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Octatrio thoughts
Every time I see someone like “oh my god the twins are insane they’re all so mean to eachother the twins don’t care about azul blah blah blah” I start laughing because like. That’s just being close friends for a long time?? Also being neurodivergent buddies
Like yeah, I’m gonna wake up every day and consciously choose to have you in my life today.
Also ribbing on your friends is just fun tbh. I love making fun of my friends when they do stupid shit and I love it when they do it back. They’re mean to each other because they trust it’s not that serious. Jade and Floyd snipe back at one another just as much as they do Azul because teasing is a form of affection??? Just one that isn’t sappy n all
And in terms of like, “the twins don’t care about azul” I mean they do but it’s different. They’re not subservient to him and they’re not above him, they’re equals. They’re individuals within a collective which means they fit together just fine but they’re also content with being completely independent??? Which is why they seem aloof but no like. They do care about each other but it’s different because they have boundaries
Basically what I’m trying to say is that the octatrio is probably the healthiest friendship in Twst in a weird twist of fate??? Like Riddle and Trey aren’t healthy AT ALL and neither is Ace and Deuce (because Deuce is genuinely bothered by Ace’s remarks, and Ace either doesn’t know or doesn’t care) octatrio can be completely fine with being alone and with being around each other and it’s not a big deal. They don’t feel the need to bind themselves to each other because honestly, who wants to be?
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So I'm watching the official animated video with the Twisted Wonderland opening theme and all, and notice this... GLIMPSE OF LITTLE AZUL WHEN HE WAS STILL CHUBBY 😱 It's the scene right near the beginning where Jade and Floyd are sitting in the lounge going over papers. Also on the table under some papers you can see a photo with his current hairstyle so likely a newer photo.
EDIT TO ADD: I know the pain and trauma from being bullied as a young child for being overweight... I have always been overweight, and with my underlying chronic health conditions it's impossible to exercise to burn calories (I will fall unconscious very quickly due to my Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and it is very painful to "diet" (I had to have 95% of my large intestine surgically removed due to severe Ulcerative Colitis and the remaining 5% does contain ulcers that are in remission due to monthly IV infusions of a specific medication, but anything that is more difficult to digest? It causes flare ups and makes me seriously sick and bleed and all from the ulcers being aggravated.) My only option is intermittent fasting and it is working, but very slowly and leaves me with lots of loose skin. Losing weight is difficult for ANYONE, so being someone going through the struggle really helps me to sympathize with his character.
Tumblr media
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noirezki · 4 months ago
Twisted wonderland Incorrect Quotes
Jade: I'd like to note that, I accidentally added poison instead of some ingredient on the meal and forgot which plate
Floyd: THE FUCK?!
Mc, sipping a drink: With the way this shits been going? I hope it's mine.
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Tumblr media
the new Mostro Lounge setup looks nice
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Mostro Lounge karaoke night be like
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mrs-schoenheit · 8 days ago
Yuu: Okay Yuu you got this just— JUST BE LOWKEY OKAY?!? *deep breaths*
*Azul walks in*: Prefect are you he—
Yuu: I am inlove with you
Azul: …what..?
Yuu: I mean what’s up?
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Most bosses: Yes, these are my left and right hands. They’re quite good at what they do, though they know the costs of failure…
Azul: These are my emotional support eels and they’re the most capable and amazing merfolk ever. If you say anything bad about them I’ll cry and then let them kill you. If you try to hurt them I’ll just straight up murder you. I mean - they are my. Employees. And we have. A mutual understanding. Yes. I’m not crying shut up-
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【 three's a party (and yuu does not want to play host) 】
author's note: this is a repost of my fic, but in tumblr-friendly format in case anyone dislikes ao3's formatting sjdkfsj (i've been there too dw) it's a little fic i wrote bc i had lots of octatrio brainrot n wanted to see how they'd react to crowley overworking the prefect. n then somehow this happened. kind of a filler as i work on the rest of the reqs + my leona fic, so i hope you enjoyed it if you haven't read it already !
characters: gn! yuu, azul ashengrotto, floyd leech, jade leech
warnings: non-graphic depictions of biting + blood (gee, thanks tweels but also please be careful if you're squeamish !!)
word count: 6.8k (i brainrot too hard-)
tags: uhhh octatrio *jazz hands*, yuu is overworked and underpaid (courtesy of crowley), let's pay floyd to become a professional cuddler, and pay jade to be a professional floyd-enabler, we blame the biting on both tweels, azul-typical deal making (becoming one of my fav tags ngl), protective octatrio ? hell yeah, protective octatrio !!
[ read it on ao3 | previous tumblr post ]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yuu was tired. They shuffled the papers in their arms, carrying two more folders filled with them. That sad excuse of a headmage has once again tasked them with something almost impossible. This time he was shirking his own duties to go off on some weekend getaway at the Scalding Sands.
"Now I leave these duties to you, Yuu-kun," Crowley had said, not even bothering to hide the suitcase or the travel outfit he had on. Heck, he was even slathering on sunscreen as he spoke to them.
"What is it this time, headmage?" Yuu asked, Grim clearly not paying attention as he gorged himself on the cookies Crowley had set up as a bribe.
Crowley pats at the two stacks of folders on his desk, "This side is the invoices, and this side is the supplies that we received. It'd be so helpful if you could, ah, help me out in matching and making sure they're all in order."
"F-funyah... That's gonna take a long time..." Grim backed up to the door. "I-I have to turn in my potions homework... Bye, henchman!" And, there goes Grim, leaving them alone to stare at the stack of papers.
"Ahem," Crowley awkwardly picked up his suitcase. "Well, I suggest you get started soon since I need this done by the end of the weekend. I wouldn't want you to shoulder your...excessive food funds." And then he was gone. Leaving Yuu with two stacks of terror and sleep deprivation.
Yuu's been working hard, with frequent breaks to nap so that....well, so they don't keel over and die. They've bounced around several different locations so far, searching for a spot to take care of these papers. They've been working at the library, infirmary, their own room, the cafeteria (when it wasn't mealtime), and even in Trein-sensei and Crewel-sensei's classrooms. The two teachers had sent Yuu equally as pitying looks before taking a few invoices and checking them over in the middle of their own work, which Yuu was really grateful for.
Their next spot was this place: Mostro Lounge. They just hoped that the Octatrio wouldn't find them too quickly. They still had work to get done after all. It wasn’t Jade that greets them at the entrance, much to Yuu's relief. Mostro Lounge was an ideal place to do work and almost no one would be willing to disturb a customer or gaze at their work too hard.
Yuu was quickly guided into a booth near the back next to the tank. Virtually no one sat there, due to the smallness of it but Yuu quite liked it. It was almost cozy there. They ordered a drink with espresso in it, trusting the Lounge would make something presentable out of it. Yuu then set out to work.
