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green-lights-33 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
i was angling at a cute bonding moment and I somehow ended up with whatever this is so,,,
enjoy? <3
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deermessrs · 2 days ago
Regulus, sits next to James: Hey James, Hey Sirius
James, staring at him with heart eyes: How you doing?
Regulus, smiling: Good, how are you?
Sirius: What the hell?
James: Hm?
Sirius: What…the hell?
Sirius: Think that I’m blind? Think that I can’t smell it? You think I can’t hear it?
Sirius: The stench of filth and lust is all over this room
Sirius: Smells like FREAKING TIJUANA!
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just a friendly reminder for those being rude and demanding towards zeppazariel about crimson rivers, fanfic is SHARED with us. it is not written FOR us. fanfic isn’t monetised, zar doesn’t profit off this fic. he’s literally writing it because it’s something they WANT to write.
and to see people in this fandom disrespecting zar and all the work he puts in crimson rivers, is so incredibly disappointing especially because incidences like this in fandom are so tired. like is it really that hard to put something down if u don’t like it? if u get fomo for not reading CR, how tf is that zar’s problem? zar has already given us so many warnings and reassurances; he constantly goes above and beyond to ensure their fics are readable and enjoyable for everyone, but sometimes yous just need to understand that NOT EVERYTHING IS FOR YOU!!
and that is okay! it’s ao3! there are millions of fics u can read! u don’t want angst? don’t read fics where death, oppression, war, and loss are few of the overarching themes of the story. it really goes without saying.
what this demonstrates as well, is how younger people in fandom are expecting for ao3 to start functioning like tik tok (or like any algorithmic platform) and let me remind u, ao3 is an archive. it literally just stores literature — fics, poetry, short stories, etc. nobody on ao3 is making money for posting, so to expect ao3 to cater towards ur needs is so ridiculous. it really speaks to how brainwashed and chronically online everyone is, because ur all so used to having ur tl curated meticulously for ur personal enjoyment that u expect a single fanfic author, who’s a member of this fandom just like the rest of us, to do what big corporations do??? as if ur paying them??? be so serious rn
u all owe zar a massive apology, even if u don’t like CR (like a loser imo) and you’ll never read it again, that is not zar’s problem!
we appreciate u zar, and we are in constant awe of ur writing. thank u for sharing it with us <3
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tnbiatch · 2 days ago
Remus: Are you fucking serious!?
James: no, actually I'm fucking Regulus.
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adharastarlight · a day ago
James, gazing at Reg who's studying with Rem: merlin, he's gorgeous
Sirius: what!?
James, panicking: u-uh Remus. Remus is gorgeous.
Sirius: WHAT!?
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another-regulus-kinnie · 2 days ago
Regulus: James, dear please can you pass me the salt.
James, turns into a deer, picks up salt with mouth, and throws it across the room:
Regulus, leaves:
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starchasing-chocolate · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
🍂cozy autumn days🍂
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pandorcas-endgame · a day ago
Sirius: You may be mother and father's favourite child but I'm Remus and James's favourite person.
Regulus, smirking: Is that so?
Remus: You know I might switch brothers.
Sirius, shocked and horrified: Moony, how could you?! At least I have James that will never betray me!
James, sweating nervously: I plead the fith?
Sirius: At least I'm for sure Peter's favourite person.
Peter, always down to help create chaos: Well your brother is better looking.
Sirius: You're all traitors. So mean, all of you.
Regulus: You know, Remus, if you ever did want to see what it's like to date the better looking brother...
Sirius: *throws a pillow at Regulus's head*
James, definitely not jealous: Now, wait a second!
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barty-whore-jr · 2 days ago
the marauders era characters accidentally liking an old post when stalking someone
unlikes, blocks, goes priv, deletes acc: sirius, james, lily, peter, marlene
leaves it at that: regulus, mary, remus, evan, dorcas
goes and likes more old posts: barty, pandora
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rsbarelle · a day ago
meeting regulus for the first time
james: so you’re brothers?
sirius: biologically, we’re cousins.
regulus: don’t say that, what the fuck. yes, we’re biologically brothers.
james: so you’re not cousins?
regulus: no, we’re that too.
james: what the fuck ?
