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🍂 walk through the orange leaves — blurbs with autumn-themed prompts.
i love these prompts sooo i had to ask for one of these :)
could you maybe do one with james potter (my beloved), a friends to lovers with the "i hate halloween" prompt? the rest is totally up to you, i love everything you write😩 and take your time obviously!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairings ; young!james potter x reader 
warnings ; mentions of drinks but isn't implied alcoholic, party, pretend they know scooby-doo okay? the timeline matches. also, reader is dressed as someone who’s a girl and white but it’s a costume so the reader isn’t solely female or white.
word count ; 1070
additional notes ; 'friends to lovers' + 'i hate halloween' prompts used. thank you for participating holden, lovey <33 this is my first james potter piece so i hope it's okay!
Tumblr media
“i hate halloween,” you jump at the sudden voice, tearing your gaze away a dressed up sirius ruffling an agitated remus lupin’s hair from across the room. stirring the straw in your glass which creates a clanking of the ice within the cup, barely audible over the music, your head tilts to look at james.
he huffs and leans against the wall you’re currently against, his face holding slight amusement through a small smirk in contrast to what he’s just said alongside his tone. “how so?” you play along, sipping your drink and thinking you’re imagining the way james watches your lips for a second before flitting back to your observing eyes.
“excuse for people to get drunk, uncomfortable costumes,” james speaks, nudging your shoulder when he slumps further against the wall. “says mr. popular,” you tease back, watching as he huffs a laugh through his nose while watching the array of people around the slytherin common-room.
lifting his own cup to his mouth, james chuckles while taking a sip, and you’re too entranced by his features to continue the teasing, watching his jaw and the light blush on his cheeks. once he pulls away, james looks back down to you, wearing a smile to match yours.
he tilts his head, free fingers fidgeting with the orange ascot around his neck in an attempt to loosen the tie. “don’t like your costume?” you note with a laugh as he grunts from discomfort, nodding to your answer.
“and the fact that no one knows who we are, thanks to you.”
“we know.” you respond, setting your cup to the floor beside before standing in front of james. he watches your every movement, the purple dress scrunched up your thighs before your hands trail up to push his away from his neck. james sets his own drink to the surface by his side.
he prays you didn’t feel the gulp pass his throat when your fingers unkot the orange ascot, “only muggles watch scooby-doo,” james continues, voice wavers with each stroke of your finger grazing his neck. “well, i thought your hair was perfect for fred, if you were blonde you’d look exactly like him.”
he chuckles again, his mind wandering to picture the day you forced james into your small dorm room, cuddled into bed with the new show of a talking dog and crime-solving teens forced on the chunky television. james didn’t care for it, but he loved your happy smile and how you felt so natural under his arm.
he hated being just friends, the two friends with the ‘will they? won’t they?’ attitude and are practically a couple without the kissing. james was outgoing, friendly and was known around the school for being the happy-go-lucky quidditch player, but when it came to you, he was a mess.
james could only keep up his confident self for so long, but with your touches and the way you smile at him, his knees grow weak far too fast for his liking.
“well, daphne, why don’t we leave? go back to my dorm, change into comfortable clothing,” james enquires, your hands resting against his chest while his fluffy hair flops into his eyes with the tilted chin to look down at you. the glasses adorning his eyes slipping down the bridge of his nose.
it wasn’t like james to want to leave a celebration, so you are a little thrown off. “we’ve hardly been here! you’ve barely said hello to your friends—” james interjects, shaking his head while you raise one hand to push his glasses back up his nose, “just want to hang out with you, don’t care about anyone else right now.”
you’re so clearly confused, and james wants to kiss the gaping expression right off you, run his thumb over the middle of your eyebrows, creased with concern and yearn to make you giggle. the sound sweeter than anything he’s ever heard, why sit here and listen to god-awful music when he could hear your laugh for his ears only?
“what? no. you normally like things like these. and yet you want to leave… i don’t get it? i thought sirius was joking when he said it took you a lot of convincing to agree to come but i guess he was right.” you’re rambling, a sign of the confusion and james arms encircle around your waist while you rant, hips pressing to yours as you keep talking.
“do you really hate halloween? or is it just the costumes? i thought you’d like the idea, i know no-one else here knows who we are but i thought you wouldn’t mind, you usually don’t,” james only smiles at your oblivious nature and before he knows it, his mouth speaks before his mind can think.
“merlin, i really like you.”
you freeze, flitting eyes now stuck on james’ and your voice lodged in your throat as you think about what he just said. james is in a worse state, eyes wide and unable to loosen his hold on your body in fear that the movement will cause you to run away and never talk to him again.
he is unsure what to do, whether to apologise or admit himself or play it off with an ‘i mean as a friend’ but with the amount of scenarios and sentences running through his head, he doesn’t notice you leaning up.
james’ eyes only widen further at the feeling of your lips pressing to his, fingers tightening against the material of your costume. it takes a moment, but finally he allows his own eyes to close as he responds, an array of butterflies along his stomach and goosebumps across his arms when you cup his jaw.
before he can get too carried away, however, james pulls away. a large grin falls upon his lips when he looks at your kiss-struck lips, in disbelief he was the fella who had just kissed you. and one arm leaves your back to run a thumb across your bottom lip, taking in everything that just happened.
“i’ll ask again, daphne,” you giggle, digging into his white shirt covered chest before he continues, "why don’t we leave?”.
this time you’re less caring, with the tingling sensation upon your lips from james’ touch merely a minute ago, you couldn’t wait to kiss him more and more. so you nod, letting your hand slip into his, “lead the way.”
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something borrowed (sirius black x reader + remus lupin x reader)
Tumblr media
warnings: minors dni: smut, heavy smut. somewhat dubcon vibes? smut as a favor, slight cuckold vibes?, penetration, humiliations.
summary: your boyfriend sirius asks you to do him a favor, you'd do anything for sirius, but you're surprised when he asks you to take the virginity of his best mate, remus lupin.
sirius was busy rutting into you, his large hands were gripping so tightly on your waist that his knuckles were turning white. the room was filled with the sound of his skin slapping against your bare ass and the low grunts that were leaving both of your lips. you remained on all fours, head tilting back as you while another moan escaped from your lips. if he cared of anyone walking in sirius would have locked the door or attempted to hush you a bit. but that was the thing, sirius didn't care. if anything it got him off more, knowing how everyone could hear you.
"fuck- that good huh, bunny?" sirius cooed to you, still thrusting his cock inside of you.
you only managed to mumble out something of a reassurance, as you moaned out for sirius. sirius could feel you tightening around him, approaching your orgasm. one of his hands finally released you from the grip he held on the side of your ass and moved down to your clit, the pad of his thumb giving no mercy as he rubbed circles on it. it was only moment before you tightened around him harder then before, and your release quickly followed. the coil inside you letting go and you begun screaming sirius's name as he thrusted faster.
despite reaching your second orgasm, nearly collapsing on the bed, sirius didn't stop thrusting into you.
he paid no attention to your shaking legs as he continued. "good girl, good girl" sirius cooed his hand moving back to the side of your waist to get a better grip of you, to control how you moved for him. "you like be a good girl for me, don't you, bunny?" sirius questioned you, a mild pant finally leaving his lips after he spoke, the heat from his breath spreading throughout the space of the twin bed the two of you shared.
"yes, siri- i would do anything to be a good girl for you" you whined, hips backing up- to meet with sirius's as he continued to thrust himself inside of you. his cock was beginning to twitch inside you, he was getting close, and you could feel it.
"good, i need a favor then bunny," sirius groaned out the speed of his hips increasing as he slammed his cock into your overstimulated pussy, nearly begging for his release, a low build up once again forming within you.
"anything siri, please-" you whined again, your hands now balled into fist, both grabbing the silk sheets on the bed.
"i need you to fuck remus-" sirius said, he continued inside of you but you froze for a moment. the request was unlike anything sirius had ever asked you to do and honestly you were caught so off guard you didn't even know how to react. "he's still a virgin, y/n. isn't that pathetic? seventh year and never felt the touch of a woman?" sirius asked, he was laughing a bit, groaning after with his hands nearly going numb as he continued to his thrust, they were hard, and showed no signs of stopping.
"wait- you want me to sleep with remus?" you questioned, trying to process the question as you were once again on the verge of cumming, the request he made being the only thing stopping you from reaching it again.
"fuck, i promised i would get i laid by the end of the year, and i can't find a single girl in hogwarts whose willing to go through with it," sirius explained between grunts, "i'll be right in the room with you, baby. the entire time, just please bunny. please say you'll do it" sirius was practically begging at his point.
"okay, fine- i-i'll do it" you finally agreed, hesitating slightly. the idea felt out of this world and for a moment you wondered if this was even a real request or some kind of strange fantasy he had created. sirius smiled to you, though you were unable to see as your eyes were focused on the shaking footboard that was in front of you.
"good girl, good girl" sirius praised you, finally reaching the peek of his orgasm. his seed spilling into you and coating your walls, as they clenched onto him, and milked him in the same way they would soon be doing to remus. "fuck, thank you bunny, thank you" sirius let out as his hips finally had come to a lazy stop. pulling out of and looking down for a moment as he watched his seed spill from deep within you.
"it'll be tomorrow night, wear something black-"
Tumblr media
sirius had practically dressed you that night. instructing you to sit on the bed as his large hand pulled black stockings to your thighs, his hands slipped the black lacey dress over your nude body, and his hands were the ones who strapped the black choker onto your neck. "going to show remus how good of a pet you are for me, aren't you, bunny?" sirius mumbled in your ear while he on a chair at the corner of the dorm, arms around your waist as he kept you on his lap. you could only nod in response as you waited for remus to enter the dorm. it was nerve racking, waiting to fuck one of your boyfriends friends. but sirius was asking you to do this for him, and you had no real problem with remus. he was sweet, anyway. you attempted to look at it more and more like helping a friend.
when the door opened your head swung with sirius's, looking as remus stepped in. no words were initially spoken. instead sirius and remus only locked eyes, remus shutting the door behind him softly. "strip for her, remus" sirius demanded of his friend, you were unaware of the understanding that the boys had come to.
remus wanted it to only be you and him in the room, but sirius insisted to be there. to be in control of what he did with you, and it was because of this that remus obeyed him. his hands loosening the gryffindor tie from his neck before tossing it in the near by hamper. his fingers nimbly and quickly unbuttoned the white shirt that clung around his frame and his pants soon followed. it was only a matter of a minute before he had been nude in front of you, and he was already hard.
part of you wondered if he had been thinking about you, and another part of you was concerned by how turned on the thought of him lusting for you the entire day. the other part of you only grew concerned with the fact that this was actually happening. that one of your boyfriends best friends was now removing his trousers to reveal himself to you. that you were the one who was going to take his virginity. did remus even want this? did you want this?
your eyes traveled down remus's toned body. scars were littered across his shoulders and stomach. some of them were even slashed amongst his thighs, though, your eyes were not caught on the scars for long. he was already hard, just from being nude in front of you. though shy remus lupin was unable to even look you in the eyes now that he was exposed. you and sirius just staring at him as he waited for some command. which sirius was quick to give him.
"go lay on the bed, remus" sirius instructed of him. remus did not hesitate to walk over to the twin bed. the brunette was tall enough where his feet were hanging off slightly, he still had his socks on. "go on pet, make it good for him." sirius instructed you now giving you a small slap on the ass in order to get you to leave his side. like remus had done just a moment prior, you obeyed.
in a shy way you made small and soft steps across the wood floor of the dormitory and over to the bed. your eyes met remus's just for a moment as you offered him a sweet smile. remus did the same back and his hazel eyes met yours in the comfortable silence. though, even sweet remus allowed his eyes to travel down your body to look at the tight black lace that was clinging to your body. you wondered if you should say something, a greeting- but formalities weren't important. not now. not for this. therefore, with no introduction you carefully pulled yourself onto the bed. you were on top of remus one of your legs at each of his sides and his hard cock was pulsing underneath you. it was tucked up against your thigh and just the touch of your skin was enough to get him twitching.
remus wanted this to be good. he wanted this to be good for you. he had rubbed himself out four times prior to coming here; the thought of you viscously on his mind as he thought of how his hand would be your tight pussy tonight. that it would finally be him who would be filling you and making you whine. sounds he had heard you make for sirius time and time again. but now? now it was his turn.
"merlin, you're so fucking pretty" remus mumbled, a small pink blush flooded to your cheeks at his compliment. "can i touch you?" remus asked, his eyes looking up to you. for a moment you thought of asking sirius. however, without even thinking of asking for his permission you nodded, giving him the go ahead to explore your body. one of his large hands worked quickly, moving up your body to squeeze one of your breast underneath his hands. his breathing was becoming heavy at your touch. you only gave him a smile, enjoying the feeling of him squeezing on your breast. remus took two of his fingers to his lips, wetting them with his spit. his fingers made quick way underneath the lace underwear, unbuckling them to give him access. you were going to help him find your clit, but remus seemed to have no trouble finding it.
his large fingers made his way to your clit and was quick to rub circles around it. you bit down on your bottom lip for a moment before releasing it from between your teeth. your moans were soft but encouraging to remus. the gryffindor boy continued on rubbing in circles before placing his thumb directly on your clit; he as smiling. no, no. remus lupin was grinning, teeth showing with pride as you- sirius's girlfriend- was growing wet and slick on his fingers.
"enough of that now; don't want to get her tired, remus. trust me-" sirius called out from behind you. for a moment, caught up in your bliss you forget that sirius was behind you. you forget this entire thing was an arrangement. therefore, under the command of sirius remus did stop, pulling his fingers away and bringing them to his own mouth to suck them clean.
"you ready, remmy?" you questioned gently, remus nodded immediately. without hesitation. your hands gently took the base of his cock to hold it steady at your entrance. the tip brushing against it for a second as remus let out a groan. you sunk down on him slowly, spreading yourself onto remus who was a bit longer then sirius was- causing you to bite your own lip as you felt yourself stretching with him inside of you, once he was fully in you. you were taking him well.
remus, however, let out an earthy "fuck-" the moment you finally had taken all of him in. you felt better than he could have ever imagined. his hands were digging into your hips for something to grip onto and his head was thrown back against the pillow. he couldn't even bring his eyes to look at the sight of you on his cock. you waited for a moment, allowing him to at least get use to the feeling of your pussy clamped around him, before starting to move your hips. you bounced up and down on his cock, slowly, his nails still digging into your hips as you did so. remus was moaning from the movements; gentle, and yet you were intoxicating. driving him crazy.
you bounced up and down, up and down, up and -you went to go back down but when you sunk onto him again you could feel him pulsing inside of you. he was gritting curses through his teeth, and he was already painting your inner walls with his seed. it took you a second to realize he was already cumming and sirius as well. however, the moment sirius came to the realization he broke out into laughter.
