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pairing - xavier thorpe x reader
summary - when a certain drawing appears, the feelings get confessed.
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a/n : i really hate this, and this is so trash. i just wanted something with some best friends to lovers and angst stuff. but i promise i will write a better one soon.
seeing that you hadn't have really talked to xavier, because the boy had been busy the whole day, you decided to go check up on him.
it was late, so you weren't sure if he would be awake, but a smile appeared on your face, when the door opened.
"hi," you brushed past the boy, as you entered the room.
hearing his voice always made your heart beat a little faster and you could feel the red tint cover your cheeks.
"so what were you doing?" you started to walk over to his desk.
he quickly went up to close the sketchbook, that you had noticed, which was opened, "nothing."
your brows slightly furrowed.
it was no secret that xavier was a private person. he found it hard trusting people, even harder understanding if the good words they say, isn't just a mask, that hides their true face.
so when, the boy had showed the lines he had sketched into beautiful drawings, not to mention his gift of making them come alive, made you feel honored that he feels comfortable around you. it was something so small, but yet so important to you, that he shared his passion for art with you.
but here you were, confused, as for why he had pushed you away, making your heart sting.
"did you want something?"
your eyes met his.
even though he tried to not sound rude, you could see it in his green eyes, the ones that made you feel at home, that you hadn't come at the best time.
you could feel yourself getting a little frustrated.
"why have you been ignoring me today?"
"i haven't," he turned around and started cleaning up his desk.
"yes, you have," you walked closer to him, "why? did i do something?"
"no," he went to through away the tissues in the bin, that were stained with paint, "either way, don't you have a date with Tyler?"
you furrowed your eyebrows, "what are you talking about?"
"i saw you two at the cafeteria yesterday. both looked real friendly," he tried to walk past you but you stood in front of him.
"he was asking about wednesday," you looked him in the eyes, "but why do you even care?"
"i don't," the boy brushed past you and went to put the sketchbook, that he had in his hands, away, but you took it from him.
you started opening it up, while stepping away from him, "y/n, give it back."
"y/n," as he was reaching to take the the book from you, your eyes landed on a page.
he had drawn you.
you looked at him, only to find the boy already looking at you, "look i-"
he let out a frustrated laugh, "are you joking?"
you just furrowed your eyebrows more, "i don't understand"
after a long silence just looking at each other, he finally stated, "i like you, y/n, okay?," he sighed, "i really like you, and just seeing you with Ty-"
but before he could finish his sentence, you had pressed your lips against his.
it felt unreal.
the boy you grew to adore, the boy for who you have had feelings for, the boy who you were kissing now, had felt the same way.
you broke apart, still inches away from each other, "i like you too."
all he did was smile, before attaching his lips back to yours.
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wttcsms winter writing week;
Tumblr media
𝒘𝒕𝒕𝒄𝒔𝒎𝒔 𝒘𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒓 𝒘𝒓𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒘𝒆𝒆𝒌
throughout the month of december, i’ll be gifting all of you fics! all fics combined will be well worth over 60k words of content + featuring a variety of characters to ensure everyone has at least one fic for their fave! happy holidays 🤍
Tumblr media
DEC. 1, love cuts just like a knife (you make the knife feel so good)
pairing phillip graves x f!reader synopsis lover and victim are synonymous when it comes to those who fall into phillip graves’ trap. you learn this lesson a little bit too late. alternatively: an ambitious twenty-five year old graves will do anything for recognition and a promotion. even using you, a renowned general’s daughter, as a means to an end. collateral damage is insignificant when it comes to reaping the rewards of love and war, after all.  content contains age gap (reader is 19, phillip is 25), manipulation, loss of virginity, possessive sex, possessive!phillip, jealous sex, lovers to enemies, naive + inexperienced!reader, mentions of pregnancy, power imbalance, literally heavily inspired by taylor swift’s “all too well (10 min version)” + “would’ve, could’ve, should’ve” </3
DEC. 7, yours to keep
pairing simon “ghost” riley x f!reader synopsis when your family is facing international death threats, your father requests security assistance to keep you safe. you’ll do anything to get rid of your brand new 6′4 shadow that follows you everywhere you go, but you underestimate just how far this soldier will go to follow orders; but when it comes time for him to move on to his next assignment, you find it harder to let him go. content contains diplomat’s daughter!reader, bodyguard!ghost, light degradation, praise kink, spanking, brat taming
DEC. 12, do you think i have forgotten about you?
pairing könig x f!reader synopsis when your father needs help securing his company’s biggest deal with the private military faction, kortac, you jump in with a solution. you’ll prove that your father has nothing but this group’s best interest in mind because family loyalty is practically unbreakable — and you’ll help him secure this supposedly unbreakable bond by calling in a favor with your childhood best friend: könig, who’s supposedly one of their best operators.  content contains weapons manufacturing company heiress!reader, childhood friends to strangers with a history to lovers, mutual pining, size kink, loss of virginity (for könig <3), marriage of convenience/contract marriage, forced proximity, oh no! there’s only one bed! muhahaha
DEC. 13, i know there’s a blade where your heart is (and you know how to use)
pairing simon “ghost” riley x f!reader synopsis secret intelligence isn’t the usual career path for most individuals, but you’ve been born into it. trained to be the best, you find yourself as the only spy on task force 141. you don’t expect simon riley, one of the people you’ve had to play while on a mission, to be one of your teammates. alternatively: five times the two of you miss out on the chance to be together + the one time you two finally let the tension snap. content contains semi-slow burn romance, international spy!reader, forced proximity, almost lovers to enemies to reluctant allies to lovers (relationship status: it’s complicated), mutual pining, requited unrequited love, oh no! there’s only one bed!, overstimulation, size kink, clothed sex, semi-public sex
DEC. 14, i won’t ask you to stay if you don’t ask me to wait
pairing alejandro vargas x f!reader synopsis for as long as you can remember, alejandro has always been larger than life to you. growing up, he was the boy in the neighborhood who wasn’t scared of anything; he chased off the bullies for you, he killed the bugs for you, he’s the one that carried you on his back when you scraped your knee playing outside. but then he and rodolfo leave you behind to enlist in the army. they stopped visiting and stopped returning your letters, until eventually, they’re nothing but sweet memories from your childhood. one night, though, you open the loud banging on your front door, only to be greeted by the boy from your memories all grown up and wanting closure.  content contains slight angst, hurt/comfort, ambiguous ending, childhood friends to almost lovers to strangers to one night stand, unresolved feelings, requited unrequited love, mutual pining, childhood crushes, soft sex, possessive sex, breeding kink
DEC. 15, you’re out of touch, i’m out of time
pairing keegan p. russ x f!reader synopsis you work at a high-end brothel catering towards vile, rich men and brutal mercenaries. there are rules you girls must abide by, but the owner of your brothel fails to add some important guidelines: don’t fall in love with the masked sniper who treats you like the most precious thing in the world; do not help him in taking down this whole crooked organization; and absolutely do not run away with him to start a new life.  content contains possessive sex, possessive/obsessive!keegan, slightly forbidden romance (you are a sex worker at an enemy owned brothel, keegan is here to expose the owner and take down the whole operation), breeding kink, size kink/size difference, praise kink
DEC. 16, it will come back
pairing jason todd x f!reader synopsis you should’ve known better than to take in strays; that soft heart of yours is going to be the reason why you meet your early demise. alternatively: jason todd, your first love, comes back from the dead... after hearing about your engagement to someone who is most certainly not him. ouch. content contains socialite!reader, size kink/size difference, huge breeding kink, slight dubcon, possessive sex, possessive!jason, mentions of virginity loss/first time, jealous sex
DEC. 17, i thought the plane was going down (how’d you turn it right around?)
pairing kyle “gaz” garrick x f!reader synopsis five times kyle pretends like he’s not hopelessly in love with you and just plays off his not-so subtle confessions as a joke + the one time he admits to it being real.  content contains lovesick!gaz, weapons contract auditor!reader, mutual pining, gaz has got it bad for you, praise kink, sweet n soft sex, love confessions, gaz is a golden retriever bf confirmed, jealousy
DEC. 18, no more keepin’ score (now i just keep you warm)
pairing dick grayson x f!reader synopsis the two of you have never been the type to befriend the opposite sex without some sort of benefits being involved, but with the both of you too prideful to give in to the other yet too weak to stay away from each other, something’s gotta give eventually. alternatively: playboy extraordinaire dick grayson meets his match — and much to his dismay (and desire), you just might play the game better than he does. content contains womanizer!dick x maneater!reader, slowburn, banter, mutual pining but pride and arrogance gets in the way, play stupid games; win stupid prizes, this whole fic is so taylor swift coded, size kink, jealousy, possessive sex
+ potential surprises during the week of christmas 🤍
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
With that out of the way, let the sad dwarf brother hours commence 😭 because this hurt a lot
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Feels so Good|Shuri x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: You thought you could party without repercussions but sadly, you were mistaken.
Request: can you please write #128(bend over and [email protected] your legs) on the prompt list?
Word Count: 0.9k
Pairing: Shuri x black!reader
A/n: When I saw this request I was a bit hesitant to write it but I think it came out good. If you like this one, request some more prompts from the list.
Warnings: SMUT SMUT SMUT, I MEAN IT'S PURE FILTH, cvm [email protected], dom!Shuri, drinking, light yelling and angst, [email protected], nicknames: princess, daddy; return of the vibranium [email protected], overstim, heavy explicit language, [email protected]!reader, d!rty talk, [email protected] out, I think that's it
It was like a scene out of Euphoria, you were swinging and grinding on your friends while some song was playing in the background. Shuri had invited you to a nightclub and you brought some of your friends and even bought out the bartender to make you free drinks all night. 
What Shuri hadn’t planned for was you dancing on every surface and everyone you knew; your friends hyping you up and dancing with/on you didn’t exactly help Shuri’s case. She was the type to get jealous easily but she’d never show it unless you crossed a line and that you did:
“Heyyy omg it would be so fun to get on a table and dance! C’mon Guys!!!” You shouted, tipsy.
“YESSSS OMG YES” Your friends shouted.
“Not so fast, princess.” Shuri said, grabbing your arm before you could go anywhere.
“Hey let go of me!” You said slightly slurring your words.
“Stop trying to do stupid shit or I’lll take you home and punish you.” Shuri said in your ear.
“What are you going to do?” You said with a smirk.
“Okay that’s it.” Shuri downed the rest of her drink, “lets go” 
Shuri grabbed your arm and ushered you out.
“Hey my friends are back in there.” You whined.
“Griot, call an uber big enough for Y/n’s friends.” Shuri spoke
“Yes, princess.” Griot responded, almost like clockwork
Once Shuri got into the car with you, she gave you a look that could kill you. You gulped and stayed silent for the rest of the ride. 
When you got back to the palace, Shuri cornered you.
