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kachowden · 3 days
Android Boss x human! Worker
Prompt: Technology has taken over. Humans are now nearly obsolete. Both surprisingly and unsurprisingly, the world has become a much safer, healthier place. Most of the worlds main issues have been solved with robots now in control.
Androids are the highest tier of robots, they manage the big jobs. Corporate managers, bosses, governors and lawyers etc. humans are not required to work but are given jobs if they so desire.
Overall most people are happy. Except you of course, because no one said a clingy android was part of your job description.
“Worker B75C3 please report to the main office. I respeat, Worker B75C3 please report to the main office thank you.”
“What is it now Supervisor Bot?”
“B75! I told you to call me by my issued name!”
With a resigned sigh you cleared your throat.
“Right. What is it now Jessie?”
The Android, your boss, Jessie, beamed with his artificial teeth. It was almost obnoxious how happy he seemed just hearing you say his name.
To be fair you didn’t dislike the droid necessarily. Even though you did. He just made your job 10x harder than it should’ve been.
Calling you up nearly everyday for “a performance evaluation”, despite you being one of the best workers the company had to offer. That was human at least.
Purposefully bumping into you in the conference room, spilling coffee on your clothes so you had to get a new pair, never to see the old ones again.
Not to mention he was just so…realistic. And clingy. It unnerved you.
To be honest you were pretty sure it was his eyes that unnerved you the most though. Green, almost hazel eyes, that blinked regularly, naturally, darted around nervously under your gaze, and even dilated in the sun. They were too real.
It was gross.
Now, you wouldnt say you were a Android hater. (Except you were). You just found that making the bots look almost identical to humans was insane. The only way you can even tell that they weren’t human was their finger tips and tongues. Both of which had thin circular glowing plates, that served to simulate taste and sensations.
The tongue one was a newer upgrade. You weren’t sure why your boss had it.
An almost-human cough disrupted your staring, (glaring), and your eyes snapped to focus on Jessie, who’s own fake eyes lidded slightly at you, a wobbly, embarrassed grin strapped on his face. You couldnt help but notice he didn’t have his usual tie on.
He looked weirdly disheveled. His skin was just a bit too shiny, almost like sweat.
“The fucks wrong with you?”
“Language B75…”
You rolled your eyes and plopped down into, your seat, opposite of the androids desk.
“Cut the crap dude whyd you call me up here?”
Normally you wouldn’t be able to talk to a superior like this, but your “relationship” with Jessie was a special case.
He let you get away with pretty much anything at this point. Not that you used that power for more than a couple naps.
The bot looked like he was overheating with the way he was fidgeting about though. Avoiding eye contact half the time and staring right at you the rest.
“I was hoping you could humor me…on something..”
Not again.
“As you can see I recently got the new upgrade,” he wiggled his fingers for emphasis, showing off the currently dull finger sensors he now had. “And I was hoping you would let me…Test them out. On you..”
Realistically you should’ve been more put off by his request. But you’d unfortunately gotten used to the bots curiosities. He was a bit of a human fanatic. Always wanting to try these expiraments with you. Only you.
And realistically you should’ve declined too. Had he not also offered you a bonus.
“Fine whatever, get up. I wanna get this over with asap.”
“Really? I mean, of course! Right away!”
Jessie was terrible at hiding how eager he sounded. Not that he probably tried to hide it really.
With a peppy smile he shot out from his chair, and speedily skipped over to you. He stood infornt of you, hoisting you up from your seat, much to your own chagrin, and hovered anxiously for a moment or two.
His eyes darted all over your face. Maybe checking for any possible doubt or hesitance. Not that you cared though.
Getting very fed up with his stalling you thrusted your hands out and grabbed onto his own, forcing his hands to clasp firmly on.
“Hurry the fuck up.”
He didn’t bother scolding you this time.
You could see why. In your own mild disgust you watched as his receptors flowered a pretty blue, as his fingers tips rubbed over your knuckles and palm, crawling slowly up your wrist. He traced the lines of your palms, mapping them out like a fortune teller would in a shady carnival booth.
His hands circled and slid up your arms slowly, as if mapping out each new texture or scar. He paused at the underside of your wrist, pressing down slightly on the joint and eliciting a brief exhale as he felt your pulse drum lightly beneath his sensors.
Jessie shuddered for a moment at the sensation before moving on.
He took his time. Too much time in your opinion as you felt your back begin to hurt from standing for so long.
“Are you done yet? My backs killing me.”
His green eyes snapped to you so fast you almost got vertigo.
“Why does your back hurt?” His voice was breathy and low, and his eyes lacked their usual warmth for a second. Though you chose to believe you were imaging that.
“Gee it’s not like I sit at a desk all day with no proper back support.” Irritation dripped from your tongue like poison into Jessie’s ears, his fingers locking slightly before he relaxed with a sweet, nervous smile.
“…I’m a trained masseuse you know…if you want I could..try and relieve some of the pain? Free of charge obviously..haha.” His awkward, antsy tone left the joke to fall flat though you didn’t mind much, too excited about the prospect of getting some pain relief, even if it was from a creep like Jessie.
“Say less.” You meant that literally. Yanking your arms from his stunned metal ones you plopped down back into your chair, sat reverse and leaned your front into the cushiony back.
You missed the blue that soaked his eyes for a moment, a warning that went ignored by your mechanical boss.
With a excited exhale, Jessie rolled up his sleeves and stepped forward. His hands hovered hesitantly above your shoulders for a very brief moment, before finally descending with a firm pressure deliciously against your spine.
You groaned pleasantly, eyes screwing up slightly at the relief on your poor back, ignorant to the borderline short circuiting bot who twitched and panted at the indirect-direct contact.
His skilled fingers worked slowly at first. Sticking to a specific part of your back before venturing else where. He relished in your groans, and the fact that it was him making you feel good. Him. Not your stupid coworker. Or the assistant bot. Or that delivery boy who he sees you sometimes talking to and wishes he could just-
“Ah! Dude not so hard?!” Your barking paused his frenzied “massage”, if it could even be called that.
“Sorry! I’m so sorry B75, I just…”
The wobbly grin that appeared on his soft features was definitely cause for concern.
“I can’t really hit the right pressure points, through your clothes…is it okay if you..lower your shirt..slightly?”
“What? Yeah fine whatever just don’t pull that shit again.”
Holyshit you actually agreed
Jessies “breathing” quickly became erratic at the sight of your bare shoulders and back, face burning in a blue hue, and his pupils dilating violently before he twitched and fell to the floor.
You jumped at the loud crashing sound, bolting up with a readjustment of your shirt before staring down at the spasming bot in disbelief
You nudged his leg with your foot before sighing exasperatedly and walking over to the intercom.
“Maintenance in the Main office , building code 772E. Code 772E, Maintenance in the Main office. Thank you.”
The speaker buzzed, confirming they were sending someone up, and you took an extra moment to gaze at the android slapped over the floor.
You scoffed.
“Damn bag of bolts.”
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ddarker-dreams · 2 days
"What do you think about this dress, Scaramouche?"
"No. Absolutely not. Go get changed. Now."
Scaramouche holds out an awaiting hand for the dress to be returned to that you regard with disdain. He’s being entirely unreasonable, and while you should be used to it by now, there’s something about this particular instance that strikes you the wrong way. Maybe it’s the dehumanizing factor of not even being allowed to wear something you like, or maybe it’s because his posture is so arrogant, so assuming that you’ll just give up and comply. 
Whatever the reason is, you decide this is a hill you’ll die on. Metaphorically, you hope. 
“Can I ask why?” You’re smart enough to use politeness rather than flinging a flurry of insults his way, as is your impulse. “I think it looks good on me.” 
He inhales sharply and pinches the bridge of his nose. “It has nothing to do with that.” 
“Then what does it have to do with?” 
He murmurs something incoherent under his breath. You lean forward, but it’s for naught, you can’t even catch the tail end of his rushed speech. What you do notice is how red the tips of his ears are. And now he’s glaring daggers at you. Great. You didn’t think fashion would be such a sore subject for a callous Harbinger.     
“You’re being ridiculous,” you deadpan, unable to pretend otherwise any longer. 
Scaramouche bristles. “I know it’s difficult for one as daft as you, but try just once to use your brain and figure it out yourself.” 
“Sorry, I’m apparently too out of practice, you’ll need to give me a hint.” 
“It just— it shows too much.” 
“Kunikuzushi,” you draw out his name slowly, disbelief coloring your tone. “It drops below my knees.” 
“Whatever, it’s too tight,” he snaps back at you. You think your jaw might be on the floor. “I can see your collarbones.” 
“My... collarbones?” 
“What, do you want a lesson in anatomy next?” He deflates a little, perhaps finally catching onto how absurd he’s being. He runs a hand through his bangs and lowers his voice. “Go get changed already. We’ll be late for our reservations.” 
Yeah, as if a restaurant is going to have the guts to kick a Harbinger out, you think. Whatever. Perhaps it’s time to scale down from this particular hill. Scaramouche is the most stubborn man you’ve ever met. You two could spend hours bickering over this “issue”. In the end, your desire for food wins out, and you concede. 
“It does look good on you though, I suppose.” 
Whatever Scaramouche just said come out in such a hushed voice that all you can tell is that he mentioned you. 
