl ▌| ⌕ᅠ description ⦂ childe-like yuu enters twisted wonderland. how did their relationship with the boys progress? ▌| #ᅠ warning/s ⦂ childe, mentions of blood and fighting ▌| ➛ᅠpinned comment ⦂ i haven’t read the usurper from the wilds, so this may be inaccurate. though i still liked the request ‘cause childe’s a menace and would def fight ppl in twst (no beta we die like my forgotten wips)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
What does Childe!Yuu like the most? A good fight! What does Leona hate the most? Moving his body! Your first official meeting with him was you instigating a battle after finding out he’s a powerful magician, and he hates that this new “magic-less” student can make do with any weapon against him. (Of course, he fought back, he hates losing even more.)
You’re good with words – provocation or not – and was able to annoy him (like you did in your spats with the Balladeer), enough to show his unique magic. He’d never been pinned down in record time with two blades of pure water magic aimed at his throat. (OH, you looked attractive with a proud smirk lacing your lips as you stared down at him… OH NO)
Leona’s not vocal about it, but his favorite time of the day is whenever you seek him out for a spar. It weirdly makes him feel wanted.
When Leona went into overblot, it was the first time you showed your Foul Legacy transformation. He couldn’t believe Ruggie when he said that you had summoned a whale to defeat him in one strike. (Both of you ended up in the infirmary, because you later felt faint.)
“I thought it would be possible to have you as my guinea pig to test the limits of people here. Imagine my disappointment that you fainted when I unleashed the Celestial Voyager. And for your information, that whale is called a narwhal.”
“Like hell I’m going to let you leave after that. Prepare yourself, I’m going to show you a real battle with the ‘King of Beasts’.”
He got his ass beat by the way. (You think magic’s going to stop a war machine with a vision and a delusion? No.)
You have house warden privileges too. Leona lets you fight whichever Savanaclaw students feel brave that day. He gets more sleep, and you (kind of) satiate your bloodlust.
Being away from your family was normal when you were in the Fatui, but the possibility of never seeing them again took a toll on you. The prince offered to listen about the stories of your travels in Teyvat in his own way.
“Keep talking, herbivore. Makes me fall asleep faster.”
The one and only thing that can distract you from Leona is Cheka. The kid is delighted at the fact that he has a new playmate! You, bringing in years of experience from spending time with younger children, amused him by narrating your adventures as a toy seller.
Other than the sparring, your relationship is very domestic. If your time together is not spent napping, then you’re taking care of Leona. You took over some of Ruggie’s duties to let the guy rest, you’re capable of accomplishing them anyway.
He eats everything that you serve (no, it’s not because of your threatening smile.) Ruggie and Jack thought that it was a miracle that Leona was eating vegetables.
“Food is like weaponry. A true warrior never deliberates unduly over their choice of weapon, nor do they do so over their food. NOW EAT, LEONA.”
Tumblr media
His initial reaction was ‘why is this kid so friendly?’, while watching you chatting away with different students. There’s gotta be a catch, right?
Ruggie’s instincts proved to be correct when he tried ‘coaxing’ food from you. The moment you noticed him mutter ‘Laugh with Me!’ and your hand’s moving beyond your control, a weapon was already pointed at him.
“Heya, prefect! Mind giving this guy that menchi-katsu meat cutlet sandwICH–?! HEY–”
“Morning, comrade! I don’t ever recall agreeing to give you food (^-^).”
Didn’t really approach you because he’s now aware you can scheme and deceive others too. In spite of that, he runs to you whenever someone’s chasing him. Ruggie uses you as a shield, considering he saw the way you moved like a trained warrior, and you’ve never been one to back down.
You bond over the harsh environments you both grew up in. The hyena can’t imagine living a cold country – where a break in the middle of your trek can freeze you to death.
He began letting you tail him; he enjoyed your company – your willingness to help was a definite plus!
Another one that likes to be pampered by you. You can clean, cook, fight, and you’re efficient? Ruggie thinks that he must’ve done something right in his life to have such an incredible significant other.
Sleep almost always comes to him whenever you gently rub and pet his ears. He knows that he can let his walls down around you, and that you won’t let anyone harm him.
Somehow, he managed to convince you to use your Foul Legacy form to scare off students. Imagine the Devouring Deep and Ruggie’s sitting on top of your open armored palm – the sharp claws pointed away from him.
“Woah, they’re way smaller when I’m here. This is like a free ride – I can get used to this! Shishishi!”
Tumblr media
Jack’s speed and physical prowess is what drew you to him. You earned his respect when you faced off the Leech brothers on your own, dual-wielding electric swords in each hand. Wide-eyed and in awe, as an Electro Riptide brought forth an arc of purple electricity against your enemies.
He offered you the possibility of joining him in morning runs too. Someone that can keep up with the intensity of his training is hard to come by, so he really enjoys those moments.
Once he finds out that you’ve killed people in the past, your moral codes are going to clash. Your loyalty to your god is admirable yet allowing yourself to shed blood by the orders of the Tsaritsa is something he can’t agree with.
At the same time, he hasn’t seen you seriously harm anybody within the campus… so he gives you the benefit of the doubt, for now.
Jack likes the thrill you bring into sparring. You’re not all talk, you have the skills to back it up, and you end up triumphant in every match.
Even if his words come out the opposite of what he had in mind, you seem to have learned how to discern the actual truth.
When you noticed he had trouble with his makeup, he was thankful for your offer. The only problem was the close distance between your faces while you did his eyeliner didn’t help the swishing noise of his tail from underneath his ceremonial robes.
“I’ve never done this before. Blushing? N-no, I’m not.”
“Then! You wouldn’t mind if I use your legs as a chair, no? I can reach your eyes better this way.”
You talk fondly of your siblings, something that he can relate to. You mentioned that you picked up your makeup skills from Tonia, your younger sister, and your mother. He wondered if it was one day possible to meet your family (and ask them for permission to court you).
During winter break, he brought you home to formally introduce you to his parents. They were ecstatic, especially when they saw you playing with Jack’s siblings in the pure white snow.
Tumblr media
▌| ⚠︎ ᅠby RAVYNOUS — please do not copy, edit, screenshot, or repost any of my works. Likes and reblogs are appreciated.
