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sober-pepper · 17 hours ago
Yuu: Thanks for helping me with my homework.
Azul: We'd make a great team, right? Or as they say in the menu business, I can't do this without "Me N U."
Yuu, laughing out loud: Hahahaha!
Ace: You really think that's funny?
Yuu: It's in our relationship agreement, I have to laugh.
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britishassistant · a day ago
The Supervillains will most likely torture that villain for that unwanted kiss... Then offer to give them a better experience.
Thank you for the ask, dear anon!
Yuu is exasperated by these offers, even as they joke. “A new kiss? Fine— if you don’t mind me biting you like I did him.”
It discourages Riddle, Azul, Vil, and Idia.
Malleus and Jamil find it hot but are embarrassed.
Leona triples his efforts in response.
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mrs-schoenheit · 16 days ago
Yuu: Okay Yuu you got this just— JUST BE LOWKEY OKAY?!? *deep breaths*
*Azul walks in*: Prefect are you he—
Yuu: I am inlove with you
Azul: …what..?
Yuu: I mean what’s up?
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mall-0-ry · 7 days ago
Hello! i'd liked to make another request, and i'm sorry that i kept on sending one! it's because you're the most active creator here.. soo0-- Can i request for 1st year scenario reactiom, of learning that MC/YUU/YN is dating their Housewarden
It’s alright to send requests! i do not really mind! i hope that this work that i did would be alright for you!
- He was shocked.
- How did he found out? well, he was trying to apologize for the trouble he caused, by bringing riddle a tart.
- He knocked at the door only to not get any answer, so he opened it and went inside.
- There he saw, You and Riddle Cuddling, while telling him how much you love him.
- He was too shocked to even move an inch.
- but he was too dumb to even keep quiet.
- So he, Shouted “ EW! “
after that, He was collared and was made to do a 6000 words apology, for barging in the room and making a ruckus.
- 100% told Deuce, unconsciously because he was complaining about the collar.
- “ Just because i found them cuddling and being lovey dovey, doesn’t mean he have to collar me! “
- in the end, he’s Very supportive, but he would still tease you and riddle!
Tumblr media
Deuce Spade:
- Found out, because Ace was complaining, and had slipped the secret.
- asked you if it’s true.
- told him that it’s true, and was very happy that you found someone.
- Supportive Baby.
- promises to keep the secret.
- would definitely keep up his word.
- would bonk ace hard on the head, for teasing you two.
- while trying his best not to laugh.
- Makes sure that you won’t get into any trouble, because of Grim and Ace’s constant brawls. (maybe a little of his too.)
- “ The House-warden is looking for you, Y/N! “
- super supportive.
- like very.
- Have i mentioned about being supportive?
Tumblr media
- He knew.
- He already knew.
- At first, he was slightly shocked.
- He found you and Leona cuddling at the Botanical garden, when he was looking for you. so he put in the pieces that you two are together.
- Was told by Leona to protect you from trouble.
- so he’s often roped into “Trouble” that Ace, Deuce and grim dragged you into.
- He’s very supportive, but won’t show it.
- he’s one of the supportive Babies.
- “ you should go find Dorm-head leona, now “
Tumblr media
- He found out, he was shocked.
- He didn’t think that his House-warden would lower his standards *sobs* Just kidding~
- part of the supportive babies.
- Genuinely happy!
- why?
- because Vil has been directing his attention towards you and would often teach you about Makeup and etc.
- He’s as free as a bird!
- His happiness only lasted for a few seconds before Vil spotted him, and asked him to join.
- He could not refuse!
- very sad.
- gave a wonky smile before accepting.
- Vil told him his smile is ugly.
- he made it even more uglier
- He was then taken by rook, who Vil summoned to put an eye on him.
- He was slightly happy!
- Slightly teases you about your Relationship with Vil.
- Would often come by Ramshackle to give you the makeup kit vil bought for you, and some skin care products.
