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sober-pepper · 11 days ago
Deuce: Azul-senpai, what did Yuu have that attracted you?
Azul: So many things. Their quirks, kindness, smile and especially their BODY.
Deuce: R-Really?
Yuu: Relax. We're the same blood type. He knew he could harvest an organ.
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mlk082 · 4 months ago
Going to their room when you can't sleep - Octavinelle
I literally have no experience writing headcanons.
Was surprised.
It was an ungodly hour in the night, and you knocked on his door in your pj's.
“I can't sleep”
Azul had some trouble sleeping in a new environment when he first got legs, so he understood. Also, he liked confined spaces, right?
Already has a weighted blanket ready.
Cuddles with you and makes sure you're comfortable.
The next morning, asks how you slept.
Azul considered giving you a list of things that would help you sleep, but he really liked sleeping next to you, and you slept good too, so he didn't.
He did, however, recommend drinking or eating certain things that help produce melatonin in your brain naturally.
He didn't want you walking on cold late nights all the time and getting sick.
Figured out pretty easily that you couldn't sleep as soon as he opened the door.
Took you down to the kitchen to brew tea for you that would help you sleep.
Asks you if it's been happening a lot recently and about your stress levels.
Makes a mental list of your activities and diet.
Actually gives you some advice to decrease stress levels or any other problem that affects your sleep.
Makes sure you're comfortable when you go back to his room.
Softly rubs circles on the small of your back.
Jade wouldn't sleep until he heard your soft breathing against him, making sure that you're asleep first
I think Jade wakes up early by nature. Either to tend to his terrariums/mushrooms that he keeps in his room and any other plant that grows better when watered at a certain time, or because waking up early is just a routine.
He's silent enough to not wake you up, and until you do, he keeps checking in on you to make sure you're still asleep.
Was grumpy when your knocking woke him up.
He was going to squeeze whoever was bugging him, a scowl evident on his face.
His expression softened when he saw that it was you. But was definitely still grumpy at being woken up.
“What'cha doing here, Shrimpy?”
“I can't sleep”
Lets you come in and sleep next to him
Squeezes/cuddles you tight and does not let you go
It actually helped you fall asleep, since you were used to Floyd's tight embrace around you. You felt comfortable with him, so it was a nice feeling to fall asleep to. Floyd went back to sleep pretty quick.
The next morning, he doesn't get up until he absolutely has to, and since you're with him, you aren't going anywhere either.
Does not let go under any circumstance.
Loves that at some point in your sleep, you were hugging him back.
You sleep next to each other the next night, too.
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viluvr-archived · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Trey , Cater , Vil , Kalim , Azul .
Gn!reader .
Tumblr media
Trey always looks at you, 24/7, on-call, and in real life too, not in a creepy way. The feeling of when he gets butterflies in his stomach when he sees you doing domestic things like cooking, etc, and every time his eyes bore into your figure. he gets lost in the moment, "Get a room!" "Geez! Trey's staring at his partner agaaainn!!"
Ace and even Cater's constant teasing gets him to blush, tho Trey hides it by laughing it off while fixing his glasses. But even if he does that, his gaze never seems to snap. And at times when you're alone with Trey, he's always randomly saying
"You're pretty.. Like really pretty." "I love you." "I like staring at you, you look very pretty and beautiful." He says what's wrong with showing affection to his lover when he finds you blushing crazy! +While he tells you you're pretty randomly he puts your hair and tucks it behind your ear, whenever it gets on your face.
Tumblr media
Cater always needs to be with you, and I mean always needs to be with you, by hugging you, holding your hand, hugging you from behind, wrapping an arm around your shoulder or waist, it can be anything!!
He claims you're his energy recharger when he gets too tired from anything especially when he's tired from socializing, he's your boyfriend, indulge him a bit more!
He just needs to resist the thought of showering you with his love, he just has so much love to give! He needs to stop himself, especially when Riddle's there.. can't have the dorm leader catch him! He doesn't mind.. but he doesn't wanna be scolded! But on some days, he doesn't mind the yelling he receives from Riddle, what! He needs his energy recharger!!
Tumblr media
Compares you to everyone else... And always talks about you! When you're there he's nothing but an angel.
you know Vil as an angel, not the angry, cruel, Vil! Epel always demands your presence and prays you'd be with him 24/7. Vil was fond of talking about your beauty and how it was art! "The smoothie could be better, it could use a bit more fruit chunks like how Y/n makes it." And yet another smoothie that a student made was a failure, "The fragrance of the perfume suits y/n really well! I like it too, I'll take two of them. Let's just hope she likes it too!"
Whenever he's shopping, expect a lot of things! He gets you a lot of make-up and skincare products too, "Tsk, you're moving so much! Stay still, I can't do your makeup properly Epel! If only y/n was here.." Students from the Pomefiore dorm always asks for your help with Vil, whenever he's angry or tips from you to impress him! Just make sure Vil doesn't think they're disturbing you...
Tumblr media
Kalim, oh Kalim.. it's to state the obvious that he spoils you rotten to the core! With money, food, your desires, wants, and needs!
Jewels? Gold? Only for you! Wanna fly on the magic carpet? He's gonna take his time to practice so you guys don't crash! He spoils you by taking care of you too of course!
He asks Jamil what to do, when you don't get too much sleep when you have a hard time focusing on reviewing for an exam, and much more! Whatever you like, he likes it too, your friends are now his friends too! Even if they don't seem to get along with him well.. he's gonna try his best to get along with them for you! Kalim makes you laugh soooo much.
he just loves to hear you laugh and be happy, and to know you're happy! That enough can make him the happiest man in the world.
Tumblr media
Azul always asks for your opinion, he includes you in everything, your opinion on what he does, his business, the mostro lounge, his studies.
He wants to know what you think about them, your opinion matters because it's also what you think, and it also helps him because it's easier to analyze your attitude, demeanor, interest, likes, and dislikes.
He wants to be the one who knows you inside and out, the one who only knows how to brew your coffee and how much sugar you like in your coffee, he wants to be the only one to know that.
He wants to know if you prefer staying in or bonding outdoors, he wants to explore you, be the person who you can proudly say "my boyfriend's the only person who knows me very well!" And although Azul does analyze his customers, guests, and people he meets, he wants you to know you're special.
With you, he also wants you to know he can be vulnerable around you, and only you, he wants to let you know how you've captured his heart and how he can let his guard down with you.
Azul is still new with love, and he wants to know what to do and you help him with that because he knows he's in love with you when you hug him, when you kiss his cheeks every time you meet as a greeting and when he parts ways with you or a good morning kiss, when he lets his head rest on your shoulder when he's tired from all the contracts he's been signing from morning to night, and when he dreams about you.
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underqualified-human · 2 months ago
Request: May I request a scenario where GN! Mc pokes Azul’s mole? Just lovingly staring at it and unconsciously pokes it then fumbles an apology because they think Azul is cute and didn’t mean to poke them.
A/N: This is so cute Anon! (´꒳`)♡(Take a shot every time I say 'focused')
Fandom: Disney: Twisted Wonderland
Warnings: None, it's just really short 
Genre: Fluff
Word count: 244
Pronouns: They/Them
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You pulled up an extra chair and sat next to Azul. Watching him write up contract after contract. You were mostly there to remind him to take a break every now and again.
The room was almost silent, except for the sound of Azul's pen scratching against the papers. While he was focused on his work you were focused on him. There wasn't much else to focus on anyway, so you let your eyes graze across his face. 
You started to notice little things about, like how his brows pinch together when he's focused or how cute his mole looked. 
