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Joe x reader smut where they are best friends driving home after a party and Joe just cannot keep his hands to himself anymore omllll
Wait cause how did I not see this gem hidden in my inbox until now? Imagine it
Thank you for your request angel and so sorry for the delay! x
Tumblr media
You received the call at precisely 11:48pm, you were in your pyjamas ready to get into bed, all curled up underneath a blanket with your book when your phone buzzed, you ignored it at first and then sighed when it did again. Yawning and sitting up to reach it from the coffee table, you begrudgingly answered.
"Hiiiii, I'm drink." His words stumbled as you heard a hiccup erupt into your ear.
"Hi drink, I'm Y/N."
Your best friend sounded a little intoxicated down the other end and you instantly rolled your eyes. He fell silent for a second then shortly after you'd heard his phone clatter to the floor. Scrambling to pick it up you heard him yell curse words at his action.
"Hello I'm here."
"Joe, are you drunk?"
"Welllll beside the point love, I need you to come pick me up right now and take me home. I think I need bed."
"You need bed? Have you ever heard of a thing called a taxi Joseph? It's almost midnight." You tried your best to play it off, knowing that he wouldn't take no for answer, you teased him letting him go on and on about how he needed you, nobody else.
"Ask nicely."
"Please oh please, my beautiful, considerate, incredible best friend, my everything, come and get me and I-I um I'll make it up to you."
That was enough to coheres you into putting your shoes on, grabbing your car keys and heading out the door to fetch your pain in the arse best friend. Maybe a part of you blushed and internally squealed when he uttered the words my everything, but he wouldn't need to know that. Joe didn't need to know the truth behind your real feelings for him or the fact you'd drop almost anything to be around him.
You parked up to the building the event was held at, and immediately saw Joe was lent against the wall outside smoking a cigarette, you beeped the horn which made him jump due to the fact he wasn't paying attention but the adorable wave and beaming smile that came from him once he'd seen you killed you inside.
The passenger door opened, and Joe flicked his cigarette behind him, clambering into the seat like a small child who had to climb in would. Joe leaned over and planted a sloppy peck on your cheek, his toothy grin noted from your peripheral vision. "You're the fucking best Y/N, I owe you."
You shot him a look, raising an eyebrow before you made the route back to his flat. "You promised me you'd make it up to me, that's going to take a lot of work."
"I can do that, easy peasy." He let out a low chuckle as you put the car in gear and pushed your foot down to get the car moving. "Let me know when you think of something, you can't even walk properly so I don't know how you're going to do that tonight, but I'll remind you again when you're sober."
His hand rested on top of your thigh whist you drove, going over speed bumps didn't help his hand moving upward, his balance wasn't the greatest as you'd dually noted, but the closer his hand got towards you, the more you clenched your thighs.
Joe giggled, his eyes following his hand halfway up your thigh "Don't think I can't see that love."
"What?" You gripped the steering wheel.
"You keep gripping your thighs together, did I interrupt something when I called?"
Your cheeks burned red from his ignited gaze and Joe took a mental snapshot of the way you looked right then and there.
"Cause if you were, I can help you y-know. Infact yes- I've got it."
As you hit the brakes at a red light, the gap in your legs spread slightly and Joe ceased the opportunity to move his hand in and caress you where you needed it most.
"Joe, what are you doing?"
"I'm making it up to you love, pull over."
"I can't just-"
"Pull. Over." He stated in a serious tone, you did just that.
Parking in an empty bay off the side of the quiet road, Joe removed his hand for a moment, you both watched each other in silence.
"You know I've thought about this for a while."
"I think we both know what." You needed to quit playing dumb. "I've always wanted you, you're so beautiful."
Joe cupped your cheek, stroking along it with his thumb.
"Joey, seriously, you're pissed up, don't do anything you'll regret tomorrow."
"Please. If you want me to stop, just say the word and I'll stop."
You couldn't bare his puppy dog look; he'd mastered that with you. Your breathing hitched as his hand moved back down to your crotch, your legs effortlessly spread out for him, and his eyes immediately darted back to your face.
"I guess that means you won't want me to stop."
You pulled down your pyjama bottoms, leaving only your cotton panties which had a tiny wet stain on the centre, all thanks to Joe's initial touching.
"I need your permission before I do anything, but damn I haven't even seen your pussy yet and I know it's going to look so damn perfect."
You nodded your head vigorously, you seriously considered pinching yourself to see if you'd wake up from this delicious dream, but here Joe was right in front of you, and he wanted nothing more than to touch you, even if he did regret it in the morning when it came down to it, at least you could blag you'd had a drink too and laugh it off.
"Touch me, Joe."
His hand rubbed over your panties as he gasped at the wetness seeping through them, he bit his lip as he moved them to the side and ran his finger up your slit. "You're so wet, is this all for me?"
You nodded again, still a little shy, but your need for an orgasm was beginning to get the better of you.
Taking himself away, tasting the remanence of your juice from his index finger earning a groan out of him. "I knew you'd taste good too."
His hand returned to its rightful place, two fingers expertly found your aching clit and began to trace circles around it. You threw your head back in pure ectasy, gripping the side of your seat.
"Faster." you muttered quietly.
Joe obeyed, fastening up the pace of his fingers, pressing down on the throbbing bud, watching your thighs jolt at the sensitivity.
"Does my beautiful best friend enjoy me rubbing on her pretty little clit?"
The loud moan that caught you off guard was reciprocated by a moan from Joe too and you found yourself lifting forward to give him better access.
"Tell me what you want."
"I-I want your fingers inside of me."
His filthy, drunken smirk couldn't have looked more appealing as he accepted your order, thrusting the two fingers that started on your clit straight up inside of you.
"Is my girl going to cum all over my fingers, just for me?"
MY. GIRL. You could've been sick.
The moans seeping out of you filled the entirety of the car as Joe's fingers curled up knocking the soft spot deep inside.
"Your fingers feel so good. They're so thick, oh my f-"
Without hesitation, Joe pushed a third finger in, leaning forward to create a better speed as he watched you fall apart. His stare was rushing back and forth between his fingers fucking your cunt and the way your eyes rolled back and pornographic moans fell from your lips.
"I want you to cum for me, right. Now. I've imagined this over and over."
Wait what?
You had no time to process his words, the bolt of electricity filled your whole body, making your walls tighten around his fingers as your orgasm hit you. Your back arched, eyes squeezed shut as you squealed out his name, your hand flew onto the palm of his, holding his fingers in place and then moving up to rub yourself ever so slightly to let it ride out a little longer. Joe released his fingers a mere few seconds later and tasted them once more.
"Mmm so good. Did I make it up to you enough?"
You turned back to your best friend, eyeing up his features, his doe eyes sparkled in the same way they always had when he'd looked at you, drunk or sober.
"You did." You admitted, pulling back up your clothing. The burning question of what did you mean when you said you'd imagined it over and over was meaning to be said, but he caught you off guard in his next statement.
"I do love you; you know."
Oh. "I love you too, Joe."
He held his hand up to you, signalling for you to stop. "No, I really love you, so much."
"If you still mean it in the morning, let me know." You stuttered.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Claire Fraser + combat medicine O U T L A N D E R [ Requested by Anonymous ]
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jolyneminha · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Do You Hate Me? // Robin Arellano X gn!Reader
Request: Hello, I have a Robin request/idea for you. Maybe the reader is friends with Finney, but not really friends with Robin. Robin thinks the reader hates him, but they have a crush on him and just can’t express it normally. Hope you’re having a good day/night💕
Warning: Cursing, Bloody knuckles, angst (I LOVE SM), mentions of anxiety (the tiniest bit) Tell me if there is more!
Tumblr media
The bell rings, telling everyone 2nd period is over. I walk out of the classroom and go to my locker. I start to put the combination in when I look over to see Finney and Robin walking over to me. Shit, open, quickly, please. I curse to myself. Since I was rushing I messed up the code, and I wanted to punch myself in the face. I start putting my code in normally, excepting my fate.
“Hey Y/n.” Finney says, stopping next to me.
“Hey guys.” I say, opening my locker. Robin please don’t talk to me-
“Hey, want to walk to next period together?” Robin asks, smiling at me. I look at him and quickly think of an excuse. We both have the same next period, math, but I really didn’t want to walk with him.
It’s not that I hate him or anything like that. It’s actually the complete opposite, I have this crush on him. I have always wanted to be friends with him, or more, but I don’t want to make it obvious that I have a huge crush on him. I feel like I would just ruin everything so I make excuses to not hang out with him. We have hung out before, but only with Finn there and he never left our side.
“I have to go to the bathroom, but next time maybe.” I say, slightly smiling, taking my books out of my locker. I felt bad, and I see out of the corner of my eye him frowning a bit. “See you guys later.” I said, walking in the direction of the bathroom. I wait a minute to hear the bell ring, then I wait a few more minutes to make it seem like I actually did go to the bathroom. I walk to my math class and open the door.
