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Dad on dad violence
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God of War Ragnarök - Kratos vs. Thor fanart (2022)
Art by: Patrick Brown
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Art by Skottie Young
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#peak comedy
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I swear no Loki costume is as under-appreciated as his Jotunheim outfit, so every once in a while I have to bring it back to remind folks what a badass look this is! I feel like it’s about as “sorcerer” as we ever get in the films and I always wished it had more screen time that wasn’t mostly poorly lit scenes. It was also INCREDIBLY complicated to pattern as I found out!
I want to go back to Ice Castles NH sooo badly—it was an amazing place to shoot, even if we did end up choosing a day where it was 25F and started actively snowing halfway through. 🤣 #Loki
Photos by @sennedjem
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Týr is my new babygirl
and so is his brother
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just some dads playing god of war
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"I fucked up."
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Tom Hiddleston congratulating Chris Hemsworth on his 2022 AACTA Trailblazer Award
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by @Quokaq
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Deck the Hallways
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Shield High School FACULTY AU
Pairing: Teacher! Bucky x Teacher! Reader; Sam Wilson and Thor x Reader (platonic)
Word count: 875
Warnings: 18+ Only, Minors DNI, Language, pretty tame otherwise, Christmas decorations, going commando, teasing, tinsel tug of war, chess playing, suggestive language. All errors my own.
A/N: This is a teacher AU. All characters in this are ADULTS, as you should be if you’re reading my fic. Thank you. 😊
This comes right after Quarter Finals and at least one other part (not yet published) chronologically. Please follow @rampitupandread and turn on notifications to learn when I post! 😘
This is in response to the following ask for #DJ’sAllIWant4KChristmas. I missed these characters. Thank you for this ask.
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I Do NOT consent to my work being reposted, translated or presented on any other blog or site other than by myself.
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You were busy decorating the staff lounge Christmas Tree, and Bucky was busy watching you.
That cute barely-within-teacher-dress-code red and green plaid skirt was calling him, and he had visions of what he was going to do to you later.
You looked over your shoulder at him and sashayed over, wrapping a yard of tinsel around his neck as you stood with his knee between your legs. You were alone in the lounge, but someone could walk in any second.
It was exciting.
“Gimme your panties.”
Bucky smiled up at you with that smile that was hard to resist as he slid his palm up your leg.
You shivered.
“Wish I could, James. But… can’t give you what I don’t have.”
Bucky’s eyes got big, and so did his grin. He clenched his hands, cheered, and then put his hand back on your leg, moving higher. He was about to go there as you heard someone clear their throat.
You stepped back and turned to see Sam smirking at you as he came in. He and Steve found out about you two in New York, but you swore them to secrecy. If Principal Fury found out, your jobs were in jeopardy.
Sam cleared his throat. 
“Gotta keep that shit down.”
You’d gone over to the tree and pretended like nothing happened, grinning from ear to ear.
Bucky’s voice was back to the usual monotone.
“Don’t know what you’re talking about, Wilson.”
You peeked back over your shoulder to witness Bucky staring at the chessboard on the table that he’d turned back around to. He looked back at you and winked.
Sam made retching noises as he moved his knight.
“Y’all are gross by the way.”
You giggled as Bucky scowled at Sam.
“Shut the fuck up, Sam. Checkmate.”
“Awwww! Man. Yourname has given you holiday superpowers with that tinsel.”
Bucky looked down at the garland and smiled, flicking it over his shoulder like a scarf. 
“You never used to beat me like this.”
Bucky flipped Sam off as Eric Masterson entered the lounge.
“Ms. Reader is giving out superpowers for the holidays? To Barnes?”
He went over and tried to take the tinsel from around Bucky’s neck. There was a brief tug of war between them until they broke the string and stumbled back. Masterson panted as if it were a great effort. He pointed at Bucky. 
“He is not worthy of Christmas powers. I will play Santa at the Holiday Pageant this year and demonstrate the wonder and majesty of Blitzen, which is Christmas Spirit.”
Masterson stood with his hands raised to the ceiling as if he was expecting something. Sam got up and stood beside him, looking up as well.
“What’s gonna happen? Snow?” 
You turned around to witness this scene. Bucky and your friends made you irrationally happy. You watched Bucky tuck his tinsel in his pocket as he winked at you again.