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spookyredjelly · 6 days ago
Replaced? (part 3)
Part 2
Female reader!, Twisted Wonderland fanfiction, angst
I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to give more well built answers to some of your comments: I’ve been very busy with work and school, I’m trying my best but know that I read ALL the comments! I’m really happy you guys like "Replaced?" so much and it makes me want to write more! As for messages, I read them all as well! But for spoilers reasons, I can’t reply to them☺️
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TW: blackmail, body shaming, feeling down, blaming own self, belittling…
Tumblr media
Part 3: What’s wrong with you?
- That’s too bad Y/n…
You stood there, completely stunned. Vanessa had reach her hand into her pocket, grabbing her smartphone, showing the screen to you: screen that was displaying an audio recording app… oh… how dumb you felt. "Stupid! You are so stupid..!" is what you thought to yourself. You could’ve told her a different way! Hell you could’ve completely ignore her! You wouldn’t be in this kind of situation if you hadn’t let your anger issues take over your words, now… now she was going to use that against you!
- I was ready to give you a chance… By now, the audio recording had stop. But you really want to play this game…
"What game?", you thought, still unable to speak up or even blink. She had in her hand a very well built proof of your hatred for her, and the worst part was that it was very, very convincing. You finally felt a small amount of energy running through your legs, allowing your body to move forward and take a step towards her.
- I suggest you stay where you are. You don’t want me to fake an injury, right?
Oh she was twisted. She had every cards in her hand… At any moment, she could ruin your reputation. She would even go as far as hurting herself to make you seem like a violent person, and if she did, you’d be done for: the Headmage would expel you and you’d have no one to turn to. It was a terrible situation you found yourself in, and it was partially your fault…
- Cheer up Y/n! I’ll only use this if you annoy me! She smiled.
- What do you mean by that..? You managed to mumble.
She shook her head and giggled, putting her phone back into her pocket as she flipped her hair over her shoulder. She looked you up and down as she made her way toward the stairs, not giving you the answer you asked for as she took a first step up. The girl turned around, giving you one last glare and sighed:
- You’re not very smart, are you? She scratched her temple. It means that if you’re being a bitch, I’ll make your sweet friends listen to this audio I now have!
And right after saying that, Vanessa walked up the stairs, humming happily. But you just stood there, shaking. Grim was asleep in your room, you couldn’t talk to him. It was too late to call Jack and have him calm you down, too late to go to the Mostro Lounge and cry in Floyd’s arms… and of course, way, way too late to send a message to Deuce or Ace… You took the last ounce of strength you had in your body, guiding your weight to the couch as you let yourself fall on it.
- What’s wrong with me..? You whispered to yourself, your voice stuttering.
You wanted to grab your phone and call Ace, or Deuce… you missed them. They would always do something that would cheer you up, no matter what it was, you still laughed. They really did throw you away like you were nothing but a mere empty can of a disgusting drink they had try… you didn’t matter to them. If you did, they would’ve been right there with you. If they did care, then they wouldn’t have leave you for her. They just pitied you, all this time you thought you were friends, they couldn’t have cared less about you.
You looked to the window, noticing small green lights outside: of course, you could’ve recognised them between million other lights. You swung your legs off the couch, pulling yourself up and you then made your way to the front door, being cautious not to make the slightest of sounds. You closed the door behind you, still being very careful, and walked towards the pretty sight you noticed earlier.
- Hello, Child of Man.
You turned around, facing the man who just spoke.
- Hey, Hornton… you smiled, but your heart wasn’t really into it.
He stepped closer to you, making you feel very small in comparison to his tall height. He reached his hand to the side of your face, gently placing a strand of your hair behind your ear as you shivered from the cold feeling. His hands were indeed pretty cold, but you put that on the cold weather. You sighed, feeling relieved that he wasn’t disgusted in you like your friends were, or like Vanessa was.
- You seem upset, is something the matter?
He spoke so softly and calmly, that made you want to burst out into uncontrollable tears and sobs: you wanted to sit and just cry. That’s all you wanted to do, as pathetic as it sounded…
- This girl… she wants to ruin me completely…
- Are you referring to Vanessa? What as she done to make you this sad?
You explained everything. You had cross your arms over your chest, shielding yourself from the sudden wind that was blowing cold, sniffling as you told Malleus what had happened these two last days. He listened silently, analysing your facial expressions and every inch of movement in your features, making sure he could catch your tears if any dared to fall down your cheeks. You remembered everything and told your horned friend everything, in details. How Deuce and Ace took her side, how she made you so mad you injured yourself, how she used you to get "proof", threatening you of blackmail…
- That sounds terrible indeed… He delicately held your wounded hand, tracing gentle circles on your palm.
- I just… don’t know what to do. I don’t want everyone to see me as a monster… A tear threatened to fall from your eye.
Malleus’ hand found its way to your cheek, wiping away the tear that had yet to fall with his thumb, slowly tracing over your skin. You bit your lip, trying not to cry in front of him: you wanted to be strong, or at least try and show you were, but you really, really wanted to let out all your emotions.
- "Everyone", like you said, will not fall for this snake’s vicious plan, only the stupid could believe such a liar. He caressed your cheek. And if some eventually decide to take her side, those were people you couldn’t have count on, and therefore, it would be the opportunity to let go of them.
Finally, he brought you close when he noticed your eyes getting red. He had a hand on your back as he held you close to his body. You held back a sad whimper and wrapped your arms around his torso lazily, finally crying your heart out as you buried your face in his chest. He played with your hair a bit, you could tell because he accidentally ran his finger into a knot, undoing it, careful not to hurt you. You could hear his deep voice humming a relaxing tune, one you swore you had already hear once upon a dream: you felt his chest vibrate as he lulled you to sleep. Your eyes eventually grew tired of pouring salty tears and you felt your eyelids get heavier and heavier. Before you could even realise it, you fell asleep against Malleus, and as the caring person he was, he picked you up, bridal style, and carried you to your room. He then got up from the ground, securing you in his arms as he flew onto the roof, next to your bedroom’s window.
- Ah! Hornton! Grim said, looking at Malleus as he opened the window, you still in arms.
He smiled at the demon cat. Grim gave him enough space to lay you down in the bed.
- Take care of her while I’m away, will you?
Grim nodded and took his place next to you, sighing peacefully as the horned man covered the both of you with the bedsheets. He then smiled at your relaxed expression, listening to your calm breathing. He waved goodbye to Grim as he made his way back to the window, closing it behind him as he stepped outside, disappearing into the dark of the night.
