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natti-ice · 2 days ago
when it comes to the marauders I’m a homie hopper
sue me🤷🏻‍♀️
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the-marauders-world · 3 days ago
hii, can you do something like Sirius is in love with James’ sister but is afraid that James doesn't approve they together? <3
It's short I'm afraid.
- - -
Someone pulls your hair back causing you to jump a little before tilting your head back and facing them upside-down with an amused smile, "Hello." You say as Sirius leans down with a smirk and kisses you sweetly before taking a seat next to you.
"So what are you doing?" He asks as he tries to peek at your notes. "Homework." You reply blankly as he narrows his eyes at the pile of books infornt of you.
He reaches out for a roll of parchment and quill ready to doodle all over your research only for you to swat his hand and pile your work next to you, further away from him.
"You're no fun." He says as he sighs, resting his cheek on his palm and dragging over one of your finished homeworks.
You're about to protest when your brother's voice startles you. "Why are you so loud?" You complain as you watch Sirius sit up straight.
"Hey Pads, Y/n." He says happily giving Sirius a smile and you a scowl. "I am not loud."
You feel Sirius bouncing his knee and nudge him, he only stares at you with wide eyes. You move a hand off the table and place it over his anxious knee, hoping to calm him down.
"Don't you have Quidditch or a red-head to annoy?" You question James as he scowls at you again. "I'm postponing Quidditch to tomorrow, I came to tell Sirius." He said as he stared at the long-haired boy.
"Are you feeling alright Pads?" Questioned James as he leaned over causing Sirius to push your hand away. "You're looking really pale....like more than usaual."
"Right?" You said in a I-told-you-so manner and packed all her stuff with a swish of her wand. "I told him he should've stayed in bed, but he kept going on and on about Minne's homework so we came here." You easily lied and stood up.
"Oh. You should see Madam Pomfrey, if you're sick, Padfoot." James said, concerned making Sirius feel guilty for lying and secretly dating his sister.
"I-No, it's fine, I just need to sleep it off." Sirius said, swallowing as James winced, "If you're going to sleep it off with company, do add some silencing charms."
"Prongs!" Sirius exclaimed as you groaned. "C'mon, I'll walk you back 'Padfoot '." You replied grabbing his arm, making him stand up.
"I'll come with you." James said standing up too as You sighed, "James?"
"Yeah, sis?"
"Pandora told me Lily is looking for someone to go with her to a Ravenclaw party on Saturday."
James looked at her with wide eyes, "Seriously?!" You nodded, "Lily is currently hanging out with some Hufflepuff near the North Tower."
"I Love You!" James shouted as he pulled your head towards him and gave you a long, wet smooch.
"Save it, I want the cloak for a week." You bargained as James agreed and ran out the door gaining another hissed warning from Madam Pince.
"He'll kill me if he knew." Sirius stated worried as he stared at the door James left from. "Oh hush, James can't kill an ant." She said as she pecked Sirius'.
"I think you should go to the party without me, prongs. M'not feeling to good." Sirius dramatically coughed next to you on the couch.
James frowned. "That's weird, Y/n too is feeli-" he looked between the pair, his eyebrows narrowing. "Is there something going on between you two?"
"NO!" You and Sirius chorused together, unable to meet each other's eyes.
"Good." James leaned forward, fixing Sirius with a glare. "Because if there was I would-" his lips twisted into a smug smirk. "totally approve! Good luck Pads!" He ruffled Sirius's hair before rushing out the portrait hole.
You watched him go, eyes wide with surprise. "That was totally not what I was expecting."
"I thought he was going to kill me," Sirius let out a sigh of relief, attempting to fix his hair. "I didn't know how to explain I fancied his sister." He stood up and dropped next to you.
"Fancy, huh?" You asked the boy with a teasing smile, resting your head on shoulder and looking up at him as his arm wrapped around your waist. "Sounds pretty serious."
"Only when it comes to my girl." He quipped, a smirk growing on his face.
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alexdaydreams · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
— “you ask Siri if he'd love you even if you turn into a worm”
It's just a little something from the previous headcanon I posted , do check this out for the reference.
Tumblr media
You're not talking to him. He can feel that. The way you did not respond to any of his antics in the afternoon he knows you're mad at him.
Sirius played guitar, nicely at first, he played your favourite tune as though he could somehow coax praise from you. Then he began to strike it harshly, creating awful sounds he was sure would make you speak, if only to tell him to stop. But to no avail. He tried an array of other things as well. He tried lighting a cigarette in the house ( you hate it ), putting the kettle on, tidying, he even mixed whites and red in the laundry.
You didn’t look up once. That was hours ago. Right now you're arranging your book shelf while Sirius is wracking his brain, what the fuck did he do. Until it clicks.
“Don't be angry, Love.” he whispers, hugging you from behind. “ I was literally tired last night.”
Still no response.
Okay enough of this. If you won't talk he's going to make you talk.
“Hey, I'm talking to you.” holding you by hips, Sirius turns you to face him.
“you said, you'll feed me to the fishes.” you pout. Pushing his chest ,you add “You're mean.”
“You're cute.” Sirius squishes your cheek. You roll your eyes.
“I'm sorry.” he pecks your puckered lips. “I shouldn't have said that.” one more peck. and then one more and more and more until he gets he your giggly. “okay,stop.”
“So you're talking to me now?”
“Not until i get my answer, tell me , would you still love me if I turn into a worm?”
Now it's Sirius's turn to roll eyes.“of course i will, you'd still be you, right? I love you for the kind of person you are okay? So no matter what form you're in , I'll always love you”
You melt right there in his arms.
“ i’d just keep you around and perhaps make you a little tank.” he says kissing your cheek and you giggle.
Here's a secret. You weren't angry at all.
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remusmirrorball · a day ago
Friendsgiving| Marauders x Reader
Summary: Y/n has an absent family and James wants to make it up to her. Pairings: James Potter x Fem! Reader, Marauders x Fem! Reader Warnings: toxic family. 
 Authors note: Hope everyone had an amazing thanksgiving!! wrote something cute for y’all. I hope you like it <3
Tumblr media
Y/n swirled her fork in the empty plate in front of her spinning it with her hand watching time pass by. The only thing that had entertained her in the past two hours was the ticking clock in front of her. The surprisingly hot food taunted Y/n. It was pretty absurd since Y/n have been waiting all this time and it was still warm. The fact that after all this effort, Y/n was there alone, with no one to share the food she spent hours making, with no one to make beautiful memories, just herself and the goddamn clock.
With a sigh she got up knowing that her family wasn’t going to show up anytime soon. Her eyes trailed towards her phone to see at least an excuse from her family but the only thing that was plaster on her phone was the hour, 8:15  pm. Y/n stared daggers at her phone while she walked towards her room to change into something more comfortable. She was pissed,  all this food, all this time wasted, just for it to be another horrible thanksgiving.
It wasn’t the first year that her family had bailed or canceled on her last minute, by now she should’ve been used to it but she still had hope that they would try to make an effort. Year after year, excuse after excuse. She never felt appreciated by her family but at least tried, and continued to give them several opportunities. Yet there she were, with a kitchen beautifully decorated, with food untouched and a broken heart.
Y/n walked towards her room slipping on an oversized T-shirt her best friend had given her  and the first pajama pants she found. She rubbed her eyes and dragged herself towards the living room  in an attempt to distract herself from the situation at hand. Before she sat down she walked towards her kitchen to serve herself some of the food she had on the table to later put in the fridge but her actions came to a halt when she saw a expensive car outside her house.
She rolled her eyes and angrily walked towards the front door. One of her neighbors always found pleasure in pranking her but quite frankly she didn’t feel like it not today. She was ready to yell at anyone that was behind it, she wasn’t going to accept any excuse, it was fucking over. But her anger disappeared when she saw the four men holding different types of beautifully decorated pans.  
“Is the party over?” one of them asked with his beautiful smile making her all warm inside. Her eyes scanned them, noticing that the four of them were wearing their pj’s, she instantly smiled softly and looked at the ground.
“It never really started” Y/n laughed nervously while hugging herself trying to shield herself from anymore embarrassment.
“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get this party started. We will set the table while you guys talk” Sirius responded while embarrassing Y/n’s body in a big and warm hug and pressing and kissing on the top of her head. He pulled away and took Remus by the hand and looked at Peter to follow them to the kitchen but not before both of them greeted her with warm hugs. She smiled as you watched them bicker while they placed the trays on the table.