“And Blitzen is the name of…”
He took in Eric’s blank stare.
“Nevermind. You’d make a really terrible Santa, Eric. Just sayin’” 
“Don’t be mean, James. You should apologize.”
The way you looked at him was too much, he couldn’t say no, although Sam would know he was whipped. He thought about resisting, but then you pouted. Those lips. He thought about them wrapped around his…
“Shit,” Bucky cursed under his breath.
“Sorry Eric, I meant that you should be the MC instead, you know, basically lead the show. You’d be great at that. At the forefront.”
Masterson bowed a bit.
“Thank you for recognizing my talent, Barnes.”
Bucky shook his head at Eric and turned to you.
“And thank you for the holiday superpowers, Ms. Yourname. I would like to discuss that item you’re missing…”
He turned around to see Sam smirking and Eric smiling innocently at you two.
“...In your lesson plans on the Great Depression for your Gatsby unit. I can help get what you need inside… I mean help fill up that hole…in your unit.”
Bucky smiled a wolfish grin as you played along. Sam was gagging again. Eric was pouring himself some coffee, having lost interest in the conversation.
“Sure, Mr. Barnes. We’ll get it in. 4:30? Turner Street Cafe.”
“Deal, Ms. Yourname. It will be an eventful session. See you then.”
“See you then Mr. Barnes.” 
You twirled a little bit as you walked out of the lounge for your next class. Bucky bit his lip.
Sam shook his head and said under his breath, “Isn’t Yourname’s apartment on Turner street?”
Bucky straightened up and frowned at Sam.
“Maybe, maybe not.”
But he could not hide the light in his eyes. Sam just smiled at his friend, happy that he was finally happy. Bucky nodded at Sam and headed out to the soccer field to check the condition after the previous night’s rain.
Eric came up to Sam, sipping from his mug.
“You gotta admire James and Yourname. They are dedicated to banging it out for their profession. They go so hard, I hope they are taking care of themselves.”
“Oh, I’m sure it is hard, but they are dedicated to banging it out.”
“Of course they will, and they probably fuck like rabbits, too.” 
Eric looked down at the chess board, and then back up at Sam.
“Let’s play some chess.”
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Reblog it baby! 😘
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A/N: Requests from two anons! Have fun with this one, I went to Winter Wonderland in London a few days back and I was like… yeah. Imagine the fun you’d have with Loki there. I mean… that man could be a goofball if only you let him, fight me!
Words: 2244 Warnings: pure winter fluff at its finest
“Alright people, let’s go!” You drew the word out, rubbing your gloved hands together with a happy grin. Christmas was by far your favourite time of the year and this time, you had convinced Thor, Tony, Natasha and Bruce and, get this, Loki himself, to join you at the local Christmas fair. You’d drag them through the whole program: mulled wine, shopping for overpriced Christmas gifts, making them try typical Christmas market food and having them play those dovetailed games where you could win giant teddy bears. Perhaps they’d actually win given they were literal superheroes.
“You are not dressed warmly enough,” Loki said matter-of-factly. With a frown, he stared you up and down, eyeing your winter jacket and lack of a scarf. Your gloves were rather thin too but they would do the job.
“Oh, I’m fine, I don’t get cold that easily. We’ll be near lots of fireplaces and the mulled wine’s gonna give me that extra warmth kick!”
Loki didn’t seem too convinced but he let it slide. To be fair, you were surprised he cared in the first place. Ever since his arrival on Earth, he’d made it very clear he didn’t wish to be here. The Avengers’ hostility didn’t exactly help. You doubted they would still become friends but at least they weren’t trying to rip each other’s throats out anymore. That was a Christmassy step in the right direction, right?
“And where is your scarf?” He continued.
“Yeah, the one I had kind of ripped and I can’t find the other one. I’ll buy a new one at the market, I’ll be fine.”
“Very well…” Loki gave you a barely noticeable nod. When you looked up, you met Thor’s rather confused face. Not just you, buddy.
“Where to first?” Natasha asked. You could tell she was trying her best to not sound too interested in this trip but to be fair, even she was unable to hide her excitement. You grinned.
“Let’s take a stroll and get some mulled wine. Look, they should even have a stall with hot mead somewhere, let’s find it.”