- Loves the thought that you wouldn’t be single and complaining.
Tumblr media
- He was RoBotiCallY HapPy!
- Made a calendar reminder about your monthly Anniversary with Idia.
- calls you Big Sister/Brother
- doesn’t want to call you Sister/Brother in law.
- Would be the one bringing you gifts, that’s from idia.
- doesn’t mind being an Errand boy for Gifts.
- supportive baby.
- hugs you every time he sees you in the hall.
- “ Big brother wants to play this game with you! you should stop by!”
Tumblr media
- stalks you.
- still cannot accept.
- Still also cannot accept.
- Lowkey found you and Malleus cute together.
- Came to conclusion that
- If Malleus Sama is happy with you, then it’s alright.
- starts to slowly support your relationship.
- still would stalk you.
- screams at anybody who would come up to you to flirt.
- Made the whole campus know about your relationship with the Dragon fae.
- was proud about it.
- got a scolding by lilia.
Tumblr media
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yuriwritestwst · 2 months ago
Casual Touches
Tumblr media
Despite his cold and calculating ways, Azul comes to realize that you make him very nervous but also very happy; wherein you make physical contact with Azul, and each time is a new realization for him.
notes: spoilers for book 3, Azul x gn!reader
Exactly one week before exams, Azul wakes up just after an hour of sleep, but despite his exhaustion, he’s nearly brimming with excitement. After all, there was nothing more profitable than students desperate to pass their classes, and who would he be to ignore their struggles? His study guide that he had poured months into was freshly finished, edited, and priced so that the Mostro Lounge would be flooding with money very soon. All he had to do now was to get ready for class and play the pitying man’s act, contracts in hand.
He makes eye contact with you in the hallway, and with a scheming grin, he all but saunters over to you, the Leech twins following ominously behind. You’d be scared if this was your first time, but after countless supposedly random encounters with Azul, you’re pretty much used it by now.
“My, you’re looking awfully stressed over there,” he opens, feigning a look of concern.
“Stressed, but not nearly as worn out as you,” you respond almost immediately.
Azul pauses before he can even bring up the topic of exams and frowns. He was a man of routine, and like he did every morning, he always made sure to check his appearance before heading out. Today, too, he was sure that he looked presentable as always.
“I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean.”
“It must be hard staying at the top of our class and keeping the Mostro Lounge running,” you comment, disregarding his previous statement. This time, it’s your turn to frown. “I hope you get some proper rest soon.”
Without skipping a beat, you reach to brush a stray strand of hair away from his face, fingers lightly grazing his skin. It’s almost tickling, and it takes everything Azul has in him to appear blasé despite the chill that runs down his spine. It’s an incredibly brief action, but he swears your fingers linger for a lot longer than they should (they didn’t).
“I have to get to class now, but I’ll catch you around, Azul. Maybe try taking a nap later?”
And with that, you’re dashing off to the room down the hall, leaving the house warden speechless and hand still inside his school bag where his contracts are. If he weren’t frozen in place, he’d surely reprimand the snickers and giggling from the two eels behind him, but he’s still short-circuiting.
Even so, he realizes with horror, he can’t say that he disliked feeling like this.
In normal circumstances, Azul doesn’t really care for others watching him during flying class. He’s a new land-dweller having only gotten used to using legs and feet for a little bit over a year. So what if he can’t figure out how to control a broom? He’s from the Coral Sea, and what didn’t they do down there? Fly.
“You’d think you’d get the hang of at least floating upright after all this time,” Vargas sighs, shaking his head.
“I promise you it’s my broom’s fault,” Azul replies rather pettily. “I’ll have you know that I can float perfectly fine on my own.”
“Yeah, in the water,” Vargas scoffs. “Well, at least try a bit today. It’d be a shame if you were caught flying left and right upside down when the first years come out.”
“The other class is coming to this side of the field today,” Vargas explains, clearly not considering it a big deal. “I hear they’re redoing the lawn where they usually have class.
