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regulus: i have come to the conclusion that my coping mechanism might be worse than my actual problems
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ghoshtly · 2 days ago
pairing : Fred Weasley X Fem!Reader
warnings :
dom sex
praising kink
A/N : first writing here on tumblr! i hope you guys enjoy!
(Y/N - you - and Fred Weasley are definitely NOT friends, but you seem to get along when you see your dates kissing each other.)
P/N had left you tonight. Again. And you have no idea where they went and why they didn’t inform you about their whereabouts. Glancing around the decorated Great Hall, you watched the couples dance and the sweaty horny teens grind up against each other with the last of the sanity they have.
Your eyes fell upon Fred Weasley, drinking the (definitely spiked) punch in the corner, looking like a creep. He looked lonely, but you could care less. Walking towards the food table, getting ready to eat so much food you couldn’t stand, you glance over at the sight of P/N’s dress/suit flashing into the hall. You instantly began making your way over, and turnt the corner you saw them go around.
You saw them, with a girl. All pressed up against the wall kissing on each other. You would’ve gagged if it weren’t for the hand that grabbed your waist and pulled you into an empty classroom.
“What the fuck?” You whisper-shout, flipping around to be face to face (literally) with Fred. Your noses bumped at the speed you turnt and the impact made you both groan in pain.
“You were going to get caught.” Fred told you, hissing in pain shortly after. “Well, thank you, Fred the Great, but I don’t need your help to spy on my partner.” You narrowed your eyes at him, letting go of your nose.
“My date was out there as well, kissing your girl/boyfriend you’re supposed to be watching.” He hissed.
“Oh, so you’re blaming this on me, now? So now i’m the bad guy because your girl wants to rub all up on my girl/boyfriend? You’re no good.” You rolled your eyes, peeking outside of the door to see both of your dates gone.
“They’re gone.” You spoke up, turning back to Fred who just blinked and walked out. You rolled your eyes, following after him.
After a while, you got used to the “silence” even though the music was booming through the halls.
Suddenly, Fred took a halt in front of you. You stopped too, looking up at him and then looking to where his eyes were pointed to. They were there, and Fred backed you both up behind the wall.
It wasn’t on time though, because your now ex looked up. “Who’s there?” They called out. You flinched from their booming voice and unintentionally hid behind Fred, just in case they saw you.
“I heard you! I said, whose there?!” They yelled again, this time with much more force than last time. You looked for an escape. Any escape. and lucky, you found one. You pulled Fred by the arm and quietly but quickly opened the door and pulled you both in.
It was cramped, but it would have to do for the situation that was given. Your breathing was heavy and your breaths shuddered everytime you inhaled.
You looked around, suddenly becoming aware of the close proximity of you and Fred. You backed as much as you could. “Sorry.” You whispered, surprisingly nonchalantly.
He just nodded, pressing his ear to the door. You stood, your back against the wall that didn’t do anything, since there was a bucket preventing your feet from moving back.
Fred took his ear from the door and looked back at you. He thought you looked fragile. The way your chest rose and fell rapidly as if you were getting chased by a dementor.
“Hey,hey. Y/N it’s alright, they’re gone.” He placed an arm on yours, and you almost had shivered at the light touch. You just stared, your eyebrows gently furrowed and flyaways laying in front of your eyes.
That’s when it all came out.
One thing you shouldn’t do to Y/N, especially if she’s at a vulnerable state, is try to comfort her. Especially if you’re Fred Weasley.
You hadn’t thought before you kissed him, you just knew you did it in the ‘heat of the moment’.
You pulled him close to you. So close you could feel his heartbeat against your own. And you went weak when he kissed you back, melting slowly into the kiss.
His lips seemingly struggled to keep up with the desperate pace of your own, so you slowed down gradually for him to keep up. For a while, you thought your mind had shifted to another realm.
That was before he parted for a breath. You realized you needed one, as well, and stumbled away from him. “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. It was the heat of the moment, I swear-” You rambled on with your excuses until he decided to shut you up and place a hand over your mouth.