“You remember?” Y/n asked, finally breaking the silence between the two of them.
“What do you mean?” James asked innocently, his cheeks turning rosy.
“ You remembered what I told you about thanksgiving in my family” she smiled softly while pulling James into a long awaited hug.
“ I wanted you to spend it with your family, and we are your family Y/n. So here we are, We love you dearly. I love you and want you to be happy. If I can make it happen I will” he murmured in your hair while tears threaten to spill from your eyes onto his shirt.
“Now you’re going to make me cry, Potter” She said while pulling away softly and holding his hand.
“Save your tears for when you try Sirius supposed cake, it’s horrendous” he said with a laugh squeezing your hand softly and with the other one cleaning your tears.
“Hey! I heard that” Sirius exclaimed from the kitchen while the pair walked where they were all sitting.
“I brought a backup dessert so no need to worry” Remus said sitting down.
“Thank you, Remus, for underestimating me”
Thanksgiving this year wasn’t what Y/n expected but it was better than she could ever imagine. That’s what she was thankful for her beautiful and amazing friends.
request are open, xoxo
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ddejavvu · a day ago
This might be wrong but Sirius has to be touch starved like when you kiss he basically begging for more but not knowing on how to ask
i think you're right!! he's abused at home so when he gets someone who loves him back and touches him without hurting him he's really starstruck :') at first you don't pick up on him not being able to ask but sometimes you see his cheeks get all rosy after a hug or you see his eyes locked onto your hands and you reach over to squeeze his :') his tells are subtle but they're there and once you know him you notice them!!
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jadehuntressqueen · 12 hours ago
Sing For Me
Warnings: hospitals, implied death
Coughs wracked your frail body as you lay on the stiff hospital bed. The monitor beeped pitifully in the background. A comforting thumb rubbed along your hand. You knew that he was more afraid than you. You wouldn’t have to miss anyone when you were gone. He on the other hand would feel your absence in every moment of life.
“You need to rest,” he murmured when your coughing subsided.
A tear trickled down your cheek. “I don’t want you to be alone.”
A wobbling smile crept onto his face. “I’ll be okay, you won’t hurt anymore so I can be okay with it.”
“Sing for me.”
He cleared his throat and sat up straighter. Pulling his chair closer to the side of your bed he began.
“But you’ll never be alone, I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn. I'll be with you from dusk till dawn. Baby, I'm right here,” Your eyes fell shut.
“I'll hold you when things go wrong,” his voice broke, “I'll be with you from dusk till dawn. I'll be with you from dusk till dawn.”
A shallow breath crept past your lips as a tear splashed onto the tiled floor. “Baby, I'm right here.”
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turvi · 2 days ago
Sirius Black x Fem!Reader
Summary: Sirius and Y/n spend a night on the beach
Tumblr media
"Watch your step," Sirius said still not moving his hands from your eyes.
"That's the only thing I can't do Siri, your big hands are covering my eyes" you felt a shiver as the cold wind blew past you.
It was past 10 o clock and you and Sirius were in the comfort of your shared humble abode when you accidentally mentioned how you have never been to a beach. And Sirius took it personally to show you the beauty of the sea beach. Although for Sirius nothing compares in front of your beauty.
So He grabbed your hand and took you on a long drive to the beach that brought peace and calm in his life. He stopped the car at a distance where you couldn't see the beach but taste the saltiness in the air.
"Ok you can open them," he said removing his hand.
You open your eyes to see waves crashing on the sand. Moonlight glimmering on the water's surface. It was so beautiful you couldn't take your eyes off it. You turned to look at Sirius looking at you instead of the sea.
You blush under his gaze when you see something move in the corner of your eye. If you had continued to keep your attention on Sirius you would have found him on his knee with a ring in his hand. But you got distracted by a crab entering its shelter.
You shrieked and hid behind Sirius. He bit his lip to refrain from laughing at your antics. He closed the ring box and turned around to face you.
"Love it's scared of you too, you don't need to be scared of it," he said rubbing your arms to provide comfort.
"It will bite me Siri this is your moment to shine protect me from that sea creature"
He couldn't help but chuckle lightly. He found the best way to distract you from the crab. He got on his knee again, your eyes still on the hole where the crab had disappeared.
"Love, look at me I have a confession to make"
You finally looked at him and his heart started thumping loudly at the smile that was growing.
"I want to spend my life with you Y/n, you are not just my lover but my best friend, my heart, and a loser at Mario Kart"
You gasped at the last part hitting him on his arm lightly knowing you lost because he distracted you with his kisses.
"Yes, you big dork" tears dropped down your cheeks as he slid the ring on your finger. He got up and embraced you in his arms leaning back only to kiss you passionately. Before it got heated you pulled away from the kiss.
"Siri it's out of its hole," you started running towards the car.
"Love, it's scared of you too see" He thumped his feet on the sand, and the crab made a beeline towards its home in the sand. He spread his arms giving you a victorious smile "Now come back here love I have to kiss you"
You ran back towards him jumping on him, wrapping your legs around his hip. He instantly wrapped his arm around you.
"My savior" he chuckled at your declaration and kissed you with all the love he had.
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queerpumpkinnn · 9 hours ago
In which Sirius realizes that he loves you in a different way than the other Marauders. (To be a series)
Summary: The return to school and a haphazard prank leads to your stomach housing butterflies for someone you didn't expect.
Pairing: Bestfriend!Sirius Black x reader
Warnings: Light cursing, not much for part one. Reader shares a dormitory with Lily/Mary/Dorcas/Marlene, but they/them pronouns are used (I try my best to avoid using reader pronouns at all though).
The halls of Hogwarts were buzzing with excitement. Most of it was coming from the first years. You'd been coming here for years- but you'd be lying if you said it didn't thrill you to think that you'd be spending the next nine months here.
As you followed the line of students through the corridor, your mind wandered to the previous years and the memories you'd made. Most of them were some variation of parading through the halls with a select four kids that had for some reason adopted you, partially against your will, into their group. You'd grown to love them- James with his idiotic jokes and cheerful spirit, Remus as the wise anchor and appointed mother of the group, Peter as the supportive confidant, and Sirius as the mischievous flirt.
No, there weren't many like the Marauders.
An assault of various, luring scents snapped you out of your trip down memory lane. You now had your attention focused on the warm light bathing the Great Hall from the candles hovering over the four grand tables stretching from one side of the room to another.
After moving up onto your tiptoes to look over the many heads in front of you, it didn't take long for your eyes to find your typical spot towards the end. Remus was already sitting there with his nose buried in a book, so much so that it looked as though there was a mop of unruly chestnut hair growing from the pages.
Just as you began to step towards the table, you were jolted by two hands coming up from behind to rest on either shoulder. You were shocked for about half a second before you opened your mouth to yelp and were met with a familiar scent that you'd come to know belonged to none other than-
"Sirius Orion Black!" You half laughed, half scolded when the head of your attacker peeped out from over your shoulder, mirth-filled eyes meeting yours.
"In the flesh." He grinned, stepping back to fall in line and walk with you. The two of you fell easily into light conversation, witty remarks and laughs tossed back and forth.
In the few moments you'd had to look at him, you were taken aback. He looked different. His hair was longer, brushing against his shoulders and still silky and ad-worthy as always. His skin seemed clearer, eyes brighter despite the bags under them. Something life with the Potters had earned him, you supposed. As you knew from experience, summer days at James' house far surpassed those at Sirius'. But you could still detect the worry under his eyes, in regard to his younger brother, no doubt.
But that was a story for another time. You were safe at Hogwarts, and right now that was enough.
The raven-haired boy and you had found your place at the Gryffindor table, you sitting across from Remus where Sirius opted to sit beside him, ruffling his hair as he walked behind the boy.
Now that you could see Sirius properly (and discreetly), you took a moment to drink him in. Despite having a hair tie around his wrist, his ebony locks still remained free, a few draping over his face and remaining there even after he tucks them behind an ear or blows them away. His eyes were alive as he spoke to Remus, hands moving animatedly to express more dramatically the story he was telling. His teeth, though the light in the room was a warm yellow, were pearly white, and when he smirked wide enough you could see his distinct canines gleam, as though they wanted to show off how surprisingly sharp they were.
Somewhere along the line, Sirius glanced over to you a few times. You thanked Merlin he was already telling a story, so it wasn't unusual for you to be watching him.
