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Drew our adorable fluff ball, while taking a break from writing~
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Tumblr media
𝘲𝘶𝘰𝘵𝘦: ‘𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘥 𝘧𝘢𝘪𝘭𝘦𝘥 𝘵𝘰 𝘤𝘰𝘰𝘱𝘦𝘳𝘢𝘵𝘦, 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘧𝘦𝘦𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘰𝘧 𝘴𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘬𝘴 𝘪𝘨𝘯𝘪𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘰𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘢𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘴 𝘸𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘣𝘰𝘥𝘪𝘦𝘴 𝘮𝘢𝘥𝘦 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘢𝘤𝘵 𝘣𝘶𝘳𝘯𝘦𝘥 𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘰 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘣𝘳𝘢𝘪𝘯. 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘤𝘩𝘦𝘦𝘬𝘴 𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘭𝘥𝘯’𝘵 𝘩𝘦𝘭𝘱 𝘣𝘶𝘵 𝘧𝘭𝘶𝘴𝘩 𝘢𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘤𝘭𝘰𝘴𝘦 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘹𝘪𝘮𝘪𝘵𝘺, 𝘨𝘰𝘰𝘴𝘦𝘣𝘶𝘮𝘱𝘴 𝘳𝘪𝘴𝘪𝘯𝘨.’
﹪ 🍵⁺₊⊹ ♲ ⊹₊⁺🌱 ↷
warnings and notes!
flirting . yes, lilia is the king mentioned in this story and silver and sebek are still malleus’ bodygaurds . malleus is finally invited to something, shocker! . tension . usage of “sir” and “your majesty” . use of magic . reader’s pronouns, sex and gender are not mentioned . proofread though it still may have some spelling mistakes . inspired by ep 6, of “little witch academia” . enjoy <3
synopsis: after being uninvited to the party being held in honour of the king for his return due to still not being able to complete basic magic spells, a willing teacher stumbles into your path.
Tumblr media
engravings littered across the tall doors that stretched high above the ground, crowned with a thick arch. slowly opening, they revealed the large hall in which the ceremony was being held, celebrating the king’s return to briar valley.
“welcome, your majesty” the headmistress bowed before the king, malleus standing just beside him. “we are honoured to make your acquaintance,” she smiled, gesturing towards the students who raised their heads from their deep bow’s “our new students have been eagerly awaiting your majesty’s return.”
the king smiled, letting out a chest filled laugh, “such young and bright faces, it reminds me of my dear son,” his hand patted malleus’s back, “back when he was much smaller, eager to learn. i can almost remember it like it was yesterday!”
“i remember when he would-“
“ah, thank you for the introduction, father!” malleus interrupted, pulling his father out of his rambling, “this set up looks quite grand, we wouldn’t want any of it to go to waste, now would we ?”
the king nodded, glancing around the room, “ah, yes, yes!” he laughed, “apologies, let’s begin, shall we ?”
⊱ ━━━━.⋅ εïз ⋅.━━━━ ⊰
excusing himself, malleus left the hall, in faux search for the bathroom, having a difficult time convincing sebek that he could find it alone.
the boy means well, though he’s quite stubborn.
the door shut behind him, malleus letting out a sigh, of relief. he continued down the hall, hoping to tour the premises.
the school was the largest magic affiliated one in briar valley, one of the oldest institutes, also.
despite that, he insisted on attending night raven college instead, hoping to escape the favouritism he would’ve had to face.
he knew he was strong, yes, but he wanted to have the opportunity to complete fair tests that prove that, instead of having an easy pass due to his father’s status.
he walked the halls taking in the differences between this school and his own. it was much smaller compared to night raven, lacking a magic mirror that brought students to different regions where the dorms were held.
the dorms remained on campus, instead.
and to his surprise, there weren’t different dorm groups either, or leaders, just dorm rooms that contained double of everything, expecting to be shared.
he enjoyed the school itself, however. the atmosphere being warm and welcoming, the walls being littered with different pieces of artwork, some being completed by students and the faculty, each hallway being decorated beautifully.
despite how large the school was, it was as if the students and teachers were a tight knit group.
exiting the building, malleus found himself in the courtyard, his eyes moving to the top of the building in search for gargoyles, finding those would only seal the deal on how content he was with the establishment.
there was a grand fountain in the middle of a patch of grass, benches surrounding it. tables and benches were placed around the courtyard, father out.
it was nice.
the tiled pavement was beige, it being dotted with thick, tall pillars, evenly spaced out. malleus enjoyed the detailing that graced the very top and very bottom of each pillar, stringing it all together quite nicely.
letting the walkway guide him, he strode past multiple pillars, the fresh air brushing past his cheeks, completely different to the stuffy room he was in prior.
his eyes moved back up top, widening at the sight of a gargoyle perched just at the top of the building opposite him, a small smile graced his face at that. he was content with that.
the sound of rummaging stopped him in his tracks, malleus searching for where the noise was coming from. he was then met with a sight of something he seemed quite unusual. choosing to hide behind one of the pillars and observe from a distance, he peaked out to see how the situation would progress.
⊱ ━━━━.⋅ εïз ⋅.━━━━ ⊰
twinkles filled the dark blanket of sky that hovered far above your head. a sigh of defeat escaped your lips for the n’th time that night.
turning to look up, you felt the judgement of the stars above as they watched you fail once more.
moving your gaze, you flicked through your text book, trying to refresh your memory again, looking up with squinted eyes, glaring at the caged mouse before you.
“first, intently concentrate on the subject before you.” you whispered, reading the instructions from the page before setting the book down.
you already knew what to do to. you only looked in the test books in hopes of finding some sort of trick printed in small print that could make you actually succeed at completing it.