They had almost thirty minutes of undisturbed work before someone tapped their shoulder. Yuu looked up to see Floyd, leaning his whole body over the table, a wide grin on display. Great Seven, why did it have to be Floyd that found them first?
"Why didn't you tell me you were visiting today, Little Shrimp?" Floyd easily scooted into the booth, placing their drink down. "Thought I was smelling things earlier but Shrimpy’s name's on the order and that means I win~!"
"What...what did you win?"
"Well, it doesn't matter! Now let's go play~" He tugged hard at their arm, and it felt like he was about to rip it out of its socket. "We can go visit Azul too, to tell him I won, and then we can go swimming-"
"I can't, Floyd." The taller stopped talking immediately, his grin deflating into a frown. It tied Yuu's stomach in knots. They never knew how Floyd would react to rejection.
This time, he just whined, "Why not? 'S not like you're doing anything interesting."
"Uhm," Yuu tapped at the table. "It's not interesting, but imagine if Azul was bossing you aro-"
"Azul always does that though. Don't needa imagine it."
"-okay, so Azul's bossing you around. And he tells you to do something. Or else he'll make you do something you hate, for example...?"
Floyd pouted, "...letting Jade beat up all the small fries while I'm stuck with the dishes."
Yuu paused at the example, "A very Floyd answer. Or else he won't let you beat up the people who breached his contracts. For a whole month, you have to wash dishes instead."
"Not for a month!" He was whining even harder now.
"Exactly, that's why I need to do this," Yuu vaguely gestured at the papers.
Floyd's eyes lit up, "Or else Azul won't let you beat people up? Didn't know Shrimpy liked fighti-"
"No! Or else Crowley will do something like not letting me eat food at the cafeteria!"
"Oh," And Floyd gave them a pitying look– the Floyd Leech was feeling sympathetic for them, how pathetic did they have to be?– "Then we'll play next time?"
"Yes, I'll swim with you next time," Yuu said, relieved that he understood. "I promise. Thank you for letting me work, Floyd." The blue-haired nodded, but he didn't move from his spot.
Yuu sipped at the drink– something sugary that hid the espresso really well– as they continued to work. Floyd's gaze burned into them quite intently but there was nothing they could do when he was already being so good.
Then there was a finger squishing their cheek and Floyd was grinning again, "I had a great idea~ How 'bout we sit so I can squeeze Shrimpy and Shrimpy can keep doing the boring stuff? C'mon, c'mon I'll keep you company." Yuu nodded and was immediately lifted up right into the air by the armpits. Like a cat. Yuu swore that they weren't that light, it was just the students at this school that were on crack or something for them to be that strong.
Floyd hummed as he placed them between his thighs, "See, see~ This is so much more fun." His frame draped over them slightly, arms wrapping around their waist as their back met his front. It was kind of like having a weighted blanket wrapped around them, except it wasn't warm, just...oddly comforting.
"Alright, Floyd," Yuu felt him fiddling with their uniform. "Just...don't squeeze too hard." Work went on as usual, with Floyd occasionally playing with their hair, or even nipping at their ears or neck. Yuu elbowed him when he did that. His teeth were too sharp for those seemingly innocent actions to actually be innocent. One bite and they might just bleed out, right in that dingy corner at Mostro Lounge. There was also a chance that he might pick them up and drop them on the ground once he got bored of sitting around.
But after a while, Floyd was suspiciously still. His head settled onto Yuu's shoulder, the little puffs of his breath tickling Yuu's neck every few seconds. Yuu looked over at him, brushing back his bangs to see what Floyd was doing only to find him...asleep.
The Floyd Leech was asleep. On their shoulder. That wasn't something they expected to happen when they walked in here. Floyd whined a bit in his sleep, squeezing a bit tighter. Yuu shushed at him, patting his hair to placate him. He grew silent after a bit, and Yuu released a breath.
Waking Floyd was probably going to be a headache, so they continued to work. Or was trying to continue their work, before a set of familiar footsteps had stopped at their table. They didn't bother looking up, assuming it was the waiter, here to take their drink.
"My, so this was where Floyd escaped to," – Yuu's shoulders tensed before remembering they had a sleeping eel at their back– "He was always better at sniffing out prey than me."
Ignoring the fact that they got called prey, Yuu acknowledged the calmer-looking Leech, "Jade-senpai."
"I'll come back with some tea," Jade said, taking their empty glass. "Something relaxing, perhaps? You look a little stressed, Yuu-san."
Yuu nodded, "I'd...appreciate that. How much will that be? I already paid for the drink before, just in case I forgot."
"Mmm," Jade's expression turned contemplative. "It's supposed to sell at 12 thaumarks, but since I'll be dining with you, I'll foot half the bill."
"That's...oddly nice of you," Yuu said, knowing that the other wouldn't take offense at such a comment.
And surprise surprise, Jade merely smiled, razor-sharp this time, "I'm offended that you'd think so little of me." Then Jade was gone, in a flurry of perfectly placed movements. Yuu sighed, looking down at the papers in front of them. It just never seemed to end, and they would be hitting their limit soon. A nap was in due order.
Jade arrived with the tea set in no time, "Ah, think of this as repayment for getting Floyd to sleep. He's been complaining that his teeth were hurting and that he wanted to go back to the ocean...it has been quite troublesome, for both me and Azul."
"That's...not good." Yuu watched, enraptured by the way Jade was very elegantly preparing the tea. Damn him and his near-perfectionism in everything. It made him that much harder to be wary of.
"Well, he was asking me to play around, but I had really pressing work and he seemed to get it so..."
"He fell asleep soon after that?"
"He was squeezing me, but after a while, he must've dozed off," Yuu shrugged.
"My, how soft, to fall asleep in front of prey," Jade placed their cup in front of them, staring over at the sleeping Leech. "Try adding some sugar to the tea." Yuu pours a spoonful in and gasped as the tea turns from a dark blue to purple color.
There's a delight in Jade's face, maybe at their reaction, "Stir it, Yuu-san."
Yuu does, and the color changes once more, from purple to light pink.
"What kind of...magical tea is this?" Yuu held up their cup like it was going to run away from them.
"A...personal blend of mine," Jade chuckled lightly. "I've found that some plants I encounter while I do my club activities make the most fascinating teas."
Yuu narrowed their eyes at the cup, "This isn't...going to make me see hallucinations right? I really need to focus on this before Crowley wrings me out."
"Oh no, although I do know of a blend that does so, this is merely a relaxant." Jade takes a sip of his own cup as if to demonstrate its harmlessness. "I make this blend for Azul sometimes when he's got a lot of work to deal with."
Yuu braved a sip and felt a warm tingle make its way down their throat. With a sigh, Yuu felt all the muscles start to soften and they sag back against Floyd's front.