~ The next morning ~
The rain woke you up that day. You had groan and turn around a few times because of the thunder rolling… but it was simply impossible to go back to sleep after being awaken like that. What did make you sit up from your comfortable position though, was a loud noise, like a drawer closing, in your bedroom.
- Vanessa?! What are you doing??
- Oh God! Just go back to sleep… I’m just looking for something to wear!
You stood up, still shocked at how straightforward she was. Forget straightforward, she could’ve just asked you! It’s not like you could refuse anyway… she had something against you.
- See I’m going to this unbirthday party… Ace and Deuce invited me!
- I see…
She took notice of the saddened look on your features and only smiled, taking absolute delight in seeing you so pathetic and weak. She then let out the most annoying sounding gasp when her eyes feel upon your favorite blouse: it was an off white color, lace on the sleeves and collar, ruffles here and there with beautiful silver pearls.
- Take something else. That’s my favorite.
- You think I care? Don’t forget our little deal~
That’s not a deal if it only benefits you… or if it threatens me! You sighed, loudly.
- Don’t be like that! I have the perfect red skirt to wear with it! It’ll suit me better anyway, so it’s no waste!
- Haha… very funny. You better bring it back like it was.
- Yeah, yeah…
She then left, not even giving you another glance as she made her way back to her own room, slamming your door on the way.
- Mya-!! What happened!?
- Go back to sleep Grim… it was just Vanessa slamming the door.
He sat up, yawning like crazy as he stretched his tiny body. You ruffled his fur, right behind the ears as you got lost deep in thoughts.
- I have an idea! Let’s go hang out with Jack!
- Sure… that’ll be better than doing nothing, right?
~ 11 AM, in the courtyard ~
- I will teach her a lesson she’ll remember!!
- Jack- Calm down-
Jack has been growling for a while now. All because you told him about Vanessa… well, you only told him about what has happen earlier this morning. He didn’t need to hear about the blackmail, did he? It was something you could handle on your own, no need to worry your friends over nothing.
- She has no right to treat you that way!
- I know, I know…
Of course you knew. But it was also your fault. In all of this, you weren’t totally innocent… so you’ll deal with it yourself. After all, all you had to do was to not annoy Vanessa… easy enough!
- If she bothers you again, call me.
- Floyd told me the same… you giggled. I’m glad I can count on you, Jack.
- Anytime.
You sighed, somewhat happily. Walking next to Jack as he told you about his weird dream, Grim stopping to look at all the bugs in the grass… that was a pleasant morning, away from you worries.
- Y/n!
You turned around. Riddle was coming your way, which you found odd: did he need you for something? Wasn’t he supposed to prepare the unbirthday party? He seemed mad…
- I’m gonna need an explanation from you.
- About what..?
- Vanessa made me listen to something I wish I never listen to.
You gulped. She didn’t… she couldn’t have! You did nothing wrong!! You haven’t even seen her since she stole your shirt! Why did she do that?!
- So?
Jack had his hand on your shoulder, gently rubbing it to reassure you. He saw how distressed you got after Riddle told you why he was mad. Grim had jump on your other shoulder, menacingly staring at the Heartslabyul student.
- What’s your problem?? Grim hissed.
- My "problem", is that Y/n has insulted Vanessa, for no apparent reason, and unfortunately for her… Vanessa recorded it all.
- What? Jack said.
You were shaking by now. Sweat dripping down your forehead as tears pricked the corners of your eyes. You bit the inside of your cheek, your heart beating loudly and echoing in your tempers.
- I-I didn’t-
- What’s wrong with you? You’re not the same since she got here. Riddle sighed. I did not expect this behavior from you Y/n… I’m honestly disappointed.
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treysimp · 25 days ago
"I'm not sure how else to say this, do you want to make out on my couch?"
Tumblr media
Part 7/7
GN!Reader x Diasomnia (Malleus, Sebek, Lilia, Silver)
Tags: Smooching, implied mutual pining and suggestive themes, but nothing explicit. Reader is not physically described.
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Savannahclaw | Scarabia | Octinavielle | Pomefiore | Ignihyde | Heartslabyul | Diasomnia
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Oh? I’m not sure I am familiar with that term. Do explain, child of man.”
Malleus’ green eyes glitter mischievously as he places his hand on his chin. He cut a handsome figure in the moonlight. The gloss of his horns shined and his chiseled face was gracefully shadowed by his softly-curled hair. He stood eerily still, his composure hinting at his not quite human heritage. 
Malleus was the most beautiful thing you had seen in your life. You swallowed audibly before you responded.
“That is… um…” he was messing with you right? You weren’t entirely sure how old he was, but you were certain he was older than you. But he was fae, you supposed. Did they use the same slang? Did they ‘make out’? You had no idea.
Malleus walked closer to you, his white teeth peeking from behind his lips. It was hard not to think about how sharp those fangs looked.
“Proceed, prefect.” He said with a smile, clearly getting a kick out of your hesitation.
“Do… Do you want to kiss me?” You said, voice shaking, all of the confidence you had at the beginning of this interaction evaporating.
Well, it was a bit more than kissing that you were asking him for, but you weren’t sure if you had the courage to spell it out just yet. 
“Oh?” Malleus further closed the distance between your two bodies, causing you to step backwards into the door you had been unlocking prior with an audible bump. “A kiss? Where would you like this kiss?” 
You could feel his breath on your cheek, his expression coyly hidden from you due to the close proximity of his face.
Finally, Malleus chuckled and kissed the cheek that he had purposely ducked near.
“Here?” He said, clearly holding back a full laugh.
“No.” You shook your head. 
You’re glad he wasn’t mad at you, but you weren’t sure what him playing games meant either. 
God, why didn’t you crush on a nice human boy? You kind of understood those in comparison. Well... okay you also didn't understand those all that well either.
“I see. Then…” Malleus moved his mouth to your earlobe and lightly pecked along the side of your ear. 
You couldn’t contain the shiver that went through your body as your breath sped up from the sensation. It felt mean. He knew exactly what you wanted, you were sure of it.
“Not where I…” You trailed off. Whatever this game meant to him, you were certainly enjoying it.
“Ah, I see, I see…” Malleus moved painfully slow to lightly scrape his teeth across the juncture of your neck. 
