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twst Incorrect quote #268
Ruggie: “You shouldn’t be using a straw.”
Jade: “I know it’s bad for the environment, as you land dwellers say.”
Ruggie: “No, it’s just a weird way to eat spaghetti.”
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Tumblr media
Shiver's on Team Azul, Frye on Team Jade, and Big Man on Team Floyd (I put them together based on personality/who they'd get along with, in my opinion!)
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Might as well make my first Twst post on this god awful app my appearance and body hcs for the characters, if you have a problem i quite literally do not give a shit
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
All of these were done on different days, some a few weeks apart then others so they may look a lil off (the most recent and last one was the Ignihyde one)
(Proshippers and Racists dni)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jade x Mushroom crackfic?
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iprefertweels · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Azul has two amazing lines here — the “intensely hazardous to the human body” one and the “don’t trouble yourself with petty details” one
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Octatrio thoughts
Every time I see someone like “oh my god the twins are insane they’re all so mean to eachother the twins don’t care about azul blah blah blah” I start laughing because like. That’s just being close friends for a long time?? Also being neurodivergent buddies
Like yeah, I’m gonna wake up every day and consciously choose to have you in my life today.
Also ribbing on your friends is just fun tbh. I love making fun of my friends when they do stupid shit and I love it when they do it back. They’re mean to each other because they trust it’s not that serious. Jade and Floyd snipe back at one another just as much as they do Azul because teasing is a form of affection??? Just one that isn’t sappy n all
And in terms of like, “the twins don’t care about azul” I mean they do but it’s different. They’re not subservient to him and they’re not above him, they’re equals. They’re individuals within a collective which means they fit together just fine but they’re also content with being completely independent??? Which is why they seem aloof but no like. They do care about each other but it’s different because they have boundaries
Basically what I’m trying to say is that the octatrio is probably the healthiest friendship in Twst in a weird twist of fate??? Like Riddle and Trey aren’t healthy AT ALL and neither is Ace and Deuce (because Deuce is genuinely bothered by Ace’s remarks, and Ace either doesn’t know or doesn’t care) octatrio can be completely fine with being alone and with being around each other and it’s not a big deal. They don’t feel the need to bind themselves to each other because honestly, who wants to be?
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Dorm leaders with reader who live for longggg (even longer then lilia)and really powerfull then the great seven or the shorter dorm leaders with solomon (obey me) like reader
With A Long-Lived Boyfriend
{not proof-read}
Oh god it’s the shady sorcerer
Tumblr media
Riddle always thought that you were a mysterious being. You just seemingly had that aura
Small trivia sessions are a common thing between you to. It’s a great way to study history together. It’s weird how you know so many things in detail though…
He’s never worried about your magic abilities becoming rusty or useless because you seemingly have a spell for everything. How you know so many is an enigma to him
One day, you and Riddle were enjoying a relaxing tea-cake-study date the gardens of Heartslabyul
He noticed that you seemed on edge today so he hoped some fresh air would help you
He was surprised when you asked him to never leave you, but Riddle is a man of his word
“Riddle? Can you promise me something?”
Riddle looked up from the rather bulky textbook on the small tea table to you, silently saying you had his full attention.
“What is it dear?” He asked. He finally noticed your worried and pleading eyes.
“Please…never leave me…”
That caught him off guard. Where did this come from, he wondered. Your eyes held something; fear of the unknown, of letting go. Maybe you knew more than you let on…but Riddle is a man of his word and he never intended to leave you
“Of course. I would never dream of it.”
Tumblr media
You were an odd ball to Leona but your mysterious aura somehow attracted him to you
He’s pretty smart, more than he gives credit for but so are you, especially in history but with how you talk, it’s like you were actually there…
Magic spells are nothing new to him but the variety and proficiency you have peaks his interest. He figures you must have practiced a lot
One day, you and Leona were chilling in his bed. It had been a long day of classes and he just wanted to chill
You were seemingly the most affected today since he could sense that you seemed…off
He was caught off guard when you asked him to never leave you. He’d never think of such an awful thing and he’ll make sure you don’t either
“Leona? can you promise me something?”