“Sorry, what was that?” 
“I-I said you’re stupid and I can’t stand you.”  
“Oh. Well, touché.” 
Scaramouche digs his face into his hands to stop himself from groaning. 
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heartfullofleeches · 22 hours
Yan Model: Ugh, I can't stand my chauffeur
A Colleague: Aren't you like- borderline obsessed with them? What happened?
Yan: Nothing! That's what I'm saying. I told them they're the most attractive person I've ever met and anyone would be lucky to have them, and they had the gull to say "That means alot coming from you, boss." Its me, I'm that fucking person, Y/n. I didn't gaslight half a million people into thinking we're engaged and plan a spring wedding for that adorable idiot not to notice me. God, I should just kidnap them.
Colleague: ... didn't they go missing like two days ago
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diejager · 2 days
Hello, may I please ask for 10 in you 1k event with nsfw yan Diluc please, aslo congrats!
1k special [2/10]
1k special masterlist
Cw: smut, creampie, implied sex marathon, DARK, yandere, blood, marking, possessive, sadism, BDSM, NON-CON, DUB-CON.
Wc: 662
HI! Thank you!! <33
Tumblr media
# 10 " You're so cute,"
Bound and gagged, your cries fell on deaf ears when faced with Diluc, the workers never bothered you, they never entered the room unless you were dressed and with Diluc, they never tried freeing you, and they never stopped fearing for their safety under Diluc's iron-like hold on the region and Teyvat. A rich businessman with relations was the worse kind to garner their ire or obsession.
His hips moved at a steady pace, shallowly thrusting and taking his time to watch you squirm and take him whole; red, swollen folds rubbing around his thick length, leaking the combined juices of your orgasms. His narrowed eyes burned darkly with unbridled lust as they moved from your ankles locked around his hips to your soaked mound, over your navel, stomach, and chest covered in purple and red bites and kisses, and from your tear-stricken face and puffy eyes to your bound hands gripping the mahogany headboard. He was entranced by your appearance, a wreck and bumbling mess of tears and moans made by his hand. It made him harder, his cock twitching and promising another load. Pain and pleasure came as one, one couldn't exist without the other and it appealed to his sadistic side, it appealed to it too much.
His hands felt everything he could, all the skin that stayed unmarred by his teeth and fingers, he wanted to bite into the fatty part of your thighs, leave them red and bloodied until he lapped it up, he wanted to paint your hips black and blue with his hands, leave them pained and sore for the coming days.
Thoughts drowned by pleasure (and your cries), he jerked wildly, pace erratic with loud panting as he peppered your neck and collar with wet kisses. His pounding went from short and shallow to deep and rough, he loved hearing your muffled squealing and whiny cries. He found it simply adorable.
"You're so cute, " Diluc cooed, breathing heavily into your ears. "Calmer and more pliant when I fuck you, hmm?"
Your mind reeled in disgust, conscience praying for it to stop, telling your body to stop reacting so disgracefully. You wanted your body to stop betraying you, to stop turning into a puddle of sweat and cum in Diluc's hand he could tell you all about him much your body loved it, that you loved him and were simply in denial; but you knew, you knew that your body only reacted to stimuli, that you hadn't really wanted him, your body simply reacted to what it was given.
Your body jerked and jolted when the leaky of his raging erection slammed into your cervix, alternating between pounding into your cervix and your sweet spot. Your body reacted to his foreplay because he knew where to touch, what to rub and roll, he did things while having you bound.
"I'm going to come," he groaned, mind numb with delight at the image of you plump and bred with his child.
He licked your neck, drawing a line of saliva from your collar to your jaw, lips patting to swallow your drool and kiss the side of your mouth. He cursed, hips rocking erratically, dick twitching before he ground deeper into you and came. The warmth that filled you brought a sickly feeling, ropes of cum covering your walls and clinging to every part of your cunt. You almost shuddered as he rutted against you, pushing his release deeper. You would've puked if you weren't gagged, bound, or here at all.
The most damning thing about this was the words he mumbled after he came, the soft promise he told you in an innocent tone:
"I love you."
Tumblr media
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scarilygorgeous · 17 hours
I saw your note so here is my order again🥰
Could you make an king who is completely obsessed with the male reader who is a prince of the neighboring nation?
Like the king is completely in love and asks the male reader's hand in marriage and the male reader's parents accept as this marriage would bring many benefits to both kingdoms. At first the reader hates this idea but after some time he starts to have feelings for the king.
If you want to add nsfw with reader being bottom I would appreciate it
The Emperor’s Male Concubine
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
PAIRING: M!Emperor/M!Reader
SYNOPSIS: Laying his eyes on you in a important meeting, he knew he had to have you.
WARNINGS: amab reader, cheating(?), polygamy(?),death, obsession, possessive behavior, long wait until smut, voyeurism(again..), sex in a throne room, chest/nipple play, pwp,
a/n: literally my personal favorite ask, literally inloveeeee. Decided to make this set in ancient china and actually gave the emperor a last name as I’m tired of just calling him “He”. And I added a queen or empress character that gets eliminated fairly quickly. I got so into this I forgot about the smut. Also very sorry for making you wait!!
“Have me come to an agreement, your highness?” One of the council members had asked him.
Pulled away from his thoughts, He hummed in agreement as he nodded taking his eyes off of you.
“Okay then.” They said.
“Emperor (lastname), I have an offer to propose.” He said as he stood up, all eyes drifting towards him including yours.
“I’ve noticed one of your many sons, and he has caught my eye, I would like to ask for your son, (name)’s hand in being my concubine, and eventually become a ruler in the future with me.” He offered, with a menacing smile.
To start, you were the oldest of the many brothers you had, being the heir. Though due to your “weak” stature and disgraceful personality, your place to the line of the throne was replaced from “1st” to “7th” .
And to hear this, this might grant your wish to become king. Thought you were ecstatic, you didn’t want to marry someone you didn’t even know.
A smile went on your fathers face, marrying you off could give them multiple benefits. Your father agreed “Yes, of course! This is great news to hear, Emperor Jiāng!”
Smirking, “Good, I look forward to seeing your pretty face everyday.” He said looking at you as he said the last of his sentence.
You cleared your throat in embarrassment, clearly not used to his praise.
You had a sneer on your face as you were on your way to the Jiāng empire, salty as you were so easily married off.
You had tried escaping, trying to guilt trip your father into disagreeing but was met with a “You don’t know how much benefits we’ll receive, (name)!”.
You had tried running away various times but were caught everytime by the royal guards, so you accepted your fate and sucked it up.
As you felt yourself drifting away, you were disturbed by one of the annoying guards.
“Prince, we’re here!” They yelled rather loudly.
Sighing in annoyance, you got up and started walking into the castle with a glare evident on your face.
After what felt like walking a thousand stairs, you were finally in the throne room where the Emperor was sitting.
He was leaning on the left arm rest of his throne, where he rested the side of face on his hand. He sat with his leg over the other.
Sighing, you curtsied greeting him “Your Royal Highness.”
“Welcome to my empire, Prince (lastname).” He said as he basically undressed you with his eyes and with a smirk on his lips.
“I hope you enjoy the rest of your life in this very castle.” He said with a grin.
“I have high hopes for this, your highness. I’m very excited for what will come.” You said through gritted teeth.
“I can promise you the best life in this very castle, I will treasure you like no other.” He said with a genuine smile, and clear obsession in his eyes as he looked at you from top to bottom.
It’s been atleast 8 months, at the moment, you were the emperor’s “concubine”. And the “empress.” Didn’t like it one bit, as you were the only concubine he had.
She has made her distain very obvious, glaring at you when you guys were in the same room, scoffing whenever you spoke, and laughing to herself whenever any misfortune happened to you.
“Let me remind you of you’re place, prince. I rule alongside His Highness. You’re lower then me, remember it.” She said cornering you in the ballroom.
“He doesn’t care about you, he just thinks of you as a pretty thing that would look good on him. He’d careless If any harm came to you, I can promise that.” She said as she took the dagger a servant handed to her.
Though before any harm came to you, she was stopped by a hand on her shoulder.
“I’m sorry, would you repeat that?” The emperor said, with hatred in his eyes, and a fake smile.
“O-oh-! Your highness, where did you come from-” she said surprised.
“Shut up. The words that came out of your lying mouth were all false. I care about him more than I do to you. I wish to marry him, out of love. I only married you for benefits to my empire, get out.” He said coldly as he glared at her stuttering self.
“Y-yes, Your Highness..” she stuttered as she quickly walked out as she started sobbing.
Watching her leave, he turned his head to you. His eyes softened as your shocked form on the floor, due to her pushing you previously.
“Let me help you up, dearest.” He said with a soft smile as he held his hand out to you.
Feeling your face heat up from his words and the pet name, you reluctantly took his hand.
“I’m sorry you had to endure that woman’s abuse, how long had she been doing this?” He asked as he looked down still hand in hand with you while walking you to your bedroom.
“Oh not too long.. this was the first time she actually tried harming me.” You murmured.
“I see.” He replied monotone.
Though once he walked you to your room he walked off, keaving you alone. Or so you thought.
Once you drifted to sleep. He entered your room, and sat down by your bed admiring your features.
He combed his hand through your hair as he used his other hand to caress your face.