You felt like you might die happily if you were smited on the spot. 
“Here?” He whispered, moist breath causing you to break out in goosebumps.
“My… my lips, Malleus, please…” You shuddered. It was almost painful having him be so close and touch you so gently. You wanted more.
“Oh? My, my, Prefect. Do you care for me so?” He had long stopped hiding his grin. This ass. 
Malleus’ hand drifted to the back of your head as he knotted his fingers in your hair. Slowly, so painfully slow, he pulled you towards him. Raising your chin with his thumb, you stared at the way his feline eyes were blown out into almost perfect circles. 
Eyes almost completely black, Malleus descended upon you, softly pressing his lips to yours.
It was achingly tender, it felt like more than a kiss. 
It felt like words left unsaid, something far larger and more meaningful than a quick peck shared between two awkward young people. 
You’d never felt anything like it.
Pulling apart just as slowly as you had come together, Malleus stares into your eyes meaningfully. Stroking your face with his thumb, you are met with an expression so loving that you briefly think of crying from the emotion of it all.
“Is that all, my dear?” Malleus questions.
You shake your head so aggressively you might have cracked your neck if you did so just a smidgen harder.
“No! I want more of you! As much as you’ll give me!” You almost yelled, courage swelling in your chest for a brief moment.
“I’m not sure you understand what you are asking, human.” Malleus says with a cocked brow, “You might want to think twice between asking for something as open-ended as that from a fae.”
“You would never intentionally hurt me.” You state with confidence. 
If he really wanted to harm you, he had every opportunity. Instead he helped you, saved you from danger and spent almost every night walking with you and talking about your highs and lows. 
If this was just a long con, if he had intended to hurt you this whole time… maybe you deserved it at this point.
Malleus’ eyebrows shot up in surprise. He was trying to tease you of course, but he was only half-kidding.
The problem was that if he started, he wasn’t sure if he could stop. But it looks like you had already made that decision for him. 
It was for exactly that reason he loved you so.
“…I accept.” 
“…Accept?” What? What was he accepting?
“Your affection.” It felt like his smile could stop your heart. “However…”
Your back straightened as you steeled yourself for his request. What did he want?
“You must accept mine as well.” He stated with a nod, as if agreeing with himself. “And…” 
He leaned forward again, lips a millimeter from your own as you swore you saw the smallest amount of smoke escape from between his teeth.
“You must know that my affection comes with a price.” He said, kissing you gently on your forehead.
“I want all of you in return. Immediately.”
Your face burned hotly at the implication. 
While you had just been inviting Malleus inside in the hopes of feeling him up a bit, this offer was far better than expected. 
You inhaled through your nose and tried to keep your voice as even as you could manage.
“If you’ll have me.”
Grinning, Malleus pushes the door behind you open and ushers you inside the lounge.
“Oh my dear, I will.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sebek’s piercing green eyes narrow at you. You find yourself involuntarily shrinking back in intimidation. 
Well now you’ve done it, huh?
His right hand firmly grasps your shoulder and you find yourself gulping for fresh air. You would have never described him as scary before now but…
A strand of his perfectly coiffed hair falls onto his forehead as Sebek leans nearer, unblinkingly getting closer and closer to your face. 
He murmured your name quietly, and you felt how you imagine prey does in their last precious moments. Thinking of how many loud predators are at their most quiet before unhinging their jaws.
Within the blink of an eye, you were pulled forward by the tie into a stiff, yet gentle kiss. 
Sebeks eyes slid back open as he slowly pulled away from you, his gloved hand drifting to cup your cheek. 
“It seems I am in quite the predicament!” He huffs, reeling back to his full height as yet another strand of lime hair gently floats to his face. 
“You are?” You ask quietly, eyes open wide in anticipation. What kind of mixed signals bull is this?
“Yes. The young master is away on family business, and I am finding myself in need of a place to stay while Master Lilia repairs-“ He coughs and begins his sentence again, “I mean… remodels my room.” 
Sebek can’t will himself to make eye contact with you in the slightest, the color on his pale cheeks morphing into a rose-pink blush.
“I see.” You say, playing along with whatever-the-hell-this-is. You dramatically turned your head to the side, putting on a slight theatrical accent to intensify the ren-faire mood of it all.
“Well, you are of course welcome to stay here. I could always use a guard to help me, a poor magic-less human in a big scary haunted house.”
Sebek snaps his gaze back to you and his cat-like pupils widen, shoulders visibly loosening at your agreement. It seems he was more nervous about your reaction than you thought.
“Since… since I am here…” he pauses, clearly thinking on how best to respond. 
“I may as well keep you safe!” He finishes smugly, puffing out his chest. Sebek was clearly proud of how he was able to ask to stay at your dorm so gracefully. “A knight would do no less.”
You nodded and tugged him inside, slowly leading him to the couch that you so desperately wanted to touch him on. 
Sebek seemed to be scanning his surroundings, but for what, you weren’t sure. Maybe the comment about ghosts really did worry him.
Finding a comfortable seat on the well-worn couch, you pat a spot across from you to beckon him to join. 
Sebek takes a seat much in the way you picture a robot might. Well, if you didn’t already know a real one. A robot from the shows of your childhood, specifically.
You hoped that Sebek taking the initiative earlier would help him loosen up, but his back was as stiff as a board as he looked at everything but your face, hands folded politely in his lap and skin shining with a hint of nervous sweat.
“Sebek?” You called quietly, willing him to look at you again. 
You noticed that each time he interacted responded he would slightly loosen, as evidenced by his back curving slightly when he leaned forward to peer curiously at you. 
Well, you took the initiative to ask him in the first place, so…
Taking one last large breath through your nose, you crawled onto Sebeks lap. Your hands begun getting to work on his fashionably-impractical collar. 
It felt like you were undressing a highly realistic statue for a moment, but his eyes gazed up at you as if awestruck, waiting to see what you would do next.
He mumbled your name softly and you couldn’t help but laugh, “Oh, so I’m not ‘human’ anymore, gorgeous?” 
Face visibly darkening at your question, Sebek shook his head fervently. 
“Not… not when you look like this.” He muttered, unable to will himself to blink. Missing even a second of this moment seemed unthinkable.
You finally finished undoing his complicated jacket and pushed it to the side. His skin seems to almost glimmer under the evening light. 