Leona looked down from where you were laying next to him, raising an eyebrow at your question.
“What’s up baby boy?” He asked. He didn’t overlook the scared look in your eyes, like you had seen something you shouldn’t have.
“Please…never leave me…”
If he wasn’t awake, he is now. Why would you think about something like that? You looked at him with such a pleading a fearful look for his answer. Maybe you knew something that he didn’t…but Leona would never let you fester the thought.
“I promise. You’re mine and I don’t intend to leave you anytime soon.”
Tumblr media
Azul has met some mysterious people before and yet you seem to take the cake. Everything you know and do is shrouded in mystery
Azul is very smart, maybe not in history like you are but still. He still wonders how you know all of that despite not learning it in class…
Azul is well versed in the world of magic spells so he’s happy his partner is as well. He hopes you teach him a few if he asks politely
One day, Azul was writing at his desk while you were laying on his bed
You said that you weren’t feeling well that day so he decided that a day of relaxation was all you needed
He was caught off guard when you asked him to make a promise to never leave you. Azul isn’t a liar, that’s for sure
“Azul? Can you promise me something?”
Azul gently placed his pen down and swerved in his chair to look at your gaze from the bed you were laying on.
“Of course Angelfish. What is it?” He said as he looked into your gaze. You looked…sad and fearful.
“Please…never leave me…”
Now that caught him off guard. Why would you think like that, and where did you get such thoughts? You looked at him with a sad and pleading look when he didn’t reply. He couldn’t leave your promise standing.
“I wouldn’t dream of it Angelfish. Please don’t think like that.”
Tumblr media
Kalim has always liked your mysterious ways but he could never find the reason why
He’s not super good with history so he loves hearing the random facts you spew at him. He just wonders how you know so much…
It may not seem like it, but he’s rather proficient with his magic and likes showing off spells together with you. He didn’t know you knew so many!
One day, you and Kalim were chilling together on his bed
It was one of those days where you both didn’t want to do anything and he was okay with winding down with you
Kalim was shocked at the promise for him to never leave you. Why would you think like that? He loves you! He would never leave you!
“Kalim? Can you promise me something?”
Kalim moved around in your arms so that he could properly face you from where you both laid in his bed.
“Sure! What’s wrong?” He asked. As he looked into your eyes, he saw them swirl with anxiety and fear.
“Please…never leave me…”
Kalim audibly gasped. He was shocked and worried as to why you thought he’d ever leave you! Yet, you spoke like he would and that made him sad.
“Please don’t think like that! I would never leave you! I promise!”
Tumblr media
Vil wonders why he has such a magnetic pull to mysterious people such as yourself but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t love you
Vil was interested in history, if only for the beauty of it but he’s interested in how you know so much, even things he’s never heard about…
Magic is one of his strong suits so he quite impressed about your control over magic
One day you and Vil were walking around the common grounds of Pomefiore and heading to the open yea area near the back of said dorm
He only suggested you do this together because you had said you weren’t feeling good and thought fresh air would help
He was not expecting such an intimate promise to never leave you yet the look in your eyes say there was more to the story but the fear in your eyes kept him from perusing
“Vil? Can you promise me something?”
Vil looked at you, noticing that your grip on his hand got tighter and your palms got warmer.
“What’s bothering you darling?” He asked as you finally met his eyes. He noticed your worried look almost immediately. Something was bothering you
“Please…never leave me…”
Now that shocked him. Where in the world did you get the idea that he would leave you? Was it social media? His fans? General anxiety? However, when he looked at you, it felt more than that.
“I wouldn’t dream of it sweet potato. Now let’s have some tea together.”