“okay, concentrate. concentrate.” you chanted, under your breath, “you will become a rabbit.”
setting both hands on your wand, you closed your eyes, taking a deep breath.
“metamorphie faciesse!”
your eyes remained tightly such, afraid to open them only to reveal another failure.
working up the courage, you look a peak through squinted eyes, the smudge of hope you had deteriorating instantly as the mouse stared back at you through your lashes.
you weren’t getting anywhere.
a snicker filled your ears, startling you, turning around.
“who’s there ?” you asked, your wand pointing before you as a means of protection.
stepping out from his hiding spot, malleus shortened the gap between you both.
“keep your distance!” you warned, taking a small step back, malleus slowly stopping at the command.
he remained silent, eyes boring into yours, “who…” your question faded as you stared intently at the boys face.
“malleus draconia,” he smiled, reaching his hand out, “pleased to make your acquaintance.”
slowly lowering your weapon, your hand enclosed around his, shaking it as realisation filled you.
“hold on, you’re THE malleus draconia ?” you questioned, “like ‘handsome malleus’ ?”
it was more of a rhetorical question than something you expected an answer to, but to think that the boy everyone was excited to meet today was standing before you…laughing at you, even.
for the past few days your surroundings were riddled with whispers regarding the man that shook your hand firmly just moments ago.
talking about how prestigious he was, how strong he was how…‘handsome’ he was.
though, you payed no mind to the theories, wanting to see it for yourself, and now that you had, you could now confidently admit that some of the accusations reigned true.
“ah, so you’ve heard about me then ?” he questioned, pulling you out of your own head.
nodding, “indeed,” you confirmed, “all sorts of things…your majesty.” you moved into a deep bow, “it’s a pleasure to meet you.”
you remembered yourself, having been speaking so casually with royalty wasn’t something that would be taken lightly, especially on school grounds.
had he reported it to faculty you would be thrown into an even bigger mess than you currently were in the middle of.
“oh?” he questioned, amusement evident on his face “good things, i hope.”
“nothing but,” you replied, eyes meeting his as you nodded, “you’ve got quite the reputation, your majesty.”
his eyes kept moving just atop your head, curiosity and confusion growing within you before swiftly turning into embarrassment.
“d-do i have something on my forehead, your majesty ?” you stuttered, hands flying there, meeting nothing but your smooth skin.
“oh, no no, you don’t-“ he spoke as your hands trailed further up, ignoring his failed attempts at stopping you, face falling as you finally made contact with the new furry development.
“seriously…” you let out a defeated sigh yet again, malleus stifling his laughter as he consoled you.
“oh, come on,” he reasoned, “don’t look so down! you wear them quite well, they look natural and,” he watched them droop at his comment, “they’re also quite expressive!” he added.
“that’s not the point, your majesty” you sighed, eyes moving to meet the mouse’s “i seem to have failed, yet again,” whispering more to yourself, “i’m never going to get this in time for my exam…”
“exam ?” he questioned, hearing you “and for what reason would the students here be still be taking exams regarding basic magic ?”
“no no,” you yelled out slightly louder than expected, “it’s just me that’s getting tested on this, your majesty.”
his thoughts wandered, “you still fail to grasp basic magic ?” he paused, “how did you even pass the entrance exams ?”
his question meant no harm, he was just confused by the development, nobody had informed him on the matter.
pondering a little more as you waited for the best way to form a reply, he spoke again, “i understand that this school is failing to keep it’s student head count large as the years go by, due to the newer generations thinking lowly of magic. however, to think they are now they’re accepting civilians here ?” he paused once more, thinking himself, “i wonder if father knows about this…” he spoke more to himself.
you were at a loss for words, not knowing how to reply as he bombarded you with questions, your heart growing heavier as he spoke.
he directed his attention to you once more, “you’re failure to grasp such a simple task at your age suggests that you don’t come from a family of magic, do you ?” he asked, “just…who are you ?”
a beat of silence past as you mustered up the courage to reply to the esteemed guest before you, “my name is ___ ___,your majesty, and i want to learn magic.” you tried your best to sound as confident as you could, continuing, “i want to be strong. to protect people. to make others feel safe.”
“i may not be from a family of mages, but that’s exactly why i came here,” your eyes were trained in his green ones as you spoke, “the biggest magic teaching institute in briar valley…i’ll be able to learn from the best. i’ll be able to learn complex magic in class and basic magic in my free time,” he listened intently, expecting you to continue, so you did.
“and by the time i graduate from this establishment…i hope to be just as great and strong of a mage as you, your majesty.”
“quite ambitious, aren’t you ?” he spoke, “to become a mage as great and strong as i, you say ?” he laughed slightly, “that would be a rare sight that i would take great pleasure in seeing.”
he now stood beside you, pulling his magic pen from his pocket, he pointed it at the mouse. watching the magic swirl in the air, it met the mouse, dancing around it before dissipating, revealing a rabbit.
his eyes turned to you once more, “turn it back.”
you were slightly envious of how easily the boy completed the task, especially without having to recite the magic words.
perhaps he had been taught differently, or maybe him being part dragon made it so magic came more naturally to him than it did to humans.
shaking your head of thoughts, you nodded to him before facing the rabbit.
his eyes were trained on you, watching your form intently.
waving your wand, you rid yourself of nerves the best you could, the lingering feeling of his eyes on you, remaining.
“metamorphie faciesse!” magic accumulated around the tip of it before making its way toward the rabbit.
moving off course, it trailed back to you, engulfing your figure instead, you groaned at the feeling of tingles wrapping around your body, soon freeing you.
blades of grass towered over you, the world appeared ten times bigger, malleus’s figure looming over you as he crouched down to address you.
