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hey i have another request if youre still open to taking em? can u draw yellow guy wrapped up in a blanket or rug, like ppl do w/ kittens? he is being kept from causing injury + destruction and enjoys the pressure. also i can imagine the 3 guys going to the beach and burying red guy in the sand while he's sleeping. i feel like that's smth yellow + duck would do. idk i just wanted to throw ideas out there for u, hope u enjoy these and pls do whatever u like with them! enjoy ur day :D
Tumblr media
i really liked the imagery of this one ... i think he wakes up and doesnt even mind it
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Tumblr media
Day 659: 馃悽 & [No/Yes Meme]
Requested by: Lemonwich on Patreon
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Can you makes something like Laena Velaryon twin sister but Daemon likes to fuck her all time, like him and Laena were an arrange marriage or something like that but smut pleaseee
AN: Hi, I hope you like it x
鈥淒aemon..鈥 You whimpered out; your soft, bare body pushed against the wall. His hands are groping you with greed. 鈥淚 have missed you.鈥 He whispered into your ear before hotly mouthing at your soft neck. 鈥淢issed being inside you.鈥 Daemon continued and you nearly collapsed at his words.
You moaned as his thrusts only quickened; his cock pushing against your soft spot again and again. His hands grabbed your arse, spreading your cheeks apart to watch his soaked cock push in and out of you. The sound of skin slapping echoed around the room as well as the moans falling from you both.
Your head fell back; resting on him as Daemon took his pleasure. The dragon riding always had him hot and bothered. Fortunately for you, all he seemed to want afterwards was to be inside you. His lips were on yours before you knew it. Soft moans of pleasure muted by him as you leaned closer.聽
The kiss was loving and soft; just as he usually was with you even as he became married to your sister. His hand slowly moved down your body, squeezing your breast roughly as he passed it. You gasped out; your walls fluttering around his cock some more as his thrusts quickened.
His hand rested on your stomach for a moment and had you whining as he pushed down. The feel of him inside you had you shaking. His slender fingers swiped over your pulsating clit before pinching you. 鈥淒aemon!鈥 You cried out, whimpering in pleasure as you arched against the wall once more.
His chuckle was your only answer before he so sweetly began to mouth at your soft neck whilst you rocked back into him. Your walls were fluttering around him as your stomach began to tighten in pleasure. 鈥淐um for me.鈥 Daemon ordered; biting into your neck now and marking you for all to see.
His fingers brushed over your clit once more. The act had you whining and your toes curling in pleasure. You both released together as you clamped around his cock; squirting easily which had him pushed over the edge. 鈥淔uck, good girl..鈥 He hummed; pushing deeper as he filled you up.
His hand slowly moved to your stomach once more as he silently stayed inside you, gently resting his head on you. 鈥淎re you well?鈥 You whispered; slowly moving your hand to reach into his locks. Daemon only hummed and gently removed himself from you. The act allowed you to turn into his hold.
鈥淚 am now.鈥 He whispered; brushing your noses together for a short moment. A soft smile tugged on his lips as he locked eyes with you. You hummed before leaning in and lovingly capturing his soft lips. Daemon practically melted for you and began to love on you. Your dragon always did for just you.
You softly deepened the kiss as your fingers moved through his locks. 鈥淐araxes is well?鈥 You whispered. Daemon hummed with a nod; pressing a soft kiss to your forehead. 鈥淗ow about we have a bath?鈥 You hummed; stroking his back. He seemingly liked that idea and burrowed into your neck.
The warm water easily brushed around you both as you laid back into his chest; his fingers absentmindedly moving through your locks. Your eyes fluttered as the peaceful moment washed over you. Your own eyes began to flutter sleepily as his embrace only tightened and all you felt was safe and adored.
You were the only place Daemon could fully relax; his mind quieting in your presence. 鈥淵ou do not have to go away again?鈥 His hands slowly moved over your shoulders as he began to knead your soft skin. The stress and worry you had held in for him seemingly melted away with his touch.
鈥淣ot for a while.鈥 Daemon whispered into your ear; his mouth softly moving across your neck now as he took in your mouth watering scent that he had missed so much. Your fingers easily moved into his locks as you rested back once more. His soft body stayed against yours as your eyes began to flutter.
鈥淚鈥檓 glad about that.鈥 You whispered out truthfully. Your heart is warming at the idea of him staying longer. You could have stayed with him forever but the water was quickly becoming cold. A soft shiver came over you as you cuddled into his chest. His muscled arms eagerly wrapped around you.
鈥淲e should get up.鈥 He whispered into your ear; his lips brushing across your earlobe for a moment. You only hummed with a soft pout coming over your face as you snuggled into his chest some more. You could hear his heartbeat as the seconds ticked by in peace. His fingers are stroking your hair.
He pressed a soft kiss to the top of your head before he gracefully moved from the tub; the water falling from his body. Your eyes were growing dark with desire already as you watched him move. A smirk tugged on his lips as he placed a hand for you to take. Your soft breasts bouncing as you stepped out of the tub.
His hands were on you already. His passion for you was undying, much to your delight as your lips passionately met his. Your bare bodies brushed against each other before he lifted you up; your legs wrapping around his waist. 鈥淒aemon..鈥 You whimpered out breathlessly as his hot mouth moved to your neck.
His cock was hard once more as it brushed against your clit. You moaned into his ear as you reached to grab at his locks. 鈥淧lease鈥︹ You blushed at your own begging as he slowly pushed inside your soaked pussy. Your legs were already shaking as his thrusts started off fierce and fast.
Your breasts were pushed against his chest as he kept you impossibly close; his cock pushing so deep as you began to gasp out in pleasure. It seemed you both would be late for the welcoming feast that his wife would be sitting at now; waiting. Your screams of pleasure echoing would notify them of the reason for their lateness.
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art request- abbacchio disapproves of fugio
Tumblr media
he's third wheeling but in an enemies way. the hater that follows you around to throw shit at you.
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Give me your best minju femdom
just how much are you willing to give for a dream that big?
IZ Days of Christmas: Day 7 - Kim Minju
Kim Minju x Male Reader Smut
Word Count: 7397 words
Tags: dominant_curator!Minju x aspiring_artist!you; mommy kink; MINJU LIKES BEING CALLED DADDY; blowjob; squirting; cum-eating; riding; ass-fingering; cunnilingus; cowgirl; degradation; #DomJu; femdom
T/W: pegging, SLIGHT DUB-CON, harsh criticism/insults from Minju
You asked for it.
Tumblr media
"I'll think about it."
Four words. Four words that are designed to make it seem that there's still a possibility lingering here, but actually pose a definite answer: no. And you would have believed in a potential answer of yes if it weren't for the curator's amused smile as you exhibit your artworks to her. There's no chance anymore; just by looking at her pink lips, you know what she actually means.
Your whole world falls apart. There's your hope, there's your lifelong dream, all cut into hopeless little fragments on the ground. And all you can think is: why? You've worked so hard for this. You've taken so many classes, so many days of coaching and endless painting. It's a difficult world out there, but you are certain that you deserve better than a " I'll think about it."
You deserve to have your painting in the country's biggest gallery. You deserve the recognition, the praise, everything. But the curator of this museum isn't quite convinced, and although she doesn't say it directly, her bored eyes say it all. To her, you're just another artist with a superiority complex, just another artist she can reject and move on without.
Even her quirked lips tell you that she's unimpressed. Probably even disgusted. How dare a niche artist like you demand to come to her personally and ask to have this... art鈥(if she can even call it that)鈥攄isplayed?
Her heels clack on the marble museum floor as she runs her fingers along the frames of your paintings. "Honey," she says, testily, throwing you an amused glance, "this isn't even Picasso level talent. And, in case you don't know, Picasso was a pretty shit artist."
You're taken aback by plenty of factors in that condescending statement, because for one, Picasso was an excellent painter. He's your role model in the world of painting and the medium of art itself. You've visited museums in places you aren't even remotely interested in staying just to see his art in person. Hell, you took classes to be able to replicate his abstract style. How dare this woman speak of him as if he weren't one of the biggest names in art? How dare she? You bet that she probably doesn't know how to name any painting besides Starry Night.
"This one"鈥攁nd then Minju reaches her bare arm, exposed by the loss of a sleeve attached to her black turtleneck top, to glaze her fingers across one of your pieces鈥"is probably my least favorite. It's rushed, it's not even colorful enough to attract attention. Not even gray enough to capture a sad mood."
How many pointed bullets has she shot at you this afternoon? You're losing count. "Well," you answer, quite shaken, "I don't believe in colors very much. It's the drawing that should matter. You see鈥"
"I don't want nor care enough to hear about your nerdy art bullshit."
The umpteenth bullet. It strikes your heart right through the core, and through the flat of your back. You take two steps backward for a reason you aren't sure of. It's a big museum, filled with towering sculptures created by lone artists many decades ago and paintings that take up two blocks, yet what intimidates you more than any of them is this woman:
Kim Minju, curator of the biggest art museum in Korea, and a professional asshole. You had to find that put the hard way the moment you started to crush on her. Who wouldn't? Her features鈥攄oe eyes, pointed nose, and thick pink lips鈥攂lend in together so perfectly, as if she were another masterpiece in the museum. But looks, you learn, are deceiving. Kim Minju is not as kind as she looks, nor are her words as pretty as her face.
Dress pants sway freely around her slim legs as she walks back to you. Her expressions never vary away from boredom, condescending, and angry. It's like those are the only emotions she is capable of having. She's such a complex person鈥攜ou understand that although you've only been with her from eight o' clock today to three鈥攂ut so, unbelievably uninteresting at the same time. You have no idea what to make of her yet, except for the fact that she can be pretty cruel.
Minju approaches you with crossed arms, then pauses when she's just another breath away from you. You try to meet her gaze, but it's too good at holding yours. Besides, the hate you have for the fact that she's taller than you doesn't help either. But you have to hold your ground. If you don't, there will be more pieces to pick up than your broken dreams.
"I'll give it to you straight," says Minju airily, "my museum doesn't have the time for your art."
That's another shot. One more and you're dead. Your cheeks already flush from embarrassment, but she drones on, clearly not caring about what you feel. Not that that's an unusual thing for her.
"I spent all day trying to listen to you talk about your credentials and art whatnot," she continues. "But I'm getting bored, and I don't like your tacky style or you. So I suggest you find another smaller place to start posting your art, like a kindergarten teacher's art class billboard."
You've died at least a hundred times with each word she spits. You're utterly humiliated; you've been through terrors of teachers but you have never received words from them as harsh as Minju's. Every syllable was fashioned to hit just the right spot, because yes, your art's first criticism is its tackiness from when you first started. Yes, it was a risk you took when the first place you decided to hang your art is the biggest museum in the country. But you're not like the other artists. You've improved so much over the years, and your art is nothing less than pleasing to the eyes now that you've found your own style.
You have to admit that they do slightly look out of place with all the other gorgeous paintings, but you can be as good as them. You just need a jumpstart, and you'll get to it. You swear on your own life.
"Miss Kim," you answer, not sure what to say, "I can be as good as Van Gogh, or whoever artist it is that you like. I just need a place to start, and I think your museum is a good place for that."
Minju laughs. "Van Gogh was as shitty as Picasso, dear thing. And your art is not good enough for this museum to be good. So please, take my advice and start at the nearest preschool. I'll hear from you when you've finally gotten into second grade."
Dear thing? Dear thing?! Oh, now she's royally pissed you off. Now, it's your turn to be cocky. Kim Minju is about to find out that two can play at this game.
"For your information, Minju," you reply, now with more confidence, "I'm not your dear thing. And I'm the best artist of my generation right now. You're going to be so sorry if you don't accept my art right now."
Minju nods condescendingly, as if she were listening to a small child rambling about dinosaurs. There's a laugh on her face, which makes you even more infuriated because she is just not getting the point. If she does, she doesn't believe in it. Oh, not in the slightest.
"'Best artist'? Let's not get ahead of ourselves right now. Your style is not unique. The topics you draw are not game-changing. Not even close."
"You just don't have the eyes for it," say you with gritting teeth. You hate how your lips are quivering. "You're, you're not even an artist yourself. You're just a curator."
"And a good one at that." She's just as assured in her own abilities as you are. Minju is unfazed by your amateur insults. She could hear better from a sixth grader. "You can drone on all you want, honey, but that won't change the fact that I'm not interested in taking you in. You can go or kill yourself in front of me. Either way, I won't care."
That's your breaking point. Your hands start to form trembling fists. You can't cope with all this right now, or with Minju. She's just another self-absorbed curator. What does she know about art?
But you've relied your dreams on her. If she doesn't give in, you're nothing. You'll never have a chance to make it big. Nobody cares about art nowadays, except for the classicals, making it even harder to make a name for yourself. You want to become so big in the world of craft that you're credited as inspirations centuries from now. You want to be the best that no one ever was. If Minju doesn't like you or what you make, you don't have a chance.
Gone is your oversaturated arrogance. Gone is the front you were trying to put up before Minju. Most importantly, your dreams are gone, snapped into pieces just like that by words. You're more than hurt; you're devastated. If you can't be a renowned artist鈥攖he only steady dream you've had your whole life鈥攚hat are all your efforts worth now? They will remain fruitless if you don't put one foot forward.
Minju is your wall blocking the path to fame and recognition. A goddamned gorgeous wall who won't falter nor break for anyone, especially not you. No punch can break her foundation. No word from you can make her bricks detoriate.
Try to hold it back, but the tears are forming in your eyes. You're a mess, you truly are. You've been a fool for your dream, and you are just realizing now at the present that it was all for nothing.
"Please," you whisper. Break the staring contest with Minju and look at your shoes instead. Look at the marble floor no one would cross to see your works. Look at the ground where the pieces of your hopes and desires have broken.
"Please what?" Minju is clearly enjoying this. Her crossed arms quiver as she tries to hold back a laugh. Oh, she loves seeing pathetic men admit that they're nothing. It's what she feeds on. She can put their tears in a bowl and put cereal in it for breakfast.
"I'll鈥擨'll do anything. Is that enough? I'll do anything for you to accept my works."
There's the smallest hope in you as you see that Minju is considering this. For a woman like her,and a man like you, she can make you do anything. She can make you mop the floors of the museum and yell "hakuna matata" on its roof and know that you would do all that just for her acceptance. That's what makes it so, utterly satisfying.
"That depends, to be honest," she says slowly.
Minju leans down a little and places a finger under your chin. Her nails are sharp, and they scratch your skin as she tilts your face upwards. Her smile is teasing; you hate that you like it so much. You hate that despite her clear description of how much she dislikes you as a person and you as an artist, your magnetic attraction to her remains.
"Just how much are you willing to give, boy toy, for a dream that big?"
She's degrading you again. It's strange how much it makes your skin tingle.
"Like I said," you sniffle, "anything. I'll give anything."
"Oh, you'll sooo regret saying that."
With a woman of her caliber? Of course you will. But you're a desperate person. It's your sheer need and your willingness to do whatever it takes to get it that get you to places. It's both an advantage and a disadvantage, a pro and con, light and dark. Chiaroscuro, if you will.
"W-what do I have to do?" you ask shakily.
"Simple." And she says this without any shame or sign of shame: "Call me mommy."
It takes a moment for you to register, and Minju uses your confusion as the perfect time to pin you to the wall, like you are a masterpiece, too. Not that she sees you in that light; you are too weak to be one. Too easy to be played with.
Minju is kissing your neck. Lipstick leaves fresh marks on your skin. And when she bites... oh, your knees do more than buckle. You almost collapse to the floor. Thank God (or not) for Minju's hands popping your shirt buttons; they keep you standing. They keep you knowing that all this is real.