“Y/n, what the fuck was that?” She said, angrily. “I mean I invite YOU to a nightclub, not your friends but I let that slide; I let you dance like a slut with your friends that I barely know and I fucking bought you drinks for the entire night and THIS is how you repay me?” Shuri said, leaning in and getting in your face.
“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t know it bothered you so much.” You said, sobering up a bit.
“I’m sorry.” You said. You felt about 2 inches tall right now. You knew you guys had a height difference but now it feels so apparent.
“You’re gonna be sorry in the morning.” Shuri said.
“Wha-” You started.
 “Someone needs to put this pussy in its place. Bend over and spread your legs,” Shuri ordered.
“Yes ma’am.” You complied. You knew you were in no position to argue back.
Shuri smacked your ass.
“You’re walking a thin line Y/n you know that, right?” Shuri asked, kneading your ass.
You were a bit caught off guard.
“Um, yes.” You answered, a bit confused.
Shuri delivered another harsh smack to your ass. You felt your juices pooling but Shuri had discarded your panties when she bent you over.
“You know what to call me and don’t make me have to extend your punishment.” Shuri said
“Sorry, daddy.” You said.
“Good girl. See you’re not just a dumb slut.” Shuri said mockingly.
Even though you knew it wasn’t sincere, it still made you feel happy.
Shuri delivered one last smack before getting on her knees and licking a stripe up your folds. She circled her tongue around your clit before putting it inside your soaked hole.
“Ahhh Shuri, that feels so good.” You said, instantly realizing your mistake.
“That’s it,” She said.
Shuri got up and grabbed her new prototype of a strap. It was huge and looked like it wouldn’t fit. 
“Looks like someone needs a harsher form of punishment.” Shuri said.
“Please daddy, I’ll be good I promise” You pleaded.
“Shut the fuck up and bend over like I told you.” She instructed.
You did as you were told.
“You spoiled little fucking brat. Maybe this will teach you to have some respect.” She said, rubbing the cold metal against your folds and over your clit. You flinched but were quickly shut down by a harsh smack to your ass.
Shuri pushed the strap in and moaned. She programmed it so that it would make her feel the same sensation it was making you feel. You’ve never felt something so big inside of something so small. You moaned as Shuri pushed the strap in and out of you. You felt yourself gripping the strap everytime she pulled out of you.
“You’re so wet and tight, sthandwa.” Shuri said, eyes rolled back in her head and head thrown back.
You moaned and just as the pain seemed to go away, the pleasure came in tenfold. The toy started vibrating inside of you. 
“D-Daddy I’m gonna cum.” You moaned
“Mmmmm cum for daddy, princess.” Shuri said, barely above a whisper.
You came and Shuri followed suit. The waves of pleasure seemed to never stop washing over you. You felt something run down your leg:
“I programmed it so that my juices would come out in you. Shuri explained.
“Mmmmm it feels so good.” You said
You felt Shuri spin you around.
“That was really good.” You said, groggily.
“Yeah it was. I hope you're ready for round two.” Shuri smirked.
Your eyes widened at the comment.
“What?” You said.
“I told you you were getting punished.” Shuri whispered.
Shuri picked you up and whisked you away to the bedroom.
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aegon/aemond/jace’s reaction to their s/o coming to them and breaking down over their feelings of depression and anxiety from suddenly being a prominent figure in the realm as their betrothed
Aegon understands completely. He too feels that way about his own position. He would tell them he wishes he could take them far away and just live their lives. Aegon would comfort you as best he can, he is also helpless and anxious about this situation so he can only offer so much comfort.
Aemond shields his lover from the public as much as he can. Although they are still quite prominent in the public eye. He would comfort them with love and affection. Sleeping in with them when he can, bathing with them and walking with them. He tries to spend as much time with them away from prying eyes as possible.
All Jace could do is hold his lover close. He doesn't know how else to help them, he can't change his status or birthright. He tries to cheer his lover up as much as possible, keeping them distracted so maybe the anxiety won't creep in.
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—word count; 1,395
—summary; Xavier was the one to come find you after you'd been trapped in your own head for a couple days.
—warnings; mental health issues (r), self doubting thoughts (r), suicidal thoughts/intentions (r), eating disorder (?) & depression (r). crying. reader and Xavier r not in a relationship. mentions of throwing up. I AM IN NO WAY ROMANTICISING MENTAL HEALTH OR THESE DISORDERS!!! I just needed to write something comforting about how I'm feeling atm. if I missed any warnings please let me know <3.
Tumblr media
everything around you felt dull and dark. it felt like it was suffocating you, dragging you down into its mass. it had this horrible feeling of loneliness splashed into the mix, filling up your lungs until you were drowning in it. and what was worse, nobody cared enough to pull you out. you supposed it was your own fault really, over the summer you had tried to erase yourself, unanswered texts and missed calls piled up and eventually your friends stopped trying. it hurt, but you had achieved your motive in the end. unfortunately rumors were now circling about the school, saying that you thought you were too good for your old friends and that's why you ghosted them. ironic, your mind that loved to torture you so was laughing at you. yet, today you didn't seem to care enough to express it outwardly. hair askew, uniform crinkled, eyebags that felt ever so heavy, you dragged yourself to the library. earning a few glares and nudges on your way, you had guessed they were fueled by the rumors. despite looking worse than death itself, no one seemed to notice the longing for it behind your soulless eyes. as you passed through the many hallways, you spotted your old friends all laughing together through a window. you felt a pang of hurt seeing them so unaffected by your absence, although you knew you didn't have the right to, not after you ignored them. though many students blocked your view of them, Enid still managed to clock you gazing at them. in an act of panic you walked away, but not before you heard Ajax call your name. fortunately for you a study period was last on your schedule, so you just made your way to your dorm, trying to look as inconspicuous as one could when speed walking away from a group of people.
your room was your only outlet of peace, everybody teenager knew that, which is why you didn't understand why someone was now banging on your door when they were meant to be in class anyway. you didn't have the energy nor the care to open the door. not leaving your dorm in three and a half days had made you feel like jelly whenever you moved, that and all those days depriving yourself of food, water and daylight didn't help either. you had hoped it was punishment enough for pushing your friends away, but apparently something in your body wanted for you to suffer more, curled up in your bed staring at a blank wall until you fell asleep. the showers and the cookie basket your mother sent were calling to you, almost as inviting as a siren song. but with most things these days you couldn't find it in yourself to want to or care. the incessant knocking on your door continued, as well as the now overuse of your name being called. in all honesty the thought of someone seeing you like this made you want to throw up, probably what they would do at the sight of you. ah, your mind was torturing you again, enough to make you teeter and sway at the edge, but never enough to push you over and watch you tumble down until you hit rock bottom. you heard your doorknob turn and someone walk in, you thought you had locked your door? not knowing who it was you were ready for some judgemental looks being thrown your way when they saw your state, although you were hoping it was an axe murderer coming to end your pathetic and dreary life. apparently not as Xavier was all that flooded your vision. "y/n, what the fuck? everyone thought you were dead" the sentence had come out more venomous than he'd of liked, but right now it was hard to sound soft as he stared at his friend looking like she'd been drained of all life. "might as well be" your throaty response came out quiet, but he heard, and it broke his heart more than when you'd dumped him right before summer. though it was the first time he'd heard you speak in 9 weeks, he could hear all the self loathing and resentment your tone held. Xavier laid a hand on your arm, rubbing soothing circles that spread the first warmth you'd felt in weeks through your body, then he asked the question everyone like you dreaded and hoped for at the same time. "are you okay?" somehow, you still had enough fluids in you to push down your stoic barrier and let everything pour out. tears began to stream down your cheeks, which only worried the boy that knelt beside you further. "y/n?" the call of your name passed right through you, too busy gasping between sobs to acknowledge he was talking to you. "y/n? can you sit up for me?" his tone was mellow, just as soft as his touch that had now trailed down to your hands. you supposed he didn't want to upset you more than you already were by sounding angry. despite the gnawing thought of wanting to curl up in a ball and die because someone had seen you like this, you maneuvered your body languidly so you could lean against the wall, because you knew that this was best for you right now. and after a moment of putting the deep breathing exercises Dr. Kinbott gave you to good use, a tissue was held in front of you. your shaky hand reached out and grasped it, barely strong enough to hold it up to your face. "i'm sorry" the words escaped you before you could even choose to say them, a frown etching it's way onto Xavier's brows when he heard. "why are you apologizing?"
"I-" the words died in your throat once you realized you weren't quite sure why, was it because you dumped him?, because of the fact you ignored him all summer only for him to be the person comforting you at your lowest?, both? "you don't have to apologize for feeling things'' you didn't quite know how to respond to that. your lack of response gave him another opening to speak. "do you want to talk more about it after some food and a shower?" nodding, you followed his slow movements to walk towards the door, planning to grab clean clothes and a towel on the way. that plan was quickly brushed to the back of your mind when your vision clouded over with black spots, weakening you until you collapsed back onto your bed with a shaky breath that alerted Xavier to your troubles. stupid. you couldn't even walk right. "woah, you alright? want me to grab a nurse?" all that followed was a brisk shake of your head and tears making their home under your lash line once again. "i'm sorry" you squeaked out, voice quivery with the sniffles. "hey, it's okay. there's no need for apologies over this, yeah?" your body sought out refuge as it leant into his palm he had placed gently on your cheek, his affection burning your skin with a familiar warmth that had always come to you when the two of you were dating. "yeah"
you wondered how he felt about all this, watching his ex fall apart multiple times in ten minutes for a reason that was unknown to him. god, you must have looked stupid. "i'm sorry, Xavier" you finally spoke after an awkward silence, both waiting for the other to say something. "hey, what did I just-" "no, it's. it's not for that," he watched you carefully, as if he looked too hard you might crack under his gaze. you hated that, but nevertheless you were grateful he cared. "i'm sorry for ignoring you this summer, it wasn't fair to you, or to anyone else i ditched. i- i just, i want you to know it wasn't because of you. i just thought it might hurt less for you and me when i…." the rest was caught in your throat as you couldn't bring yourself to say it in front of him, the boy who'd said he would give you the whole world if he could. the boy who treated you like royalty every minute you spent together, the boy who used to love you more than anything else. he didn't deserve to hear what you were about to say. "when you..?" one glance up into his curious green eyes was all it took for him to understand. you could see him trying to mask the pain for your sake, hiding it so you didn't feel guilty. but you already did. "i-i'm sor-" you were promptly interrupted when Xavier spoke over you, eyes gazing fondly into yours. "hey,"
"no more sorries, 'k?"
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Here we go: a selkie reader making a deal with Azul and using his seal coat as collateral. Bonus if Azul has to do research on selkies once homeboy leaves.
Azul: "Jade I need you to run to the library and get everything you can find on Selkies!"
Have full creative freedom! (I just love selkies and it makes me sad when people try to ignore the whole coat gimmick that's super important to them!) NSFW or SFW go nuts!