"Oh yeah, very good," Yuu took another sip, flexing their hands to get the invisible ants out.
"What have you been working on?" Jade asked, gesturing at the papers. "Something for the headmage?"
Yuu groaned, staring at the still-hefty stack of papers, "Crowley- I mean, our benevolent headmage has left a student in charge of checking invoices for the school's purchases while he goes off for a weekend escapade."
"That is...certainly a difficult situation," Jade eyed the papers. "I could help you with some, but I might need to go if Azul calls. How many of these have you gone through already?"
"There were two stacks of these, a meter tall on his desk before he left."
Jade patted their head sympathetically, grabbing a folder, "I think I can relate, especially on the part where my boss makes unreasonable demands. But at least the pay is, mmm, more handsome on those days."
And then they were working. Amicably, to Yuu's surprise. Jade Leech was a good work partner when he wasn't condescending or trying to be scary. (He didn't have to try that hard, he was already imposing enough.) Jade was efficient, and Yuu felt like their brain was turning to mush by the minute. The tea was making them drowsy as well, so that wasn't helping their situa-
Suddenly, there were teeth at their neck...? There were teeth at their neck, real and sharp from the way the jaw of their perpetrator flexed slightly against their skin. Yuu's head snapped up, "Uhm, Floy...d...?"
Floyd was grumbling quietly before the teeth are gone, "Ja~de, stop tryna steal Shrimpy from me!" His hold on them suddenly tightened, his leg moving to tangle in theirs. The teeth are back on their neck as if they'd never left. Yuu swallowed slowly, hoping that they'd get to leave this situation alive as they looked at Jade.
Jade looked unimpressed at Floyd's behavior, "Floyd, it is rude to treat Yuu-san that way when they've been courteous enough to let you sleep as they work." He set the papers he was working on aside as he focused on his twin.
It's nerve-wracking to be in the middle of a fight between these two because, well, Yuu had never seen them fight before. Sure, there are times when they disagreed, but they usually settle it quickly. Now, being the main reason why they were fighting in the first place...Yuu wasn't sure they could survive this. Maybe they should start writing a will, to give away what little possessions they had.
"I know! 'S not Little Shrimp's fault," Floyd whined and rubbed his head against Yuu's nape. "It's cuz of you, now go away, Jade, I don't wanna share."
And then like a switch was flipped, Jade smiled, all provocation, "Well, Yuu-san doesn't belong to you, Floyd." There's a tense silence and Yuu lamented going back to writing their will. Why would Jade say something that would rile him up even more? Now Floyd had his legs wrapped around Yuu's thighs, arms squeezing to the point of discomfort. And the worst part was that those teeth were still scratching at their nape.
"Floyd, I'd appreciate it if you don't bite my ne-" - Yuu shivered as the teeth pressed in a little harder. "My neck." They sat up as best they could, reaching a hand back to pet at Floyd's hair. His grip relaxed the slightest bit. "I'll die if you do."
"But if I don't bite, then Jade'll bite first. And I wanna bite first." Floyd said, so matter-of-factly that any other person would've thought he was talking about lunch. Yuu glanced over at Jade, who doesn't refute the statement, and instead looks amused. Amused, of all things! The gall of this...this overly tall mer-eel!
"No one's biting anyone, please," Yuu argued weakly. "I...really need my neck in one piece." It's a stalemate because Floyd won't let go, Jade won't leave, and Yuu's literally stuck between a rock and a hard place. And they've been stressed all day, so whatever they could do to get out of this...
A flicker of an idea appeared in Yuu's mind, and before they could think too hard, they blurted, "Does it have to be my neck?"
Jade looked visibly surprised by their statement, "You're...going to let him bite you?"
Yuu felt miserable at the prospect, "I have work to do. If this will get you both to quiet down then it's worth it. I think."
"Yay! I get to bite Little Shrimp!" Floyd cheered, jostling Yuu around. "I wonder, will Shrimpy taste like a shrimp...?" The question was asked so innocently that it left Yuu dumbfounded.
"Uhm, then how about my arm...?" They were facing Floyd now, offering up their right arm.
Floyd took it, kneading it between his hands, "Hmm... Not as squishy as your cheeks or tummy, but it'll do for today!" Jade hasn't said anything in a while, but he seemed interested as his twin rolled up the sleeve of their uniform and blazer. Well, there goes their last chance of getting out of this.
"Don't move, Little Shrimp, or else the blood'll go everywhere, like whoosh," Floyd made a gushing motion. "Kinda like those fancy fountains, 'cept it'll be blood~"
Was this a horrible idea? Yes. Were they going to regret this later? Oh yes, most certainly. But was it happening? Begrudgingly, also yes.
And Yuu tried not to imagine the blood fountain in their mind as Floyd clamped down on their arm. He didn't waste any time, immediately biting down. They winced. His teeth were sharp enough to cut into their skin effortlessly. Floyd smiled against their arm in content, once again confirming that Floyd Leech was slightly insane. They didn't move until he finally pulled away.
There was blood everywhere, on his teeth, lips, and even his chin, but Floyd grinned, "Y'know, 's not bad! Doesn't taste like a shrimp, but still good." He made a show of licking the wound again, "Aha, my teeth hurt of so long, so thank you, Shrimpy!"
Their arm is throbbing– burning, actually– but it didn't hurt as much as they'd expected. Maybe it was the adrenaline rushing in their ears, but they felt a little too calm and overwhelmed at the same time. There was a tingling when Floyd licked over it again, and Yuu belatedly wondered if eelmer saliva was toxic to humans.
"C'mon, Jade. You wanna bite too, right?" Floyd smiled gleefully, facing his twin. Wait...what? "Look, Shrimpy. He looks so hungry~" Yuu looked up and there's something dark in Jade's eyes. Shit. Shit, shit, shit, they had almost forgotten that both of them were clinically insane. What kind of sane person liked the taste of human blood anyway?
Jade stood, politely smiling, "Scoot over, Floyd." Said Leech backed up in the booth, giggling all the while and tugging Yuu with him.
"W-wait, how come Jade-senpai's biting me too-!"
Jade's hand grips at their forearm, glove staining with red, "My, it is rude to offer this one of us and not the other."
"He's right! And you taste good, so don't worry."
"I- I thought you didn't want to share !"
Floyd looked sinister as he grinned again, still bloody, "Well that's before. Now's now. Now be a good shrimp and let Jade bite you~" Yuu resisted the urge to kick at Jade as he settled between their legs. Calm down, this guy was just helping out before. Calm down.
Jade swept back his hair as he brought their arm closer, "I promise I'll be gentle."