"Well, if it isn't three of my favorite people!" The telltale bellow of James Potter sounded a small ways away. You turned your head a bit to notice the bespectacled boy approaching your table, Peter following in his wake in a much less attention-attracting manner.
"Prongs! Haven't seen you since this afternoon!" Sirius laughed, standing and clapping his friend on the back. Peter greeted his friends with a more timid and calm manner, seating himself on the other side of Remus, who seemed to be conflicted between annoyance and happiness.
James plopped rather animatedly beside you, slapping his hands on the table in a way that showed he had something important to say. "Since some of us-" he gave a pointed look to you- "were in a different cabin on the train, I'll give a rundown of this year's festivities."
"Festivities," Remus snorted, resting his cheek in his palm, "that's one way to put it."
James ignored his friend's comment, proceeding to explain in full detail the plan he and Sirius had hatched for a first-night prank. While you knew any idea that popped into the mind of James Potter was sure to land you in detention, you listened, and you had to say it was quite funny.
"This is our year," was the last thing the Chaser was able to say- which he said every year- before being interrupted by the sound of a spoon clinking against a glass abnormally loudly, followed by the voice of the headmaster beginning his routine back to school speech.
You'd heard Dumbledore give this speech many times, so you weren't particularly missing out on anything when your eyes wandered to the boy who'd jump scared you earlier. He was listening, or at least pretending to. His chin was resting on his arms, which were folded on the table, so that his eyes were turned upwards so that he could watch through his eyelashes in a little pout.
Wait, huh?
Your reeling back from your surprising thought was cut short when suddenly everyone was clapping. You joined in as well, though you only had half an idea as to what had earned the applause.
You'd fallen back into the swing of things quickly, especially once the food had appeared on the tables and students were scrambling to fill their plates. Eventually it was time to head to the dormitories, so you were forced to part ways with your boys for the night.
What a year this will be.
. . .
Just as you predicted, it didn't take long for the troublemakers to loop you in to some elaborate, yet half-baked plot that always ended in running away or hiding from the caretaker. In fourth year it hadn't even been a full twenty four hours.
This year, it hadn't been a week.
Unfortunately for you, your position at the scene of the crime was quite a ways away from the Gryffindor dormitory, so you were in for a bit of running. Sirius scrambled alongside you, cackling. Peeves' laughter mixed with his as the poltergeist wavered around in the air, whooshing in another direction. You thanked Godric that Peeves had taken a liking to your group and a disliking to the caretaker. He was usually helpful in the escape portion of your schemes.
"Here!" Sirius grabbed your wrist, yanking you into a random broom closet, swinging the door towards him just before it was only a crack open, then closing it ever-so-quietly.
"I don't recall there being a broom closet in this wing," you murmured, brows pulled together.
"Me neither." Sirius huffed, leaning against the bricks and folding his hands over his head. Though he was pressed against the cool wall, it did very little to create more space in the cramped area. You were still brushing against him, as he was increasingly aware.
Though it wasn't terribly warm in the castle, nor was he wearing so much clothing, he felt oddly warm. Sirius was quick to blame his being out of breath and unusually warm on the running- though it didn't explain why he was nervous.
Hoping to focus his attention elsewhere, he reached carefully into his pocket to pull out a piece of parchment, unfolding it and smoothing it out on the ground, whispering a few words to it as well as a spell to allow a bit of light.
You watched the scarlet ink seemingly bleed on from the underside of the paper, forming lines indicating corridors and stairways as well as sprouting up various footprints going their respective routes followed by a name tag. You'd seen it a million times but the process was always pleasing to the eye.
"Let's see if we can carve out a safe escape route." Sirius mumbled, tracing his fingers along the paper. While neither of your names appeared on the map, Sirius knew which corridor you'd been in and traced from there to the Fat Lady portrait, humming a 'no' quietly when his finger ran into the footprints of a teacher or prefect.
"I've got it. Come on." Sirius stood, clutching your wrist and opening the door, sprinting in the direction of the dormitories with you in tow.
The two of you had made it quite far when Sirius stopped abruptly, palms slapping the sides of his pants. His eyes went wide.
"The map!"
"You left it there?"
"I forget things sometimes!"
"Yes, but the map?"
"Do you want to go get it?" Sirius gave you an incredulous look. When you hesitated, he sighed. "I'll fetch it. Just get to the common room, I'm not letting you get detention."
Sirius whipped around without another word, speeding off towards the direction from which you'd come. You shook your head, a smile intruding upon your face as you made your way into the common room.
When you'd entered the Gryffindor common room, after a very judgmental look from the Fat Lady, you flopped down on one of the plush armchairs. It wasn't long until a parade of boys came trotting down the stairs, peeking out to see if the whole team had made it out alive.
"Ah, you made it!" James slung an arm around you. "Where's Padfoot?"
"Forgot the map," you panted. "Went back."
"Blithering idiot, going to get it confiscated one day." James rolled his eyes. When they'd done their full rotation they settled back on you, widened. "What's that look?"
"What look?"
"Your face is red."
"Because I just bloody ran across the castle."
"No, it's a different kind of red." James broke out into a huge grin. "You're smiling too."
It was your turn to roll your eyes. "I don't know what you're on about."
Naturally, James wasn't having any of that, and demanded to know who had put you in this state. Remus, who had been leaning against the wall with his hands in his jumper, had a look on his face that said he knew something that neither you nor James knew.
You shook it off, heaving a sigh and pulling yourself from the chair. "Well, I've had a long day, so your interrogation about my quite nonexistent love life will have to wait. Goodnight, gentlemen."
Thankfully (or unthankfully, according to James) the dormitory prevented you from being followed by the inquisitive boy.
Sirius, however, would not be spared from this harassment when he appeared in the common room later. James and Peter had gone off to the dormitory, in full discussion about who you could possibly be interested in all the way up the stairs. Remus had stayed behind on account of how much easier it was to work out there than in the dormitory. He preferred the library, naturally, but it had closed long ago.
Sirius barged through the portrait hole, huffing and puffing until he flopped onto the couch right next to Remus.
Remus glanced over at Sirius for what was intended to be only a moment, but his gaze was kept there by a genre of face that he recognized well. One that he had seen on you that same day.
He said nothing, merely shaking his head a little and chuckling as he turned back to his schoolwork.
"What're you laughing at?" Sirius cocked his head to the side.
"Nothing. Just something Peter said earlier." Remus lied quickly, not feeling it was necessary to share his observations at the time.
"Can't remember Wormtail ever making a joke that good, but alright." Sirius shrugged, draping an arm over his eyes and sighing, feeling the stretch and sting in his lungs as they learned to relax again.
Remus smiled to himself.
This ought to be entertaining.
A/n: This will be the first of a series, so stay tuned! It's my first series, so pardon if I don't do well with an overarching plotline. Feedback and comments are welcomed!
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natti-ice · 2 days ago
╰┈➤ ❝ [Sirius Black] ❞
Tumblr media
Stories:  ♡=fluff  ϟ=angst
Brother knows best  ♡
The blind date  ♡
New Beginnings  ♡
Would you have me?  ♡
Rollin’  ♡
Wrong decade  ϟ ♡
Do You not remember me?  ♡
Sirius offers his jacket ♡
Tumblr media
Being “just friends” with Sirius Black  ♡
Tumblr media
Best friends to lovers with Sirius Black
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the-marauders-world · 2 days ago
I need an idea for this...
"Y/n, please.." Sirius begged, his broken voice evidence to how tired and heart-broken he felt. Y/n had her arm linked with Alice, who looked quite uncomfortable to be in between something so personal.
Alice tried to free herself and give them space, however; the terrifying glare Y/n gave her was enough to make her stay put.
"Why won't you just talk to me?! I've tried everything and I'll am asking is for you to just talk to me!" He said, rasing his voice and motioning his hands around wildly.
"...Y/n..." Alice began, feeling sad for the boy in front of her. Sirius huffed and furrowed his brows, he looked one word away from breaking down.
"Alice, do you mind?" Sirius asked, giving the girl a pleading look. Alice muttered a small 'sorry' as Y/n glared at her. "Traitor!" Y/n mouthed back at her.
"Love, please...." Sirius said, taking both of Y/n's hands in his. They were alone now, in the middle of the courtyard. The sun was down yet there was still light in the sky.
She avoided his eyes, turning to look behind his shoulder only for him to softly grab her chin and make her face him despite her trying to push his hand away.
