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sweetiecutie · 21 hours ago
Dating Tom Marvolo Riddle
Warnings: NSFW, possessiveness, toxicity
A/n: sorry for the long absence babes! I’m in my depressive episode again, but I finally managed to finish those hc’s, they’ve been in my drafts for ages🙄. Anyways, hope you’ll enjoy it💖
Even though Tom never expresses his attraction toward you verbally, you can still see just how much you mean to him through his actions. His love is all about the small gestures like fixing the askew collar of your shirt, sharing his notes if you have difficulties in some classes, making sure that you eat enough etc.
You’re the only one who can actually touch him. Of course, teachers, especially Slughorn, often give Tom encouraging pats on the back or shoulder, but only you are allowed to touch his skin. To play with his neat waves of dark hair, brush your fingertips against Tom’s cheekbones in endearment, interlock your fingers while walking down the school halls together. Only you
Tom is very possessive, not only with treasured magical objects, but also with you. He wants everyone to know that you are his, his and his only. Most of the time one of his hands rests securely around your shoulders or waist, keeping you as close as possible, glaring down at anyone who looks at you longer than a few seconds
Because of said possessiveness Tom is almost always by your side - you sit together in all your shared classes, and if it happened that he doesn’t take one of the subjects that you do, he has his devoted followers to be right beside you instead, making sure that no ‘unreliable’ people from your class are in near proximity to you. Outside of classes - you’re almost always seated on his lap. In the common room, courtyard, library - everywhere. He especially loves it when you sit on his lap during his privat meetings in the Room of Requirements - him sitting in the head of a long table with you cuddled up into his side, surrounded by his followers listening resolutely to every word he says. It gives him such a sense of power, having not only all of his minions, but also you - the only person he loves - at his complete mercy
Every one of Tom’s followers knows better than to talk to you, unless you are the one who starts conversation. And god forbid them being anything than polite and friendly to you.
Casual dominance? Yes, Tom is all about that. He likes it when you submit to his orders, no matter how small and trivial they are. “Darling, finish your tea, you need to warm up after a walk” or “Go to bed now, it’s too late” or “Put your book down, you’ve been reading for too long. Let your eyes rest”. And it angers Tom so much when you disobey, he wants what’s best for you, why can’t you see that? Most of the conflicts you guys have are actually caused by that, because you too don’t like being pushed around like a small child
Talking about conflicts - it is extremely hard for Tom to admit that he’s wrong, so if conflicts do occur between you two, Tom makes it look like you are the guilty one (even if you’re not). So yeah, he’s still a bit toxic, no matter how hard he tries to suppress it within himself
NSFW ahead!
Despite popular opinion walking around this mesmerizing platform, I don’t think that Tom sleeps around with every person he deems attractive. In fact, I’m pretty sure you’ll be his first (and only) sexual partner, even despite all the girls and boys almost throwing themselves on him in hopes of getting at least one touch
WILL👏FINGER👏YOU👏LITERALLY EVERYWHERE👏 Okay but this man has absolutely no shame when it comes to his lover (meaning you). Plus points if you’re in public place like library or classroom, and god, is he cocky. “You gotta be quiet, yeah? Don’t wanna other people to hear how much of a slut you are, do we?” all while his long slender fingers make their way up under your skirt, past the elastic of your pretty panties, and all you left to do is to spread your legs a bit wider for Tom, and try to be as quiet as possible. And oh, don’t forget to take notes, you’re still in a middle of a class!