Without thinking you leaned forward and poked it. Azul jumped back in his seat, eyes wide.
"Why did you do that?" He asked. You looked around nervously, face heating up. You put your hands up defensively. "I'm sorry! You just look really cute when you're focused."
It was his turn to blush, "You're just saying that." He whispered.
"I'm really not, I love everything about you." You said, leaning in closer and hugging him. 
"I-" he hesitated before wrapping his arms around you, "You're too nice for your own good sometimes, Angelfish." 
"I don't think that's a bad thing when it comes to you." You said, burying your head in his chest. He let out a tired sigh, "I suppose I can take a short break." You let out a small giggle and kissed him on the cheek, then you both went back to cuddling.
Tumblr media
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yuriwritestwst · 2 months ago
Casual Touches
Tumblr media
Despite his cold and calculating ways, Azul comes to realize that you make him very nervous but also very happy; wherein you make physical contact with Azul, and each time is a new realization for him.
notes: spoilers for book 3, Azul x gn!reader
Exactly one week before exams, Azul wakes up just after an hour of sleep, but despite his exhaustion, he’s nearly brimming with excitement. After all, there was nothing more profitable than students desperate to pass their classes, and who would he be to ignore their struggles? His study guide that he had poured months into was freshly finished, edited, and priced so that the Mostro Lounge would be flooding with money very soon. All he had to do now was to get ready for class and play the pitying man’s act, contracts in hand.
He makes eye contact with you in the hallway, and with a scheming grin, he all but saunters over to you, the Leech twins following ominously behind. You’d be scared if this was your first time, but after countless supposedly random encounters with Azul, you’re pretty much used it by now.
“My, you’re looking awfully stressed over there,” he opens, feigning a look of concern.
“Stressed, but not nearly as worn out as you,” you respond almost immediately.
Azul pauses before he can even bring up the topic of exams and frowns. He was a man of routine, and like he did every morning, he always made sure to check his appearance before heading out. Today, too, he was sure that he looked presentable as always.
“I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean.”
“It must be hard staying at the top of our class and keeping the Mostro Lounge running,” you comment, disregarding his previous statement. This time, it’s your turn to frown. “I hope you get some proper rest soon.”
Without skipping a beat, you reach to brush a stray strand of hair away from his face, fingers lightly grazing his skin. It’s almost tickling, and it takes everything Azul has in him to appear blasé despite the chill that runs down his spine. It’s an incredibly brief action, but he swears your fingers linger for a lot longer than they should (they didn’t).
“I have to get to class now, but I’ll catch you around, Azul. Maybe try taking a nap later?”
And with that, you’re dashing off to the room down the hall, leaving the house warden speechless and hand still inside his school bag where his contracts are. If he weren’t frozen in place, he’d surely reprimand the snickers and giggling from the two eels behind him, but he’s still short-circuiting.
Even so, he realizes with horror, he can’t say that he disliked feeling like this.
In normal circumstances, Azul doesn’t really care for others watching him during flying class. He’s a new land-dweller having only gotten used to using legs and feet for a little bit over a year. So what if he can’t figure out how to control a broom? He’s from the Coral Sea, and what didn’t they do down there? Fly.
“You’d think you’d get the hang of at least floating upright after all this time,” Vargas sighs, shaking his head.
“I promise you it’s my broom’s fault,” Azul replies rather pettily. “I’ll have you know that I can float perfectly fine on my own.”
“Yeah, in the water,” Vargas scoffs. “Well, at least try a bit today. It’d be a shame if you were caught flying left and right upside down when the first years come out.”
“The other class is coming to this side of the field today,” Vargas explains, clearly not considering it a big deal. “I hear they’re redoing the lawn where they usually have class.
It is a very Big Deal to Azul, though, because for some reason, when he sees you walk out in your gym uniform with Grim and your magic broom in tow, he finally has the decency to feel shame for not being able to fly. His sea-related excuses instantly dry up, and he’s suddenly thinking about every single way possible to get out of class before you spot him, because he definitely was not going to successfully fly 50 meters today. Or ever.
“Go down,” he mutters under his breath, but his broom ignores him like usual. It doesn’t help that he’s getting more nervous by the second, palms growing clammy as his broom continues to spin him upside down. “Just for once, will you-“
“Azul!” he hears you shout.
The merman physically jolts and falls onto the ground without a single shred of dignity. His broom, as if to gloat, zooms away. He’d have to find it later, no doubt, but he’s more concerned about looking like an absolute fool. Luckily, he isn’t hurt and quickly adjusts his glasses so that they aren’t askew. Aside from the minor dirt stains, he’s fine.
“Are you okay?” you ask, running over to him.
“I meant to do that,” he says quickly. Anything for that shred of dignity back.
“I’m sure you did.” With a roll of your eyes, you pull him by the arms up onto his feet. “Can you walk okay? Does it hurt anywhere? Let’s get you to the infirmary.”
He says nothing. His brain is doing the weird short-circuiting thing again as he stares at your hands around his arms. What the heck.
“Did you hit your head?” you ask worriedly when you’re met with a blank stare and no response. “Wait, can you stand properly? I’ll go call Coach Vargas over and-“
“N-no! I’m fine.” He doesn’t even have time to mentally kick himself for the stammer. Instead, he clears his throat twice, breathes in air to straighten himself out, and takes extra care to make sure that his shoulders look much less tense than they actually are. “My name is Azul Ashengrotto. Today is a Tuesday, and I’m in second period, which is flying class. See? I’m completely fine.”
“Are you sure?” you ask, still concerned. “Azul, I think you’re shaking-“
“It’s just the adrenaline!” he denies immediately, all but ripping his arms out of your grasp. “Now if you excuse me, I need to fetch my broom. I’d hate to take up your precious class time, too.”
He storms off, face feeling hot, much hotter than when he was working up a sweat earlier. He said he was going to find his broom, but frankly, he doesn’t even remember in which direction it took off too. All he can think about are your hands and the way they grasp around his limbs. It was delicate but firm, and he finds himself thinking that he almost felt comfortable like that despite the disaster that led up to it.
“Ashengrotto, what are you doing wandering around? I told you that you needed to be upright in the sky by the end of class today, not on the ground-“
“Broom,” is all Azul can manage, head full of other scenarios where he’d much prefer you grasping onto him. For example, on the way to class or perhaps on a weekend in town. He nearly trips over himself when he realizes what he’s fantasizing about, and over a single casual, meaningless contact at that too.
He thinks he must be going crazy, because what the heck.
Azul overblots and the aftermath is equal parts horrifying and humiliating for him. Horrifying because he could have died, but he considers it not that daunting after realizing that he has 1) lost all his contracts 2) exposed his merman form, and 3) thrown the biggest tantrum known to man in front of his entire dorm. It’s extra salt to the wound when he’s taken to the infirmary at the behest of Jade and is all but interrogated on what had happened by the healers there.
He lies on the infirmary bed dwelling on mostly these three big things overnight along with other concerns eating at the back of his mind.
As much as he hates to admit it, he feels drained, physically, mentally, and emotionally. He’s left with no other option but to start at a blank slate again, and he finds it so devastatingly frightening. How could he go back and face the rest of the Octavinelle students? Would he even have the prestige of housewarden when returning? What did he really have now?
He hates uncertainty but is even more peeved with the fact that he knows with definite confidence the answer to his last question. Absolutely nothing.
“Azul?” a voice calls for him and snaps him out of his thoughts. He blinks, looking at the orange-red sky outside. He’s not sure if it’s early in the morning or late in the day. Either way, he’s still not quite back in top shape, and can only murmur something incoherent as a response.
