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Part One :> (Part Two Here!)
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Genshin Impact characters when they meet your friend in Teyvat. characters: zhongli \ kaedehara kazuha Warning: cute amount(づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ ...litter yandere?
Tumblr media
Since you were officially declared the Creator, you have lived a life of extreme wealth.
It was just that if you accidentally glanced at a product, you would find that Zhongli had already purchased it.
Even though Morax is loyal to you, you're tired of the privileged treatment, it's like getting a VIP card for life.
One day, you walked with Morax and ganyu in the quiet mountains, and then your eyes widened at that familiar appearance of yours.
You ran as hard as you could in spite of the many silks and accessories that hindered your running, and left your loyal followers behind you.
But you stumbled and fell on your face, the two rushed to you and supported you to stand up and inquire about the reason for your rush.
As soon as you raised your head and lost track of who you were chasing, you began to shout and cry hard.
You made your followers confused.
Morax: "Your grace!? Did we do something wrong?"
Ganyu: "Your grace, are you hurting somewhere?"
You tried to form an understandable sentence in the bout of crying:"There was…I saw her\his.. (F/N)…"
Morax wondered to himself who was this person who made his maker in this case, so he returned to your house your palace with Ganyu and went to Ningguang.
Ningguang searched all her papers that belonged to the residents for this name, while keqing and the guards searched for it in the mountains.
Days later, there was a knock on your room door and Ganyu opened the door while you were drinking tea at the window.
Ganyu with a smile: "Your grace, you'd love to see this~"
You turned around in astonishment, then Morax entered, accompanied by someone familiar to you.
The cup fell out of your hands and you jumped out of your chair, embracing your best friend.
Youu happily : "I was sure you were here"
Yor friend:" Is that really you?"
You: "Yes!!"
Morax approached you kneeling: "your grace, sorry to interrupt your reunion, but who is this?"
u held your friend's hand and laughed to Zhongli:" My best best friend…"
Morax whispered: "Does that mean he is a creator too?"
Morax's heart tore when he saw his place being stolen from him, though he also felt very happy because your frown was replaced by laughter that lit up the room.
Tumblr media
He was so happy that you liked hanging out with him and he left Raiden Shogun's kind treatment of you.
You were sitting in Inazuma after u acquitted him of his alleged crimes.
He bought you your favorite dango and gave you the chance to enjoy the most beautiful sunset ever from a cliff.
Until he enjoyed contemplating the carved and blessed features of his creator up close.
Notice that your gaze changed from the setting sun down the slope, he looked at what you were looking at and it turned out to be just a girl running.
But on closer look she was running away from Riftwolf.
You didn't stay in place until you jumped off the top of the cliff, leaving poor Kazuha screaming in horror: "Your grace!!."
Of course, the credit goes to the Archons who taught you to use your powers until you excelled in them.
Kazuha followed right behind and saw you ordering Riftwolf to back off, Kazuha ran after you: "grace!!, don't jump like that again."
Kazuha noticed your lack of reaction to his complaining, so he came closer and saw you frozen and shocked, Kazuha: "Your grace?"
You:" Kazuha…"
Kazuha quickly: "yes! your grace?"
You:" Go back to Raiden and ask her to prepare a clean room, a hot bath and clothes too."
Kazuha: "Yes?"
You jumped into the arms of the girl in front of you happily and she started screaming too.
You:"I miss you so much!!"
Your friend:" Me too!!… You disappeared suddenly… Hey, is this really Teyvat!?"
Your smile widened:" Yes!!, we are at Genshin Impact"
Kazuha didn't understand anything about what was happening and the vague conversation they were having.
Your friend looked at Kazuha and approached him: "Is this really Kazuha??"
"Yes, he's my sweet and cute Kazuha," you replied, placing your hand on Kazuha's shoulder.
The boy's cheeks blushed slightly at your words, and he deduced from what was happening that this girl was from the same world as you came from, sharing the precious world of his Creator, the girl who spent more time with you than he did, the girl who knew you more than he did.
Kazuha finally said:" How do you know my name?"
Your friend:" Of course I know you, (y/n) and I have been talking about you a lot and how (y/n)'s room is full of your pictures."
You hastened to close your friend's mouth at the end of her words, as your cheeks turned red a lot: "Shut up"
Your friend:" What's the problem?"
Noticing the aura between the two of you, she said with a mischievous smile, "Hmm~…so, then."
You:" I know you're obsessed with Ayato too…"
Your friend:" I didn't mind that the handsome young man realized mylove for him."
Kazuha interrupted:" Your grace, we have to go back, and take care of your friend."
Kazuha realizes at this moment that your friend is not a threat to him, yet it will prove to him that you belong to him and that your time is his, everything is his and every hair on you is his.
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pick one pick fav.
heimdall x reader, & kratos x reader
Tumblr media
× explanation: so, today (or tomorrow I don't know when I published this) is my birthday and I wanted to make a little and special thing for it. I created this little game in which anons picked characters and an option from three (headcanon, icon/wallpaper, and imagine) for me to write or edit and three of them were about god of war characters; heimdall and kratos. so, here we are! please enjoy!
Tumblr media
|| heimdall
warning!: mature content. do not read if you are a minor! touching, pet names, sub!heimdall vibes, heimdall being a lapdog, bossy!reader, explicit language.
note: I saw an art of heimdall, him having a necklace that has lapdog name on it, and I imagined how a goddess would have that necklace. so that art is my inspiration for this image. thanks to its owner! and why the air become so hotter - oh, right - because of this imagination ^^
• odin wants you to give him a protection from dangers such as specific figures like freya, and mimir. you, as a powerful goddess, decided not to help him because of thinking his motives weren't enough to make you give him a special protection. however, this deal changed when he saw how your eyes traveled the asgard's one of the biggest garden but stopped where heimdall stood. he was sitting on a beast with his one leg hanging out from one side and other one resting on the beast, giving a cocky posture even from this distant. he was making some jokes about how einherjars couldn't fight good, telling them how they weren't ready to get odin's bless, gaining power of bifrost. odin saw how you studied his right hand man, son. you were liking heimdall. odin was a wise god and from the shiny starts in your eyes, he could tell how you wanted to give heimdall a good punishment. odin could give you warning about it, not allowing you to think like this about his son, right hand man but he didn't. instead, he gave you a smile, saying he can give you heimdall as company for a month if you accept the deal.
