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incorrectbatfam · a day ago
[Robin!Jason era]
Bruce: I put a little note in your lunchbox to tell you I love you.
Jason: *opens lunchbox*
Jason: Bruce, this is a ten-page letter.
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sohotthateveryonedied · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
trinity of making batfamily fans shoot on sight
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batshat · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
more batfam twitter sillies
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red-jaebyrd · a day ago
Bruce: It's cold in this house.
Damian: Then turn up the heat.
Bruce: *glancing at Alfred* You think I have that kind of authority?
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spectremarvel · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Doodles of a couple of the batkids. Trying to find my own style with them
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kawaiikenna · a day ago
Inspired by this post by @stealingyourbones . No one is safe from the angst. ÒwÓ TW: buried alive.
For those who want to be tagged for continuation; here’s the link to the fic posted on ao3. Subscribe there to guarantee a notification just in case I forget to tag someone. ^w^ Under the Earth; Far from Home
Part 2 for y’all. :3
Danny didn’t know how long he had been in there for. His breathing has become slow and shallow. The last he counted was eight breaths per minute. Lower than his usual resting rate but not too alarming. Now though, he was down to four breaths. His heartbeat had always been much slower than a regular living person at fifty-five beats per minute. It was now hitting at thirty-seven. Worryingly low, even for him.
He groggily cracked his eyes open and was greeted by the same sight he had been staring at for who knows how long now. Silver metal with green cybertronic designs inlaid. A small viewing window directly above him. It was closed though, and could only be opened from the outside. He stared at his reflection in the plexiglass and metal. His face no longer held any kind of muscle or fat. His cheeks had hollowed and eyes had sunken to a damn near skeletal level. When he wriggled his hand up to cautiously touch his face, it was in the same state. Fingers gaunt and skeletal. He could see every single bone in his hand as well as his wrist.
Betrayal panged through his chest at the thought of how he came to be in this situation. His heart had stopped while Danny had been napping on the couch. It wasn’t an uncommon occurrence but this time his mom had found him. She had silently freaked out before being his dad in. Together they came to the conclusion that Danny had died. A very logical conclusion for any other normal person. But Danny was anything but normal. The next time he awoke was to his parents shutting the lid on what had seemed to be a coffin. Danny had yelled and shouted until his voice broke and his throat felt raw. He flailed about in his tiny prison, trying to find a way, any way, of getting out. He was rewarded with multiple shocks every time he even so much as brushed the metal sides. When Danny had tried to go ghost he was shocked so badly that he passed out from the pain.
The next time he awoke was to the thudding sounds of something being thrown onto the lid. Panic had welled up in his mind. Gripping his throat and constricting his chest. He was being buried alive. His parents were BURYING HIM ALIVE. Danny cried and screamed again. Begging them to not do this. To let him out. Telling them that he was still alive, that he was still their son and not a ghost.
They didn’t stop. Instead, Danny was left there. Panting and heaving through the worst panic attack he had ever experienced. He was stuck and there was no getting out.
Danny sighed. He knew that he didn’t have much time left. His energy had nearly completely depleted. He was so weak that he couldn’t physically fight his way out. So with the last bit of strength that he could muster, he sent out an emotional distress signal. He didn’t expect a response. One had never come before. So he closed his eyes again, submitting to his fate.
And then it came.
A tiny whisper, but a response all the same. Danny’s eyes snapped open, renewed vigor forcing him to press his hands against the lid of the coffin he had been buried in. The shocks rocking through his incredibly weak body but it didn’t stop him. Instead he sent out another emotional beacon.
Help, help, buried, not dead, alive, alive, ALIVE.
The answering reply;
Alive, help, coming, safe?
No, no, hurt, alive, hurt.
Danny cried for the first time in what felt like eons. Green streaked tears flooding from his eyes to fall down through his hair and to the pitifully thin pillow below his head. This other presence caressed his mind with projections of safety and help. And he continued to cry out for help. The emotional and mental anguish finally breaking through and breaking him down. He could feel himself slipping. His consciousness fading into black. But just before he slipped entirely into the welcoming blackness that was trying to overcome him, the viewing window slid open.
On the other side was a man with mostly black hair save a lock of pure white that was stuck to his forehead by the sweat pouring off of him. His blue eyes kept flickering to a shade of ectoplasm green before returning back to blue. He wore a white tank top that was now grass stained and streaked with dirt. His hands and arms covered in a thick layer of mud. Had he dug through the dirt by hand? Why?