“Y/n. It is such a pleasure for you to join us.” The teacher sarcastically says. “This is your 5th time doing this in the passed 2 weeks. You know what I said last time. One more time and detention, and that was your last chance. You get detention for a week starting tomorrow.” A week?? I get for a day or 2 but a full 7 days?? That’s actual bull shit.
“I know.” I said sitting down embarrassed. Did she really have to do that in front of everyone? Like come on and of course she had to do it in front of Robin. She wasn’t wrong though, it was my 5th time showing up late. It’s because I keep using excuses to get away from Robin.
It’s horrible I know. I hate that I am doing this to him. But that is how I hide a crush from people. This is my second crush, but I have never felt this way about anyone. I don’t know why but all I can do is push him away because I am scared of rejection, or embarrassment. I want to get over this crush thing, but I can’t. It’s been 2 weeks and the feeling grows even more.
I stare at my desk, thinking about Robin. I don’t do it on purpose. I hate that I do it because it doesn’t help getting over him at all. I randomly decide to look over in Robins direction and I see he was looking at me. I keep eye contact for a second, then look back at my desk. I got butterflies from him and I hold in my smile, but then I start thinking. Why was he looking at me? Do I look bad or something? Does he hate me for not walking with him? 
Lunch Time
At my locker I see Finney walking over to me but no Robin. He is probably mad at me. “Hey, where is Robin?” I ask, grabbing my lunch bag.
“He said we would just meet him in the lunch room.” Finn responds, and we walk to the cafeteria. We sit down at our usual table and we start eating. Robin comes in and sits next to Finn. 
Finn doesn’t know I like Robin, I mean maybe he does, but I haven’t ever told him. I just hope he doesn’t say anything to Robin because he has caught me staring at Robin a bunch. I was quiet while I ate, Robin and Finney talked to each other. I listened in on their conversation but it was just about random things. Robin didn’t try talking to me like he usually does at lunch.
It hurt that he didn’t try, but I also brought it onto myself. It’s my fault for being a bitch to him.
Next Morning At School (Mixing this part up a bit sorry)
As I walk to school I notice a circle of people outside of it. I walk over to the circle to see what’s happening. I see Robin punching a kid named Moose, I didn’t really know him, but I knew that he bothered people a lot. I watch as blood forms on both Robins fists and Moose’s face. I watch as Robin gets up, cursing the kid out, then walks away.
I run over to Robin, which surprised him a bit. I grab his hand and see the blood. “Is that yours or his?” I ask half joking.
“I don’t know.” He says a bit coldly.
“Let me clean this up. I have an extra shirt and tape. I know it’s not much but its better then nothing.” I say. Maybe this will make up for how I have been treating him? He gives in, walking into school and we walk in the boys bathroom. We go over to the farthest sink and I get out the extra shirt from my bag and the tape. I grab his hand and put it under the water.
This felt weird, I mean because I haven’t ever hung out with him without Finn, and I have been avoiding him every time he wants to hang out. But now here I am holding his hand. Well more like cleaning but I was still holding it. It was awkward because neither of us said anything and the only sounds were from him wincing, or the running water.
I grabbed the white shirt and ripped it apart. It was a really bad shirt that I had in my bag just in case I needed it, but the fabric was cheap and easy to rip which really came in handy. I wrap a ripped part around his hand and wrap tape around it.
“Thanks.” He broke the silence, looking me in the eyes.
“Yeah, no problem.” I pause for a few seconds. “How does your fist feel?”
“Fine.” I nod. I try thinking of things to talk about to make it less awkward. “Y/n.” He says after a long pause. I look at him and raise my eyebrows, showing him he has my attention. “Why have you been acting like this around me? Do you hate me?”
“Hate you?” I ask, he nods. “No, not at all. It’s just a long story.” It really wasn’t a long story, I just didn’t want to tell him the real reason.
“I have time.” We did, school didn’t start until 7:30 and it was 7:13 (idk when theirs starts but that’s when mine does so). I look at the door, contemplating running out of there, but I knew I wouldn’t do it because that is just too embarrassing. I guess he saw me looking at the door so he takes a step forward, trapping me in the corner.
“I, um. Well I have this crush on you and that is how I express my feelings, I mean not express but that’s how I deal with a crush and I want to be your friend but I don’t want to screw it up and I know that we aren’t even that good of friends so it’s weird that I like you like this,” I vent, saying my words very fast. Robin’s eyebrows were up, I am guessing he was surprised with what I was saying and how fast I was saying it. “And now I am going to go because I am extremely embarrassed and I don’t want to ever talk about this again.”
I walked away while Robin was frozen. My face was red, and I wanted to never see him again. He wasn’t saying anything, but I didn’t give him the chance to, but I don’t want to hear what he has to say in response to anything I said.
In between 2nd and 3rd Period
I do my usual thing where I go to my locker and grab my math book. I made sure to do it as fast as possible, making sure Finney doesn’t come over to me with Robin. I saw them out of the corner of my eye, but I acted like I didn’t see them, and I go to 3rd period.
I was one of the first people in the classroom, and I sat at my usual desk. I don’t look at the people coming in the room. It’s like I was trying to act like everything was normal. I wish it was. Maybe I am just making this weird.
Class starts and I tried my best to keep my mind on math but it kept coming back to Robin. I felt a familiar pair of eyes on me, just like yesterday. I look over to see Robin staring at me. I don’t look away this time. To my surprise he smiles at me. I give him a genuine smile back. So things aren’t weird with us? I mean, he smiled at me so it’s not like he hates me.
“Y/n, Robin.” I look up at my teacher. “Quit staring at each other and work on your tests.”  My face heats up. Test? Wait what? I look down to see a test on my desk.
Lunch time
I knew lunch time would be extremely awkward, Finney wouldn’t know why, I mean unless Robin told him already. I sit in my regular seat, but Finn and Robin weren’t there. They didn’t come to get me at my locker so I came to the lunch room myself. I unwrapped my sandwich I made this morning and I start eating it. I start getting extremely bored so I start picking at my nails. I usually have Robin and Finney’s stories to make me entertained, but I have no clue where they are.
Maybe they just sat somewhere else? I start looking around the lunch room for either one of them. Just then I saw them come into the lunch room and walk towards the table we always sit at.
“Sorry Y/n, Robin here was telling me a very interesting story about someone confessing their love this morning to Robin here.” Finn says sitting down. My eyes widen and I look at Robin and he just smirks and looks down. God dammit. Everything after that at lunch was normal, Robin and Finn talk and I just listen.
I walk into the classroom that was held for detention and I sat at a random desk. I really didn’t know how this works, as I haven’t ever had it if I am being completely honest. I hear someone walk in behind me and I turn around. Of course, out of all people. Robin. I watch as he sits in a desk a few seats from mine.
We haven’t talked since this morning, which made things a bit more awkward. I look around the room for something to do or to stare at. Maybe like a poster or something I can read? But no. This classroom was bare asf.
“Pst.” I look over at who made the noise, Robin. “We need to talk.” My heart starts beating, Dear god no please. I nod, but I was confused how we would talk, the teacher was right there, but we were in the back, so she wouldn’t be able to hear us if we whispered. But I didn’t want to take that chance. I watch as Robin moves himself to the seat next to me and he pulls out a piece of paper and starts writing.
I anxiously wait as he is scribbling something. I hear him ripping the paper at sometimes, I am guessing he messed up, but there is something called an eraser. I watch the clock as I wait for him, he was kind of taking forever. He finally dropped the note on my desk. I looked over at him and he quickly turned his head looking the other way. I pick up the note and open it.
I don’t know where to start this so I am just going to say it. I like you too. I thought you knew that I liked you, that is why you were distancing yourself from me. I want to take you out somewhere, if you are up for it?
□ Yes □ Ew no □ Maybe?
I smiled at the options, I then looked over to Robin and he was still looking away. He still had the pencil in his hand so I took it from him. 
☑ Yes □ Ew no □ Maybe?
I fold back the paper to how it was before, then tap Robin on the shoulder. He finally looks my way, and I could see the anxiousness in his eyes. I hand him the paper and watch as he unwrapped it. I watch as he smiles and looks at me. When he sees me looking at him he tries to hide his smile but he couldn’t.
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lex-lee-666 · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
♥︎・sub!childe, zhongli, xiao x dom!reader
♥︎・warnings: a ton of praise, nipple play, blowjob, thigh fucking, body worship, dacryphilia, biting, heat, marking, begging.
Tumblr media
⭐︎ Childe:
“Y/n, don’t- hah, it feels too good” Childe moaned, his throat bobbing up and down as he harshly swallows, his eyes tightly shut.