• you firstly try to look like you had no idea about it at all but itching to give this cocky son of odin makes you to accept his offer after a long time of pause, thinking it's consequences; taking heimdall will give you just pure satisfaction, nothing else. but this one was an enough to take the offer. so, you said yes eventually, going back to your realm and castle with your all glory, waiting odin to send heimdall.
•  the moment he visited the realm, you could see that he wasn't happy, not in slightest. he was so mad, he was feeling so humiliated. being lapdog of odin made him to do every order he give. this one might be the most humiliated one he got, being your own toy to play. you had no bad intentions, well, not that much. you just wanted to know his place, not looking others from above.
• as he made his way to your personal study room, still looking so angry, he said, "who do you think you are sunshine? and what made you think I will be your toy for a month? I am heimdall, I am the protector of -", not letting him finish his sentence you say, "and when did I give you permission to speak, heimdall?".
• and this was the start of your relationship with him; him being cocky and angry because of your attitude to him, and you enjoying every time you are with him.
• in the beginning, you two didn't get along at all. he was feeling so humiliated to being your now right hand man because even if he was like your right hand man, you wanted him to do a little thing. instead giving him jobs, you just had spent time with him, looking at his eyes, making him to feel hot (yes, this couldn't escape from the sight of you. how it could? his pink cheeks were there, looking so cute). also, with time, he has began to feel more secure around you, like he was enjoying this whole thing too. he wasn't giving opposite statements to your wishes. he began to listen you more and more with time.
• wishes, you wanted him to do, were simple. sometimes your wish was taking a massage, making him touch your body. he felt so shy firstly, then, he began to do that with his own wanting. sometimes you just wanted him to tell stories about other realms, the things he saw, the things he heard. you listened all of them with intense love because you enjoyed hearing his voice.
• apart from his cocky behavior, he was really a broken soul. the first time you asked him to open up his memories to you, telling what he likes or dislikes, what a person he really is, he looked like you were an enemy, taking advantage of his memories to attack odin or him. however, he knew it wasn't right, he could see your intentions. then, with using his brain as you recommended again and again, he realized you just wanted his company.
• yes, in the first place your all purpose of wanting him was to show how arrogant and annoying he was. you wanted to show him how someone powerful than him could make him a lapdog, someone who would make him feel humiliated the way how he did for others. and yes, you did those well. every day, and every night, you joked about his disability in fighting, thinking and acting. you showed him how he needed a well training for both his strength and personality.
• in the end, this whole thing turned out to be something he enjoyed too. he began to train. he really began to train; firstly, with a hidden way, not wanting you to feel proud of your jokes. then, he began to train with you. every time you trained, there was something intense about it. the fight was normal, just a training but the feelings were odd. you both began to feel intensity again and again. and in the last training, the one you two stayed in a special training room all alone with some swords and other supplies, you sat down on his abdomen, him being on the ground, a sword's surface right on his neck from left to right, alerting him to hold your hand on the sword to prevent it to cut his flesh. on the other hand, you just looked at him.
• you looked at him for a really long time and he began to wonder what you were thinking. and then, when he looked into your eyes, reaching your soul from there, he saw it. he saw what you wanted to do to him and - and he liked it. he wanted it. he wanted you to make him those things, without questioning anything at all because his body already began to act on its own.
• the moment he moved his hips, you felt his hardened cock on your clothed core, making you begin to taking rapid breaths, feeling so shocked, you said, "what are you doing?"
• he smirked, looking a little shy but confident at the same time. his purple eyes were moving too fast to make you feel dizzy. "isn't this what you want sunshine?"
• as you realized what he was talking about, it was your turn to smirk, "indeed, it is. but is it what you want, sunshine?" mocking him made his cock twitch. he hesitated for a second but then, he just nodded in agreement.
• after that, remaining time you had with heimdall began to flow so fast. it wasn't just joking with him around. he was taking a special place in your heart, soul and body. especially, body. because of being a powerful goddess, you wanted him to beg you. and indeed, he did. in so many nights he was nearly begging to you, wanting you to allow him to eat you, filling you, and fucking you. he wasn't submissive at all, to his statement, he was just feeling so hot when you were in charge to allow him things he wanted to do to you.
•  with a great passion, you allowed him to do them but sometimes you just played with him, saying, "tell me heimdall, do you deserve it?" touching his delicate face, playing with his hair while he was kneeling in front of you with shining purple eyes, ready to eat your pussy, making you come to his face and mouth, licking every bit of it, you looked wonderful to him. he would nod every time, saying you how he would eat you so good that you would see starts. and every time, he made those promises come true.
• he was touching every part of your body within your soul. he was being humiliated still, but this time, you were allowing him to enter your bed. and he was feeling so good about the whole situation. he didn't know how you made him feel these things but he didn't complain. he just waited there, for your answer, for you letting him.
• other people from realm didn't know anything about your relationship with heimdall, not even all father. it was a secret, everything you did was a secret for you to hold for an eternity.
• heimdall, he was the only one who was giving you so much pleasure in or out bed. especially in bed. he was skilled, he was good a reading you, and with his mind reading ability, he could see what you wanted him to do.
• placing his head between your thighs, eating your pussy, looking at you with his purple eyes to see how you enjoyed it, enjoyed his tongue and fingers. he loved how you held his hair, pulling it, telling him how a good and pretty boy he is. he loved every bit of it. then, he would drink juice, enjoying tasting you. he then would begin to beg you to enter, to fill that pussy of your, looking all wet because of only him. he would look above, your naught and bossy face, saying "please, let me."
• holding his necklace that you gave, pulling his face closer to yours, you would tell him to do better than this. asking him if he deserved it or not. he would begin to give reasons to you how you would feel so satisfied after you let him to go further.
• the moment you let him, he would really do things as he promised, fucking you against a wall, a bed or a table. listening every voice you made, doing every order your gave him to do, and finally when he is close, finding pure lust because of you. you would give him permission to cum inside you after his cries, "please - y/n," he would say, "let me. let me fill you!"
