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adharastarlight · 2 days ago
Remus: if you had to pick one of us to date, who would it be?
James 'Simping Over Regulus' Potter: I don't know
Peter 'Aroace King' Pettigrew: me neither
Sirius 'Falling In Love With My Best Friend' Black: Remus
Remus: what???
Sirius: ...I don't know
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oxydiane · 2 days ago
nothing i love more than sirius and harry’s relationship. sirius is virtually the only adult in harry’s life who has never failed him. when he showed up at the potters’ on halloween he tried to take harry from hagrid and raise him as james and lily intended but hagrid denied him, and that’s when sirius decided to go after peter, because once he had lost harry too, he had lost everything. he only finds the strength to escape azkaban when he sees harry in actual, possible danger and is fully ready to kill the only proof of his innocence in the desperate attempt to avenge his best friends and protect his godson. when harry is entered in a death tournament against his will sirius lives in a cave and eats rats in order to be close to harry and help him. after harry comes back from the graveyard, injured and bloody and traumatised it’s sirius he sees in dumbledore’s office, sirius who comforts him. when other members of the order are trying to hide the truth from him, treating him like a child despite the horrors he had lived it’s sirius who insists on letting harry know the things he has the right to know, it’s sirius who realises the connection between harry and voldemort and tries his best to assist him, tries to be by his side as much as he can while being forced in his childhood house. sirius who even kreacher knew treasured no one and nothing else above harry;
“but he gave narcissa information of the sort that is very valuable to voldemort, yet must have seemed much too trivial for sirius to think of banning him from repeating it”
“like what?”
“like the fact that the person sirius cared most about in the world was you.”
it’s sirius who for the first time in harry’s life, promises him a home and the love of a family. sirius who loved harry so, so much and never got to show it in full
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moonwalker94 · 2 days ago
Come Down
The footsteps going up the astronomy tower echoed through the empty hallway. The cold wind was biting through his thin robes and lashing at his face. Brightly coloured bolts and sparks of spells being fired in rapid succession clashed against the night sky. Remus hugged his arms around his chest and tried to suppress a shiver. He approached the dark figure carefully, not wanting to startle him.
“Will you please come down?”
Sirius lowered his wand a fraction, glancing over his shoulder a moment before continuing to fling curses up in the air.
“Sirius? What are you doing?” They were close now. Remus could reach out and place his hand on Sirius’ arm if he wanted. He didn’t. Instead, he gripped the banister.
“’m gonna blow up the moon.”
Sirius’ words were slurred. His alcohol-induced antics would be amusing if Sirius didn’t seem so lost and agitated. Remus regarded his friend with a furrow on his brow. Sirius’ jaw was clenched harshly, his mouth a thin line.
“What has she done to you to deserve that?” Remus asked eventually.
Sirius hurled around to face Remus, his whole demeanour changing. He dropped his wand arm to his side, his eyes grew wide and his shoulders slumped. “Not to me,” he whispered, a broken sound that punched the air out of Remus’ lungs.
They were close now. Closer. Remus could smell the firewhisky on Sirius’ breath. Could almost count the lashes that fluttered against his cheek. He felt Sirius’ warmth enveloping him. Then everything stopped and he could taste the firewhisky on his lips.
Written for @wolfstarmicrofic.
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messrmagpie · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Get Well Soon, Moony
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astraldreamsss · 2 days ago
Sirius is smooth with people he’s sexually attracted too. Bloke at the bar he wants to take home? Cute girl he wants to kiss? Someone he wants to have a shot lived fling with? They get smooth, charismatic Sirius Black. But romantic attraction? Sirius barely knows it. It makes him weak in the knees. Which is why he loses all of his skill and becomes an absolute bumbling mess around Remus Lupin.
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wolfstarsinvisiblestring · 2 days ago
my friend: what are you reading?
me (reading crimson rivers): the hunger games….
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pjo-hoo-toa-hp-freak · a day ago
Person A : Oh, fiddlesticks.
Person B : Look, I understand this is a tense situation, but let's watch the fucking language.