His dick repeatedly hit the back of your throat as you basked in the whimpers and whines that left his mouth, making you even more aroused than you already were.
Having a man as big and strong as Childe shaking underneath you, his whole body tensing the moment your fingers brushed over his asshole before squeezing his cheeks, his breath fast and uneven.
His fingers ran through your hair, tugging at the roots whenever the pleasure was too much for him to handle, but he did nothing to stop it, only bucking his hips to shove his cock deeper down your throat.
“You’re doing so good for me, Ajax, such a good boy you are” you whispered, replacing your mouth with your hand so you could catch your breath and admire him more.
His chest heaving up and down with his uneven breath, his nipples hard against the cold air, his toned muscles twitching and glistening with sweat.
You kissed each and every scar that was a badge of honor, proof of his battles, caressing his body in worship, showering him with praise that had him throwing his head back in pleasure, heavenly whimpers leaving his mouth, your name a chant that you never got tired of.
“Y/n, I can’t- I’m gonna cum” he whined, his teary eyes begging yours for release.
How could you say no to such a beautiful expression? To such a desperate voice?
So you allowed him to cum undone under your touch, and recorded everything to memory, kissing him deeply as he tried to catch his breath.
“I love you more than the goddess of love herself is capable of”
⭐︎ Zhongli:
Zhongli’s warm body pulled yours closer to him as he bit your shoulder, his arms around your waist and cock between your now wet thighs from all of his previous orgasms.
He’s been fucking himself between your thighs for what felt like hours, hoping to relieve himself from the never-ending demands of his body during heat after abusing all of your holes.
He was acting really different than usual, understandably, he was a lot whinier, his moans were louder, he was more desperate, his pace was relentless as he chased yet another orgasm, and you both knew even then he wouldn’t be satisfied.
What did nothing to appease him was the constant praise you were showering him with, getting him hard in an instant.
“That’s right, use me as you please, you’re doing so well”
“You can bite harder, love, it’s okay”
“You don’t know how good you sound right now, you sound heavenly”
His moans got louder, pace faster and more erratic, all building up towards his climax.
“It hurts, but it still feels good…” he whispered, his hands gripping you impossibly tight.
“You know you need it, just use me until you’re satisfied”
Your words made the last wire in his head snap as he placed both hands on your chest, pinching your nipples, biting your shoulder hard enough to draw blood, urging you to pull harder on his hair.
A muffled moan filled the air as Zhongli came for the nth time that night, his breath hot against your skin.
“You know you want to do it again, go ahead love, I’m yours”
⭐︎ Xiao:
“Y/n, stop, it’s too much…” Xiao whined, his hands going up to cover his face but you quickly pulled it away, biting his nipples as a warning while running your hands up and down his body, admiring the marks you left on his body.
“Please, just touch me” he begged, eyes teary, voice strained.
“What do you think I’m doing? I can’t help but worship you, your body is a temple I’ll pray by for the rest of my life”
You words caused more precum to leak from the top of his cock, dripping onto his stomach along with the proof of all the torture you made him go through.
Your lips captured his in a sweet kiss, your hand travelling down to where he needed it most as you started slowly stroking him, his moans muffled by your intertwined lips.
“You’re the best thing that ever happened to me baby, I’m so lucky to have you” you whispered in his ear, biting his earlobe and eliciting another moan out of his mouth.
Your pace quickened, your other hand exploring his body in meantime, licking and sucking every part you could, watching his face grow more red by the second, his eye squeezed shut as tears stained his cheeks, his hands on your shoulders, squeezing them and most probably leaving marks on them. But who were you to complain when his gorgeous body was full of hickeys that were all your doing?
“You’re so beautiful..” you whispered, chuckling when Xiao shook his head in denial, his brain unable to command his mouth to speak actual words.
“Yes you are, so beautiful, so adorable, so sweet”
Compliment after compliment, you kept going until Xiao was screaming your name, his hips bucking with a mind of their own, thighs shaking with the closeness of his orgasm.
“Come on, cum for me, baby”
And that was all it took for him to cum undone under your touch, his whole body shaking with the intensity of his release.
“You’re so gorgeous, I could stare at you all day” you whispered before kissing him, your hands sneaking around him to pick him up and lay him on your chest.
“I have never felt love until I fell in love with you, and I wouldn’t have it any other way”
Tumblr media
[ @t4rt4gl14 I’m sorry for taking so long you know exams have been kicking my ass but here you go dear, I hope you like it <33 ]
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black-dhalias · 13 days ago
I’d Burn it all For You
Namor X F!Reader
Warning: SPOILERS FOR BLACK PANTHER 2, Angst, death, child loss, mentions of loss and grief, blood.
Tumblr media
A spray of mist and fury burn your cheeks as the waves crest onto the beach. Your toes touching the water in the briefest of ways, body stolen by the drowning grief. The loss of your only family has taken you completely.
“My love?” His voice used to bring you great comfort, but now it is only a reminder of what he knowingly sacrificed. Only to bend the knee to the Wakandans. “You must come home to Talocan, you must find it in yourself to rest.” In our bed, the thought is painful and rigid—your life is grossly intertwined with him. All of him.
“K’uk’ulkan, do not speak as if you did not let my brother and sister die…” An unearthly rage has mounted in your chest at the very image of their bodies amongst the fallen, the emptiness of their eyes. “Do not pretend that our daughter… Our child, was not amongst the casualties.” Your chest heaves, a deep aggressively broken part of you has completely snapped in two.
You note the way that his hands twitch, but he does not touch you—and even if he had, you fear you would snap his wrist. He seems to be reaching out for you
You find it in yourself to meet his eye, and for the first time, he does not recognize you. Your gaze is harsh, hardened with grief—you mirror his own, but you have someone to blame. Someone to pass the hate onto. Him.
The way your fingers ghost over his cheek, he leans into the touch—knowing it was probably the last time. If you ever found it in yourself to forgive him, he doubts anything would be the same.
“K’uk’ulkan… You have never been Namor to me, always my greatest love. My truest friend and trusted ally. I followed you. Believed in you. Trusted you to protect my family, our child, me… Until today, you were never not loved. Today, you earned the name Namor.” Your hand drops off his cheek and instantly, he wishes it would return. Wishes he could wipe away every incursion, for no one knew him the way that you did. Understood his values and believed in the cause. “And I hope that name chokes the very soul from your body, a chain to drag you to the pits of the Mariana Trench.”
You turn to the ocean, the taste of salt, tears pouring down your cheeks. You had not cried like this before now, felt the pain until it was certain. Mourn your losses, that’s what he said to the Wakandan Princess—had he forgotten so quickly the losses incurred on them, how they stole his only daughter and child.
“Adora… That is what we named our daughter, carry her name on that same chain. Let it be the anchor… I wish grief would drown you, consume you, as it has me.” You gasp, choking on air and wishing it would silence you completely. “Don’t forget to mourn her.” Her sweet face echoes in the shadows, you see her smile and doe eyes—the brightness she echoes reminiscent of the sun itself.
“I do… I feel your pain, your same pain.” To lose a child is unlike any ache, it hollows out your chest and turns the bitter edge of sword onto your neck. Makes you wish that it would all end, knowing that it won’t. If you did know him, you’d believe him.
“If you felt anything, you would have burned them all. I’d burn them all for her. I’d burn them all for you. Now I will do nothing, just as you did nothing.”
Tumblr media
K’uk’ulkan watches you from afar, the sweetest of smiles intoxicates and enchants—you were perfect. You did not plead or beg, but you asked and bartered. You were kind before you were angry, and warm before you were cold.
Genuine love came from every moment spent together, the people sang the song of your story. How you were born months after K’uk’ulkan—the gentle wave to match his storm. You were not weak by any means, but you chose to wear your heart proudly.
He remembered it all so clearly, beautiful and loyal, with eyes that read him. Knew him. He never felt more seen than when he was in your gaze.
It moves quickly now—to dance with you after becoming husband and wife. To hold you, as your carried their child. Their first. After a century of love and dedication to the people of Talocan, a royal child was to be born. He sees your smile, a warmth and light that is reminiscent of the sun itself.
When the sky turned dark, the sun no longer burning your skin—you find it in yourself to rise to your feet. To watch as the waves turn black under the nighttime moon.
“I love you, K’uk’ulkan. I swear I do, but loving you is not enough anymore.” You swallow, the anger has drifted out to sea and in its place is only sadness. Anguish. “If I had my way, I’d drown before I reach Talocan—but the sea refuses to consume me as I wish.”
Before long, you are gone from his view. Leaving him alone on that beach. Completely, and overwhelmingly consumed by his own grief. Aware of every sensation and whim, and the urge to burn the world echoes once more.
You were right. He did not want you to be right, but you were.
