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Sacheen Littlefeather (Apache/Yaqui/Ariz.), the Native American actress and activist who took to the stage at the 1973 Academy Awards to reveal that Marlon Brando would not accept his Oscar for The Godfather, has died. She was 75.
Littlefeather died at noon Sunday at her home in the Northern California city of Novato surrounded by her loved ones, according to a statement sent out by her caretaker. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which reconciled with Littlefeather in June and hosted a celebration in her honor just two weeks ago, revealed the news on social media Sunday night.
Littlefeather disclosed in March 2018 that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, and it had metastasized in recent years. Brando had decided to boycott the March 1973 Oscars in protest of how Native Americans were portrayed onscreen as well as to pay tribute to the ongoing occupation at Wounded Knee, in which 200 members of the American Indian Movement (AIM) faced off against thousands of U.S. marshals and other federal agents in the South Dakota town. Speaking in measured tones but off-the-cuff — Brando, who told her not to touch the trophy, had given her a typed eight-page speech, but telecast producer Howard Koch informed her she had no more than 60 seconds — she continued, “And the reasons for this being are the treatment of American Indians today by the film industry … and on television in movie reruns, and also with recent happenings at Wounded Knee.” Littlefeather’s remarks were met in the building by a smattering of boos as well as applause, but public sentiment in the immediate aftermath of her appearance was largely negative. Some media outlets questioned her Native heritage (her father was Apache and Yaqui and her mother was white) and claimed she rented her costume for the ceremony, while conservative celebrities including John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Charlton Heston — three actors who had starred in many a Western — reportedly criticized Brando and Littlefeather’s actions. As she was becoming an indelible part of Oscar lore, Wayne “was in the wings, ready to have me taken off stage,” she told the Los Angeles Times in 2016. “He had to be restrained by six security guards.” 
Regardless, nearly 50 years later, the Academy issued her an apology.
“The abuse you endured because of this statement was unwarranted and unjustified,” then-AMPAS president David Rubin wrote to her in a letter dated June 18. “The emotional burden you have lived through and the cost to your own career in our industry are irreparable. For too long the courage you showed has been unacknowledged. For this, we offer both our deepest apologies and our sincere admiration.”
Although Brando’s stunt had the intended effect of renewing attention on Wounded Knee, Littlefeather said it put her life at risk and killed her acting career, claiming that she lost guild memberships and was banned from the industry. (In addition, the Academy subsequently prohibited winners from sending proxies to accept — or reject — awards on their behalf.)
“I was blacklisted — or, you could say, ‘redlisted,'” Littlefeather said in her documentary. “Johnny Carson, Dick Cavett and others didn’t want me on their shows. … The doors were closed tight, never to reopen.”
Littlefeather managed to appear in a handful of films (The Trial of Billy Jack, Johnny Firecloud and Winterhawkamong them) before she quit acting for good and earned a degree in holistic health from Antioch University with a minor in Native American medicine. Her work in wellness included writing a health column for the Kiowa tribe newspaper in Oklahoma, teaching in the traditional Indian medicine program at St. Mary’s Hospital in Tucson, Arizona, and working with Mother Teresa on behalf of AIDS patients in the Bay Area. She would go on to serve as a founding board member of the American Indian AIDS Institute of San Francisco.
Via The Hollywood Reporter
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April being the best big sis ever + How she met the turts (more under the cut)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Source ~ Neuroclastic
[Image IDs: Ten slides from Neuroclastic. All descriptions from Neuroclastic.
All images have a black background with candy-colored rainbow text and graphics
Slide 1: image features a rainbow silhouette with a brain full of talk bubbles that have insults in them. Insults include crybaby, sensitive, freak, weirdo, suck up, snowflake, idiot, stupid, loser, boring, try hard, histrionic, gross, etc.
From the silhouette is a talk bubble that reads, "This is not my voice"
Image is titled, "On Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, Codependency, & Identity"
Slide 2: Titled "Stages of losing contact with the core self"
There is a 5-point zig zag graph with the following stages
Early Relational trauma: Needs are ignored, punished, or shamed. Authentic expression feels pointless or even dangerous.
Rejections accumulate: As authentic attempts to meet needs fail, the rejections begin to wall off access to core self Masks form: Person survives by experimenting with various masks as reactions to volatile or unresponsive people. Core self is further distanced: Masks shield Core Self from abuse, scorn, & neglect, but the person becomes a mirror of others
Codependency: Only the reactive masks have access to others, so a person's existence is defined by the behavior, moods, & acceptance of others.
Slide 3: Titled "Formation of Identity Masks"
An animated character with rainbow coloured hair peeks over a brick wall, each brick containing different words and symbols, while some bricks remain empty. Text above the character reads: "Identity masks are worn to shape the behavior of others. Even if an identity is true to the Core Self, masks make a person seem more or less:
[Words and symbols in bricks]
Popular, amused emojil, fun, smart, heart eyes emoji, educated, disabled, oppressed, dedicated, social, sad emoji, neuroclastic, angry, magical, religious, fashionable, heart icon, normal, stable, mature, political, angry symbol, responsible, smirking emoji, rich, independent, sad emoji, fit, brave, seductive, masculine, heartbreak icon, qualified, vulnerable, skilled.
Slide 4: Titled "Disconnection from our Core Self"
Text below reads: Eventually, we lose contact with our Core Self so that no identity feels real. Identities become more like outfits to put on & wear in different settings the same way we change clothes.