"you're done already remus? that lasted a whole fifteen seconds. merlin, that's pathetic." sirius was laughing, you watched as remus's face went completely red with embarrassment though he quickly switched from embarrassment to anger. seething, blinding, anger.
"shut your mouth, sirius. i'm not done-" remus barked back at him. with his hands on your hips he flipped you over. your back now on the bed as he had pulled out of you. his thick seed was spilling out of you when he pulled his cock out. it happened so quickly you barely had a moment to process. remus had a clenched jaw, biting down on his own teeth. his hand was wrapped around his flaccid cock as he pumped it viscously as he had done early that, forcing himself through the pain to get himself hard again. you were going to plead with remus to calm down or to tell sirius to shut his mouth as well. but before you had a second to process what you were going to say remus was pushing himself back into you. you yelped a bit as remus was over you. his shaggy brunet hair falling into his face as he began to rut into you without mercy.
moans were quick to fall from your lips as remus slammed himself into you. you were loud; almost whining at how good he had been making you feel as he slammed himself into you. your moans were the confidence he needed to continue, one of his hands reaching down to your pussy to rub your clit under his thumb again. "seven hells remus- i'm gonna, i'm gonna-" you couldn't even form the words as hot coils formed at the bottom of your stomach.
"say it, say it-" remus demanded of you, his thumb giving no mercy to your clit and his cock no mercy to your pussy. he slammed into you as you tried to form the words. but he could feel the way you clenched around him, how tight you were squeezing him. the feeling of your pussy clenching around him made him want to cum again, but he couldn't. not yet. not now that sirius was trying to make a fool of him.
"i'm cumming, fuck, i'm cumming remus-" you cried out, your pussy spasming on his cock as he continued to thrust in and out of you. he was smiling again, that wide grin, as you were screaming for him. crying into the dormitory, making sirius who sat in the chair jealous that remus was able to make you cum so quickly.
remus continued to thrust himself into you at a near violent rate, the sound of your moans and yipes were only motivating him. remus never heard sirius make you this loud. if anything he was sure any dorm around them would be hearing how you were screaming for his cock. he could feel you starting to tighten around him again and he let out a grunt through gritted teeth.
"you like that? hm?" remus questioned you, his face was close to yours now. his long hair dripping down and tickling your cheeks. you had let out some sort of sound to signify yes, that you were loving this. but that didn't seem to be enough for remus. not this time. "tell me how it feels, y/n" remus demanded of you only applying more pressure with his thumb to your swollen clit.
"it feels so good remus- so good" you managed to muster out through your moans, the sound of his skin slapping against yours filled the room. you could hear the slick that covered his cock when he plunged into you time and time again. remus was deep within you and within moments the hot coil inside of you snapped again bringing on to your second orgasm. your back arched on the bed and remus's hands were now pushing down your thighs to keep them open for him against your own orgasm.
"don't stop- say it again. say it." remus demanded without mercy, you could feel him twitching inside of you, and the ruthlessness of his thrust were starting to bring tears to your eyes. the pleasure was intense in a way you had never really felt before with sirius.
"fuck- remus it's so good, so fucking good-" you cursed through the mess of your moans. you continued to repeat it under his command. his eyes seemed darker. almost dark brown in comparison to the almond color they normally were. he was mumbling curses as he slammed into you and without warning you could feel him twitching inside of you again. spilling himself into you, plunging his hips deep as if he was to leave his seed. remus went as deep as he could wondering if he plunged so far in that he'd be able to keep a part of himself in you forever. remus continued to give a few more sloppy thrust into you before he pulled out breathless.
remus wanted to thank you, his eyes met yours again in the clarity of being done. he wanted to ask you if you were okay, and if the situation was different he would have pulled you into his arms and kissed you. remus looked down at you, looking as his cum was dripping from your sore pussy. he never got a chance to decide what to say as sirius stood up from the chair in the corner. "finally, not a virgin remus, congrats mate" sirius called out, the both of you forgetting that he was there. even if it was only for a second. "now kindly do us a favor and fuck off, would you. after you say thank you to bunny of course-" sirius spoke to him. remus looked to the ground and quickly begun to put his clothes back on.
"yeah, thanks y/n. really." remus went on to say, wishing his thank you could have been more genuine and not under the influence of sirius. remus wanted to tell you how had been thinking of you and nothing but you for years. he wanted to tell you of how he pined for you. of how he thought of you each day, and how much he had hated himself for letting sirius get you before he could. remus wanted to kiss you and pull you close to him in his bed. remus wanted you and he would do anything he could to get you again. you were going to be his if it took killing sirius to get to you.
though, unknowing to what remus was thinking, you just watched remus walk out the door fully dressed leaving you covered in his cum and aching.
"so, are you going to clean yourself up and give me a go?"
authors note: thank you for reading! i've only just returned to writing on tumblr. please consider reblogging or commenting. it would mean the world to me to motivate me!
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Tumblr media
degradation, cumming quickly, sub!james
Tumblr media
“Please— wanna feel you in me— want you to fill me up” James cried in a whiny voice, his hands holding his legs up as his cock throbbed against his stomach. You smiled down at him, and your hand rubbed the tip of the fake cock on his hole, teasing him by slipping just the tiniest bit of the tip in and then taking it back out.
James’ cock leaked precum onto his tummy, you heard him whine again then he gasped as you caught him by surprise by sliding into him with ease.
“You gonna quit whining now? You got what you wanted cock hungry slut” you scoffed, pulling back then pushing back in. James dug his head into the pillow, letting out jagged breaths as you fucked him, his nails dug into the back of his own thighs.
Your hand wrapped around his throbbing cock, you watched his chest shudder as your thumb grazed over his slit. Your pace sped up and you watched the different expressions wash over his face. “Tell me how good it feels” you ordered.
James could barely get anything out other than whimpers and soft moans, the ridge on the strap was grazing his prostate constantly, “so good, so fucking good” he moaned, finally getting words out. Your hand stroked his cock faster, your hands slick with precum.
smiling down at him as he unraveled under your touch, his cum spurting out and pooling on his belly, your hips never stilled as he came, you actually sped up and his moans got louder. You milked every drop out of him, some that rested on his stomach ran down his side and onto the bed.
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imasimp48 · a day ago
Tell me why I read all these fics with y/n getting punished for back talk, making smartass comments and just not following or breaking the rules set for her knowing that if that were me I would be fighting the character punishing her and genuinely being a petty bitch towards them.
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off-phelia · 2 days ago
Did you guys ever stop to think this:
When Remus is transforming into a werewolf all of his bones, possibly, break and reposition themselves to fit his wolf form? And this happens again when he reverts to human form, which is why he feels so much pain and could be one of the reasons for his memory loss the next day....
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anisas-nonsense · 4 months ago
The devil works hard but fanfic writers work harder
Tumblr media
Ps. Y’all are amazing and the most creative writers ❤︎. keep up the amazing work ✩
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astonishment · a month ago
Tumblr media
Why Didn’t We Work Out?
Summary: James Potter had two girlfriends in his seventh year at Hogwarts. Y/N Y/L/N, who he dated for five months; and Lily Evans, who he dated afterwards. When he’s dared to call one of his exes, guess who’s number he dials…
A/N: timeline for reference: reader and James dated sept-feb. James and Lily dated mar-aug. This takes place one year after graduation. 3.8k word count
It was a Friday afternoon and everyone was all gathered at James’ apartment having a few drinks to kick off the weekend. As the empty bottles started piling up, they got the idea to play truth or dare, courtesy of the deck of cards Sirius found on his way to the flat. They were all still laughing at what Dorcas confessed to when Sirius nodded at James.
“Alright Prongs, you’re next.” he says, practically bouncing in his seat.
James, ever one for theatrics, picks up the deck of cards and shuffles it around before picking a card from the bottom and turning it over.
“What does it say?” Alice asks impatiently.
“Call your ex and ask why it didn't work out and if they’d ever consider giving it another chance.” James says before putting the card down.
Everyone hollers at the task before Marlene manages to calm them all down.
“Guys! Shut it! I wanna know who he’s gonna call.” She says before turning to James. “So? Who’s it gonna be?”
“Isn’t it obvious?” Sirius asks, “It’s gotta be Evans.”
“No-“ Alice disagrees.
“Who else would it be?” Sirius asks.
Everyone argues back and forth while James sits quietly, wondering who to call. He knows who he wants to call, but he doesn’t know if they’d want to speak with him.
“This could change everything,” Marlene says, ever the romantic, “This could be your second chance, James. You should call the one you miss the most.”
“The only one you’ve ever really loved.” Dorcas agrees.
“The one that got away.” Alice says softly, a knowing look in her eyes.
“So, Evans.” Sirius repeats, causing everyone to either laugh or roll their eyes at him.
James doesn’t pay them any mind, he continues to stare at Alice, releasing a shaky breath when she nods encouragingly at him. Of all his friends and classmates, somehow Alice was the only one who knew his true feelings. While James assured everyone that he was fine when he and Y/N broke up, Alice had been the one to stumble upon James crying one day. He had confessed that he missed you and Alice had told him that she did as well.
She didn’t think you’d stop talking to everyone else when you guys broke up. She knew you had your own set of friends prior to dating James, but she had hoped that you’d still hang out with them every now and then. Considering that Marlene and Dorcas were already best friends, leaving Alice to be the third wheel among them, she had enjoyed having a girlfriend of her own, and cherished your company. It hurt Alice to see you pass them by in the Great Hall, not even glancing at them, as you made your way to the far end where your friends were.
Alice had tried to convince James to talk to you, to which he always refused, stating that it was done. After a while, everyone got back to teasing James about Lily, putting you on the back burner, and when he and Lily finally started dating, you were all but forgotten; being brought up only in passing, remembering something funny you had done, before moving on to something else. No matter how much time had passed, Alice always saw the sadness in James whenever you were brought up. His smile always seemed dimmer and his eyes filled with longing. Even if James had managed to fool everyone into thinking you were just a girl he dated for a few months, a girl that he was over; Alice knew that was far from the truth. That being said, he picks up the phone with shaky hands.
“Guys he’s calling!” Marlene shouts excitedly.
“Put it on speaker!” Sirius demands, causing everyone to cheer in agreement.
James types the number and presses “call”, nervously bouncing his leg up and down.
“She might not even answer.” he tells the group, though it sounds more like he’s trying to convince himself.
“What if this isn’t even her number anymore? What if she somehow knows this is my number and lets it go to voicemail?” He asks, looking at his friends.
This comment causes most of them to furrow their brows in confusion, wondering who he could be talking about, considering he and Lily still talk on occasion. But if he wasn’t calling Lily, then who?
The phone continues to ring, causing a pit to form in James’ stomach. “I don’t think she’s gonna-“
“Hello?” a feminine voice asks on the other line. The woman can be heard talking to someone in the background, wishing them a good weekend. She gets a chorus of “you too” in return before a door opens and closes shut.
“Hello?” The voice asks again. Remus reaches over and smacks James on the arm, snapping him out of his stupor.
“H-hi, hey!,” James stutters. “Y/N?” he asks, causing his friends to look at each other in confusion. You and James dated for a few months at Hogwarts but they didn’t think it was that serious. Not serious enough for him to call you instead of Lily for this dare. After all, he had spent years pining after Lily, not you.
“…yes?” you ask into the phone. Your voice comes off soft yet confused.
“Hey,” he says again, and then rolls his eyes at himself, “It’s James.” he breathes out.
“Who?” you ask, causing his heart to drop. “Wait, sorry, hold on really quick.”
Everyone hears you fumble with your phone for a bit before your voice rings out again, this time sounding louder than before.
“Hello?” you ask again, checking if the sound is better.
“Hi,” James answers, not knowing what else to say.
“Oh, that’s much better. Sorry about that,” you laugh softly, “Who is this?” you ask again.
“It’s James…” he says with a grimace, half expecting you to hang up on him.
“James…” you repeat, as if you’re in thought. “James from Hogwarts?”
“Yeah…” James answers, looking at Remus who just shrugs his shoulders. James from Hogwarts, he thinks to himself, that’s what she remembers me as?
“Oh shit,” you curse, surprise evident in your voice, “I didn’t recognize you. Your voice sounds so different on the phone.”
Everyone snickers at your comment.
“How’d you get this number?” you ask and immediately, the laughter stops.
“I uh…I ran into your friend Charlotte like a week after we graduated and I asked her for it.” James says sheepishly. He hopes nobody comments on the fact that that’s a long time to have someone’s number and not call them.
“And she gave it to you?”
“Well I say ‘asked’ but it was more like begging,” James admits, blushing as remembers following her around as she did her shopping, pleading with her to give him your number.
“Huh. So what do you want?”
“Just needed to ask you a question, love.” he tells you, the term of endearment slipping out without him even realizing.
“Okay…” you trail off, unsure of what’s to come.
“How are you?” James finds himself asking instead.
“How am I?” you repeat with an incredulous laugh. “You called me to ask me how I am?”
“No, sorry.” James shakes his head, even though you can’t see it. “That’s not the question. But I do want to know.”
“I’m fine.” you say simply.
“Yeah?” James asks, a soft smile on his lips as he talks with you.
“Yeah.” you confirm, wishing he’d just hurry up and get to the point already. “So…”
“Why didn’t it work out? Between us, I mean…” James asks breathlessly, finally asking the question that’s been plaguing his thoughts for the past two years.
“James,” you sigh, “Why are you asking this now?”
“I don’t know,” James says honestly, ignoring the stares of his friends. “It’s always bothered me; not knowing why you broke up with me. But no matter how badly I wanted to reach out to you- to ask you- I just didn’t. I was too scared. But I-I need to know what happened. Can you- from your perspective- can you tell me why we didn’t work?”
“I don’t know,” you sigh, “I just felt like you didn’t love me.”
“What?” James asks, horrified. “Why- how could you possibly think that?”
“Come on,” you scoff, “You know-“
“No, I don’t,” James interrupts, shaking his head furiously. “I-I thought I was a good boyfriend. I thought-“
“You were,” you coo, feeling the need to reassure him. “It wasn’t all bad. You were funny and kind. You were caring. You were patient with me and my short temper and you always managed to make me smile whenever something was bothering me.”