“I hope you’re feeling better.” He turns to his side, eyes meeting yours. “I guess not.”
“Thanks,” he groans sarcastically before falling into heavy silence. He doesn’t know why his throat suddenly goes dry when he sees you. He knows he has so much to say to you, and to everyone else at that, but it gets stuck in his throat.
“I, um, got notes from your lectures today for you,” you offer rather awkwardly, setting some papers on the nightstand next to him. “I figured you wanted to stay updated, so take a look at them when you feel up for it…if you want, of course.”
“I see.” It’s a murmur again, and he looks at the papers to your hand that is now laid idly by your side. He takes a breath. “I’m sorry.”
“Yeah,” you say, smiling rather sheepishly. “I know. We all know.”
“I’m so sorry,” he says again, pain contorting his voice. So much to say, so few words falling out.
“I can’t even offer anything to fix it,” he continues, struggling to speak. “I have nothing left. Nothing.”
Azul is, by nature, a crier, and he hates it so, so much, because once he starts, he can’t stop. That and the fact that his tears are dark black ink. It’s a mess, and he’s a mess, and it hurts when he’s forced to confront this truth in front of someone else. Embarrassing, shameful, always the same, unchanging Azul Ashengrotto.
“Oh, Azul,” you say, carefully wiping his tears with a tissue.
The tears bleed through, of course, and upon seeing your fingers stained with ink, he clumsily pulls away, opting to use his nightgown instead. He thinks you’ve given up on him at this point, because who wouldn’t feel disgusted, but when he feels a firm tug, he’s confused and panicked.
“W-wait,” he protests, resisting your pull. “I’ll ruin your uniform-“
“I can get another one,” you reassure, gently pressing his head onto your shoulder with one hand and rubbing circles on his back with the other. “You just looked like you needed a good hug.”
He’s tense and awkwardly presses his face into the space near your neck. Azul’s not even sure if he’s crying anymore or if he’s been shocked into silence, but his hands start feeling the same cold clamminess they did when he saw you at flying class.
Needless to say, it’s been a long time since he’s been held like this, or even ever, and he certainly doesn’t know the rules to embracing and if they differed between acquaintance and lover. His arms mechanically wrap around your back, because that’s what he has seen other people do and he figures mirroring your actions would be his best bet. He startles when you laugh.
“Azul, you can relax.” Your voice, like everything about you, he realizes, is warm and comforting. “Don’t think too much about it.”
How could he not think about it, he wonders in near delirium, when he feels one of your hands gently card through his hair and scrape his scalp. He feels nervous, but in the best way possible, and after what feels like hours of apprehensiveness and hesitancy, he sinks into your touch. He doesn’t remember the last time he’s been this unconcerned about how he presented himself in front of someone, but when he breathes, he finds himself relaxed, unburdened, and at peace. For now, he thinks he'll settle for an apology and silence, and tomorrow, he'll figure out what it is that he exactly wants to say to you.
And when you promise to walk him back to Octavinelle after he’s discharged, you give his hands a squeeze, and somehow, he knows that everything will be just fine.
Azul has friends, and even though the Leech twins are rather unique, he knows that perhaps he doesn’t act like friends with you. Sure, he knows that some friends are more touchy with each other, be it kisses on the cheek or linking arms. He knows that Friend Behavior varies widely and that he shouldn’t be overthinking your touches as anything more than that.
While he hates uncertainty and ambiguity, he also is admittedly too shy to ask you out properly. He likes you for sure, and everyone can see that, but he’s scared to confront the fact that perhaps you considered the two of you simply as friends.
But when he wakes up for the first time in your arms from the most peaceful sleep he’s ever had in his life, his mind starts to reel wondering if spooning is also Friend Behavior.
“Good morning,” you whisper, pressing a kiss to his forehead like you usually did when the two of you were alone. Casually and as a Good Friend, of course.
“Good morning to you too,” he responds, cheeks tinted with red before snuggling closer into the crook of your neck to hide his face. His blush reaches to the tips of his ears, though.
“Should we get up?” you ask, mindlessly caressing his head and neck. “I know you’re busy all the time.”
“…5 more minutes,” you hear him mumble and it sends you into giggles, because even Azul, a man of rigid routine and schedule, could act like this on a Sunday morning. “Why are you laughing?”
“Nothing,” you hum, delighted that you can practically hear the pout in his voice. His heart flutters. “I just like you a lot, that’s all.”
“So, can we date?” slips out of his mouth before he can even stop it, and he instantly stiffens when he feels your hand stop at the top of his head. He’s done it now, he curses. There goes everything he’s ever wanted. Why was he like this?
“Are we not already dating?” Confusion laces your voice, as he abruptly pushes himself off of you, eyes wide as saucers.
“We’re what?” he practically squeaks out, shaking. His hands grab the sheets of his bed, knuckles white. “When did this happen?”
“Azul, we cuddled all of last night during our date, and today, I woke up with you in my arms in your bed.”
“That was a date?!”
“Azul, when I asked if I could kiss you, and you said yes, what did you think that was for?”
“I- I don’t know! I thought you just picked up something from Vil! You know, as a friendly greeting?” he panics, still reeling from the fact that he went on a date without even knowing. Sure, to some, maybe cooking you dinner and watching your favorite movies all night while hugging may have looked like a date, but who was he to assume?
And sure, maybe when you asked him to bathe with you last night, he should’ve suspected something, but who is he to be weird about it when he’s been the one in water with other people for most of his life?
“You kissed me on the lips!” you nearly shout, and he wants to crawl inside an octopus pot because he feels so stupid. “Vil only does cheek kisses, too!”
You try your best to hold in your laughter, but it spills out, and through all his humiliation, Azul still thinks it’s one of the most wonderful sounds he’s ever heard in his life.
“Fine. In case it wasn’t clear already, Azul Ashengrotto, I love you so much. Can we date?” The last part is said teasingly, but he can only react by grumbling before sinking back into your arms.
“Yes, please." He’ll come up with a better way to respond later, perhaps when he calms down, but for now, he settles with his clumsy self and the feather-light kisses that cover his forehead.
(“So how many dates have we actually had?” Azul manages to ask as he’s whipping up breakfast and has come to terms with the fact that neither of you had been doing Just Friends activities for a while now. The realization takes him longer than expected, but hindsight is 20/20, and he wears glasses.
“Probably more than I can count,” you giggle, arms wrapped around his waist as you watch him chop up ingredients for an omelet. He groans apologetically. “But that’s okay because we can start all over right now.”)
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pillarmen-lover2080 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Octotrio and yn jammin🕺🏻🕺🏻💜
Tumblr media
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writingfool001 · 4 months ago
For your Fluff Writing Event, may I request prompt 12 with Azul, Riddle, and Malleus along with a gender neutral reader?
Simple Confusing Phrases
Tumblr media
Prompt: A and B not speaking each other languages, falling in love and learning together.
Author's Note: I am putting English/Japanese because of a general preference.
Riddle was confused and thought you were making fun of him since he thought you were speaking gibberish until you used your phone as a translator to tell him that you couldn’t understand him. Riddle is patient and is very well known for his academics, especially helping his peers and underclassmen. You have given him a book or something to help him learn the basics of your language and he gives you the basics of speaking english/japanese. There are many lessons spent with wild gestures trying to translate a word for each other and pronunciation. 
Overtime, you both learn where you can do basic conversation for both languages and slowly you both have a special place in each other’s hearts, but obviously neither of you know that. You gave Riddle a small nickname which no one else understood, but Riddle would listen to you talk about him and how you hope that his feelings are the same.