You dropped your head to nibble right under his chin, restraining yourself from laughing when he slapped his hand over his mouth with a gasp.
“Ah… that’s very…” He was writhing slightly, his eyes sliding shut.
“Sebek?” You asked again, teasingly. You were lying if you said that you weren’t tempted to tease him for as long as the night allows.
His gaze turned up at you as he gave the most breathtaking expression of adoration, breath uneven, smile bright yet sheepish. 
At this point, his hair had completely fallen on his face, the apples of his cheeks had simmered to a stunning rose, and his chest was rising and falling rapidly. 
“What do you want me to do?”
“Ah…” he paused, clearly having not thought that far ahead. After a beat, Sebek pressed his mouth into a firm line and looked once more at you like he was making a declaration of war.
“I’m… I’m willing to take responsibility so… even if I… if you want me, you can have me. Any of me.” 
You froze in shock. His words had felt so serious that it scared you a little. It really wasn’t like him to be so quiet and thoughtful.
“Even if Malleus said no? Because you had to protect him instead?” You mused out loud.
Sebek’s gaze guiltily shot out to the side, clearly surprised. He did seem to be genuinely trying to contemplate your question though. 
It was something that you had said impulsively, but you couldn’t help but be curious. What would he say? You knew that Malleus' wellbeing was his calling in life.
“If Malleus needed me to be by his side… then I guess I would need to take you with me.” He said with a cheeky grin, looking very proud of himself. 
You were charmed that he had thought that far ahead, to tell the truth.
Sebek raised his hand to your cheek once more and ushered you forward, placing the other hand on your waist. 
“I won’t let my love life-! Ah!” Sebek gasped and sputtered, “My, um, passions…” he corrected himself quickly but clumsily, and you pretended that you didn’t hear the word ‘love’ just now (you did though, and this was going to be burned into your brain for a while).
“...it won’t get in the way of my duty.” Sebek finished firmly, speaking a bit louder than strictly necessary. It seems that he was not yet done with that thought, though.
“While I am fae, I…” He swallowed audibly, bracing himself for what he was about to say.
“I am also just a man and… that part of me right now… wants…” He paused yet again, searching your face for something. 
You weren’t even sure if he knew what he was trying to say, but you understood that whatever it was, it was a vulnerable moment for him.
It seemed that he had settled on a different approach as he began his speech again.
“You, out of anyone, knows how much I value loyalty.” He said, tapping his fingertip on your chin. You felt your ears burning at the action, dragging your eyes away from him in a pleasant embarrassment.
“If you are in danger, I will come find you. If you ask me for anything, I will give it.” Sebek’s voice was getting louder as he gained confidence. 
“My leige and country will always be a priority but…” His breath was shaky. 
You tried to figure out what emotion he was feeling right now, but it was unclear. 
“If you’ll have me, if you would be mine tonight…”
“…I hope you are ready for a commitment, my dear human.” He murmured, eyes sliding shut as he moved to shakily kiss you once more.
You were.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Oh? A cute young thing like you coming onto an old man like me? What will people think, hmm?”
Lilia seemed to be positively tickled by your question. If his age was any indication, you would think he would be very experienced in these interactions. As always, he was very committed to being coy.
“You don't seem to be someone that cares much for what people think, Lilia.” You shot back playfully. 
His mischievous nature was a part of him that you were quite fond of. If he wanted you to play along, you were more than willing to do so. 
Lilia’s shoulders shook with quiet giggles, “I want to make sure to give you a fair warning, lovely Prefect.” He shrugged and let out a dramatic sigh. 
“I suppose my boyish good looks can sometimes distract from the fact I am a father of three, you know.”
Calling himself a father of three when the trio in-question looked older than he did made you want to laugh, but you knew that he meant that statement sincerely.
“I like to think I’m good with kids,” You said, raising an eyebrow. “And I’m into DILFS.”
Now Lilia’s chuckles had turned into full on shaking laughter, tears of joy brimming in the corner of his eyes.
“I’ll never stop being impressed by the new slang of the times. You are aware that I do know what that stands for, yes? Are you broadcasting your true intentions, my little Prefect?” Lilia seemed to know that while you had already spilled your overall wants to him, this was probably a bit more forward than you had intended at the moment. 
“And if it is?” You replied stiffly. Why does he keep answering questions with questions? It was infuriating. 
“Hmm…” Lilia tapped his chin with his finger in thought, “I’m a little too old for one-offs at my age.” He trailed off.  
“So, if you are serious… I will oblige.” 
His smile split his face and his fangs peeked enticingly over his lips. You audibly gulped, suddenly being hit with the embarrassment and nervousness that you had been desperately trying to choke down. 
You were positive that you wanted him. You had thought of every single perk and drawback and decided that no matter what they were, you were absolutely smitten with the mysterious and playful man. 
Now, faced with that romantic reality being a possibility, you felt like fainting. Your dreamy fantasies always cut themselves off after you confessed, as it all felt too absurd to keep dwelling on them.
Those doubts sure didn’t stop you from shooting your shot, though.
Lilia moved closer to you slowly, carefully, in a way that felt almost too graceful to be natural. Somehow he seemed to be just the barest bit taller than he had been just a moment ago. You pushed that odd thought away from the forefront of your mind. Maybe it was just your imagination. 
Sparing a moment to briefly glance at Lilia’s feet to check that he wasn’t floating again, you found yourself about to scream when your eyes had flicked back up and Lilia was directly in front of you. Behaving like a horror movie jump scare was a hobby of Lilia’s that you didn’t know if you could ever quite get used to. Your flinch made Lilia look as amused as ever. You thought that pranking you would get old, but apparently not. 
It’s rude to play with your food, you thought. Wait… why did that of all phrases come to mind?
Gingerly reaching your shaking hand forward, you combed the ends of your fingers into Lilia’s unnaturally-colored bob. Eyes sliding closed, the boy looked like a pleased cat before it got too overstimulated and bit you on the hand. 
Your movements briefly froze at the thought of how soft his hair felt, and yet how his cold skin contrasted with the sensation. 
He looked the most inhuman you had ever seen him. Lilia’s bright pupils were constricted into thin slits and his skin almost seemed to be glowing in the evening light. 
It felt dangerous, it felt thrilling. It felt both like you should both be afraid and that you had been waiting your whole life for this moment. 