She kisses you again, crudely. "What did I say?"
"Call you mommy..."
"Say it then."
She swiftly pulls off her black top, and in the bat of an eyelash, tangles your wrists in between its fabric behind your back. All the while, her kisses rampage your skin. She can't get enough of your pathetic submissiveness. She plays with you as if you were a toy, her toy.
Her mouth traces your torso like a pencil. Her teeth come out to play at times, specifically to see the alarm in your eyes. But nothing prepared you for her lips right above your jeans, or her daring eyes looking up at you and shooting glares into your soul.
"Say it."
That's the ticket. The zipper and button are undone by Minju's eager fingers. Your cock is easily fished out and taken into her mouth as if it were nothing. Your body tenses as your mouth falls open.
Although she is the one on her knees, Minju shows that it doesn't change that she's still in control. Her technique and pacing alternates between harsh, rough suckling to a snail's pace of blowing.She sucks you off not for your own pleasure, but for hers. Clearly, that is what she has put first most in this world.
"Fuck!" you can't help but cry out.
Minju spits on your cock and squeezes it tightly. Your hips jerk forward at the tightness and pain. "You're not allowed to talk unless I say so," she says firmly. She's serious about this, too; her eyes show clear and unbridled anger. "Is that clear?"
"Yes what?"
"Yes, hnghh!" Your moan echoes in the wide museum. Her lips have rounded your head again and provide great suction. "Y-yes, mommy!"
Satisfied, Minju continues to suck you off. She's unlike any other girl you've had sex with. The others put on innocent faces to entice you whilst their lips worked on your cock, and picked up the pace if you pleased. They let out the prettiest of tears as they called you daddy, whimpered out the sexual title in the midst of the shoves of your cock down their throats.
But Minju... she's a woman with the unhinged desire to belittle you. Even in sex, she remains taunting鈥攖he licks at the sides of your dick and in the tiny slit you have are only done to make her laugh at your shivers. It's pleasurable, yes, but degrading, too. Degrading in the sense that she's simply doing it to see you break yourself into something more pathetic, into the writhing, needy mommy's boy that you aren't.
Or... ?
"This dick is so fucking small." Minju spits on the shaft with disgust. "I bet you can't even fuck me properly, not even if I guide you along."
"I鈥擨 can," you say, defensively. Minju's saliva coats your cock with more liquid than the continuous stream of pre-cum, which she licks off, of course.
Minju rises to her feet. It is only then that you admire her body. You would say that her face is the real deal, and it is, but you're still rendered shocked by her form. Her breasts are not the biggest, but they're still pretty eye candies. Their nipples are tiny pink things atop small handfuls of flesh. Her hips are what tempt you the most; they're so fucking wide, bringing more shape to her slim stomach.
"Show me," she says. She smiles again, marking a new challenge. "Put that cock inside me or you'll never make yourself recognized. I can fucking crush your dream with a snap of my fingers, baby, so I suggest you move fast."
You can't do anything. Besides the fear of never making it in the real world or as an artist bubbling inside of you, she's so tempting. Even with her all-black outfit: black heels, black sleeveless top, black dress pants, a style you are not fond of almost as much as you aren't fond of pineapple pizza, she attracts you. It's like there's invisible magnets taped to her skin that pulls your fingers to her hips, pulls down the long pants, and grabs her close.
Like magnets, you rub together. Your cock lodges in the hole between her legs. It's met with an immediate contraction, but Minju shows little appreciation on her face. Yes, her jaw drops and her eyes are suddenly round and wide, but she doesn't care to tell you how good it is. Your quick thrusts outnumber the fucks Minju gives about catering to your wants.
"Yes... fuck, yes, fuck that cock into me." Minju humps your entering and exiting shaft determinedly. "Suck on my tits, toy. Suck them until they're red and sore."
That's not something you're adamant to disobey. Like her lips lubricating the shape of your cock earlier, your mouth finds her nipples and captures it. You do as she says, sucking it cleanly and hardly. It feels amazing in your mouth. You knew it would even before it slipped in between your lips. Minju lets out sighs of gratification. That was the only thing it took for her to be louder. She would have to turn up the volume, though; the slaps of your cock into her cavern are starting to boom.
While her breasts are a beauty of their own degree, Minju's cunt is just perfect. It's wet, grasping onto your cock and covering it with a sheen of juices, just like she coated it with saliva during her blowjob earlier. Her mouth was considerably warmer though. But you aren't one to complain when you're clearly the toy in this situation.
Besides, the texture of her walls is a welcome addition to the stimulus on your shaft. Your cockhead repeatedly dips onto the patches of sensitivity, provoking a surefire reaction of the tender walls closing around it tighter. Jerk your hips forward; if you were only more powerful, you could reach her cervix and make it a finishing line. But no, your focus is on sucking the life out of Minju's boobs, just like she commanded.
Minju whispers soft curses under her breath. Arms wound around your neck, she silently tells you to go deeper. No, it's not just a matter of telling; it's a command, as brazen and firm as her earlier order to tell you to suck her tits. She expects you to comply, and if she is disappointed by you not doing so, she'll discard of you. Simple as that.
Release her nipple from your lips and prove that you're worthy. Prove it with more powerful thrusts of your hips into her tiny hips. You string together every might in your body, although most of it is being drained by Minju's humps on your shaft, into pushing your cock deeper. Minju cries out in pleasure. Continue the cycle and never break it. Eyes closed, head tilted to the sky, and arms almost choking your neck, you know you've proven your value to her. All you have to do now is to maintain that.
"Fuck, that's right!" Minju yells out. Even she can't handle your pounds. You're knocking he rinto oblivion. "Fuck mommy's cunt like that, slut! Fucking stretch her out!"
You're already stretching her out enough. It's hard to see since Minju is so adamant on fucking herself on you, but your girth is practically spreading her pussy lips apart. Wonder if she'll become tighter if you fill her up to the base of your cock.
Test it out. Cock stiff and a compelled mind in action, you shove yourself as hard and deep as you can.
"Oh fuck!" Minju's fully penetrated by you now. Your cockhead nudges the end of her tunnel and slams into it repeatedly. Minju's high on the pleasure. She's fucking herself onto you as if she were possessed by a succubus. She's sex-crazed, she's rabid, she's a feral fucking vixen who won't play around when it comes to what pleases her. And right now, what's giving her so much bliss is your dick. She's never letting it go.
But she thinks she wants something else to add to the mix.
"Finger my asshole," Minju says bluntly. Another command. She takes your hand, undoes it from its constraints, and guides it to her round bottom. "Do it."
"B-but..." You're not used to butt stuff, to put it cleanly. You've never touched or inserted yourself in any of your girlfriends' asses. It has always been purely excluded from sessions like these. "I'm, I'm not鈥"
Minju leans over conspiratorially and rasps in your ear: "Now."
Can you still continue proving yourself worthy? Even if you can't, you have no choice. Your chance at making it big is in Minju's hands. Besides, you're pretty curious yourself. Does it feel good there for her, too? How good, exactly?
Pat your finger on the tensing brown circle. Minju's breath hitches in response. Hide your uncertainty by meticulous teasing, rubbing your fingertips around her asshole and only slightly putting some inside. But Minju is becoming impatient. Whimpers still escape her lips, but she makes herself clear with the reverse of her ass into your hand. She knows what you're trying to do, and she's not letting you get away with it.
Hold your breath and plug one finger inside her. Turns out that's all you needed to do for Minju to put her all into hugging you with her walls, for her neck and head to throw back, for her to cry out a scream that sounds a little fox-like due to its pitch.
"Mommy's cumming, mommy's cumming, ffffuhh鈥! "
Her voice cracks. It's that momentary weakness that compels you to burst inside her like a popped balloon, except that instead of helium, you release hot strings of wet white cum. You don't have the mind nor the care for a few seconds to worry about impregnating her. The grasp of her walls and the push of her manicured nails into your skin are too mighty in turning your attention away from that.
However, to Minju, it doesn't matter if your cock is thick and big. She's paralyzed in shock. She can't believe you had the audacity to cum inside her.
"Fuck! What the fucking fuck did you do?" Her hands free themselves of their frozen to push you away roughly.
You only come to your senses after she slaps you. "I'm sorry, Minju," you say guiltily. Had you really lost all self-control after months without sex? Sex education literally revolves around protection! "Are you at least on the pill...?"
"Of course I am!"
The tension releases itself from your shoulders. At least God still has your back. "It isn't a problem then," you say. "We can鈥"
Minju pushes you again. This time, your back knocks hard into the wall. She grasps you by the neck tightly. There's true anger in her eyes now. None of it is an arrogant ploy anymore.
"Are you fucking stupid?" she asks, then rolls her eyes. "Oh, why did I even bother asking? Of course you are."
"The thing here, boy toy, is I don't want your cum in me! Clean me up!"
"D-do I get a tissue or...?"
"No. Lick it out of me."
You're stunned. What? Shake your head, bewildered. "No, I'm not gonna lick my cum out of your cunt, Minju!" you yell.
Her fingers grab your hair and pull it downwards. You fall to the floor in a heap. But you should get used to it. With the way she treats you like you're dust beneath her feet, you've always belonged here. It's only literal now.
You take a glance at her creampied pussy and cringe. It looks gorgeous; it's dripping out of her like a river. But now that you have to lick your own cum out of her, like you're some obedient little slave who can do nothing but obey and obey, it doesn't look so enticing at all.
Minju fires you another glare. It's a warning of the worse that's yet to come if you don't clean her up.
Oh, the things you do for your dreams. The things you do for money; for fame; for the tiniest bit of recognition...
How did you get to this point?
Fine, you'll lick.
At first, it's humiliating. Your ears burn red as Minju parts her legs and sits on your mouth, using you as a sex toy and chair. It's hard to support her weight on your face, even if she is light. It's easy to slip your tongue inside her though. You know it feels good when she moans softly.
"Come on," she pushes you on. Demanding, that's what Minju is. You wonder how she even became a curator with that kind of attitude. She slides herself up and down your tongue, which doesn't become flaccid in its licks due to the uncomfortableness of it all. "Clean mommy up. We still have a lot of things to do."
You take some of your cum from her creamed hole and drag your tip tantalizingly to her clit. Minju whimpers. Repeat the process for a few more seconds. You enjoy the shivers she does, and how tight she is around you. They make the experience much more bearable.
You haven't appreciated her thighs enough. She may be slim, but they are thick enough to choke the breath out of you. They encase the sides of your face tightly as she guides your tongue hotly. Her eyelids are fluttered lower than usual. Her breaths become more labored after the ones before them exit.
Glad that your hands have been freed from much earlier, you try to make this fun for you, too. Grab those honey thighs and push her down onto your mouth. Her gasp is satisfying. Her eyes flutter wide. They're all fun to watch: the shiver of her tight form, the expressions she makes, but pulling her down was a big mistake. Now you can't breathe at all. Your nose is nestled into her clit.
The muffled breaths you take end up pleasuring her cunt instead, much to your dismay. Minju doesn't mind; they make her more soaked than before. She sways her hips to and fro to get the feel of your nose swiping on her clitoris and your tongue entering and exiting her. The tip of your tongue excites her senses in the best way possible. She can't get enough of it. Hands on her nipples, she bounces herself on your pink appendage, overall satisfied with the work you've been doing.
"Such a good boy now," she remarks with a playful caress of your hair. "See how pathetic boys like you always end up in this position? Lick me faster."
The insults graze your pride because you know they are true. You became a whore for Minju. Her little boy toy. Weren't you just boasting about your own achievements a while ago? If so, why are you on your knees now? It's humiliating.
Close your eyes to stop the tears of embarrassment from flowing. The last of your dignity is gone. You can't give Minju the satisfaction of seeing you cry.
You increase the speed. Thrust your tongue inside her faster. Wiggle it around to hit the right spots. You discover that it isn't a matter of cleaning your cum up from inside her anymore. That was all a scam to get you to orally pleasure her. It shows in the way Minju refuses to let your tongue leave her hole, even to collect your semen. She's humping it too quickly for there to even be a chance of exiting her warm little hole. But it's too late to confront her about it now. You just have to wait until she climaxes again.
You have to admit: you do taste quite delicious. Turns out the girls whose mouths you pounded weren't pretending when they sucked off the semen from your tip. Your cheeks redden with the humiliation at that knowledge. However, there's a con in being aware of that. For example, it isn't so difficult anymore to lap at Minju's pussy. You willingly circle and dance your tongue inside her. It's fun to see her pleasured reactions.
When the opportunity presents itself, you pull your tongue out. Minju winces, but before she can voice out any frustration or order, you start to lick her labia back and forth. Her wide, shapely hips stutter. You have to take them in your hands and steady her to continue.
"Oh鈥攎mmm! Fuck, such a good boy for mommy, eating her out so well!"
You would have been surprised at the compliment, but her silky voice never reaches your ears. Her thighs are compressing them too tightly for anything to be heard but wordless screams.
Her most erogenous part is her clitoris, clearly. She demandingly pushes that part of her center on your tongue. Twirl it at your tip, play with it, suckle it. Nibble at it to keep her on her toes. Show her how much you've tamed the brat in you, because once she did, it was apparent that there was no going back.
"Yes, that feels so good!" she cries. Her movements become more frantic and less graceful. It's like you're being waterboarded by a tsunami; she's a force of her own, a danger with the cleanest edge. "I'm gonna cum, baby boy! Mommy's gonna cum, she's gonna fucking cum all over your face---!"
When she does, it's like a sobering splash. Her screams symbolize the thunder, and the juices that squirt on your nose and mouth is the flood. There are no lifeboats anywhere to save you. Nor are there people that are going to. You just have to withstand the rain for a few more seconds
Close your eyes and wait for the storm to end. It takes a while to cease. You try to help yourself out by sticking out your tongue and catching her steady spray into your mouth, but you just choke on it. Minju finds her girl cum spilling down the sides of your lips and swirling in your throat amusing.
Through all that, her taste remains impeccable.
The stream stops. Minju's thighs are shaking. She slowly edges herself off your messy face. Her breasts heave with every heavy breath she takes. They're hypnotizing, but you file your eyes away from them. You have to remember that they belong to the cruel woman who told you to do away with yourself. This is still the same woman who used you. It doesn't matter if the only things you are appreciating in the moment are hr breasts; they still belong to her. She degraded and humiliated you in ways you never would have imagined.
Nudity is another form of art widely appreciated, for both aesthetic and gratification purposes. It returned and became popularized during the Renaissance and the Impressionism. Science was used to figure out how to create the right proportions for whoever is being sculpted, painted, or drawn. Mathematics was heavily involved, too. The golden ratio was used to present the figures in an ideal manner, whether the figures were of gods or historical icons.
You are glad it became popular through the years. You are glad at how normalized it has become for Minju's body looks exactly like another stunning sculpture. She may not have the golden ratio, but she has something even better than that. She's naturally curvy, naturally beautiful. Back in the day, they would have written sonnets about her.
She may be cruel, but she is quite stunning.
"We're not done yet."
The curator puts a stop to your daydreaming. Raised brows, fine creased lines on her forehead that scold you, Minju is flattered that you think this is over yet. It's quite entertaining to her, actually. You don't really think she's gonna give in after just a few sessions of fucking, do you?
Pocket your sore pride and face the challenge head-on. "What else is there to do?"
Her smile is haunting. "You're gonna find out soon. You might even like it."
The museum is closed today. There's a big sign outside with "CLOSED" plastered across the letters spelling "Now Open!". Minju had to shut its doors for the day due to your endless requests for a chance to have your works exhibited. Oh, if you knew what you had to do to get her to agree, you wouldn't believe it. You'd call it bullshit.