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jamesisthesun · 2 days ago
regulus is stronger than me fr, because if it was me james was upset with? i would be on my knees sobbing and pathetically begging for forgiveness in less than a second.
and if he told me he hated me?? i’d breakdown sobbing again. i would jump out that train window, because i would rather be dead than live knowing i hurt james potter so much, that he hated me.
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houseofblackbaby · a day ago
Time After Time: Chapter Four
Tumblr media Tumblr media
series summary: Y/N is dating Fred Weasley. She started Hogwarts at the same time as her friends Harry, Hermione, and Ron. The only thing? She keeps getting dreams about living another life. The only thing about that? Said other life is in the 70s. With people that are either grown adults or dead. And her name isn’t her name. And it all feels way too real.
pairings: fred weasley x reader, regulus black x reader, you’ll miss it if you blink sirius black x reader, marauders x platonic! reader, golden trio era x platonic! reader
warnings: swearing, mentions of death, mentions of food, crying, mentions of anxiety, screaming, fighting, heavy make out session, mentions of nightmares, mentions of bullying, mentions of blood and minor injuries
word count: 4.9k
A/N repost bc i posted it late and it didn’t do well. super proud of this chapter comments and ideas for lacey memories would be appreciated! asks and dms open :) i also edited some of the other chapters for mistakes. the first chapter the golden trio was in their fourth year, then i went back for some third year context, and now we’re in the summer before their fifth. sorry if it’s confusing!
chapter one chapter two chapter three chapter four
Three months into your fourth year of Hogwarts, you noticed the trend that once a month all your friends would disappear for a night. Remus had always done this, they said Professor McGonagall would have Remus help her with some classroom things every once in a while because of his good grades. But this year, all your friends would leave once a month. Remus always had some sort of wear and tear on him ever since you met him. James and Sirius were notorious for their pranks, and often got into fights, so them bleeding a bit wasn’t anything new either. It had taken you a while to put it together that there was a pattern to their disappearances, mainly because you were often taking their sneaking off to your advantage to see Regulus.
What set you off was James spluttering like an idiot trying to find an excuse as to why he couldn’t help you with your Banishing Charm. Ever since your first year, they’d always help you with spells, and eventually you got so ahead that you’d learn their spells with them as they did. They’d cover something new, and immediately teach it to you. So when the Banishing Charm came back up and you didn’t get the hang of it with them the year before, you asked James to help you get it down.
“JJ what is your problem?! When have you not been there for me? You all disappear every month without a word. Sometimes you come back hurt, Remus has done it ever since I met him, and none of it makes any sense! I mean, are you in some kind of fight club?!”
You were flabbergasted. You were mad. And James wouldn’t give you any answers.
“Look, Lacey-Loo-“
“Don’t Lacey-Loo me right now I am mad at you James! Why are you lying to me?!”
James was taken back by your use of his name. You barely use his name. You were pacing around the common room, rambling off reasons he wasn’t being a good friend to you. He cut you off mid walk by grabbing you by the shoulders and facing you towards him.
“Lacey. I love you, you know I do. You’re one of my best friends and I’d do anything for you. You want to ride off to London one weekend to go to those bookstores you go on and on about? I’ll do it. You want me to carry you on my back class to class everyday? I’ll be late to every class to make it work. You want the moon? I’ll see what I can do. I will help you with this charm I swear on my life, just not tonight.”
“Why?” you demanded. Your eyes were full of rage.
“That’s not my story to tell,” he said softly. He wanted to tell you; he hated hurting you. He just couldn’t. “You know I would if I could.”
You shook off his hands and turned away from him. You were near tears. The four people whom you’ve trusted with everything are keeping something from you.
“Why don’t you trust me?” you cried. Your voice was so soft and high pitched it was barely audible.
“We do!” James pleaded. “The ones of us that know this person’s secret, we weren’t supposed to know. We figured it out ourselves. I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Lacey, how can I make it up to you?”
“Just go.” You didn’t even look at him.
“JJ go. It’s fine. I’ll spend time with Regulus tonight, it's okay,” you sighed. You couldn’t stay mad at him. He truly would figure out a way to get you the moon if you asked and you knew it. “Though, running off to London does sound pretty fun.”
He turned you around to face him, “I’ll make it happen. I promise.”
