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twisted-fishbaiit · 2 hours ago
The wrath of the prefect
Tumblr media
[ edit: I forgot their marks on the eyes so I fixed it ;-; ]
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sober-pepper · 2 months ago
[During their overblot scene]
Riddle: What rule do I need to follow to make this pain go away?
Leona: Why do I have to spend my life feeling this way, just 'cause I was born a few years too late?
Azul: All of it, up in smoke! How could you do this to me!?
Jamil: Who's trying to understand me?
Vil: Why is it never me!?
Idia: Where did I make a mistake?
Yuu: I think those questions are for a licensed professional.
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hanafubukki · 10 days ago
Camp Vargas
Vargas: You can’t use magic for these tasks.��
Twst Boys: That just makes everything harder!
YN/MC/Yuu: I am going to enjoy watching them struggle. 
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faeryarchives · a month ago
pov: kalim went to his family dentist for an appointment
dentist: it's been a while since i last saw you! let's start to see if there is something wrong with you, now open up.
kalim: ah
kalim: mister it's just sometimes i feel like i am annoying the people around me and i don't know who are those who consider me as a real friend or just see me as a mere acquaintance.
kalim: there would be days that i just feel so overwhelmed then the next thing i knew its being replaced by an empty feeling you know?
dentist: that's not what by i meant but do you want a hug-
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emyluwinter · 2 months ago
When Crowley once again tries to throw his work on Yuu and Grimm.
Yuu is already tired of all these manipulations. - I won't even pretend to listen to all this nonsense. my answer is No. Crowley continues anyway - Oh, how is it the Prefect?You don't forget that.. Yuu interrupts him without any remorse -No means no, sir. If you have problems with this word with understanding and meaning of this word, I advise you to look into the dictionary suddenly it will help.
The leaders of the dormitory who were holding a meeting with the director at that moment are quietly choking with laughter.
The director continues anyway - Yuu you can't refuse, the case demands.. Yuu interrupts him again - The answer has been voiced, I can't help you in this case, sir. I have an important appointment.
-Oh, your meetings with friends can wait. I'm sure your friends will understand that college affairs are more important..
-Not a damn thing, sir. Friends are more important to me. And I will be very upset by the fact that you are forcing me to give up my meeting with Tsunotaro for the sake of your affairs, which you can quite do on your own.
-Tsu… who?In any case, this meeting can always be postponed or canceled.
Suddenly, a Grimm who had previously tried to take a nap in Yuu's arms intervenes.
-So you're going to tell Malleus Draconia that we canceled the meeting because of you and your business?
All the leaders dorm look at the Director with the expression "The Director has completely lost any remnants of brains"
-Yup, we invited this guy to a tea party.
-Unless, of course, he changed his mind….Lilia, I'm sorry to bother you, can you tell me if Tsunotaro has any urgent matters for the appointed date and time of the tea party?
-Ufufu.No, child, he has not been able to choose one kind of tea for the third day, our poor pantry was mercilessly attacked by his curiosity… - Lilia chuckled softly, remembering how Malleus tried to choose the best kind of tea for the meeting and what you can take with you.
-I hope it will remain intact after his intervention.. Grimm said softly, thinking that Malleus was the elephant in the china shop.
I want to see more moments where Yuu is the Prefect of Onboro, the only students without magic and in a special position… just verbally kick Director Crowley's ass because they can. And they are not afraid in principle after all the events that happened in college.
TWST please I just want to see more "sharp as a blade" comments and words from Yuu.
Yuu looking at something - That is, the remnants of your crow brains were enough for you to make the armrests of your chair in the office out of pure gold and precious stones, and with this your brain limit is over? Director Crowley hurries to cover the Prefect's mouth with his palm so that others won't hear him.
Yuu tired - Director Crowley, please… let me give you money, I'll even borrow from Azul, you go to the market and buy your brains…at least chicken..
Meanwhile, the leader dorm can't help but shake with laughter when they hear Yuu.
Leona snorts with laughter- It was worth coming to the meeting for this.
