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stage play redraws!
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Kinktober Day 1 - Uniforms
Tumblr media
GN Reader - Uniforms! Headcanon style post. Characters include: Ace, Marco and Kid
N/SFW Undercut!
Tumblr media
He always had trouble pulling his gaze away from how the nurses were dressed, you always saw how he stared at their legs in the thigh highs, the shortness of the skirts, and the plunging necklines.
So you’d decided to see just how he felt about you wearing the uniform.
Sat waiting in your shared room for Ace you adjusted how the thigh-high boot fit against your leg, pulling the zipper of the dress down even more.
You didn’t dare stand up though, the heels were far too high for you.
The door opened and Ace stopped dead in his tracks when he saw you in pink and leopard print.
He said something, well at least you think he said something, it came out as a string of strangled sounds as his eyes widened, taking in your legs, your chest, and then your face as you winked at him.
“I- fucking damn, Babe, you look….” He shut the door and locked it behind him as he came towards you.
“Boner worthy? I’m flattered, Ace.” You batted your eyelashes when Ace strolled over, shorts tented from his erection before he pinned you down to the bed with a growl.
Tumblr media
You always wondered why he wasn’t really phased by the nurses, how he was able to work around them and always maintain eye contact.
You’d asked him once, as a joke, if he would like to see you in one of the uniforms, to which he shook his head and shrugged.
He didn’t think the nurse's outfits were sexy, he was so used to them just being the standard.
So honestly, you wracked your brain for ages to figure something out.
Sitting on his desk one night, knowing he would be back with coffee any second now.
You were naked, except for the white lab coat he sometimes wore.
He opened the door, pausing as he saw you, his eyes widened, not by much but you could tell he was surprised.
Also, his hand wobbled and he spilled coffee on the floor.
“I figure maybe you aren’t into nurses but maybe doctors are more your type?” You said and adjusted on his desk.
“Hmm maybe I just like you in nothing but my coat yoi.” He set down the coffee and had you pinned on his desk in moments.
Tumblr media
You didn’t think he was into uniforms, you even made some subtle hints and he just shrugged it off.
You had no idea what he would like and so you took a wild guess and prepared yourself to either be laughed at until you wanted to jump over the side of the ship or he would rip it off you and have his way with you.
Standing there in a maid's outfit, one of those frilly ones with lots of layers and bows.
The longer Kid took the more terrified you were getting.
What if he’d gone drinking with the others and you were sat here in this silly frilly outfit?
Before you could change your mind the door flung open.
Kid mid-rant to himself but his words died as he looked you up and down.
The frown on his face soon replaced with a smirk as he shut the door with the same force.
He chuckled and sauntered over to you, pressing you against the wall, boxing you in as he stared at the outfit.
“I got something you can clean…” Kid smirked and jingled his belt.
You blushed and decided this had been the correct choice.
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Ace with a crush on you <3
Tumblr media
this guy was immediately drawn to your personality. you were so fun to be around and always went along with his antics so he ended up spending more time with you than expected
the pirates made fun of him because he’d always ask “where’s y/n?” when you weren’t around
special handshake between the two of you 
sometimes something cool is happening on the deck or in the ocean, but all the tall pirates make it difficult to see, so Ace would have you sit on his shoulders so you can get a view :)
he just happens to bring you up in almost every conversation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
it’s so obvious that he likes you. he wears his heart on his sleeve, so there’s no point in denying it 
but he might not be verbal about it. everything he does shows that he does, but his words may not declare so until someone pushes him to do so or threatens to tell you themselves
gets super defensive on your behalf? if someone dares say something negative about you, he’s quick to defend you and make sure they take it back 
he’ll ask you on impromptu “dates” where you guys do adventurous stuff 
but he also craves having deep conversations with you. there are many nights where you guys talk about anything and everything
if he ever discovers something new with his devil fruit powers, you’re the first person he shows - “y/n, come watch this!”
you definitely catch him looking at you many times, but he’ll immediately look away with a blush
gets really annoyed if someone calls for your attention when you two are spending time together
gives u flowers or little things that remind him of you. when you smile and happily accept his gift, he swears he’s the happiest person alive <3
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Day 1: Portgas D. Ace x fem! reader
Tumblr media
What better way to start off this sinful month than with nervous and sweet first-time sex with our favorite flame boy!