“And your friends,” you sigh, causing them all to perk up at their mention. “They welcomed me into their group with open arms. They never made me feel like an outsider. I-I studied with Remus, I would play-fight with Sirius; Alice and I would have sleepovers all the time and stay up talking and giggling until three a.m.”
“Then…why?” James repeats, even more confused. If everything was as great as you said, why break up?
“I…I’m not an idiot, James. Even though we weren’t in the same circle, I knew about Lily. Merlin, the whole of Hogwarts did. Through the years, I would hear in passing every now and again about you two. I knew you fancied her. I knew she had been the only one you had ever been serious about, which is why I was so confused when you started paying attention to me.”
“Is it so hard to believe that I thought you were beautiful? That I enjoyed your company?” James asks.
“No, but us crossing paths was a chance encounter.” you stress. “We had been taking the same classes since first year, James. But it wasn’t until Professor McGonagall changed the seating arrangement in seventh year that you finally noticed me. Do you remember why I turned you down the first couple of times?”
“You said you didn’t want to cause any problems between me and Lily. But I told you there was nothing going on between us.” James tells you, growing frustrated.
“Yes, but your actions told me otherwise. How many times did I see you playing with her hair, or whispering in her ear?”
“I was talking with her,” James defends.
“You were flirting with her!” you correct. “You were dating me and flirting with her. I don’t know how you didn’t realize it when everyone else in the bloody school did.”
“Do you have any idea what that was like?” you ask harshly. “Having to hear day in and day out for months ’oh, it’s just a ploy. He’s doing it to get Evans’ attention, and I think it’s working. It’s only a matter of time before one of them makes a move’”
“And then I go to you, my boyfriend, for reassurance, and I don’t get any. Instead, my feelings are brushed off and I’m called, what was the word again? Oh, right, delusional. Yes, I loved you, but I couldn’t do it anymore, James.”
“And anyway,” you huff, clearly worked up by this conversation, “This was two years ago, I don’t understand why you’re calling me now asking me why it didn’t work out. If you were so bothered by the break up, why didn’t you say anything?!”
“Because I wanted you to be happy!” James shouts, standing up from his seat. He moves away from the couch and starts pacing the living room, running his free hand through his hair in frustration.
“I feel like we should give them some privacy,” Marlene whispers to the group.
“Shh!” Sirius shushes her, waving her off.
“I loved you so much, I would have done anything for you to be happy. That’s why I let you go without putting up a fight. I was doing what you wanted.” James sighs dejectedly.
“What I wanted?” you repeat skeptically. “What I wanted was for you to fight for me! For us! I wanted you to show me and everyone else at that damn school that I was the girl for you; that I was the girl you wanted! But you didn’t do that!”
“Instead, you went running to Lily!” you laugh coldly, “Just like everyone knew you would!”
“That’s not fair,” James says, sadly. “If I had known that you-“
“That I loved you? That I wanted to be with you?” you interrupt. “What? Would we still be together right now? Married, living in a nice little cottage, a couple of kids running around?”
“You’re right,” you sigh, “I’m being too harsh. If you didn’t know that, then clearly I wasn’t the best girlfriend either.”
“Merlin’s beard, what is that noise?” James asks exasperatedly.
“My phone, letting me know the battery’s about to die. Good timing, too.” you huff.
“You were a bad boyfriend, and I was a bad girlfriend. That’s why it didn’t work out between us. Let’s leave it at that.” you say quickly, rushing to finish the conversation before your phone dies.
“I hope everything works out between you and Lily. Or whoever you’re seeing now. Truly, I do. Take care, James. Do not call me again. I won’t answer.”
And with that the phone call ends. James stands there, in the middle of his living room, staring at the phone in his hand. It’s silent for a few seconds before Dorcas awkwardly claps her hands, getting everyone’s attention.
“Alright, who’s next?” She asks, softly. The fun atmosphere ruined by the heaviness of the phone call.
“You guys go ahead,” James says, making his way towards the door.
“Mate, where are you going?” Remus asks, standing from his seat.
James freezes at the door and turns around, making his way back to the living room.
“It’s not over yet.” he says with a shake of his head.
James reaches for his card on the table and hands it to Remus, before heading towards the door again, dialing someone else and putting the phone to his ear.
“Still gotta ask if she’d consider giving us another chance.” he tells them before speaking into the receiver.
“Hi, Charlotte? It’s James! Yeah, James Potter. Listen, can you curse me out another time? I need Y/N’s address. Why? Well apparently she broke up with me because she thought I didn’t love her. And I didn’t do anything to stop her because I thought she didn’t love me. Yeahhh, so I need her address so I can tell her that that wasn’t the case at all. Brilliant! Thanks, bye!”
Everyone stands in silence, unsure of what to do now.
“Should we keep playing?” Sirius asks.
“Or pack up and call it a night?” Remus adds.
They all stare at each other for a moment before Alice bolts from her seat and rushes to the door.
“I’m too invested in this! I need to know how it ends! James!” she calls, running down the steps, “Wait for me!”
Everyone else is quick to rush out the door, chasing after James and Alice into the night.
[ t i m e s k i p ]
You’ve just come out of the shower when there’s a hard knock at your door. Not expecting anyone tonight, you stand up with a confused frown on your face.
Running your fingers through your damp hair in an attempt to make yourself look presentable, you head towards the front door. The knocking has gone from rapid, consistent taps to a heavy fist pounding against the wood. The door shakes so much, you’re scared it’ll fall off its hinges. With your wand gripped tightly in your hand, you yank it open, only to become more confused at the sight that greets you.
James Potter stands on your porch; out of breath and hair disheveled as he stares at you. Looking past his shoulder, you see all his friends standing on the sidewalk. Sirius, Remus, Peter, Frank, Alice, Marlene, and Dorcas are all watching you as well. Alice has a beaming smile on her face as she waves enthusiastically at you, clearly happy to see you again. You awkwardly raise your hand at them in greeting before turning your focus back to James.
“I know you said you didn’t want me to call you again-“
“So you show up at my house unannounced?!” You shriek.
“And why are they here?” you ask, gesturing to his friends.
“They followed me!” James shrugs helplessly.
“What are you even doing here?” you ask, rubbing your temples in an attempt to rid yourself of the headache you feel coming on.
“To tell you, in person, that I did love you.” James says, releasing a shaky breath.
“….Alright. Thanks for stopping by.” You nod at him. You try to close the door, only for James to push it back open with his hand.
“No, Y/N, listen to me. I’m sorry for whatever I did that made you initially doubt my feelings for you. I’m sorry I was a tosser that didn’t listen to you when you tried to tell me what was bothering you.” James tells you sincerely.
“It’s okay,” you shrug.
“It’s not.” he says with a shake of his head. “I should've told you all this back then, and I don’t know why I didn’t. But I’m telling you now. Yes, I fancied Lily for years but that stopped the moment I met you.”
You roll your eyes at that and James grabs your hands, squeezing them once before continuing.
“I don’t know how you did it, but one interaction with you and I was hooked. Nothing else mattered and nobody else compared. I found myself looking for you in the great hall and in between classes. I’d ask around about you because I wanted to know everything that there was to know about you. I felt an actual ache in my chest whenever you turned me down. It was so bad I had to see Madam Pomfrey about it because I honestly thought I had an arrhythmia.” he says, which causes you to laugh and roll your eyes again, this time in affection.
“I didn’t fight for you then, so I’m fighting for you now. The truth is I liked Lily; but I only ever loved you.”
You widen your eyes and gasp at his confession. Somewhere on the sidewalk, someone, most likely Alice squeals.
“I loved you on that first day, when you shared your inkwell with me after I forgot mine in the dorm. I loved you when you watched all my quidditch matches, even though you weren’t a fan of the sport. I loved you when you hung out with my friends, even when I wasn’t there and when you spent Christmas with me and my parents.”
You bring a hand up to wipe your eyes before placing it back in James’ hold. You sniffle and grin at him, chin quivering as you do.
“I loved you every second that I dated you. I loved you when you broke up with me. I loved you the whole time I dated Lily, which sounds horrible-“ James admits, causing you to laugh.
“But it’s true. That’s actually the reason we broke up.” he admits, “I couldn’t be with her- or anyone for that matter- when my heart belonged to you.”
“I loved you then and I love you now.” James tells you, gazing lovingly into your eyes. “And I need to know if there’s even the slightest possibility of you loving me too? I know I let you down last time. But-“
James doesn’t get to finish his sentence. Having heard enough, you surge forward, getting on your tiptoes to place your lips against his. James immediately brings his hands up, cupping your face gently as he kisses you back. When you pull away, he follows, placing another chaste kiss against your lips. James kisses you all over your face, causing you to giggle before he leans his forehead against yours.
“James,” you call softly.
“Look at me.”
“I can’t” he tells you with a shake of his head, forehead still pressed against your own.
“Why not?“
“Because I’m scared this isn’t real. I don’t want to open my eyes and realize it was just a dream.”
“Does this feel real?” you ask, squeezing his hand with your own.
“What about this?”
Your other hand comes up to cup his cheek. James sighs at the warmth, pressing a kiss to the palm of your hand.
“Yes.” he nods, slightly.
“Then open your eyes, Jamie.”
James takes a shaky breath in before slowly peeking his eyes open. Once he sees that you are in fact, still there, he releases the breath he was holding. James tucks a loose strand of hair behind your ear before cupping your face in his hands.
“I love you.” you tell him, cheeks warming at the look of complete awe that he gives you.
James kisses you again before pulling you into his chest, wrapping his arms around you in a tight hug.
“I love you” he whispers into your ear, causing you to smile.
It’s only when Alice squeals loudly that you remember everyone else was still there. You pull back and share a shy smile with James before turning towards his group of friends that have been standing on the sidewalk.
“I guess I should invite you guys in?” you say, glancing at James briefly before turning towards the group again. “I can order some pizza and you guys can fill me in on what you’ve all been up to.”
Alice is the first to run up your steps, shoving James to the side and pulling you into a tight hug.
“I missed you so much!” she exclaims as she makes her way into your home.
Everyone else slowly makes their way inside, either hugging you or giving you a quick pat on the shoulder in greeting.
You’re about to head inside when James pulls you back.
“What? What is it?” you ask, looking up at him worriedly.
“Nothing,” he shakes his head, gazing at you with a soft smile. “Just wanted one last moment with you before we head in.”
You roll your eyes and grab his hand, pulling him behind you as you walk in.
“You’re acting like you’re never gonna see me again.”
“Am I?” James asks.
“Only for the rest of your life.” you tell him, pulling his face towards yours for another kiss.
“Um, enough of that!” Sirius calls out, “I believe we were promised pizza??”
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sweetiecutie · a month ago
smut where Remus wakes up reader by licking/loving readers breasts seems basic but I feel like he'd have a thing for his girlfriends titties 😅
A/n: holy fuck, that’s one of the sexiest things I’ve read, thank you anon💖💖
Pairing: Remus Lupin x fem! Reader
Warnings: NSFW, reader isn’t medically prescribed to wear a bra
Ever since the beginning of your relationships with Remus you have noticed his special interest in your breasts. He often, not so discreetly, snakes his arm around your torso, pressing you tightly into his side; huge hand making its way to rest on one of your tits, molding soft flesh through thick layers of clothing. And no one ever really pays special attention to that, only James or Sirius throwing occasional friendly taunts or teasing looks, but beside that - no one cares. Because, c’mon, it’s Remus Lupin we’re talking about! Not only he has privileges around Hogwarts, but also impeccable reputation - keeping a hand on his girl’s tits won’t do any harm to anyone, it’s not like he has ever tried doing anything risky or socially unacceptable, so mostly other students just let it slip
In his defence Remus always says that your tits help him concentrate - which isn’t completely a lie - the weight of your breasts in his palms, your nipples that harden the second his cold fingers touch your warm skin - it all does, in fact, help Lupin to concentrate his attention on the matter at hand. This dude literally uses your tits as some kind of anti-stress balls one uses just to busy their hands with something
Ever since Remus demands you to stop wearing a bra on daily basis. His reasoning is that going braless helps blood circulation, makes the skin of your breasts way more elastic and overall good for your health, but you knows better than that - this sly fucker just wants to have easier access to your boobs. And, well, you can actually understand that - slipping a hand under a tightly clasped bra isn’t exactly an easy task. Moreover, wearing a bra as if it’s some kind of obligation is such a misogynistic bullshit, so you gladly accept your boyfriend’s advice
And most of the time it’s not even sexual - Remus just loves your tits wholeheartedly, ready to worship them at any given moment. Don’t get me wrong - boy loves all of you, absolutely no exceptions or buts, with all your little ‘imperfections’ and ‘flaws’ - you’re the definition of pure beauty in Lupin’s eyes. It’s just something about your bust that always draws him in, making his mouth water and hands itch with desire to touch, to fondle
Every snuggle session with Remus ends up with his head under your (his) comfy t-shirt or sweater, his mouth latched onto your nipple, deft calloused fingers playing with your other breast, not leaving any of his precious girls without attention. His mouth works softly on you - tongue gently circles your hardened bundles, sucking and licking lightly, careful not to overstimulate such sensitive skin, knowing how sore your tits can get for the next few days because of him, bringing you a lot of discomfort. So Remus makes sure to switch your boobs once in a while, giving his undivided attention equally to both of your breasts, in order to not overwhelm you
The amount of times Remmy has fallen asleep in your arms, all cuddly and warm, comforted by your body heat and natural scent of you, one tit in his mouth as your fingers run through his chocolate-colored hair, massaging his scalp lovingly. At those moments he feels absolutely safe, huddled up in his own small world only with you by his side, where nothing bad could ever reach neither of you two
Way more often than you’d like to admit you wake up not from your annoying alarm clock or morning sun beams, but from soft licking and suckling on your nipples. You’d open your still heavy with sleep eyes, looking around the dark room; Remus feels your subtle shuffling, mumbles out quiet “Morning, sunshine”, muffled by your tit in his mouth. You just hum in response, closing your eyes again, hand finding boy’s broad back, rubbing comforting circles on his stiff muscles
So yes, Remus Lupin is absolutely in love with his girlfriend and her pretty tits
Likes, reblogs and comments are highly appreciated, they inspire me on creating even more content for you💖
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vxntagedior · 4 months ago
summary | james can’t help and have a quickie before class leaving you uncomfortable for the rest of the day
pairing | poly!marauders x fem!reader
warning | 18+ minors dni, smut [sub!reader, creampie, daddy kink, sex in a closet, oral (f receiving), switch!james, dom!remus, switch!sirius] angst, fluff
word count | 1.9k
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Each boy had their own morning routine. 