With that, he ran off, to god knows where. Leaving you alone in the common room. You couldn’t actually go see Regulus, he had detention that night. And you knew deep down that you shouldn’t do what you were about to do. You knew they would get mad, James especially. But if James and whoever else figured out whoever’s secret it was, why couldn’t you?
You quickly got out James’ invisibility cape. He let you in on where he hid it for when you snuck off to see Regulus. Sirius didn’t know yet, and James would refuse to lie to him if he caught on, but James did help you see him. The only requirement was that he couldn’t know when you were doing it. You followed a far enough distance behind them as they made their way out of the castle and onto the grounds. They seemed to be going to Hagrid’s hut, but once they got close to the Whomping Willow tree, Peter disappeared. Out of thin air. A few seconds later the tree stopped thrashing around, then James and Sirius transformed. And their newfound nicknames for each other made sense. Sirius had become a black dog, James a stag. Peter had been coined Wormtail, so you assumed he had actually turned into a rat to stop the tree from throwing them across the grounds. Remus hadn’t transformed into anything yet. When you realized what was hanging high above you in the night sky, and his name being Moony since you met him, you finally put it together. You felt like an idiot that it took you this long. But you supposed the boys figured it out long before since they shared a room together. You slept there sometimes, but not enough to see the pattern, especially not when you ran off yourself frequently.
You slipped under the tree like the rest of the Marauders and kept a safe distance behind. The only thing was Sirius, Padfoot, had dog-like senses. You stood motionless when Padfoot turned around and stopped in the middle of the path for a few seconds. If he knew, he didn’t transform back to call you out. Finally, you reached the inside of the shrieking shack. And that’s when it all went to hell. You didn’t know what you expected, but Remus screaming out in agony as he transformed into a werewolf was way worse than anything you could’ve imagined. Padfoot and Prongs sprung into action, helping Moony not hurt himself too much in his wolf form. It was violent, but none of them were getting too hurt yet.
Then you tripped. And off came the invisibility cloak.
Moony’s eyes burned yellow, and they looked right at you. His eyes had their own personality, and it was full of rage. Prongs fought Moony back, giving Padfoot time to bite you by your arm and pull you back. He didn’t bite hard, just enough to pull you back and run back into the tree tunnels. Once you got out of the shack, he transformed back and yanked you as he ran out of the tree.
“WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” Sirius bellowed.
You looked at him, your body shaking, your eyes wide with fear. You looked down at your bleeding arm, Padfoot’s bite marks did a number on you. Sirius softened and stepped towards you. You flinched and stepped back, leaving Sirius’s raging grey eyes to turn into regret.
“I didn’t mean to hurt you, or yell at you,” Sirius said. “But what you just did was incredibly dangerous. Moony could have bit you, he could’ve turned you! He could’ve killed you!”
For someone who didn’t mean to yell at you, he sure did get louder with every sentence. You were too stunned to speak. You were flooded with the information that every month, Remus went through immense pain. You didn’t know how long he’d been a werewolf, but long enough for this tree to be put into place. The sound he made before he fully transformed was haunting.
“Does it always hurt him that bad?”
Sirius almost didn’t hear you with how shaking your voice was.
“You’re worried about him hurting? Aren’t you scared?”
“That scream…“
Sirius stepped towards you carefully, reaching his hand out slowly to see how far you’ll let him come. You looked up into his eyes once his hand came into view of your peripherals.
“Does it hurt him to change back, too?”
His face said it all. You stepped towards him and wrapped your arms around his waist tightly and began to sob. He brought one hand to your head and one rubbing your back, holding you as tight and close as he could.
“You should go back in. He probably needs you.” He looked hesitant. “Siri, I’ll be fine. Go.”
“In our room, under Moony’s bed, there’s various healing potions Madam Pomfrey’s given us so we don’t have to go to the hospital wing every time. In the blue vials in the top right corner of the box are potions to heal your arm,” He paused to make sure you understood. “Good. Alright, we love you okay? We kept this from you for your safety, you know what right?”
“I do, I love you too.”
Sirius leaned over and kissed the top of your head before turning back into Padfoot. He looked right at you and you could help but ruffle his fur a bit before taking off back into the castle.
Once you got into their room and took the healing potion you were so emotionally drained that you just needed to cry. You’d been crying off and on all night and you needed to fully get it out. You laid down in Remus’s bed and sobbed into his pillow. You hated knowing how much pain he goes through every month. You cried yourself to sleep that night in Remus’s bed, alone in the room.
