buttonsofmycoat · 3 hours ago
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taylor announcing track 7: question
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phebth · a day ago
um genuine question here: why do people put this in their posts?
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i don’t understand why you’re excluding people like that? i get that the majority of readers are women and that your posts are dedicated to male/gender neutral readers but i don’t see that as a reason to exclude fem!readers? 😃 if anyone knows please tell me because i’m just so confused about this
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blackswaneuroparedux · 2 days ago
Anonymous asked: Every nation has its own character traits so how would you characterize the British?
Oh that’s easy.
The British are a nation of people who all say it’s probably going to be fine, but who are also secretly expecting nothing but disaster.
This attitude is laced into the fabric of our history and our humour. This is what sets us apart I think from other nations who have their own defining characterisitics.
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Thanks for your question.
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funkymbtifiction · a day ago
random thoughts
The lousy part of being a 6 is that once you know you are a 6, you don’t do any less thinking, it’s just thinking in a different direction. Some of it can lead to growth, yes, but it can also just be an inner swirl centered around more unproductive thinking (which is the 6's problem in the first place). For example, now instead of wondering why I am doing what I am doing (my pre-Enneagram thought process), I am analyzing what I am doing and asking, “Are you doing this unhealthy 6 thing? Are you projecting right now? Are you seeing how this response you are having is tied to your insecurity?” Which isn’t bad, in fact it’s good, because the thinking is now centered around identifying problem areas so that I can (hopefully) one day stop doing them, but it's still an insane amount of thinking. Like a humming beehive.
Richard Rohr said once you find your type, you are going to try and fix yourself AS THAT TYPE. It is so true. I am a 6, trying to fix my 6-ness by analyzing and asking questions and suspecting my own motives of being impure. It has paid off in some ways (every once in awhile, I see another 6 doing something I used to do, and realize – hey, I no longer default into that behavior! Cool!), but in others, it feels… overwhelming, this need to filter everything through my mind.
Everything requires so much thinking. To form an opinion on X, I have to research both sides, and listen to what everyone else has to say, and weigh what it all means, and then reach a decision based on my thoughts about what seems rational (and then asking myself if I am really being ‘logical’ at all, or just telling myself I am being logical while operating from a bias… see what I mean about 6-ness? Questioning my motives, the strength of my reasoning, the logic behind it, is it even really logical or is it prejudiced in some way and if so, how can I achieve total objectivity? But ‘total’ objectivity is an illusion… and down the rabbit hole I go).
I also constantly deal with an excessive amount of idealism and insanely high personal standards which makes me feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things I feel I need to work on/eradicate from being "me." It ranges all across the board, from always making sure I am right (an impossible thing, no one is always right) to the desire to be more consistent (which is extremely difficult as a Ne-dom). It's like I can't accept and love myself for who I am, I have to try and change it to fit some abstract perfect person in my head. I still at the end of the day go through things I feel I shouldn't have said or done, and beat myself up about it -- but I feel like if I didn't, I would become someone I did not like. Someone who doesn't own her mistakes or her rudeness or her reactions and work on becoming a better person.
There’s no real point to this other than to say, we do indeed try to fix ourselves through the lens of our type, and that just drives home even harder how our type reinforces every single thing we think, do, and how we react through the course of a day. 😝
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writingonesdreams · 19 hours ago
Writing question
Describe your writing style. What are your strengths, weaknesses, what do you enjoy, what you do on purpose, what you do naturally, what are you aiming to do?
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nealashitposts · 6 months ago
Doing research for a thing everyone reblog or reply and tell me what you would do with your time if you didn’t have to work. Like if you suddenly got enough passive income to live a comfortable middle class life and you didn’t have to do a single thing to get it, what would you do all day? 
If you think your answer is embaraseing anon it to me.
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studentlifeproblems · 9 months ago
Are you more productive in the afternoon or evening?
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anxietyproblem · 11 months ago
Any plans for halloween?
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cat-cosplay · 4 months ago
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What would be the best D&D Club name for Cats playing?
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dcau-incorrect-quotes · 6 months ago
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haleyincarnate · 6 months ago
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Quote by Charles Bukowski
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fablepaint · a month ago
Hey there, just had a quick question! I’m a beginner animator, what do you think is the best software to animate on?
Something free that doesn't frustrate you to use. Essentially: anything at all that you can immediately jump into.
Personally, I love animating in Toonboom. However that's outside of the price range of many and not a good tool for someone who's never done digital animation before. TvPaint has also been very pleasing for me. I like the interfaces and drawfeel of both. Clip Studio is nice for a quick small thing, and it has the benefit of being something inexpensive and easy to hop into.
Flash can die in a fire.