Sirius liked to get up at the last minute, and try to scatter his way into class.
Remus likes to get up early enough for him to shower if he didn’t the night before, go down, get some breakfast and get some food for Sirius and you.
James liked to wake up with a quickie. Whether it be a blowjob, eating you out, fucking you senseless, it didn’t matter, he just wanted you to cum or make him cum.
Remus always disliked the idea, knowing you might be stuck in your subspace, but James made sure to have you 100% back before going to class. Sirius liked the idea, and you didn’t care, you loved waking up to James between your legs.
Remus always disliked the idea, knowing you might be stuck in your subspace, but James made sure to have you 100% back before going to class. Sirius liked the idea, and you didn’t care, you loved waking up to James between your legs.
It had been a week before Yule break and everyone just didn’t want to go to class. Sirius didn’t even wake up, charming his curtains to keep them close. Remus went through his classic morning routine, leaving you and James.
The boy was kneading your breasts through your tank top. Both of you were barely awake and were already late to your first class.
“Jamie.” You sighed, resting your head into the pillow. You moaned when James started kissing down your jaw to your neck, his fingers rolling your nipples.
“We’re already late.” He smirked, “let’s just make the most out of it.”
You felt him move down to the edge of the bed, hooking one of your legs over his shoulder, positioning himself between your legs. Pressing his lips down to your soft thighs, his fingers trailed against the hem of your panties, slowly dipping his finger below the cotton.
“Don’t tease.” You cried, bucking your hips closer to his face. “Wanna feel you.”
James couldn’t last either, moving your panties to the side, his eyes lighting up.
“You haven’t shaved.” He was in awe, his finger moving against your small patch of hair.
“Been busy and I know you like it.” You bit your bottom lip, your hands moving down to push your tank top down, squeezing onto your breasts.
“Prettiest pussy.” James practically inhaled your scent, pressing a kiss to your clit before starting to suck.
James didn’t say between your legs long, just enough to cum against his lips once, before he was shedding your clothes and his.
Coming back up to you, you could feel his erection pressing against your cunt, kissing you softly, down your body, licking the valley of your breasts. 
“Please Jamie, want you to fuck me.”
James would usually reprimand you about your language, but the boy couldn’t wait any longer. And no matter how many times James had been inside your cunt, it was like heaven each time.
“Oh baby.” He whispered, resting on his calves, pulling your thighs closer to him, almost wrapping around his hips. “Feel so good.”
It was messy, sloppy, James couldn’t make a pace, just thrusting roughly into your hips, the sound of the two of you filling the room.
You were surprised Sirius was able to sleep through all of it.
Finally being able to wrap your legs around James, he reached his arms under your shoulder, pulling you so your chests were touching. Your hands were in his hair, twisting and pulling at his curly locks, James capturing each of your moans with a kiss. 
His arms were secure around your waist, bouncing you up and down his cock, his mouth locked around your nipple.
“You like being my little bunny.” He smirked. “Bouncing up and down on my cock, begging for my cum.”
He could feel clench around his cock while he talked, all that ego going straight down to his cock, just pounding a little harder into you each time.
Neither of you could figure how both of you could last this long but James could see your jaw go slack, almost no sound coming out of your mouth, seeing the signs of your orgasm.
“C’mon bunny.” He husked, sloppily kissing your lips. “Cum all my cock.”
Your hips rolled against his, gradually continuing to get slower and slower to the point where you were slumped against James, who still was continuing at you wanting to relieve his own high.
“Want your cum.” You said, your head resting on his shoulder.
“Gotta tell me where?”
“Inside me.” It wasn’t something you always requested, only if you were able to get cleaned up afterwards because of the feeling it gave you afterwards. And you had just assumed because the two of you were late and your first class was halfway through James would like the two of you to spend the rest of the time together.
“Such a good bunny.” He groaned, his hips slowly, thrusting slower and deeper in your cunt, letting out a moan, pulling you both back down to the bed. You felt the velvet liquid inside you, filling you to brim. Pushing James’s cock out of you, his cum started to ooze out of you, sliding your thigh and onto his.
“Good Morning bunny.” He smiled, both of you were sweaty, his arms wrapped securely around you. “
“Good morning.” You smiled.
“We gotta go to class.” He sighed.
“Wanna stay.” You cuddled into his arms. “Remmy can handle the notes.”
“Bunny, you know he doesn’t like it.” James rolled out of bed, going into the bathroom to clean himself up quickly, coming back out with a washcloth for you. Wiping the sweat off your face and the cum that was still dripping down your legs, he hastily got the both of you dressed.
As you finally sat up, you felt a sudden wetness in your panties, knowing it was James’s cum that was still deep inside you, seeping out. You wiggled your thighs hoping the uncomfort would go away but James had already grabbed your bags and pulled you out the door.
Walking you to class, James had one last kiss and a smack on your bum before sending you off with Lily and the girls.
“Hey lovely.” Marlene smiled seeing you come in. “Didn’t see you at breakfast this morning.”
“Was with Jamie.” You whispered, the nickname so innocently slipping through your tongue.
“Oh.” Dorcas let out a knowing sigh.
The four of you didn’ talk for much of the period, going through your own work. Lily had heard some shuffling next to her, looking up from her parchment and books, you were antsy in your seat, constantly shifting around.
“Are you alright?” She asked softly, not wanting to get the attention of anyone else around you.
“Feel icky.” You said softly, in a tone of voice you always had during your subspace.
“Is the flu?”
“No, it's sticky.” You subconsciously rubbed your thighs again. Lily looked down seeing a small wet patch that was rubbed against your panties.
“It’s alright sweetheart.” Lily cooed, “Class is over and we’ll go find one of the boys, yeah?”
“Want Remmy.” You whined.
“Okay.” She smiled, Lily had grabbed your books, taking a hold of your hand, walking you down to Remus’s next class hopefully seeing him before he went in.
“Lily, sweetheart, is everything alright?” Remus already knew something was wrong, Lily holding your books, you couldn’t even look him in the eye, having one of your thighs closed over the other.
“I think she needs you right now.” She whispered. 
“Pup.” He said softly, coaxing you away from Lily into his arms. “Is everything okay?”
“Want you daddy.” You said in his robes. Remus' eyes widened, looking back at Lily who gave him a concerning look.
“I understand you all enjoy her company, but don’t let her walk around the whole day like this.” She sighed, slinging your bag onto his arm before heading to her next class.
“C’mon pup, let’s go get you cleaned up.” He supported most of your weight while the two of you walked towards the common room. 
Walking into the dorm, Sirius stopped in his steps as he got out of the bathroom, surprised to see anyone here.
“Hey Moons.” He chuckled awkwardly knowing the punishment that would come to him for skipping class.
“I’ll deal with you later.” He just rolled his eyes at Sirius, throwing your bag near his bed, bringing you into the bathroom.
Grabbing and setting you on top of the counter, you watched as Remus walked through the bathroom grabbing a few things before coming back to you.
“Kissie please?” Your lips pouted out. Remus thought it was adorable, pressing his lips against yours, pushing your robes off your shoulders.
Stripping you of your uniform, you sat bare in front of your boyfriend, wincing at the cold counter.
“It’s okay, just gotta clean up then we can get all warm.” He smiled.
Peeling your panties off, Remus saw how soiled they were, completely soaked. You had expressed to the boys about the discomfort you had against the wetness of your clothes against your skin and one of two boys didn’t seem to take that into mind that morning.
Getting the washcloth damp, Remus softly cleaned your thighs, wiping the sticky residue off your skin, before swiping the cloth over your cunt, smirking when he saw how sensitive you were.
Remus was always delicate with you, treating you like you were a piece of glass, making sure to never leave a bruise or anything to your perfect skin.
“Such a good girl.” He smiled, pressing a kiss just above your hip bone. “Let’s get you dressed hmm.”
Already having the clothes next to him, Remus started to dress you, picking you off the counter, letting you stay while he cleaned his mess and went back into the dorm.
Sirius saw up from the bed, opening his arms wide towards you, seeing your sweet smile as you ran quickly towards him.
“Hi baby.” He kissed the top of your head.
Letting you stay with Sirius, Remus had come to the conclusion that it had been James who hadn’t cleaned his mess in the morning.
“Hi Moons.” James smiled walking into the dorm, pressing a kiss to his temple, starting to walk towards you and Sirius before Remus caught his wrist.
“James.” He said sternly. James’s eyes widened, looking back at you and Sirius who weren’t even paying attention to the two of them.
“Yes.” He said cautiously.
“Had a surprise for me this morning.” Remus started. “Somebody had some fun with puppy this morning and forgot to take care of her afterwards.”
James had been caught red handed, his face turning red, trying to look anywhere except at Remus.
“I’m sorry daddy.” James apologized, his eyes barely looking up at him.
“It’s not me you have to apologize to.” Remus finished the conversation between the two, looking back to you and Sirius, seeing you sat up on the bed.
“Hi bunny.” James said softly coming over towards you.
“Hi Jamie.” You smiled sweetly, god you could never get mad at any of the boys.
“I’m sorry about this morning, didn’t mean to forget about you.” He said in shame.
“It’s okay.” You chirped. “I already forgive you.”
“Really sweetheart.” Sirius rolled his eyes. “You gotta be a little tough.”
“Why, Jamie just forgot, you forget sometimes.” You said offhandedly. 
“Sirius.” Remus looked over at the boy.
Sirius groaned, pulling you back down to the bed, his fingers tickling your sides, causing you to giggle. 
“Gonna get me in trouble too now?” He joked.
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prettybabybaby · 2 months ago
¡ 18+ only ! ¡ minors do not interact !
¡ marauders masterlist !
remus tugs your head back with the firm grip on your hair, “what did you say?”
“harder,” you say, sunday dress squeezing your middle. “please, remmy, harder.”
he grunts and removes his hand from your clit, sliding it up your body before giving your exposed nipple a harsh twist. he pulls on your hair once more to have full access to your throat when he wraps his hand around it, squeezing it enough to make you feel dizzy.
“you want me to fuck you harder?” you nod vigorously and moan, the strained noise making his cock twitch inside you.
“mmm,” he hums, leaning in close to your ear, “precious little church girl worshipping me in front of the holy building? it’s blasphemous. you think you’ll be forgiven?”
you whine, lip wobbling at his words but you let your head fall forward with a wanton mewl when he intensely thrusts his cock into your tight cunt. “oh my god,” you stutter, “rem, th-thank you.”
“that’s right,” he grits his teeth, hissing when your cunt clenches his throbbing dick. “i’m your God now. you submit to me.”
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ztoji · 5 months ago
# : hehe first time doing hp and remus kinda nervous uh…. also imagine younger/older remus - whichever you want
tags : MDNI, punishment smut, hard/mean dom!remus?, toys (vibrator), slight ruined orgasm, gagging (w panties), he ties your hands up w a tie, choking, oral (f receiving), f!reader, no magic mentioned
Tumblr media
The room is filled with your muffled cries and moans. Remus sitting back on his calves between your legs while keeping a vibrator against your swollen and sensitive clit. He's been at this for god knows how long, but he has still not given you permission to come yet.
It only makes it worse because before keeping the vibe against your clit he shoved your panties in your mouth to keep you as quiet as possible, tied your hands up with his tie to the headboard so you can’t push him away. And neither can you take out your panties from your mouth.
All this because you forgot about coming to eat lunch with him like he planned. And since it was planned only the day before he didn’t think of bringing any leftovers or food with him to work. It caused him to send an angry text to you and having to hurry with his work, because he waited for you to show up for almost thirty minutes. So when he decided he wouldn’t wait anymore he only had another thirty minutes left to pick up food or something quick to eat, naturally it stressed him out a little bit thinking about being late with his work.
Also because of the thought of humiliation since Remus stood outside the restaurant the two of you picked a long while before walking away.
You thought it was a bit silly of him to be mad and react the way he did because of something so small, considering the fact that you could always plan a lunch date another day. You also had things that kept you occupied, otherwise you wouldn’t have forgotten about it.
Well, that’s what you thought at the beginning of the night. Before he pushed you down on the bed only to tie you up and press a vibrator against your cunt. Letting you get so, so close to the edge, but letting go whenever your hips started to twitch a little too much for his liking.
A scornful laugh leaves him whenever you start to whine and try to scream profanities at him, but couldn’t because your mouth was full of your soaked panties. Remus was also quick to push down your legs against the bed when you tried to kick him or tried to nudge him. He would pause the punishment or whatever he thought this was. You surely thought this felt like a punishment considering the way he was treating you.
“Don’t be so loud darling. And if you even try to kick me again I'll leave you here with this thing on until you pass out.” Remus quite literally growls out, pinching your thigh lightly as a warning. “Do you understand me, little one?”
You are quick to nod as an answer.
He likes that look on you a little too much, where you don’t seem to know whether you like what’s going on or if you don’t. The cute way you scrunch your nose and furrow your eyebrows together whenever you get close to coming is one of his favorite things too.
It’s also how your face changes when you get close to the edge that makes him able to pull away from you so you don’t get to cum, sometimes they get ruined when he gets too lost in staring at the way your poor cunt tightens around nothing as he continues to press his fingers in and out of you lightly.
Your muffled moans bring him back to the present, a grin taking place on his face at how you’ve thrown back your head, showing off your pretty throat and your legs twitching beside him. “Are you close baby?” He can see the way you are trying to fight back the orgasm.
Nodding quickly at the question, head still thrown back onto the pillow, he presses the toy closer to you. Your legs full on shaking by now and your whole body tightens up at the upcoming orgasm, trying to clench your stomach together as if that’ll help you keep it in.
“Cum for me.”
With that you let go of the tense feeling in your stomach, orgasm wrecking through your body and hips bucking wildly back and forth on the toy still pressed onto you. Keeping your eyes pressed closed and throwing your head back once again when you feel two fingers pressing into you.
Remus exchanges the toy with two of his rough fingers and is quick to thrusting them against your sweet spot that keeps prolonging your orgasm. He doesn’t stop until your cum starts gushing out of your tightening cunt, having to stop thrusting them as your velvety walls got so tight it would probably cause you discomfort if he kept them moving.
Only when he feels you relax again and body going slack on the bed does he pull out his now soaked fingers.
He brings his fingers up and cleans them off in his mouth, you try to moan out at the sight of his tongue cleaning his fingers but the sound is still muffled.