She knew if she looked into his sad eyes she'd break, she'd fall weak for him and then some other day they'd have this same fight again.
"Y/n." He whisperd as stood closer, letting their forehead lean towards each other.
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thepaperpanda · 4 hours ago
The Emotional Reunion || Sirius Black x fem!reader
Tumblr media
Summary: After meeting Sirius in the Diagon Alley, you're in shock - did he actually escape Azkaban prison or was your mind playing tricks on you?
Warnings: none
Word count: 959
Authors: Bear & Cass
A/N: today’s prompt: Cuddling
Tumblr media
He despised the number 12 Grimmauld Place. With all of his strength.
However, since escaping Azkaban, Sirius has offered the home to the Order of the Phoenix. It became his secret hideout, where he tried to get his life back on track after being imprisoned for a long time.
Despite regretting his decision to stay there, Sirius discovered one argument that proved he was wrong with all the hatred he harbored in his heart for so long - he met you nearby one day.
You couldn't believe what you saw when you first saw him; were your own minds playing tricks on you?As soon as you realized that it was him, there were no words to describe how happy you were. The first thing you did was throw yourself into his arms and embrace him tightly.
Sirius didn't want to draw attention to himself by embracing you in the middle of Diagon Alley, so he asked if you'd like to have a cup of tea near where he stayed. 
As you gripped Sirius' shoulder, your arm twisted away from you; the next thing you knew, everything went dark; your eardrums seemed to be squeezed deeper into your skull; the next thing you knew, you and Sirius were standing in the middle of a long, dark corridor.
Seeing the place, you smiled; there was no way he could take you anywhere else. Just to make sure he was really here, you glanced at him again. "It's going to take a lot of tea if we want to discuss everything," you whispered, smiling at him.
Kreacher was asked by Sirius to make a pot of tea and prepare some biscuits he had baked the previous day.
He then led you to the living room, where he invited you to sit on the couch. "There isn't much to talk about. I've been immersed in the most poignant darkness you could ever imagine."
Looking at him, you shook your head; in an attempt to make any sense of what you were saying, you moved your hands frantically. "Why didn't you contact me or come see me? How did you escape?"
"Let me keep it a secret forever, it cost me everything," he said as he crossed his legs. "I did not contact you because it was not a wise idea; they were searching everywhere for me, which could have led to trouble for you."
"With or without you, I tend to get into trouble, especially with my niffler running around," you rolled your eyes and moved closer to him. "I've been worried. Every day I wondered how you're doing. I've missed you dearly."
"So many years, right?"
As you stared at him, you sighed and said, "Too many years, indeed."
Seeing your expressions, he could tell you were relieved that he was free again. Taking your shoulders in his arms, Sirius embraced you, hugging you softly. "I'm so happy to see you doing well, Y/N."
Hugging him as tight as you could, you smiled. There was no way you could keep it together anymore. "There is no single word that can describe my happiness now. I thought I would never see you again in my life, but here you are, with me again."
As he brushed a strand of your hair away from your flushed cheek, he asked, "Will you join us in our fight against Voldemort?"
"Does Niffler like shiny things?" You asked, raising an eyebrow as you cupped his hand and nuzzled it. "Of course I do. It's been a long time since I promised to follow you no matter what. And I don't break my promises."
Kreacher quickly served tea and biscuits.
Slowly, Sirius played with your hair as he held you close. "Upon hearing how eager you are, I'm conflicted. It won't be easy or safe, but I can't afford to lose you."
You nodded. "Let's not think about that right now. Let's just enjoy the tea."
A small mug filled with hot liquid was handed to you by him as he said, "I wish you could meet my godson. I believe he will play a major role in the battle against Voldemort."
Before taking a little sip, you blew on the cup and smiled softly. "I'm sure I'll have a chance to meet him."
He downed the mug quickly, returned it to the table, and then wrapped his arms tightly around your figure, holding you close. "I missed you so much. Every night, I dreamed about you."
Putting the cup away, you sat comfortably on his lap. As your arms wrapped around him, your head rested on his shoulder. "There are no words to describe how much I missed you. When I first saw you, I was sure that you were a ghost. Thankfully, I was mistaken."
"The only thing that brought light to the darkness surrounding me was you. Whenever I thought of you, I felt a little better."
"It doesn't matter anymore. You are free and back with me," you said softly, gently touching his chest.
The pieces of Sirius' heart that had been struggling to fit into this world became so quiet as he cuddled with you, as if they had found peace, as if they needed your glue to bridge their gaps and connect together again. "My love," he said quietly.
Assuredly, you said, "I am here and I am not leaving. I will never let you go."
The soul connection of your eyes, your sweet touch, and the strength of a long-awaited hug told the story of the emotional reunion Sirius was experiencing. Having joy take center stage once again, filling Sirius' heart to the brim, was a sweet release, a relief that made him gasp quietly. "It's so pleasant to be reunited."
Tumblr media
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siriusly-parker · 2 months ago
me, a supposed writer, when i can’t find the very specific scenario i made up in my head in any fanfic: am i- am i supposed to write it myself??
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robynlilyblack · 2 months ago
You're not my wife?
Tumblr media
Sirius Black x fem! reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Sirius comes home very drunk and accidently lets something slip while his girl looks after him
Warnings: swearing, established relationship, pure fluff, mentions of drinking, drunkness (both on Sirius' part), sex and being unwell, slight nudity and some suggestion but nothing explict, Sirius being the sweetest and cutest drunken puppy, very quickly proofread
A/n: 3k words, not requested, the idea just popped into my head and I needed to feel better after a really tough week and a bit x hope you enjoy! I''ll be writing requests again soon, I might make a post about it tomorrow x
Tumblr media
Navigation | Sirius Black Masterlist
Tumblr media
You were snuggled up in bed, entering the perfect land of slowly drifting off yet still in control of your fantasy. You were somewhat aware of your surroundings. You could feel the coziness of the blanket. the soft plush of the mattress below, the safety Sirius’ pillow brung as you cuddled it. Yet. You didn't register the front door closing with a small thump, nor your boyfriend whispering curses at it for doing so, as well as at the floorboards for creaking
Sirius was beyond drunk. It was James’ fault really…or perhaps it was Marlenes? Or maybe Dorcas and those little cocktails that just tasted too good to stop drinking. Whatever it was he was smashed, and he was certain you had never seen him this drunk, in fact he was sure he’d ever seen himself this drunk, and for the life of him he didn’t remember why he got this drunk. 
All his brain could focus on was he had to get to you, you were the most important thing in that moment 
“Shit and fuck” he hisses as his jeans belt loop catches in the handle of the bedroom door, causing him to be pulled back and wack the side of his head
After more than a few attempts the door released him from its crutches and his eyes fell upon you, beautiful, beautiful you. He staggered over to his side, stripping himself of his jacket, attempting to unbutton his shirt before just pulling it over his head. Once those were off he just stood there for a good minute, brain blanking on what he was supposed to be doing before he heard you hum
“Y/n” he mumbles, collapsing surprising gently to the floor and planting his chin into the soft covers “How’d I get so lucky” he says, admiring how the soft glow of the street lights brings out your features
He starts talking to himself, telling your unconscious self all of the ways he loves you even if it’s really coming out as incoherent babbles.