Tumblr media
Word count: 2,5K
Content: loss of virginity, oral sex (female receiving), dick riding, praise, condom use, female reader
Tumblr media
Goosebumps rose under your touch as your hand stroked down the tattoo covering his bicep, feeling the muscles beneath your palm tense as his breath grew quicker.
“Do I make you nervous, Ace?” you teased with a low voice against his lips, your other hand twirling the wavy locks of raven hair pouring down his neck between your fingers. 
His arms tightened around your back, grasping at the shirt he wanted to get rid of so badly, “no - ngh - of-of course not!” he protested, before pushing himself harder against your mouth, moaning into the kiss, his hands roaming down towards the hem of the clothing separating the two of you.
The desperation in his touch and kiss melted your heart, seeing how the usually bubbly man was now a nervous mess beneath you. He was even trying to have you hover in his lap in an attempt to not let his very obvious erection be known. But you weren’t a fool.
A small chuckle left your lips before disconnecting from your boyfriend, leaving him to chase your lips with closed eyes before they fluttered open, “Do you want me to do something?” you quirked an eyebrow at him with a small smirk on your lips, seeing his freckled cheeks gleam red at your question, “Just tell me what you want, baby,” you bit your bottom lip while your hands fell to his forearms, your thumbs stroking his warm, sun-kissed skin.
His eyes widened and you saw his chest rise higher with each heavy breath, “I want you,” he said before his eyes looked you up and down, roaming over your body in a way he never thought he would get the chance to.
With your heart beating faster at his words, you pecked his lips before pulling at the bottom of your shirt, throwing it away to the floor, seeing your boyfriend’s jaw drop and drool at the sight in front of him, his hands resting on the soft curve of your waist. Your hands rested on his shoulders as you smiled down at his flushed face, “You’re sure about this? You know we don’t have to do anything,” one of your hands went to cup his chin, feeling the weight of his head fall into it, his gaze looking up to meet yours once again.
“I want to! Fuck,” he reassured you, his answer quick to leave no second thoughts, and he suddenly looked away bashfully, “I just, I haven’t done this before, I don’t want to disappoint you…” the grasp of his hands grew weak as he avoided your gaze.
You scoffed lightly, a small laugh leaving you, gaining his attention, “Ace, I love you, there is nothing you could do to make me think badly of you,” with your hands now holding his face, you felt his skin heat up as he gave you a small smile before crashing his lips into yours, pulling your bodies flush together.
“I love you too,” he breathed out between kisses, his lips enveloping yours in a warm, passionate embrace, his arms roaming around your body, squeezing your doughy and soft flesh with his calloused, yet tender hands. The very same hands that had sealed people’s fate on the seas; the very same hands that touched you like they were afraid their very touch would burn you. 
Grinding your hips against his own drew a surprised groan out of the man below you, causing your lips to disconnect with a string of saliva, as he looked up at you with wide eyes, gulping loudly.
“Oh, you liked that?” you couldn’t help but smirk down at him while starting a small rhythm of your hips, feeling his bulge against you, small moans cascading out of his mouth at the sensation.
“Please, y/n, I- shit,” a grunt was heard as you put more of your weight down on him, his nails digging crescent moons into your skin.
“I’d love to, baby, but I have to be a little selfish first,” you stroked his cheek before a small grin appeared on your face and you rolled your hips harder against him, “after all, I can feel you will be a lot to handle”.
“You’re doing so good, baby,” you praised through heavy breaths as your boyfriend was eagerly, yet with lack of experience, eating you out, happily slurping at everything you had to offer. With your hands in his hair grasping harder every time his tongue licked you particularly well, he wanted to take time to know all the places that had your legs shake and clamp against his head, reveling in the sounds of pleasure rolling off your tongue.
Nervous, unsure hands held your thighs spread open, but his breath hitched when he saw your own slide up your body to cup your breasts and tweak your nipples between your fingers, exhaling a deep sigh. He groaned against your heat, lapping at your juices, trying different movements with his tongue, hearing you mewl at his experimentation. He never knew how much he would love being between your legs, and now he never wanted to leave the comfort of your soft thighs and delicious juices. Your hips involuntarily started to grind against his face, and he felt a wave of pleasure rush through his body when you groaned loudly, one of your hands leaving his hair to rub your clit. 