Every time he got a phrase or wood right and saw you praise him, his heart fluttered and his face flushed. 
For a while, he would try to be covert about asking about your crush, but you knew exactly what he was talking about. You decided to up the ante and started saying I love you. You learned how to say it in the language he was teaching you, but he still did not know the phrase in your language. It took him a while to pronounce and  figure it out. Once he asked if he was correct, you nodded and said he was correct then said your nickname for him. Flushed face and turning his head to try to hide as he replied that he shared the feelings. He is a little embarrassed when you tell others how you got together.
Passing you in the halls, he would see you carrying  a notebook and a pencil around and write things down. For a while, Azul sent the twins or went himself to totally not spy on you for information. When the whole Magift fiasco was happening, the twins told him that when you spoke in a different language and Ace yelled to not yell at him in a language he didn’t understand. After that Azul kept a low profile until Azul officially first met you to strike a deal, he was curious about why you brought Jack and you wrote that Jack was your verbal translator while you wrote on the paper. Once you outdid him, you stayed with him at the museum and just listened, even if you didn’t understand what  he was saying, but you enjoyed the sound of his voice.
The both of you got friendlier which brought up you asking if he could teach you he was interested in your language and was very willing to help you learn how to speak in your language, mainly as an advantage to mess with some people, but mainly to spend time with you. He would give you great material, come one he literally made an entire study guide, and he is a pretty good teacher. Like Riddle, he is patient, but after a while, He would occasionally get embarrassed and flustered when you would chuckle at his cuteness, thinking that you were making fun of him. Once you learned how to speak the common language, you focused more on teaching him your language.
Jade has told you about how a couple of evenings, he’s gone to give Azul his tea and has seen the octopus scribbling frantically while reading books. He read the same books throughout the day and muttered phrases under his breath. Once he finally reached the last goal of your language lessons, you started to call him a cute nickname and saying I love you to him which immediately confused him. 
You yelled it at him once and he just texted you to not yell at him in a language he doesn’t understand even though he understands everything else you say in your language. Finally after a while, you finally repeated the phrase again before writing down the answer and slid it across his desk. He had some doubt in his eyes, but he took a hold of the paper and read it before his face turned into a rosy shade. You had to stop him from running off to his octopot and you were financially responsible for him losing a week's worth of sleep as well as distracting him. Cuddles and soft kisses were the only way you could pay off the debt.
When malleus first met, he thought you were scared of him and was about to leave before feeling a tap on his shoulder. Turning around to see you holding a piece of paper with a singular sentence.
Hi, I’m (Y/N).
From then on, he was the chatter one of you two and he appreciated your curiosity as well as your questions. He asked about why you don’t speak and you told him that you don’t speak the same language as others, resulting in you speaking a sentence which surprised him. In his entire lifetime, he never has heard the one you spoke. He offered to teach you how to speak in exchange to learn about your interesting language. You nod excitedly and set up small study sessions under the moonlight, that is a meeting that he doesn’t forget or decide not to attend. You rank over dorm leader responsibilities, good job. 
It was a rocky start, but you both learned the basics and would give each other homework to work on. If you saw him, you would approach him and say the phrases you were practicing in English/Japanese, resulting in him responding in your mother tongue. When a smile spread across your face, this man’s heart exploded and he melted a bit. 
As you two continued to work together, he challenged you to speak a couple minutes in the language you were studying. Again, seeing you all flustered as you talked, he knew he was in love with you. He praised you on how well you are speaking and understandinHe struggled a bit, but had a great grasp on speaking your mother tongue.
The next day, you approached him in the hall and told him you love him while smiling before rushing off to your class. Malleus.exe has crashed, he stands there for a couple minutes before snapping out of it and starting thinking about it. He spent the entire day, somewhat distracted from everything around, to think deeply about the phrase you said. He understands that “you” is something “him”. Lilia noticed his nonofficial son struggling and asked how you were doing before commenting that the little night meet ups are so cute, acting like a couple.
Lilia just earned his front seat at Malleus’s and your wedding. Malleus immediately disappeared and imagined just chilling in the Ramshackle lounge, enjoying the peace you rarely have, then it get interrupted by a knock at your door.
You go and open the door to see your tall horned crush, gleaming to no end, before he scoops you up in his arms and buries his face in your neck. He whispered that he loves you too in your language, causing you to smile and wrap your arms to pull him closer. Enjoying this beginning moment of a long path.
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satanscatsworld · 6 months ago
Azul, about MC: Apparently we’re getting someone new in the group.
Floyd: Are we stealing them?
Jade: New or used?
Azul: Wonderful responses, both of you.
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epictacobird · 4 months ago
Saw another ball shaving ad, so anyone who saw this knows why this is here
Anyway here’s your sub!Azul x Dom!MC thing ya filthy animals (affectionate)
Obviously, NSFW below. I don’t use gendered pronouns for MC, only “you”. Have fun ;)
I haven’t written smut in so long let’s see how this goes
Contains: edging, overstim, handjob, bit of a ruined orgasm, MC is a bit of a sadist lol, 100% porn w/o plot
Maybe a lil ooc? It’s probably fine
“Azul, you’ll cum too quickly if you stay so tense.” You warn as your finger draws a delicate line up his weeping dick.
He opened and closed his mouth in a poor attempt to respond, but Azul could only muster a weak groan. He leaned back into your chest and rested his head on your shoulders. You could feel him relax as you whispered sweet nothings to him.
“Good boy… just like that alright? Now let’s see how much longer you can last.” A devious smile graced your lips as you heard his breath hitch. Azul bit his lip, much harder than he intended, in an attempt to stifle a moan.
He just couldn’t admit that every touch made him insane. So as you wrapped a hand around his cock, slowly pumping it as you rested your head on his shoulder he couldn’t stay quiet. A slew of curses and breathy moans left his lips, all while you hummed in content.
“Please…I need to cum-“ Azul whimpered, his mind hazy from the pleasure- and truthfully, a part of him wanted you to say no. He loved relinquishing control to you, it felt so freeing. He wanted, even needed, to be your toy.
You kissed his neck gingerly while he squirmed under your touch. His pretty, curved cock was slick with precum. Your hands equally so, and as you pumped it again you could feel his cock twitch.
“How about a deal?” You teased, “We count down from 10, and when I say 1 you can cum.”
“And if I…” Azul stuttered out, “If I cum before then?”
You gave a warm smile, “Well, I’ll make sure you won’t be able to walk properly for a week.”
Azul bit his lip, he already felt so close. His only hope was that you would count fast- but even then…
“Ok.” He shuddered, “Ok ok, it’s a deal. Just please-“ His voice went uncharacteristically high pitched as your hands worked his dick. Azul threw his head back, biting his tongue as he moaned.
“Say it with me,” You paused as Azul let out a desperate, “Ok”
“10.” Azul tried everything to calm down. His body felt so heavy against yours, with his back resting against your chest. No, he couldn’t think about your chest now.
“9.” Azul repeated shakily, your hand seemed to go faster. And he couldn’t neglect how you kissed his jaw so softly. He felt himself melt, and at the same time tense with your movements.
“8…Azul.” You spoke low, “You’re- actually I don’t think I’ll help you this time. It’s a challenge after all.” You laughed.
Azul frowned, “That’s not fair.” His breath hitched as you squeezed his dick lightly.
“It’s not?” You hummed, “I think it’s perfectly acceptable.”
Azul opened his mouth to respond, but he quickly shut up as you went faster. He resisted to scream as pleasure overtook him. “No-no it is! I’ll be..I’ll be good alright?”
