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𝑜𝓃 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒹𝑜𝓉𝓉𝑒𝒹 𝓁𝒾𝓃𝑒 ⎹ 𝓐.𝓐.
❝ ғᴀɴᴅᴏᴍ ⤻ twisted wonderland / kinktober 2022 / @dollsotome-library
❝ ғᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇᴅ ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀs ⤻ overblotted!azul ashengrotto x headmage!reader ( f! ) ; floyd & jade leech are there, too
❝ ʀᴀᴛɪɴɢ ⤻ nsfw! none of my writings are meant for anyone under the age of 18, and any minors interacting will be blocked on site.
❝ ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴛ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs ⤻ this is a dark fic, noncon but technically forced consent, tentacles— lots of tentacles, frottage, anal, free use mention, exhibitionism, face fucking/sloppy head, titjob, bondage, dumbification and degradation, choking & autoerotic asphyxiation, student/professor, implied age gap but all parties are 18+ ( reader is older )
❝ ᴡᴏʀᴅ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ ⤻ 1.3k / mini musing
❝ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍᴇ ⤻ i do not consent to having my work reposted / translated / stolen in any capacity for any reason. please reblog and leave a comment to support content creators! my work is very rarely proof read so mistakes may be present. all characters / pairings i write for are 18+ with no exceptions.
Tumblr media
“Oh, my dear headmage, it’s a tad bit late for tears, isn’t it?” Azul crooned, as if the obsidian tentacles roped around your neck wasn’t forcing your head down— giving you no choice but to take him hilt deep in your mouth. the best you can muster for a response is a gag and a squint, tears streaming down your hollowed cheeks when the tip of his cock prods against the back of your throat, threatening to break the barrier and dip into the constricted canal. “You are the one that signed the contract, after all.”
Jade hums, watching from the corner of the desk with one hand resting on his chest, the other bent behind him, like a dutiful butler to his overblotted housewarden. “Well, I do believe she was under the impression that you were only going to take her signature spell as collateral,” he chortles to himself, soft and wicked in equal scores, “and she was in such a bind that she didn’t even bother to read through the agreement. Devilishly clever of you to throw the college into chaos, only to strike a deal with the headmage and trick her into giving you the ownership of her body in exchange for peace, Azul.”
your fists clenched, and if your arms weren’t wrenched at your back, coils of tentacle binding them together, you might’ve been able to reach for your pen. but Azul was everywhere. the massive tendrils engulfed your entire office, seemingly ambushing you— each one with a mind of its own, but you knew that wasn’t the case. Azul was meticulous in ensuring that every, single one was assaulting you in accordance with his own desires. your body was already littered with sucker marks, welts raised each time they pry themselves from it. the two controlling the furious bobbing of your head was most intricately woven against your torso, cradling your breasts together, they create a sheath for another one to glide between, leaving your mounds dripping with the blot that slickens each organic chord. then, of course, it was impossible to ignore the one cinching your legs together from ankle to thigh, worming in the middle to slot between your weeping folds. the suckers seal against your clit, and the draw more blood to the nerves, swelling it further. each time the seal is broken with a pop, you slide back and forth over the ridges underside, and you moan, hapless, with a mouth full of cock— spit bubbles and webs of drool oozing out from both corners of your mouth as it’s stretched tight over Azul’s cock.
“Now, now, Jade…” Azul was having trouble speaking as clearly through his puffing breath, thin brows drawn together, “there’s no need for the praise. We all played our parts, didn’t we?”
Floyd scoffs. the wild twin was staring with hungry eyes, both hands splayed out on the desk behind you, “Yeah! All the more reason we should be able to touch. Come on, I want to play with her, too!”
Azul cuts his crystal gaze to his henchman, “I promised that when she wasn’t serving me, you could have your fun with her, didn’t I?”
their eyes meet, and Floyd pouts, reaching out to give your ass a hard squeeze, “Yeah, sure, but… I want to fuck her now.” his other hand comes down hard as a slap and does the same with the other cheek, using the handful of both to spread them apart. “Let me fuck her little asshole, at least.”
“When I’m finished tenderizing her.” Azul replies, flippantly, but you could feel a brand new assailant. another, pesky tentacle, slick with inky blot, takes advantage of the unoccupied, vulnerable hole, and smears itself against it. with a hard shake of your head, you protest, but Azul takes one look at your furrowed brow, and smirks, lusty. “I wouldn’t dare feed her to my closest friends until I’ve loosened her into delicious submission. She’s still just a little too up tight.” you knew it was over, then. the tendril pushes into your ring, squeezing inside, filling you with quick jerking pumping. luckily, the thick extremity is slimy enough that the insertion isn’t over painful, but there’s no denying he’s forcing you to take more than your body was designed to. you yelp, muffled, and gurgle a slew of swears, which are promptly quietened by the tendril squeezing your neck and pulling you down. there’s a pop, not one you can hear, but one that you feel, when your lips press against his base and balls, the tip and first couple of inches pounding their way into your throat. “Now that… that feels good, yes…”
your eyes widen, and you choke, but you’re already being dribbled at a near-break beck speed and force with the new depth he’s found. he drills himself so fiercely into your throat that your eyes roll back after several, loud-clucking moments, lips smashing against his base over and over again. Azul moans, drawing in a shaky breath, and one of his hands comes up to clutch his own throat, squeezing hard whilst the tentacle does the same to yours. “Ahhh…!” Azul’s head is thrown back, nails digging into his own neck.
“Looks fun!” Floyd pouts, winging out. his head tilts to one side to get a better look. “I want my turn. I want to help squeeze the brains out of her!”
the reasonable twin looks to his brother, clicking his tongue against his teeth to make a tch sound. “No, brother, we should be thankful Azul is going to dumb her down for us. Think about it,” he pauses, stepping forward to swat Floyd’s hands from your ass, “when he’s finished with her, she will be so fucked out and thoughtless that you will be able to do whatever you want to her, and she’ll simply babble and take it.”
Floyd’s eyes light up with excitement, “Eh? Whatever I want?” for a moment, he grins wide, but then suspicion creeps upon his countenance, “How do you know it’ll happen so fast?”
Jade quirks a brow, gesturing to you. you’re whimpering and gagging, eyes glassy and rolled to the back of your skull, but you were no longer clenching your fists, nor were you squirming or protesting. you were becoming a breathing cocksleeve already, bouncing back and forth against the extremities that impaled you on both ends. “If you watch closely, you can see every, last thought being fucked right out of her pretty head.”
“She’ll have none… left… by the time I’m done with he—her,” Azul groaned, hips rocking to meet the rapid bobbing, “the agreement is that she’s my — and Octavinelle’s— cumslut now. If the poor, unfortunate bimbo had bothered to read the fine print, she would’ve known that she gave up her position as headmage and her right to think about anything other than servicing her masters’ cocks, morning, noon, and night.”
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mrs-schoenheit · 14 days ago
Yuu: Okay Yuu you got this just— JUST BE LOWKEY OKAY?!? *deep breaths*
*Azul walks in*: Prefect are you he—
Yuu: I am inlove with you
Azul: …what..?
Yuu: I mean what’s up?
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student-in-devildom · 28 days ago
Twst dorm leaders with an affectionate S/o
A/n: btw as for the minors basically everyone besides vil Idia Leona and malleus, this is not sexualising them it's just a fluffy scenerio
Riddle rosehearts
He is not used to affection at all so he's gonna be so shocked when you hug him for the first time my boy was confused he was like
"is there something you need?"
And your like "nah I'm just hugging you"
he's like "oh."
So he's very happy of course, plus he's touch starved (I mean who isn't in twst?)
"do you want me to stop?" "Oh no no it's fine I quite like it, I'm just not used to it is all" riddle said as he's faced reddened. After that hug he really liked faint wholesome touches here and there, such as hugging, headpats, high fives, hand pats (don't ask why i just see him patting your hand) etc. And when he does these often that means he feels safe around you since he only shows this side of him only to you, seven forbid ace and cater about this.
nah they lowkey saw riddle resting he's head on your shoulder with a happy look the face, they snickered and riddles head whipped so fast, then ofc they got the good ol' "off with your heads!" But overall he genuinely feels safe around you and absolutely loves having tea parties with only you.
Leona kingscholar
Okay so he's a smug bastard, so he acts all cocky when you show your "soft side" to him but on the inside he's over the moon. He loves how affectionate you are and how you show it tho ofc he'll never admit that.
"eh herbivore I'm always the one asleep on your lap didn't expect it to be the opposite"
"I don't even know how I managed to be sleepy before you but it is what it is" you said slowly dozing off
"yeah whatever, don't get your hopes up because this is a one time thing" he said coldly, you hummed as you drifted off. once he made your you were fast asleep he gently stroked your hair, his eyes filled with nothing but admiration
"I swear you have a love spell on me herbivore, it's annoying"
Azul ashengrotto
Like riddle he is touch starved, the only affection he received was from he's mama and no one else, so one day when you just go up to him and kiss he's cheek he's face goes wild red
"heheee look jade azul looks like goldfishie he's maddd~" Floyd laughed at azul
"Fufufu indeed he does floyd~, dear prefect has quite a string affect on him" Jade with an replied eye closed smile
"s-shut up! Both of you! Go back to your jobs otherwise I'm cutting off your salary!!" Azul screeched at them, the twins then backed off leaving you with a flushed octopus
"ahem..s-sorry dear prefect ahah.. it's just, you see I'm not very used to physical affection not that I don't enjoy it, no no it's quite the opposite"
"oh I see, well as long as I'm around you'll get used to it!" Azul smiled, satisfied with your answer as he hugged you and patted your back
"I have to go back now, i promise I'll make it up to you after we close the lounge"
"Ooo were gonna go to the aquarium right?"