“Wait—” His voice is more hoarse than he expected, weathered and aged in the last week more than before. The weight of his people on one shoulder, a burden of duty — while the weight of his family grows heavier by the second. His duty to them. To his wife. You stop, looking back at him briefly—if it were anyone else, you wouldn’t have looked at all. “I love you. Please believe that much.”
“Love is not enough, Namor.” That name never sounded so foreign, but so true—it never hurt or bothered him, except when it came to you.
Tumblr media
AN: I promise I have a happy Namor fic in the works (and like two or three more after that), but this one was just in my head. Ya know when you can’t write anything except a singular piece, that was this. However, now I feel as though I have satisfied the itch and am ready to finish everything else.
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muns0nslov3r · 9 days ago
What about eddie having to stay with reader bc she's scared to be home alone for the week and the whole time he's there all he does is want to fuck and he keeps wanting to try to new things and the reader is shy about it and when eddie starts eating her out from the back he gets so into that he starts spanking her and she's got tears in her eyes bc she's embarrassed but the position but also bc it feels so good
warnings ; spanking, oral (fem receiving), the reader is shy n insecure, sub fem reader, soft Dom Eddie
minors go tf away.
Tumblr media
your parents told you that you were gunna stay home alone for a whole week. you didnt like being alone, it scared you and with everything going on down in Hawkins it made your fear worse. you called up your boyfriend to hear his rapsy voice answer on the other side of the phone "hi princess" he smiled sleepily "hi eds, my parents are leaving tonight their gonna be gone for a whole week" you groaned.
"uh huh, you want me to stay with you?" he asked "please eds." you whined a bit knowing he would always keep you safe. "alright princess. what time are they leavin?" he said with a smirk on his face excited to spend time with his sweet princess, plus to get more amazing sex in.
"they said told me this morning that they leave at 3" you played with the phone cord swaying your hips a bit "alright gives me enough time to get my shit together" he laughed earning a giggle from you "ill see you eds, m'love you" "love you too princess, see you." you hung up before running to your room excited, acting like a little kid before fixing up your room and getting your movies out, board games out.
~ ~ ~
it was 3;00 and your parents left earlier, you got into some comfortable clothes watching tv before hearing eddies van pull up into your drive way. you got up and opened the door to be met with a messy hair eddie, holding his bag as he ran up to you hugging you so tight you thought you were going to pop.
you giggled hugging him back, he smelt like cigs and cheap cologne. you helped him inside smiling as he put his bag down pulling you in for a kiss. "missed you princess" he said into the kiss "missed you too eds" you pulled away and kissed his forehead.
you brought him out into the living room to watch tv cuddling, goofing around being idiots.
it was 8 as you were on eddies lap "edsss.." you whined being embarssed as he was whispering sweet naughty things into your ear "what princess? can't handle me?" he smirked rubbing your thighs earning soft whines when he touched your inner thighs.
you were in your bed, on top of Eddie. embarssing pool of slick gathering onto your panties, eddies hands were exploring your body touching your breasts making your core heat up more. his hand moved down to your cunt making you squeeze your thighs on his arm a blush spreading across your face.
"come on, princess shes practically screaming for me to eat her out." he teased rubbing his middle finger up and down your clothed cunt "oh eds..you're such a perv!" you whined hiding your face in the crook of his neck.
"please let me eat you out princess? she misses me I know she does." he kissed your neck making you squirm " okay eds" you giggled a bit as he smirked helping you get into the position before shaking his head.
"is everything alright eds?" you looked at the metalhead " it wont do..princess can you get on your hands and knees please?" he looked at you "what's wrong with this way though love?" you looked at him confused " wanna try something new" he grabbed your hair tie putting his hair into a messy bun.
you got up, getting onto your hands and knees feeling embarssed at the new way. you felt your cunt clench at the coldness in the air shivering a bit. Eddie got behind you getting a good view of your ass before pulling down your shorts and panties.
you gasped a bit, as your cunt was glistening with silk. your puckering hole doing a wink at him from the cold air "eddie!" you whined squirming as you felt his tongue slide up and down your folds. before licking a long fat stripe down your cunt.
you moaned gripping the sheets, Eddie licked your bundle of nerves sucking on it. making you whimper already feeling your brain slowly go to mush.
you gasped feeling Eddie sucking harder "ohmygod!" you moaned feeling your cheeks heat up with embarrassment, Eddie pushed his tongue inside your cunt making you clench around his tongue. his hand rubbed your ass before a sudden "smack!" making you cry out tears building in the corners of your eyes.
his nose kept bumping your puckering hole, making you whine becoming a bit shy. Eddie ate you out like it was his last meal ever, like you were the only thing he could live off on. he used his other hand adding one finger into your dripping cunt moving it fast.
"eddie!! fuck! m'so close" you cried out tears filling your eyes a bit. "smack!" "your doing so fucking good princess" he groaned feeling you clench around his finger adding another one.
curling them hitting your g-spot earning a porn star moan. you hid your face in your pillow as you felt a "smack!" on your ass making you cry out into your pillow " come on princess let me hear you fall apart" he smirked.
he added a third finger and the stretch was fucking amazing. the warm feeling in your stomach kept building up before it came crashing down on you. you came with a cry as eddies fingers kept abusing your poor cunt. tears slowly falling down your cheeks.
Eddie helped you ride out your high as he pulled his fingers out of your cunt slowly earning a hiss from you "I know sweet girl" he rubbed your raw ass licking his fingers clean. groaning at your taste.
his mouth and chin were covered in spit as he cleaned his face up and then you. helping you throw on a sweater " you did so good" he mumbled kissing your head earning a tired nod as you slowly fell asleep.
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annasinthewalls · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Moodboard for @lunaindigoraven inspired by this post
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lilacwineandthesinkingsun · a month ago
Oh what Chris Evans talks about his shy girlfriend in an interview with et or Jimmy fallon
Ohh yess!
Tumblr media
-So ladies and gentlemen, i present you….. Chris Evans! - said the interviewer, as Chris walked in with a happy smile. - Welcome Chris, how are you today?
- I’m feeling really good thank you!
- do not get me wrong, i think i speak for all of us when i say that we love to see you this happy, but i cannot help but ask, what is the reason behind it? Maybe a quick answer before we dove into today’s topic. - smiled the interviewer, and Chris chuckled.
He knew that the interview will be about his love life, that old interview where he said that he wants to be a daddy someday, which of course made basicaly half of the women population’s panties drop.. so you teo talked about “coming out in the open” after the last 5 years together. You were quite a shy and private person, the private part true to him too, so he understood why you, a “simple” businesswoman wanted to stay in the shadows and not in the eyes of the public. He loved you for it. He had enough PR relationships, goldiggers running after him, newbie actresses trying to climb the ladder on his back. You just lived him for himself. Not his characters or his money.
- Yes um.. actually i kind of have an announcement to make, which goes with todays topic as well. As you all know i am quite a private person and i would like to stay that way, but today i finally got permission to tak about this to some extent. I um.. i am deeply, madly in love for the past 5 years and couldn’t be happier as i am now, finally being able to shout it to the world. - he said a little blush creeping up his neck.
- and what is there that we can know about this special lady of yours?
-yes so, she is shy so i cannot show her to you, you’ll just have to take my word for it that she is the most beautiful, perfect, kind, big-hearted person i know. She is hardworking and honest. Always calls me out on my faults yet does not afraid to say sorry when she’s at fault. I cannot even tell you how much i love her. I don’t know what would i do without her. I guess the saying’s true.. behind every succesful man is a strong woman.. he said with a smile even bigger.
-we are really glad to hear this Chris! We wish you two a very happy life together. I’m assuming you plan to take it further right?- asked the interviewer with a cheeky smile and a wiggle of his eyebrows making the crowd go whooooooing. Thats when you saw Chris reaching into his pocket and taking out a small box. You are sitting in front of the tv, with your hands on your mouth, tears already in your eyes.
-you could say that. I bought this after two weeks of dating her. I knew it back then but i was too afraid to ask it that soon. I wanted to do it properly you know. Ask his dad, plan the whole thing, get a nice photographer and stuff.. and i think that after today, sonce the whole world knows how much i love her, i’ll might just finally pop the question. - he said smiling, tears in his eyes. The interviewer shook his hands and put an arm on his shoulder.
-Well Chris, i think this is where we end it today, but you are under the obligations to tell us all about how it went. -he winked before he walked Chris out.
You couldn’t wait for him to get home to you.
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kryptonitejelly · 5 months ago
I just love the secret relationship blurbs!
If you’re still taking requests - Jack outing your’s and Aaron’s relationship at Rossi’s family movie night. Maybe Jack runs to sit on your lap to ask if he can have more candy but calls you momma since he calls you that all the time at home?