You and Minju clean yourselves up. There's no point in reusing her turtleneck; it's blotted with her squirt. And you have no business going out with a face drenched with the same liquid. So, while Minju gets into a change of clothes, you go to the bathroom and splash cold water into your face. You don't want to look in the mirror. You don't want to see the slut the man it reflects has become, because, if you were able to admit it to yourself, you'd say that you liked the way Minju treats you. You like the power she has over you that she achieved through such a short period of time.
But you can't say that. You refuse to.
Apparently, you were in the bathroom for too long. Minju's fist knocks three short sounds onto the door.
"You can't hide there all afternoon, babycakes!" she reminds you sweetly. She fires another five knocks. "Come out, come out!"
Roll your eyes with a tired huff. You weren't exactly planning to, but hey, that could work. She can't do anything about it but look stupid pounding onto the door like a maniac.
You get out. You find Minju dressed in a gray, sleeveless top with a jacket matching its color. She has undone her black hair and let it fall to her shoulders.
Tumblr media
She gives you a wide, scheming smile. "Let's go?"
Minju does not wait for a reply. She simply takes hold of your wrist and pulls you through the swindling doors, colorful galleries, and parked cars. She leads you to her own vehicle. It's a modest black car that's been around for ages, but still works as if it were new. You can tell from the light rust on the knobs.
"Get in," Minju says. She already peeks at you from the rolled-down window. Gesturing to the empty passenger seat beside her with a tilt of her head, her brows rise and stay at their impatient height until you get into the car.
You only learn later that it's more than mandatory to have a seatbelt on when Minju is your driver.
There's that red light she easily breezes through. And another. Your eyes are wide. "What the fuck, Minju?" you yell. Your hands frantically fly to your seatbelt and fasten its buckle into place. Not without flying around, of course.
"What?" she asks, really not knowing what's wrong. "You need a water or something?"
Anddd a near miss with a bus. The honk of the horn is deafening. "Do you even have a license?"
"Ha, nope. This car isn't mine. It's my鈥攈ey, fuck you, too, you old shit!" Minju gives an angry driver who nearly collided with her sideview mirror the middle finger. When she turns back to you, she grins calmly. "Anyway, it was my brother's. He taught me to drive when I was eleven."
"Well, that explains it," you mutter to yourself sarcastically. And you'd think that since she learned from an early age, she'd drive better than most. That's her second deception of the day, and the twenty-third broken law.
The car swerves and spins into curved roads as if it were dancing. You're constantly on the edge of your seat. Minju, however, is unbothered. This isn't an out-of-place habit for her, breaking at least thirty traffic laws the moment the wheels of her car start rolling. Nor is it for the traffic guards in the middle of the roads, it seems. They yell at Minju with a a warning, but disregard it after a few seconds. How many almost-crashes did it take for them to realize there's no dealing with her?
You almost break into song of religious praise when Minju finally parks near her house. But it's too early to celebrate. God has fashioned this day unpredictably.
Her home is as large as a mansion. It's not exactly a mansion, of course, but the combination of paint and placing is satisfactory enough to pass as a modern house. It stands out in the suburban division like a sore thumb, if a sore thumb were fancier.
She throws open the door. The interior of her home is just as impressive as the exterior. Posters and drawings decorate the walls. The space in each room is wider than the first floor of your own home. You'd give in to jealousy if you weren't more surprised at the thing Minju is brandishing.
"Surprise, surprise," she says. She sticks it in your face for you to see it better, but it's too close for you to even understand what it is. It is only when she moves it back does it finally sink in.
A foretelling personification, really. It's a strap-on. Or is it a dildo? Oh, it's whatever you call a pink plastic shaped like dick. But your difficulty in naming what it is isn't the biggest problem you'll encounter this day. Oh, you have bigger fish to fry soon.
"What the fuck, Minju?" you ask in disbelief. Shake your head again and again, still not coming to terms with what she plans to do. "I'm not gay! I'm not getting fucked in the ass by鈥"
"I never said you were gay," Minju points out. She's good at that, finding Freudian slips in the middle of your sentences to turn against you."I just wanted to try fucking a guy's ass, that's all. And since I have you... I thought that today is the day."
"Babycakes!" she says, with a grin that's a distorted mirroring of your worried frown. She grasps your chin and kisses you on the lips. "It'll be fine, I promise. You have nothing to worry about."
She really needs to stop calling you babycakes. It's annoying you already. But more than that, you don't trust her words. What if she's just using you again? What if she's lying to you, like she did when she said that she would think about taking your pieces in? When she's done, she'll surely throw you away like a trash bag, as if you were never really there, and replace you with a new and prettier one to dump everything she wants in.
But you find yourself walking to her bedroom. Slipping your jeans down. Putting them on the floor as Minju fastens the strap to her hips. Lying down on the bed and just waiting for it.
Wait, why the fuck is your dick hard?
There's a cold feeling on your asshole for a while. It's because of the lube Minju's lathering onto it, "for safety purposes," she says. "Damn, I'm pretty big! D'you think it'll be funny if I actually put a condom on the tip?"
But she doesn't, after an unamused roll of your eyes, and the pink tip penetrates your lubed hole. The intrusion is fought with the receiving hole's tightening. The sensation is weirder than anything you've felt before. Of course, you've never done this before, so you never could imagine what it felt like. But now, you discover that it's a sickly mix of pain and pleasure.
"Fuck, Min鈥"
"That's not the right word, honey," Minju corrects you. The drags of her cock in and out are slow. "Tonight, I'm not Kim Minju. I'm your daddy."
"Mmph! Please, Min鈥 daddy," you whimper out. The word feels right when it slips past your mouth. "Daddy." Daddy, daddy, daddy. You're usually on the receiving side when your previous girls uttered it, but maybe it's actually fun to say it, too.
Minju's cock prods at your ass. It slips further inside as she giggles musically. "That's right. Open up for daddy, sweetheart~"
Even if, let's say, you refuse to, there's no other choice you can run to. You're on the bed, naked, with a woman whose hips wield a fastened dick. You can't escape.
Minju's strokes are almost loving. It's slow, sensual, and timed. She must have taken sympathy on you, for what might be the first time. Of course, her hand wraps around your own dick to provide an "everyday" stimulus, too. That, you enjoy, better than the pegging. You jerk into her hand with a clear need never spoken through words, but a series of helpless mewls.
"What a twitchy little cock," laughs Minju. She wraps her hand around it like a ribbon, and fastens it with quick, bold strokes. They're bolder than any step or curve you've drawn, any controversial piece you've made. "Your cock really likes daddy's dick, doesn't it? And her warm hand?"
You're leaning towards the latter as of now, but you nod anyway. What else can you do? Your virgin asshole can't do anything about it, your leaking cock can't do anything about it. Hell, your tears can't, either. But there's a secret joy formed inside of you at being under Minju's control, with nowhere to run or hide. It's sick, you know that, but you can't help what you feel.
Maybe you like being used and pegged by this harsh curator. Maybe you like her evil words, her tempting body, and her attitude that would make any grandmother die on the spot. Maybe you like the way she treats you like you're a particularly crude inconvenience in her way.
You're shaken by that realization. But what shocks you more is her hand slapping your ass cheeks hardly. You cry out, but the sound is quickly silenced by Minju's free fingers in your mouth.
"Shhh, quiet, baby," Minju coos softly. She leans over to kiss your back and neck. "I want to hear your cute cheeks slap together."
It's a sentence that can easily be used for comedic relief in a fucked-up sitcom. But to you, it's nothing but sexy. The way the words drip from her kissing lips just add to the hotness of her hand giving your ass a firm spank. Your bottom cringes, causing your legs to go weak. You've sunken onto the bed helplessly. At least it's a comfortable place to lie into. The bedsheets must be expensive. They have no other reason to be this silky and soft. Just how much is a curator paid? You might want to consider that career rather than go for being an artist.
Due to your fall, Minju takes your ass in a pronebone position. Sometimes, she isn't satisfied with your butt hole's gape, so she pries it apart with her own fingers. You squeal into the pillows. Pray the neighbors don't hear your scream when Minju takes matters into her own hands and slips a finger beside her strap.
Her strokes gain more strength as the present becomes soon. It's a sensation that you have no idea how to choose between liking and hating it. Your prostrate is constantly stimulated, and the brown walls of your butt are rubbed against, but there's the newness of it all. You aren't used to this. Part of you outright refuses to do it again, but the curious side of you is more than interested for another round. Maybe one or two more? You really wouldn't mind.
"P-please, please, daddy."
You start to beg of your own accord. Lewdly. Needily. You're starting to like this too much. With Minju corrupting your ass and her hand jerking you off, you accept your fate. Paintings don't matter anymore, just as long as it's Minju's cock lodged inside you.
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cokowiii 3 days
Tumblr media
@tammydrawz 鈥淢ikey scaring his brothers as he runs around with his head in his shell and on all fours鈥
Something about this just screams younger sibling antics
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flirty hero x flustered villain + spice pls i am a sucker for this dynamic and u write it so well
鈥淪top moving like that or this is gonna get more intimate than you want to,鈥 the hero ordered, their chest pressed against the villain鈥檚. Suddenly, they grinned and leaned in, their lips brushing the villain鈥檚 ear. 鈥淥r is that what you want?鈥
The villain said nothing which鈥as unaccountable. It was true that they didn鈥檛 talk much but most of the time, they had an answer on their lips.
In the darkness, the hero couldn鈥檛 really see their reaction, but they could hear the shaky breath.
鈥淢aybe I want that,鈥 the villain said after a few seconds of silence. Their voice was adorably quiet, their grip on the hero tighter than before.
鈥淐areful what you wish for鈥︹ The hero鈥檚 hand followed a seam on the back of the villain鈥檚 uniform all the way down. All the way down.
The villain took in a sharp breath.
鈥淣ow tell me, my pretty villain. What are you doing in my agency?鈥
鈥淚鈥斺 The hero鈥檚 hand squeezed softly. The villain鈥檚 voice was weak. 鈥淲oah鈥斺
They threw their head back against the wall and the walls were so thin it even made the shelf full of cleaning supplies next to them shake.
鈥淏aby,鈥 the hero said gently. 鈥淪tart using that pretty mouth of yours or I鈥檒l find other ways to make use of it.鈥
God, the hero loved this. The villain was a total nerd. Broadly speaking. And the hero wanted to devour them.
It was 鈥渟urprising鈥 to see them here. The villain wasn鈥檛 made for field work, no, they were in their element behind the screen. They were a genius. They were good with their fingers.
When the hero had seen them in the fake uniform, they鈥檇 decided not to show up to their many meetings today. It looked too good. And even though the villain wasn鈥檛 good in the field, their physicality could鈥檝e suggested otherwise.
鈥淢y love,鈥 the hero said. Their hand came up to the villain鈥檚 throat. Of course they didn鈥檛 squeeze, they just held them, feeling soft skin on rough hands, being close, being connected in some strange way. 鈥淚 love that you鈥檙e here, did you miss me?鈥
鈥淵es,鈥 the villain whispered. Their voice was shaking again. That satisfied the hero and they couldn鈥檛 help but grin.
鈥淪ay it. Say that you missed me, sweetheart.鈥
鈥淚 missed you,鈥 the villain said. Their breath was on the hero鈥檚 neck which was beyond delicate. It was pure heaven. 鈥溾lease kiss me.鈥
They said it so fast, the hero almost missed it.
鈥淔uck, baby鈥ou know I can鈥檛鈥︹ the hero said. 鈥淭hey track everything I do.鈥
鈥淚 could reprogram the protocol,鈥 the villain suggested. 鈥淚 could鈥hh鈥斺
The hero had sunk their teeth into the villain鈥檚 neck carefully. Their tongue ran over the bite mark a few times until they started sucking.
They hadn鈥檛 thought this would happen. They hadn鈥檛 thought they鈥檇 see their nemesis today and pull them into a storeroom and give them a hickey. But god, they enjoyed it. They enjoyed the little moans and the soft skin and how the villain held them tighter.
Maybe they were already lost. But the hero had stopped caring about that a long time ago. This was what they needed.
They needed this. They needed the villain. But they also knew when to be reserved. They had to keep their own heartbeat down.
They鈥檇 have what they wanted soon enough.
When they were done, they pulled away, their lips hovering over the hickey.
鈥淚 know your friends are trying to rob us right now. They will find nothing, they won鈥檛 be hunted down. Not today. My orders.鈥 They looked at the villain and could鈥檝e sworn their eyes widened. 鈥淚 know you鈥檙e here as a distraction. I just didn鈥檛 know when you鈥檇 come.鈥
They tilted their head, their index finger touching their enemy鈥檚 burning cheek.
鈥淪how them the hickey, darling. At least one part of their plan worked.鈥
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stvharrngton 22 hours
if you're still doing steve requests, can i get one with 鈥淵ou can get louder, can鈥檛 you?鈥 and 鈥淚d you want to come you better beg.鈥
Maybe they have a competition to see who can make the other person get the loudest 馃憖
sorry it took so long for me to post this i hope you enjoy 馃挆
pairing: steve harrington x fem!reader
word count: 2.4k
warnings: smut, 18+ minors dni, oral (f and m receiving), cursing, dirty talk, softdom!steve
prompt: 12. 鈥測ou can get louder, can鈥檛 you?鈥 and 16. 鈥渋f you want to cum you better beg鈥 from this list (x)
It all started as a little joke. Eddie poking a little fun at you and Steve. The raven haired boy subtly bringing up how he overheard you and Steve from your boyfriend鈥檚 bedroom behind the closed door when you both 鈥榚xcused鈥 yourselves during the weekly hangout.
鈥淣ow,鈥 Eddie teased you both, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know 鈥榖out you guys but it was most definitely Harrington here moaning like a wildebeest.鈥
You burst into a fit of giggles at Eddie鈥檚 statement, Steve beside you, cheeks flushed pink as he stammered and stumbled over his words. Telling Eddie he was wrong, that it was you being too loud. Hands held on his hips as he rolled his eyes at you two.
The joke still the topic of yours and Steve鈥檚 conversation on your walk home, the warm buzz of the couple beers you each drank guarding you from the cold air.
鈥淚 dunno, babe,鈥 he started, fingers laced between yours as you walked, 鈥測ou鈥檙e definitely louder than me in bed. Munson鈥檚 full of shit.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e not still talking about this, Stevie?鈥 you rolled your eyes at the boy, swinging your hands in step, 鈥淏esides,鈥 you whispered, 鈥淚 love when you鈥檙e loud f鈥檓e. It鈥檚 hot.鈥
A slight tug on your arm and you were stopped in Steve鈥檚 driveway, a meter from his front door.
鈥淵eah?鈥 he breathed into the air, the faint fog disappearing into the air.
鈥淵eah,鈥 you nodded, hands resting on his firm chest as you peered up at him through your eyelashes. Eyes coloured with a pretty haze, 鈥渟o hot.鈥
Steve smirked, leaning into you to brush his lips to yours. He crowded over you as his arms snaked around your waist pulling you flush to him. Your lips moved together so sweetly, yet so needy.
The boy kissed you stupid in the middle of his drive, tongue licking into you all pretty. No care for the cool temperature outside, or the neighbours that might happen to see you making out with your boyfriend underneath the street lamp. Everything was Steve and you couldn鈥檛 care for anything else right now.
He walked you back towards his front door, lips never leaving yours, until your back was pressed into the wood. You whimpered into Steve, a sweet little noise that was music to his ears. The boy pulling off you only to bury his face in your neck, soft lips leaving wet kisses on the skin there.
