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Batfamily Powerpoint Night!
(mandatory team building)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jason (they forced him to be there so he’s making it everyone’s problem):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Alfred (unexpected addition, mostly about Tim):
Tumblr media
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arguablysomaya · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
PART: ???
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Tumblr media
Damian looking like the gremlin he truly is
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arunneronthird · 23 hours
Tumblr media
ur blatant favoritism is showing dude
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incorrectbatfam · 2 days
Now batfam as LEGAL life hacks
Dick: Regardless of your gender or sexuality, set your dating profile preferences to everyone. The more likes you get, the higher up the algorithm you'll be boosted
Jason: You can hit anyone as hard as you want if you glue a dead wasp to your hand
Tim: Don't like doing dishes? Grab some clean ones, run them under water, put them on the drying rack, and tell your family to do "the rest"
Damian: Start a raccoon removal business by releasing raccoons around someone's property before offering your services
Duke: If you want to see a movie in theaters without financially supporting it, get a ticket to a different movie showing at the same time
Cullen: Buy the cheapest ticket to a concert and once you're in, check Ticketmaster to see which seats haven't sold and move to the best one
Stephanie: No one will notice if you stop by a hotel in the morning for their free continental breakfast
Cassandra: Before snooping through someone's belongings, take a picture so you can put everything back the way it was
Barbara: Have a common name? There are probably people on LinkedIn who have a better CV than you. Their references are now yours
Harper: Selling a car? Take pictures of it in a nice neighborhood to make it seem classy and well-maintained
Carrie: If you miss an online sale by a few hours, use a VPN to switch to a timezone where it's still going on
Kate: End an unwanted phone call by turning on airplane mode—the other person will see it as the call dropped rather than you hanging up
Alfred: If someone's unexpectedly at the door and you're not sure if you need a weapon, a freshly boiled kettle is both the most threatening and inviting thing you can have in your hand
Selina: If you see someone shoplifting: no the fuck you didn't
Bruce: The number of living grandparents you have resets to 4 every time you get a new job
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cedarshade · 3 days
Tumblr media
some batfam profile designs
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fragcc · 3 days
Tumblr media
Awkward flying past your sibling at 7 o'clock
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blackfoxsposts · 3 days
"Nightwing, Robin's tracker just went online. He's at Titus' vet clinic." Oracle's voice crackled over coms.
Nightwing bit back a curse as he landed on a building. He'd been heading the opposite way.
Earlier that night some goons had gotten the jump on Robin and him during their nightly patrol route. They had been able to take down a good number of them till one lucky bastard got in a hit that rendered Robin unconscious. A moment later someone knocked the downed bird off the roof.
Nightwing had been able to subdue the rest of the men. When Robin didn't reappear the elder bird checked the alley he fell into. The alley had been empty.
Robin was gone. Oracle couldn't locate him. He wasn't answering coms. Nightwing searched on foot till Oracle relayed that message.
"I'm heading there now," Nightwing said, pivoting on his heel.
"Damn it,"Oracle hissed, "Nightwing hurry Robin's gone offline again."
The walking distance to the clinic was thirty minutes, Nightwing got there in fifteen. Memories and detailed reports of Jason's death plagued him along the way, sperring him faster.
Nightwing slowed as he approached the small building. He checked the grounds for signs of his brother, traps, or anyone lying in abush. No cars were in the parking lot, but lights were on in the building. That was odd; it was way past closing time and not even close to opening.
Nightwing tried the back door's handle. It was locked. He quickly picked it, slipping inside.
There was a Dutch door to his left, the top was swung inwards showing a bathtub and grooming table. Infront a small hallway lined with cabinets. To the right another hallway, this one with doors.
Nightwing went right. The first door he checked was filled with cages and had only one canine inhabitant. The tired hound lifted his head and yawned at the hero.
The next room was an office. He was clicking the door to it close when he heard a familiar cry of pain.
He hurried to the door where he heard Robin's cry. Nightwing opened the door to see a dark-haired girl slipping a makeshift sling onto Robin's arm.
"Such a baby," the girl grumbled, "quit fidgeting." She ignored Robin tutt of annoyance, clipping the sling in place.
