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Christmas Remus馃巹
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I can do that (Warning that I've never written anything like this so I deeply apologize if it's not what you're looking for)
Remus Lupin x Sirius Black x James Potter x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Smut, multiple orgasms, watching, choking, slapping, throatfucking, degredation, spanking, unprotected sex, oral sex male receiving, hair pulling, multiple partners
Remus had you stripped naked before they even arrived, laying you across the bed. That'd been hot enough, but seeing the way that Sirius and James looked at you, like they wanted to swallow you whole... God, it was so much.
"Are you 100% sure about this mate?" James asked, and Remus nodded, placing a soft hand on your cheek to make you look over at him with a crooked eyebrow. God, you wanted to rile him up, see exactly what he would do when put in the right circumstances.
"Yeah, it's not a problem. She likes to put on a show, isn't that right?" He asked softly, and you nodded, chewing on your lip. You'd do anything that he asked you to do.
"Yes..." You responded, and James bent a little bit, clearing his throat. You didn't care, you were too busy daydreaming about what was going to happen.
"Hey. Y/N." James said, and you lifted your head, looking up at him. He placed a hand under your chin, rubbing a thumb across your cheek, making you shiver.
"Are you 100% sure that you wanna do this?" James asked, looking you in the eyes. You smiled, reaching over to squeeze his hand. He'd always been so gentle, it would be fun to watch him lose control.
"Yeah, because if you don't, James and I would be happy to just stay and like... watch one of your muggle movie things." Sirius offered, and your smile only grew as you shook your head. God, Remus had picked such good friends.
"No, I want this too... but it was sweet of you to ask me." You said, and he nodded.
"Wouldn't wanna do this if you weren't 100% okay with it." That was such a kind thing to make sure of... granted, it was also customary, or at least you felt it should be, to ask beforehand.
"Oh, I am."
"You're up, Potter." Remus said, pushing him forward. James took a deep breath and nodded, giving you a smile.
"Okay..." You got up on your knees, placing a hand on his face, feeling his hands come up to cup your breasts, his thumbs brushing across your nipples.
"What do you want, Jamie?" You asked, and he swallowed heavily before answering.
"Can you suck me off? I've been thinking about how good that would feel for years." He said, and you flicked your eyebrow up, giving him a smirk as you pushed him away a bit before letting yourself fall to the ground onto your knees.
"You want my lips wrapped around your cock, Potter?" You asked, and he nodded frantically, unbuttoning and pulling his pants down, letting his cock spring out. You swallowed back a groan as you wrapped your hand around it. He was about as thick as Remus, but a little bit longer which was daunting... but a challenge you would gladly welcome.
"Yes." He groaned, and you grinned up at him, leaning in.
"Good boy." You flicked your tongue across his tip, groaning to yourself at the taste, feeling him tense. "He tastes so good." You moaned before taking him into your mouth, taking him as deep as you could, letting him gently lead your head until your nose was pressed against his pelvis. HIs head was leaning back and you watched as his chest rose and fell quickly.
"Holy shit... Ohmygod her mouth is so fucking hot..." He moaned, pulling his hips back to gently snap them forward again, making you gag around him. He moved a little faster, but not too hard, clearly afraid of hurting you... which was a shame because you wanted to see him go feral.
"Calm down, mate. Don't get too excited, you'll never last." Remus said with a chuckle, and James let out a high whine as he glanced down at you, his mouth dropped open. You clenched your thighs together, trying to reduce some of the throbbing there, but it did nothing.
"Shut up..." You bobbed your head up and down, letting your fingers slip between your thighs to rub at your clit, making you moan around him. "Fuck." He whined, and you felt your face get hot. God, he was so fucking hot.
"You can fuck her throat, James. She likes it rough." Remus cleared his throat, clearly trying to get your attention. "How do you feel about that, baby?" He asked, and you pulled off, breathing heavily as you looked up at James, jerking your hand quickly up and down his cock, making him tremble.
"Please, James. Fuck my throat raw." You begged, and he looked down at you, his gaze softening for a moment.
"Are you sure?" He asked, and you rolled your eyes. The cute, respectful side was getting a bit overplayed, you just wanted him to take some goddamn control.
"Stop asking that and just fucking do it. Go with your gut, Potter. I know how to stop a man if needed." You said, and he chewed on his lip, nodding as he pulled you back onto his cock. You swallowed around him eagerly, letting him fuck your throat as hard as he wanted to. He let out a loud grumbling moan as he gripped your hair.
"Fuck... God, Remus you get this every night?" Sirius asked, and you blushed as you felt James fuck harder into your throat. He was so eager... you knew he would be, you knew how doting he was on Lily, there was no way he wasn't like this.
"Every night... every morning... pretty much whenever I want she's willing to get on her knees for me... or do pretty much anything else." Remus murmured back and you felt your cunt clench at this. You liked when talked that way about you. Sirius groaned in approval and you felt his eyes on you once again.
"Lucky bastard." He murmured, and Remus let out a throaty chuckle, undoubtably with the biggest smirk on his face.
"Should've acted quicker in seventh year. Could've had her at least once." He responded, and you whimpered around James's cock, gripping onto his thighs as he paused, buried in your thoat, making your eyes tear up around him.
"Shut up."
"Oh my god, fuck I'm getting close." James cried, and Remus let out a snort.
"Seriously? Already? Fuck, you finish fast." He said, and James whimpered, shaking his head as he strained, the veins in his neck popping out for a moment as he increased his pace.
"Not normally." He let out a high whine, holding your face against his pelvis as he doubled over, gripping the wall behind him. "Oh fuck." He gasped, and you felt him cum down your throat, frantically swallowing around him before you pulled back, giving him a wide smile.
"You taste good, Jamie." You said, getting up from your knees. He pulled you against his chest, tucking your face against him as he held you. It was sweet that that was his first instinct, to hug you tight and murmur quiet praises into your ear, it made your heart squeeze. Truly the best man. Lily was lucky.
"That was amazing. Fucking amazing, Y/N." He sighed, pulling away to give you a wide smile. You placed a hand on his cheek, rubbing your thumb across his cheekbone.
"Thank you, sweet boy. You're up Sirius, what do you want?" You asked, watching as he smirked at you, walking over with so much confidence that it made your knees weak.
"Oh, I want your cunt. Bend over on the bed. On your hands and knees." Sirius said, and you dropped immediately, smirking back at him as you did. You followed orders well, the boys were bound to know that by well.
"Yes sir." You said, and he gripped your nips, snorting as he saw your position. What?
"Come on, spread those legs futher for me. I know you can." He said pushing your further open before you felt the head of his cock prod against you, slipping inside a moment later, making you gasp. There was no need for prep, you were dripping already.
"Holy shit..." Your mouth dropped open as you felt him inside you. He was by far the thickest, causing a pleasent burning stretch as he began easing himself inside of you. "Remus, he's so big." You whined, and he let out a chuckle as Sirius continued to stretch you, making you see stars. How was he still going?
"You can take it. You can take anything, baby." Remus said, and you groaned, nodding as you felt Sirius slide the rest of the way inside, making your eyes roll back.
"Yes sir." You sighed, and Remus smirked at you, making you shiver.
"Such a good girl." He replied, and you nodded, chewing on your lip as you furrowed your brows. God, this felt good... Sirius was good, you knew that from conversations in school.
"Fuck, her cunt is so good, Remus. How could you wait so long to let us do this?" Sirius asked as he gripped your hair, yanking hard as he thrusted quickly, pushing the breath out of you each time. Heaven on earth.
"I agree, we should've done this sooner. It's fun to watch her get all fucked out." Remus said, and you felt Sirius's hand slap down hard on your ass, making you yelp. God, this felt so good... so fucking good.
"More... Harder... Please." You begged, and Sirius laughed, reaching forward to push your face against the mattress, pounding into you harder. The new angle made you want to scream, your eyes rolling back in your head as you tangled your fingers into the sheets.
"Look at her, James. She's such a fucking whore." James was practically trembling, his fingers digging into his trousers as he watched you.
"Yeah... she is..." He grunted, and you looked over at him, seeing his cock straining against his pants. You wanted to feel him down your throat again.
"You're hard again, mate." Remus commented, and he shot him a glare.
"I know." You knew what to do, what to ask. He seemed like he could follow directions well.
"Touch yourself for me, Jamie." You begged, and he whimpered, nodding as he shucked his pants down his legs again, gripping at his already leaking cock.
"Shit... okay..." He whined, and you chuckled, a large smile spreading across your face as you felt Sirius's hand smack down on your ass once again.
"He takes orders so well." You gasped, and Remus nodded in the corner, looking pleasantly amused at the exchange, though Sirius beat him to voicing it.
"Guess we know who's in charge in your bed, huh?" Sirius chuckled, and James gave him a look that was supposed to be a glare, but ended up as a pout at best.
"Fuck, shut up!" He groaned, his hand working his cock faster. So pretty.
"Sirius, please, harder!" You begged, and Sirius grunted above you, pushing you harder into the mattress as he increased his pace once again, making your mouth drop open
"Of course, beautiful." He murmured, and you felt yourself begin to fall over the edge, knowing you would be screaming within moments. God, this was good.
"I'm... I'm cumming, oh my god I'm cumming!" You cried, and Sirius chuckled, biting down on the skin of the back of your neck, thrusting harder as you saw stars, gripping hard onto the sheets, feeling yourself tremble beneath him.