“If I could choose, I’d choose for you to rule alongside me where we’ll rule the empire together. Don’t you worry, she’ll be out of the picture soon…” he whispered into your ear, as he admired your face.
“I’ll never obey you, I tell you. Never-!” You said as you were cut off by him pinning you to your bed.
“Never? I guess we’ll have to see after I make you cry on my cock.” He said smirking as he was on top of you holding your two arms with his left and the right pulling aside the clothing resting on your chest.
Surprised and flustered at the same time you were speechless. “You pervert! Unhand me this instant!!” You screamed embarrassed pushing him away and covering your chest.
He smirked with a blush faint on his face.
‘I wonder if he’ll be embarrassed while I play with his chest in bed.’ He thought.
“Are you always this perverse? Even with the empress?” You ask with a blush on your face as you faced him.
“Course not, don’t forget, I never married her out of love.” He said monotone.
“Oh. That’s shameless, being openly more inlove with your concubine rather than the empress.” You replied.
“Why so gloomy? Not fond of being wed to me? She’s only temporary, you’re forever, dearest.” He said with a smile on his lips.
You didn’t say anything, there he goes with the nickname he has gave you.
“Whatever…” you say hiding your blush with your hands.
He walked up to you hugging your waist as he rested his chin on your shoulder.
“You know, I genuinely do love you. That’s the reason I proposed our proposal to your father.” He whispered.
Silent, you could feel your heart beating uncontrollably, as if it could burst out any moment.
“I-I guess I wouldn’t mind marrying you…” you said nervously.
“That’s good to know.” He replied chuckling against your neck.
Recently you started growing fond of being wed with the Jiāng Emperor. The way he treated you made you blush like no other.
The now late empress was murdered, and ruled as homicide, but nobody could ever find out who killed her.
Soon after her death, you and the emperor had married. You were now declared the other emperor of the Jiāng empire.
The emperor was completely smitten with you, he basically worshipped you. He’d come at your beck and call, wether it’d be during his sleep or an important council meeting.
He was rather affectionate too, making skin contact whenever he had the chance.
Though after your marriage, you had started to grow more attracted to him. He never hid his feelings from you.
Making it clear he wanted to bed you every moment in private. He was open with you.
“Haah~! Mmh-” You moaned as you gripped the hand rests on the throne.
The sounds of skin slapping skin, moans, and grunts filled the entire throne room.
As your moans and whines echoed through the throne room.
“People will see-!!” You whined as he started guiding you on his cock with his hands on your hips.
“It’s fine~, after all we can just throw them in prison afterwards..” he said as he watched his cock sink into your ass.
“Fuck-! If I knew how tight you were, I would’ve took you the moment you entered this castle..” he trailed off as he was lost in the pleasure.
“Hmphh~ s-so big..” you moaned out bouncing on his cock as you could feel your eyes loll to the back of your head and your tongue stick out in pleasure.
“Mmh… fucking shit- take my fucking cock, take it-!” He said with gritted teeth as he started thrusting into you.
“Aaahh~! Sh-shit!!” You let out as you could feel your legs shaking from the amount of pleasure.
Sliding his hands under your shirt, he started playing with your chest. Fondling your chest, as well as pinching and pulling your nipples.
“Mnghh~!!” You let out at the sudden sensation.
“Heh, I’ve wanted to tease this pretty chest of yours.” He laughed.
“F-fucking p-pervert…” you say while holding in your moans
“I think you’re the pervert, you’re the one letting me fuck you in MY throne room~” He whispered sensually into your ear.
“Y-you initiated t-t-this whole thi-! Haaahhh~!!” You try saying before being interrupted by him thrusting with a faster pace.
“You were saying?” He said, with a shit eating grin on his face.
“F-Fuck you.” You stutter as skin slapping and yours moans and his grunts echo around the room.
“Wanna fuck you so hard the outside guards hear you~” he said before moaning into your ear.
“Mmhh! S-shit.. “ you moan turned on from his words.
Saying nothing but letting out groans and grunts, he picked you up from under your knees, having more access too your prostate.
You felt euphoric to say the least, if he continued his actions anymore you’d come undone right now.
Whimpering, you could feel your climax come closer and closer.
“Ah! S-so close~!” You whimpered out.
“F-fuck, me too…” he whispered before speeding up his thrusts, desperately trying to get close to both of your climaxes.
Your face stained with tears as you both came at the same time, him not pulling out and your own cum staining your face.
With one last thrust he let you sit in his lap once more.
Panting, you tried catching your breath.
“So embarrassing, the guards probably heard…” you said embarrassed.
You could only hear a laugh before you could feel something pressing against your back.
Practically feeling his smirk he spoke again, “second round?”.
Tumblr media
Not proofread but hope you enjoy, P.S please send more requests <3 Wanna join my taglist? Just ask! 😆
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yandere-kokeshi · 3 days
your yandere price was sooo good 😭
can i please request some yandere ghost? maybe reader is a young spec ops soldier who’s really damn good at their job and the typical obsessive behavior ensues but reader is a really stubborn and prideful person so they just fight against him at every turn
— Stubborn
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warnings: slight violence at the start, Ghost being angry, intense makeout scene (I tried!) And love confession.
A/N: Thank you!! Please enjoy this fic, and I may or may not be barking for this man ^^!
You're code-name is Cobra. While I thought it fit, in future fics, I may change it to more gn name. Suggestions are welcome!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“I told you to stay in the goddamn post!”
His exploding voice echoed throughout the entire room. You flinched at his suddenly changed voice, watching the invisible steam come out of his back like a dragon ready to set fire to a poor village.
Angered. That was his emotion. He was shooting a sharp, repetitive scowl. He’s holding back, cracking his knuckles, hands clenching against one another before uttering something under his breath now and again.
It’s chilling — terrifying even.
Normally, he was quiet and nice with you — at least to some degree. But today you fucked up.
You watched him turn around, facing the big window in the room, admiring the midnight sky and moon. To some degree, it helps cool off the sweat on your body.
Or try to. It certainly did not help with the anger in the room.
Rolling your eyes, you got up from the chair beside the desk in the room, standing up behind him.
“I’m completely fine.” You raised your arms, dangling them around to show him that no cuts or even bruises were forming on your body. “We finished the mission. That’s all that matters, yeah?”
You heard him scoff, “All that matters?” He shifts on his feet, turning to look at you with a glare.
“I gave you an order. A specific — detailed order to not engage unless I worded.” With each word, he came forward until he was right in front of you, intimidating you with his darkened-brown eyes.
“I–” You started, before flopping your arms to the side in defeat. You looked at the ground before looking back at him.
“I’m sorry.” You offered pathetically. You saw his eyes twitch — clearly not believing the word you gave out. “I did a stupid stunt. I’m sorry, Ghost.”
“Cobra!” You heard him scream at you, demanding you to turn back and return to your hidden spot. “Cobra! Get your bloody ass out of there!”
Indeed, Ghost ran a tight mission. But when it came out of line, he got extremely serious and violent.
“Keep them off my trail!” You yelled at the radio, hearing Soap curse on the other end. You fired your gun, emptying bullet after bullet into their skulls with near-perfect aim.
Although, without moving a muscle, you could hear his footsteps — thundering right behind you.
Before you knew it, you were pulled away into a random room with a very angry Simon. Legs growing in pain and a yelling leader in your face;
You were simply doing your job, right?
“Yet, you didn’t back out.” He growled, pointing a finger in your face harshly. “You could’ve died!”
“But I didn’t.” You sneered back. “You should be grateful I took them down — killed them all before they killed the hostages!”
“Shut it.” He snapped.
“Really? Why should I? I mean—” You scoffed, “Your the one who decided to come and grab me, push me away when I was alright!” You growled, poking a finger into his chest.
“Then fucking listen. It’s my job to make sure you’re breathing.”
“Really?” You ushered. “Cause if I didn’t do that, there would have been a bullet between all of their eyes!”
Suddenly, you were forced against the wall, watching his gaze tighten and his tattooed arm being pushed up against your neck. You jumped at the loud bang in your ears, mouth going dry.
You could practically hear Simon’s heartbeat — flaming in waves like lava rushing over land.
“I’m not scared of you, Simon,” You answered, “Wanna hit me? Don’t be a bitch about it.”
You stared into his eyes, hearing him breathe heavily before feeling his arm release you, resting right beside him. “You need to understand that you should come first.”
Your chest heaved, head pounding in adrenaline and annoyance.
“Then, we have two different views.” You rasped. Watching him lean back, his eyes staring into your soul. “My job is protecting people. And I’m damn good at it, so I’m not gonna stand here and let you shit me down.”
You heard him scoff. “Doing it stupidly isn’t protecting people.”
“Then why are you here, Simon?” You snarled, leaning forward to him. Though, you didn’t see him flinch or move an inch. Rather than letting you challenge him by getting in his personal space.
“You’re on some real thin ice, Cobra” He snapped.
You snickered, digging a finger at his chest. “Or what? You gonna hit me, L.T.? Go ahead, I’d love to see you try.”
“You don’t see it, do you?” He angrily blurted out.
He gripped your shoulders, forcing you to make direct eye contact with him. “You can congratulate yourself all you want. But you need to realize the team almost — I… almost lost you”
You couldn’t think, nor anticipate his next move. What did he mean by that damn sentence?