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mitski-mysteries · 3 days
Tumblr media
Op might not be saying names but I am
Damian Wayne does not fit usual/typical victim culture.
Despite experiencing abuse and violence from a young age Damian is not the typical quiet withdrawn and obedient victim many people want to see come from this situation. In fact he often leans into the violence he was raised around, he’s loud an demanding and sure of himself. People don’t want to see this as Damian being a victim of circumstance however, and only wish to see it as his inability to react the way they dream proper. This is only heightened in many fan works that take any nuance or kindness out of Damian (which he does have even in his early days with the bat family) and instead portray him, not as a victim, but simply a horrible person who chooses to be horrible without any outside influence.
Compare this to fanon Tim drake who has became so contorted and warped from his original character so that fans can baby him. Because canon Tim drake can be changed in just the eighth ways to portray the victim they want to see. fanon Tim drake was neglected and abused by his parents and is now shy and timid and craving affection and therefor the perfect victim for people to place all their hurt/comfort on. Now I don’t have a problem with people writing ooc works- i enjoy them myself sometimes- but the Tim vs Damian mentality of ‘good, quiet nice’ victim vs ‘loud violent aggressive’ person is very prevalent and often leaves Damian as a character no space to actually explore his issues. Since he doesn’t act in a way that would suggest to people he has any (outside of anger issues.)
This is mostly about Damian because I’m biased but I will also tack on that this “wrong way to respond to trauma” thing has led to Jason being misinterpreted and butchered along the way too. And while I’m white I think it’s obvious to see that there could be a racism thing going alone with this with the loud and unpredictable poc being treated with abuse and shunning and the quiet and kind white boy getting hugs and love and support.
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chaoswarfare · 2 days
dp x dc prompt #15
danny escapes from his dimension to gotham after a reveal gone wrong. and an explosion at the nasty burger. and because he couldn’t deal with his parents talking about phantom. and gets dragged by cujo through a portal in the ghost zone. and runs away after being forced to seriously defend himself and hurt his parents.
five different versions of danny somehow find their way to the same gotham and befriend one of the bats. everyone is too busy trying to coax their new friend home to realize everyone else has the same kid from different dimensions with them.
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nerdpoe · 19 hours
Of Kindness and Empathy 4
First, Second, Third, AO3
Bruce was, unexpectedly, having a great time.
The doctors had informed him that Tim would recover just fine, that by miracle of all miracles it was only a scattering of first and second degree burns and a mild concussion. He could leave him with Damian and Dick, then, and go seek out Daniel.
Daniel, unknowingly, had actually made his day a bit better.
The teen hero he had come to talk to had managed to get himself and his friends trapped in an elevator with glass walls. 
Once he had realized what had been happening, he’d gone up to the fifth floor via stairs for the sole sake of sipping on a mimosa and watching the theatrics. Sue him, his kids hadn’t messed up this bad in a very long time and it was a sort of cathartic schadenfreude to see.
Daniel Fenton, who was kneeling next to the intercom and frantically gesturing with his hands, had not noticed him.
Tucker Foley, the kid on the ground surrounded by chicken bones and pieces of meat, was hiding under a torn skirt.
Samantha Manson, who had torn off the portion of her dress below the knees and given it to Tucker Foley, had noticed him, was slowly signing at him some of the most vitriolic insults he had ever seen. 
When he’d signed back, she had taken that as permission to speed up her signing to a more fluent level. The insults hadn’t stopped for fifteen minutes, and she never repeated herself.
Which was, honestly, pretty impressive.
He both wanted her to meet Cass and dreaded it.
Watching teens being teens helped ease some of the weight from Bruce’s shoulders. Daniel did not appear to be in a dire situation, no matter his personal feelings on being trapped in an elevator he could not phase through, and he looked healthy.
Jason and Duke had joked that he would be adopting another one, but so far it did not look like he needed to pull Daniel away from any sort of situation.
The technician crews were on their way already.
All Bruce had to do was enjoy the show.
Tim felt like his brain was melting through his ears, for more reasons than the concussion.
“So you trusted an unknown with my secret identity?” He hissed, clutching the blanket in a white knuckled grip.