Yuu is Killed
Yuu has hair mentioned and is a selkie. They’re a ray of dumb sunshine like Kalim to make this hurt more The first year squad are all homies before ch 3
“You won't get away with this Azul! I swear to the seven!” Ace snarls at Azul as he is forcibly escorted out of the headmage's office by Deuce who is shaking in silent rage. “Watch yer back!” Epel shouts, face red and flustered as Crowley forcefully pushes him out of the room followed by an enraged Sebek.
“Curse you Azul! It's all your fault!” The fae shouts as he's escorted out by Jack, cradling a crying Ortho, in shock over the news. Jack shot the trio a wordless glare as he rushed out with Ortho in one arm and Sebek's hand in his own as the man shakes in pure hatred. Azul shook as well, but this time, in fear and grief.
“Azul. You are very lucky that that student had no home or family to speak of. Because of this, and also because it has nothing to do with the blackmail you have on me, I will allow all three of you to continue your education here. Under one condition.” Crowley paused, for once in his life being serious. “ You get rid of the anemones once and for all. That is what started this.” 
“Y-yes, sensei… I understand…” Azul trailed off in a daze. Nothing felt real at all. He… He didn’t mean it! He truly didn’t! Yuu had to be alive! he couldn't imagine it any other way! H-he was just talking to them yesterday! They couldn’t be dead! His little ‘gang’ was just that: A few young adults causing some mischief! Nothing more! It wasn’t ever supposed to go as far as it did. Never as far as this! 
The tear-stained and solemn look on the usually cheerful Floyd’s face cemented reality. Jade’s genuine frown and glossy eyes showed that even he was shaken up. Yuu was dead. And it was all. Their. Fault. Crowley dismissed them hastily, and the group took their leave.
Azul was going to rip up every single one of the contracts to get rid of the guilt as he mulls over what happened. He remembers their conversation just the other day as well. Such a bright, young student. Gone.
“Ah, evening there Yuu…”
“Hmm?” The prefect tilted their head as they turned around to face the trio where they stood in the hallway. Floyd to the left and Jade to right with Azul standing in the center. An obvious attempt at intimidation that went over the ‘magicless’ students head as they brush down the oversized fur coat they wear. 
“Oh, it’s you three!” Yuu says cheerfully, pulling out a thermos from their bag, before turning their full attention to Azul. And yet, at the time he only smirked at them, seeing them as nothing more than easy prey. What a foul he was to not recognize the gem of a person that stood in front of him. Jade and Floyd stole a few glances at each other.
“As you are aware, finals are tomorrow.” Yuu nodded. “Yup I’m quite nervous since I’m not from this realm, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. Oh! And you all as well!” Oh, what a bright smile they had…
“What if I can guarantee you a good score, Yuu? In fact—“ “Oh sorry! I can't study with you guys.” Floyd snorted. “Huh?” Yuu frowned slightly. “I'm much too busy with my study session with Deuce, and then there’s Grim, so yeah, sorry.” How hardworking they were…
Azul was taken aback for a moment before clearing his throat before the other two could interject. “No you misunderstand, I was going to make a deal with you and offer you a study guide.” “For the test?” Yuu asked just to be interrupted by Floyd with a ‘duh.’
Yuu just chuckles. “Seems the rumors are true. You’re a hard worker Azul.” Azuls expression turned to disbelief before he preened himself, “That I am.” “However, I am afraid I cannot accept this study guide. You have put a lot of work into it, I cannot imagine using it without having earned it. ‘Sides I do better studying on my own.” Yuu put their hands in their large, oversized coat pockets, messy hair adding to their charm of them. If it was real fur, Azul notes, it must have been really expensive.
“No, no, you will pay me back in time-“ “Sorry Azul, I don't have much money since this world has different currency.” Jade and Floyd were now snickering at Azul’s failed attempts to hook this student into a contract. “Plus I would forget to go over it. Anyways…” Yuu said, shaking their thermos in their hand before pulling something out from their bag., “Want some hot cocoa? I would have offered coffee, but the juniors were just lining up for it since it's the night before exams, I guess they’re gonna cram tonight.”
“Oh! Oh!” I want some!” Floyd shouted. “You’re… giving out hot cocoa?” Jade asked, amusedly. Yuu just nodded. “Made some cocoa and some coffee for my class but still have a lot of cocoa leftover. Want a cup?” “Sure.” Jade replied. “And you Azul?” 
Azul crossed his arms, “No thank you.” Yuu nodded and pulled out a few containers, looking closely, Azul can see that the cups were made of plants— leaves to be specfic. As Yuu poured out some cocoa into the strange containers, Azul interrogated them. “You’re giving out free drinks?” “Of course?” “Youre not charging for it all?” “Nope!” Yuus sincere smile made him sick, “I know not everyone can afford it and I made a lot anyways, so I'm giving it away.”
Yuu handed over the first cup to Floyd who squealed before taking a sip. “Those cups…” “I made them out of a type of non-toxic leaf that doesn't affect the flavor at all!” Yuu poured another glass for Jade who nodded and took it from them politely.”I’m so used to seeing plastic on the ocean floor, I was sick of it, so I made a few biodegradable alternatives… The ocean is my love after all, it hurts to see it polluted.” They frown.
Before Azul could even ask, Yuu cut him off for the final time that night. “In any case, get some rest tonight you three. Your mind needs to rest if you want to do your best, after all! Especially you Azul.” “Me?” Azul asked, as Yuu leaned in close to his face. “Yup! You work too hard sometimes, you know? We all see it…” 
They tucked a strand of hair behind his ear before letting go.“anyways… Bye guys!” Yuu waved, walking off into the hallway, leaving Azul confused as ever…
Then came the day. The day before it all went to shit. The last day he would see Yuus bright face. A bright, hopeful face so full of love and knowledge. A true sweetheart much like Kalim. 
As expected of Azul’s plan, Crowley sent Yuu after him with his most recent exploits. Now it was up to Yuu to stop his plan, unaware how they fell right into his trap. A simple deal was all it was supposed to be, Yet Yuu was determined as ever to barter. Azul always admired their fiery attitude.
“I agree to your terms on one condition!” He smirked so cruelly at them, who didn't deserve it. “Oh?” “I will give you my pelt instead, and you are only allowed to take my dorm after three days if I fail! Got it?” “And remind me, why would I want your pelt?” Yuu just tilted their head at him.
“Because it has all my magic in it…” Yuu stated. “I am a selkie. Our power is in our pelts! Without it, well, it's just important to us.” Yuu trailed off, taking off their fluffy coat, shaking the whole way, yet brave as ever they held it out to him. “Do we have a deal?” They ask.
Selkie pelts… selkie pelts… It only took a few quick searches on his phone to understand the significance of them. Without their pelt, a selkie is never allowed in the sea again. Oh this was rich. Utterly perfect. 
They would not be able to even go anywhere near the ocean to fill out their part of the deal! Azul wore a wicked smirk as he gave the order to the twins. He was winning this contract easily.
 “Jade, Floyd? Go keep an eye on Yuu. You know the drill…”
The two eels gave a slimy smile. “Yes boss…”
Azul was none the wiser of what was happening underwater. As far as he was concerned, it was an easy win. He wasn't aware of the fight Yuu had to put up the second they stepped into the coral sea. As they waded through the ocean depths with their friends. 
The sea was suffocating even with the potion, as the waves and riptides tried to tear Yuu to shreds for even entering the water they were now exiled from without their pelt. All they had to do was to hang on a bit longer… Push a little harder. WIth their friends by their side that would be no problem. Jack and Ace helped to support the, as Deuce made sure their breathing was normal.
All they had to do was hang in a little longer and grab that photo. From there all will be well and they can head back and get their pelt again! It was going well until a certain pair of eels came around.
With a blast of magic, the eels stopped the group where they stood, with the only way to continue being to fight. They ruined everything. As the battle dragged out, the ocean’s water became even more suffocating to Yuu as they fought to even stand without keeling over in pain, the water practically crushing them.
With a finall blow from the want, Floyd sent out a weak water spell… that ricocheted off of Jacks spell and aimed directly at Yuu. At most all the spell could do was knock them out, however Yuu was a selkie in forbidden territory. Water was deadly to them. The instant the spell made contact with their skin, they crumpled. 
For a minute they held their throat in pain, crying out. Air bubbles escaped their throat. Were they drowning? “Yuu!” Ace shrieked rushing to them, battle forgotten. The eels tensed up before diving down to check on Yuu. Despite their fight, they didn't want to truly hurt anyone.
Yuu’s tears merged with the ocean around them. As Jade went to grab them to take them up to the surface it was too late. The second Jade went to touch Yuu they dissolved right in his hands. All that remained was sea foam.
Yuu was gone. Forever. And it would haunt the trio for the rest of their lives. They killed someone. A genuine and kind someone. Someone who made the world a better place, now snuffed out, forever. And they would have to live with the guilt and the looks of absolute hatred from Jack and the rest of their friends, forever.
As seafoam washed against the island shore. They hoped that could see Yuu once more.
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missglaskin · 2 days ago
Yandere Targaryen Family (Jaehaerys’ reign) hcs 
Note-While this is mainly platonic. Also a lot of ANGST, please send happy concepts to cheer me up 
Tumblr media
The good queen Alysanne was known for her gentle, kind and loving nature. It was expected of her to show that nature to a child. What isn’t expected is for the queen to bring the child-you with her on dragonback. To have you bathed, dressed and given your own chambers. Seeing Alysanne so doting to you as if she were your mother befuddled the court. 
Daenerys, Aemon and Baelon were all set to meet you, their new member of the family. Daenerys eagerly welcomed and accepted you. She always wanted a sister and finally got her wish. Not even minutes after your meeting, Daenerys drags you by the arm to show you the pretty places around the castle. Baelon and Aemon follow behind, still unsure on what to think of you. Alysanne watches it happen all with a smile on her face. 
Baelon and Aemon though quickly grow attached to you. Like they do with Daenerys, they hang on every word you say and it’s easy to convince them to do your bedding. The two brothers are also clingy, following you around the castle. Baelon is less embarrassed than Aemon when it comes to affection, happily holding your hand as the two of you walk through the halls. 
Jaehaerys demands to see you, surprised by the news that his wife allegedly adopted a child into the family. While he’s apprehensive at first, he soon finds himself becoming so fond of you. What the court thought to be their king trying to bring some sense to his wife. Is instead finding little you on the king’s lap as he, just like the queen, dotes on you. 
The king and queen spoils you rotten. Every wish and desire is fulfilled. They will bring you the rarest fruits and books. All your dresses are personally chosen by the queen, loving to style you in them, showering you with compliments. Jaehaerys is much more indulgent when it comes to you. Sometimes Alysanne tries not to be, but she can’t help it. You deserve nothing but the best in their eyes. 
When the winter came and the disease followed. Daenerys complained of feeling cold and died not long after. Putting the king and queen in grief. They were also terrified for you to get sick as well. To the point, Jaehaerys had you locked in the chambers and no one was to touch you until he’s sure the illness faded over time. In their times of grief, the two found solace in you. 