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wakacchi · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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y-cherries · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
NRCs two resident therapists, aka the two pretty prefects. Ambrosia (right) belongs to @mintmoth , hope I did them justice 💕
+ tiny
Tumblr media
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kimbap-r0ll · 24 days ago
Twst characters with a blind prefect please?
Hello, thank you for the ask! I'm not sure which characters you wanted for this one, so I just chose three for this one randomly. This is my first time writing for a blind reader, so if there are any mistakes, let me know. I hope you enjoy!
Jade, Deuce, Jack x blind!prefect
You would think he would tease you for being blind but he doesn't do that. He might enjoy making jokes from time to time, but when it comes to who the person is, he tends to not poke at them.
He's super mindful. If you ever need help when in a crowded area or for other kinds of activities, he's there for you. He's especially close by when there's people that want to harm you in any way.
By the way, people that push you around, or use your blindness to do harm, will get a not-so nice visit from the tweels (yes Floyd will be involved).
Jade might be a little sad that you can't see a mountain-side's beauty, but he tries his best to describe the scenery with you. He likes giving you things from your walks together, usually things that smell really nice like flowers or with nice textures like pebbles.
Overall, he won't see you being blind as something negative. He loves you for who you are, and I feel like he'll be super gentle with you, something you don't see often with this guy.
He probably didn't know at first and would say things like "over there" while pointing when you guys first met. Of course, you explain to him right after that you can't see and he's so embarrassed by his mistake.
He's really protective over you. Though you tell him you'll be fine with doing things by yourself, he insists he can help. He holds your hand tightly when you guys walk together downtown or on campus.
Similar to Jade, he won't take bullies or harassers very nicely. He'll likely scare you in the process. Imagine this; you two are walking and suddenly someone throws a mean comment your way, specifically about your blindness. You flinch a bit at the sudden comment, but shake your head and try to brush it off, only for Deuce to suddenly yell next to you "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" A fist-fight occurs, Deuce eventually wins and the harassers run away cursing. You don't see it but he's bruised all over, he just tells you it was nothing. He really wants to be like a guardian angel to you ;-;
He sends letters to his mother a lot, describing you. He talks about how much he loves spending time with you, how he's still learning about your interests, etc. He reads you his mother's letters from time to time, and from what you hear, Deuce's mother loves you.
He might be a bit on the protective side, but he truly cares for you. Blind or not, you are still you, and he always wants to be by your side.
Probably the most sensible out of these three. He asks you gently at some point and you explain that you are blind. He won't ask much after that. He does some research on what kinds of things he should do to help you and what to avoid.
He's protective. Maybe more than Deuce tbh. He doesn't back down from wrapping an arm around you when in crowded places. He always talks to you about certain directions if you need it.
He's like Deuce in jumping into a fight, though less loud. You'll feel him tense up if people choose to make fun of you. He'll tell in a really soft voice to stay put before he scares the harassers away with his intimidating aura alone haha.
He'll surprise you with gifts a lot! He'll just bring plants that he cared for from time to time so you can decorate Ramshackle. He might give you strawberries on some occasions so you guys can snack on them together.
Just like the others above, he loves you. He wants to keep you safe but he knows that you're strong and independent too. Overall, he cares for you deeply and wants you to know that you matter to him so much.
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idkanametoputhere · 26 days ago
the ramshackle ghost
type: angst
pronouns: they/them
tw: death(obviously, it's a ghost), implied suicide, major character death, people pretending they don't know ab a certain event (not really a tw but using both yuu and preftect) DIDNT PROOFREAD THIS
Tumblr media
there are many ghosts that live in the ramshackle dorm, but none of them ever stood out
none except this one
a ghost that has confused many students attending NRC. their youthful expression and school uniform makes them seem like they were once attending this school. they are always roaming the halls, not interacting with students but just floating around
now, there are two very weird things about this ghost.