"yes, since that's what you've been looking forward to, tho I don't understand why?-"
"it's okay azul you don't have to understand everything" azul scoffed at that comment but then patted your head and went back to doing he's work
Kalim AI-Alsim (I have no idea how to write he's name I'm sorry)
You guys are made for eachother like holy shit soulmates all the way, he loves affection, you love affection, perfect match. Jamil is so tired of y'all tho generally feel bad for him it always goes like this:
"KALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMM" you tell running to him
"S/OOOOOOO" he yells back also running to you with he's arms out ready to tackle you, then you both tackle eachother and end up falling on the floor, Jamil in the distance contemplating he's entire life like
"why was I born?" "
Why did I have to see this" "
what did I do to deserve this"
But you two are too preoccupied yelling your guys out to hear him
Vil scho....yea hell no I am not even gonna try to write he's last name
Okay this can go one of two ways. 1. He loves the affection but wont necessarily show it or 2. He hates it and will poison you if you don't get tf of him right no-" yeah I'm just kidding that was a joke, he loves it, he isn't touch starved he gets a lot of attention, just not like genuine love so he appreciates the fact that you love him for who he actually is and not because he's popular and pretty, like Leona he'll never admit that outloud but he enjoyes it.
Vil was doing he's makeup Infront of the mirror when you entered his room waving at him from the mirror
"hello dear prefect how are you doing"
"oh I'm doing fine, what about you? Anything new?"
"I'm doing good as well, also not much, except for the fact that epel threw another fit about not wanting to wear the uniform" vil sighed as you laughed
"yeah you'll never get him to wear it that's for sure" you said as you kissed the crown of he's head, vil looked surprised for a moment but he's eyes softened as he continued doing the makeup, he'll never say it outloud but oh how much he loves those faint pecks on he's head
Idia shroud
(my favourite omg 💗😞)
He is the most. Touch starved person in NRC, forget malleus and riddle he takes the cherry on top, so imagine the first time you kiss he's cheek he's hair goes all pink and he's screeching like "AH PREFECT WHAT WHY DID YOU KISS ME?" Don't mind him it's not that he doesn't like it he's just never expirienced it, ever so he's covering he's face with he's hands while rocking back and fourth while breathing fast, almost like he's having an asthma attack or something- so when you manage to calm him down he apologises, you of course tell him it's nothing to be sorry of and you two move on, but not Idia, he was thinking of a way to make it up to you, so that's why he took 3 weeks of courage and managed to kiss you on the cheek but then vanished from existence, no one knows where he went, only ortho.
Malleus draconia
He loves you no questions needed, and I'm not really sure if he received any affection? I think he did from Lilia but who knows, what I do know is that when you peck he's lips for a split second he reboots, he's trying to process wtf just happened and then when it hits him it hits him like a train, so he's smiling like little kid Jimmy when he first gets he's bicycle, he asks if he can and kisses you back, the kiss lasting a bit longer, after you said your goodbyes my man was skipping to he's house, he was like a sunshine he was so happy he was like
"Lilia prefect and I shared a kiss"
"oh great that means you must get married now"
"oh really?"
The next day you woke up to the whole nrc being covered in your favourite flowers and you were questioning if this was a ceremony of your funeral or smth. But in all seriousness he loves you. And wants your hand in marriage. N o w .
The end
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kalims · 2 months ago
you like me, don't you?
heartslabyul : savanaclaw : octavinelle : scarabia : pomefiore : ignihyde : diasomnia :
Tumblr media
"w-well, you say it like it's a bad thing." azul says. his sentence comes out rocky at first, he curses himself for letting a stutter squeeze through but he can't really blame himself when you took him by suprise.
he neither acknowledges your words or denies it. a smart move, he can just say 'i never said I did.' if you just so happened to react negatively and taking your words into opportunity it's as if he already has it in the bag.
sure he's nervous. somehow he can feel his palms grow clammy from the way his glasses seems way too slipper in between his finger and his old habit of unconsciously fixing himself up starts to happen.
but all he can hear is his heart hammering so loud that it actually sends shiver down his spine. the beat vibrates throughout his body, singing a hopeful song.
it's funny how much exactly he gambled through your words alone. this was a great opportunity he absolutely will not miss. certainly better than letting his feelings go unsaid, he never really did plan to confess but oh well.
you smile and he feels like he just found a jewel lost in a sea, a jackpot. "oh really?"
"fufu,,, would you like that?"
jade is cruel though it was already evident the earlier times you've come across him with your friends, wearing the same polite smile everyday. you remember the time your mind quite literally focused all it's attention on his teeth when he grinned, they always say dangerous things are the most prettiest.
somehow your mind completely ignored the fact that there's a twisted pleasure in his grin when he witnesses someone in visible agony or pain. of course, you cant literally sense that kind of thing. to your standards atleast but you wouldn't be suprised if there's some kind of spell for it.
but you just knew, and if there's anything jade likes more than pain decorated cruelly on others it's probably toying with other people and you're 50% sure he is with you, right now. first he'll get your hopes up and crush it with a few words, all pampering and sweet then cold the next second.
despite of hanging out with him with the free times you sometimes posses. you still don't know how to get out without being hurt. "hmm... maybe, but do you like me?"
just answer with neither yes or no, that's the best thing you could come up with right now. something made up last minute but you suppose it works.
"of course." he smiles, it seems a little less menacing than his usual one. "what's there to not like?"
if jade was that kind of guy you'd be intimidated at from his quietness alone, it's sort of cold, certainly having an off feeling to it. the way he talks, stands or even looks at you. then floyd would be the one you'd be intimidated at from the way he's able to spout concerning things so casual and brightly, and then transitioning to an actual dark tone so quickly.
'crush you to death' you as well misunderstood it as literally until he just hugged you.
—very tightly at that. you suppose he just has an interesting way of wording things.
"of course I do!" floyd replies happily. squeezing you tighter by sheer joy each passing second, you don't know if you should cry from the restriction of proper oxygen or cheer at his scary cuteness.
you choose the choice to live. "hey can yo—"
what the hell was that ace?
"what's this lovey dovey stuff? 'I like you too you know'." ace cuts you off and his interference alone had floyds grip already slipping, then the words register and he's hugging you tighter again.
are you shitting me. you think, obviously the male was joking cause he event forced his voice to sound deeper, akin to floyd's which makes you think that the boy is trying to match up their tone. it was meant to be lighthearted and mocking but you think that it completely flies over floyd's head.
ace realizes his mistake too late when the tall, big, scary, eel man's face takes a turn for the scariest. "hey.. you wanna get beat up?"
"hey man I was joking—"
you learn that floyd won't really care if someone's joking or not because he will chase them, going from intimidatingly scary to more pleased to witness the change in their expression.
ace tells you to not go near him with floyd in tow anymore the next day.
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viluvr-archived · 4 months ago
Hello!!! I really loved the outcome of the first ask I sent! If you don't mind me requesting again with the same scenario but with Jamil, Azul, Deuce, Silver, Lilia, and Riddle?? if that's alright with you tho! no pressure :) do take care of yourself! thank you again!!
Tumblr media
Jamil , Azul , Deuce , Silver , Lilia , Riddle .
GN!reader .
( A/n : Hello! I'm assuming this is the butterfly rqs ^^ tagging the person who has the biggest crush on Silver @twstwonderlandstuff 😈 )
Part 1 | Part 2 .
Tumblr media
Looking at the scenario, it's very evident that Jamil doesn't have a lot of time, considering the fact he's taking care of Kalim and supervising him is already a heavy burden to him.
"Jamiiill! Look here!" His head whipped around to see what you were holding, and no matter how busy he was he'd never not pay attention to you.
"Hm? Butterfly clips..? You wanna try 'nother hairstyle babe?" He was sure it was for you until, "Yeah! But... I kinda,, wanna try it on you! Will you PRETTY PLEASE ALLOW ME TO DO SOOO?"
Oh, it was.. for him? Well, let's think about what could happen, the vice house warden of Scarabia wearing such childish hair ornaments? It'd make his, Kalim, and his family, the whole dorm's reputation tarnished! Wait, why's he thinking about that? It's his lover whom he loves dearly, there's no such thing as making them upset.
And with a deep sigh but with a content small smile, he allows them to do so "Well.. go ahead, just be careful with the braids, 'kay?" You squealed excitedly, rushing up to Jamil, kissing his cheek, and hugging him "Aww really!? Thanks, Jamillll! You're the best!" He loves hearing your content happiness and praises, what's a little suffering about looking childish if it made you and him happy?
"Hold on! Don't move, 'm putting the last piece of the clip!!" It was the least to say he fell asleep at the process. "Mmm, ya done?" You hand him a small mirror while nodding.
"Sooo? What d'ya think?" There was a light blush on his cheeks, "Good.. I like it, y/n" "Aw, don't be so sappy babe! Cmon, you look adorbs!" Yeah, he was definitely gonna sigh deeply and tackle you to the ground and tickle you.
Tumblr media
He surprisingly agrees quite fast with some little convincing! All he's worried about is of course the Tweels, his intimidating character but then again, he's lucky he has a lover! Why not give them happiness every second, day, minute, and week.
