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hexadonis · a day ago
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stage play redraws!
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i-bez-togo-toshno · a day ago
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kai-teaa · a day ago
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Corazon & Law credit to bunny for help uwu
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usopps-froggy-hat · a day ago
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everyone’s all like “what?? no way!” and then there’s kid
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chromatic-lamina · a day ago
liminal spaces
A heart stealer who canonically has never squeezed a heart.
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A braggart who remains silent (like a sniper) when his efforts are pivotal to everyone's success.
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A self-serving cat-burglar who is willing to spend loot on humanitarian causes (including a ship)
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Don't believe all the epithets the World Government throws out there (except for God Usopp's, perhaps).
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lawzo-incorrect-quotes · 2 days ago
Law: There are three ways to handle a difficult situation. The right way, the wrong way, and the Zoro-ya way.
Bepo: Isn't that the wrong way?
Law: Yes, but it's faster.
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cebwrites · 2 days ago
Haunted House Reactions (Law, Drake, Marco)
happy spooktober y’all! i’ll be sprinkling a handful of these short n sweet things throughout the month because they aren’t too long, feel free to send me asks for characters you’d like to see me do!! 💕
thanking @secretsnailor for the idea~ <3
gn reader, masc reader (law), he/they law word count: 0.5k
Kind of bored honestly - if this was the modern AU he’d be on his phone most of the way through
He keeps an arm around you if you’re scared and humors you if you want to put up the “brave, manly” front but secretly you want to jump out of your skin at every turn
If you aren’t, they’re cracking jokes with you the whole time; the two of you try to spook each other with little gags here and there
They will tease, but if you’re genuinely upset Law would hold you close and provide lots of physical contact - they don’t understand why you’d want to come in here to begin with if you aren’t good with spooky things, but maybe you were swept along with the other Heart Pirates’ enthusiasm, as he often is, too
He’s mostly unfazed with haunted houses but gets got at least once every time, mostly at the end and entirely because their attention was on you instead of where they were going
You get to tease him in return when you get snacks afterwards and the blush still won’t leave Law’s cheeks - they’re huffy and surly about it, but a quick kiss makes the L easier to swallow
Honestly he’s too distracted by how closely you’re clinging to him to pay much attention to anything else that’s going on, his heart is racing a mile a minute 
When you scream, he screams - not for the same reasons of course, you yelled at a gory jumpscare, he yelled at your arms around his bicep and your head on his chest
His focus is solely on you the entire way - which makes him a perfect target for the interactive actors
They get him by snaking an arm around his waist from behind in the dark, Drake asking with a wavering chuckle if you really were that scared, and then he damn near shits himself when he hears your voice across the room and feels what definitely isn’t your breath against his neck
Drake is exhausted, positively haggard, by the time you two make it out of there; if it’s any consolation, the two of you get slushies later on and he can pretend that it’s the brain freeze that’s making his cheeks flush (not how that works) instead of how beautiful your smile looks in the moonlight
Acts chill about it, is actually chill about it - most haunted houses aren’t actually scary to him
Marco’s got an arm around your shoulder or waist the whole way through and he’s just here to have a good time
Sometimes yawns or pretends to rub the sand out of his eyes and you have to thwack his shoulder to get him to stop goading the actors before something “real bad” happens and all your boyfriend does is smile and nose kisses into your hair
When that ‘big scare’ does come and you and others in the group with you scream, Marco’s still entirely relaxed about it
He’s infuriating to take along because nothing scares this man; at the very least he stays quiet, though - unlike Law, who has to give color commentary on everything down to how ‘unrealistic’ a corpse’s makeup is as it’s getting up to chase you down the hallway
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onepieceofthoughts · 22 hours ago
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Kings of a Generation
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ae1900oe · 2 days ago
one who truly hate himself cannot love
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kenapiece-main · 15 hours ago
This post goes out to Law's family. I love Cora-san but literally that was one of THE healthiest and kindest families out there and possibly the only father in one piece history who was actually good
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jubilentj · 13 hours ago
We all know Law wasn't planning on surviving the confrontation with Doflamingo.
Well I recently learned that Cora died at the age of 26. Law is 26 during Dressrosa.
Law never planned to live past the age that Cora died at.
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So when I was watching this for the first time with my sister I jokingly was like "ooh what if kyros chops doffys head off. Yknow cus in some fight scenes people just fall over or look cartoonishly beat up. Like its the only graphic murder in all of one piece-" hard cut to me losing my shit 😭
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autemis · 8 hours ago
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I've been wanting to draw something about "Dead Bird" by @sobakensyn for a while now. I love the story and the interactions between the characters. Especially the part where Law follows Sanji around, trying to convince him to be drawn, was incredibly funny. That's why I wanted to draw something that would fit into this time period.
Tumblr media
Actually I just wanted to make something small and quick. But things got a bit out of hand and I spent more time than planned. But that's okay. I really had a lot of fun with the whole thing. Especially because I was able to try out a new programme for the background. I also did two versions of the image, because I wanted to pick up the colour scheme from the comic.
Also I used a reference image from KiBBitzer for the bicycle.
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tsunderedoctor · 2 days ago
Well @stupid-sloot-headcanons is one of my go to yandere blogs so enjoy with reading the warning post.
Speaking of yanderes how would Yandere!Fem!Law take having their Darling being just as yandere for them? Like Law's and Darling's accidentally foiling eachother's kidnaping plots by sneekinf out to kidnap the other at the same time. Meanwhile everyone else is lookimg at both of them and going "Or ya could just ask them out...?"
Oh! I love Sloot!! She was one of the reasons I started this blog lol. But her asks are closed right now so I don't wanna bug her too much lol!! (I did send her a message, though about comms lol)
Omg, so true story I am told I am yandere due to my jealousy issues, so I would love to see Law (in any form) handle a S/O who wants to kidnap them!
I imagine he gets very annoyed because he likes things to go his way and when his plans are ruined it throws his whole week off. Seeing this, however, draws him closer to you and he wants you more. You're different than the others, harder to grasp, but yet so close.
Once the two of you meet in the middle though, him with some strong drugs and you with rope, it dawns on him that you actually want him and his face gets flustered and embarrassed. He expected screaming, crying, hell even biting him, not you actually trying to steal his heart! His harden heart can't handle how cute you are trying to kidnap an ex-warlord, did you really think you stood a chance?
Penguin and Shachi are a bit weirded out now though-
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asca19416315 · 23 days ago
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doodle log
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curlybrow-kun · 15 days ago
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nothing to see here. just Sanji easily carrying two fully grown men
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asuhibii · a month ago
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cora-san and law little moments
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