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veritasescaper · a day ago
the black brothers really had no idea what love was or what it felt like but when they finally experienced it, they loved harder than anyone else and therefore we have:
james “fell first” potter and regulus “fell harder” black
remus “fell first” lupin and sirius “fell harder” black
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stargazedmoony · 2 days ago
sirius: moony, come to bed
remus: i can’t yet. i have to finish this chapter i’m reading
sirius: why?
remus: i have to
sirius: but why?
remus: i don’t know, i just have to!
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nonamedauthor · 2 days ago
I Don’t
Sirius x Sister!Reader
Warnings: Arranged Marriage, Running away, Disconnect from siblings, Drunk writing
Tumblr media
Y/n had never heard her brother truly silent, she’d heard him pause once every while. She’d heard him scream, she’d heard him yell, laugh, riot, but she’d never heard him silent.
Because Sirius Black wasn’t one to hold his tongue for a large amount of time, his siblings were; but not him.
Now though? He was completely quiet as his eyes scanned over the contents of a letter. He hadn’t seen either of his parent’s scrawl in over a year since he’d left his house for the potter’s home, the letter was addressed to you.
You’d handed it to him when his roommate woke him, Remus had woken him after opening the door to the sobbing Black daughter. You’d promised all of the self proclaimed marauders, “McKinnon let me in, promise Siri, it’s worth it. Can’t do it, Siri, can’t.” Maybe you’d made the claim to Sirius, but all of them were awake now.
In the moment’s it took for your brother to look over the letter James Potter held you tight, and you hadn’t refused. Your eyes fixed closely to his shoulder while your body shook. The diamond ring is fixed to your finger in promise, and no matter how hard you pull it or shake it, it won’t come off now.
You’d taken it off for the Slytherin party, Mulciber, your fiancé clung tightly to your waist. Therefore, you hadn’t thought it necessary for you to still have the shiny serpent crested ring clinging to your finger in such a suffocating manner.
He was right there for fuck’s sake!
You’d put it right back on your finger afterwards? He hadn’t even noticed you told yourself. In fact you knew he hadn’t, he’d referenced the ‘gorgeous’ ring several times throughout the night, the one he thought you were wearing.
But now you couldn’t take it off, and Sirius was reading the letter Walburga had sent to confirm the marriage; including the certificate. You knew when he was done by the way his dark eyes stuck to yours, so you tried to help yourself.
“I Thought I’d be ok, R-Reggie could’ve had a better match cause I married him, but I don’t know if I can do it.”
And you felt the pain, the pity, he felt for you. On any other day it might’ve disgusted you, but now it only promised your brother and you escape from a home with such enrapturing ideals.
“We’ll get you out, You and Reggie.” He Swore quietly pushing his friend aside to embrace you. His lanky arms tightening around your shoulders, you knew the way his friends looked away. But for once in your life you didn’t mind that you weren’t being gazed at. 
Instead, you were being shown love the way you always should’ve been. 
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starstruckmoony · a day ago
paper rings.
pairing - sirius black x reader
summary - you make paper rings for yourself and sirius in potions class.
trope/tags - lots of fluff
word count - 1.3k
warnings - language
potions were never really your cup of tea. you could never wrap your head around anything you'd learn about them at all. the recepies, the effects, why people even made some of them knowing how awful the consequences could be- in other words, you loathed the class.
to top it all off, you were slughorn's least favourite student, or at least that what was what you managed to convince yourself. you had a feeling that the man was out to get you. you were pretty certain that he could sense your negative energy whenever you stepped through the door. sirius always tried his best to reassure you, but you were certain that your professor would get a thrill whenever you would ruin a potion or accidentally curse in the middle of his class because it meant that he could give you detention.
the class started off quite alright that day. slughorn was in a rather good mood and he settled for only having you all read a passage from your books, which was very conveniently about the most powerful love potion itself - amortentia.
you and sirius finished with reading the writing you were given by your professor a bit sooner than the other students, which meant you were left with nothing to kill the remaining time. the bloody thirty five minutes of it.
since you couldn't actually speak to your boyfriend, because that would result in the both of you getting detention (and having sirius get in trouble just because he happened to have some involvement with you was the last thing you needed), you were forced to look for a new form of entertainment - which somehow happened to be making rings out of paper. sirius was not as successful as you, though, he tried to find something interesting about the dirty classroom ceiling and he looked like all life had been drained out of him. nobody could blame him.