“Hot mead? Viking mead?” Thor tossed in. You nodded, almost bumping into Loki who magically appeared beside you. He had had a point. It was cold. You desperately needed the mulled wine you promised them to keep yourself warm in those thin gloves and non-existent scarf.
The mulled wine stalls were all located right next to each other, with a bunch of fur-covered benches and small bonfires scattered in front of them. Perfect. You pointed at the stall you had mentioned.
“There! ‘Viking Blood’! Sounds promising! I’m gonna get a regular mulled wine though. How many?” Natasha and Bruce had already approached one of the stalls. You shook your head in an amused manner. You’d let those two lovebirds be.
“I’m gonna try the ‘Viking Blood’!” Thor exclaimed loudly. Several people turned their heads, some of them in awe at seeing the God of Thunder at a Christmas market. Loki elicited a similar reaction from people—only they were mainly afraid of what he’d do if they stared at him for too long.
Loki let out a sigh, his breath turning into fog in the cold air. “So will I…”
The good thing about being friends with a millionaire like Tony Stark was that he didn’t give a shit about the money he spent. Two minutes later, the four of you sat down on one of the benches in front of a fire, sipping on your mulled wine and mead.
“How does it taste?” You asked. Thor grinned.
“Reminds me of home. Right, brother?”
Loki nodded. “It is drinkable… for a human-brewed mead anyway.”
“Yeah, he likes it,” Thor said directed at you. You chuckled.
“Let me try. Here, you can take a sip of mine.” Without waiting for his response, you took his paper cup from him and handed him yours. The mead was sweet, tasted like molten honey… in the meantime, Loki took a sip of yours.
“Not bad,” he said. “So is this the point of Christmas markets then? People meet to sit around a fire and drink?”
“Partially,” you responded as you swapped your drinks back, chuckling once more.
“Well, it seems Yule has not changed all too much then, Thor.”
“They still have Christmas trees too!”
Tony raised his eyebrows. “What? What about them?”
“Traditionally, pagan folk would decorate trees with offerings for their gods—for us,” Loki explained. There was an arrogant tone swinging in his voice. You blushed. You hated to admit it sounded rather hot. You took another sip from your mulled wine, enjoying the way it burned down your throat, warming you up from the inside out.
“New religions robbed the pagans of their traditions and turned them into Christian ideals,” he continued.
“Does that mean Odin is Santa Clause then?” Tony asked. You laughed.
“I very much doubt that.”
“Only mortals would fantasise about an overweight man with a long beard breaking into houses through the chimney of all places to leave presents.”
“So you do know what Christmas is about, Reindeer Games.”
Loki sighed and let his gaze wander over the other stalls nearby. There was one in particular he tilted his head at. Raising his eyebrows, he watched a few guests throw balls at metal cans positioned at various places inside the stall to win cute plush toys.
“What are they doing?” He asked, pointing at them.
“It’s a gamble, really. You pay money for a certain number of balls and the more cans you knock off the shelves, the higher the price you win will be. If you miss all of them, you get nothing and lose your money.”
“That sounds too easy.”
“It isn’t. Most of the games are dovetailed, making it super hard to actually win.” Loki gave you an incredulous look that said about as much as challenge accepted. Without another word, he stood, mulled mead still in hand, and marched over to the stall.
You followed suit. Now that you wanted to see.
“You think it’s a good idea to wander around alone with Loki?” Tony asked before you were out of earshot. You shrugged your shoulders in response. You very much doubted he would hurt you. You had given him no reason to do so, after all, and you refused to believe he was “evil”.
Loki handed the stall owner the coins Tony had handed out to you all earlier for this exact purpose, who accepted them with shaking fingers. You pressed your lips together, stifling a laugh while the God of Mischief inspected the cans positioned at different spots. He weighed the first ball in his hand after setting his mulled mead aside, then he threw. The first can got knocked off the shelf immediately. Well… you expected nothing less from a god who threw daggers in fights.
Another ball followed, then another and another. Loki hit every single time, much to the dismay of the stall owner. You could tell he was about to complain that it was unfair that a god would try and cheat the game but you had to admit, Loki won fairly.
“That’s a full house, as I like to call it. You can pick one of the big prizes up here…” He said, pointing at the highest shelf of the stall that was filled with Christmassy teddy bears half your size. Loki’s lips parted. Perhaps he hadn’t exactly thought through that the prize was a plush toy and not the Tesseract or something like that. But then, he turned to you.