“Well according to Bruce, he trusted us with his first,” Dick defended quietly, keeping an eye on the door in case any nurses walked in.
Damian didn’t even bother with a response. He had told Dick that if he said it, Tim would react like this, whatever that meant, and then went back to researching something on the tablet Bruce had left behind.
Tim had been fine with being rescued by an unknown meta. Really, he had. He had also been planning on setting up good relations with said meta for future rescue operations, since apparently said meta could teleport. And had density shifting which he could project on others. And invisibility. And super strength, and flight, and super speed. 
In all honesty a treasure like this meta was a fantastic find, and Tim had been very eager to include the new guy on any rescue missions they would need him on.
That had been before his dear siblings had told him that they did not, in fact, receive him from the meta and transport him themselves.
The meta, Phantom, had been the one to take him directly to the hospital after they had changed him into civilian attire in front of him.
First off a stranger knew who he really was.
Second, a stranger now knew who he really was.
“Again Tim, we also know who he is,” Dick tried to reassure him again, “In fact Bruce just left to go meet with him and get more information on the anti-”
Dick froze and quietly placed a hand over his own mouth.
Tim narrowed his eyes.
“The anti…what?”
“No,” Damian said shortly, not looking up from his tablet, “you are to rest, not gain a new obsession.”
Tim turned his attention to the easier target.
Dick very deliberately was not looking at him.
The hand shifted, but did not remove itself from its owner’s mouth.
The hand twitched and it appeared that deliberately avoiding Tim’s gaze was getting harder.
“From one brother to another?”
Damian sighed and stood up, walking out of the room. Presumably to report that Dick had lost the battle of wills and was about to tell Tim something that would lead to a new ‘obsession’.
Which it would not.
Tim was mature. 
Tim would not fall into a rabbit hole because it was mildly interesting.
“There’s a government body dedicated to the genocide of Interdimensional beings and legal laws that got passed mandating the report of these beings to government entities so that they can be captured and tortured,” Dick finally spilled through his hand in one breath.
Tim froze.
“I’m sorry, there’s a what?”
Tim needed his computer.
Constantine had not been expecting a call from Gotham.
He really, really had not been expecting a call from one of Batman’s hoard.
“Run that by me again, mate,” he said as calmly as he could, the hand holding the cigarette shaking violently, “Because I could have sworn you just said the American government was trying to start an interdimensional war with the Infinite Realms.”
Red Robin repeated himself.
The wording had not changed at all.
“Okay. Okay. That’s fine. It’s great, it’s fine, this is fine. Great.” 
The cigarette was on the ground now and the shaking hand that had been holding it was rubbing at his face.
“And the powers of the ‘meta’ that saved you?”
With every power listed, John felt another piece of his soul fucking die.
That was a Spirit. A ghost. A right proper one from the Realm of the Dead, or the Infinite Realms. 
No offense to Deadman, but there was a very big fat fucking difference between a Spirit of the Infinite Realms and a ghost who had never been allowed to set foot in said realms.
“Okay. Is the uh…’meta’ open to talking?”
Red Robin gave him an affirmative, and even went so far as to state that the Spirit was currently talking with Batman.
John perked up,
That was…actually pretty good news! He almost never got that type of news anymore!
“Have Batman ask if the King of the Infinite Realms is open for talks, and get Aquaman and Wonder Woman ready for diplomacy if the answer is yes. Here’s hoping he isn’t as much of a rampaging psychotic Warlord as the books make him out to be.”
The line went silent.
“Ah, mate? You there?”
Red Robin’s scandalized shriek could be heard clear across the room. John checked to make sure the phone hadn’t accidentally been placed on speaker.
It hadn’t.
“Yeah mate, the Infinite Realms are where these ‘Ecto-beings’ come from,”John explained as patiently as he could. Which was not at all. “They have a hierarchy based on strength, and a whole royal court too. Some gods as well, now that I think about it. Demons won’t even touch the place, all that constant fighting means constantly shifting territories, so they wouldn’t be able to settle down and build a nice, big lair. Spirits just take the lair with them, so they don’t really give two fucks.”