“we’re getting somewhere,” he spoke, reaching out his hand for you to run onto, he lifted you, resting you on his arm.
waving his magic pen a few times, you returned to your original form, now weighing in his arms.
“you lack confidence,” he spoke, your faces inches away from each other, though he remained unfazed, “which is ironic given that speech you recited just moments prior,” gently setting you down, “let’s do this again.”
moving to stand behind you, he placed his magic pen in his pocket, “concentrate, for me,” he spoke, moving one of your hands from the your wand, he placed it by your side cupping the one that still held it.
your back was pressed against his chest, his free hand resting on your waist, “close your eyes,” he whispered, his hand reaching around to rest on your stomach, “tense your stomach, magic usage drains power from your entire body, you must be strong enough to handle that.”
your eyes remained closed, as you nodded in understanding, “yes, your majesty.” he continued on, “i want you to envision that rabbit turning into a mouse,” his voice guided you.
your mind failed to cooperate, the feeling of sparks igniting on the areas where your bodies made contact burned into your brain. your cheeks couldn’t help but flush at the close proximity, goosebumps rising.
“i-i cant seem to clear my head, y-your majesty.” you stuttered out in a pathetic whisper, fear of disappointing him.
“breathe, for me,” he spoke, “in,” he sucked in a breath, his hand trailing up your waist as he did so, “and out.” his hand trailed back down as you both exhaled, repeating three times over.
“remain confident.” he stated firmly, hand squeezing your waist, “pretend im nothing but an encouraging voice.”
that was easier said than done, however.
“open your eyes, and on three you’ll recite the spell” he spoke factually.
obeying, you did so, forcing your mind to remain clear, “one,” he spoke, your brain envisioned the spell succeeding, “two,” he continued, voice fanning against your neck, “three.”
“metamorphie faciesse!”
your voice was clear as you recited the spell, remaining confident, following through with what you were told.
the rabbit was enveloped in a coat of magic, your breath hitching as you waited for it to dissipate, soon revealing a mouse, chittering away.
you exclaimed in happiness, turning around to malleus, your instinctively threw your arms around him in excitement, jumping for joy.
you finally got it!
“congratulations,” he smiled, patting your back.
your high was cut short as you pulled away, remembering yourself once more, you threw yourself into a deep bow, eyes trained on his shiny boots.
“your majesty, i apologise greatly,”
your heartbeat quickened, anxiety setting in as you thought about your actions.
acting so casually with someone so prestigious could ruin you, and your, not even started, career in the world of magic.
“i-i just got so excited and-“
his forefinger rested underneath your chin, raising your head.
your faces were inches away, your bodies close once more.
“you did well.” a smile rested on his lips, though it looked genuine.
“i’m also sorry for uh, threatening you with my wand earlier…” you added.
“that was meant to be threatening ?” he laughed, “what were you going to do, give us matching bunny ears ?”
you laughed with him, “so very funny, your majesty.”
“i prefer sir,” he spoke, correcting you.
“o-oh, isn’t that a little too casual, your— sir ?”
“mm, perhaps,” he smiled, “but you say it so nicely, i’ll allow it.”
his hand dropped to his sides, “i truly hope your promises weren’t empty. i’d love to see them come to fruition.”
you nodded fervently, “i plan on doing just that, sir!”
“come,” he spoke, cocking his head to the side, “you don’t seem busy so, why don’t you give me a tour ?”
“ah, yes, sir!” you smiled, jumping at the idea to show off the school you loved so dearly. “what would you like to start with ?”
his smirk returned, walking ahead of you, “your room.”
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that holds you tenderly while you fall asleep in his arms. He rest his chin on top of your head, one hand on your waist while the other hand cradles your hair. He doesn’t fall asleep that easily, mostly because he doesn’t need that much sleep, and also cause he wants to watch out for any harm that may come to you.
He wakes up before you, choosing to admire your soft features instead of washing up. His long, slender fingers playing with your hair, combing through the knots or simply just twirling it around his fingers. When he sense that you are waking up, he greets you with a good morning, placing a kiss on your cheek, smiling at how adorable you are.
He washes up with you before bringing you to the dining area for breakfast. Malleus makes sure that all your favourite food are ready to be served, made with the best quality of ingredients. If you don’t like either of them, a line of chef is waiting for your order, so just tell Malleus what you want, and he will whip it out for you in no time.
Malleus is the kind of lover that will always place a hand on your lower back or waist. He’s protective over you, not wanting you to get hurt by anything. If you ever so get drop a hair, this man is stressing out and chanting spells to “heal it”. Nonetheless, he understands that some injuries are inevitable. He urges you to be safe, and to scream out his name if you are ever in danger. Malleus cast a protective magic spell on you, so that if harm comes your way, his magic will be able to dispel it, and he will be notified of the situation immediately.
Malleus is clingy, but in a good way. He loves to tell you about his day, talk about his hobbies, and other topics that the both of you find interesting. To Malleus, sharing his own thoughts and feelings to you is how he shows that he trust you. It’s adorable to see a big grown men talking excitedly about gargoyles.
You don’t know this, but is quite obvious to everyone that Malleus loves you, very much. The way he looks at you is so soft, his eyes visibly relaxed and almost in daze. There’s this shine in his eyes that is quite unexplainable. If someone were to describe the way Malleus is looking at you, they would say,
“The way he look at them is so loving. It’s as if the world revolves only around them. Malleus’s world is just them but no one else, and he looked like he would kill just to keep his world in peace.”
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Malleus: Wait- you don't have a lover?
Yuu: I have strict parents. What about you? Why don't you have a lover?
Malleus: You have strict parents :)
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Malleus: Child of Man? Are you alright?
Y/n: *is jittery from having too much coffee*
Y/n: Yep! Everything is great! I feel powerful right now! Unstoppable! I'm going to climb high things and no one can stop me!