Remus pushes himself up so he’s in eye level with you, smirking at the pleading look in your eyes before he pushes the two fingers he sucked on in your mouth. Pushing back the panties, causing you to gag and try to escape him but you don’t get far before he pulls them out along with the panties. You are quick to lick your dry lips as soon the panties are out of your mouth.
Yet again before you have time to say or do anything he manhandles you onto your front, ass in the air and face between the pillows. The sound of him opening his zipper fills the room and Remus pulls out his cock. When you try and wriggle yourself closer Remus is quick to put an end to it with his calloused hand coming down in a quick spank on your ass.
“Stop fucking moving or I’ll really leave you here like this.” He growls in your ear, putting one hand around your neck to pull you up towards him until your back is pressed against his chest.
The feeling of his cock slinking inside you and stretching you open distracts you from his tightening grip on your neck. And before he even has time to bottom out you’re already coming around him.
“Dirty little slut, coming without permission now?” you gasp out at his choice of words. “Keep moving your fucking hips before i fuck you unconsious little one.”
You do as he says, opening your mouth but nothing escapes because of his grip on your neck that is continuously loosening and tightening to keep you on edge.
He helps you on the way though and takes pity on your sensitive body, bucking his hips up to yours when you come down towards him, the sound of skin meeting skin fills the room along with your mixed moans. He groans at the feeling of your cum and wetness dripping down and causing a mess on his thighs and the bed.
Pushing you back down on the bed he starts pumping his cock into you, ignoring your whimpers of him giving you a quick break.
His goal tonight is to ruin you.
Tumblr media
a/n : AAAAAHHHH i’m nervous i hope y’all liked this one heuhuehueh (〃ω〃)
2022 © all content belongs to ztoji. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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sgrantsgf · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
James feels turn on by Harry's babysitter, who happens to be Remus step-sister and golden girl.
James Potter x AFAB!Reader.
Tumblr media
TW. fem!reader, reader is quite a whore, innocence kink, corruption kink, step-brother relationship, mentions of cheating, cheating kink, breaking kink, age gap (reader is of age, of course, i picture her as 19 since it's my age but i don't think i mention her age), NSFW, MDNI, +18, please if you're under 18 don't read this. Masturbation (male and female), mentions of oral sex, dub-con (because reader is too innocent), dumb reader, kinda like a bimbo, penetration sex, squirt, creampie, daddy and mommy kink, please let me know if i forgot one.
Doll Face Honey.
Lily Evans and James Potter had only one problem in their entire lives and it was that; no matter how much they love each other, they couldn't remind faithful. And by that time, staying together was just better than splitting out, and also, as a matter of fact, they were still in love with each other.
They thought that maybe they married too young. They weren't even in their twenties when they were expecting Harry, and Lily never had any boyfriend before James, on the contrary, he did had some girlfriends, nothing really official 'till Lily arrived.
Both of them were completely in love, James breathed and existed just to love Lily and Lily did everything she used to just to be loved by him, and the feeling still there, but the need of explore was also there, and they couldn't ignore any of them. Lily would never admit to James that she wanted them to see other people, she thought it would break his heart and his ego. And James would never tell Lily he wanted the same, because Lily was his precious flower, and he didn't want her to take it the wrong way, or think she was falling out of love because that was not the case.
Lily trusted James enough to think he would never cheat, that he was in fact a better person than she was, and James trusted Lily with all his body and soul as well, she was so loyal and honest that there was no way that she would cheat on him.
That's why James and Lily hid they're desires from each other, to not hurt their feelings. But they're lives were turning out quite well, they loved to go back home with the person their loved the most at the end of the day, and the feel of guilty was never chasing them because, well, that's what spells are for.
That afternoon was a quiet one. Lily and James were at home, the redhead was making a delicious dinner and James had his eyes fixated on you, the babysitter.
You were playing with Harry, and James couldn't stop looking at how your breasts would jump along with his son. He knew it was wrong, the way he was looking at you wasn't right. You were much younger than him and you were Remus' step-sister as well, which only made you the forbidden fruit, and one thing James loved most was what he wasn't supposed to have.
"I'm going out with the girls tonight" James gets out of his thoughts when he listens to his wife talking. "We're having dinner and I think we'll spend the night with Mary or Marlene"
"That sounds awesome, darling"
"I asked Y/N to stay the night so you can go out if you want to. Maybe Sirius?"
James nods at Lily's words, the only reason you could spend the night there was because Remus was doing some kind of internship for the weekend and you didn't want to spend the night alone. But it worked perfectly for him, because for the first time since your mother married Remus' dad he had you all for himself.
"I think Sirius has a family thing tonight" Lily makes a grin, looking at James and trying to think of something he could do, not really wanting him to spend the night alone when she wouldn't be. "It's alright, my love. I'll stay home, watch some movies maybe, have some fun. Have a peaceful night of sleep"
James chuckles and Lily nods at his direction, giving him the reason. It was true that Harry was much more calm when he was with you.
Lily finished dinner, it was your favorite. A simple dish but delicious when it came to Lily Evans' magic hands cooking it. Just as James, she thought you were cute too. Not only cute but hot, Lily gets really turned on when she would think of you in ways she shouldn't have. She liked to make your favorite dinner only to hear the soft moans you'll let out at the taste, and how your pretty lips would thank her, with your sweet voice mentioning her name.
Lily didn't feel ashamed for the way she was thinking of you, she was a woman, and she was smart, so she thought that if Remus, who was your step-brother, didn't bothered sexualize you in his thoughts and maybe actions, but she wasn't sure and she wasn't one to confirm what wasn't state, why would she pay any mind.
A few hours later, Lily finally leaves the house, making sure you put Harry to sleep and that you're all settle. You go to the principal door to tell her goodbye while James stays in their room.
"I hope you have a wonderful night, mommy" Lily smiles at the way you called her and leaves a kiss on your forehead "Kissie, mommy. Please"
You pout at her and she smiles at how cute you are, she leaves a tiny kiss on your lips and you see her walking to her Range Rover while she asks you to behave.
When you see her going you go upstairs, only to hear James calling you from his room.
"Y/N" He smiles bright and big, with those perl tooth of his "Thank Merlin you're here, c'mere, bunny I wanna show you something"
You just followed him, in your innocence, not thinking the nickname was inappropriate or something, you were used to get pet names all the time from Remus and Sirius, so you thought it was just a Marauders thing.
"I haven't feel quite well lately" He says, and you look at him with big worried eyes. He gets into the walking closet they have and gets out a moments later with just a tiny set of boxers covering his body. "I have a feeling here, but, c'mere, come closer" He asks, moving his hand to try and reach yours, when you finally allow him to take it, he drives it to his cock, getting it under his boxer "I don't know if I'm crazy or is it real" You touch his hard cock and look at him, confused at how it should feel. "Let me, okay, let me just take the boxers off, alright? Jus' so you can help me"
You nod, your features showing that you were truly worry for him. You liked James, he was the best boss you could imagine, he cared about you and he payed you really, really well, for just a few hours of watching Harry, so if you could do anything to help him you'll be more than happy to.
""Do you feel it?"
"I dunno, Mr. Potter. What should I feel?"
"How does it feels?"
"It feels hard" You quickly answer, not really giving it a second thought to your answer. James smiled at you and he took your hand, getting more turned on by the innocence you were showing.
He knew you were so innocent girl since the moment Remus introduce you to each other, you spend the biggest part of your youth in the church and you assisted a ton of reunions with christians who would tell you that the worst thing you could do was having sex. So you grew up apart from all the information you could have from it.
And James not only liked your innocence, he also liked the fact that you were a church girl and younger. Maybe he was crazy, sick and it was a twisted way of thinking, but he couldn't help it, he can't avoid the way his cock twitch by thinking of you, how it gets harder and harder every time he thinks on how fucking you would feel like, how stretching you out would be.
"I must be really sick then" You look at him worried "Would you mind helping me, baby?" You shake your head in fast movements "Helping me to get better, how does that sound?"
"Of course, anything you want, Mr. Potter"
"Ah, ah" He says, taking your hand and putting it on his cock "You don't call me that. Call me daddy, precious"
You frown at him, taking his cock in your hand as he was silently instructing you, kneeling in front of him when he took your head and started to push you down.
"But you're not my father, Mr. Potter"
"A father is someone who takes care of you, am I wrong, princess?" You shake your head, telling him that in fact, he was not. If there was something you learned by your mother's marriage with Mr. Lupin, was that a father was the one who cared for you and not the one who created you "And I take good care of you, don't I? I pay you really well, I reward you all the time, don't I? I spoil you, give you gifts all the time? Don't I deserve to be your daddy?"
And putting it in that way, he sounded right. He earned the privilege of you calling him daddy just as Sirius Black did. You thanked God for your life, you were a lucky girl, you not only found a father in Mr. Lupin, but he also gave you two daddies; Sirius Black and James Potter. And even thought Sirius black asked you to call him daddy about two months from now, he has never been able to make you feel like Remus Lupin does, one think you were also thankful for. He was an amazing step-brother, he cared for you, he helped you when your pussy was itching, he also taught you that word so you could tell him what was hurting and he could help you, just as the amazing brother he was. He made you feel good.
Remus never left you alone, maybe because he knew the way his best friends think of you, and the only time you got to be alone with Sirius Black was about fifteen minutes, where he taught you how to make him feel better by sucking his dick, he said you were sucking his sickness out of him, and that he felt so much better when you finished. You were a really lucky girl.
It was a rare occurrence that Remus allowed you to be alone with any of his friends, but to be fair, he thought Lily would be around; Lily Evans, the one he trusted the most with his little step-sister and the one he should trust a little less.
Lily had you calling her mommy before Sirius and James could even talk to you. Lily had you eating her out before Sirius could even think of having your lips around his cock.
But back to James, you nod at his answer and murmur a little 'Yes, daddy' before he smiled.
"Good girl" He says, patting your head "What about you make daddy feel good, baby, mmh? Make daddy no more ill"
You nod, eagerly to start, following carefully his instructions, your hand moving up and down.
"You see that white liquid, princess" You nod at his words, looking at the tip of his cock and then looking at him "Use it on your hands so it doesn't feel that rough"
You nod at his words and do as he asks you, going slow at first and then faster when he ask you to do it.
"Oh, my, Merlin, baby, you're so good. Please go, don't stop, bunny, don't stop, daddy's so close, so, so close, I'm about to feel better, Merlin you're doing it so, so good, babygirl. Go on, help daddy, okay?"
And just like that, James cum is now all over your hand, a tiny part of it is on your face and lips and James looks at you, amused at how pretty you looked with those worry doe eyes wondering if what you just did made him feel better.
"It's alright, baby bunny. You did so good, you're helping daddy so much, see how it isn't that hard anymore?" You nod with a smile, happy to have helped him "Now, do you wanna taste daddy's cum?"
"Yes, princess. Daddy's cum is a kind of candy, It'll make you feel better"
"But I'm not ill, daddy"
"Yes, you are my beautiful girl. You see this?" He says, bending only a little to where you were so he could touch the wet patch on your shorts "That means you're a little ill too"
You look at him, worried and kinda scared.
"Don' wanna be ill, daddy"
"No worries, baby. Just do as I told you, alright?"
You nod, tasting James cum and pouting when you didn't like the flavor. It wasn't sweet as Sirius, it was bitter and you didn't like that taste in any food or candy.
"Daddy I don't like it. No good"
"C'mon, doll face. Make daddy happy, eat it, please"
You nod and try again, only wanting to make him happy but his flavor was something your mouth didn't want, so you pout at him again, this time your eyes were tearing a little.
"No, no, don't cry, beautiful, don't cry" He says, taking you and sitting you in his lap on the edge of the bed "What's the matter"
"Don' like it, daddy. Told you"
"I'm so sorry, my princess. C'mere, daddy's gonna clean it, fine?" You nod while cleaning your eyes and James starts to lick with his tongue the cum from your lips. "Open for daddy" He instructs before getting you closet to him for a kiss, his tongue was traveling from all your mouth, making you forget about the taste you found disgusting. "That better? All clean now"
"Just a spot left, daddy"
You say, and both of you knew it was a lie. You liked how James lips felt against yours and you wanted him to do it again, lucky you, he was eager to do so.
"Well, that's just unacceptable, isn't it?"
You nod and smile at him, letting a small moan when he starts to touch your pussy. He asks you to take your shorts off and you do, he takes the time to take your panties off and he starts to lick your clit carefully. At a slow pace, he wasn't having rushes and you were feeling relaxed at the pleasure.
"Baby, get on top, alright?" He asks and you nod, you've never been on top, you have only been under Remus. "I'll teach you how" James quickly answers when he sees the worry in your face, the one telling him that you obviously didn't know how to do it. He lies on the bed, waiting for you to make your way to him, grabbing your hips and sitting you on his abdomen, making you feel his cock hitting your back. "Ready to feel better, bunny? Daddy's only doing this to help you, okay? But no one has to know, is it fine?"
"Why not, daddy?"
"Because daddy's way to cure illness aren't the most populars. Some people don't like them"
"Is it bad, daddy?"
"No, princess" He says, leaning you to him to kiss your forehead "It isn't bad, it's just not the favorite way"
"M'kay, daddy. Won't tell"
You smile at his words and follow his instructions, getting his cock inside of you, tearing a little bit at how big he was while he was closing his eyes and moaning at how tight you felt around him.
He makes you go up and down on his cock, watching you with adoration and being patience while you were getting used to his size, when he saw you ready, he told you to go faster, so it would cure you better, and you do as he tells. Not really needing an explanation to do anything James wanted you to do.
Now you're jumping faster over him, making sounds every time your skin and his meet, now you weren't doing it for James anymore, you were following the velocity you felt like it, it was like an unconscious movement, you just knew how to jump on James cock, trying to make you feel better.
James looks at you and gets delated by your little moans and the way your face looks every time you make him thrusts into you. He can feel how you start to milk his cock and he knows your orgasm is also building because your movements are now faster and your moans are lauders.
"Daddy" You call him and he looks at you, giving you his full attention "Kissie, please"
He smiles at your cute petition and makes you bend to him to meet your lips. James envoys your movements but he needs more, so he starts to move his hips along with yours, going faster until he cums inside you. You get his cock out when you feel a hot sensation traveling through your body.
"That's daddy's cum, princess. I had to put it there because you couldn't eat it" You listen to him with attention and nod, like if his words were the universal true, believing everything he would say. You feel his cum dripping from your pussy and he smiles as he watch it falling in his cock.
