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TWST Incorrect quotes#191 Bagels
Once the octavinelle became friends with the ramshackle they fell for the ramshackle trio's charm like the others
Yuuken:...LET'S just recap. You STEAL my dorm, I DON'T have you arrested- I invite you into my home! I teach you about the joys of friendship! I'm forced to wait an hour...for BAGELS I didn't even WANT! *grabs the bag and shakes it* And then I come HOME to find you CHEWING on my sibling's FACE!? Azul/Jade/Floyd: We were kissing... Yuuken: GUILTY!
Tumblr media
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why is there an approved job application i didn't fill out on my doorstep
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hmmmm i wonder
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Subtle Twisted Wonderland Ipad Wallpapers
Been thinking of a more subtle/minimalist wallpaper for TWST like adding some of my own designs so I hope they're not as pixelated on your guys' end. Feel free to message me if there are any errors but otherwise, enjoy!
I'll also be working on Dorm specific designs like the ones you see here for NRC but they will take a while since they are original so stay tuned!
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forgwater · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
the new Mostro Lounge setup looks nice
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sober-pepper · 15 days ago
Jade: Are you going to talk with Yuu?
Azul: No! I'm way too nervous. I wouldn't know where to start.
Jade: How about starting by saying hello?
Azul: That's too risky! Knowing me, it would probably come out, "I want to have your children!"
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moomoomooing · a month ago
Tumblr media
ahem anyways
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mlk082 · 3 months ago
Can I request the reader going up to malleus and says "carry me on your shoulders" and now they're going around the campus, the reader gripping malleus horns in order to not fall of 😭 how would everyone's reaction be to see the magic less human literally riding THE MALLEUS DRACONIA?
side note your work is amazing <3 ! Make sure to take breaks !
Reactions to Reader Being On malleus's Shoulders
Almost everybody:
Jaw hanging open.
And you're touching his horns. HOWWWWWW?
If it were anyone else, they'd go bye bye.
Is very confused and doesn't bug the two of you in fear.
Ruggie, Azul, Leona, Jade, Ace, Vil, Rook:
Could not care unless you're bugging them.
Thinks that you could be a beneficial connection since THE MALLEUS doesn't mind you being on his shoulders.
Does not piss you off. Ever.
Wants to carry you next.
Is screeching.
Is telling you to get down.
Stops working and has a breakdown.
Thinks it's adorable.
Hi anon! Thank you for the side note!
Also, about the 'make sure to take breaks',,,,,,,,,,
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Birthday with Octavinelle
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Octavinelle general NSFW
i feel guilty for not posting any works in such a long time so i decided to just cram this in my schedule since i dont feel like studying i swear im doing all the matchups once the exam period is over just give me time AAAAAA anyway i hope u enjoy this? idk it just randomly hit me while i was laying in bed.
TW/CW: NSFW MDNI, mention of blood, GN!Reader, not proofread :>
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
Relatively gentle in bed but if you do something that manages to agitate or rile him up further, you better start praying. Despite his submissive demeanor, he can get rough and demanding in bed. He'll have you bent over his work desk as he pounds himself into you, one hand holding you down by your neck and the other leaving marks on your thigh.
When you're the one in control however, which is more often that you think, he may even be too embarrassed to face you while you bounce up and down on his embarrassingly hard dick. He's too embarrassed to initiate anything like playing with your nipples or dirty talking and the like, so you have to guide him along the way. He wants to please you that's for sure, he's just not entirely sure of what would feel good and what doesn't.
He's really bad at keeping his boner in his pants tbh, though he won't outright admit what he wants and when he wants it; he much rather go with the flow. When it comes to quickies, he's terribly afraid of getting caught especially when you're bouncing up and down on his lap in an empty classroom, but too lost in pleasure to stop you.
Very vocal, always whining. He's into dumbification, up until the point where he can't think straight and the only thing leaving his mouth is a string of incoherent words and desperate whines and grunts. Always very needy but too afraid to admit it; it's not like you can't tell anyway.
Floyd Leech
Extremely rough and dominant, he always makes sure he gets what he wants. Be it quickies in an empty closet or behind the drink bar of the Mostro Lounge; the very idea of getting caught in the act pushes him to go harder on you.
He's very obviously going to use his sharp teeth and nails on you, how naive of you to think that he wouldn't. His favourite place to bite is your shoulders. His teeth so sharp, occasionally drawing out a little blood while he flicks his tongue over your wound. Of course he apologises for hurting you, but it's not like he cares that much either; watching you writhe under his touch is more than enough to push him over the edge.
He never starts slow; he's going to be so rough on you that slow, sappy, romantic sex will never be enough for you to reach your climax. He's going to make sure that you can't walk the next day, constantly clinging onto him for support as he teases you about what happened.
However when it's you who happens to be needy instead of him, you better prepare yourself because he's going to make you beg and work for what you want. Good things never come easily, haven't you heard? Having you bounce on his lap isn't merely enough for him, so he's going to have you under him in less than a minute.
Never goes for just one round; who do you think he is? He's going to make you orgasm at least 3 times in one session before stopping, of course no breaks in between. He has no particular kinks, but he really enjoys when he asks you questions but knows damn well you can't give him a proper answer. He also really enjoys edging you and fucking you to tears.