鈥淪teve,鈥 you breathed, eyelids fluttering closed at the feeling of his mouth all over his skin, 鈥渟hould we take this inside?鈥
The boy hummed against your skin, fingertips digging into your waist, 鈥淗ow about we make this interesting, hm?鈥
You furrowed your brows in confusion, 鈥淕o on,鈥 you said, trying to pry your boyfriend off you to get a better look at him.
鈥淲ell,鈥 he started, finally pulling away from you. A hand cupping your cheek, thumb dragging over the flushed skin, 鈥渉ow 鈥榖out whoever can make the other moan the loudest gets breakfast in bed tomorrow?鈥
You grinned up at Steve, a toothy smile that oozed confidence, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e on, Harrington.鈥 And then you鈥檙e lips were on his again, fisting his t-shirt to bring him down to you, 鈥淎nd I want pancakes in the morning.鈥
Steve sniggered at you, sliding the key into the lock letting you both inside. You were back all over each other as soon as the lock clicked behind you. His large hands grasping at the backs of your thighs, lifting you up into him.
Your arms snaked around his neck, fingertips raking through the hair at the nape of his neck. Steve carried you up the stairs to his room, lips never leaving yours as he kissed you fiercely.
Laying you down on the mattress, he let himself kiss over any exposed skin he could find, his fingertips delving beneath your shirt pushing it up your stomach. Pressing wet kisses over your navel, his teeth teasing the waistband of your jeans.
You watched with heavy eyes, bottom lip between your teeth, suddenly realised how hard it was going to be to keep fucking quiet. You reached for your shirt, pulling it off over your head.
Steve groaned at the sight, chest still covered by his favourite black lacy bra, 鈥淏aby,鈥 he cooed, 鈥渟uch pretty tits.鈥 Hands coming to grope at the flesh over the lace material.
You let out a shaky breath as he pulled the cups down to let your tits spill out over the material, tongue lapping at your nipple, sucking and releasing with a pop. You squeaked out as your fingers flew into his hair, tugging at the roots.
He hummed against your skin, finally popping the button of your jeans and pulling them down your legs. Warm brown eyes glued to your clothed core, his large palms keeping your thighs spread for him.
You squirmed beneath his gaze, cheeks flushing pink and legs involuntarily trying to close back up.
鈥淥h, come on, baby. Don鈥檛 be shy,鈥 Steve teased, voice low and coy, 鈥測ou wanna feel good, don鈥檛 you?鈥
You whimpered softly but nodded nonetheless. Steve hooked his fingers into your underwear and pulled them down as he did your jeans. He shuffled down the bed until his face was eye level with your cunt.
He blew cool air through pouted lips, a sensation that made you shiver. You purse your lips together, it was taking everything you had to not moan obscenely already. You let out a deep breath as Steve licked a flat stripe up your pussy.
Steve smirked into you, tongue lapping at your sopping hole. He was making the filthiest noises as he buried his face between your legs, slurping and sucking and being so messy about it. His eyes were clenched shut, your arousal covering Steve鈥檚 mouth and chin, the slick dribbling down your thighs.
You slapped your hand over your mouth, letting out the sweetest little moan. It was quiet, it was strained, you couldn鈥檛 not make a sound, not when Steve was eating your pussy the way he was.
He chuckled between your thighs, a finger now coming to tease at your entrance, 鈥淏aby, I never said you couldn鈥檛 moan. Come on, wanna hear it.鈥
The boy lapped at your clit, lips encircling the bud and sucking. His pointer finger pumped in and out of you at a slow pace, digit curling slightly to brush against that spot that drove you crazy.
Your hand fell from your mouth, a strangled moan escaping your lips. Back arching off the bed, you clutched the sheets between your fingers. Your eyes fluttered open down to Steve, his hair a little wild, cheeks a little flush. You moaned out again as his finger kept up the pace.
鈥淵ou can get louder, can鈥檛 you?鈥 He teased from between your legs, brows furrowing at the weak noises babbling past your lips.
鈥淔uck,鈥 you groaned a little louder this time. A second finger added to your puffy pussy, slick walls swallowing Steve鈥檚 fingers as he went back to sucking on your clit.
You felt the coil in your stomach twist and pull as he curled his fingers upwards, your thighs quaking as Steve used his free hand to pin your one leg to the bed. He pulled away slightly, his lips now pressing soft kisses on your stomach. His hand slapping against your cunt as his fingers pumped, in and out, in and out.
You cried out at the pleasure, your orgasm right around the corner. One more stroke of his fingers, one more dirty word from his mouth and you鈥檇 be there, you swore blind.
鈥淐ome on, sweetheart, I know you鈥檙e there.鈥 He cooed, his fingers unrelenting, your dripping pussy squelching around them, 鈥淲ant you to cum, let me hear it.鈥
Your back arched off the bed as Steve stroked his thumb over your throbbing clit, your climax crashing over you. You whined and whimpered, cried and moaned a mix of curses and the boy鈥檚 name like a siren song.
It was loud and you knew it, your body shaking all over, chest heaving as your toes curled into the sheets. Your body shuddering as Steve continued to lick into you, your hands flying to his hair, tugging to try and pry him off you.
He chuckled as he pressed one final kiss to your clit, the nerves sensitive, causing you to yelp.
鈥淭hat feel good baby?鈥 he asked, hands stroking up and down your thighs, 鈥淵鈥檊ot pretty loud back there.鈥
You rolled your eyes at his teasing, pushing him up off you so he was sat on his heels. 鈥淵our turn now, Harrington.鈥
Steve smirked at you as he pulled his shirt off and laid back against the pillows of his bed. You unbuckled his belt and popped the button of his jeans, pulling the denim off his legs. He was rock hard beneath the soft material of his boxers, his dick twinging the moment you told him it was hot when he moaned for you.
Your fingers ghosted over the shaft over the material, Steve鈥檚 breath hitching in his throat. He petted at your hair softly as your fingers hooked under the elastic, pulling at his boxers until they joined his jeans on the floor.
Steve鈥檚 thick cock slapped up against his stomach, tip swell and leaking, the prominent vein on the underside of his shaft strong and protruding. He groaned above you as you wrapped your lips around the tip, tongue swirling over the slit.
鈥淪hit鈥 baby, your mouth feels so good,鈥 fingers wrapping around your hair in a makeshift ponytail.
You hummed around his cock, the vibrations making him whine as you bobbed your mouth up and down his length. Your hand came to cup his balls, palming them in your hand; a high-pitched moan escaping as Steve squeezed his eyes shut.
鈥淥h, fu-uck,鈥 he stuttered, hips rutting up into your mouth. Steve鈥檚 thighs clenched as the tip of his cock hit the back of your throat, 鈥淪hit, 鈥榤 gonna cum already.鈥
Your eyes shot open at his statement, the boy pulling you off of him. Your brows pinched in confusion as your jaw ached to have your mouth back on him.
鈥淲ha鈥斺 you started.
鈥淏aby, I gotta cum inside you. Need to feel that pretty little pussy,鈥 Steve pulled you up to him, brushing his lips against yours in a searing kiss.
He flipped you back on the mattress, so your face was pressed into the pillows. He gripped your hips so they were raised a little, spitting in his palm to wet his cock. Steve lined himself up with your cunt, leaning over you to whisper in your ear, 鈥溾楳 gonna make you fucking scream, sweetheart.鈥
You whimpered at the thought, hands fisting the sheets as Steve pushed into you. The stretch felt so hot, so good, his fat cock opening you up just right. You both moaned into the quiet of the room at the feeling.
Steve thrust in inch by inch, until he was buried inside you to the hilt. The tip of his cock resting against the sweet little spot he had no trouble finding. As soon as Steve started to move his hips, a deep dirty grind against the swell of your ass, you were a goner. All thoughts of your little competition overcome by Steve.
You cried out, moans muffled by the pillow, as Steve pulled out almost all the way, your pussy gripping the tip, before he thrust back in. His cock hitting so hard and deep, his hips slapping against your ass, the sound of the skin slapping together the only thing above your moans and whines that could be heard.
Moans tumbled past your lips every time Steve fucked his cock into you, his one hand gripping your hip as his elbow rested beside your head, his lips pressing soft kisses and teeth nipping at your neck. The boy groaned lowly as you pressed your ass up against him, the new angle allowing him to go deeper.
鈥淧ussy feels so fucking good,鈥 he thrusts getting harder with every word, his mouth whispering filth right over the shell of your ear.
You mewled as you rocked your head back, allowing Steve more access to your neck. You slithered your hand down your body between the sheets, fingers coming to rub at your clit. Between Steve stuffing you so full, his lips on your skin and his cock pounding you into the mattress you were close to your second orgasm already.
Steve felt you shift below him, moaning gruffly in your ear, 鈥淚f you want to cum, you better beg. Don鈥檛 think I don鈥檛 know what you鈥檙e doing, baby.鈥
You whined breathlessly, the weight of Steve鈥檚 body pressing into your back, 鈥淧lease, Stevie. Wanna cum, please, oh please, can I cum?鈥
He chuckled into your ear, teeth sucking a pretty lavender mark into your neck, 鈥淵eah, go 鈥榟ead baby. Come on,鈥 he moaned, 鈥渕ake a mess all over my cock.鈥
鈥淥h, Steve, fuck鈥斺 you cried, tears welling at the corner of your eyes as he kept fucking into you, your pussy clenching around his length deliciously, your nails clawing at the arm that rested beside your head.
鈥淥h, baby,鈥 he cooed, nose pressing into your cheek, his hips never stopping, 鈥渢hat鈥檚 it, that鈥檚 my girl. Such a good girl f鈥檓e.鈥
You slumped into the mattress with a whine, your body shaking with pleasure. Steve wrapped his fingers around your jaw, turning your head so he could press his lips to yours.
鈥淭hat was a big one, huh, sweet girl?鈥 the tip of his nose brushing along the slope of yours, 鈥淒id so well. You gonna let me cum, now?鈥
Keening beneath him, you nodded into his kiss. Eyes fluttering closed as your body fell tired. Steve pressed kisses all over your cheek, strong hand gripping your hip again and his thrusts picked back up again.
Despite how spent you felt, Steve never relented. His cock fucking into you fast and hard, your pussy leaking all over him and the sheets. He moaned so sweetly, head thrown back in pleasure as his lips parted so prettily.
Steve felt his climax wash over him like a wave, it came hard and fast, knocking him off his feet. His thrusts became sloppy, grunts and groans and oh fuck鈥檚 and thank you, oh thank you鈥檚 trembled past his lips.
He called out your name as he came, ropes of hot cum spilling inside of you. Steve鈥檚 hips didn鈥檛 stop though, his cock fucking his cum back into your cunt, stuffing you full.
The boy collapsed onto your back with a groan, chest sweaty and heaving. He pulled out of you with a hiss, rolling onto the sheets next to you. He pulled you into his chest, lips pressing sweet kisses into your hairline.
He rubbed his hand up and down your back soothingly as he spoke,
鈥淚鈥檒l be having waffles in the morning, pretty girl.鈥
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camilaxmartin 3 days
hii! could you a shuri imagine where the reader always gets really flustered and nervous around her and shuri starts to notice the effect she has on the reader. maybe even leans into it a little bit馃槒
醿 the scientist III
thank you for your request!! i was having so much fun writing this one and to be honest this one is probably my favourite from the whole series. speaking of which! this story will have four chapters so you can now wait for the last one!
Tumblr media
navigation // request // me and find the rest!
summary: shuri takes advantage of the fact how flustered she makes you
notes: i love this one so much you have no idea, hope you like it though!
part one // part two
you woke up in a place everything was blue.
you thought you died, literally.
but then you felt a hand on your cheek and your attention immediately flew to the person who鈥檚 said hand belonged to.
it was shuri.
she was looking at you with a worried look in her eyes. you slowly sat up still processing everything that happened.
okay so you were at the some kind mission with her and okoye. and you landed on the place were all three of you were supposed to meet. right.
but then you remember the incredible pain you felt in your ankle.
like burned you quickly looked at your ankle not seeing any signs of damage. weird.
finally your eyes landed again on shuri and she started talking.
鈥測ou okay?鈥 she asked and you just nodded your head still not being able to answer properly. 鈥渋鈥檓 sure you鈥檙e wondering where we are, well that鈥檚 namor鈥檚 cage i guess. they take me here with you cause i required that.鈥 she explained giving you time to catch up on everything.
鈥渟o what now? is there anyone who could save us? or we鈥檙e just stuck here for the rest of our lives?鈥 you started to panic but the hand on your cheek started to slowly stroke you calming you down a bit.
鈥渉ey, relax.鈥 shuri said looking into your eyes again. 鈥渋鈥檓 not sure what鈥檚 going to happen now but for sure i won鈥檛 let them hurt you.鈥 she promised and you uncontrollably blushed at her words. she smiled seeing your reaction.
鈥渢hank you.鈥 that鈥檚 all you could say at that moment.
鈥渋 don鈥檛 know how we鈥檙e gonna get out of here but i鈥檒l figure out something.鈥 she said more to herself than to you.
鈥渋 believe in you princess.鈥 you said and this time it was shuri鈥檚 turn to blush at your words.
鈥測ou need to rest now. the thing they used to put you to sleep wasn鈥檛 deadly, but it for sure weakened your body.鈥 she said worryingly again.
鈥渋鈥檓 fine.鈥 you answered even though you weren鈥檛 feeling fine.
鈥測ou鈥檙e not.鈥 she stated and used her other hand, the one that wasn鈥檛 situated on your face, to lay you down on the bed the brought up for you.
鈥渞eally shuri, it鈥檚 okay.鈥 you said still trying to argue with her.
鈥測ou need to rest.鈥 she said harshly and with one move she laid you down.
鈥渨hat about you?鈥 you asked worrying about her while also secretly hoping she would laid down with you.
鈥測ou don鈥檛 need to worry about me.鈥 she smiled and stroked your cheek again.
鈥渙f course i do!鈥 you exclaimed a bit too determined. 鈥渋 mean, you worry about me so i worry about you. that鈥檚 how it works.鈥 you tried to explain yourself but shuri quietly laughed at you.
鈥渙kay, okay.鈥 she said playfully rolling her eyes. 鈥渨hat do you want me to do?鈥 she asked and you bit down your lip.
鈥渕aybe you could,鈥 you started after a moment, seeing she waits for your response. 鈥渓ay down here with me?鈥 you asked quietly but shuri heard you.
鈥渋f that鈥檚 what you want.鈥 she smiled and you blushed at her words. 鈥渋 mean what鈥檚 best for me.鈥 she corrected herself which earned her a roll of your eyes.
you moved a bit making room for her. shuri slowly laid down next to you, your faces being now so close to each other. you moved on your back feeling a bit to nervous so now her nose was actually touching your cheek. she smiled seeing the red color appearing on your face once again.
鈥渋 haven鈥檛 notice i make you so flustered.鈥 she whispered like she was scared there was anyone else who could hear you. your eyes immediately looked at her.
鈥測ou鈥檙e not making me flustered.鈥 you said not believing your own words.
鈥渙h right.鈥 she replied with a small smirk on her face. 鈥渟o you won鈥檛 get even redder if i do this?鈥 she asked and one of her arms wrapped around your waist. you tried to keep yourself calm.
鈥渙f course not.鈥 you responded while your eyes were glued to the ceiling.
鈥渨hat about this?鈥 she asked and moved her head up so that her mouth were now at the same high as your ear. 鈥渁m i still not making you flustered?鈥 she whispered right into your ear and you felt goosebumps all over your body.