• you would caress his face, smiling, "then cum my pretty boy, fill me up."
• and with a moan, he would come.
• these intimacy moments were coming to an end, making you have these moments as much as possible, not wanting to waste any time.
• and then, the day he had to go back came. actually, you were feeling sad but happy at the same time. he was going back, yes, but from his eyes, you could see how he would come back to this realm, to you.
• so, you gave him a smile, kissing his lips for a moment. then, you held his necklace which was only visible to your eyes, pulling him closer, kneeling to his ears, "don't worry my pretty boy." you said in a low tone, only him to hear, "you will be on your knees again, begging to eat me."
• you could see how he wanted to stay but in the end, he left, looking back to you 'till disappearing from your sight. he only left you to come back again. and when he came back, you gave him a new necklace which had 'my pretty boy' name on it.
Tumblr media
|| kratos [1]
warnings!: fluff, lots of fluff. Between gow: 4 and ragnarok.
note: he needs so much love.
· you are the only one who can calm down kratos.
· kratos, famous god of war, can get angry or mad so easily. everything can irritate him. especially his son, atreus. mimir, also, make him annoyed because of his silly jokes.
· being beloved lover of him, you are the one responsible for calming this huge masculine god in order to help mimir and atreus escape from his rage, and helping kratos to feel secure.
· he normally doesn’t show his anger that much. he doesn’t go to your place, wants you to take care of him. Instead telling you he is angry or mad, he just go hunting. and when he does that, you, the one who trully understand him and share a bond with him, go to where he is hunting, waiting for him to notice you and acknowledge your presence. then, without saying anything, he just nods at you. getting the gesture of nods’ meaning, you walk towards him, finding a clear ground to sit on. then, you wait for him to sit beside you.
· no, he is not a type of showing any need for affection but you knew from the heart that he needs it, he deserves it. he deserves all love and affection. the man has a great pain under his skin and you promised to yourself that you will give him what he deserves.
· after sitting side by side, you begin to touch his strong arm, pointing him your legs in the fetal position for him to put his head on. slowly, he put his head on your not too powerful but not too weak legs, not giving his entire weight on them. he allow you to touch his face, his chest, his arms; whatever you like to touch, to make him feel calmer and better. while touching his skin, gracefully like a drizzle gently coursing through the body, you begin to murmur a traditional tale from your realm; a tale that has a powerful but broken man like kratos. you tell him the story, how the man find true peace and love in the end. you make him close his eyes as you murmur the tale and touching his body from head to abdomen slowly, delicately.
· he then opens his eyes to see your face full with beauty he didn’t see in entire realms (including his past ones). he looks so peaceful, because he really feels peace thanks to your presence. then, finally, he touches your face with a hand with the warmest and safest skin in the world, even though it's full of roughness and cold. he caresses your hair, kisses shoulder, then neck, then every corner of your face, making you question if the man is god of war or love. for you, he is both.
· finally, after your long moment of calming down and finding peace within love in each other’s company, he stand ups, offering his larger hand to you, helping you to stand up too. he wants to walk with you, finding it joyful to discover the realms beside your side. feeling safe and happy to be in his side, you take his offer with pleasure.
· while discovering the realm, he makes sure no danger will come closer to you. he knows how you can keep yourself safe but when he is around, when he is with you, you don’t need to think about it at all. he wants you to think about only him. he likes being your the only one in entire realms even if he will not say it aloud.
· he gives you his back to climb higher points, he gives you fresh food and water, he gives you so many gazes from corner of his eyes or evidently with a great love on them, making you feel the luckiest person of all realms. he gives you his heart and soul. in return, he doesn’t want anything but you – you give him everything. because he deserves all of it.
· as you make your way to home, where atreus and mimir stays, you both feel grateful. you both feel being loved entirely, with pure intentions. and this is why you love being kratos’ calming potion.
Tumblr media
|| kratos [2]
warnings!: fluff, angst (a little bit), odin being a manipulator, mortal!reader, protective!kratos
• odin, all father, and enemy of kratos, wants to take you from him by using his manipulation techniques. he tries it over and over again, making kratos take an action about it.
•  you are a mortal, but because of being weakness spot of kratos in odin’s eyes, you become the target of his plan. however, you are not kratos’ weakness at all, you are his strength. he trusts you. he gains power thanks to your trust in him too.
• when odin visits you again, expecting you to wash clothes in a lake, he just sees kratos’ himself, standing right in front of you with his huge body, preventing odin to see you at all.
• you don’t mind them, letting kratos having his way to deal with odin. having no intentions betray kratos or make him disappointed, you refuse odin’s heart warming and good deals, not wanting to be part of this whole situation. you just want to protect atreus and kratos even if you has no power because of being a mortal.
• kratos let odin speak first while you wash fruits and vegetables in clean water of the lake to prepare a dinner for kratos, atreus, mimir and yourself.
• “oh, kratos!” odin says, acting like he is happy to see kratos, “how good to see you!”
• kratos just ‘hmm’s like always and you find it cute, trying not to smile to him.
• odin continues, “I just wanted to speak young lady here, as a friend.” he looks at you. you don’t look him back, you just pick food and stand up. saying you will go and prepare dinner to kratos, you leave them alone. Knowing very well that kratos will not want you to hear what he will say to odin, you decide to give him alone moment with odin. while leaving, you look at odin who waits for you to leave as well, wishing it will be the last time seeing his face.
• the moment you leave them, kratos says, “leave her alone.”
• odin looks taken back from it, touching his chest like kratos said something so mean, “no, no, kratos. I have no bad intentions. I am just here to give this young lady a friendly visit as I said before. can she not have a friend other than you?”
• kratos keeps his calm, “you are not a friend of her. I will not repeat myself.”
• “well, you see,” odin tries to say but kratos now increasing anger stops him to speak any further, “I said what I said.”
• kratos then picks up woods he cut for the fire, positioning it on his left shoulder, he begin to leave odin alone, not glancing him once more. he believes he said enough but no, odin doesn’t agree.
• “a mortal?” he asks, “do you really think a god and a mortal can be a – thing?”