A/N: I love the secret relationship trope as well!
You are huddled into the thick, plush arm chairs that dot Dave’s home cinema, arms wrapped around your knees, a throw pulled up to your neck as you watch the credits roll. The lights flicker back on, and you unfurl yourself, allowing the throw to pool around your waist, hands stretching towards the sky.
“We are never letting the kids pick the movie again.” You hear JJ grumble beside you, to which you chuckle.
“I blame Dave.” You mutter back to her, a hand coming up to rub the side of your neck. You twist your back, working out a kink, when you see a tiny, familiar blonde head pop up one of the seats in front of you. It locates you, grins, and clambers off the chair, before running at an unnecessary speed, and hurtling itself onto you.
“Momma, can I have some candy please.” His little hands pick up the box of milk duds which you have wedged in the space between you and the side of the arm chair, waving them side to side in front of your face, causing the little pieces of confectionary to rattle within their box.
You freeze, as every head, but one swivels towards you, eyes wide, mouths agape.
“Momma?” JJ breaks the silence first.
“I…” You stammer, your ability to form words leaving you in your panic.
“Momma?.” Jack tries again, small frown slipping onto his tiny features at your lack of a response. You look down at Jack, nodding, barely managing to croak out an “ok”, to which he smiles beatifically at you, hands already digging into the small hole at the top of the box, determined in his quest for milk duds.
The heads watch as he settles back into your lap, head coming to rest under your chin, as he munches happily, a sure sign of comfort and familiarity.
“Something you two want to tell us?” Dave speaks up, looking to Aaron, who takes the opportunity to pick his way past Emily, across Spencer’s outstretched feet, to settle onto the arm of your chair, bracing himself with an arm slung around the plush backing.
“Well you heard Jack,” he manages to maintain a straight expression, but the slight flare of his nostrils which you catch from glancing upwards at him, tells you he is fighting a smile, “Momma.”
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swwanda · 2 months ago
really want soft wanda 🥺 maybe a first blind date with reader?
i hope you like it!!!
Wanda maximoff x F reader
Tumblr media
gif from pinterest!
summary: Your best friend Natasha set you up on a blind date, she is a master matchmaker.
word count: 1.3K
warnings: none! just cute fluff!
“Maybe I should just not go in.” you frown as you look into your car side mirror, staring at the restaurant where your date will be.
“Are you kidding me?” Natasha exclaims, clearly annoyed, “Y/N, I swear if you don’t go in there I will go there myself, drag you out of the car and throw you into her arms.” you hear a thud and smile at how frustrated your best friend sounds.
“What if she doesn’t like me?” you sigh and rest your head on your steering wheel. “You said yourself, ‘she’s very attractive’ that scares me!” you grunt.
“And you know what? I told her, ‘she’s very attractive’ you both are so hot, a perfect match. I’m never wrong and you know this.” Natasha says proudly. “Now go inside, you’re two minutes late.”
“I’m already messing up.” you whine and grab your phone, taking it off of speaker and putting it up to your ear.
“Listen, you deserve this. She’s a good friend of mine, she’s beautiful and very kind. You need to invade your mind with someone else, trust me you’ll really like her, not just because she’s hot but she’s amazing as well.” Natasha laughs.
“Hey, stop gushing over my blind date.” You tease with a nervous laugh and Natasha laughs as well.
“Go, she texted me saying she's sitting at table four, in a floral dress. Call me after and tell me how it went.”
You nod and whisper a ‘bye’ before hanging up. A deep breath in and you get out of your car.
You walk into the restaurant, eyes scanning the small room, you see many people but not a table four and no woman in a floral dress. A hostess comes up to you, after a quick exchange of words you’re following her outside to the outdoor dining area.
It’s beautiful, with various plants and lights, truly beautiful. But nothing compares to the woman in a floral dress sitting at table four.
You walk up to the table, your eyes glued to the woman because you couldn't you look at anything else,
“Y/N?” the sweetest voice calls out and you nod. “Hi.” Wanda smiles wide as she stands, pushing the chair beside her out from under the table for you.
“Hi, Wanda.” You smile and the two of you freeze a bit not knowing how to greet each other. Wanda gently squeezes your elbow and you do the same, bumping hands as you both take a seat.
“How are you?” the brunette asks, her fingers fidgeting with a napkin that was crumbled on one corner, very clear that she was nervous too.
“I’m good, thank you. How are you?” you clear your throat.
“I’m great!” the smile doesn’t leave her face, “I ordered you a cup of water, I hope that’s alright.” she points to the glass in front of you with her pinkie.
“That's perfect, yeah, I love water.” you grab the cup and pray that she can’t notice your shaking as you take a sip.
“I do too.” she giggles, closing her eyes for a second and tilting her head upwards.
Once she opens her eyes back up, you connect eye contact with her. They had to be the most beautiful eyes you’ve ever seen.
“You’re very beautiful.” you blurt out and feel your heart skip a beat as she looks down at her fingers, the napkin now in multiple pieces.
“So are you.” She looks back up, “Nat said you’re very attractive and she’s very correct.” Wanda doesn’t think her smile will ever leave her face.
“She said the same thing about you, she’s never wrong.” You shake your head with a smile and run your finger on the cold glass of water. Wanda giggles, shaking her head in agreement.
Small talk turns into conversation between the two of you. Not a minute of silence is shared between topics, Wanda was everything you had wanted in a partner. She is so sweet, so kind, loves animals, is a homebody, quite the artist, everything about her was everything you loves. You couldn’t help but admire every movement she did, her nose scrunching up when she giggles, her fingers tearing up the napkin into tiny pieces, her lips were never without a smile. Hearing small bits of her past and her future dreams were so entertaining.
And that accent, that beautiful accent. It would become weaker at some points but you couldn't help yourself and you had to compliment her for it. "Thank you so much, Y/N." She pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear and leaned into her hand, clearly blushing.
How did Natasha not tell you about her sooner?
“Well, I really enjoyed this.” Wanda says sweetly as she walks beside you towards her car.
“So did I, Wanda.”
Once the two of you reach her car, she quickly opens it, throws her purse onto the passenger seat and closes the door. She leans back on the car and looks up at you.
You stand across from her, about two feet away. “I’d really like to see you again, if you’d like.”
Wanda bites her bottom lip and nods, “I’d love to.” a small smile forms on her lips as she looks up at you. “Can I have your phone number? so we’re not talking through Natasha.” she giggles.
“Oh yeah! definitely.” you laugh and take your phone out of your back pocket, “here, you can put your number in.” You make a new contact and hand your phone over. Wanda grabs it and puts her information in, she gives her phone a quick call and returns your phone to you. “Perfect.” you smile and put your phone away again.
The two of you just admire each other for a minute, the dim light of the light post beside her car making her look even more beautiful, her eyes had a golden glow to them.
“Well, I hope you have a good night Y/N.” Wanda quietly says, her eyes glancing to your lips for half a second.
“I hope you have an amazing night, Wanda.” You lean forward and wrap your arms around her in a quick but gentle hug.
Once the two of you part, Wanda stays in your arms. This time she had the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen. Her lips slightly pursed as she looks at yours and you lean the small way down, gently pushing your lips to hers.
Wanda let out a gentle sigh at the sweet kiss. It was quick, light, but magical. “Text me when you get home safe.” Wanda slowly let you go. You nod.
“You text me too, please. Let me get that for you.” You quickly open the car door for her and she whispers a ‘Thank you.’ before getting into her car.
You walk over to yours and sit in it, looking at Wanda's car through your rear view mirror. Her right hand gripped onto the steering wheel, the other hand was gently grazing her lips as she smiled, closing her eyes.
The butterflies in your stomach bursting with excitement watching the sweet moment. You watch as she drives off.
Once you get home, you take your phone out and see the message waiting for you.
‘I’m home, thank you for tonight <3 Natasha should’ve told me about you sooner.”
You smile wide, and just as you’re about to type your reply, you get multiple messages, this time from Natasha:
"can i be a bridesmaid?"
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lovejosephquinn · a day ago
Hi! So sorry you’re having a bad day, same here honestly 😓 it’s times like these where I think we really need a lovely soft Joe Quinn to cuddle 🥰 perhaps a sweet spooning session in bed after a hard day for both reader & Joe? Idk whether I want reader snuggling into Joe’s chest or the other way round, I’ll leave that up to you, either way, snuggles & hair playing. Soft vibes. Oh now I’m thinking about using Joe’s tummy as a pillow as reader lies between his legs while reading to de-stress! Can’t make decisions to save my life 😅 it’s that kinda day! Anyways, sorry for the ramble, hope your tomorrow is better 😊 take care love! ❤️
Tumblr media
Honestly, I needed to read this over today after having an even worse day at work than yesterday 🙃 I think it's time for fluffy snuggly af Joseph, need a bit of him
I hope your day's been better today! Lots of love x
Tysm for the lovely request ❤
Tumblr media
Joe sprawled across the sofa watching you as you slammed the front door shut behind you, ignoring everything in your path as your eyes made a bee line for the other side, you stomped into the bathroom and flung that door shut to. Today had been simply awful, and you were ready to sob your heart out alone.
