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yandere! bruce wayne x reader
tw: nsfw, smut, cunnulingus, yandere bruce wayne, reader’s a boss lowkey. sex with the cowl on, sex in the batcave. 
word count: 1.2k
Bruce Wayne, contrary to what everyone thought, was a man of great will and discipline. He had spent years cultivating the control and resolve he used to create Batman, to redefine what it meant to be a protector, but never a killer. Gotham City did not belong to the rogues that coveted her streets, nor the police that "protected" it. Gotham City was Batman's city, and no one would think otherwise. He prowled her roofs with eerie silence, claimed her gargoyles as his allies. He kept watch over Gotham's criminal underbelly, kept them in place. He was not a man many could compete with, and those who've tried find themselves on a trip to Arkham Asylum. Only fools (or the criminally insane) would attempt to fight him.
So, to see a man of such stature on his knees, saliva and slick dribbling down his cheeks, whose usually emotionless eyes light up with a darkening lust, well...who wouldn't get a power trip?
It's one thing for Bruce Wayne to be on his knees eating out a woman, it's a totally 'nother thing to have Batman worshipping you. In full costume, with only the cowl pulled down to reveal his face, the two of you lay waste to the Batcave. The lewd sounds that came from between your legs echoes throughout the cave, your breath coming out in short gasps. You're both covered in sweat, and neither can tell if yours is from excitement or exertion. Bruce leans back, hands braced against either side of your thighs as he mouthes at your inner thighs, leaving wet trails as he doe
Your head falls back and your legs widen, slowly inching further down the large black leather chair in front of the Batcomputer. He takes the invitation greedily, smooth hands sliding underneath your thighs and with effortless ease, he pulls you further down and lifts your thighs onto his shoulders. You squeak, hands finding purchase on either side of the armrest. His It's all too much and yet, you crave more of the same.
To think a man such as himself would have his resolve crumble just by seeing you. You were only fiddling with the Batcomputer, playing games with the high definition quality that came with this multi-million whatever computers were made out of. He hovered behind you for a while, waiting silently as you finish your match, and once it had ended, he twirled the chair around and got down on his knees.
Who would blame you for giving him what he wanted, even if he didn't ask? Batman wasn't the type of man to beg, but that would change today. You'd ensure it.
You can feel the slide of his lips against you with every kiss and lick, and it's a sinful act when you grind up against his face, using the armrests as support to help. The vibrations that come from his moan make your eyes roll back. It's so erotic to see the Batman so debauched. It's a sight reserved for only yo There's no precision or thinking when Bruce is like this. He tosses everything that makes him Batman, all the plans and the intelligence and the control, he throws it all to the dogs. His movements are sloppy as he laps you up barbarically. He licks a slow line along your slit, teasingly circles your clit and relishes in the twitches and the moans. He mouthes at your clit, slides his tongue all around it, sloppy and only interested in making a bigger mess than he has
It's so animalistic, the way he gets when he goes down on y How can someone so strong-willed and stoic through it all aside at the hands of who people (and Damian) would believe was lesser than him?
But who would not take advantage of it?
Even in the throes of pleasure and the way you can feel your orgasm reaching, it's hard to ignore him. Bruce is massive, even when he's on his knees. Your legs are spread wide on his broad shoulders. He takes up so much space between your legs, it even stings a little. And he looks so good, the way his hair covers his forehead and his barely-there stubble tickles your skin, it makes  your pussy swell and throb as he suckles and bites down.
His teeth scrape against your sensitive nubs. You gasp. His hands slip down, cupping and squeezing your bare ass. He squeezes hard, and whilst it's not the biggest turn on, the way his arms feel under you, biceps bulging against your raised thighs, you can't help the quiet whimper.
He looks so strong, his back muscles flexing with every small ministration. His chest rises and falls, laboured breaths coming through his nose as he swallows every inch of you. He's greedy, hands feeling you up, thumbs gently rubbing all the blackening hickeys he made. For all his compassion and tenacity, Bruce is, undeniably, a greedy ma
It's blissful when you finally orgasm. It comes out as an incoherent groan and your fingers wrap tighter into the armrest. His grip tightens on your thighs, tugging you closer until all he can even breathe is you.
You grind against him in the aftereffects, feeling it all slow down. Bruce, always so quick to register and follow along with your attitudes and feelings, returns to a gentle pace, almost like he's affectionately nuzzling you. Your breathing is heavy and you finally collapse against the chair.
He helps you sit up, lest you want your back to ache later. It's obvious from his expression just how turned on he is. Bruce is a man who likes to admire his possessions, especially you, his greatest one. Your cheeks are no doubt flushed, you can even feel some drool on your chin, but you're quick to wipe it away--
He snatches your hand before you can wipe it on the chair. Your eyes widen. That was kind of an aggressive move and you watched with trepid anticipation as he brings your hand down to him and sucks in your thumb. Fuck, if that wasn't a sight to see. His tongue sensually dances around your finger before he lets you go, eyes already telling you he wants more.
You reach up to brush away the sweaty strands of hair that cover his face. It's a peaceful moment, loving, even. Neither of you say anything, words aren't needed in moments like these. With little pressure, you push the chair away from him, and he watches like a hawk as you stand up. The saliva and slick is cool between your legs, and you can feel the clear liquid slowly start to slide down your thighs.
Everything in you wants more, wants to be pinned down and fucked ten ways 'till Sunday...but there's something in you that wants something more valuable, something harder to get, a challenge that when you win, makes you feel worthy.
You want him to beg.
"I'm done for the day. Thanks for that," you dismissively wave and leave.
It's 100% undeniable that Bruce will figure out what you want, and there's a 88% chance that he'll give in.
And for the leftover 22%, well, you've always liked a bit of edging.
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How do yanderes react to the reader who has a clear crush on them?
all yanderes ~ ♡
writing this before going to sleep
Tumblr media
silent yandere
· they'd tug your sleeve one day, hesitate for a few seconds before handing you a sticky note that says "i love you (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠)" with a cute drawing
clingy yandere
· they assume you're already dating. you get kissed on the lips very casually, you just accept it
robot yandere
· robot yan can't detect those kinds of feelings so you have to say it yourself.
shy yandere
· doesn't know how to confront you, so they just show up with a little chocolate bar on valentine's day. "h..hey, haha. uhm, this is so scary, please just take these as heartfelt chocolates i think my legs are giving out-"
bully yandere
· "i know you have a thing for me. but i mean, you like me? pfft. ...so, you enjoy being close to me aswell..?"
soft yandere
· "aww, you got a little crush on me? how sweet, i don't think there's anyone out there as cute as you~" pats your head and maybe gives you soft kisses
childhood friend yan
· "hey you wanna go on a date this friday? ... huh? i thought you liked me? do you not?? ... aha, i knew i was right."
prince yandere
· leads you into his royal garden or some rich place he owns. "i offer you the role of princess of this kingdom. ahem, sorry- forget the roles, i just want to be with you."
idol yandere
· makes a song about how you're so obvious. then invites you to one of his concerts, uses your name in the song, and no one knows he's being serious except you. then secretly carries you backstage...
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Tumblr media
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Yandere!Bob Velseb - My Favourite Employee. PT 4.
Tumblr media
Holy fuck I just finished a request, this part and the next one of My Favourite Employee. (And a possible part 6 but ahhh) Hope you all enjoy.
Gender-Neutral Reader, but pet names such as sweet pea and darling are used.
Taglist: @1-800-moondust
TW/CW: Yandere content, stalking, cannibalism, implied murder, etc…
• You were distraught, eyes wide open as you watched the news report. "There has been an alarming increase in disappearances these past few days, and it is causing an uproar in the community. The most recent incident was a 21 year old who had worked at a local restaurant..." You couldn't process anything coming out of the reporters mouth, unable to focus on anything around you.
• You shook yourself out of it and grabbed the remote, turning up the volume as you leaned closer towards the TV. " We had interviewed the manager of the establishment, and he was presumed to be the last person to see them in person. They had left around 8pm last night, apparently in distress. Mr. Velseb, who is very well known around town, had said that that was the last time he had seen them."
• The news reporter had finally concluded the report, and began to recap on the many other missing people. You grasped at your remote, hands trembling uncontrollably. You knew that you should've called the police, this was all your fault— A sudden knock at the door interrupted you, and as you stood up with shaky knees the door had already opened. Bob stood in the doorway, a look of urgency in his eyes. "I came as soon as I could, sweet pea!"
• You flinched at his sudden intrusion, before confusion washed over you. How did he get into your house, you locked the door didn't you—? But Bob had hugged you as tight as he could, a small wheeze coming from you as he let you go after a minute or two. "I know you two were close at work, and I swear sweet pea, I would've did anything to make sure they were okay, since I know they were your friend—" Bob rambled, a nervous look in his eye.
• Oh. Oh yeah. Your coworker was missing. You felt sorrow wash over you in waves as you slammed your face into Bob's chest and let out a nerve wracking sob. Why could you never catch a break? The overwhelming feeling of guilt took over as Bob took you over to the couch, uttering words of saccharine-sweet comfort. "It's all my fault! I should've called the police, I don't even know what they were talking about and—!" Bob shushed you, brushing strands of hair out of your watery eyes.
• "It ain't your fault at all darlin'. If anything, it's far from it. Now come on, I'll get ya somethin' to drink." He grinned, wiping tears from your eyes. Bob tried to shuffle towards the kitchen, but you quickly grasped at his sleeve and pulled him towards you. "W—What if I'm next?" You whispered, tears dribbling down your cheeks. Bob's face had dropped, pure fear glowing in his eyes.
• "No, no, no, no, no! Sweet pea, don't even think that way!" Bob said, a slight shake in his voice. He held you close again, fingers burrowing in the fabric of your shirt. "I promise, nothin' will ever happen to ya, darlin'. Ever. Not on my watch." Bob said firmly, gritting his teeth as he grinned wide.