“Don’t worry about it.” He assures, grabbing you by your waist to move back to the close proximity you were previously in. “Can we go somewhere more spacious? I feel cramped in here.” You muttered, kicking the bucket beside your foot.
“Of course.” He said in your ear, leading you both out of the broom closet and up the stairs into the gryffindor common room.
You were partially glad no one was there, therefore you could just slip up to the boys dorm without question. Getting to the shared dorm, you shut and locked the door behind you both, pulling him down to kiss you again.
He pulled you close and gripped your arse, making you whine against his mouth. “I know we’re going really fast but I need you.” You whined against his lips, breaking the kiss.
He hummed, his hands trailing back up to your waist, unexpectedly pulling you upwards. You yelped in surprise, but didn’t complain as you were gently placed on the bed.
Fred rested in between your legs, kissing down your jaw to your neck, unclothing you as he was doing that. He kept peeking up for consent but you were trying to let him know to keep going without having to speak.
after he got you fully undressed, he pressed a soft kiss to your lips. You tried to sit back up to make it longer, but he pushed you back down. “Are you sure?” He whispered in your ear, sending warm shivers down the side of your neck.
“Yes. Yes 100 times yes.” You desperately begged, opening your eyes to look at him. He smirked, but obeyed anyways. His warm lips trailed down your bare stomach, leaving you to squirm at the teasing. You grabbed his hair and ran your fingers through, wanting him to hurry up.
He kissed your legs up and down, before finally placing his mouth on your swollen clit. Your back immediately arched and your hands fisted at his finger hair. Your hips began to grind for more friction, begging for him to do something to get rid of the ache in your stomach.
His fingers added, curling in and out of you. You became a moaning mess, and you couldn’t stay still. You wouldn’t stop squirming from the pleasure, so Fred held your hips down with his free hand, looking at you through his eyelashes.
Your top teeth raked at your bottom lip, your eyes shut tightly, and he admired the sight in front of him.
Lifting himself, you sighed (not in relief) and your chest was heaving. Your eyes opened and you looked at him as he got undressed like your eyes haven’t already unclothed him many times.
“You’re doing so good for me, lovely.” He whispered, stroking the left side of your face as he climbed back in between your legs. You felt him enter slowly, so slow you could’ve swore a turtle could move faster.
“Please go faster.” You breathed in barely a whisper. Fred obliged, thrusting his hips to collide with your own. A moan immediately ripped through your through and your nails clawed at Fred’s back.
“Oh, fuck.” You whined, louder than intentioned. “You feel so fucking good.” He moaned, sucking his markings onto your neck.
You enjoyed the position and moved your hips for more pleasure. It obviously worked, when Fred let out a more pitched moan than usual. And you certainly enjoyed that.
You repeated the movements, and Fred couldn’t compose himself. He sounded like he wasn’t even dominant in the first place, and you took that advantage.
“K-Keep going.” He whispered, another moan escaping right after that. “You like that, don’t you?” You chuckled, combing your fingers through his hair.
You began to feel a knot form in your stomach, and you began to pant again. You could hear your heartbeat and you knew you were close. And so was Fred, by the way the breath from his nose was quick and fast, and his hands gently but greedily ran across your back.
His moans just got even more pitched and louder than they were before, and you both were about to reach the climax. Your back arched and your hips worked.
“Right there.” He whimpered, afterwards moaning louder than he ever had. He had came, and you came shortly after. The warmth of your climax and of his filling you up made you feel immensely warm.
Your back pressed back against the bed as you let yourself down, exhaling a heavy breath as you felt the liquid dripping out of you.
That was amazing.
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Regulus : I have a solution
James : Thank Merlin
Regulus : It involves homocide
Sirius & James at the same time: Hell yes
Remus : Fuck no
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steddierights · 2 months ago
peter and james whenever sirius gets drunk and starts flirting with remus
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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craigtuckersketch-blog · a month ago
Tumblr media
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blackbrothersquotes · 4 months ago
James: Sometimes I wonder if Remus and Reggie are okay.
