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Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban 2004 | dir. Alfonso Cuar贸n
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The Dance 馃
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Hermione: [to Ron] If at first you don't succeed, then maybe you should do it the way I told you to in the beginning.
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Taking a walk with your familiar and she just won't stop making fun of people.
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鈥淚f you really want to go out with me, sacrifice magic for a week,鈥 says Hermione, exasperated, knowing he won鈥檛 do it. One of his friends dared him to harass her into a date, and the moment she says yes, they鈥檒l laugh at her. She鈥檚 not stupid.
After taking a moment to deliberate, Malfoy hands over his wand. 鈥淎 week.鈥
Unconvinced, she says, 鈥淣o wandless magic. No house-elves. No potions.鈥
鈥淰ery well.鈥
Hermione looks up when Malfoy enters the office. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e an hour late.鈥
鈥淒o you know how long it takes to walk here from Chelsea?鈥 he grumbles, irate, robes in disarray. 鈥淲hile trying to avoid metal death traps on wheels.鈥 He shakes his hair like a wet dog. 鈥淚n the rain.鈥
She grins when his back is turned.
He鈥檚 not late, but he looks awful. His hair is shaggy without his expensive styling potions, he looks exhausted, no doubt having woken up extra early to arrive on time, and there are bandages around his hands.
鈥淲hat happened?鈥 she asks, amused.
He rubs his palm sorely. 鈥淚 tried frying an egg, but it fried me.鈥
More endeared than she cares to admit, Hermione almost crosses the room to heal him. But it would do him well to learn Muggles don鈥檛 heal instantly鈥攁 humble Malfoy is a better Malfoy.
鈥淵ou dropped this.鈥 Hermione picks up a plastic card that tumbles out of Malfoy鈥檚 cloak. 鈥淚s this a room key?鈥
A second glance at him reveals a well-rested face and a smile?
鈥淵ou know,鈥 he says, 鈥渉otels have something called room service? It鈥檚 like Muggle house-elves! And it only took ten minutes to walk to work.鈥
Hermione鈥檚 jaw drops when Malfoy enters the office.
Dressed in a chic, tailored suit鈥擬uggle. Hair cut and styled in the latest fashion鈥擬uggle. And he鈥檚 whistling. Whistling!
鈥淯h鈥 morning?鈥 She can鈥檛 take her eyes off him.
鈥淕ood morning, Granger.鈥 He unbuttons his jacket and sits behind his desk, taking out a鈥
鈥淚s that a Montblanc fountain pen?鈥
鈥淥h you鈥檝e heard of it? Tanisha, the concierge, set me up with a personal shopper. And a chauffeur, Philippe, good man. And did you know there are barbers that come straight to your suite? What do you think?鈥 He brushes a hand through his wispy blond hair.
鈥淵ou look鈥︹ Her heart thumps loudly in her ears. 鈥淗andsome.鈥
鈥淚 do, don鈥檛 I?鈥 He looks exuberant. He鈥檚 glowing. 鈥淜now what I learned from all this?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 awfully nice to be rich in Muggle London.鈥
鈥淗ere鈥檚 your wand back,鈥 says Hermione, hovering over his desk at the end of the workday. She still can鈥檛 get over how well Muggle fashion suits him. She鈥檚 barely gotten any work done this week. 鈥淚 thought it might be a humbling experience for you, but I realize now that 鈥榟umble鈥 will never exist in your vocabulary.鈥
His smile fades. 鈥淪o you won鈥檛 go out with me?鈥
鈥淵ou were really serious about that?鈥
He shrugs, defeated, lifting his gaze from his wand to appraise her slowly. An achy open longing in his eyes. 鈥淚 fancy you.鈥
鈥淵ou might not be humble,鈥 she concedes, blushing, 鈥渂ut you are resourceful. And resilient.鈥 She looks him over again, her stomach fluttering. 鈥淒inner tonight?鈥
Malfoy鈥檚 face lights up. 鈥淧hillipe and I will be at your doorstep at eight.鈥
(556 words, prompt from twitter: sacrifice)
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Today, October 4th marks the day of very important birthday: Hogwarts professor, one who has proven to be the wisest and most badass character in all of聽Harry Potter, Minerva McGonagall!
Two most important facts about Minerva McGonagall:
First:- She was the first magical character to appear in entire series.
Second:- Everybody knows about her Sorting "Hat-stall" but very few fans know that she is the second character to say "Lord Voldemort's" name apart from Albus Dumbledore (First).
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Reading smut at work and getting all aroused is my way of saying 鈥渇uck capitalism鈥.
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Hermione cries when she finally moves out of Grimmauld Place, after the war, into her own home.
鈥淚 can鈥檛 believe I鈥檓 gonna have to find a new couple to cockblock.鈥 she sobs and Harry鈥檚 eyebrows shot up as Ron groaned.