His brows furrowed together, thinking he wasn’t doing a good enough job, before he heard your small voice praising him again, “Fuck, Ace, feels amazing, m’close!” you exclaimed as your head fell back against the pillows, your fingers stimulating both your sensitive bundle of nerves and your nipple.
“Ace, baby, I-I need you to use your fingers,” you managed to ask of your boyfriend through moans and pants, and after clumsily finding a way that wouldn’t leave his arm in an awkward position, he put his index and middle finger inside of you, feeling how your tight, ribbed walls engulfed him.
“Oh fuck, baby, that’s so hot,” he gasped against your folds, his cock twitching in his boxers, his fingers eagerly scissoring and moving inside of you, trying to stretch you in the ways he had heard his crewmates talk about around the dinner table. His tongue kept busy between your folds, switching between licking up flat stripes or using the tip to move with zigzag patterns; you enjoyed yourself nonetheless, his eagerness making up for his lack of experience. With all the added stimulation, your vision grew blurry as a string inside of your body tightened, your core feeling like it was going to explode.
“Ace, please, do not stop, you’re doing perfect!” you praised him through whines and moans as a wave of release suddenly overwhelmed your body, the string inside of you snapping, leaving your legs shaking around his head as stars filled your vision.
Ace moaned at the sensation he felt around his fingers, loving how your walls hugged him so hard and uncontrollably, and a sudden realization struck: his cock was going to feel the exact same pulsating around him, and the thought alone almost made a mess in his pants. His ministrations on you didn’t stop until you pushed him off of your core in a state of near overstimulation, and he felt how sore his jaw had become. He smiled up at you like an excited puppy, as your hand brushed through his hair.
“Fucking hell, Ace, you’re a natural,” you told him in disbelief as you returned his smile, gesturing for him to take your place on the bed, his back flat against the mattress, and his head comfortably against the pillows as he looked up at you with a fierce blush, seeing you sit on his lap, “now, will you allow me to make you feel good, baby?”.
“I bet you’re glad Marco gave us these all those months ago,” you laughed as you dug through your shared nightstand looking for condoms your ship doctor had forced on you, Ace busy muttering out a curse of his friend’s name, his blush strong enough to resemble a tomato.
“Ah there it is!” you beamed as you grabbed a condom before slamming the desk shut, biting your lip as you looked down at your blushing boyfriend, who was at a loss for words. You bit the packaging open, careful not to ruin the content, while keeping eye contact, seeing his eyes widen at your actions. Placing the wrapper on the nightstand, your hand traveled down to grasp the base of his cock, seeing his mouth fall open in a silent gasp as you rolled the condom down on his thick and lengthy cock.
“You ready?” you asked him, offering a small smile in hopes of calming his nerves, seeing how his chest was heaving already. His eyes darted all over your body, scanning every part of you that was available in front of his eyes, before looking up at you.
“I-I think so,” he let out a shaky laugh, and you grabbed his hands in yours, kissing his knuckles.
“Do you want to stop?” he physically reacted at your question, his hands ripping from yours to land on your waist.
“No! I want to! I want to do this,” his voice was still nervous, but his consent is what made you continue as you pulled him into a passionate kiss, feeling his lips melt against yours, his hands grabbing at your flesh begging to have you closer, as he felt your hips hover over his own, his cock just beneath your cunt. And you drank his delicious moan as you put all your weight on him, humping his length with your warmth, his nails digging deep into your skin once more. Your hand reached down to finally line him up with your entrance, and let yourself adjust to his size inch by inch, seeing how he threw his head against the pillows, your intoxicating heat too much for him to handle.
“Oh god, you feel so good!” he whimpered as your walls hugged tightly around him, knowing he would’ve cum the second the barrier between you would be forsaken. He could only imagine what the raw heat and texture of your pussy would feel like, but all he knew was that he would pass out.
His hands fell to your hips, trying to push you down further, making you laugh through a moan, “Impatient, are we?” you teased, not allowing him to answer by suddenly taking all of him, your pelvis now flush against his, making him moan at your tightness.
“Oh fuck,” he gasped out, his brows furrowing together in pleasure as his eyes squeezed shut. You stayed still for a bit, allowing yourself to get accustomed to his size stretching your walls, as well as giving him time to collect himself. When you lifted your hips and sank down on him again, pleas of your name fell from his lips and you saw his pretty face convey his exact feelings as his jaw hung low.