When Alyssa was born, as she did with Baelon- she followed you everywhere. Tugging your dress when she wants your attention. Sometimes she had to compete for your attention with her brothers, who would try to use their status as an older sibling to keep you to themselves. If anyone needs to find Baelon, Aemon or Alyssa, they need to find you first as your siblings hardly left your side. 
The three of you were often getting in trouble. Alyssa and Baelon were the more ‘fun’ ones as the two were quite mischievous. Aemon tries to be the responsible one, but he likes to see you happy, so he goes along. The two brothers also against wishes would secretly spar with you and Ayssa. It’s not until when you got slightly hurt during one of them, did Jaehaerys and Alysanne put a stop to it. 
Maegelle also like Alyssa, trails after your every step. Alyssa jokes how she won’t have to deal with her, only to be annoyed as it means that she must share your attention for another. Maegelle was quiet, but with you, she felt much more at ease. She loved when you would read to her, laying against your shoulder as you did. 
When Maegelle had to take her vows, it came with not seeing you as often. She promises to send you a raven every other day. And she kept all your letters in a little box, to look at them fondly whenever she’s down. When arrives at the castle, you’re the first she wishes to see and everyone is surprised to see the quiet Maegelle embrace you so tightly. 
You were the only one who Vaegon could feel truly comfortable with. Everyone judged him for his blunt nature and not being a good fighter like his brothers. At feasts or any other events, he’s found standing near you, rarely does he speak with anyone other than you. Vaegon looks forward to the times you spend together in the library. Jaehaerys swore to Alysanne that he heard his son laugh with you there. 
When he insulted Daella, which resulted in the incident in the training grounds. He felt humiliated by his brother and Alyssa. He ran to you, wanting you to scold them. And while you told him what he said about Daella was harsh, you still comforted him. 
While Vaegon was happy to be a maester, like Maegelle, it meant leaving you. You bid your farewell and he made you promise that you will never stop sending him ravens. You did and opened your arms, to which he welcomed wrapping his arms around you. A sight that surprised everyone. 
Like Vaegon, Daella felt the most comfortable around you. You and Alysanne were the only few that didn’t judge her for having a tender heart and a fearful nature. Though unlike with her mother, Daella feels like she can tell you anything without ever worrying you will judge her. When she tends to have nightmares, Daella will slip into your bed and you wake up to her cuddling you. 
When she left for Vale, Daella cried and cried when bidding farewell. And while she was happy there, a seldom look would be on her face when she thinks of you. Times when you visit, her step-children seem to know you well, claiming that Daella speaks of you so fondly. When Daella was bed-ridden, you and Alyssane spent the last moments with her, reading and assuring her. After her death, Alyssane held you close to her as she wept. 
If you thought any of your siblings was the most demanding for your attention, none was like Saera. She would make a tantrum the moment your attention was away from her. As a child, the behavior seemed harmless, but her clinginess continued even as she became a woman. It caused a conflict with her siblings who all wanted to have a time of your day. 
The one Saera had the most trouble with was Daella. While Saera found the pranks she did on her sister to be funny, you didn’t think so, clutching a crying Daella as you scolded her. There were a few pranks that gained a chuckle out of you and when Saera would sneak into the kitchens, she brought you all kinds of treats. Dozen septas had you around them at all times, as you were the only one she listened to. 
When the incident happened with Saera. As much as Jaehaerys hated seeing you upset, he told you sending Saera to the citadel was the best place. For a time, you along with Alysanne were able to convince him otherwise, until Saera tried to steal a dragon. When she did eventually leave king’s landing, a letter was sent personally to you. Unable to help the tears that were shed when seeing it was Saera bidding her goodbye and promising to see you again. 
When Alysanne tried to convince Jaehaerys to have Saera come back again. Not only did she bring a septon, but she brought you along to speak of forgiveness. That at least if faith won’t persuade him, your pleadings well. It truly broke the king’s heart to see your state. But it made him even more furious with Alysanne to even think of dragging you along to this mess. Telling her that if it’s a daughter she misses so much, she has you. 
Next to Saera in the most demanding, is Viserra. Who competed with Saera the most for your attention. In fact, Viserra expected your attention, after all everyone at court did. Her arms were found linked with yours whether during tourneys or walking in the halls. Viserra loves to talk with you on all sorts of things, whether it’s gossip, those foolish knights who want her attention, or her ambitions. 
When Viserra was meant to wed the lord of Harbor. She begged for you to make your parents consider otherwise, even to convince Baelon to wed her so she won’t have to go somewhere cold. Letting it slip that she doesn't want to leave king’s landing, that she wants to stay on your side. As much as you tried, it ended with the news reaching you late at night of her found dead in some alley. 
Speaking of Baelon, he, like his parents, found comfort in you after his losses. Weeping into your arms at the death of Aegon, Alyssa and not long after the death of Aemon. He grew protective ever since, not knowing what he’ll do if anything were to ever fall upon you. 
Death after death, made Alysanne cling to you more than she ever did. Gael broke her even more. The queen resided her days on dragonstone, and it caused a brief argument between her and Jaehaerys. As Jaehaerys wanted you to be with him, he claims he also mourns his children and needs you on his side. In the end, he agrees to have you briefly stay with Alysanne. It results in you having to move from castle to castle. 
When Alysanne had you on dragonstone, every second was with you on her side. Hardly do you leave her arms, where she goes on how she loves you. You even sometimes lay in her bed, when she is struck with her nightmares. And while she doesn’t tell you anything of it, the way she holds you so tightly makes you think that it perhaps involved you. 
Jaehaerys also grows so emotionally dependent on you. In his eyes, you have always been his little girl, one who could do no wrong. After the death of his children and his wife, he had no one but you. As he was bed-ridden, he constantly demanded your presence. Sometimes he thought that the young Alicent who read to him was you. Telling her how much he loves her and how sorry he is for all the pain that was caused. 
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klineinie · a day ago
Tyler x reader:
The reader finds out what Tyler is, he thinks that they would be frightened and afraid even with them being a relationship but turns out the reader happens to not be entirely human as well (happy ending :) )
Sanctum of Solace
Tyler Galpin x GN! Reader
Summary: Tyler escapes the transport at the end of s1, and shows up on your doorstep with the only scrap of hope he has left- you.
Warnings: tw for panic attack + mild injuries | literally one shining reference | (name) is an outcast who has healing abilities
You awoke to a series of desperate bangs on your door. Making your way to the foyer, you looked through the peephole, widening your eyes at who was outside. No, it wasn’t Jack Torrance with an axe. The tear-stained face of your boyfriend was in your view though. Tyler was breathing erratically, eyes closed and rocking back and forth on his feet. Upon opening the door, his head snapped up, but his eyes never met yours.
“I’m sorry (name), I didn’t have anywhere else to go- you can turn me in or whatever, just please, I need you to know that I am so sorry-,” he gasped between sobs. You breathed in deeply, and steeled yourself for what was going to come next.
“Tyler, you should come inside, it’s freezing out here.”
Once the door closed behind the two of you, Tyler didn’t waste a minute to curl up in the corner of your couch, leaning his head on the arm and holding his knees to his chest. He’d had breakdowns and anxiety attacks before, but you’d never seen him so distraught. You kneeled in front of his shaking figure, being careful to only hover your hands, never touching.
“Hey, shh. There’s nothing to be sorry about, alright? You’re safe- no one can hurt you here,” you tried to assuage him. “Tyler, you’re having a panic attack, okay? I need you to breathe, and I need to know what you’re okay with this time. Can I touch you?” He shook his head. His cries were quieter now, and he started to do breathing exercises. “Alright. I’m gonna make some tea for us. Do you want a blanket instead?” Tyler gave you a strained smile and nodded. You smiled back sadly, got up to grab a blanket, and draped it over his prone figure.
When you came back from the kitchen carrying two warm, steaming mugs, your boyfriend had uncurled himself from his earlier shrimp position, and was nuzzling the blanket silently. He took the mug from you carefully; while he was sipping, you assessed his condition. He was still wearing a straightjacket, the sleeves tattered. Mild injury, just a few lacerations and a bruise or two.
“Are you good? Anything else you want?” you asked. Tyler spoke up after a few moments.
“Can I change? And... then maybe we could watch a movie?”
The opening credits of (comfort movie) had just finished playing when Tyler came out of the bathroom in clean pajamas. He crawled on top of you and tentatively embraced your frame.
“You can hug me back. I think I’m fine for now,” he whispered. You wrapped an arm around his waist, and used your other hand to lightly scratch his head, letting him relax in your hold. While he watched the movie, you closed your eyes and concentrated on transferring energy into his body. Tyler sighed, feeling the bruises fade and the scratches close up. He glanced up inquisitively through his lashes.
“I’ll tell you later, Tigger. Just relax for now.”
a/n: i headcanon that tyler’s nickname is tigger as in the tiger from pooh cause it just fits. i dont make the rules.
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purpleyoonn · 2 days ago
The Line Between Love and War 2
Tumblr media
C H A P T E R  2
“It is said that the night sky is made up of tiny wishes that humans were never able to fulfill. That the stars only became bright by the fulfillment of those wishes. In your eyes, the stars that shine never seemed real, your childhood wishes dark and dim as you grow. But now, now you understand the twinkle in their eyes as they look down at you.”
Summary: Your experiences told you that soulmates were something you would never have the pleasure of having; something not given to you because of who you are, despite the soulmark that resides on your inner left wrist. During your solo trip to Los Angeles, you find out that you are more than capable, that your soulmates had been waiting for you for a long time, and would not be letting you go anytime soon.
Genre: soulmate au, bts au, idol bts, polyamory relationship, eventual smut
Paring: Idol!BTS x autistic!mc
Status: Ongoing (randomly updated)
Warnings: mental illness, talk of disability, lots of angst, miscommunication, feelings of depression, feelings of isolation, polyamory bts, stalking, dangerous behavior, eventual smut, 
Chapter Warnings: some anxious feelings, thoughts of being perceived, giggling mc, protective bangtan, sejin causing some unforeseen trouble, independent mc, mc forgetting to eat, jin being a savior for awkward mc,  
Beta Reader: @crushedblackroses  
Taglist: @azazel-nyx​​  @yuzon3​​ @hannahdinse8​​ @quirkybtsarmy​​ @mageprincess7​​  @fluffy-canada-pancakes​​ @suckerforv​​ @chaoticthingpizza​​ @drissteele​​ @carolinexkpop​​ @avadakadabra93​​ @lachimolala22019​​  @justaweird0​​ @singukieee​​  @welcometomyworld13​​ @toughbook​​ @kimana122​​ @kpopmultistantrashsstuff​​ 
Masterlist // Chapter 1 // Chapter 3
Previously on The Line Between Love and War:
“Don’t say that. We will always worry about you. You may not have experienced the soulbond we did, but that doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. If anything, our bonds made us fall in love with our sweet and caring baby soulmate. You are ours, and we take care of what is ours.” Namjoon spoke in English again, making his sentence hit you even harder, your cheeks as red as a lobster at this point as he moves closer, placing his hand on your knee.