Tumblr media
Idia usually laments himself for associating with weird and extroverted people but you somehow hit different to him
He’s never really cared for magic but with your skill and interest in it he might just find himself but how do you know so many spells?
Idia has never been a history person but he loves your little trivia sessions with him. He just likes seeing you happy
One day, you and Idia were chilling together watching anime because you both weren’t feeling good
He just didn’t want to interact with anyone today but he knew you genuinely didn’t feel good
Your promise to never leave you both shook and resonated with him. He’s not one to make promises but this one he’s intending to keep
“Idia? Can you promise me something?”
Idia looked down at where you were sitting in his lap while pausing whatever was on the TV.
“What’s up?” He asked. He didn’t notice the fearful look in your eyes but your body language spoke for you as you wrapped your arms around him to get closer.
“Please…never leave me…”
Idia flinched at that. It was a heavy promise and one that he’s most likely heard before. He’s not someone who usually makes promises but you’re his boyfriend and the look in your eyes told him you were scared at his lack of reply.
“Yeah. I promise. I won’t leave, ever.”
Tumblr media
Malleus is pretty long lived himself so he’s met some weird people in his lifetime but you are an interesting case to him
He’s pretty good with history, especially in certain areas but he’s never met anyone who would share his love for it but with the way you speak, it’s like you were there…
Diasomnia is known for their magical prowess and their dorm leader is a prime example. Malleus having a boyfriend who is just as magically inclined as him makes him very happy
One day, you were both relaxing in the courtyard at night just admiring the stars, plant life, and architecture of the school
While he was talking about certain stars, he noticed that you had zoned out but not because of drowsiness
The promise to never leave you shocked him. Of course it would scare you, being left alone and he can sympathize with that feeling. He would never dare to leave you
“Malleus? Can you promise me something?”
Malleus looked down at where you leaned your head on his shoulder, stopping his ranting and giving his full attention to you.
“What’s the matter love?” He asked. You finally peered up at him and he immediately noticed the fear in your eyes that felt all to familiar.
“Please…never leave me…”
Malleus’ eyes widened in shock. Not wanting to be left alone is a fear he can share with you but he would never do that. You’re too precious to him for him to let you go so easily.
“Of course not love. Perish the thought.”
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TWST Boys With Artist Yuu Part 1
I would like to tag @twistedoverbloat since their chaotic artist Yuu posts are chef's kiss. There's no real order to these other than which character(s) are beating my ass the least lol Content warning: None (unless you count the entirety of Octavinelle)
Sketching the various drinks and treats of the Mostro Lounge is an easy way to keep track of what Yuu has tried on the menu. Taking a not so discreet peek at their sketchbook, Azul was able to convince them to create a Magicam account to promote upcoming products, with payment, of course….
Jade is likely to ask Yuu to join him on hikes to practice botanical drawing. The way they’re able to capture the subject’s likeness rivals that of an academic journal. Professor Crewel may or may not be looking forward to each new drawing
Painting shoes with Floyd will take his shoe appreciation up a thousand notches. Making rare shoes one of a kind is a past time he is surprising careful and focused in, especially when a specific pair is hard to get. Floyd can be seen flaunting his shoes around in and out of school and has convinced Yuu to create a side business out of it
Whenever he feels he needs to go through a fashion breakthrough, Vil asks Yuu to put outfits together, do his hair, or makeup based on an idea that Vil wants an outside opinion on. Vil dolling himself up and then Yuu creates an outfit based around it (or vice versa) has led to a few cultural resets on Magicam
Rook likes to make a game out of describing someone/thing he sees from afar and having Yuu sketch what/who he’s talking about. Afterward, the pair give the sketch to the subject, often with very mixed reactions (like, it’s nice art but how much attention were you paying to them…?)
Designing and embroidering jackets with Epel helps him fulfill a lifelong dream that he can convince even Vil to approve with its masterful design. Epel leans towards dragons, tigers, and basically anything that looks cool in order to toughen up his delicate image. His sketches are pretty solid but he’s hopeless with composition or color theory (the jackets look sick, though)
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of-love-duty-and-secrets · 2 days ago
not in a romantic or teasing way tho, no they're just soft n they care abt each other :)
also the other way around ofc
but like !!!