鈥淚 have already told you this a million times! The beds are just too big! It鈥檚 totally platonic!鈥
鈥淯h, yeah, total friend cuddles,鈥 Harry mutters quietly a 鈥榝riend snogging, too, I guess鈥 but it goes unheard.
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Hermione: Has anyone told you how beautiful your eyes are?
Fleur: Most people don't look at my eyes.
Hermione trying to be smooth: What do they look at, your pretty smile?
Fleur: My breasts.
Part 2
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An old photo!
Hermione says she would like to visit there again!
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Are You With Me? (Draco x y/n) Chapter 11
Summary: Y/N is a Slytherin muggle born. She's used to her house ostracizing her due to her blood status and her friendship with the Golden Trio, especially Draco Malfoy. But during their fifth year, they discover they might need each other more than they think
Read Previous Chapters HERE
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You're down by the Black Lake, walking hand in hand with Draco. The sun is shining, the grass is greener than ever, it's quite literally a perfect day.
You're rambling on about something you read in your History of Magic textbook when Draco pulls you forward, spinning you around to his chest to face him.
"You're such a nerd." He chuckles, pecking you on the lips.
You roll your eyes playfully. "You love it."
"Yes I do." He grins. "And I love you."
Before you can respond, the sky darkens suddenly. Thunder sounds as thick and heavy black clouds roll into the once clear sky.
Draco stiffens. "I have to go." He starts walking away from you, towards the forest.
"Draco, wait!" You start to follow him.
He stops, looking up at the sky. You follow his gaze and are horrified by what you see. The sinister Dark Mark swirls high above our heads. Lightning crackles, illuminating the mark.
Draco turns back to you. "I have to go. He's calling me." He starts walking away again but you take off after him. Just as you're about to catch up to him, he disappears. He just vanishes into thin air.
"Draco! Draco!" You keep walking, yelling his name.
You freeze, turning around. There's no one there.
It's not Draco's voice.
You jolt up, breathing heavily. Harry's beside you, leaned over your bed. You look around frantically. You're not in the forest. You're in a bed, in a tent. You look across the tent to see Ron and Hermione sleeping peacefully on two other beds.
"Y/n, are you alright? You were having a nightmare." Harry's eyes rake over you, concerned.
You push the blankets off of you. "I'm fine. I just need some air." You grab a sweatshirt and pull your shoes on before heading outside into the cold night air.
You walk a little bit away from a tent, taking deep breaths. It's pitch black out here but you know your breath is coming out in little white puffs. You lean against a tree and let out a huge sigh.
So much has happened over the past several months. After your relationship with Draco ended, you were a wreck. You couldn't understand why he wouldn't let you help him, let you be there for him. He didn't want that life, you knew that. So why did he choose it over you?
You were distraught when he left with the Death Eaters after Snape killed Dumbledore. You have worried about his safety ever since. You didn't even know if he was alive. All you could do was hope.
Once you were in on the plan to search for Horcruxes, you and Hermione hatched up your plan and decided it would be best to obliviate both of your families' memories. It would be easier, considering they were muggles and not involved with the coming war. If anything happened to you, you wouldn't want your parents to know. They didn't deserve to live the rest of their lives, grieving you.
After the deed had been done, you said goodbye to your childhood home and never looked back. Before, you had thought the greatest pain you would ever feel was when Draco broke up with you. Now, you know better. Because pointing your wands at the back of your parents and sister's head was almost too much to bear.
You and the trio have been on the run for quite some time now, trying to destroy the remaining Horcruxes. You've done some of the most insane things, things you would have never done in normal circumstances. But you really just wanted all of this to be over. You grieved for your old life, a life you would never see again.
The trio is the light of your dark life. No matter what has happened, they have always been there and you will always be grateful for that. Even though this definitely isn't the ideal situation, these last several months have made the four of you closer than ever. Harry, in particular, has been your best friend throughout this time. As if on cue, he appears behind you.
"Hey, you doing okay?"
You nod. "I'm fine. Just a bad dream."
"It was about him again, wasn't it?"
You swallow the lump in your throat. "Yeah."
It's silent for a few moments before you speak again.
"Back at school, you knew that Draco and I were seeing each other. But you never said anything to anyone. Why?"
He shrugs. "It wasn't my secret to tell y/n. I knew you would eventually tell us. I'll admit, I was upset in the beginning. But I saw how you two were, even though you tried to hide it. You guys were in love."
"Yeah," you say wistfully. "We were." You pause, trying not to let your heart ache too much at the thought what used to be. "But it's over now. And I have to accept that."
"What are you guys doing out here?"
You turn around to see Ron and Hermione approaching, the tips of their wands lit.
"I woke up and didn't see the two of you," Hermione says, relieved. "I thought something might've happened."
"Yeah and she dragged me out of bed to search for you two," Ron quips. He was never one who liked to be woken up from his sleep.
You quickly apologize. "Sorry, I just had a nightmare."