Different bubbles each read:
We mask as someone new in every situation & context
Who we are in the moment depends on the moods & behaviors of people around us
We do not realize that others are not also wearing identities as clothing
We have learned that boundaries get us in trouble, so we don't set them
We are then shocked & feel rejected when others set boundaries
We think people who know themselves are performing and boundaries are rude
Slide 5: Titled "Identities as masks are Identity Cages"
A circle has various bullets emanating from it, each occupying its own oval.
Text within circle reads: RSD is a disconnect from your Core
Self & identity
Bullets are numbered below:
We think our masks are identities, so rejection of masks feels like loss of self
We shop for & borrow other people's identities like they are others flattering clothes
We have perfectionism & are hypercritical of ourselves & others
Because masks are fragile like clothing, mistakes feel like a torn or ruined self
Relationships feel fleeting & fall into toxic patterns of codependency
Slide 6: Titled "Markers of Codependency"
Different shapes with similarly shaped wiggly lines arranged in a 2x3 arrangement, outline different markers of codependency, as follows:
Obsessive about others' and & own behavior Sees, own & others' worth as conditional
Tries hard to be needed & to fix others because love feels like a reward for good behavior
Falls in love quickly, but also can immediately hate someone others to feel worthy
Feels empathetic because identity masks rely on others' emotions for minor offenses
Needs a lot of reassurance, attention, & validation from others to feel worthy
Slide 7: Titled "relationships and Codependency"
4 rectangles, each with different representative graphics and unique titles, leading to the one after them.
The first is titled "Dangerous Relationships" with a one character confidently speaking to/advising a seemingly downcast character.
Text reads: Often exploited by people who see them as an easy target because they are afraid to set boundaries or say "no"
The second is titled "Martyrdom and Resentment" with an uncertain looking character holding an unbalanced balance scale.
Text reads: Taking a passive role of servitude & giving too much, then feeling like a martyr when others do not reciprocate
The third is titled "Other-directed life" with a signpost, one sign reading @NeuroClastic while the other remains blank.
Text reads: Goals, feelings, & desires are responses to others & not reflections of own identity or needs
The fourth is titled "Chaos & Drama" with one character with their finger up, walking away from a confused looking character.
Text reads: Criticizes & blames self or others for minor problems, harshly judges self & others, & manipulates to make self the victim
Slide 8: Titled "Reconnecting To The Core Self"
A circle is divided in quadrants, each describing ways to reconnect with one's Core Self.
The first quadrant is titled: Locating the Core Self The Core Self is not lost, just disconnected. It is the internal voice asking, "Who am I?" and the source of grief beneath the masks. Try to focus on that voice and connecting with your Core Self..
The second quadrant is titled: Dropping the Masks Identity is the whole tree - the roots, trunk, leaves, and fruit. Masks are the parasitic vines of unhealthy relationships and trauma. Begin to remove the vines one at a time when it's safe to do so.
The third quadrant is titled: Losing Value Judgements Dissociating from the Core Self means a person sees the behavior as identity, then strives to be perfect and push others to never make mistakes. You are not your behavior.
The fourth quadrant is titled: Learn to Set Boundaries Boundaries are more effective than masks at protecting the Core Self and prevent you from focusing externally to depend on others to meet your needs and maintain your autonomy.
Slide 9: Various stone shapes containing text are linked by a curving line. The topmost stone reads: Claiming Your Identity
Other stones follow, respectively reading:
No one tells you who you are. You tell them who you are. Who you are does not depend on others.
Know that you do not have to accept harm for the comfort of others.
Ask yourself, "Am I doing this because I want to do it, or because I am afraid of rejection?"
Take small risks, gradually, that allow you to be who you are & build the courage to be disliked.
Work on discovering your Core Self without an audience until you know what you love & who you are.
Slide 10: A comparison between Co-dependence and Interdependence.
The co-dependence pointers remain on a black background, whereas the inter-dependence pointers are enclosed in pencil shaped boxes, which in turn are placed against a rainbow coloured background.
The co-dependence pointers read:
I never develop my own passions or refine my skills because I am living for others
I am jealous & resentful of other people's joy, success, & material possessions
I do not make decisions without people-pleasing & say "yes" when I want to say "no"
I cannot make mistakes because other people will reject, hurt, & abandon me
I become like the people around me & agree with them to fit in & avoid conflict
I manage relationships by controlling or submitting, giving too much or taking too much
The inter-dependence pointers read:
I take the time I need to discover my passions & develop my skills to be fulfilling to me
I do not need to win or be cenetred in order to find value in experiences
I set boundaries & decline to participate if something feels wrong to me
Mistakes are a healthy part of growth & an opportunity to learn & evolve
I do not lose my values or reduce myself to be accepted & don't need others to approve
I give & receive in mutual ways that benefit both me & the people in my life
End ID]
Further Reading from Neuroclastic:
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[has alt id]
This comic came to me and I had to manifest it as fast as I could
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desdraculass · 2 days ago
Gotta say, as a black person from the US, i personally appreciate and kind of enjoy the inclusion and and treatment of race in the show. And i know relatability isn't the hallmark of a good character or show or whatever but it allows me to relate to, and feel more sympathy towards Louis as a character more than I could with him in the book because his situation is more complicated and soul-grating than Book Louis could ever comprehend, and I Understand.