NOT into daddy kink. Being an orphan, even the word ‘dad’ itself feels strange, wrong even for Tom, so if you want to call him daddy - expect him to freak the fuck out. But if you’re into names he’d love it if you call him ‘sir’ or ‘master’, it gives him sense of power and authority over you
And while we’re on this topic - you’re called everything BUT your name in bed. Tome loves calling you names - whore, slut, fucktoy, darling, sweetness, princess - all that stuff. And oh, when he mixes praise with degradations, all while fucking you absolutely stupid *sighs dreamily*. “What’s that dollface? Is it too much for you? Can this slutty cunt take no more of my cock inside, hm? Stop pretending sweetheart, I know how much of a greedy whore you are, so shut the fuck up and take it”
Definitely will pin you against the wall as he towers over your smaller form, one hand resting next to your head while the other one cups your face gently, forcing you to look him straight in the eyes while whispering the filthiest things ever, making your panties soaking wet in a matter of minutes just by using his words. “You’re so needy, aren’t you? Walking around in that short skirt, swaying your hips like that. Think I didn’t notice, hm? I’d love to see those hips swaying while you ride my cock, what do you think about that?”
Even though Tom expects full obedience from you, he still likes it when you get a bit bratty. When you comply with every one of his orders, but there’s still something mischievous and coquettish about your behavior - naughty little comments slipping off your tongue here and there, and then you are batting that pretty doe eyes up at him, as if I wasn’t you saying all those things. “Moan louder” he orders in a strained voice, hips snapping into yours with loud smacking sound. “Fuck harder then” you quip back, sly smirk curling your lips at the sight of Tom’s perfect eyebrows pulling together in a frown. Your small giggle dies in your throat as man pulls out of you, just to slam his cock all the way back into your pussy, making your body jolt forward with the ferocity of the impact. Want it harder - you get it harder
Likes, reblogs and comments are highly appreciated, they inspire me on creating even more content for you💖
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morsmordreadx · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
the youngest warlord, tom marvolo riddle
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mishqua · 2 days ago
The time Tom tried to be the over-bearing president doing the slamming around except he was the one who got slammed by a petite boy
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riddlesdoll · a day ago
can you rec some of your fav tom riddle fics? 🤍
Tumblr media
omg, someone finally asked this question!!
1.) His Dark Lady - dxddydracomalfoyyy
This is probably the most loveable of them all, my fave book of all time.
2.) A Riddle to Solve - SSTAR2000
Another really unique book, the mc is really powerful although some parts are a bit cringe (?) because it feels like she's everything like those memes on tt of y/n. Overall a good book though (try it out).
3.) Oh, Ophelia - Maebelletree
I really love this too especially because it is a unique book, I haven't read any other tmr books like this.
4.) Now and then - hmmdisgustin
It is just like the title going back and forth from now and then.
5.) Kneel - JulieHoscar
I absolutely abhor Tom Riddle in this book, but I'm still going to recommend it because I still do like this book. This book make me feel ambivalent.
6.) RIDDLE. DISCONTINUED - ravenclaws-
Although this book was discontinued, it still has a very good plot line, it shouldn't have been discontinued, but I guess it is very hard to write a story. Maybe in the future it will be renewed (?) hopefully.
7.) Midmorning - murderarts
This book is heartbreaking, even though it is only a short story, I still feel emotionally attached to it.
That's it for the recommendation, notice I did 7? It's because it is believed that Tom riddle rather likes the number 7 and also because of his seven horcruxes.
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ramonameisel · a day ago
Tumblr media
Hermione wakes with a jolt, drenched in sweat and shaking.
Her heart jackhammers painfully against her ribs as she tries to breathe, choking out one jagged breath after the next. Her body convulses without permission, hands desperately grasping for something to hold onto. She tries to regain control of herself, curling inwards, forcing her hands into fists. She stays there for what feels like hours, teeth clenched, shivering in cold and terror. Maybe it only takes minutes. Time runs through her hands like river water.
read chapter 12 on AO3 | ff.net
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b-aobao · 23 hours ago
kinktober: day one
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
tom marvolo riddle + handcuffs/bondage
extra warnings: degradation, (one) spank, subspace (not rly), dom!tom x sub!reader they/them&afab!reader
“hurts,” they whine, wiggling their fingers as if it would help them wriggle out of the cold metal cuffs.