鈥渘-no.鈥 you answered as steadily as you could.
鈥渉m.鈥 she whispered again more to herself. shuri then get up a bit and your attention immediately flew to her wondering why was she pulling away from you. her arm was still wrapped around your waist. she was now laying on her bent arm just a bit above you. you turned a bit into her direction which led you to being directly under her face. shuri smiled at you and you again felt your cheeks redden. 鈥渘o flustered?鈥 she asked and you rolled your eyes at her not wanting to admit it.
鈥渄on鈥檛 tease me, princess.鈥 you said looking at her again. this time you noticed the red that got to her face. 鈥渙h?鈥 you exclaimed seeing that the effect she had on you was mutual.
鈥渋 can only start teasing you.鈥 she said wanting to be in control again. even though your face again got redder at her words, you weren鈥檛 so fast to give it up.
鈥渨ould it be that bad princess? maybe that鈥檚 what i want?鈥 you said suddenly feeling bold. shuri looked at you a bit surprised but also invested.
she lowered herself down a bit so she was closer to your face, your noses touching again. shuri was looking right into your eyes almost like she was taking a look at your soul. you felt another wave of shiver鈥檚 coming down your spine.
鈥測ou鈥檙e driving me crazy.鈥 she whispered.
鈥渕aybe that was my plan after all?鈥 you replied which earned you a chuckle from her.
a silence came over the room. the two of you were just looking into each other eyes feeling like you were the only people in the whole world, like nothing else beside you matter in that moment. shuri then delicately licked her lips and you could help your eyes wondering to get a look at her lips but the poison you were in wasn鈥檛 letting you look at them. shuri of course noticed your attempt and smiled even more. your eyes then came up back to her just to be meet with that knowing look. she knew what you were up to, and maybe she was up for it too?
鈥減rincess.鈥 you whispered not wanting to break the moment.
鈥測es?鈥 she answered with a whisper. you took a deeper breath preparing yourself for the next words that were going to come out of your mouth. suddenly you felt shuri鈥檚 grip on your waist.
鈥渋 want,鈥 you started but couldn鈥檛 say those words out loud. she smiled at you wanting you to say it.
鈥渨hat do you want?鈥 she asked even though she exactly knew. you let out a sigh.
鈥減rincess, please.鈥 you said trying to let her know what you meant without you actually saying it.
鈥渋 need you to say that. i鈥檓 not sure what you want.鈥 she said teasing you. maybe the teasing wasn鈥檛 actually the best option.
having enough, one of your hands grabbed the back of her head and your fingers wrapped themselves around her short curled. shuri closed her eyes for a moment at the feeling. then you gently pulled her head towards you just wanting to connect your lips, but much to your displeasure shuri wasn鈥檛 going to let you do it so easily.
鈥渏ust say it.鈥 she said opening her eyes again and looking right into your own.
鈥減rincess.鈥 you started getting pissed at yourself. 鈥渋 want to kiss you so bad.鈥 you finally whispered closing your eyes in the process.
shuri smiled at you even more. you slowly opened your eyes seeing the look she was now giving you, making sure she wanted the same thing you did. you yourself smiled and could swore you felt her lips right on yours when the two of you heard steps on the other side of the cage. shuri immediately got up to check what was going on. you rolled your eyes at whoever disturbed you two.
鈥渘amor wants to meet with you.鈥 said the woman who came in. shuri nodded her head and got up from the bed but you stopped her with your hand wrapping around her wrist.
鈥測ou鈥檙e going to leave me here?鈥 you asked being scared. she smiled at you.
鈥渄on鈥檛 worry, i鈥檒l be back as soon as possible.鈥 she answered and kissed the hand that stopped her. after that she came up to the woman and went deeper into the cave. no minute later another woman came in bringing you a plate full of fruits.
@retirement-home @mrsmunsonlaufeyson @lololo392 @liliana-byers @originalcollectionpirate聽 @jeniyona-ame
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
090808 hara 鈾
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dailyraccoons 2 days
Got any grumpy-looking raccs? 馃憠馃憟
Tumblr media
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mcnotok 3 days
would a smol zim/gir maybe be ok?(if ur still doing requests)
Tumblr media
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notpikaman 19 hours
Tumblr media
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billysbabyy 1 day
Hello! I love your stuff!
Can I make a request for the next fic?
Reader telling Billy shes pregnant after a one night stand?
Maybe a little angst and fluff?
馃檹馃徏 pretty please
Tumblr media
warnings: swearing, unprotected sex (mention of), teen pregnancy.
You were absolutely terrified about telling Billy. This wasn't how the end of your Senior year was supposed to go- you had early acceptance to Berkley and were getting the hell out of Hawkins as soon as possible.
Yet as you stared down at the two lines on the pregnancy test, you felt sick to your stomach. Along with the other two positive tests you had taken earlier.
You and Billy weren't even together. You had drunkenly hooked up at a party two months ago. You had barely spoken since, just sharing subtle glances at one another in the hallways or occasionally sharing an awkward, brief chat at a party.
You had only noticed it when you started feeling sick, your boobs were sore, and you realised your period was six's weeks later. You had hoped it was due to the stress of finishing your senior year, but the three pregnancy tests said otherwise.
Billy comes around with a confused look on his face, standing awkwardly in your doorway.
"I wasn't expecting you, of all people, to call." He mutters as he steps into the house, looking around and awkwardly taking off his jacket. "Why did you call anyways? You want to hook up again?"
"Not quite." You mutter as you lead him into the living room where the three positive pregnancy tests were laid out. Billy's eyes widening when he catches sight of them on the coffee table.
"What the fuck are those?" He breathes out.
"Pregnancy tests. All positive." You muttered, falling onto the couch and burying your head in your hands as Billy sat across from you, his blue eyes wide with shock. Picking each one up and examining it closely.
"Are you sure it's mine?"
You look up at him with wide eyes. "I told you that it was my first time that night and I haven't had sex with anyone else, so yes it yours."
"Shit, shit, shit, shit," Billy repeats, running a nervous hand through his curls. He felt like he was going to be sick, his stomach in knots. Neil was going to kill him, your father was probably going to kill him- fuck, you might even do it. He knew you had early acceptance to some fancy-ass college.
"Are you going to keep it?" He finally asks softly. "I'll- erm- I'll support whatever choice you make."
You had considered that option quite extensively, but when you had called to make the appointment at Planned Parenthood, you found yourself unable to go through with it. Calling three times and hanging up as soon as someone answered.
"I thought about it, but I-I don't think I can do it. I'm sorry." You say, doing your best to hold back the tears.
"You don't have to be a part of its life or anything. I'm only telling you because I felt you had the right to know," you say softly, shaking your head. "I don't expect anything from you or anything like that. This is my decision."
You watch as Billy stares intensely at you before shaking his head. "Fuck that. Do you think I'm going to abandon my kid? Let you struggle to raise it while I live my life like nothing happened. I'm the one who didn't use a rubber. It's my responsibility as well."
You felt a slight ache of relief, knowing that, at least, you wouldn't be going through this completely alone. You knew your parents would probably kick you out when you told them or cut off any support, but at least you would have help from Billy, which was something.
"What are we going to do?" You asked quietly.
"Get our own place, somewhere local, or even fuck-off to California. I'll get a job, maybe two. This kid isn't going without."
This was the last thing you had expected when you invited Billy over tonight. You expected him to high-tail it out there as soon as you gave him permission, you didn't expect him to sit there and start planning a future or how you were going to support this baby.
"We got like 7 months to get it right, right?" He asks softly, and you nod your head. "That's 7 months to figure out what we're gonna do and how we're gonna do it right. This kid ain't gonna grow up like me. They're going to have a good dad and a good mom."
You nod your head, watching as Billy stands up and sits beside you, reaching for your hand and squeezing it gently.
"We're in this together, okay. No matter what happens."
And you never thought that Billy Hargrove, of all people, would be the best thing ever to happen to you.
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writingsofwesteros 3 days
modern day a.u. Rockstar Daemon x innocent super fan reader ( viserys' youngest daughter). She visits him after a concert and he seduces her, fucking her and it gets caught on sex tape! Sex scandal!!! Viserys' reaction too!!
AN: Hi, I hope you like it x
鈥淚 can鈥檛 believe you got a backstage pass.鈥 You whispered out; the line began to move forward as you stayed at your friend鈥檚 side. 鈥淥f course, we can鈥檛 pass up an opportunity to see them.鈥 She began to babble. You wished you had her excitement; all you felt now was rising shyness engulfing you.
Those bright locks of yours were brushed out of your face with a loose braid falling down your back. 鈥淐ome on.鈥 She excitedly giggled and not so gently took your hand. 鈥淣ow, just mingle.鈥 She hummed; already reaching for a drink. You watched as she easily fell into the crowd and you lost sight of her.
Gods, you did not want to mingle. You chewed nervously on your bottom lip as you looked around the room. Your fingers moved to collect a plastic cup filled with alcohol you were never going to touch. 鈥淚 believe you are out of place here.鈥 A deep, slightly familiar voice came over you.
You fought against jumping as you slowly turned around; your bright eyes widening as you locked eyes with the lead singer of the rock band. 鈥淒aemon..鈥 You whispered out before you could stop yourself. His perfect eyebrows raised up as his equally bright eyes locked onto your own.
鈥淚 would not have thought you were a fan.鈥 Daemon practically purred; salivating subtly over you. 鈥淲hy not?鈥 You asked; half confused and half shy at meeting your icon. Your heart was racing in your ears and you wondered if he could hear it. He only looked you up and down with a growing smirk.
He stepped closer whilst you fought against looking at how well those leather pants stuck to him. 鈥淲hat is your name?鈥 He gently asked as he brought his hand out for you to take. His slender fingers were covered in large rings. 鈥淵/N..鈥 You softly whispered out, taking his hand gently.
鈥淎 pretty name.鈥 Daemon practically purred. You could only duck your head with your cheeks bright with a blush. 鈥淭hank you.鈥 You whispered; chewing nervously on your plump, bottom lip. Your eyes widened as his own thumb brushed over your lip whilst your own began to part for him.聽
His thumb moved into your hot mouth before you could stop him. Daemon watched as your pretty eyes widened. Daemon only stepped closer to you; your soft, innocent scent moving over him. Your tongue slowly moved to greet the finger now in your mouth as he smirked darkly at you.
鈥淗mm, you are a pretty girl, aren鈥檛 you?鈥 Daemon purred as you softly gulped. You watched wide eyed as he brought his finger into his own mouth that had just been in your own. Your shyness easily returns once more. 鈥淎nd a shy one as well. How did I get so lucky?鈥 He teased you with ease.
鈥淣ot shy..鈥 You whispered out even as your cheeks blushed so brightly. Daemon only continued to smirk before he leaned closer. 鈥淒o you want to go somewhere private?鈥 He purred into your ear. His lips brushed against your cheek as he stayed there. Your scent had his mouth watering whilst you took in his own.
鈥淚 will take your silence as a yes then.鈥 Daemon purred into your ear and watched you giggle softly.聽
鈥淔uck, you are a delight.鈥 Daemon purred into your ear. He had completely stripped you bare and you had already creamed around his hard, thick cock that bullied your soft spot. It had hardly been 10 minutes. 鈥淪uch a sensitive girl. I might keep you around.鈥 He continued to tease you.聽
You could only babble sweetly into his ear. Your soft, ample breasts brushing against his muscled chest. His hands roughly palmed at your arse as he dragged you up and down his cock. Daemon was still clothed; his pants just unbuttoned enough whilst your bare body was on display.
He smirked over your shoulder at the red light staring back at them; recording everything. Oh, this was going to be so much fun. You began to shake on his lap once more as he forced you to fuck yourself on him. 鈥淎re you going to let me cum inside you?鈥 Daemon purred into your ear; his words you were hardly hearing now.
Daemon picked you up so only his fat head was inside your weeping pussy. Your wetness has completely soaked his cock. 鈥淪o big..鈥 You were babble, not hearing his words as he slammed you back down. Your cries of pleasure were loud as your soft breasts easily bounced with his fast thrusting.
His chuckling continued as his hands reached for your cheeks; spreading them apart for the camera to have the best view. Gods, he鈥檇 gotten lucky tonight. A sweet innocent one to ruin completely. The thought alone was enough for him to quicken his thrusts at an erratic rate whilst you could only bounce with him.
His hands roughly moved to your breasts now and began to greedily palm you. Your soft moans easily echoing around his backstage room. A ring of cream came over his cock as his own climax was easily building. 鈥淔uck, fucking cumming..鈥 Daemon growled into your ear as your walls clamped down and began to milk him.
You whimpered so prettily into his ear as you shook. He filled you so well as your own climax ripped through you. But he was not finished. Quickly, Daemon flipped you over so you were lying on the couch; his thrusting never stopped even for a moment as his hand moved to your throat.
BREAKING NEWS: Sex tape released and it鈥檚 lit the internet in flames.Rockstar Daemon of the band; Dragons and an unnamed woman. Click here for the full footage.
Daemon鈥檚whore OMG!! Have you seen the size of his dick??? Poor girl鈥
GivemetheD Damn, did you hear his moans鈥 bet he鈥檚 so loud in bed!
鈥淲here is she?鈥 Viserys ordered. The short clip of his daughter鈥檚 disgrace moving off his computer now. 鈥淪he is still with him.鈥 Ser Cole bowed his head, hiding his dark eyes of desire rather than out of respect. 鈥淚 want her found and brought back. Now.鈥 Viserys snarled, dismissing his bodyguard.
Viserys looked back at the screen; the sight of his childhood friend ruining his daughter had the anger only bubbling inside him even more.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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iznsfw 6 hours
Slumber Party Games: 18+ Edition
IZ Days of Christmas : Day 8 and 9 - Yabuki Nako and Honda Hitomi
Yabuki Nako x Honda Hitomi x Male Reader Smut
Word Count: 9871 words
Tags: teaching sex, blowjob, thighjob, riding, face-sitting, scissoring, cumswap, size kink, masturbation, truth-or-dare gone sexual
Now you know why I didn't post for Nako's day.
For a special someone who requested a HiiNako threesome, and I quote, "NAOW" (it's @kaedespicelatte if that weren't clear)
Tumblr media
You're leaping across lands as if you were walking on clouds. That's a pretty close thing to what you are doing; the wisy blue cotton wafts around you like snow. Touch them for a moment, giggling with genuine happiness, before leaping up another step. You're only going upwards from here, only towards the destination of perfection.
The whole place is flawless. Small islands are individual homes for dreamers like you. The sky never pours unless you want it to. Everything in this world can be controlled with just a word from you. But you were told that there are bigger things up ahead, in that bright golden cloud, where a castle sits grandly and a woman leans down to give you an inviting smile鈥
"Hey, heeeey! "
Two thin fingers snap you awake from the world you created for when the boredom takes you. You go to it quite often鈥攄uring lectures, lonely nights when sleep just refuses to visit you, and road trips to nowhere. You've unknowingly dozed off to your wonderland again in the campus quadrangle, right where you're supposed to be wide awake. It's already thirty minutes past your mathematics class; you're the only one in the quadrangle.
Well, not the only one. Blink twice, then thrice for good measure. Turn your head away from the streaming sunlight and force a reintroduction to reality. Here, on Earth, there are no happy utopian cities floating in midair, easily accessible through a few measured jumps. There aren't any bright clouds in arm's reach to navigate through the various world. Here, it's just... your university. It's an extremely boring place that only pique your appreciation with their well-kept gardens and satisfactory air-conditioning.
There's no air-conditioning out here in the quadrangle though. Nor is there a smile on Honda Hitomi's cute face. What a pity. What an utter waste.