• kratos knows him well enough to see how he tries to manipulate him, using your limited time to play with his mind, holding his biggest pain in the light, right in front of his eyes.
• “believing this bond you share will not last will bring you pain kratos.” he says again, walking closer to kratos, while one of the ravens he has lands on his shoulder, “she will die. maybe now, maybe later. but eventually, she will die, on your arms.” he adds, “I can fix that. I can give her an eternal life to spend it with you, kratos.”
• kratos is not angry. he is just feeling a great pain in his chest. he doesn’t want to leave you, he doesn’t want you to leave him. he is selfish yes, but he is in love, that’s all. he knows how odin says the truth. however, he will not give him any satisfaction. he will not accept his offer. he will not take your freedom from you even if he will feel so much pain.
• “then, I will spend my time with her rather than listening your non-sense.”
• after finishing his sentence, he leaves odin. as he makes his way to where you cook dinner, odin disappears by leaving raven’s flapping of wings’ sounds.
• when you see kratos, you don’t ask him what they talked, what odin said to him. you know how he will not tell and you respect that, so, you just let him put the wood a side, then, you hug him with your smaller body. your hands find their places on his neck, standing on tiptoe, you say, “it’s okay.” kissing his cheek, you left his body as his arms leave your waist slowly. you take his hand, “come,” you smile, “I prepared a beautiful dinner for you!”
• yes, one day, you will day. but in the rest of his life, kratos will remember the moments you had together over and over again. you will leave the world but not his soul.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! I hope you liked each of them. I don’t do headcanon or imagines that much but I hope I did well. ^^ thanks for your birthday messages too, you really make me so happy! have a good day and life. ^^
taglist: taglist: @iinterdimensionals , @Konigdi1ks0ck , @onlydeas​ , @hayleethefrog​ , @tartagliasrighthand​ , @whywouldiknowsstuff , @importantvoidpolice​ , @itsnat-bitch​ , @armanibxtch​ , @dott-up​ , @chiyausu​ , @lokigirlszendaya​ , @potentplant​ , @milf-to-be-anny​ 
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Steve, bursting into the room: You two are having sex! Eddie, not looking up from their book: Really? Reader, why didn’t you tell me? I would have put my book down.
(Some crack fun in the form of incorrect quote)
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Injured - J.B
Tumblr media
Jude Bellingham × Reader
Warnings: mentions of an injury, set in a hospital
Notes: Not proofread !!
Word count: 539
Jude gets injured
“Babe. Babe. Babe. Babe.” You can hear your boyfriend repeating the word as he pokes your arm with one of his fingers.
You sigh, knowing if you don’t reply he’ll keep going.
“Yes, Jude?” You mumble, looking up from your phone. The message to Jude’s younger brother, Jobe, ready to be sent.
“Baby, if you were words on a page, you’d be fine print.” He says with a small wink and a smirk on his face.
“I hate you.” You mumble, rolling your eyes a little as you fight back a smile.
“No you don’t! You love me.” He grins.
You only shake your head in response as you finally send the text to Jobe, giving him another update on his older brother.
‘He’s doing alright. Still waiting for the doctor to come by.’ Your text reads.
The last hour or so has been a blur. One minute you’re in the stands watching Jude play…the next, you’re sitting in an uncomfortable plastic chair in a big but quiet hospital with your boyfriend laying in a hospital bed.
You’ve been sitting here by his side waiting for the doctor to come back with results from a few scans that will show how serious his injury is.
Jobe and the rest of the Bellingham family were back home watching Jude play on the TV. He’s been texting you since he saw Jude being helped off the pitch by the BVB medical staff after a bad tackle where he injured his right ankle. You can feel his worry through the screen with each text he sends.
‘Okay. Please keep me updated’ The younger Bellingham responds to your text.
‘I will!’
Letting out another sigh, you put your phone down and turn to look at Jude.
He’s laying down, staring at the ceiling of the white hospital room. One arm behind his head, the other by his side.
“You okay, baby?” You mumble, reaching for his free hand.
You bring his hand to your mouth and kiss the back of it a few times, waiting for his answer.
“I’m alright.” He hums, letting out a yawn.
You almost melt at the sight.
“Sleep, Jude. I’ll wake you up when the doctor comes around.” You mumble, pressing another kiss to his skin.
He nods in response before settling into the large bed a bit better.
“Hey, babe?”
“I was wondering if you’re an artist because you were so good at drawing me in.” Jude tiredly smirks, giggling a little when you roll your eyes again.
“What am I going to do with you?” You mumble, shaking your head and chuckling.
“Love me. Feed me. Never leave me?” Jude cheekily responds. This time, you let out a small chuckle.
You watch as he slowly falls asleep, exhausted from playing almost 80 minutes of a game and being in the hospital for who knows how long.
Bringing yourself closer to his bed,you rest your head by your joined hands and watch his breathing slowly even out. Your thumb rubs small circles on the back of his hand and you quietly hum one of his favourite songs, helping him fall asleep.
You stay sitting like that, waiting for the doctor and hoping it’s nothing serious.
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Tumblr media
So uh, what happens when @xnanosilverx run into 2 vampires and a werewolf? (I end up re'vamp'ing my vampire AU a bit lmao.) The human versions are gonna be treated as glamours now, and while the illusion extends somewhat to touch, true forms will be more on point for the robo boys, though there's some weird blurred line between bot and organic that I am not gonna figure out right now. Full version of this is quite a bit more suggestive, and under the cut, though it's all above the waist. uwu. Spicy stream ended up being JUST THIS pretty much lol. I was gonna do doodles and oops my hand slipped. and so did moons sdkfjsldkfj
I dunno if this should be tagged mature? drop me a thing somewhere if so cause idfk, my threshold for this stuff is so high I can't tell anymore.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
always make time for the things that make you happy
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adrifts-home · 3 days
Hi! This is my first time requesting but I saw your Christmas event and I was wondering if you could do one where Scaramouche comes home and spends Christmas with his s/o? GN reader is fine but I'd prefer male!