You slowed down as you heard him whimper, and as a quick reply you said, “I’m glad you agree. Now, 7.”
Before he could reply he moaned loudly. You were picking up the pace again, the deliberate and long strokes became faster. Azul knew he was going to lose when he replied shakily, “6.”
Azul’s breath became more erratic, at this point his body was so tense it was a miracle he could move at all. He could barely respond through his moans.
And as you moved your hand hard down his cock you felt Azul shudder followed with a suppressed whimper. You didn’t let him ride out his orgasm, instead choosing to cruelly hump your hand for pleasure. He apologized over and over in a whispered prayer. He clasped a hand over his mouth, but it truly did nothing to hide his moans.
“I told you earlier to not stay so tense.”
Azul wanted to give some sort of snarky reply but he couldn’t find the words. Instead he chose to whimper pathetically over heavy breaths. He wasn’t sure if he was excited or nervous to find out his punishment. Maybe it was both.
You looked at the cum covering your hand and smiled. “Azul,” You spoke in a singsong tone, “Looks like you couldn’t fulfill your end of the deal…”
Azul looked over his shoulder with half lidded eyes. He couldn’t read your expression well in his haze.
“Now,” You began to pump your hand faster, “I’m going to milk you dry since you want to cum so bad.”
Azul squirmed, his mouth letting out lewd sounds. He saw stars, and as you picked up the pace he gripped the sheets with such intensity you became sure they’d rip.
He began to moan out your name, repeating it over and over as if it would convince you to slow down. “Fuck- MC please-“ He threw his head back again, his back pressing so hard against you it was a battle not to fall over.
You rested your other hand on his stomach, gently running circles around the soft skin. “Relax, Azul.” You cooed, bringing your hands up to rest on his chest. You could feel his rapid heartbeat under your fingertips and you found another smile reach your lips.
Azul took in shaky breaths, relaxing for a moment until you picked up the pace once again. For a moment you thought that everyone on the dorm could hear, although you didn’t think Azul could care at this point.
“Please, please.” Azul whined, his body felt weak and you could tell how close he was.
“Cum whenever you want alright?” You grinned as you continued to work your hand on his dick. As it twitched in your hand you brought your other hand to his nipples. His breath hitched as he let out a small warning.
A high pitched moan escaped his lips as he shuddered. Despite his weak protests you continued at the same pace. Playing with his soft chest simultaneously. It didn’t take long for him to cum again, he cried out your name while he painted your hand white. And when you refused to let up your pace you could see the tears prick his eyes from the overwhelming feelings of pleasure.
Azul didn’t know whether to ask you to slow down or speed up. His body and mind felt so confused, he saw stars and his body screamed for a break; but he loved being at your mercy. The feeling of your hand working his cock was addicting, and it didn’t take long for him to reach another climax.
“MC, MC, please-I” For once, Azul truly couldn’t bring together a coherent sentence. He moaned breathlessly, straining under your hands as he tensed up again.
“Please, what? Azul, are you really in a position to bargain right now?” You laughed quietly, “Unless you want more? You know I have a few toys you might like…”
Azul shook his head, unsure if he could really take anything more of what you had in mind for him. You just hummed in response, focusing once again on his dick.
“Fuck- please, more, MC-“ Azul begged, hopelessly thrusting his hips into your hand. “I’m so close…!”
You smiled, you had to remind yourself that this was supposed to be a punishment. But watching him become putty in your hands in an attempt to cum wasn’t something you could overlook. You simply made a small note for later in the night.
Azul bit his lip, thrusting in your hand for any sort of pleasure. He was a bit too relieved when you began to match his pace. He moaned loudly, legs feeling weak as he felt himself cum again into your hand. He shuddered, his breathing and heartbeat slowing from his previous high. He threw his head back and rested it on your shoulder.
“You look so pretty all exhausted like this.” You hummed, “But you didn’t think I was done, right Azul?”
You were truly going to be the death of him tonight.
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ladyorchidia · 3 months ago
Azul Ashengrotto x Great White Shark!reader AU
Part 1, Part 2 and this is Part 3 !
Well this certainly took a while to make, I kept getting distracted by other ideas but I did it ! this part is a continuation of part 2, Part 4 can be found here.
Pairing : Azul Ashengrotto x shark! Reader
Warning(s) : there is a description including scars, graphic violence, use of vile language such as curse words/swearing, angst, blood, reader lost control over their temper/shark instinct
The love story of a shark and an octopus Part 3 :
Tumblr media
Before you knew it, both you and Hugo were out of breath after a continuous beat down. Your tail and upper body was covered in bite and claw marks, his body wasn't as damaged but there was clear estimated signs of long term scars adorning his fins. Seeing him just as breathless as you made you grin in disgust, who knew one small bite inflicted years ago could cause all this bullshit to happen.
The tableau around wasn't beautiful either. Most of the other merfolk who sided with Hugo ended up unconscious, laying in the reef with blood dripping out of their injuries. They won't be able to swim correctly later on, your jaws had never been this prone to violence , nevertheless the destruction of their tails were very much your doing.
Azul was luckily not in that much of a bad condition, he was set down close to the octopus pot still unawake. Seeing him resting had a wave of relief wash over you, he was involved in a fight that was not his but he wasn't too harmed.
Hugo had his right hand covering the left arm which you had previously shattered with your fangs. "Huff...huff...It's seems I underestimated you resilience to mutilation. All of this...[he looked at the other merfolk who he ganged up on you with and then noticed your eye peeking towards azul] For a useless, {Don't} weak {You dare..} and pathetic {This is your last warning} FAT TAKO !" The last ounce of mercy in you was gone, before you realized it, you slammed Hugo down with your tail and chased after the orca to pound him into the rocks below.
Creating a smoke of excessive bleeding, one big enough to attract the attention of close citizens. As you savagely clawed his jaw, chest, shoulder and arms. A familiar voice called out to you, "NAME ! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ?!" this voice belonged to your mother/father/guardian who looked at you in desperation.
Upon realizing what was happening, you instantly pulled back from Hugo noticing the injuries caused by your sudden aggression. Overwhelmed and lost you ended up losing yourself as muffled voices of the parents and adults clouded your mind including your mother/father/guardian as they held your shoulders pestering you with questions you couldn't answer.
"What happened here ?!", "What a monster ! My baby boy !", "NAME !!! WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO YOU ?!", "That octopus merman, he's the young ashengrotto !", "That mermaid/man/may is a beast !"
Azul. was azul alright ?
Those merfolk...you could've killed them !
Hugo- did he die ?!
What happened ?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ?!
Tumblr media
Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6 on the way
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giaourtopita · 7 months ago
Hello, if you’re requests are open may I ask for some headcanons please
How would the dorm leaders react if Mc who was very pretty and often get confessions by others students but will either play with their hearts or reject them coldly but one day the Mc confessed their feeling to them?
dorm leaders with a player mc
this took a few days because genshin and twst both released new content so i got distracted🧍🏻i only did riddle, leona, azul and kalim so i will make a part two for the rest if anyone is interested! again the characters might be ooc, especially leona cause i like seeing him embarrassed lmao you can also tell which characters are my faves i
warnings; gn reader, flustered leona, fluff.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
riddle rosehearts
- he had feelings for you, he couldn't deny that and yet he never talked to anyone about them.
- partly because he was too embarrassed to admit having them to other people and there was another thing as well.
- he knew about your reputation on campus and that made him scared to confess to you, even he, the child prodigy was unable to find the courage to confess to you due to fear of rejection.
- which made him very confused when you came all the way from your dorm to his saying you wanted to talk to him.