Malleus: Uh...
Y/n: *reaches hands up to try to touch Malleus' horns*
Malleus: What are you doing?
Y/n: Your horns are so cool and pretty. I need to touch them.
[Few moments later at Diasomnia]
Malleus: Lilia?
Lilia: Yes, Malleus? Is there something wro--
Malleus: *holding Y/n's hand, trying to keep them from running off or getting hurt in their hyper state*
Malleus: My human is broken. Please fix them, I don't want to lose them.
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Life Changing Field Trip
~*After Book 6*~
Malleus: Child of Man?
YN/MC/Yuu: Yes, Tsunotarou?
Malleus: *Pouts* When is our life changing field trip? Everyone else went on one with you.
YN/MC/Yuu: *Feels tired to the bone* Give me a week to sleep everything off and then we can go on one Tsunotarou. 
Malleus: *Happy dragon fae noises*
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[Ramshackle Dorm]
Yuu throws a birthday party for Malleus, but he doesn't show up.
Yuu: Tsunotarou's pranking me, right?
Yuu: Wait. That's impossible. He has no sense of humor.
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Twst quotes #02
Yuu: How do you know how to kiss? Like who teaches you?
Azul: Well it’s actually a class, but unfortunately it’s full right now.
Azul: Would you like me to tutor you?
Idia: That was smooth.
Yuu: Is there a cactus where your heart should be?
Vil: What’s up your ass this morning!
Malleus: *walks in* ...Hey.
Vil: Hmm… nevermind.
Yuu: So... what would you do if you were in bed with me?
Jamil: Depends. Is your bed comfortable?
Yuu: Yes.
Jamil: I'd sleep.
Yuu: ....Thou shalt not marry each other, for thy art both sinful...
Eliza: I just wanna fucking marry Idia!!
*playing twister*
Azul: Right hand red.
Kalim: *ends up on top of Jamil*
Jamil: You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?
Yuu: We stopped spinning like 15 minutes ago. Honestly, I'm surprised you didn't notice.
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Vil: "Did someone forget to tell Malleus about this week's meeting?"
Kalim: "Perhaps if we text him?"
Azul: "No, he doesn't really work well with technology."
Leona: "We'll be fine without him."
Riddle: "No, it is important that he should be be here."
*Newt!MC gets up and opens the window of Crowley's office during a dormleader meeting*
Crowley: "Mr.Draconia could be anywhere on the island, it not like he'll just show up."
*Malleus appears*
Malleus: "MC, you called?"
Idia: "....you were saying, Crowley."
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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malleus draconia relationship headcanons
Tumblr media
this is basically a part 2 of his kinks & hcs post but i am very much a whore for this man so i NEED. TO. WRITE SOME SHIT.
warnings: smut/nsfw, malleus being a loser virgin, it gets very smutty at the nsfw part so, oral (receiving + giving), unprotected sex, two dicks, implied corruption/humiliation kink, mentions of pregnancy/breeding, choking/biting, mal being lowkey sadistic, sleepy sex, holy shit there are alot of warnings i am sorry, reader is afab but no gender or pronouns are explicitly specified
words: 2.5k
this is some serious sappy shit but i can’t help it 😭😭 i am literally so in love with this man damn
~ right off the bat, malleus would definitely be the best boyfriend ever and no one can convince me otherwise (or at least one of the best out of the twst cast cuz there’s some uh questionable characters in that list *idia and leona i am directly looking at you*)
~ the way your relationship builds up with malleus is agonisingly slow. he’s very cautious about who he gets close to and is definitely not one to make any bold moves—especially if he doesn’t feel like you’re reciprocating the same feelings—but oh boy. once you do, that’s when he gets a bit more excited. 
~ it won’t take long before you pick up on the little things he suddenly starts doing for you. waiting for you after class, asking to visit the library with him after college hours, hell, even just waiting outside ramshackle dorm until you notice him just so he can spend time with you alone. his signs of affection are very straightforward because that’s what he likes them to be. he doesn’t want to confuse you or think that he might be giving false signals. though he might as well be holding up a sign saying “i love you” with the way his infatuation for you is so painfully obvious.
~ malleus is so new to all this stuff, so it’s down to you to show him the ropes. kiss him, hold his hand, hug him. he needs these acts of affection practically every hour of the day as that's what all the books he’s memorised word for word have drilled into his head. he’s completely clueless. but that’s what you’re here for - to help lead the way and show him just how special a relationship can be. 
~ and once you initiate things, a stupid smile will permanently be plastered over his face. not missing any opportunity to pick you up from your classes and walk you to your dorm—his love language is just being with you—not even having to touch you but still feeling his heart racing with him just being in your company. he can never get over that someone like you can accept everything about him, loving him for all that he is - ignoring all of the labels attached, and just showing you genuinely care for him as a person.
~ gifts will be a reoccurring thing that you will have to grow accustomed to, expressing his love for you by showering you with kind sentiments such as little presents and items. whether it's gems or tiny rare crystals, it'll always find its way to you - he particularly loves giving you things you can wear, like necklaces or bracelets, crafting them just for you so that every time you wear them, you're reminded of him.
~ but one thing you’re unfortunately going to have to get used to is sebek basically praying on your downfall every single moment he gets. he’s appalled that such a lowly human—one that’s not even capable of performing magic—is hanging around with malleus, let alone being intimate with him. you’re gonna get an earful any time you head over to diasomnia - with you and malleus having to rush straight to his room to avoid prying eyes from not only sebek but also the students too.