But when his hand on your shoulder was removed, rolling his mask upward, and revealing his scarred face. You were hotly flustered and surprised.
His chapped lips — scarred nose, eyebrows, and greased smoked paint around his eyes. His soulless, brown-marked eyes were staring down at you. Hell, even his browned hair was somehow styled and perfectly cleaned. What the actual fuck.
He raised an eyebrow at your flustered face, “Cat got your tongue?”
His other hand gripped your jaw, thumb caressing your chin, pulling you into a hypnotic haze.
Pulling his face closer to yours, you didn’t expect to see or feel his skin — his stubbled jaw, his lips against yours, swallowing your fury.
He tasted sweet, almost too sweet for an angry and dangerous man.
Whimpering in the kiss, you felt a smirking plaster against his face. Fuckin’ teaser.
You couldn’t breathe — think properly by his addictive smell and taste. His scent was calming, a calm that wasn’t needed now.
His free hand grabbed your side, pulling you closer into the touched makeout, making you feel his chest heave into yours. Slowly, your hand raised, dragging your fingertips into his slick and semi-wet hair, locking them between your fingers.
Kissing him tenderly, you felt him stiffen — slightly unsure how to proceed with this… ‘debrief’
But, he welcomed it a second later, grasping your jaw as his tongue slipped into your mouth, exploring your cavern. Earning a small whine, he departed himself from you with a trail of saliva.
Pulling away, you both looked like a mess; the two of you acted like you had an intense wrestling match, with hair slightly messed up, ragged breathing, and shaky gasps that certainly would be heard from outside the room.
Suddenly, Ghost grabs you, pulling you into his chest as your head rested against him, hearing his pounding heart and heavy breathing.
“I know you’re bloody good at your job. Jus’... never fucking do that again.”
You narrowed your eyes, feeling butterflies form in your stomach. “Didn't expect you to love me.”
You heard him mumble something, but from the shift on his feet, you already knew the answer.
“I’ll take that as a yes.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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scarakuzush1 · 2 days
"for you have skin as radiant as the sun."
Tumblr media
pairing: sagau zhongli x fem reader
tw: zhongli being a bit rough w you
Tumblr media
you were the god of all of teyvat, and you knew that. you had been reincarnated into the body of a young woman, making you appear as you were in your early twenties.
zhongli, the geo archon, the god of contracts. he was known to be the strongest archon among the rest. he had been the first to realize your true identity, while everyone wanted to burn you alive, he was there, there to protect you.
he allowed you to be by his side, to accompany him.
he just wanted to be with you. he just wanted to always listen to you, your voice that was euphoric to him. the way you would be oh so gentle with him. he would do anything you asked him of.
but you were so distant all of a sudden. why? had he done something to you to make you displeased?
you would wake up earlier than him, leaving the home he was so kind to let you stay in for the time. you would come home late in the day, with a smile plastered on your face. he would ask you why you were so happy, but you never gave a clear answer.
he didn't mind at first, he wanted you to be happy, for you to have some sort of excitement in your life. but you were hardly ever free to spend time with him, you always went out before he woke up.
he was fed up with it, he was so considerate to give you all of these things, yet you hardly even acknowledged him.
he woke up before you once, reading a book while he waited for you.
he waited till he could hear your footsteps to leave his bedroom to the hallway. he could see your silhouette tip-toeing around the hall, you tried to stay as silent as possible, not wanting to awake zhongli, not knowing he was watching you.
"y/n? what are you doing so early?" he questioned you, making you freeze in place, startled.
"hm? oh yeah! i was just thirsty, so i was going to grab a drink, care to join me?" you asked, clearly frazzled.
"i don't believe for one moment you were planning to grab a drink. are you lying to me?"
"of course not! i just felt a bit parched, so i was just gonna get water and head back to bed," he was walking closer to you, making it so there was nothing yet a wall behind you.
"you're wearing a dress y/n. you have done your hair as well. are you sure you are 'just getting a drink'?"
"oh. well you see, i don't have much to say to that, so how about i just leave, haha?" you tried slipping under him, but he was much stronger than you. you couldn't even use your own powers after being reincarnated, making you defenseless.
he placed his hand on your shoulder, tightening his grip every time you had tried to squirm out of his hold.
"you don't understand, do you? i've done so much for you, yet you lie to my face? how gullible do you think i am?" he would have never wanted to disrespect you like this, but he knew the strength he held compared to you.
"zhongli, please. i can't let them wait for long, so please let me go," you complained, trying to take his arm off of you.
"who is this person you speak of, hm? i'm sure if you run off everyday to meet with them they'll understand if you're late for once. you have skin as radiant as the sun, you know that right? i can't allow some mere mortals to spend more time with you than me."
Tumblr media
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morose-melodies · 3 days
Heyooooo!!! Can i request for yan pierro and yan pantalone, seperate, with a darling who cant decide for themselves? I always have a hard hard time when it comes to decisions whether its small or large matter, and many people think its a burden
Choices *sigh* | yandere pierro and pantalone x reader
Tumblr media
any other day, pantalone would have made this decision for you but today was your special day, so he wanted you to decide for yourself.
but you sat across from him, looking far more confused than you had to as you tried to think of a good reply to pantalone's question; "where would you like to go today?"
you didn't know where to go. there were so many places to go, how would you ever decide? you didn't know and you'd much rather pantalone surprise you than form him to make you decide.
"I dunno," you figured that was the best answer, but after seeing pantalone's smile slightly drop, you quickly followed your last statement by saying, "... you should decide where we go...because it'll be more special that way... to me."
pantalone parted his lips, to say something but stopped, just before he did, and sighed instead. you bit your bottom lip, you felt apologetic but what could you do? you really didn't know where to go.
but actually... you wanted to go to many places, lieye, inazuma, mondstadt... etc, you wanted to go sightseeing, you wanted to go a nice diner, you wanted to build a snowman... the list went on, you didn't know know what to do.
"how would that be more special, (y/n)?" pantalone questioned, he wasn't impatient, no, he was quite understanding of your indecisiveness, he understood some choices mattered more than others.
just as this one did.
and consequently, your birthday was one of his days off, so he had all the time in the world for you and only you.
"because... your input matters," you replied, fingerings at the hem of your top as you looked over to pantalone, "I can name a few places... and you can choose. does that sound good to you?"
pantalone's existing smile grew wider as he nodded to you, not hesitating, because pleasing you was what he wanted to do on your special day, that's what he wanted to do on any day.
"... a restaurant, sightseeing, the café downtown, liyue, mondstadt, inazuma, i want to visit-" you stopped the moment you heard pantalone laugh, your nails digging into the palms of your hands as you anxiously waited to hear what it was he had to say.
"perhaps we could narrow that list down... just a bit," he smiled, as he reached out to you, waited to see if you'd flinch away from him, and then placed his hand over your hand, "it would be too sudden to plan a trip to liyue, mondstadt or inazuma... how about the two of us go to the new restaurant downtown?"
you nodded, "that would be perfect," watching as pantalones eye seemed to twitch and his smile slightly dropped just as you attempted to pull your hand away from his. he hesitated before slowly moving his hand away from yours and motioned for you to stand up just as he did.
once the two had stood up, pantalone hesitantly wrapped his arms around you, afraid you'd rebuke his touches but you did nothing and leaned into the hug.
he was almost surprised when you leaned into his hug but that didn't stop him from pulling you closer to himself and letting his smile widen.
Tumblr media
"you've been so busy, lord harbinger," you whispered, your arms wrapped around pierro and his around you. "and I've missed you," you added, feeling as though it was the first time in years that you had seen pierro.
"(y/n)... forgive me for not making time for you." it was late, the sun had set hours ago and pierro had come to visit you, it was unexpected but you happily accepted him into your house.
and then the big question came, "what would you like the two of us to do? to make up for the lost time." He asked, seemingly unwilling to release you from the hug you initiated.
you tensed and that's when he released you, rubbing your arm gently as he awaited your answer, "I don't know... maybe we can just stay here and do something together?"
pierro tuts, before asking, "is that what you truly want? is there nothing else you'd like to do?" his question caused you to sigh before replying with, "um... I guess we could... go to a café together? or...shop together... maybe we could go to a restaurant together?"
"shop together? that could be nice, is that what you want us to do, (y/n)?" pierro asked, and you pursed your lips, does he really want to do that? or is he just being kind?
"uhm..." you were now hesitant to say yes. you wanted him to enjoy himself too, you didn't want to be selfish... "maybe we could go... stargazing?"
pierro seemed to be without a reply for a few seconds before nodding and saying, "that would be very nice. but are you sure that's what you'd want to do?"
... you bit your lip, hard, unsure of what to say. why does he keep questioning you? does he not want to do either of the things you want to do? is he trying to make you doubt yourself purposely?
you were confused, so you figured the best thing to do was shrug.
"... what was that? did you not understand why question?" pierro asked, a brow raised and his voice questioning, "would you like to go stargazing or is there something else you'd like to do?" pierro repeated his question and you began to feel bad.
