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older brothers are just . So Great
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Panel redraw for a discord sticker hdjs he’s a lil guy
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batposts · 3 days
The batkids are so interesting because like Jason's a daddy's boy, Cass is a daddy's girl, Damian’s a daddy's boy, Dick likes Selina more, Duke would rather have his actual parents back but Bruce is nice and he's very very thankful, Babs loves her dad thank you very much, and Steph is reluctantly and unwillingly a daddy's girl.
But Tim? Tim's an older brother's boy. Don't get him wrong, he loves Bruce! He wishes him only the best, really. But Bruce could quite literally be having a mental breakdown and Tim would fix it, because that's what he does, he fixes Bruce’s problems, but it's not personal, it's business.
But with Dick? If Dick's hello-hug lasts for thirteen seconds instead of its usual fifteen, Tim's immediately all up in his business. What's wrong? Are you upset? Who upset you? What upset you? Can I help? No, tell me what's wrong, I'll fix it.
Tim's neurodivergent fanboy ass met his childhood hero and immediately glomped onto him. Dick's first mistake was not turning him away—the moment he let Tim into his apartment, whether he knew it or not, he just gained a little brother.
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jason “looks different every time i draw him” todd
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A comic I made months ago and just finished.
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DC X DP Siblings...?
While I work on the other dc x dp fic I had, cause I am writing it, it's got like 3500 words and it's still going, either way, other prompt/idea that's been floating around in my head!
So I love all the Danny and Dami are twins, it's very nice to see them both be like ":O OMG YOU'RE ALIVE HOLY SHIT" and get some good old sibling love again. (Even if that means pushing your sibling off your bed for existing, I have two siblings, I should know.)
In a lot of the fics, I see Damian being the more emotionally constipated one. BUT, as a counter to that, Damian is actually fairly expressive, he just does it to extremes and in weird ways. Danny is more of a "runaway before they ask" kinda guy.
So Danny ends up in Gotham, whatever the angsty reason for it may be, and ends up working either somewhere nearby to Crime Alley, or in like Batburger or something. Somewhere where he meets Jason and/or Red Hood, but may still see the other vigilantes/Waynes on a good day.
Kinda hard to keep a secret you're dead from another somewhat dead guy, because upon seeing one another, they're like that spiderman meme, and Jason is immediately like "Ah. I have a brother...child?" he doesn't entirely know but he's now visiting this also dead kid because it makes him feel better and he thinks the kid also enjoys the company.
Jason being Jason, doesn't think about whether it's a good idea to bring his siblings here for lunch and while his siblings are chatting he gets up to start ordering food, before introducing his family.
Damian, upon seeing him, just freezes as the gears in his head click together about that being his twin. Danny is also just staring back, he realizes a little bit quicker though. And without second thought, Danny hurdled himself over the counter and is out the door.
Damian is close behind, yelling, "DANYAL I WILL DRAG YOU BACK TO FATHER! GET BACK HERE." While the others scramble after the two boys.
Turns out, being a ghost makes you very hard to catch. Also turns out, Damian doesn't give a shit about that. He's not been able to lose his twin after hours of running.
Damian wants to both smack Danny on the top of the head as well as not let go of him for the next few days because holy shit his baby brother-
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starkcravingmad · 3 days
Danny scars the batfam daily
Danny: Did my parents give me all my vaccinations? That's ridiculous, they're scientists, of course we got our shots!
Tim: Oh, that's a huge relief…
Danny: Yeah, they'd develop completely unique strains of diseases in our basement so they'd be at their most potent and dangerous and inject us with all of them at once so the symptoms would cancel each other out! Pretty smart!
Jason: What if you had an adverse reaction??
Danny: Oh yeah, that happened once, but it was because my dad injected me with the wrong thing. It was some biological sample he had laying around.
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incorrectbatfam · 2 days
Dick: You know that voice in your head that tells you that you're doing something wrong?
Bruce: You mean the one that sounds like Alfred?
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batfamgalore · 2 days
Dick: Well, that was a waste of time.
Jason: Or was it?
*Jason holds up a phone*
Dick: What is that?
Jason: I accidentally mixed up the suspects phone with mine. They’re similar shapes, and my hand was in his jacket pocket.
Dick: You stole his phone?
Jason: Dick, I plead the third.
Dick: No soldier can live in your house against your will. You mean the fifth.
Jason: I’ve heard it both ways.
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p0ssym1lker · 2 days
Bruce: ...how would you describe your father figure?