"What's that? You want me to stop? You have to use your words, shrimpy~♡"
Jade Leech
His style may vary, but safe to say that this little mer is completely and utterly sadistic. Tying you up in ropes as you struggle against the dead knots, cuffing you up to the bed to restrict your movement; you name it, he'll do it.
Similar to his twin, he likes making you beg and work for what you want, one downside of it though is that he's very patient and good at controlling his desires. It's not uncommon that he's the one laughing to himself about how you're all over him and how you wet your underwear.
He's a teasing little shit; he touched your waist and inner thighs in the middle of class for whatever reason. As much as you hate to admit it, he knows your body better than you do.
In the bedroom however, he's not as vocal as you'd think. Too focused on pleasing you, he's not prone to moaning, at most letting out the occasional grunts and groaning. He likes whispering innuendos into your ear and watching you shudder under him, hot breath tickling your ear. It doesn't matter whether or not whatever he whispers to you is shocking or not since he never fails to catch you off guard.
He likes flicking his fingernails over your hard nipples and kissing your inner thigh teasingly, leading up to your sex but stopping right as he reaches your sensitive spots. Loves the feeling of you clamp around his girth as he slides himself in and out of you, working his fingers all over your body.
"We aren't nearly done yet, I decide when you have enough. Sorry, doll~"
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mentalmushroom · a month ago
Hello! I'd like to request for househusband headcanons with the octotrio please! What's your interpretation of them as househusbands? :D
Househusband Headcanons - Octavinelle Edition
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Warnings: The waiter being an absolute SIMP for these fish men
Waiter’s Note:
Azul Ashengrotto
Ever since you two got married, he's always been in charge of meals. Not only because he wants to watch his diet, but also to arrange the most luxurious dinner for the both of you. I sincerely wish I was you.
If you like to cook, he'd happily invite you to help him. It'd make things much faster, and you two could spend some time together while you're at it. <3
As you open the door and step into your shared home, the exhaustion of the day hits you like a truck. You take off your coat and leave your shoes by the door when you notice the absolutely delicious aroma coming from your kitchen. Your husband peeks into the hallway at the sound of your arrival. There he stood, cooking utensil in hand and sporting apron over the comfortable clothes he put together this morning. Azul gives you a smile, sensing your fatigue. "I'm almost done over here, Angelfish. Take your time and wash up," he says before resuming his work back at the stovetop.
OH AND WAKING UP NEXT TO HIM FWUOINRU. He'd look so pretty; hair tousled and voice soft while he's still blinking away the sleep in his eyes. Azul would nuzzle his face into your neck, refusing to get up when you had to leave for work early in the morn.
But, he'd never admit to it. He adamantly refuses your claims when you tease him about it, saying that he doesn't know what you're talking about, all with a pink dust on his cheeks. I'm losing it over this man.
Jade Leech
I feel like he'd love to clean and keep his living space organized. Also, he'd always rearranging his little terrariums and potted plants around the house. You didn't realize how many there really were until you noticed that they changed about every week or so-
On that note, with all the moving around and cleaning being done, he'd most likely move and organize your things too. You're not sure if he hides your things on purpose just to keep you in the house for longer, but now you can't find your favorite pen. Huh, where did your signed documents go? You swear you had your phone around here somewhere... This little brat would INFURIATE me, but I love him, so I guess I'll forgive him.
Checking the clock, you realize that if you weren't up and gone in the next 10 minutes, you'd be late for work. You rush to stand up from your seat at the table, where lukewarm pancakes adorned with berries, chocolate chips, and syrup were found. You stuff one last big bite into your mouth before sprinting for the door and sitting on the ledge to put on your shoes.
Suddenly, you feel a weight atop your head, and you look up to see Jade standing with a playful smile, his lips parting to say, "Hurry along now, or you'll be late, my darling." He plants a kiss on your temple before pinching your nose affectionately. You give him a peck on the lips, tasting of sweet maple syrup, and hustle out the door.
Ok, hear me out: massages. I just KNOW this man gives the best massages ever. His big, strong, soft hands moving up and down your back, kneading at the tough spots of taught muscles along your shoulders and lower back. I just got shivers.
On days where you're really worn out, he'd simply cuddle with you in bed while running his hands up and down your back. He'd whisper words of affirmation and sweet nothings into your ear until you finally fell asleep.
Floyd Leech
Very, VERY cuddly. This man would run towards you and latch onto you the moment you came home; he missed his little shrimp so much!!! It's so cute when he does this, like having a big puppy constantly circling around you like a shark. lol
Still somewhat helpful around the house. Your shared room will forever be messy though, so say goodbye to your favorite pair of socks. Floyd would probably steal your clothes too, so much so that your side of the closet seems noticeably emptier than it used to be...
You sigh as you dumped the big pile of warm, freshly-washed clothes onto your king sized bed. That's right, it was laundry day - the day of your triumph after finally wrestling Floyd to clean the room and whisk away all of the dirty clothing. While dividing the laundry based on who it belonged to, you hear Floyd come in.