Tumblr media
"scara!" you rushed into his arms, his face slightly awkward at the sudden affection from his boyfriend. since he just got back from working long hours at headquarters, he expected once he walked into the doors, yet he didn't really expect this much per se. instead of scaramouche saying anything, he simply let out a grunt of happiness. yes, he was nearly the most awkward person you've ever known, but you still loved and doted over him as handsome as he was. "i need to get changed." instead of letting go, your hands linked together as he tried to pull you away, but you just grabbed on harder. a part of him enjoyed it, but he really did need to get changed if he was going to go out with you this christmas eve. finally, his pulling and pushing got over you and he finally made it to the closet, shutting you out so he could pick out his outfit in peace. and you just waited outside the door, like a little puppy. you had been changed for a while now, you had nothing to do but wait for scaramouche to arrive home. "it's been ten minutes...are you alright scara?" the time passed, slowly. but you were going to miss the car ride to his parent's house, yes you were going to the almighty shogun's house. to spend christmas. there. with her. and yae miko. you were terrified, to say the least. and you could tell that scaramouche didn't want to go either. "im fine y.n!" he shouted, and he came out with the ugliest christmas sweater you'd ever seen. the christmas tree and tinsel sticking on. stiffing a laugh in order to not make him more embarrassed. your best guess is that one of his mothers, most likely mrs. shogun made it for him. "where'd you get that scara?" you could tell he was embarrassed, your best guess was that his parents scared him into wearing it to christmas. "my mom," he said, almost in a whisper voice, face becoming red as he was looking around for something in the closet. "does your mother know im coming?" you asked, looking at yourself in the mirror and trying to peek a look at scaramouche in the mirror. though you were unlucky for he had gone into the debts of your closet. "yes, she does." you heard a slight 'ah' and saw him emerge. "im not wearing that." you pointed at the sweater with y.n printed on with red and green letters then a terribly knitted santa. this managed to get scaramouche to smile. "go on, wear it. i have a hat to go with it too. after all, you wouldn't want to make a bad first impression? hm?" he was slowly making his way toward you, showing you the design as he did so. "im not wearing that, im already dressed!" you pointed at it with a face of disgust. it was itchy and most likely...hairy... the harbinger started to make his way up to you, getting ready to put the sweater on over your slim turtle neck. and to your luck, he managed to get in on. and you couldn't get it off due to how bulky it was. now it was your turn to turn pink. "who did this..." you looked at yourself in the mirror and shook your head whilst scaramouche laughed in the background. "my mothers~" putting his head on your shoulder, it should be time to get going. ready to meet his terrifying parents, who knitted this disgusting...piece of...yarn. "i forgot your hat!" just as you were about to accept the fact that you were going in the streets of Inazuma in an ugly sweater, scaramouche came out with a santa hat with a yellow pom-pom on top. "oh." you sighed and willingly took it. "look, the outfit is complete."
Tumblr media
getting into the car, your sweater felt mildly itchy, you hared it. "are you sure this is okay?" fumbling with your hands as scaramouche started driving (someone save u, amen) to his parents house, the snow was making it slightly difficult for him. "y.n, it's fine." you could tell he was now getting just the slightest pissed, and for what was to come, you were sure he was going to get even more pissed as soon as he walked into the door. YAY IM DONE WITH DECEMBER DAY ONE UH SORRY ITS SHORT I HAVE FUCKING YEA
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theweepingegg · 16 hours
Tumblr media
For you Bob Velseb simps
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faces-ofvenus · 3 days
Reading is an old friend of Rhaenyra's, married to lord Baratheon (Jace already aged right).
Tumblr media Tumblr media
She married a lord Baratheon,and has visited Dragonstone a lot, she never nurtured anything romantic for her friend's children, on the contrary she always treated them as true nephews, she always knew they were bastards but honestly for you it doesn't matter.
When Jacaerys Velaryon came of age, everything seemed to change, obviously the boy always had a little crush on his "aunt" even if obviously unrequited or unseen, it hurt him to know that she was married, and that their relationship was impossible, because she always seemed so in love with her husband, so devoted to him.
But honestly, when he turned 20, there couldn't be anything he wanted more than her, he thought about him, days and nights, their romance began to emerge from the moment his grandfather Corlys began to make agreements with Lord Baratheon her husband, and both he and Lucerys began to frequent the Baratheon house too much.
He found himself in a web of love and secrets with his beloved, who he gradually saw beyond a boy, but a man, but the y/n sincerely refused to feel all this, she was old, she knew, edging into her late 30s, while Jace was young, he should live life, as she herself lived, and meet a young and beautiful lady, but Jace sincerely could only want her.
He promised her that his heart would always belong to her, sealing a secret with a kiss one warm night, he found himself increasingly running away with her, dreaming of her, longing for her visits to his mother, and wanting more than mere kisses, and oaths of love, but to take her as his own.
But she was still married, bound to a union she had made years ago, and it would be basically impossible for her to change course, or even himself, whether Jace liked it or not, but mysteriously, and rather depressingly, her beloved husband passed away from an illness that had troubled him for years.
Widowed now, Jacaerys felt that he was finally achieving everything he had longed for since his younger days, he could already hear himself making his vows, kissing his beloved and calling her sweetly his wife, swearing loyalty and fidelity until his death.
That night they allowed themselves to be together for the first time, glad that maybe they could get married, both of them knowing that their relationship would probably not be well regarded by everyone, but Jace was already well used to the staring and the talking, and if it meant that they would be together, he didn't care.
But the tumble was huge when his mother announced his engagement to Lady Baela, don't get him wrong, he loved his aunt, she was sweet, a great woman, and he had good feelings, Baela deserved a man who loved her enloquently, and swore his love, as he swore to you, for a short time, in his childhood the possibility of a marriage with her might have made him radiant, and he would be that man, but not when he met you, not today, his beautiful queen, you were perfect for him, not Lady Baela, you!
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aemonds-wifey · 2 days
Summary: you travel to Runcorn with Uhtred and his men
As you walked alongside Uhtred the snow began to fall again, small crispy snowflakes fell into your flame red hair and brushed your nose occasionally. It reminded you of home…one of the only happy memory you had was the time you spent in the forests, the snow engulfing your day with your clan and days learning how to hunt and ride a horse.
Finan and Sihtric walked with Osferth a fair few feet away as you spoke with Uhtred about the affairs of the kingdom.