• Bob stayed with you for the whole day, the restaurant closed as many people were out on searches. You had managed to convince Bob to let you out of the protective cocoon he made with your blankets and pillows to join in the search. You met up with a crowd, and began to help out with them. People searched high and low, especially family members of the victims. You couldn't bear to look at your coworkers parents in the eyes as they thanked you and Bob for coming out to help. But there was nothing.
• Bob was oddly insistent on staying away from the street that the restaurant was on, and kept you close by holding your hand or wrapping an arm around your shoulders. A lot of people stopped you both to talk, mostly about how you two were amazing coworkers to help in the search for your coworkers. You didn't deserve any of the praise. But you kept a smile on your face as you both walked around until sundown.
• Bob wanted the restaurant to open tomorrow, so he got you to go home despite your desperate efforts to stay behind and help. "Bob, please! We gotta help, or you can just go and I'll just—!" "Nope. You're coming with me, sweet pea. I ain't letting you walk around alone no more, it ain't safe for ya!" "I live alone—!" But Bob's consistent nagging got to you eventually. So as you both walked home, the thought of what your coworker had said before they went missing haunted you.
• The office... What did that mean? You forgot to wave to Bob as you practically ran inside, tearing off your jacket and throwing yourself on the couch, eager to watch the news. You prayed that there would be something about the disappearances, even a smidge of good news would make you feel better. But there was nothing yet. You waited and waited for even a mention of them, but you fell asleep well into the middle of the night waiting for nothing.
• You woke up at the asscrack of dawn to a loud shutter noise, like a camera going off. You could barely open your eyes, groaning in annoyance as you wiped away the sleep in your eyes. You heard a thudding noise as someone ran out of your house, but you were too tired to notice. The news channel was still on, but it was just static as you pat around the couch for the remote. What a weird dream... You turned off the TV and rolled over, falling back asleep.
• When you woke up again around lunch hour, you glanced at the clock hanging on your wall. You were several hours late. Oh shit. You rolled off the couch and scrambled towards your room, tearing off your clothes from yesterday and putting on your uniform as quick as you could. The phone rang, so while you were in the middle of putting on your shirt you gunned it to the living room, head caught in the sleeve.
• You picked up the phone, out of breath and panting heavily. "H—Hello?" "Oh, hey sweet pea..." It was Bob. He sounded like he just got up too, his usual booming voice muted to a low grumble. "Just got up, restaurant'll be open in... An hour." "Oh, okay? You good, Bob?" "O—Oh, um, yeah. Yeah, I'm good darlin'... See ya later, love ya..." He trailed off at the end, so you barely heard him say goodbye. You then realized that you put your shirt on backwards. It was going to be a long day.
• When you got to work later, you both collectively looked like shit. Sleep was still evident in your eyes as you both waited for the coffee to brew, (it was supposed to be for the customers but anywho,) with Bob yawning. It doesn't look like it'll be too busy today. And you both silently hoped it wouldn't be.
• And to your luck, it wasn't busy at all. You and your other coworker were on edge all day, having nothing to distract you both from the current situation at hand. Usually you all were tied together by your favourite coworker but... they're gone, and now it's quiet. There was barely any customers, most people staying inside or joining in the search parties. Closing came horribly fast, the restaurant dark as you and Bob were left behind to close.
• You waved goodbye to your other coworker, a deep sigh leaving you as you sat at the counter. You pressed your face into the counter, sitting there in silence. Bob hadn't come out of the kitchen all day, which was unusual considering he always took a chance to see you whenever he could. Your stomach gargled loudly, in need of any form of sustenance. You haven't had an appetite since yesterday, and you haven't touched Bob's cooking that he made for you yesterday.
• You were ready to start cleaning on an empty stomach when you smelt a heavenly scent coming from the kitchen. You peeked at the kitchen doors, quirking an eyebrow. Why was Bob cooking so late You crept towards the kitchen, peering into the door. He was humming a catchy tune, flipping over a burger with a smile. You sat there mesmerized by his cooking skills, which never failed to impress you. Bob had plated the burger, adding all of your favourite condiments and what not.
• You glanced at his face and woah, he was flushed a bright red. He was even drooling. Jeez, was Bob that hungry? Hell, even his apron was stained with blood. Must've been in the back preparing meat. When he started walking towards you, you panicked and flung yourself towards the counter and nearly toppled over trying to sit back down. Bob saw you and smiled brightly, his hands shaking as you awkwardly smiled back. He placed down the plate in front of you and plopped on the seat across from you, where the customers would usually sit.
• Bob's breathing was erratic, his eyes wide open as he pushed the plate towards you. "I made ya somethin' special, sweet pea. My own personal recipe, go on, try it!" You were very weirded out by both Bob and the burger. But you swallowed your fear and picked up the burger, giving it a cautionary sniff. "Now, this is how I like my own burgers personally. I hope you love it as much as I do, darlin'." Bob leaned on the counter, staring at you with hearts in his eyes.
• You caved into his awaiting smile and the mouthwatering scent of the burger and took a great bite, the meat juicy and perfectly tender in your mouth. Dear god, it was amazing! It didn't taste like any ordinary burger, and it was way better than any others that you've had! You swallowed the whole bite, jaw dropping with awe. "This is amazing Bob!" You scarfed down the entire thing, Bob watching you with drool dribbling down his chin. He quivered uncontrollably, eyes twitching as you wiped your hands.
• "Oh man, that was great." You said, a big smile on your face. "What did you put in it?" You asked out of curiosity, watching as Bob dug in his pockets. "Just you wait darlin', you'll be surprised!" Bob put down a  single piece of white rectangular plastic, a name engraved in black on the front. The metal pin was bent and twisted, obviously well used. It was a name tag.
And it had your coworkers name on it.
( ah we’re almost done, idk if part 5 will be the end though. thank you so much for all of the love on my work, you all are amazing!)
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Targaryens with Snow White! Reader
Tumblr media
A/N: This story will be inclusive! (No description for looks, also gender neutral) I'll only be taking a few of the story elements from Snow White. If y'all like the disney princess inspired stories, please let me know so I'll make another one with other families in HOTD or GOT.
Also this story will include Jace x reader! For all of you Jace simps out there 💕
You came from a reputable house, known for their beauty and kindness. Although not powerful, many men and ladies would always jump at the chance of marrying people from your house.
‌Your mother sadly died after childbirth, making your father sad and not as attentive as he should be when taking care of you. Only being there when he is strong enough to look at you, afraid that he'll be sad again as you only reminded him of his one true love.
‌Yet after many years, your father decided to marry his new wife a few days after you just turned six. A woman who cared and acted kind to you, yet it was all just an act. After marrying her, your new mother (or step-mother) would only treat you badly. Making you do chores, wearing rags; all without your father knowing as he slowly turned sick. You were grateful enough that the servants are kind to you, taking care of you when needed.
‌Whispers from the servants told you that your step-mother is scared of your beauty rivaling her, believing that you'll use it against her for your own purposes. You also heard about how your father sickness was partially because your step-mother poisoning him daily with small amounts of poison. You sadly couldn't visit him, always being told by your step-mother that he's to sick or he's meeting with the maesters. But you were too young too notice that it was all lies.
‌After you've heard this rumours, you were treated more harshly. Your step-mother once got physical with you after she found out you were slacking off, playing with the servants. One of the servants who cared for you since birth, took pity on you as you cried to her about not wanting to live here anymore. With the help of the other servants, she decided to send you to Kings Landing to her sisters care. Believing that even though you'll work as a servant, you'll be treated more nicely there.
‌When you arrived, the sister introduced herself as Dayana. She told you to act as if you're her child, playing the role so you could be excused to live in the Red Keep. Fortunately for you, the servants were all kind, only making you do light tasks.
‌In return, you had a lot of free time. Making your way through the gardens, whispering to birds about your secrets to them; anything to make your boredom gone.
‌But luck seemed to be on your side when you encountered the young prince Jacaerys, taking a short break after practicing. He saw you kneeling, a bird on your hand as you whispered to it before softly laughing. Jacaerys frowned before making his way towards you, tapping your shoulder before asking what you were doing.
‌You didn't even look at him in the eyes before replying, "It was telling me about a funny story that they've seen before coming here. It's quite bizarre though." Jace tilted his head in confusion, before sitting next to you. "You can speak to...animals?"
‌"Not all the time, sometimes they don't talk. Sometimes they do. It's just a matter if the animals like you or not," You replied, brushing the bird one final time before it flew away to the sky. Jace hummed, not believing it. But he coughed nervously when you looked at him, only noticing your beauty just now.
‌You both talked with each other about your likes and dislikes, Jace even talked about how he bonded with his dragon, Vermax. You gasped excitedly when you heard about it. "I've never seen a dragon before! Well, not up- close. But I've heard they're very majestic although dangerous."
‌Noticing your excitement about dragons, Jace would propose that you two would meet at certain times to talk about it in the garden. You were odd, claiming you could talk to animals. But Jace found you endearing and beautiful, so it didn't really bother him
‌Soon the both of you will meet every once in a while to talk about things, it doesn't have to be dragons; sometimes Jace would let you ramble on and on about the talks you had with certain animals. He thinks about how you're weird like Helaena, but she didn't claim to be able to talk with the bugs she likes. But he didn't judge you, he just kept listening and maybe add in some comments here and there.
‌Rhaenyra will notice how Jace would be gone as quickly as possible after his lessons are finished. Luke will notice it as well, whining about how his brother wouldn't play with him anymore and only play with the servant girl. Rhaenyra would be interested about this servant girl, thus making her secretly follow Jace to one of your garden meet ups.
‌She noticed how Jace would sit close to you, explaining about the sword trainings and maybe rant about how annoying Aegon was. And you would just sit there listening to him, smiling and nodding. Rhaenyra would approach you after Jace left, making you stutter in nervousness as you bowed to the princess. She tilted her head as she saw your beauty underneath the dirt and rags, maybe a hint of recognition as she remembered hearing of a well known house declaring the missing daughter of said lord.