Turning to look at him in his green and gold eyes, a spark flies between the two of you. It was always a race to see who could finish their side faster, you or your tall eel husband. "Hey, hey, are you ready now, little shrimp~? I won't go easy on you, 'kay~! Just don't go crying about how you lost to me!" "Oh, we'll see who's gunna lose this time!"
OH MY GOSH, he would totally make a game out of matching the socks together. He'd make a competition or game out of anything; that's the ONLY way he's even slightly tempted to fold the laundry.
On a different note, he'd probably also hide things from you, just to piss you off. <3 Not only that, but he'd put them in places you'd never expect. Like, why is your hair brush in the kitchen cabinet? Why is the jar of strawberry jam in the bathtub???
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animusicnerd · a month ago
Azul with an ocean obsessed gn s/o.
But there favorite animal being an octopus, So think on this. Azul have them after hours at the lounge, and he just sees the biggest smile on there face. So he asked why, thay process to start rambling about the ocean, pointing at some fish from the tank and swim by. And somehow it turns into them rambling about octopi.
Azul in shock and flustered that thay like octopi so much. My baby need love ❤️
Tumblr media
☾ Genre: Fluff
☾ Warnings:N/A
☾ Pairing(s): Azul x Gn!Reader
☾ Notes: I'm so sorry this took so long! School started back up again so I haven't really had any time or motivation to write. I managed to scrape some today and now, I present to you this cute drabble thingy because I didn't feel like doing headcanons since it would get too long.
☾ Twisted Wonderland and it’s characters do not belong to me ☽
Tumblr media
Closing hours at the Monstro Lounge were always quiet. Without the hustle and bustle of students and workers, all that was left was the sound of soft jazz music emitting from the speaker decorated throughout the building. The entire lounge would’ve been shrouded in darkness if it weren’t for the lights coming from the aquarium walls.
It was always during closing hours that Azul would find you in front of the fish tanks. While you would look at them during the day, you always stayed back at the lounge after hours in the same booth watching the fish swim about. You always surprised him with how much knowledge you had about the sea creatures in these tanks. Always pointing out your favorite ones and always smiling as they swam past you. 
One day, Azul decided to ask which fish was your favorite one. You talked about nearly every animal in the tank, even going as far as talking about coral, and even though you claimed that they were all your favorite, he knew that there must have been one sea animal that you liked the most. 
“Technically, my favorite animal is a cephalopod,” you stated, a cheeky grin on your lips. “But if you really want to know, then the octopus.”
Heat rose from Azul’s cheeks all the way to the tip of his ears. He was expecting a dolphin, a shark, or maybe even an orca, not an octopus being your favorite animal. 
Before he could even ask why, you had launched into a ramble about them. Talking about their eyes, the different species of octopus and listing your favorite ones because you just can’t pick one. Each and every one of them were interesting in your eyes and Azul felt his face gradually heat up as each word spilled from your lips. He hoped the twins weren’t lurking somewhere. 
At the end of your ramble, you looked away from the tank. The soft lights from them illuminated your soft smile as you grabbed his gloved hand in yours. “But if you did ask me for my favorite octopus, I would say that it’s you.”
Tumblr media
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luxthestrange · 6 hours ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#192 Tall+Shorties
Ridd & Yuu: Help! we're drowning!
Floy: Calm down. We’re only in six feet of water~*Grabbing the duo up with a teasing grin*
Tumblr media
...Those darn Tall people...or well..tweel's
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kimbap-r0ll · 2 months ago
Ghost marriage in twisted except what if Eliza tossed the bouquet and MC caught it…while standing next to the guy they are mutually pining with(I honestly want to see all the guys reactions, but do what you can👍)
Hello! Sorry this is being answered super late, I was super busy (I still am, but I am trying to squeeze in some time for writing nonetheless). I only do a maximum of five characters, but I will just do three for this one.
Idia, Azul, Riddle x gn!reader who catches Eliza's bouquet
The poor guy went through hell and back in one night and now he's going to go through heaven haha
At first, he just stands next to you because he's the most comfortable with you other than Ortho. You welcome him over and tell him that you're glad he's safe. Idia slightly blushes at your remark and shyly looks away from you. You look great tonight, he only hopes he looks presentable to you.
Then Eliza throws the bouquet. All the students that are there to "celebrate" (forced celebration?) watch as the flowers soar through the air and into your hands. You were just standing there and it happened to land on you. You!
Idia freezes. He feels his hair burn red for a moment and he looks at you with stunned eyes. You do the same, watching him with a shocked expression and then blushing at the flowers. You felt your heartbeat quicken, not sure if you should tell him your feelings here.
"Aw, I think they like each other!" Eliza remarks, and that was when the two of you spun around to the ghost bride before looking at each other. "Well, I did want to ask you out-" you were about to tell him but Idia basically flared up and buried his face in his hands. Eliza gives you a thumbs up while you try to calm the Ignihyde dorm leader down.
After the event, you give the flowers to him and tell him that you were so happy you were still here. He thanks you too, a warm smile spreading on his face. "So, wanna go watch some anime with me?" he asked. "Sure, let's go!" you take his hand and the two of you go back. It's like heaven for this guy haha.