It was like you would be safe from any danger, but not because of anything that you controlled. You were safe only due to the fact that the greatest danger of all was almost purring into your hand in affection.
Lilia seemed to be waiting for you as he held his serene smile and continued his ever-so-slight nuzzling into your touch. You supposed his patience was because time meant something a little different to him than it did to you. 
Steeling yourself, you placed a soft peck on his lips, chastely pulling away to see his reaction. Lilia’s hand stopped you from getting too far, and you were pulled back to his cool and smooth mouth. 
Keeping your whimpers at bay as your lower lip caught on his fangs with a soft scrape. There was a spicy-sweet sting on your tender skin, it was the first bit of heat that his body had allowed. 
“I need a little more than that, love.” He murmured against your lips, pushing and pulling you back and forth like the ocean playing with the sand before a large wave came up to swallow a few feet more of the coast. 
He was a good kisser, you thought. Any other ideas swiftly melted away when met with Lilia’s experienced ministrations. 
Slowly, carefully, you both separated from each other. Lilia looked incredibly pleased, trailing his hands down your back to pull you ever closer. 
You shivered, both from the coolness of his body and from the warmth spreading through your own.
“Is this really what you want?” Lilia asked, his eyes meeting yours with a meaningful gaze. 
As hazy with lust as your mind was, something was bugging you again. Did he look just a bit taller? Was his hair just slightly longer?
It felt like something was changing, but that passing thought made you feel a bit crazy. 
Were you imagining things because you knew that magic and fae were real? It wasn’t impossible.
After that long trail of distraction, you finally reply.
“It is.” You said, leaning closer to him in the hopes of feeling his skin on yours again.
Lilia’s eyes flickered with a new emotion, and he nodded firmly as he stared into your eyes. 
“I hope you know what agreements like that mean to a fae.” He whispered, pushing you inside of your humble abode. 
You were going to learn a lot about this topic tonight, Lilia would make sure of it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Silver’s auroreal eyes were wide, he looked like you had hit him up the side of his head with one of his training swords.
“Make out? With me? On your couch?” 
He was perhaps more awake than he had felt in years, his ears aflame and his usual serious demeanor slipping into something much more socially awkward and bewildered. 
“Yes.” There was no backing out now. You had been desperately dropping hints to Silver that you were interested in him for months, and this was your final hope that he was just being oblivious this whole time. 
You had attended his knight training when he invited you (which gave you a great view of how toned his lean arms were) you asked him to let you ride along on his broom during PE (since he was soooo good as horseback riding and all) and you had spent a ton of time learning how to make sweets and treats to try and earn his favor (you figured that he had enough of Lilia’s ‘healthy’ recipies). 
You made physical contact whenever you could, taking great joy in the first time that the beautiful boy had fallen asleep on your shoulder. You had to hold back the giggles that wanted to spill out of you when you spotted the squirrels and deer that tentatively walked closer to watch Silver sleeping soundly. It was so sweet, you would never get tired of seeing how much animals loved him. 
Even Grim was especially attached to Silver, toddling after him whenever you three spent time together. Whenever you asked Grim why he was so obsessed with Silver, he would either fervently deny it, or say something along the lines of ‘observing him’ and then insult you. It was cute regardless.
As much as your little not-tanuki bestie talked smack, he really did have some things in common with all the cute deer that shyly watched you two sitting on an outdoor bench. Silver's body sleepily swaying in the breeze just like the willows in the distance. 
All of those quiet moments were what did it for you. 
One time you both sat in the library and Silver was barely keeping his head up while he added his own notes to your sloppily-kept handwritten potion instructions. You couldn’t help but be charmed by how hard he was working to stay awake to help you. 
Once he was done adding his notes and corrections, Silver had softly patted you on the shoulder to tell you that he was done. He was sleepily smiling down at you, and while he was always a bit quiet, you could hear his next murmur crystal clear.
“…proud of you.”
You were fucked. How could you not love him?
In this moment, unlike the heavy and unfocused smiles he had awarded you in the library, Silver’s eyes were sharply narrowed and quizzical.
He seemed to be analyzing you. It was the same look you saw on his face when you had a shared history class and he was concentrating on an particularly in-depth essay. 
Even scarier than that, it was the look he made right before he won a practice duel.
It made you slightly uneasy, to tell the truth. 
“You like me?” He asked finally. 
“Silver... I don’t know how I could make it more obvious than I have.” You said with clear exasperation and tiredness. “I ask you out every week, I spend all the time I can spare with you, and I told you I loved you last Thursday.” You snapped.
You weren’t angry, you could never be angry at him, but you were exhausted.
“Ah…” Silver’s face was slowly heating up. You felt like your jaw could hit the floor. He really hadn’t noticed, apparently. 
“...I thought you meant like… f-friends or family…” He muttered, seeming to be mid-crisis at how oblivious he had been. You sighed.  
“Look. To be completely straightforward: I like you. It’s probably more than that at this point.” You inhaled shakily, “It’s okay if you need time but…” 
You bit your lip, idly wondering just how much pressure you could put on your skin before it bled.
Maybe this would be easier if he rejected you at this point. Maybe you could get him out of your head and stop convincing yourself that this was a possibility. Maybe you could talk yourself out of loving him.
“You don’t have to answer now. You can take your time, I just…” you trailed off in dejection, “I just wanted to make sure you knew”.
You began opening the front door to go inside. You didn’t want to run away, but you also weren’t sure how long you could have this conversation without crying. 
If he didn’t like you ,that was one thing. But you don’t know if you’d ever been more frustrated in your life. What else were you supposed to do?
You felt something warm circling your wrist.
Silver held your forearm calmly, staring at you in silence. His gaze was intense, a look you had never quite seen before written across his face.
“Don’t go.” He said firmly, slightly squeezing his hand to emphasize the point. You couldn’t look away from that small touch that connected you both. 
You stopped turning away and just waited, looking at him. Taking in his halo of soft hair, the way his jaw tightened. You wanted to reach forward and gently trace every fleck of the evening light that graced his elegant face. You would wait forever for him if he needed it. 
“Please let me… please let me take you up on that offer.” 
You felt like you could both throw up and win a Spelldrive Tournament by yourself at the same time.
Tumblr media
And that concludes part 1 of The Couch Series! Did it live up to your expectations? Are there other sorts of series you would like to see with everyone? Just the first years, just the Housewardens, the staff?