“When did you arrive here in England ?” Uhtred asked
“About a month…” you answered “Landed in East Anglia and just kept going. Following whispers and here I am”
Uhtred nodded “ You do not waste time do you.”
You looked at him
“Do you mean to detour me Uhtred?” You asked
He shook his head “not at all Y/N. Haesten is no friend of mine I’ll gladly see him headless. I’ll help you in any way I can.”
You frowned “Why… you don’t even know me.”
“As I said. Haesten is a pain in my arse. “ he chuckled.
Sihtric hand remained on his axe and his voice low as they followed with minor distance “Uhtred is too trusting of that one.”
Finan tutted “oh you are so suspicious, don’t let her hear that Sihtric I saw what she did to those men by the camp”
Osferth frowned “bad my lord…?”
Finan nodded “let’s say I was glad I did encounter her injured , she seems a formidable warrior. Haesten will shit himself when she comes for him.”
“If she ever finds him” Osferth said
Finan looked surprised “She’s made it this far Osferth. Never doubt a woman with an agenda…she’s more determined than the devil .”
“Amen” Sihtric agreed.
Osferth silently watched you converse with Uhtred, he knew no good can come from vengeance and although he sympathized with your plight…he felt protective of you.
You caught him looking as you briefly glanced over your shoulder .
“You wonder with a Saxon monk Uhtred…” you say quietly.
Uhtred nods “His uncle was a great man…Osferth is also that…besides he is no trouble “
“Does he preach to you …hasn’t converted you to the ways of Christ ?” You asked with skepticism
Uhtred laughed “Do you mistrust every Dane and Saxon living Lady?”
“I never said I mistrusted the monk…”
“The poor monk helped with your wound and yet you are wary of why he travels with me. That also means you question my intentions.” He said as you kept walking up a small hill.
“I meant no offence…” you said as you realised some truth “Forgive me I…have not experienced such kindness in a while I forgot how to take it, Lord.”
Uhtred stopped and looked at you, you also stopped . “You have been through Helhiem lady…I understand your torment. But you’re alone no longer. Time to trust in your new friends and move forward ” He said patting your arm gently. You were momentarily overcome with a burst of what felt like happy relief, you had no friends …and now you were in the company of them .
As Uhtred walked on you stayed still, Finan and Sihtric passed you and caught up with Uhtred. Osferth stood by you and you . He pointed into the near distance, a settlement was evident “Is that…?”
He nodded “Runcorn. Told you it was not far “ he said. It was maybe a mile away, you anticipated entering Runcorn. Settlements were something you did not stay at too often.
You both started to walk , a feet or two behind the others. “How is the wound lady?” He asked.
In truth the pain was fleeting and it did feel better “Hmm…it is healing.” You said. As you both walked down the hill in silence you felt it again, he walked so close that the accidental brush against your side made your skin feel alive. You had to speak, to break the tension.
Osferth cleared his throat before speaking “What is it like…Norway?”
You frowned lightly “How do you know that is my home?”
Osferth produced a small smile that intrigued you “The music of your voice…it’s not like the other Danes I have met.”
Although your place of birth was tainted with sour and painful memories, it never lost its winters grace or stunning beauty.
“My home was nestled in a fjord to the far east of Bergen…it is a land worthy of the gods.” You answered.
“I have heard it is a land of majestic scenery Lady.” Osferth said as as you both followed the others into the forest.
You nodded “The winters were …truly a wonder. The snow glistened like a blanket of jewels . Which only sparkled brighter when the sky was slight of murmurs of greens and faint blues.” He watched you speak that he missed the obscure large branch and almost tripped . Your instincts took over and bowed down to help him. Holding onto his forearm , he noticed and caught your eyes.
You broke apart as you heard Sihtric shout “You can save her soul later Baby Monk we are near Runcorn!”
He only chuckled as he brushed his breastplate , knocking the cross “I’m fine my lady thank you…”
You nodded and let go of his arm and hastily walked in the same direction as the others. Osferth caught up with you.
“It must have been difficult to leave such a beautiful place.” He said.
You shook your head “Easier than I thought.”
“How so Lady?” He asked softly.
“There was nothing left for me there…no purpose or kin…” you answered with a slight twinge of bitterness leaving your mouth.
Osferth simply studied you as you kept walking , you caught him looking “what is it baby monk?”
He almost rolled his eyes “I’m called Osferth…lady.”
“A baby Saxon monk …why do you look at me so intently ? Want to save my soul ?” You asked.
You were putting up walls around you, this monk was vey inquisitive and he was different with you. You knew how to fight, how to wield a sword or axe …but being this open to another human, it was alien to you.
“I’m sorry…” you said before Osferth had chance to respond. He simply looked at his feet then to you “I have…spent quite a time alone…I fear I have forgotten how to be civil and it is my first month in a new country.”
Osferth smiled again “Never fret. I will do what I can to help. But first…” his hand gestured to the front of you. Uhtred , Finan and Sihtric stood before a large open gate to the settlement …Runcorn
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maj-3k · 3 days
Lucifer: Did you just murder someone?
Y.n: I think I did.
Lucifer: I don't know if I should be proud or scared.
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tofu-loverx · 2 days
Quick short postd=====( ̄▽ ̄*)b
Summary: Genshin Impact characters if you give them a phone Characters: Venti\ Thoma\ Itto\ Shikanoin heizou.
While scrolling through venti’s pictures, I fell in love with him because of this picture🤭👇
Tumblr media
He is surprised by the phone at first.
After teaching him how to use the phone, he takes pictures of everything literally.
He always opens live broadcasts without realizing it, and you always end up in his live broadcasts.
He likes to record his voice while singing.
Tumblr media
He enjoys YouTube cooking videos.
He tries every recipe he watches or sees, and you are the judge.You find within the Messenger mothers group.
He is a great attraction for girls and they all want to marry him because he is a housewife.
Tumblr media
He hits the phone on the wall to see how strong it is, despite your constant attempts to stop it.
He enjoys rock and roll songs so much that he forgets himself.
He loves taking pictures of himself to show off.
He gets excited and excited when he plays video games.