While Danny had been lost in thought, a sound he had never thought he would hear again rang in his ears. The coffin lid hissed as the hydraulic hinges lifted it. And Danny took his first breath of fresh, non-recycled air in heaven knows how long. The sobs that rended themselves from his throat were those that told of a broken and afraid teen. One that had been abandoned by his parents, possibly even his sister and best friends. Someone that had been alone for so long that even sitting in a stranger’s embrace in the muddy rain was euphoric.
Danny didn’t know when the man had picked him up and held him closely. But it was definitely not unwelcome. If anything, Danny tried to press further into the stranger’s chest. Further away from the damned coffin that had been his prison for so long. The darkness of unconsciousness was beckoning again. Even sweeter this time in the wake of his rescue.
So he closed his eyes and Danny fell asleep to the deep cadence of the man’s voice telling him he was safe.
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bruciedilf · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Even MORE batfam shenanigans + jaykori crackship propaganda <333333
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embrassemoi · 2 days ago
It’s bisexual visibility day so shout out to all my favourite fictional bisexuals
Tumblr media
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timefordumbjokes · a day ago
The fact that Batman trained with a bunch of people and then went on to train the Robins (and others) is actually pretty funny. You know the cliché when in a fight some tough guy says "Hmm familiar technique, you learned from <any other tough dude>". And then imagine that Batman borrowed some tricks from his "teachers" and taught them to Robins
Cool hired killer: Those are familiar moves. You are a student of <complex long name>
Nine-year-old Dick Grayson, who only trained under Batman: *sweats nervously*
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minnesota-fats · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I made a thing >:3
They are plotting the downfall of the US government
While working on this my roommate joked that Danny when he came home for the night saw all these vigilantes sitting outside his window, rather than confronting them as Phantom he goes inside slams the front door open (spooking both Jazz and Jason) grabs a broom looking exasperated opens the window to smack whoever was still there with scary good efficiency.
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ssshh-im-a-secret · 2 days ago
I have a question.
Do you think that when a building in Gotham is really worn down and the people who own the building refuse to fix it, or it's a front for an illegal business or something, there just coincidentally happens to be a big fight involving the batfam (that no one can actually say for certain happened) there that DESTROYS the building? But then Bruce Wayne swoops in and offers to help rebuild with a few conditions.
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whispic · 2 days ago
Duke: What time is it?
Dick: I don’t know; pass me that saxophone and we’ll find out
Dick: *Plays sax loudly and extremely out of tune*
Dick: It’s 2 am
Damian: Grayson? can you actually play the saxophone?
Dick: sure can *breaks into careless whisper (because you cannot tell me he wouldn't)*
Damian: *starts playing a piano accompaniment for him*
Jason, giving absolutely zero fucks now: I WISH THAT WE COULD LOSE THIS CROWD
Bruce, whispering: i swear if you wake Alfred up not even god will be able to save you.
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dannyphantom-justiceleauge · 14 hours ago
This isn’t a bodega
based off this prompt
Tim stared at the glowing boy that had just entered the cave. the boy seemed unreal, with pale skin, white hair, and a vacant expression. they glowed with a faint white light and were floating a few inches off the ground. the blinked a few times looking around the cave as though they were lost.
“are you guys seeing this?” Tim asked, making eye contact with the boy. his eyes were glowing a familiar Lazarus green. Tim would normally take that as a sign that they were here as a threat except the being was raising it’s eyebrows and looking confused as hell.
“hmm?” Dick hummed, not looking up from his spot at the bat computer.
“the glowing dead kid,” Tim clarified.
Dick yawned, “i think you need some sleep, Timmy.” he still hadn’t looked up.
Tim frowned. he was tired. he didn’t think he was hallucination tired yet though, that usually hit around the three day mark. Tim was solidly at two and a half. but no one else seemed to be acknowledging the being so Tim did the only logical thing.
he approached the boy to get more information. normally that would be considered dumb and reckless, but hey, it wasn’t like he was alone. if the being started attacking him, the others would at least notice that.
“are you real?” was the first thing he asked the glowing boy. it seemed best to rule that out first.
the boy blinked a few times. “i think so. i mean probably.”
Tim nodded, more to himself than as an answer.
the boy gazed at Tim, “this isn’t a bodega.”