- he heard you confessing to him? you who had a pretty bad reputation regarding romance? he felt his cheeks get redder and redder as he got more flustered.
- after the confession he barely even said a word after accepting your request to date him and held your hand the whole time you were there. he was so cute!
Tumblr media
leona kingscholar
- seeing you in savanaclaw's dorm was interesting, very interesting.
- he had feelings for you, everyone in savanaclaw knew despite acting like they don't.
- everyone could tell something was going on with the dorm leader when you were around. even you could tell, he would go from asshole to slightly less asshole when you were around.
- what made you convinced that the prince from sunset savana had taken a liking on you was the fact that you could see ruggie following you around during school hours.
- until one day ruggie got fed up, "please go talk to leona, i can't keep running his errands while also keeping an eye on you for him"
- knowing this, you decided to take advantage of this information. having feelings for him too.
- you went straight to his room, where no one else would be able to see or hear the dorm leader. before being able to respond to your sudden visit, "leona i need you to stop making ruggie following me around", his expression went from surprised to sad?
- "cause if you care about me, why not do it yourself? are you a coward or something? i wouldn't mind being around you, you know~"
- was this a confession? leona was confused and embarrassed, he caught himself overthinking for the first time in a while.
- "yes i wanna date you, you overgrown cat!", leona could tell he was blushing and while he was trying to hide his flushed cheeks you took his hands off his face and kissed him.
Tumblr media
azul ashengrotto
- he hated that he liked you so much, you were so pretty and cute but he disliked so much that he spent half his time thinking about you. he was extremely embarrassed of his feelings.
- much like riddle, he didn't tell anyone about his feelings but jade could tell.
- jade would always inform azul of when you'd visit mostro lounge, which surprisingly was actually often enough that the mostro lounge staff would consider you a regular.
- but one day when azul was expecting you to come to mostro lounge again you didn't? was the staff not good enough? or were the food or drinks bad?
- azul asked the twins if anything unusual happened with the staff, but they reassured him nothing happened.
- but azul found himself sulking that you weren't around. he locked himself to the vip room until the mostro lounge would close for the day.
- but then floyd started knocking at the door aggressively while saying there's someone here for a contract.
- he saw you entering the vip room, and he got so excited he had a voice crack while greeting you. he never thought you would need him for something and yet here you are.
- "i heard you make contracts with people right? so i thought i'd make one with you since i'm pretty desperate.", azul was even more confused, what could you possibly need from him that you don't already have? you had good grades, friends and even several people crushing on you including him.
- "you know, there's this person i like but i'm afraid he hasn't noticed me and i really don't know how to make him notice me. so i was wondering if you could help me out?"
- azul felt so terrible helping you get noticed by someone else but business is business so he went along with it.
- he prepared the contract and while he was ready to sign it he noticed that the person you wanted to be noticed by was him.
- "i thought i was being too obvious but turns out i had to do all this for you to notice me."
- azul was redder than a tomato, he was blushing so hard he was getting dizzy and then you held his hand which quite literally destroyed him.
Tumblr media
kalim al-asim
- he actually never paid attention to what other people said about you, nor he was embarrassed to admit his feeling for you.
- though hearing jamil say those things as well made him a little skeptical.
- still his feelings for you were the same, regardless of what others say.
- until one day he saw you turning down someone in a very mean way, he was scared the same thing would happen to him so despite not wanting to hide his feelings, he hid them from you.
- until he got paired with you for an event between the scarabia and ramshackle dorms, you guys were supposed to cook together.
- jamil actually sent him to get some more ingredients in hopes of you finishing your job and leaving the kitchen before kalim would be back but he came back extremely fast.
- kalim seeing you there gave him a bit of courage to confess.
- there goes nothing, he thought to himself.
- as soon as he tried talking to you he was interrupted?
- instead of him confessing, it was the opposite? how lucky could he be?
- "so will you date... ", you asked and before you could finish your sentence he was already hugging you as tight as he could.
- after that he was clinging onto you for the rest of the day, to the point you actually considered if you would have to stay at scarabia's dorm for the night, but hey! that's what you signed up for!
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sober-pepper · 2 months ago
Azul: You know what I wanna do to you tonight?
Yuu: What?
Azul: *leans in to whisper*
Yuu: You didn't say anything.
Azul: I know. I was going to say something really kinky but then I got embarrassed (〃´𓎟`〃)
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mlk082 · 3 months ago
Hi! If it’s ok, can I request Azul, Riddle and Jamil reacting to reader being severely injured after their overblots? Like, their legs were broken and they can’t walk anymore? Please feel free to decline this if you’re uncomfortable with it
MC Being Severely Injured After Overblot - Azul, Riddle, Jamil
It makes him sick to go into the infirmary and see you.
Cannot feel bad enough. Even if you forgive him, Azul won't forgive himself. That, and he thinks that you shouldn't forgive him at all. It would be better if you hated him.
Tries to make a potion to help your injuries, and gives you medicinal herbs.
Really does not know what to do. He can't do anything, and he knows it.
Feels worse after the overblot.
Is scared of what he can do to people, and avoids going into his mer-form.
Overworks himself and distances himself from everybody.
Does everything he can for you, but in an anonymous sense.
Is internally panicking. Is tearing up on the outside.
This was never supposed to happen. None of it was.
He blames himself, rightfully so, and avoids going to the infirmary more than he has to in the sake of decency.
Doesn't think you want to see him, and while giving his respects and all that to you, he can't look you in the eye.
Goes through all the books in the library to find something to undo it. He doesn't care how sleep-deprived he gets, because it isn't as important and horrible as what he did to you in the least.
Neglects himself because he feels guilty.
There is nothing to reverse it and he knows it. Keeps people away from him and doesn't use magic more than he has to.
Throws up.
Is sick from his overblot and what he did to you.
Avoids looking in mirrors and breaks his impulsively in fear of himself.
Is afraid to sleep because the nightmares are too real, and he doesn't know if he will wake up as himself. He doesn't want to hurt anyone else.
Does not use his magic at all if possible.
Grows distant and avoids touching anyone or anything. He doesn't seek anyone out unless he absolutely has too, and if he can do something himself, he will. It doesn't matter if it's more of a hassle.
Will not visit you more than once. Forces himself to look you in the eyes out of sincerity, but does not look at you again. He doesn't think that you should see his face.
Neglects himself because of guilt and is more snappish.
Will not get help when having a panic attack.
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viluvr-archived · 4 months ago
may I request headcanons for rook, lilia, jade and ruggie falling in love like the process?
Tumblr media
Lilia , Jade , Rook , Azul .
Gn!reader, they're all whipped .
( a/n — the only warning here is wholesomeness, anon I'm sorry I took off ruggie </3 I'm not the best at writing him and Lilia . I ADDED AZUL ANON I'M SORRY MY BRAINROT CAN'T TAKE IT. )
Tumblr media
You must be one interesting being and of course a patient one, with Rook's behavior being like that someone would get fed up for sure.
"Y/n, dearest! I've been looking everywhere for you, it's been forever since we've seen each other!" "It has been 5 minutes since I've successfully escaped you."
Rook needs someone true to themselves and vocal about their feelings and passion, he's devoted to them as a whole with their life even more if they're like that.
Rook starts off by fixing your hair, brushing it, or pushing a strand back when it gets on your face, then he'd be more affectionate, then the poems start, the love letters, hell even songs!
He dedicates more time on you and takes the time to learn something new that he thinks is romantic for you. "My dear Y/n, I've come to serenade you with a song I wrote for you, I've poured my heart and soul into this song, I hope you'd like it." And then he's serenading to you at like 1 am.