Danny: oh he's great! A bit eccentric but he means well, I love him a lot
Bruce: ... Ah... I see
The batfam, hidden under a long cape: are you sure
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imnotafan-art · 2 days
I am almost 100% certain that Dick started calling Damian “Little D” so that one day, some poor unsuspecting person would be like:
“Oh! if he’s ‘Little D’ you must be ‘Big—‘
***cue all the other bat kids screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!”
Meanwhile Dick is running around screaming:
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Tumblr media
Batgirlsss :D @idkstuffiguess and i propose their ship name be batgirlfriends
(Yes, they are taking a selfie while having a picnic on a fancy building gargoyle)
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batposts · 2 days
AU where Bruce gets thrown into another dimension by some horrendous fuckery. So he lands in the Batcave there and is like fuck (with feeling) but he knows he's got people that'll get him back once they can so he decides to hang around this version of his family.
Their Bruce is sort of in an empty dimension so they're trying to help him out so Bruce offers his help and filling in as Batman. They take it, but as time goes on, he notices that they're...off. Nothing big, just little behaviors that aren't present in his dimension.
First of all, this version of him left Tim with the responsibility of WE, which he immediately takes back for the time he's there because Tim definitely has better things to do than run his company. Getting him to go back to school is a losing battle he doesn't want to attempt fighting so he just lets him be.
Also, apparently Cass just...is rarely around in this dimension? Which is definitely an adjustment. Bruce won't lie and say he's never thought of letting her stay in Hong Kong for longer, but full-time? Something he wasn't even considering. But far from him to judge another guy's parenting decisions when he's far from perfect himself. And Cass seems happy enough over there.
Dick does a flip while training, nothing excessive but definitely unnecessary. Bruce is nearby, so he fondly comments, "You're all about the show, aren't you." His Dick would have taken it as a joking remark, would have joked that it's a shame that he still ended up with Bruce despite it. But this Dick snaps back something biting and hurtful, something about how he's so fucking judgy, and he isn't hurting anyone and he should just leave him the fuck alone. Bruce stares at him for a moment, taken aback, says, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it as an insult—I love your eccentricities, Dick, you know that," and it's only when Dick's given him a surprised side eye and murmured something vaguely apologetic, excusing himself, that Bruce remembers no, Dick doesn't know that, because that's not his Dick.
Bruce raises his hand to pat Tim on the shoulder after a job well done on patrol, a "great work" on his tongue, and Tim flinches violently away. They stare at each other for a second, Tim's eyes wide and fearful and confused and Bruce's hand still hovering in the air. Then the moment breaks and Bruce drops his hand and averts his eyes and Tim hurriedly calms himself down and moves away. Bruce tells himself that maybe this Tim's parents were worse than usual, and his Tim was never all that tactile either—maybe this one had a vigilante experience that made him extra jumpy to touch, and he ignores how Tim shoots him analytical and wary looks throughout the rest of patrol. He takes Tim's shaky offer of coming to his photography exhibit, one that was given with trembling fists and eyes trained to the ground, tensed as if bracing for—for something, and he really hopes it isn't a hit.
Bruce offers to take Damian and Duke to school and is given politely confused looks. "Why would you do that?" He's asked, and he frowns.
"Why wouldn't I?" He asks back, "I can drop them off on my way to work."
Tim grumbles something, still grumpy about no longer being CEO, and Bruce graciously ignores him to herd a very surprised Duke and an alarmed Damian into the car.
"Don't be mean to them," Dick begs, "Duke doesn't talk much in the mornings, and Damian hates having his routines interrupted—"
"It'll be fine," Bruce waves him off, because his versions of them are much the same. He can manage Damian's moods, and is used to Duke's silence.
Except...Damian isn't in a mood. He's quiet, sure, and doesn't take Bruce's venturing questions about school as an invitation to brag about his accomplishments and complain about the establishment as a whole being pointless at the same time like Bruce thought he would. His responses are direct and clipped, a clear I need time to think and Bruce honors that by directing conversation away from him. Damian's moods usually involve pouty lips and puffed cheeks and snappy comments and eventually yelling cruelties. That was what Bruce had prepared himself to deal with, not quiet.
Duke isn't silent, to Bruce's surprise—he holds tentative, careful conversation with Bruce, one that seems more like a social minefield than a discussion, but it's better than nothing.
They both look at him with twin looks of shock when Bruce pulls up to the school and wishes them a good day.
"Nothing else?" Damian asks, tightening his grip on his backpack strap.
Bruce thinks. "Be safe," he offers, but they still look at him weird. "...I love you?" It's a bit odd, considering he isn't their Bruce, but maybe it's the spirit of the thing?
"I, uh, thanks? I guess?" Duke says awkwardly, giving him a last look before going into the building.
Damian stares at him for a second, then nods sharply once, turns on his heel and walks purposefully into school.
Bruce didn't know what he expected, but it wasn't that.
Steph tentatively invites Bruce to one of her college events and he agrees readily. He goes to his Steph's all the time, and though he does dislike most of them, he figures her happiness is more important than his discomfort. She may not remember the event in a few years' time, but she'll remember whether or not he showed up for her. And he always wants her to remember that he did. This Steph almost breaks down crying when he tells her this.