He was so happy that he wasn't frozen anymore. He still felt bad that he couldn't pull it off as well as he had planned, but at least he was alright! But most importantly, you were there too. He wanted to look sharp and smooth in front of you, but he just awkwardly stood next to you as the ghost couple celebrated.
Before the two of you could talk, everyone was hollering about the bouquet being thrown. Eliza asked if everyone was ready before throwing it high into the air. You saw some students try to catch for fun but it kept flying...
Azul watched as the flowers landed in your arms. He felt himself blush, but he tried to mask it by covering his face as he pushed up his glasses. There's no way you should know he has a crush on you, you were too perfect for him! How much would you tease him, make fun of him for even trying to ask you out-
"U-uh, hm, I guess I should ask you out now then since I got this bouquet haha?" you look over at the Octavinelle dorm leader. He looks stunned, you've never seen him this surprised before, neither had the Leech twins.
He tries to smoothly talk it out with you, but he ends up fumbling with his words, he asks you if you really mean it a few times before he fully lets it sink in that you're asking him...HIM out. Like, were you okay with this? He's not just a clumsy octopus to you? "I love spending time with you and you're the coolest guy I know, why wouldn't I want to date you?" you laugh, and he just melts there.
The two of you stand awkwardly for a few seconds before some people start clapping, and Eliza does the same. The ghosts soon congratulate the two of you as Azul agrees to date you and takes your hand in his. You just hug him though and he feels like he's going to explode haha.
After the event, the two of you go to Octavinelle's Mostro Lounge to chill out for a bit since the ghost marriage took so much energy out of the two of you. The Leech twins tease Azul for being so red during your confession on the way to the dorms too.
Riddle is happy that you, Rook, Ace, and Epel were able to pull it off and save Idia from being killed. He gives you a pat on the back as he stands next to you to watch Eliza with her husband. The other students seemed to be relaxing a bit now and Idia went back early to go play some video games haha.
But then Eliza turns around, a smile on her face as she gathers everyone around and soon she is throwing a bouquet. Students jump to grab it but Riddle just reminds everyone that they shouldn't be acting rowdy.
Then you suddenly get hit by the bouquet on the head and the flowers plop into your hands. "Y/N! are you alright?!" Riddle asks as he brushes your forehead, but then he realizes what's in your hands. Great Seven, the person he had a crush on was holding the bouquet.
"Um..." you blush for a bit as students begin to clap and tell you to confess your love to someone. You look around, giving Riddle a few glances. Riddle is about to tell you to take your time and that he's going to go back to Heartslabyul early because Cater needs to serve him tea until you stop him.
"I actually wanted to confess my feelings to you for a while. I've wanted to spend more time with you, and I think that you're one of the greatest people I know. So, I wanted to ask if you wanted to go out sometime together?" you ask shyly, finding it hard to look at the scary dorm leader in the eyes. But Riddle's the same, he's feeling his face go red and he's finding it hard to stay calm.
"I-I...um...I wanted to d-date you as well! I accept y-your offer and...and I think that you look really good in that s-suit as well," he responds, blushing hard and keeping his eyes on the ground. Everyone starts to whoop and cheer as you give Riddle a hug. He thinks he's going to burn on the spot haha. He's so happy right now, is he dreaming?
"Wait! We need to do that thing with Cater right now!" you remind him and he snaps out of his lovey mind. "I almost forgot! Cater, let's go," suddenly he's back to normal and trying to lead Cater out. He takes your hand however and brings you with him. "You need something nice right now too, you've overworked yourself today," he says smiling at you.
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vils-sweetheart · 4 months ago
Hug me!
Floyd x Reader (gender neutral)
Word count: 630
Based on the Tiktok audio :)
Tumblr media
Floyd was in one of his more sour moods today. Grumbling at people and heavily out of the mood to tease or joke. Not even Jade could do much about this, but watch from afar to assure himself that his brother would be okay.
When you knew he was in one of the down moods of his, you would give him a little space until searching for him to try and turn that frown upside down.
Today was no different. Jade had alerted you about Floyd’s mood change during second period, so you decided to let him have the next period to himself, in hopes he’d be a little less down when you saw him next.
Finally third period had ended, thus began your scavenger hunt for your boyfriend. Now, normally, Floyd would take a nap outside when he wasn’t in the mood to do anything, so the inside of the school would be left alone.
From the courtyard to the nearby forest, he was simply no where to be found. Well… that was a lie. The last place you had not searched yet, was your dorm.
Although it was your last option, it still struck confusion within you since the outside of the dorm had not been taken care of in ages. It wouldn’t exactly be comfortable.
But, with the possibility of him being there, you went anyways.
Reaching the front yard of the ramshackle dorm, you had not seen a single teal headed eel. But you did notice your front door had been swung open.
It had to have been Floyd, you thought as you rushed into the house.
“Floyd? Floyyyyd???” You called out, walking around the first floor.
Met by silence, you decided to start ascending the stairs, calling out for Floyd every once in awhile.
Finally you came to your room. Turning the door knob, you went in.
“Floyd? Are you in here?” You called out again, looking around.
You saw a lump on the bed move, before a voice came from said lump.
“Hmm? Shrimpy? Why’re you here?” He let out a confused, yet annoyed grumble.
“I was looking for you, obviously!” You sighed, taking a seat next to him.