~ on the topic of prying eyes, people will be curious - more specifically, lilia. this little shit will tease you both all day every day. asking you very personal things so then he can have his “proud father” moment. cheering and applauding at even the sight of you two simply holding hands - he is embarrassing and it’s evident when you spot the faintest blush spreading across malleus’ cheeks as you walk around campus, muttering under his breath if you can both go somewhere “quieter” (aka as far away from lilia as possible).
~ these wandering eyes definitely don’t help with the fact that this man is extremely possessive. he wants you to have your freedom and experience your time at the college to the fullest but it doesn’t mean that his eye won’t start to twitch at the sight of you being “friendly” with your classmates. having experienced the happiness of being in a serious relationship for the first time, he never wants to let that sensation fade. he’s making up for lost time. being so alone for all the long years of his life will only make him needy, clinging to the thing he loves the most with such an iron grip that he's certain it can't possibly escape from him.
~ but once you do have your alone time, malleus is milking every second of it just pampering and giving you affection. nuzzling his face against your neck, he always loves trailing small wet kisses down your collarbone, mumbling sweet nothings in your ear as you feel yourself drift off with the way he’s lovingly holding you in his arms. when he wants to be, this man is the epitome of gentle. treating you as if you were carved out of glass as he softly caresses your skin, feeling your warmth against him as much as possible just so he can then later reminisce about how soft you feel.
~ did someone say big spoon? nope. not quite. despite how giant this man is, he enjoys taking the roles of being both the big and little spoon quite seriously. with his arms wrapped around you tightly, he’ll cling and cuddle you the entire night, the sensation of his embrace never leaving your side once and waking up with him still gently holding you. 
and expect to return the favour on your part. who said that this man won’t become pouty if you don’t snuggle up and spoon him? cuz he sure as hell will. you won’t ever realise it, but when you end up doing the cuddling - malleus literally ascends to heaven. this is so unfamiliar to him so having your warmth just envelope him for the night makes him act as if he was a baby, curling up and intertwining his fingers with yours as he holds your hand close to his chest.
~ if you’re not a morning person, then luckily for you, you’ll become one. not only will you wake up with malleus having his arms around you but no matter the time - he’ll be ready to awaken you with endless kisses, gently planting one on your forehead as you slowly open your eyes. since you and malleus rarely have any quality one-on-one time outside of the morning—he will always devote them to you. he’ll constantly be on you, getting you ready and dressed for the day, preparing you breakfast whilst taking careful note of what you like and dislike so that he can always improve. 
he does it all basically.
~ fortunately or unfortunately for you, pda is something malleus isn't too big of a fan of. he deems that anything intimate or romantic should only be shared between the two of you, alone. though he definitely won't deny your advances if you lightly kiss him on the cheek outside of class - he won't exactly encourage it either. a brief peck is all it takes to send him scurrying back into his shell since even being alone with you makes him nervous. though he wishes he could shout out to the world how much he loves you, even the most powerful mage in the college have their weak points sometimes, his eyes widening and cheeks heating up at the idea of you merely hugging him.
~ the first time you had sex with malleus - yeah, it was a straight up nightmare. his wide and extensive knowledge of everything apparently stops specifically at sex with the way he’s so clueless. it was to the point that you didn’t think it was even possible for this to be the same person. teach him and he’ll learn - that’s all that there is to it. these moments of blatant naivety fade pretty quick with malleus picking up on everything you tell him almost instantly. this man is so determined to pleasure you with everything that you’ve done for him, prioritising your needs above his 99% of the time so that he can feel like he’s finally giving back to you.
~ he manages to master everything so well in such a short span of time that it’s scary. not even being able to recall your own name by the time he’s done with you, and that time being hours. he spends so long pleasuring you, doing everything in the book so that every time you have sex together, it’s something new and not anything you’ve experience before. but merely just having sex with this man is anything but usual, it. is. overwhelming. even when he’s being gentle with you, you will still be crying with him hitting every spot so good that it makes you think that you may have genuinely gone insane.
~ malleus doesn't see it as just having sex, but rather as one of the few opportunities he has to demonstrate his love for you, and thus he loves making the experience go as long as possible. he wants you to feel it, and feel it; you definitely do. your legs will be shaking so viciously just from his tongue being in between your legs, fearing for how much your body can physically take before he finally decides to fuck you.
~ and once he does, run. RUN AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE cuz this man won’t let you rest, not even once. his immense stamina soon becomes apparent after the first round, his breath still being as even as it was to begin with, the only difference being - his hunger. increasing so much each time you cum, it becomes practically impossible for him to stop fucking the daylights out of you and breaking the bed every. single. time.
~ speaking of bed breaking - you’re fortunate that malleus has the power to fix and put things back together because if he didn’t, it’d be pretty embarrassing having to ask for a new bed every week. it happens 90% of the time with the way he’s so fucking intense, thrusting and driving into you so deep you swore you saw the roof crumbling at one point. he’s so passionate in devoting all his love to you that he can’t help taking it a bit overboard, though what 5 rounds are to you feels like child's play to him. that just being a small portion of how he really feels, if he wanted to, he’d probably spend days just fucking and filling you up non-stop.
~ although being someone so polite and well-mannered, all that decorum is left right at the door. make out sessions will become heated with his fangs wandering and hunting for the best place to dig into, marking your skin so much that he’s confident he claimed you as his own. malleus just loves seeing how much his touches can affect you, the imprint of his fingers still lingering on your neck from when he was gently squeezing it with your eyes rolling back as he repeatedly pounded you with his cocks.
~ for someone as loving and gentle as he is, it feels wrong with how sadistic malleus’ intentions sometimes seem to be. he won’t hesitate to suddenly shove your face into the mattress, brutally stripping you of any remaining innocence as he quietly praises how good you are to him. malleus really brings a whole new meaning to the term “mind-fuck”, drilling into both your body and your mind that he can only make you feel like this and that no one can pleasure you to the extent that he does.