He asks where Jason is, and he's given a side eye and a "Jason isn't really...talking to you right now." Which, look. Bruce isn't going to lie and say he's never gotten his Jason mad enough that he stops taking to him, because he has. But mad enough that he wouldn't come home in an emergency? Never. He respects his boundaries, but how badly did this version of him piss Jason off? He almost manages to convince himself that this version of Jason is just a bit more stubborn and maybe their Bruce is equally pig-headed or just a bit ruder, until he apologizes to Jason and almost gets a bullet to the brain for his trouble.
"I guess you're really mad at other me," Bruce says. "Okay. I won't push. I'm sure it's deserved."
Jason blatantly tells him he's fucking insane. He comes to the manor the next day.
And a dozen little things, like them being surprised when he reminds them of something they forgot instead of scolding them or when he doesn't care when their friends are around as long as they don't cause much of an issue, that just set off warning bells inside his head that scream; their Bruce was not a good father.
But look, at some point, it's been three months. He got a text from his family back home like a month ago, and they confirmed they could get him home, but he's been pushing it back and back because they haven't figured out how to get their Bruce back. So Bruce asks. He hadn't really been overly involved in the process, and not hovering over Tim as he works transcends dimensions apparently because he got extremely jumpy when Bruce wanted to see his progress. But finally, he goes, "hey, I've got to get home, if you need any help, I can send someone over."
Dick admits that they figured out how to get him home a while ago, but didn't really want him back? Bruce is just so much nicer and doesn't even hit them or yell at them or anything.
At that point Bruce's Tim shows up, absolutely sick and tired of having no dad, and shoves him into the portal. "I'll get you guys a lonely Bruce that lost his kids, or something," he promises, "a good Bruce that's also Batman and doesn't abuse his kids. Just for God's sake, leave mine alone."
Bruce gets his family back, and they get a different Bruce that doesn't hurt them. Bruce still visits sometimes to check up on them. Everybody's happy
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Christmas Wishlist
Damian: So, what are you getting me for Christmas?
Jason: Nice try, brat.
Jason: Actually, no, terrible try. What was that? Where’s the subtly? The cunning?
Damian: *shrugs*
Steph: Just out of curiosity, were you expecting that to work? At all?
Damian: Not really, no.
Steph: Then why bother?
Damian: It’s all part of my plan.
Steph: Are you going to expound on that, or…
Later that week
Oracle: Robin, there’s a burglary taking place on 5th and Jefferson.
Nightwing: I’ll be there in like three minutes, Robin, just wait for me.
Robin: I have it handled.
Red Robin: Just wait for Nightwing, you dummy.
Robin: Unnecessary.
Spoiler: You’re going to make Nightwing sad.
Oracle: Or you’ll get hurt.
Spoiler: Yeah, or that.
Robin: Tt. I’ll be fine. “He will win who knows when to fight and when to fight harder.”
Red Hood: That is NOT how that quote goes.
Oracle: Hood, I thought you were in California this week.
Red Hood: I felt an insult to humanity preparing to take form.
More later
Cass: Did you tell Jason what you wanted for Christmas yet?
Damian: I’m working on it.
Several days after that
Tim: Why are you in my room?
Damian: You left the window open.
Damian: The philosophers are very clear on what to do there.
Damian, a little louder: When your enemy leaves their WINDOW open.
Tim: And are you achieving what you are hoping to achieve right now?
Damian: Unclear.
Tim: You know, you could always write a letter to Santa like a normal kid.
Damian: Absolutely not.
Tim: Yeah… Probably for the best, actually, considering past dealings and all…
Christmas Morning
Damian, opening his gift:
Dick: What’d Jason give you?
Damian: *proudly holds up a signed copy of The Art of War*
Tim: Okay, that’s got to be fake, right?
Everyone: *looks at Jason*
Jason, shrugging: The Flashes owed me a favor.
Bruce, eye twitching slightly: Do I have to send the time travel safety presentation out to everyone again?
Jason: Don’t worry, they already fixed the parts of the timeline they broke.
Bruce: *very lengthy sigh*
Damian: Thank you, Jason.
Jason: You’re welcome.
Jason: Now there will be no more murdering of quotes. You have no excuses.
Damian: My plan worked.
Steph: And just asking was too hard because…
Damian: What’s the point of that? Where’s the cunning? The subtly?
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Tumblr media
Playing around with new iPad settings, getting my sensitivity and brush settings figured out.
JT per usual, my default (dis)comfort character. — feel free to use as an icon with credits (and I always appreciate an @)
The watermark is giving big: “Stop stealing my art and selling it on redbubble” vibes.
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