‌Rhaenyra would calmly ask your informations, subtly asking for it instead of being forceful. You would answer them honestly, yet you would make mistakes here and there about your true identity. You hoped the princess would not notice it, but she did. She covered her smile as she tried to move on past the interesting information she just received.
‌Rhaenyra would see why Jace would be close to you. You were kind and beautiful although you're meek and shy at times. She would develop a strong sense of wanting to protect you after a few meetings, always asking you about how you're doing.
‌This development would certainly not go unnoticed by Daemon, who would act confused as to why his wife and son would be so smitten with a servant girl like you. He decided to approach you, talking to you for a short while before deciding that you were just uninteresting for him.
‌But his interest became piqued once again after he heard Jace talking to Baela about how you could talk to animals. Daemon would approach him, asking if he believes that you could talk to animals. Jace would be hesitant before replying, "At first I didn't believe her. But after many times we met in the garden, her stories are quite accurate about the things that have happened here. It's too detailed for it to be lies, father."
‌Daemon would hum and think for a while, before wanting to test your skills. It's not a common occurrence for someone to be able to talk with animals, let alone a dragon. Dragon riders would only be bonded yet Daemon knew they couldn't fully control the dragons too, so if you are the real deal; then you could be a great help for them.
‌Daemon would instruct Jace to invite you to the Dragonpit, wanting to see how you would talk to the dragons. Jace would not agree with him stating that you've never met dragons, let alone you'd be brave enough to talk with them. But Daemon insisted that you'll be safe because he will be there, watching everything so that you'll be safe (and maybe for his own reasons as well).
‌Of course you would terrified beyond belief! Jace invited you into the Dragonpit was shocking, especially when Jace told you Daemon of all people was the one who requested you. Standing besides him as Jace called Vermax, Daemon placed his hand on your shoulder. "Don't be afraid, little one. Vermax is a bonded dragon, it will listen to Jace if anything wrong will happen at any time." You nodded at him, trying to steel your nerves as Jace leads Vermax in front of you.
‌You sighed deeply before looking Vermax in its eyes. You tilted your head, Vermax following your lead. You crouched down in front of him slowly pulling your hand in front of him. Jace held his breath as Daemon narrowed his eyes at you. Vermax growls slightly before calming down, nudging his head against your hand.
‌Daemon was shocked when you turned to him and Jace. "He's angry, he's already kept inside here for too long. He said Jace is ignoring him for his studies and lessons."
‌Daemon softly laughs at you, "And how can we believe that, little one? Maybe you're just lying to us right now." You pouted before shaking your head. "My lord, you've noticed how restless Vermax has been in here. You've tried everything but he always lost his control, am I right? You thought he was hungry but he's not. And even though Jace always visits him here, he doesn't take him out for a ride."
‌Safe to say Daemon was impressed and interested in you after that. Jace would be shocked yet proud, telling his mother about how you proved Daemon wrong with your so called power. Rhaenyra would be furious at Daemon for letting you, a child, inside the Dragonpit just so he could see your power. But after some convincing from him, Rhaenyra would agree that you would be an asset to her family.
‌Soon you would spend time with all of the family members. Although you did still stay with Dayana from time to time, most of the time you stayed with Rhaenyra in her chambers. Deep down she longs for a daughter, and maybe luck did gave her a blessing in the form of you. You would always accompany her, asking questions about certain topics; and in return she'll see how you communicate with animals.
‌Rhaenyra would definitely tell you to her father, Viserys. And although he's bedridden in his room, he'll be interested. Wanting to meet you as Rhaenyra soon grew closer to you. In the end, you did met the king, Viserys now understanding why Rhaenyra and the rest of her family took a liking to you. Although Rhaenyra is happy that you met her father, she's hesitant on bringing you back again if Alicent is there. She didn't want you to be noticed by Alicent, so she decided to only bring you to Viserys a few times when Alicent was not around.
‌As years go by, you grew closer to all of them. Jace would still take his time off lessons and training to be with you. You became a sister figure for Luke and Joffrey, playing with them when they want to. Even Daemon would grew closer to you, although he'll act nonchalantly and not as frontal as the rest of the family. They will try to protect and shield you away from the Greens, claiming to never trust them ever.
‌Daemon will insist on having you bond with the dragons if it meant you could help them at any time (maybe even spending some alone time to bond together, only between the two of you). You helped the dragon keepers if certain dragons are acting up, calmly explaining to them what the dragons need. You always help all of the dragons, but Vermax still holds a special place in your heart; being the first dragon you've ever met.
‌One day, you claim to be a little sad after one of your bird friends told you about how the servants and guards talked bad about you, claiming that you bewitched the royal family into treating you like their own. Rhaenyra and Daemon would be furious yet stayed calm so they could catch whoever made the rumours up. Jace would be too, but he chose to stay with you; comforting you with kind words as he held you close to him. Luke and Joffrey would try to ease your sadness away, bickering and joking around to make you forget about it. You don't comment on how the mean servants and guards are slowly disappearing and replaced by new ones. Dayana reassures you that everything is normal.
‌On the other hand, your step-mother grew restless and angry when she heard about you in Kings Landing, with the royal family nonetheless. She was already happy with the thought of you gone, reinstating her as the most powerful person in the house after your father died. She already has a son, she didn't want you to come back and accuse her of mistreating you badly in the past. She already got rid of the pesky servants that liked you, she didn't want to have more problems.
‌So she made plans for you to be gone. It took a few years, wanting everything to be perfect. At first she wanted to hire an assassin to kill you but she threw that idea away when her spy in Kings Landing told her about how you always spent time with the family. Your step-mother was annoyed at how none of the plans seemed to be working. But in the end she found one plan that seemed to be perfect. It could kill you instantly and quietly, plus there's no way people will suspect her for the act. With the help of a witch, your step-mother consulted her with her plans.
‌As for you, you're not just a child anymore. You became well known for your beauty and kindness. Although your work in the castle has been nonexistent ever since you grew closer to Rhaenyra's family; you sometimes still met up with Dayana to spend time together.
‌Other than Rhaenyra's family, you only grew closer to Halaena. You bond with her because of the love the both of you had with animals. But her family and Rhaenyra's family have grew distant after what happened with Aemond. Thus you only met her only for a few times before spending the rest of your time with the Blacks.
‌Over the years the family grew more possessive towards you. You're basically adopted by them. Spending time with the family basically means you could get hurt, so Rhaenyra will always keep guards with you at all times. Daemon wanted to train you just so you could at least have a basic knowledge on self defense, but Jace claims that it will never happen. You don't need self defense because you're already safe with the family, the dragons are already protective towards you, plus people speak highly of your kindness. There is no one who will harm you.
‌Unknown to the family, your step-mother has finalized her plans for you. With the help of the witch, they created a poisonous apple, able to blend in with the other fruits inside the castle. Your step-mother whoever is still confused as to how the apple would only be eaten by you, but her worries are vanished when the witch decided that she herself could bring the apple to you. Your step-mother didn't care about how much she had to increase the pay, as long as you're gone forever then she'll be happy.
‌Soon the witch arrived in Kings Landing, disguising as a new servant as she works around; spying on you. She noticed how you're not always alone, people will accompany you everywhere you go. More so the prince, who always clings to your side whenever he got the chance. But the witch noticed how at night you'll always slip away from your chamber, going to the kitchen to grab a small snack. It'll be the perfect plan for her.
‌As Jace walks you to your room, he couldn't help but feel...off about today. Something about being watched by someone yet he couldn't find anyone. You asked Jace what's wrong, noting how he's always frowning as if deep in thought. "It's nothing, my love. Just felt it's wrong to leave you behind today. Something has been bothering me," Jace sighed.
‌"[Name]," Jace called you softly as he grabs both of your hands in his. "Whatever you do, do not go outside tonight. I've had the feeling that we're being watched but I'm hesitant if it's only my paranoia. But I'll talk to my mother, see if she also noticed something strange."
‌You nodded and agreed, ignoring the heat rising on your ears as Jace kissed your forehead before hugging you. You slipped inside as Jace walks away, sighing deeply before apologizing inside your heart to Jace. You waited for a while before slipping away to the kitchen, deciding to only grab a few snacks before coming back.
‌You thought you'll be alone, but you noticed a servant peeling some apples. Maybe for tomorrow? You've never seen a servant working this late but you decided to ignore it and instead searched for food.
‌"I'm sorry, my lady. But we've run out of our food," The servant answered when you asked her. You pouted, stomach grumbling loudly as you excused yourself from the kitchen. "Wait, my lady! If you want, you could have this apples. It might not full you, but at least you'll have something in your stomach," The servant smiled as she grabbed an apple from the rest. "Here, try it. It's very delicious."
‌You thought you heard her voice changed but ignored it when the apple was shoved in your hands. It did look delicious and you're hungry, so you took a bite. You hummed at the taste, wanting to take another bite. But your head grew dizzy, your vision getting blurry. You tried to grab onto the servant but it's as if she disappeared from the kitchen. You couldn't stay awake, falling to the ground as the apple rolled away. The witch smiled as her planned work, disappearing to the dark; leaving only you in the kitchen.
‌When a servant girl found you lying on the ground, she panicked and called the guards to alert the family. Daemon would be the first one to arrive, heart clenching at the sight of you lying there lifeless. He ordered the guards to bring you into your room as he noticed the rest of the family arriving. Rhaenyra would cry at the sight of you, following you as she holds your hand in hers. Daemon would hold Jace back, knowing how angry and confused the boy is at the gruesome sight. Luke will cry but helps Daemon at calming Jace down before he goes to see you, not wanting his brother losing his temper once again.
‌The maesters did everything they could do, but nothing worked. They told the family that you didn't die. You're still living yet unresponsive. Daemon would yell at them for not trying their best, Rhaenyra would shakily asked if there's any cure for you.