“Glow of your hair and the shine of your shine…sorry the shine of your skin and the softness of your eyes” he mixes them up but they’re said so lovingly you would probably understand if you heard 
“Your pretty…” he continues on and on, repeating himself and these slowly wake you, eyes fluttering open to see Sirius smiling away in his own little world
The next thing you register is the smell, alcohol and cigarettes, it clung to him, while one more prominent than the other you didn’t really mind, you were just glad he was home and safe and happy
“Hi” you greet, giggling as his eyes light up and his chin edges closer to you “Are you nude?” You wonder eyeing his bare back with fuzzy vision as it wouldn’t be this first time
He shakes his head but a cheeky grin appears “I can be” he winks, or at least tries to, as he ends up just blinking theatrically with his head tilted forward
“Flirt” you roll your eyes, digging your cheek further into the pillow to hide the effect even terrible flirting still had on you
“Your flirt though” he shifts closer, kissing your cheek softly
“You are” you admit turning back to face him, you had seen Sirius drunk many times but you had to admit he looked so dazey almost dizzy looking you were sure he was currently in the late stages of blacking out “You need to take off your jeans before getting in” you say, spotting to dark hue of blue now your eyes had adjusted 
He scrunches his face but does it. Not gracefully though as he lets his arse fall to the floor, causing you to move his pillow back up and crawl across. Peering over the bed you watch him with an amused smile, his body flat on the hardwood floor, wiggling out of his jeans
“All the way?” He asks like a child
You nod “All the way puppy” your use of the nickname causes him to work not only faster but wear the cutest little grin as he does it
Eventually he’s left in his boxers. You admire him, even as he struggles to work his way back up to his knees and kneel at the side of the bed again “Can I get in now?” he pleads, flashing his big puppy eyes
You would normally say yes, but his breath was pretty bad. Besides, he had told you once he hated waking up to the stale taste in his mouth, so made you promise if not inebriated yourself to make him clean his teeth
“You should brush your teeth” you give him a sad smile, heart aching at his pout “I can help you if you want”
His eyes grow wide, mood shifting and he nods quickly. You lift the covers, revealing you’re only in a slip. Sirius is enamoured by it. A giddy grin on his face when you accidentally flash him and he realises you have nothing underneath
Standing up you look down, holding out your hands for him. He takes them but lingers on the floor, a look on his face you know all too well
“One peek” you concede, holding your giggle as his head pokes between your legs for a few seconds
He soon pulls back, looking more than satisfied with himself as you help him stand up
“You’re so pretty” again his voice is dazed, but it doesn’t stop the smile on your face
What is it they say? Drunken words are sober thoughts? If that was true it meant everything Sirius did and said were true, only now it was amplified and had a dizzy puppy vibe
Guiding him into the bathroom he plops himself on the edge of the bath, something that could end badly but would be equally hilarious…knowing him he’d probably give up and ask for a pillow if he fell in
Grabbing his toothbrush you squeeze a little bit of paste onto it “Open wide” you instruct and in return he cheeses at you “Siri” 
“What?” He shrugs before opening his mouth properly, jaw slack so you could manoeuvre easy
You softly brush his teeth, not wanting to place too much pressure since you had only done this for him a few times before when he was really sick. 
Sirius watches you the entire time and in that moment you were like some kind of angel. Sure he was drunk, the bathroom light behind your bed was causing spots as he blinked and created a halo around your head, but still you were angelic…maybe more than that to him as his brain ran one very drunk cell who was convinced he was missing something 
“Spit” you ask and he turns his head away from you
Your eyebrows furrow before you realise, watching him spit it out in the bathtub. He then turns back looking proud of himself, a small bit of paste still clinging to the edge of his lips
You smile sweetly, taking the pad of your thumb and clearing it off. You can’t pull away though because Sirius’ darts forward to capture it and sucks on it
“Siri!” You squeal at pulling it out, you weren’t mad but you did hope he’d feel tired soon…and merlin did you hope he stayed human and didn’t run around as a dog like he did when he had a fever a few weeks ago
He laughs loudly at the face you made, before he begins to laugh at his own laughing resulting in a small fit. 
You quickly rinse the toothbrush and place it in the holder, then move to steady Sirius since you’re sure he’s gonna fall if he’s not careful, and knowing your luck he’ll fall forward onto the tiles rather than the bathtub behind him
His giggles die down. Taken a sudden interest in you and his eyes wander up your body. Drinking it in. He lingers on your thighs and then on two particular assets, to which you’re sure he’s thankful for your lack of bra and coldness of the bathroom. Eventually he reaches your face, eyes darting over it and his smile brightens
His smile drifts to a funny one “I’m sorry you have to look after me” he apologies with a slight chuckle, hands finding the outsides of your lower thighs and pushing upwards towards your hips, bringing the slip with it
You pinch the material around his hands outwards, letting it fall back down enough to cover you. Not that you cared about him seeing, it was more you were sure he would get distracted again
“You’d do the same for me” you assure him
He reponses by nuzzling his nose into your stomach “I’m gonna be so hungover” he mumbles, a small moment of clarity washing over him, although it wasn’t really true clarity as his brain still connects all the wrong dots as time and fantasy mixes up 
“I know. Don’t worry tomorrow…well actually later today, I’ll make you breakfast in bed and tease you rotten” you smile down at him
His head lifts and his eyes can meet yours “Thank you sweetheart” he smiles lazily before standing up shakily with your help
You move back a little, hands finding his shoulders while his slip down from your hips briefly only to grasp them again over your slip
“I'm glad you’re my wife” he says casually, a fond smile on his face while your eyes blow wide…and so does your heart
You just stare at him a moment, processing. Heart fluttering around at the title you always imagined having one day, yet were nowhere near prepared for how good it would sound from his lips. Nor how easily it slipped from them
“Siri love” you cup his cheeks 
“Yeah?” He says like a hum
“I’m not your wife” you inform him
Instantly you regret it
His happy expression drops, pouting and almost looks like he may cry “You’re not my wife?” his grip on your hips tighten, voice cracking
You shake your head and find yourself aching at how heartbroken he is over it. You know it’s the booze, you know he likely won’t remember this come morning but you still scold yourself for not playing along 
“You said no?” he asks and you look at him baffled
“To what?” you wonder, even if there’s a tiny voice screaming what it was in the back of your mind
He doesn’t answer, merely asks “You didn’t want to be my wife?” 
His tone is soft and so pure you could cry yourself, yet you still started to smile, heart thumping as you watched your boyfriend in mild awe
“You didn’t ask me to be your wife Siri”
“I didn’t?” 
If you could describe him in that moment you would have to say he looked like he was doing some complex mathematics because boy oh boy was he processing for almost a good few minutes
“You wanna marry me?” He finally says “I really...really want to marry you”
You find yourself itching to scream yes, but you also know he probably isn’t going to remember this nor are you 100% sure he’s…
“I have the ring and everything...” 
Your hands drop from his cheeks to his chest “What?!” You stare at him in complete shock
“...give me a minute I’ll go get it and get down on two knees...one knee...my arse?” he shrugs trying to walk away but you stop him
“Siri, y-you have a ring?” You ask confused and happy and sick all at once, eyes glazing as you listen to his answer and start to believe this is actually real
“Yeah in the…” he hiccups pointing out the bathroom door “…in the bottom drawer of my bedside table” realisation dawns on his face but not the kind you think “That’s why I got drunk! I remember now I was so nervous you wouldn’t like my proposal...and the...ughh...talk...umm” 
He freezes, clogs turning before he closes his eyes. You can almost see his memory reseting, like remembering the real reason made his drunken brain short circuit
“You really didn’t say yes to the picnic? At the same lake where had our first date?” he asks opening them, eyes now boring into you and you can no longer find it in yourself to deny him
“I did. I did say yes Siri” you nod, smiling brightly up at him
“You did?” you nod again “And the proposal…wait no... the speech! Was that okay? Prongs cried at it but Reg thought it was a little long and moony called me a sap…or was that Marlene…or Dorcas?” his eyes blow wide “It was shit wasn’t it? That’s why she gave me the little pink drinks cause it was terrible and you found it terrible...and him terrible and me...” he scrunches his face
“It was beautiful Siri” you pull his face up to look at yours, cutting his rabble off before you let them slip back down to his chest once more “Utter perfection. I was just pulling your leg earlier” you giggle trying to brighten him up while simultaneously trying not to squeal at the idea of there really being a ring in that drawer and him actually proposing
He sighs in relief, quickly wrapping his arms around you
“Thank merlin I’ve been worried for weeks” he tucks his head into the crook of your neck “You’re finally my wife for real. I'm not dreaming right?” he asks once more pulling back to look at you
“I am” you confirm "I'm so your wife...so...definitely your wife" you emphasise with all your heart and it makes his face light up brighter than the tree back at hogwarts
He grins, cupping your cheeks and squishing them ever so slightly “You’re my…” he hiccups again “…I’m your wife” he finishes
You giggle at his mistake but can't find it in yourself to correct him “You’re my wife…” you peck his lips “…and I’m your dashing husband” you go along with it
He pulls you in for another hug, almost bone crushing but you don’t care, your heart had never been fuller
“I love you so much” he presses a hard kiss to your temple, hand to the back of your head
“I love you too wifey” you tease gently, though in his state it’s literal, he’s now your wife and you’re now his husband, no take backsies “Now let’s get you to bed”
He nods into your neck, kissing it softly before allowing you to lead him through. Reaching the bed he sits on the edge while you push down the covers. He smiles at you and then your arse as you crawl over to your side, accidentally exposing it to him
You turn back and notice his stare “Enjoying yourself?” you ask, purposely lifting your arse up before yourself fall into your side
He nods shamelessly “Very much” he falls backwards, shifting around into the bed and letting you pull the covers up “You’re so good to me” 
You finish tucking him in and move forward so your chest touches his “What kind of husband would I be if I didn’t take good care of my hot wife?” you tap his nose
He chuckles so cutely at the gesture “I am the hottest wife” his words like a sigh as he pulls you into him, rolling you over onto your back so he can cuddle into you
His head settles on your chest
“That you are puppy” you wrap your arms around him, feeling his cheeks rise “And I’m the prettiest husband”
He looks up at you bobbing his head ever so slightly “You are the prettiest human in the whole world” he turn back to lay on your chest “And have the best boobs to sleep on”
You giggle as his head lifts up and his hand comes up to pat your boobs in order to get comfortable before he lays back down again. Arm slithering around your torso and within seconds he’s gone quiet
“Siri?” you lean forward "Siri?" you ask again then realise he's finally passed out, and is smiling like an idiot into your chest 
You gently rock him off and replace yourself with a pillow briefly. Briefly being the main word as you quickly slip out of bed and kneel down at his drawer. You take a deep breath before opening it, and sure thing there is a black velvet box tucked away in the back. 