“Pick one. I have no use for plush bears.”
“Really?” You bit your lower lip. Oh dear, was that sweet. Loki would be an adorable boyfriend. Wait… wait, had you actually just thought that?
Smiling timidly, you pointed at the dark brown teddy bear with black button eyes and a Christmassy red and green tie. The stall owner handed it to you just when you finished your mulled wine and threw your paper cup in the bin nearby.
“Thank you!”
“Have fun with it.”
“And now what?” Loki asked, looking around a lot more intrigued than you had expected him to.
“You know what? Let Thor and Tony get drunk over there, how about we go on some rides together?”
“You mean these spinning torture machines? You should buy yourself a scarf before you think about getting even colder while being spun around in a metal monstrosity.”
“The mulled wine did its job, Loki. Come on.” The God of Mischief shook his head, muttering a few words under his breath that you couldn’t make out. As soon as he had finished his mulled mead, you dragged him towards the scooter rink and bought a ticket. One. You were desperate to see Loki stir a toy car.
“What are we doing?”
“Car Scooter! Pick one while they’re still empty.”
“They don’t go anywhere but this rink?”
“Then what is the point?”
“Come on, Loki, just pick one!”
Loki sighed. “The green one.” Of course. You marched towards it, getting seated (which wasn’t that easy with a giant teddy bear) and draping the makeshift seatbelt around you. The rest of the cars filled up fast.
“The ‘gas’ pedal is down here. Stirring wheel… basically, the point is to drive around, have fun with the music they’re playing and crash into other cars.”
“Crash into other cars?”
“Let’s gooooooooooooo!” The voice of the operator stopped you from responding to him. So instead of explaining, you hit the gas pedal for him. The music started and the round began.
“Go, go, go, go! Quick!”
Loki took a deep breath and gripped the stirring wheel. And damn him, that man was a pro. He averted the others and not a single car managed to crash into your front. Well, that was until someone bumped into you from behind.
You screeched, watching Loki turn the stirring wheel again. He took control of the gas pedal, turning the car to see the culprits.
“Oh, get them, get them!”
Before they could move away, Loki already got to them. You laughed when the impact hit. It was risky but you couldn’t help it—sneakily, you took out your phone and snapped a few pictures of Loki driving the scooter. Thor would never believe you. No one would believe you.
By the time the round was finished, Loki was beaming and smiling. Yes. No one would believe that either.
Five rides later—two roller coasters, a not-so-scary ghost ride, a spinning ride called “Breakdance” and this thing that looked like a spinning top with no seatbelts where you had to hold on to the rails yourself to not fall off as it spun you around—you were certain that Loki was having the time of his life with you. You couldn’t remember the last time that he’d enjoyed himself so much without having to worry about being an Asgardian prince or a cast-out villain who betrayed his own brother out of fear of a purple space tyrant.
“What is that supposed to be?” Loki pointed at a small stall selling sweets with his chin, his blue gaze focused on the candy floss one of the women behind the counter was making.
“Candy floss! Or cotton candy. It’s basically sugar that gets heated up and rapidly spun around a wooden stick to make it look like a cloud. It’s super sweet and melts in your mouth.”
Incredulously, Loki walked over to the stall. You laughed, ordering a green one for him and paying with the last remaining coins Tony had given you.
As soon as the woman behind the counter handed Loki a fresh cloud of candy floss, he dug his fingers into the sticky and soft sugar. The sound he made was without a doubt approval.
“There you are! We’ve been looking for you everywhere! You can’t just run off like that. Especially you, Reindeer Games, I don’t trust you.”
“I’m fine, Tony, really. We had fun.”
“That sounds unbelievable but alright. I’m surprised you haven’t turned into an ice sculpture yet,” Tony remarked, shaking his head when he noticed you still hadn’t bought a new scarf.
“No, like… it’s really weird. I don’t feel cold at all anymore. It’s like I’m wearing invisible winter clothes.” Loki looked away, averting your gaze. Your lips parted. “It’s you! Are you… did you cast a spell to keep me warm?”
“This sad excuse for winter garments would have frozen to death, even more so with those rides you dragged me on.”