Tim nodded again, this time in agreement. he was right about the boy seeming lost.
they stared at each other for what most would consider an awkward amount of Tim.
“can you point me to the nearest source of coffee?” the boy asked.
coffee, mmmm...
Tim took a moment to process the rest of the sentence. “oh, uh... Alfred cuts me off after midnight now.” he pouted. he wasn’t allowed to drink the coffee that was upstairs.
“okay.” the boy said.
the stood silently again. Tim thought some more.
“there’s a gas station on the edge of the city limits that’s not far. probably only 7 miles or so.”
the boy lit up. literally, his glow brightened. “can you show me?”
“oh yeah, for sure, the coffee is crap but it’ll do the job. can I come? I need to get my bike.”
“Dude, of course you can come, i have no idea where you’re talking about and I somehow ended up underground. I need you, bro.” the boy said reaching out a gloved hand. Tim noticed that he was wearing a hazmat suit for some reason. he didn’t recognize the company logo on the front. “and don’t worry about the bike, I can just fly us there.”
oh so he was a superhero. that made sense and probably explained why he was glowing and floating and could access the cave despite the security.
Tim took the heroes hand, smiling happily. he was gonna get him some coffee
Dick went to bed, under the impression the Tim had already went up. Bruce, who had a meeting in the morning, had already headed to bed and left his kids to finish the case files for the night. Damian had gone to bed the moment they returned from patrol because he had school in the morning.
it would be many hours before anyone noticed Tim wasn’t in his bed or at his job. Bruce and Damian went off to where they needed in the morning. Alfred had knocked lightly on Tim’s door but decided to let the boy sleep in. dick had slept in and spent the morning lazing around the manor because he had another day before he had to return to Bludhaven.
it was around noon when Alfred decided to properly wake Tim up and found his bed empty. he asked dick if he’d seen him. dick answered in the negative. he called Tam at Wayne Enterprise and received a negative answer. he texted and called Tim’s cell phone and received no answer, only later finding the phone in the batcave charging on an outlet. Alfred was starting to feel concerned so he contacted Barbara.
it turned out the last anyone had seen Tim had been last night when dick told him to go to bed. Barbara checked the batcave camera’s and found something quite bizarre. a spot of static appeared on the cameras from multiple angles. it was like the static was in reality rather than a glitching of the screens. 
Tim stared at it. Dick didn’t notice it. Tim walked up to it. Tim seemed to talk to the static for a long moment. Tim touched the static, Tim's form became static. the static disappeared soon after. all this happened unnoticed behind Dick’s back.
Barbara set out a red alert and started searching her cameras for any other instances of static since Tim had gone missing at 1:34am. it had been almost 12 hours.
the trip to the gas station had been uneventful by Tim's standards. they flew over, entered the shop portion and ordered coffee. the worker barely blinked at the glowing boy, and he was well used to seeing Tim at ant hour. the hero paid for both their drinks and Tim held and sipped at his paper cup.
ahhh, this was shit. but it was warm and caffeinated and that had to be enough for now.
slowly some of his finer brain functions came back to him and he found himself staring at the glowing boy and realizing he had no idea who the guy was or even if he was registered with the league. he’d bought Tim coffee so he doubted the boy was evil, but hallucinations didn’t generally buy him coffee so this might well be a person he was interacting with.
“what’s your name?” he asked belatedly
the boy sipped his own coffee. “Danny.” he said as though he too were confused at how they had both wound up there but was too content to drink shitty gas station coffee to act overly concerned. “you?”
Tim glanced down at his clothes to see if he was still wearing his costume. he wasn’t he was wearing bike shorts and a large pink t-shirt that said “snexy (snail sexy)” in bold letterers. his guess was that it used to belong to either Dick or Steph. it was his now. “Tim,” he finally answered.
Danny nodded. “so want me drop you off back home?”
Tim tilted his head, turning his cup in his hand. he wasn’t allowed to have the coffee at home. “i have time,” he decided.
Danny nodded again. “is there a place to get better coffee at this time of night?” he asked, clearly knowing that the shitty gas station coffee wouldn’t sustain him for long. Tim of course agreed.
“there’s a 24 hour internet cafe on grotto st.”