the first one is how they're treated by staff members. while the staff seems to ignore them, many people have heard them address the ghost by a name or title. "prefect" and "yuu" seemed to be the names they listened to
not only that, but staff members seemed almost sad, or guilty when seeing them. it wasn't that easy to miss trein's sighs whenever he spotted them, or how crewel would scold them like he did with the other students but never call them a "bad pup", or how sam let them get staff for free and pretending to not know it when students confronted him about them
but the weirdest staff members case had to be the headmage's. the ghost was often seen lurking outside his office, but not going in. whenever the two would interact with eachother and aura of awkwardness and tension would be filling the room. and is someone dared to complemt crowley while next to the ghost, they'd be quick to shut down the praise and then float away
the second thing making this particular ghost so interesting was the questions they'd ask
it wasn't anything that would be considered inappropriate or threatening, no no no, it was just weird
every now and then the ghost would approach the students and ask them one of two kinds of questions
they'd either ask about the hall of mirrors, asking if a new mirror had been added, or if they were feeling more down than usual they'd ask "has he found a way home", leaving sadly and quietly when they received a negative response
the second kind of question was simple, they'd ask about a few certain people that all happened to attend NRC at the same time. from royals, to celebrities, to people no one had even heard of, the ghost would ask if they were doing well. if the person they were asking about happened to be well-known, the students would reply, making the ghost thank them and float away with a bright smile
but the weird thing was, the people they asked about seemed to not know them. a notable example would be the one of the actor. when he was asked in an interview about a rumor that a ghost from NRC knew him personally his smile dropped for a quick second. then he regained his composure, saying "there were ghosts at one dorm, but none had interacted with me that much"
so no one really knew anything about them, why? because they people who knew the ghost when it was just yuu were scared. scared of what they had done in the past. scared to admit that they were the reason why the prefect did what they did to themselves. scared that the guilt and the shadows of the past would haunt them. scared that regrets will fill their heads, cause they never helped the one who helped everyone else
all that cause no one found a way for the magical prefect to go back home. and now they can't go home even after death
Tumblr media
okay damn, first thing I've written and posted since late 2020, damnnn
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chorige · a month ago
Tumblr media
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scertifiedsavanaclawstan · a month ago
Yuu-nique Magic
Eyy remember when I mentioned Unique Magic/Signature Spell ideas for the prefect/Yuu?
Yeah that's this! The Unique Magics I came up with fit into a couple categories, and i mostly thought of them in a "This is the only magic Yuu can do" type of deal.
(Also have fun guessing where i got the names from cause they're all references)
Blot Manipulation
So there's a couple distinct ideas I had for a blot manipulation UMSS, since its just like a neat idea, and lets Yuu be very unique and capable even with just this ability.
(Also the thematic significance of having control of/giving into a narrative metaphor for trauma/general damage is just really cool)
[Embrace the Dark]
The most basic blot based UMSS, it's... just being able to move blot around. Do things like turn blot into bullets, or swords or tendrils or what have you. Of course, without any normal magic, Yuu can't make their own blot so they need to get blot either from other people casting magic around them, or from blot in the environment, mainly during an overblot (or chapter 6).
[Ars Goetia]
This one is a bit more complicated, because rather than 'control over blot' its 'control over a blot phantom'. With this one, Yuu gets their own quirky fun companion who's a giant antlered demon in a big cloak, how fun! The phantom (who I'll just call Solomon for now to make the reference super obvious) is capable of casting magic just like other phantoms but isn't, y'know, murderous and uncontrollable... usually anyways, if there's TOO much blot in Yuu's body all bets are off. Also, they can talk, and are particularly protective of Yuu and in their corner at all times.
[Feed the Demon]
Another one with a demon theme, except THIS one Yuu is the demon! Or they can sort of become one, while the last one was Yuu having power over the phantom half of the overblot, this one grants the ability to turn into... well the person half of the overblot, with the hot outfit and glowing eyes and everything. The name here also isn't a reference to something, but how the magic works. It's fueled by blot of course, but it's generated by feeding off of negative emotions directly rather than as a byproduct of magic. In other words, in order to maintain their super powered magic form, Yuu needs to feed their inner demons.