You sat on the toilet seat, your head falling into your hands, silently screaming as you had done the whole day, work was really stressful and demanding this last couple of weeks and today had been the cherry on top for you to break. Usually, you were one to keep leaving bad days at work, but you seriously couldn't on this occasion.
A knock came from the side of the door.
"Y/N, are you ok in there?" You sniffled slightly as a single tear fell.
"Love, talk to me, tell me all about it if you want to, or don't I can just be there for you in silence too."
Joe was the sweetest and he was the only person who simply was able to calm you once you were in that state of mind.
"Open the door baby, please. For me." He cooed lowly.
How could you deny him? Simple answer, you couldn't. You unlocked the bathroom door and it creaked open; you stood looking the most vulnerable you had for a long time, and it simply broke Joe's heart to see it.
"You know what you need, you need a bit of snuggle time." You nodded slowly as he gazed into your sorrowful, puffy eyes, your cheeks had gone a little red and your smile he loved to see was nowhere to be seen.
"Come on, let's get under the covers. Let me make it all better." You wrapped yourself around Joe's arm, his fingers intertwining with yours as you tilted against him, slowly walking to your bedroom. Joe lifted the covers back for you to get in. Hopping in, you turned onto your side and in an instant, as soon your head hit the pillow the tears began to fall once more. Joe swooped in next to you, holding himself against you and wrapping his arm around your chest, the other snaked between the pillow and your neck to enable him to close the full space between you, he laid his head down and held you tight for the next few minutes in silent bliss. "We don't have to t-"
"Just keep holding me Joey, that's all I need, that's all I've craved all day." His nose nuzzled into the back of your hair.
"You got it beautiful."
A little later, you rotated around to face your man, your faces meeting at the same level, he gave you a sweet smile, caressing your cheek and wiping the rogue tears from your face. "I thought you'd fallen asleep for a second there."
You shook your head, lips remaining in a straight line but at least you'd stopped crying.
"I don't like seeing my girl like this."
You stayed silent moving downwards so your face could press into his chest, his scent was so homely and calming to you. Joe kissed the top of your head, enveloping you with his arm once more.
"Is there anything else I can do for you?"
"I don't think so but ugh my head hurts so bad."
Joe had a lightbulb moment as he sat upward slightly, breaking the embrace and you furrowed your brows at him. "Why did you move, I was enjoying that."
"You'll enjoy this more. Come lay in between my legs, head on my stomach."
You did just as he said, switching positions and claiming the covers over your body once more as you were whisked away into a glimpse of heaven once Joe's fingers started to play with your hair.
You hummed at the small warm-hearted gesture.
"That feel good, babe?"
You nodded up to him, a slight smile creeping onto your face.
Joe's eyes lit up as he briefly saw the mere glimmer of expression. He took a deep excited inhale. "What's that I just saw?"
"What do you mean?"
He sat up further which slid you down to his thighs, leaning as close to your head as he possibly could. "That little smile trying to peak through."
"I don't know what you're talking about." You tried to hide the sudden giggle that fell from your lips. Joe grabbed a hold of your arms and pulled you up, you were now sat on his lap faced backwards against his chest, he moved your hair out of the way, kissing your neck in a swift motion. You giggled again.
"Y/N Y/L/N, was that ANOTHER giggle?" He said it as if he were talking to a child, you couldn't help but shake your head.
"Fibber." Joe sniggered back.
You were beaming from ear to ear now, his fingers began to tickle your sides and you barked out the biggest howl of laughter, purely because you didn't enjoy being tickled but in the weirdest way possible, it cheered you up.
"Joe... Joe! Joseph... stop!!" Your laugh was infectious to him and instead of tears of sadness, the tears that rolled out of your eyes this time were tears of joy.
Joe placed you down gently onto your back beside him and leaned over you, stroking your head and pushing your chin up to meet his gaze once more. "There she is my baby's back."
You took a sigh of relief. "I can always count on you."
"What for, love?"
"To make me feel good again, I don't know how you do it - you barely do anything, but you're just you and that's enough, I know I'll never be sad for long, so long as I have you. I love you so much."
You could almost see water in Joe's eyes, your words electrified him, he couldn't have loved you more. Your bad day suddenly washing away as you shared a passionate open mouth kiss. Joe spoke his next words so tenderly, "As long as you're smiling, my darling, I know I'm doing right. I love you too."
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cryptiles · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
— details ; brothers x gn! reader ; head-cannon based ; 〘🐙〙 ; obey me m.list ; they/them/you/yours
— summary ; domestic texts between you and the brothers
— requests are open as of 17/8
“ good afternoon mc , are you home ? “
“ yeah i am , why ? “
“ a package was just delivered to the front porch , do me a favour and check it for me would you ? “
“ ofc ofc , give me a sec. “
“ are these flowers ? “
“ do you like them ? “
“ i would love to go back to 2 seconds ago where we were relishing in the moment without the mention of fathers name. “
“ 🏃‍♀️“
“ oi ! i’m stuck out in the rain tell lucifer i’ll be late for dinner. “
“ pftt .. imagine. “
“ don’t laugh at me ! i wore an expensive jacket out today too … now its ruined. “
“ wru rn ? “
“ outside some randos shops shelter. “
“ jeez everyones wet and soaked as fuck , smells like shit. “
“ LMAOAAOO HELP 🚶‍♀️ but anyways i’ll come pick you up if you want. “
“ wait what ? you’re gonna walk here in this type of heavy rain ? “
“ umbrellas exist dumbass. “
“ YEAH BUT STILL , i wouldn’t wanna trouble you it’s just a bit of rain. “
“ nothing the great mammon can’t handle ! 😈 “
“ yeah yeah … i’ll wait for you in your room , movie night remember ? “
“ jackass 😒 “
“ for what ? i’m lazy to leave my bed. “
“ WELL “
“ YOU WHAT ? “
“ pick me’s are more infuriating than popular wannabes. “
“ i rest my case. “
“ they’re equally as annoying , both types can’t keep their mouths shut. “
“ disagree. pick me’s act upon it changing their tone of voice and putting others down for their own gain. “
“ that’s a lowball. “
“ okay yeah valid point but then again you could argue that the wannabes have a chance of dropping their now friends for the more well-known group. “
“ meet me at the library in 5 , i’ll make some tea for both of us while we discuss this. “
“ are we really debating over high school drama … “
“ yes , it’s important. “
“ mccc !! “
“ mc ! “
“ sweetieee “
“ answer me love 😾😾😾 “
“ sorry sorry , mammon was speaking to me. “
“ you know , you should stop hanging out with him and instead with me ! 🤗 “
“ but moving on ! i found this adorable pair of boots that would look absolutely gorgeous on you. “
“ ugh ! imagining you in those already makes my heart flutter you’d look so adorable 💕 “
“ mc ! i’ll swing by the house and pick you up get ready in 15 minutes hon , we’re going on a shopping spree. “
“ i’ll come pick you up sweetie there’s no way i’m letting you walk here all by yourself ! “
“ what if someone steals you away from me while im not there ? 😾 “
“ alright alright YOU BETTER BE HERE SOON “
“ also you’re spending too much time with satan , the amount of times you’ve used that angry cat emoji is concerning … “
“ BEEL WRU ? “
“ mc ! are you alright ? do you need help ? are you hurt ? “
“ i’m just extremely tired today and i don’t feel like walking down the long hallway for dinner … “
“ could you come to my room and give me a piggy back ride ? 😁 “
“ oh “
“ thank goodness you’re not hurt. ☺️ “
“ but sure :D i’m omw to your room , hang tight mc. “
“ ilysm 🫶 “
“ wru ? “
“ my room , why ? “
“ come to the planetarium “
“ the stars are really pretty tonight “
“ they remind me of the celestial realm , where we couldn’t admire our own stars … “
“ but here , i’m able to do one of my favourite activities with everyone , with you. “
“ i told you i forgave you belphie. “
“ please don’t beat yourself up on it anymore. “
“ how did you know ? “
“ you never have enough energy to type this many words 🥱 “
“ also open the door , i think you accidentally locked it. “
© 2022 cryptiles. please do not repost / translate my work and post it to other social media websites without permission , thank you.
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ginsakatoki · a month ago
Heeeey, welcome to DMC fandom! Can I request general relationship headcanons for DMC boys? Just some fluffy stuff, like what kind of dates they are into, what kind of partner each of them are, into PDA or not, etc. But it's all up to you :)
Thanks in advance!