"I don't know... I just-"
"(y/n), don't allow such trifle matters to intimidate you, we could do either of these activities at another time. don't think so much, (y/n), it's not a big decision."
it's not a big decision... he's right. "uhm...," you paused, then frowned before asking, "can you just pick one? i can't decide... I'm sorry," then scratched your nose as you awaited a response.
"if thats truly what you want... then ill take you shopping, (y/n)."
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ghoularaki · 19 hours
Hello! Can I ask for yandere scenario with Mikey in which he and the darling made a childhood promise that they would get together/get married if neither of them end up finding a partner till they reached a certain age? To poor darling unfortunately never really had any luck with boys for some "unexplained" reasons and well the time is finally up and it came time for Mikey to collect his prize.
tw yandere mikey, bonten arc, noncon, mikey typical violence, possessiveness, forced marriage, marriage imagery/kink, dollification, hint of strength kink, unprotected sex, kidnapping
requests are CLOSED
Tumblr media
It all started in elementary. An innocent era where time wasn’t much of a concept you could wrap your little brain around. Anticipating the relief of summer, not knowing how much you would regret wishing the months away. 
On a sweet spring day is when you met Mikey. A period before he went by said name, before gangs and despair. It was just you and him under the flourish trees, colors swirling in the world. 
“Manjiro,” he introduced with an outstretched hand and a tooth filled grin. 
You responded with your name with a shy demeanor, not used to such brightness. Clasping his hand to yours—so chubby and small—time before his hand could engulf yours. 
You two were instantly attached to the hip. If you were present, so was Mikey. Adults tried their best to separate you two in fear of stunted social growth, but anytime someone would detach your hands, tears spilled from Mikey’s eyes. You never saw a boy cry so much.
Though one day he stopped crying, stopped smiling so fully. It was that day, flowers waft in the air, he made such a silly promise. The exact age is fuzzy when he asked the damning question, but the words stay imprinted in your mind. “Hey y/n-chan, if we aren’t married by the age of 27, let's just marry each other.” The words were saccharine.
You had giggled at the question. At the time, neither of you understood the weight of marriage. And so, of course you agreed. 
“Pinky promise?” He raised his hand, pinky extended.
“Pinky promise.” You twirled your finger with his. Bound together. 
Tumblr media
It all started in middle school. No blaring red signs wacked you in the face as you were always on the more reserved side. Boys never really did approach you especially when Mikey gained a name for himself. Though this never did bother you, at first. You were content with following him around like a lost puppy. This is when you met his less than savory friends. They weren’t mean, but you never really cared for swollen fists and bloody smiles. 
You knew it was best to avoid gang business for your sake and Mikey’s. He despised when you got involved. If anything you learned the hard way. It was when Takemichi (or Takemitchy as Mikey not so cleverly named him) arrived. He always loved to give those he adored nicknames, you were not an exception. His doll, he called you. The name made you huff, you were anything but. 
“That’s why you’re my doll. I don’t mind if you are roughed up, I will always fix you back up again.”
The words made your face so hot you could cook on it. 
He wasn’t wrong though. One too many incidents was the reason, you were forbidden to join any Toman meetings anymore. 
Calling upon his loyal followers, he stood above everyone else as he usually did. You sat at the top stair of the shrine, Draken standing right next to you. It was when Valhalla had not wavered and fallen. Kisaki was still at large.
It wasn’t much, but you so happened to get in the crossfire of Baji betraying Toman. An elbow to the face was all it took for Mikey to see red. He was silent. A deadly silence likened to a still sea right before whirling, twisting waves. 
He could have killed the man if it wasn’t for your laugh. Fuck, did it hurt and sometimes you could feel the phantom pain, but god was it fun. The adrenaline was addicting. You simply shot the blood from your nostrils and smiled crimson. Mikey was reminded of the time you ate cherries together, the red meat stuck between your teeth. You never looked so beautiful.
Since then, Mikey never let you go to another meeting. Instead he and Draken would walk you home before treading back. You kicked up a fuss at first, but with a glare from Mikey quickly shut you up. 
What Mikey wants, Mikey gets.
Tumblr media
It truly started in high school. The death of Kisaki never sat right with Mikey. It haunted him. He wasn’t the same man he was from before. He was more subdued, angrier. Though you clenched your teeth in what could be mistaken for a smile.
You two started to drift. Mikey was falling and trying as you may to catch him, he twisted his body out of your arms. 
The skin that attached you two to the hip had rotted and collapsed. You became quite lonely for a short period, but that was quickly fixed. Without the intimidating presence of a whole gang backing you up, you were a whole lot easier to talk to. For once, a boy showed interest in you. Genuine, true romantic interest. Not the brotherly love Toman offered. 
In the down time before class started, you had been staring out the window watching the leaves decay into bright oranges and yellows. A knock on your desk startled you out from your daydreaming. Stood before you was a boy, a grade above you, the same grade as Mikey. He was tall with inky black hair and a puppy-like charm to him. He honestly reminded you of a German Shepherd. A blush adorned his cheeks as he asked you for your email. 
Just as shy, you offered your phone to him. Charms clicked together as you had plenty hanging off the flip phone, mainly of Kuromi and MyMelody. With a promise to shoot you a message, he sauntered back to class, obviously giddy. You felt the same. “OMG was the Y/n-chan asked out?” A classmate asked.
She was right across from you, watching the whole thing. You two weren’t particularly close, but you enjoyed her company.
You hid your face in your hands at the banter. She started to poke your arm as she giggled and you kicked your feet in excitement. 
Turning to her, you also giggled, “damn right I did.”
Others in the classroom observed the display you two created, also surprised at the boldness of their upperclassman. 
Though word spread fast. In the end, you received no reply. You tried not to be disappointed, but it was the first time a boy showed interest in you and he didn’t even have the decency to message you back. 
About a week later you saw him roaming the halls. He strangely seemed more subdued, no longer so puppyish. When he locked eyes with you, the boy scurried away. You were stunned, perplexed. 
All you could do was stand there, the gaggle of students brushed up against your still body. Leaning against a window of a classroom a few feet away, Mikey watched with blank eyes. Shivering at the innate reaction of being stared at, you caught Mikey’s gaze but he offers no acknowledgement of your locked eyes. He simply slunk back into the classroom.
Never in your life have you felt fear for Mikey. Sure, cautious as sometimes it felt like he was one inconvenience away from breaking something, but never fear. A girl at your age was scared of a cracked phone screen, asshole boys, missing an assignment, what to do with your life after high school, not your life. Mikey would never hurt you, right? As the days dwindled, you were less secure in the possibility he would prove you right. 
Taking a hint was never your forte. Forgoing whatever the blonde tried to communicate to you with silence, you chased after your upperclassman. The final bell had rung and you were quick to stuff your books in your bag as quickly as possible. You didn’t know much about him besides his name was Yokio and he was in the same class as Mikey. Racing to the upper level, you just hoped Mikey or Draken or really anyone from Toman wasn’t there as well. 
Luck had been on your side. In the classroom alone was Yokio, gathering his own supplies slowly. He looked up at the sound of rapid footsteps. His puppy dog eyes wide in what could have been terror. Snapping back to his bag, he fastened his pace.
“Yokio, why didn’t you message me back?” You didn’t care how desperate you sounded, you wanted answers.
“Why didn’t you tell me you were taken?” Was what he snapped back.
You scoffed out a laugh, “Taken? Who told you that bullshit?”
When he looked back at you, there was ire in his eyes and now you gawked closer there was a cut on his lip and he favored his left leg. Coming for answers, only left you with more questions. 
“Don’t act stupid, L/n, we both know you aren’t.” 
Your face twitched, perplexed. He slung his bag over his back and limped past you, subtly pushing you out of the way. 
“Go ask your fucking gangster boyfriend,” he seethed in your ear. 
You glanced up at him to which he ignored and made his way down the hall. Watching his form shrink, your knuckles almost bursted through your skin with how hard you were clenching your fist. It didn’t take a lot to piece together what was happening. How stupid were you for it to take this long to click. 
Stomping down the same path Yokio went down, you now had a different target. And you were pissed. 
It wasn’t a shock to see Mikey still on school grounds in the same lot that he met Takemichi surrounded by other Toman members. Today it was him, Draken, Mitsuya and Takemichi. Not caring about the audience you stomped right up to Mikey and pushed him so hard, he stumbled. 
“What the fuck!” You screeched.
All the boys’ eyes widen, never once have you lost your cool. Not like this. And more surprisingly, you were able to make the Invincible Mikey topple over. There is something to be said about a scorned woman. 
It had been ages since you talked to your old friends and you had thought you left off on good terms. Apparently not if Mikey is spreading a rumor you two were dating. 
You shoved again—this time Mikey didn’t move an inch, “who the fuck do you think you are?”
He was quick to grab your wrists, swallowing your delicate bones. You tried your best to squirm away but it was futile. 
“How about let’s talk about this civilly,” Draken butted in. For a violent man, he sure did hate inner conflict. 
“Yeah let’s talk civilly about the fact he’s spreading rumors that me and him are dating,” you seethed towards Draken but kept your sharpened gaze on Mikey. 
“You guys aren’t?” Takemichi squawked. Mitsuya elbowed him, muttering that he wasn’t helping. 
Mikey kept your gaze and said plainly, “I have no clue what you’re talking about.”