"Tell me if I pull on your hair too much 'kay?" He nods slightly still not used to laying his head on your thighs, he must keep focus! And no embarrassing himself in front of his lover.
"'S ok Azul, you can relax" an airy chuckle came out of your mouth, oh no, was he too obvious! Please, and your laugh? Graceful. He can't embarrass himself anymore!!
"Yes.. of course, I'm relaxed y/n. What makes you think that... that I'm not..?" "Sure Mr. I'm intimidating!" You chuckle quietly at him and then kissed his cheek. Oh no, he was about to explode for sure.
"One more thing Azul.. wait! Don't look yet!" You've manage to add a pearl clip on his long hair strand, oh he looked beautiful with it. The long strand of his hair was bothering him these days, and there's a special clip for it.
He faces the mirror, oh.. he likes how he looked but, wait, do you like how he looks!? Surely you must because.. you did this, right?
"Done! You look cute, Azul. If I knew better, I would've done this way back then."
"Hey, Azuuuull! There's an annoying costum.. er.." Crap, Floyd Leech?! He's definitely gonna... "Jade... Jade, Jade, Jade!!.. Loo!" Before Floyd could finish his sentence he was dragged by Azul into the room
"Floyd! What did I tell you about knocking before you enter?!" "Eh!? But... hey! Why did you pull me here!" Azul sighed deeply. "I'll give you a raise and, a shift off. IF, AND ONLY IF you don't tell anyone this."
Floyd pondered long and hard enough.. he wasn't gonna work as much.. and he even gets a raise!.. yeah, he can definitely keep his mouth shut about this deal and what happened!
"Ya got it Azul!" "Good! Leave, now!" Well, he needs to be more careful next time.
Tumblr media
Deuce was studying when you came up to him, he was studying really hard to pass the mid-terms!
"Hey, Deuce! What ya doin' ?" God, he swears he'd pass out hearing that you say his name even if it's just his name!
"Studying! Yeah... studying.." you chuckle at his nervousness. "Chill! I got you these! Now before you judge it, it'll feel relaxing when I play with your hair" oh, yes! Of course, you were being a good partner, an angel! You're a dream he says in his head.
"So.. may I?" "You may" while putting the hair clips on his hair, slowly stroking his hair, and lightly massaging his scalp, he was about to sleep! No, he can't sleep while you do this and he was studying.
After you finish putting the hair clips on his hair, he actually ended up liking it a lot,, really!
He doesn't wanna take them off! Plus, as far as he remembers there were no rules about having hair clips on.. hed get to enjoy them, and he won't get "off with your head!"
He's glaring at anyone who looks at him with a funny look, and Ace is no exception. No one makes fun of what you do, especially if it's for him.
Tumblr media
It doesn't take much for him not to agree, after all, that's his reason to refuse? And he'd also fall asleep while you do so, so it's a win-win situation
"You wanna put those on my hair..? Sure :)" he's stiff as hell, he looks like a rock, is he even breathing? He knows Lilia would tease him for the clips, Sebek would scold him for not being a proper knight, and God knows who'd judge him for it. But he'd be willing to do anything to see you smile and be happy, even if it'd take for him to hear his old man's teasing and Sebeks' loud complaining voice.
Make sure to take pictures when you're done since it's 99% sure that he's still sleeping when you're done. He looks cute!
Everyone was staring at him when he went back to his dorm, he was confused (since he fell asleep, he doesn't remember 50% of what happened) not until.. Lilia came up to him "Oh? Silver you have butterflies on your hair! Did dear y/n put those on you while you were peacefully sleeping?" Lilia laughs at him a bit.
Oh, that's right, you were having fun with him putting those butterfly clips, he thought so. His peace was immediately ruined when Sebek stepped into the room
"You... human! That isn't suitable for a knight in training to serve the young master!" Silver was already sighing deeply while Lilia laughs at the two, "Bye old man, I'm going to y/n.. to sleep" "Hey! You human escaping! Come back here" "No thank you."
Tumblr media
He's ecstatic! Sure, sure, are these what youngsters do? Would he look just as cool? Oh, he can't wait to show it to Sebek, Malleus, and Silver!
"Go ahead! Take your time dearie, Diasomnia doesn't have any practices today!" He's hoping his way like a bunny making his way to you.
He moves quite a bit so pull on his hair as a warning, he's an old man, why's he moving so much? Kidding, kidding! He's just really excited to see the outcome that he'd sound like the kid who asks their parents "are we there yet?" Every trip.
"Lilia, Lilia! 'M done! Do you want... oh.." and before you could finish your sentence he took the mirror from you! "Apologies dear! Couldn't help it! It looks so... cool! Was that the word for it? Cater told me it meant like awesome or somethin'.." laughing at his cute but funny antics, you know how excited he is to show it to his not so adopted kids.
"Go ahead Lilia, 's ok. Show your kids the butterfly clips and small braids" he's staring at you with a small smile, "well, I shall thank you for what you have done! I'll see you later, dear!" He left a smooch on your cheek and then disappeared like thin air.
"Hey, hey, look! Check this out!" Malleus was distracted by the butterflies and he thinks the braids were pretty "I want one too..." Lilia could see Malleus poutin' "Hah! Now I'm the one who looks cool! Pretty groovy huh! Wait was groovy the word for it?" That day the dorm was filled with ecstasy.
Tumblr media
Wellll, with a lot of convincing then he'd agree. Just make sure not to show the pictures to Ace.. or anyone! Wait, what do you mean you're making it your wallpaper? You cant!
"You really wanna.. do this?.." he sounds like he wants you to rethink your decisions, "Yes! Yes, I do! Now, lay down and stay still. Please." He sighs knowing there's nothing he can do to make you back out.
"Oh, Mr. Rosehearts, 'm done! You look so, so, so adorable!" You left a small little peck on his right cheek that made him red.. he isn't angry! He's just.. flustered.
"Yes. I can see that!" He coughs to cover up his flustered state. You hand him the mirror and as he gently took it from you, hey he thinks it's not so bad.. and it matches the dorm's aesthetic.. wait, there's a rose clip?
When he saw the rose clip, it made him a lot redder, (if that's even possible for his state!) He of course being the good, gentleman, the lover he is, thanks his partner for letting him experience.. this kind of thinking
Still, don't let anyone see the pictures you've taken of him! But it's not that he'd be angry at you, so...
Tumblr media
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underqualified-human · 2 months ago
Request: May I request a scenario where GN! Mc pokes Azul���s mole? Just lovingly staring at it and unconsciously pokes it then fumbles an apology because they think Azul is cute and didn’t mean to poke them.
A/N: This is so cute Anon! (´꒳`)♡(Take a shot every time I say 'focused')
Fandom: Disney: Twisted Wonderland
Warnings: None, it's just really short 
Genre: Fluff
Word count: 244
Pronouns: They/Them
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You pulled up an extra chair and sat next to Azul. Watching him write up contract after contract. You were mostly there to remind him to take a break every now and again.
The room was almost silent, except for the sound of Azul's pen scratching against the papers. While he was focused on his work you were focused on him. There wasn't much else to focus on anyway, so you let your eyes graze across his face. 
You started to notice little things about, like how his brows pinch together when he's focused or how cute his mole looked. 
Without thinking you leaned forward and poked it. Azul jumped back in his seat, eyes wide.
"Why did you do that?" He asked. You looked around nervously, face heating up. You put your hands up defensively. "I'm sorry! You just look really cute when you're focused."
It was his turn to blush, "You're just saying that." He whispered.
"I'm really not, I love everything about you." You said, leaning in closer and hugging him. 
"I-" he hesitated before wrapping his arms around you, "You're too nice for your own good sometimes, Angelfish." 
"I don't think that's a bad thing when it comes to you." You said, burying your head in his chest. He let out a tired sigh, "I suppose I can take a short break." You let out a small giggle and kissed him on the cheek, then you both went back to cuddling.
Tumblr media
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yuriwritestwst · 2 months ago
Casual Touches
Tumblr media
Despite his cold and calculating ways, Azul comes to realize that you make him very nervous but also very happy; wherein you make physical contact with Azul, and each time is a new realization for him.
notes: spoilers for book 3, Azul x gn!reader
Exactly one week before exams, Azul wakes up just after an hour of sleep, but despite his exhaustion, he’s nearly brimming with excitement. After all, there was nothing more profitable than students desperate to pass their classes, and who would he be to ignore their struggles? His study guide that he had poured months into was freshly finished, edited, and priced so that the Mostro Lounge would be flooding with money very soon. All he had to do now was to get ready for class and play the pitying man’s act, contracts in hand.
He makes eye contact with you in the hallway, and with a scheming grin, he all but saunters over to you, the Leech twins following ominously behind. You’d be scared if this was your first time, but after countless supposedly random encounters with Azul, you’re pretty much used it by now.
“My, you’re looking awfully stressed over there,” he opens, feigning a look of concern.
“Stressed, but not nearly as worn out as you,” you respond almost immediately.
Azul pauses before he can even bring up the topic of exams and frowns. He was a man of routine, and like he did every morning, he always made sure to check his appearance before heading out. Today, too, he was sure that he looked presentable as always.
“I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean.”
“It must be hard staying at the top of our class and keeping the Mostro Lounge running,” you comment, disregarding his previous statement. This time, it’s your turn to frown. “I hope you get some proper rest soon.”