“hurts,” they whine, wiggling their fingers as if it would help them wriggle out of the cold metal cuffs.
“hurts,” they whine, wiggling their fingers as if it would help them wriggle out of the cold metal cuffs.
“bullshit,” tom says, holding their wrists for balance as he fucks them from behind. “and shut up, i do not want to hear your stupid whines right now, y/n.”
holding their wrists with one hand, tom slaps their asscheek with his dominant hand, which has many rings adorned on his pretty, long fingers.
“what did i fucking say?” tom scolded, pinching their skin sharply, and they quickly shut their mouth. tom continues to pound his hips into them at an un-godly pace that makes tears well and whimpers escape.
his thrusts are brutal, bucking into y/n and making tom moan as he sinks into your heavenly core. they can do nothing but accept as their head starts to become cloudy and floaty.
“wanna fuck your pretty little cunt all day,” tom, almost, slurs. he takes their hips into his hands, lifting them up and moving their body onto his aching cock, and they limp in his hold. 
their puffy little cunt’s walls start to flutter around tom’s cock, and tom immediately pulls away, not letting have any satisfaction.
they whine loudly, but he pays no mind; instead, tom lazily pumps his cock with his hand and comes on their ass, loving the way his cum coats their pretty blushed curves.
taglist: @tinafuentes @ariamae0 @marskos @urbimom @msmonopolygirl @shibble
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ggadtomarry · a day ago
I admit it. And this is my blog, so I can what I want and if you don't like criticism against Voldemort (ah!), This is not the post for you.
I'm honestly baffled with how much fandom blames Albus for Voldemort.
Like, Tom himself would hate it. Albus didn't have such power over Tom's evolution.
It's like blaming McGonagall for Draco's experiment with the DE lifestyle.
Like, Albus scared young Tom. Ok, that's bad. But this is honestly all?
Diary!Tom doesn't have any stronger objections against Albus apart from "every professor was tricked by my false charming act but Dumbledore wasn't!". Wow. The indignity. I feel like we would know if Albus was cruel with him, humiliated him, called him names, or such?
Harry himself, who is sympathetic to Tom, asks Albus why he didn't warn the other professors about young Tom sociopathic tendencies. Albus tells him he wanted to give him a fair chance. That's honestly... Too much niceness from Albus? One would argue that his desire to see the best on Tom doomed Myrtle. If he was stricter, if he warned others against Tom, Myrtle wouldn't have died or Tom would have been caught.
A common headcanon is that Albus himself forbid Tom to stay in the school by summertime. He didn't. We clearly see the scene: it was dippet telling him no, not Albus.
Albus during Tom's schooldays wasn't even headmaster, every decision Dippet took, including not hiring Tom, was his decision.
I believe Tom was very angry that Albus wasn't impressed with him. For him not being seen as special incredible amazing was a grave insult.
But why is the fandom so ready to share this view?
Many complaints against Albus that I see are just this: Albus not conceding Tom special privileges.
If we look in what Albus actually did to Tom, the answer is so shallow. Albus scared him once, refused to worship his genius (but recognized it! Albus just didn't think that it meant that Tom was superior), and rejected his application to DADA. That's all.
Wow, Albus was really a monster to him!!!
In the meantime, do you know which boy Albus 100% canonically failed? Severus.
He was the headmaster. And still he didn't do anything when Sirius tried to murder Severus. Neither when they sexually abused him in front of the whole school.
He failed him. And yet not only canon fails to recognize it, but if fans bring it up, they are accused of making excuses for Severus.
Just imagine if someone tried to murder schoolboy Tom and Albus decided not to do anything. Oh, that would have been an excellent reason for Tom to hate Albus! But it wasn't what happened.
So. Really baffled by fandom.
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trordiscord · a day ago
Tumblr media
Have you ever wanted to be someone's second fanwork twice removed? Now is your chance! For the month of November, we challenge you to create a Tomarrymort fanwork inspired by or as a companion piece to another, lesser-known fanwork.