I did have other categories but then i realized they weren't actually that cool soooo straight to the other category. They are all more or less expansions of things Yuu is sort of related too in Canon though. But that's kind of wordy.
[Moon in the Water]
Did someone say illusions? No? Too bad! I thought it was neat how they said in Fairy Gala IF that illusionists aren't really a thing in Twisted Wonderland (and while I think they're trying to make that Ortho's thing) so what if someone who wasn't from Twisted Wonderland was the resident illusionist? Other than just making illusions Yuu could do other fun things such as: horrific hallucinations, sensory overloads, popping people's eardrums by making fake explosions right by their ears, and even more! Another addendum to this would be the idea that Yuu's illusions surpass logic, even if you are aware it's an illusion, you won't be able to act in a way that wouldn't make sense if it was real. No walking through the illusory wall unless you're the type to throw yourself into a wall normally! (oh hi Floyd!)
[Nightmare in Dreamland]
Yuu already has weird things going on with a shared dreamscape with Mickey, so why not give them more power over that? Yuu gets to actually control the dream room, inviting (read: kidnapping) people from their dreams into Yuu's. Either for an impromptu therapy session, or a sleepy time beatdown (hey total control over the dream room means TOTAL control).
[Happily Ever After]
Yuu's dream escapades also have the side effect of letting them see the past of the great seven, but what if they could ALSO see the future? A little bit anyways. This UMSS has two parts, passively it grants... well minor clairvoyance. Specifically it shows Yuu the path towards the 'best possible outcome' from their perspective. But crucially it leaves out their own actions, it only shows what other people have to do. Actively however, by saying the incantation, l Yuu gets to say fuck this and instantly bridge the gap between the current situation and the ideal one, it's essentially something that makes impossible successes happen instantaneously. Of course the bigger the difference between the start and the result the more blot is produced and the more mana it costs, so it isn't all powerful.
[All in One, and One for All]
I was originally going to be lazy and call this F-Yuu-sion This is just fusion dancing from DragonBall or Steven Universe. Because it's COOL DAMNIT (and also very fun to work with). Essentially it really is just 'dance to combine Yuu and someone else' but it is a bit different from those other examples. For one rather than being a pure personality combo, Yuu is in focus more, and since Yuu has no power to combine with their target, it basically just supercharges the abilities of whoever Yuu combines with, sometimes adding extra qualities along the way. (For instance, Yuu+Leona would lead to both an increase in King's Roars ability to turn things to sand, as well as the ability to control the sand).
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rinne4112 · 4 months ago
How Prefect was "born"
Trigger Warning : Death mention, slight panic attack
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sober-pepper · 21 days ago
Idia: *Threatening random students*
Yuu: What on earth are you doing?
Idia: Attempting to be social. Support me.
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hanafubukki · a month ago
The Prefect
Their prefect wasn't perfect.
By all means, they were far from perfect.
But that’s what made them fit in with all of them.
Because who in NRC was perfect?
This magic-less student had wormed their way into the hearts of those at NRC.
As they had the Prefect’s.
The Great Seven help those that tried to hurt their Prefect. 
Villains loved deeply and intensely.
They would destroy anything that harmed what they considered theirs.
They would conquer the world if they had to.
Because that’s what it meant to be loved by a villain.  
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faeryarchives · 2 months ago
so i saw this pov tiktok and i immediately thought of these characters 😭
jamil: hmmm i don't think there is enough plot twist in my book, should i unalive some characters to make it more exciting?
yuu: what type of book is that?
jamil: an autobiography
yuu: excuse me what?
kalim: oooo sounds fun!
jamil: i know right?
yuu: no it's not-
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twisted-fishbaiit · 3 days ago
Twisted Halloween Costumes 🎃
Tumblr media
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wakacchi · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Meet the Yuus ✧(σ๑˃̶̀ꇴ˂̶́)σ
Just went through a stressful week, sorry for the lack of content  (;へ:)
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