"Good girl, good girl, cum on my cock, making a fucking mess all over me, fuck yes." Sirius groaned, and you whimpered, unable to come up with a thought, any words you had in mind completely wiped free as he ignored your sensitivity.
"You look so good baby... looks like James is gonna cum again." Remus said, and you looked over at the other man who was jerking his cock frantically, the tip angry and read. You let out a groan as Sirius reached around, wrapping his hand around your throat, tightening his grip quickly.
"Cum on my face, Jamie." You croaked out and he looked at you, completely gone as he stood up, walking closer as he hung his head back, letting out a loud groan.
"Really? Are sure?" He asked, sounding frantic, and you nodded, looking up at him, your mouth hanging open as Sirius used his free hand to rub roughly at your clit.
"Yes! Cum!" You begged, and James looked down, his brows furrowed and his glasses falling down his nose as his hips jerked forward, his cum spurting out to coat your face, making you gasp. You grinned up at him, appreaciating how frantic he was. So cute.
"Holy shit..." He hissed, the last spurt coming out before he fell away, collapsing onto his chair, breathing heavily.
"God, you look good all covered in cum, beautiful." Remus sighed, giving you a large smile. You glanced down at his crotch, seeing his cock straining against his pants. It forced you over the edge once again, seeing how badly Remus wanted you. God, he was going to ruin you after this.
"Fuck, I'm gonna cum again! Oh my god, oh my god!" You cried, your lip trembling as you collapsed flat against the bed, feeling Sirius grip your hips as you let out high moans with each hard thrust, your eyes rolling back in your head. You heard Remus let out a throaty chuckle from across the room, making your face flush.
"Still screaming after having your throat fucked raw... You really do love this, huh baby?" Remus asked, leaning forward. You nodded frantically, feeling a pleasant buzz over your body as Sirius thrusted frantically inside of you, getting closer to the edge himself.
"Yes! I love it, love being used." You cried, and Sirius groaned behind you, spanking your ass hard once again, making you gasp.
"Holy shit I'm getting close." He gripped under your chin, bending over you so you could see his face. He was straining, chewing on his lip as he looked down at you. So hot. "Where do you want me to finish?" He asked, and your brain went blank. Anywhere he wanted. You would take whatever the fuck he was willing to give you.
"I... I..." He rolled his eyes, shoving you back down onto the table as he thrust hard and fast into you again, addressing Remus as though you weren't even there.
"Remus, where do you want me to-." He didn't even get to finish his sentence before Remus was talking.
"Cum inside her, she fucking loves it." He said, and you nodded, feeling him still inside of you, gripping hard onto your hips as he filled you with his cum, making you tremble.
"Shit... Fuck! Take it, fucking take it." He groaned, pausing for a moment before he pulled out, both of you panting before you gave him a smile.
"God, Sirius... that was so good." You sighed, sitting up to walk over to Remus, resting your chin on top of his head, wrapping your arms around him. He placed his hands onto your arms, making your heart skip.
"Yeah it was... fuck, I gotta bring Lily next time." James looked at you almost nervously as he shifted around on his feet. "Would you want that?" He asked, and you nodded quickly. You'd wanted to be fucked by Lily for years.
"Fuck yes, that sounds amazing."
"I just know she'd love to cum on your face." James responded, and your heart pounded at the thought of that. Lily Potter had to taste like a goddamn dream.
"Sounds perfect." You said, and Remus stood up, stretching.
"Until next time, boys." He said, nodding at them to show themselves out before he turned to you with a large smile. "You were wonderful, dear." Remus said, and you pressed your hand to the front of his trousers, pressing frantic kisses to the side of his neck, making him let out a quiet grunt.
"You're hard." You murmured against his skin, and he sighed, pulling you back from his neck so he could look down into your face.
"I just watched you be fucked for an hour straight... Yeah. I am. Get on your knees." He instructed, and you let him guide you down before you unbuttoned his pants, pulling them quickly down his thighs
"Yes sir." You gripped his cock, leaning forward to lick the tip of his cock.
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Tumblr media
Fic Recs Wrap Up - November 2022 喱(喋娽禃藡)喋* 喋堚湬鈥р倞藲
Chasing Dragons by The_Sinking_Ship聽@the-sinking-ship
Draco can think of only one way to outclass his pleat-front-khaki-wearing politician ex, and that鈥檚 by making headlines with an obvious upgrade. And who better to upstage the cheating bastard than the Saviour of the World, Harry Potter himself? Sure, Potter is a little rough around the edges in ripped jeans, a rumpled tartan shirt, and a permanent scowl. Draco reckons a haircut and a shave wouldn鈥檛 hurt, either. But Potter is also in need of a Healer willing to keep his secrets, and Draco is just the man for the job. It鈥檚 a perfectly reasonable exchange. They need only attend a couple parties arm-in-arm, smile nicely for the paparazzi, and tolerate each other long enough to convince everyone they鈥檙e smitten. In return, Draco will keep Potter alive and in one piece. But it isn鈥檛 long before Draco realises he might be in over his head, because Potter is ten tonnes of trouble packed into a leather jacket, and seems keen on hurtling himself towards death on the back of a flying motorbike. And that says nothing of Potter鈥檚 penchant for fire-breathing beasts and things that bite. Ah well, at least they鈥檒l have some fun while it lasts. After all, Draco always did like a bit of danger. Rec Post
There鈥檚 Something About Harry by Barry_Manilows_Wardrobe
Harry Potter is just your average Parapsychologist. In conflict with his Department Head, D. Lucius Malfoy, and sometimes venturing into a paranormal world in order to help people in distress. Who just happens to be surveilled by MACUSA and the Ministry. Rec Post
Make Yourself by AnyaElizabeth,聽Zigster聽聽Author:聽@anyaelizabethfic聽 Artist(s):聽@zigster-ao3
Harry just wants to be safe within the freshly painted walls of Grimmauld Place, with his friends around him. But when he hears Draco Malfoy has been spotted at the local soup kitchen, he can鈥檛 help but encourage a different type of stray to come under his roof. Rec Post
Two Zinnias and the Scent of Lemon by thestarryknight聽@the-starryknight
The Ministry didn鈥檛 turn bad overnight. Harry didn鈥檛 suddenly turn rogue either. Between covert Legilimency links and Polyjuice disguises and running and running and running, Draco has forgotten what it is like to have a safe harbor that isn鈥檛 a person. If there鈥檚 an art to fighting back, then they鈥檒l find it hand in hand. Rec Post
Brave Though The Stars They Make Me by dwell_the_brave,聽puncertainty聽 written by聽@dwell-the-brave鈥 with art by聽@puncertainty
After the events at the end of his Sixth Year, Draco Malfoy has been kept all but prisoner in his childhood home, Malfoy Manor. Alone, terrified, and desperate for some way out, he begins to have strange dreams - dreams of Harry Potter. Are they a trick of his mind? Or are they a way to change his fate, and a chance at redemption? Rec Post
Oh God Not Again! by Sarah1281聽
So maybe everything didn鈥檛 work out perfectly for Harry. Still, most of his friends survived, he鈥檇 gotten married, and was about to become a father. If only he鈥檇 have stayed away from the Veil, he wouldn鈥檛 have had to go back and do everything AGAIN. Rec Post
Nor All That Glisters by sweet_s0rr0w聽@sweet-s0rr0w
Lonely and frustrated on house arrest, with no prospects for the future, Draco begins brewing Felix Felicis in an attempt to improve his lot. Just in the short term, of course. He isn鈥檛 a聽total聽idiot.
But before long he finds himself with a thriving business, a nice flat, some actual (albeit irritatingly Gryffindor) friends, and a very satisfying sex life. What鈥檚 more, no-one is hexing him in the street. And Harry Potter is single, and gorgeous, and giving Draco decidedly interested looks.
Stop taking the Felix? You must be joking鈥 Rec Post
Dwelling on Dreams by The_Sinking_Ship聽@the-sinking-ship
Draco thought he could avoid Potter for the duration of his brief return to England. He鈥檇 stick to his schedule and be back home in Paris, where he belonged, in a few short months. No trouble at all. He had plenty to occupy him, what with the opening of the London branch of his successful apothecary, his innovative research, drinks with Pansy, a backlog of unread potions periodicals. Except Head Auror Potter is everywhere 鈥 in Draco鈥檚 chair, at his door, in his dreams. All six feet of motorbike-riding, combat-boot-wearing, sex-hair-sporting Saviour of the World packed into one unfairly fetching uniform. Potter won鈥檛 leave Draco the bloody hell alone, won鈥檛 let him breathe, let him forget, let him聽sleep.
Because no matter how fast Draco Malfoy runs, Harry Potter is always hot on his heels. Rec Post
Here are a few more fics I've read recently that y'all might like to check out as well! (锞塣銉甞)锞*:銉伙緹鉁
Tumblr media
Witness Marks聽by聽gryffindorhearts @gryffindorhearts
No one comes to Cogg and Bell's with a working clock. After all, it鈥檚 Draco's job to repair what鈥檚 broken and put time 鈥 quite literally 鈥 back in order. When Harry Potter waltzes in a few decades after the War, red Head Auror robes flashing, Draco expected to serve as a consultant on a case. Instead, Harry offers him the broken Weasley family clock, and with it, the chance to live in the present for once.