You blinked. That was… that was so sweet. You smiled, giving him a hug which, after stiffening for a second, he reciprocated, albeit hesitantly. “Thank you, Loki.”
He nodded when you pulled away again. When you looked over at Thor, he had that surprised look on his face again.
“Alright…” he began, “I could do with another mulled mead, what about you?”
“You were just about to buy yourself a scarf, were you not, my dear?” The strict and demanding tone in his voice made your heart jump. You blushed, stifling the giggle that fought its way up your throat.
“Yeah… let’s do that first. And then another mulled wine before we head home.” Loki nodded, satisfied with your answer. And as you strolled over to the stalls in question, you scooped up your courage and interlaced your fingers with his. Loki didn’t pull away.
A/N: That one was so much fun to write!
Also, my first novel is coming out in ten freaking days! FINALLY! Check out my pinned post on my blog for more details! ♥  
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The way he said “for Asgard” while lifting Mjolnir??? SO WHOLESOME. This feels like Ragnarok era again. The nostalgia. Aww I miss them!
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⎯ one in nine realms [mini series] “chapter 6”
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Tumblr media
▸summary: finally finding her sword, y/n feel so vulnerable and soft but heimdall there to give a little support after having an intense moment. all emotions travel on y/n’s mind and soul but she is not the only one who deals with emotions.
▸wc: 2.4k
▸warnings & tags: spicy, sooooo spicy, touching, reading minds, original creatures (like the tree), y/n being soft and sad, heimdall being a supporter (in his own way), close bodies, so much intense gazes/looks to each other, flirting, mention of arousal, explosions, heimdall’s pov (only a little), denial, and well, be ready for jealous!heimdall for the next chap! ;)
Tumblr media
 The realm was turning upside down, everything around you seemed as a mix of universe; fire all over the place, especially in your soul, burning you alive from head to toe. 
Everything felt too hot to handle. Feeling warmness on you, piercing from skin to under of it, there was just a question you wanted to answer; whether it was the explosion blew up the castle to a hundred pieces or Heimdall’s body staying top of you, shielding yours with his own. No answer, no further question, no movement. Just standing there, looking at his purple eyes, feeling stones fall to the ground with huge ‘thumb’ sounds. This was it. All you did was to stay still and wait ‘till Heimdall say a word. He had to be the one talking first because you didn’t want to – You didn’t want to interrupt this unpredictable but beautiful moment; you staring deep into his eyes, he holding your shoulders, making you stay on the ground. 
One of his legs was standing between your thighs, making you feel aroused without a reason – well, there was a reason but you couldn’t bring yourself to think it. His other leg was put left side of your left leg. His hands were resting on the ground, right next to your head, one on left and other on right. His upper body were so close to yours, like your heart was ready to get out and touch to his chest. 
Because of feeling so hot, you had to breathe rapidly which made your chest go up and down so fast. Taking deep and rapid breaths, you tried to make a meaningful sentence, “Heimdall –“ No, you couldn’t make it. Even your voice filled with husky sounds was an enemy of yours in that moment alongside your pink colored face and aroused core. No, you couldn’t be in this situation. No, Heimdall couldn’t make you feel so weak. He shouldn’t! 
“But here we are,” Heimdall said, not having shame in slightest, looking so confident and proud that makes you feel less because of his posture. “You staying under me,” He continued. Challenging your previous confident actions while using a sound that you never heard from him; deep and seductive, he smirked. As you couldn’t break eye contact, feeling his legs move from left to right slowly, making you go a little crazy, he said, “That’s it Yes, this is perfect, sunshine. You just keep looking at me with those pretty eyes.” He touched your right cheek, caressing it, “Don’t take your eyes off of me.” He pointed to your head, “I know how you like to look at them. I know everything that spins in that head of yours." 
He became too confident to avoid in a moment. Yes, he had a huge one already but with you, he never used this side of him but you knew that this was all him. He wasn’t playing. He was displaying his real identity and thoughts. In here, in this realm, there was just you and him right now. No one else. No one to make Heimdall hide his inner thoughts about you which he didn’t afraid to show, clearly. 
However, you weren’t playing either. You knew how it would be a dummy idea to try hiding your thoughts, your feelings from him. He wasn’t someone you could easily put a mask around, no, he was the God of Foresight, seeing everyone’s minds and intentions as well as yours. So, you used your best weapon to get out of this situation, not want to go further because of having a complex and dizzy mind right now which could make you take decisions that you would regret. 