You bite your lip, grasping bringing it into the light so you could see it clearer. Again you take a second before flicking it open with your thumbs, grinning so wide your nose scrunches up when you see the ring and your heart bounces around the room 
Come morning he wouldn’t remember much, only moments like you brushing his teeth and his head being between your legs, to which you would laugh at his brains priorities on the second.
You wouldn’t tell him that you already knew, nor that you had seen the ring and technically already agreed to be his wife…and, you guessed, husband as well. No. You would listen to the beautifully crafted speech by the lake, in your best outfit, from the man you loved and it would make you cry happy tears. And then he would ask that all important question. To which you, of course, would say yes
But for now you sat there, admiring the ring for a few a little while, before putting it back exactly where you found it and closing the drawer.
You were positively glowing as you made your way back into bed with Sirius once more. Replacing pillow with yourself and watching Sirius instantly cuddle back into you, humming as he does 
You hold him tightly and press a lingering kiss to his hair, then whisper
“Goodnight Siri. I love you and I can’t wait to officially be your future…” you giggle “…your future husband tomorrow”
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading ♡
Tumblr media
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vxntagedior · 5 months ago
summary | james can’t help and have a quickie before class leaving you uncomfortable for the rest of the day
pairing | poly!marauders x fem!reader
warning | 18+ minors dni, smut [sub!reader, creampie, daddy kink, sex in a closet, oral (f receiving), switch!james, dom!remus, switch!sirius] angst, fluff
word count | 1.9k
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Each boy had their own morning routine. 
Sirius liked to get up at the last minute, and try to scatter his way into class.
Remus likes to get up early enough for him to shower if he didn’t the night before, go down, get some breakfast and get some food for Sirius and you.
James liked to wake up with a quickie. Whether it be a blowjob, eating you out, fucking you senseless, it didn’t matter, he just wanted you to cum or make him cum.
Remus always disliked the idea, knowing you might be stuck in your subspace, but James made sure to have you 100% back before going to class. Sirius liked the idea, and you didn’t care, you loved waking up to James between your legs.
Remus always disliked the idea, knowing you might be stuck in your subspace, but James made sure to have you 100% back before going to class. Sirius liked the idea, and you didn’t care, you loved waking up to James between your legs.
It had been a week before Yule break and everyone just didn’t want to go to class. Sirius didn’t even wake up, charming his curtains to keep them close. Remus went through his classic morning routine, leaving you and James.
The boy was kneading your breasts through your tank top. Both of you were barely awake and were already late to your first class.
“Jamie.” You sighed, resting your head into the pillow. You moaned when James started kissing down your jaw to your neck, his fingers rolling your nipples.
“We’re already late.” He smirked, “let’s just make the most out of it.”
You felt him move down to the edge of the bed, hooking one of your legs over his shoulder, positioning himself between your legs. Pressing his lips down to your soft thighs, his fingers trailed against the hem of your panties, slowly dipping his finger below the cotton.
“Don’t tease.” You cried, bucking your hips closer to his face. “Wanna feel you.”
James couldn’t last either, moving your panties to the side, his eyes lighting up.
“You haven’t shaved.” He was in awe, his finger moving against your small patch of hair.
“Been busy and I know you like it.” You bit your bottom lip, your hands moving down to push your tank top down, squeezing onto your breasts.
“Prettiest pussy.” James practically inhaled your scent, pressing a kiss to your clit before starting to suck.
James didn’t say between your legs long, just enough to cum against his lips once, before he was shedding your clothes and his.
Coming back up to you, you could feel his erection pressing against your cunt, kissing you softly, down your body, licking the valley of your breasts. 
“Please Jamie, want you to fuck me.”
James would usually reprimand you about your language, but the boy couldn’t wait any longer. And no matter how many times James had been inside your cunt, it was like heaven each time.
“Oh baby.” He whispered, resting on his calves, pulling your thighs closer to him, almost wrapping around his hips. “Feel so good.”
It was messy, sloppy, James couldn’t make a pace, just thrusting roughly into your hips, the sound of the two of you filling the room.
You were surprised Sirius was able to sleep through all of it.
Finally being able to wrap your legs around James, he reached his arms under your shoulder, pulling you so your chests were touching. Your hands were in his hair, twisting and pulling at his curly locks, James capturing each of your moans with a kiss. 
His arms were secure around your waist, bouncing you up and down his cock, his mouth locked around your nipple.
“You like being my little bunny.” He smirked. “Bouncing up and down on my cock, begging for my cum.”
He could feel clench around his cock while he talked, all that ego going straight down to his cock, just pounding a little harder into you each time.
Neither of you could figure how both of you could last this long but James could see your jaw go slack, almost no sound coming out of your mouth, seeing the signs of your orgasm.
“C’mon bunny.” He husked, sloppily kissing your lips. “Cum all my cock.”
Your hips rolled against his, gradually continuing to get slower and slower to the point where you were slumped against James, who still was continuing at you wanting to relieve his own high.
“Want your cum.” You said, your head resting on his shoulder.
“Gotta tell me where?”
“Inside me.” It wasn’t something you always requested, only if you were able to get cleaned up afterwards because of the feeling it gave you afterwards. And you had just assumed because the two of you were late and your first class was halfway through James would like the two of you to spend the rest of the time together.
“Such a good bunny.” He groaned, his hips slowly, thrusting slower and deeper in your cunt, letting out a moan, pulling you both back down to the bed. You felt the velvet liquid inside you, filling you to brim. Pushing James’s cock out of you, his cum started to ooze out of you, sliding your thigh and onto his.
“Good Morning bunny.” He smiled, both of you were sweaty, his arms wrapped securely around you. “
“Good morning.” You smiled.
“We gotta go to class.” He sighed.
“Wanna stay.” You cuddled into his arms. “Remmy can handle the notes.”
“Bunny, you know he doesn’t like it.” James rolled out of bed, going into the bathroom to clean himself up quickly, coming back out with a washcloth for you. Wiping the sweat off your face and the cum that was still dripping down your legs, he hastily got the both of you dressed.
As you finally sat up, you felt a sudden wetness in your panties, knowing it was James’s cum that was still deep inside you, seeping out. You wiggled your thighs hoping the uncomfort would go away but James had already grabbed your bags and pulled you out the door.
Walking you to class, James had one last kiss and a smack on your bum before sending you off with Lily and the girls.
“Hey lovely.” Marlene smiled seeing you come in. “Didn’t see you at breakfast this morning.”
“Was with Jamie.” You whispered, the nickname so innocently slipping through your tongue.
“Oh.” Dorcas let out a knowing sigh.
The four of you didn’ talk for much of the period, going through your own work. Lily had heard some shuffling next to her, looking up from her parchment and books, you were antsy in your seat, constantly shifting around.
“Are you alright?” She asked softly, not wanting to get the attention of anyone else around you.
“Feel icky.” You said softly, in a tone of voice you always had during your subspace.
“Is the flu?”
“No, it's sticky.” You subconsciously rubbed your thighs again. Lily looked down seeing a small wet patch that was rubbed against your panties.