Tumblr media
He finds it useful to read electronic books, although he still prefers regular books.
He's trying to figure out how it was made and how this little thing can carry all those ideas.
It helps him to keep notes.
He likes to use it against you to provoke you sometimes.
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visionsofmagic · 1 day
impossible to reach • heimdall, plot.
Tumblr media
― pairing: heimdall x greek goddess!reader
― summary: being both daughter of zeus and sister of kratos bring unbelievable events with them, but even them wasn't as astonishing as falling for heimdall, the son of odin who saw you as his second wife. ragnarok is at the door, odin is ready to manipulate you, kratos is there to fight for you and atreus is being a normal teenager who gets trouble. and you – you just see only him, god of foresight. what could be worse?
― wc: 1.4k 
― warnings & tags [for the chapter]: events takes place before atreus visit asgard for the first time [but he will visit it because of keeping up with the events of the game which will be differ in some parts for this mini series], reader is a little trickster, heimdall is dummy [so much], manipulating, pet names/nicknames, arranged marriage in the next part of the story, getting to the story slowly, just a plot not a chapter but get the idea. that’s all for now, we will see how things will turn out in next chapters. [an early warning!: the story/mini series will have mature scenes & contents [+18 in other words] in further chapters, so, I do not recommend minors to read even these innocent chapters. thank u.]
requested from an anon: An heimdall x reader where the reader is a greek goddess, the daughter of Zeus and came to Norway with her brother Kratos. When ragnarok comes she gets Odins attention and he wants to take her as a second wife but it’s heimdall she grows feelings for when she gets taken to Asgard by Odin. [the request is too good not to right. I am currently writing a heimdall x reader mini series but this one is worth to take a shot too and to fulfill anon’s wish and my own liking on the story, I will make 3 or 4 (maybe more if u want) chapters. so, stay focused, the journey begins.] [+ special thanks to anon for this amazing prompt. I hope you will like it! & u (readers) too. ^^]
*gif is mine, ehe*
Tumblr media
all realms had their own beauty, something that made them unique in some ways; helheim for its cold that even pierce odin’s skin as they said, alfheim for its magnificent elves, jotunheim for its now no longer seen giants. and asgard, the home of aesir people, ruled by odin’s himself and the realm you went to prevent atreus’ unwanted visit to the realm, protecting the child from kratos, your brother’s, rage and odin’s manipulation.
even if the purpose of your visit was to say odin how he should stop playing with atreus’ mind, you were the one who he decided to play with; giving you so many promises, seeing how powerful you are, and trying to enter the inner circle of your mind. odin was a god of not only magic but also wisdom. freya always told you how odin, her ex husband who she hated most in entire realms, was always seeking for new knowledge. he wanted to gain power from knowledge, from wisdom. and he was good at it. his knowledge on reading people, judging them helped him to manipulate them better.
you were one of them. but only to his eyes.
no, you are not stupid. you are not like your brother who just takes action with rage he feels, not giving a damn thing about the consequences. you respected him, you always did and will but this wasn’t who you were. having same blood with kratos because of being zeus’ children you always found safety on his wings but thanks to the way he taught you to survive, you could easily go out from his wings, surviving on your own. you both had a deep bond unlike other children of zeus who betrayed both of of you, making your bond’s force increase.
all of these made you to come to a conclusion on how defeat odin if it become necessary; giving him a tricky behavior like you were ready to manipulate by him, entirely, like you had no brain at all to prevent his tricks. being aunt of atreus, there was a sensitive side in your heart for him. you were like a big sister for him or a mother figure, especially losing faye. you stayed beside atreus from beginning to now, to future as you wish, and you would not let anyone to hurt the boy.
so, here you were, standing in front of odin while he was talking to his royal soldiers; valkyries. as their wings stayed the same, their eyes moved from odin to you; clearly judging you. you were their enemy, and they were yours. no one could deny it but you had to act, you had to gain their trust. you didn’t like lying, you didn’t see it as a way to live your life but for the sake of your brother kratos and atreus, also mimir, freya, brok and sindri who were your friends – maybe more than that, you had to endure all of this. you had to act even if wasn’t in your personality.
“y/n,” odin said with a happy tone, pointing valkyries you with a smile, “she will be here as long as she wants.”
you smiled to them, giving a look like you were a friend who was happy being in here.
“I’m glad to here that, all father.” you said to odin.
then, slowly, valkyries left the area, leaving you and odin alone. you didn’t like them but now you really wished them to stay a bit longer. however, you knew how odin need space to play his tricks on you, so, you waited for him to speak but something stopped him to get closer to your body – something who was behind your body.
as odin made his way to behind your back, you turned around to see where he was going.
turning around, you saw him. heimdall – mimir’s voice echoed in your head. to get know your most dangerous enemy in asgard, you asked mimir to give you appearance of odin’s royal son, lord heimdall to aesir people, lapdog to mimir, and enemy to kratos. no, you didn’t see him as an enemy of yours – he was just your brother’s enemy. you needed to spend some time with him to get his real intentions on this whole ragnarok thing. so, as mimir described him, you thought how yo give first impression. you decided to feel the moment to make a decision about it.
he was exactly how mimir described; purple glowing eyes, a gold hair that braided, a white and gold colored armor, and a sword staying on his belt that he uses very well. mimir said how he looked others from above who wasn’t odin, his all father. the entire realms’ people in other words. you wondered why he loved his father so much because you never had a love to your father, zeus, in your soul or heart. this was the first thing you wanted to get know about him.
“heimdall,” odin smiled, “come, let me introduce you this beautiful lady over here,” he pointed to you while touching his son shoulder. the way heimdall looked at you was just opposite of odin’s look. odin had an positive and happy expression while heimdall had only confused one. “she is here to visit me and asgard personally. but as you know I have lots of work to do. so, I want you to take a walk with her, giving a tour to her in other words.” he turned to stunned heimdall, not noticing his odd behavior at all, “I trust you.” he said in a low tone but not too low enough. you were hearing it too. “do not make me regret.” a warning – a warning how heimdall should act as a well-behaved son, giving you a good tour in the realm.
heimdall tried to say, “but all fathe –“ but odin was already gone after giving you a little smile.
everything around you – around the realm seemed to fall silent, not even the sound of wind, or a raven of all father traveling around it.
being a such a silent situation, you tried to start a conversation, feeling odd feelings that caused goosebumps. “you are heimdall,” you smiled to him, “right?”
his eyes traveled on your body from head to toe, judging you clearly.
