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What do you mean this isn’t how Damian sounded his first year?
Do not tag as ship pls
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Tumblr media
decided to redraw that one core four wfa panel - they definitely didn't look gay enough there
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*Batfam and Phantom meeting during a fight with a ghostly big bad*
Phantom: Okay, who has the most control over thier anger?
*Everyone argues*
Phantom: okay, you. *points at RR* whats you're favorite food in the whole world?
Red Robin: Its not really a food but I love coffee
Phantom: Cool, that works. *slaps amulet of Aragon onto him*
Red Robin:
Phantom: Now, think of something that makes you angry
Phantom: So I kinda turned one of your children into a rage filled dragon
Batman: You did what?
Phantom: Its okay, we got him to turn back by getting him to drink a giant cup of coffee
Phantom: but we screwed up and needed more so now your son is swimming in a pool full of coffee
Phantom: Please come get him he refuses to get out
Red Robin: *living out his coffee based fantasies*
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CORE FOUR!!!!111!!1!
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a quiet meeting aka me wanting to make my own robin cover
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The Batfam as Troubled Birds Part IV
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(part I) (part II) (part III)
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Tim: Ask me why I love you.
Bernard: Why do you love me, Tim?
Tim: *pulls out a 200-slide presentation*
Tim, smiling: I'm glad you asked.
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dick : I'm Dad inside.
jason : um... do you mean dead inside?
dick : *Stares at Tim and Damian making fart noises* Dad inside.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's the Peanut (bat) Gallery!!
Tumblr media
I didn't do all of these for this 1 (one) meme I stg
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
wanna build a snow-bat ⛄⛄⛄
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Dick: So, the toxicology research says that he was killed by belladonna
Jason & Tim:
Jason & Tim: The porn star?
Dick: The poison...
Jason & Tim: Oh...
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Dick Grayson: Dick has no sense of shame, which pairs beautifully with his lack of toxic masculinity. There are several rituals in your relationship with Dick, almost all of them revolving around self-care. Dick loves winding down by doing face masks and sipping wine, he loves to go out with you and get mani-pedis, and every movie night the two of you have includes him doing your hair. He is a man who lives a rough life, but finds comfort in the two of you pampering one another. 
Jason Todd: As a boy who was robbed of so many experiences, of so many chances to learn, Jason does his best to set aside some time every day for learning something new. He’s worldly and cultured and has all the street-smarts a guy could, but it’s the tomes of forgotten facts and ideas that he turns to every night after patrol, when he’s wound down and has you in his arms. Eyes shining and sparkling like a kid in a candy store, his voice higher and quicker, despite how tired he is, as he turns the book in your direction, reciting to you what he had discovered.
Tim Drake: Tim is a very busy man, who doesn’t have much time for himself, let alone for a relationship, so to show he cares, he has to improvise. One way that he does this is by bringing his work to you and sitting by you as you work on whatever you need to get done. Whether you’re cleaning, reading, watching TV, studying, or doing some of your own work, most of the time you can find him sitting close by with his hood up and an energy drink beside him, typing away on his laptop. He can be a bit of a hypocrite at times, always reminding you to wear blue light glasses and to take breaks, so return the favor! If you’re not on a screen, let him borrow your glasses, pull his attention away from his computer for a few minutes, and let him know that you love him, and appreciate his effort. He feels a lot of guilt about not being able to spend more time with you.
Damian Wayne: Quality time is very important to Damian as well, especially when it’s spent relaxing. One of Damian’s favorite activities involving you, is having you model for him, whether or not you know you’re doing it. Part of this ritual of his that you’re not the biggest fan of, is his attention to detail, though when you mention this, the only result is him absolutely melting your heart. There is no way for him to exclude any of your flaws in his portraits, because to him, they aren’t flaws at all.
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So Tim Drake dated Stephenie Brown and had a ton of romantic subtext with Conner Kent.
And Cassandra Cain dated Conner Kent and had a ton of romantic subtext with Stephenie Brown.
I see…
Tumblr media
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"Do you require assistance?" Phantom perked up at the mans voice. Red Robin was the guy multiple ghosts had recommended to him even though he was still alive. Okay, so they kinda did it in a half joking manner, but Phantom was desperate!
The nine year old came out from the shadows and could immediately feel the man in front of him cataloging everything about his appearance. Wierd. But he had dealt with Weirder. Besides, he was glowing, so he guessed the human had a right to be curious. "I heard you were really good with machines."
Red Robin looked somewhat tense, like he was ready to fight if need be. Why does everyone wanna fight him? He's nine!
