#mental health
20o1 2 days
December will be filled with love.
December will be filled with joy.
December will be filled with peace.
December will be filled with blessings.
December will be filled with happiness.
December will be filled with healthier connections.
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liberaljane 2 days
Tumblr media
[Moth with two bed scenes and text that reads, 鈥榬est doesn鈥檛 need to be earned. Rest is your right.鈥橾
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madpunks 1 day
it's okay if you get confused easily. it's okay if you forget things easily. it's okay if you lose track during conversation easily. it's okay if you have to ask for clarification often. it's okay if you struggle to parse information or sensory unit. you're not "playing dumb" or "doing it on purpose". it's okay to be disabled, some people just refuse to be accommodating.
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smiles-advice 2 days
just because you can put up with it, doesn't mean you should
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healing-is-cool 2 days
I'm so proud of you for trying, for getting up time after time. For seeking happiness, despite the storm around. For staying strong, even when you want to be weak. For being brave enough to choose light. I'm very proud<3
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chaotic-autumn 2 days
never let anyone convince you that your excitement isn't beautiful. what an incredible thing it is, to notice and be overcome by any bright spot in this too-dark world.
it doesn't matter what you're excited about, how small it seems to other people, your joy deserves to grow as big as it can. nurture it. help it grow strong so that when you are hurting your joy can lend you its strength.
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juicedoesthings 2 days
i want to share a liberating social rule. if someone finds you annoying, then it is their duty to speak up about it, and it鈥檚 not your fault if they say nothing and give you no nonverbal cues. this goes for anything social anxiety related - it is the other person鈥檚 duty to communicate in some way to you. ground rule is, if someone does not communicate to you that they do not like you, or they keep agreeing to hang out and giving positive signals, then you are not in the wrong for assuming they do like being around you. you should assume you have good qualities that that others will like you. confidence and joy make you a more likable person if you are kind and understanding as well. so it鈥檚 a win win situation.聽
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pastel-hazey-dreams 3 days
Tumblr media
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disabledprincesses 2 days
If youre faking it for attention
Then why do you do it when you're alone
Why do you complain about it
Why do you do/want things that will get rid of it
Why are you scared about other people seeing it
Why do you struggle with things you enjoy from it
Why are you ashamed or nervous about telling a doctor
Why do you hide your pills in your bag, or hide away your medical tools into storage or cupboards
Why do you cry from it
Would you truly be so good of an actor that you tricked yourself into having the worst nights of your life, what truly feels like fighting for your own life, safety and sanity, just because someone MIGHT have sympathy if they cracked the code and saw you crying?
Why do you fear people seeing you cry if its all for attention?
Wouldn't that be what you wanted?
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adhdandcomics 4 hours
Tumblr media
it鈥檚 a mystery! it鈥檚 so fun!
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zippyzstuff 23 hours
Tumblr media
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twloha 2 days
hey. it鈥檚 fine if a small task requires great effort, a lot of time, and some breaks.
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life-spire 2 days
Tumblr media
See more quotes.
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thepeacefulgarden 3 days
Tumblr media
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smiles-advice 1 day
Congratulations on getting through another really hard day!
you're doing so well and I know you'll do well again tomorrow
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healing-is-cool 2 days
You are NOT your intrusive thoughts.
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