‌But after a few days, it seems the maesters have given up, telling the family that they don't have a clue what's going on. Jace would be livid, already staying by your side since you collapsed. He yelled at them for their incompetence, threatening that he'll kill them. Daemon would try to calm him down, Rhaenyra dismissing the maesters as to not cause more casualties.
‌The family would be devastated. Rhaenyra would visit you with Joffrey, talking to you about her day. Luke will sometimes join her but he couldn't stay too long. He couldn't stand seeing you in this state, wanting you awake again to play and joke around with him. Daemon would be too busy finding the culprit, interrogating people before killing them if they're no use to him. No use to you.
‌Jace would look calm on the outside, but on the inside he'll be devastated. Like Rhaenyra he will stay besides you for long periods of time. Brushing your hair as he talks about his day, talking about how Vermax missed your daily visits. If it's too much, he'll cry softly besides you; begging for you to come back to him. He regrets not telling you how he truly feels, regret building inside his heart as he holds your hand tightly.
It didn't help how Vermax would act more restless without you. Jace would have a hard time calming him down, Vermax could probably feel from the bond how his rider was also feeling restless and hopeless. Jace would also be haunted by your animal friends visiting your room when he's with you, shooing birds away when he noticed how they'll stay there.
‌One day, Jace feels so defeated as he saw you still lying lifeless on the bed. He would sit by your side, brushing your hair as tears fall through his eyes. "[Name], my love. I'm sorry for not helping you that night. I feel...so defeated. I can't—I can't look at you anymore in this state. It's torturing me inside to just be here and not be able to help you. I'm sorry, my love. I truly am."
‌Jace would feel terrible as he holds your hand. He'll reach up and brush your hair behind your ear as he kissed you softly on the lips. As he pulled away, he brushed his tears away, not noticing how your eyes fluttered. He'll sigh as he hold his head in his hands but his heart will stop when he heard the bed rustling. Jace will think he's gone crazy, but his holds his breath as he heard a soft voice. "Jace? Is that you?"
‌Jace would not believe it at first, but when he looked up, he saw you blinking your eyes. He would laugh incredulously, grabbing your face in his hands as he asked, "[Name], my love. Can you hear me?"
You would nod, making his smile even more wider as he hugs you tightly. He'll scream for the guards to notify his family, kissing your face softly as he repeats the words 'I love you' over and over again. You would be confused yet somewhat happy. You don't remember what happened after collapsing, so it must've been a big thing if Jace is acting like this.
‌Rhaenyra and Luke will be happy. Hugging you tightly before asking if you were okay, which you are. You're just confused when Jace told you you've been unconscious for the past few weeks.
‌Daemon would arrive late as he finally found the culprit, but he'll deal with it later when he noticed you're finally awake and healthy. He'll hug you before making sure you're alright and well.
‌The family would be more possessive and protective towards you after the incident, making sure you're comfortable and happy. Jace would be stuck to your side, now brave enough to tell you about his feelings as he wanted to marry you in the future. Rhaenyra would support it fully, happy that you'll officially be apart of her family. Dayana would be in tears, stressed out after not being able to meet you as you're unconscious.
‌Daemon will eventually ask you about you're background, wanting you to be fully honest if you want him to catch the culprit. The family would be by your side as you told them about your past. They'll be livid and angry at your step-mother. Daemon finally convinced that it was actually her doing all this time.
‌Days will past, you and Jace grew even more closer and told people about how you're lovers. He'll always be by your side, hand placed on your back as he softly whispered about how much he loves you; making you giggle and slap his arm when he whispers about something more dirty.
‌You ignored it when Daemon is back from his 'journey', bringing back a child resembling your step-mother. You ignored Daemon's bloody clothes as he talked to Rhaenyra about something. You ignored a bloody cloth with something bloody inside, almost shaped like a head. You don't want to worry about that.
‌Yet you worry about the child. So from then on, you treated the boy as if he's your sibling. Not wanting the weight of his mother's wrongdoing being put onto him. You're happy with your life now, you just hope in the future you'll be happier building your own little family with Jace.
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heartfullofleeches · a day ago
imagine you're just a funny lil imp who does your devilish deeds in a pretty small sphere, just making humans stumble and getting them to drop their coffee or something. it's all you can bring yourself to do, and it's not like you're a renowned imp (or want to become one, either).
since you're not particularly strong, you try to avoid ever getting in contact with any of the high level demons or so, they seem too scary and dangerous after all. except once you happen to meet gemi[ni], thinking them to be a normal demon considering how down to earth they are, you become little pals of sorts, telling them all about the human world and the silly pranks you do. well, once you find out their true identity, you just feel so embarrassed for treating them so casually, you just can't bring yourself to ever see them again, at least for the next one thousand years or so at that.
how would gemi[ni] react?
Shit- How could you make such a careless mistake?
Your friendship began due to a single, faithful accident. One event that could've easily been avoided - had it not been for a mischievous little imp who had yet to get their daily fix of humanly woes.
For a while, you had taken up shop in a shopping center somewhere out in a decently sized city. A wide, open space with plenty of stores and alleys for you to reck havoc in. On that day, your shop of choice happened to be a little comic store huttled in the corner of the mall. You had been the cause of multiple people quitting and the ban of general displays after you knocked them over one to many times, but today you had your eyes on the customers - one in particular to be more precise.
"What do you mean you don't have it?'
You snitch from behind the cash register as the patron in question slams their fist on the table. The cashier flinches in response as they lean in, teeth bared in a snarl.
"I preorder that figure the day it was announced- and you sold it to someone else?!"
You cover your hands over your mouth to prevent yourself from bursting out in laughter, despite the fact that no one could hear you. You thought nothing of this specific person at first. If you got to them, you got to them, but upon hearing them shouting in rage at the cashier you couldn't pass up the opportunity to suck up their misfortune. You weren't even sure what was going on for the most part other than something they wanted was out of stock. It would be such a shame if what they had got happened to get mixed up with another patron's items.
"I'm really sorry about this-" The cashier replies. "we can give you a discount for what you've picked out today."
The customer sighs. "Fine. You're a bunch of incompetent bastards, but I'll take what I can get."
While they pay, you reach into the bag on the counter, and swap its contents with the one to their left. Snickering to yourself, you slip out the front door onto the next location. Sometimes the idea of the reaction was better than seeing the real thing, and the you didn't know how long it would take so it was best not to waste your time when you could pull off more hits.
You don't even turn when your hear a shout. It wasn't like humans could see you, so you were the most unlikely suspect.
A rock hits the ground by your feet.
"I'm talking to you, shrimp."
Fearing the worse, you glance back; locking eyes with the ill-tempered customer. No further conformation needed, you book it; speeding off down the street before they take their first step. You dart into the nearest all, knocking into a few trash cans as you come to a halt. You peak around the corner. With the crowded streets and how fast you were going, they should be far behind and soon a thing of the-
"Nice try."
Spinning on your heels, the previously bumped into cans go flying to the ground as you jump ten feet in the air. The customer stands behind you, tapping their heel against the dirt as they check their nails.
"Took you long enough. I was starting to get bored." They grab you by your shirt collar. "Normally, I'd have squished a bug like you by now, but..."
You squirm under the sharpness of their finger as it drags across your face. It's been so long since you've met another demon that you had completely forgotten your own kinds' scent. You thought they were a little off, but never in a million years did you think they were like you. Given their stature, they had to have some power, but the weakness of their scent led you to believe they weren't that much higher on the class scale than you.
"...this isn't a normal situation." They flick you in the forehead before letting you go as they smirk. "Your little prank let to me getting what I really wanted and seeing the joy you got from it sparked some interest. My other half always tells me I need to interact more with this world, along with people in general- and I believe you'll be the perfect one to help by out."
You swallow your breath. "Do I have a choice?"
They laugh. "You're a class act already. "
And thus began your budding relationship. At first it was just retailing your greatest pranks over desserts, but soon they joined you on your ventures as well. Nothing too crazy, but the occasion push or shove. To make things far, they told you about the hobbies they fancied as well. From video games to comics, they had a vast knowledge on human media, but not so much their people. You would soon find out your new companion's name was Gemi. It rings some bells, but not loud enough for you to recall where you heard the name before.
As much fun as you were having, you started to notice something off from time to time. At random intervals, their brass, and bold persona would be switched for a more timid, antsy one. They also refused to take your hand, despite literally carrying you from danger in the space. Regardless of the personality, they began to grow more hostile to those around when you both took humanly forms. It was unlike anything you had seen with the demon before, but since they were still your loyal friend you had no complaints.
That was- until the day you found out their true face.
You were at a cafe they enjoyed, having just ordered your treats, when you come to find that yours came with a phone number on the bag. Finding it humorous/an opportunity for a new target, you show it off to Gemi with a laugh.
"Hey Jimmy, check it out. I think that cashier wrote his number on here. Funny, right?"
Instead of a finding it funny, Gemi goes quiet. They stay as such the whole time, taking occasional glances at the counter. As someone walks from the back, they excuse themselves while you finish your snack. With them still gone by the time you finished, you get up to look for them. Entering the unlocked bathroom, you find them standing in front of one of the mirrows - and a body in their arms.
"Are you sure about this, my lord?"
Instead of their reflection, the mirror shows a portal to a room with white walls. A shadowy figure stands patiently before them, arms outstretched despite their query. Gemi scowls as they shove the limp human in their arms.
"Yes, but if you really need the both of us to answer- Gemini is the one who suggested this." Their eyes soften as they continue. "I did not! All I said was maybe he needed to take a short- long-term vacation until we had more time to win them over. Ceres will be on our wings if she finds out about this."
"Be quiet- it's my turn today, so you can't speak unless I give you the say so."