Let me know! Thank you all for your support and look forward to more to come (including continuations of these, as well).
Thank you reader, love you!
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hanafubukki · 2 months ago
Ghost Marriage
~*In an AU where the Prefect was kidnapped*~
Twst Boys: Give back our Prefect!
Eliza: You can’t have them! They are my perfect partner!
YN/MC/Yuu: I’ll fight for my own hand in marriage!
Twst Boys & Eliza: *Disappointed*
Grim: Nyahaha~ My henchman rejected all of you! 
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forgwater · 4 months ago
The NRC students should be bringing you offerings for your service in keeping Rook away from them
(I need a shorter title) part 3 part 2 part 1 part 4 part 5 Valentine's Day (but it's August)
gender neutral reader
warnings: this is not that serious, crack
The wind is blowing softly against your skin. The sky is clear, as are your intentions of coaxing your dear, sweet boyfriend out of his hiding.
And as you press the record button on your phone, you begin:
"Day 3 of convincing my boyfriend to come out of the foliage." a small smile graces your features as you fidget slightly with your bracelet.
What ever shall you do today, that will make your plan succeed?
A sigh leaves your lips as you lower your head slightly-
An arrow flies past you, entering the trunk of the tree next to you. A piece of paper attached to it.
You take hold of the fragile piece and begin reading it. 'What is it that saddens you so, mon ange?' Awww, how considerate! You only looked half sad for a slip second and he's already noticed! What a doting boyfriend!
You smile softly and address the underbrush:
"I don't really know what to do today to grab your attention away from... your extracurricular activities." you admit.
And just as you finish your sentence, your dear hunter is next to you, bringing you into a hug, then speaking:
"You don't have to do anything, mon amour." he winks. "I already have my eyes on you at all times."
Don't you have the best boyfriend in the world? It would seem you have succeeded in your plans, even though you didn't really plan anything.
platonic (great arch-nemesis)
The phone from Crowley is long gone. Yuu has finally thrown it away... into a crowd of students... while screaming 'YEET!'. Nevertheless the NRC students were very confused... especially the one that got hit with the phone... he had to go to the nurse's office. Somehow Yuu didn't get sued.
Now the prefect has a new second-hand phone, curtesy of Leona for keeping Rook as far away from him as possible. A good deal on both sides.
After setting their new phone in a safe place for recording, the prefect begins their speech:
"Day 3 of trying to hunt the school hunter." the prefect pauses for a moment. "They really just let anybody into this school, huh?"
Silent footsteps approach, but Yuu is fast enough, as they turn around to see their mortal enemy: Rook Hunt.
The man in question jerks back for a moment, eyes slightly wide, before his usual expression returns and he grins... as he brings his bow and arrow ready to fire.
'Point-blanc range, huh.' the prefect thinks. They quickly bring one of their knifes out and aim it at the hunters head.
With eyes narrowed, both of them get ready to launch their attacks when-
"Can you do this somewhere else?!" comes and annoyed growl from NRC's own lion-man.
"Oh?" Rook muses, before putting all of his attention on him. "Roi de lion! What a nice surprise!" and with that the hunter starts heading towards him, the prefect long forgotten.
"Fuck." is all Leona can say as he makes a quick beeline for wherever the hell he can. All the while Rook is following his every step.
"Hey!" the prefect protests as they, too start following the two. "We aren't finished here, Hunt!" but the hunter only glances at them, before returning his sights on a nice would-be coat.
But not before sending Yuu a triumphant smirk.
And the prefect stops dead in their tracks: "I'm coming for you! You blond bastard!" a faint "Hurry up!" could be heard from the distance, no doubt the elusive would-be coat... maybe Rook should consider a rug. No! A bed throw!
And as the prefect turns to leave they mutter in the hunters direction one last time: "I'll put your hat on a spike, I swear I will!"
Yuu and you are sitting outside of the Ramshackle. The two of you decided to have a nice, relaxing few hours drinking tea and eating some appetizers at the iron table with matching chairs in the yard.
The rust covering them has been cleaned off... for the most part.
As you glance around all you can think of is that Crowley really should've let Yuu buy those goats. They would've eaten all the overgrown grass in no time! What a cheapskate of a crow, that headmage is!
As you glance at the prefect you both nod in agreement. You should unite forces and hunt down the headmage. He deserves it.
an: lore?👀
if you want to be tagged, you need only ask, also please specify what characters you are interested in reading about or if you want to be tagged in all works
taglist: @sras-is-doing-something @bucketofforks @daydreamingtv @tendous-socks
@oreochococheesecake @lycorizzz
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faeryarchives · 2 months ago
can i borrow your phone? (gn!reader)
welcome to another chapter in azul having love problem and he needs your number to solve it
note: help i just randomly thought of this earlier + notice how i love azul so much i always put him in these kind of situation
Tumblr media
"hi azul~ what are you doing?"
"(n-name)?! don't sneak up on me like that!"
recently, you notice how azul acts kind of out of place when the two of you hang out like usually you can talk for hours and the dorm leader would take note even the slightest detail.
"oh did you remember what i said earlier?" azul finally removed his troubled gaze from the gadget to look directly at you, "huh? was that about getting to a race with epel?" his voice laced with unsureness causing you to burst out laughing.
"azul, i talked about that like a day ago!" a warm feeling rushed inside of him, fair skin dusted by a light blush caused by embarrassment, the dorm leader couldn't help to avert his stare anywhere but on you "maybe i am just not feeling that good in remembering things right now." he let out a huff, hearing your merry laughter in the background as he resumed back to typing on his laptop.
it seems like the laptop he's been typing on since you arrived is more interesting than you. 'hmmm, is that the record for today's sales? but he looks so invested in it.' curious, you got on your feet and quietly walked behind him.
"what are you even writing th-" before you could even sneak a peek through his shoulder, the door to the vip room burst open as floyd let himself in causing azul to let out a sigh of frustration.
"how many times should i tell you to knock before entering, floyd! you even forget to close the door."
"oh don't be such a grumpy fishy azul." the eel then gave you a look before grinning, his thumb pointing something outside of the door. "shrimpyyy, your friends are causing trouble again. tell them to stop or i will squeeze the-"
pressing your hand on your forehead, you can already feel the headache coming. "please spare me the trouble of carrying them back to their dorms." turning to your best friend, you quickly gave azul a big hug. "see you later azul, it was yet again fun talking to you!" he could only stand there frozen, watching you disappear from his sight only to suffer from floyd's hum of mischief.