Bonded Consort聽by聽Lomonaaeren
Nineteen years ago, the Potters betrothed their firstborn child to the firstborn Malfoy child. Eighteen years ago, Voldemort was defeated for good. Seventeen years ago, the Potters changed the contract so that their secondborn child was substituted for their firstborn. Now, Draco Malfoy is trying to work out what happened.
Blessed Are The Lambs (Do You Walk With Gabriel?)聽by聽Cannibalschism @cannibalschism
It's been eight years of this. Eight years since the tug that drew Harry like the tide pulls the earth towards the Camerlengo and Vatican City. Eight years since he'd last felt what it was to think freely and not around the wretched, awful din. Eight years since the bars of his gilded cage had slammed shut around him all while the Camerlengo spun the key on his conniving finger.
But it was today when Draco Malfoy walked into St. Peter's Basilica, looking so young as though the years had passed him by, and smelling like pennies and dead leaves.
I'll Play Your Game聽by聽JayseHasNoGrace
After quitting the Auror department at the ripe old age of twenty two, Harry Potter finds a nice, uneventful job in an apothecary. At least, it's uneventful until his old rival Draco Malfoy comes into the shop.
They strike up an unlikely friendship, which evolves into an increasingly convoluted scheme, which then snowballs spectacularly out of control into a tangle of lies and blurred lines.
They'd agreed to a fake relationship 鈥 in Harry's case, to get the wizarding world to take him off his 'perfect saviour' pedestal, and in Draco's case, just to be given a chance in wizarding society at all 鈥 but neither of them expected just how difficult that might really turn out to be. Especially when the stakes grow ever higher, and they both start falling for each other. Just a little bit.
( 鈥⑧ア鈼-啷)-鈾 I hope you enjoy these fics as much as I have! Happy reading, y鈥檃ll! xoxo Carey 聽(鈼嶁⑨礂鈥⑩棈)鈾 鉁*馃挏馃挋馃挌馃挍鉂ゐ煉楌煉曫煉
P.S. Thank you all for 1600+ followers~ I appreciate you!
Tumblr media
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Hello! I recently read your latest Severus Snape helping out a student blurb and was absolutely enthralled. I was wondering if you could perhaps write something similar?
The same timeline please and same idea except maybe Severus Snape has a daughter whose either 16 or 17 and Voldemort has her become a deatheater. Draco and her are good friends and this is just about oc or y/n having a legilimency conversation in a deatheater meeting while Voldemort is there
I love your work!鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
Hi there! I'm so glad to hear that you're enjoying my work for Severus, he's truly one of my favorite characters to write for. Your idea is absolutely amazing, I had a lot of fun writing this!
~ ~
Your father was a man of many talents, one of which was knowing when you were about to cause trouble...
...like right now.
You were staring at him from the opposite end of the table, your chin resting gently against your entwined fingers while he tried his best to concentrate on what Voldemort was saying to him.
Snape froze upon hearing your voice in his head, gaze flicking from Voldemort to your seat at the left side of the table. Beside you, Draco who was drumming his fingers against the top of the table, quietly listening to Voldemort's output of information.
You held your stare at Snape, eyes narrowing as you waited for him to respond to you. But one quick glare from your father was enough for you to break your focus on him, and return it back to the man speaking at the head of the table.
Snape let out a small sigh as he returned his attention to Voldemort, who had asked him a question about the last Order meeting he attended. Just as he opened his mouth to respond, he heard you again.
Don't say too much about the meeting Dad.
His teeth ground against each other as his gaze quickly flicked to you, but you had already broken your focus and were looking elsewhere.
"I asked you to speak Severus," Voldemort orders coldly, eyes narrowing as Snape nods, clearing his throat before providing the information that was asked of him.
After speaking, Snape turns his head back to you, glaring as you stick your tongue out at him. His eyes narrow, and you hear his cold voice in the back of your head.
If you believe that you are being let off the hook after this meeting, you are mistaken.
You swallow past the lump in your throat, your father was still the most intimidating man at the table besides Voldemort himself.
I was only lookin' out for you.
You grin as Snape's eyes soften for a passing moment, but the expression is quickly painted over when Voldemort clears his throat, regaining the attention of everyone at the table.
The rest of the meeting flows smoothly, as much as you wanted to continue annoying your father, you knew that both your safety and his would be at risk if you tried anything else. Besides, Voldemort was getting to the best part:
murdering Albus Dumbledore.
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Under the Christmas tree
Tumblr media
Word 3: snow globe
"I'm sorry I'm late" Harry hurriedly said as he closed the door behind him, almost shivering and hanging his coat in the stand, "There was this huge truck that just wouldn't move."
Draco immediately helped Harry with the coat and took Harry's hands in his own and warmed them up.
Harry smiled but they both knew they didn't have a lot of time.
"You're not that late but we only have 5 minutes before he runs down the stairs and starts singing Feliz Navidad or Merry Christmas all over again." Draco kept his tone hushed.
"Did you get it?" Draco finally asked as they moved towards the living room.
Harry held out the package from the other hand and showed it to Draco who took it immediately and skimmed through the bag.
"Now all we have to do is set it under the tree." Draco said and they did exactly that.
And in 2 minutes Teddy came running down the stairs singing Merry Christmas while Harry and Draco pretended to be asleep in their room. So, when Teddy reached the tree, they both knew how excited he was but they said nothing until he came running into their room and started jumping on the bed.
"Teddy, what is it?" Harry asked as he shuffled through for his glasses, turning on the lamp along side.
"The gifts, Uncle Harry. See the gifts." Teddy excitedly sat down between the both of them and started showing his small hands full of gifts.
Draco got up from his fake sleep as well and pushed himself towards the head of the bed and took Teddy in his lap.
"Excited to see your gifts?" Draco smiled and teddy instantly nodded.
"Which one shall we open first?" Harry asked sweetly.
Teddy pointed out a random one and they opened that first, then they opened the next and next until only was left and they finally opened it as well.
It was a snow globe.
"My fourth snow globe. Santa remembered!" Teddy exclaimed as he got all the more excited by the second to take it into his hands.
"Be careful Teddy. It might break." Harry said as he carefully handed him the globe and Teddy took it as carefully as possible and watched it with so much endearment that it warmed both of their hearts.
It was the same gift they had put under the tree at the last minute because they knew how much these snow globes meant to Teddy.
It started out when Harry first came to pick up Teddy from his grandparents and noticed that the only thing Remus and Tonks left behind as a legacy was a snow globe, ever since that day Harry decided that every Christmas he'd buy Teddy a snow globe in return for Remus' and Tonks love he could never get as much.
"I'm going to go and put this on my shelf." Teddy said and immediately took it from Harry's hand and ran back upstairs leaving all the rest of the gifts behind.
It was beautiful to see that he only ever cared for the snow globe, that it was the only gift that held the most meaning even to a 4 year child.
Draco embraced Harry in that moment, bringing him closer in a cuddle and putting away the gifts aside and smiled at him.
"You do an awfully good job at giving Teddy everything he ever needs."
"That's what I'm supposed to do."
"Do you think Remus would be happy at the thought of us raising Teddy together?" Harry asked.
Draco thought for a while and then said, "I think he'd be incredibly proud of us pushing past our history and deciding to raise Teddy as our own."
Harry smiled, "I think he'd be proud of us too."
He kissed Draco one last time before he turned off the lights knowing exactly that he'd never find anyone better for raising Teddy with.
I know this isn't the best but bear with me馃槶
Tagging some of y'all for a boost, don't hesitate if you're uncomfortable with the tag <3
@phoebe-delia 鈥 @chinike @elenaxoxo22 鈥 @thecornerofbelu @nv-md 鈥 鈥 @cissa-bee @missdrarrydawn @littlebodybigheartttt @harryandginnydeservesbetter @draco-lucious-potter @textrovert-01 @inflation-of-mind @dearly-devoted-dawdler @drarrywords @loves-to-read-fanfic
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
James Potter + lactation kink
[warnings - unprotected penetrative sex, lactation kink, mentions of babies, sub!reader ish]
[word count - 928]
[kinktober list]
Tumblr media
鈥淛ames!鈥 You gasp, letting go of the sheet and smacking lightly on his chest, trying to move him back so you can cover your soaked chest. He tried to budge them, rutting even harder into you when he got a peek at the dampness spreading across your top, 鈥淛amie, stop looking!鈥
鈥淛ames!鈥 You gasp, letting go of the sheet and smacking lightly on his chest, trying to move him back so you can cover your soaked chest. He tried to budge them, rutting even harder into you when he got a peek at the dampness spreading across your top, 鈥淛amie, stop looking!鈥
鈥淛ames!鈥 You gasp, letting go of the sheet and smacking lightly on his chest, trying to move him back so you can cover your soaked chest. He tried to budge them, rutting even harder into you when he got a peek at the dampness spreading across your top, 鈥淛amie, stop looking!鈥
鈥淪top it! Lemme look at m鈥檊irls,鈥 he ducked his head down, distracting you with the jab of his blunt cockhead against your cervix to loosen your iron grip over your tits. James exposed a sliver of sopping cotton, and was quick to let his greedy tongue roll over the fabric.