The recollection their name comes crashing back to you. The twin Devils, Gemi and Gemini. Combined souls and a third of the fallen ruler of the underworld. Fear creeps up your chest as you realize you've been buddy buddy with one of the most powerful beings in your realm. What did they want with an imp like you? Did they truly value or friendship, or were they only looking to past the time until something better came along? Would they get rid of you after that like the mortal? Maybe you were the one they were win or- and they wanted you to be their pet. You didn't know what was going to be the outcome and you didn't want to find out.
Slipping away beneath the veil of the crowd, you avoided the pair from that day forth. They attempted to contact on the phone you stole a week back, but you chucked it in the streets at the first call. You saw them from time to time in the plaza, but fled before they could spot you. You heard people speaking of a stranger who would demand information on someone with your general appearance, who'd suddenly burst into tears along way through. There was a spot in your heart that missed them, but you valued your safety more.
After a month long hiatus, you were getting back into the groove of pulling your devious tricks. You moved across town to a much smaller, but decently populated area. While going after your next victim, tearing a hole in the plastic bag they caring, you feel the urge to follow them until they noticed. Your venture leads you to an empty street, and you only notice something is off whem the lights start to flicker. The human turns to you. You recognize him.
"I'm sorry.."
As he runs off, a large figure descends from its perch atop a light fixture. They're in their true form, standing over you at over three meters tall. They snatch your arm with the talons of their winged limb; their dozens of eyes full of rage - and grief.
"Where have you been." Gemi hisses. "We both you got hurt. We thought you were dead."
"Please don't kill me!"
Their grimace falls. "Hurt you? Why would we do that?"
"Because I ran. I know I shouldn't have, but I.. I don't want to be your servant!"
Gemi starts at you deadpanned. Their lips slowly curl into a shaky smile as they break out into a full belly laugh. They left you go as they wipe a tear from their eye; face shifting at their other half takes control. You feel the urge to run now that you're free, but something tells you, you shouldn't."
"Oh, Y/...I-.. We'd never see you as below us." Gemi takes the wheel once more. "We love you, you adorable fool. Give our.. condition, we don't agree on much, but we are certain that you are our destined partner. I do tend to have a temper... and steer away from romance so we had trouble pursuing you.
Gemi grabs you with their second pair of limbs, each face taking their turn to kiss your cheeks as they wrap their wings around your smaller frame.
"You are ours, and as ours- you are our equal. We hate to do this, but due to you running away we cannot let you out of our sight again. We promise your punishment will be most pleasurable, before we get started on the wedding plans the following eve."
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hheizoukiss · 2 days ago
i can’t stop thinking about yan! mafia boss! childe yelling at his men and then you walk in and his demeanor completely changes. his face will soften and he’ll take you into his arms gently with a kiss to your forehead, telling you to go wait in your room for him to finish. he calls you sweet nicknames and looks at you like you’re his whole world, and then as soon as you leave he’s back to yelling and glaring at everyone else in the room.
you’re his sweet little love and he hates the idea of you getting involved in his work or letting you see his bad side, so he keeps you away and never yells or does bad things in front of you.
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godnectar · 11 hours ago
do you mind writing headcanons for a yandere professor?
hi babe!! tysm for the request,, i really hope u like it 😖💗 to send more asks or ideas click here ( inbox )
cw: toxic, possessive & unprofessional behavior, teacher/student relationship, intimidation, a bit nsfw, etc.
Tumblr media
𖣠 YANDERE PROFESSOR who has everyone thinking about him being the perfect teacher because of his reputation and cool attitude in class but, of course, that's just a façade ♡
𖣠 YANDERE PROFESSOR who will never let anyone know what you two do when u are alone in his small but private office room. and if by some lil' error like, u moaning too loud or failing to cover his hickeys correctly, someone discovers your petite affairs they will never be able to tell it, alright?
𖣠 YANDERE PROFESSOR who sees red whenever he catches another student looking at you in a way that suggests they don't want only your friendship. it wouldn't cost him anything to put a suspense on their grades after an exam nor to put a fist on their face after university hours,,
𖣠 YANDERE PROFESSOR who sometimes lets his usually calm face transform into one full of smugness early in the class when he sees his previous victim and, when the bell rings, sends a little wink to reaffirm his position with you.
𖣠 YANDERE PROFESSOR who has an eye on u whenever he is able to: in the lecture room, seeing you concentrated and taking notes; in the library, trying to study between giggles with your friends; and his favorite, looking at you sitting on his precious and expensive desk, gazing at him with doe eyes while waiting for him to touch you <3
𖣠 YANDERE PROFESSOR who, even after a few years, his love for you grows by each day. and when your graduation arrives, he feels so proud of his babe getting the titles ♡ now you two will be able to spend your lives together, forever.
"you did so well. my pet deserves a reward, don't u think? <3"
Tumblr media
© godnectar 2022. please do not modify, translate, or repost my works on any platform without my permission.
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after-witch · a day ago
Tell Me [Yandere Feitan x Reader]
Title: Tell Me [Yandere Feitan x Reader]
Synopsis: Feiten interaction based on the interaction prompt:  "Please, if I'm doing something wrong, just tell me. I can't read your mind." Commissioned piece.
Word Count: 561
notes: yandere, kidnapped reader
Tumblr media
"Please, if I'm doing something wrong, just tell me. I can't read your mind."
Your voice is so much shakier than you meant it to be, but it can’t be helped. Not when it took you days and days just to muster the courage to say something like this to your captor. Not when cold sweat dapples your neck, and your arms are shaking as you stand in front of him, eyes flitting everywhere but his face. 
To the wall. To the kitchen cupboards. To the floor.
He doesn’t say anything. You don’t even know if he’s looking at you. You’re not sure if it’s better or worse not to know. But then, it’s not like you know much anyway, do you? You’re never sure if what you’re doing pleases him or angers him, because he seems to have the same reaction regardless.
What were you supposed to do, when someone kidnapped you and kept you locked in some musty home with a dark basement that you’d–thankfully–never seen? What were you supposed to do, when that someone could turn their nails into knives, and who exuded such a terrible dark presence at times that it brought you to your knees? 
Someone who, above all, kept you constantly on your toes. He wanted you to obey him, you understood that much. But what else? When you offered him a tentative smile, thinking it might make him more cordial to you, he sneered. When you quietly asked if he’d like something to eat after he came home late at night, he yanked your ear and ordered you back to your bedroom. 
What, what, what did he want?
“I can’t read your mind,” he says suddenly, voice toned to a mimicry of yours.
Your body jerks reflectively when he speaks, and again when he steps forward, and there it is, there’s this pressure around him. Dark and weighty, making your heart begin to pound. He steps closer until you’re staring down at his shoes, until you can feel his breath on your face.
“Funny. Because… feels like I can read yours.” 
You have to look up, don’t you? So you do, throat tight, not sure what to expect, only knowing that it’s going to make your stomach churn.
And it does, immediate, hard, sour. 
Because he’s smiling.
“You think, if you do what I say, I’ll be easy on you.” 
He takes another step, this time to the side, until he’s circling you. Slow, step by step.
“You think, if you so pleasing, I like you better.”
He stops--he’s standing behind you, and your muscles tense as he places his hands on either side of your waist.
“Stupid, stupid…” He presses himself against your back, in something that on anyone else might be called an embrace. But with Feitan, it feels more like a metal trap waiting to spring. 
And it does, when the arms at your side snake around your waist and pull you tight, into a grip that you know, in some primal way, could easily break your ribs. You’re frozen to the spot, like you ought to be, in the face of such a predator.
“Doesn’t matter what you do,” he says, breathy and quiet. His grip tightens enough to hurt. “How you act. What you say. Because… you are here. I am here.” There’s warm breath against your back, but goosebumps still crawl up your arm with every word. “And that? That not changing.”
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yandere-romanticaa · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You don't remember the last time you felt peace.
Life in NRC was eventful since day one as you were always surrounded by a group of people. Be it your classmates, friends you've grown fond of or just any other random person there was always someone by your side.
Even while you were alone.
Night Raven College was known for its eccentric characters so you weren't too surprised to know that someone had started to stalk you. Sure, you had no definitive proof but you could just feel it all - hungry eyes staring at you 24/7, some small objects disappearing every few days, the hairs on the back of your neck were all too accustomed to that dreadful feeling of being watched.
Not even sleep could comfort you, even if you shut the window and the blinds. The room would be dark but it wasn't the darkness itself that scared you.
It was the fact that you could never know whether or not someone else was lurking in the darkness.
Rook watched and prowled, carefully taking notes of every little thing you did and liked. He had a sheet of your basic information such as height, weight, birthday, things similar to that. Everything else was just a commodity, things he did and studied in order to understand you better and to kill time.
You were so fun to watch. He knew that you could sense him but that was the odd thrill of it all, knowing that he could get caught. Would you turn a blind eye if you found out who your little admirer was? Would you accept him, would you see it as a declaration of his undying and ever growing love for you?
The answer was most likely no if Rook was being realistic. But that didn't matter. Part of the fun was plotting how to sweep you off your feet, to keep you loyal to him and only him.
Rook Hunt is many, many things and determined is one of them.
He will never give up on you, even if you don't know that quite yet.
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yandere-sins · a day ago
Before reading: R18, Mature Content Warning, Yandere Warning
Tumblr media
“Welcome to prison, ya filthy criminal.”
The guard’s words were like cold slaps in your face. There was no kindness or even just a speck of respect in them. They were echoed by a vast variety of sounds circling around you the moment you stepped through the last gate to the outside and into the complex. From laughter to screams to moans—everything haunted these stinking walls. “Move it,” the guard grunted at you, shoving you forward after your feet had stopped halfway in the doorway, the harsh feeling of an elbow to your spine only adding to your discomfort.
This had not been the plan, said every prisoner ever.
“Fresh meat, boys!” the guard hollered behind you as they ushered you forward, baton slapping into the palm of their hand before coming down on the cell bars on your side. An awful quietness spread as you felt a million eyes turn to you, from above, the cells beside you and right in your path. And then, chaos descended.