“I’m not in the mood to play right now, Shrimpy.” He informed, turning away from your direction.
“Hm… maybe we could just take a nap together?” You suggested, smiling at him.
“Not. In. The. Mood.” He huffed, a little more agitation in his voice.
You were at a loss today. Normally Floyd would be ecstatic when you offered to do stuff with him. Whatever caused this sudden mood change must have been really upsetting or annoying.
“Okay. I’ll give you space, but can I-” “Shrimpy, whatever you wanna ask next, can it please wait?!” He seethed, but before he could send a glare your way, he was caught off guard by your next words.
“Hug me!” You yelled, opening your arms towards Floyd.
As soon as those words left your mouth, Floyd’s eyes looked like they could have stars in them.
“Eh? Shrimpy wants a big squeeze?? Fine by me!” He cheered, now laughing and smiling.
“Not to tight Floyd!” You managed to yell right before being pulled into his arms. You’ll feel that later for sure…
He finally seemed to be in high spirits again as he began asking to take you around campus after your squeeze session.
“How bout I take you to Mostro Lounge? Azul’s got new stuff to try and I can make you something to!” He insisted, now dragging you out of the room.
Yup, this was the Floyd you loved to see. Of course, you loved every mood Floyd would be in, after all, he was still Floyd, the one who stole your heart.
Tumblr media
April 24, 2022 5:44 AM
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writer-akihiko · 8 months ago
Um, may I get Octavinelle, Savannaclaw, Scarabia, and Diasomnia with a s/o that can shapeshift into like a big dragon woman? Maybe they’ve been really insecure and hesitant to show it because their kind was hunted for it? I desire some pure fluff in my life. (Sorry, I’m not all that good at requesting lol)
Dragon!MC: Diasomnia, Scarabia, Octavinelle + Savanaclaw
I really really love this request! It gave me all the good feels, and I often find myself listening to Disney covers while writing this. Please be warned that there may be some discriminatory words against dragons and mentions of dragon hunts, but it's generally fluffy.
Malleus Draconia
His magic intrigued you. You were a dragon with limited magic, so you decided to keep it low. Malleus' magic oddly brings out more of your magic that you were trying to hide, and you started to notice that he too might figure it out
Malleus knew you were like him the moment he saw you. So why won't you reply to his calling magic? Did you not like him? He's pouty, wanting you notice him…
He wasn't aware that you wanted to hide. In fact, dragons in this world were regarded as powerful beings, so why were you so shy with him?
You avoiding him wasn't any better. However, Malleus knew you'd show your wings eventually… They'd ache if you kept hiding them! It was near the time of the Fairy Gala that he confronted you, but this time… he spoke in dragon tongue
'I know you understand me,' he begged, his claws popping out to comfort you. The conclusion he reached was that you were under threat by someone, and he intended to fix that
Your surprised expression was more than he needed to understand that his assumption was wrong. Instead, for your very first date, he so kindly asks that you both can transform together
The date was when Malleus brought out his most romantic side, and right before transforming, he held your hand to tell you that it was alright
When you changed, Malleus was absolutely enamoured by you. Your scales shifted in different hues of your hair colour, and your eyes were bright, as they always were when they were human… He couldn't help but coo at you, waddling over in his much bigger, magical dragon form to cuddle you under his wing
Lilia of course took pictures of the couple, it was too cute that the Prince was cuddling a much smaller, adorable form of YN [at least, small dragon in terms of Twisted Wonderland… you still towered over all the students]
He listens to your fears, and those are washed away when Malleus assures you that you would no longer be hunted, for as your and his kind here, are well worshipped…
Lilia Vanrouge
He knows even if you don't tell him you are. He's often following you around, asking about your world out of curiosity
Of course, he won't out himself just yet… If you wanted to keep it hidden, he won't mind. He'll play along, but still will uncover the said secret himself
He's not always there during your class, but a particular history lesson that discussed the story of how fairies and other magical creatures were hunted made you unbelievably squeamish
When you ran out the room, Lilia excused himself to go and comfort you, with the authority as a dorm leader and just being Lilia got him an excuse
He had an inkling about where you could be. You were part dragon after all, and he practically raised Malleus. He found you sitting in the forest, curled up with knees close to your chest
His presence was known to you, but you never brushed Lilia away, assuming that he wanted to poke fun at you for leaving class so abruptly, or for the fact that you were a freak…
His soothing voice started with calling you his dragon lady, and that surprised you. Lilia knew? Not only that, Lilia sat across from you, meeting you at eye level, asking you what got you so upset
You didn't know him well, but he was offering you a shoulder to cry on which you wholesomely accepted. The past related too closely to you, and how your kind was driven to extinction in the events of your world
You felt Lilia's fingers swipe away tears, as you began to lean into his chest, as Lilia explained his experience and that you had no fear to face in this world
Lilia did not ask you out until the very ends of winter, to which your first date involved taking Lilia to the skies as he couldn't help but cuddle your dragon form. Any onlookers who dared to strike you were faced with Lilia at full magic, with the Fae crying "That's my future wife you just shot at!"
Sebek Zigvolt
He at first, knew you were human. But you just… acted like one so much that it causes him so much confusion! Are you or are you not a human?