You woke up to the dorm room door creaking open. It was still early and the sun was barely peeking through the sky. You opened your eyes groggily, confused for a moment because of where you were. You gasped yourself wide awake when you spotted Remus. He was purple under his eyes from so much exhaustion, his arms had fresh cuts, and he was hunched over heavily leaning on Sirius. James and Sirius looked a little beat up and tired, but definitely not the worst you’ve seen them. You started to slide off of Remus’s bed as Sirius was setting him down when he shook his head.
“Are you okay?” he asked you. He looked wrecked with guilt. “If you don’t want to be around me anymore I g-“
You cut him off by hugging him. You were on your knees behind him so you wrapped your arms around him and put your head on his shoulder. Remus grabbed onto your arms that were linked around his upper body and began to cry.
“Hey, no come here,” you cooed. You laid down, only your chest and head were sitting up against the headboard and cradled his head as he cried into you, arms wrapped around your waist. “I’m so sorry, Moony. I’m so sorry.”
You stayed like that for a few minutes until he calmed down. He tried to talk to you but he was struggling to get anything out.
“You can sleep on me, if you want. We can talk after you all get some sleep,” you offered. Remus nodded his head and laid on top of you. His head rested on your stomach and his arms hugged your waist still. You scooted down a nudge so you could lay flat against the pillows. You used one arm to place behind your head for a little extra support, and the other hand to softly pet Remus’s hair as he drifted off to sleep on you. Soft snores were heard from the rest of the room as they too fell asleep, eventually allowing you to fall back to sleep yourself.
You sat up in bed gasping. When memories of Lacey’s life cloud your dreams you don’t always wake up with a start due to a pounding headache. Only when a prominent and important memory resurfaces, and last night’s was a big one. You could help but cry out when the pain came suddenly, jerking you awake.
“Y/N what’s wrong?“ Fred asked. He was concerned. You had woken him up, but he was okay with it. He put an arm around your neck and placed one hand on your shoulder closest to him, simultaneously steadying you and getting your attention. “Are you hurt?”
You shook your head no and immediately regretted that decision. You grasped your head in your hands and leaned back down.
“I’m okay,” you gasped. “It’s fading.”
“You thrashed around last night a lot,” Fred told you. “Sounded like you were having a nightmare, but I couldn’t wake you up. Then suddenly you were still. Freaked me out a little bit.”
“I’m sorry,” you said. You laid your head down on his chest, laying one hand around his stomach and the other sliding under his back so you were hugging him. Similarly to how Remus laid on Lacey in the memory, only to the side. “There’s something you should know. But I need Remus and Sirius with me to tell you.”
“Are you alright?”
Fred looked at you with even more concern than before when you only nodded yes and laid back down. He followed your move, so when you cuddled closer to him, he held you closer. You laid there for a while. You knew Fred was tense and wide awake, but he didn’t say anything so you could rest more. You couldn’t try to sleep any longer. You were too concerned with how this conversation will go. You didn’t plan on it any time soon, but you were going to be sharing a bed with him, much to Mrs. Weasley’s disdain. But with George in the room she was kind of okay with it, so you couldn’t hide this secret from him much longer. Plus, Mrs. Weasley called for breakfast and you loved her cooking more than life itself. George literally rolled off his bed and onto the floor.
“You alright there, Georgie?” Fred laughed. George groaned in response.
“Alright, up ya go Georgie,” you said, grabbing him under his arms to try and yank him up. Luckily he helped you, otherwise you wouldn’t have succeeded.
When the three of you entered the kitchen you were met with the long dining table stocked full of people. The obvious Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Ron, Ginny, Hermione, and Sirius. The not surprising Remus and Tonks. Then the surprising but not too shocking presence of many other Order members: Moody, Kingsley Shacklebolt, and Professor Snape. Seeing Snape, Remus, and Sirius all in the same room brought small flashes of dialogue to you, but nothing too major to cause another headache. Flashes of moments appearing to you were part of your normal routine now it happened so frequently.
“JJ he didn’t do anything this time!” you pleaded, tugging his arm in hopes of getting him to stop.
“Oh please, Snivellus is always up to something!” Sirius said.
You ran around them and got in front of Severus, who was innocently sitting against a tree. You crossed your arms and glared at your four best friends.