“And you clearly know that I will kick your legs if you keep standing like this." 
He chuckled. Heimdall chuckled, and you thought how this was the best melody you heard in all realms. 
Seeing his golden teeth, you blushed more. 
He closed the gap between your faces, kneeling in, making your chest touch to each other lightly. 
“If this wasn’t a mission All Father sent me to, I would –“ He stopped, lookin at your lips, “I would take my time." 
Then, all of sudden, his weight on you disappeared like it wasn’t there in the first place. But it was. It was there because you could still feel his warmness on your body. The phantom of his skin above yours, touching gently with a dangerous way. How he could make you like this? He was another God who crossed your path who would be gone soon enough. Knowing this didn’t make a change, feeling so good around him was increasing on your chest. You liked him. Even if it was forbidden, you liked Heimdall. 
As if he wasn’t reading your mind while you kept standing on the ground, shock can be written from all over your face, he said, “C’mon sweetie, we already has spent a remarkable time here and I really – really want to go back.” He looked at the environment, “Ugh, it looks so dirty." 
You rolled your eyes, not wanting to create another shocking situation with him, you looked at the castle which was collapsed to pieces, lava all over its destroyed ground because of having a huge explosion. 
The explosion took place right after you and Heimdall took a step behind to see the castle clearly, analyzing where to go or open the huge gates with bare hands. While deciding, Heimdall complaining mostly, a piercing sound echoed in the realm. You just remember how castle began to break down and how Heimdall’s hands found your body. He made himself shield of you, protecting you from stones. You could see little stones hit his back. He was okay with that as he seemed in that moment, just looking at your eyes, he stood there to take damage. And you couldn’t do anything at all because how could you? You had just one question at hand in that moment; why he was protecting you from damage? Was it a reflex or something else? Even if knowing him just for a few days, you knew how he cared for only himself and All Father. 
Not thinking further, a headache aldreay has begun to appear, you turned to the castle. “The tree is still there,” You pointed the orange colored tree, standing still with its all glory, putting a clear sight than before because of broken walls around it, “I believe my belonging is inside it." 
“What’s its name?” He asked curiously as you made your way to the tree, passing the rocks and ruins, just focusing on the tree. 
“It has different names in every realm,” You said to him, smiling to yourself, “Even I put a name to it." 
He looked at you, “And?" 
Oh, a personal question about your private life. A huge step for your relationship that you both would deny. 
“Sol.” You said, “After my mother told me the story of Sol and Mani who drove Sun and Moon through the sky, I wanted to name it as Sol.” You stood right before the tree, Heimdall beside you, looking at your face rather than the Sol. “I feel peace around it. I always did. Look –“ You showed marks that traveled on the tree, leaving a magnificent view to others’ eyes. What a lovely sight to sit and watch. Like Hei – No! Not like him at all. 
You tried to come to your senses but Heimdall piercing gazes on your face wasn’t helping. 
Cleaning your throat you said, “The explosion,” You began to speak, “It probably because of the Sol,” You pointed glowing marks, “It wasn’t this powerful when we looked at it behind gates." 
“Indeed,” Heimdall said, “Something must trigger it." 
You looked at him, smirking playfully, “Now you are using that brain of yours, huh?" 
As he rolled his eyes, you chuckled. Joking or play with him was fun. 
“Take the sword and we will leave.” He said, finding a half-damaged but standing still wall to rely his back, putting one foot to its surface, crossing arms to each other, and finally finding your face to look at with his glowing purple eyes. 
What was it you felt under your skin? Was it – passion? 
Yes, he was looking so attractive and charming right now but how could you feel an arousal?
Oh, how you wished you knew whether reading your mind or not. He couldn’t read it all the time because of not wasting stamina. Mimir said that Heimdall usually gets the first impression and stop reading their minds after judging them. That’s why Mimir had spent a good time beside Odin. However, this fact didn’t work on you. He was reading your mind and intentions very often. 
Not having encouraged looking at his purple eyes, you turned to the tree, and it already began to clear your mind. 