We challenge you to create a Tomarrymort fanwork inspired by or as a companion piece to another, lesser-known fanwork. We want to encourage people to share, discuss, and celebrate works that perhaps don't get as much attention!
There is no sign-up required! There is no minimum requirement for this fest! However, we ask that written works be completed for writers. All forms of art are welcome!
For instructions on how to sign up, please continue reading onwards!
All submitted works must have permission from the original creator if possible.
All submitted works must be respectful of the original fanwork. Do not criticize or mock aspects of the original work in your creation.
All submitted works must include Tomarrymort as the main pairing.
All selected fanworks must have under 1,000 to 1,500 kudos.
All submitted works must include linked credit to the work that inspired it. Use the AO3 'Inspired by' function or else directly link the original source of the work that inspired you.
All submitted written works should be complete.
All submitted written works should be edited for spelling, punctuation, and grammar to the best of the author’s ability, or else given to a beta reader for editing.
All submitted works must be posted before the end of November.
All submitted works will be reviewed by a moderator before they are officially added to the collection. You will only be contacted by a moderator with a reason for any rejection if you are in our Discord server with a clearly associated username.
Posting Begins: November 1st
Posting Ends: November 30th
Please submit all entries to the AO3 collection here!
The collection also lists some FAQs. Feel free to reach out to us here or the Room of Requirement (16+) Discord server for any additional questions!
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autumesx · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I have a hard time imagining Voldemort during the first war while reading fics, so had to do a quick sketch ✍️
based on his descriptions in (my current favourite fic) It runs in the blood by @metalomagnetic 🖤
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mysanityleaving · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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qveenofthorns · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
just let him win okay
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solavonn · a month ago
Tumblr media
The Tomarry Ship Dynamic™
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willbyerssupremacist · 2 months ago
I'm so sorry, I made this before I could stop myself.
Tumblr media
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fantastiqueali · 5 months ago
0.1k Celebration!
Tumblr media
Theodore Nott
Getting a reward from Theodore after being his good girl.
Riding him in his car.
Remus Lupin
Working hard to get money from sugar daddy Remus.
Professor Remus helping you to get high grades.
Fingering his darling. 
Full moon with Moony.
Sirius Black
Sirius using your throat like a vice.
Professor Sirius taking you after class.
His little baby.
Late-night teasing.
“You look dashing puppy.”
Lorenzo Berkshire
Lorenzo having his breakfast.
He loves you very much.
Your sweet boyfriend.
Afternoons with him.
Draco Malfoy
Step-dad Draco coming into your room with a little surprise.
Draco corrupts your innocence.
His sweet little student.
Mattheo Riddle
Matheo ruined his perfect little girl.
Work from home.
High Matheo eating you out.
Size kink in a public restroom.
Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle with his veiny hands.
Fucking his maid.
Punishing you after being a spoiled brat.
James Potter
Sweet mornings with James.
Thigh riding dad’s best friend, James.
“Since you’ve been a very good girl for daddy,”
Helping your boyfriend.
Tumblr media
╰┈➤ Taglist | Requests AGAIN! Thank you for more than 100 followers! 💕🌷🥀
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skaelds · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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poetrieshouse · 8 days ago
“i want him” i say about the most deranged, vile, downright monstrous fictional men ever created
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darkmagic-s · 4 months ago
my soul is too well tangled with you
summary: Much to Tom Riddle's surprise, he's not the only one that loves you dearly.
Tumblr media
Tom Riddle found the Riddle Manor to be comforting at times like this, where he would be at his desk writing down his plans for the future, with you in the same room doing whatever interested you. You would come up to him, asking him the most random questions, yet Tom never minded. Over and over, he would indulge you with whatever you wanted.
He would find himself staring at you occasionally, his eyes moving away from his parchment to find you and a comforting feeling would wash over him every time.
Tom had always wondered how much he loved you.