“and who you would be?”
“y/n,” you kept a little smile, ready to get serious if this it what he wants, “as odin said.”
“y/n?” he questioned, thinking a little harder to get your name better. he looked like he was trying to remember how your name sounded familiar. then, the reality hit him. “sister of kratos? enemy of all father?”
you shook your head in a negative way, not wanting him to get you as an enemy. no – you needed him to acknowledge you as a friend. “nobody is anybody's enemy.” what a lie. “I am here with good intentions.”
he seemed angry, “I can not tell.” he took a few steps to you, closing the gap. as his arms stayed on his chest, unified. “what makes you so special?”
you were confused. what he was talking about?
he took some steps forward, again, getting closer with each step. pointing you with his right hand while other one stayed same, on his chest, “what magic you use on me sweetheart? how I can not enter that pity head of yours –“
“I get why they hated you that much.” you said, cutting his speech suddenly. “always thinking about yourself except all father, isn’t that right?” you smirked, “sweetheart –“
“oh, no, no. you can’t escape like that.” he made a circle around you while your eyes followed his every move, “tell me your secret witchy witchy.”
you shrugged, “make me.”
challenging him wasn’t something serious but from the look on his face, clearly in pure shock like you said dumbest thing in entire universe, you gave your best not to laugh.
as he was about to say something more, you stopped him with your hand, “look, heimdall. I just want to travel the realm ‘till odin come back. and I will do it with or without you. so, the choice is yours;” you began to walk to other direction of his way, “come with me and find out why you can not read me, or stay here and wait for odin to come with a disappointment look on his face.”
waiting for some moment, he began to follow you, right behind of your back. in that moment you didn’t know two things; one, how a long journey in asgard has began, and two, how heimdall would be beauty of it. as you believed and saw; all realms had their own beauty, something that made them unique in some ways. for asgard, the beauty was heimdall. son of odin who you will fall into.
to be continued.
taglist: @iinterdimensionals , @Konigdi1ks0ck , @onlydeas​ , @hayleethefrog​ , @tartagliasrighthand​ , @whywouldiknowsstuff , @importantvoidpolice​ , @itsnat​ , @armanibxtch​ , @dott-up​ , @chiyausu​ , @lokigirlszendaya​ , @potentplant​ , @milf-to-be-anny​ , @elizabeth-hatake , @kuinnoa​ ^^
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stillxnunpxidintern · 6 hours
Eddie: Why doesn’t Reader find me sexy when I bite my lip Steve: What do you look like when you bite your lip? Eddie: *bites lip* Steve: ...Have you considered biting your bottom lip instead?
(Some crack in the form of incorrect quotes. I think Steve might needs to help Eddie with his flirting technique a little)
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lost-under-the-sun · 3 days
“I’ll be good. I promise” - C.P
Tumblr media
Christian Pulisic x Reader
Thank you @greykitkepa for being an amazing beta reader!
Warnings: 18+, kinda almost smut
Notes: This is probably part 1 of a short Christian series
Word count: 605
Christian loves being good for you
“Shhh baby. Be good for me.” You whisper as you straddle Christian, one leg either side of his.
He groans when you lower yourself onto him, pressing your chest to his at the same time.
His white t-shirt sits loosely on your body, only just hiding the lingerie underneath.
You bite your lip and chuckle, feeling him twitch under you.
“Please.” He begs, his hands itching to touch you.
Shaking your head “no”, you bring one hand up to his neck, wrapping your hand around him as best as you can.
“You wanna be good, right?” You ask.
“Yes. Yes. Wanna be good for you.” He breathlessly moans out, feeling your fingers dig into his neck enough for it to feel good.
“Then sit still for me, baby. Don’t move.”
You bring yourself up onto your knees, making your chest rub against his.
You lean down and press a soft kiss to his jaw, before slowly unwrapping your hand from his neck.
Christian lets out a whine, already missing the light pressure there.
His whine stops the second he sees your hands at the hem of his shirt you’re wearing. His fingers dig into the armrests of the large, grey chair both of you are on.
“Remember…no touching.” You remind him with a pointed look.
You can’t help but smirk and gently grind down on him as you slowly take the almost see-through shirt off of your body.
You make sure to put on a show to tease him more, to tempt him.
You hear him swear under his breath the second he sees your breasts covered in a navy blue lacey bra…his favourite.
The shirt is thrown somewhere behind you once it’s off, your focus back on the footballer under you.
“Please. I want to touch you.” Christian begs you as he thrusts his hips upwards.
Your hand instantly goes back to his neck, gently squeezing as a warning.
“Baby boy…I said to be good.” You mockingly pout down at him.
Your eyes fall to the chain around his neck, the gold links catching in the light.
You smirk, running your fingers over it "You know I rather like this... I think I might steal it for myself."
You do just that, guiding Christian's head forward so you can find the clasp and undo it. You put on a little show for him as you put the chain around your own neck. You move your hair to one shoulder, exposing your neck more. The sight has Christian almost drooling.
You make sure the chain is fastened and sits right around your neck. "There, much better on me, don't you think?"
You watch as his eyes glass over, tears pricking his eyes as he continues to hold himself back from giving in and touching you.
“No tears, pretty boy. Keep being good for me and I’ll make sure to reward you.” You whisper, bringing your free hand up to gently wipe away a tear that managed to escape his precious, beautiful eyes.
“Okay?” You ask.
He nods his head ‘yes’.
“Words, Christian. Use your words.” Your eyebrow raises as you speak.
“Yes, I’ll be good. I promise." He whines under you.
“I know you will.” You whisper, leaning in to kiss him.
The moment your lips meet his, you feel your body warm up.
Your hands travel down his body, meeting his hands on either side of you. You sink down on him once again, fully relaxing into him.
You bring his hands to rest on your naked thighs.
You pull back from his lips just enough to whisper, “Take control, baby. I’m all yours.”
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