“You’re so pretty like this, Ace,” you moaned before pushing yourself forwards, your hands landing on his muscular, juicy pecs that tensed beneath your touch, as you set a slow rhythm on his cock, feeling all of him inside of you.
When he opened his eyes to look at you, he was met with your breasts in front of him, seeing how they moved with each roll of your hips. His brain short-circuited and you chuckled down at him, noticing I'm growing stiff underneath you.
“You can touch them, baby,” you told him with a soft voice, and with a gulp, his hands roamed up your belly before cupping your breasts, feeling your doughy flesh in his palms, “I see how you’re always looking at them, you’re not discreet,” and you gave him a small smirk as you picked up your rhythm, seeing red blush spread down his neck, accompanying his flushed face.
Bouncing on his cock had him writhing beneath you within minutes, seeing his lips part to moan and groan your name, telling you how good you felt.
“You feeling good, baby? Yeah?” you asked him as your breathing was heavy and gaspy, but oh how fun was it to see him being such a mess beneath you. Fire Fist Ace, one of the most powerful rookie pirates in the world, was crumbling beneath you. So you decided to give him a show.
“Y-yes, fuck, you feel - ngh shit - amazing!” he groaned out an answer as well as he could while fighting the feeling he knew would have him spiraling in pleasure he couldn’t even imagine. You grinned at his answer and pushed yourself up from his chest, your hands snaking themselves to grip his thighs behind you, your back turning into a fine arch. He gasped at the sight above him, seeing how your breasts were now pushed forwards and how perfect they bounced with each elevated thrust. Along with a better view, the lewd noises of your pussy falling against his pelvis, along with the squelching of his cock being fucked in and out of your drenched cunt bounced off the walls in the cabin and you felt yourself not feeling sorry for whoever may have heard your little escapade.
You looked down at your disheveled, sweaty boyfriend with a slack jaw as you moaned his name, his cock hitting your sweet spots with every fall of your hips. And by his steadily rising chest and his continuous tirades solely consisting of “yes”, you knew he was close.
“Ace, baby, you - ngh - close?” you breathed out looking down at him with a lazy smile, and he threw his head back, his fingers scraping down your hips to your thighs, sure to leave cute marks you would tease him with later.
“Yes! Yes yes, fuck, baby, I- ngh-” and his whines and desperation made you fall forwards again, your arms folding on his chest, giving you a chance to press your lips against his in a passionate kiss, making him moan against you, your hips never faltering. When you felt his chest heave uncontrollably and his nails dig mercilessly deep into your thighs, and his lips fall limp, you knew he had come. And the way your name was moaned so desperately and shamelessly horny, you lifted your head to see him smile dumbfoundedly at you in his euphoric state. 
Deciding to not overstimulate your boyfriend after his first time, you stopped entirely and kept him warm inside of you as you felt him soften, and stroked his cheek until he came back to reality. And when he did, his smile reached his eyes as he beamed at you, his hands cupping your face and pulling you into a kiss. 
“I love you so much,” he breathed against your lips and you smiled in return, whispering those same words back to him.
Tumblr media
So Kinktober has officially started! I hope I'm able to pull off the entire month, while still being able to give enjoyable content. October will be a busy month for me uni-wise, but I'll do my best. Thank you for reading, and hope you enjoyed it!
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Okay Astra, I got another idea for a fic.
8 year old Ace just moved to a new town with his parents. Since they're new, Ace doesn't know anyone and wanted to meet new people. Apparently, the kids his age don't like him so they avoid and insult him. He was sitting on a swing by himself, watching as other kids play, unaware of another person sitting beside him on the swings. The person turned out to be a girl his age, alone like himself and wanting to have friends. So the two quickly clicked with each other, and omg! Y/n was Ace's first love like 🥰. Ace was so happy to hang out with her, always telling his mom about the friend he had, gushing about her happily. Due to this, Roger kept teasing kid Ace about his crush, resulting in a blushing freckled tsundere yelling at his laughing dad.
Warnings: Tsundere 8-year-old Ace, kids fighting, childhood crushes
Word Count: 1320
Hey, so I loved this idea, it’s so cute! I’ve been thinking about how to write it since I got it but haven’t managed to get to it until now. I hope it’s about what you wanted, I think it’s cute. Enjoy!