"fuck." you whispered, mostly to yourself, when the tiny piece of parchment in your hand refused to bend in the direction you wanted it to. sirius noticed your sudden change in attitude and got intrigued by what you were up to.
"what's that?" he shifted in his seat, curiously looking over your arm to get a better look at your doings.
"paper rings." you whispered in response, a happy smile making its way to your face when you finally finished with the second one. he took one of the rings into his hands and observed it for a moment before sliding it onto his finger, showing it off to you with the biggest grin. it fit perfectly.
"i see you made this with the thought of giving it to me." he smirked in satisfaction and inched a little closer to you. you laughed quietly, glancing over at slughorn who was too busy with other things to notice that you weren't exactly doing what you were supposed to.
"no, i made it for your brother." you teased, sliding the other ring onto your own finger. he snorted at your sarcastic reply to his stupid question, but immediately composed himself once he heard slughorn clear throat. the man glared in his direction, and sirius quickly put his head down and pretended like he was still the reading the text from his book.
because of that, you had to spend the next few minutes sitting in complete silence. the only thing that could be heard was ticking of the old clock on the wall. there were twenty five minutes left, you couldn't wait to finally leave the godforsaken class and head to your next one. you weren't even sure what you had after potions, but what you did know was that you wanted to get the hell out of there, even if your next class was going to be something just as frustrating. you would rather have sat through five hours of divination than whatever that was.
sirius seemed to have decided that he wanted to put his good reputation at risk, yet again. being one of the best students in the year and coming from a family that was known as noble had its perks, but sirius was pretty sure it had more disadvantages than anything else. he was supposed to be a model student, and set an example to others. that was pretty challenging for a marauder, however, considering he got detention at least ten times that year and november had barely started. he thought about it for a while, but after he realised he was probably no longer in professor slughorn's good graces after receiving that glare anyway, he moved dangerously close to you. you felt his breath fanning over your ear, his lips were almost pressing against it.
"i think i wanna marry you wearing these one day." he broke the silence between the two of you, whispering those words only for you to hear. that simple sentence turned your face crimson red. you inhaled sharply in attempt to hold back the surprised giggle that was threatening to escape.
"you're mental." you guffawed, hiding your blushing face in your arms that were rested on the table. he smiled in satisfaction, that was the very reaction he wanted to get from you and he'd never felt so proud of himself.
"but to be fair, i would totally let you take me to the altar with paper rings." you said the words with a smirk and knew all too well that they sent him into a frenzy. he was certainly malfunctioning. he turned his head look at you, and neither of you could hold back your laughter after looking at each other's rose red faces.
"miss l/n! mister black!" slughorn looked at the two of you in shock. he did not miss the mess that you created on the table, or the rings that you and sirius had on your fingers either. his surprised reaction and the sheer terror you saw in him only made the giggles more difficult to stifle, so you accidentally laughed in his face.
"miss l/n!" the poor man could barely keep himself together, so he glanced over at sirius as if he was the last possible resort (which he was), searching for some form of explanation, "mister black, what's the meaning of this?"
"well, if you must know, we were just about to start planning our wedding." he cleared his throat as he spoke, trying to come off as formal as he possibly could. his serious facial expression and the blaringly obvious mocking tone of his voice made you snort, which sent the rest of the students into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. james appeared to be having a hard time breathing.
"very well. i will see you both after class. you are free to leave now." professor slughorn said blankly, walking back to his table and putting his glasses on as he returned to grading a pile of essays.
"yes, professor." sirius choked out, tugging at the sleeve of your jumper. you left the classroom snickering, and not without almost falling over because of your clumsy sprint.
"planning our wedding?" you questioned in amusement as you walked with him in the hallway, and he intertwined your fingers with his.
"yes, i'd like to think we just got engaged. " he pointed out what he thought was obvious, that smug smile never leaving his face.