Ron looks at you knowingly before scoffing. "Come on, y/n. You can't seriously still be hung up on Malfoy."
"Let's not do this now," Hermione starts.
Ron ignores her. "He's part of the reason we're stuck in this mess y/n. He's a bloody Death Eater and you're heartbroken over him? It's been months since he left. Months since we've left! And the worst part is, you were still willing to be with him after you found out! Like you were okay with it!"
"I was never okay with it! I was trying to help him!" You protest.
"He made his decision, there was no helping him."
You swallow hard. "He didn't have a choice."
Ron's eyes find yours in the darkness. "There's always a choice y/n."
"Ron, let's go back to sleep, alright? This isn't the time for this. You're not feeling like yourself." Harry's eyes flick to the locket around Ron's neck.
Ron ignores Harry as well. "And what were you going to do if he accepted your help? What was your plan then?"
"I-I don't know," you stammer. The truth was you didn't know. You just wanted him to stay so desperately, you probably would've done everything in your power to try and fix his situation. "I would've figured something out."
"It's not like you have any real experience with dangerous plans and situations," He continues. "What could you have done?"
"I don't know Ron!" You interrupt, almost full-on yelling now. "But I would've tried anything and everything because I cared about him!" Tears prick the corners of your eyes. "And maybe I would have some real experience if I wasn't constantly being left out by the 'Golden Trio.' You guys have never trusted me with your secret plans. You barely trust me at all!"
Hermione tries to calm you down. "Y/n, you know that's not true. You've been so incredibly helpful with the Horcruxes. It was always just hard at school, with us being in different houses, you know."
And that was true. At least partly. You weren't able to see them as often as they were able to see each other because you were in a different house. But it wasn't just that. No matter how much they valued your friendship, they always treated you a bit differently. You knew they cared about you. But you also knew if it really came down to it, they would sacrifice you to save each other.
You think back to Ron's words at the Sorting Ceremony in first year. "There isn't a witch or wizard who went bad that wasn't in Slytherin." Minutes later, the Sorting Hat called Slytherin upon your head. You watched the three sets of eyes of your new friends, Gryffindor hats sat atop their heads, as they watched you take a seat at the Slytherin table. You didn't know it back then, but the look in their eyes was the same. Apprehension.
Even if it was subconsciously, they always held the fact that you were in Slytherin over your head. It gave them a reason not to include you, not to totally let you in. It gave them an out. They were nervous that you were going to turn on them. As you look at their faces now, in the dim glow of light from your wand tips, you realize that they still feel that way.
"No, it was always just hard for the three of you to be friends with a Slytherin." Your voice is calm but steely. "Because Slytherins are all bad right? Especially ones who fall in love with Draco Malfoy."
You push off the tree you were leaning on and head back towards the tent. "I'm going to sleep."
Super short chapter, I know! I just really wanted to post something since being on my hiatus. I am slowly starting to write again so I am not abandoning this story so don't worry. Expect updates to be slower than they have been in the past. Thanks for reading!
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Hermione: oh my god, Bella鈥 are you okay? That鈥檚 a lot of blood.
Bella: I鈥檓 fine. It isn鈥檛 my blood.
Hermione: should I even ask?
Bella: honestly, it better if you don鈥檛.
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鈥淒on鈥檛 talk,鈥 she says, 鈥淚 hate it when you talk.鈥
Then she smiles at him.
Let The Dark In, Chapter 23 by @senlinyu
(If you鈥檙e a fan of TLOU2, polarizing as that game may be, yes, this piece is inspired by ThatScene鈩)
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Minister Hermione Granger, drowning in paperwork...
Tumblr media
Hermione's second stint as the Minister of Magic was choke full of accomplishments; she had enacted laws mandating that house-elves be paid for their services, the wizarding economy was thriving, social services were now in place for underprivileged wizards, severe penalties for anti-Muggle rhetoric...the list went on and on...
And even though she couldn't be prouder, the job wasn't without its woes. The excruciating amount of paperwork, the meetings, the ire she drew because of her progressiveness, co-ordinating all the Departments together meant that she was always under stress.
And it showed too; her forehead was wrinkled because of how much she raised her eyebrows these days, crow's feet flanked her eyes with jowls drooping by her lips. She noticed her neck had started to sag too and paid little attention to her messy hair. She still wore it well what with her tweed skirt suits that gave her a dignified mature look...afterall it wasn't like anyone was going to smuggle her love potions these days...
As she quickly scribbled a letter to the French Minister, she realized how little time she had for herself these days. The bookshelf grew taller yet with all the books she hadn't yet read...
(if you do like this, please reblog, share and comment, it means the world to me 馃挄)
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Tumblr media
It Was an Honor to Know You.
An angsty little unplanned pregnancy dramione story to help get rid of my writer's block.
Rated M (for now)
Happy reading & please mind the tags 馃挄
Chapter 1 is live on my A03!
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Here鈥檚 your daily reminder that
Fuck you jkr
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