"Go again, doll face. That's not enough to make you feel better"
"'Kay, daddy"
You quickly answer, getting his cock inside of you again and jumping over him like the last time, the difference being that now, you go straight to a fast motion, not waiting for your body to get used to him, you need to feel him deeper and just as if you were moving on automatic pilot, you continue jumping on him, every second faster until James starts to feel you squirting, a few drops going out of you making him feel them on his thighs.
He grabs your legs, pulling you out of him and making your squirt release all over him and Lily's sheets. He better find a spell to clean them if he doesn't want to confront the uncomfortable talk where he has to explain to his wife why the new set of sheets he put just two days ago was gone.
James stretches you with his hands, trying to get all of your squirt all of you and over him. When he knows it's all, he starts to stroke your pussy, gently, only to a few seconds later have two fingers inside you, moving rough and violently.
He takes your hand and puts it on his cock, telling you to touch it like you were doing when you first entered to the room.
"Daddy needs to go once more, baby. That's not enough for you to feel good, neither for daddy" He says, looking at you and how you were jerking him off "Imma fill you up with my cum, baby. How does that sound?"
"S'alright, daddy"
"Yeah? It's fine?" You nod at his question and he looks at you with a smirk "You know what cum does, don't you bunny?"
"It makes me feel better, daddy. No more ill"
"You know what else does?" You shake your head looking at him without stopping your movements in your hands "It makes you all round and pretty, baby. It gives you big breasts and makes you all full with babies, you want that, doll face? Want daddy's babies?"
"No, no babies, daddy, please"
"Oh, but you'll look too pretty, princess. Your belly'll get all round and big and pretty. You'll look stunning, princess, so gorgeous, you don't want that?"
"Wanna look pretty, daddy"
"Attagirl" He says, taking your hand off of him and putting his cock inside of you again.
You knew it was bad, because no amount of innocence couldn't hide the fact that you knew that having a baby with other woman who wasn't your wife was cheating, and cheating was a sin.
But it it was bad, then why's it feel so good?
"You're taking me so well, princess. Taking all my babies inside of you, you want that, right" You nod quickly at his words. "You want all of my babies?"
"Yes, yes, daddy"
"But if you take all of them what about Lily? What if she's ill one day"
"Don' want Lily to have them, daddy, I want them"
"Selfish pretty little thing, aren't you?"
Lily could go to any other man to feel better, just as she does, you could help her too as you usually do, but in that moment you wanted James for you and only you, you didn't care that he was Lily's husband, she was born first, of course she would have him, and it was just not fair.
"Go on, baby, if you wanna feel better you better move"
"M'tired, daddy"
"Just one more, princess, alright? Just one more and daddy'll put you to sleep. I'll take care of you, mmh? How does that sound?"
You nod and go for another round, but it wasn't just enough for James, he wanted to see how far his cock could go when it came to you and of course he wanted to know how far he could get you.
So, by the time you had your third orgasm, you couldn't move on top of him anymore, James, being the gentleman he is, put you under him, just letting you lie in there. He told you your only job now was looking pretty and make those pretty moans he loved so much.
He managed to get another orgasm from you, he could see it on your eyes, you were exhausted, you've been going all night and you weren't used to that. Remus never pushed you too far and neither did Lily. Sirius would love to, but there was no reason, under any circumstance, that Remus Lupin would leave Sirius Black alone in a room with you for more than fifteen minutes.
Nor that you weren't enjoying it, because you were, so much, but you couldn't make the tiredness go away anymore.
"Daddy, sleepy"
"I know, princess. Just one more for daddy, 'kay?"
"No more, daddy. Just sleepy"
"Give me one more, doll face. Just one. You're such a pretty and obedient little girl, you gotta give daddy what his asking you, don't you wanna make daddy feel good?"
"Still feeling ill, daddy?"
"A little, princess. That's why I need ya"
You pout, you wanted to help him, of course you wanted, but your body wasn't just responding anymore.
"Jus' one more daddy"
"And that'll make it five" You nod with a smile and closed eyes, James doesn't even ask you to open them anymore, he just concentrates on your tiny whimpers and your soft moans, along with your shaky body announcing that you're getting your fifth release of the night. Leaving him satisfied and smiling.
He takes care of you as he promised. He makes sure you're all clean with your PJ's and he stays by your side in the room you were staying for a few hours before making his way to the room he shared with Lily to start cleaning.
The next morning, Remus picks you up first thing as he was freed from the internship. He thanks Lily for taking care of you and she just omits the part where she mentions she wasn't there for the whole night.
"Hope she doesn't give you much problem"
"Oh, no, Remus" Lily quickly answers, looking at you with a smile "She's an absolute angel"
Lily bites her lips, reminding you of what she couldn't finish and you smile at her. Remus and James thinking you both were too innocent to mean something else with that bite and that smile, they knew you both were two friends, so to them, it meant nothing but a cute way of communicating in your friendship.
"She's so well behaved" James says "You're so lucky to have her, moony. She's an excellent girl"
Remus answer, looking at you and hugging you more to his body.
"Oh, she's the best"
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siriusly-parker · 25 days ago
me, a supposed writer, when i can’t find the very specific scenario i made up in my head in any fanfic: am i- am i supposed to write it myself??
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lupiningwolves · 14 days ago
summer school | sirius black x reader
Tumblr media
summary: sirius showed you more than you thought you’d learn
warnings: smut, sir kink, corruption kink, innocent!reader, fingering, finger sucking
a/n: i feel like this is very bad, but i’ve been having quite the blockage in my head
summer school meant new friends. you had all your classes together with your best friend, who was there as well, but otherwise only people you’ve never seen before.
you were seated in the second row out of four, watching how people entered the classroom and took their seats. groups were formed, laughter and talking erupted through the walls before it got quiet when your teacher came in.
a few days passed and you found your three people to hang out with. together, you wanted to grab dinner on one evening, surprised to see another group of people from your class there as well.
„can we sit here with you?“, you asked the one boy, sirius was his name, but the other two boys always called him padfoot.
„yeah, sure“, he answered and took his bag from the chair next to him for you to sit down. you smiled at him appreciating before you sat down and the lively conversation between all of you began.
you didn’t know how exactly it happened, but it was now the third time you were in sirius‘ room, in his bed. the first time was harmless, you sat there and talked, the next you were cuddling and he tickled you at any chance he got.
but now, you were laying in his arms as his hand moved further down your side. „this okay?“, he whispered in your ear, whereupon you could only nod. no five seconds later, his hand was resting on your ass. „have you ever done this before?“, he asked and brushed his lips against your neck.
„no“, you breathed out when his hand moved to the front and slipped under your panties. a small gasp escaped your lips.
„wanna stop?“ you shook your head in response. „words, baby.“
„no, i don’t want to stop.“
his fingers brushed against your slit and clit, but then he moved back do gripping your ass. he took your hand and put it around his torso and you immediately gripped his shirt when you felt him pull your legs more open. „sirius“, you mumbled. „i-i have no experience.“
„that’s okay, love, i’ll show you.“ he was back in your panties and pulled your pants down with his other hands. „you touch yourself?“ his raspy voice had your mind black for a second. the soft moan you let out was answer enough for him. „what do you think about when you make yourself cum on those pretty fingers, doll?“
„i“- you started, but weren’t able to finish for two reasons. one, you were embarrassed. two, his fingers began caressing your clit. „i think about how someone would … show me things.“
„show you things?“, sirius asked teasingly. „what things?“
he chuckled when he saw the blush on our face. „baby, you’re a whole ass sub.“ your eyes widened at his statement and you opened your mouth to reply, but before you could blink his free hand was wrapped around your throat. „don’t you think so? i’ve seen the way you clench your thighs when i make a fist. see your eyes darken when you look at my lap. and when i tickled your neck the other day could swear you thought about being in this position, laying in my arms with one hand in your panties and the other choking you. you like this, don’t you, baby? you aren’t the innocent girl everyone thinks you are“, he said and pushed two fingers inside of you, which had you moaning out loud. „are you?“
„no, sir“, you moaned when he moved his fingers fast.
„that’s my good girl“, he whispered in your ear. „i‘m gonna corrupt you, take your innocence and show everyone that you’re mine.“
„do it, i‘m yours“, you answered, your mind floaty and blank when you felt your orgasm already approaching. you pressed your eyes together when another sensation overcame you. sirius was gently sucking on your neck, marking you and you felt his breathing against the sensitive skin.
he sped up his fingers and just before you came undone, he pulled them out of you. you whined and tucked at his shirt, just before he ripped your panties off, took his shirt off and then his pants. „i‘m gonna claim you“, he said as he pinned your hands above your head.
you nodded, too focused on his hard cock that was already alined with your cunt. „please, sir. i need you.“ sirius smirked and kissed you hard as he pushed inside of you.
„fuck, sirius“, you shouted while you adjusted to his size. „so full“, you mumbled.
„yeah, that’s it, baby. gonna get you so cockdrunk you won’t even feel me inside of you.“
you moaned, what he took as an invite to slowly pull out o you, just to thrust into you harder and restless. you couldn’t even say anything, couldn’t moan, couldn’t think as he split you open on his cock. deep grunts were the only thing your brain registered as well as the need to cum.
„sir, please, needa cum“, you whimpered. „been a good girl, let me cum.“
„not yet, doll, gotta wait for me, yeah? be my good girl.“
„uh-huh“, you answered.
your brain got foggy and unwanted moans escaped your lips as you gripped the sheets between your fingers. your mouth hung open when sirius hit that one spot inside of you that made you see stars. you were gone, completely drunk and you didn’t even care when he pushed two fingers in your mouth. you sucked on them like you wished it was his cock.
„that’s it baby“, he grunted. „gonna cum soon, angel, can feel you clenching around me.“
„cum, sir?“, you asked.
with a few. more thrusts he nodded. „yeah, baby, come for me.“ and with that you were gone. you screamed his name as you reached your climax and felt him cum inside of you.
after a minute of seeing black you looked up at him. „learnt more than you thought, didn’t you, baby?“, he teased.
taglist: @myapollo-gies @pinkcloxds @princess-jules47 @regulusblackswhorecrux @pottahishotasf
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luveline · 5 months ago
kiss sick | sirius black x reader 
summary sirius black takes your virginity
warnings nsfw (18+ please) shy!reader, fem!reader, p in v sex, oral fem receiving, idiots in love, praise kink, fem!reader, she/her pronouns used for reader [word count: 2.6k]
"Just… lie back," Sirius says tiredly.
"Are you frustrated with me?" you ask him, giggles fading as you lay down in the middle of his plump sheets. His bed is soft and squishy, smelling of sandalwood and something heavier, maybe cedar. 
"I'm not," he reassures you. 
"You seem mad." 
He laughs, gently nudging your legs apart to lie on top of you. His elbows rest either side of your chest, hand coming up to stroke the small baby hairs near your hairline.
"I'm not mad," he says, words warm and quiet. "You keep laughing at me when I'm trying to seduce you, wounding my manhood permanently and indiscriminately. But," he dips down, giving you a heart skipping smile, "I'm not mad." 
"This is a seduction?" you ask, half-hopeful.
He pauses. His words are very careful. "No, not if you don't want it to be." 
His hair tickles your face and you giggle. When he notices he aims to do it again, and only stops when you say through your quiet laughter, "And if I want it to be?" 
Which is how you end up kiss sick and sweaty with your t-shirt missing, red-purple crescent moons bitten into your neck and chest. Sirius sits, cheeks flushed, with your legs in his laps, your trousers at your ankles. He pulls them off and shoves them away, running his hands up and down your calves after he's done. 
"How do you feel, doll?" he asks, dipping down to kiss your naked kneecap.
Slightly overwhelmed. Sweaty. Kind of sticky. "Is this gonna be messy?" you ask quietly. 
He smirks. "Definitely." 
You flush and cross your arms over your chest. "I- I'm… Sirius-" 
He cuts you off. "I'll get you a towel, if you want. Yeah? No worrying about mess, then." 
He retrieves a towel and tucks it under your pelvis with an amused and somehow comforting smile. You stretch your hand out tentatively before he can climb back on top of you, reaching for his trouser buttons. He steps toward you and your fingers shake as you pull down his zipper, worse when you look up for a cue.
"You wanna touch me?" he asks. You nod but can't seem to make yourself do it, pulling your hands back towards your chest insecurely. "Hey, it's okay. It's alright. Here." 
He palms himself through his boxers and adjusts his cock so it's standing up. You watch and feel a twinge between your legs, mouth drying as he puts his hand out for yours. He shuffles closer and guides your hand onto his cock, pulling your hand up and down his length until you're acquainted. You're scared to hurt him, wrapping your fingers around him lightly. He twitches and you try to pull away. 
"It's alright," he says.
"It… moved." 
He laughs loudly. "S'cos it feels good when you touch me." 
You flush from head to toe and, emboldened by his confession, slip your hand under his waistband to stroke his naked cock, pushing his boxers down with the bottom of your hand. With your palm against the base of his shaft there's almost two inches of space between your fingertip and his head. You bite your lip. 
"You're really big," you murmur, breathless as you look up at his handsome face for reassurance. "Is this going to hurt?" 
He grabs at your hand where it rests on his cock and twines your fingers together, holding both hands in his. He brings them up to his chest and leans down until you're almost nose to nose. 
"Sweetheart," he says slowly, "I don't know if it'll hurt. It's different for everyone, but I'm gonna get you ready, and I'm gonna take care of you. I'm with you the entire time, you know that?" 
You lift your chin up and he indulges you, leaning down for a kiss. You steal your hands back to thread your fingers in his long hair, pulling him in closer, deeper. He shrugs out of his trousers as you kiss, a fact you're all too aware of, then his boxers. He pulls back and you whine until he obliges you with a shorter, sweeter kiss, climbing into the bed with you and over your legs. His knees dig into the towel. 
You spread your legs to accommodate him. 
There's an awful fondness on his face as he discovers your damp underwear. He rubs a hand in the space where your cunt meets your thigh. 
"Look at you," he murmurs, "my sweet girl. I'm gonna take these off now, okay?" 
You nod more enthusiastically than you mean to, though you're rewarded when you see his shoulders relax, a little of his worried tension slipping away. 
He rubs his thumb up the crease of your underwear, feels the squishy wetness at your entrance. His expression becomes almost pained as he pulls your underwear down your thighs, leaving them to dip between your knees. 
"Fuck, sweetheart. Your cunt is so fucking pretty." The sincerity in his voice makes you dizzy and the feeling only increases as he pulls your folds open with his thumbs. "Fuck," he says under his breath. 