鈥淪hit- shit- James that鈥檚 so-鈥 good. You can鈥檛 say that, it鈥檚 weird. He doesn鈥檛 let up, licking and sucking over the fabric until it鈥檚 covered in more saliva than milk, leaving you panting and boneless from the unexpected release.
鈥淭ake it off! I wan鈥檔it off, off off off,鈥 teeth scraped over your nipple through your shirt, soft but firm and occupying your senses enough for him to push the white cotton up over your tits. As soon as they were exposed, James launched his mouth onto your dripping, aching nipple, sucking deeply and whimpering in satisfaction at the first splash of milk unencumbered by the lingering flavour of fabric softener and perfume.
鈥淥- oh, fuck, Jamie!鈥 It was a lot, the overwhelming fullness his cock gave your cunt combined with the indescribable feeling of him gulping down mouthfuls of your sweetness, 鈥渟hit, don鈥檛 fucking stop, don鈥檛 you dare fucking st- ah, ah, stop,鈥
It didn鈥檛 seem like he was planning on doing so any time soon, tongue flicking greedily back and forth to gulp down more and more of your milk. God, it was filthy; having his lips pulling greedily at you tit and stuffing you full of his throbbing erection over and over.
鈥淕od, fuck, Jamie!鈥 He pulled off, only briefly, so he could switch to your other nipple. He licked around it, down to your cleavage where your neglected breast had leaked before latching himself onto your tit yet again, 鈥淛ames this is so- so-鈥
God, how could you even form words? Between the way he was stimulating almost every part of you and the view of his blissed out face as he suckled. All of it was building to a crescendo bubbling under your skin, making you kick and writhe under his body.
鈥淛ames, James I鈥檓 gonna-鈥 he sped up, hips crashing into yours desperately, 鈥淛amie, please, I鈥檓 gonna cum!鈥
He couldn鈥檛 respond verbally, just snaked his hand down to thumb at your clit so he didn鈥檛 have to pry his lips from your tit and humming with delight when you clenched tight around him.
When he was finally able to pull his lips from your nipple, having successfully draining you all he could, James pushed his thumb against your clit in harder, faster circles, driving you ever closer towards your edge. What finally brought you over was his stuttered breaths, hot and needy against your exposed neck, 鈥渘eed you to cum, pretty girlie, need鈥檃, need鈥檃 make you cum so bad,鈥
You came in seconds, walls clamping down on his dick and cum gushing over his thickness. He wasn鈥檛 far behind, cock pulsing with the feeling of your juices coating him and he finally gave in when you snuck a hand down to palm at his balls, rolling them in your hand until he exhaled a pitiful whine and shot his cum at your cervix with long, deep spurts.
鈥淲e- we could鈥檝e been doing that for months,鈥 he complained, going boneless on top of you and blanketing you in his comforting weight, 鈥渨hy haven鈥檛 we been doing this for months?鈥
鈥淚 dunno,鈥 you gasped, locking your legs behind his back when he attempted to pull out, 鈥渂ut you better hope you put another baby in me, cos I never want that to stop,鈥
Tumblr media
Taglist - @jexnrey @samiam0907 @jessmooneya @tiredmf @baddiewivdafattie @art3mas @bella-738 @aphrodites-flowers @lovemitchrry @alexloveskili @downbadforvecna @dcwrites1 @masterofmunsonspuppets @youreyesaretherealtruthtellers @m-rae23 @rubesred @bingewatchingmylifegoby @visionsgoodgirl @loudwombatmugkid @garfieldsladybird @rubes2323 @maddy-potter @dannyramirezwife @trixcate @depressedjoey @sunnysolsstuf @clover723 @anamariel2301
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angelblacksmith 5 months
Kissing with Fred Weasley would include
Pairing: Fred Weasley x fem!Reader
Warning: non
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So, Fred is a fan of the PDA.
So he will kiss you everywhere.
In the library.
On the astronomical tower.
In the dungeons of Snape, when you are left for punishment.
Fred's kisses are always unexpected.
But his kisses are often very long and slow.
Very sensual.
After such kisses, he usually bites your lower lip slightly.
Light and quick kisses between classes.
Passionate and long in empty classrooms or the library.
Fred likes to kiss your wrists.
And also, as I wrote above.
Fred is not afraid of the PDA.
And willingly likes to leave hickeys on your neck.
Gentle and tired kisses after a hard day.
When the lips barely touch.
When you move in with him after graduating from Hogwarts.
Fred gets into the habit of kissing you on the shoulder in the morning.
Besides, we all know that Fred is a great joker.
So giggling kisses are your most frequent kisses with Fred.
Tumblr media
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lithiumfae 24 days
sexy habits they have.
sirius black:
Tumblr media
nods his head while looking down at your lips when you鈥檙e explaining something to him.
when you鈥檙e laying down with him he hums while listening to you talk, one of his fingers stroking your thigh.
if you鈥檙e sitting in front of him but you鈥檙e not close enough to his liking he will hook his foot around one of the legs of the chair and drag you towards him.
he always calls you by your full name, of course he sometimes uses nicknames or pet names but he prefers saying your name properly.
if he鈥檚 trying to show you something but you鈥檙e not paying attention he will grab the back of your head and make you look at him. gently of course.
says 鈥渙h?鈥 when you tell him about something that鈥檚 upsetting you. it鈥檚 hot because he crouches down a little to look at you in the eyes, he then repeats 鈥渙h?鈥
he likes to stare at you while you鈥檙e doing your hair, head resting on his hand and a smirk on his face. you don鈥檛 know what鈥檚 going through his head.
if you braid your hair he will grab one of the braids and hold it between his fingers and look at it while you talk.
鈥渟o smart, my girl.鈥
remus lupin:
(sorry for the spicy gift i just HAD to add it, remus is my weakness)
Tumblr media
he always notices when you add something new to your hair. it could be a new headband, new hair clips or anything like that.
when he is really interested in what you鈥檙e saying he will rest his arm behind your head on the sofa, his brows furrowed.
he is the type to brace himself against the doorframe.
he blinks a little slower when he is trying to show you he cares about what you鈥檙e telling him.
acts of service. acts of service. acts of service!!!!!!!!!
he never lets you cook.
always offers to help brush your hair and he will sometimes pretends your brush got stuck in your hair just so he can pull it a little, you know he鈥檚 doing it on purpose because you hear him giggle every time.
when you鈥檙e sitting in the common room he likes to sneak behind you and sit on the back rest of the couch so you鈥檙e left in between his open legs.
鈥測ou smell just as pretty as you look.鈥.
peter pettigrew:
Tumblr media
although he hates PDA he always makes sure to be touching some part of your body if you鈥檙e sitting next to each other, it can be your shoulder, your pinky, etc.
without thinking he rolls his sleeves and sighs when something is on his mind.
sometimes he lets you talk and talk for what feels like hours until he shuts you up by planting a fat kiss on your lips, he is too polite to tell you to shut up.
being around the other three can be quite overwhelming for anyone even peter so at the end of the day when he sneaks into your room he sits down on your bed and once again lets a sigh escape his mouth while stretching his neck side to side, his eyes closed.
sometimes he just stares at you without saying anything, if it was anyone else looking at you like that you鈥檇 think he was angry but he couldn鈥檛 be angry or annoyed because soon enough he whispers 鈥渃ome give me a kiss, yeah?鈥
contrary to his reputation as the skittish more weak willed member of the marauders he tends to be quite assertive when talking to you. he seems to always know what he wants.
staring is a peter thing. in the middle of making out he will pull back and grab your face not letting you move just to鈥 stare at you?
鈥測ou鈥檙e not going anywhere right? stay with me always yeah?鈥
James Potter:
Tumblr media
oh the antics. he waits for you right outside the great hall to spin you around and drop you (just to catch you before you fall) and kiss you in front of everyone. don鈥檛 deny it, it gives you an ego boost.
it is james potter after all.
he likes to show off his strength even if you claim it gives you second hand embarrassment.
he puts your hands on your face because he can鈥檛 seem to get enough of your touch. he would live under your skin if he could.
jealousy. he gets jealous very easily. you were polite to snape? he refuses to look at you all throughout dinner. you touched hands with the nice hufflepuff boy? he doesn鈥檛 want to hold your hand for at least the next two days. oh and when he is jealous he pouts.
he thinks of himself as a human chair. in the confines of his room the only place he鈥檒l let you sit on is his lap.
he tends to gasp a lot when you鈥檙e both making out. HE IS NOISY!!!!!!