And no shame, but if you're white and uncomfortable with race and racism being a factor, i think that is probably a good thing and you should perhaps investigate those feelings a bit. They made the choice to make Louis black and instead of shying away from the obvious tenison that a queer interracial relationship in the 1910s would create, they honored Louis' character and the experience of black people in the US, and embraced it.
I think there is something so powerful in having Louis finally be able to fight back after a life of forcing docility upon himself for the sake of his and his family's lives. It actually kind of reminds me of Gabrielle when she was turned in TVL; the impositions of human society no longer matter so she can dress how she wants, there's no longer anything to fear in the dark. There's nobody to have to make yourself smaller for. But, because Louis is still so tied to his humanity, and him and Lestat want to live within human society (for the time being at least), these are all still things he has to deal with; he still has to play by the rules, and i think reconciling these two lives/experiences is going to become increasingly difficult for him and will serve as one of the main driving forces of his development as a character.
I also find that it lends Lestat's character, and his relationship with Louis, more depth. To put it lightly, Lestat is very out of touch with Louis' situation in a way that I can only imagine a white man being--and his being a vampire and detached from humanity doesn't lend him any help. Disregarding race is only the white vampire's luxury. However, he does love Louis, and I feel them having these conversations about race (and sexuality) provide a great space for Lestat to develop as a character and as a companion/partner to Louis.
And also, during one of Lestat and Louis' confrontations in the iwtv book, i recall Louis saying something to the effect of him feeling like a slave to Lestat and Lestat admitting that he was keeping Louis weak/docile/whatever because it was easier for him to get what he wanted. (Sorry i dont have my copy of the book at the moment, otherwise I'd pull up specific passages). So, from that perspective i think their conversations about race are much more impactful and purposeful than their arguments in the book, which imo seemed to stem primarily from Louis' dissatisfaction with Lestat keeing 'vampiric knowledge' or whatever from him. And personally, these conversations about race are more preferable to me than book Louis, a slave owner, whining that he feels like a slave to Lestat -- just sayin'.
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I appreciate a well-maintained, non-renovated mid-century modern home like this beauty in Brookfield, Wisconsin. $1.2M
Tumblr media
Aren’t the doors beautiful? Of course, they have to be either orange or yellow. Love the flagstone foyer and the stone wall. 
Tumblr media
It has a drop zone for coats and boots.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Very large home with plenty of space for entertaining. 
Tumblr media
The roomy dining area is completely accessible to the sitting rooms and bar. Notice the original decorative wall.
Tumblr media
This is convenient, b/c the bar is actually part of the kitchen. 
Tumblr media
Amazing impeccably maintained original kitchen cabinetry.
Tumblr media
Off the kitchen is a large sunroom. 
Tumblr media
This would definitely be the go-to house for holidays and gatherings.
Tumblr media
And, look at the indoor pool.
Tumblr media
The main bd. has glass doors to a private sunroom. 
Tumblr media
Off the pool area is a home office.
Tumblr media
The en-suite bath has been updated.
Tumblr media
Plus there’s a walk-in closet/dressing room.
Tumblr media
The home has 3 other bds that are spacious.
Tumblr media
And, also has 5 updated baths.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Down a back hallway is a tile sauna.
Tumblr media
Plus, a basement kitchen.
Tumblr media
And, a pool room. 
Tumblr media
This is a major party house.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Patio in the back. This is a gigantic house.
Tumblr media
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“The thing is, like, really, Ren has no real power. His knights are people like Cub and Cleo, like, they’ll turn on him in an instant.” Impulse said. The soup group was sat around their meeting table, discussing the next moves the revolution should take.
“Yeah, he’s all bark and no bite.” Pearl added, smirking. “He’s a tiny little doggie with a tiny little doggie crown!”
“I think we need another prank to really annoy him. Ohh, what if we painted the crastle pink or something?” Gem jumped up and down in her seat.
They all laughed at the idea, and eagerly began to plan their next prank on the crown. Resistance life was fun, with adventure and mischief abundant.
The one-on-one meetings with the king had increased from around once a week to every day. The knights of the square table gathered every day in the hallway, grumbling to each other about this inconvenience, while Ren’s dramatic tones could be heard from behind the door.
“Why on earth are we still agreeing to this?” Cleo whispered not too quietly to the others one afternoon, as Cub was walked in by Bdubs. “This is ridiculous. Once a day? He’s gone mad.”
Joe gave her a twisted grimace. “I mean, someone’s gotta do it, I guess.”
“It’s like reality tv for me.” Iskall said.
Scar just kinda shrugged.
“I mean, this imaginary power has already gotten to his head. You all have got to be seeing what I am.” Cleo looked around at them all.
“You know, you’re sounding an awful lot like those soup group people.” Scar mused, plucking at the string of his bow.
“Oh, come on now, Scar.” Cleo rolled her eyes.
“Cleo! You’re up next!” Bdubs threw open the doors, letting Cub slide past with that dragon head of his, which hit every person as he passed. Cleo stepped forward, still thinking about what she’d said.
“Lady Cleo!” Ren sat at the table, leaning back in his chair with the diamonds in his cloak glittering in the light from the sun.
“Ren.” Cleo sat down rather ungracefully, as her leg was hurting a bit, and arranged her gown around her.
“Aren’t you forgetting something?”
Cleo snorted. “If you’re talking about those damn blue glasses, yes, that was an intentional choice. They don’t go with my outfit.”
“That wasn’t what I was referring to, Lady Cleo, although your failure to adhere to the dress code will be noted.” Ren said, waving to Bdubs, who wrote something down on his laptop. He looked at Cleo again. “I was referring my name.” Cleo said nothing. “You seem to be in an awfully sour mood, more then usual, might I add.” Ren continued.