“Okay,” You said to yourself. It was a long ago – a really long one – since you touched the Sol, felt it, and let it to travel on your body effortlessly. It was something that gave a great power to those who was born in the realm. It was offering Godly weapons, abilities and power. Being the daughter of the God, you already were a Goddess. The Goddess of Fire. However, the tree taught you how to use them with help of your parents. It showed how you could replace your powers to weapons you created with your own magic. It was like a big tutor of yours as well as others who came here to seek power. “Sol,” You began to speak with it, like those times from your childhood when you came to here just for speaking with it. “It’s me, Y/n. I am the daughter of the God of Fire. Now, the Goddess of Fire. I am here to take back what’s mine that put inside you. My sword; Blaze."
As you continued speaking with it, Heimdall kept watching you with sparkles inside his purple eyes. What was making so different and special? – He thought, studying every feature of your face and body, finding them as – perfect. Yes, you were – perfect in all aspects. Maybe it was because how you made him feel; exited, dummy and well – lovely. But he could not make a meaning from them, maybe not having enough lovely moments in his life. He needed it which he could deny if someone else point out this fact but you – you said how he needed to see real love, with good intentions on your heart and mind. You wanted to show him real love, and he – well – he really began to wonder it too. He began to wonder how you would give him love and lust at the same time. Maybe, he thought again, maybe this was the reason why he felt such emotions about your presence; wanting to being loved by someone.
As he kept thinking, an unusual situation, he watched how your body moved, how your face changed. He liked watching you. In the future, Heimdall would learn something he didn’t know in these times; he didn’t need to being loved by someone, he needed to being loved by you.
  “Here!” You shouted happily, holding a normal sword on your hands, showing it to Heimdall who just woke up from his inner thoughts. “Blaze.” You smiled to him, then, to the tree, “Thank you so much Sol! I am –“ You looked at the Blaze which had your parents’ and your name on it. You could remember the day that three of you sitting next to each other, you between your mother and father, looking at the sword that your father gave power, and your mother created. You were smiling too wide to make your mouth ache but it didn’t matter. You were happy. You were with your family. 
You could hear your father’s voice in your mind even now, saying how this sword will give you power but not as physically. He said, ‘This sword will give power to your heart my lovely daughter,’ He smiled to you and your mother, ‘We will be there for you. For all eternity.’ Your mother continued, ‘Every time you feel lonely, look at this sword, and remember,’ She caressed your hair gently, ‘We are with you. Always.’
All the memories vanished slowly as a warm hand on your half exposed shoulder squeezed the skin under it, taking your mind back to reality from past. 
“Y/n,” Heimdall was so close. His mouth was right beside your ear, standing behind you, “It’s time to go." 
Heimdall was a dumbass and he had a cocky personality, but in these times, when he showed a gentle and delicate side of his to you, you wanted to hug him. You wanted to show him how you appreciated his good intentions. Maybe he was playing or acting, you didn’t know, but it felt real. He felt real:
“Yes,” You said, cleaning a few tears escaped from your eyes because remembering the past, your parents. “Let’s go back."
One of Odin’s ravens came to your side, beginning to make a circle around you to take you back to Asgard, other ravens joined it. As so many ravens were flying around you, your eyes found Heimdall’s, feeling unfamiliar and odd emotions. Heimdall looked at you too with his magnificent eyes. He was – he was the meaning of beauty.
As ravens began to disappear, he smirked, took some steps to you, standing right before you, a few inches between your faces, “You are a flirty one, aren’t you?” Then, his hand raised in the air ‘till it stopped right on your hair, caressing it slowly enough to make you close your eyes because of warming feeling came suddenly. Feeling his hand on your hand intensely, he said, right into your ear, “Don’t worry, I will not tell your secrets to anyone. I will not tell anyone how –“ He stopped for a second, then, speaking with a deeper voice, “How you want me."
You opened your eyes suddenly only to say he was wrong but he already began to walk towards Odin’s personal room, leaving you there, standing like a statue. In pure shock, you realized that he was right – you wanted him. You wanted Heimdall. But no, you wouldn’t be only one. He too wanted you and you decided to show him this fact the way he showed it to you. Smiling to his back, you said to yourself, “It will be fun."
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Me when Norse Era!Kratos says “In my homeland…” and get tidbits about his Greek heritage, from playing the lyre to reading poems and loving olives:
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