Hey there! I’ve actually been lurking in the fandom for a couple of years and only recently decided to write about it. Thank you for this request and enjoy!
Tumblr media
gif by @rainbow-cadenza
• I mentioned in a previous headcanon of mine that despite his loud personality, Dante is actually a shy lover. By this I mean: at first Dante will take quite a long time to acknowledge and address his feelings and even more to actually ask you out. You’ll need to be patient with him because he’ll shamelessly flirt as a joke but get flustered if you flirt back. Or expect you to understand that if he is standing next you in a specific way, he’s flirting for real and not joking.
Expert at not taking the hint. He’s used to people and things wanting to kill him so there is no way you’re interested in him that way, right?
He’s a weird unblended mix of an experienced womanizer and a teenager that has no idea what he’s doing.
It will be awkward at first not gonna lie.
When you manage to become a couple though, it becomes much much easier. All of a sudden all those weird moments and interactions vanish and the relationship starts flowing like you’ve always been by each other’s side.
Dante would want to go out on a date at least once or twice a week. He’s one of those guys that pretend not to want to be around their S/O all the time, but actually do. (He acts like a sad puppy when he doesn’t).
That said, due to his lack of money, he would prefer simple dates over anything else. A walk in the park, window shopping or cheap dates like cinema and bowling. 
He’s a sucker for mundane things. His life is full of adrenaline rushes and violence so he truly cherishes the few moments of daily life he gets. This, however, doesn’t mean he’ll just settle for calm activities. He would definetely drag you to an amusement park at least once to go on rollercoasters.
If you don’t handle scary stuff well, be ready because he’ll force you to go to haunted houses or watch horror movies just so you can cling to him and tease you about it.
He’s a really fun partner to be with and he feels more like a friend you can go on adventures with than a safe home to return to. 
He’s very protective of his loved ones so if you were ever in a pinch, he would come help you out any way he can. He’s not very book smart though, so you might not want him to help you with your studies.
His love language is physical touch so he loves, and i mean, loves PDA. He doesn’t care if other people are staring, let them be. If he wants to kiss you, he will. If he wants a hug, he’ll get it. No questions asked.
When walking in public he always has his arm around your shoulders, hips or holding your hands. He wants to feel you by his side, especially since he never knows whether it might be your last.
When holding hands, he runs small circles on the back of your hand with his thumb. It feels very intimate to him.
He adores kisses. Mouth, forehead, cheeks, neck, hands, wherever. He loves it.
Speaking of kisses, he is very intense when he kisses you. His lips will blend on yours stealing your breath away and he’s greedy, so he’ll always ask for more.
"Just one more… No no that didn’t count, one more"
Cuddles on the sofa are a must. He is a literal human heater so he’ll gladly warm you up in winter.
If you tend to have cold hands or feet he will warm them up for you but you have to warn him first.
That one time you put your cold feet on his legs without telling him first he literally screamed.
Tumblr media
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Vergil is a cold and diffident man. It will take him a long time to trust you and if he develops feelings for you, he’ll be in denial for the longest time. When he accepts his feelings, however, he won’t act on them and would consequently become grumpier with everyone. There would be a huge contradiction between what he feels and his behavior.
He might look at you like he wants to kill you and be thinking that you look very pretty with the clothes you’re wearing, for example.
His inner struggle wouldn’t really be caused by a disgust for feelings rather his intrusive thoughts take control  and start sabotaging him. For example he might believe that no one would ever love him so he isn’t allowed to love anyone. Or that he doesn’t deserve happiness because of all the pain he’s inflicted on others.
He would start ignoring you and crave your presence. If he saw you at Devil May Cry, he would go the other way but stay close enough to be able to see you.
Things would change if you asked him if he hates you. It is obvious to him that the answer is no and that his behavior is clearly misguiding you so he would try to be around you more.
Communication about feelings with Vergil is complicated so it seems unlikely that he’d confess them and get into a relationship. It’s more likely for you two to slowly get closer to each other until you both realize you’ve been acting like a couple without explicitly saying so. 
It starts with Vergil always be around for one reason or the other.
“That seems heavy, I’ll take it for you.”
“I just had a commission nearby, that’s all.”
“Didn’t know you would be here” “Vergil… I work here”.
He gets so flustered it’s cute. He turns away immediately though, so you never truly see him blush.
Like Dante, he likes mundane life so he loves walking around the city with you, going to theatres and museums and, obviously, visiting libraries and bookshops. 
He doesn’t speak much but he listens to everything you say and remembers every little thing. There’s a book you mentioned you like? He reads it and tells you his opinion. There’s an event you keep forgetting about? He reminds you of it, and so on.
His love language is complicated to pinpoint. I’m pretty sure he loves physical touch but, being the touch starved man he is, too much of it would make him short circuit. Same with words of affirmations. He grew up surrounded by hate so loving words are new to him, they would make him feel vulnerable and he hates that. 
It would take a lot of trust and time but he would learn to love cuddle time on the sofa or on the bed. He would even find comfort in laying on you and hearing your heartbeat.
Vergil as a partner would show his vulnerability to you and you only once he truly trusts you as in: he will allow himself to cry in your presence, but don’t expect him to allow you to see him cry. He will hide his face on your shoulder or keep his back turned on you. 
Besides his hurtful past and his feelings, Vergil worships you. You see in his eyes how much he cares for you, suddenly his grey eyes don’t seem so cold anymore. His touches are very light and delicate like he’s afraid to hurt you. 
Not his kisses. He usually has a lot of self control around you, but when he kisses you it all vanishes. They’re deep and passionate, like he’s trying to merge his soul to yours, and will hold you impossibly close. Because they’re so intense, kisses with Vergil aren’t that common and they definitely don’t happen in public.
PDA is a big no for Vergil. What’s between you two is no concern for other people and, as such, it must stay indoors. He will allow you to hold his hand or circle your arm around his but he won’t initiate.
Overall Vergil is a man you’ll need a lot of patience with but he will make sure you feel as loved as he feels.
Tumblr media
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Out of the three Nero is the most normal when it comes to relationships. If he’s interested he will show it, spend time with you and ask you out on a date. He’s pretty straightforward and honest so you really won’t have problems understanding if he likes you or not. 
He’s had experience in relationships before with his ex-girlfriend Kyrie (they’re still on good terms) so he knows how to act around a lover and is not the least worried about his feelings.
Despite acting and looking like a punk, Nero has a clean and mostly sorted out inner world. He has his good amount of issues, obviously,  but at least he isn’t as emotionally constipated as his father and uncle.
When in love, Nero smiles and laughs much more than usual which makes his interest pretty obvious. 
He has a specific tone he only uses with his S/O and I think that’s beautiful. It’s not really a puppy or lovesick one but his normally gruff voice becomes gentler and his words soft-spoken.
Nero would most likely enjoy going on interactive dates like cinema, concerts, skating or paintball.
Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT go to watch horror movies with this man. He might be a devil hunter but he’s terrified of ghosts. He will scream the girliest scream you’ll ever hear and tell everyone it was you. 
Dates with Nero are pretty frequent and spontaneous, but he’d like to go on a fancy date either once every two weeks or once a month. He likes eating good food and wants to spoil his partner.
During normal dates he probably takes the two of you to eat at Taco Bell or something.
He’s not exactly romantic or one for cliches so you’ll never see him serenade you or buy you flowers, but he’ll always show he cares in his way. For example he will always bring you a snack at work or help you clean your apartment.
His love languages are acts of service and quality time. He isn’t the best with words and physical touch is pretty neutral to him.
He doesn’t mind PDA, he’ll honestly go with the flow. If you like PDA he will drap an arm around your shoulders, hold you close to him and occasionally kiss your forehead. If you don’t, he’ll just hold your hand or pinky finger.
Inside jokes. A lot of inside jokes. People might say something about shoes and you’d start laughing for apparently no reason after throwing a look at each other.
He gives the best hugs, whenever you’re sad or not feeling well he just grabs you and hugs the problem away. You’re actually surprised by how well it seems to work everytime.
Being in a relationship with Nero means having Nico tease you all day, all week. They’re a 2 for 1 deal. You might be casually speaking or joking that she would come out from nowhere and tell you to go get a room.
Arguments with Nero happen pretty often because he has a short temper. However you found a nice way to end them quickly: pillow fights. Whenever you see that you’re having a disagreement you both grab a pillow and start hitting the other while stating out one of the reasons you are right. The one who wins the pillow fight, wins the argument.
Obviously, if it’s about an important matter, you’ll be responsible and talk it out as calmly as possible.
Some people see your relationship as childlike or teenage-like but it’s really healthy and it works for you, plus they don’t know how serious both of you can be about it.