You watch him over your fast-moving chest, hands pressed to your ribs. You hadn't realised how nervous you were at being seen until it was actually happening, and his reaction fills you with both love and confidence. 
You hike one of your legs up and anchor yourself with your heel, smiling at his surprise. He smiles back, reaching out to bring your hands to his mouth and adorn your knuckles in kisses. 
The other hand trails lightly up your slit, spreading a line of wetness over the small bead of your clit. Your lips part in reaction.  
"You're beautiful," he says, and you look from his touches to find he's watching your face, eyes on yours as he draws slippery circles around your clit. "You're so fucking pretty. All of you." 
His eyes drop back to your cunt. "Have you ever fingered yourself, sweetheart?" 
You giggle nervously. "Uh…" 
"C'mon, don't be embarrassed." 
"I've tried," you admit, voice cracking. 
"Yeah?" he asks. When he smiles you can see his canine teeth. "I'm okay to have a go?" 
You nod. "I don't think- I think. Um. I think I tore my, my… you know. Before. I scared myself." 
He doesn't look how you worried he might, doesn't look disgusted or weirded out. He gazes down at your cunt with a thoughtful quirk to his lips. You tremble as his fingertips circle your twitching entrance and then climb back up to continue his ministrations on your clit. You squeeze his hand.  
"If you still have it, it'll probably bleed a little if I reach it. If it hurts too much, you can tell me to stop. If it hurts at all," he amends. "You want me to stop and I'll stop." He explains everything with a gentle patience and you feel guilty but you can barely listen, pleasure shooting up your tummy. 
You lift your hips off of the towel just a tiny bit, hoping he'll take the hint and that you won't have to say it aloud.
He takes the hint, letting your hand go. "How about I make you cum first, and then we'll see if you're feeling ready for me. How's that sound?" 
You nod. Back in his element, Sirius grins, pushing your legs open wider and leaning down. You gasp in surprise as his mouth meets your cunt, startled and intoxicated by his first, broad lick up your slit. 
His fingers grip into your thighs, mouth searching and hot and wet, lips closing around your clit. He sucks, licks, laps at your wetness until you're mewling, first quietly and then desperate. He pauses only to mutter out amorous seductions. 
"You taste sweet," he says innocently, glancing at you with his mouth and chin shining. 
You push your hands into his hair and encourage him back down. This delights him beyond words and he eats you out with renewed vigour, leaning his cheek against your cunt as he suckles your clit. His fingers tease your entrance, sliding first one finger and then two inside you, shallow and careful as you twitch underneath him. 
You cum before he's managed to work in a third, the feeling so overpowering that you squirm away from him and pull your hands from his hair carelessly. He pulls his mouth from your cunt and you hardly notice as he slides in his third finger, riding out your orgasm breathless and seized up. 
"Good girl," Sirius praises, fingers in a slow rhythm as they spread your hole open. "Good girl. Doing so good for me." 
You pant for breath. "Sorry," you say tearfully, "for pulling your hair. Sorry, baby." 
He pulls his fingers free from your sopping pussy and shakes his head. "You can get rough with me whenever you want, sweet thing." 
You smile blissfully at being forgiven.
"How was that?" he asks. "Hurts?" 
"No, it felt nice." 
"Even with three?" 
"I didn't notice," you admit, mortified. 
He straightens up and drags your hips towards him, shifting into a more comfortable position on his knees. "You ready to try?" 
"Please," you agree. 
His hands are everywhere, rubbing your legs, your tummy, your inner thighs. You know he's trying to keep you calm as he pushes the head of his cock against your cunt, sliding the throbbing head of it up your slit and then down. 
He looks hot. He's sweaty and your slick is all over him, his face and his hands and his arms. His chest is bare, tattoos stark black against his torso. You reach out to brush your thumb over the scorpion crawling across his ribs as he lines up and pushes in. 
It's nothing new at first, your wetness and his fingers having prepared you. An inch, two, he thrusts into you slow. His hips flex. 
"Doing so well. Doing so well for me, sweetheart," he says softly. 
It feels good, you realise, a little dazed as he pushes in further. Then, a tenderness, a pinch. You cringe at the feeling and he pushes just a little further before he stops, hands holding your hips in place. 
"There?" he asks. 
"Keep going?" you ask back. 
"You sure?" 
"Please? It felt nice at first. Get it over with," you whisper the last part. 
"Just a little more. Little bit more for me, baby," he whispers, then hisses. "Fuck, you're doing so good. Good girl." 
He ducks down to kiss the side of one of your rising tits. He catches your flesh in his teeth and bites lightly, sucking a hickey, eases in so slowly you almost don't notice. 
"Tiny bit more for me," he says, reverent, and then he bites down on your nipple just as his cock bottoms out. 
You whimper. He instantly releases your tit and soothes the swollen bud with a handful of sweet kisses, following a trail up to your collarbones, up your neck, until his eyes are hovering over yours. 
"I'm sorry," he says, rolling his hips gently, deep-seated inside you. He reaches down between you to rub your clit, "I thought one pain might distract you from another." 
He was right, in a way, your nipple does hurt more than the uncomfortable stretch of your walls, and his new plan – figure eights pushed rough and fast into your clit – is half as successful. 
"It's okay," you say wetly, chasing his touch. 
"Do we need to stop?" 
"No. No, it's okay." 
He kisses you chastely. "You're fucking beautiful." 
"So are you," you whisper, bringing your hands up to his face. He presses his forehead into yours as he pulls out. His returning thrust is sharp, then another, another, until the pain is an afterthought, until every stroke brings that feeling of fullness and stretch with it. 
He notices your pleasure. "There you go." 
He braces his hands on your chest, massaging the swollen peaks of your tits in his fingers as he drives into you. 
Your moaning becomes indistinguishable, peppered with expletives and startled little gasps when he hits something just right. He marks your sweet spot, finds it over and over, his own breathing warping into something deeper, a rugged moan. 
He climbs off of your chest and you hike up on your elbows to watch as he takes great handfuls of your hips, sliding your weeping cunt onto his cock with an echoing slap, the towel underneath you sodden with wet and cum. 
His eyebrows draw together. You do your best to move down onto his cock, calves hooked over his thighs. You roll your hips, a milking motion that pulls curse after curse from Sirius' throat. 
"Fuck," he says, voice deep and more ragged than you've heard before. "Fuck, sweetheart, where can I cum?" 
You squeeze your walls around his cock. "In me, baby, please. Wanna be full of you," you murmur, grabbing for his arms. He eases into your hold, letting you wrap your arms around his neck as his thrusts lose their speed, become sloppy. He buries his face in your neck, arms squeezing you so tightly it aches as he cums inside you, fucking it into you with a final, hip-aching thrust. 
He breathes loudly in your ear, turning his face into your neck. You, dazed, bring your hand up to cradle the back of his head. 
He comes back into himself and quickly takes his weight from you, cock moving inside you. The sudden restart of movement gives you chills. 
"Fuck, are you cold?" he asks. 
"No, no, sorry. Just feels funny now." 
"Oh." He chuckles and moves onto his haunches, pulling his cock out of you. He pumps the shaft with his hand, a mix of cum and slick dribbling down between your legs.  
He wipes his hands clean in the towel and you sit up shakily, staring down at the wet patch in surprise. 
"Messy," you murmur. 
"A little." 
You both giggle, a mixture of highs. 
He puts his hand out between you and you move your face into it in a familiar dance, crawling across the bed to climb over his lap. He receives you eagerly, hand pressed to the small of your back and pulling you in, chest still rising quickly between you.
You kiss for a little while, exhausted, before you hook your chin over his shoulder. He pats your back and sways you from side to side, his voice soft as velvet as he says, "Did such a good job, such a good girl. My good girl." You blink away tears and tighten your arms over his shoulder blades as he continues. "So pretty. Did you enjoy that?" 
"Yeah," you whisper. 
"Yeah? Felt good?" 
"Amazing," you say, face aflame, pushing your lips into his skin. You plant open mouthed kisses across the hill of his shoulder, hoping it translates as the thank you you mean it to be. 
"How did it feel for you?" you ask eventually, mouth still smushed against him. 
He nestles his nose into the side of your face. "Fucking perfect, sweetheart. Better than I ever thought." 
"You thought about this before?" you ask, confused.
He laughs like you've told the funniest joke in the world, hand stroking your spine. "Too often." Then, after a long, serene moment in his arms, "Let's get you cleaned up, sweet girl." 
You nod, though you close your eyes and take a deep inhale of his skin, his scent washing over you in a great wave. 
"In a minute. Wanna stay like this." 
Sirius pats your back again. "Got all the time in the world for you." 
thanks for reading ❤️
marauders tag list @marimorena06 @glimmering-darling-dolly  @siriuslystfu @thatblackravenclaw  @lupinlust  @touchdeprivedwh0re  @vi0letblu3s @mooncalvin  @gaysnowrose @thatonecomfyjumper  @set-myself-on-fire  @decafcoffew @mischiefmanagers @runawaywithmyghost @froggyy06
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vivwritesfics · a month ago
Lupins Lady
Ugh I wanna write some poly marauders stuff so baaaad
Word count: 1k
Summary: before Y/N, everybody was scared of the Marauders. But the terrorising stopped the the pranks became harmless. All thanks to Lupins Lady.
Inspired by a tiktok that I can't find now
Tumblr media
Everybody knew of the Marauders and the mischief they got up to. Well, they knew of James and Sirius, and occasionally Peter. At first people couldn’t understand how they got along so well with Remus Lupin. But back then, people couldn’t understand the Remus Lupin was actually the brains behind the entire operation.
It was easy to tell when a prank was orchestrated by James and Sirius or by Remus. And, recently, they were all James and Sirius. Silly things like swapping around books in the library or holding Snapes things above his head. Without Remus, James and Sirius looked like downright bullies.
But Remus was rather preoccupied. At least, that was how the other boys saw it. What else were they supposed to think when every time they walked into the common room (after nine at night) he was sat in the arm chair, sleeping in front of the fire. But that wasn’t all. Dressed in one of his sweaters Y/N L/N would be sleeping against his chest.
The couple hadn’t told anybody they were together, but they didn’t have to. One day Remus just appeared by her side and he didn’t left it, seemingly. The PDA wasn’t packed on, but they weren’t shy about it. Sat cuddled up together for breakfast, when the boys would be trying to make plans. Completing homework together that seemed to be Remus either correcting hers or just doing it himself.
Even at her young age Y/N L/N thought she’d found her life partner in Remus Lupin. He was kind and sweet and caring and oh so so handsome. He was the full package, wrapped up in a scruffy little bow.
Of course, she didn’t know about his furry little problem, but that was a story for another day.
On this particular night, just as every night, the boys strolled into the common room, dripping with confidence. They hadn’t even pulled a prank, but three girls had just sent him that flirty wave and batted their eyelashes at him. And Lily had actually looked at James today!
But the fourth member of their party was nowhere to be seen.
Instead of joining them in their escapades around Hogwarts, Remus was sat in front of the fire, his girl on his lap, bundled up in his sweater. The moment she climbed onto him and planted a kiss on his cheek he knew they were both going to sleep there, at least until he woke up with his back hurting and moved her to his bed with him.
“Whatcha reading?” She asked, tucking her head into the crook of his neck. Remus hummed and held out the cover for her to see. Once she’d made the noise of approval he’d been waiting for, his arms snaked around her and he held the book open, this time reading out loud.
This had become routine now. And by the time the other Marauders had arrived, they’d both be asleep. It was sickeningly sweet, every other Gryffindor would tell you that much, but they couldn’t stop the ‘aww’s from escaping each time it happened.
Before they fell asleep, Remus and Y/N would get through at least one chapter of whatever book he was reading. She kept him out of trouble, at least that’s what the boys said. Before Y/N he was their leader. He was the one to threaten the younger kids when they caught the boys doing something they shouldn’t have.
James was standing in front of the stairs leading to the dormitories, Sirius in front of the portrait hole. Only first years were gathered in the common room, sat around the fireplace. In front of the fireplace was Remus, the Marauders map sticking out of his back pocket.
It was the start of his and Y/N’s relationship. She was sitting in the armchair in the common room, waiting for them to finish up. After Remus was done with the first years he had promised her a picnic in front of the fireplace made up of food he and the boys had taken from the kitchens.
“This is a lesson I like to call ‘so you caught James and Sirius doing something they shouldn’t have’,” Remus said to the first years. He casually pulled his wand out of his pocket and tapped it against his head. “Anybody who can tell me what they saw wins a prize.”
Y/N hated to admit it, but this side of Remus was a mixture of scary and hot. She looked up from her book to watch the whole endeavor.
“What do we win?” Asked a brave first year.
Sirius stepped forward slightly from the portrait hole. “Ever heard of Obliviate?” He asked with a smirk. A few of the first years started trembling.
That was when Y/N finally stepped in. She put down her book, walked over to Remus and kissed his cheek. “Okay, Rem,” she whispered as he wrapped his arm around her. “I think they get it. As long as they don’t squeal they get to keep their memories, right?”
“That’s right, Sweetheart,” he said and kissed the top of her head. After that he dismissed the first years, not before James and Remus gave them a good scare.
That was the last time the boys got to scare the first years with Remus. He was still their leader, just spent most of his time with Y/N instead. He still made time for the boys, but that time was spent thinking of Y/N.
In truth, by keeping Remus out of trouble, she was keeping all of the Marauders out of trouble. Their schemes became less and less.
Before Y/N everybody was scared of the Marauders. If it wasn’t for her Lily would never have given James a chance. But that was a story for another day.
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solemnarration · 2 months ago
the girl with the books | r.l
Tumblr media
pairings: remus lupin x reader (she/her pronouns) genre(s): marauder era, strangers to lovers, fluff, humour summary: james and sirius notice that it’s not the books that keep remus in the library, and are determined to know whether you – the object of remus’s affection – return his feelings. word count: 3.0k warning(s): none note: this is a 2022 update of the fic of the same name that i wrote back in 2016! my writing has improved by leaps and bounds and i couldn’t help but edit and improve the fic that a few of you seemed to really love :) i hope you enjoy it if you liked the original, or that you find something new to read
The Hogwarts library was the place where you found the most solace. Even on the few days that the Scottish countryside provided undisturbed sunshine, like today, you preferred to curl up with a book on one of the grand wooden tables. You enjoyed your time in the library; reading fiction or researching different topics that you were curious about. While your friends encouraged you to enjoy the warm day with them, you easily waved them off in favour of the dimly lit library.