Never would you think you would be in this situation, in the same room as the boys you had grown to love through their videos and lyrics, and they were basically professing their love for you, their soulmate. It was like being in the middle of a bad fanfiction. You were almost waiting for the other shoe to drop, your experience states that something bad always follows something good.
After their very obvious and blatant words of love and possession, Jin refused to let go of you, his hands maneuvered you so he was sitting behind you, your body anchored to him as he wrapped his arms around you. You were extremely tense at first, uncomfortable with the thought of even being touched by someone else, but your body quickly relaxed into his touch, just like it did with Yoongi.
You didn’t understand where your almost craving need of their touch came from. You had always held an aversion for touch, needing your personal bubble to be untouched by anyone near you. Your family had always had problems with this, being very affectionate people.
“I know you don’t like hugs but come here!” Were words you had heard way too many times before being brought into someone’s hold. Your family acknowledged your touch aversion, but didn’t care, even when it made you uncomfortable or caused a shutdown afterwards.
To become completely relaxed and at peace at the boy’s touch was weird to you. Normally you would be pushing yourself away by now, but here you were, resting your head against Jin’s chest as he relaxed into the back of the couch. A sigh of relief even left your lips as Jin held you closer to his chest.
The others watched on with small smiles on their faces, seeing you relax completely into their eldest mate’s hold. This was probably the first time they had seen you truly relaxed since Yoongi found you. Namjoon almost wanted to just call it a day right then and there, wanted to tuck you into his bed and make sure you were warm against him before you fell asleep. But before that, their manager, Sejin, walked in.
You jumped at the door opening, the unexpected noise startling you out of your relaxed state, the unknown man scaring you a little. Jin’s arms tightened around you, bringing you back into his hold as Jimin and Taehyung settled on either side of you and Jin, their hands settling on your thighs, protective in hope.
“Hello boys. I heard you have found your last soulmate!” The man spoke before congratulating the boys, moving around to shake their hands or pat them on the back before moving to stand in front of you.
“Hello there. You must be Y/N. My name is Sejin, and I am the main manager for the boys.” He holds his hand out for you to shake, and you reluctantly bring your hand up to meet his. His touch made you want to pull back, the feeling of his skin uncomfortable against your own. When he pulled away, you were secretly relieved, bringing your hand to your chest.
“I came by to let you know that we have the announcement ready. Bang Pd-nim just wanted you to look it over before we post it.” Sejin stated, looking towards Namjoon, who grabbed the tablet out of his manager’s hand to look at said statement.
However, the manager’s words had you tensing up again, panic filling your bones at the thought of being announced to the world, of people knowing about you. Jin noticed your shaking first, could feel your heartbeat become faster. You have always disliked the thought of being perceived, of people thinking about you. It felt weird to you and always had you double thinking everything you do, your mask being almost perfected over the years.
“Baby, are you okay? What’s wrong?” He whispered in your ear, rubbing his hand up and down your arm in an attempt to help calm you down.
“Do we have to make an announcement?” Your voice cracked, worry lacing your tone and catching the attention of the rest of your mates. Sejin stepped back, knowing if he got to close, he would have more than just upset Bangtan at his throat.
“Honey, we need to make an announcement before the fans find out themselves. We need to stay in control of the situation. The NSS is updated regularly when soulmates find each other, and we know that there are fans who check every day.” Namjoon says, moving closer until he was kneeling in front of you, holding your hands in his own. 
“We want to keep you safe.” He finishes, looking in your eyes and hoping you understand where they were coming from. There was nothing more that he wanted than to assure your safety. Their line of work was not easy, and he knew other idol’s soulmates have been caught in the crossfire in the past, and they couldn’t let that happen to you. 
“Do you have to tell them it’s me? I uh, would like to remain private if I can?” You look hopeful to Namjoon, he can see the emotion clear in your eyes and he hates that he must tell you otherwise.
“Baby, I so wish we could keep you private, keep you to ourselves. But soulmate bonds at the NSS reveal the people within the bonds. Your name will be linked with our own as quickly as tomorrow.” You look down at your lap, tears almost forming in your eyes as take in his words. The soul mark on your inner arm now completely black, complete with your bond. 
Change was evident in life, you knew this. It happened every day, heck, every second. But this was too much change for any single person to handle. You never thought you would meet your soulmate, and now you have to be announced to the world, letting everyone know you exist and you are the last soulmate to the biggest band in the world.
You tried to reign in your tears, tried not to breakdown in front of them, but just the sound of you sniffling had the boys moving to you. But you were already forcing yourself to hold everything in, something that was as easy as breathing for you by now. Your mask back on your face before you could look up, one of the boys’ hand coming up and cupping your cheek, tilting your head upwards.
“Nothing will happen to you if that’s what you are worried about. We would never let anything happen to you now that we’ve finally found you.” Hoseok spoke softly but firmly as you cupped your cheek, making sure you were looking him in the eyes as he spoke.
“I know that you feel uncomfortable with attention, having seen glimpses,” He winks at you, causing a small smile to grow on your lips, “but we will do our best to keep you out of the spotlight. You don’t have to be on camera if you don’t want to. We will never force you to do anything you don’t want to.” His words help to reassure you, keep you from panicking even more.
This time, Jungkook speaks up from his spot on the right of Hoseok, having moved to kneel in front of you when he heard you sniffle.
“While people will want to know more about you, will ask questions and demand answers, we will only ever talk about what you allow us. If you don’t want us to talk about you at all, then we won’t.” You shake your head at his words, knowing that it wasn’t fair to army to keep you completely secret.
Yes, the boys share so much already, and deserve their own privacy. But you knew it would cause more problems than solutions to keep you completely hidden, especially when they will know your name soon enough.
As an army yourself, you felt as though you knew that army would want to know about you, if only to be able to hold love for you as well. True army love the boys and their relationship for what it is. Yes, jealousy does exist, envy is hard to hold in, but you know that real army would be just as happy for you as they would be for the boys finally completing their soul cluster.
The entire world knew that the boys were missing a soulmate, that their gray soul mark was a tough talking point for them. But now, it was complete.
“No, that’s not fair to you or army. You guys are very open about each other, about your soul cluster.” You start, your voice shaking at the thought that you were now a part of their cluster. “I want you to be able to be open about me as well. I don’t really care what you say, I guess.” You finish, looking at Namjoon as you feel safe under his gaze.
“The statement looks fine, Sejin.” Namjoon says finally after reading it aloud and getting your express permission to post the announcement.
“Okay, so this will be posted in about two hours.” Sejin states before turning to you, “Do you happen to have any social media, miss Y/n?” Your head tilts subconsciously at your confusion, trying to understand his words as he spoke to fast for you to easily translate in your head.
“oh cute” Jungkook and Jimin both mutter in Korean under their breath, heart eyes sent your way.
When you finally translate his words in your head, you nod. “Am I not supposed to?” You ask the manager, a slightly higher pitch to your words. He just sighs.
“Well, we want to be able to monitor your posts…” Sejin trails off after receiving a look from Namjoon and Yoongi, the latter shaking his head.
“She is not a part of the company. She doesn’t need her freedom restricted in any way.” Yoongi states, firm in his opinion with some of the others nodding their heads in agreement while the others voice theirs.
While this starts a slight argument, Sejin trying to voice the companies concerns while the boys defend your freedom, you raise your hand, hoping they would notice so you could say your own thoughts. Taehyung is the first to notice your hand, a big smile breaking out on his face as he puts his hand to his mouth, trying to quiet his words as he repeats Jimin and Jungkook’s earlier sentiments.
Trying to be quiet and actually being quiet are two different things though, and everyone’s attention is slowly moved to face Taehyung, his gaze still on you. When you notice this, your eyes widen, everyone’s eyes now on you.
“Yes, baby?” You blush at Jin’s words of endearment, not used to it at all.
“I uh, don’t really post on social media anyways. I only have it so I can look at the stuff other people post.” Your voice is a little quiet, the tension between the boys and their unfortunate manager still visible in their shoulders. “I don’t mind not posting.” You finish, but this only has Yoongi tilting his head.
“You can post whatever you want. The company just wants to make sure you don’t post anything about the band and what we are doing before it is released. Like spoilers.” He reasons with you, and pointedly looks towards Sejin.
Jungkook, who has been quiet the entire time, stands up, his hands on his hips as he voices his own suggestion.
“Think about it though. We are always trying to give behind the scenes photos and videos to help drive up interaction and views. So, what if we have Y/n use her social media to do just that. We can give army’s an exclusive view they wouldn’t otherwise have. Photos for army from an army who knows exactly what they would want.” Jungkook then looks at you, eyes wide as he tries to fix his words.
“Only if you are okay with that, baby? That way you don’t have to be monitored by the company, but you can still have the freedom to post us on your social. We want you to be able to show us off just like we want to show you off.” You think about his words, not seeing a problem with them.
You didn’t really think this far anyways, so you were pretty much ‘going with the flow’. You can’t really tell if you’ve shut down or not, your mind kind of numb, so you nod in agreement with your older soulmate. You don’t really see anything wrong with his proposal.
“I think I could get the okay for that.” Sejin muses, typing out something on his tablet. “Is it okay if I have your socials? That way we can monitor your accounts for safety reasons?” You don’t think too much, not seeing anything wrong with giving him your socials, so you do, typing them into his tablet.
After a couple of more questions aimed at the boys, and more discussions about cancelling their interviews tomorrow, which you make it known you are against, and the boys agreeing that you would just accompany them to their interviews, Sejin leaves with Namjoon and Jin walking him out.
It had to have been past one o’clock by now, time moving quickly since you bumped into Yoongi’s chest. Said soulmate had now moved back to sit next to you, his thigh touching yours as he takes your hand in his again. You blush a little, remembering the compilation you had watched of him trying to hold his mates’ hands, but unable to as they were oblivious to his intentions.
You would never say no to holding his hand, you think.
You let him hold onto you, his fingers moving to entangle with your own. It felt nice, like warmth was moving from your fingertips to your heart, your face flush for an entirely new reason.
Your favorite music group were your soulmates.
The revelation was just now starting to sink in. The universe had paired you into a soul cluster with the same men who helped you to live when you thought all else was lost. The same men who brought you immeasurable joy and happiness are now sitting in front of you, holding your hands and giving you a new hope that your soulmates do want you.
However, your brain soon took a new direction. You now had unfiltered access to your favorite music group, and as such, could ask them the questions you’ve always wanted to know.
While you were with the others, Namjoon and Jin were discussing your safety with Sejin, making sure it is known that you were the most important person to them now. They told him of your diagnosis, and what changes needed to be enacted to try and make you feel as comfortable as possible.