~ he’ll forever love the sight of you pathetically crawling up to him, fumbling with his belt as you desperately try to get his dicks out of his pants, only for you to choke any time you want to suck him off. when you attempt to give him a blowjob, he surprisingly prefers just watching the sight of you get yourself off whilst trying to take him into your mouth more than the actual feeling of it. best believe if you become that horny to try this, he’ll rarely spare you a glance; instead, he’ll just continue reading his book until he finally looks down and sees you hopelessly lapping up all of his cum like a starving animal.
~ malleus would never humiliate you. more so, he just likes messing you up so much that you end up doing it yourself. getting so drunk on his words and body that you can’t resist but beg for him to fuck you full of his semen, being so limp and frail you’ll have to rely on him carrying you everywhere you go - which he’ll definitely be delighted to do, the sensation of your feeble grip on him as he guides you gently to bed never fails to make him smile.
~ of course, sex and foreplay come with his inescapable thirst for wanting to breed you. whether you can have kids or not, it doesn’t matter to him - he’ll pin your legs up to your chest and fuck into you so hard, relentlessly pumping his seed into you to the extreme that you start to believe that he might actually just miraculously bless you with his offspring. here is when his collected and calm facade starts to slip; he is so genuinely terrified of losing what he has with you, and if reminding you of who your boyfriend is is what it takes to keep you from leaving, then he will be more than willing to do it constantly.
~ sleepy sex will be a thing, so get used to it. or rather, you’re the sleepy one in the situation. god forbid you have a wet dream because he’s going to POUNCE. he always thinks of these instances as your mind subconsciously pleading for him to fuck you—and while that might actually be the case—he was gonna do it regardless. carefully pulling your delicate body towards him to avoid waking you before slowly slipping himself inside you. he can’t get enough of the way you writhe beneath him so helplessly, your eyelids fluttering as you involuntarily start to moan and whimper. when i say this man won’t let you rest, I MEAN IT. even in your sleep, he won’t give you any peace. gently thrusting into you when you begin to feel yourself start to awaken, his giant form looming over you in the darkness with your mewls growing louder by the second.
~ but overall this man is a sweetheart when it comes to sex (most of the time), only behaving in such a frantic way to display how much you mean to him, which is a lot. sex is definitely a big thing for malleus because it’s really one of the only ways he thinks a couple can truly express their love to each other. despite being a complete menace one day with all the marking and bruising he gives you - he'll always turn around and love you tenderly the next.
the malleus brainrot is REAL and its here to stay good lord im not called malleusfucker for nothing 
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beetea07 · 2 months ago
Protective Malleus
*Ace puts a hand on Yuu's shoulder*
Malleus poping out of a bush: DONT TOUCH MY CHILD OF MAN!
*Floyd pats Yuu's head*
*Vil doing Yuu's makeup*
*Enyone hugs Yuu*
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dreamofjoys · 3 months ago
yandere! malleus draconia / my child of man
genre: yandere, smut, fem reader , spoilers for main story chapter 5
summary: the dark fae prince has been obsessing over you for the past few months, but has been struggling to convey his love obsession towards you. the kind and generous lilia decided to step in and help malleus. 
“how about getting her pregnant? think about it, you are one of the most powerful mage in twisted wonderland. moreover, you are the crown prince of valley of thorns. to gift her your royal seed, wouldn’t she feel happy and touched by your actions? to humans, making love to each other and building a family together is an act of love after all. i am sure that she would be willing to be yours for eternity.” 
tw: delusional malleus, drugging (aphrodisiac), usage of love spell, usage of sleeping spell, booby fucking, vaginal bleeding, usage of vaginal plug, forced pregnancy, non consensual, breeding, malleus went for a lot of rounds, loss of virginity 
Tumblr media
in the gloomy halls of diasomnia, there stood malleus, looking out at the window, staring at the gloomy skies. a small frown was plastered on his face as he thinks about you. he has been wanting to tell you about he feel towards you, but doesn’t know how to.
for the past few months, he has been watching you. he saw how you made friends from heartslaybul, savanaclaw, octaville,  scarabia, pomofiere and ignihyde. the dorm leaders seems to be on good terms with you, often exchanging greetings and visiting ramshackle to check up on you.
malleus clenched his fist tight as a lighting strikes down at the tree in the forest right outside diasomnia. he is jealous. it should be him that you are focusing on, not those lowly creatures who couldn’t protect you and puts you in danger when they overblot.
the diasomnia students who walked past their dorm leader has immediately fleed to their room, locking their door and praying that they would all somehow survive the day. an angry malleus is something that the whole diasomnia wants to avoid.
“malleus,” the vice dorm leader has spotted the gloomy prince, and decided to ask him about it. “calm down, you are scaring the students with your thunder and lightning. what’s wrong?”
“my child of man, i want her.”
lilia chuckled at the boy’s comment. oh, he knows where this is going. he has seen the way malleus looks at you, the fire in his eyes burns in a noble green, filled with desire, lust and obsession. lilia knows that malleus is obsessed with you, but does nothing about it, only waiting for malleus to snap and make his move to claim you.
“i have seen the way you have looked at her, malleus. may i give you a suggestion?” malleus stares at his caregiver, silently cueing him to continue.