Silver, annoyed with Sebek's skepticism is one to point out that you could be a half-ling just like Sebek. It was then the arrow struck in his mind that maybe you were shy about your non-human half! No worries, he'll teach you to assert dominance over the humans!
He's honoured! He's quick to warm up to you, telling you of Fae cultures and what they do. He then asks about your own culture, and you are quick to tell him, but you wonder what exactly brought on the sudden mention
There were some similarities between your dragon culture and his Fae one, so the Fairy Gala was something big for Sebek, as Lilia said it'd be a perfect place to ask for what humans romantically call a date!
Well, he wouldve asked you out if it weren't for how stunned he was in your Gala outfit… He didn't even comprehend Cater taking photos of his shocked face
Some however, felt unwelcomed by your presence there. Some Faes who were invited made snide comments about you, and for as patient as you were, one comment about how you deserved to have your wings clipped brought out your claws
No one was truly hurt, except for you and your pride. Of course you ran out of the room in embarrassment, with Sebek at your heels
He too was concerned about you, but he couldn't stop the thumping in his heart that you were the same like his master! You were a dragon! He couldn't hide his blush as he comforted you, eventually stuttering out his intentions to date you
Sebek is a loud boy, and of course why would he not announce that you had the potential to singe the hairs of those who stand in your way? You had power, and others should be aware
No one dared to insult you after. On the other hand… Your Sebek decided that he should be your protector, hence training himself to one day carry you in your bigger dragon form just in case… You find it adorable though, loving to coo at him in your dragon form
Well, he's often not involved in rumours so he wasn't aware of another non-human at the school. He assumed that you were like him, a human with a lot of exposure to non-human culture, especially the way you chat with Lilia about Fae culture
He always has history class with you, so you just happen to be his project partner. He's cooperative, but often most discussions are met with silence as you focus on the reading
After two meetups of silence, he didn't understand why you were uncomfortable with the topic. He thought you might've liked it since you like talking about Fae culture…
When he points it out to you, you're at a lost for words. For how quiet Silver was, he was so considerate to you, but you couldn't give him the truthful reason about what it was
Through choked sobs, you told Silver the truth. For once, he didn't doze off, instead offering you a hug as he rubbed soothing circles into your hands, asking you to match his breathing
Lilia told him about it once. It was dreadful, making you relive the memories so once you'd calm down, he'd ask if you were okay with continuing the project. Something in Silver's heart ticked to ask about you, and he kept it hidden for now…
From asking his father, Silver was aware of his affections for you. He wasn't sure what to make of it, or whether you'd be comfortable with loving a human like him
He began to ask his master about dragon customs, and a few words in dragon tongue. Malleus gave in, since Lilia did say it happened to do with Silver's little crush on you…
The way he asked you out was in such a casual manner that you wonder if he was serious. Your ears perked up when Silver told you that he loved in your mother tongue
You and Silver slowly built a relationship, with Silver chatting more with you, and you being comfortable enough to walk around with your wings out. Of course, any insolent person that touched your wings out of curiosity would face Silver's blade, but you're enough for him to calm down
Kalim Al-Asim
He's not too aware of your secretive habits, but he wonders why you always disappear near the evening. He thought it was for rest, but Grim seems to attend Scarabia's gatherings…
He's puzzled by it, but little does Kalim know, you often escape to places of seclusion to relieve your wings of the constant pressure of being wrapped
Kalim found it odd that you were eyeing a particular winged student of Scarabia. It wasn't the expression of adoration either, simply curiosity
He can sense you have more magic than him, so why do you refuse to use a broom? Did you never learn? Well, he didn't want you to get on Coach Vargas' bad side, so he offers you out of pure intention
You really couldn't say no to your boyfriend's puppy eyes, and so you agreed. Crowley never got back to you about the exclusion from gym classes, so at the moment you were desperate to to anger Coach Vargas
Getting on the broom was easy, as Kalim was surprisingly a thorough and patient teacher as he stayed back for the weekend for you
Flying was not a foreign concept to you, but flying by wings and by broom are completely different! For a while, you could hang around the air, but your nerves got to you, causing you to slip off the broom. Out of instinct, your wings unfurled, supporting you in the air
Kalim had his arms ready to catch you, but he only caught his broom as he stared at you flying in the air. The only words that came out of his mouth was 'That's so cool!', bringing the attention of other students
In your embarrassment, you flew away, not noticing Kalim trailing behind you. Once you landed, you just had to cry in your dragon form, that was… until you felt your boyfriend wrapping his arms around one of your claws
He thought you were going to leave him. In all honesty, he doesn't care that you're human or dragon or both. You're still his YN right? So he'll love you to the end, all of you, even claws, wings and human hands…
Jamil Viper
He's familiar with people of other races, but he never anticipated that you were one of them. You and Jamil had a fairly normal relationship at first, but then came to his Overblot…
With the rest of your friends helpless, you needed a way to distract him. Off went your bindings of your wings, as you grew in size to your full dragon form, roaring at the ink that covered your boyfriend
The intimidation of you in your dragon form was a sufficient enough distraction to draw Jamil out, and in your claws, you cuddled your injured boyfriend, your own dragon tears healing him