The boys had known about your diagnosis as long as you had. Hoseok had vision shifted during your final evaluation where you had received your autism diagnosis. With that, they did as much research as they could on the subject, looking at different symptoms that could present along the spectrum. But there wasn’t much they could do without knowing your sensory needs or masking ability. From their guess, you were high masking, meaning you were able to mask your symptoms and appear neurotypical with little to no questions.
They wanted to be able to be there for you.
They wanted you to feel comfortable enough to not have to wear your mask around them.
When the boys had gone back inside after saying goodbye to their manager, they came into you zoning in between Yoongi and Jungkook, the two holding your hands as they all talked. You had a small smile on your lips as you stared at the coffee table in front of you. He almost wished he had soul thought as his bond with you, then maybe he could catch a glimpse of what has you so lost in thought.
“Y/n, we were just about to eat lunch when the two got their vision of you, have you eaten yet?” Jin broke through your thoughts and had you thinking back to if you had eaten.
Food was always a weird topic for you. It’s not like you didn’t eat, your body just never really told you that you were hungry. You could go days forgetting that you needed to eat to survive. The same thing with drinking. Your doctors had called it bad interoception, meaning that your body basically failed to signal you as to what’s going on within your body. Feelings like hunger or thirst weren’t detected by your mind.
Your hesitation to answer was a little jarring for your soulmate, who took it as a bad sign.
“So, you haven’t eaten today? When was the last time you ate?” Jin asked you, his hand on his hip as you look away from him, embarrassment moving through your spine as you tried to come up with a reasonable answer.
At your blatant lack of an answer, Jin’s mouth opened wide, while the rest of your soulmates scrambled from their seats, helping you up off the couch and into the kitchen so they could feed you something.
“Might as well order something in, hyung.” Taehyung spoke up, followed by Jimin.
“We don’t have enough here, and we don’t know what she likes.” Jimin moved toward their fridge, filled with a lot of small leftovers that wouldn’t be enough for everyone.
“Why don’t we have Y/n pick, and then we can have someone pick it up for us.” At Jungkook’s words, you think to what you are going to do.
You realize they expect you to stay with them, probably in their hotel room with them, and leaving back to Korea when the concerts are over. Your mind moving quickly as you tried to figure out your nest steps. You guess you don’t really mind it, have nothing really to go back home to, but you need your things from your hotel. You brought all of your important things with you, and you wouldn’t be leaving without them.
Plus, if you didn’t check out of your room, your card would continue to be charged. You didn’t have the money for that. You started to move for the small hallway that led to the front door, moving to grab your things.
“Baby! Where are you going?” Taehyung and Hobi made a run for you once they noticed you trying to leave. Hoseok had been watching you, trying to see how you would handle their chaotic, but natural conversation. He knew you had troubles with sounds, so he wanted to gauge your comfortability levels with them at first. But instead, he caught you zoning out and then trying to leave the hotel room.
Hoseok had been afraid that they had been too much, and had gotten worried when you left the kitchen area. He really hoped you weren’t trying to get away from them. That they hadn’t caused you any issues so quickly in their bonding with you.
When you heard Hoseok’s voice, he caught you by surprise and you bumped your head into the doorknob, causing a loud “ow” to be heard from the kitchen as Namjoon felt your pain. This then caused them to realize you weren’t in the room and find you at the door holding a hand to your head.
“Oh my, are you okay?” Namjoon asks, tripping over his own feet as he tries to get to you.
“Yeah…I’m okay.” The ones who didn’t witness you trying to leave see one of your hands on the doorknob, your bags in front of you from when you dropped them.
“Y/n, why are you trying to leave? Have we done something to upset you?” Jimin looks at you with his eyes wide and a small pout beginning to form on his lips.
“Oh, I was going to go back to my hotel and get my things. Unless you guys don’t want me to stay here? I don’t mind. I can continue staying at my hotel. I just thought that since you guys weren’t going to reject me, that you wanted me as your soulmate, so you guys would want me here, with you all. With the way you were talking about security and all…” You trail off, realizing that you were beginning to over-explain yourself again.
“Why would you think that?” Taehyung asks, probably referring to when you said they might not want you there. “I thought Joon hyung told you that you were ours. We take care of what or who is ours. Of course you are staying with us.” He looked at you as if he was trying to make you believe his words. Like he was staring into your soul and trying to convince it of the bond they shared.
“Oh, huh” You begin to get nervous, not wanting to tell them you weren’t used to being cared for or about. It never really bothered you before, but you didn’t want to hurt their feelings like you knew your words would.
“It’s nothing.” You end up responding, shrugging your shoulders.
You look at each of the boys, some of their faces turning to an obvious look of confusion while Namjoon and Yoongi just raise an eyebrow at you. You slowly start to shrink into yourself, your hand on the doorknob tightening at their glances.
“Why didn’t you say so? Some of us could go get lunch and the others can go to your hotel and help you grab your things?” Jin spoke first, breaking the silence and referring to the beginning of your nervous rant as he moved around the entry way, phone now in hand as he starts to call Sejin and some of their security to let them know the change in plans.
Jimin was the first to move after Jin, coming up and taking one of your hands in his own, Hoseok was next, who picked up your bags from on the floor and moved down a hallway and disappeared. He left your backpack, thankfully, as it has your wallet and your hotel key. You moved to pick it up when Yoongi did, putting it on his back before holding onto your other hand, taking it off the doorknob.
“Wait, I wanna go to Y/n’s hotel with her!” Jungkook spoke up, realizing Jimin and Yoongi has already silently declared they were going to go with you. You just couldn’t help but to stare down at their own hands in yours, the dream-like feeling coming back.
“Yoongi-hyung, Jin-hyung and Taehyung should go get food! They already got to go find her.” Jimin protested, wrapping his empty arm around your arm, holding himself to you and laying his head on your shoulder, even though you were shorter than him.
“Whaaaaa, that’s not fair?” Taehyung protested, while Yoongi shook his head, Jin not paying attention as he was talking to security trying to get two separate cars.  Everyone turned to you, seeing you were in your own little world, then turned to their leader who had been silent as he watched you.
Namjoon couldn’t help but admire you, how even though they all knew how much this was for you, a drastic change to your life, you were so calm. He almost wondered if you were holding back, for them. But, he also caught the small smile on your lips as you looked down at Jimin’s hand in yours, moving your arm a little bit to swing your hands. He would ask Jimin or Tae later if you had dreamed about them, about this. He never thought to ask before, but now, it was the first thing he would ask once he’s got the chance.  
You, on the other hand, were trying not to move to much as you liked the feeling of Jimin’s hand in yours. Something about the hand placement made you want to stim, starting to swing your hands back and forth as you smiled. His hand was so soft and fit perfectly in your own.
“How about this: Earlier was a time crunch situation. So why don’t we do rock-paper-scissors and the three left will go with Y/n to get her things and sign out of the hotel.” Jimin doesn’t let go of your hand as he puts his other hand up, ready to play. It takes some convincing from the others, but eventually, even while Jin is on the phone, the boys all stand in a circle until three men are left.
Jimin can’t help but let out a cry of defeat as Jungkook, Jin, and Hoseok grow triumphant grins and move to your side. You feel bad for the man, still holding onto your hand as you squeeze it in your grasp.
“You can sit next to me when we eat, if you want.” You offer to the upset singer, only for him to grin and begin to brag to the others that you were his buddy for lunch.
Yoongi, despite being a little upset he couldn’t go with you, let Jungkook take his spot next to you, loving the excitement on the maknae’s face as he goes to hold your hand, jumping on the balls of his feet as he waits for Jin and Hoseok to get ready to go.
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disastertwins9000 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
It’s been a minute but I wanted to try some Donnie lfls angst
@eternalglitch here’s more turtles
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mikeyss1ut · 14 hours ago
UH Can i request Wednesday x fem reader where she gets possessive of her gf plss🫠 i need more fics of her😔
Yes, you were so quick with this and I love that:))
Tumblr media
“ imbeciles “
Summary: In which Tyler gets way out of his league and starts flirting with you. Wednesday puts him in his place very fast.
Spreading the sunshine x grumpy tropee.
Tumblr media
You were always happy. Well not always , but you always tried to make sure you were nice. Your girlfriend Wednesday Addams was quite the opposite. She could care less about what people had to say. She could care less on what she said. She embraced her weirdness. You envied her for it.
“Hi! Could I get a Carmel frappe with not whip cream and sprinkles please!” You said, the worker at the counter whose name you knew from the would purpose he and Wednesday sometimes work together for her mystery’s. Tyler. He was always nice to you. Just maybe a little to nice. He knew you were Wednesdays girlfriend. But he didn’t really care, he liked you and was still trying. Even though he knows how Wednesday is about stuff like that, especially when it came down to you.
“Yeah sure.” He quickly made it and set it down my the cash register. You went to give him the money but.
“It’s on the house.” He said with probably the biggest grin on his face.
“Oh, okay thank you!” You took your frappe and went to sit down with Wednesday in your guys booth.
As you sat down the glare her eyes had on you could kill.
“That imbecile needs to check his self before he does something he might regret.”
“He’s just being nice Wednesday, maybe you could learn a little something from him?” You said. She hummed. “I’m unsure wether or not your visions on me are clear. I’m not nice.”
You smiled. She wasn’t nice but that’s what made Wednesday, Wednesday. Tyler walked over to the table.
“Hey girls do you want anything else?” He smiled “Oh um could I maybe-“
“We don’t need anything else. If we wanted something we would come to the front counter like your supposed to. Because in case you forgot this is a coffee shop where you go to the front desk to get your food. Not a restaurant where you get waited on.”
You kicked her leg under the table just gently so she would look at you “Wednesday!” You whisper yelled.
Tyler walked away without saying anything. And Wednesday went back to pretending everything was normal.
“So according to this book and uncle fester. This Monster we happen to be looking for is other than the one behind the counter. There’s also one called a Hyde.”
“Wednesday! Please be good. I’m gonna go use the restroom you stay here. Wednesday took out a pen and ripped a piece off of a napkin and wrote.
Here’s a tip. Don’t look at other’s people girlfriends like you did mine. Next time I won’t be so light with my regards and insults towards you. She got up gripping the book in between her arm and placed the napkin In the tip jar. Then waited for you outside the restroom.
When you got out she immediately took your hand and did a fast strut out of ten coffee shop. “Wednesday, what the hell? I thought you we were gonna study this monster and have our frappes?”
“I’d prefer to study with Eugene at his little beehive castle.”
“Okay, fine I guess.”
Tumblr media
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kazza-desu · 23 hours ago
TW: BLOOD under "read more"
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"I'm going back ..."
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josephquinnswhore · a day ago
We’re done
Tumblr media
Summary: constant fights and tension between you and Eddie lead to an unhappy ending.