鈥渋 would marry you if child marriage wasn鈥檛 against the law, i swear.鈥
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fairydxll 11 months
饾煆.饾煈饾悿 饾悳饾悶饾惀饾悶饾悰饾惈饾悮饾惌饾悽饾惃饾惂
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
thank you for 1.3k followers. i love all of you so so much. thank you for all the support, it means the world !! kinda copying cinta with this celebration ngl 馃槜
Tumblr media
harry potter recs
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marvel recs
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star wars recs
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twilight recs
masterlist by @fantqsha
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there are so many more i wanted to include on this list, but it only lets me tag 50, so maybe i鈥檒l do another list for a future celebration <33
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starstruckmoony 2 months
paper rings.
pairing - sirius black x reader
summary - you make paper rings for yourself and sirius in potions class.
trope/tags - lots of fluff
word count - 1.3k
warnings - language
potions were never really your cup of tea. you could never wrap your head around anything you'd learn about them at all. the recepies, the effects, why people even made some of them knowing how awful the consequences could be- in other words, you loathed the class.
to top it all off, you were slughorn's least favourite student, or at least that what was what you managed to convince yourself. you had a feeling that the man was out to get you. you were pretty certain that he could sense your negative energy whenever you stepped through the door. sirius always tried his best to reassure you, but you were certain that your professor would get a thrill whenever you would ruin a potion or accidentally curse in the middle of his class because it meant that he could give you detention.
the class started off quite alright that day. slughorn was in a rather good mood and he settled for only having you all read a passage from your books, which was very conveniently about the most powerful love potion itself - amortentia.
you and sirius finished with reading the writing you were given by your professor a bit sooner than the other students, which meant you were left with nothing to kill the remaining time. the bloody thirty five minutes of it.
since you couldn't actually speak to your boyfriend, because that would result in the both of you getting detention (and having sirius get in trouble just because he happened to have some involvement with you was the last thing you needed), you were forced to look for a new form of entertainment - which somehow happened to be making rings out of paper. sirius was not as successful as you, though, he tried to find something interesting about the dirty classroom ceiling and he looked like all life had been drained out of him. nobody could blame him. remus wasn't doing any better either, the taller boy was absolutely exhausted and he had fallen asleep only a few minutes after the lesson started.
"fuck." you whispered, mostly to yourself, when the tiny piece of parchment in your hand refused to bend in the direction you wanted it to. sirius noticed your sudden change in attitude and got intrigued by what you were up to.
"what's that?" he shifted in his seat, curiously looking over your arm to get a better look at your doings.
"paper rings." you whispered in response, a happy smile making its way to your face when you finally finished with the second one. he took one of the rings into his hands and observed it for a moment before sliding it onto his finger, showing it off to you with the biggest grin. it fit perfectly.
"i wonder who was on your mind when you made this." he smirked in satisfaction and inched a little closer to you. you laughed quietly, glancing over at slughorn who was too busy with other things to notice that you weren't exactly doing what you were supposed to.
"your little brother. such a nice bloke, isn't he?" you teased, sliding the other ring onto your own finger. he snorted at your sarcastic reply to his stupid remark, but immediately composed himself once he heard slughorn clear throat. the man glared in his direction, and sirius quickly put his head down and pretended like he was still the reading the text from his book.
because of that, you had to spend the next few minutes sitting in complete silence. the only thing that could be heard was ticking of the old clock on the wall. twenty five sodding minutes.
you couldn't wait to finally leave the godforsaken class and head to your next one. you weren't even sure which lesson you needed to attend after potions, yet all you wanted to do was to get the hell out of there, even if your next class was going to be something just as frustrating. you would rather have sat through five hours of divination than whatever that was.
sirius seemed to have decided that he wanted to put his good reputation at risk, yet again. being one of the best students in the year and coming from a family that was known as noble had its perks, but sirius had always told himself that it had more disadvantages than anything else. he was supposed to be a model student, and set an example to others. that irked him the most, as it was pretty challenging for a marauder, considering he got detention at least ten times that year and november had barely started. he thought about it for a while, but after he realised he was probably no longer in professor slughorn's good graces after receiving that glare anyway, he moved dangerously close to you. you felt his breath fanning over your ear, his lips were almost pressing against it.
"i think i might ask you to marry me with one of these in a few years." he broke the silence between the two of you, whispering those words only for you to hear. that simple sentence turned your face crimson red. you inhaled sharply in attempt to hold back the surprised giggle that was threatening to escape.
"you're mental." you guffawed, hiding your blushing face in your arms that were rested on the table. he smiled in satisfaction, that was the very reaction he wanted to get from you and he'd never felt so proud of himself. that shit-eating grin of his only left his face when you pressed your own lips against his ear.
"wanna know a secret? i'd say yes." you said the words with a smirk and knew all too well that they sent him into a frenzy. one could say he was malfunctioning. you bit your lip harshly, struggling to keep yourself together. sirius turned his head look at you, and neither of you could hold back your laughter for any longer after seeing each other's rose red faces.
"miss l/n! mister black!" slughorn looked at the two of you in shock. he did not miss the mess that you created on the table, or the rings that you and sirius had on your fingers either. his surprised reaction and the sheer terror you saw in him only made the giggles more difficult to stifle, so you accidentally laughed in his face.
"miss l/n!" the poor man could barely keep himself together, so he glanced over at sirius as if he was the last possible resort (which he was), searching for some form of explanation, "mister black, what's the meaning of this?"
"well, if you must know, we were just about to start planning our wedding." he cleared his throat as he spoke, trying to come off as formal as he possibly could. his serious facial expression and the blaringly obvious mocking tone of his voice made you snort, which sent the rest of the students into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. james was having a hard time breathing, and the whole commotion had woken poor remus up.
"very well. i will see you both after class. you are free to leave now." professor slughorn said blankly, walking back to his table and putting his glasses on as he returned to grading a pile of essays.
"yes, professor." sirius choked out, tugging at the sleeve of your jumper. you left the classroom snickering, and not without almost falling over because of your clumsy sprint.
"planning our wedding?" you questioned in amusement as you walked with him in the hallway, and he intertwined your fingers with his.
"yes, i'd like to think we just got engaged. " he pointed out what he thought was obvious, that smug smile never leaving his face.
"oh-" he kissed your cheek before you could put your thoughts into words, and you realised that getting in trouble this time may have indeed been worth it.
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moonyandtoasts 1 month
Tumblr media
happy birthday to the most precious boy in the entire universe 鉂わ笍
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morganalatina21 2 days
Teach Me
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: Y/n Potter is known for getting any person she ever wants, but what happens when she has to comforts the one she loves?
Hermione Granger x fem! Potter! Sly!reader
Warnings: y/n has loveable bastard energy, James and Lily alive, angsty to fluff, slightly suggestive towards the end, can lead to a part 2
Word Count: 3.1k
"Dad! Y/n is hitting on Ginny again!" Harry shouted, stomping into his father's office, his sister right beside him with a small smile on her face.
James sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.
"How am I supposed to ask her out like that?"
The man turned around to meet his kids, seeing Harry with red cheeks and teeth clenched and Y/n looking... well, looking like him.
"What do you want me to do about it?"
"Tell her to stop hitting on every possible girlfriend I have!" He said like it was obvious. "It's the third time already!"
It was true, last year every time Harry would even think about inviting a girl to some sort of date, she'd step in and kiss her first.
And now that Harry, with the help of his mother, realized how he actually wanted Ginny instead of Cho, there she was talking to her all flirty.
"Sounds like I'm doing something really good that you aren't." She waved, standing smug right beside him. "Step up your game, idiot."
God, sometimes Y/n sounded awfully like James, that's something he probably would've said.
"Well, Harry, she isn't completely wrong." He started, seeing the shock look in his son's eyes and a victory smile on his daughter's face. "You have such a lack of confidence I don't know where you got from. Maybe fight for her a little more?"
The boy scoffed, leaving his father's office and slamming the door on his way out.
"Y/n we've been here before..." James said, making her roll her eyes. "Your brother really likes Ginny, can you make things a little easier for him?"
"I'm just giving him a little nudge." She shrugged. "They were under a tree outside and she was practically begging him to kiss her, seriously, how is he that dumb?"
"Don't talk like that about your brother." He asked.
"Oh come on! Neville was thinking about asking her to the ball." Y/n told. "He'll lose her, I'm just trying to help. Besides, Ginny knows what I'm doing. And Harry should know by now redheads aren't exactly my type.'
James rolled his eyes at that, she was the first born-Potter who didn't feel attracted to a ginger.
His father, Fleamont, was. He was, and Harry was following the same path when fell in love with the youngest Weasley.
"Fine, just... tone it down a little."
Yeah right.
"Get your own girlfriend!" Harry shouted to his sister, two days later.
"Why do that when I can wait for you to pick one and just show her I'm so much better." She answered, not bothering to look back to see the boy rushing down the stairs to reach her.
"You're already going to the Ball with George!" He argued. "Why would you suggest to take her?"
The girl only laughed.
Both Weasleys knew what she was up to, in fact her and Fred thought about it together.
"I'm gonna tell mom!"
"You should. Cause if you keep up like that, she'll be the only woman in your life." Y/n mocked, turning the corner to go to Transfiguration class, not caring about her brother shouting behind her.
When the Yule Ball finally came, a week later, he finally had managed the courage to ask the Weasley girl to be his date.
Harry had his sister to thank, but he would never admit it.
Ron, however, didn't seemed happy in the least. He haven't managed any date and had to invite the Patil, Hermione being taken already. But to see his younger sister in the arms of his best friend, and his older brother holding his girl best friend, it was bloody torture.
Y/n and George were stealing some treats from the table when the girl saw Hermione leaving the hall with her head low after discussing with the ginger boy.
"Go for her." The Weasley said.
"What do you mean?" She asked, turning to the table again, avoiding to look at the door.
"Oh come on, Y/n. We all know you have a crush on her since day one. Ginny accepted you flirting with her because she knew you wanted to get under Hermione's skin. Just go get your girl and stop hitting on your brother's girlfriends."
Y/n hesitated.
George was right, unfortunately. Since the start of first year, on Hogwarts Express, she'd been head over heels for that little know-it-all Gryffindor.
But even though she wanted to try something, her feelings for the idiotic Weasley boy were way too clear.