“It’s alright sweetheart.” Lily cooed, “Class is over and we’ll go find one of the boys, yeah?”
“Want Remmy.” You whined.
“Okay.” She smiled, Lily had grabbed your books, taking a hold of your hand, walking you down to Remus’s next class hopefully seeing him before he went in.
“Lily, sweetheart, is everything alright?” Remus already knew something was wrong, Lily holding your books, you couldn’t even look him in the eye, having one of your thighs closed over the other.
“I think she needs you right now.” She whispered. 
“Pup.” He said softly, coaxing you away from Lily into his arms. “Is everything okay?”
“Want you daddy.” You said in his robes. Remus' eyes widened, looking back at Lily who gave him a concerning look.
“I understand you all enjoy her company, but don’t let her walk around the whole day like this.” She sighed, slinging your bag onto his arm before heading to her next class.
“C’mon pup, let’s go get you cleaned up.” He supported most of your weight while the two of you walked towards the common room. 
Walking into the dorm, Sirius stopped in his steps as he got out of the bathroom, surprised to see anyone here.
“Hey Moons.” He chuckled awkwardly knowing the punishment that would come to him for skipping class.
“I’ll deal with you later.” He just rolled his eyes at Sirius, throwing your bag near his bed, bringing you into the bathroom.
Grabbing and setting you on top of the counter, you watched as Remus walked through the bathroom grabbing a few things before coming back to you.
“Kissie please?” Your lips pouted out. Remus thought it was adorable, pressing his lips against yours, pushing your robes off your shoulders.
Stripping you of your uniform, you sat bare in front of your boyfriend, wincing at the cold counter.
“It’s okay, just gotta clean up then we can get all warm.” He smiled.
Peeling your panties off, Remus saw how soiled they were, completely soaked. You had expressed to the boys about the discomfort you had against the wetness of your clothes against your skin and one of two boys didn’t seem to take that into mind that morning.
Getting the washcloth damp, Remus softly cleaned your thighs, wiping the sticky residue off your skin, before swiping the cloth over your cunt, smirking when he saw how sensitive you were.
Remus was always delicate with you, treating you like you were a piece of glass, making sure to never leave a bruise or anything to your perfect skin.
“Such a good girl.” He smiled, pressing a kiss just above your hip bone. “Let’s get you dressed hmm.”
Already having the clothes next to him, Remus started to dress you, picking you off the counter, letting you stay while he cleaned his mess and went back into the dorm.
Sirius saw up from the bed, opening his arms wide towards you, seeing your sweet smile as you ran quickly towards him.
“Hi baby.” He kissed the top of your head.
Letting you stay with Sirius, Remus had come to the conclusion that it had been James who hadn’t cleaned his mess in the morning.
“Hi Moons.” James smiled walking into the dorm, pressing a kiss to his temple, starting to walk towards you and Sirius before Remus caught his wrist.
“James.” He said sternly. James’s eyes widened, looking back at you and Sirius who weren’t even paying attention to the two of them.
“Yes.” He said cautiously.
“Had a surprise for me this morning.” Remus started. “Somebody had some fun with puppy this morning and forgot to take care of her afterwards.”
James had been caught red handed, his face turning red, trying to look anywhere except at Remus.
“I’m sorry daddy.” James apologized, his eyes barely looking up at him.
“It’s not me you have to apologize to.” Remus finished the conversation between the two, looking back to you and Sirius, seeing you sat up on the bed.
“Hi bunny.” James said softly coming over towards you.
“Hi Jamie.” You smiled sweetly, god you could never get mad at any of the boys.
“I’m sorry about this morning, didn’t mean to forget about you.” He said in shame.
“It’s okay.” You chirped. “I already forgive you.”
“Really sweetheart.” Sirius rolled his eyes. “You gotta be a little tough.”
“Why, Jamie just forgot, you forget sometimes.” You said offhandedly. 
“Sirius.” Remus looked over at the boy.
Sirius groaned, pulling you back down to the bed, his fingers tickling your sides, causing you to giggle. 
“Gonna get me in trouble too now?” He joked.
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lupiningwolves · 2 months ago
summer school | sirius black x reader
Tumblr media
summary: sirius showed you more than you thought you’d learn
warnings: smut, sir kink, corruption kink, innocent!reader, fingering, finger sucking
a/n: i feel like this is very bad, but i’ve been having quite the blockage in my head
part 2
summer school meant new friends. you had all your classes together with your best friend, who was there as well, but otherwise only people you’ve never seen before.
you were seated in the second row out of four, watching how people entered the classroom and took their seats. groups were formed, laughter and talking erupted through the walls before it got quiet when your teacher came in.
a few days passed and you found your three people to hang out with. together, you wanted to grab dinner on one evening, surprised to see another group of people from your class there as well.
„can we sit here with you?“, you asked the one boy, sirius was his name, but the other two boys always called him padfoot.
„yeah, sure“, he answered and took his bag from the chair next to him for you to sit down. you smiled at him appreciating before you sat down and the lively conversation between all of you began.
you didn’t know how exactly it happened, but it was now the third time you were in sirius‘ room, in his bed. the first time was harmless, you sat there and talked, the next you were cuddling and he tickled you at any chance he got.
but now, you were laying in his arms as his hand moved further down your side. „this okay?“, he whispered in your ear, whereupon you could only nod. no five seconds later, his hand was resting on your ass. „have you ever done this before?“, he asked and brushed his lips against your neck.
„no“, you breathed out when his hand moved to the front and slipped under your panties. a small gasp escaped your lips.
„wanna stop?“ you shook your head in response. „words, baby.“
„no, i don’t want to stop.“
his fingers brushed against your slit and clit, but then he moved back do gripping your ass. he took your hand and put it around his torso and you immediately gripped his shirt when you felt him pull your legs more open. „sirius“, you mumbled. „i-i have no experience.“
„that’s okay, love, i’ll show you.“ he was back in your panties and pulled your pants down with his other hands. „you touch yourself?“ his raspy voice had your mind black for a second. the soft moan you let out was answer enough for him. „what do you think about when you make yourself cum on those pretty fingers, doll?“
„i“- you started, but weren’t able to finish for two reasons. one, you were embarrassed. two, his fingers began caressing your clit. „i think about how someone would … show me things.“
„show you things?“, sirius asked teasingly. „what things?“
he chuckled when he saw the blush on our face. „baby, you’re a whole ass sub.“ your eyes widened at his statement and you opened your mouth to reply, but before you could blink his free hand was wrapped around your throat. „don’t you think so? i’ve seen the way you clench your thighs when i make a fist. see your eyes darken when you look at my lap. and when i tickled your neck the other day could swear you thought about being in this position, laying in my arms with one hand in your panties and the other choking you. you like this, don’t you, baby? you aren’t the innocent girl everyone thinks you are“, he said and pushed two fingers inside of you, which had you moaning out loud. „are you?“
„no, sir“, you moaned when he moved his fingers fast.
„that’s my good girl“, he whispered in your ear. „i‘m gonna corrupt you, take your innocence and show everyone that you’re mine.“
„do it, i‘m yours“, you answered, your mind floaty and blank when you felt your orgasm already approaching. you pressed your eyes together when another sensation overcame you. sirius was gently sucking on your neck, marking you and you felt his breathing against the sensitive skin.
he sped up his fingers and just before you came undone, he pulled them out of you. you whined and tucked at his shirt, just before he ripped your panties off, took his shirt off and then his pants. „i‘m gonna claim you“, he said as he pinned your hands above your head.
you nodded, too focused on his hard cock that was already alined with your cunt. „please, sir. i need you.“ sirius smirked and kissed you hard as he pushed inside of you.
„fuck, sirius“, you shouted while you adjusted to his size. „so full“, you mumbled.
„yeah, that’s it, baby. gonna get you so cockdrunk you won’t even feel me inside of you.“
you moaned, what he took as an invite to slowly pull out o you, just to thrust into you harder and restless. you couldn’t even say anything, couldn’t moan, couldn’t think as he split you open on his cock. deep grunts were the only thing your brain registered as well as the need to cum.
„sir, please, needa cum“, you whimpered. „been a good girl, let me cum.“
„not yet, doll, gotta wait for me, yeah? be my good girl.“
„uh-huh“, you answered.
your brain got foggy and unwanted moans escaped your lips as you gripped the sheets between your fingers. your mouth hung open when sirius hit that one spot inside of you that made you see stars. you were gone, completely drunk and you didn’t even care when he pushed two fingers in your mouth. you sucked on them like you wished it was his cock.