"well, when you put it that way-" he kissed your cheek before you could put your thoughts into words, and you realised that getting in trouble this time may have indeed been worth it.
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adharastarlight · a day ago
James, taking the cup out of Reg's hands: you won't die without coffee.
Reg, taking it back with a scowl: no, but you might.
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englishboylover · a day ago
sirius *is bored, looking at the ceiling* : would you die for me remus?
remus *not looking up from his book, smirks* : i would die just because i feel like it but you are literally the only reason i am still alive.
sirius : *smiling, heart eyes, internal screaming, publishes +15k words fanfiction of friends to lovers*
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canyouhearmyfear · a day ago
since my boy peter pettigrew gets no love, here are some headcannons of him;
- he doesn’t know how to tie ties, Remus does it for him every morning or he just drapes it over his robes and says “good enough” until Remus gets fed up with it.
- Remus was to Peter what Sirius is to James.
- While I love aroace Peter, nothing beats slutty bisexual Peter because that man had people falling for him left and right.
- If the marauders lived in 2022, Peter would overuse emojis like a facebook mom.
- Once again if the marauders lived in 2022, Peter would never not have his vape. Like yes Remus is a nic fiend and Sirius smokes when stressed, but Peter is just vaping 24/7 no care.
- Peter is actually scared of dogs, and he’s made his fear known far before Sirius became a animagus, so when they all became animagi, they all were laughing their asses off because Peter looked deathly afraid of Padfoot. Peter learned to love dogs because of Padfoot.
- Peter doesn’t like horror movies, he loathes them. In fact he hates anything horror related tbh, one year Remus dragged them to a muggle haunted house and Peter punched one of the fake zombies in fear.
- He has to make “L”s with his hands to tell left from right (Sirius started doing it when he noticed Peter did it).
- He was the first person to clap when Sirius got sorted into Gryffindor, everyone else was stunned into silence until Peter started clapping.
- Peter knew all the gossip in Hogwarts (even before he was a rat animagus). Marlene, Pandora, and him often traded gossip secrets.
- He was the first one to know about Jegulus. Not that he wanted to, but because he kept accidentally walking in on them. (poor Peter).
- Peter was the first one not to trust Snape, however that later changed when he became a secret DE, being one the of first DEs to trust Snape.
- He didn’t want to be secret keeper but he did it anyway, not just because he wanted to betray James and Lily, but because it would blow his cover.
- Sometimes Peter snuck away from the Weasley’s to write letters to Remus apologizing for what he did but he always just burned them and returned back to the Burrow.
- He enjoyed jelly and eggs together but hated both separately.
- Peter and Marlene were extremely close, which is why he took the mission of killing her himself. He couldn’t let someone else be the last person his best friend sees.
- One day the Weasleys were walking around Diagon Alley with Scabbers and he saw a big black dog and he was so tempted to change back and greet the dog like it was Padfoot even though he knew it wasn’t.
- In first or second year James and him were talking about James’ crush on Lily and somehow they got onto the topic of kids and Peter said that “Harry Potter” would be a wonderful name for James’ son. He didn’t actually think James would name his son that but when he had to spend so long listening to Ron talk to/about Harry, he felt a little more guiltier each time.
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ddejavvu · a day ago
hey daisy!! happy mvm:))
actor!sirius and actress!reader (who are secretly dating) doing one of the vanity fair lie detector interviews to promote their new movie? i feel like sirius would get a question about his love life and just say “fuck it” and tell the whole world he’s in love with you lmao -🌊
today is multiverse monday! send me any au you can think of :)
"Right," The interviewer peers at Sirius's chart, his resting readout, "Do you get along well with your mum?"
"Christ, no." He nearly cackles, the readings on his chart unchanged, "I get along better with Y/N, for fuck's sake."
"Oh, really? You two have a sort of rivalry thing?" The man turns to you, eyes burning with curiosity, the greed for drama.
"Yeah," Sirius drawls confidently, "Can't bloody stand 'er."
You giggle lightheartedly at his answer, kicking him in the shin from where you sit. He fakes injury, all but writhing on the ground.