“how about getting her pregnant? think about it, you are one of the most powerful mage in twisted wonderland. moreover, you are the crown prince of valley of thorns. to gift her your royal seed, wouldn’t she feel happy and touched by your actions? to humans, making love to each other and building a family together is an act of love after all. i am sure that she will be willing to be yours for eternity.”
malleus’s eyes widens at lilia’s suggestion, but soon, a small smile replaces it. that’s right, how could he have not thought of that? a child made from both you and him.
ever since you gave him the nickname tsunotarou, he has already fallen for you. this must be a fairy tale right? malleus has been lonely for his whole life. and suddenly, he meets you. the one and only magicless human in this prestigious school. the best part of all this? you don’t know who he is at all! you have no idea how happy he was when you gave him a nickname, and treated him normally like no one else did.
even when his true identity got revealed during VDC,  you still continued to call him by your given nickname, and accompany him to watch gargoyles like you guys would normally did.
child of man, you made him so happy, and he makes you happy too, right? you always laugh at his jokes and always stuck by him despite the rumours about him. yes, the both of you are destined to be together.
“thank you, lilia. you may go off now.” lilia only bowed and happily skipped towards his room. it looks like he should start preparing to be a grandfather now.
a few days later, malleus knocked on your door, equipped with your favourite ice cream. “tsunotarou? what are you doing here?” you opened the door wider, allowing the dark fae into your house, which is probably one of the biggest mistakes that you have made. “i brought some ice cream for you, i thought that you would like it.”
malleus blushed at the sight of you wearing only an oversized t-shirt and short pants. you look so small, cute and fragile... so easy to devour. he can’t wait to lay out the plans that he have for you. 
“oh thank you so much tsunotarou! i was just craving for ice cream.” you took the ice cream from him and started eating it. “come in! you can sit on the sofa.” you promptly invited malleus to sit beside you on the sofa as you busied yourself with the ice cream.
“so.. what brings you here today?” you turned to malleus, expecting to see him going about his gargoyle talk. but then, your vision blurs. your head was spinning and everything feels shaky.
“hu-huh...?” confused, you reached out to malleus, hoping that he would grab you before you fall to the ground. malleus pulls you into his arms and carries you back into your room. 
your whole body feels like its on fire, and there’s an unsettling pool of heat on your private region. you wanted to- no, you needed to have something inside you. something big that will fill up your vagina. 
you couldn’t see what expression malleus was making, but he was smirking at your trembling form, knowing that you would not be able to resist him if he takes you tonight. consensual or not, he will claim you officially as his.
throwing you onto your bed, he starts casting his magic around the dorm, he made sure to use noise cancellation magic and that all doors are locked. unfortunately for you, grimm was out in the heartslaybul dorm today, so is just you alone to deal with a 2 metre tall dragon fae. 
malleus’s cocks was already throbbing. while he was on his way to ramshackle, all he could think about was how he should breed you properly, how you would look like all naked while being a moaning mess under him. just, what kind of expression will you make when he slam his cocks into you? 
without any warning, malleus stripped your clothes off, leaving only your undergarments on. the cold air hits your skin as you shivered, wondering what’s going on.
“mal-malleus? what’s go-going on? what are you go-going to do?” your voice was shaking, mostly due to the effect of whatever that was in the ice cream, and also fear of what malleus is going to do to you.
“child of man.....” malleus climbed on top of you, taking in your figure and letting his hands run along it. he leans into your ear, and whispers to you about his grand plan. 
“that ice cream has aphrodisiac in it. i want to make our first sexual experience a pleasant one. i am going to breed you full today and make sure that you are pregnant by the end of the session. then, we will go to valley of thorns, get married and live there happily ever after. i will officially claim you as mine today. i love you so much, my child of man. and i know that you love me too.”
“n-no, don’t do this malleus! i don’t want to get pregnant and i don’t love you at all!” you started panicking and attempted to push malleus away, but your strength was no match for him. malleus only chuckles, and tugs a strand of hair behind your ear.
“is okay love, i know that you are nervous cause this is your first time. however, i feel like you are going to resist a lot during this session. i... just have the right spell for you to help you relax.” malleus, doesn’t give you a chance to respond or fight back. with a wave of his hand, green waves of magic looms into you. and suddenly, you grabbed onto malleus’s shoulder, green hearts appeared on your eyes as you started whining and begging.
“malleus! i love you so much! please touch me and put your dicks inside me! i want to be the mother of your child!” ah, malleus knew that you would eventually come around. it doesn’t even bother him about the fact that he just casted a love spell on you. hearing you spew out those lewd words that he has always wanted to hear, it convinces him more that you love him so so much. he should definitely start on his plan now. 
“malleus! hurry up and breed me!” with that, malleus ripped off your undergarments, throwing it somewhere on the floor. his clothes were off instantly as he grabbed both of his dicks and align it on your chest. “use your boobs and rub on my cocks, dear.” you squished your boons and rub it on malleus’s cocks as he groaned, riding you on your chest. his hand travels down to your clit, rubbing it aggressively, determining to pleasure you.
you arched your back and moaned out loud. malleus’s cock was literally right in front of your face and yet you wanted more. you needed it inside of you no matter what. “please just put it in!” you cried out loud. the side effects of the aphrodisiac were getting into you. you felt so empty, and you wished that malleus would just fill you up already.
“so impatient, but who am i to deny my future wife?” in an instant, malleus bend your legs so that your knees were on your chest. he instantly slammed both of his cock into you, causing you to scream at the sudden intrusion. he was so big, stretching your velvety walls to the point that you could feel your vagina bleeding. even when a small amount of blood oozes out of your hole and coats on both of his dicks, malleus doesn’t care. his objective is to breed you with his royal seeds and make you his. 
despite the immense amount of pain on your lower region, the aphrodisiac has made you even more sensitive and aroused by simple gestures. malleus pinches your nipples, demanding you to profess your love to him. “i love you malleus i love you! i love you more than anything in this world!” if anyone were to look at the both of you right now, they would have just assumed that it was just a passionate couple making love to each other, without any love spell involved. 