“I’m always like this, it’s part of my charm.” Cleo deadpanned back. She thought of all the things she could be doing, and sighed. “But daily meetings are an absolute waste of time, you mad dog king.”
“How dare you insult me!” Ren stood up, dramatically pointing a finger at her. “You are a traitor to the crown, you are! I should have your knighthood seized from you!”
“How would we even do that?” Bdubs piped up from his corner, but no one paid him mind.
Cleo chuckled, a low and deeply intimidating laugh that she saved for moments like these, relished a bit, honestly. “Let’s be honest, Ren. You need me. You need all of us, sure, but you’re afraid of me, and you need me.” She stood up, almost stalking Ren across the floor, one leg still a little stiff. “You mad little dog. You do realize you hold no power here, don’t you?
“I hold all the power. You just don’t know it.” Ren hissed back, although he’d let himself be pushed back into a wall, looking about as pathetic as a man could.
“No you don’t. You’re a puppet, and you are nothing without your strings.” She gestured to herself. She was standing inches away from him, and maintaining eye contact, staring down the king.
“Perhaps you’re right, Lady Cleo.” Ren said softly. He glanced back at her, then kind of off to the side.
“Look at me, Ren.”
And as he said that, he moved forward, a wild grin on his face, and Cleo felt something go straight through her. She took a step back and looked down. There was a sword handle buried in her stomach.
“Ren. You do know I can’t feel pain, right?”
“Oh, I know.”
“Then why did you ruin my dress, you moronic-”
Ren grabbed the handle of the blade, pulled it out, and sliced Cleo’s head clean off her neck.
“Guys! Holy fucking shit!” Gem crashed right into Pearl, scrambling to her feet. “Guys, there’s something- it’s horrible!” She was shaking like a leaf and pale, tears in her eyes.
It was morning, and the soup group had gathered on the bridge for their morning coffee/tea/energy drink session, a usually relaxing routine to start the day.
“Gem, what’s going on?” Impulse asked in concern, putting a hand on her shoulder. Gem didn’t reply, but pointed up towards her base. Right on top of the hill was some kind of small shape looking down at them. The sun was just rising behind the limp-looking thing, blocking any identifying features besides outline.
“What is that, like a scarecrow or something?” Pearl asked, shading her eyes. Gem took off towards it without a word and Impulse and Pearl, after shrugging at each other, followed her up.
Green, torn fabric was being tugged by the wind. The greyish skin was beading up with morning dew. And there was something written in red, the same shade as her hair.
“Oh my god, it’s a scarecleo.” Pearl whispered.
Death is not uncommon in Hermitcraft. But this was not death- this was a message. It was ZombieCleo, the actual decaying body, not some armor stand magic. She hung from the stake she was tied to, lifeless, like a gruesome doll of some kind. But she looked off, her skin bulging in odd places and sinking in others.
Impulse took a couple of brave steps forward, and reached for the tear in the stomach of Cleo’s dress. “Oh my god. She’s stuffed with hay like an actual scarecrow. I can see it in her exposed ribs.” Impulse leapt back, shaking out his hands as the full impact of his statement hit him.
“Wha- why?” Pearl walked forward, standing right in front of Cleo’s lifeless form, looking up into her face. “Traitor.” Silence swept through the soup group, a clawing chill that had them looking at one another in unease.
“We need Cleo to tell us what happened.” Gem spoke up finally, tears running down her face. “We can’t leave her like this.”
Pearl knelt down to examine the part of the stake in the ground. “There’s a marking here..” Pearl murmured, tracing the small carving with her finger. “An arrow, pointing down.”
“I can dig.” Impulse said hoarsly, pulling out a shovel. “But I can’t- we need to move her. Please.”
Gem and Pearl cut Cleo down, and carried her best they could into Gem’s castle. They placed her on a table, and Gem looked down at Cleo’s face, moving some bits of hair out of the way.
“Why?” She asked Pearl.
“Warning.” Pearl murmured, watching Gem smooth Cleo’s hair away from her chest, where “traitor” was still clear.
“Guys! I found something! It’s- eugh!” Impulse called from outside. Pearl and Gem dashed out, and found Impulse scrambling back on all fours away from a stained bag. “It’s guts!” Impulse choked out.
“Guts?” Pearl asked.
Gem raced to the bag and peered in. “Oh, these must be Cleo’s guts! We can put her back together!”
“Gem, I don’t think that’s how this works.” Impulse said sadly.
“She’s a zombie. She doesn’t use these anyway. I know we can do this! It’s just like a board game or something!” Gem looked back and forth at the two. “Don’t you want to save Cleo? Know what happened? If she is really a traitor, she is one of us now.”
And so, they set to work. They found that someone had made deep incisions in Cleo already, and so taking out the straw was easy, but horrifying. Gem took to the task of placing the organs back in the right spots, reworking the connections to the brain best she could.
And then there was a gasp, and Cleo’s eyes fluttered closed, then open.
“Cleo!” Gem gasped, still holding the string she was going to use for stitching.
“Holy fuck.” Cleo looked down at herself. “That fucker.” She looked around. “Well, hi soup group. Sorry about the horrors. Gem, give me that string- I’d prefer to do my own stitching.”
Gem handed over the string and needle, eyes wide. Impulse stared at her too. Pearl stood in front of her again, needing answers.