Oh no, he’s made the little Robin hyperventilate.
“Yeah so if we could set up political talks to avoid a war with a race that is built for it, that would be great.”
He was going to find the scientists that Red Robin was talking about and strangle them with his own hands.
Bruce’s phone went off.
As his hand was reaching for his pocket to grab it, it went off again.
And again.
And again.
Good feelings gone, he held up a hand to pause Samantha’s insult tirade and looked at his messages.
Bruce we need to ask Daniel if 
we can talk to the King of the 
Infinite Realms
Bruce this is really important
Daniel’s entire race is built for war 
they are very dangerous without 
even being threatened
I think that’s why the government 
wants them but Constantine says that 
we’re probably about to start an 
interdimensional war
I’ve already contacted Aquaman 
and Wonder Woman for 
diplomatic talks they're on standby
Bruce took a deep breath in through his nose. Held it. Let it out slowly.
Then he looked up at the technicians prying the doors apart on the elevator.
Their apparent only hope to avoid war was ‘helping’ the technicians and desperately trying to make it look like he wasn’t much help at all. Daniel was single handedly pulling apart the doors of the elevator, and acting like the technicians were doing all the work.
A great moral boost for them, to be sure.
Samantha’s parents were waiting on the other side, and looked like they were out for blood.
Bruce hadn’t wanted to get involved, had resigned himself to just going to Daniel and Tucker’s hotel room as Batman and handing the phone back.
But this was beyond urgent if true.
They had been antagonizing a very dangerous race for one to two years, and to correct this mistake time was of the essence.
His eyes met Samantha’s, who had actually paused in her insults at his request, and she glared back at him imperiously.
With unnaturally purple eyes that reflected the fluorescent lights of the elevator back at him.
For a very small moment, a fraction of a second, it felt like he was being stared down by a predator.
Then it was gone.
The elevator doors had been forced open, and she had deigned him not worth her attention.
It isn’t just Daniel. I’ll see 
what I can do.
He put on his best Brucie smile and hurried to the elevator, just in time to catch the Manson’s hissing at their daughter about befriending ‘disappointments’ and how they were a ‘bad influence’.
Their daughter who was probably a citizen of these Infinite Realms.
Their daughter who was probably already a terrifying person to fight, and was friends with a confirmed, actual denizen of said Realms.
‘Daniel’s entire race is built for war’ Tim had said.
“Hello there,” he introduced himself, successfully distracting them from scolding their daughter, “Bruce Wayne, but my friends call me Brucie. I’m afraid I’m at fault for making them rush down to meet me, I know how it is, but I wanted to talk with Mr. Fenton here about his parents' inventions!”
Bruce very much did not know how it was, and was barely aware of whatever bullshit was coming out of his mouth, but he really needed to stop these kids from being carted away by a pair of very angry, very human parents.
Whatever he had said had been the wrong thing to say, if Tucker’s head snapping towards him with an unnatural speed and snapping vertebrate said anything.
Too late to go back, though.
“Oh, Mr. Wayne, Why I-”
“Please, Call me Brucie! How about instead of just talking to Mr. Fenton, I also take his two friends here with us down to the 24/7 breakfast bar and get their two cents?”
Samantha’s parents stuttered, clearly not expecting The Bruce Wayne to want to talk to their daughter. A bit rude, but he would use it if he could.
“Of course Brucie!” Mr. Manson interrupted his wife, shoving a hand into Bruce’s face, “Let’s talk business while the little tykes run off to get ready! In clothing more befitting a man of your stature, of course!”
And with one sentence Mr. Manson had just dismissed all of the teens present as children without any real opinion.
Bruce was starting to understand Samantha a bit more. Constant dismissal like this from an authority figure would have driven anyone to anger.
Luckily, he wasn’t stuck in an unfruitful conversation with the man for long; the kids had finished changing relatively quickly and rushed back. Hushed tones came from them as they argued quietly among themselves.
Bruce caught a few phrases; “-can’t trust him-” and “-against us too-”, only to be quieted by Daniel’s soft murmur of “-not everyone is bad, let’s give him a chance, it-”
And a tension Bruce hadn’t realized was being held in his shoulders loosened.