Remus Lupin could be found in the library as often as you, except it wasn’t the books that kept him coming back. The sight of you sitting in a corner reading by yourself was enough to draw his attention every few minutes. He couldn’t even help himself, his eyes had no choice in the way they continually found your figure, but he was in no place to complain. 
Remus sat with his three best friends at the other end of the library, and they were less than happy to be spending the first sunny day of spring in the library rather than bothering the giant squid in the black lake. Now that the weather was no longer freezing, Sirius and James were desperate to cause some mischief, and Peter was happy to comply.
“What is it that you find so fascinating about a hall full of books?” Sirius inquired, lifting a book up from the table, grimacing at the idea of spending his free time reading, and carelessly dropping it back onto the table.
Remus flinched as the sound resonated throughout the library, capturing your attention as you gave the four friends an inquisitive look. For a moment, Remus held his breath, unable to tear his eyes away from you as you gave him a speck of casual attention. Realising it was just James Potter and his friends messing around, you happily returned to your reading without a second thought. 
“It’s not about the books, Padfoot,” Remus snapped quietly, glancing away with reddened cheeks, the heat of your gaze on him still warming his body. “And I didn’t force you to be here,” he reminded.
“Well, no,” Sirius sighed. “But it’s terribly tragic for you to spend the first nice day Hogwarts has seen in-“
“A decade,” James chimed in, exaggerating to help Sirius make a point.
“A decade,” Sirius agreed with a nod. “Inside a hall full of books instead of playing outside with us! As your friend, it’s our duty to convince you to abandon this wretched place and do something more fun.”
“Well said, Padfoot,” James agreed, tall frame spread languidly across three chairs in a makeshift bed. “Dare I say, revolutionary. So, black lake, Moony?”
“I’m perfectly content here, thank you very much,” Remus refused, thoroughly entertained by James and Sirius’s usual dramatics.
“Who could be content in such an oppressive place,” Sirius complained, as if he himself didn’t have good grades and didn’t spend time studying in this very library. “Other than Lily,” he added, recognising the smitten glint in James’s eyes that he got every time he brought her up.
“She’s so responsible, my lovely Lily,” James sighed, pleased with himself. “I’m going to marry that girl, just you wait and see. It’s the only reason I come to the library with her.”
“You come to the library to chat up Lily? No wonder you aren’t dating yet,” Sirius teased. As James and Sirius went back and forth poking fun at each other, Peter pondered Remus’s words.
“If you’re not here for the books, what are you here for?” Peter wondered aloud, causing Sirius and James to glance expectantly at their friend. 
Remus rolled his eyes, intending to fabricate a fantastic comeback that would distract his three friends, but even the thought of you caused his stare to drift back to where you were, now getting up to choose a different book to check out of the library. 
He loved the way you did that. Even if you finished a book in your time at the library, you always made sure to bring a book with you.
Remus loved the way you did everything, really. He had always liked you, ever since you loaned him a quill when he forgot his during Defence Against the Dark Arts. Even now, it was his favourite class just because it made him think of you. 
“Moony?” Sirius waved a hand in front of Remus’s face in an attempt to grab his attention. “Remus, what are you staring at?” he followed Remus’s gaze and saw exactly what he was staring at. “Oh,” he said, finally connecting all the very obvious clues together. “It’s not a what, it’s a who,” Sirius practically giggled with glee.
James’s head snapped in your direction, scrambling to sit up and launch himself next to Sirius in an effort to get a good look at you. This commotion once again drew your attention, leading James and Sirius to act as naturally as they could. They picked up the books stacked in front of them and made a big deal out of reading the text aloud, the act so comical and over-the-top that it couldn’t possibly be convincing.
You grinned to yourself, shaking your head in amusement, and slipped behind a bookshelf to look over the Herbology section. Frank Longbottom had recommended a delightful title on growing Dittany and other healing herbs, and you took the older boy’s recommendations very seriously. 
Once you were out of sight, James tossed his book thoughtlessly aside, snatching Remus’s book from his grasp to gain his undivided attention. “Who is that, Moony my dear?” James asked, adjusting his glasses. They had slipped down his nose when he whipped his head around to look at you, and the act had made the boy a little dizzy.
“Who?” Remus asked, knowing that his performance was pitiful and unconvincing, and pretending not to understand regardless of this fact. “What do you mean?”
Frustrated that Remus was lying, and subsequently that he was an absolutely terrible liar, Sirius exclaimed, “The girl you were staring at!”
“Who is that girl? Do you know her?” James asked excitedly, taking a more enthusiastic approach than Sirius in hopes that it would make Remus open up about his crush.
“Girl?” Remus repeated, squinted as if he was giving this conversation a real good thought, before widening his eyes sarcastically. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, sorry boys.”
James and Sirius shared a look – having a silent conversation that Remus would promptly regret keeping them in the dark about his crush – before rolling their eyes and sighing. They had decided it: they were just going to have to catch you when Remus was gone.
A few hours later, it had darkened considerably since you first entered the library, and once you realised that you had been hauled up in the library for a considerable amount of time, you realised how hungry you were. Perhaps camping out in the library all day without a proper lunch wasn’t your best idea, but at least you knew dinner would be ready soon.
Rising, you stretched your legs before collecting all the books you had flicked through that day and moving to stow them back in their original places on the tall Hogwarts library shelves. Most of them were within a reasonable reach, slotting easily into their previous spots as you strolled happily throughout the library. However, one of the books was at a considerably higher place on the shelf, and you couldn’t put it away even on the tips of your toes. 
With a huff of frustration, you stood flat on your feet and were about to reach for your wand when someone took the book from your grasp. “Here,” a voice said from behind you. “Let me help you with that!”
You turned just in time to see Sirius Black easily putting your book away for you, his friend James Potter standing nearby with an uncharacteristic spring in his step. Though James and Sirius were always a ball of energy in the classes you shared with them, the grins they sported today were difficult to identify. Perhaps mischievous would be the best way to describe the perfect simpers on their faces.
“Thanks,” you acknowledged his help with furrowed brows, wondering what Sirius and James could possibly be so ecstatic about. When the two boys simply stared at you, unmoving, you figured that they wanted something from you. “Did you two need something?” you asked, their unwavering smiles growing slightly unnerving.
“Oh!” Sirius seemed to realise that they were staring at you, and how disturbing this might be to a girl they had hardly spoken to. “Right! Yes, actually. We wanted to have a word with you.”
“Okay,” you nodded as if this wasn’t unusual. James and Sirius certainly didn’t seem to think their behaviour was odd, so you figured they were harmless on this particular occasion.
“We were just wondering if you knew Remus,” James explained himself, barely keeping still with excitement. “I mean, you do know him, don’t you?”
You nodded, still weary of where the conversation was leading. Sirius and James were known to be pranksters, and you weren’t sure if you were the next victim of one of their jokes. “Yes, I know Remus,” you confirmed. “He’s your friend, right? I speak to him sometimes when we’re in the library at the same time.” When Sirius and James linked hands and started jumping up and down, utter confusion overwhelmed you. “Uh, why do you ask?”
Noticing your discomfort, James and Sirius stopped jumping in favour of smiling at you. “I’m sorry, what was your name again? We share a few classes but between listening to the Professor and keeping James in check it can be hard to keep up,” Sirius said, his natural charisma making him instantly likeable.
“Y/n,” you introduced yourself.
“Nice to meet you, Y/n,” James said politely. “Now, this may seem quite blunt, but we want to set you up with our friend Remus,” he said matter-of-factly, followed by an encouraging nod from Sirius.
Your eyes widened at the confession. “Oh,” you said awkwardly. “I’m not going to lie, I had no idea that’s what you were going to say.”
“We have that effect on people,” said James, nodding sympathetically, as if people often had this reaction to the things they said. “So? What do you say? Give our mate Remus a chance?”
“Oh, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” you shook your head, trying to smile politely. 
The smiles on Sirius and James’s faces faded. “Why not?” Sirius inquired, tilting his head to the side as he observed your nervous expression. “Do you not like Remus?”
“Why wouldn’t you like Remus?” James added, appalled and affronted at the mere idea of someone not liking their best friend. “You like reading, don’t you? Well, Remus might even have you beat! He’s the world’s biggest bookworm.”
“Incorrigible,” Sirius agreed. “Can’t get him out of this bloody library. And you aren’t helping, either,” he added.
“I’m not?”
“Of course not!” James exclaimed. “You only keep him here even longer than usual! Even on a day as lovely as this.”
“Perfect for wasting time,” sighed Sirius, lamenting the wonderful day outside they had missed out on. “So, how come you don’t like Remus?”
“That’s not it,” you said hurriedly, struggling to get a word in amongst their quick banter. “It’s just,” you sighed. “Why are you asking me this anyway?” you changed the subject, hoping it would take some of the heat off of you. 
Luckily for you, it worked. “Well, Remus seems to have developed a crush on you,” James said casually, as if he wasn’t bearing one of his best friends’ deepest secret. Well, second deepest secret. “It’s really quite adorable. All the typical crush symptoms. You know, longing gazes,” James began listing the many qualities he had noticed in Remus during the last few hours. “Romantic, hopeless sighing whenever you’re around, losing focus, refusing to play with his best friends even on a day as perfect as this.”
“The list goes on!” Sirius exclaimed. You had to smile at the two friends, not only were they quite comical, but they seemed to be buzzing with endless energy. “I think it would benefit you to give Remus a chance. He’s rather attractive, our friend.”
“Though, not as attractive as us,” James added, winking to show that he was joking.
“Well we can’t hold everyone to such impossible standards,” Sirius said sympathetically, nodding to himself. “Still, he’s quite attractive! Charming and kind, too. All the things girls like. So are you in?”
“Well,” you stammered, feeling your face burning with embarrassment when you saw how intently Sirius and James were looking at you.
To save you from your answer, the sound of Remus’s footsteps and voice interrupted your sentence. “What are you boys still doing here,” he froze when he came into view, noticing the way Sirius and James had cornered you. “Y/n?” he asked, the picture of you hanging out with his two best friends nothing short of foreign and unfamiliar. Remus sighed in annoyance when he saw Sirius and James exchange guilty faces. “What have these two told you?” he asked you, already dreading your answer.
“We didn’t tell her much,” Sirius said, quick to defend their actions. “We’ve just been… talking,” he added, purposely leaving out the subject matter. James nodded rigorously, smiling innocently at Remus with visible panic in his eyes. 
“I’ll talk to you both later,” Remus said to his friend, tone firm and borderline scolding. Then, he faced you with what looked like an apologetic smile. “Do you need help putting that away?” he asked, nudging his head to the last two books in your arms
You smiled, instantly more comfortable now that Remus was there. With a nod, you left Sirius and James behind in favour of putting your books away. “Listen,” Remus began, gently taking your books and putting them on the correct shelf in the Herbology section. “I’m really sorry for whatever Sirius and James said,” he let out a nervous laugh, easily reaching the high shelves thanks to his tall height.
“Don’t be,” you shrugged, charmed by Remus’s very presence. Something about Remus’s gentle spirit contrasted comfortably with Sirius and James’s craziness, and it settled your heart in a wonderful way. “They meant well, I think,” you smiled up at Remus. “Your friends are really nice.”
“I wouldn’t say nice, perhaps deranged is more accurate,” Remus joked, a pleased smile gracing his lips when you laughed. “But they’re pretty great. I can always count on them to say things I’m too scared to say,” he admitted, trailing off into a comfortable silence.
“I don’t know about them being deranged, but they did have some interesting things to say,” you admitted, fully intending to tease Remus once you realised his friends were telling the truth. He really did have a crush on you. “All about crushes, and longing gazes,” you added, grinning when you saw Remus turn slightly pink at your insinuation.
Remus groaned, lifting his hands to cover his face in embarrassment. “Oh Merlin,” he muttered, nervous laughter bubbling from his mouth. “I’m so sorry! If anything they said made you uncomfortable, I’m so sorry.”
“Don’t be,” you shook your head. “I wasn’t uncomfortable. Stunned by the sheer force of their energy? Definitely. But not uncomfortable. I guess it was just hard to believe,” you admitted. “Still is, really.”
“What, that I fancy you?” Remus asked, uncovering his eyes once you assured him that you weren’t upset. “Why is that hard to believe?”
“I don’t know, you’re… Remus Lupin,” you explained terribly. “You’re a Gryffindor and you’re funny and popular. Your friends didn’t even know what my name was and I’ve been in your class for nearly six years now,” you recalled, shrugging your shoulders good-naturedly. 
“Sirius and James hardly remember their own names, I wouldn’t take it personally,” Remus wisecracked, though there was a seriousness in his eyes that made you believe his words. “Besides, the trouble is only just starting!” he added. “Now that they know your name, you won’t be able to get rid of them.”
“Sounds terrifying,” you joked back, grinning.
“There’s no escaping those two,” Remus said dramatically. “I’ve been trying to shake them for six years now, but they don’t seem to care.”
“Maybe I should change my name,” you offered.
“Why didn’t I think of that?” Remus burst out, laughing at your banter. You grinned at each other, so absorbed with the other person that you didn’t notice Sirius and James poke their heads around the shelf to eavesdrop on your conversation. “Y/n, do you think,” Remus paused, intimidated by the adorable way in which you turned your head and smiled at him. You were overwhelmingly perfect, and it was really starting to distract the poor boy. “Would you maybe…”
“Would I maybe?” you encouraged.
“Would you maybe want to go to Hogsmeade with me? This upcoming weekend? If you’re not busy that weekend, I mean,” Remus said, barely getting the words out without struggling.
“Oh,” the smile on your face widened almost impossibly so. “I think I might be busy,” Remus’s face dropped, eyes averting to his feet to hide his disappointment. “Changing my name to avoid these two boys I just met. However, their friend is pretty cute, so perhaps I could postpone my plans,” you added quickly, not wanting your joke to go badly.
Remus’s head rose quickly to meet your eyes, a relieved sigh leaving him. “Really?” he asked rhetorically, and before you could confirm your answer, you heard loud cheering come from beside you. Within seconds, James and Sirius leapt out from behind you and tackled Remus into a hug.
“Yeah Remus!”
“That’s our best friend!”
“Our best friend is finally going on a date!”
“Don’t scare her off,” Remus warned, pushing James away as he started peppering kisses across his face. “Seriously, stop it,” he laughed, not meaning a single word. 
“No,” Sirius said proudly, pulling you in to join their hug. “Y/n’s just going to have to get used to us.”
You quite liked the sound of that.
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