It's not reassuring at all when Jade says it while smiling that smile that reminds Yuu of a predator baring its teeth. And just like that, there was a second bite on their arm. It didn't hurt as much as the first, but maybe they were growing numb to the pain by now.  Jade lapped at the blood and hummed as if pleased by the taste before retracting his teeth.
Yuu stared at the twin bites on their arm with disappointment, "You two are...literally the worst. If I die of an infection, I am not writing you guys into my will."
“Shrimpy didn’t move so it’ll heal,” Floyd petted their hair to mollify them, "Tastes pretty good, right Jade? It scratches that itch, so there's also a bonus~"
Jade nodded, licking the blood dripping down his chin, staining his shirt, "I must say, that was satisfactory." The twins flash Yuu their sharp grins, both equally caked in their blood and now Yuu remembered exactly why these two were twins. They were cut from the same piece of cloth, after all.
"Please don't say you're gonna eat me or something, I'm not food," Yuu grumbled, cupping their arm. "Could you at least get some tissues? The blood's getting everywhere." Floyd grabbed the whole tissue stand, stuffing it into Yuu's hand. But he made no effort to move from his position where he was cuddling into Yuu. Jade was no different, passively watching and occasionally helping with the used tissues.
"What in Seven's name are you doing?"
The voice made them flinch. Yuu looked up, only to make eye contact with one horrified Azul Ashengrotto. Jade doesn't look all that surprised as he turned, and Floyd gave Azul a big wave.
"Is that...Yuu–?" Azul sighed tiredly. "Up, all of you. To the VIP Room. Now."
"Yes, sir."
Floyd lifted them up with him as he stood, acting as a barrier between the rest of Mostro Lounge and their little party of four. At this point, Yuu couldn’t bring it on themself to say they could walk and just let Floyd do his thing.
"Ooh, Azul looks real mad," He mused, frowning. "But we were just havin' fun, me, Shrimpy, and Jade were."
They're placed on the couch. Or, they're placed on Floyd's lap as he sat on the couch, was a more accurate statement. Jade walked in, bloodied glove in his breast pocket as he carried a stack of papers.
"Thanks, Jade-senpai."
"Not to worry, it was me and Floyd who, ah, inconvenienced you," He sat down next to the two, exchanging another chilling smile with Floyd. Crazy, both of them were.
"Tell me why I was working peacefully when I get a report that, and I quote, 'The Leech brothers are mauling a customer'?" Azul paced around in front of the three on the couch. “Mauling” was...well, it wasn't entirely off. Their arm was still throbbing, and the blood hadn't stopped flowing yet.
"We weren't mauling the Little Shrimp," Floyd huffed, offended at the accusation. "We were just playing 'n Shrimpy said a little bite was okay."
"Quite," Jade nodded as if saddened. "I was having a nice conversation with Yuu-san before the, ah, biting, as Floyd said." They said it as if both of them didn't have blood staining their chins and the collars of their shirts. Yuu just wanted to work in peace. Why did they end up in this situation?
Azul dragged a hand over his face, "Show me." Yuu leaned as far forward as they could with Floyd holding on to them. The bites certainly didn't look as clean as before. The blood was beginning to drip. It looked kinda scary, actually. Yuu was sure there was some sort of paralyzing agent in their saliva, or else maybe they'd be screaming their heads off from the pain.
"I'll hear your explanations later. Jade, Floyd, for now, step outside the room."
Floyd's grip tightened, "Eh, but I don't wanna~"
"Floyd, let's let Azul have a turn," Jade placed a hand on his twin’s shoulder. "It'll only be about five minutes."
"I'm not some toy you can have a turn on." And Jade just smiled at the retaliation, as if he thought it was funny they were complaining after everything that happened.
Floyd reluctantly let go, "I'll be back in no time, Shrimpy."
"If you heal it all the way, we might just have to bite Yuu-san again, Azul," Jade called out before he left. Crazy bastards.
"Don't forget to change your clothes, you got blood everywhere!" Azul shouted after them before standing. He grabbed a cloth and a potion from his drawer.
He sighed as he stared at all the blood, "Let's get it cleaned up before you get an infection."
"Is their saliva poisonous?" Yuu tried not to flinch as Azul ran the cloth around the edges of the bite.
"Not as toxic as their animal counterparts, but I know that there's something that may cause infections," Azul looked up at Yuu before looking back down. "Why would you, out of all people, give them permission to bite you?"
"Well...Floyd was threatening to bite my neck-" Azul almost dropped the cloth at that. "L-Long story short, he was...er, squeezing me and he fell asleep. Jade-senpai came around with some tea, we were discussing my work and Floyd woke up."
"I see. I'm assuming he didn't want to share?" He poured half of the potion onto the bites. The skin knits together, and it's almost like it never happened, save for the light pink scars left on their arm.
Yuu sighed, "It wasn't my brightest decision, I was really tired so to save my own neck, I offered my arm. To Floyd. but then Jade-senpai just..."
"That's when you should be cautious," Azul ruffled their hair. "Rule number two when dealing with the Leeches, what one gets, the other covets too."
"What's rule number one ?"
"Where one goes, the other will follow," Azul looked a bit sorry as he ran a finger over the scars. "Next time don't let them bite you. Call me when they're being unreasonable."
"What's the price?"
"The...price?" Azul looked momentarily askew as if deals or favors from him don't usually have a price tag attached to them. But he recovered quickly. "Well, the payment will be–"
The door is flung open unceremoniously, "Azul! It's been five minutes so now I get a turn!" And there are the twins, looking more like students rather than murderers this time.
Jade placed himself next to Azul. Yuu paid them no mind, no doubt they must've been talking about Mostro Lounge's affairs. Floyd nestled back beside them, this time burying his face in their stomach. Yuu sucked in a breath at the action, having seen literally firsthand what the eel’s teeth can do. The blue-haired giggled like it was funny.
"No more biting," Yuu pleaded. "I really need to do this by the end of today." Yuu picked up the abandoned papers, eyeing the one folder that they haven't sorted through yet. They won't be getting any sleep if that isn't done.
"What've you been doin' Shrimpy?" Floyd asked, wrapping his arms around their torso.
"Hmm? Oh, these are invoices. There are papers that say what's been delivered and what's been ordered. Crowley's forcing me to check them."
"Sounds bo~ring," Floyd singsonged, snatching a paper from Yuu's hand. "What if we set them on fire and build one of those bonfire things instead?"
Yuu took the paper, "I'd get in trouble. Remember washing dishes?" And Floyd shuddered at that, which Yuu found to be a little bit of a cute reaction.
"Are you getting paid, Prefect?" Oh, so Azul was paying attention to them.
They glanced up to find both Azul and Jade staring at them, "Well no. But he did threaten to cut the food funds again, so-"
"Cutting the food funds?" Azul scoffed.
"Again?" Jade's eyebrows furrowed.