“I am not in the mood to wait for you guys to get out of detention again just so I can go to sleep and listen to Lily rant about how awful you lot are! It’s been a terrible day and you promised me a sleepover and you’re being selfish. Now walk it off or so help me I will push you into the Black Lake.”
“I don’t need your protection Lacey,” Severus snarled.
You spun around to face him with the same angry look in your eyes you gave your friends.
“I don’t care what you think and don’t think you need. I know you don’t want another round of jinx’s and I don’t want to clean up their mess. Thank me or don’t, but you haven’t done anything to warrant their antics so I will not stand by and watch!” You spun back around to your friends. “Why aren’t you walking?!”
“Because you can’t tell us what to do!” Sirius yelled back. You took a deep breath.
“Fine. You’re right, I can’t, I’m out of line and I’m sorry. But I don’t want you in detention tonight so please, leave him alone, for me.”
The anger had faded from their faces.
“Guys come on, it’s not worth it anymore,” Peter said. At least someone was on your side.
They agreed and huffed away. You let out an exasperated huff and slid down the tree to sit.
“Are you going to stand there or are you going to join me?” you asked Severus. He joined you.
After breakfast was eaten and pleasantries were exchanged, Mrs. Weasley announced that it was time for an Order meeting.
“Y/N, dear, could you hang around for a bit?” she asked.
“Why does Y/N get to be apart of the meeting?” Ron whined.
“Not now Ronald!” she ushered him out.
“If this is about what I think it is, I want Fred and George to stay,” you said.
“Are you sure?” Remus asked.
You nodded. Mrs. Weasley agreed, and your friends protested, but it was about you so it was your decision.
“You guys will find out soon enough,” Sirius assured. “Just a touchy subject.”
Fred and George sat back down on either side of you, both confused but pleased they got to be apart of an Order meeting.
“Y/N is this about what you said you needed to talk to me with Remus and Sirius about?” Fred asked you.
You took a deep breathe and nodded your head. You didn’t know how to start this conversation. You also didn’t know how to feel about it being so important the whole Order knew about it and felt the need to hold a meeting over it.
“Alright what is going on?” George asked frustrated.
No one knew what to say. They were all looking at you. You remained silent, you felt nauseous from the anxiety of having to have this conversation with so many people.
“Perhaps, someone else should start,” Professor Snape said.
Remus stepped up, “Boys, this is going to be difficult to take in so I’ll jump straight to the punch. To put it bluntly- this is Y/N’s second life.”
“What?!” they shouted in unison. Mrs. Weasley shushed them, knowing everyone else was trying to listen into the conversation.
“Y/N what do they mean?” Fred demanded.
“Freddie calm down,” his mother said. “This can’t be easy for her!”
“It means every time I wake up with a start, or thrash in my sleep, or have a blinding headache, it’s not a nightmare or stress induced. I’ve been having memories of my past life. A life with Sirius and Remus and Harry’s parents and Professor Snape all during the first war.“
“How long?” George asked. You looked down at your lap. “Y/N how long?” Fred echoed.
“The physical memories started when Remus taught at Hogwarts, the headaches were there ever since my first year. It’s why I can do everything we learn on the first try and things I shouldn’t know how to do.”
“Why you already knew how to use the Marauders Map when we showed you,” Fred realized.
“Lacey helped make it,” Sirius told them. “Y/N’s name was Lacey when we knew her.”
Fred and George sat there shocked. Fred especially, his girlfriend had another life. His girlfriend died in another life.
“What shouldn’t you know how to do?” George pondered, clearly trying to distract you even if it’s just a little bit. “Go on, don’t be shy,” he nudged.
“Expecto Patronum,” you called out. Out pranced your bunny patronus, happily hopping around the room.
Fred and George looked amazed. They didn’t even know how to conjure a patronus yet.
“As crazy as all of this is- why is it so important to be an Order meeting? Your meetings are about the war!” George asked, getting back on task. Fred was still rendered speechless from the original information.
“Because the memories are more frequent, and stronger than ever. We knew it was getting worse when she woke up in Regulus’s room,” Sirius answered. “She told us she thinks something’s coming that’s causing memories to return so fast.”
“Who’s Regulus? What does he have to do with this?” Fred asked. “Y/N?”