„that’s it baby“, he grunted. „gonna cum soon, angel, can feel you clenching around me.“
„cum, sir?“, you asked.
with a few. more thrusts he nodded. „yeah, baby, come for me.“ and with that you were gone. you screamed his name as you reached your climax and felt him cum inside of you.
after a minute of seeing black you looked up at him. „learnt more than you thought, didn’t you, baby?“, he teased.
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strawberrysodaslut · 6 months ago
ok ok this might sound strange BUT poly!marauders where Sirius and Remus walk in on James going down on the reader and usually the reader is submissive and will take their punishment for having fun without the two out they’re like “no this shit feels so good don’t you dare stop us” and they have a mind blowing orgasm and Sirius and Remus are like 😧 and so for the next few days remus and Sirius are just jealous that James managed to make the reader feel THAT good just by his tongue so they keep going down on her to try and one up James IDK if that makes sense but I can’t get that out of my head. If you don’t want to write this / don’t like the plot then it’s ok !! <333
Friendly Competition - Poly!Marauders x Fem!Reader
❛ ━━━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫・━━━━━━━━━ ❜
Tumblr media
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[ part 2 ]
❛ ━━━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫・━━━━━━━━━ ❜
word count: 1.5k
warnings: SMUTTTT!! sirius and remus being jealous as fuck, oral (fem receiving), overstim, reader is woken up via oral (reader has given full consent for that to happen), safe word is always in place
summary: James is good at giving head… like crazy good. Remus and Sirius try to keep from being jealous, a night of ecstasy has the two competing to match James’ skill level.
a/n: this requesttttt 🫢🥵🥵 i hope i managed to do it justice!!
❛ ━━━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫・━━━━━━━━━ ❜
James was a very giving lover, he would often say that his happy place was right between your thighs, getting off on the pretty sounds you make when you cum. You weren’t one to disagree, loving the feelings he gives you.
It wasn’t that Sirius and Remus weren’t good at giving head, they were still better than your past relationships, it’s just that- James was phenomenal. He had memorised every way to make you squeal with his tongue and normally used every single one when given the opportunity.
So when you were studying with James in the marauder's shared bedroom, you weren’t surprised when he started trying to turn you on.
James practically had a choreographed dance, always ending with some part of him inside you, whether it be his tongue, fingers or cock, he didn’t really care. He just wanted to see you scream.
He starts how he normally does, giving you light praises, similar to how he would if you were in bed. When you got a question right, he’d whisper “Good girl” and follow up with a kiss just under your ear.
You knew the game, and he knew you liked to play. So he slowly moves close behind you, putting his hand on your thigh and rubbing circles with his thumb. Slowly kissing down from your cheek to the sweet spot of your neck, biting down to suck a bruise.
And that’s all it took to have you lying on your back, James’ head in-between your thighs, suckling on your clit while you make the most obscene noises.
The other boys were fine with you having your “alone time” with James, it wasn’t like they didn’t sneak off with you or each other for a quickie. But if they catch you in the act, they’ll normally intervene, playfully ‘punishing’ you for leaving them out.
You knew they were going to be back soon, but you didn’t care, it felt so good. You were so far gone you didn’t even notice Sirius and Remus walking through the door, watching James lick a long stripe from your entrance to your clit.
“Hey Jamsie, need a hand?” Sirius said, sitting next to you and guiding James off of you.
You whine, trying to pull James back, “Stop Siri, it feels so good.”
James immediately dives back in, continuing his assault on your cunt. You let out an unearthly moan.
Sirius looks at Remus with raised eyebrows. You’d always let him toy around with you when he caught you with James or Remus alone. Remus shrugs, sitting on the other side of you, stroking your hair.
As James gets you closer and closer to your release, your moans grow louder, gripping at Remus’s jumper and tugging on James’ hair.
The boys had never seen you like this, completely lost in the pleasure James was giving you with just his tongue.
When the coil snaps, you throb, your entire body relaxing as you produce a massive amount of wet, you actually squirt.
“Holy shit…” Sirius mutters, watching as you nearly black out from how strong your orgasm is. Sirius had made you squirt a handful of times, but never with his mouth. Fuck…
Remus was silenced in shock, pants tightened as he watches you come down from your high, jealously sparked in him, he’d never made you cum like that.
And that’s what sparked the competition.
After watching the pleasure James gave you, Sirius and Remus were determined to do the same using just their tongue. Using every spare second to wedge their head between your legs.
It started with Sirius waking you up by sucking on your clit, your moans muffled by your face in the pillow. His grip on your legs was soft, carefully coaxing you out of sleep.
You let out a whimper when you came, Sirius soothing you through your high, disappointed that he didn’t make you squirt like you did with James. Oh well, he can do it next time.
Remus was next, dragging you into an empty classroom before your own class, lying you down on the table and kneeling between your legs. He was confident he would make your toes curl the same way he watched them last night.
You still had no idea about the jealousy the two boys had made. So you laid there, gripping your hands into the lycanthrope’s hair as you came a second time that day. Sitting up and pulling him into a kiss as you tried to undo the buttons of his trousers to pay the favour back. But instead, he pressed a kiss to your forehead, checking that you were okay before leaving you in the sweaty mess he’d created and heading to class.
You were positively fucked out when Sirius dragged you out of your study group and into a far corner of the restricted section, kneeling in front of you and flipping your skirt up.
While you didn’t know about the game, you definitely knew something was up. You weren’t complaining, but you wanted to know what was going on.
“Siri,” You murmured as he pulled down your tights and your panties, he hummed, kissing up your thighs and spreading them. “What’s going on?”
He looked up at you, amused by your question. He gestured his hand from his mouth to your pussy, “What’d ya think bug?” He says, pressing a kiss to your upper thigh.
“No…” You chuckled, whimpering as he presses a kiss to your cunt, mouthing at your pussylips, trying to work you up. “Not that I'm-mmmhh… complaining- but why are you doing this twice in a few hours?” You ask, voice broken by the feeling of his mouth on your swollen clit.
He presses a kiss to your clit, leaning back and rubbing the slick across your pussy with his fingers. “Just trynna make you feel good bug, this okay?” He asks.
You nod, still suspicious, but not wanting him to stop. Letting him drag your cunt through your third orgasm of the day.
Your oversensitive cunt ached once you came down from your high, your body exhausted from the number of times you’d come. But to Sirius’s dismay, he still hadn’t gotten you to squirt.
He continued to mouth at your cunt, “one more for me baby,” he says, the vibrations sending a pulse through your body. It didn’t take long to drag you to your fourth orgasm, panting and begging.
You weren’t sure if you were begging him to relent from overstimulating you or to keep going till you were completely drained of cum, but you were relieved when he leaned back, standing up to kiss you.
“One day,” he whispers, walking away. You furrow your brows, what does he mean?
You catch up with the boys on the way to dinner, sitting next to James and across from Sirius and Remus. As you eat, you feel James’ hand on your thigh, lifting higher and higher. He leans in to give a light kiss to your neck, already trying to work you up.
Sirius and Remus watched James and you closely, while their competition was still unspoken, they both knew the other played to win. And the best way was to watch how James did it.
And James was an excellent teacher, even if he didn’t know it. The boys knew how to get you turned on, so there was much teaching there, but when you all got back to your shared bedroom.
James was surprised when Sirius let him lay you out, most of the time he was itching to have you first, but he wasn’t complaining. Stripping you bare and kissing down your stomach to your navel, he noticed how red and swollen your cunt was.
He tuts, “Have you already been tasted today?” He asks. You nod, looking up at the boys who made good use of you earlier today.
He looks up at them, giving them an understanding smirk. “Let’s show ‘em how it’s done yeah?”
The boys watch in awe as James makes all kinds of sounds come out of you. Making you cum in mere minutes, not stopping to take a breath to get another one out of you, and then another.
Your eyes roll to the back of your head as he coaxed your third orgasm out of you. Your body provides the same amount of wetness that appeared the night before, coating the boy’s mouth with your slick.
He drags you through your orgasm, pressing one last kiss to your clit, making you jump. He leans back, looking at the boys as they stare, wide-eyed at your breathless body.
James smirks, “That’s how it’s done boys, wanna have a go?”
Let’s just say… Sirius and Remus are fast learners.
❛ ━━━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫・━━━━━━━━━ ❜
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