A little black haired boy sat on the swings, glaring at the other kids on the playground. Why didn’t they like him? Why had they already decided that he was someone to be teased and pushed around? He hadn’t been going here for even a month and already he was enemies with most of the playground. He wanted to go back to his old home, back to where he wasn’t avoided. Not that he could, he was 8, what could he realistically do? Even if he built and lived in a large tree house, his mom did all the shopping, cooking, his laundry, the most he could do was make sandwiches and even then his mother insisted on supervising him. The sound of swing chains squeaking drew him out of his thoughts, looking over to see a little girl sitting next to him on the swings, lightly pushing herself back and forth.
“I’ve seen you around recently, you’re new right?” she asked, smiling at him.
“Yeah? What of it? Come to talk more shit about me like all the rest of the kids?” Ace growled angrily, surprising her.
“Why would I do that? And you shouldn’t say that word. My mommy says it’s a bad word.” she said, her head tilted to the side. Ace could feel his cheeks heat up the tiniest bit, she looked cute like that. 
Looking at the boy, you noticed his cheeks turning a little red, it had been getting colder, was he cold because he was sitting alone? 
“Here. you’re cold, right?” you asked, taking off your scarf and offering it to him. He looked down at the red fabric before looking away, his cheeks turning redder.
“I’m not cold! I don’t need your stupid scarf, go play with the other kids already, nobody wants to hang out with a loser like me.” he said stubbornly, a mix of sadness and anger on his face. Sighing, you stood up, moving to stand in front of him as you wrapped your scarf around his neck, tucking it in before crossing your arms and smiling.
“It’s not good to be stubborn! And I bet they don’t like you because you don’t smile more. I bet you’d look super nice if you stopped scowling.” you stated, the boy looking at you in surprise.
“Now tell me your name so I can write the name of my new friend in my notebook!” you demanded, surprising him even further. Clearly you were as stubborn as he was.
“Why do you want to be friends with me? Don’t you have other friends to hang out with? And take your stupid scarf back!” he said, starting to unwrap the scarf, only for you to grab his hands, trying to stop him, the both of you struggling against the other.
“Keep it on! You’ll get cold again!” you protested, the boy falling backwards off the swing, taking you with him, a small ‘oof’ leaving him as his back hit the dirt, followed by another when you landed on him.
“See what you did? You knocked me off the swing!” he shouted, pushing you off him before sitting up.
“It wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t trying to take the scarf off! Now leave it on or I’ll pin you into the dirt!” you shouted back, your cheeks puffing out irritably, making the boy look away, his head ducking into the scarf, cheeks still a little pink.
“Don’t you have other friends to play with? Leave me alone!” he grumbled irritably, still not looking at you.
“No, at least not any real friends, so I wanted to be your friend!” you said sadly, looking at the ground, the boy looking at you in shock.
“..... Ace, my name is Ace.” he said softly, looking away once more.
“Y/n, can…. Can we be friends now?” you asked hopefully, Ace just nodding a little. The bell signaling the end of recess rang, the two of you heading inside, you insisting on holding his hand as you walked inside. You were friends now, you could hold his hand if you wanted.
Ace smiled as he leaned over the couch, his mother preparing dinner.
“And she’s super nice and has really pretty hair! I tried to give her her scarf back so she wouldn’t get in trouble with her mom but she said it was okay and that I needed it more. Then we spent all of arts and crafts together making stupid things like friendship bracelets cause she wanted to make friendship bracelets, but it’s okay, cause she looked really happy when I gave her one.” Ace babbled on, his mom smiling as she cooked, happy to see Ace happy. She knew he’d had a hard couple of weeks, so it was nice that he’d finally made a friend.
“She sounds like a good friend. You can invite her over if you’d like.” she offered, smiling at the boy.
“Awesome! I’ll tell her right away, but she might need to ask her mom first! She asks her mom for everything which is kinda stupid but that’s alright, because she’s cool so I’ll let her get away with it. Oh! She also gave me part of her lunch! She said she didn’t want her pudding so she gave it to me and I traded my carrots for her pineapple chunks!” 
“Ace! You were supposed to eat those! You need to eat your vegetables!” his mother scolded, making the boy pout.
“But I don’t want baby carrots! You always give me baby carrots! I’m not a baby! I can have regular carrots!” he protested, glaring. Though his mother just laughed, finding the boy adorable.