When he realized you weren’t going to say anything, he grabbed your hand in support and turned to Sirius.
“Regulus was my younger brother. Him and Lacey were in love, had been before they even knew what love was. He joined the Death Eaters when he was 16,” he started. You took over from there.
“I was a wreck, or, Lacey was. I feel what she felt. We broke up because of it. But when it came time for him to step up, he couldn’t do it. We got back together in secret and he became a spy, but only I knew about it. He started feeding me as much information as he could without drawing too much attention to either one of us for me to tell the original Order.”
You were walking down Diagon Alley, wand out just in case, to grab a quick bite to eat when a hand yanked you off the road to a space between two buildings. You were slammed against the brick wall and a hand was covering your mouth.
It was Regulus. Who you haven’t seen in 6 months since you graduated. Who you haven’t been together with in over a year. He removed his hand from your mouth and straightened out your hair that had been thrown about from the sudden movement.
“Hi, Princess,” he smiled.
You felt too many emotions from the the sight of him that you didn’t know what to do with. You didn’t know how to deal with. So you dealt with the strongest feeling you had about seeing him and roughly pulled him into a kiss. You yanked him in by the top of his shirt and kissed him hard. He put one hand against the wall, and the other slid down your back all the way to your under thigh, grabbing your ass in the process, then pulled your leg up to his side so he was firmly pressed against you. You had one hand behind his neck, the other gripped around his hair. He bit your lip as he pulled away, getting a gasp out of you as he once again squeezed your ass at the same time. Your hand slipped down to the ends of his hair as his lips began to trail down your neck. He pulled your shirt collar down and began to suck around your collar bone, definitely leaving a mark.
“I’ve been aching for you,” he whispered into your ear before kissing you again. The harshness of the kiss began to fade, until it was nothing put your lips brushing against each other one last time before pulling away.
You leg went back down, his hands went back up to the small of your back, and yours went back down to around his neck. You closed your eyes and pursed your lips.
“This is wrong,” you whispered. Pleading with the world to let you wake up and the last two years of your life been just a dream. A horrible, horrible dream.
“I had to see you. I had to know I’m making the right decision.”
You pushed him away, remembering the true reason you hadn’t kissed him in over a year.
“The right decision?!” you yelled. He ran to cover your mouth again.
“Do not. Get us killed,” he seethed.
“You made the wrong decision when you turned 16 and you know it,” you growled back.
You went back and slid down the wall to the ground, sitting with your knees pulled up against your chest. The flash of anger you felt quickly disappeared. You knew Regulus was going to join you, and you didn’t fight it.
“And you know I had to make that choice,” he said softly.
“No,” you shook your head. “No you didn’t. You  knew the second you took that mark everything was over. Over with us, the progress with Siri, the chance of being free, all of it.”
“He would’ve killed us,” he whispered. “My choice wasn’t between joining the Order or taking the dark mark, Lace. It was between giving you a chance to live a happy life with Sirius and your other friends or us being killed. I’ve hurt Sirius enough and I wasn’t going to take you away from him, and losing you was the price to pay. You deserve to live.”
You were crying now. Deep down you always knew that, but hearing it for the first time ruined you.
“I have to do everything I’m asked no matter how much I don’t want to because if I don’t, I’m tortured. You’re tortured. I don’t want to be on this side anymore and I can’t leave!”
“So why are you here?” you cried out.
“To give you information. To help you from the inside.”
“You want to be a spy for the order?” you asked shocked.
“Yes, but you can’t tell them. There’s rumors that there’s a spy in the order but I don’t know if it’s true. We can’t risk it. Not even Sirius can know okay? If he lets it slip the spy will know it’s me. This is dangerous. There’s a chance we could get killed, but there’s also a chance it could work. I want to help your side as much as I can before it comes to that but only if you’re okay with the risks.”
“There’s a chance we could die every second of the day, Reggie,” you said. You grabbed his hand and rested your head on his shoulder. “At least this way I’ll get to be with you.”
The room was dead silent when you finished your tale, although you left out the make out session with Regulus. Not even Sirius or Remus knew about the part where Regulus became a Death Eater to protect you.
“Y/N,” Mr. Weasley cautioned, “What do you mean by if Regulus was tortured, you were tortured?”
Mr. Weasley was the only one brave enough to ask what was on everyone’s mind. Except, everyone was more focused on the repetition of the words “us” and “we” being attached to the word “killed”.