"Hey there yourself, Hiichan," say brightly, as if you weren't just caught cutting classes. Cutting classes... but isn't鈥攐h right! It's two in the afternoon, and you just sat through majority of your class in the quadrangle. It was an accident, you swear, but your strict little Japanese friend won't agree with you on that sometimes. "How you doing?"
"Not fine," she says grumpily, "because I was called to drag a certain boy who was lounging outside of the classroom he's supposed to be attending a lecture in."
Direct your gaze to the left. Through the rectangular window of the wide room, all of your classmates and one unamused teacher stare at you. They exchange glances of disbelief, accompanied with words that consist of nothing but spicy gossip.
Your face burns. Now that's a situation you can't joke yourself out of. Why did you have to cut Bae Yoonjung's class out of all the classes you could have skipped? Life in the real world remains just as troublesome as your last return here.
"Miss Bae says you either get your ass inside," Hitomi continues, hands set on her hips, "and answer all the questions we're going over, or you get a failing grade."
A failing grade? "What? No, I'm not flunking her class!" you say. Flustered emotions burst and take your formerly-relaxed body from the comfort of the quadrangle bench. They bring your hands into the air, make your eyes seal a firm glare into Hitomi's tired ones. "Have you seen what her students look like after a remedial? They look like they came back from fucking World War Two or something!"
"Then get inside," says Hitomi. She's gathering the last of her patience now to give you a comforting smile. Give her props for trying to deal with you; you can barely do it yourself. "Believe me, I'm just as humiliated as you are."
"I can't get in because I can't do math, Hitomi!"
"Then get Hyewon to help you out, for fuck's sake, if she's not wrapped up trying to answer them herself. Come on, Haram. Get in."
Hyewon? Oh, come on, you aren't asking her for help! She barely talks to anyone except when she's answering in recitations. She may be pretty, but she has that kind of prettiness that makes her unapproachable. You're intimidated by her, and sometimes you feel a little guilty for it; she hasn't been unkind to anyone or bullied people to clean up dorms. She's just... scary. Scary because she simply exists.
Why do you always have to be scared of pretty girls? You're in college already and your fear of them still hasn't ceased.
But you have no choice. Get up on heavy feet and trudge the walk of shame to Bae's classroom. You're sure you look like a complete idiot. Anyone who has an IQ above room temperature knows that the number one rule of skipping classes means that you can't make yourself seen. You're supposed to hide in the dorms and make up an excuse letter, not sit outside of the classroom you're supposed to be in with the oblivion of a mouse. You can already spot Eunbi giggling at you. Throw her a glare, and she reciprocates, an eye for an eye. High school habits die hard.
"Welcome to class, mister Jo," says your professor, wearing the fakest of smiles. It's that signature Bae Yoonjung smile, a smile that any campus troublemaker knows. It spells out four clear words: You're in deep shit.
From far away in the classroom, your sister Yuri cringes. She's the better student out of the two of you: most well-behaved, most diligent, most high grades. It's been going on ever since she was in kindergarten. But you... it's like you were born into the Jo family to make an imbalance in the matrix of the inherited intelligence and discipline your parents and sibling are known for.
"Good afternoon, professor Bae," you say quietly. At least you're still polite.
"How was the little sit-down you had outside?"
"Quite good. I mean鈥擨 mean鈥攗h..."
Politeness fails you. It's too late. Laughter scatters then takes the classroom by full force. Professor Bae isn't as pleased as they are, though. Not at all, not in the slightest.
"Silence, class," she barks. Immediately, the noise dies as if it were a fire extinguished by icy water. You're amazed sometimes at the power the professor has gathered over her years of teaching, which are considerably shorter compared to the other teachers.
"Now, mister Jo, there are strict rules on tardy here in this school. If a student is caught cutting classes or coming in five to ten minutes late, they're given a punishment. Are you aware of these rules?"
Nod. You read the student handbook a couple of times. It's the only book you've ever finished. In your defense, it has pictures. It's easier to visualize the message when there's pictures. You discovered that when your English professor made you read fucking Shakespeare and provide an explanation to three plays slash sonnets slash headache-inducing rhymes.
"I've given you enough time to dilly-dally by yourself," continues your unrelenting professor, "but it's mandatory that you learn the consequences of your own actions." Her hand knocks the whiteboard. "What is the value of x in x squared in the equation of x squared plus six equals zero?"
Stupid flowery math words and their stupid complicated meanings. You can never get a grasp of them.
"Um... b?" you say.
The whole class erupts into a chorus of snickers. Everyone is laughing at you now. All of their eyes are on you in half-crescents as your unintentional comedian flare takes them by storm. Chaeyeon is cackling with glee. She's the class comedian, but even she can't fashion a joke as ridiculous as that. Yujin's smiling dimples have never been more visible. Even your sister, once embarrassed that you were shaming the family name again, is laughing along with them. The whole world's laughingstock is you.
Just everyday things, you guess.
Look around. Well, not the whole world, maybe, for in the corner of the room on the farthest right-hand side of the first row, two wide eyes gaze at you with sympathy.
It's a small girl whose name you don't know, but face you are quite familiar with. She's usually seen giggling around her friends, but you've never talked to her. Not yet, at least.
Funny how just one person makes a whole difference. If she had laughed along with them, you'd be devastated. Crushed. Over. But she had chosen to look at you kindly, mouthing some soft words to you of reassurance. You feel like you owe everything to her: your sanity, your dignity, your battered pride.
If only you knew her name.
Needless to say, the rest of the class sucked. You were scolded plentily enough, and the humiliation from not getting any of the questions correct still makes you want to roll up into a ball and hide somewhere. Yuri would surely call your mother again and give an exaggerated retelling of how her brother鈥攈er pathetic, underachiever good-for-nothing brother鈥攇ot into trouble again. You'd be the talk of the campus, too, and to be honest, you couldn't blame them. If one were going to cut classes, they could at least do it properly. That was the unspoken rule of troublemaking for dummies.
How do you always get into this kind of mess? Wonder over that as your hands clasp your phone, with your form now lounging atop your level of the bunk bed in the dorms. At least you're safe here. If you manage to fuck up again, nobody would see but your roommate. But she's already had a good show from earlier; she's Kwon fucking Eunbi, the girl you always somehow get into the same class with and bump into in the lockers. The world just strings your threads together without prior knowledge that you both have the scissors to snip the knots away. You're honestly getting a little sick of it.
"Haram, it's your turn to do the laundry," she reminds you. She says it without looking up from the book she is reading under your mattress, using the flickering lightbulb for proper vision. Neither you or Eunbi have the money or the guts to replace the bulb, so it remains as it is: shutting and flickering on like it belongs to the set of a low-budget horror movie.
"I'm not doing shit," reply seamlessly. Your eyes are focused onto the incoming messages of your KakaoTalk app. Everyone's forwarding various texts of group chats making fun of you. Whole group chats throwing tomatoes at a poor semi-senior. Fucking pathetic.
You can't say it wasn't unexpected, though. What were you doing out in the quadrangle? Had you lost yourself in such a daydream you forgot about everything?
You possess a chronic tendency to daydream. You like worldbuilding, but never had the penmanship nor writing skills to plot it all down. You like visualizing better worlds鈥攚orlds where everything is pleasing to the eye, nothing out of place nor out of line鈥攂ut were never the artist to illustrate them. Any potential you have in something, all rooted in daydreaming, is always ruined by another unavoidable trait you have. It fucking sucks sometimes, how you're always at a dead end once you think you've got the hang of it all.
"Come on, Haram," says Eunbi. She's tired, too. Finals are taking a toll on her emotions. She throws the book aside and punches you in the shin. "I'm not your housewife, and you aren't getting one either if you can't wash up for once."
"Yeah, well, it would help if the stuff I had to wash didn't have your cumstained panties, Eunbi." Continue to scroll and mark several messages read, although you never really went through several of them. "Seriously, how big are the guys going down on you for your undies to have cum everyday? What macho gymbro are you sleeping with?"
"Your mom," she spits.
"Oh yeah, real mature, Eunbi. Want a medal for that? A trophy?"
"Says the guy who can't even skip classes properly. Who the fuck hangs out鈥"
" I know. God, I've heard that so many times today. Please give me a break."
They're the same rehashed words entering and exiting your nearly-deaf ears. It's tiring you out, these looped arguments with Eunbi. She may be undeniably pretty, but she fucks so many guys on a daily basis that you'd wake up with the false alarm of an earthquake, only for it to be a cacophony of whimpers and moans over a creaking bed frame. Sometimes she'd call the guys she fucked daddy, more than often she'd be the one being called titles. And sometimes鈥攐nly sometimes鈥攜ou secretly get off to it. But after that, when you're sticky with your own ejaculation, the irritation sets back in.
Add all that to the equation of the same hurtful words aimed at you all day and flashbacks of the humiliation you endured in a martyr-like fashion back in Bae Yoonjung's class. Now who's the one who can't solve math?
"Let's make a deal," Eunbi proposes. She's punching you in the shin again to catch your attention. This time, her fist purges so much strength into its tiny knuckles that it does make your head jerk up in surprise. You look back into the pretty face of Kwon Eunbi with a "what now?" expression.
"And what might that be?" you ask uninterestedly.
Eunbi sets her arms onto the soft landscape of your mattress. Her eyes level with your impatient stare. "You do the laundry tonight, and I'll ask Yabuki Nako to invite you to her mini slumber party."
"Who's Yabuki Nako?"
"The girl who kept defending you from everyone. Seriously, do you ever notice what's going on?"
"I鈥擨 don't鈥" Stutter out mangled words, but the pieces are coming together for you to form any more. Yabuki Nako... could she be that girl from earlier who didn't laugh when everyone else was? That girl with the freshly-dyed blonde hair and cute eyes?
Yeah, it must be her. It can't be anyone but her, to be honest. The only one who'd defend you even when your back is turned is the one who doesn't laugh at you even when you see them. You're pretty sure that Nako is the girl you saw earlier, the girl whose name you wanted to know.
You barely know her. She's a small cheerful girl, but she doesn't usually interact with you. Sometimes she'd send long, lingering stares your way, but that's about it. Why would Eunbi make her your prize in this deal?
Eunbi grins. "You remember her now?" she asks.
"A little, yeah."
"Good. Don't you want to have some fun with her tonight?" Eunbi trails teasing fingers along your thigh. "Probably some bang-bang action? Huh?"
You move away from her hand. Eunbi's been acting sluttier these days, and you have no idea what to make of it. "What the fuck, Eun? I barely know the girl!"
"Well, you're about to find out more about her," she says with the proudest grin known to man. Eunbi flips her phone up out of nowhere and shoves an image of her and Hitomi in your face. They're both wearing cute pajamas, hair done into various curls and braids, obviously having a good time. God, you wish that were you. Well, not in that way, of course, but鈥
"Their sleepover just started," Eunbi explains. "She sent me a few pics. There's little laundry to be done. But the question is.... are you willing to exchange fifteen minutes doing chores for a night of potential sex?"
You didn't know Hitomi was sleeping over at Nako's dorm. Then you remember that Hitomi doesn't have a roommate; it can be pretty lonely at times. Maybe she invited Nako over for a good night of girly fun.
Your mind toys with the thought longer than you expected. But in the end, you give in. You aren't thinking of lewd stuff with them like Eunbi is suggesting you are. You just want to visit them鈥擧itomi, your best friend, and Nako, the girl who seemingly defended your name while everyone was dragging it through the mud. You owe the two of them a lot. What can go wrong?
Hiijjang鉂 | 6:59 PM: what the fuck did you just do
You | 6:59 PM: huh
Hiijang鉂 | 7:00 PM: you asked Nako to be included in our slumber party!!
what was that all about?
You | 7:00 PM: i didnt do anything
eunbi wanted me to do the laundry
and said that shed ask nako to invite me if i did
Hiijjang鉂 | 7:01 PM: perv
You | 7:02 PM: hey its not about that
i had a bad day
and eunbis getting on my nerves right now.
i need a getaway
Hiijjang鉂 | 7:04 PM: sure you do
but fine
i respect the efforts you make just to fuck nako
You | 7:04 PM: why does everyone keep saying that?
Your messages with Hitomi are wild. Screenshots, memes, and insults... it's an archive of your youth. You've been friends with her since high school, so they all date back to that time you crushed on Shitao Miu in tenth grade and the chaotic field trip your inexperienced gym teacher had to lead. They link to events that make up major historic occurences in your life. When you read back at them, you cringe sometimes, but there remains a smile on your face; you and Hitomi were so young and happy.
You're both in college now. You wonder what to make of it all. You aren't kids anymore, but you still play around with her as if time weren't a thing. In the world you like to create, it isn't; it's a social construct, used to profit off things like work and... all that economic stuff you never bothered to listen to in third year. You wonder if that's also true for the real world.
Probably, but the problem at hand is that you're running late to the slumber party. You finished the laundry early, yet you spent all your time deciding what to wear. Should you go steal Eunbi's bunny onesie and look cute like Nako and Hitomi? Or just wear whatever you like? You could not decide for the life of you. You decided to just wear your normal pajamas though. It's a slumber party, for Pete's sake, what else are you supposed to wear?
You look a little stupid as you walk out of the dorms in it. Thank God for the lights-out-at-seven rule! No one can lay their eyes on your embarrassing pajamas this way. But you'll have to make it quick; there's a long night ahead of you, and a long swindling staircase to go through. Curse your college for not having good engineers or architectures when they constructed this place. That's another reason why you hate this place and its horrid teachers and staff generals with a burning passion.
It takes you less than a minute to get to Hitomi's dorm, but only because you're rushing. You have to at least have the sense to show up early to a party you asked to be in. No carousel can give you the dizzying sensation the twirling staircases give you. You almost throw up by the time you get to the AKB48 building.
Give brash knocks on the first door to the right. You can hear giggles from the inside. They must be having a lot of fun. You have to knock louder for the laughing to die out and for a hand to unscrew the door knob.
"Oh, didn't think you'd make it!"
Tumblr media
Hitomi grins up at you, wearing a pair of brown checkered pajamas and a ponytail. Seems like her high school sleepclothes still fit her; they hang around her tiny body like a curtain.
"I didn't think so either," you reply with a smile of your own. "Gonna let me in?"
She pushes you square in the chest. "Perv." But she lets you in anyway.
Hitomi's room is usually tidy and empty, occupied by no one other than her. But now, a makeshift blanket tent stands, hanging from her bed. A few soju bottles are out. Bracelets and necklaces created from bands and beads scatter on the floor.
And... there she is.
Tumblr media
Nako waves at you timidly. Now that she's standing in front of you, you realize that she's smaller than you thought. She's barely a few centimeters above five feet. You don't mention that to her, though. You already owe Nako a lot of appreciation for having your back.
"Hey," you say awkwardly.
She giggles. "Hi. I'm鈥"
"Yabuki Nako, right?" Take her small hand and shake it firmly. "Thanks for defending me after my screw-up earlier."
Nako laughs again. Her pigtails swing in the air as she does, and her head lowers just enough for you to see the cute rabbit ear headband seated atop her hair. "It's no problem, really," she says humbly. "Everyone has 'that' embarrassing moment sometimes. Speaking from experience, by the way."
"Yeah," you say, shifting from foot to foot. After that, Nako says nothing, and you reply with nothing either. There isn't much to talk about, but the redness in both of your cheeks and in Nako's small, round face show flustered emotions.
"Ooookay." Hitomi cuts into the silence and breaks the ice. "It's getting late, you two. Want to get this party started?"