Once Vil hears it and notices his vice house warden missing he's already going to Ramshackle, he knows Rook often visits there already, and by the time the Pomefiore Housewarden spots him, he's dragging him off by the collar and apologizing to you that Rook has ruined your night.
He takes you out on a date, and the date is practically him teaching you how to do archery. He hunts bunnies and he gives one of them to you, if perhaps he confesses, he leaves the bunny on your doorstep and the collar has a letter attached to it, (the collar is imprinted with an I love you.)
He gets all fuzzy and excited when someone mentions your name, he doesn't even bother hiding that he likes you. Mr. Hunt is shameless.
Tumblr media
He needs someone fun! Probably younger than him to introduce him to what's new these days, to get him to be lively and carefree.
"Sweetheart, deary, y/n, I've brought you these ancient fae accessories. I hope you like it! It's very rare to find those these days." He's a gift-giver to people he treasures, but when he falls for someone he practically melts into a puddle.
"Say aaah, good! Now how does that taste? Good, right?" He needs someone to take care of, and he also needs someone to take care of him, Lilia is used to being the one taking care of someone, it's surely a new feeling but he loves it. (He loves it with you)
We all know Lilia's not very talented at ... cooking. So whenever he asks you to taste test the food he made, Cue Silver rushes to you and takes away the old man's food, and Malleus tells him to stop cooking.
"You youngsters! You're lucky I'm cooking for you, yet you don't like it! It's not even bad!" "...not bad, huh" he's so convinced it's not bad that he ate it and nothing happened to him..
Maybe it's the fact that Lilia wasn't able to love someone before, because of his duties. That made him long for someone to love and for someone to love him, he also needs someone else to protect, no?
Tumblr media
Jade.. it's hard to picture him in a relationship, tho I see him wanting someone who's like him, who can keep up with him. Someone who can tolerate childish behavior and tames them (he finds it attractive) he loves a strong person who can protect themselves.
He loves being domestic, so expect tiny bits of help and some notes for you to take care of yourself. He's interested in what humans do, and one day Cater tells him it's cute to make someone a Playlist, I think he gets reminded of you when the song kay Ganda mo by Frank Ely or Sayo by Silent sanctuary, Hele by Zild plays (it's a filo song^^) also my kind of woman.
Jade looks at you in the eye, so intently, studying you like it's the most complicated subject ever. You have his heart, and he hates how he gets weak in the knees whenever he sees you, he gets so fuzzy and his attitude changes slowly.
He stares at you with literal heart eyes, while nodding at every sentence/word you say.
+he confesses with a Playlist.
Tumblr media
In denial, whipped, has big heart eyes and dreamy sigh whenever you're mentioned.
Coughs to hide his blush. He makes you sign contracts that make you spend more time with him like working at Mostro Lounge just to look at you, even the way you move is so graceful for him. Floyd calls him out and says he's salivating but he's just over exaggerating!
When Azul finally is sure he likes, wait no, loves you! He's already planning how to take you out, talk to you, how to propose.. wait, no! Don't think of that yet. You've yet a relationship to establish.
Maybe some cuddles and cheek/nose kisses as payments when you eat at mostro lounge. I see him and the tweels being like those elementary school girls who says "hey can you push me to my crush so he'd catch me." That. Except sometimes Azul doesn't say that often because of his shyness, then Floyd pushes him, (too hard than he expected.) He listens to Mr. Kupido probably.. and crush (filo song >:)) and bubble gum by Clairo.
Tumblr media
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two-gays-in-a-trenchcoat · 6 months ago
Outsmarting Azul
Azul Ashengrotto is persistent in his business endeavors; annoyingly so. You’re tired of him being on your case, so you decide to put him in his place by beating him at his own game.
Azul x gn!reader, SFW, 1.2k, enemies to lovers(?), reader is smart and sassy because I said so.
*this can be read as part of the Getting In Your Head AU, but not necessarily
“Ugh, I’m so soooore…,” Ace whined once again, slumping and dragging his aching feet as he walked. “Five hundred burpees? In one sitting? Is Coach trying to kill us?”
You sighed. “Ace, this is the fourteenth time you’ve complained about this.”
“And I have a right to it!” He said.
“‘Oh, boo-hoo,’” you teased. “‘I’m an athletic little boy complaining about the basketball team I chose to be on.”
“Shut up.” Ace wrinkled his nose at you. “You’re just jealous you don’t have muscles like these.” He rolled up his sleeve and flexed his arm; an unimpressive sight.
“Bold words for someone who didn’t know the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re.’”
Ace groaned. “That was one time, smarty-pants. And what’s so great about being smart, anyways. You just know a bunch of shit, and that’s it.”
“And that’s somehow more impressive than throwing an inflatable ball into a basket?”
He stuck his tongue out at you. “I’d take brawn over brains any day of the week, hands down.”
“Aww, wooks wike Acey-wacey is gwumpy,” you continued to taunt him in a baby voice, jutting out your lower lip mockingly. “Are you a tirewd wittle baby? Do you need a nappy?”
“Shut up!” He punched you in the shoulder, but it held no force.
“You know you love me,” you snickered.
“Yeah, sometimes I wonder.” Ace ran a hand through his hair as you rounded the corner. “Y’know, you’ve never come to one of our games. I really wish you would.”
You sighed. “I told you, I will when-”
“Did someone say ‘wish’?” A sultry voice interrupted you, and you turned to see none other than Azul Ashengrotto leaning against the wall with a smirk.
“Azul.” Your eyes narrowed on instinct. For the past two weeks, Azul had been badgering you nonstop, trying to coerce you into various deals and contracts of his. You were no stranger to him, nor his intentions; he had quite the reputation. From what you’d heard, you were the only one in school he hadn’t managed to strike a deal with. It became like a challenge to him; a list of names to check off, and you were the last.
“I can set you up rather nicely, you know.” He examined his nails. “I’ve noticed you’ve been having some difficulty flying as of late. Shall I assist?”
“No thanks,” you growled.
“No? Well, I’m sure there is something I can assist you with.” He drew himself up fully now, and strode towards you. “Be it money, strength…” he paused, tilting his head. “...Perhaps even love?”
Ace had long checked out, opting to simply stand back and watch the ordeal unfold. Unfortunately, he had recently fallen to one of Azul’s deals as well.
At his words, you paused for a moment, as if you were considering it. You could practically hear the voice in his head saying ‘I’ve got them now!’
“Oh, ‘Zulee…,” you hummed, batting your eyelashes. Azul leaned in, a hopeful glint in his eyes as he eagerly listened. You took a deep breath, and Azul was hanging onto every one of your words, waiting for the opportunity to strike. You looked him in the eye. “...Do you think I’m fucking stupid?”
His expression dropped, shock evident in his face. You smirked, continuing, “I know how these deals of yours work, Mr. Ashengrotto. You grant my wish at a steep price, and always end up having the last laugh.”
“That’s not necessarily true,” Azul corrected. “My deals are fair. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”
“That’s a horrible marketing slogan,” you said.
Azul huffed. “My trades are fair, tailored to the individual’s needs. I grant wishes. It’s only natural that there comes a price.”
“How about this,” you said, growing increasingly irritated the more his swindling voice spoke. “Let’s make a deal right now. Go ahead, pull up a contract.”
Azul smirked, magicking up his golden quill and unraveling a scroll he pulled from his coat pocket. “I knew you’d come around.”
“Make sure there are two spaces for names, because you’re signing, too,” you said.
Azul chuckled. “Of course, of course. It’s only fair. Now, what is it you’d like to negotiate?”
