adharastarlight · 2 days
My friend keeps asking me if I'm dating someone because I'm "constantly smiling at your phone" and i don't know how to break it to her that I'm reading about dead gay wizards
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4remus · 3 days
something about me is i will take a dumbledore slander anytime everytime. hell i’ll be the one starting it
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regulusblacksworld · 3 days
Sirius: Apologize Reginald! You practically strangled James' date to death with that hex!
Reg: If they're looking for sympathy. They'll find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.
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that-bitch-kat3 · 3 days
james: listen i don’t consider myself a violent person
james: but if one more person says ANYTHING about regulus
james: i’m gonna start throwing rocks at people
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veritasescaper · 1 day
december 1st is tomorrow…IS EVERYONE AWARE OF HOW HISTORIC TOMORROW IS?????? if i wake up to a finished crimson rivers fic i will fall off the face of this planet for the next week
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fruity-individual · 3 days
things that i think would put Regulus Black in a coma:
a la croix
las vegas
wannabe by the spice girls
the death of queen liz
the x-factor
domino by jesse j
a really good meatball sub
a flu shot
pitch perfect iii
shape of you by ed sheeran
a chocolate milk
a bath bomb
cunk on earth
prawn crisps
any of the barbie films
the word "rizz"
matty healy's accent
the crimson rivers comments
a puff/elf bar
caesar dressing
a 3D movie
the kardashians
wide-ruled notebook paper
this guy
stand-up comedy
anything by nicki minaj
terry's chocolate orange
wet socks
sharp cheddar
any wwii film
the free-brittany movement
tikka masala
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wolfstarluver · 3 days
someone told me today that they "could never read me"
regulus would be proud.
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i feel like every marauders stan reaches a point when they’re just like “fuck it, i ship everyone”
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dead-james-potter · 20 hours
sirius black: I applied for a muggle job as a prank and they actually hired me, what the fuck do I do?
remus: ....
remus: I'm more concerned about them choosing to hire you than you actually having the job.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
since one (1) person asked, MORE GIRLS AHAHAH
1) the classic “would you still love me if i was a worm” <33 and remus killing the vibe bc he’s just like me���️
2) marls asking the wrong questions the morning after a full moon (bc she’s a little shit and we love to see it) and james coming to save remus’ sarcastic, wolfy ass
3) sirius being violently homophobic (he’s a raging homosexual) when jegulus happens will always be funny to me. also, his favorite cuss word is cunt.
(let me know if you can’t read it, my handwriting is shit)
@thebisexualswiftie this is for you
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floralembarrassment · 18 hours
Surprises (1/1) (jegulus)
“Shh Harry, we have to be very quiet.”
“I know dad,” Harry whispered back. Of course it was in that child-whisper that is basically raspy yelling.
James shook his head, but smiled with fondness. “Okay daddy is going to carry the tray, and you take the present, alright?” James said pointing to the table with the gift they had wrapped together last night. And they crept together toward the bedroom.
A few inches from the door, Harry turned around so quickly he nearly toppled the breakfast tray over in James’ arms. “THE FL-“ Harry started, but when he met James’ gaze, his put his little finger to his lips. “The flowers daddy, I have to get them! Papa loves les fleurs!” And when James eyes went wide, he let Harry pass him and ran down the stairs.
Moments later he came sprinting back up with a handful of wild flowers that Harry had picked himself. “Okay. Ready?” James asked. Harry had a huge smile on his face and he kept his finger one his lips to remind himself it was a a big secret. James pushed open the door slowly, and he quickly caught a glimpse of Regulus closing his eyes and shuffling down in the bed, pretending to be asleep. James watched in delight as Harry jumped onto the bed.
“Happy Birthday Papa!” Harry yelled, wrapping his little arms around Regulus’ head and kissing his face. Regulus opened his eyes with a smile that spread right across his face. “Oh my goodness! What is all of this?” Regulus said, which caused Harry to go into a full ramble: “Its your birthday papa! So you get presents and look, look! Daddy has breakfast for you. To eat in your BED! And and look! Flowers!” He shoved the flowers in Regulus’ face, who only laughed with joy.
“Oh mon petit merci beaucoup! Tu as fais tous ca tout seul?”
“Well, daddy a m’aider.” Harry said laying down over Regulus, as James came and sat beside them, placing the breakfast tray over Regulus’ legs. “Happy Birthday love,” James said pressing a kiss into Regulus’ hair.
“Thank you,” he whispered back.
“Papa! Papa! Open this! C’est ton cadeau!” And Harry’s happiness and joy was so contagious that Regulus couldn’t help but get wrapped up in his son. His family. The only present he'll ever want.
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adharastarlight · 3 days
I am running purely on caffeine and spite at this point.
- Regulus Black and Remus Lupin
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little-shit-soph · 19 hours
Tumblr media
Kyd Chapter 10
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regulusblacksworld · 3 days
Reg: *gracefully stumbling into the room with a frown and mascara smudged down his face*
Sirius: Well aren't you a little ray of pitch black!
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pluto-theplanet · 2 days
Trans! Regulus complaining about being forced to wear a dress to the yule ball
Cut to James and Sirius wearing tight red and gold dresses making a dramatic ass entry into the great hall complete with fireworks
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moldycrustyvoldy · 3 days
Interviewer (probably Barty): What's your type? James *sighs*: Mean, with a soft spot, hotter than his brother, looks gorgeous while threatening people, the most beautiful person in the world. Barty: What's your type? Regulus: What kind of fucking question is that? James Potter. *Cue James squealing and kicking his feet in the background*
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