Without skipping a beat, you reach to brush a stray strand of hair away from his face, fingers lightly grazing his skin. It’s almost tickling, and it takes everything Azul has in him to appear blasé despite the chill that runs down his spine. It’s an incredibly brief action, but he swears your fingers linger for a lot longer than they should (they didn’t).
“I have to get to class now, but I’ll catch you around, Azul. Maybe try taking a nap later?”
And with that, you’re dashing off to the room down the hall, leaving the house warden speechless and hand still inside his school bag where his contracts are. If he weren’t frozen in place, he’d surely reprimand the snickers and giggling from the two eels behind him, but he’s still short-circuiting.
Even so, he realizes with horror, he can’t say that he disliked feeling like this.
In normal circumstances, Azul doesn’t really care for others watching him during flying class. He’s a new land-dweller having only gotten used to using legs and feet for a little bit over a year. So what if he can’t figure out how to control a broom? He’s from the Coral Sea, and what didn’t they do down there? Fly.
“You’d think you’d get the hang of at least floating upright after all this time,” Vargas sighs, shaking his head.
“I promise you it’s my broom’s fault,” Azul replies rather pettily. “I’ll have you know that I can float perfectly fine on my own.”
“Yeah, in the water,” Vargas scoffs. “Well, at least try a bit today. It’d be a shame if you were caught flying left and right upside down when the first years come out.”
“The other class is coming to this side of the field today,” Vargas explains, clearly not considering it a big deal. “I hear they’re redoing the lawn where they usually have class.
It is a very Big Deal to Azul, though, because for some reason, when he sees you walk out in your gym uniform with Grim and your magic broom in tow, he finally has the decency to feel shame for not being able to fly. His sea-related excuses instantly dry up, and he’s suddenly thinking about every single way possible to get out of class before you spot him, because he definitely was not going to successfully fly 50 meters today. Or ever.
“Go down,” he mutters under his breath, but his broom ignores him like usual. It doesn’t help that he’s getting more nervous by the second, palms growing clammy as his broom continues to spin him upside down. “Just for once, will you-“
“Azul!” he hears you shout.
The merman physically jolts and falls onto the ground without a single shred of dignity. His broom, as if to gloat, zooms away. He’d have to find it later, no doubt, but he’s more concerned about looking like an absolute fool. Luckily, he isn’t hurt and quickly adjusts his glasses so that they aren’t askew. Aside from the minor dirt stains, he’s fine.
“Are you okay?” you ask, running over to him.
“I meant to do that,” he says quickly. Anything for that shred of dignity back.
“I’m sure you did.” With a roll of your eyes, you pull him by the arms up onto his feet. “Can you walk okay? Does it hurt anywhere? Let’s get you to the infirmary.”
He says nothing. His brain is doing the weird short-circuiting thing again as he stares at your hands around his arms. What the heck.
“Did you hit your head?” you ask worriedly when you’re met with a blank stare and no response. “Wait, can you stand properly? I’ll go call Coach Vargas over and-“
“N-no! I’m fine.” He doesn’t even have time to mentally kick himself for the stammer. Instead, he clears his throat twice, breathes in air to straighten himself out, and takes extra care to make sure that his shoulders look much less tense than they actually are. “My name is Azul Ashengrotto. Today is a Tuesday, and I’m in second period, which is flying class. See? I’m completely fine.”
“Are you sure?” you ask, still concerned. “Azul, I think you’re shaking-“
“It’s just the adrenaline!” he denies immediately, all but ripping his arms out of your grasp. “Now if you excuse me, I need to fetch my broom. I’d hate to take up your precious class time, too.”
He storms off, face feeling hot, much hotter than when he was working up a sweat earlier. He said he was going to find his broom, but frankly, he doesn’t even remember in which direction it took off too. All he can think about are your hands and the way they grasp around his limbs. It was delicate but firm, and he finds himself thinking that he almost felt comfortable like that despite the disaster that led up to it.
“Ashengrotto, what are you doing wandering around? I told you that you needed to be upright in the sky by the end of class today, not on the ground-“
“Broom,” is all Azul can manage, head full of other scenarios where he’d much prefer you grasping onto him. For example, on the way to class or perhaps on a weekend in town. He nearly trips over himself when he realizes what he’s fantasizing about, and over a single casual, meaningless contact at that too.
He thinks he must be going crazy, because what the heck.
Azul overblots and the aftermath is equal parts horrifying and humiliating for him. Horrifying because he could have died, but he considers it not that daunting after realizing that he has 1) lost all his contracts 2) exposed his merman form, and 3) thrown the biggest tantrum known to man in front of his entire dorm. It’s extra salt to the wound when he’s taken to the infirmary at the behest of Jade and is all but interrogated on what had happened by the healers there.
He lies on the infirmary bed dwelling on mostly these three big things overnight along with other concerns eating at the back of his mind.
As much as he hates to admit it, he feels drained, physically, mentally, and emotionally. He’s left with no other option but to start at a blank slate again, and he finds it so devastatingly frightening. How could he go back and face the rest of the Octavinelle students? Would he even have the prestige of housewarden when returning? What did he really have now?
He hates uncertainty but is even more peeved with the fact that he knows with definite confidence the answer to his last question. Absolutely nothing.
“Azul?” a voice calls for him and snaps him out of his thoughts. He blinks, looking at the orange-red sky outside. He’s not sure if it’s early in the morning or late in the day. Either way, he’s still not quite back in top shape, and can only murmur something incoherent as a response.
“I hope you’re feeling better.” He turns to his side, eyes meeting yours. “I guess not.”
“Thanks,” he groans sarcastically before falling into heavy silence. He doesn’t know why his throat suddenly goes dry when he sees you. He knows he has so much to say to you, and to everyone else at that, but it gets stuck in his throat.
“I, um, got notes from your lectures today for you,” you offer rather awkwardly, setting some papers on the nightstand next to him. “I figured you wanted to stay updated, so take a look at them when you feel up for it…if you want, of course.”
“I see.” It’s a murmur again, and he looks at the papers to your hand that is now laid idly by your side. He takes a breath. “I’m sorry.”
“Yeah,” you say, smiling rather sheepishly. “I know. We all know.”
“I’m so sorry,” he says again, pain contorting his voice. So much to say, so few words falling out.
“I can’t even offer anything to fix it,” he continues, struggling to speak. “I have nothing left. Nothing.”
Azul is, by nature, a crier, and he hates it so, so much, because once he starts, he can’t stop. That and the fact that his tears are dark black ink. It’s a mess, and he’s a mess, and it hurts when he’s forced to confront this truth in front of someone else. Embarrassing, shameful, always the same, unchanging Azul Ashengrotto.
“Oh, Azul,” you say, carefully wiping his tears with a tissue.
The tears bleed through, of course, and upon seeing your fingers stained with ink, he clumsily pulls away, opting to use his nightgown instead. He thinks you’ve given up on him at this point, because who wouldn’t feel disgusted, but when he feels a firm tug, he’s confused and panicked.
“W-wait,” he protests, resisting your pull. “I’ll ruin your uniform-“
“I can get another one,” you reassure, gently pressing his head onto your shoulder with one hand and rubbing circles on his back with the other. “You just looked like you needed a good hug.”
He’s tense and awkwardly presses his face into the space near your neck. Azul’s not even sure if he’s crying anymore or if he’s been shocked into silence, but his hands start feeling the same cold clamminess they did when he saw you at flying class.
Needless to say, it’s been a long time since he’s been held like this, or even ever, and he certainly doesn’t know the rules to embracing and if they differed between acquaintance and lover. His arms mechanically wrap around your back, because that’s what he has seen other people do and he figures mirroring your actions would be his best bet. He startles when you laugh.
“Azul, you can relax.” Your voice, like everything about you, he realizes, is warm and comforting. “Don’t think too much about it.”
How could he not think about it, he wonders in near delirium, when he feels one of your hands gently card through his hair and scrape his scalp. He feels nervous, but in the best way possible, and after what feels like hours of apprehensiveness and hesitancy, he sinks into your touch. He doesn’t remember the last time he’s been this unconcerned about how he presented himself in front of someone, but when he breathes, he finds himself relaxed, unburdened, and at peace. For now, he thinks he'll settle for an apology and silence, and tomorrow, he'll figure out what it is that he exactly wants to say to you.
And when you promise to walk him back to Octavinelle after he’s discharged, you give his hands a squeeze, and somehow, he knows that everything will be just fine.
Azul has friends, and even though the Leech twins are rather unique, he knows that perhaps he doesn’t act like friends with you. Sure, he knows that some friends are more touchy with each other, be it kisses on the cheek or linking arms. He knows that Friend Behavior varies widely and that he shouldn’t be overthinking your touches as anything more than that.
While he hates uncertainty and ambiguity, he also is admittedly too shy to ask you out properly. He likes you for sure, and everyone can see that, but he’s scared to confront the fact that perhaps you considered the two of you simply as friends.
But when he wakes up for the first time in your arms from the most peaceful sleep he’s ever had in his life, his mind starts to reel wondering if spooning is also Friend Behavior.
“Good morning,” you whisper, pressing a kiss to his forehead like you usually did when the two of you were alone. Casually and as a Good Friend, of course.
“Good morning to you too,” he responds, cheeks tinted with red before snuggling closer into the crook of your neck to hide his face. His blush reaches to the tips of his ears, though.
“Should we get up?” you ask, mindlessly caressing his head and neck. “I know you’re busy all the time.”
“…5 more minutes,” you hear him mumble and it sends you into giggles, because even Azul, a man of rigid routine and schedule, could act like this on a Sunday morning. “Why are you laughing?”