There was a short silence before Floyd sat up, "I volunteer to squeeze the headmage! I'll do a great job for you, Little Shrimp."
"What? No, he'll expel you." And the eel deflated before latching onto them again like they were some sort of throw pillow. Yuu glanced warily at Azul and Jade, who all of a sudden had their business smiles on.
Azul approached them first, "How about you work for Mostro Lounge?"
"You mean as waitstaff?" Yuu tilted their head. "I already take up shifts most weeks, but-"
"Not work at Mostro Lounge, Yuu-san," Jade said in that ever so polite tone of his. "Work for the Lounge. Like me and Floyd."
"Uhuh...like you and Floyd," Yuu briefly imagined themself fighting students from other dorms and...nope. That's impossible because one spell and they'll be sent straight to heaven. If they even had heaven here.
"Your work wouldn't be too different to what you're doing right now," Azul sat down on the coffee table, minding the papers. "Usually I am in charge of matching up invoices, but since the business has grown it's been getting a bit...much. I can assure you that you'd be paid handsomely." And Yuu felt like they were being dragged into a trap.
"Ooh, Azul's got a great idea! I get to see Little Shrimp every day!" Floyd's gaze turned contemplative. "But it might get boring. But it might not. So let's do it~"
"Plus," And Yuu jumped when they heard Jade's voice beside them, his arm already on Yuu's forearm. "If you're here then maybe we'll get another taste."
Yuu whipped their arm back, "No more biting. I'm serious, one time's enough." And ugh, Yuu really didn't want to get stuck between these two again.
"If I may," Azul spread his arms wide. "We can set up a contract– a work one, now don't look at me like that– and work out the details of that some other time. For now, we just need your affirmation to the deal."
"Maybe you should hire someone more capable?" Yuu couldn't believe that Azul was hiring someone like them for this job. It's not like they were a professional, they've been doing this for two days after all.
"You're more than capable, Yuu-san," Jade gestured at their work. "You've been doing the headmage's work for him. There might not be anyone as capable as you."
"Jade is right. And also, Mostro Lounge doesn't only value capability," Azul held their gaze, and there's something like warmth there. "We also value trust. There's a reason why we haven't hired another working for the internal system all this time." It's because they haven't found someone trustworthy enough. The words were left unspoken but Yuu swallowed hard.
Azul? Trusting them? Even though they were just invoices, nothing like contracts or other sensitive details like funds, it was still...something. A lot more than they thought Azul, and the Leeches by extension, would've been willing to give them. The trio had always seemed to be impenetrable, so why were they suddenly making space for someone like them?
In an instant, there were arms binding theirs, accompanied by Floyd's cheerful voice, "Shrimpy's taking too long. Imma squeeze till you say yes~"
And, well, there goes the touching mood. Azul and Jade look unfazed as if this was part of the plan should they turn away the deal. Which meant that...this was a trap all along. Was that whole spiel about trust real...? Yuu didn't know when they had time to coordinate their attacks like this, they worked too seamlessly for them to notice.
Yuu thumped their head against Floyd's chest, "Coercion. Great. Fine, I'll do it."
There's a short silence before Azul takes their hand, "It's a deal." His voice was uncharacteristically soft and Yuu barely registered the chaste kiss that he gave their knuckles. Then Yuu felt their brain short circuit because what. Azul just kissed their-
"Aha, Shrimpy's face was so funny," Floyd cupped their face, leaning closer. "Hey, will Shrimpy do it again if I kiss on th-"
Yuu scrambled, pressing a hand to the grinning eels' lips, "No kissing! No more kissing! Not now, not ever." They tumbled back-first into Jade, Floyd's weight still insistent on their front.
"My, I am quite offended that Azul got a free pass on that rule," Jade said lightly, though his arms were gripping Yuu's shoulders quite firmly. "What do you think, Floyd?"
"Well...I let Shrimpy work. And Shrimpy let me sleep. But then I bit Shrimpy. And now there's no kiss," Floyd counted on his fingers. "That means that we get to choose what to play next time~"
And oh Seven's above, that sounded like a terrible idea.
Yuu looked over at their potential savior, "Azul-senpai, you-"
"I'm already helping you," Azul said, waving a hand. "As your future boss, I'll handle these last few invoices. You can handle their games for a little more, right?"
"Poor little Yuu-san has no one to help," Jade said in a mocking tone. "Then, as Floyd said, we'll choose what to do next time. For now, you can do what you'd like."
"Mhm! I'm bein' super obedient right now, like one of those Savanaclaw pups," Floyd boasted, still in the process of crushing their ribs with his weight.
And Yuu was tired. These two were too unpredictable, and Azul...Azul was a dick when he chose to be. Which were most times. The exhaustion was clinging to them now, and their body ached, from the biting and the sitting and the working and- everything.
In a small voice, they voiced their request, "Uh, then can I borrow a bed...?"
Jade raised an eyebrow, "Well, that's quite forward of you to ask-"
"N-Not for that kind of bed stuff, ugh," Yuu made sure to pinch the inside of his wrist. They were sure they saw Azul turning red too behind the papers he was reading.
"Ooh, what type of bed stuff then, Little Shrimp?" Floyd sat himself up, sitting on Yuu's lap now. "Pillow fighting? But Azul's banned us because we broke a lot of things last time."
"No, I just...I wanted to take a nap," And their ears burn at the request. "I've...been working all day long and I didn't get any good sleep last night." Maybe it's because it's Jade, Floyd, and Azul, but it seems too silly to ask something like that out loud.
But instead of the teasing response that they expected, Floyd looked sympathetic. He patted their head, "I get that too when my teeth ache too much. 'S annoying."
Jade returned– when did he even leave?– with a pillow in hand, "You can use this couch to lie on. It's a lot more comfortable when we remove the back pillows. Azul uses it to sleep sometimes."
Azul coughed into his hand, "Ah, it's convenient to have a bed in the office, I work late hours, so I had them put it in." And it's kind of...domestic to imagine Azul squeezing onto this couch late at night.
Yuu dragged themself up, watching as Jade detached the big pillows and unfolded a sheet. The sight of something bed-like had the melatonin rushing their brain, and they can feel themself growing hazier and hazier by the minute.
"C'mon, little sleepy Shrimp," Floyd tugged them onto the softness of the couch. "I'll be your blanket for today~" And Yuu couldn't find it in themself to argue as they removed their blazer, flopping into the pillow Jade had laid out. Floyd immediately covered them much like a blanket, folding his limbs around them. Jade was sitting by their head, and there was a gloved hand stroking their hair. Oh, the couch felt like heaven against their skin, and Floyd didn't make that bad of a blanket. And Jade was...comforting... Yuu stifled a yawn.
"Sorry that I'm bothering you guys so much," Yuu found themself mumbling as they grew sleepier.