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theanarchistscookbook · 2 months ago
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funkymbtifiction · 21 hours ago
Extroversion vs Introversion
Thanks for the response! I wanted to comment on what you said about extroversion and introversion, as it has been a topic on my mind a lot lately. Personally, I think the problem is that we use these terms (extrovert and introvert) to refer to three different things. These things are strong correlated, so that someone may easily be an introvert in all three meanings, but they are not essentially interchangeable. A person can be an extrovert in one sense and an introvert in another.
1. Socially extroversion/introversion: This is the approach that Big Five evaluates, and still tends to be the way most people view the concept. This is the most changeable out of the three concepts. It isn't hard to see why someone once social would develop more asocial traits (or vise versa).
2. Energy Focus: This is the approach that I believe originated from MBTI (could be wrong). Basically, how do you get your energy from people or by being alone? Most people agree that this doesn't change, although I'm not sure it is that simple. Someone with severe anxiety might be drained by people with people, despite their natural tendencies. You could say they are still an extrovert at their core, but that feels like splitting hairs to me. We only say that they are still extroverted because our theory says that our natural tendency does not change.
3. Jungian Approach: As far as I can tell, a Jungian view of introversion and extroversion says little about either sociability or energy. Extroversion simply means that a person focuses more on the external world than on their internal subject. Introversion does the opposite. So, an ENFP or ENFJ may be asocial and be easily drained by people, but they are still primarily focused on an external object above any internal subjective idea. ENFP on the objective external possibilities and the ENFJ on the objective external values.
All of this stems from what I see as possibility the greatest issue of typology, and that is language. The meaning of our language is misleading to the common reader. Another example is intuition. When the average person says that someone is intuitive, they are referring to neither Ni or Ne, but to Se. Our father Jung was unclear at times, and we have followed in his footsteps with the loving stubbornness fitting a devoted son. 
Mod: There is some confusion with language, yes. Though why would the average laymen talk about intuition in Se terms? Intuition in the broadly accepted sense is "knowing things" without being told.
I wrote an entire chapter on what Jung meant by introversion and extroversion for my book and then chose not to include it, since it confused people. The gist of it was that I/E and the focus of the functions skewed toward an objective stance (E) vs an impressionistic stance (I) toward an object, and that is what Jung meant by introversion or extroversion. (As you mention in your last paragraph.) So in other words, if people of various types witness the same event, their takeaway is all different based on their dominant function. The Fe takes away how it made everyone feel or how it impacted them all; the Fi takes away how it made THEM personally feel. The Se saw what happened, the Si is reminded of something or focused on some detail that stood out to them. Etc. Fi, Ti, Si, Ni, all have an impressionistic, "me-based" takeaway, abstracted away from the object, event, or person to give the user personal meaning. Ne, Se, Te, Fe all interact directly with the object. Someone who has no Me-filter with which they interact with the object is extroverted, and those that do filter it through Me are introverted.
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macrolit · a month ago
It's actually astonishing how life still doesn't make sense as we age.
Macro Literature
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tsubaki94 · 6 months ago
how do you draw wheelchairs?
Alright, first off I look for references.
I learned a lot from Calvin Arim’s How to draw manual wheelchairs properly.
Then I look for references elsewhere and information. Like the wonderful youtubers who shares their experience. For example, Wheels2Walking and WheelsNoHeels both have wonderful videos where they talk about their wheelchair’s and how to choose a wheelchair.
Then I draw.
Tumblr media
I usually start by doing a box, this is so I can get the character in place, depending on what angle I want the chair to be in I will spin the box.
Then I place the character in it. Making sure that I have the proportions right but also the placement of the body parts.
After I have the main parts of the wheelchair (The wheels, bucket, caster wheels, and footplate) I will add details.
Finally adding the character back into the chair.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I like using the box because circles are hard to get parallel and sized well. It also makes it a lot easier to place the character on a box where I can easily find the center rather than a circle.
Tumblr media
I hope you find this informative. Thanks for asking
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staczak91 · 2 months ago
Any Other Young-ish Elvis Presley Fans Out There?
Tumblr media
So, I feel kind of silly and young to be a fan of Elvis Presley. I was a fan way before the new movie came out recently. Became a fan back in eighth grade when I learned we had the same birthday, and the rest is history. So...I’ve been a fan since 14 years old, and now I’m 31 years old. And that feels young to love the King. 
At the movies this weekend seeing Elvis, my boyfriend and I were pretty much the youngest ones in the theater. Everyone else was pretty much older - middle aged or older. 
I’m just curious if there’s anyone else around my age who is a fan, and not just because of the new movie now. If you are, feel free to shout in the comments or message me directly. I’d love to talk to other young Elvis fans and see that there’s a community of us somewhere. 
Thanks in advance! Keep on rocking guys!
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