Danny held out his hand. “lets go”
Tim and Danny ended up playing doom in the internet cafe for 4 hours. Danny it turned out was really good at it and knew a lot of cheat codes Tim didn’t. Tim tried not to take that personally. it was still surprisingly fun and normal and no one has tried to kill them in the 5 hours they’d been out. Tim wondered if Danny was shielding them from harm or something. maybe he was just lucky? Tim didn't want to jinx it.
finally they wound down, the workers were changing shift and that was usually a good indicator that it was time to leave. Tim stretched and Danny stretched further. he reminded Tim of Dick a bit, it was like his bones were made of rubber or something.
“now what?” Danny asked and Tim checked his watch. he was definitely hitting the territory of sleep deprivation where he’d start hallucinating and he doubted Danny would be much help given he also was clearly just as sleep deprived as time. they’d both been chugging espresso while playing doom. Tim felt wired but also tired.
never let it be said that he didn’t recognize his own limitations. “guess we should probably head to bed. you live near here?”
“me? live?” the boy chuckled raising his eyebrows. then his smile dropped. “i have no idea where here is.”
“okay, that’s chill. i’m too tired to think of a solution yet, so how about we just crash at one of my safe houses and i’ll call you a cab when we wake up and figure out where you’re from.”
the boy made a face, possibly because Tim said safe house instead of apartments. but shrugged anyway. “sounds good to me.”
the nearest safe house was one of Jason's but Tim doubted he’d be using it or mind overly much if Tim slept there. Jason was one of the biggest worriers about Tim's sleep schedule so he’d probably appreciate the fact that Tim was sleeping.
Danny crashed on the couch and Tim watched as two rings of light spread from his middle out and turned him into a normal looking teenager in ratty clothes. it was honestly better than a hazmat suit. he even stopped glowing and floating. so Tim mentally shrugged and put it in the superpower column of what he knew about Danny and went to the bed to sleep.
it was several hours later, but not long enough that someone burst into the apartment. Danny being closer to the door rolled blearily to his feet and raised his fists to fight whatever ghost had decided to interrupt his nap. Tim wasn’t far behind, bursting out of the bedroom holding a long lamp as a makeshift staff.
“what the fuck, Tim!” Jason yelled and Tim needed a moment to process that it was his brother who burst in.
“oh, hi, Jason,” Tim put the lamp down but Danny didn’t leave his fighting stance. he looked slightly more confused and relaxed when no one immediately attacked him.
“don’t hi me, where the fuck have you been? who the fuck is that orphan wannabe? what’s going on?”
Tim, still half asleep, shrugged. “that’s Danny.”
Danny was staring at Jason with squinted eyes. “you smell bad.”
“excuse you?” Jason hissed eyes flashing green.
understanding dawned on Danny's face, an expression Tim had found to be rare in the hours he’d known Danny.
Danny stepped out of his fighting stance and went to stand directly in front of Jason. “any recent portal accidents, my guy?”
“what?” Jason asked, only to be cut off by Danny shoving his hand into his chest. there was no blood or gore or anything. Danny just cleanly passed through Jason like he was made of mist.
“what are you doing!?” Jason gasped alarmed as Danny seemed so rotate his hand like he was spinning yarn around it. time was also getting alarmed and picked his lamp back up. before he could hit Danny over the head with it though, Danny finished what ever he was doing and pulled his hand out of Jason’s chest. Jason was seemingly uninjured.
around Danny's hand was what looked like red glowing goo. the slime ran down his fingers and smelled rank even from this distance.
“all done,” Danny said sleepily and reached into a back pocket with his clean hand to pull out a thermos. he clicked a button and suctioned the red goo off his hand with a flash of light.
“what the hell...” Jason whispered, putting a hand to his chest. he no longer felt the hazy green pit rage that had haunted him for the last three years.instead there was just a feeling of warmth. like a hot bath, like steam at the center of his being. “what did you do to me?”
Danny yawned. “cleaned your plasm. you smell less like fruit loop now.”
that clarified nothing.
“what are you?” tim asked, now somewhat awake enough to ask the questions he didn’t last night.
“halfa” Danny shrugged. “so is this guy, though he’s a lot weaker. needs to drink him some non-contaminated ectoplasm. will probably help stabilize his core.”
“what...?” Jason said. he was still whispering, clearly going into some sort of shock.
Tim inwardly shrugged. he needed coffee before he could start a proper interrogation. “hey Jay you have any coffee?”