If you were disgusted by the sounds before, then the rattling of bars, obscenities screamed at you (ranging from invitations to warm beds to threats of suffocating you with a pillow at night), and the delighted ogling at a change in the current boring routine of the prisoners, made you want to throw up. No one came to your rescue when hands reached out, grabbing you by the orange jersey you were put into, yanking you to the one side, and jerking you to the next. Laughter underlined everything as they saw your grimace, disgust, discomfort, and panic hidden behind your best poker face. But there was only so much you could endure before your mask began to crack.
“Come to my cell! I’ll give you the ride of your life.” “Why don’t you come over here, baby? I got some knives to show you.” “You’d look even better with my hands around your throat.” “Want someone to treat you to the real prison experience?” “Betcha fifty bucks they aren’t gonna survive.” “I give them a week.” “I give them one day.” “Deal.”
“My god, move!”
Tearing you out of the overwhelmed state of mind after being bombarded by the voices, the guard brought their baton down to your back, striking across it once and making you lose balance. With an ungraceful, embarrassing uff being punched out of your lungs, you fell to your knees, the items you were holding splaying out on the floor. Roaring laughter insulted your fall while you scrambled to collect your things, the guard groaning behind you in annoyance.
“How did someone like you even make it into prison?” they asked as you got to your feet again, letting your head hang low. Already, you had lost the pride you had come here with, wanting to keep your head held high and get through this without causing a stir. But you had a feeling no one would forget the display of you on your knees with your ass in the air, your extra pair of underwear displayed before you as if you were offering it up as a peace sign while submitting yourself to the torture.
“That’s your cell,” the guard snarked, hitting the cell door with their, extremely irritating, stick weapon. The door remained closed as you stood before it, a little confused about what you were supposed to do now, wanting nothing more than to get inside and hide in your bed for the rest of your time here. Rolling their eyes, the guard let out a long sigh and dramatically gripped the bars on the door, pulling it back to open up the doorway.
“There you go, princess,” they mocked you, leaning towards you and talking as if you were a child. “One super deluxe room including your personal psycho. If you need anything, you can ask that thing in there. Maybe they’re willing to not kill you if you tell them your little sob story of how you got here.”
Winding up with their baton in hand, you didn’t want to be hit yet again to be put into motion, so you stepped forward quickly, nothing but gray colors and the smell of sweat welcoming you into the enclosure. The guard slammed the door closed before patting themselves with their baton on the shoulder.
“Try not to die too quickly, okay? We only cleaned that cell last month after the last roommate died, and I don’t want that psycho peer down my asscrack again while we scrub your remains off the wall, gotcha?”
You couldn’t even have responded if this was a serious question. Because what were you supposed to say to that? “Okay, I’ll become best buddies with whoever is inside of here with me!” or “Oh, no, officer! Let me out, please!” The guard could be heard for a few more minutes as they made their way back outside, prisoners hassling them for information about you, wanting to know everything.
There you were now. Your cell. The place you’d sleep, live, and hide in for the rest of your sentence... or life. Wearily dragging your eyes over to the bunk bed, you stared into the darkness of the lower bunk, not seeing anything for a moment as your eyes adjusted. The light overhead was, by the looks of it, smashed. Just your luck.
“H-Hello?” you called out. Remembering the guard’s words, you realized much too late you shouldn’t have done that.
Your blood froze as piercing eyes split through the darkness, only outshone by the grin that formed on your roommate’s lips when you could finally see who you were dealing with.
Your chances of survival? Zero.
«────────  🗡♡ ︎𓍝  ────────»
Welcome to the YMP, my lovely sinners!
The Yandere Multifandom Prison (Short YMP) hosts a multitude of long-term inhabitants. There is nothing in here that isn’t smeared in some kind of body fluid, fights are served like the cold eggs at breakfast every day, and there are definitely some... guests you’d like to avoid while staying here. Unfortunately, you didn’t really have a say in coming here, however, there are some things that are up to you!
This is an 18+ Project, do not subject yourself to it if you can’t handle violence, gore, sexual content, yandere, and many, many more dark topics. (There will be individual warnings, but this is at best dark romance, at worse everyone dies.)
This is not a pure nsfw project! Please trust in me to decide when to include something! ♥
If you find yourself with questions before sending in your request, please asks me beforehand!
Read the Instructions below before sending in your ask!
Please no in-depth character customization or characterization. This is a xReader project and at this point I can’t provide OC-like conditions, sorry.
However, sparse details and wishes for the direction of the story and gender indications are welcome! Btw, you’ll find all kinds of genders in this prison, good luck ;)
Just focus on your reader for the information, I’ll come up with something for the characters of your choosing!
ʙᴇ ᴀ ᴠᴏʟᴜɴᴛᴇᴇʀ ᴀᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ʏᴍᴘ!
𝙃𝙤𝙬 𝙞𝙩 𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙠𝙨: Send in your ask with a few customized information for your reader.
🗡 ʜᴏᴡ ᴅɪᴅ ʏᴏᴜ ᴇɴᴅ ᴜᴘ ʜᴇʀᴇ? (What felony did you commit to end up in prison?)
𓍝  ʏᴏᴜ ᴡᴇɴᴛ ᴛᴏ ᴘʀɪꜱᴏɴ, ʙᴜᴛ ᴅɪᴅ ʏᴏᴜ ᴅᴏ ɪᴛ? (Did you do it or did you take the blame?)
🗡 ᴡʜᴏ’ꜱ ʏᴏᴜʀ ɴᴇᴡ ᴘᴀʀᴛɴᴇʀ ɪɴ ᴄʀɪᴍᴇ? (Multifandom Project! Choose one (1) character from my fandoms available, current and old.)
𓍝  ʟᴀꜱᴛʟʏ, ᴀʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ʀᴇʟʏɪɴɢ ᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴘʀɪꜱᴏɴᴇʀꜱ ꜰᴏʀ ʜᴇʟᴘ... ᴏʀ ᴛʜᴇ ɢᴜᴀʀᴅꜱ? (Choose whether your LI is a fellow prisoner or rather an enforcer of justice.)
«────────  🗡♡ ︎𓍝    ────────»
Who knows? In all this chaos, you might just meet an unlikely pair of helping hands... finger count is debatable. What will you do when you are graced with the fortune of finding a protector amongst the scum of the earth? Will you guys be able to survive? Change your misfortune and get out?
Or will you come to realize that the person you trust is the one you really need to escape from?
Tumblr media
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another-yandere-writer · a day ago
yan!platonic demon brothers when you escape them hcs {obey me} tw; yandere themes
I will be honest, they thought that you will never escape them. let alone escape alone.
underestimated how a small human like you can even escape them, they (Lucifer, Satan and Belphie) are amused but then at the same time annoyed.
Asmo is panicking and sending everyone into panic, though it only covers the rage he is hiding that he is clinging on to. How many times, does he have to tell that they will always remind your family?! not your friends, but them- you have got everything a mortal has got! so why-
Satan is on a rampage. no he quite literally can't be stopped nor does Lucifer will stop him. He is drowning in his own sorrows that he never understood how you might slip away.
Satan also uses magic to trace you, he does not have his library and room for nothing.
as mentioned he too is amused but not very much. If he does get to know someone tried to help you or did help you he might give them a "visit" if needed.
Mammon is a mess, he of course as always goes and drowns in gambling. his demon form almost always being present and him losing his mind very often as he destroys god knows how many things.
Beel to be honest does not know how to feel, he does know that they were being "unhealthy" but when you escaped? He was so confused did not you accept them? Even though you might have them but the thought you loved them-
Belphie is another story altogether he like most of his brothers feel rage. Rage at himself, probably you wanted to get away because he killed you! probably it was all because of him but then he is not sure about that too. He however, is slightly better than his brothers and keeps a little calm because he even has to look after Beel.
He, also is amused because a human, a freaking human escape the lords of hell or the rulers of hell. How can a person do that without being caught is what he never understands.
on a note Belphie is ready to ask help from Diavolo, just imagine ow desperate he must be to find you.
Levi on the other hand is way out of control, maybe more than Satan, he is the head of navy, if we remember. And he will absolutely make sure that they find something of yours, does not matter what but he has to have you back. Either shut in his room or is having literal chaos outside.
the first one to notice when you were gone, was Lucifer, he thought that you were simply roaming outside but when he saw his brothers were inside house of lamentation then all hell broke lose.
they will search the world for you, so you better have a good hiding place because if they got to know where you are, they will drag you back. Break your legs or have you chained in dungeon because you are not going back again, darling.
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windrsr · 2 days ago
Ryan (Male Yandere OC) x Gender Neutral Reader
Yandere Test Subject/ Experiment
Tumblr media
•Tries to be a soft yandere, but does things that end up hurting you. Sometimes, he'll hurt you to try and make you "stronger" for the next time you get experimented on or hurt by someone else.
•You two are both test subjects. He's really protective of you, and he would even volunteer to get experimented on so you don't have to.
•He has secret places where you can hide to keep you safe. But it's most likely he'll chain you up and keep you there to try and keep you safe and hidden.
•Steal things from other test subjects for you, it doesn't matter if you ask him to or not. He'll bring you small gifts and food for you, but he encourages you to also hide them.
•He would even get other test subjects in trouble if he thinks they're a threat to your relationship. He manipulates you, telling you that they're just using you for their own personal gain. He warns you not to be around them.
•If you're going to escape from him, you'll have to escape from the laboratory, too. He'll become heart broken, saying that you promised that you two will escape together. "W-why would you try and betray me like this, y/n? Do you know how much I do to keep you safe and alive?!"
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tmntxthings · a day ago
2012 Yandere!Donnie x Ditzy Y/N who’s tots oblivious and just like “aww he means well” or “that’s not weird, it’s normal relationship stuff uwu”
SO ITS JUST BIG SCARY GRRRR AND THEN little bubbly flowery uwu
Bonus points if she ends up in danger and is like, “D-Donn—Dooooonnniiiiieeee!!!!” In like pure fear and Donnie’s heart not only DROPS but MANS IS PISSED. HE IS IRATE!!!
