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apompkwrites · 2 days ago
one of the asims || kalim al-asim
masterlist characters: kalim (platonic) genre: angst contains: lots of reminiscing, reader blames themselves, replaced au vibes? summary: the asim family houses 32 children. how do the parents handle all of them? they don't. notes: ah another sibling down. kinda inspired by replaced aus i guess? parts: [og post] | [one of the asims (1)] | [name pending (2)]
Tumblr media
you truly loved your family. instead of the stereotypical harsh royal family archetype, they were the exact opposite. they were supportive and loving and caring.
to a certain degree.
see, living with 31 other siblings makes it inevitable that your parents' attention would be spread too thin. they often doted more on the oldest and youngest kids, tending to the heir of the asim name as well as hovering over the little toddlers that still crawled along the carpeted floors.
you learned fairly quickly that you and the rest of your middle siblings were destined to be overlooked.
you remembered being in your younger siblings' place at one point in your life. it was one of the memories you held close to your heart because it reminded you of the love you have been deprived of.
the love you felt when your mother cradled you in her arms, her soft voice whispering in your ear words of adoration and warmth.
the love you felt when your father would throw you in the air and catch you as you fell, your giggles filling the air as you cheered "higher! higher!"
oh, how you missed those days.
now you watched as your younger siblings took your place. your younger brother coddled in your mother's arms and your younger sister's laughs echoed in the halls. and you were left on the sidelines, remembering the golden days when your family showed their love and affection.
you did take solace in the fact that you weren't alone. many of your other siblings felt the same way. it wasn't uncommon for a few of your younger siblings to come barreling into your room with their blankets and pillows dragging behind them, their eyes droopy as they whined out your name.
"big sib..." they would cry in the late hours of the night, crawling onto your bed without you saying as much as a word. "can't... sleep..."
"c'mere," you'd finally murmur, opening up your arms and beckoning them closer. without fail, their eyes would light up and they would scurry onto your bed, curling up in your arms with their blankets and pillows nearly suffocating you. but you never minded.
you couldn't do what they did anymore. you couldn't be on the receiving end of late night comfort simply because you got older. you couldn't go up to your older siblings anymore and crawl into their beds. and you wished you could.
but, whether or not you could find love and affection in your siblings, it couldn't replace that love and affection your parents gave you when you were young.
your favorite sibling to go to used to be kalim. you missed the late nights when you would sneak into his room and the two of you would sneak out into the gardens. you missed the late nights when he would swoop you off the ground onto one of your parents' magic carpet, his laughs interrupting his occasional shushes for you to quiet down.
now you could only watch as he did the same with your younger siblings, their giggles echoing throughout the night and kalim's laughs intertwining with them. it was a bittersweet feeling, watching as their silhouettes were outlined by the moon and you were left stranded on the earth.
at one point, the only thought you had was how cruel they were. how cruel your parents were for giving birth to more children, leaving the others behind in the dust. how cruel your eldest brother was for leaving you behind yet still making time for the youngest children. and you spent your days wallowing in your sorrow and hatred, cursing your family name.
until you just. stopped.
it wasn't your family's fault, you very quickly realized. they were just overwhelmed. but if it wasn't their fault...
whose fault was it?
whose fault was it for your isolation? whose fault was it that all of your efforts went unnoticed? whose fault was it for your new outlook on life? whose fault was it that you very quickly realized, no matter what you did, it was all useless?
was it... yours?
Tumblr media
taglist: @brokenncrown @help-meplz @destinationdesignation @rainys-personal-garden @kalims @sxftiebee @luxaryllis @auld-a @the-dumber-scaramouche
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kimbap-r0ll · 2 days ago
Dorm leaders react to reader pulling the “dramatic exit” on them(they just point in a random direction and yell “what’s that?!” and sneak away while the former is distracted) and when the dorm leader looks back, the prefect is gone except the door/window is swung open
Hi, thank you for the ask! I wanted to do this with all of them reacting at the same time, I hope you enjoy!
Dorm leaders react to you pulling a "dramatic exit"
Riddle's the one that hates he got fooled like right away, he tells himself he's better than that but here he is getting bamboozled :/
Same reaction from Leona, who tsks and mumbles "that herbivore" before he quickly runs after you to basically give you a lesson :/
Azul tags along with Leona, but tries to tell him that you were probably just fooling around, and that it would be better if he could calm down and talk it out instead (Azul's actually planning to make a deal with you to protect you from the wrath of the other dorm leaders)
Kalim tells the other dorm leaders that you're probably playing tag and that they don't know it
Vil could care less, he's leaving for his dorm
Idia and Malleus aren't even there
You're running away (because you had promised to meet Grim, Ace, and Deuce at a concert but you had a meeting like 10 minutes before it started so you decided to leave early) but while you are you hear Riddle yelling at you to halt
Trying to pick up the pace, you keep running. Hopefully Leona doesn't pounce on you anytime soon :/
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iprefertweels · a day ago
Today’s mood
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I really want to be a cool, collected Jade type but I know I’m more of a Jamil
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jadegethomeplz · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mlk082 · 2 days ago
No simp September with Kalim??
Flying - Kalim
You were surrounded by cloudless blue sky, so high in the air that everything looked like pebbles. Kalim flew the carpet rapidly, going at such fast speeds that you had to hang on for your dear life.
"This is so much fun!" he shouted over the wind, and looked over to you, expecting to see a beaming smile. Instead, he saw you shaking like a leaf, "hey, are you okay?"
He slowed the pace of the carpet,
"Y-Yeah. This is just really new. I'm a bit scared..."
"Here," he took your shaky hand in his own, "just hold onto me. It'll be okay! I promise."