“What happened to you?”
“Ren happened to me.” Cleo muttered bitterly. “Provoked him one too many times, I guess, and he snapped. Killed me and had me brought out here as a message to you guys.” She sighed. “Joe was the one who filled me with straw.”
“Joe?” Impulse asked.
“He was forced to, with Ren holding a knife to his throat. Thank god Joe had the sense to come back here and bury my organs so you guys could find them.” Cleo finished up the stitches and cut it with her teeth.
“We’ve got to stop him.” Pearl said. “We’ve got Cleo now too. Now it’s gone too far.”
“What do we do?” Impulse asked.
“Well, I want Joe.” Cleo said. “We get him, we plan a real fucking revolution, and we take the crown off of that king’s head. He’s gone mad with power and greed. Reminds me of another king dog.” She shared a look with Impulse. “We take that crown and we burn the kingdom to the ground. It’s the only way now. The revolution is now.”
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comickergirl · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Love the implication that Kara and Dick went on a disastrous mission/date/whathaveyou at some point prior to World’s Finest, so now I like to imagine that her and Barbara frequently team up to roast him. 
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super-paper · 2 days ago
Highlights Summary of the new event in MHUI
The LOV gets a fancy new hideout!
They immediately take out a load bearing wall and cost the PLF hundreds of thousands in property damage. :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The chaos begins bc Twice made a bunch of clones for the league to beat up spar with-- Twice thinks they should be able to mop the floor with their clones because they all powered up during their fight with the MLA (with Compress futilely attempting to point out that Twice’s clones all have the same exact combat ability as the originals), and Spinner is a little mean and asks the clones to just go away (lmao). Clone!Dabi and Clone!Tomura’s feelings get hurt, Clone!Tomura retaliates by decaying part of the PLF villa and Clone!Dabi just starts setting stuff on fire. Completely healthy expressions of sadness as always, boys!
The league eventually defeats their wildin’ clones, but are left with a very-large-very-noticeable-very-on-brand hole in the side of the PLF villa. They decide to do the logical, forthcoming, and responsible thing and hide all evidence of their involvement.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The League: >talk about how good and experienced they are at hiding evidence
>They proceed to get caught immediately.
Rather than own up to anything, they all run away and hide in a dark room. These are the guys that destabilized all of Japan.
Side note: Tomura’s blasé reaction to whatever hijinks the LOV instigate is one of the best things about their group dynamic. Like yeah, Tomura, this might as well happen. they’re having fun so what the fuck ever right. no matter what insane bullshit they get up to, he just hopes it kills him first.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Are you The League of Morons!?” D... Do you want a serious answer.
They encounter Skeptic, who was apparently just…. Sitting alone in that dark room, monitoring the league through hidden cameras this whole time?? Most of the league is understandably creeped out. Noticeably, Tomura doesn’t have any real reaction to his privacy being invaded by either the LOV (who barged into his room without knocking at the start of the event) or Skeptic (who again, basically admitted to monitoring him in his bedroom through surveillance cameras) at any point during this event— which fits with his lore about growing up under constant video surveillance by AFO. :’)  Let’s give the MHUI devs a round of applause for their canon compliant fridge horror!
Skeptic diverts attention away from his voyeurism by calling the league out for destroying PLF property. ReDestro and Trumpet also appear, much like ineffective chaperones on a middle school field trip, and scold the LOV for their wanton property damage (this is made funnier when you remember that Tomura absolutely cratered the base of their operations like a week ago-- ya’ll knew what he was about). Trumpet asks the LOV if any of them are able to use their quirks to fix the damaged wall.
Tumblr media
Tomura’s suggestion for fixing the wall? Just destroy the entire villa and rebuild it from scratch (smart). He even offers to lend a hand returning the settings to zero (kind). He gently but firmly emphasizes that the LOV is a team and reminds Trumpet that there is no “I” in anarchy (patient)-- Destruction is OUR thing. :)
Trumpet knows a landmine when he sees one and immediately changes the subject from “fixing the wall” to just having the LOV clean up their own damn mess. 
The league spends a good few minutes talking about the best way to clean up the debris and lamenting that the pieces of rubble are too big for Mister C to compress… with all of them casually forgetting that Tomura can just decay the pieces of rubble, until he chimes in at the last minute while seeming kind of offended that they forgot (thanks, Boss!).
Tumblr media
Tomura reminds them that he is an honors student in destroying things and that he can totally decay pieces of building with one hand and that if sensei had been here he would have TOTALLY given him a good grade in senseless property damage-- >:(
Ujiko appears at the end of the event and spoils the fun immediately with his usual ominous bullshit-- because we know it’s not a *real* LOV-centric event unless we’re reminded about the Constant Unspeakable Horrors surrounding Tomura’s whole existence somehow. The end! 
TL;DR: Everyone say thank you to MHUI for continuing to capitalize on the LOV’s potential for whimsical and mildly unhinged hijinks.