Phantom quickly brought out a little silver sphere with an OwO face from his bag and quickly began speaking, "This is my friend Livvi, she started acting wierd a while back and I haven't been able to fix her."
To his credit, Red didn't attack him. He just looked gobsmacked. "You came out to Gotham, in the middle of the night and tracked down a vigilante to ask for tech support?"
"Livvi is different!" He fumed, "She's my friend!"
A sigh escaped from the mans lips and Phantom looked up to see him pinching the bridge of his nose, "Okay, you're probably not going to go away until I fix her. Just promise me you'll try to be safer."
Phantom hummed as if contemplating, "I'll try."
With that, the vigilante took Livvi from him and began working on her from the blanket Phantom had laid out. Red Robin began to look more and more curious about Livvi as he worked on her. He even took out one of Livvis ectoplasm powerbanks to examine it more thoroughly. "Can you explain to me what problems she's been having?"
The kid bit his lower lip, clearly worried about the little robot, "Shes having trouble maintaining flight and producing shields. Her speech sometimes comes out glitch or warped despite me not finding anything wrong with her voice box or programming. A few times she's just turned off mid flight and dropped."
The man looked thoughtful for a few seconds before asking, "Have you ever heard of the Lazarus Pit?"
"I've heard of Lazarus, but I don't know what it is. I've only ever heard of it in passing. Why?" The ghost was genuinely confused by the change in topic
"Can I text a friend about this?"
"I don't see why not. The more help Livvi gets the faster she'll get better right?" The bird wasted no time activating his coms and whispering into it telling some unknown people about "an unknown glowing meta child with futuristic tech that runs on Lazarus water"
Within the next ten minutes a guy dressed as a bat landed on the rooftop alongside a boy around his age dressed like a trafic light and scowling as if he had just been told that he was grounded from ever having ice cream again. The big goth dude introduced himself as batman and offered him a lollipop. "I'm not supposed to take candy from strangers." Phantom said seriously, "Unless its Halloween."
Batman...well he didn't smile exactly but he didn't seem angry. "Do you know where you're parents are?"
"No. But thats okay. They don't like me."
Batman maintained a cool pokerface, "why don't they like you?"
"I don't remember. I think I knew when I was older-"
"Older?" The other boy interrupted, "Is this not your true age?"
Phantom pouted at him, any hopes he had of making a friend he didn't construct himself were flung out the window, "Yeah, but I don't remember it. Appearently I ate a time god and lost six-ish years from absorbing his powers."
There was a beat silence, then: "You ate a time god?!" Red Robin looked horrifed
"In my defense, I have no memory of what was happening at the time. All I know is that the place i used to live is in ruins and I'm dead."
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‘Okay. You’re either delusional or suicidal. Why else would you call yourself Red Robin?’
--Tim Drake to Ulysses Armstrong (Robin #180 – Search for a Hero Part 4: Gray Knights)
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Headcanons for my Batkids young age au:
The Batkids ages here:
Damian: 5 years old
Tim: 9 years old
Duke: 7 years old
Cass: 8 years old
Stephanie: 9 years old
Jason: 12 years old
Dick: 15
Superkids ages:
Jon: 5 years old
Kon: 9 years old
Duke and Damian are little besties who get along
Damian may get upset and fight with Tim a lot but when he's bored, he likes to look for him in the Manor so that they can play and spend time together
Tim sometimes let's his hair grow a little so that Stephanie will braid it for him and make it look cool (a little style that's similar to Annie's little braid in the old classic Annie movie)
Damian will always drag little Jon with him to go on wild shenanigans with him
The Batkids always get lost at Target for some reason if they're sent in there without an adult to watch them
When they were more little and tiny and even now at 5 years old still, whenever little Jon and Damian are in the baby seat of a shopping cart at a store and pass by eachother while their parent or siblings are pushing them, they immediately get excited to see eachother and literally hold up their parents or siblings in the middle of the store aisle just to have their happy chats together (just like how parents will do when they see an old friend at a store and have a forever conversation together lol)
Cass and Dick like to play Lego video games together
Cass somehow always gets Jason to play hopscotch with her while he covers his eye's to see if he can win that way
Jason likes to use Damian as his binoculars, cause whenever he's sneaking around he'll use tiny Damian by lifting him up in the air to see things for him while he hides himself behind things
Dick is always getting Damian new toy plushies and Damian is always trying to get rid of them, since they're literally everywhere in his room!
Stephanie loves playing pirates with Damian and Duke
@theredheaded-stuff @paladin-of-nerd-fandom65 @camo-wolf
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