Jason gave him an incredulous look, but Danny hummed in agreement and started checking cabinets
“i should probably head back to my hotel before my sister freaks out,” Danny said finding the beans and giving a small cheer. Tim cheered with him and helped Danny set up the pot. Jason was still standing in the doorway, hand against his chest and staring into space like he was haunted by something. “i had fun though. it’s been a while since I've had such a normal outing.”
Tim thought for a moment about everything they did and the weirdness that was Danny. finally he hummed in agreement. it was one of his more normal outings. “wanna exchange numbers?”
“sure,” Danny said. “we should do this again sometime.” Danny glanced at Jason. “and i guess you should call me if you guys have any questions about him. being a halfa isn’t easy, especially when you’re figuring it out alone.”
“halfa...” Jason repeated in a distant voice.
the coffee finished brewing and Tim poured them both a mug. Danny took a deep sip, cradling the cup in his hands and just enjoying the aroma and moment. he wrote his number on a napkin on the counter and then smiled brightly at Tim. this time he wasn’t literally glowing, but it was no less bright.
“see ya, Tim” he said transforming in a flash of light and flying through the wall. he took the coffee mug with him.
Tim blinked several times sipping his coffee and finally waking up enough to realize that that was not at all a normal encounter and he probably should have asked a lot more questions and what the hell did that kid do to Jason? Tim looked at the number on the napkin and hoped it was real because he definitely had questions.
maybe if he was lucky this would all be a hallucination after all.
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benbamboozled · a day ago
Things Jason Todd Should Be:
-Crime Boss
-Magical Girl
-Absurdly competent
-Living by his own code
-Used by the narrative as a foil to Bruce, in order to analyze and potentially deconstruct some of the common tropes and devices associated with Batman as a concept
Things Jason Todd Should NOT Be:
-Victim blamed for getting murdered
-Portrayed uncritically as a “bad seed”
-Written by Grant Morrison
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ky-landfill · a day ago
Tumblr media
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winterstars21 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Robins #6 (2022) variant cover by David Talaski
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bruciedilf · 2 days ago
Tall sunshine/Tall angry murder kitten
" someone will die'' " of FUN :DDDDD"
Girls who say brah/girls who say HIIIIII energy
Jason trying to give Kori the shovel talk for Dick (Not because he cares; But someone needs to be there to annoy, and unless the world's ending, he won't willingly interact with Tim) but. Godamn it.
Her eyes are so big. Like an overly grown puppy. He can't do it. "... Just. Y'know. Try not to set his heart on fire and eat it. " " I would NEVER :(((" " WELL DONT CRY-"
Jason pulls Dick aside when Kori visits the Wayne manor for the first time, corners him, whispers very lowly, " We're out of mustard. Go. Get. Some."
Literally Jason being protective of his 6'4 sister in law/bestie he'd marry if he knew Dick wouldn't throw a fit. He specifically says " Damian, I PROMISE YOU, if you do anything to scare her intentionally, milk will NEVER taste the same when I'm done with you"
it's an elephant being scared of a mouse situation, - Kory is the most nervous to meet Damian out of anyone and Jason's like, so who wants to share embarassing Damian stories
Jay and Kory calling eachother cutesy nicknames " hey babe" " greetings, sugar pie cherub starlight pumpkin seeds little lovebug, starshine! The universe says HELLO!"
Braiding Kory's hair is an Olympic sport and Jason has the gold medal for it
Kory talking everyone about Jason being her best friend; She's like, " sweetest, most caring human I've come across. He is friendly and we bump foreheads a lot" then shows off pictures
And boom, the scariest bastard you've ever seen . "He enjoys cuddling kittens, and watching animated movies with me :D"
Jason ranting about books and literature and Kory INTENTLY listening to every word while sipping sweet mustard; She loves trashy romance novels written by 30 something women who hate their marriage, and Jason's like " your taste is fucking dreadful" but he secretly enjoys it
Kory also LOVES cartoons and Jason makes fun of her for it ruthlessly (or as ruthless as he can get with her) but guess who steals Bruce's credit card and buys her merch????
" here you go baby girl, buy some steven galaxy shirts from that gay ass rock show or something " " you intentionally pretend to not know my interests to reduce the meaning of your affection, but i know it's there >:D"
JASON MEETING BLACKFIRE. " And I thought I was a problem child."
Literally give me Jason and Blackfire interactions but they're just this
Tumblr media
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