“It means Regulus and I were connected.”
You were staring straight ahead, no emotion in your eyes, not looking at anyone, barely blinking. You wanted to shut everything off. Telling this story brought back others, brought back some of the harshest memories Lacey has.
“How were you connected?” Fred asked next.
“I don’t remember yet.”
“So when Regulus was hurt…” Sirius started.
“Lacey was hurt,” Remus finished.
“So when Regulus died-“
Mrs. Weasley gasped. Fred’s hand squeezed yours even tighter than before. Remus and Sirius looked like they could vomit.
“Lacey did, too,” you finished Sirius’s sentence.
“Would Kreacher know?” George asked.
“Maybe, but I don’t want anyone to ask him. If I don’t remember something on my own it hurts much worse coming back to me.”
“That’s ridiculous!” Sirius shouted. “We watched you die! I-“
“Sirius!” Remus reprimanded. He never changed. “Y/N doesn’t want to know how her death went yet. Do not do that to her.”
The room went silent again. Everyone was thinking about what this knew information meant. Lacey and Regulus were connected.
You and Regulus were connected. Maybe are. Lacey was coming back full force and no one could predict what happens next.
Snape broke the silence.
“With the amount of memories resurfacing we have to consider the possibility that Lacey might be taking over Y/N’s mind.”
“No!” Mrs. Weasley slammed her hands on the table. “I will not be considering that. This is Y/N’s life now!”
“Then how about the possibility that Regulus is coming back?” Tonks asked. Silence.
“I think he is,” you said quietly.
Sirius stood up abruptly. His chair screeched across the floor. He paced around the dining room before slammed both fits against the wall in rage.
“Dammit!” he roared.
You let your head fall and tears silently streamed down your face. Sirius punched the wall again and you broke out into full out sobs. Remus stood up and made his way around the table to you and scooted your chair back, shaking his head to tell Fred “no”when he tried to comfort you.
“This meeting is over,” he said flatly. He tried to usher you out of your chair but you weren’t moving. “Bunny don’t make me carry you.”
“He died a good guy! We stopped fighting! He sacrificed himself for us!” you wailed, mostly towards Sirius.
“And he sacrificed you with him! He took you away from me!” Sirius shouted back.
You slammed your hands to your ears and shrieked. Your screams echoed throughout the house, freakishly similar to how you screamed two years back in the Shrieking Shack. The floors shook, cabinets and drawers flew open, all from your raging headache emotions being too strong you couldn’t control your magic. Too many memories were coming back.
Remus swooped you up in his arms and fled the room. Ron, Hermione, and Ron stampeded down the stairs. Shock and concern all over their faces.
“What’s happening to her?!” Hermione cried out.
“She shook the house!” Ron shouted.
You continued to yell out in pain.
“Make it stop! MAKE IT STOP!” you yelled.
“I don’t know how,” Remus told you sadly.
“Stun me,” you said through gritted teeth.
“What?!” Ginny demanded.
“Y/N I don’t think-“
“Just do it,” Fred begged, interrupting Remus’s protest. “She’s in agony. Do it or I will.”
Remus sighed and set you down. He stepped aside to allow Fred a clear shot.
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moonagedaydreamx · 2 days ago
my love for james potter is never ending. i would die for that man.
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moldycrustyvoldy · 2 days ago
James: You’re the most jealous man I know.
Regulus: So you know other men?
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drownedghostie · 2 days ago
"Prongs, you don't... you don't need the cologne, you know that?"
James scoffs, fixing himself in the mirror. "Hush, Wormie. You need to trust my vision, here."
"And what's the vision, exactly?" Peter's smile is curious, but his eyes are bright in a way that makes Remus brace himself near his bed. "To seem like a prat during a sleepover? Who wears cologne at a sleepover? Unless you're trying to get int-"
Remus springs up, the book he'd been cradling falling off with a loud thunk on the floor. James and Peter both turn to look at him, James startled, but Peter all too knowing.
"Sirius is on his way." He improvises. "He'll be here with Regulus in no time, so let's all act natural."