"Actually," The interviewer says, pointing at an irregular spike in the chart, "Seems like that's a lie. What exactly is your relationship with Y/N?"
Sirius finds himself backed into a corner he hadn't expected. Sure, he'd brush off easy questions with snide comments, but now, he's damned if he tells them, and damned if he doesn't.
"Uh," He hesitates, leg bouncing in place, "Well we've got trailers opposite each other, so that's rather nice, I suppose, but-"
"So neighbors?" The interviewer asks.
"Yeah," Sirius nods, a satisfied grin on his face from having escaped unscathed, "Neighbors."
"Not roommates or anything?" The man glances at the chart, "Nothing more than friends?"
"No," Sirius waves him off, though the detector gives him away, "That's- that's what it's supposed to look like, yeah?"
"Only when you're lying," You sing-song, one eyebrow quirked challengingly at him, "'Fess up, Siri."
"Fuckin'-" He starts, gnawing on his lower lip as he stares down the lens of the camera, "Oh, toss it. Yes, we're more. We're engaged, 'should be carvin' our initials into a tree right now. God," He laughs, the sound escaping as a scoff, "We have so much sex I can't believe I'm even able to move anymore, 'feels like we should've merged into one by now."
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sliebman10 · 2 days ago
"All right, your Majesty? Do you want your pillow fluffed? A different book? More soup?" Sirius asked, poking his head into the bedroom.
Remus raised his head to peer at Sirius, before flopping back down. "It's your Royal Highness to you."
"I'm sorry, King Moony, Lord of all werewolves…" Sirius said, sitting down next to him and placing his hand on Remus's forehead. "But for real. How are you feeling?"
"Exhausted and my joints hurt, but that's the usual."
Sirius ran his hand through Remus's hair and kissed his forehead.
"Just rest, love," Sirius said, sliding next to him and gently pulling him close.
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fruitcoops · a day ago
My current favorite thing is watching the videos of teams micing up their goalies (Hugo Anlefelt on the Bolts is a personal favorite) and I think Leo would be all over it and Bliz would try to act like it’s dumb but end up having so many good sound bites
The mic'd up chapters of Sweater Weather are honestly some of my favorites and this prompt was GREAT! Character credit goes to @lumosinlove
#30: Kasey Winter, Starting Goalie
“Hey, Bliz, wanna be mic’d for this game?” Kasey said under his breath, his voice pitching higher. “Nah, I’m good, Marley. Wouldn’t want to take good content from the guys. But it’ll be fun! Really, I’m good.
“And here we are anyway. What’s up, fuckers—sorry—what’s up, Lions?” He shifted to block a puck, letting it bounce neatly off his shin pad. “You’re watching the Kasey Winter Show, the heavily—shitgoddamnit—” Kasey lunged to knock another shot away and someone laughed in the distance. “—the heavily censored edition. Not that it matters. Nobody comes to talk to me. It’s like I’m in a little bubble. Harzy!”
“Talk to me!”
“Because nobody does!”
The scrape of skates came closer and Finn appeared soon after, a little sweaty at the edge of his hair from warmups. “People talk to you,” he said, affronted. “I talk to you.”
“Not during games.”
“Well, yeah, duh. You menace anyone that comes within ten feet.”
Kasey whacked him across the back of his legs with his stick and Finn yelped. “Say something funny, I’m mic’d.”
“You thought unicorns were a real animal until you were—”
“NO,” Kasey said loudly, drowning out the end of Finn’s sentence while he pulled the mic close to his own mouth. “Nope, you’re done, go away.”
“You said to be funny!” Finn laughed. “That’s funny as shit, dude!”
“Get away from my goal, O’Hara.”
“You wound me.”
*Editor’s Note: Game footage of Kasey Winter proved unusable due to repeated profane language. See www.lions.nhl.com for more.
#1: Leo Knut, Backup Goalie
“Hey, y’all, can you hear me?” Leo ducked his head toward the mic. “Hello? Hello? Testing one, two, three, all eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a—alright, sweet. Hi, mama! This is Leo Knut like the lizard, reporting for duty. I hope you’re not disappointed when this is just me talking to myself the whole game. Let’s see if I can grab anyone from warmups…”
He leaned away and cupped one hand around his mouth to shout—Sirius came into frame, obviously confused. “Quoi? Is something wrong?”