At least Daniel, if no other entity, was willing to talk. Things hadn’t been irrevocably damaged between their races.
There was hope.
“Well thank you so much for this talk, Mr. Manson, but it looks like it’s time for me to take these kids down to-”
“Of course, of course! In fact, we should be thanking you!” Mr. Manson interrupted him, laughing heartily as he patted his daughter’s shoulder. She had apparently been forced into a very unappealing pink dress, and looked like she was going to rip off her father’s hand.
Bruce couldn’t even remember what he’d said as he herded the kids away from the man who hadn’t even asked where a veritable stranger was taking his daughter, which he would be looking into later, and down to the gift shop, not the restaurant.
Daniel looked around, confused. Tucker and Samantha just glared at Bruce with full on distrust.
“You don’t need suits or evening gowns for the breakfast bar,” Bruce quietly explained, dropping the Brucie persona, “There’s clothes over there and dressing rooms over there. My treat.”
Finally, Samantha eased up on the distrust, giving a quick nod of approval before grabbing Tucker and Daniel’s hands and dragging them with her to the clothes.
He sat down and started continuing research on Phantom, Amity, and the Anti-Ecto Acts,  anticipating a half hour wait. Bruce was pleasantly surprised when Tucker tapped on his shoulder fifteen minutes later, dressed in something that looked much more comfortable.
“We’re rung up at the counter, Mr. Wayne,” he explained, not as hostile as before but still a bit distant.
Bruce glanced at Samantha and Daniel as he stood up and went to pay. They were both dressed in clothes that far better fit their personalities, what little he knew of them.
It was key to make sure all parties were comfortable and ready to talk if he wanted the talks to go well. Having them in clothes they hated in a place where it was going to be blindingly clear they did not have to dress like that would only make things harder.
The merch they chose also would say what heroes they valued, another small glimpse into their personalities.
More useful information to store away.
Foley was more drawn towards Signal merch, Manson to Poison Ivy, and Fenton to Nightwing.
He could work with this.
He would make this work.
Earth would not fall into war with another dimension because of one country’s mistakes.
Danny was so, so happy to be wearing a hoodie again. It wasn’t his NASA hoodie, but it was close enough.
Nightwing understood his need for puns.
Mr. Wayne, on the other hand, looked like he was about to vibrate out of his skin with nerves.
At a distance he probably looked fine, but Danny had already seen him in…a very bad mental place, and could sort of tell if the man was stressed now that he had seen him at his worst.
Sam and Tucker stuck close by him, finally willing to give Mr. Wayne a chance after the man had gotten them some normal clothes, making the seating at the table very off balance. Three teens on one side, one Multi-Billionaire on the other.
After the server had left with their orders, the man had leaned on the table, ready to begin.
“My deepest apologies for what those laws have done to you and yours,” Mr. Wayne started, eyes serious and unwavering, “Rest assured we are taking steps to get those laws abolished. This will not happen again.”
Sam eased up a little, nodding.
Danny let out a nervous chuckle and rubbed at the back of his neck, not wanting to make it a big deal but understanding that it undeniably was.
“We would also like to ensure that the King of Infinite Realms is willing to overlook this slight,” the man continued, his knuckles going white with tension as the man very clearly focused on only grabbing his other hand and none of the breakable tableware, “Do you know how we can get in contact with him, and if so would you be willing to introduce us?”
Danny froze, unsure of how to proceed.
The King was currently asleep, and unable to wake up or he absolutely would start a fight. Not for any real reason, of course. Just because it was Pariah Dark, and if there was a chance to fight he’d take it.
Maybe Clockwork?
Nah, he wanted to speak with the King, not a maybe-god.
Tucker, bless him, stepped up to the plate.
“So Mr. Wayne, sir, I’m really sorry but we can’t do that and you don’t want us to try.”
“Yeah, Pariah Dark doesn’t give two shits about laws like that, he just wants to conquer anything that moves,” Sam added in.
Danny could see that Mr. Wayne was not taking that news well.