You scoffed, attitude dripped from your posture. He still had his hands on you and you finally ripped yourself from him. Biting your inner cheek, the taste of blood grounded you. You weren’t being crazy about this and you weren’t going to let Mikey dismantle you like this. 
“Then why did Yokio said to me, verbatim, ‘go ask your fucking gangster boyfriend?”
“Oh you’re on a first name basis now?” He was avoiding the question. 
Mikey slipped his hands in the pockets of his baggy pants. His posture screamed aloof. Though the way his jaw ticked showed he was growing irritated. Whatever friendship that was left was burnt out like a used match, never to relight. 
And you told him just that. 
The air shifted to something colder, sinister. He straightened his back to stand taller. For his short stature he made you feel puny. 
“Care to repeat that.” He was about to march to you, but Draken gripped his upper arm. The taller man shook his head to his leader, his bestest friend. 
“Alright let’s just leave this for today. We can talk about this more when we all cooled off, got it?” Ever the middle man Draken was, but you didn’t care.
“Sure,” you said and turned around. They all watched you walk away. Mikey knew he fucked up but at this point he didn’t care. You didn’t mean what you said, you were just angry.
You didn’t show up to school that day or the next or the day after that. You had transferred to a school in Osaka. 
Tumblr media
The world had not been kind to Mikey. Maybe it was an act of karma or maybe he was simply cursed. The day you left was the final fracture in his glass heart. It all fell down after that. He pushed away his friends, lied through his teeth that he needed space. From his hands he built an empire of the most feared gang in all of Japan. Toman was nothing more than a childish dream.
The world was at his disposal and he thirsted for power. Yet, at the top, it was lonely. Some days he missed you, his friends and other days he resented both. How dare you leave him. He spent years trying to find you, but disappeared into thin air. You didn’t even have any social media from what he could find. It left him bitter but a smirk still crept up. Smart girl. 
Mikey was sure whatever luck he had, had run out years ago until Sanzu barged into his office. He nearly shot him for coming in so unmannerly, but kept the gun down.
“I found her!” His voice was boisterous, elated.
Sanzu honestly couldn’t give two shits about you, but whatever made Mikey happy he felt tenfold. 
“Where is she?”
“She’s back in Tokyo apparently to visit a dead relative,” Sanzu responded.
He waltzed further into his office and leaned up against the desk. Spying down at Mikey from underneath his nose, he watched the boss stare off with no indicator what he was thinking. Honestly, it was always hard to figure out what Mikey contemplated. Whatever you thought he was going to do, he did the opposite. 
“Prepare the room.”
Sanzu grinned so hard that his scars creaked. It was about to get fun around here again. 
Tumblr media
Coming back to Tokyo was one of the dumbest ideas you have ever had and you were aware of that. You were precautious. Every step to instill your safety, you implemented it. You never used social media, you limited your internet access, kept inside, made sure not to stick to a schedule and stay the fuck out of Tokyo. Despite this, life happens. 
You knew your grandmother was growing old and it came to no surprise she passed away. If it was anyone else you would have lied to your family that you were too busy to come back home, but the thought of your grandmother’s grave barren left you weak enough to buy a bus ticket. 
It was true you were so busy you couldn’t even attend the actual funeral, only able to visit where she was put to rest a day later. You were sure your uncle would still be there as he was her caretaker. The thought of being exposed, out in the open with another person gave you comfort. Though very little as your uncle didn’t even own a knife. If someone came you were both screwed. 
You tried your best to toss the idea away. It had been years since you seen him and you were sure he had long since forgotten you by now. But, that small part of your brain itched and dug in that he doesn’t simply forget his possessions. 
No matter what, this was going to be an in and out operation. You will leave some of her favorite snacks, wish her goodbye and take the next train far, far from here. Maybe you could convince the rest of your family still in Tokyo to come to the countryside with you. The air was always better in Murakami. 
A polite voice on the intercom told you that your stop was coming up. The bus came to a slow stop as it sank to let the people on and off. Lifting yourself off from the uncomfortable seat, you picked up your small bag. Thanking the bus driver, you jumped off to be greeted to the cool, night air. You made your way to the graveyard, it was about a 10 minute walk from the bus stop. If you calculated it right, you had less than 20 minutes to visit her and catch the next bus. You honestly wished it was a shorter time period as being outside for that long of a period left you anxious. 
Clutching your bag, you walked briskly to the site. Maybe you could find a populated shop to reside in until the bus came. The more people, the better. The streets were sparse but enough that made you feel at least some at ease. Keeping your hood up and head down, you had headphones but nothing was playing. Again, you were doing everything to ensure nothing bad will happen. 
In no time, you were at the gravesite. There was no one here. A chill rushed down your back. Fuck taking your time, at this point you will overhand throw the snacks at her grave and high tail out of there. Seething, you abandoned the idea, knowing she would have beat you to kingdom come in the afterlife for doing that. 
“In and out, in and out,” you mumbled to yourself as you nimbly strutted. 
Pulling out packaged strawberry mochi and taiyaki from the pocket of your oversized hoodie, you were careful to place it down near the other snacks surrounding her grave. At least she wasn’t hungry. Slapping your hands together, you whispered, “I’m sorry this will be the last time you will see me. Maybe in a next life we will see each other again.” 
“Awww, how sentimental, Y/n-chan,” a sickly sweet voice chewed out. 
Snapping your head up, you see the second to last person you wanted to see. There in an obnoxious pinstriped suit and hair the same color of your grandmother’s gifted mochi was Sanzu, in all his unsettling glory. 
In your paranoia, you had kept tabs of Toman that then turned into Bonten. Even going as far to sneak onto less than savory websites to keep tabs on the gangsters. There wasn’t much, but you knew enough to fear the man before you. Back in the day, Sanzu was a fly on the wall, he was kind of just… there. 
But here, he was a neon sign of danger. You were in Tokyo for less than two hours and he was able to pinpoint your exact location. Curling your lip up, how naive you were to think what was in the past stayed there. 
Sticking your hands back in your pockets, you thumbed the knife stashed away. Your form pivoted towards Sanzu, staring him dead on. You weren’t going to be intimidated by this pastel troll. 
Eyeing the gun he grasped in his hand, Sanzu was flippant with how he scratched his head with it. 
“You don’t know how happy I am for your stupidity,” he mocked you.
You swiftly ignored the taunt and glanced at somewhere to run. There was a path a little further away that would lead you away from the bus stop but would bring you back to population, hopefully. Just as you were about to jump over the graves, Sanzu shot the ground where you would have landed. A scream bellowed.
You flicked your bouncing eyes to him. He must have been fucking insane to shoot out in the open like that. Sure the gravesite was empty but there were people nearby. Clinging onto the hope someone heard and would be nosey, you shook as Sanzu’s expression dropped. 
“I know I just called you stupid, but let’s not be hasty,” he raised his gun to you, “come with me with no complaints or I will bury a bullet in your fucking thigh. You’re lucky Boss wants you alive.” 
“Eat shit!” you frothed and made a run for it.
Having the advantage of his lanky form, Sanzu was quick to grab your hair before you could even move an inch. Hissing, you grappled onto his hand only for him to shove you away. You collapsed on the ground and grabbed the knife from your pocket. Flicking it open you were about to dig the blade into his calf when he pistol whipped you so hard your head bounced off the concrete. Blood poured from your head down into your bleary eyes, darkness crept in. 
“He never said, you can’t be hurt though. Dumb bitch.”
Tumblr media
Whimpering, you winced at the light that pours and invades your eyelids. Flinching from the sudden light, you squinted as you looked at the window disturbing your sleep. It ebbed in slowly before it came rushing in. Everything fucking hurt, especially your head. You attempted to bring a hand up to touch the offending part only to be met with resistance. No, not resistance, you couldn’t move at all. 
Panic started to set in as you attempted to swivel your head to see where you were. The only thing you could move were your eyes and the slightest twitch of your fingers. Tears bubbled out as you sobbed in complete and utter terror.
A pathetic “help” lept from your throat but you might as well whispered it. Looking around with minimal movement you had, you saw you were in a pristine white, canopy bed. It was similar to the one you had in your childhood, the same one you shared with your favorite doll. The canopy was lacey along with the rest of the bedding, at least it was soft from what you could tell. 
Whoever tucked you in, had to courtesy to leave you in somewhat warm clothes. Glancing down at your body, you were clad in the same material as the bed. It was a sweet ivory, similar to a very short wedding dress. It looked and felt expensive. 
Just as you caught your bearings, the door was swung open. Whatever calmness you attempted to instill ranaway as the last person you wanted to stood in the door. With all your might, you willed your legs to work. All you could do was wiggle your toes. If Sanzu sent a shiver down your spine, you might as well abandon your whole nervous system as Mikey only stared at you. 
Your chest hitched, terrified of what was going to become of you. The man said nothing as he slunk further into the room. He looked completely different from the last time you saw him. His skin lost whatever tanned hue he had in his youth, his hair just as pale. His eyes were darker somehow and bags heavy underneath them. He also looked skinnier but you didn’t let that fool you. Even if he was skin and bone, Mikey could take out a hundred men. 
He planted himself next to you. Sitting on the edge, he leaned over to stroke your frozen cheek. His palm quickly became wet. 
“Oh my dear,” his voice was sweet, but his grip turned hard, “how stupid do you think I am?”