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alfredbraginsky · 15 hours ago
Kalim to Ace and Deuce: Wow you two must be really good friends, you guys do everything together!
Ace and Deuce: WHAT NO!
Ace: are you kidding me we can’t stand each other
Deuce: Ya! We also never get along or agree on anything
Ace: exactly, anyways come on babe we gotta go before we’re late to the unbirthday party.
*Ace and Deuce walk away holding hands*
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eunzul · 8 days ago
Hey, you know the disney princesses with their sparkly dress?
Tumblr media
yeah i wasted my time putting glitters on the dorm leaders cuz this what happens when you put all of your brain cells on your exam
Tumblr media
and i even went as far as remaking the logo too—
Tumblr media
I hate myself so fkn much :'))
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mintmoth · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
There's no real joke here other than Jamil just being on a different wavelength
He's still vibing though, if he wasn't he'd just get up and leave let's be real lmao
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kyooshi · 2 months ago
No but like imagine gen Z MC just annoying the shit out of everyone and them acting like caffeine runs through their fucking veins
Riddle, opening up about his issues: I never really had a nice mother, let alone a family..
MC, without hesitation: cowabummer
MC, on a call with Azul: am I on speaker?
Azul: yes, why did you want t—
MC: *moans*
MC: *bangs on pots and pans* I WANNA BE THE VERY BEST, LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS
Kalim: :0!! That looks fun!!
Jamil: their existence is making me grieve the fact that murder isn't legal.
Ace: Ayo can I have some water?
MC: it's not water
Ace: vodka! I like your st—
MC: it's vinegar
Ace: wh-wha—
MC: it's vinegar, pussy
Crowley: oh no! Another problem that totally wasted because of my lack of authority to the entire school and selfish actions has been running rampage and causing panic among the students! What ever shall I do
MC: die
Mc, at Malleus for no apparent reason: haha, thousand year old virgin
Floyd: Azul is causing a stir and now forcing me to make friends again
MC: my man, you gotta understand the holy sacred moto
MC: friendship is futile, murder is absolute
Floyd: I'm in love with you
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hanatata98 · 4 months ago
Scarabia Deuce ?! ♠️
Tumblr media
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wuxubar · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
kalim voice: do you think headmage will let us make this into a real club…?
based on this
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gigisafeplace · 20 days ago
Twst quotes #02
Yuu: How do you know how to kiss? Like who teaches you?
Azul: Well it’s actually a class, but unfortunately it’s full right now.
Azul: Would you like me to tutor you?
Idia: That was smooth.
Yuu: Is there a cactus where your heart should be?
Vil: What’s up your ass this morning!
Malleus: *walks in* ...Hey.
Vil: Hmm… nevermind.
Yuu: So... what would you do if you were in bed with me?
Jamil: Depends. Is your bed comfortable?
Yuu: Yes.
Jamil: I'd sleep.
Yuu: ....Thou shalt not marry each other, for thy art both sinful...
Eliza: I just wanna fucking marry Idia!!
*playing twister*
Azul: Right hand red.
Kalim: *ends up on top of Jamil*
Jamil: You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?
Yuu: We stopped spinning like 15 minutes ago. Honestly, I'm surprised you didn't notice.
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kimbap-r0ll · a day ago
I GOTTA GET THIS IN QUICK!! I'm a big Brother bear fan! Could you make a headcanon for Leona and Kalim with a gender neutral! S/o who can turn into a large grizzly bear. They have a younger sibling that they fight with. A lot, but they'll protect that sibling no matter what. (totally not basing this off me and my siblings)
Hi, thank you for the ask! Ah I never watched this movie but I have seen some of the scenes from it, it's very beautiful.
Leona and Kalim x gn!reader who can turn into a grizzly bear
He gets reminded of Jack's unique magic after hearing you can transform into a bear, but he doesn't really think it's anything weird, if anything he thinks it's pretty cool. If you happen to be a beastman too, you two have lots of things in common.
He totally gets how the younger sibling can be super annoying (while he doesn't have a younger sibling, he has a nephew to worry about). You two might share fun stories about your relatives a lot, most of the time you two understand each other
He admires how you want to protect your siblings, and honestly he really respects it. He likes seeing people that can be independent and especially people who have the ability to help others, though he himself might not do the latter very much
Overall, he just thinks of you as someone he likes, whether or not you can transform. If you decide to show him your bear form, expect him to chuckle a bit and say you look "mighty fine for a bear"
He loves that you can transform, he just thinks its super cool! Will ask to see you, and afterwards might ask if he can get on top of your back and run around campus
Understands how much you care for your siblings. He too cares for his, and so he respects you. If he has the chance to meet them, he'll be super pumped. Honestly your siblings love him for spoiling them haha
Usually your siblings are ready to pick fights with you, but whenever Kalim's around, they seem to quiet down a bit. You start bringing him over for the breaks more often haha (Jamil tags along too)
Similar to Leona, he loves you for who you are. Next time he invites you, your siblings may ask to come along to meet Kalim.
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forgwater · a month ago
Tumblr media
the housewardens/dorm leaders have finally done something beneficial for the whole school
look, even Malleus and Idia are there in person
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nyxlovesthemoon · 6 months ago
First years
Tumblr media
2nd years
Tumblr media
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tezret · 2 months ago
EVIL BEING *points at adorable reader* EVIL
Jamil, picking you up by the armpits like a cat: Bastard
Kalim, taking you: NO!
Jamil, pointing to you: Horrible person, don’t date them, please
Kalim hugging you: NO!! they are perfect *squishes your cheeks together*
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fuzzybonefluffy · 26 days ago
Kalim: I am sending you positive rays. Kalim: They're coming. Kalim: And there's nothing you can do to stop them! Deuce: …this is the most threatening way of cheering I've ever received.
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