“Nothing,” you hum, delighted that you can practically hear the pout in his voice. His heart flutters. “I just like you a lot, that’s all.”
“So, can we date?” slips out of his mouth before he can even stop it, and he instantly stiffens when he feels your hand stop at the top of his head. He’s done it now, he curses. There goes everything he’s ever wanted. Why was he like this?
“Are we not already dating?” Confusion laces your voice, as he abruptly pushes himself off of you, eyes wide as saucers.
“We’re what?” he practically squeaks out, shaking. His hands grab the sheets of his bed, knuckles white. “When did this happen?”
“Azul, we cuddled all of last night during our date, and today, I woke up with you in my arms in your bed.”
“That was a date?!”
“Azul, when I asked if I could kiss you, and you said yes, what did you think that was for?”
“I- I don’t know! I thought you just picked up something from Vil! You know, as a friendly greeting?” he panics, still reeling from the fact that he went on a date without even knowing. Sure, to some, maybe cooking you dinner and watching your favorite movies all night while hugging may have looked like a date, but who was he to assume?
And sure, maybe when you asked him to bathe with you last night, he should’ve suspected something, but who is he to be weird about it when he’s been the one in water with other people for most of his life?
“You kissed me on the lips!” you nearly shout, and he wants to crawl inside an octopus pot because he feels so stupid. “Vil only does cheek kisses, too!”
You try your best to hold in your laughter, but it spills out, and through all his humiliation, Azul still thinks it’s one of the most wonderful sounds he’s ever heard in his life.
“Fine. In case it wasn’t clear already, Azul Ashengrotto, I love you so much. Can we date?” The last part is said teasingly, but he can only react by grumbling before sinking back into your arms.
“Yes, please." He’ll come up with a better way to respond later, perhaps when he calms down, but for now, he settles with his clumsy self and the feather-light kisses that cover his forehead.
(“So how many dates have we actually had?” Azul manages to ask as he’s whipping up breakfast and has come to terms with the fact that neither of you had been doing Just Friends activities for a while now. The realization takes him longer than expected, but hindsight is 20/20, and he wears glasses.
“Probably more than I can count,” you giggle, arms wrapped around his waist as you watch him chop up ingredients for an omelet. He groans apologetically. “But that’s okay because we can start all over right now.”)
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twistedmischieftales · 2 months ago
Azul: *talking to someone, most likely about a future investment*
Y/n: *notices his tie is a little off and walks over to him to help him fix it*
Azul: --absolutely, how about--!?!
Y/n: *starts fixing his tie without warning, then smiles at him once its done*
Y/n: There! Take care, Azul!
Y/n: *casually walks away*
Azul: *is confused over what just happened while blushing heavily over that incident*
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scholarlogy · 5 months ago
Helllooooo! Hope youre staying well! I was hoping to request some thirsts cause ive been having ⭐ t h o u g h t s ⭐ so just hear me out haha
[TW: A little yanderish/dubcon request]
The octotrio (Twisted wonderland) sneaking into the reader's room, and they have tendency to just admire them while theyre sleeping, and from just watching them, it turns into touching. They think theyre sly and sneaky, when in reality the reader kinda had known for a while. However they pretended to be asleep for most of it and had grown frustrated that they dont go too far, so imagine them doing it again one night, and as soon as either the twins or Azul lays a hand on them, they pull them in and pin them to the bed and is like "If you have the guts to come in here every night, then have the guts to finish it"
Ill touch some grass on my way out but if this isnt your cup of tea pls ignore it! (also pls make it male reader if possible, or even Gender neutral ^^ Thank you so much!)
✘Sneaky peeky!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✘Paring: Gn!Reader x Octotrio
✘Cw: Smut,implied stalking behavior, blowjob,oversimulation,double handjob, oral(male receiving). 17+ only
✘Author's note: anything can be my cup of tea,i'm glad to finally see more of octavinelle content in my inbox uuuuu🤭
Tumblr media
"Cat got your tongue,Ashengrotto?"
Your hand grip around Azul's wrists became more tighter,making the intimidating man look weak. The two twins that he was with in your bedroom immediately went after you but the moment you glanced at them,they embarrassingly stopped.
The said dangerous Leech twins really stopped what they were about to do the moment you gave them a unexplicable glare.
"This is funny...coming in my room while i'm sleeping,caressing my cheeks like i'm some fragile objects...while also saying that both of you love me and other interesting stuff."
Azul turned his head away,avoiding the way you stared at his soul while saying those words that himself said the last few days.
"Weren't you wondering about what i can do with my mouth and hands...aside of eating?"
Tumblr media
The trio was ready to jump on any occasion about you,receiving a blowjob and handjob from you? Why would they say think about saying no?
"Neee~ Sh-shirmpy is kinda good at this~"
"Oh...oh s-shit..."
Floyd and Jade's breathing accelerated when you pressed your fingers on thier tip that was covered with pre-cum.
But you didn't bothered to the twins's moans since your main focus was Azul's dick inside your mouth,licking his veins around before leaving kisses on the tip and re-doing the same thing again and again,oversimulating the trio was child play.
"(N)-(Name),please b-be slow this is tooo-"
Jade's eyes rolled back as he released his cum all over you and soon after he came Floyd did the same thing. You removed your mouth from the dorm leader's length,leaving a last kiss.
"You guys are so messy,i'm covered with both Leech's cum...aren't you feeling a little jealous that th-"
"Dear,why would i be jealous if i've got to taste your tongue on me? Great attempt of you trying to play me but this should be our turn now."
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mioified · 23 days ago
hello hello ! can i req a scenario with azul, riddle, and epel ? waking up/mornings with them <3
thank you very much !
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🌃 Goodmornings!
Short morning up scenarios with Riddle, Azul and Epel!
warning; might be a little ooc..? ^^' I also didn't proofread this again so sorry in advance
helloo! thanks for requesting this! sorry for taking so long ^_^
Tumblr media
ꨄ Riddle R.
You slowly awaken to an all too familiar voice calling your name. Gently fluttering your eyes open, you turned to the other side of the bed, facing the voice chanting your name—Your lover, Riddle Rosehearts.
"Y/N, You need to wake up and get dressed for class! You mustn't let your drowsiness taint your perfect attendance.."
you yawn and rub your eyes, attempting to process what he was trying to tell you.
when you realized what he said you looked at him with a face of puzzlement.
"wait.. get ready for... class?"
"Yes! Todays a friday, You may sleep in tomorrow but for now we need to get ready." Riddle gets up from the bed, trying to urge you to do the same.
You let out a small chuckle, which evolved into you full on howling out of laughter and he raised an eyebrow at you and huffed—Being late to class is no laughing matter to Riddle. He takes pride in his perfect record!
You inhale deeply trying to take a break from your bursting laughter, But you just couldn't believe it!—The Riddle Rosehearts—forgot it was a Saturday! You swore you could feel tears forming out of your eyes, This was too much!
Your lovers patience was running thin, what could be so funny at the moment that it was worth risking being late to class?! He huffed and crossed his arms, giving you a mean glare. "I demand you tell me what's so humorous right now, Y/N..." He looks at the clock, checking to see how much more time you both have left before you have to leave.
Your loud laughter had gradually turned into soft giggling, Calming yourself down, you tilted your head at Riddle with the sweetest smile as if you weren't just laughing at him.
"Riddle, Are you sure you read the date right today?"
"..wha..." His eyes shot open, He couldn't have possibly read the date on the calendar wrong? could he? He closes his eyes and starts to try and recall back to when he woke up. With his blurry vision and head filled with worries about his classes for the day, maybe, just maybe, he might've read the date wrong when he took a quick, lazy glance at the calendar on the bedside table...
Riddle opens his eyes as he shoots a look at the calendar, this time with his vision and head clearer.
..Saturday. You were right. Riddle let's out a sigh of relief. On one hand his attendance wasn't ruined! but on the other, he felt ashamed for not carefully looking at the date earlier, Now he's woken you up for no good reason. When you were sleeping so peacefully too!
He gently flops down onto the bed, putting his face into the pillow. if Riddle was being honest, He too, was extremely sleepy this morning, he was just sucking it up. If he doesn't put up an example for the other students, who would?
"I'm sorry, Y/N.." he sighs and looks at you with slight guilt in his eyes. "I shouldn't have woken you up this early."
You put a hand onto his head, gently combing his cherry-red hair with your fingers.
"It's alright, Riddle. Don't sweat it." you assuringly told riddle.
"Really..? Is there anything i can do to make it up to you though?"
You removed your hand off of Riddle's head and put it to your chin. You closed your eyes, pretending to be lost in thought, Although you already knew what you wanted.
"How about.. sleeping in some more with me?" you give him a sheepish smile and moved a little closer to him on the bed. You lifted up your blanket, inviting him in.
He sighs and accepts your offer, sliding under the blanket next to you. He closed his eyes and wrapped an arm around you. "Well.. I suppose if thats what you want."
Tumblr media
ꨄ Azul A.
you fluttered your eyes open, looking around to see everything in its respective place as it was last night. The pearly white walls along with the large painting hung onto it, The elegant vanity mirror right above the table, The cute little seashells that admitted light right above your head—All of it in the same place as it was last night, except for one thing, Something that was right next to you last night before you went into dream land,— Azul.
When you quickly realized that you had woken up without him by your side, you immediately sat up and scanned the room, looking for any traces of him. Just as you were about to give up and stand up to go look for the silver haired boy yourself, the door creaks open. You see Azul pop his head through the door before opening it fully, Revealing him standing there with a tray of various food along with a cup of your favourite drink.