“child of ma-man, you take in me so well.” malleus grunts, staring down at the area where the both of you are connected. his cocks sliding in and out of you, balls hitting on your ass, his skin slapping against yours.. it was such an erotic sight that he wants this to last forever. 
when your walls started clenching around him tighter than before, he knew that you were about to come. he too, could feel himself finally releasing his royal seeds inside you. with your knees touching your chest, he moved to place both of your legs on his shoulders as he leans down and presses his forehead against yours.
“say that you love me and only me. say that you would never ever leave me.” 
even if you don’t love malleus, even if you know that by the end of the day, you would eventually leave him to go back to your own world, the love spell doesn’t let you think about any of these things, but only malleus.
“i only love you malleus! and i would never leave you, never!” 
“cum with me, love.” with one big loud slam, the tip of his cocks touches your cervix as the both of you cummed together. he stopped for a moment, allowing his seeds to slowly fill up your womb. 
when he pulls out, some of his cum mix with yours and a little blood leaks out. malleus frowns. even though he has two cocks that cums simultaneously at the same time, this is still not enough. 
he needs to fill you up more, make sure that your belly is round and swollen with his cum first, which will be later on replaced with a child. yes.. a child, that’s born from the two of you. a physical child to represent the love between the both of you, and start a happy family with you! 
adrenaline pumps through his veins again, as he once again thrust into you, not caring if you are okay or not. that night, he has no idea how many rounds he have went. 30 rounds? 80 rounds? 100 rounds? despite your hazy mind, all you could remember is a pair of slit green eyes glowing, your pussy being ruined and split apart, and the smell of his cum that you would never forget. 
by the time you woke up, two weeks has already passed from that night. you sat up on the bed, looking through the unfamiliar room that you are in. “this is our room now, dear.” malleus whispers into your ear and hugs you from behind. you didn’t even realised that he was on the same bed as you. 
you freezed, memories of that night slowly came back. though drugged, you could only remember a few details; that you hoped is just a nightmare.
“wh-what happened?” you stuttered, feeling afraid of the events that are going to happen.
malleus pouts at your comment. “oh you don’t remember? you passed out while we were making love. i made sure to still continue after that and fill you up with my royal seeds. you look so full back then, as if you were pregnant. just like now......”
you looked at him, confused. his hand travels to your swollen belly and rubs it affectionately. “when i brought you back to valley of thorns, the doctor has declared you to be pregnant with our child. i heard that human mothers are weak, so i cast a sleeping spell on you, to let you rest. hm, isn’t it wonderful? you are finally mine and we can finally be happy together.” 
you started trembling in his hold, feeling scared, shocked and betrayed. you? pregnant? what did you ever do to the gods for them to give you such a fate? and out of all people, malleus was the one who took your virginity and landed you on such a state. malleus noticed your reaction and only laughs. his other hand travels down to your clothed clit and rubbed on it. that’s when you realised that there’s something.... inside you? 
“oh by the way... there’s still some of my seeds left inside you,  i made sure to plug you up so that none of them will come out. i hope you understand that i want more than one child... after all, don’t you think that is a little sad to be a single child?” 
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simpforsimeon · 3 months ago
Yuu: Mhm.. the juice Crowley gave me taste funny...
Yuu: I feel hot and my tummy feels bad..
*Yuu sloppily walks towards Malleus and hugs him from behind*
Malleus: Huh?
Yuu: Pillow...
*Malleus picks up Yuu*
Malleus: Child of man? Ugh, you reek of wine..
Malleus: How did you get your hands on alcoho-
Crowley: Mx Yuu~ I may have given you the wrong drink ....
Crowley: Are you o-
Malleus, dark and intimating look and demonic voice: You
Crowley, scared for his life: W-wait! I can explain-- please don't get mad Mr.Draconia!
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rs-wonderland · 2 months ago
Sebek: Malleus isn't answering his phone!?
Yuu/Mc: Oh- i'll call :)
Malleus: Yes?
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leonkae · 3 months ago
Silver: Malleus isn’t answering his phone.
MC: I’ll call!
Lilia: Silver and I have both tried six times each, what makes you thi-
Malleus: Hello?
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kay-ana · 4 months ago
Imagine that fem or Gn reader has a nightmare and decides to go join Kalim, Floyd, Malleus, Riddle (separately), how would the boys react in the morning when they wake up and find their girlfriend in their bed I think that might be enough funny especially for Floyd 😂
When he finds out that their girlfriend snuck into their bed overnight
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim
Kalim is the kind of person who can sleep peacefully even if there's a tornado brewing outside.
However, he had the impression that something heavy was resting on his chest, which woke him up slightly.
When he opens his eyes he sees you, his wonderful girlfriend, dozing in a deep sleep.
He can't help but scream with joy, which wakes you up
Once awake you do a cuddle session
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
Riddle wakes up right on time as always
But when he gets up he notices a figure in his bed
He's ready to scream an "Off with his head"
When he realizes it's you he starts to blush, he stays for at least 10 minutes looking at you
He ends up waking you up by shaking you slightly
He has trouble concentrating throughout the day, he just thinks about the scene this morning, it was really cute >///<
Tumblr media
Floyd Leech
During the night Floyd would have felt something slipping under his blanket but he didn't really pay attention.
When he opens his eyes he sees his beloved little shrimpy
It's an effective way to wake you up
Finally he asks you why you came to his bed, when you tell him about your nightmare he laughs
He then says "Shrimpy, do you really think I would let anyone hurt you?" with a slightly murderous look
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
Honestly, those fae instincts immediately sensed the presence next to him.
When he opens his eyes to see who broke into his room, he sees you trying to find a comfortable position to sleep.
He asks you why you are here
When you explain to him, he makes sure to cuddle you as much as possible and he reassures you with words of love
Don't forget to vote ^^
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