Bonus cute LOV found family + shipping crumb stuff under the readmore:
Tumblr media
The event started with Tomura confined to bed in the PLF villa, recovering from the injuries he sustained fighting Machia and the MLA. He’s hurt pretty badly, but relieved that the MLA/PLF has loads of money bc it means he can recover his HP in peace, quiet, and comfort--
Tumblr media Tumblr media
--Just Kidding ☆ The League decides that he can Sleep When He’s Dead and barges into his room without knocking. Tellingly, instead of getting angry or telling them to get out of his room, Tomura is just resigns himself to the fact that he’ll never have peace or quiet with the league in his life and immediately joins in on their hijinks. The amount of affection he has for the league is palpable.  Rest in chaos, Shigaraki Tomura.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tomura broke his leg in the fight with ReDestro, and it’s become difficult for him to move around as a result. The league decides to strong arm ReDestro into making Tomura a wheelchair so he can play with them explore the PLF villa with them. The painkillers possessing Shigaraki Tomura think this is a great idea, so he tells ReDestro make him one. ReDestro folds like a lawn chair and agrees immediately while Skeptic shrieks about budget restrictions in the background. It’s all very fun.
There’s also something mildly amusing about Compress being the only one to call ReDestro by name, while the other members just call him “that guy” or “baldy” or “PIGGYBANK WHO BUYS ME NICE THINGS AND OINKS ON DEMAND That CEO.” Further evidence that the LOV is just a group of disaffected teenagers, part 5ive hundred sixty seven-- 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tomura nearly collapses from his injuries, and Twice quickly clones himself and catches Tomura before he falls (this is somehow faster and more efficient than original!Twice just catching Tomura himself-- just admit that you wanted Tomura to praise you for cloning yourself again, Twice). Their relationship remains tooth rottingly adorable.
Spinner is also still riding the high of his gay awakening, for those who are into ShigSpin, and he spends most of the event fussing over Tomura’s injuries.
We also get a Dadpress moment when the LOV reflects on how they’ve gotten stronger, and he mentions that Toga’s fight-to-the-death with Curious “warmed his heart” (Compress?? Bro??? She almost died????). Toga immediately channels the spirit of a bratty teenage daughter and she tells him to stuff it.
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Superboy meets Danny
Ok. Let me explain my points here. First of all, Things these boys got in common:
Was cloned by a crazy billionaire (Match & Dani)
Has a father who doesn’t understand or is actively trying to stop/kill them
Trying their best to not be related to said crazy billionaire who cloned them
The crazy billionaire is also a villain
Rebellious teen
Has a trio friend group that (is partially) comprised of a tech geek and rich friend.
That’s all I can think of just at the moment! There’s so much more. These bitches would be a force to be reckoned with if they ever met.
Danny goes to Metropolis on a school trip. You know how some American schools will have a weekend trip to DC? Every year the Juniors in the school have the opportunity to go to Metropolis.
Danny’s parents happily give Danny the money and permission to go.
With the only drawback that you have to write a paper on the history of how superheroes changed america, Danny was ecstatic to go.
Danny, Dash, Sam, and Tucker are all put in a team to explore Metropolis and collect information for their paper. Their first stop: An impressive viewing deck on the top of a 30 story building that has a good view on the city's skyline that was streamlined so Superman could have easy access to rooftops and all building entrances.
The four are on the viewing deck and taking photos of the view and informational plaques when Intergang attacks the building they’re in with Apoklyptian tech.
One of their gizmos is like a flamethrower on steroids that’s able to shoot a stream of fire dozens of stories high. Within minutes the first 10 stories are completely engulfed in flame. Danny, not wanting to expose his secret identity to Dash, tells everyone to shout for Superman because he supposedly helped people in distress who shouted his name.
Superboy shows up a minute later. Not who they expected but they weren’t picky with who was saving them with over half the building engulfed in flame and no escape in sight.
Danny is super casually talking to Superboy and flirting back and forth as they’re flown down to the street. Dash is confused because Danny Fenton, the kid who he beats the shit out of on the daily and has no bitches, is chatting up Superboy like they’ve known each other for years, and Dash knows damn well that they’ve never met before. Danny can’t make friends with a superhero before him so Dash tries to do his cool guy act on Superboy.
Dash probably shouldn’t have tried to insult someone who was a superpowered teen and flying him hundreds of feet above solid ground because Superboy did NOT like that. He shot down Dash with insults so scathing that Dash is pretty sure the rest of his entire bloodline won’t be able to recover.
After that Dash knew to simply shut up as Superboy brought the rest of the crew to the ground. Just before he was about to leave, Superboy slipped Danny a piece of paper, winked, and mimed “call me” before flying off.
…Did Danny just score a date with THE Superboy?!
Well, not a date per se, but Danny DID get Superboy’s number. They met up as much as they could over the weekend that Danny was in Metropolis and quickly became fast friends.
These two are an incredibly tight duo who are some of the most mischievous motherfuckers ever when left to their own devices.
One of those times is when they convinced Tucker to hack into the Batcomputer. Superboy told him what he knew and Tucker went to work.
Twenty or so minutes later, Barbara and Tim are freaking the fuck out because they were both on monitor duty and someone hacked into the batcomputer. After panicking and tracing back the hack, they take over the hackers computer camera and see Superboy and another black haired teen triumphantly cheering while the boy who apparently infiltrated the batcaves computers, was holding his head in his hands mockingly at the two superpowered kids' actions.
Tim and Babs realize that this wasn’t a malicious attack and instead just a couple of insanely competent idiots having fun. If these guys can have fun why can’t they?
Babs infiltrates the computer that has shockingly insanely well crafted cyber security. She changes the lockscreen and every tab open to an image of Red Robin getting fucking beaned in the skull with a jug of juice. Tucker responds 15 minutes later on the batcomputer with a low angle photo of himself and Superboy flipping off the camera. At the far top of the image is Danny crawling upside down on the ceiling, feet and fingers embedded into the bumpy surface. His eyes glowing a bright green and looking like an eldritch abomination.