Remus: Sometimes I get the overwhelming desire to eat two thirds off a brick
Regulus, fascinated: What do you do with the other third
Remus: Feed it to my pet dog, Sirius
Sirius: What in the actual fuck
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queenmoriarty · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
POV: you just arrived at Hogwarts and are about to get sorted into your house
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ceresartsy · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
My will is as strong as porcelain
Ready to break at any moment-
I'm back 🙂
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arishatistic · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Hermione Granger if the Harry Potter series was filmed in the 80s, with young Helena Bonham Carter as Hermione! 
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poisoninmyteacup · 4 months ago
James: are you implying I’m gay for Regulus?
Remus: No, of course not
Remus: I know you’re gay for Regulus
James: ...
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incorrectquotesharrypotterv · 4 months ago
Harry, flirting with Y/n: Did it hurt?
Y/n: What?
Harry: Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
Draco, sliding an arm protectively around Y/n: It didn’t because I was there to catch her.
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regulus: i finally got my average resting heart rate to 65 beats per minute!
regulus: just 65 more to go!
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dracoslittlepet · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🔹️Stay Up With You🔹️
Draco has Quidditch practice early one morning, and as much as you'd like to be able to try and stay awake with him, you just can't. But that's more than alright with him...
• fluff; slight language
⚡️TAGLIST: @wallwriterstuff @raindancer2004 @alecvolturiswifeforever @like-rain-or-confetti @nixwolfe @dr4cosimp @dracolumfoyx @draconisxcaput @dracomalfoysslave @dracoslittleangel @pharaohinamorta @malfoysmainb @malfoyctions @dmslvt @strxnger-el11 @pearlsofme
A barely audible hum of content echoed from within your throat as you lay there, vivid images of a certain blonde Slytherin filling your dreams. That is, until a loud clatter startled you awake, followed by a few choice swear words from the very boy you had, up until three seconds ago, been so blissfully dreaming about.
"Shit! Fucking Merlin, I swear-"
Draco's quiet grumbles filled the room, and you slowly opened your eyes, peeking up through your sleepy lids at him. He was standing at the foot of the bed, glaring down at something on the floor. You could only assume whatever it was had most likely been the source of the noise that had awoken you, judging by the annoyed scowl forming on Draco's lips.
You continued to watch him as he bent down to organize whatever it was that had toppled over, the boy completely oblivious to the fact that he now had an audience. Well, at least until your nose suddenly started to itch and you let out an involuntary sneeze.
Draco swore again, before he shot up from the foot of the bed, a panicked look on his face. However, his gaze softened considerably when he saw you staring sleepily back at him. "Sorry, angel. Didn't mean to wake you, honestly." he apologized, wincing slightly.
He stood up, coming to sit next to you on the edge of the bed. In the dim light filtering in through the bedroom window, you could see the familiar green and silver of Draco's Quidditch uniform. The House crest was just barely visible, the familiar serpent bringing a gentle smile to your lips. "Practice this early, huh?" you sleepily asked, a yawn escaping along the way.
Draco gave you an embarrassed sort of grin, nodding. "Yeah. They want us to start training longer, which means a much earlier wake up call than I'd like. Speaking of which... I was hoping to get out of here as quietly as possible. Didn't want to wake you." he explained in a soft murmur. You sat up a little in bed, supporting your weight on your elbows.
"Well, I'm already awake, do you want me to stay up with you?" you asked. But even he could see how little the idea appealed to you right now. As much as you would have loved to stay awake and see him practice out on the pitch, the other idea of staying here in your nice, warm bed... Well, that idea was far too enticing.
Another yawn slipped by, as if to further reinforce the prospect of sleeping in, and Draco chuckled, reaching out to tuck a stray lock of hair behind your ear. "Don't worry about it, darling. It's just barely 5 am, and it's going to be too cold out there for you. I don't want you to end up sick." he whispered, smiling down at you.