🔒- trigger warnings
❤️‍🩹 - angst
Warnings: pure angst. swear words, mentions of childhood abuse, financial abuse, hints of una living/disappearing. No happy ending.
a/n: was kinda projecting with this one tbh. not proofread it’s 1am and I’m having a menty B while looking after my infant, anyways enjoy.
You knew today would be shit. You were already in a sour mood from constant fights over the weekend with Eddie that left a foul taste in your mouth. All but apologies were spoken, empty threats and harsh words left hanging in the air had your body radiating heat like an overused furnace.
You’d forgotten to fold some laundry, getting distracted by the already multiple tasks you’d forgotten you’d stashed to the bottom of your bag from Math class, you had left it till the last minute as math was your achilles heel so to speak. So there you were from 4pm to 8pm struggling to complete the booklet through Eddie’s lecture.
“I work 10 hours a day y/n. You’re lucky we don’t have guests, look at the state of this house. What do you do all day?”
Eddie had dropped out of school, by the grace of god himself & then some he managed to land a job as a mechanics apprentice. It didn’t pay the biggest coin, nonetheless Eddie had managed to put down the deposit on a small 2 bedroom house just out of town. It came to be something you despised of him though, as it was a fundamental bullet he liked to keep in his back pocket to shoot you with whenever he got the chance.
“You know I’m fucking studying Eddie! I’m actually trying to graduate so I can have a reliable career.”
You had a few stray weekends of babysitting and waitressing at a cafe, but you knew out of Hawkins employers were looking for permanent full time childcare workers. That had been your dream since you could remember. You had always gotten along with kids and the thought always warmed your heart, watching them grow, reach milestones, pick them up when they fall and encourage them to try again, praise them for their achievements and teach them how to manage their emotions. It was your lifelong and career goal, which you didn’t need to attend university, fortunately for you that course had been available for off course studying. It was truly your passion and something you’d dream of spending a lifetime doing.
“You’re lucky you even have a house to live in away from your parents y/n! You’re so ungrateful I’m tired of it.”
You had a hard time growing up, your parents were critical and not as supportive as you needed them to be, there was some emotional and verbal abuse which made you a very shut off person. Which is why you refused to let the anger you felt for Eddie go, you had trusted him with something traumatising and he used it against you. You were never taught to regulate your emotions and it’s why you completely blew up when you were angry, just an overwhelming feeling of someone blowing you up and you popping like a balloon, overcome with rage and irrationality. You would say everything and anything just to hurt him, all the while it felt like someone else was in control of your body and mind entirely.
Slamming the car door as you threw your bag onto the passengers seat and practically threw yourself into the drivers, shaking the car violently from the motion. Tears threatened to fall from your lash line as they collected from the overwhelming amount of stress you were experiencing, you’d gotten a C- on your Math test today, although it was a well enough grade to pass the class and graduate, you felt the frustration in yourself overcome you.
Tyres screeched along the pavement of the carpark as you drove off, towards yours and Eddie’s house. Your foot to the floor on the accelerator turned your usual route home of 15 minutes into an incredible 7 minutes and 35 seconds. You were amazed at the fact that you didn’t end up in a ditch somewhere or completely mangled on the road as you had discosiated while driving, not remembering leaving the school carpark at all. The gravel rocks on the driveway flew in every direction as you skid to a halt, swiftly exiting the car and abandoning your bag with that garbage fucking excuse of a test grade.
You turned the metal knob to your front door to see Eddie standing on the other side, his work clothes tossed to the side just centimetres from the dirty clothes hamper, mud stained boots subbing off on the carpet, and wearing a face so furious you’d be scared of you weren’t so infuriated yourself. Confusion crept through you as you realised you hadn’t seen Eddie’s van as you pulled up.
“Where the fuck have you been y/n? I’ve been worried sick waiting for you to fucking come home!” He slammed the door behind you as you fall into the comfort of your couch, over this conversation already. You look to your watch as it read;
5:26pm. What the fuck.
“I’m home now so don’t start this Eddie, I’ve had a long day I don’t want to argue with you.”
You swear Eddie’s eyes had turned black at your comment, his iris and pupil becoming one black mass.
“YOU’VE HAD A LONG DAY? I had some fucking moron cut my brake lines because he didn’t want to pay for a service. I had to find a ride home after 10 hours of working my ass off, to come home to find you missing, dinner not ready and the house is a fucking mess!”
You swore you could almost feel the walls shaking and the floor vibrating as he yelled at you, his body towering over you as he stood but two feet from your position on the lounge, he was obviously bothered by the fact that you seemed so unbothered, which was the complete opposite of what you were feeling. Absolute rage. That part of you inside was begging and clawing to be released, that coping mechanism to hurt them before they hurt you.
“I don’t know what to say to you anymore y/n! I’m so done with it.”
Flick, just like that a switch inside you was turned on and there was no going back. Your chest heaving from the anger you’d pent up. You stood up from the lounge, only a foot away from Eddie looking up directly to his eyes, “you’re done? YOU??” A maniacal laugh left your lips which left Eddie confused.
“All you had to do was fucking graduate Eddie, you could’ve had a decent job instead of working 10 hours like absolute shit to rent a fucking house that has a leak in the roof from rain damage. But now we’re stuck in this stupid fucking town because of YOU. Because you’re to fucking stupid graduate,” you poke his chest angrily and take a step forward now you’re nose to nose with him. “All you do is fucking criticise everything I do, I’m the only girl in this town and probably within a 100mile radius that would even look in your direction, let alone try to start a fucking life with you. But not anymore Eddie, I’m fucking done. We’re done.”
Eddie’s face had fallen and turned a pale white, you could practically hear his heart shatter at your confession but you were too overcome with negative emotion to care. You stormed out of your shared house, not caring that all of your belongings were still inside with your now ex-boyfriend.
You were about to pull your car door open when your were jerked backwards by what turned out to be Eddie’s hand around your wrist. You face him and your heart trembles, his eyes are already puffed and red, tears stained his face while fresh ones still ran, his bottom lip quivering.
“Please don’t go baby, I promise I’ll be better. I’ll do anything, you can’t go baby. I want to marry you,” his hand caressed your own that held you there and the other held the side of your face. “Sweetheart please, you’re my everything, I’ve lost everyone.. my mum, I can’t lose you too.”
Your heart suddenly felt like it was made of concrete, your chest restricting making your heart race, you began to panic.
You shook his hands off so you were free of his touch, he had lost all hope he hid in his eyes once you’d done so. “I can’t Eddie.. I can’t just take all of the things I said back. It won’t be the same. I’m sorry. I love you Eds but this won’t work.”
You quickly retreated into your car and drove off so he wouldn’t see your own tears, you felt your heart breaking as you saw him drop to the ground onto the gravel driveway as you drove off, his sobs could be heard along with your own as your whole body racked with guilt and heartache.
You drive mindlessly as you had nowhere to go and no possessions, Eddie was your home and without him you had nothing, you were nothing.
Maybe you should just disappear, you were done after all.
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robiin-buckley · a day ago
play our record, just one more time | ch 2
Eddie Munson x Reader
Series Summary: Your dreams know the sound of his voice, even if you haven’t heard it closely in years. His fingertips still tingle when they remember the feeling of your skin, like a poorly healed scar. Or, the story of how you and Eddie fell apart, and found each other again.
A/N: Slowly, the story is starting to take off, hope you like this part, let me know. <3
Masterlist | Read Part 1 here
Tumblr media
Monday mornings had to be on the bottom of most people's list of favorite times of the week, you weren't any different, but today had to take the cake for the worst Monday morning.
First of all, you slept in; either your alarm didn't work or you turned it off and didn't realize it. It left you with just about half an hour to shower, eat breakfast, get ready, and go to work. You managed to take a poor excuse of a shower and put on the first clothes you saw in your wardrobe. All so you could eat your cereal — even if it was not what you wanted — while fixing up your hair.
You absolutely hated to start the week off like this, sometimes it felt like a bad omen. You were holding out hope for stopping by your favorite coffee shop to quickly pick up something to drink, but even that didn't happen, they were closed for renovations.
So with a scowl the size of the world on your face, you pushed open the door to Family Video, a small backpack hanging off one of your shoulders. There was sunshine right in your eyes, it reflected against the glass doors and made you squint. The bell above the door dinged when you walked in, but your eyes only adjusted to the different lighting once you were a few steps further between the rows of movies.
You could hear Steve talking to someone, his voice way too excited for this time in the morning. You looked up, one hand tucking rogue strands of hair behind your ear. Oh yeah — you froze, sneakers scratching the floor when you suddenly halted on your steps — today's the day. Because of your morning rush, you had momentarily forgotten.
Eddie was leaning on the counter, just beside the little display of snacks. His hair was pulled back in a ponytail and he was wearing the green vest of the store over his leather jacket, and he managed to look good doing it. His lips parted when his gaze landed on you, he went all tense and stiff. Steve didn't see it, too focused on happily introducing you two. But you knew Eddie, and you knew that look in his eyes and that twitch on his hands; he wanted to run.
Honestly, you weren't too far off. Seeing Eddie again after so long was similar to the feeling of waking up from a good dream and not quite remembering the ending, and as the seconds tick by, you forget more of it — it's that feeling of loss and frustration and longing — but what happened sits there in your stomach, you know it's there. That's how it felt to, after all these years, have Eddie finally looking you in the eye again.
Steve, bless him, just kept talking, big smile on his pretty face; "and she'll be the one to teach you the ropes, she's the best of us here so I promise you're in good hands. I'm sure you guys will get along perfectly." He finished, gaze moving between you and Eddie.
Robin was sitting behind them, her curious blue eyes watching you as the computer in front of her was forgotten.
Before the silence could stretch too much and prompt Steve to ask questions, you took in a steadying breath, stepping forward so you were closer. "Hey Eddie, it's�� been a while." You grimaced at your own tone, wanting to dig a hole to disappear in.
Eddie's Adam’s apple went up and down as he swallowed. "Hi," he responded, the motion of his lips stretching the reddish marks on his cheek and neck. Not yet fully healed scars. You wondered where they came from, if they were the same ones you saw that day, the thought of Eddie being hurt still made you nauseous.
"Wait," Steve chuckled, pushing aside a few stacked tapes so he can lean on the counter, "you two know each other?"
You and Eddie said at the same time.
You let out an indignant huff and met his gaze with a raised brow; so that's how it's gonna be, huh?
Eddie had a frown on his lips. His sweet brown eyes, though colder than you remembered, twitched on the sides as if he regretted it.
"We uh- we used to share a few classes," you told Steve, who was looking more puzzled by the minute, "that's all." You finished, then excused yourself to the back room with something between a grimace and a smile so you could let go of your backpack and put on your work vest — but in truth, you just desperately needed to breathe.
You roughly pushed open the door making the old hinges creak. Your bag was thrown somewhere on the left corner before you leaned back on the shelves, knocking over a few newly released tapes that still needed to be put on display. The back of your head bumped the shelf when you looked up, sighing audibly, "fuck."