“How about carrot sticks? Even your father eats those.” she offered, Ace nodding hesitantly.
“Fine, but pack enough for Y/n too! She likes carrots!” Ace said, a loud laugh coming from the entryway.
“You want more carrots in your lunch so you can give them to your new girlfriend?” Roger asked, walking into the living room, plopping down on the couch next to Ace.
“She’s not a girlfriend! She’s a friend who’s a girl!” Ace shouted, his cheeks heating up, making Roger laugh harder.
“That’s why you want extra carrots to give her? Because she’s ‘just a friend’.” Roger asked, knowing what it was like to be young.
“That’s what you do for friends! You give each other food and you play together! She even gave me her scarf so I wouldn’t be cold! She’s a really good friend!” Ace shouted, starting to pound his fists against his father’s arm. Roger laughed, but shied away from his son’s blows.
“Alright, alright! I submit! She’s just a friend!” Roger laughed, watching as Ace nodded and turned away, “but from how you talk about her, she sounds like she’d be a great girlfriend.” he added, bursting with more laughter as Ace’s cheeks turned bright red.
“She is not! She’s lame! She has to ask her mom for everything! And she wouldn’t leave me alone at first! And she wanted to make stupid friendship bracelets!” Ace shouted at his father, once again beating on the man.
“I thought you said she was cool and that she was happy when you gave her a bracelet.” Rouge interjected, Ace’s attention turning back to her.
“She is! But she’s not…. I mean she… agh! You guys just don’t get it!” Ace shouted, huffing and pouting as he stomped to his room. Rouge and Roger looked at each other, similar smiles on their faces.
“I’d bet that he gets her something really special soon.” Roger said, grinning.
“Dear, I don’t think you understand him at all, he’s already asking to go shopping to get her a nice, new scarf for giving him hers.” she said, shaking her head, just making the man laugh more. It was clear how Ace felt about you, whether or not he denied it.
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tsunderedoctor · a day ago
Dear Author,
I haven’t been feeling the best The past couple of days due to depression and haven’t been able to get out of bed lately
So I was wondering, if it isn’t too much trouble, to get an emergency request of Ace, Katakuri, and Shanks trying to help Gn!reader out of bed and back to their old self
Just some pure fluff with them comforting and helping reader honestly. But not pushing them to the point of annoying the reader and just helping them get better by slowly helping them with this episode of sadness
I hope this isn’t too much trouble
Letter Anon
Hello! I will do my very best on this! I hope you are feeling a bit better and know you are so loved!!💜💜💜 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He hates seeing you so depressed! A part of him begins to blame himself and believe he is the problem, that maybe if he didn’t exist in the world you would be happier. He has to go through his own emotional trauma before he has the strength to help you. 
Once he is in a better headspace, he can help you. He’s very sweet and considerate of your needs and feelings. He knows what it’s like to not want to get out of bed some days, when your depression just eats the energy out of you. He wants you to know that it’s okay to have those days and he will be here for you through it all. 
Uses lots of nickname and pet names to make you feel loved. He’s a words of affirmation man, so expect sweetly cute names that make you want to throw up sometimes! 
Tries to make you something to eat to help lure you out of bed. Though he accidently burnt the food so you are now getting out of bed to stop a fire. It worked, didn’t it??
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kata isn’t used to seeing people depressed, so it confuses him at first. In his family dynamic showing signs of being unwell was a weakness and that alone was proving you weren’t worthy. He doesn’t believe this of course, but he struggles opening up about his own mental health due to it. 
He views you as someone different from the family all together, you are someone he can open up to and not worry about being judged or abandoned. So, he hopes you feel the same way about him and can come to him when you need it. 
Will do his best to be as understanding as possible, letting you vent out your frustrations and feelings with a calm demeanor. Nodding his head as he listens to you, letting you know he is here for you. 
Is probably the only one out of the three who won’t pull you out of bed and lets you sleep or relax. To him, your body needs it and who is he to deny your body that right? Don’t worry so much, he will take care of you while you recover. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Shanks gets very protective of you and wants what is best for you no matter what! Out of these three, he’s the biggest extrovert and believes that getting out in the world can help with depression and other mental illnesses. So you bet he is going to drag you out of bed!