And worse, Y/n was a Slytherin, and her house didn't exactly gave her the best reputation.
Leaving the hall, she tried to be as nonchalant as possible, holding her dress a little, but her entire act fell upon seeing Hermione crying in the stairs, untying the small heels and throwing them to the side.
"Hey." She called, approaching the girl. She immediately started cleaning her tears, forcing a smile. "Don't worry, he's a jerk."
"What do you mean?" Hermione pretended to not know, watching her sitting right in front of her. "I don't care about what Ron says, I just wanted- nevermind, you wouldn't understand."
"Wanted to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you?" She completed, making the gryffindor lift her eyes. "I understand more than you think I do."
Hermione frowned her eyebrows, not getting what she meant. She was known in all Hogwarts to always get who she wanted.
"Whatever, I'm just going to my room and try to forget all of this happened."
"Hey, no! Don't be like that." She shoved her knee lightly. "Come on, don't let a stupid boy ruin your night. I know one thing that would cheer you up, let's go!"
"Don't think too much, come!"
She pulled Hermione with her through the hallways, the girl murmuring they'd probably be expelled.
The Potter led the well known path to the statue of the witch her father taught her it was a secret passage.
"What's that?"
"Firewhiskey!" She smiled, shaking the bottle, seeing the reprehensible look in Hermione's face. "Please, one night won't hurt, and it will take your mind off that damn redhead."
Y/n didn't meant to hate on Ron Weasley, she never did. But he had a literal goddess all over him and he'd be dumb enough to not want her.
Even with that offer, the girl shake her head no, making the Potter scoff.
"Thought you weren't a coward, Granger."
"Coward?!" She took the bottle from her hands with heat, opening it and turning swallowing three big sips.
It burned her throat, making her cough and almost throw up, wiping off the excess of her lips.
"Hey, you good?"
She lifted her head, looking at her with challenging eyes. "Who's not drinking now, Potter?"
Merlin, that was hot! They both thought, Y/n's mind focusing on Hermione and her's thinking about the beverage.
"Easy, Mione." She asked, trying to get the bottle.聽鈥淒on鈥檛 wanna send you to the Hospital Wing on your first time drinking.鈥
The girl laughed, adrenaline started to run in her veins and she was feeling bold tonight. If bold and brave girls, such as Y/n always got what they wanted, it was her time to try, no?
But her conception of bold was a tiny bit different from the Potter鈥檚.
鈥淲e should be doing this in a dorm, someone might catch us.鈥
鈥淣ot you trying to put limits even when you鈥檙e being rad.鈥 Y/n mocked, taking a shot of the whiskey.聽鈥淎nd I think it鈥檚 the perfect time to show you this.鈥 She said, hearing fast footsteps coming in.
Closing the passage, she hid the bottle behind the statue, not invisible enough not to get caught if someone took even one step forward and positioned her hand on her forearm.
Professor Minerva turned the corner, looking at them intrigued.
鈥淲hat are you two doing here? The Ball is taking place somewhere else.鈥
鈥淵eah but it was kinda boring, Minnie.鈥 She answered, feeling Hermione freeze by her side.聽鈥淚 wanted to do something else but this killjoy right here caught me.鈥
The girl looked at her, eyes wide in shock, she knew it would cost her house some points, but the Potter didn鈥檛 seemed to care.
鈥淪he was taking me to the dorms anyway.鈥
Minerva was far from dumb, she knew the Potter reputation with girls, the same as her father's, but it seemed like her and the one she loved could finally have some time together.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 truthful of you to admit your mistakes, miss Potter. Fifty points from Slytherin, and I hope you know your father will hear about this. And to you, miss Granger, fifteen points for Gryffindor for acting right. Now please, get this over with, I don鈥檛 want another scandal.鈥 And turning around, she made her way back to the Great Hall.聽
鈥淪ee?鈥 The Potter asked, pulling away when Minerva was far enough and grabbing the bottle.聽鈥淒on鈥檛 worry, your goody-goody reputation won鈥檛 go to hell.鈥
Hermione felt weird, heat from the drink and the adrenaline washing over her. Was this how power was? Feeling like you could do anything?
鈥淭each me.鈥
鈥淭each you... what? How to lie?鈥
鈥淗ow to be like you.鈥 She asked.聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e not scared of anything, and it鈥檚 like you don鈥檛 have a care in the world. I wanna do that.鈥
鈥淲ell, Ms Bold For The Night, what is something you always wanted to do, but never tried for being too afraid of getting caught?鈥
There was so many things she could make an entire list and it would be miles long.聽
A couple of things fired up inside her mind, and she found herself smiling dumbly, cheeks feeling numb and face blushing.
鈥淥h god, this is so scary.鈥 She mumbled, face buried on Y/n鈥檚 back as they raised from the ground on a broom.
鈥淒on鈥檛 chicken out now!鈥 The girl warned, getting them higher and higher.
Hermione was already regretting her decision, her stomach twirling on itself as they flew up to the Astronomy tower, where she always wanted to be by midnight, to watch the starts and the moon.
Her hands were around Y/n鈥檚 waist, one holding the bottle of whiskey so strongly her knuckles became white.
The wind brushed against her skin and she got goosebumps, the heat of her body colliding with the cold air. The Potter was clearly laughing at how frightened Hermione looked, as if she could ever let her fall off.
鈥淲e鈥檙e almost there!鈥 She announced, loud enough for the girl to hear, but not to someone inside the castle notice the voice. Instead of landing on the inside of the tower, she decided to stand on the roof of it, even further from the grass.
鈥淣o, that鈥檚 not what I meant.鈥
鈥淭hey always check the Astronomy Tower, everyone comes here after curfew sooner or later.鈥 She shrugged, sitting down.聽鈥淏esides, it鈥檚 even better to look at the stars from here.鈥
The Granger looked up, seeing how close the waning moon looked, how bright it was. Before she even noticed, she also sat down really close to the girl, still looking at that big black sky.
Never, on the muggle world, could she get a sight like that.
That鈥檚 why she was so grateful for being a wizard, and she thanked the universe by learning everything there was to learn about that world.
鈥淚t鈥檚 so beautiful.鈥
鈥淵es, it is.鈥 Y/n answered, but when Hermione turned to look at her, she quickly blinked stared at the moon.聽鈥淲ant some? It鈥檚 better not to get cold.鈥澛
The gryffindor felt her cheeks burning even before drinking, but she gulped down two more shots to have the courage to finally voice a question in the back of her mind.
鈥淲hy you never flirted with me?鈥
The Potter froze upon those words, holding the bottle tight against her palm.
鈥淚- uh-鈥 She gagged, blinking so many times and avoiding eye contact by closing her eyes. Fuck it, she thought.聽鈥淚 only flirt for fun, like they鈥檙e attractive or kinda cool or something. I won鈥檛 flirt with someone I have feelings for.鈥
鈥淭hat doesn鈥檛 add up, you flirt with George a lot.鈥 Hermione snapped back, taking off some pins on her hair.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 have feelings for George.鈥 Y/n answered immediately.聽鈥淗e鈥檚 only my date to the Yule Ball because... well, everyone who鈥檚 interesting were taken and we didn鈥檛 wanted to spend an entire night with some fans we can鈥檛 escape or some shit.鈥
She turned the bottle upside down inside her mouth, swallowing so many times she lost count, her throat burning and eyes watering.
鈥淲ait, so, who is it you have feelings for but won鈥檛 flirt with?鈥
鈥淎re you kidding me? It鈥檚 you, Granger.鈥
Hermione blinked, feeling a little tipsy already.
鈥淚 never did because I knew from day one you liked that motherfucker Weasley, so, what鈥檚 the point?鈥 She shrugged, facing the moon and drinking one more time, putting on her best show of not caring.
Under the moonlight, Hermione looked at her, eyes shining more than usual, her body framed perfectly by the black dress with a slit on the left side where she could peek to see a little of her thigh.
That didn鈥檛 made sense inside her mind, a girl as pretty as her? Having feelings for a know-it-all everyone made fun of?
鈥淚t doesn鈥檛 matter.鈥 Y/n sighed, interpreting her silence as a bad signal.聽鈥淟et鈥檚 just go back and-鈥
鈥淵ou said you鈥檇 help me.鈥 She interrupted, slurring her words.聽鈥淭here鈥檚 also one thing I always wanted to do, but have always been too scared of.鈥
鈥淲hat is it? Take a swim at the Black Lake?鈥
鈥淣o, we can do that later.鈥 She answered, with a smile.聽鈥淚 always wanted to kiss you.鈥
As soon as she nodded, Y/n鈥檚 heart race increased so fast she thought it would come out of her chest. Hermione鈥檚 face was red and with a large smile on her face as she leaned in.
There, with only the stars and the moon as witnesses, they finally kissed.
After four years of misinterpreted feelings and suppressing emotions and trying to be interested in literally anyone else, they finally came together.
Tongues burning with the drink and dresses mendling on each other, bodies close together for the warmth they gave out.
Pulling apart after a while, Y/n dropped her head in the girl鈥檚 neck, wanting to make sure she was actually there, that she wasn鈥檛 dreaming once again. The smell of her perfume made her head spin and she nuzzled closer, feeling her chuckle.