"I'm definitely sensing some tension here."
Robin's voice made you jump, you didn't even hear her following you or coming in. She sat down on a wooden box, raising an inquisitive eyebrow at you.
You groaned; "no tension to be sensed, Robs."
"Oh yeah, totally," she hummed, leaning her elbows on her knees, "what's the story?"
"There is no story, Robin, like I said, we just shared some classes," you shrugged, avoiding her eyes because you knew she would see right through the lie.
"Eddie is as pale as a vampire out there and you're hiding in the back cursing the wind, that doesn't look like 'just a few classes' to me." Robin made air quotes as she spoke and stood up, reaching out to take both of your hands on hers.
You dropped your head on her shoulder once she was close enough, "we used to be friends, it's just… just weird seeing each other again," you chewed on your lip, considering saying more but deciding against it, "that's all." You didn't know anymore if you were trying to convince them or yourself.
Robin didn't press again, even if she had an inkling this was just the tip of the iceberg. "You know I'm here if you need me, yeah?" Was all she said.
"I know."
Meanwhile, behind the front counter of Family Video;
"Don't pass out on me, man, what the hell," Steve said, urgency in his tone as he frantically fanned Eddie with a VHS tape.
Eddie swatted him away with both hands, snatching the tape from him, "stop it, stop it, you'll scare away the customers."
"The store is empty and you look like you've just seen a damn ghost, excuse me for being worried," Steve countered, in the same voice he used with Dustin when the boy tried to put himself in danger.
A ghost. Eddie could feel his chest weighing down on him, because in parts it was true; today was the first time in years that he spoke with you, and in all honesty, he didn't know what to feel — or he was feeling too much, and couldn't choose just one emotion to focus on. He wanted it to mean nothing, was trying to convince himself of it. He couldn't, because once you truly, genuinely love someone, it never really goes away; the sentiment might twist and turn, shape itself into something more bitter and sharp, but it's always there, never lessened.
"Care to share with the class?" Steve tried.
Eddie clenched his jaw and rubbed his sweaty palms on his jeans, wishing he could grab the knots in his chest and rip them away. "Not really."
Running a hand through his hair, Steve patted Eddie's shoulder to try and make him look at him. "Listen, if there's one thing I've learned, is that it's worse if you keep all that shit bottled up alright?"
Eddie gave Steve a small smile, one that held more sorrow than it did happiness; "there's nothing left for me to bottle up."
When the first customer of the day walked through the front doors, it was like a switch was turned for you and Eddie.
The professional in you kicked in and you showed him a little bit of everything, getting him acquainted with all of the movie sections and the main ones people usually came looking for.
You showed him around the arcade and how to reset most of the games in there, given that he'd probably be giving you a hand with them as well.
Eddie even got to test his skills with a young girl who came in looking for her favorite movie. He could feel Steve's and Robin's stares on his back most of the time, they were anything but subtle.
Eddie didn't see you though, smiling all sweet and proud watching him work and walk around Family Video as if he'd been there just as long as you. For a moment, your reality bubble didn't go as far as the store walls. And it felt nice. But it was a fragile thing, bound to burst sooner or later.
"So, here is where we catalog the movies that each person rents," you explained, opening the customers' page on the computer, "we put on the date that it was rented and the date that it's supposed to come back, so if it doesn't, we can charge the fee."
You were drowning in a sea of golden hues, the store's glass facade allowed the last bright streaks of sunlight to shine through and into the computer screen, making it just a tad harder for you to navigate.
You hardly noticed the time passing by. It sent a shiver down your back, because days with Eddie used to be like this; endless in the utopia of his bedroom or the empty lots of the trailer park until your mom called when you went past your curfew.
Right now, he stood beside you, looking at the screen from over your shoulder. Well, Eddie was supposed to be looking at the screen, but in reality, his gaze was fixed on the lone strand of hair that escaped from behind your ear. It was a little thing, bouncing each time you moved, grazing the apple of your cheek.
His mind wanders to the days you'd sit behind him in class, careful fingers working little braids in his hair. He'd feign some annoyance, but deep down, he'd go to bed those nights thinking about it. Today, the memory made him wonder why exactly you lost each other.
Eddie remembers something you told him a year after his dad left for the second time; you said that memories exist outside of time, and that they don't really have a beginning or end. He doesn't know you're thinking the same thing, trying to find comfort in the saying just as much as he is.
"Once the movie comes back, we check it here and take it off of the person's file and put the new movie in," you turned your head to look at Eddie, sucking in a shallow breath when you noticed him closer than you expected, "if- if they rented a new movie, that is."
You gulped, looking down at your hands. He wasn't touching you, he actually made sure to avoid touching you the entire day, but the warmth of his presence was still there. You missed him, that much was evident from the moment you saw him this morning. "It's easy, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it in no time." You said, if anything to fill the awkward silence.
"Yeah, don't worry," Eddie turned his back to you, finally putting some distance between you, "I won't mess it up for you."
You were taken aback by the sudden venom in his words, blinking as if he'd slapped you, "I didn't say you would."
"Don't have to," Eddie's not sure what prompts him to say it, what scorched and poorly healed part of his wound had reopened. Maybe it's just the old routine of arguing with you, the one that was settled by the end of your friendship and kept him safe. It was the easiest option then, it hurt just a little bit less than accepting how much it had broken him when he lost you.
Everyone leaves, you're the only one he hasn't recovered from yet.
"I know you're thinking it."
"Except I'm not," you crossed your arms, realizing you said it just a tad louder than you should when the eyes of Robin and the old lady beside her in the novels section glanced at you. Cursing under your breath, you stepped up to Eddie, "you're just doing it all over again, putting words in my mouth that I didn't fucking say."
Eddie recoiled as if you'd burned him, sitting up on the counter and lifting the corners of his lips in the way he knew got under your skin; "just saving you the trouble, I can see how much you hate having me here," he tilted his head, a few curls that'd gotten loose from his ponytail going over his eyes, "staining your image and all that… again."
You were hot with anger, because how dare he. You raised a finger to his face and walked into his personal space, "you know what? I do hate having you here, but not-"
"Y/N!" The bell above the main doors dinged as Keith walked in, calling your name at the same time. "We gotta talk." He waved you over.
Eddie quickly hopped down from the counter, nearly bumping into you. He gulped and stumbled backward as much as he could, trapped between you and the wooden edge.
Eddie's looking down at you as if he's seeing you for the first time all over again, literally, the first time. Where he's just a lonely kid and you're offering him a seat beside you. Where it's just you and him. And it hurts, because this you just said she hates him.
Your face does something complicated, like you don't know how to feel about this. You watch Eddie drop his gaze and curse quietly, probably thinking you'll tell Keith he's not employee material.
It gets you angrily biting back a sob as you walk away from him without another word, circling around the counter and disappearing into the back room with Keith.
You tell Keith that Eddie is a quick learner, that he's good with people and already memorized where all the movie sections are; you tell him Eddie will do good here, that you're happy to have him.
The last hour before closing time goes by with you on one end of the store, and Eddie on the other. He's stacking up movies in the horror section, you're putting up a new poster.
"I think we messed up," Steve mumbled, scratching his cheek.
"No, come on," Robin swatted at his arm and leaned closer to his ear, her eyes fixed on Eddie while Steve's are fixed on you, "I mean, Eddie needed the job, and how were we supposed to know they knew each other?"
"Yeah but, I don't know if it'll be much fun to work every day with this dark cloud of bad vibes in here." Steve subtly motioned at you and then Eddie before he crossed his arms.
Robin chuckled beside him, as if she was in on a special secret; "oh I'd give it a week, tops, for them to be making out in the back room."
"Ew Robin, now I don't know what's worse."
"Have you seen the way they look at each other, dingus?"
For a Monday — which was supposed to be the slowest day here — you were pretty damn tired as you put on your hoodie and picked up your backpack to go home. You figured most of it had to do with a certain long-haired boy.
Steve had just driven away with Robin, he offered you a ride, like he always does, but it was a nice evening and the walk to your home was considerably short. You were on the sidewalk, with one hand on the doorknob as you waited for Eddie so you could lock up. Your eyes were on the sky, on the fading of the orange as it was replaced by purple and dark blue.
Eddie came out running, almost toppling over you. You didn't meet his eyes as you turned the key on the doors, it was a lazy motion, you even feigned a snag on the lock to give Eddie the opportunity to just leave, but he never took it.
Instead, he waited until you were forced to turn around and face him when there was no more stalling to do.
Honestly, Eddie looked like a kid who was caught stealing from the cookie jar, all big brown eyes shining under the streetlights, hands buried deep in his jacket pockets.
"I don't wanna fight with you," he averted his gaze as he spoke, only looking back up at you after a beat of silence.
You made a sound that landed somewhere between a chuckle and a hum, "could've fooled me," you answered, tone free of any teasing; there was no fight left in you anyway.
Somewhere not so far, a cat knocked over a trash can. The noise was loud, both you and Eddie simultaneously looking toward it. You could almost feel him tensing up beside you, his shoulders squaring as he took half a step closer to you while he surveyed the deserted parking lot. His right hand was on its way to your forearm, an easy grab to pull you behind him. You didn't comment on it, or on how he looked genuinely terrified for half a second. It was gone as fast as it came anyway.
Eddie sighed, shaking his head as if to clear the fog from his mind, his curls — now free from his ponytail — bounced around. "I mean it, okay? We're gonna work together." He pursed his lips in an attempted smile, "and I want it to work."
"For old time's sake," the words tasted funny on Eddie's tongue, like they never should've existed at all. "Just uh-" he extends a hand to you, and it's all kinds of weird and painful, "keep it profesh?"
It feels a lot like a goodbye, you think. A lot like tearing apart a fragile flower you were trying to save. It feels like a loss. You take Eddie's hand anyway, his skin is smooth and warm against yours, you kinda wanna cry and you think he does too.
"Deal." Is all you tell him before he's briskly turning around to get into his van, and you're walking the other way hugging yourself through your hoodie, because the night is suddenly a lot colder.
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tinfairies · 2 days ago
Can you please do yandere aegon aemond and jace headcannons about when they find their s/o crying because somebody made fun of their looks? Thank you :)
Aegon isn't pleased at all. Not only did someone insult his lover, but they made them cry. He absolutely will not put up with it. He needs name, and now. Aegon will make a public example of what happens to people that dare say negative word about his lover.
Aemond will comfort you, he knows exactly how it feels to be bullied for looks. He will get their names from you inconspicuously. Those people will soon either go missing, or their lives will turn sour. People can say what they like about him. He can take it. But Aemond will be damned if he allows slander against his lover.
Jace is ready to pick a fight. He will wipe his lovers tears, then pry them for information. Jace is reckless, and will throw punches no matter who's around or where they're at. Win or lose, he will defend his lovers honor. Jace gets enough shit for his parentage, he won't let a single ill word be spoken about his lover.
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