He loved you, undoubtedly, but did he love you enough to stay with you forever? Did he love you enough to keep you?
You were intelligent and powerful, and he liked those about you. Those were what drew him to you, after all. Even after both of you left Hogwarts together, you were still the brilliant person he knew. Fortunately, due to that, it would seem like he would be keeping you for a long time.
It was also due to love, that he would be keeping you for a long time as well.
How long? How he wished he knew.
As he continued to stare at you, his mind drifted back to his main question—How much did he love you?
Much to his suprise, he found the answer in his own soul.
When Tom found you admiring his first ever Horcrux, he didn't give much thought into it. If anything, he felt quite proud at how you were still amazed by the idea of a Horcrux. He even considered helping you to make one.
The next following days, he noticed you spending more time with the Diary.
He kept a close eye on you. After all, Horcrux was considered to be the most terrible of all Dark Magic. You were no stranger to Dark Magic, yet a part of him was worried about how it might affect you, how his soul would affect yours.
He had seen you writing in the Diary quite a lot, even chuckling to yourself at times.
For safety precautions, he decided one day, to confiscate the Diary, despite that it was clearly, his.
As expected, you had approached him regarding the Diary.
"You've been obsessed with it, darling," he said smoothly, paying full attention to your reactions as always.
He watched how you frowned slightly. "I'm not obsessed."
Then, you tilted your head. "Well, I am obsessed with bullying the teenage you."
He raised an eyebrow. "You have been bullying my Horcrux?"
"Not exactly," you said, sighing. "I enjoy talking to him—you. Plus, you're busy most of the time."
"You can still come to me," he said softly. "You know I wouldn't mind."
"I do mind," you remarked. "Just give me the Diary."
"He'll get lonely."
Tom raised both his eyebrows incredulously.
"Whatever!" you huffed. "Ask him, he'll say I'm right."
He watched as you walked away and left the room, no doubt finding new obsession to occupy yourself with.
He contemplated for a moment. It sounded ridiculous, asking the Diary about you. Yet his curiosity got the better of him and he found himself writing in the Diary.
He started with a simple greeting, and almost immediately, a response came.
It's you.
Tom wanted to scoff, because he could feel the disappointment coming from his younger self. He was just writing his response, when a writing came up at the same time. The moment he saw "Where is..." he knew very well what the question was going to be. He had just greeted the Diary, and he could already tell that you were right.
The Diary is with me now, Tom wrote.
Give it back.
Tom felt a bit offended at that. The Diary was his, not yours. Out of pettiness, he refused to respond anymore and immediately left the room with the Diary in his hand.
You were about to drop the "I told you so!" when you saw him approaching with the Horcrux, but he just wordlessly gave it to you before leaving while muttering something about ungratefulness.
Tom had been deep in his thoughts, as he stared at you from his desk once again. You were on the floor, wearing Slytherin's Locket, which was his latest Horcrux, while being surrounded by books. Of course, one of the books was his Diary.
You were oddly close with his Horcruxes, he noticed. Sometimes, being near him, you would even take his ring off of him just so you could wear it.
Perhaps, he thought, if he should keep you by his side, then he would let you protect and keep his Horcruxes. You definitely would love that.
That was if he should keep you by his side.
He almost sighed at the thought. He did plan this, he really did. He had thought far into the future back in Hogwarts, and he had already envisioned what his future would be like with you. He loved you, and he would gladly keep you by his side.
But were you his strength or his weakness?
Would you be the one to keep him going, or the one that would pull him down?
As he watched you take off the Locket and place it down in front of you, he fell deeper into his own mind.
It seemed that the choice was already made, considering you were here with him, at his home, your home.
Love was never something he was an expert at, and in life, you were the only thing he loved. He wondered if it was genuine, he wondered if it was useful and he wondered if it was—
He blinked. Was that Parseltongue?
"What are you doing?" he questioned immediately, now realising why you had taken off the Locket and placed it carefully in front of you earlier.