Tumblr media
author’s notes: happy friendsgiving my dear @marwhoa <3333 loooook the giffff ;D teehee
warnings: dark au, yandere themes, cursing, violence, possessiveness, manipulation
When Donatello fell, he fell hard, in love of course. In fact, his emotions were completely forfeit. Not at all his own anymore, but at your command. If you were happy, so was he. If you were laughing, he couldn’t help but join in. Similarly to if you were sad, he’d do just about anything to cheer you up. But when you were afraid, truly frightened? He would protect you, with his all, his whole being.
So when he heard your screams, something akin to rage was what he felt. “Please, just leave me alone!” You cried as you struggled for your bag. “If you’d let go I’d be gone in a jiffy!” The purple dragon goon laughed. He completely ripped the item from your grip. You fell forward, unable to stop your momentum as you collapsed to the cement.
The thug took off. Well, he tried. Donnie had jumped down, staff already in hand as he thwacked the guy straight on the head. He went down like a log and Donnie had a mind to keep going. To show that prick what he should really be afraid of. But you called out to him, a slight wince at the tail end of his name. He had your bag and was next to you in seconds. Villain forgotten, he didn’t matter, only you did. “Donnie, thank you so much!” Tears filled your eyes and he was scooping you up into his arms, cradling you close. “I’m here, don’t cry Y/n” he cooed into your ear as he petted your hair gently.
You didn’t question how he had gotten there so fast. He was your savior, your protector, somehow he was always there. He didn’t think it was necessary for you to know that he felt the need to follow you. To make sure of that safety, he did so whenever he knew you were out… a tracker in your phone alerting him of your movements. The sounds of the goon’s groans made Donnie’s head turn to give an irritated glance. He still hadn’t been able to calm you down. You were so upset because of this shithead’s doing, Donnie’s thoughts warped back to violent threats. As soon as he tended to you, he’d find this guy. And by the time he was through—
“D-donatello?” You sniffed, burying your face into his neck. He blinked, eyes widening at the close proximity. His grip on you tightened, as he hummed in question. “I’m o-okay, you don’t have to hurt him.” You said pulling your head back to meet his gaze. He could stare into those beautiful eyes all day. He wondered if his dark musings had been spoken aloud. “You’re too sweet, but-” he turned his head back to the thug. ``-he doesn’t deserve your kindness!” And before you could stop him, he kicked the guy straight in the jaw.
The villain slumped back to the ground, completely unconscious, no more annoying ass groaning. “Donnie!” You exasperated. “He’ll be fine, he’ll just sleep out here tonight. Where he belongs, with the trash.” Donnie added for good measure, his anger only dissipating when your hands reached up to cradle his cheeks. “Dee take me home,” you sighed. It was like a mental whiplash. One moment he could kill a man, and the next all he could think about was tucking you into bed and kissing your forehead.
He could only nod in response. His sheepishness taking over as one of your thumbs gently rubbed back and forth on his cheek in a comforting manner. He just knew his face was turning a dark green. He made sure to cough when an urge to chur came along. He easily carried you all the way to your home. Your apartment is only on the second floor so the climbing hadn’t been too bad.
“What did I tell you about keeping your window unlocked?” Donnie chided as he found that he was able to pull it open. “I thought I had!” Your eyes widened innocently. Donnie blew out a quick irritant breath through his nose. “Don! I promise I really tried to remember!!” You quickly said and he motioned his hand for you to go through first. You managed to not fall by some miracle.
Donnie eased in after you and shut the window silently. “Are you mad?” You asked softly, and when he turned to face you he was met with the most heart wrenching expression. Sad puppy dog eyes that were begging for him to not be angry. “No, I just— you know how I worry.” He sighed, his gaze following as you went to sit on your bed and patted for him to do the same.
He gently placed your bag on the floor and made his way over, truly you had him at your beck and call. Did you know it? How utterly infatuated he was with you? Anytime he was out on a patrol with his brothers he could calculate how far away he was from your place. In miles, in yards, in cubic meters. He wished to be by you at all times so when he sat next to you, there was a feeling close to peace. “Don don,” you started as you grabbed his hands, pulling them into your lap. “I want you to be honest with me,” was it getting hot in here? It was his heart rate skyrocketing as he tried to guess where he had gone wrong.
Well if only counting today, he had knocked someone unconscious.. in front of you. He usually did that when you were out of sight. Second he had been watching you, for most of your nightly errands, safety first! Other than that Donnie was drawing blanks and trying not to sweat since your soft hands were holding his so delicately. “I won’t get mad, I just want honesty above all else,” you made sure to say and he nodded quickly.
“Did you put a tracker in my phone?” Donatello swallowed. Yes. He had. Maybe the second time he had the joy of meeting you? Surely it hadn’t been the first. But he did know, even from first sight, that you were the one he wanted. The one he would do anything for. So maybe even then… he couldn’t remember. “Yes,” he said seriously, “but only because I don’t want anything bad to happen to you!” His eyes waiting for you to give him a disapproving look. “So that’s how you knew where I was!” And you lit up like a Christmas tree, like you had just figured out a Sherlock mystery.
Donnie couldn’t help but find you oh-so-adorable. How long has it been, a couple years? The two of you only started dating three months, one week, five days, and seventeen hours ago. It was Donnie’s favorite mental clock. “What gave me away?” Donatello asked, pretending to be sheepish as he looked down at your adjoined hands. “It wasn’t that hard!! How else could you have found me?” You smiled brightly, completely unaware of all the ways Donnie could track you down. If by some chance you made him take out the tracker, he would’ve used other methods.
“My sweetie pie is getting too smart for her own good!” He teased and leaned in. You were blushing up a storm at the nickname but your eyes shut immediately, lips pursing to meet him. There, right then and there as he kissed you countless times he found his feelings forfeit. Fuck, he’d do anything to stay like this forever. Maybe one day he could make that into a reality. You were starting to see how dangerous it was for you to go outside after all. And he constantly told you how much he worried and cared for your wellbeing.
“Y/n, promise me that you’ll stay with me,” he broke the kiss to plead. You carded your fingers up to his bandana, “Only you Donnie,” you promised. “Forever?” He said after crushing his lips to yours. “Mhm, forever and ever,” and the innocent twinkle in your eyes was blind to his possessive hold on you. You were just too precious.
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enderpearlll · 11 hours ago
Yandere!Bob Velseb - My Favourite Employee. PT 5.
Tumblr media
This is it, the (possible) final part to My Favourite Employee. I have no clue if there’ll be another part, I’m still debating on it. Thank you all so much for the support, the love and anticipation is very much appreciated! Hopefully this is a moderately satisfactory end!
Gender-neutral reader, but pet names such as sweet pea and and darling are used.
TW/CW: Yandere content, emetophobia (vomiting), harsh language, murder, stalking, vivid descriptions of paranoia and anxiety, etc…
The name tag sat there on the countertop, shining in the light. Your coworkers name was engraved on it's surface, mocking you as you stared dead at it.
•... No. No, it couldn't be. It was probably a joke, right? A sick joke, Bob usually did make morbid jokes and told you weird stuff, it just had to be. You felt your blood run cold, your heart pounding out of your chest. "...B—Bob? What is this?" You asked, your voice cracking with fear. Bob chuckled lightly, like this was such a casual conversation. "The main ingredient, sweet pea."
•... And then you hurled onto the checkered floor, emptying out the contents of your stomach. No, no, no, no, no— This couldn't be happening. You fell onto the floor, clutching onto your arms and clawing into your skin as hard as you could. You felt like you were going to pass out, the room spinning around you. Bob gasped and ran around the counter and kneeled beside you, rubbing your back and brushing your hair away from your face.
• "Aw, you feelin' sick sweet pea? Don't worry, I'm here!" Bob smiled at you, his cheeks rosy and his eyes full of joy. He wrapped his arms around you, making you erupt with another bout of nausea. You slowly turned to face him, a blank look in your eyes. "Get. The. FUCK AWAY FROM ME!" You screamed, pushing yourself away and struggling to get to your feet. Bob was obviously hurt by your choice of words, slowly standing to his full height.
• "Aw, darlin', don't be that way... I did it for ya, I did it for us!" He chimed, holding his arms out towards you. "You're my favourite employee, how can I not do everything for ya?" You were petrified, everything clicking together in your head. The pet names, the affection, the favouritism... You started hyperventilating and stumbling backwards, shaking your head in disbelief. You trusted him, he was your friend—!
And now he was a monster.
• Bob's grin faltered as you quickly turned around, barreling into the kitchen. You glanced around and noticed the freezer, diving towards the door. You tried tugging and pulling on the latch, but it wouldn't budge. It was locked. Bob came through the doorway seconds after you, betrayal in his eyes. "S—Sweet pea, what are ya doin'...?" You cussed underneath your breath and stood there petrified as Bob stalked closer, approaching you like you were made of porcelain.
• He leaned out to caress your cheek, his touch as gentle as ever. But you slapped his hand away as tears welled in your eyes, clenching your jaw shut. "D—Don't touch me!" You yelled, before grabbing an empty crate and slamming it into the side of his head. Bob let out a scream of pain, falling onto his side as he groaned in pain. "D—Darlin'..." You dropped the crate and made a break for it, dashing out of the kitchen and into the hallway which led to a staff room and Bob's office.
• The staff room was always closed at night, since Bob made the rounds before you all started to clean. The only option was the office, so you took your chances and slammed into the door, which flew open sending you barreling to the floor. You winced in pain as you slammed the door, locking it behind you. You took a creaky old chair and propped it up against the doorknob, hoping that it would keep Bob out. You glanced around, having never seen the inside of his office before. The lights flickered on and off, obviously neglected. The security cameras were on as well.