The students nearby swore to secrecy, which was an honour in itself from Azul, but it was mainly Azul's little crush on you that convinced the twins to do so too
Once Jamil awoke, you hadn't shifted back yet, finding it about the right time to confess to Jamil about your little secret. He's surprised at your appearance, but in all honesty, he had an inkling that you weren't human anyway
He's always loved your eyes, and your eyes seem to shine brighter in your dragon form. Unlike his usual character of people getting lost in his eyes, he seems to lose himself in yours
In the aftermath, the only thing he felt guilty about was forcing you to change into your dragon form when you were uncomfortable. He spent the few days after simply having some alone time with you, where you both set boundaries of what extent you were comfortable with
In the instance that he hears someone making jokes about wing clipping or dragon hunting, he has them under his magic. Those insensitive students find themselves doing something they'd never dare to do, publicly humiliating themselves in front of the student body
Jamil loves to hide himself in your wings. He loves being close to you, and on his bad days where his vengeful thoughts get the better of him, he lets your surprisingly soft wings cuddle close to you. Sometimes, he'll even sleep near your head if you'll allow him
You love to take Jamil flying, showing him a whole new world above the clouds, as the sun dips to set with the wind comforting both of you. Jamil's one to holler about, as the thrilling ride is shared with his beloved
Azul Ashengrotto
He often finds himself thinking about you, as you often come to the Lounge to share your experimental desserts to be sold there
Jade notices Azul's sudden interest in you, and not your desserts to be sold. The moment Azul turned red when asked about his feelings for you was all the confirmation that Jade needed
As you came every week, Azul slowly chatted you up, asking about how things were before. From sharing about your hometown, you were non-human like him, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it
He was hesitant when it came to that, as he didn't want to offend you. You and Azul went through thick and thin afterwards, while there was no label on it, he still remembered the way you cried over him during his Overblot
The first official date was at the ocean, around the holidays. You both mutually agreed to show your other halves, as Azul too was shy about his mer-octopus form with you
He was in his octopus form, treading the oceans to search for you, until he felt himself being picked up gently by a large claw
You were shying away in your dragon form, sinking yourself into the waters as you stared at how pretty Azul was. You didn't feel that great around him, about to apologise
Azul leaps to wrap his tentacles around your neck, his face fully red as all he did was stare at you. You both were blushing messes for half the date, before finally complimenting each other
You were simply an adorable dragon in Azul's eyes, and the mer-octopus went home to read up books about courting dragon people right, as he too wanted to make you feel as flustered as he did
You both began to not shy around each other, and you openly had your wings out. Azul makes sure that any mean comment doesn't reach your ears under his contracts, as your relationship was perfect as it is without those hateful words
Jade Leech
You as a dragon and Jade as a lover made it difficult to hide such a secret. He has you figured out within a week
However, Jade is not someone who'll force it out of you. He'll slowly coax it into you, until the words slip you out of your lips
He has a thorough chat with you, because Jade is someone who can't accept secrecy in the relationship. He expresses how anxious it makes him feel, and that you don't have to discuss it
He just wants to really know everything about you. Your past is cruel, he agrees, but he also agrees that in this world, nothing is to harm you
It takes quite a while for you to shed your completely human appearance in front of Jade, but he makes you feel as if there's nothing to hide. You're comfortable around him, showing your horns and wings
Your tiny horns make Jade coo at you, although you keep telling him that they're bigger in your dragon form. He enjoys your pouty face, but your silky wings are something else to admire too
He's the only one you let touch your wings. To anyone else, it's off limits, and Jade makes sure that it stays that way, discretely twisting the wrist of whoever got a tad bit too close to you
Jade is one to hide that he's nervous about flying with you, particularly him falling off. You eliminate that thought of his once Jade finds himself comfortable cuddling up you
He has to admit, cuddling you in your dragon form was an obsession he did not anticipate to have. He could skip classes to rest against you, if he's being honest
Jade would love to show you off to his parents. His mother would be so proud, he tells you. He's still trying to find a way to slightly scare his hometown with you in your dragon form…
Floyd Leech
He's fairly undisturbed if you really had anything to hide from him. He'd only be concerned if the secret was something that really kept you from him
You often see Floyd in the Lounge, in his merform. In all honesty, you wanted to be in your dragon form around Floyd too, but you were unsure about how everyone else would react to it
You didn't want to scare anyone, and you didn't want to have your wings clipped or your horns shaved… It made you anxious just thinking about it
Floyd often calmed you down without him knowing he did. His joyous voice as he lifts you up, calling you his cute Shrimpy makes your heart flutter
He however, is someone who loves to search for you as when he's not busy, he likes to spend his time with you. He's been meaning to confess, but he gets distracted by other random topics
One occasion just so happens to be the moment you take out your wings to relieve your shoulders. You didn't anticipate Floyd's appearance, causing such a fuss over your jacket
Floyd simply stood there, processing the scene that he's seeing. Once he returned to his senses, he was overjoyed! You were like him!