Is very talkative, sometimes the quiet bothers him as it reminds him of his homelife and how he was neglected, so he does his best to make as much noise as possible. He also loves seeing you laugh and will do whatever it takes to make you smile or giggle. laughter is a type of medicine after all!
When you decide to open up and express yourself is when he stops talking and listens. He can understand your emotions, but wants you to know how much you matter to him. He gets extremely defensive over those he cares for, so he won’t let you belittle yourself!
Despite his rushing personality, he can be the most patient man you have ever met. So no matter what, always know you can take your time, and he will be there waiting for you with open arms!
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leol · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
he would’ve been such a mama’s boy..
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sunclown · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Ace got the zoro syndrome
Zou Ace i did for @OPfoodzine contrib video on twitter!! Preorders open july 31!!!
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winterstars21 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The stars shine brighter when I’m with you 💫💫💫
Beautiful art by ACET4444th on Twitter
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mimi0mizu · a month ago
Tumblr media
been seeing a lotta blonde ace art lately & wanted to join in > <
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aifozu · a month ago
Tumblr media
Blonde Ace 🌺
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wellship · 4 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
SanAce online friends AU
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lxcifqr · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
now it’s the only thing i talk about-
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sabo-has-my-heart · a day ago
Hey 🌸
May I request an Ace x reader fluff? 🌱
Maybe something like the reader (she/ her, but could also be gender neutral!) being introverted and not into parties, but the friendgroup made the reader drag along and in the end reader tries to sneak out, but was met with Ace, who also had no intentions to stay and just waited for the bus? Reader has licenses and was there with the car, so reader gives Ace a ride and they somehow get along really well? Maybe they get lost after that for a bit and how fate wanted they meet at a parking lot and spontaneously went to get something to eat? Dunno Maybe something like that?
Thank you for reading and you also can delete it if its just not it! 🌸🌱
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Warnings: mentions of intoxication
Word Count: 1370
Hey, sorry it took so long, but here it is, I hope you like it. Thank you for sending a request, I promise if you send in another I’m trying to get around to them as quickly as possible. Have a fantastic day and enjoy.
Looking around, you sighed you really didn’t like parties but your friends had insisted… repeatedly. Now, leaning against a wall, drink in hand, you were really wishing you could just go home. Could you sneak out? Your friends hadn’t checked on you in some time, it might be possible. Slowly, you inched across the wall, only speeding up once you were close to the door, thankfully out of there before your friends could notice. Technically, you were their ride, being the only one with a car, but at this point, they could find their own way home, such would be their punishment for forcing you to come along. Glancing back, you didn’t notice the tall young man in front of you until you were running into him, sending you reeling back. An arm wrapped around you, keeping you from falling as you regained your wits about you, looking up to see a tall black haired young man.
“Careful, if you flee from the party any faster, they might think you didn’t want to be there.” the young man joked, letting you go once it was clear that you’d be alright.
“I didn’t want to be there. My friends forced me to go because I’m the only one with a car.” you said with a sigh. The young man chuckled but nodded in understanding.
“I get it, I don’t mind the occasional party, but this one isn’t really my scene. I was about to take the bus home.” he said, gesturing to the bus stop a short ways away, “I’d call my brother, but he’s at work and my friends are all too intoxicated to drive.” he said, shaking his head. Nodding, you understood, happy that you were the only one with a car so that your friends couldn’t drive. 
“Well uh, listen, I know I shouldn’t be just offering rides to strangers, but I can drive you home if you’d like, it’s late and the bus won’t be here for at least another hour, that’s a pretty long wait.” you offered, rubbing your arm nervously. The young man smiled and nodded.
“I’d really like that, thanks. Oh, name’s Ace, by the way. Figured you should know who you’re giving a ride to. Can I know the name of my savior?” he asked, giving you a thousand watt smile. 
“Y/n and you don’t need to call me a savior just trying to be helpful.” you said, giving him a soft smile. The two of you quickly got into your car, Ace trying to give you directions to his place, his brow furrowing when he looked around.
“This should have been the way home. Left on main, first right after 5th, straight past the donut place, left onto Pine-”
“You said right onto Pine.” you corrected, Ace’s eyes widening slightly.
“I… I said left, it’s a left onto Pine.” Ace said worriedly, looking at you.