“What they mean is that Pariah Dark is currently asleep,” he butted in before Mr. Wayne could get the wrong idea, “And he has been for a very long time. To see him and talk to him would mean waking him up, but there’s a reason we had him locked in an eternal slumber. Guy’s a real jerk, ya know?”
Some of the tension eased from Mr. Wayne's shoulders. Danny counted that as a win.
The small interrupted that the food being delivered provided enough time for the man to pull himself together.
Sam and Tucker still hadn’t been told who Mr. Wayne was, and probably just assumed he was a concerned citizen.
Danny was not going to out the man. He was not.
Then Danny’s phone slid across the table to him.
“I put my number in there as well as Tim’s,” Mr. Wayne started, nodding towards it, “He may want to speak with you. If you have any trouble or need any assistance, don’t hesitate to ask.”
Danny nodded, pocketing the phone and awkwardly deciding if it was an appropriate time to dig in.
Tucker answered it for him by shoving a forkfull of egg into Danny’s mouth.
Tucker then ran interference by asking a million questions about Wayne Industries, and when he ran out of questions Sam took over a grilled the man on how someone so seemingly incompetent managed to run a company that large.
Danny gave a small smile and shrugged in apology, but was forced back to eating by his friends.
He could have sworn he saw Mr. Wayne smile back. Just a little.
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batsiblingfun · 2 days
The Bat People's Sexualities
Dick: Attracted to redheads. Natural redheads are preferred but, any port in a storm and all that
Jason: Asexual and doesn't understand what is wrong with these people
Cass: How dare you attempt to perceive her in this way
Tim: Looks like they could beat his ass and attached to a cult in someway (what is wrong with this guy)
Duke: Will start dating the opposite of whatever label you try to assign to him
Damian: He's a child
Steph: Somehow both sapiosexual and morosexual
Bruce: He's a slut
Alfred: Anyone who might know is either sworn to secrecy or "missing"
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shyestofhearts · 18 hours
Personal headcanon that all of his siblings have picked Damian up and just run at some point or another with him either tucked under their arm or slung over their shoulders or something
Every time Damian complains that it's undignified and that he's perfectly capable of running on his own
Dick carrying him like a toddler on his hip (so that he had one hand free to fight but also had a good hold on Damian) was Damian's breaking point
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yeesa · 3 days
Tumblr media
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kasonkodd · 1 day
bruce literally gets the happiest when all his kids are home
he loves it when the kids take time outta their busy busy schedules to come over for dinner or family game nights. he gets so excited when ALL his kids can come over.
when one of them cancels he gets SO SAD. like?? all my kids??? not here??? WOE IS ME!!!
Dick’ll be like, “Hey Bruce, got called in tonight so I wont make it. next week though! ill be there for sure!” and bruce is all NOOOOOOOOOO NOOOO MY ELDEST!!! BETRAYED ME!!! THIS IS HORRIBLE and the rest of the kids are at the table like O_o.
jason canceled to have a night in with roy and bruce sulked so hard the rest of the kids thought he was gonna turn into a puddle.
TIM EVEN CANCELED ONCE he wanted to have dinner with Kon. his friends mama always makes such yummy dinners and one night they were having fried chicken, he didnt wanna miss out so he told Bruce he was skipping dinner and would be back for monopoly. bruce was so depressed. he didnt speak the entire dinner
damian got a cold once and couldnt attend family night. bruce was so upset but also mad worried about his tiniest bird. he turns into such a hover parent when any of his kids are sick but this was bad. he almost had everyone eat in damians bedroom. alfred had to literally stop him.
selina will always try to assure him that there is always next time and he makes a scene about WHAT IF THERE IS NO NEXT TIME and selina sighs, pats his shoulder then leaves to go drink wine in the next room over.
but ooooh the nights when he has his babies all under the same roof. his heart is so happy. he loves listening to their banter, their bickers, their genuine conversations. the room always feels so full and so bright. he finds so much happiness when his birdies are home safe right in front of him.
ya my bruce wayne is a sweetheart who loves his kids. what of it.
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incorrectbatfam · 2 days
Damian: If you see an injured bird on the ground, give it a knife and train it to fight.
Duke: Ah, the famous Batman approach to wildlife rehabilitation.
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