"No, no," They heard Azul reply. "It has been a rather good day since you've decided to bother us." They were sure Jade had said something, and Floyd had chimed in, but they couldn't hear it anymore. The tide of sleep had already swept them away.
Tumblr media
[ omake : octatrio’s new companion ]
"Their heartbeat's real slow," Floyd commented, ear pressed against the Prefect's chest. "I think Little Shrimp's already asleep."
"Shame they didn't hear what we said," Jade chucked, still stroking at their hair. It seemed that they got a haircut since he saw them last, and it looked...quite good on them, he thought.
Azul clicked his tongue, "I can't believe that headmage. Giving them two stacks of these to get done in two days? No wonder they were exhausted." The three were thinking about how Crowley sometimes abused the power he had over their little Ramshackle Prefect, and how they didn't quite like how tired Yuu had been.
"When they wake up, maybe let's play swimming, but in the pool," Floyd said, gently tracing the scar on their arm. "Feel bad for Shrimpy if we go to the Coral Sea all of a sudden."
"You're being really nice, Floyd," Although it was Jade who asked, Azul agreed. Floyd was being really docile around the Prefect at times.
"Well...I like the way Shrimpy talks to me!" Floyd tightened his grip on Yuu. "They don't get mad every two seconds like everyone else. But 's not like they don't ever get mad, 's just they're better than everyone else." An answer that was equal parts genuine and Floyd.
"I noticed that too," Azul said, collecting the papers into a stack. "They seem to treat us without that many reservations. Which is equally foolish and brave."
"It is quite amusing to see them still being occasionally wary," Jade said, smiling down at their sleeping prey. "They choose the best moments."
"Ooh, can we keep 'em longer?" Floyd asked in a bright tone. "Wanna play with them some more~"
The three silently gazed at the sleeping human. The subtle movement of Yuu's chest alerted them that they were alive, and showed just how fragile this person in front of them was. Magicless. There would be no way for them to protect themselves with magic. They would die from the simplest of poisons, too. So...very weak. But that's also what made them all the more worthwhile for the trio. They were quite fond of this magicless and weak creature they had befriended.
"Let's see where this goes," Azul glanced up at the twins. "If everything goes well then maybe we can take them with us to the Coral Sea someday?" And the Leech twins smile something not-so-sinister, the closest they can get to warmth. Azul himself has that grin on his face as he continued to take on the extra work alongside Jade, while Floyd watched over them.
Maybe that little sleeping shrimp would be the one to scale the tall, tall walls that the trio had built around themselves. Maybe they would let Yuu actually see who they were, instead of a mix of the personas they had built to keep themselves safe. But that would be for another time. Today, they were just content watching them peacefully doze.
Tumblr media
thank you for reading my octatrio brainrot ! if you'd like to check out more of my work: my ao3 + twst masterlist
if you'd like to be tagged for the sequel, go to this post
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ashdownbeloved · 2 months ago
Octavinelle stubbing their toe for the first time
This turned into me rambling about their first steps, bones, and their feelings on clothes but oh well. Credit to @/b0nkers-papaya for the original idea!
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
So, I am a firm believer that Azul didn’t have proper bones as a mer, his were made of cartilage. Add on the fact that he went from eight tentacles to two legs, he’s already way beyond his element
He will deny this till the day he dies, but he fell so many times when he first learned how to walk. Floyd was running circles around him and Azul was just “Put one foot in front of the other-“ *discovered gravity*
So, bones are weird. These experiences are weird. He finally, slowly but surely, got the hang of walking and eventually he was confidently strutting around! Until, one fateful day…
Three days into his first year at NRC and Azul is minding his own business in his dorm room about to go to sleep. Because clothes are a new thing to him and he’s not a complete monster he doesn’t wear socks to bed. He had some last minute homework to finish up before though so he was doing that. Well, when he stands up and starts heading to his bed…his little toe ended up catching the leg of his desk.
Oh Great Seven. The scream this boy let out. His toe got bent so far it almost touched the side of his foot.
I don’t know how Octavinelle first years room but I know Heartslabyul is four to a room so we’re gonna assume it’s the same here. Picture this, Azul is on the ground just dying, from embarrassment or pain you decide. Floyd is cackling like that was the funniest thing to ever happen in all of history. Jade is amused as well, but perhaps not as vocally as Floyd. The fourth person…I don’t know man I’m not good at this
Jade Leech
Jade definitely had an easier time walking than Azul, he probably fell the least out of the trio. Granted, it was still tough but he managed!
Jade had actual bones as a mer, but only one long one going through his tail and now he has…significantly more than one. So, once again, bones are weird. But, Jade is absolutely fascinated by it. Bones are wet? What?
Probably around the time when Jade’s mushroom habit began is when the fateful day happened. He had his little terrariums lined up on the shelf and he was checking them making sure everything was okay and all that jazz
I am convinced these boys don’t really like wearing clothes, but because they have to they do, and Jade actually had socks on when this happened. He had checked up on his last terrarium and went to get off of his bed but didn’t quite check how close he was to his desk. Cue Jade’s little toe getting smacked on the corner and bending up a bit too far.
Unlike Azul, he is going to silently suffer. He closed his eyes, took a very deep breath, held it, and slowly exhaled. If he was alone in the room or with only Floyd and Azul, he might react a little more but probably only an “Ow.” or a “That hurt.”
Floyd Leech
Floyd is a menace. When he first started walking, he didn’t walk. He tried to go straight to running. He definitely fell the most but not because he just couldn’t do it, but because he was trying to do parkour or something when his legs are the equivalent of a newborn giraffe’s taking its first steps
Now, we know he has an interest in fashion and shoes. But was that immediate? And does that mean he actually enjoys wearing them? You cannot tell me that if given the chance he wouldn’t just run around with everything hanging out.
Floyd was the first to stub his toe. It actually happened the very first day he had legs. Floyd was doing his little Floyd things, having little Floyd thoughts as he does. And also trying to run at top speed. Away from Jade trying to make him wear clothes. He was outside, on land, on a beach, sand in between his toes, feeling the nice ocean breeze. Everything was amazing! If only they’d stop trying to put those things on him, at least he had on shorts? Things were going just fine in his escape. Until a stray rock happened.
Floyd hit his toe on that rock and was immediately on the ground curled up in a ball shrieking. This was it. Game over for him. His sixteen years of life were good, he had fun! He stared up at the blue sky, taking it in one final time. If he wasn’t going to die, then surely his foot must be entirely gone. He just got that too!
Floyd eventually calmed down after a few seconds, opened his eyes, sat up and looked around. He’s alive? After losing his entire leg? It’s a miracle!