This starts one of the strangest friendships that Tucker has ever had. Actively hacking into eachothers computers to send back and forth increasingly elaborate shitposts and enhancing their firewalls with each breach of security. Danny actively repairs ghost nations, ghost politics, ghost relations, and completes a BUNCH of ghost king related activities he normally would have hated for the sole purpose of getting specific ghosts together to create the new shitpost of the week that they would send to Oracle and Red Robin.
Batman finds out only because Superboy let it slip. “Got through to your stupid batcomputer three times this week! You’re slacking Gordon.”
In all honesty, Batman thinks it’s fucking halarious. His kids managed to find the nerdiest possible way to make friends and they’re making massive improvements on the Batcomputer and Watchtower’s security. If these kids ever DO become a threat… Batman knows exactly where they lived and has an armed satellite at the ready.
Now that Batman knows, Superboy gets Red Robin and Impulse together to meet the Phantom trio. I need you guys to picture this: It’s a cozy family owned diner. Warm oranges, reds, and tans cover the inside of the building. A very sweet looking mid 40s lady with her hair in a bun and an apron around her waist, walks over to a corner booth and asks the customers what they would want to eat.
At this table: Danny, Sam, and Tucker all are wearing their casual everyday clothes sit at one side of the table while talking animatedly to the trio on the other side of the table: Red Robin, Impulse, and Superboy, all in their full superhero uniforms, are talking just as excitedly right back at the Phantom Gang on what to order.
So Sam. Sam would be amazing with Tim. Imagine the amount of eco-friendly ideas she could propose to Tim to better the public's view of WayneTech. With Sam’s help, Tim launches a campaign to fix infrastructure and do a HUGE plant based rehabilitation plan to help reduce smog and add greenery to Gotham. Tim hires Poison Ivy to help with the enhanced growth of trees and gardens around Gotham and it goes extremely well. Poison Ivy commits bioterrorism for the betterment of the environment after all, they remove the terrorism bit and just keep the bio, she isn’t that bad. It’s amazing because that means there’s one less villain on their asses all the times tearing up Gotham.
Sam also absolutely gives everyone makeup lessons and fashion tips to embrace their own personal aesthetic better.
Tucker is super good friends with Tim and Impulse. He somehow can keep up with Impulses talking and the pair will spend hours excitedly infodumping each other. Tucker chatting with Tim about tech and some improvements that they could send to the engineering division of WayneTech. The amount of chaotic bullshittery Tucker will do with the two is unparalleled.
Danny is extremely good friends with Impulse and Superboy. Superboy and him bond over their experiences and powers. They go on bi weekly night flights to brainstorm pranks and insults to throw at their respective villains. Danny is able to also keep up with Impulse's excited speech and they give each other tips on how to control powers granted to them by all powerful other dimensions.
idk this ends my rambling but I just… Danny would be such good friends with Superboy. If you want to go romantic, they would be an incredible couple. The flirting and nonstop jabs could absolutely be simply bros being bros but I genuinely think these two could have a very solid romantic connection with each other if you want to go in that direction. Their backgrounds are so very similar, their personalities would mesh together extremely well, they’re vigilantes so no worries about endangering a weak civilian, and you cannot tell me that Danny wouldn’t steal Connor’s jackets even if he wasn’t in a relationship with him.
In the far future I truly believe they would stay friends. When Danny reveals to Impulse and Robin that he’s actually a ghost and the photos they were sending to the batcave were honest to god images of another dimension, it certainly causes momentary panic and chaos but it quickly settles into acceptance. How on earth Robin or Impulse would react to the Ghost Zone I am completely unsure. If someone else wants to add onto this with that concept you can surely go for it. All I do know is that their awe and wonder of this brilliantly strange and odd dimension that their friend (who’s apparently the ruler of?! What?!?!) lives in. They all use the GZ as a sort of hideaway when things get complicated and too much in the mortal plane. They all have little rooms in Danny’s lair that they are free to crash in at any time.
This offer may spread to everyone else too. Connor invites Danny and the rest of Young Just Us over to the Kent’s farm to enjoy some incredible homemade meals and to take their mind off things to focus on chores around the farm. Tim invites the group over to Wayne Manor for their assistance on difficult cases (if the research session turns into a Mario Kart tournament or movie marathon, that’s between them and Alfred)
I am very much so unsure how to end this so I’ll just say this: Danny’s life changed for the better and no matter what he does, he can never escape “are you an angel?” jokes.
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Yor Forger "Thorn Princess" (ヨル・フォージャー) - Spy x Family Part 2 - Episode 1
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I wonder what aliens would think of home team advantage.
I got into hockey a couple years ago to troll my best friend and immediately developed an undying loyalty to my team that goes beyond blood and water. The most surprising thing to me was when I got to go to a playoffs game in my team's home arena prior to the Sickness. Not being a sports person, I'd never been part of a crowd like that before and I could not imagine being a member of an away team skating onto the ice in front of a massive wall of their opponents' colors. It would be intimidating as hell, especially if you had literally no exposure to it.
And to an alien, it might not make sense. Imagine species who use sporting event as purely skill contests, with no social element. Sure, there's entertainment in watching, but only intellectually: watching a skilled person excel at physically demanding tasks. What if there were aliens that watch sporting events like documentaries, who build their "arenas" like black-box theaters, small and dark, and tailored to connoisseurs—and silent. It would be rude, after all, to distract the athletes from their competition.