“You said right, even if you meant left.” you said with a sigh, pulling into a parking lot and running your hand through your hair, “And of course my phone is dead so I can’t look up how to get there.” you said, gesturing to your phone that sat in the cupholder.
“And mine’s broken, so I’m pretty useless too, sorry for getting us lost.” Ace said, looking a little downcast.
“I wouldn’t go that far, it’s a simple mistake.” you comforted, giving him a small smile. Ace flashed a small, sad smile.
“Listen, why don’t we drive around for a while until we figure out where we are, you can pay for gas. Besides, it’s a nice night for a drive with a new friend.” you offered, surprising him.
“You… I’d like that.” Ace said softly as you started your car back up, the two of you talking and laughing as you drove around, taking various twists and turns, not even caring where you were going for once. You let out a loud laugh as Ace’s stomach growled loudly, the young man instantly shutting up as a blush covered his cheeks.
“Sorry, I uh, didn’t eat dinner before leaving for the party. I should be-” another loud grumble from his stomach had him lowering his head, failing at telling you he’d be alright.
“I saw a diner a few blocks back, I can get us there easily.” you said, turning the car around and heading for the diner.
“I promise, I’ll pay, I should have enough to-”
“Don’t worry about it. I’ve enjoyed spending time with you.” you said, flashing him another smile, a smile that was starting to make him melt. You’d offered him a ride, not gotten mad at him when he got you lost, and were now you were turning down his offer to pay, how were you this nice? And to someone like him? 
Sitting in the diner, the two of you laughed as you ate, telling each other various stories about your lives.
“And so then Luffy, I swear, I don’t know what he was thinking, but he just takes a running leap off the side of the treehouse! I rushed to grab him but went over as well, Sabo had to grab me and pull both of us back up! Luffy was just sitting there smiling as if he hadn’t been about to break every bone in his body, I was yelling at him while hanging upside down, and Sabo was struggling to pull us up!” Ace said, the both of you laughing.
“Why did you build a treehouse so high up in the first place?” you asked, wondering what had been going through their minds.
“I can’t remember, seemed like a good idea at the time and Dadan didn’t particularly care so long as we stayed out of trouble.” Ace explained with a shrug. You just laughed and shook your head, amused by the antics of 3 young boys.
“Hey Ace?” you asked, making the young man look up at you, mid bite.
“What’s up?” he questioned, wondering if something was wrong.
“I’m glad I ran into you, thanks for getting us lost.” you mumbled, looking down at your drink, playing with the straw. 
“I uh, I’m glad I ran into you too, thanks for um, giving me a ride.” he replied, half dazed. You were thanking him for getting the both of you lost, smiling as you looked down at your drink. Ace felt his heart skip a beat, his stomach fluttering as if he hadn’t just eaten 4 burgers, 5 orders of fries, and 2 full sized pies. 
“Maybe we can uh, do it again sometime. Not, not the getting lost part, but the having… food together part.” he said, not quite sure what to call the meal you were having together, it was far too late for it to be dinner.
“I’d really like that, maybe a movie after?” you suggested, smiling as he nodded rapidly.
“I uh, should give you my number, or, uh… you give me yours, I’ll text you as soon as I get a new phone.” Ace mumbled, stabbing at his last bit of pie nervously. You couldn’t help but giggle as you grabbed a napkin and quickly wrote your number on it.
“You’d better text me the second you get a new phone.” you teased, Ace just nodding happily.
“You’ll be the first contact in my new phone.” he swore, giving you a large smile. 
It was a few hours later that you finally flopped onto your bed, still grinning. You and Ace had eventually found his house, the young man tentatively taking your hand and placing a kiss on it before rushing into his house, clearly a flustered mess. Still, it had been cute and it had left you blushing a little. Hearing your phone go off, you sat up, brow furrowing as you looked at the unknown number. There was no way Ace got his new phone yet, right? Opening up the text, you laughed, ‘Hey beautiful, borrowing phone from Luffy, sleep well, Ace’. Crawling into bed, you smiled, shooting off a quick text before falling asleep, maybe going to that party with your friends hadn’t been so bad, even if they were going to give you an earful about leaving later.
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Got in a doodlin' moodlin last night and posted a bunch of OP sketches to Twitter!
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I like hot guys with big guns
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i finally reached the part where ace is introduced and i love him so much hnnrrgg *dies*
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