Peter shrugs, going back to his own bed. James nods slowly, turning back to the mirror to inspect himself critically. "I think I look natural enough, but I need the extra edge, Peter, to-"
There's loud footsteps right outside their dorm, Sirius' voice loud and so very joyful that it makes Remus forget to pick up his book. It's a bit new, he supposes. They've all heard Happy Sirius, but never like this.
"Never change, Reggie!" Sirius is saying as he swings the door open. "Always in the elves' good graces, good job!"
Regulus walks in before Sirius does. He's wearing a bright sea blue jumper and Remus can almost taste the magic coming off of it. Protective charms, most likely. It looks bigger than the ones Remus owns, which is a whole other league of impressive, and so incredibly soft Remus wouldn't be opposed to a hug for a greeting instead of their usual nods.
"It's easy, Sirius," Regulus rolls his eyes, voice soft and quiet, "just be patient."
"No can do!" Sirius locks an arm around Regulus' neck, bringing him closer and immediately beelining for James. "Say hi, baby brother!"
Regulus only has less than a second to glance at Remus and smile before he's being shoved at James. He's confused, Remus can tell, but he's taking it in stride. "Hi, Potter." Regulus does a little wave, his fingers barely showing from the sleeve of the jumper. "You look weirder than usual, what's the occasion?"
"Hi yourself, Reggie! I'll have you know, I look fantastic, and you just as lovely as-"
Peter's squack of laughter at Regulus' wide eyes of horror almost tips Remus over the edge of his own.
"Oh, Morgana's blessing be with me, I've literally just walked in and the selling already begun?" He turns to Sirius with his hands on his hips, looking more like a mother scolding her child rather than the youngest boy in the room. "Couldn't you wait till the food got here? Or, or after the food?"
Sirius does look chastised, even if it won't last. "Sorry, Reggie. We can wait for the food."
Muttering under his breath, Regulus looks back at James, who is now rubbing a hand behind his neck. "And you."
"Oh, God."
"No, just me. While we wait for the food to get here, you better go shower." He fully turns towards James, crossing his arms over his chest this time. "Lovely cologne, James Potter, usually I don't mind it, but it's like you wanted to drown in it. My head hurts and my teeth are aching and I'm sure it's not just 'me being quirky', as my mother would put it." James does not move for a good minute, and the silence stretches between them all. Sirius has his face hidden in his hands, so he misses the way James' eyes roam Regulus' face, the little twitch in the corner of his lips and the way he stands straighter when all Regulus does is stare right back, flushed and puzzled. "So? Do I need to guide you through your own dorm?"
In the blink of an eye, James relaxes. Everything about him would seem laid back to anyone else watching, but Remus has a front row seat to whatever the fuck is going on behind James' eyes.
Peter knew, is all he can think. Peter is evil. And Remus is now an accomplice.
"Off I go, then." James smiles sheepishly. "I didn't mean to go so overboard, Reggie, sorry."
Regulus glares at him. "I'll only accept your apology after you've showered and once you stop calling me Reggie. You can't call me Reggie, that's not how this works."
"Right, yeah." James' eyes are so sharp, Remus wants to go back to bed and cry. "I'll earn it. In the meantime, I'm sorry. Truly, Regulus."
Regulus nods, bringing one of his hands up to his mouth and biting on the sleeve that covers it. "There's nothing for you to earn. You're forbbiden from using that nickname."
James snickers as he leaves, but Remus still has the front row seat to his stupid fucking face as he turns back around once he's reached the bathroom so he can stare at Regulus some more before disappearing behind the door.
Remus is an accomplice. Peter is evil. Sirius is too drunk on his brother's presence to notice anything but the fact that Regulus is basking in his attention.
When he looks over at him, Peter grins and waves his fingers with a quirked brow. Why, Remus wonders to himself. Why would you help this along.
Peter cocks his head to the side, eyes gleaming. I'm bored, he mouths as if he read Remus' mind. Then he winks, gets up from his bed and goes over to officially greet Regulus, who takes to him like a fish to water.
Peter gets a hug. Remus hates him a little more for it.
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adharastarlight · a day ago
Reg, showing off an outfit: so what do you think?
Reg: and remember I have a praise and a degradation kink so like, whatever you say will work in your favour
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queerregulusablack · a day ago
Most people: be good.
Regulus Black: counterargument; go fuck yourself.
James Potter, offhandedly: be good for me, please?
Regulus, blushing so hard he can feel it, breathing shakily: ...ok.
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