Your lips puckered out as he didn’t stop squeezing you until your jaw creaked. “Stop,” you breathed out. 
If Mikey wasn’t so close he wouldn’t have heard you. He leaned over you until you were nose to nose. “You think you are in the position to make commands?”
Locking eyes with you, he continued, “Do you know how long I have waited to see you again? You won’t run away again and I will make sure of it. I am bound to you and you to me. I mean we promised that didn’t we?”
Your brows furrowed before it hit you. That fucking childhood promise. He was still hung up on that?
“You… you’re insane,” you tried to put malice in your voice but it was so hard to move anything. 
“In sickness and in health,” he replied with no mirth. 
Pulling away, he climbed further onto the bed. Spreading your legs, he sat himself in between them. Truly panicking now, you tried to rip your ankles from his grasp but alas your muscles didn’t even twitch. 
“Please,” you begged, “don’t do this to us.”
Mikey laughed but it was hollow, “so there is an us now? I thought you were done with me since high school.”
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. We can be friends again, just don’t do this!” Working the words around your mouth was difficult and the headache was getting worse. 
“I think we have passed the point of being friends. I have waited my whole life for this and I’m here to collect my prize.”
Your eyes widened at the realization of the date. It was April twenty-eighth, two weeks since Mikey’s twenty-seventh birthday. You were doomed. 
Mikey ignored your internal crisis. His deft hands trailed down the outline of your curves until he met the hem of your dress. Slowly he lifted up the little gown until it was under your breasts. All you could do was whimper as you watched him take and take. 
He curled down to place a kiss on your tummy that was a phantom sensation. “My pretty doll,” he whispered into your skin. 
Fingers crawled back down until they met your just as white panties. He propped himself back up and used both hands to delicately tear the fabric away. A stuttering breath echoed in the room as he stared at your exposed pussy.
“My pretty, pretty doll,” he repeated. 
Subtly you tested again how much you could move, as he took his time to undress you like a present, the more sensation you gained in your limbs. Not enough to run away, but enough to retaliate. Knowing it was futile, you refused to give in so easily. 
Just as he was about to lean back down to plant feathery kisses on your pussy, you reared back your leg and kicked him in the face with all your might. 
It wasn’t enough to break his nose, but enough for blood to pool from it. Mikey lifted himself back up and locked eyes with you. As the blood dripped down to his lips, he licked it away and quirked an eyebrow up at you. An ‘what was that supposed to do?’ was written all over his face without even anything being said.
“You never knew when to give up, did you?”
With that, he pulled your hips up further onto his lap and bent your legs to your chest. Whatever gentleness he had was gone. His fingers ran up and down your exposed slit. You squirmed but he clenched down on your thighs until your circulation was cut off. Seeing you were done moving, he used one hand to hold you down and the other to pull down his pants and underwear. 
It was hard to see his cock from this angle and you were honestly scared to see what was about to force its way into you. Mikey crowded you so all you could see and smell was him. 
“I was going to work you through this but you just had to be a brat. It's okay, we have all our lives for me to show how much I love you.”
He tapped his cockhead against your hole, a silent warning. Fuck it stung as he bullied his way into your cunny. Tears bubbled up again as he carved his way inside you. For such a short man, his cock was long and thick. 
It could have been hours or minutes until his hips met yours. You never felt so full in your life. Clawing at the sheets, you felt yourself start to relax. Mikey seeing you were finally calm enough, he gave little thrusts. You moaned at the feeling. 
Taking the hint, he started to cant his hips. He slowly pulled himself out until it was just his tip and then slamming back in. A scream was punched out of you. Mikey laughed at the chain reaction. Putting more of his weight on you, his hand left one of your thighs to cradle your neck. It wasn’t enough to cut off your breathing but enough to keep you still. 
Mikey kept this rhythm of fucking into you like you were nothing more than cocksleeve. Keeping you close he rambled, “my doll, my possession, my thing, mine.” He seethed out the last word. 
The constant budging against your womb wiped your mind blank. At this point you just wanted to cum even if it was at the hands of him. Sensing you were both close, Mikey let go of your thigh to rub your clit. You moaned out at finally being stimulated. 
Mikey groaned out as you clenched down on him. “Fuck,” he moaned as he was coming up there with you.
After a few more pumps, he came right into you. Being filled with his cum spiraled your own release, shaking and whimpering. A few more spurts came out as you clenched down one last time. Mikey collapsed right on you, not removing himself from you. 
“You’re finally mine,” he breathed out relieved. Still coming down from the high, you spat, “I will never be yours.” 
Mikey slithered his hand across the mattress to come caress your right hand to his. Metal clinked against metal. Turning your head, you saw a ring on both your hands.
“My stupid doll, my naive wife.” 
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bts5sosempire · 2 days
the tyrant (yandere series)
Tumblr media
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: sukuna ryomen x reader
𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭: old time, power imbalance, peer pressure, slow-burn yandere, mentions of drug usage (safe and unsafe), dark, mature, infertility issues, body multilation, a minor character introduction (oc), food spiking, violence, etc.
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: "you were the apple of sukuna's eyes, the one who brought him solace and everything. the only thing you were incapable of was giving him a child, an heir he wished to spoil like how he did to you."
Tumblr media
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟐
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟑
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟒
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟓
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kachowden · 3 days
Tumblr media
It’s a little rushed but here’s some greasy rat courtesy of @heartfullofleeches oc <3
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ddarker-dreams · 2 days
"Chrollo, you look kinda tired today, so, ugh, I made you some coffee... Just don't read too much into it, please? I'm only trying to be a decent human being here."
"Oh? How sweet. Thank you.” 
Chrollo's fingers brush against yours as he accepts the mug into his grasp. He brings the rim to his lips, takes a sip, then places it down on the unusually disorganized table. Maps and blueprints of some building dating back a few centuries have had his attention for the past few hours.
Noting your stare, he brings it upon himself to start a conversation when the silence suited you just fine. “Curious?” 
“Not any more than I should be,” you point at the unfamiliar symbols at the top of the main map. “That language is different than the one I saw at the airport last week. I guess we’ll be moving on from here soon?” 
“You always were a clever one,” he muses, a compliment that has you rolling your eyes. He takes another sip before continuing, “It’ll be further down the line. This country poses a challenge to get into. Nothing a little time and effort can’t remedy, however.” 
“I hope giving you this coffee doesn’t make me an accomplice.” 
“Your secret is safe with me.” 
Chrollo pulls out a chair beside him and motions for you to sit down. You purse your lips, contemplating the merits of fulfilling his upspoken request or waltzing elsewhere. When you remember that all you have waiting for you to do is some dishes or rereading Frank Herbert, you take a seat. Dune will still be there when you get back. 
"I’m noticing a distinct lack of poison. Could it be you’re warming up to me, dear?” 
"I don’t see the point in trying — courtesy of your freaky immune system. When you die, I hope you know I’ll be donating your body to science. That way you’ll at least be of some benefit to this world.” 
“You know just what to say to make a man’s heart race,” he sighs with faux ardor. “Hm... does that mean you intend to be my next of kin, then? Is this a proposal I’m hearing? [First] Lucilfer... it certainly has a nice ring to it.” 
You scrunch up your nose. “God, no. I was just planning on dialing the number you’re supposed to call when you find roadkill on the street.” 
“That’s a shame. I might have to write you out of my will then. Just so you’re aware, I was planning on giving you the Mona Lisa.” 
“Please, you don’t have the Mona Lisa,” you point at him accusingly. He simply smiles at you and says nothing else. Your shoulders droop. “... Right?” 
“I’m afraid you’ll never know now.” 
You make a mental note to pour salt in the next coffee you give him. 
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heartfullofleeches · 3 days
ignoring erin until he snaps and decides to kidnap reader
Erin fixes his hair using the reflection of a water fountain tap. His father's plain white button up hangs loose around his collar, the antennae of his hornet tattoo visible. The shirt was about three sizes too big, but it was all he could find on short notice. His bleached jeans ruined some of the novelty of the fit which he prayed you'd ignore for him trying to improve. Erin ties his hair into a bun with a rubber band and brushes lint off his tie; straightening his posture as you walk inside the building.
"Morning, Y/n. What were you up to over the weekend?"
You stop briefly to take a look at his attire. It's the most attention you've given him all week. Erin allows you to take a few more steps ahead to create distance before scrambling to catch up.
"Mine was pretty crazy too. My mom was in town and she took me to dinner that just opened up. Maybe I can show it to you sometime?"
You enter your classroom without a word. You had different first period classes so Erin couldn't follow unless he wanted to get yelled at by your teacher. He angrily tears off his tie chucks it in the trash, the top button of his shirt flying with it from the force. He slams his fist into the closest locker and crumbles to the floor below it. Fuck.
"What did I do wrong?"
Erin knew he wasn't a very likable guy. Hell- the first time you spoke was when someone else framed you for stealing his knife. He was comfortable with this idea because he thought it made him look tough. That is until the day it bit him in the ass in the long run.
After the misunderstanding was cleared up, that didn't stop his abrasiveness towards you. Developing a crush on someone he previously berated, the only reason he had for it was the fear of what falling in love with you would mean. That shame was almost justified with how hard he actually fell for you. He thought about you constantly, and when he didn't his whole world felt bleak. He was willing to change for you, and that was the most damning evidence of your claim on him.