He waited for you to say something, but he didn't anticipate you to cry out of relief when he hugged you. Then he wondered if someone was really threatening you, and then asked if there's anyone he needed to squeeze
He's surprisingly good at listening to you when you asked him to. He didn't seem to react too differently when you told him that you were a dragon. His much taller form pulled you close, as he promised to squeeze anyone who dared to make fun of you. He knows what its like to have such a past of humans using other races
He went on to call you his precious Orca when you showed him your dragon form. He has yet to hug your dragon form, but it's his goal!
Leona Kingscholar
In his disputes with Malleus, and calling him a lizard, he doesn't understand why you flinch too. He doesn't understand why you act as if he's the one that's scolding you
It was a dispute that you witnessed just a month after you and Leona went on your very first date. You heard from Ruggie that he often fights with Malleus like this, but you didn't know he'd insult Malleus in that sort of way
It was ugly for sure, but Malleus was also quick to call out on Leona's idiocy [or more like his ignorance] as he asks whether or not Leona refers to you as a lizard
Leona lashed out at Malleus, claws out as he demands what he means by that. Lilia simply laughs at Leona's sudden antics, Malleus quickly brushing it off. They advise that he asks you about what they meant
At this point, you're mentally preparing yourself of what to say to Leona when he confronts you. Your boyfriend isn't angry at you, he's angry that they managed to use you against him…
He listens as you put salve on his bruises, where you explain that you're a dragon, just like Malleus, but not as powerful. You told him tht his lizard insult stung you too, and that has Leona thinking about himself
He takes time to unlearn the discriminatory things he says, and to be more considerate and understanding to dragon cultures and you
That doesn't mean that he likes Malleus. He'll be itching for a fight, but wont' say anything that's underhanded thanks to you. Malleus too catches wind of the fact that Leona understands some dragon tongue
He at first is unsure of you as a dragon, but he's proud that you're comfortable enough with him to show this side of you, and he appreciates it greatly
He finds himself napping under your wing, nuzzling his hairs against you as your silky wings cool him. He also loves the way you curl against him, in both human and dragon form
A short scenario in my writing notes that I thought I'd include
Leona: What the fuck did you say about my precious lizard?
deadlifts several thousand kilo dragon girlfriend
Leona: Fuck you
carries dragon girlfriend away
Ruggie Bucchi
He's really not against you being a non-human, but he finds himself curious about what your other half is. You don't hide it from Ruggie, telling him that you're a dragon
He's surprised that someone like him could ever attract someone like you, since he considers dragon people to be way above his class
You were never one to care, since you're not too aware what position you hold as a dragon person in the school. Someone like Malleus was held in high regard, but that's because he's a high magic user
You and Ruggie chat openly about what you had in your tribe before, from food to customs. It led to sessions of cooking where you'd teach Ruggie about the food, while Ruggie feeds you his traditional food
He then learns the reason why you kept it to yourself most of the time. He knew that humans hunted for dragons, but he never connected the dots until now
He's adamant on assuring you that no one would hurt you. For as much you were probably more powerful than him, it was adorable to have Ruggie insisting on protecting you
You were comfortable to wear your wings and horns around, albeit making Ruggie blush seeing you as pretty as you could be…
He decides to make you a dress for the Fairy Gala, to accommodate your large wings that matched your hair and a flower crown that could adorn your hair and horns
When it was finally done, Ruggie thought to propose to you on the spot. The Gala ended smoothly, perhaps Ruggie sharing a few dances with you afterwards, turning red when you told him that it was the best present you received
You were really someone he wanted to spend the future with. You are his beauty and his beast, and he loves all the sides of you, as your fairytale romance was yet on its first chapter
Jack Howl
As someone with a shifting unique magic, Jack knew that you were like him when he saw you. He never pressed on it, until you two dated that is
It was a sight to see, when you saw Jack transform with his unique magic. You couldn't help but cuddle the fluffy white wolf, who towered over you slightly
A fair bargain had to be delivered, as Jack sat in his wolf form, waiting for you to show your dragon form. He always wanted to see it, once you told him that you were a dragon
It was a beautiful transformation in his eyes, seeing the wings sprout and your body shift to shimmering scales with powerful wings, definitely bigger than his wolf form for sure
After playing a short game of chase, you both grew tired, shifting back to your human forms. This time, you kept a smaller scale of your horns and wings
He waited your explanation, as you set out the food that was hidden in the basket. He's not one to judge for hiding one's shifting form, but he at least wanted you to be comfortable enough to change around him
The past of dragon hunts is one that wouldn't be erased, but somehow Jack's gentle embrace made it alright, as if nothing was to hurt you
At school, no one dares to insult your appearance of wings and horns, not with a very tall, and snaring Jack behind you, trailing you as your lovesick puppy
Your and his favourite dates are shifting into your other forms, and racing around a vast field, with him running underneath you as you spread your wings in flight
At the end of the date, it ended with your fluffy wolf resting near your head, both curling into each other, with your larger form spooning his as he boops your dragon nose with his wolf one
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Azul: I love you
Yuu: I'd never date a capitalist
5 hours later
Jade: Why are you giving health benefits to the waiters, and why do we cover dental care now
Azul, weeping: For love!
Little Mermaid storyline but Azul is the little mermaid, but instead of giving up his voice he gives up his capitalism
Yes ✨✨
Only our octo-baby could pull it off ✨✨
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