"ara? what's this?"
"wait don't read that!" azul could do nothing but try to grab his laptop from the tall eel but it was failing miserably as floyd read each word on the search bar.
'how to ask your crush their number without directly asking their number'
"you and shrimpy had been like friends ever since autumn, how on twisted wonderland logic is this?" finally, azul got to close the laptop in hand and glare at his friend. as if keeping the frustration and embarrassment for a long time - he started letting these emotions out by rambling.
"in my defense, i never seem to be bothered not having their number before! but now when i hear them asking (name) to send them a message like it's not fair!" heaving out a sigh, he buried his head into his hands. "imagine my life problems if i just got the prefect's number."
floyd hummed while looking through his own phone, rolling on the floor looking invested in azul's dilemma. "why not just ask them directly?"
"no! what do you want me to say? hi (name) i know we've been friends for months but can i ask your number?" as if lady luck made him a friend of misfortune, you once again entered the room looking a little exhausted. azul could feel his heart sank at the bottom of the sea floor,
'oh my sevens, did they hear me ramble on? i want to crawl up in my octopus jar and cry.' while the octopus seems to be internally panicking, floyd made himself comfortable on the floor, taking a bite from a sand which he made out of nowhere.
"hey azul, i'm sorry can i borrow your phone real quick? my phone just died and i need to just do something real quick."
"o-oh sure." handing the phone in your hands, you didn't waste anytime to start typing something and not a minute later you gave it back to him. "by chance, did you just arrived right now or..."
hearing the question, a mischievous smile find its way to your lips before walking next to the door, laughing.
"mmmm, i didn't hear you!" grabbing your own phone, it light up to azul's surprise - it was clearly not low on battery! "i should be going now, why don't you send me a text about your question okay? bye azul!"
"what do you mean by numbe-" he froze when he finally saw the thing you typed earlier and floyd could swore steams were coming out of azul's face. "what's going on over there?" being the curious eel he is, floyd sneak a peek and dramatically gasp.
"my friend is not bitchless anymore!"
"floyd shut up!" there was a new contact on azul's phone book - named (name) (last name) with a note underneath.
'you could've just asked me ;) let's chat more though'
azul didn't even hesitate to put you as one of his emergency contacts, don't tell the tweels though or he will never hear the end of it. for the rest of the day, everyone in octavinelle tried so hard to hold back their laughter watching he try to hide his blush whenever he receive a reply from you. 'ah, young love.'
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june-sama · 2 months ago
The other side of the call
•So what if the reader from the real world gets a phone call from Yuu who's currently in Twisted Wonderland.
An old rotary dial telephone attached to the newly bought home. That's all there's to it.
Until the continuous ringing had started.
You had never given anyone your home telephone number, not even your parents. Maybe someone had gotten the wrong number.
Nonetheless, it was best to deal with the caller now. Approaching the telephone from the other side of the living room, you picked up the phone.
You waited.
“Sorry, I think you might have gotten the wrong-”
“Oh, thank god…”
You hear sniffling from the other end of the line and soon hiccups. Who was this? Why do they sound so relieved? Countless of questions start to form in your head, trying to remember if you do recognise this person from the other end of the call. “I thought I…I never thought I could…” They paused each time, words getting harder to speak out when they’re trying to hold back hiccups arising from their throat.
“Um…Are you alright?”
You voiced out your growing concern. You still don’t know who this is, and your curiosity keeps growing even bigger as they keep finishing their sentence not even midway through.
“Y-yes, I’m fine. I just- I-I don’t know how to explain this but…Um- but before that! Are my parents around? I must speak to them!” Do they mean the elderly couple who sold the house to you? You weren’t aware they had a child, especially a young one from what you can tell with their voice. “I’m sorry but the old owners had recently sold their house to me…But I could give you their new house number! Hold on let me just-”
“No, it won’t work like that.” They cut you off before you could grab your own phone from your pocket.
“What do you mean by that?”
“The house has a very special place in my heart, and I wouldn’t be able to contact them in a place where I am not familiar with.” Ok, you were getting confused each time this person spoke. They’re not making any sense! What could they possibly mean by that? Surely, they can contact their parents through the same phone. “Let me explain this to you…more.” They added. At this point you feel unnerved by this whole interaction with this unknown person, so you pressed your back against the wall, leaning on it for comfort.
“My name is Yuu. I don’t remember much about myself, but I do remember my home number- well, my old home number. I was transported into a different…place and once I got myself a smartphone, I decided to contact this number. I wasn’t aware of my parents selling our place, so I do apologise for bothering you. Say, how…old are my parents now and what year is it there…?” As soon as you were now getting to understand more about this person, they keep on getting more confusing- you can understand asking for their parent’s age, you would’ve assumed they haven’t seen each other for quite some time now but the year? What…? As much as you were flabbergasted by their new question, you had chosen to answer regardless.
“I believe they are in their 80’s or so, and the current year is 2030.”
‘Why is this person so shocked?! Have they been living under a rock? Is this the reason why their parents never mentioned having a child? No, let’s not assume that.’ You mentally slapped yourself.
“Yuu, if I may ask…Where abouts were you transported?”
Your voice shakily asks, this person was so…odd. They talk as if they’re in a different dimension. You wonder if you were speaking to a ghost. You shivered at that thought.
“Would you believe me if I answered your question?” They responded with a nervous tone. Would you believe them? You scoffed, loud enough that the telephone can pick it up.
“Oh please, you’re already making me more confused with each word you blabber out.” You complained but it was to take in a more joking way than your harsh delivery. Oops. Your hand immediately flies straight to your mouth as soon as you realised the mean remark you just spoke out. Gladly they took it as a joke, laughing light-heartedly. “I suppose you’re right. It wouldn’t make my confusing problem be more confusing if I tell you my current location, right?” You gave a small hum along with a nod, the last thing you wanted to hear out of them is a made-up fictional place for their location.
“Have you ever heard of…Twisted Wonderland?”
• I might continue this and make it into a series, who knows but I just like the idea of getting a phone call from Yuu who's in Twisted Wonderland and they start to ask questions about their family and such and getting answers from the reader, while the reader goes out of their way to discover more about Yuu's past and how to get them back to the real world.
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