Take a look at the soju and nod immediately. You're in for a wild night.
You never thought you would have so much fun at a traditional girls' sleepover. It's much better than being with guys, but you'll only admit that to yourself. Through the course of an hour or so, you learned to make loomband bracelets and name all the characters in the Legally Blonde movie. You baked cookies and feasted over them, although majority are burned pretty badly. Not your fault; they should've left you to do the taste testing.
You've learned a lot about Nako tonight than you did the whole school year. She's only shy when she first meets someone, but when she eases up, she's hilarious. Her laugh is infectious, and one of her cute little habits is to jump around when she gets happy. Everytime she does her little leap, you fall in love with her even more. Sometimes Hitomi throws the two of you suspicious looks, but they're surreptitious enough for you to be able to ignore them.
But now, suspense increases in the dorm room. There's no friendships nor biases here. In this game, all the likings you've taken to Nako and Hitomi are deemed invalid. What matters the most is winning this. You have to play your cards right.
The top of the deck shows a yellow seven card, dropped by Hitomi. She wields at least fourteen cards, courtesy of the repeated plus four attacks you and Nako have administrated. Nako holds one card, just like you.
A proud smile on her face, Nako slaps a red seven card. In turn, you unleash your last card, which just so happens to be a red, too. You and Nako have just won the game.
"God-fuckin-dammit!" Hitomi frustratedly throws her UNO cards into the deck. It creates a flurry of rainbows and numbers on the floor. She has lost yet another game, much to you and Nako's satisfaction. You've won three games and Nako has won her fair share. Hitomi, however, is on a fine losing streak tonight.
"You're gonna clean that up, Tomi-ya," Nako tells her, pointing to the messy cards with a smug grin on her face. God, she's so cute when she smiles. It's like having a crush all over again.
Well, not like, because you're sure you developed a crush on Nako already. It's the real thing now. But who can blame you? Nako is a walking ball of sunshine. She could be the sun itself if the sun weren't the biggest star in the planet, but weirdly, you still prefer her.
"I swear, it's like you guys're teaming up on me," states an upset Hitomi. "What sort of black magic are you doing here, Haram, because who the fuck loses seven games in a row?"
"You, clearly," you and Nako say in unison. Great minds think alike, or whatever Aristotle said. Or did you get it wrong and he's the guy who said the thing about respecting?
Nako's eyes are wide with excitement as she looks at you. Meanwhile, you're too caught up on trying to say the word first.
"Jinx鈥" you shout.
Nako says it, too: "鈥攋inx!鈥"
" Double jinx! "
"Ahhh, come on." Now it's Nako's turn to be upset. She downs a few drops of soju, the punishment you guys set for the little jinx game you have going on. Simple and clich茅 as it is, you like playing it. So, when you're pretty sure Nako's gonna say the same thing, you butt in at the same time. That's where it all started.
"Looks like I'm thirdwheeling, too," Hitomi says, rolling her eyes. "Might as well throw me out, you know? Call me a dirty single bitch?"
"We're not a thing!" Nako contradicts. She looks at you for backup, but you only offer a nod of partial agreement. "We just met, Hiichan!"
"You know what they say~" Hitomi pokes Nako at her taut belly. "Love at first sight exists, Nako-san."
"Don't m-make this weird! Owww!"
Sudden, Nako and Hitomi are having a pillow fight. Hitomi whacks Nako in the hip with a car pillow and Nako hits her on her cheek with a Mickey Mouse plushie. You make no move to stop them. Rather than that, you join in.
The first hit you deliver is done with a blanket.
Then, it's two against one. Hitomi and Nako are surprised at your audacity. They forget about their 1v1 pillow fight and start attacking you. Soft plush hits your body over and over. You yell out loudly, scampering away like a rabbit, but they catch up to you. The two girls are small, but surprisingly nimble.
"Take that!"鈥
鈥擧itomi hits you in the head, ignoring your loud cry鈥
鈥"and that!" Nako nearly lifts the top of your pajamas with how strong she hits your stomach鈥
鈥" and these! "
The two high-pitched voices unite. And so do their pillows going down on your helpless body.
Whack after whack after whack. Everywhere you turn, there's a pillow blocking your way. They've cornered you and made you their personal punching-bag in the art of pillow fighting. Is it fun? Is it rather humiliating? You have no idea what to think, but you're laughing, so it must be good.
"Alright, alright!" Hold your arms up in defeat. "You made your point!"
"Good!" harrumphs Nako. She flashes you an adorable pout. "Let's calm down."
"Oh yeah?"
You all laugh at how ridiculous that exchange sounds. So immature, so childish... college students were truly just overgrown kids.
Look at Nako's small frame. Maybe not all.
"So, oppa."
That's weird. Hitomi never calls you oppa. You're barely older than her anyway, and too close with her for there to be any formalities between the two of you. So you're a little stunned when you look up from the game and see her completely innocent smile.
She and Nako are huddled close. Their heads lean into the other as they flash you pretty smiles. Hitomi's fluffly cheek presses against Nako's round one. They're a pretty combination, to be honest. They're the two cutest girls you've ever seen.
"Yeah?" you ask. There's an edge to your voice you don't know the origins of. But inside, you feel that something is about to happen. Something... big? You just have no idea how to deal with it.
"Want to play truth or dare?" asks Nako, taking her turn in speaking. It's like they rehearsed this beforehand or something.
Shrug. It's only nearly ten; there's a lot of time to toy with. A classic game of truth-or-dare won't hurt. "Sure, why not?"
"Okay. Truth or dare?"
"Truth, I guess."
Nako and Hitomi giggle wildly. They sound like a flock of foxes when they laugh together. It's pretty cute.
"Have you ever... had sex before?" Nako's pigtails catch your attention as she sets her chin on her knee, right above her intertwined fingers with Hitomi. Glance again at their hands together and their over-display of affection. There's Hitomi's arm twirled around Nako's wide hips, and Nako's hand caressing Hitomi's hair. You still don't know what to conclude from that.
The question doesn't catch you off guard. When around friends, you're asked that all the time, especially in high school. "Once," you confess.
Hitomi gasps girlishly. "Who did you do it with?"
"Hey, my turn is done!" You aren't about to reveal the girl you had your first time with to them. It ended pretty badly, and besides, it's private business. "It's your turn already."
"Hmph, fine!" Hitomi feigns reluctance as she gazes at Nako. "Nako-san, I want to do a dare!"
"Okay! I dare you to show oppa"鈥擭ako leans over to give Hitomi a barely-contained whisper鈥"that you can suck his cock better than the last girl he fucked."
Well, that quickly took a sexual turn. Once again, you are struck by surprise. What the hell is she making your best friend do? Why is this girl, whom you never came across before nor talked to much, suddenly becoming so bold?
Well, Hitomi's cheeks do look good for when鈥
No, you can't think鈥
Yes, you can鈥
Hitomi is the bigger daredevil between the two of you. She doesn't hesitate to topple you over so you land on the mattress, and pull down your shorts. You watch on, stunned, as Hitomi rubs your shaft repeatedly with seemingly experienced hands. Heat quickly accumulates and forms your erection. A success!
"Ooh, do it, Hiichan!" Nako cheers on. Already, her fingers find their way between her legs. If this were a movie, she'd binge it all the way.
Similarly, your hand takes hold of Hitomi's ponytail and pushes her down before she's even ready. And you're thinking about what kind of mess you've gotten yourself into now, and if you'll regret it.
You're still unsure of the answer, but it's hard to think that there will be any regrets when your cock pokes Hitomi's soft cheek. Oh, how you'd love to glaze the insides of it with your cum. How good it would feel.
Hitomi makes sure to show you. While Nako rubs the wet spot on the Japanese girl's panties and her own, Hitomi bobs her head with amazing finesse. Her lips latch around your base and effortlessly drag themselves up to your tip, pleasuring the veins that stick out. It doesn't help at all how strong the suction of her lips are. Oh, it doesn't help one bit.
"You okay, Hiichan~?" Nako asks sweetly.
"Yerghh, I ermm!" Hitomi answers through a muffled mouth. She's more than okay, she's in bliss. Or rather, you are. You were once overwhelmed with doubt and hesitation. Now, the only thing taking over you is the sheer pleasure.
Your bottoms are pulled down to your thighs. Hitomi's head and hands are all over your crotch. She plays with your balls and lets her lips kiss your pubic patch area when she goes down. She massages your thighs with expert hands, loosening the tense muscles but still making sure that your cock is tense and rock hard in her mouth.
"Okay, let me just rub your little clit a bit more~" Nako swipes over the visible damp spot on Hitomi's pajamas, quickly finding her button. "So you can... hnghh, suck oppa off better, is that okay~?"
Hitomi squeals into your cock; Nako's rubbing her sensitive nub too well. She moves her fingers fast and briskly, providing pleasure to her core that matches the one she's giving to you. Her hands grab onto your thighs again to get a hold of herself. But your hand already grabs more of her ponytail and yanks it to the back, causing your cock to now hit the back of her throat and slide down its tight entrance.
"Ohh, fffuck." The F-bomb drops with stress. Hitomi's gag reflex awakens and makes the experience much more fulfilling. You never thought that you'd be fucking your girl best friend's throat. The thought has not once touched on your mind, but here you are, doing exactly that. The world is funny sometimes.
"Hnghhh..." Hitomi whimpers quietly. She laps her tongue upwards to rub slick saliva on the underside of your shaft. You can feel the sharp breaths she takes through her nose to keep some air in her lungs on your skin. Yeah, she definitely did this before. Nako has probably not done it yet. The hands clumsily groping Hitomi's crotch and her eyes stretched wide in surprise at what's happening are all indicative of that. But that's not a problem that can't be solved by teaching.
She's enthusiastic, though. She's excited as she watches Hitomi take your cock so well. Slow thrusts fire into the taller Japanese girl's lips, sometimes having your tip rub the roof of her mouth rather than meet the tight tunnel up ahead. You're trying to remind yourself not to get too carried away. Hitomi is still your best friend, and you can't hurt her too much, not even when she and Nako begin to finger each other's delicate pussies.
Not even when their pace in their mutual masturbation increases.
Not when their combined moans sound like something straight out of an R-rated anime.
Not when鈥
"Ohhh, ohhh, Hiichan! " Nako moans out. See the clamp of her puffy pussy lips on Hitomi's three digits and your thrusts gain strength. "You鈥攜ou鈥攜ou finger me so well! It's too good!"
Hitomi's tearful eyes start to lose the shared contact they have with your lust-dazed pupils. She looked cute as she gazed up at you, like an innocent girl who's only learned from books to do this, but she's past all that pretense. She's past all that fake good-girlness. She can't hold up that front anymore. Nako's fingers diligently pumping her make sure of that. The girl's beautiful moans work her up more than she'd like to admit.
Whining a little, Hitomi bobs her head stronger. Your sounds of pleasure mirror each other. Your groans are deeper, though, while Hitomi's are more high-pitched. They come from different origins as well. She's moaning like that because Nako's fingers dig into her pussy as if its purpose was to seek out her G-spot. Seems like Nako found it; the dance of Hitomi's hips go crazy. Your moans come from the ones she lets out, and the more-than-satisfactory closeness of her narrow throat.
She lets out the screams she is forced to muffle in the form of a full-blown blowjob. She doesn't have the time or patience to induce any more foreplay. She fucks your cock into her throat and lets saliva freely coat it with lubrication. Her whines reach maximum volume, both due to the difficulty it takes to force your size down her throat and the most obvious factor: Nako's continuous pleasuring of her core.
They masturbate each other. Squelching sounds increase, just like the speed of the swiftly entering fingers. Now, the sweet chorus of their moans sound straight out of a JAV, rather than a simple anime. It's too lewd, although their expressions are so wonderfully animated. And soon, you've risen to your feet to put all the force in fucking Hitomi's cute face. Nako scrambles into a better sitting position to be able to continue fucking Hitomi's vagina. She's playing with her nipples above her white top, eyes closed as she mutters incoherent words.
Hitomi's eyes are as large as those of a prowling cat catching sight of its prey鈥
Nako's screams are unusually high鈥
Your cock barely slips out of Hitomi's mouth except to fuck the rest of it in鈥
A natural disaster it was, yet it's man-made. Nako's legs tense when her climax takes her. Hitomi's is messier, but yours is probably the least tidy. Though Hitomi's cheeks become fuller with your cum, some still inevitably slide down her chin. There's no stopping though until you've fucked every drop of your cum into her mouth. And you mean every drop.
"Ohh鈥攐hhh, Hiichan! Your fingers鈥擨 can't鈥!"
"Nako-san! Oppa!"
It's done. Pull out and fall back into the mattress. Hitomi's mouth is a fountain of cum. There's a puddle on the floor from her orgasm. But what makes a bigger mess is the fluid you've excreted in her mouth.
They both sit across you innocently. For a while, the mood of the whole room is sweet and youthful. But then, Nako gets an idea to ruin it all.
She looks at Hitomi. "Let me help," she offers timidly. One look between them and Hitomi understands what exactly she's offering to help her out with. You're the one left behind in not understanding it, but it all makes sense when Nako's lips connect with Hitomi's mouth.
You're stunned; Hitomi spits the rest of your cum down Nako's mouth, and the girl gladly accepts, swallowing with a sensual hum. Their hands run over each other's bodies, touching the perfect places for the other to let out a moan of gratification. Nako sucks on Hitomi's tongue, clearing it of any excess cum. Your best friend giggles, and lets Nako circle her open rounded mouth, invitingly relaxing her jaw.
Now you're the one third-wheeling. But this time, you don't complain. Who would, when two cute Japanese girls are making out hotly and touching each other in front of them? Their kisses are a mere ploy to get you worked up, you know that, but there's the occasional slip of true admiration in Nako's kisses down Hitomi's neck. The latter's hand rubbing Nako's thighs gently and lovingly doesn't seem to be artificial.
Their kissing stops momentarily. Hitomi's peachy smile is back. "Was that good, Nako-san?" she inquires.
"Y-yes," says the breathless small girl, nodding. "Thanks for helping me swallow oppa's cum. You still want to play?"
"Of course."
"What about you, oppa?"
"I'm up for it," you say. Point down to your dick, which remains erect, but none get the pun. You sigh; that's another L for Jo Haram, you guess.
Their cute smiles make up for your disappointment. They're happy you still want to play. The whole thing is moving too fast, and they didn't expect for you to actually be okay with the pace.
"Whose turn is it?"
"Nako," responds Hitomi.
"Okay, uh... truth or dare?"
Nako's eyes sparkle. "Dare."
"I dare you to sit on oppa's face," announces Hitomi loudly.
You're once again surprised. You haven't even talked over what dare to give Nako! But you welcome it; you've been eyeing her round thighs for the whole sleepover.
Nako looks nervous. She's afraid that her weight might crush you, but you doubt that it would actually happen. She's too small to hurt anyone, unless she did a wrestle squat on your face. But she's not even going to do that; all she has to do is sit on your face and let you do the work.
Nako stands over you. Here, you're given a better view of her pussy. Her lips are fat and slick, while the hole is so tiny that even your pinky finger inside it would hurt her. But the tongue is less solid, isn't it? It won't hurt that much.
Nako shyly spreads her legs. And talk about beautiful; her toned yet thick thighs frame the slick little cunt perfectly. Every beauty of her flawless body fits aesthetically together. Her round bottom is another thing you wouldn't mind having on your face, but that can go for another time.
She descends. Your mouth slacks.
"Hnnn... ohhh..." The softest moans fight past Yabuki Nako's lips. Your tongue is a sensation she never expected to feel this good. The pornstars in those websites looked utterly in bliss, rocking against the mouth of the one they are seated upon as if possessed, and she now sees why.