Floyd is probably the most affectionate w words
Jade's approach is more physical like holding hands or hugging if that's okay w Azul
and Azul shows it in his own. very Azul way. you know what way that is (like being more lenient when it comes to Floyd's mood swings during working hours, allowing them to be more physically affectionate, maybe even leaving some "thank you for [thing]" notes)
obvsly Floyd would also happily go for a hug but i know for SURE that he LOVES telling the ppl he loves all the sweet things he thinks abt them
even if said "sweet things" are things like "you remind me of a [scientific name of a pretty jellyfish]"
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xxfrozenmoonsxx · 2 days ago
So I'm watching the official animated video with the Twisted Wonderland opening theme and all, and notice this... GLIMPSE OF LITTLE AZUL WHEN HE WAS STILL CHUBBY 😱 It's the scene right near the beginning where Jade and Floyd are sitting in the lounge going over papers. Also on the table under some papers you can see a photo with his current hairstyle so likely a newer photo.
EDIT TO ADD: I know the pain and trauma from being bullied as a young child for being overweight... I have always been overweight, and with my underlying chronic health conditions it's impossible to exercise to burn calories (I will fall unconscious very quickly due to my Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and it is very painful to "diet" (I had to have 95% of my large intestine surgically removed due to severe Ulcerative Colitis and the remaining 5% does contain ulcers that are in remission due to monthly IV infusions of a specific medication, but anything that is more difficult to digest? It causes flare ups and makes me seriously sick and bleed and all from the ulcers being aggravated.) My only option is intermittent fasting and it is working, but very slowly and leaves me with lots of loose skin. Losing weight is difficult for ANYONE, so being someone going through the struggle really helps me to sympathize with his character.
Tumblr media
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Dealing with costume services: a compilation.
Heartslabyul, Savanaclaw, Octavinelle and Scarabia edition
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mintmoth · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
There's no real joke here other than Jamil just being on a different wavelength
He's still vibing though, if he wasn't he'd just get up and leave let's be real lmao
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tunabesimpin · a month ago
Tumblr media
may eel wanters be eel havers
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2n4il · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
bagged eels thoughts
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crienosaur · 2 months ago
Reader holds a bag of gummies, enjoying the squishies.
Floyd wants some.
“Are those gummy worms?”
“… No?”
“They… are gummy eels.”
Reader has a menacing glare.
Floyd and Jade laugh… but they’re slightly scared. Just a little bit.
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Twisted wonderland Incorrect Quotes
Jade: I'd like to note that, I accidentally added poison instead of some ingredient on the meal and forgot which plate
Floyd: THE FUCK?!
Mc, sipping a drink: With the way this shits been going? I hope it's mine.
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twisted-lover-boys · 15 hours ago
Hi Jin<3 the saga of beast man continues and I was wondering if you can do the dorm leaders and vice dorm leaders(only if you want,sorry if it’s a lot!) with a dog beast man/or wolf? You don’t have to,and sorry if it’s a lot for me to ask!
With A Dog Beastman
{not proof-read}
And now we jump back into regular animals—
I’ve done the dorm leaders so much that its starting to get tiring lol
So I’ll do the vice dorm leaders instead for this
Tumblr media
Trey was always under the impression that you were this tall and ferocious dog beastman, especially when he met you and when your relationship began
Little would he find out that his boyfriend was such a sweetheart who only wanted the best for him
Trey thinks it’s funny how he can tell your emotions simply by your tail wagging. It’s rather adorable hearing it thump when he’s around
He gets a special privilege of scratching behind your ears and seeing you melt
He finds your whining adorable because whenever he has vice dorm leader duties and he can’t hang out with you, you whine to get him to stay. It’s worked more than once…
Despite knowing that you’re just a sweet boy, Trey knows that you throw hands easily. Someone tried to disrespect him one time and he left with a broken nose from you
Trey is always reminded that you’re just as sweet as you are deadly…and he likes it that way
Tumblr media
Ruggie was skeptical of you when you first met and got together because he knows dog beastmen can be kind of rabid
He was surprised you ended up being so sweet to him
Ruggie thinks it’s funny whenever your tail wags when he’s around or just talking to you. It gives him an unfamiliar giddy feeling
Ear scratches are shared between you two. He scratches you ears and you scratch his. It’s a win-win!