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italoniponic · 2 months ago
hello lovely person :3
can i request the octotrio with a gn s/o that just loves the ocean
they grew up in a coastal town and have always loved marine biology, surfing, swimming, diving, etc. etc.
i grew up by the coast and one of my special interests is marine life! as you can imagine i attached myself to those three fishy fools the moment i saw them
tysm, have a great day <3
𝐂𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐫𝐲'𝐬 𝐇𝐚𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 - 𝐖𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐄𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐭
| Notes: Hi, anon! SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG! This is our 25th request and well, another one for the octatrio lol The Mostro Lounge business is expanding, as it should! There’s a similar request but with a swimmer reader, so I’ll put it here if someone hasn't seen it yet. But this one was very unique and I leaned more into the marine life aspects (tho I’m not an expert so sorry in advance)! There’s some Little Mermaid references (bc why not?) and some other oddly familiar details here and there… Thanks for the request <3 |
Azul Ashengrotto, Jade Leech, Floyd Leech x g!n ocean lover reader / octatrio / headcanons / fluff / little mermaid references / established relationship / use of “you” pronouns
Cherry's Harvesting event 🍒 Masterlist
Under the Sea
Tumblr media
You may be in a completely different place, but there were still some things you remembered from your world. You grew up in a coastal city, accustomed from an early age to the ocean and always curious about sea life. You loved things related to surfing, swimming and sea biology, anything that could bring back memories of your interests. You were a real fish out of water;
So naturally you grew closer to Octavinelle’s trio and ended up becoming a close friend of Jade’s. One thing flowed into another and you two started dating, but one of the things that never ceased to amaze Jade was your passion for the ocean. You were interested in various aspects of this and asked him a lot about what life was like in the Coral Sea;
Even if you both had lived for a long time on different surfaces — living on the coast isn’t exactly the same as the sea itself — your childhood stories merge into feelings of nostalgia and longing. Jade misses the sea a little at times and when you talk so enthusiastically about “his home”, he realizes that it would be very nice to visit the ocean with you one day;
One afternoon, when your schedule was free, Jade took you to the coast part of Sage Island to see the sea and the pier. As expected, the air seemed cleaner at that point in the middle of the island and was full of seagulls. There was also that pleasant salty smell of the sea in the air, taking you on a ship of nostalgia;
Jade liked to watch you trying to touch the water or talk to a seagull, asking if he had come across a clownfish by chance — as curious as that was. What could he say? Your joy made his heart fill with bubbles. You know when you release the air underwater and it rises like it's several bubbles? Something like that, Jade still doesn’t know a way to explain in detail;
Since you can't go to the city all the time, sometimes you have to be content with the fish that swim by Octavinelle. Jade leads you through the corals and you have the chance to find several species there, of all colors and shapes on top of the rocks and, next to them, there is beautiful and elegant anemones;
In general, the fish don’t stay too close to the students in the dorm and swim in a flock in the distance. That and you suspect that the presence of Jade intimidates them a little, because of his size. You know how moray eels are of a very opportunistic carnivorous type, feeding mainly on small fish, crabs... and yes, octopuses too;
“Oh, can I ask you something? Have any grouper merman ever asked for your help hunting?”, you once asked. Although groupers are one of the eels’ few predators, they sometimes recruit them to hunt together. “Yes, once. The poor thing mistook us for giant morays, which are the eels that do this, and we broke his arms. Ah, good times!,” Jade sighed, laughing. You did regret asking this;
As you enjoy diving and swimming, Jade will always go with you — whether in the dorm or when you two go on the beach or at the pier — and sometimes, even he returns to his merman form to accompany you. You like how his skin glows under the light filtered by the surface of the water, creating a fluidity in the shades of green and blue;
Other times, you stay at the sand on the beach, just talking. You ask so many questions and comments so much about what you like in oceanology that Jade feels strange sometimes. After all, it is usually he who does the interrogations most of the time. But your love, both for him and for the ocean, is clear in your gaze. Crystal clear as water;
“What do you love more? The ocean or me?,” Jade asked with a calm expression, impassive. You didn't know what he wanted with that question. “I've loved the ocean for as long as I can remember... and maybe, I like you because of it... but, I know I love the ocean even more because of you, Jade.” You didn't know if that was what he wanted to hear, but it was your most honest feelings. Jade smiled and kissed your right cheek, pulling you in for a hug. A hug that could hide the slight pink on his face.
Tumblr media
To begin with: it's not that Azul hates the sea. He had his share of bad experiences during his childhood and all this motivated him to grow up and seek something beyond the surface, but it’s not like he hates there. He just didn't have big dreams of returning to the ocean when he graduated. He had found his place on earth and here is where he would like to stay, even if he missed his family a little;
So finding you — someone who would breathe water if you could — was a big surprise for him. You tried to control your excitement a little to meet real mermen, Azul fastly picked this up. It reminded him of when he first saw a human. Perhaps it’s the feeling of finally seeing something not very common from your environment. Although, according to you, mermaids in your world don’t even exist;
One way or another, when you tell Azul a little about yourself, you end up mentioning about your childhood near the coast side and your love for anything that could put you in direct contact with the water. You have the shine of a pearl in your gaze, your voice is agitated like the waves, showing how you are immersed in these good memories;
It touches Azul’s heart, deeply. But the final blow was when you commented on being kind of sad not to have anything that reminds you of the sea in Ramshackle and that's why you like to wander around Octavinelle. Using your honesty and feelings against Azul in this way? What a low trick! Now he sees no other choice but to give you an aquarium as a gift;
A gift that requires something in return, you don't even bother to confirm. But calm down, Azul thought of a very simple payment. In exchange for your beautiful aquarium with corals and your favorite fishes, you should continue to attend Octavinelle. “That's all, my dear. I hope you enjoy your beautiful aquarium,” Azul said goodbye giving you a kiss on your cheek;
To Azul's infinite surprise, you know more about the things of maritime life than it seems and sometimes, talk to him about some curiosities that you know about octopuses, considered very intelligent animals. You also ask him a lot about his merform, so intrigued and enthusiastic that he doesn't even know how to answer you without feeling a little flustered;
After much bribery and convincing, in the first opening of Azul’s schedule, you drag him to show you the pier and the beach of Sage Island — even though it’s a different series, you feel like an evil mermaid taking the protagonist around just to annoy some princess. Anyway, Azul shows you the beach and you two spend time in the sand and water. Sometimes hunting shells, sometimes almost dancing around the small soft waves that crashes in the beach;
Once, Azul prepared for you a small boat ride along a small river that flowed in the middle of the island. You put on your best outfit for the date. You two were talking the whole way, Azul slowly paddling and you touching the water from time to time. When you were returning in the late afternoon, the conversation became more serious;
Azul told you more about his childhood and how the mer-children made fun of his octopus appearance and his lack of coordination. You, however, assured him that you would like to see his true form again because it is the most beautiful you ever saw. Azul promised nothing, but, your kind words comforted his heart, as always;
On a certain day, Azul went diving with you on the island coast and to your surprise, he brought a potion to return to his original form and another for you to breathe underwater, where your talk could be more private. You showered him with compliments from start to finish, completely charmed by him. If Azul had three hearts just like an octopus — he didn't confirm you anything — you made all three beat fast as drums;
“I don't know if I'd ever want to go back to the sea, but if it’s with you... maybe...,” Azul said in a low tone, hoping you wouldn't end up listening. But you heard it anyway and you replied, “I'm going to want this signed in two copies.” You laughed at Azul’s surprised expression, firmly holding his hand. They say that the ocean doesn’t reject anything and you were glad that he, the most beautiful in all seven seas, welcomed you too.