• You tried to get off your ass and grabbed at the desk for support, but you couldn't get a good grip because of the piles of pictures on the desk. You accidentally sent some fluttering to the floor, landing on your behind again. The pictures landed around you, grabbing your attention. You grabbed one, which was a picture of you outside. Your eyes widened as you snatched another, which was you taking out the garbage. What the hell?
• You quickly stood up, glancing around the tiny office. There was a whole wall full of the creepy polaroid pictures, all of which were you. There was you sleeping, eating, walking, in public... You would probably puke again if you didn't already throw up your only meal of the day. All of them had dates scribbled in red ink, strung up with red string. and you turned around to see that there was even more photos on the desk.
• You tried to dig through the drawers, hoping to find a weapon or anything to use against him but what you found was nowhere near what you wanted to see. Your stuff, all the things that went missing over the last few weeks were in the drawers. Old toothbrushes, favourite clothes, used bandages, even more pictures... All of the drawers contained your stuff, nearly full to the brim of your belongings.
• You stared at the piles of stuff in the desk, and then at the cork board full of pictures on the other wall. This time, it wasn't pictures of you. It was of the people you knew and talked to, with some of them slashed with big red X's. You took a closer look and saw that those select few were ones of the missing people. Your coworker was the one of them. Same with the creepy guy, and the grocery clerk... You covered your mouth with a trembling hand when you noticed the cracked screen of your coworkers phone on the desk.
Bob was the one who killed them, he was the one who was stalking you, and he made you eat the remains of your coworker. This all felt like some sick nightmare that you wished you would wake up from already.
• You had to call the police, and quick. You quickly glanced over the cameras, and you saw that Bob was looking for you in the main area. You had enough time to make a call, and maybe enough time to find a weapon. So you looked for a phone, which was a old ancient phone buried underneath photos. You quickly dialled the police station, muttering 'please pick up' over and over underneath your breath.
• A gruff voice answered the call, obviously overtired. "Hello. Police station." You nearly cried in relief hearing his voice. "H—Hello? Yes, my name is..." You explained everything that you've seen, and that you had a major lead on where the missing people may be. You just hoped that they weren't all dead, like... You let a few tears fall, biting back a sob. "Please, you've got to believe me." You asked, your voice barely above a whisper. The police officer was heard hollering for his partner before returning to the call.
• "Don't worry, we're on our way." And the call was ended with a click. You let out a sob of relief, wiping your eyes with your sleeve. Now, you just had to find a weapon—! *SLAM!*... Oh no.
• You looked at the hallway camera, mouth agape when you saw that Bob was at the door. This was it, this was where you died. By the hands of your obsessed boss who was stalking you for weeks, the source of all your paranoia. You screamed when he slammed his fist on the door, his voice echoing from the speaker and through the door.
"Sweet pea, don't do this to me! You're all I live for!" Hearing him say that made you sick. Bob had taken lives for you, which meant he wasn't kidding when he said he would do anything for you. You huddled in the corner, praying to whatever god was up there that you would make it out alive. Bob kept pounding on the door, getting more and more frantic.
• "GODDAMNIT SWEET PEA, OPEN THIS DAMN DOOR!" He screamed at the top of his lungs, your heart skipping a beat. You never thought you'd see the day where Bob would get angry at you. You stared at the cameras, watching as Bob braced himself to charge into the office. You prepared yourself, shielding your face and sliding down the wall. The door slammed open, the chair flying to the ground. Bob towered above you, chest heaving up and down.
• You could barely see his expression, but you could tell that he was staring down at you and grinning wide. His eyes were wide with a mania you thought that you'd never see coming from a man that called himself your so called protector. Bob's eyes were wild and glistening with infatuation, his demeanour changing immediately once he saw you cowering away from him.
• "Darlin'... You ain't scared of me, ain't ya?" Bob said, his voice tender as he stared down at you. You swallowed thickly, tears falling down your face as you looked down and shielded yourself from him. He kneeled down in front of you, a small smile on his face. "Please, talk to me..." He reached towards you, but you had immediately flinched away. Bob's face dawned with a look of pure terror when you flinched away from his touch, a quiet sob wracking through you.
• "No, no, no, sweet pea... I didn't mean to scare ya, honest—" The sound of a pistol cocking interrupted Bob's rambling, making you both snap your attention to the culprit. Two of the police officers had stood in the doorway, guns pointed at Bob. The taller one gestured at Bob then at the other officer, and the former nodded at him in return. "Bob Velseb, you are under arrest. Put your hands up."
• Bob slowly craned his neck to stare at the officers then back at you, betrayal clear on his face. "... Sweet pea? Y—You're not gonna let them take me, right?" You bit your lip and cowered further into the corner, watching as Bob's hands started to tremble. "No, no, no, no, no, sweet pea, you can't do this to me—" Bob begged, grabbing your hands and pulling them towards himself, tugging you closer.
• "Please, you can't let them take them take me away from ya— Darlin', listen to me—!" Bob pleaded, but you only shook your head as the officers grabbed him by his shoulders and pulled him to his feet. Bob fought against them, his gentle demeanour quickly fading into anger. "GET OFFA ME—! NO! SWEET PEA!" Bob had launched his fist into the face of the moustached officer, who's nose broke with a sickening crack. Blood spilled everywhere, making you grimace.
• "Well, you might as well call for that backup now that we have it Jack!" The shorter officer shouted at the taller one, his voice nasally as he tried to keep Bob from getting to you. Jack had cringed and said "Oh yeah." In return, pressing a button on his walkie talkie. Other officers had come storming in, much more equipped for the job than both Jack and John. Bob was still struggling, fighting with all of his might against three officers and hollering at them. "DON'T TOUCH 'EM, YOU SICK PIGS!"
• Bob looked at you one last time, a strained grin on his face. "I—I'll be back for ya, sweet pea, I swear on it!" You shivered under his intense gaze, glancing back at Jack and John, who were currently trying to avoid getting blood all over the evidence. "I promise ya, we'll be happy again, I love you, sweet pea—" And with that, the backup team of officers dragged him away, his screaming still heard from outside of the restaurant.
• Both Jack and John had helped you get off of the floor, examining the room and staring at the wall full of photos. They both collectively shared a wide-eyed look before looking back at you with shock. You all couldn't believe that you were all alive. "Um... You'll have to come to the station, by the way." The taller officer said, handing John another tissue. "Oh wow, you think?" John said bitterly, holding a cluster of tissues underneath his crooked nose.
• You took one final glance at the security cameras, and Bob was staring dead into the camera at the front of the building, an impossibly wide grin on his face. You felt an overwhelming amount of emotions hit you all at once, falling to the ground again and staring at your shaking hands. This was it, this was the end of this nightmare.
You could only hope that was the last you would see of that smile.
(But will it be? Lol I have no clue if there'll be a part 6 so... maybe.)
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spitdrunken · 2 days ago
I love your content, and ,if possible, I’d like to ask for your thoughts on Rollo Flamm with the yandere alphabet letters C,J, and N (sorry if I sound weird, this is my first time using the Tumblr askbox)
J has been answered here! And don’t worry, you don’t sound weird <3! as usual, this scenario is geared towards reader being magicless- if you want another type of reader, feel free to send another ask!
Cruelty: How would they treat their darling once abducted? Would they mock them?
Rollo wouldn’t mock you. He would only abduct you if he deemed it necessary for your safety (or if he was about to set his plan into motion, and has decided it’s ‘too much’ for you to witness). If you mention how you’re there against your will, or anything negative really, he will pretend that he didn’t hear you. There’s not much discussion possible with him. What he would like to happen is for you to settle into a domestic-like, comfortable routine- Like he’s simply your husband coming back from a long workday. Rollo has no intention of stashing you away from the world forever. ...There are so many places left he wants to show you.
Naughty: How would they punish their darling?
It’s difficult to truly shake Rollo, or make him punish you. Oftentimes, he will simply talk to you in a condescending tone, eyes slightly narrowed. (”It seems you need some time to cool off. Let me excuse myself.”) That’s why when he snaps for once, when his explosive anger bursts forth and burns through his mask, that it’s so unexpected. His face contorted into a vile expression, all furrows and bared teeth, an insult or two slung your way as he grinds his molars together. For this, he will be incredibly apologetic later, and tries to make it up to you in any way he can. If there’s one thing he would absolutely never do, it would be using magic in any way, shape or form, against you. Especially not his accursed flames. He wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he did. 
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heartfullofleeches · 2 days ago
curious as to how my beloved professor hart will react to me pinning him against his desk only for me to give a chaste kiss to his neck. we’ve choked him before anyways.
Class at its end and your fellow classmates leaving the room, you walts up to the teachers desk; greeted with a warm smile reserved solely for you. It was no secret that you caught man's eye. Not to you at least. He welcomed everyone to class all the same, but it was you who he avoided gaze with when wishing you a fair good morning. If he glanced at you so soon, he'd be stuck on you all day long.
Mr.Hart looks up from the papers on his desk as he hears you approach. "Oh- Afternoon, Y/n. I hope today's lesson wasn't too hard on you."
"It was fine. I have the best teacher on campus after." You place your hand on the desk, smoothing the pages against the surface as you close the distance. With nowhere to go, Theodore leans against the desk, trying his hardest to play off your obvious advances.
"I'm.. glad you think so highly of me." His voice quivers; breaking into a breathy sigh as your breath fans against his neck. "I-is there something I can help you?"
You shake your head, pulling on his tie as your draw near. "No, just wanted to thank you for being so good to me."
You kiss his neck. A protest sits in Theodore's throat, but its swallowed long with the small groan he keeps in. He goes to grab your wrist, but as soon as you went in - you pull away; leaving the man a flushed mess in the middle of the floor. You wave as you stop at the exit of the room.
"See you tomorrow, Theo!"
Theodore hastily fits his tie. On top of what you've done, the usage of his name nearly sends him over edge. It takes all of him not to call you back. Gravel on his needs if needbe - but instead he turns to fixes his papers; saving his desires for when he returned home.
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