“Talk to my jersey.”
“…is that a metaphor?”
“I’m mic’d, you’re famous, and I have no idea what to say,” Leo laughed, holding the edge of his jersey out.
Sirius rolled his eyes and whacked the back of his helmet. “Rite of passage, Knutty. Figure it out.”
“I feel so loved right now,” Leo deadpanned while Sirius skated away. “Like, so appreciated and welcomed.”
“Just talk to yourself like usual!”
“Aww, shucks, he knows my habits,” Leo said. Sirius’ nonverbal response was lost, but it made him grin. “Alright, y’all, we’re just doing warmups now. I’m gonna do my stretches, which help me get ready to do the splits, which is badass but involves me throwing it back toward several thousand people. Am I allowed to say that? Throwing it back? Is that too vulgar?”
A beat passed before he nodded.
“Sick, we’re good. Fuck me sideways with a chainsaw—oh, that’s too vulgar. Got it. It’s good to have parameters. I like defined spots. Is that because I’m a goalie? Probably.”
Period 1
“I’m standing by myself,” Leo singsonged, his stick across his knees. “I’m staaaaanding by myself and it’s been over a minute and I’m getting a little b—oh, shit, fuck, here we go—”
The mic filled with rustling and thuds, punctuated by the sharp crack of hockey sticks colliding while the two teams fought for the puck and Leo dove for it; the commotion was over in the blink of an eye and he straightened.
“Whew,” he half-laughed, breathless. “We’re hot tonight. Welcome to goalie life, everyone: singing to yourself while your friends have fun without you, and then throwing yourself bodily into a pit of people with no spatial awareness.
“That’s not true,” he corrected after a moment’s pause, tapping the stray puck back when Logan looped around the back of the goal. “They have really good awareness. They just don’t care about running me over.”
Period 2
“Twenty-four,” Leo grunted as he trapped the puck beneath his guard and curled over it. “Oh, motherfuckers, you better give me—ow—twenty-four uninterrupted hot shower minutes, now.”
Someone shouted in the mess when he knocked the puck into play once again. It hardly took two seconds for the mass of players to dissipate like smoke in the wind.
“Twenty-four,” Leo repeated, tipping his helmet back to swipe an arm over his forehead. His hair was dark blond and dripping with sweat; his pads heaved with each breath. “That’s too many attempts in my opinion. Why are all of you so hyped? It’s a fuckin’ Tuesday. Who am I kidding, I’m so shot with adrenaline right now it doesn’t feel legal.”
Period 3
“Oh god.”
“Move your ass!”
“Got it! Got it, it’s mine, go away!”
The montage ended as Leo came up from his most recent save and straightened his helmet, shaking his shoulders out with a long exhale. “I know I was making jokes earlier, but I swear to God I pay attention,” he laughed through his panting. The whistle blew and his whole body relaxed as gameplay paused, leaving the players to mill around—Logan meandered over and knocked their visors together, one arm looping around Leo’s waist.
“Nice one, Peanut.”
Leo grinned at him and patted his lower back. “Gotta show off. I’m mic’d today.”
“Harz got pulled for an interview, but he wants Thai for dinner.”
“Oh, fuck me, yes,” he breathed, drawing a snort from Logan.
They bumped fists as Logan skated away backwards. “Five minutes left.”
“Five minutes,” Leo echoed, settling into his crouch again. “Wow, I bet Bliz would be a lot more exciting than me. He knows a lot of the technical stuff. My only advice is ‘catch the puck and don’t drop it’.”
End of Game
“Bliz!” Leo waved both arms over his head, bouncing a little on his skates until Kasey scooted down the bench to him. “Hi.”
“Did you need something?”
“Yeah, Marlene told me to give people advice when she mic’d me, but I don’t know anything.”
Kasey cleared his throat and bent until his mouth was right next to the tiny microphone. “Catch the puck,” he said sagely. “And don’t drop it.”
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