"Ah, You're awake. Good-morning. I do hope you slept well.." He walks over to the side of the bed you were sat on and places the tray onto the soft mattress.
"Oh.. Azul! You didn't have to.."
"Mornings aren't very busy in the Mostro Lounge, So I thought it'd nice if i brought you some breakfast in bed." Azul looks to the opposite direction of you, Trying to hide the redness in his cheeks. "Well, You should eat it quick, our dishes are best served fresh after all."
You give him a shrug then proceed to grab a fruit kabob from the tray, Who knew Mostro Lounge made food this cute? you pushed away the thought as you bite into the heart-shaped apple slice placed at the top of the kabob, letting out a hum of delight.
"Are the kabobs to your liking? If you favour other things feel free to tell me."
You shake your head no, taking another bite out of the kabob. While chewing on the fruit, you get an idea that's sure to make your morning a little more.. lively. You finish eating the fruit in your mouth before you look Azul in the eyes, a mischievous grin forming onto your face. A flash of worry grazed Azul's face, he never liked it when you tease him, He gets too red for his liking.
You suddenly bring the fruit kabob forward, waving the tip of the stick infront his lips. He raises an eyebrow at you, Unsure of what exactly he should do in this situation.
"Why don't you tell me if they're to your liking, Azul?" You let out an airy giggle as you watch his face get as red as the strawberries on the kabob you were holding when he realized what you wanted him to do.
"Why would i do that!? It's for you! I can't just eat something thats for you!.. Stop waving that stick in front of me, You're gonna poke me with itttt!" Azul let's out multiple whines and grabs your wrists, You continue to keep the kabob infront of his mouth, Pushing him to eat a fruit or two off of it.
"Come on 'Zulzul.... It's just a lil' fruit.."
He blushes at the nickname and loosens his grip. Feeling too embarrassed, he finally gives in to your wishes
"Alright! Alright.. just.. just give me a second..!!" he lets out a sigh of relief as you remove the stick close to his face, letting him catch his breath from all the complaining he was doing. He pushes up his glasses and you can see the faint tint of pink spread on his cheeks.
"Okay, I'm ready." He says with a monotone voice while opening his mouth; You internally laugh at his seriousness at the situation. Not wanting to worsen his flustered state you get straight to the point and bring the fruit kabob to his lips, without any complaints this time. He bites down onto the kabob, sliding the top fruit off and chewing it in his mouth, Carefully judging it's taste.
"Well? Do you like it?" You look at him with sparkles in your eyes, awaiting for his answer.
He puts a hand to his chin and closes his eyes for a moment, thinking about his answer.
"it's sweet.." he opens his eyes to look at you and gives his best attempt at a "cool" grin, but you can see the anxiousness and uncertainty in his crooked, cute smile.
"Although, it's not as sweet as you!.." He winks at you.
"you're so corny.."
"I deserved that.."
Tumblr media
ꨄ Epel F.
"Y/N.. hey.. Y/N..! wake up!"
Your eyes shot open at the sound of Epel waking you up. You stretch out your arms and shake yourself awake. He's standing beside the bed with his arms crossed, clearly frustrated from his attempts of waking you up.
"Geez!.. Yer' s' hard ta' wake up! Vil would never let ya' get away with stayin' in....." Epel stops himself mid-sentence, like he had realized something important. Uncrossing his arms, He clears his throat and tries again, this time much more soft spoken and sweeter.
"Vil doesn't appreciate us staying in bed for too long so, Let's get started for the day together?" He lends out an arm to you, offering a hand to pull you out of bed.
"You know, You don't have to be so worried about using your accent around me.. I can understand you clearly."
He sighs and shakes his head. "It ain't that simple f'me... Ya' never know when Vil could be around. Ah' jus' wanna be careful." He stretches his arm out more for you to grab.
"your always so uptight about Vil.. Let loose a little!" You finally grab his hand, but instead of him pulling you up, you pull him down, making him fall into the bed right on top of you.
"H-Hey! whaddya think yer doin?! if we ain't up'n ready in 5 minutes Vil ain't gonna be too- Ack!" You stop Epel's whining by 'softly' hitting his head with the pillow you were next to. His eyes widen, taking a couple of seconds to comprehend what just happened, before he gives you a smirk—"If thats how you wanna play.. That's how we'll play!"
He rolls off of you and grabs a different pillow, fluffing it in his hands.—Oh, it was on.
Epel throws the pillow and hits you straight in the face, thank sevens it was a soft pillow, if it was anything else you'd think you might've broken something. You grab the pillow he threw at you and swing it at him, hitting him in the chest. He gets a hold on the pillow you were hitting him with, stopping your attacks.
"Heyy!! Let go! thats not fair!" You tug on the pillow, trying to pull it away from Epel. He laughs while trying to do the same
"Nuh-uh! Tis' is totally fair!"
Epel tugs a little harder on the pillow at the same time you do—you then hear a rripppp, and see the stuffings of the pillow fall out.
You look at the ripped pillow, then to Epel. His eyes were widened and his mouth was agape, He was in the same shocked state as you. You look back at the ripped pillow, then to wide-eyed Epel, then to the pillow again.
"Erm.." You scratch your head, wondering what to do, Till you hear Epel giggling a little.
You look at him with a puzzled look and his giggling grows louder. "Vil's gonna be so mad wahaha!"
You start giggling with Epel, You guys could clean up the mess later, At the moment you were just happy Epel wasn't too stressed about the situation like you thought he'd be.
The room was basically filled with laughter at that point, both of you enjoying your carefree but eventful morning with each other.
Eventually the laughing grows back down. Epel wipes a tear off his eye. "Oh well, We can clean it up later. Let's start getting ready before Vil actually gets on our case-"—Just as Epel mentions Vil, You both hear the door slam open.
You and Epel turn your head to look at the door to see Vil.—Oops.
"Yeah, you both should be ready because I'm already about to get on your case." He stands in the doorway with a scowl on his face, Clearly annoyed.
What a tiring morning it turned it to.
Tumblr media
my ruggie plush came in this week ^^ hes so cute guys hgegghghrhhh
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rubystarpoet · 6 months ago
Y/n: *sits next to Azul*
Azul: *glances over at you but tries to focus on his paper work*
Y/n: Have you ever considered charging people just to breathe in your café?
Azul: *stops working, eyes widening at that wild money making idea*
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it-happened-one-fic · 2 months ago
Pretend this Love Isn't Real - Azul
Author Notes: Fair warning this one is longer than my other fics at 2129 words. I wrote this to the KIRA remix of the ChiruChiru cover by Rachie. I also got the title from one of the lyrics from that song. It was actually quite a bit of fun to write since Azul seems like the sort who be kind of frustrated and frenzied when in love. Reader is gender-neutral and the prefect.
Type: Fluff/romantic/pining
Word count: 2129
Tumblr media
Azul templed his hands as he listened to Jade report his findings with an annoyingly amused smile on his face, “The prefect remains a mystery. There is no trace of them anywhere. In fact they do not seem to exist when one just looks at records. They have no social security number, hospital visits, memberships, or even  any email accounts. All told, they have no digital footprint or records.The only information to be gained is that which they share themselves.”
Azul nodded, at this point he wasn’t even surprised. He’d had Jade looking into the prefect since they’d first become an object of interest. First surviving and defeating the Riddle overblot and then Leona’s. They were definitely something special. That had only become more obvious when they’d beaten his contract and handled his overblot too.
From there his curiosity had spiraled, especially when they’d shown an interest in his past. If they were going to dig for his secrets he could do the same. It had seemed like a fair trade. 
Thus far it had been anything but fair though. While they could get information on him there was nothing on them. The only things he knew were, as Jade had said, what they had told him.
“Why don’t you just try to befriend Shrimpy and find out about them that way?” Floyd’s bored-sounding voice interrupted his thoughts and shined a light on the situation. Azul looked at Floyd with wide-eyes. 
How had he not thought of that? People were always more open with those they deemed close and the prefect was open to friendship anyway. They’d made that obvious when they’d asked about how he was doing post-overblot. “That’s… That’s actually a good idea Floyd.” 
Floyd only rolled his eyes in response and Jade chuckled as if that solution had been obvious. Ignoring their amused but blessedly silent mocking, he stood. 
Snatching his hat and coat from the hooks in the office, Azul glanced towards them, “I’ll be back shortly. Jade. Floyd. You two take care of the lounge till I get back.” 
They both nodded, differing smiles on their identical faces as they chorused their matching answer, “Yes sir.”
It didn’t take him long to get to Ramshackle. It wasn’t that far from the school, but then it was far enough that Azul couldn’t imagine walking the distance every day was pleasant. That said, walking the same distance for lunch at a Monstro Lounge offshoot would have been acceptable had his business venture worked out.
Azul rolled his shoulders as he stepped up on the porch that had seen better days and calmly knocked on the door. The answer was prompt as the door swung open to reveal the infamous prefect peeking out at him, Grim winding his way through their legs to look as well. 
Azul found he was struck, once again, by how average they were. There was nothing particularly outstanding about them. They were attractive enough, but nothing stunning. Their grades were as good as one could expect for magicless person attending a magic school, but certainly not top scores. They were friendly but not overly so and though they had a decent number of friends the number wasn’t unusual. Yet despite their overwhelming mundaneness they were always found at the center of anything of interest that happened at NRC. 