There's still fresh cum from Nako's last orgasm. Of course, you lap it all up, the gentleman you are. Her legs quiver at the new feeling. She's so unprepared for each lick, although the frequency of their occurences increase. It's one thing her small body can't adapt to.
However, it feels good. Really, really good.
"Nako-san!" Hitomi calls sweetly. She takes the nervous girl's hands and rubs them comfortingly. "Are you okay?"
"Yes, y- yes! " Nako's thighs tense around your head. Slap them twice as if they were pillows. "I just don't want to hurt him!"
"You're not gonna hurt him. Just relax. Sit on his face properly. I bet he'd like that, wouldn't you, Haram?"
Oh, you would. She tastes so damn delicious. But aiming to lick at her hole is difficult when her crotch still hovers over your face.
She whines. "You have to help me, Hiichan!"
"I will, don't worry!"
Hitomi clasps Nako's wide baby-making hips and pushes her down on your face. At the same time, your tongue slips wholly into Nako's slit. The gasp she lets out makes you and Hitomi worked up. She squirms a little as your tongue begins to work into her hole languidly. Her walls nervously squeeze and relax on your tongue, not sure if they should fully grasp it or let it wiggle around on its own.
"Good!" Hitomi praises, kissing her on the lips. "Now you have to ride his tongue. Don't be afraid to move around."
"Hmm, hmph, ahhh!"
A moan accompanies her bounces. Nako's blinded by the pleasure from Hitomi quickly guiding her hips to and fro. Your tongue slides across all the right places: her sensitive labia, glistening clit, and contracting hole. Your tongue is working too fast inside her, as if all it ever wanted is to clean every drop of juice there is inside her. But no matter how much you lick to tidy her up, she gets even more turned on, thus making more juices gush into your lips.
You barely have any time to breathe. When Hitomi pulls Nako forward, there's barely an interval since she is pushed right back onto your tongue. She must have learned from Bae Yoonjung to be this strict of a teacher. It's only good that Nako's such an enthusiastic student.
Hitomi pulls Nako's white top over her curvy back. The piece of clothing ends up on the floor. "Can I suck on these big titties, Nako-san?" Her voice loses not her cheerful, announcer-like tone.
"Yes, please!" Now Nako's hips move on their own accord. She's finding her pace now, thanks to your best friend's patient and friendly instruction. It's fuelled more by the latch of Hitomi's mouth on her breasts. From there, the force matches a hurricane. Now, you can't breathe at all.
"Mmm!" Hitomi enjoys her feast on Nako's breasts. Their nipples are just so pretty, especially when they're erect. Their size is just barely noticeable since they're stacked on a small body. Even you only notice their beauty now that they bounce in front of Hitomi. "You alright there, Haram?"
Give her a thumbs-up. Yes, you're smothered by Nako's pussy and ass gyrating on your face. Yes, you can't breathe at all, and yes, you're completely fine. You even grab onto Nako's waist to guarantee a taste of her asshole as well. The taste test is only momentarily done, but Nako's back arcs beautifully, and her moans start to become deafening. Thank God for her thighs!
But you aren't sure if you're fine anymore when Hitomi mounts you. Fuck, she's a tight fit! She's light enough for her to not be that much of a burden on your waist, but the power in her tiny body shows in the way she bounces on your cock. What's even more hot is that she's so tiny, your dick bulges on her stomach.
"Oh, fuck, Haram!" she cries out. She's not as small as Nako, but she already feels too tiny for your cock. The size is wrecking her insides.
"Mmm, is it good? Please tell me, Hiichan!"
Hitomi starts off slow yet strong. She slams herself on your cock, but doesn't go too fast. All her sexual experience proves to be too little for her cunt to take your cock. Her eyes flicker. "It鈥攊t feels so big inside me," she says in between breaths. "I can feel it on my stomach, see?"
The curious student looks down, and discovers what Hitomi is speaking of herself. Your erection pokes her stomach over and over. You always manage to reach her womb. "F-fuck," Nako whispers. "That's so hot... I want to try, too, please? After he finishes?"
"Sure thing. Just enjoy his mouth first, okay?"
Nako heeds her advice. She is still a bit hesitant, but she has to admit that your mouth feels really good. The muscle just fucks her cunt so perfectly. It's the ideal "introduction" to sex for a first-timer like her, because it's not too big for it to be too much, nor is it too hard for it to hurt. No, it's as fluid as the juices she releases. It plays with her clit and suckles it sometimes, but also makes sure to pleasure the inner spots her fingers can't even reach themselves.
And then there's Hitomi. She's another blissful factor in this experience. Her breasts are admittedly not that big, but the unbuttoned bottom of her pajama shirt shows her toned, tiny stomach. Sometimes, the fabric also bounces to signal the strength of her riding. Her labored pants are beautiful, making her clit twitch whenever there's just the perfect cry in her breath. Oh, and her reactions to the pleasure: head thrown back, eyes in pleasured crescent-moons... Nako can just cum watching Hitomi ride you.
Their hands tangle together and their need grows stronger. Nako's ass ripples on your face. Hitomi's pussy gets even tighter. Watching each other's blissful reactions just pushes them to kiss.
Pleasured moans start to come out from their colliding lips. Nako's hand slaps her friend's ass, and in turn, Hitomi rubs Nako's clit. Both of their sexes spasm wildly, wrapping around your two appendages with the intention to make you cum.
And of course, to get themselves off.
It's not hard to do that. Your tongue already found a rhythm in Nako's cunt. Your cock has shaped Hitomi's tightness to your girth. So when you start to put in some of your own force, the two girls gasp loudly. They like it. They love the way you're handling them. Hitomi leans over to spread Nako's cheeks so you can have more than a taste of her asshole. Nako's already content with you eating out her cunt, but that's a completely new sensation, one she had no idea she would like that much.
"So good, so good, fuck! " She buries her face in Hitomi's neck. To return the favor, she works on Hitomi's clit. A few upwards and sidewards thumbs, and the girl's mumbling senselessly already. Both of their voices share a cute pitch that blend orgasmically together. If only you could hear their pretty moans more.
Remember that you can. Begin to fuck Hitomi's hole from below, driving your hips to bounce her little figure on top of you. You're bigger than any toy she's put inside of herself. Hitomi wails, grabbing onto Nako again to engage in a deep kiss. Their hands slide over their breasts, curves, and sides, adding little stimulants to get them closer to their high. It's a good thing you're already high enough; with the way Hitomi's tight body is riding you, you can cum anytime now.
So you go all out. Eat Nako's cunt and ass as if she were a feast set only for you, even though Hitomi likes to get a few licks sometimes. Grab the other woman's hips while she seizes your torso to ride, too. It's all tongue and cock and fingers鈥攜ou're merely three bodies seeking carnal pleasure, something that's about to come very soon.
Very, very soon.
"Fuck, yes, kiss me..." Nako tilts her neck so more of Hitomi's delicious lips pepper her skin. Each one makes her feel so hot, in addition to your tongue pleasuring her. "He's eating me out so well! I think I'm gonna鈥擨'm gonna cum, Hiichan!"
"I am, too," cries out Hitomi. The tandem of the bounces become too much for even a girl like her to handle. She kneads Nako's round breasts and pinches their nipples to cope with it. The girl's breath hitches and rises. "Cum for me, oppa-ya! Cum for me, Nako! "
There's another eruption. Nako mewls and cries, Hitomi screams and writhes. Their cute faces make such perfect ahegaos as you burst inside the wet little hole. Nako's pussy quivers on your mouth, and you forget to breathe for a while. It's like you learned not to through the course of her riding your face.
The pressure is gone. Nako has slowly and weakly fallen to the side. Hitomi slumps over your body. Just like you, they're quite tired. And you think you dozed off for a second, but maybe that's just because of the heavy pressure of the lips on your chest humming a lullaby to sleep.
Hitomi rises first. The irrational earliness of college schedules have molded her into a quick and quiet sleeper. Fortunately for her, the whole day is free. There are no classes today. Not even extracurricular activities on the side.
She's too tired to get up. Besides, she's too comfortable sleeping on your toned body. She can see that you're half-awake, but just keeping your eyes closed for the sake of it. She doesn't blame you at all; those hours of the slumber party were wild.
She looks to the side. Nako is still semi-passed put on the floor. Even in her sleep, her bare breasts look beautiful. Her thighs are still accented with saliva and juices. She slightly reaches over to kiss her on the lips. For the first time, Nako's eyes open fully. Their gazes connect. They giggle softly.
"Good morning," says Nako softly.
Hitomi smiles. "It's only eleven PM, Nako-san. Were you so fucked out of your mind that you couldn't remember anything?"
Nako sits up slowly. Regarding Hitomi's question, it's actually the contrary. The nap has fully reenergized her body. She can even feel her legs now. But it's still fun to play around with Hitomi.
"If I am," she asks, levelling the girl with raised eyebrows, "what are you gonna do about it?"
"Dare you to fuck oppa in front of me," says Hitomi evilly, bright eyes shining with malice.
Nako is a little flustered. She hasn't done that before! This whole sex thing is completely new to her. She doesn't even put her fingers on herself besides rubbing her clit!
She nervously shrugs, trying to play off her fear as nonchalance. "I didn't even choose dare yet! I thought the game was over!"
"Look," says Hitomi tiredly. She just wants a good show right now, something to get off to. "If you want, you can just fuck him with your thighs. He loves them."
Nako looks down at her legs. "H-he does?" she asks innocently.
Hitomi nods. "Did you see the way he looked at them earlier? If you can't fuck him, at least pleasure his dick with your thighs."
Nako considers this briefly, but then shakes her head. "Nope, I want to fuck him."
"You sure? You can鈥"
"No, I do! If鈥攊f he consents, of course," she adds.
"Go crazy," you say, holding up a thumb. You heard all of their conversation, and would love to go crazy on their bodies again, but you're too tired to get up. "Ride me. Fuck me. Do whatever you want with me."
"Of course we will, Haram," says Hitomi. "But we need to get you hard again first."
She initiates, of course, knowing Nako is mostly inexperienced. She leans down to dribble copious amounts of saliva on your cock. Nako watches a little, then follows shortly after.
You hum happily. While Hitomi licks all sides of your cock, Nako gives your balls the pleasure they deserve. She sucks them gently, inhaling your musky scent, and sometimes dares to lick their circular shapes. Hitomi giggles when you lose control; it's too fun to watch, too fun to dwell on.
But they're much more entertaining. Two cute, innocent faces, meeting together to give your cock the best fuck in its short sex life. It's hard not to notice how Nako's lips are fuller, as they work their way on your base, and how she has a more mature face than Hitomi. Hitomi has cuter features, but she can be pretty seductive at times. She proves that with her lowered eyelids, the bite of her lower lip, and her tongue sensually doing its rounds about your cock.
Nako kisses your cock up to the tip. Hitomi goes south. Their tongues do a choreography as they pleasure your cock. Every pink inch is performed on, even the base. Nako licked and gave open-mouthed kisses on that part earlier, making you leak more than you like, but of course she sucks it all up. Despite her inexperience, she's still a good girl.
"Shit, I'm getting close鈥"
"Calm down," says Hitomi, laughing, as she immediately stops. "You're already hard enough. Nako's gonna ride you now."
Look at Nako for confirmation. But she's already straddling you. That's pretty much your go signal.
But you have to be sure. You don't want anything here to be forced. "Nako?" you ask. "Are you sure you want to do this?"
She pulls your hands and puts them on her hips. She takes in a deep breath, then smiles serenely. "Yes," the small woman says. "Yes. I've wanted to do it ever since I first saw you."
There's an emotion in her voice that you can't place. You're sure it has something to do with the thing about seeing you for the first time. But then again, you can't remember the exact time she saw you when her cunt sees your cock enter its winking entrance. It's for the first time, too, but hopefully not the last.
You're sure the first time is more blissful on Nako's side again. She's so tense; her pussy hugs your cock anxiously, whether afraid to let go or afraid to let more of it in is unknown. She's slowly sinking down into the waters, and Hitomi's a careless passer-by. A sick passer-by, to be more exact, because who the fuck gets off to a drowning girl?
But those are all metaphors, (thankfully). Those are all silly little poems you make in your head. Your muse is Nako, her tight form, and her beautiful face. You take inspiration from the way she moves, moans, and sings out happy little pants, now that you're inside her.
She's a tighter fit than Hitomi, that's for sure. It's more difficult to move inside her, but you make do. Or rather, she does. You're lying down on the ground, just watching her bounce.
"You're doing good, Nako-san," Hitomi remarks. She's off to the side, slowly rubbing herself in hot, tight circles. She can't wait to see Nako's next move. "How does it feel?"
"It, it's so big," Nako whines. She does an experimental bounce and winces deliciously. Her walls are being parted by your staff so well.
Wet noises become louder. Hitomi sighs heavily. "Yes... yes, yes, what else?"
"It's fucking me so deep..."
Your cock plunges into the depths of Nako's vagina. Her puffy lips wrap around your head, yet it easily slips by. Nako watches it all with fascination. She learns that when she squeezez extra tight, she gets a blissful little grunt from you. She's a quick learner; she learns to squeeze down at the perfect times to get your precum leaking inside her. Turns out that Nako is as considerate as she is kind.
She lifts her ass high in the air and sits back down. You groan loudly. She does, too, but you're too wrapped up in seeing her tits bounce to hear her.
Nako places her hands on your sides and does another leap. Jesus fucking Christ, she's tight. You reach up to squeeze one of her tits. She hums appreciatively.
"...and it's like I, I can't prepare myself for it," continues the whimpering Nako. Her blissful expression drives on Hitomi's self-pleasuring. She pushes her breasts into your eager hands, watching you enter and exit her cavern. "He twitches inside me a lot. And it hits all the right places and... and..."
Nako fails to find her words. She does find the sweet pulsing of your cock inside her good, though, which is why she never stops bouncing. There's something so arousing about it all besides the immediate sex itself.
Is it because Nako is so small, she barely makes waves on your body when she descends down to your base?
Is it the way her voice is cute and whiny during the much appreciated seconds of her moaning?
Or perhaps it's in her face itself, for it's the face of a girl who stood up for you, defended you, and spoke not a bad word about the incident earlier?
You've always had a thing for innocently kind girls. Femme fatales are off-limits to you; they'd be your ideal type if you didn't act like a complete fool around them. Her mature yet adorable beauty is what you like, and that goes for both her body and heart.
But for tonight, it's physical. You squeeze the round flesh of her heart. Jerk your hips upwards to meet her leaps. Take in her beautiful expressions of sexual pleasure. You let her use your body as a hands-on visual aid for her first time, and pray that you're good enough for her to want a second session.
Several hours later, dawn breaks through the windows. The night has turned into day, yet the three of you have chosen to beat the sun in waking up. Since then, you've fucked Nako's tits and thighs, and took Hitomi from behind. All of you are sore and need a bit of rest.
But these are the days of your remaining youth. You don't want to miss a single second of it, not even for a much-needed sleep. What makes these days better is the fact that you have both girls in your arms. They huddle together with you as if you were their teddy bear.
"So, oppa." Nako kisses you again, tiredly. "Who was the last girl you fucked?"
"Didn't know we were still playing truth or dare." Laugh and kiss her, too. Do so as well to Hitomi's forehead. You're confident enough to tell the two of them now. "Miyawaki Sakura."
"Huh?" Nako asks as she looks at you with disbelief. "Same!"
"Me too!" Hitomi laughs. She and Nako high-five before they realize something.
"What?" you ask, suddenly sitting up.
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