Imagine these aliens realizing that humans also have similar physical competitions and being curious about if their two species can compare. They invite human teams into their arena theaters to compete with their own and they realize very quickly that humans are not very good at "sports." Even without the distraction of a talking crowd, the humans seem to distract themselves: they seem on edge, perhaps even uncomfortable, and while it becomes clear that they possess some skill, because they do manage to score against leading teams, they seem a far cry from the bombastic, playfully aggressive, overly competitive personalities that humans display in so many other contexts.
And then the humans are gracious enough to invite the aliens to play in their home arenas—and foolish enough to challenge them to bring their best.
"Watch out," one human player says to their alien counterpart, with a twinkle in her eye. "At home, we'll have home team advantage."
At first, this isn't so strange. They do actually have some understanding of what we would call a home team advantage, but only the contextual part: if you train in a familiar space, you will do better in that space because you are more familiar with it. But the aliens aren't worried. Earth has demanded their best athletes and with the humans' displays so far, it's clear that familiarity with the terrain will not do too much to give them an advantage.
They are provided with vids and research about human sporting arenas, which point out that they're made to accommodate massive crowds, but that doesn't faze most of the alien players. Perhaps the crowds are for educational purposes, since so many visual records show human young in the crowds—full family units in fact. It's a bit curious that they're all wearing the colors of the team's...crest? Insignia? But that's humans for you, always looking for groups to align themselves with, even if they don't actually participate. And so they don't think anything of it.
When they enter the building and hear the roaring of thousands of screams they fear something has gone horribly wrong. Some begin to panic, asking if they should leave, until their human interpreter laughs and explains: the voices are not afraid. They're excited to see their team play.
"Who?" The team captain asks, trying to regain composure.
"The fans." The interpreter is almost beaming now. They are wearing a very professional pantsuit and blouse—in the same colors as the team's insignia.
Before the aliens can wonder what rotating blades have to do with sporting events, they're pulled off to a locker room. They won't admit it, but they're already shaken by the sound of the crowd. They're used to playing in polite silence, punctuated by the occasional comment from the audience.
"Now, we know this is a very different experience for you," the interpreter says. "And human sporting events can be overstimulating to a lot of humans. So we've worked with your government to help create personal audio dampeners so you aren't overwhelmed by the noise. We've also requested that the stadium refrain from playing music or putting on any light displays. It'll just be you and the crowd."
That's not as comforting as she might think. And when the alien team comes out onto the playing field, some of them almost bolt. There are so many humans and they're...chanting? At first, the aliens worry that the chanting is for them...but then they hear the name of the opposite team in the rhythm of it and when that team enters, the resounding scream of joy almost breaks through the audio dampeners.
Not only that, the human team they faced only a few rotations ago is nowhere to be seen. Gone are the uneasy, self-conscious players from before. They're confident now, they swagger, and wave to the crowd and the crowd screams back and that only seems to give them more energy. Some of the players begin to remember, then, that humans are hypersocial creatures. Have even been called a hivemind by some, less charitable members of the alien species. But they don't put it together until they play.
The crowd transforms them. They score two points in the first half of the first round and the paper-thin defense that the aliens had broken through easily in prior games has become a solid wall. Even with the sound of the crowd dampened, the aliens can see its effects: the humans' newfound confidence brings out that oh-so-human desire to risk everything on a dangerous play and somehow it almost feels like the crowd betters the odds. But it's not just filling them with confidence and intimidating their opponents. The humans try harder in front of their crowd: move faster, hit stronger, endure longer.
At first, the team captain thinks it's just a fear of embarrassment, at failing in front of so many witnesses. But xi soon realizes it's more than that. They don't just want to not do badly in front of a crowd, they want to do well for the crowd. They want the crowd to scream in joy—and when a human scores the game-winning point they do, surging to their feet as one in a joyful scream that does break through the audio dampeners.
The alien team loses this time, and not just the game. The team captain and xir players have never had such a response to their game and while they don't need the same kind of constant social affirmation humans do, it is enviable to have a whole crowd of people get so much joy out of watching you play. Returning to the sporting theater is almost disappointing, especially when humans in the human team's colors start showing up in the audience. They don't get to yell in these spaces—some do and are quickly asked to leave—but they come anyway. The captain almost wishes to have their own audience. But that isn't done in xir culture and so they push it aside as foolish daydreams. Until they get the comm from Earth. A written message, with a visual component:
"Dear Mx. Aliens: My name is Seul-ki. It's nice to meet you! My friends and I watched the game you played against the Wildcats and thought you did well! I have watched a lot of vids of your games now and I think your team has the best defense in the interplanetary league. My friend Ashwani and I wanted to buy jerseys of your team but you don't have those so we made some. We also wanted to ask you to please let us be your official fan club, because we read you don't have one. Thanks for reading, S & A."
Attached is a picture of two human young smiling and wearing black clothing, with numbers on it. One of them wears the team captain's number and a bright intimidating smile with far too many teeth. A human smile. Xi has forgotten the old adage for dealing with humans: they will get attached to anything. It was meant as a warning, but at the moment, it feels like a blessing.
It would only be a boon to diplomatic relations, xi thinks, to include these youth in their sporting culture. In fact, xi considers with a growing excitement, perhaps xi could even invite the fan club to their home arena. It would be good to hear a crowd calling xir name.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
— happy birthday to our angel <3
from adore u to now, he's grown so much. here's to an even better future.
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