His eyes widened. The perfection pronunciation.
He was too late—the Locket had opened.
A burst of black smoke emerged from the Locket, reaching the ceiling. His papers had flown everywhere but he didn't care. He didn't care that his work became a mess and was flying around the room because he had to get to you.
"I have seen your heart, and it is mine."
That was his own voice, he recognised and it was oddly...
The smoke was gradually dissipating, becoming less violent and he noticed a blurry and misty figure coming into view from the smoke. It was him.
The Locket was walking slowly towards you, who were now standing and Tom noticed how you were a bit far from your previous spot on the floor. He wondered briefly if you got hurt somehow when the Locket had opened.
Tom should be getting to you, he should be closing the Horcrux and check up on you but curiousity got the better of him again, because the Locket had his eyes on you with a look that was far from malice.
"I have seen your dreams," continued the Locket. "And I have seen your desires."
He then said your name, so softly that Tom almost couldn't believe that this was a form of Dark Magic.
"My sweet, little love," the Locket purred, as his hand came up to caress your cheek, or at least, he tried to. The Locket didn't seem to mind at all as his blurry hand still hovered near your face.
"My intelligent darling," praise the Locket, giving into your desires. Tom noticed this immediately. You loved validation, you craved for it, and this Locket was giving you exactly that.
His Horcrux was indulging you with your desires.
His answer came immediately.
"My love," said the Horcrux softly. "My love with a brilliant mind, and a beautiful heart."
He watched as how you were smiling and looking back at his Horcrux so lovingly that he almost felt jealous.
"Close," Tom ordered in Parseltongue, approaching you quickly.
The Locket turned around to gave Tom a cold stare before it was sucked back into the Locket. You had somehow made his own Horcruxes dislike him.
Tom picked up the Horcrux from the floor and looked at you with a raised eyebrow, demanding an explanation — several explanations.
"If this is about the Parseltongue," you started. "The Diary taught me."
"The Diary taught you," he repeated slowly.
"Yes! I was absorbed into the book several times and I asked him to teach me to say that one specific word," you explained, almost sounding proud. "Also, the last time I opened the Locket—"
"You've opened it before," Tom repeated dryly.
"It was outside!" you defended yourself quickly. "I forgot about the smoke!"
Tom inhaled slowly. "Just why were you opening it just now?"
"Well," you started shyly. "You saw how he treated me."
Tom looked at the Locket in his hand, contemplating. "The first time you opened it, it didn't attack you?"
"No," you replied. "He was very sweet."
"Sweet," he chuckled. This was a Horcrux, for Salazar's sake.
"Please don't take it away," you begged sincerely, causing him to look at you again. "I really like this one."
He sighed, before stepping closer and hanging the necklace around your neck. Right where it belongs, he thought.
"I won't," he said softly, while pressing his hand on your chest, where the Locket was. Warm. "It seems that... even my soul is fond of you."
"Even?" you whispered.
"Yes," he said, without missing a beat. "I am fond of you."
"Thank you," you murmured. "You haven't been... I feel like you..."
He frowned at your words. "You were under the impression that I don't love you anymore," he stated.
"Don't say it like that," you said shamefully. "It didn't feel like that, I thought maybe... just not as much as you used to."
"So you resort to my Horcruxes."
"Kind of," you admitted.
"I will let you know now, then," he said firmly, holding your shoulders. "I love you, and I don't plan on letting you go anytime soon. You will stay by my side for eternity."
Yes, he had made up his mind. If his Horcruxes loved you too, then it must meant something. What he felt for you was genuine and he did love you enough, and more. He loved you dearly to keep you with him in his forever.
You beamed up at him for his words. "I love you too."
He inhaled sharply at your response.
How much did he love you?
He loved you enough along with his soul. He loved you enough that his soul was intertwined with you.
"Considering you're so fond of my Horcruxes, how do you feel about becoming one?"
Tumblr media
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