Tumblr media
Floyd thought it was awesome how you liked the sea so much. It had been two years since he had come ashore to enter Night Raven College and there were few opportunities to return home and see his family — more because the Coral Sea in winter was terribly icy. And he was very curious about the life of surface humans;
Meeting you was that perfect exchange. You might know a lot about the sea, but you didn't know everything — especially about merfolks. So Floyd liked to ask you things about humans and he'd answer you anything about mermaids. Despite being from different places, your experiences complement each other perfectly;
You told a lot of things from the perspective of someone who lived for a long time in a seaside town. You have always been interested in maritime life and your affection for Floyd was almost immediate. It was even interesting to know how some features of his eel form translated into his human body, the normally poisonous mucus of eels left him with an enviably silky skin;
Floyd once told you how Jade and he got the scales from a sturgeon merman — which, poor thing, challenged them to a fight — to make their earrings, a very common amulet in their homeland. But there are so many other stories about their childhood that you listen to with great interest, writing everything down in a small notebook that Floyd likes to doodle sometimes;
But what is it to have contact with a merman if you can’t see the sea? Say no more, little shrimp! Just for the price of your sanity and ability to walk on your own, Floyd Leech will literally put you on his back for you both to run away and go to the beach — sometimes he's not in the mood to play basketball but to fool around in the sand;
Or, if trampling sand castles that have been poorly built isn't your thing, you can try some surfing. Why the worry? Azul pays, just leaves it in his account. You both rent the surfboards and try your luck in the waves. Floyd hasn't gotten used to standing on a surfboard yet but he's not shaken by the waves that fall above him. The fun is right there, in his opinion;
Once you couldn’t get the boards — Azul forbade you two to put things in his name — Floyd brought with him two vials of potion, one of which made him return to his merman form. The plan was quite simple: you held on to him while you swam against the waves, as if you were surfing. You guys went back to school completely soaked but it was a fun afternoon;
At the times Floyd isn't in the mood to go out, you two stay chatting in Octavinelle while admiring the fish swimming above you. Since coral is kind of hard to sit or lie down, Floyd stole some cushions from Octavinelle's lounge to make you two comfortable. The scolding was worth the time you spent together there, talking and laughing;
You get homesick on some occasions and the company of your Octavinelle friends makes that feeling increase as much as it comforts you. Listening to you vent as the two of you set the tables in the Mostro Lounge makes Floyd kind of homesick too. It's not a strong feeling but he really liked the good times he spent at the bottom of the sea with Jade and Azul;
One time, seeing him in his eel form, you asked Floyd if he had a second jaw inside his mouth. No one ever asked him that. They've asked if he really gave electric shocks — and well, his magic didn't ease people’s concerns — but never about his jaw. “Would you like to check whether it's true or not, Koebi-chan?,” he asked giving a big, sharp smile;
There was a time when Floyd took you to the pier and you two swam a little until you came to a rock nearby. You begged him to come closer and you climbed up on the stone, holding the top firmly and making a mermaid pose. All because you wanted to mimic a nostalgic movie of your world, which Floyd assumed it was some mermaid movie;
“Koebi-chan? If you could come to the ocean with me, would you?,” Floyd asked suddenly, looking at you curious. “Without even thinking twice,” was your immediate response. At the same time, the wind blew hard on the sea and a wave hit both of you. Floyd started laughing because your imposing mermaid pose went... down the drain.
| Special Notes: Yes, the seagulls are from Finding Nemo and there's a little comment about Saleen from the Aladdin series in Azul's part. And on top of everything... I couldn't control myself with the water-related jokes lmao |
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jadeleechisagoodboy · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
I was surprised to learn that Jade is the school treasurer. He seems so busy already with vice house warden duties, working at the lounge, helping Azul with contracts, etc. I’m frankly impressed he’d take on even more responsibilities!
However, it’s a good jumping off point for me to talk about something that’s been on my mind regarding the fanon octatrio for awhile now.
Basically, I don’t believe the fish “mafia” breaks any school rules, let alone does anything illegal. I mean, come on, the reason Azul asked Yuu to steal the photo from the museum is because he couldn’t find a legal way to get it himself, and the reason Crowley asked Yuu to deal with Azul in the first place is because Azul wasn’t technically breaking any rules.
Contracts are all about creating a set of boundaries for both sides to operate within, so of course Azul is smart enough to manipulate people while staying perfectly within the rules. I doubt he’d want to take any unnecessary risks anyway. And I think that extends to the twins as well.
Floyd less so, I’m sure he has no particular qualms about causing trouble, but as for Jade, there’s absolutely no way he’s doing anything that could potentially get himself in trouble.
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kawaiikaychu · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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noirezki · 4 months ago
Twisted wonderland Incorrect Quotes
*Mc turns to a baby*
Floyd, walks in with goodies: I got some foodie for shrimpy!
Azul: I don't think they'd be able to digest solid food.. Put it in the blender
Jade, picking up mc: As you wish.
Azul, screaming, seeing Jade dissappear into the kitchen: THE FOOD! NOT THE BABY! JADE!
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forgwater · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Octatrio enjoyers at the Mostro Lounge
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reminotherat · 4 months ago
Yuu: On a scale from “damn Daniel” to “fre sha vaca do”, how are you feeling?
Floyd: In between “it’s an avocado, thanks” and “how did you defeat Captain America”, but as a solid answer I would say “I don’t need a degree to be a clothing hanger”. How about you, Jade?
Jade: Probably “road work ahead”.
Azul: I speak many languages, and this is none of them.
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malleuss · 26 days ago
MC/Yuu gifted this to the octatrio
Tumblr media
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twsted-seas · 5 months ago
I’m sorry but it’s so funny to me that the Tweels’ favorite foods are both octopus based while Azul’s is… fried chicken. Not even seafood. Just. Fried chicken.
Like, it could’ve been unagi. It could’ve been eel. The option was there. Instead, we have twins who may or may not want to - cannibalistically - eat their best friend’s mer form and a giant octopus who just wants some good ol’ KFC.
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