"What if I pile on a crap ton of clothes?" you mumbled sleepily, staring up at him through half-lidded eyes. Draco laughed again, shaking his head. "No, Y/N, sweetheart. Stay here, get some more sleep. Trust me, you won't be missing anything. It'll just be a load of sweaty blokes racing around on brooms." he grinned.
You rolled your eyes with a lazy half-grin of your own. "Please, you're the only sweaty bloke on a broom worth watching." you mumbled. Draco's grin turned into a smug little smirk, as he shrugged. "That's because I'm just that good." he teased you, one blue-grey eye closing in a wink. It was true; Draco was the best Seeker the Slytherin team had ever had, in your opinion.
Even a few people from the other Houses knew it, if their sulky looks were anything to go by at some of the matches. Another yawn slipped past your notice, and you stared up at Draco, a sleepy little pout forming on your lips. "Can't-", you paused to yawn again, "can't I go out there and watch you?"
Draco shook his head at you again, an apologetic smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. "Not this time, angel. You get some more sleep for me, yeah? I'll be back long before you wake, and we can go get some breakfast together, how does that sound?" he said softly. You had to admit, it did sound like a pretty sweet deal. "Alright, fine..." you grumbled, lying back down and rolling over onto your side to face him.
Draco laughed again, leaning down to kiss you softly on the cheek. "That's my girl..." he breathed, before kissing you one last time. With that, he got up and headed for the door, retrieving his broom from the hook on the wall. As he opened the door, you called out to him.
"Hey, Dray?"
He paused to turn and look over his shoulder at you, one perfect dark brow raising in a silent question.
"Give em hell for me, yeah?"
He grinned back at you, blowing you a little kiss. "Always, angel. Get some sleep, I'll see you soon. I love you." he answered, winking at you again. "Love you too..." you yawned, watching him close the door behind him as he left. It was really too bad you couldn't go with him and watch him practice, but even he had noticed how tired you still were.
With your luck, you probably would have fallen asleep out there in the stands, no doubt missing half, if not all, of his performance. Besides, your bed was just so warm and comfortable, and... And your eyes did feel rather heavy...
Before you could think too much longer on the subject, you found yourself quickly falling back asleep, images of Draco once again filling your mind. He was right; you'd see him again when you woke up, and that time, you would definitely be able to stay up with him...
A/N: I know it's been a long while since I've posted anything, so here. Have this sappy little oneshot, I suppose? 🥴🤭 Enjoy! 🐍
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moonlightdancer26 · 2 months ago
Ron: *sneaking back into his dorm late at night*
Harry, turning around in his chair: Where have you been?
Ron, sweating nervously: I- I was with Ginny
Ginny, turning around in another chair: Try again
Ron: Wait… what the fuck are you doing here?
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ashdreams2023 · 4 months ago
Severus Snape x sarcastic student reader (platonic) headcannons? Thanks
Platonic Severus snape x sarcastic student reader
The second you opened your mouth in your first year he knew you were going to be the reason he retire
"Maybe if you paid attention you wouldn’t have you and potter set the potion on fire!" "Everything is blue! It’s not my fault you don’t label your bottles of gross wonders"
You’ve earned yourself detention for life due to your tongue
"You wouldn’t be here if you knew how to respect others" "No shit-"
He’s so done with you
But, the class is a bit dull without you in it
Sometimes he can hear you whisper your little comments
"Wow Ron that’s a record for sure" you’ll say after the seventh explosion that month
"You dropped way too many dragon trees this is turning orange" "oh really Professor? I thought it was pink"
"10 points from your house" "oh what shall I do? Professor please forgive me~"
A literal pain in the ass you are but he sure as hell liked hearing your snarky comments during his lessons
It meant that you actually was paying attention in some way
By the end of your last year he’ll admit that having you wasn’t as awful as he expected
"You have a snakes tongue but you’re grades…you should be thankful you’re smart"
In all seriousness he would find it hard to forget students like yours, you made the class a little lively
He would rather die than admit it though.
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craigtuckersketch-blog · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
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