鈥淲hat ya laughing at?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 just so happy.鈥 Hermione answered, lifting her hand to caress the girl鈥檚 hair.聽鈥淏ut we have to get back soon, it鈥檚 really cold out here.鈥
Y/n smiled wickedly at that, pulling her head up, and it gave Granger the chills. Not only because she looked pretty, but she also looked like she just got an idea, and it was terrifying.
And she was right.
Their ride on the broom was so much faster this time, because they just got down from the roof to the inside of the tower, leaving the object on the side and taking her hand.
They鈥檇 have to go all the way to the Gryffindor鈥檚 tower by walking, risking getting caught while at it and the only thing she said when Hermione tried to argue was聽鈥渓ive a little.鈥
鈥淐ome on, where鈥檚 Ms. Bold For The Night?鈥 She asked out loud when the girl took of her shoes and was walking in the tip of her toes, getting a聽鈥渟hhh鈥 as an answer.
They started walking and it was like every corner she鈥檇 hide behind Y/n, waiting for a monster to show up, or worse, a teacher.
When they heard the loud steps from Filch, Hermione鈥檚 breath hitched on her throat, but the Potter was quick to open up a door to a random closet and pull her inside.
It was the same size as a broom closet, however mostly cleaning objects, and they could only see each other by the pale moonlight entering through the window.
鈥淥h my god, oh my god, oh my god!鈥 Granger whispered, trying to disappear by shrinking. When Y/n told her to focus on literally anything else, her eyes darted to her again, and what she was wearing.聽鈥淭hat really is an awesome dress.鈥
鈥淵ou can try it on.鈥 She suggested, a smug smile appearing on her lips.聽鈥淏ut only if I can try yours on and you help me take it off.鈥
鈥淭here鈥檚 a spell for that! Let me see...鈥 She started, pulling her wand and Y/n had to bite her lip to not laugh out loud.
鈥淵es?鈥 Only then she noticed her smile and her tongue licking her lips lightly, eyebrows arched.聽
The girl thanked they couldn鈥檛 see each other well, because she was blushing like hell, but she had a feeling Y/n could guess what was happening, because her flirty smile turned into a genuine chuckle.聽
Hermione cleared her throat as low as possible. 鈥淥h, would you teach me that too?鈥
鈥淚鈥檒l teach you anything you want, princess.鈥澛
鈥淭hen yes, I鈥檇 like to try on your dress.鈥 She dared, gulping down her fear and shyness.
Y/n pulled her even closer, one hand in her waist and the other on her cheek.
鈥淚 know Minnie said she couldn鈥檛 handle another scandalous news on Hogwarts, but I think she鈥檒l have to get used to the fact a Slytherin and a Gryffindor are sleeping together.鈥 Y/n told, tracing kisses down Hermione鈥檚 neck.
The girl felt like melted butter on her hands, knees shaking and ready to give up and just ler herself be mold by the Potter.聽
She forced her body between the slytherin鈥檚 legs, feeling her smile mid-kiss by her sudden audacity.
鈥淚 know we can鈥檛 sleep in each other鈥檚 dorms but I wish we could.鈥
鈥淲ell, technically...鈥
A few moments later, Hermione rushed into the Gryffindor鈥檚 common room, finding Harry, Fred, George and Simas sitting there.聽
鈥淗arry, I need the cloak!鈥 She asked, looking flustered and out of breath, the boy just indicated the stairs to the dorm with a confused look and she ran past him.聽鈥淭hank you!鈥
鈥淲ait, why are you wearing my sister鈥檚 dress?鈥 He asked when she came downstairs, fabric in her hands and a small smile on her face.
鈥淚t鈥檚 the end of a Ball, you stupid thing.鈥 Y/n answered, coming through the passage and looking at him, Hermione's dress framing her body.聽鈥淭he real question is, why isn鈥檛 your date wearing your clothes? Now, thank you for the cloak but I feel like we still might have to stop by some broom closets on the way to, you know, hide.鈥
Hermione passed the boys, her mouth hung open in a smile, she knew what that actually meant, as excited as ever, and vanished through the passage with the Potter girl right by her.
鈥淗arry, piece of advice.鈥 George called, standing up.聽鈥淒on鈥檛 look at the map tonight.鈥
鈥淯nless you wanna know how fast your sister can make Hermione cum.鈥 Fred finished, making Harry鈥檚 chin fall.
Well, at least, now she wouldn鈥檛 be going after his聽girlfriend.
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lionizingheathen 2 months
Everything - J.P.
James Potter x fem!Reader
Making boyfriend James Potter be rough with you for the first time
Warnings: Roughish smut, unprotected sex, vaginal penetrative intercourse
Smut under the cut hope you enjoy
James is a wonderful partner.聽 Truly, he was the best person you'd ever been with, nice and gentle, kind and sweet... but he was almost too gentle.聽 For example, it'd taken a year to get him to fuck you hard, and even then he'd been too gentle... So in order to make him treat you how you wanted, you spent the whole day teasing him -short skirts, fleeting touches, all of it.聽 Anything to make him take you.聽 What had finally pushed him over the edge was you giving him a handjob in the bathroom during dinner.聽 Now he was fucking you harder than he ever, making you see stars... and all you wanted was more.
"Fuck, James!聽 Harder!" You whined, letting your face fall to the mattress as he continued to pound into you from behind, making you gasp.聽 He leaned over you, pressing your bodies together as he groaned in your ear, kissing you just under it.
"Are you sure?"聽 He asked, his voice sounding strained, and you nodded frantically.聽 It'd been hard to convince him to be rough with you at all, he was worried about you getting hurt... and you wanted to take full advantage of him being in this kind of mood.
"Stop asking that and fuck me, Potter!聽 Please!" You begged, and he let out a chuckle in your ear, straightening up to grip your hips as he increased his speed.
"Right."聽 He grunted, and you chewed on your lip, pushing yhourself back up as you moaned, pressing back against him.聽 He shoved you down flat on the mattress, thrusting harder, making you lose breath with each one.聽 You grinned, chewing on your lip as you took whatever he was willing to give him.
"Oh my god, just like that, just like that, please!" You cried, feeling him slap his hand across your ass, making you cry out before he reached forward, picking your head up by your hair.聽 Fuck, he was so hot.
"You like that?聽 Hm?"聽 He asked, and you nodded, letting your mouth hang open.
"Yes!"聽 You gasped, and he let your head fall again, picking up your hips so he could more easily slam into you, making you cry out at the new angle.
"Merlin, you look good like this, I've always thought so.聽 Always wondered how it would feel to just wreck you." He said, and you nodded, feeling him fully. He was big, he always had been... But this was the first time that you'd actually felt his size, let it affect you... and you never wanted it to stop.
"You're so fucking big."聽 You whined, and you could practically feel his ego growing as he leaned forward, roughly circling your clit.聽 It made you shiver and gasp, reaching back to place a hand upon his cheek.聽 He kissed the side of your face gently.
"Love this... Love feeling you like this, babe.聽 Love it."聽 He mumbled, and you felt the knot tightening in your stomach as he continued to abuse your clit with his fingers, rubbing it in quick circles."James... James, I'm close." You moaned, and he increased his pace, practically making you see stars.
"Cum for me.聽 Do it."聽 He said, and it was like those words were what sent you over the edge.
"Ah!聽 Oh fuck... fuck!"聽 You cried, your thighs trembling as you came around his cock, hands fisted in the blankets.聽 James didn't let up, instead increasing his pace, making you let out a long moan, your eyes rolling back from how sensitive you were.
"'m not done, baby.聽 Hold on.聽 Take it."聽 He murmured, biting down on your earlobe as his pace increased once again.聽 God, how the fuck was this even possible?聽 Fuck.聽 Fuck.聽 This was the side of James that you'd been trying to coax out for months.聽 You knew you had it in him.
"Yes sir."
"So polite.聽 So good." He praised, flipping you onto your back, shoving your legs over each of his shoulders.聽 He looked beautiful like this, muscles tense, head to the ceiling as he huffed, his hips stuttering.
"Fuck, James..." You whined, and his mouth dropped open, his brows furrowing as he collapsed on top of you, thrusting erratically, hard and deep inside of you.聽 He whimpered in your ear as you felt his cum release inside of you.
"Oh!聽 Oh... Take it all, take it all... you're mine.聽 All mine, want to prove it."聽 He moaned, before collapsing flat on top of you, breathing heavily.聽 You ran your fingers through his hair, feeling like you were flying as he tucked his face into your neck.
"Oh my god..."聽 He pulled out of you slowly, sitting up so that he could pull you to his chest.聽 "That was amazing, James."聽 You sighed, wincing a bit at the soreness.聽 He noticed and put a finger under your chin, furrowing his brows in concern.
"Did I hurt you?"聽 He asked, and you smiled at him, placing a hand on his cheek.聽 Not at all.
"No, baby.聽 That was so hot, I want you to do that more, I wanna see how rough you can be."聽 You explained, and he looked worried, holding you against his chest as he leaned against the headboard, running his fingers through your hair.
"Are you sure?"聽 You lifted your head and nodded, giving him a smile as you sat up.聽 You wanted to literally have to limp your way out of bed every morning.
"I love being ruined by you, James Potter." You murmured, kissing up his neck as you reached between his legs, gripping his cock, jerking it until he was hard again.聽 You swung your legs over him, sinking down, making you both groan as you pressed your foreheads together.
"Fuck." James whined, thrusting his hips up to meet yours, over and over.