Kisses with Nero are always surrounded by giggles, for some reason. You have so much fun with each other that even kisses can’t seem to be serious.
One of your favorite activities together is playing videogames. You once showed him Mario Kart and now he’s obsessed. Every Sunday you must have a Mario Kart tournament or he will get grumpy. 
You’re the only person he doesn’t mind losing to.
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading this, let me know what you think about it! I ended up writing a lot about this lol.
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shut up, and get in. (pt. 2)
requested by @oneafterdark
arthur leclerc x fem!reader
synopsis; Arthur's mixed feelings surface, causing your relationship to twist from enemies to.. ?
warnings; close proximity, none
He opens the car door for you, letting your soggy shoes squelch across the grand driveway. Walking up to the mahogany double doors, you take off your jacket that was clinging to your cold and wet body, wringing the water from it.
You stop walking and groan, knowing that the rest of your clothes will be no better. Arthur catches up to you, and plucks the jacket from your hand whilst still walking up to the doors.
"Uh-" You spoke, but being interrupted by him.
"Hurry up, I don't want you getting hypothermia." His deep voice spoke out, so you speed-walk over behind him.
He opens the door with a fumble with his keys, and holds the door open. You walk in and take in the huge space that consists of a grand piano, high ceilings with the walls adorned with huge windows. Plants scattered about in all different greens, and abstract paintings finishing the walls.
You stand next to the door awkwardly, feeling odd being so into his personal space. He looks at you, sensing the tension. Your clothes carry on dripping, making small taps against the floor.
"So, I thought-" You start, trying to break the tension.
"You can-" You both started talking at the exact same time, making this even worse.
"Uhm, go ahead." You say meekly, slightly shivering and wanting to get a taxi home already.
"I'll lead you upstairs, you can take a shower and I'll give you some clothes." He says firmly, looking down at your jacket before moving onwards, looking back to see you following slowly.
You walk behind up the winding staircase, wondering what's going through his mind.
He opens a door, revealing a king size bed, the rooms aesthetic full of modern toned greys, whites and blacks. Embellished with medals and trophies, his room stunting his career.
"You can give me your clothes, and go through that door to shower." He says, laying on the bed and turning the television on that was on the opposite wall.
You blush profusely red, realising you were in his room, going to shower in his bathroom, all whilst he wants your clothes. He looks at you, confused.
"I'll just leave my clothes in the bathroom." You say embarrassed, hoping this wasn't an attempt to get you naked.
"Fine by me." He says, standing from the bed to open some drawers and his closet doors, turning to hand you a top of his.
"Thank you." Your short reply showed your real personality coming back. This was comical, you and Arthur Leclerc playing niceties in his room?
You took the gesture, thinking that he knew you had a rough day and both of your emotions were up in the air. Turning away from him, you opened the door to his bathroom.
The shower wall was covered in intricate emerald tiles, with big white towels in little storage compartments next to the sink ready. The tiles extended down to the bottom of the wall, showing the sleek and clear glass pane to the shower. Looking to your right you saw a tremendous claw foot tub that looked practically untouched, with a window above, showing the incredible views of the Monaco coastline.
You instantly adored the interior designer who worked on his house, because it was truly incredible. Moving away from his impressive house, you started slugging off your worn and soaked clothes hearing them thump onto the tiled floor miserably.
You turned the squeaky shower knob, turning the water on. You step into the warmth, enveloping you into a well needed hug. You stood there as the water pours down onto you, regaining the feeling of your feet back.
You thought you shouldn't be using his water for so long, since he probably wants you out as soon as possible.
You turn the water off, and step out to dry yourself off with a towel. You put your underwear back on, and slip his oversized top on, knowing you can't put your damp jeans back on.
You plait your wet hair into a single dutch braid, and step out holding your wet clothes. If you thought your confusing feelings for Arthur weren't prominent enough, then you were in trouble. You made eye contact with him as he's laying on his bed, shirtless, wearing black joggers and a chain.
His messy blonde hair screaming at you to run before you get any ideas. But little did you know, is that he was also internally freaking out. Seeing you in his top, looking so delicate, and wholesome.
"Come sit." He spoke out, trying to fight his body to stop looking at you.
You walk over, sitting at the side of his bed awkwardly, getting your phone out to open the Uber app.
"I'll call myself a ride, thank you for.. everything you know." You said softly, trying to show your appreciation.
"No, you're staying. I'm not letting you go off with some random dude in the dark thunderstorm." The Monegasque quickly retaliates.
"Uber is a trusted app, thank you very much. Plus, where would I even sleep?" You retort, surprised by his comment.
"You'd be with me, obviously. We can watch a movie, we can separate the bed with pillows, and we'll go to work together." He says, as if this is something he had done a million times before.
"Bold to assume that I like that plan." You snort, his ego showing as per.
"Anything including me, you love." He shoots back, sarcastically.
"Yeah, yeah. I'm picking the movie." You state, snatching the remote out of his grip, moving up to the top of the bed resting your back against the pillow.
He moved up next to you, slightly smirking at your attitude. You pick to watch 'extraction', as you absolutely adore action movies. As the movie progresses and the outside world slips deeper and deeper into the night, you subconsciously got under the covers, as Arthur moved inches closer to you, knowing what he was doing.
The movie becomes quieter and vaguer as you slip into the tricks of sleeping. You had turned away from the movie and towards Arthur, snuggling your head into the comfortable cotton pillow.
He turned to see you sleeping, and turned the movie off, laying down next to you. He tucked a loose piece of your hair behind your ear, as he also slipped into his own dreams.
Waking up was definitely a shock to the system, realising you were tightly wrapped in Arthur's arm, his shirt that you were wearing ridden up, nearly indecently exposing yourself.
Trying to slowly peel his arm off you and get up, he only pressed you closer to him.
This is the moment you realised that your feelings were clear, and so were his, even if he was unconscious.
A/N; not totally sure on whether i like this or not, oops
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How Kurt Kunkle Deals W/ A Crush On You - Headcanons
A/n- This is like my second time actually writing for this little weirdo, so I hope it turned out alright. Feedback is super appreciated!! :D
T/W: stalking, slight inference to non-con stuff?? nothing like straight up NSFW, but like, c'mon guys. this is Kurt we're talking abt. there's gotta be some weird uncomfortable shit here
I full heartedly believe that Kurt just wants to be liked and feel validated. okay....maybe murder isn't the way to go, and that brings infamy but like,, having your name known? even for such a no good awful thing- means the world to him. it means to some extent people care about him. and that's,,, all he wants. really.
with that in mind? any attention he receives, he just grapples onto. there's no letting you go once he has his eyes on uu <3
he's like,,, super awkward around uu at first. i mean just anyone in general. but crazy cute person alert !!
he's gonna say a lot of stupid shit to you lol- please bare with him
is absolutely not opposed to stalking uu :D
oh?? he's ur spree driver? again?? what a funny coincidence !! love how uu guys just keep, bumping into each other. maybe you should hang out sometime!
if uu have social media- will find it before uu ever even give it to him and scower ur page(s) for hours studying you. trying to figure out everything about you. Kurt's a very careful planner- he has to make sure things go smooth with you. will actually die if things go wrong and you reject him /hj
is likely to try moving things along quicker than they should go. i think it's safe to say that our boy Kurt here has never actually had a significant other before. he's not entirely sure how to act or what to do. but he knows he wants uu <3
however, having said that- Kurt is very intelligent and is careful with what he says to you. he's still awkward af- but he knows he can't tell you his feelings for you straight outta the gate, y'know?
while ii think he's rather upfront about things- he's genuinely afraid of rejection. Kurt knows he's hot shit but so many other folks in his life dont seem to think so...he tries to keep up his carefully crafted persona around you....until it's time to tell you his real feelings.
he gets super nervous around people he likes though! it's kinda sweet <3
the way he'll actually reveal his feelings though...are likely going to end up on camera. (relationship stuff is pretty popular on youtube....right?)
like you're driving somewhere and he's still got his whole weird spree car setup, even though this isnt for work. it's just the two of you going to get pizza and talking in his car.
or it's at your place or in his room and he tells you he wants to make a special video. just the two of them. Curiosity gets the better of you and once he sets up the camera and the two of you sit down together he just..."Welcome back to Kurtz World! I brought a friend with me and we're gonna see what their reaction is to this super important question!"
You might think he's pranking you at first, following his statement up with a short giggle, a small wheeze, a wide yet nervous smile- "What is going on, Kurt?"
And he'll pop the question right there. right then. will you take this weirdo's hand and become officially partners?
alternatively. I could see him wanting to...keep it quiet. the desperate need to be liked boils down to one person. His whole world comes crashing down if you say no but at least the whole world wouldn't see it.
his failures. his desires repressed once more. . .
but he doesn't give up that easy! he's got way's around it :)
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