“That you stop bothering me with your deals,” you said simply. “Permanently. No cornering me in the hallway, trying to sweet-talk me for whatever it is you’re trying to sell. Frankly, it’s getting annoying.”
His eyebrow twitched. “Restricting me from a business opportunity? You drive a hard bargain. But, as you wish.” He scribbled the terms down onto the scroll. “The price for something like that is going to be hefty.”
“Oh, I know.” You smiled. “The terms are this: You stop trying to swindle me-”
“‘Swindle’ is a strong word, Prefect,” he remarked.
You glared at him for the interruption. “You stop trying to swindle me on the condition that, should I ever make a wish of any kind, I will come directly to you, no questions asked.”
He looked at you for a moment before bursting into laughter. “That’s your condition? Oh, I accept. I accept indeed.”
You peered over his shoulder as he wrote down the rest of the contract, following every word and sentence carefully. He signed the bottom, a sprawling, Hancockish signature, and offered the scroll to you. You took it, gave it a once over, before scribbling your signature right below his.
He took the contract back and let out a low chuckle. “You foolish, foolish human. You realize you just agreed to bend to my will every time you have a desire? My, my, I shall work you like a dog.”
“Ah, but the thing is, ‘Zulee,” you said, “That’s not what the contract says, now, is it?”
He chuckled again, but this was dryer, more forced. “What do you mean? I wrote it just now, adhering to your conditions perfectly.”
“You did. However,” you grinned, “the contract says make a wish, not have a wish. And Azul, my dear,” you leaned in close to whisper in his ear. “I never make wishes.”
“That’s not-” Azul pulled the paper close to his face, examining the words, trying to find the flaw in your argument. He looked at the contract, then you, then back at the contract as he growled under his breath, realizing that you had outsmarted him.
You hummed, turning to walk away, dragging a stupified Ace behind you. “I assume I can expect a copy of this contract by tonight?”
“I’ll have one of the twins deliver it to you,” he said through gritted teeth.
“Thank you. Oh, and I almost forgot,” You paused, peeking over your shoulder and back at the seething Azul. He looked at you and cocked a brow. You smiled. “It was a pleasure doing business with you, ‘Zulee.”
You were sure his head just about exploded, but you were gone before you could see.
It was a solid minute of walking before either you or Ace spoke.
“Holy shit,” he breathed. “You just went head-to-head with the businessman of Night Raven-“
“And won,” you added.
Ace let out a shaky laugh. “Holy shit! This has got to be the first time something like this has happened, like, ever.”
You waved him off. “Don’t make such a big deal of it. The man’s full of himself, and I wanted him off my back. That’s all.”
“Holy shit…,” Ace murmured as you smirked victoriously.
“One for brains, zilch for brawn, eh, Trappola?”
might make a part 2 if y’all want it
Edit: part two
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willowwhispersspeakeasy · 7 months ago
Could I request Azul and Trey reactions and cute moments when SO takes their glasses and kiss them? (As a glasses person, sometimes they get in the way, just sometimes)
yaknow I've always wondered about that. especially if both parties have glasses I imagine it would hurt to bump them... -Onyx, the bartender
twst! removing their glasses before kissing them
characters: Azul Ashengrotto, Trey Clover
warnings: gender neutral reader, established relationship, very mild suggestive content for Trey's
Tumblr media
as embarrassing as it is for him to admit Azul adores and deeply craves intimacy. kisses are one of his favorite ways of sharing physical intimacy and hes likely to grab you and pull you in for a kiss at random when the pair of you are alone.
"shh shh, hey, what's on your mind my love?" you coo. Azul lets out a deep sigh, nuzzling his cheeks into your palms.
"just... been a very long day." he replies. you dont push the matter, if he was comfortable sharing the details he would.
"I see, how are you feeling?" you asked, brushing his hair back gently.
"exhausted." he huffed, letting his eyes flutter closed once more.
you hummed, before tracing your hands down to the frames of his glasses. he held still as you gently removed them, folding and setting them beside you on the table.
Azul blinked at you with eyes as blue as the water. like holding eye contact with the ocean itself. cupped his cheeks once more, you let your thumbs trace his cheekbones lovingly.
"relax then my love, let me take care of you." Azul made a sound somewhere between a gasp and a whimper when your lips met.
the merman melted at your touch, lips soft and desperate for your affection.
Tumblr media
he likes it when you play with his glasses, as long as you dont get fingerprints on the lenses of course. but you developed a habit of pushing them up his nose when they begin to slide off while kissing which he finds incredibly endearing.
Trey had you backed against the counter in the kitchen, caged there by his hips. of course you were mostly distracted by the wonders of his mouth on your neck.
your fingers weaved themselves in his hair, not tugging but clutching at the roots whenever he did something that made you gasp. he was clearly enjoying the way you were wiggling and biting your lip to hold in the pretty sounds.
he bit and tugged on your ear, causing your body to tense. he pressed kisses to the irritated skin before pulling back to your face. his hair was mused and his glasses crooked on is nose.
your mouths met hungry for each other, your face tilted opposite his. after a moment you tugged him away. he paused, blinking at you curiously.
with a sheepish chuckle you reached up to his face. you let your fingers trace his jaw, before rising to his cheekbones, and finally taking his glasses. his lashes fluttered as you gently removed them.
"sorry I probably should have taken them off before-"
"no no, it's okay. I just dont wanna break them." you responded, folding them closed and placing them on a shelf. insuring they were to high up to get knocked by mistake but obvious enough you could find them again easily.
Trey took your chin with his thumb and pointer finger, bringing your eyes back to his.
"now then, where were we~"
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sanganomiaskokomi · a month ago
hihi !! I possible can i request epel, riddle, and azul with a reader who has a hard time studying but has the potential to become a top student ? so sorry if this is confusing (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
thank you <33
*ੈ✩‧₊˚Epel, Riddle, and Azul with a reader that has a hard time studying
cw: none, this is just fluff
characters: Epel, Riddle, Azul, and the Leech brothers are mentioned
•At first he doesn’t understand and outright asks why you’re not applying yourself
•You explain about your problem and he understands
•He asks Rook what he should do to help
•He’ll spend all his free time trying to help you
•He considers making you a potion that’ll help but decides that’s probably not the best idea
•everytime you get extremely frustrated he tries to calm you down by singing which makes him a little embarrassed but it’s for you so he can let it slide
•You didn’t wanna see him until after the answers came out because you’re so nervous
•The second you finally pass he jumps for joy
“Y/N! You did it! I knew you could!” He runs up to you and gives you a big hug before realizing he probably looks feminine so he lets go.
“Thank you Epel.”
•When he realizes you struggle with studying he was surprised and didn’t even believe you. He had to see it for himself.
•He couldn’t believe it! You’re the smartest person he knows!
•He set strict rules for studying for you. You probably think they’re a little crazy but you understand it’s because he loves you.
•You both anxiously await for the test answers to come out. You two basically paced together
•When you better a passing score he takes you to the next unbirthday party.
“I’m so proud of you, Y/N”
•the brothers found out your scores on the most recent tests and snitched on you
•He immediately calls you down to the lounge to talk about this with you
• He will take time out of his work day to help you study
• You get aggravated very easy but it doesn’t take him a long time to calm you down
•Once the test answers came out you ran as fast as you could to the lounge.
“I passed!” You yell as soon as you get through the doors. He quickly pulls you into a hug.
“You can get whatever you want! On the house!”
Sorry if this is short I haven’t wrote in a few days so I’m a little rusty! I hope you enjoyed also remember my requests are open! <3
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