He is no stranger to whining as he’s done it himself from time to time so your whining to stay doesn’t work in him…sometimes…
Despite being a sweetheart to him, Ruggie is reminded of how ferocious you can really be. He managed to find himself in trouble with some other students and you just went feral
As much as he says he doesn’t need help, he happy you do it anyways. Both in making sure he’s healthy and protecting him
Tumblr media
Jade is skeptical of everyone he would consider a threat, and that went for you when he first met you and got together with you
He feels rather silly he assumed you were a threat with how sweetly you treat him
Tail wags are very funny to him. You can’t hide how happy you are to see him and it makes him genuinely smile
Ear scratches are also very funny to him because he’s the only one who gets to touch them and see you melt into his hands
Jade finds your whining adorable. It never works in him of course sometimes but it just shows how much you love him
He isn’t used to seeing you act so ruthless but…he can’t deny he likes it. He never would have considered himself in need of protection but when a few students get out of hand, he knows he can rely on your power
Jade’s loves you because you’re so sweet and interesting. You’ve captured the poor eel’s heart
Tumblr media
Jamil is pretty untrusting to others he doesn’t know, that included you in the early stages of friendship and your relationship
With how sweet and caring you are with him, he would’ve thought his worrying was for nothing
Tail wags, although he doesn’t show it, make him very happy. It makes him feel wanted by you and that makes him giddy
Ear scratches is something he does on occasion to show affection and watch you melt but he isn’t opposed to you forcing his affection on you
Whining will never get Jamil to stay. Of course he loves you but he has duties to uphold. Just don’t remind him of his off days…
Jamil was admittedly shocked about your savage behavior when it came to protecting him. He’s always claimed he never needed it, mostly out of independence and your own safety, but he appreciates it nonetheless
Your mixed sweet and ferocious behavior still throws Jamil for a loop but he loves his boyfriend no matter what side he sees
Tumblr media
Rook kept a close eye on you when you first met and when you got together. Out of safety or curiosity still remains a mystery
Your very sweet nature took him for a loop at first but he quickly grew to love your personality
When you wag your tail when you see him, Rook gets all giddy for you because you only do that for him
Scratching behind your ears also makes him giddy because only he can touch your ears and watch you melt under his fingers
Whining works on him like a charm. He can’t resist the temptation to lay down and rest with you and admire you. You’re his handsome boyfriend after all
Rook is someone who looks like he wouldn’t need protection and they’d be right but even the great hunter gets in trouble. The first time he saw how ferocious you were, he couldn’t stop completing your form and poise
Rook find beauty in everything he sees and his rabidly sweet dog boyfriend is no exception
Tumblr media
Lilia, although it may not seem like it, was very wary and interested in you because of how rough you look
He found it extremely funny when he found out how sweet you are to others
Tail wags are funny but sweet to him because it shows him how much you love him
He does ear scratches whenever he wants attention and just watches you melt into him. It’s a great way to have a relaxing day from school
You get back at him by whining at him to stay with you instead of going somewhere else. It has worked on multiple occasions and he isn’t afraid to admit it
Lilia will never forget the time you shows how dangerous you can be. Some students didn’t take well to him and before he could even defend himself, you did it for him
Lilia is an interesting man and he finds his boyfriend interesting to. He wouldn’t have it any other way
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