Unaware of his less than glamorous review, their eyes widened in a comical fashion as they opened the door a bit wider, “Azul?” 
Azul feigned a warm smile at them, “Hello prefect. I was wondering if you could help with something.” 
Their eyes narrowed almost immediately at his words and they started to shut the door, “No.”
Azul caught the door with a single hand, his other palm pressing to his chest, “You wound me prefect. I only come bearing the offer of a job.” 
They did not look impressed with his make-believe hurt but he didn’t let that stop him, “I heard you were in need of excess funds for your continued refurbishing of Ramshackle dorm. If you would be willing to help out at Monsto Lounge I will pay you handsomely.”
Their eyebrows arched and, ignoring Grim’s comments about how shady Azul was, they released their pressure on the door, “And what do you get out of my working for you?”
Azul released the door, no longer concerned about it slamming in his face, “I remember how quickly you and Jack cleared out that crowd at Monstro Lounge when you first visited my establishment. Having someone of such skill working for me would doubtless ease the press of serving all of our many, many customers.”
They frowned but glanced back at the house, most likely looking at something Jade and Floyd hadn’t worked on during those three days of repairs. When they looked back  at him their unimpressed defiance was slipping, “I can’t work often, Crowley keeps me pretty busy.”
Azul immediately nodded, a picture of compassionate understanding, “Of course, I can work out a schedule that takes your prior appointments into account.” 
He watched as they shifted, knowing he already had them hooked. Their uncertain expression gave everything away, “That could work… But Crowley doesn’t really tell me when I’ll be busy with his…” They waved their hand in the air for slight emphasis, “Jobs.” 
Well, he had them baited, hooking apparently was going to take longer. Unconcerned, he rested his hands on his walking stick in a relaxed manner, “That won’t be a problem, you can just be a part-time employee. Someone we call when things get to be too much for our usual workers.”
In an unexpected turn, they narrowed their eyes at him, “That sounds nice, but you're going awfully far to hire me.” 
Well, they weren’t a person of interest for nothing. When dealing with Ramshackle’s prefect there were bound to be surprises. Azul had never been one to back down from a challenge though, and he certainly wasn’t going to start now.
So he sighed, shaking his head slightly, “Things are just that difficult for us prefect.” He met their gaze in a pleading manner, “The usual crowd is bad enough but the lunch rush is pure chaos.”
They sighed, a sound of long suffering, but nodded, “Alright. I’ll do it. When will I need to show up?” 
Azul had to bite back a smug smile, instead settling for a polite one that better fit the image he currently needed, “How can I ever thank you? We’ll call when your assistance is needed.”
Azul’s return to the Lounge was marked by Jade and Floyd looking towards him with curious gazes that he replied to with only a smug smile and a nod of his head.
 He had gotten the prefect. Now it was just a matter of patience. It wouldn’t be long before he cracked their code and learned exactly what made them such a force of nature despite their mundane personality.
It was about a week before he called them though. True to his word he waited till there was an influx of customers. When he finally told them their assistance would be needed, he allowed himself a smug smile. After all, everything was going perfectly according to plan. He would likely know what made them special by the end of the night.
Or at least that’s what he thought. 
They worked all evening, putting out exemplary effort that would impress even the Great Seven. They left no opening for him to step in and assist. In fact they merely met him with a smile at the end of the evening.
“I must say… I’m impressed Prefect.” 
They shook their head, smiling all the while, “Call me Y/n. Prefect sounds too… lofty.” Well, not a total loss if they were requesting he use their name. Azul allowed himself a smile as he handed them their check. Perhaps this venture would pay off then.
He waited only a short while before he called them in again. This time he fully intended to have a nice chat with them since there weren’t quite as many customers.
Instead, they worked closely with Jade that evening but his vice-housewarden didn’t learn anything of interest. Or at least that’s what he said. Azul knew they’d had conversations. The only question was why was Jade not telling him what they’d said?
Had they somehow won his loyalty? It seemed unlikely and the thought of them two becoming close was rather annoying for some reason.
So he called them in again. This time they worked with Floyd who only reported they quite liked his cooking. Nothing truly important there, everyone liked Floyd’s cooking. That’s why he was the preferred chef. 
It was strange though. Azul couldn’t help but find himself questioning if they would like his cooking.
So he called them in for a fourth time and asked them to help him in his office. He wasn’t going to let them slip away with one of the twins this time. Especially since those two refused to tell him their findings for frustratingly vague reasons.
 “If you could, sort those in the order of importance so I could go through them more quickly.” They nodded, a surprised look flashing across their face. But then they probably weren’t expecting him to request they help with a job that was so seemingly important.
Despite their initial surprise they met him with a follow-up question “Do you want the least important first or…?” 
He was rather delighted, a good worker who ensured they did their job correctly. His smile wasn’t fake this time when he answered, “Most important first please.” 
They nodded and dutifully started their work, scanning each sheet carefully before stacking them accordingly. And he watched them as he worked, carefully observing how they went about their duties. 
Nothing really stood out about how they completed their task. But something about having them in his office with him was pleasant despite the fact there was no conversation occuring.
“Do you need something?” They looked up from their work, casually meeting his gaze and startling him. 
He faltered only briefly though, hurriedly coming up with a response to their nonchalant question, “I… No. I was just thinking that you're quite the hard-worker.”
They tilted their head, a common gesture from them, “Is it that odd? That is why you hired me after all.” 
Azul nodded, his ability to spin webs of half-truths as flawless as ever. Especially since he couldn’t deny their work was impressive, “That is true. But I suppose I’m just impressed. Few people can keep up with Jade and Floyd.”
It was strange that they were so relaxed with him even though it was just the two of them. Few people were. Yet another mystery to add to the mass of the curiosities that made up the Prefect.
“They aren’t so bad. Once you get to know them they can be kind of nice at times.” Azul’s eyebrows rose at their words. So they didn’t mind Jade and Floyd. Perhaps his suspicions were correct and they were becoming close to the twins. 
He fought against the urge to frown at the thought. There was nothing truly wrong with them getting along with coworkers. 
“Well, yes. I tend to surround myself with loyal people,” He almost missed their amused grin.
“Is that so?” He frowned immediately, confused by their playfully lilted question. Confused enough that he only responded with a slow nod which only seemed to amuse them further.
“Is that you asked me to work with you specifically?” As soon they spoke he understood. He’d inadvertently implied that since he’d been calling them in frequently they too were loyal.
Azul floundered at that amused, too-observant glance that they cast his way, “I… Well, you seemed like the best choice for the job.” They hummed in response, opting to go back to their job and the conversation fell flat.
Though it had been brief, their exchange trailed innumerable questions behind it. Why were they so comfortable with both him and the twins? Why were they working so hard at a job that didn’t really do anything for them? Why were they here? Why did they occupy his mind so often? Why did he enjoy them being here? The list went on and on.
Azul shook his head and decided to follow their lead and go back to working. Such questions treaded too close to a dangerous area of his thoughts that he didn’t want to approach yet.
Best to pretend there was nothing lurking beneath the still surface of his thoughts regarding the mysterious but fascinating prefect of Ramshackle dorm. Best to ignore the thrill he felt at the thought of being close to them. Best to pretend that this love wasn’t real.
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mrs-schoenheit · 3 days ago
Hear me out …. Tighnari!Yuu x Jade Leech
A series of…
Jade : What do you think of this mushroom prefect?
Tighnari!Yuu : *eats the mushroom* *vomits* *pass out*
Jade : Poisonus it is ^ ^
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ladyorchidia · 2 months ago
Azul Ashengrotto x Great White Shark!reader AU
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and this is Part 5 ! I previously edited Part 4 due to being slightly out of my taste, you may now check it out.
A few people who wished to be tagged : @darkfaethedestroyer @ikemen-lover-story @kawasbaby
Warning(s) : may have some cuss words, angst to comfort and fluff, crying [I have no idea how this is a TW but ok], just happy old friends seeing each other again
Summary : you had finally been released from house arrest and preparing to enter a school once again, the idea of reuniting with your friends made you so happy yet slightly nervous. How will it turn out ?
The love story of a Shark and an Octopus Part 5 :
Tumblr media
Monday, the beginning of a school week, the day of your return. You were excited to finally gain contact with the outside world and see azul again. It had been more than a year already and the thought of returning to your old school made you nervous, your eyebrows frowned thinking of how you'll be treated once out of the wall of fear.
Will others be more scared of you than before ? Will they find you repulsive ? Will they hate and torment you until you leave once more ?
Constant doubt kept creeping into your mind as you prepared yourself with the necessities. You knew it was going to feel strange coming back, not only that, the end of this year meant for you to enter a different college. So many changes will happen in only a few months. "[NAAAAAME] ?" your mother/father/guardian called out from outside and you quickly swam out of your room, ready to head out.
You arrived in front of your house where your mother/father/guardian was waiting. They looked rather nervous as you approached them but their gaze softened when they noticed just how optimistic you looked. "Are you...ready ?" nodding your head in confirmation made them smile and they came towards you to, much to your surprise, pull you into an embrace.
You were stunned but then quickly hugged them back. The both of you stayed silent for a while, simply enjoying a small family moment. Once you pulled away, your mother/father/guardian cupped your face, looked into your (e/c) eyes and smiled lovingly. The loving smile was then replaced with one of sorrow and regret as they spoke "I understand how hard it was for you this past year and months, and I'm sorry for not supporting you more when you needed it. I wish..." They paused looking down. "I wish I could've been able to help you sooner...Yet I didn't-..." "Hey." you cut them off and they raised their head.