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artsymushu 4 months
Things guys normally do that look terribly hot when Fred does them
It's canon, he told me himself.
Leaning on the door frame while talking to you
Running the hands through his hair subconsciously, when he's thinking or when he's sweaty after quidditch practice
Stretching, just that. When he's tired in the mornings, or even if he's trying to reach something that's really high and his shirt lifts a little
Helping younger students. no explanation needed here, it's just hot when he helps kids
Being protective, not in a possessive way but in a hold my hand I don't wanna loose you way
Rolling up his shirt sleeves, does this need an explanation too or...?
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sxriusblxck 8 months
fem!reader hearing from lily and mags about squirting and asking her bfs (poly!marauders) to try it on her. they were hesitant at first because of the amount of overstimulation but then eventually agreed.
tyyy <3
the boys look.. awestruck when you ask them.
you had heard from lily about 鈥榮quirting鈥 and got curious, so after some hefty online research, you fell in love with the idea and immediately went to your boyfriends to see if they鈥檇 want to give it a go.
the reaction you got was not at all what you were expecting.
instead of excitement and eagerness, you got concern and hesitance. 锟
鈥渨e just don鈥檛 wanna hurt you, pup.鈥 sirius says, hand resting comfortably on your upper thigh.
鈥減lease, siri. jus' wanna try.鈥
the boys share a look, seemingly speaking telepathically while you huff and turn away, annoyed that they were being so cryptic and secretive.
鈥渨e鈥檒l give it a go.鈥 remus speaks suddenly, quickly gaining your attention. 鈥渂ut you have to let us know if it鈥檚 too much.鈥
鈥渋 will! i promise.鈥
Tumblr media
an hour or so later, you鈥檙e writhing desperately in a pool of sweat while james is settled between your thighs, lapping hungrily at your puffy cunt.
remus is to your right, massaging your tits while sirius lays on your left, whispering dirty words of praise and degradation in your ear.
鈥済onna- gonna cum.鈥 you whimper, sweat beading on your hairline as you chase your high for the eighth time that night, only to have it cruelly ripped away when you were right about to fall off the edge.
鈥渟iri.鈥 james waves him over, getting out of the way so sirius could fit himself between your thighs, immediately rushing to line the reddened head of his cock with your slick hole, pushing in moments later.
your body is vibrating with the need to come, but it feels.. different. it feels like there鈥檚 a dam inside of you, waiting to burst behind twigs tied together with floss.
鈥渋-i鈥檓.. i鈥檓 gonna cum.鈥 you mutter, clawing at the sheets while sirius pounds into you at a pace that has your eyes rolling into the back of your head.
鈥渟quirt for us, princess.鈥
with remus鈥檚 whispered permission in your ear, the dam breaks.
a wet sound can be heard as you come, squirting on sirius鈥檚 cock as he twitches, coming directly after his lower half gets soaked in your arousal.
鈥渉oly fuck.鈥
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elysian-i 2 months
Summary: The reader is basically a horny fuck, her boyfriends been a bit too busy all day & she finally decides to go to him to take care of her problem. (i am an expert at summaries aren't i?馃拃)
Warnings: Smut :3. Soft fluffy smut, fingering, maybe a small bit of dom/sub? It's pretty vanilla mostly.
a/n: uhm yeah so, hi after idk how many months 馃拃 this might not be my best work since i haven't written in a long time so keep that in mind. ill try and get back to that kinky shit soon tho. inspired by this request.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Aching, rotting, coveting.
It had been a day, ever since morning started, and you opened your eyes to empty bedsheets and a note scribbled beside your pillow, and a yearning left to rot in you for the rest of the day.
It wasn't too much to ask for your boyfriend to take you in the morning and just give you a productive start for the day right? It wasn't 鈥榥eedy鈥 just a mere necessity.
His stupid fucking note and the even stupider sentences written on it.
鈥淚 have quidditch practice today, I won't be able to meet you for the rest of the day.鈥
-Love, Draco.
Stupid, stupid note and an even more stupid burn in your lower abdomen.
So, for the rest of the horrible day, you went around classes, ate in some, slept in some, studied in some, and missed Draco in all of them.
You missed his hands, and the way they'd intertwine with yours, his kisses on your face, his taunting deep voice鈥 oh god, that voice.
That dreamy deep, beautiful, incredibly arousing voice. The way he'd speak in low whispers as he'd press you down on the bed, and kiss along your naked body, and make promises and love.
His lean body, above yours, meeting your eyes, his hair falling over him temples as he pumps in and out of you, over and over and over.
You should not be fucking having sexual fantasies about Draco in Charms class.
You hadn't even seen his face in the morning, not even kissed him.
And just, fuck this shit. Because, if you needed Draco, then you would have him, and he would give himself over to you, because your trusted he would.
He was yours, of course he would take care of you.
鈥淯h, Draco?鈥 you said, calling out to him in the locker room. You'd seen him come inside, so surely he'd just be around somewhere.
鈥淪weetheart?鈥 he said, puzzled. He paused. Stared at you for a moment, then dropped his kit on a bench.
Then you wanted to run back to the castle because he was probably not happy to see you here, he'd been busy all day and now he had to deal with you and鈥
All of those insecurities got shoved aside as he smiled鈥 warmly鈥 and started to walk over to you.
Two large hands wrapped around you, and tugged you towards him, burying you in his chest and kissing your forehead lovingly.
鈥淗i鈥 he grinned, looking down at you. You smiled back, reached up and kissed him, hard. There was no point in hiding your want, so you just laid it out.
As though you were a clear parchment and he were the ink which spilled over it.
鈥淢issed you鈥 I missed you so much鈥 you muttered, pulling away, and looking away from his eyes. 鈥淚 can see that鈥 he laughs, kissing your temple now.
You kissed him again on the mouth, pressing his hard, hot body right against your own. Feeling his skin and then feeling yourself starting to throb even harder.
The way his hair was messy and fell over his forehead, his shirt tight around his muscles. Just鈥 so perfect.
One of his hands found your waist, balancing you, the other in your hair, tugging as your pressed your tongue in his mouth and deepened the kiss鈥 you felt him smirk as you were kissing.
He pulled back after a moment, panting a little, and wickedly smirking.
鈥淲ell wow鈥 you're something else today aren't you?鈥 He ran a lanky鈥 veiny鈥 hand through his hair and smiled.
鈥淚 just.. need you鈥 you said plainly.
鈥淣eed me? How so?鈥 he raised a brow, and reached his hand down to your hip, squeezing hard until you gasped.
He kissed down your neck, and slid his hand into your shirt. 鈥淗ow do you need me, love?鈥
鈥淛ust鈥 please, you know where. But if you're busy then鈥斺
鈥淚'm never busy for you, you're my priority sweetheart鈥
And that, really had you going. The affirmation, the slight teasing.
鈥淚 can't give you what you want unless you tell me鈥
You glared mildly at him, then grabbed his hand from your hip, and pressed it firmly鈥 between your thighs.
He gasped as he felt you, throbbing, and slick even through the cotton of your panties. He moved his thumb to the apex of it, putting pressure there and licking at your throat now.
He grabbed you by your waist, and pulled you up on a counter. The pulled away only for a moment to put privacy charms around the locker room.
He said nothing, just unbuttoned your blouse, shoved your bra down, pulled your skirt up your hips, parted your thighs and stood between them.
鈥淧retty鈥 he said to no one but himself, kissed you cheek and pulled your panties to the side. His fingers rubbed a circle around your clit, his eyes鈥 avid, and fixed on the way his hand worked on your cunt.
He kissed along your breast, 鈥淭his is where you needed it right?鈥 he said, in a low voice, staring into your eyes as he ran a finger along your slit.
鈥淚鈥 yes鈥 you nod, and arch into his fingers. His left hand cups your ass, not at all gently, and he taps his finger at your entrance.
Your legs involuntary part even more, offering yourself to him, he groans at that, and then pushes his finger deep inside until your head falls into the mirror behind you.
He's quick to pull out his finger and shove it back inside. His eyes seemed to have turned black now.
He wrapped his mouth around your nipple, his warm wet mouth, working around it as he pumped his finger.
鈥淔uck, look at that鈥 he said, looking at the way you fell apart on his finger as he pushed another one inside. Working his hand so so perfectly鈥 grunting at the sight and the sounds.
When his finger pumped harder, and then curled, you left out a whimper, a really loud one at that, and he smirked at it.
He was fucking you hard, taking no pause to give you what you wanted, thrusting his fingers until your thighs started shaking and he could only stare the whispering mess you were.
You gripped his shoulder, hard, pressed nails into him.
鈥淚 love how you trust me鈥 he spoke, resting his forehead against yours as he kept fingering you. 鈥淢y pretty angel just know when to come to me, don't you鈥
You nodded several times, 鈥淵es, I鈥 I trust you鈥 you sobbed, trying to finally鈥 finally sort out the rot which had been killing you all day.
鈥淔uck, Draco!鈥 you gasped, and with that, you came. Clenching around his fingers, your legs shaking and your breaths shaky and loud.
Draco seemed to exhale in satisfaction, as if this gave him more pleasure than it did you.
鈥淲as that good for you?鈥 he asked, grinning as he pulled his fingers out and pressed then to his mouth, feeling you on his tongue.
You smiled, 鈥淪o good鈥
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