Your silence was the cruel awakening to the reality that brute force couldn't win your heart. A person with a better outlook on the world would have realized that from the start. He figured you were find with his tough love and even acknowledged it as such with how you acted at first, but once you stopped responding to him it all became clear.
Erin tried his best. Allowing people to speak before he acted. Returning things he stole. Helping out without being asked. Given, he only did this when you were around, but it had to mean something in his favor. You stopped leering at him in disgust, but that was about it. It drove Erin mad to hear your voice down the halls, only for it to stop when you crossed his locker.
"God fucking damn it." Erin clutches his bruised fist. He tried everything. Neither his status nor his kindness won you over. Couldn't you see he could be whoever you wanted him to be?
Fuck this. If even the better option didn't win, all Erin had left was the original plan.
Did they really have to text you so late?
Tailing back to the campus at the peak of dusk, you relay your frustration to your friend using your keyboard. They tell you not to worry about it and just hurry up. Whatever this is better be worth it if you couldn't just head over to their house.
Walking into the parking lot, the only car you see is an old beat up minivan. You confirm with your friend that it's where they are. You peak through the windows before you even think about getting in - the door opening and arm shooting out once you get up and close.
Erin slaps a hand over your mouth as he drags you in. "Don't freak out. Just- just don't scream."
He buries his head between your shoulder blades, tears staining your shirt. "One night. One night is all I need to prove myself to you. I'll let you go home as soon as its morning, but please... just one."
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windrsr · 2 days
How would your oc's react if they accidentally break their darling?
Tw: Manipulation and gaslighting on Miru's part.
(Male Yandere OCs x Gender Neutral Reader)
•Henry - This is what he wanted, actually. He wants you to lose your will to even fight against him, and to completely shut down so he can do whatever he wants to you, without you resisting. He enjoys dressing you up, controlling your daily life, and holding you in his arms, hoping that you know that this is your life.
•Micheal - He thinks it's pathetic. He thinks he hasn't even done his worst to you yet. But he would rather have you like this than be stubborn; he can tell you to do something and you'll just do it, without having any argument with you at all. "You're such a good, little pet...All quiet and obedient for me."
•Miru - He gets really worried and frustrated. You're not taking care of him anymore and tending to his needs. He calls you lazy and tells you to do something for him, only to have tears of anger form when you wouldn't even respond to him or get up out of bed. He cries, and places his hands on your shoulders, begging you to stop playing hard to get with him and to just return to your daily routine, which is taking care of him.
•Ryan - He's heartbroken. He didn't mean to break you! All he wanted was to take care of you and protect you. When he finds out that you're completely lost hope in him (or life in general), he feels like he failed you. He knows he's went too far, and he tries his best to bring you back, by telling you that he's here for you, but it's too late. He tries his best to reason with you and bring you back, but it doesn't seem like you're listening, so done with everything.
•Loki - He thinks you're weak, but he also thinks that's his fault. He should have known better. He should have known to be more gentle and less harsher with you. Loki must have forgotten his own strength as a creature. He's disappointed in himself, and he's going back to the behaviors that he promised himself that he wouldn't have.
•Aaron - He panics. You're not the same person you used to be, and it makes him feel like you hate him. He doesn't care what you do - you can hit him, yell at him, cry, he just wants you to say something to him, anything that reminds him of the person that you used to be. "C-come on, you still love me, right? Right?! I-I know you're in there, y/n! Just say something, anything!"
•Samuel - At first, he refuses to believe it. He just takes care of you as usual, but he always notices that your eyes looks so grey and lifeless. You don't fight back anymore, which is something he's happy about, but it's not because you've finally accepted him, it's from losing hope. He holds your hand, "I know it may seem bad now, but please know that I'm doing this because I love you, sweetheart. I know that you will come to your senses soon, and realize just how much I care about you."
•Tyler - He feels like shit. He tried his best to be as gentle and "loving" as possible, but he's failed at that. He feels stupid; how could he, a bounty hunter ever learn how to love when killing is all he's known? Tyler thinks he should have known better than to try and have a lover. He doesn't let you go, but he leaves you alone and doesn't talk to you anymore.
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darkbluekies · 1 day
I read your Edmund shot where he proposed to her and I was thinking about the part where he threatened us. What if we asked him if he had laid with a woman before and that dictated our answer. Like if he had laid with a woman before we would choose death but if he hadn’t then sure.
Alternative ending
Yandere!king x fem reader
Summary: you don't accept the kings propsal
Warnings: death, guns, blood, talking about sleeping with women, blood, massacre, threat, obsession
“Marry me, my lady”, he says. “I don’t want to live another day without you. Be mine. Please. I’ve gotten rid of all the competition. I will never look at anyone else besides you. I got rid of them all.”
You can’t find any words. Your brain has stopped working completely. Not a single sound leaves your mouth when you open it.
“If you don’t say ‘I do’, you will be shot”, the king says warningly, dark eyes looking directly at hers. “If I can’t have you, no one can. It’s you and I or no one.”
“Y-Your majesty”, you sob. “Please … please don’t …”
“Say it.”
“I-I … I can’t …”
“Y/N, tell me you’ll be my queen, tell me that you’ll stay with me forever … or end up like all the others.” He caresses your wet cheek and you flinch away from his hands. They may not have physical blood on them, but you know that they’re covered. “Don’t be a stupid girl now, darling. You know you don’t want to die. Accept the ring. Accept my love.”
You give the pile of bodies a gaze. That is not how you want to end up. But the king has gone insane … you can’t accept that either. You know what they say around the kingdom. He sleeps with any lady he's come across. You'd rather die than marry that kind of man.
“Y/N …”, the king says. “I’m losing patience.”
"I-I don't want to marry a ladies man …"
He's taken back by your sudden requirement.
"What do you mean?" he asks.
"E-Everyone says that you've slept with a load of women … h-have you?"
The king gulps and shakes his head. It wouldn't matter if he lied, right? The women he's been to bed with is in the pile, and you'll never have to worry about them. Ever.
But you can see right through it.
"You're lying …"
"But, darling, they don't mean anything!" He gestures towards the messy dance floor. "They're all lying there! You're the only one I want!"
"I don't want to marry you then …"
He goes white with realization. "Y-You're really going to choose death?"
You nod as tears run down your cheeks. The king shakes his head. He can't.
"Please kill me …", you whisper.
"Don't be stupid."
You turn to the guards and hold up your hands, surrendering.
"Don't!" the king exclaims.
He runs over to one of the guards and grabs his weapon. With burning eyes, he walks back to you.
"If anyone's going to do it, it's going to be me", he says, now sounding determined but his hands are shaking. "One last chance to change your mind."
You shake your head. The king nods, gulping.
“I’m sorry, my love”, he says.
He seems to have trouble firing off. His finger rests over the trigger and for a second, you think that he’s going to have mercy on you, but then he fires off. He breathes out shakily and watches how your body falls to the floor. What has he done?
“Y-Y/N …”
He bends down and holds your dead body in his arms as he sobs. Why couldn’t you just have accepted him? He would have kept you safe and never let anything bad happen to you! His past doesn’t matter!
The king makes sure that you get the most beautiful funeral anyone in the kingdom has ever gotten. He visits your grave everyday to tell you what he’s done and what’s going on in his life. He promises you never to marry anyone else than you. He’s going to die alone, die by your side.
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mrsdarkandyandere7 · 2 days
Pairing: Dark Steve Rogers x (female) Reader
▶ This is a yandere/dark work and it may contain triggering content so please READ THE WARNINGS before. Do not read if minor.
More at Masterlist
SUMMARY: Steve takes what he wants, as simple as that.
AN: Please, reblog and give me feedback.
Steve fucks you hard, his big cock punctuating rough thrusts that shake your entire body. 
“You’re so fucking tight, babe. Been saving that sweet cunt for me?” he moans to your ear, fingers tightly holding the back of your neck, keeping your face palmed against the mattress, muffling the sounds of your weak whines. “That’s my good girl.” 
You helplessly curl your fingers around the sheet, trying your best to ignore him. The tears have long dried but a new batch makes its way to your eyes when it gets overwhelming. 
Why you? Why did it have to be you? There are millions of girls in the world yet you had to be unlucky enough to catch Steve’s attention. 
A particularly deep thrust has you gasping for air,  feeling a sharp pain close to your cervix.
He viciously pounds into you as if it’s a need, his legs force yours to spread even further as he buries himself to the hilt of your poor cunt even more. 
Steve doesn’t falter his violent pace, the bed squeaking at every movement of his.  
“Fuck, baby. Can’t hold much longer.” he grunts, his teeth catching up to your shoulder, painfully biting the skin. You press your lips together, trying to hold back a desperate cry. 
It’s almost over, you remind yourself. Steve’s pace quickens, frantically fucking you.
His groans grow in volume until he finally reaches his peak, with a final thrust. A sense of warmness fills your sore pussy as Steve halts his movements. 
Underneath him, you close your eyes, feeling pain shooting from every single limb. Steve moves his hand to your hair, caressing it as he presses a kiss to your shoulder. 
“You did so good.” he whispers and a wave of repulse floods you. “Hope you’re up for a few more rounds.”
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