"No parent is perfect...And besides, we all make mistakes don't we ?" They seemed surprised by your statement, on the other hand, you grinned continuing, "At least I'm still mentally stable !" you said jokingly. Despite the fact that your words were no joking matter, they chuckled eventually bringing their forehead to yours. "Haha..I couldn't ask for a better daughter/son/child !"
You laughed and pulled away from the touching moment. Looking at you one more time before tackling with one more hug, "Please come back safe.." you put your arms around them and answered "...I promise."
"Now let me go I can't breathe at all" they eventually let go of you and grin widely, "Go get em' !" now you know where that wicked smile of yours came from.
Adding their expression with a smirk of your own, you swam past them but not before yelling out something they'll always remember : "I LOVE YOU OLD HAG/MAN/*insert other nicknames*"
"LANGUAGE [NAME] !" they scolded yet still beaming with happiness. They watched you swim away to your school smiling proudly "that's my girl/boy/kid"
Tumblr media
Part 6 can be found here
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kalims · 2 months ago
Can i have prompt 6,13 and 19 with azul ashengrotto please?
<- back to event page.
includes: azul ashengrotto
6. marry me? — jokingly asking to marry you.
13. stareee — just stare in their eyes for no reason at all.
19. silence — what happens if you don't reply to their claim or love?
Tumblr media
ⵌ azul ashengretto :
— 6. marry me?
kinda just completely freezes, and slowly turns you with wide eyes and flush cheeks as if you said the most scandalous, shocking thing he'd ever heard. well, it's not too far off. opens his mouth and closes it a few seconds of being agape when he realizes that there's nothing he can say because he's literally speechless.
"w-well. how unexpected.." azul coughs. you wonder how he can see from the steam fading his glasses due to the unknown steam that seemed to somehow radiate off his body, for a merperson he doesn't seem cold in the slightest.
azul stays quiet and wants to self destruct from the silence that followed after. curse him for making it awkward! although he did change the subject and took your mind off it he wonders if the offer was legit... he'd have to ask you again two, three or more years in the future when he's more.. stable.
you sure you're still gonna be in this world by then? — not angst.
— 13. stareee
first thing azul can think of is 'what in the world.' just like any normal (mer) person would think he doesn't know you're staring at him intentionally. at first he panics cause he thinks there's something unruly on his face or do you just think something's wrong with it? :(
goes sorta insecure for a second.
"is.. there something on my face?" azul asks worriedly. he thinks that he delivered the question better than he did in his mind, but he still can't shake up the habit of clearing his throat in the middle of his sentence.
you squint and he shrinks a little. "yeah.. there's something handsome on it."
wait where the heck did he go? you look around. wasn't he there a second ago?
meanwhile, yes he's in the octopot, blushing, banging it's floor, squealing and doing what a school girl would.
— 19. silence
personally I don't think azul verbally says 'I love you' a lot, he did at some point but the proclamation is usually done through his actions. he'd rather embrace you tightly as a sign of his love and affection rather than go through the hot embarrassment of hearing himself say it.
but if he does and you ignore it he's like : doing whatever but giving you very quick side eyes and pretending he didn't do it just to see how your face is looking like. or just to see any indications of joking...
literally stop </3 at this rate he won't ever tell you his love cause he thinks he won't get a response ever again just like what happened at that very day and that's your loss cause he says it like he's embarrassed and its cute!
won't try to ask you if you're joking cause he genuinely thinks it's not.
"I was joking I love you too."
flustered to be indirectly told that you noticed his erratic behavior but plays it off like nothing happens but you can see the relief in his eyes.
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viluvr-archived · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Trey , Cater , Vil , Kalim , Azul .
Gn!reader .
Tumblr media
Trey always looks at you, 24/7, on-call, and in real life too, not in a creepy way. The feeling of when he gets butterflies in his stomach when he sees you doing domestic things like cooking, etc, and every time his eyes bore into your figure. he gets lost in the moment, "Get a room!" "Geez! Trey's staring at his partner agaaainn!!"
Ace and even Cater's constant teasing gets him to blush, tho Trey hides it by laughing it off while fixing his glasses. But even if he does that, his gaze never seems to snap. And at times when you're alone with Trey, he's always randomly saying
"You're pretty.. Like really pretty." "I love you." "I like staring at you, you look very pretty and beautiful." He says what's wrong with showing affection to his lover when he finds you blushing crazy! +While he tells you you're pretty randomly he puts your hair and tucks it behind your ear, whenever it gets on your face.
Tumblr media
Cater always needs to be with you, and I mean always needs to be with you, by hugging you, holding your hand, hugging you from behind, wrapping an arm around your shoulder or waist, it can be anything!!
He claims you're his energy recharger when he gets too tired from anything especially when he's tired from socializing, he's your boyfriend, indulge him a bit more!
He just needs to resist the thought of showering you with his love, he just has so much love to give! He needs to stop himself, especially when Riddle's there.. can't have the dorm leader catch him! He doesn't mind.. but he doesn't wanna be scolded! But on some days, he doesn't mind the yelling he receives from Riddle, what! He needs his energy recharger!!
Tumblr media
Compares you to everyone else... And always talks about you! When you're there he's nothing but an angel.
you know Vil as an angel, not the angry, cruel, Vil! Epel always demands your presence and prays you'd be with him 24/7. Vil was fond of talking about your beauty and how it was art! "The smoothie could be better, it could use a bit more fruit chunks like how Y/n makes it." And yet another smoothie that a student made was a failure, "The fragrance of the perfume suits y/n really well! I like it too, I'll take two of them. Let's just hope she likes it too!"
Whenever he's shopping, expect a lot of things! He gets you a lot of make-up and skincare products too, "Tsk, you're moving so much! Stay still, I can't do your makeup properly Epel! If only y/n was here.." Students from the Pomefiore dorm always asks for your help with Vil, whenever he's angry or tips from you to impress him! Just make sure Vil doesn't think they're disturbing you...
Tumblr media
Kalim, oh Kalim.. it's to state the obvious that he spoils you rotten to the core! With money, food, your desires, wants, and needs!
Jewels? Gold? Only for you! Wanna fly on the magic carpet? He's gonna take his time to practice so you guys don't crash! He spoils you by taking care of you too of course!
He asks Jamil what to do, when you don't get too much sleep when you have a hard time focusing on reviewing for an exam, and much more! Whatever you like, he likes it too, your friends are now his friends too! Even if they don't seem to get along with him well.. he's gonna try his best to get along with them for you! Kalim makes you laugh soooo much.
he just loves to hear you laugh and be happy, and to know you're happy! That enough can make him the happiest man in the world.
Tumblr media
Azul always asks for your opinion, he includes you in everything, your opinion on what he does, his business, the mostro lounge, his studies.
He wants to know what you think about them, your opinion matters because it's also what you think, and it also helps him because it's easier to analyze your attitude, demeanor, interest, likes, and dislikes.
He wants to be the one who knows you inside and out, the one who only knows how to brew your coffee and how much sugar you like in your coffee, he wants to be the only one to know that.
He wants to know if you prefer staying in or bonding outdoors, he wants to explore you, be the person who you can proudly say "my boyfriend's the only person who knows me very well!" And although Azul does analyze his customers, guests, and people he meets, he wants you to know you're special.
With you, he also wants you to know he can be vulnerable around you, and only you, he wants to let you know how you've captured his heart and how he can let his guard down with you.
Azul is still new with love, and he wants to know what to do and you help him with that because he knows he's in love with you when you hug him, when you kiss his cheeks every time you meet as a greeting and when he parts ways with you or a good morning kiss, when he lets his head rest on your shoulder when he's tired from all the contracts he's been signing from morning to night, and when he dreams about you.
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rs-wonderland · 4 months ago
Mc is a girl? Part 2.
•How did you-? He is a bigest simp. He is suprised, he was 100% sure you were a boy. Well he blushes more that for sure, and tring to make a deal with you is just funny. He will respact you tho. Send Floyd and Jade to watch over you somethimes! And he would try to talk to you more and hang out more. He is impresst by everything you did AKA. overblot.
•He was think you are not a boy. I mean you didn't look like a boy but Epel doesn't really look like a boy so (im sorry for this Epel 😭). Be little protective idk why. Would help you with a problem without taking anything in return. BUT would ask you some questions about women body, and it is silent most off the time. He would try to make you make a deal with Azul if you want, and if you don't want he isn't going to presure you.
•Don't give a fu-. Would treat you like everyone butttttt he would be more clingy. Like more suprise hugs more talking, more protective. But he still see you as a shrimp. Try to be you besti, and faile bc off Ace and Deuce. Doesn't try to make a deal with you tho.
Don't care, a boy or a girl you are still his friend! You would have sleepovers, more parties and Jamil would jone you. I think he would start a little crush on you bc you two are close friends and all. If you guys are going around the school and you get hungry he is going to buy you anything, don't get him worng he is tring to spoile his friend. He would tell you how you amazing you are at Jamils and Vils overblot how you took it like an adult.
•He would be a BIG simp, more than Azul. Prespect you tho. Babysitte you too with Kalim. Likes having you around and hang out with you, the only smart person here. Talk to you more, but tries to stay away bc camon he tried to manipullate you in his overblot. Oh and btw. i think that he would be more charming if he know you were a girl in his overblot. You new mom, did you eat, did you sleep well, etc.
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