It is a very Big Deal to Azul, though, because for some reason, when he sees you walk out in your gym uniform with Grim and your magic broom in tow, he finally has the decency to feel shame for not being able to fly. His sea-related excuses instantly dry up, and he’s suddenly thinking about every single way possible to get out of class before you spot him, because he definitely was not going to successfully fly 50 meters today. Or ever.
“Go down,” he mutters under his breath, but his broom ignores him like usual. It doesn’t help that he’s getting more nervous by the second, palms growing clammy as his broom continues to spin him upside down. “Just for once, will you-“
“Azul!” he hears you shout.
The merman physically jolts and falls onto the ground without a single shred of dignity. His broom, as if to gloat, zooms away. He’d have to find it later, no doubt, but he’s more concerned about looking like an absolute fool. Luckily, he isn’t hurt and quickly adjusts his glasses so that they aren’t askew. Aside from the minor dirt stains, he’s fine.
“Are you okay?” you ask, running over to him.
“I meant to do that,” he says quickly. Anything for that shred of dignity back.
“I’m sure you did.” With a roll of your eyes, you pull him by the arms up onto his feet. “Can you walk okay? Does it hurt anywhere? Let’s get you to the infirmary.”
He says nothing. His brain is doing the weird short-circuiting thing again as he stares at your hands around his arms. What the heck.
“Did you hit your head?” you ask worriedly when you’re met with a blank stare and no response. “Wait, can you stand properly? I’ll go call Coach Vargas over and-“
“N-no! I’m fine.” He doesn’t even have time to mentally kick himself for the stammer. Instead, he clears his throat twice, breathes in air to straighten himself out, and takes extra care to make sure that his shoulders look much less tense than they actually are. “My name is Azul Ashengrotto. Today is a Tuesday, and I’m in second period, which is flying class. See? I’m completely fine.”
“Are you sure?” you ask, still concerned. “Azul, I think you’re shaking-“
“It’s just the adrenaline!” he denies immediately, all but ripping his arms out of your grasp. “Now if you excuse me, I need to fetch my broom. I’d hate to take up your precious class time, too.”
He storms off, face feeling hot, much hotter than when he was working up a sweat earlier. He said he was going to find his broom, but frankly, he doesn’t even remember in which direction it took off too. All he can think about are your hands and the way they grasp around his limbs. It was delicate but firm, and he finds himself thinking that he almost felt comfortable like that despite the disaster that led up to it.
“Ashengrotto, what are you doing wandering around? I told you that you needed to be upright in the sky by the end of class today, not on the ground-“
“Broom,” is all Azul can manage, head full of other scenarios where he’d much prefer you grasping onto him. For example, on the way to class or perhaps on a weekend in town. He nearly trips over himself when he realizes what he’s fantasizing about, and over a single casual, meaningless contact at that too.
He thinks he must be going crazy, because what the heck.
Azul overblots and the aftermath is equal parts horrifying and humiliating for him. Horrifying because he could have died, but he considers it not that daunting after realizing that he has 1) lost all his contracts 2) exposed his merman form, and 3) thrown the biggest tantrum known to man in front of his entire dorm. It’s extra salt to the wound when he’s taken to the infirmary at the behest of Jade and is all but interrogated on what had happened by the healers there.
He lies on the infirmary bed dwelling on mostly these three big things overnight along with other concerns eating at the back of his mind.
As much as he hates to admit it, he feels drained, physically, mentally, and emotionally. He’s left with no other option but to start at a blank slate again, and he finds it so devastatingly frightening. How could he go back and face the rest of the Octavinelle students? Would he even have the prestige of housewarden when returning? What did he really have now?
He hates uncertainty but is even more peeved with the fact that he knows with definite confidence the answer to his last question. Absolutely nothing.
“Azul?” a voice calls for him and snaps him out of his thoughts. He blinks, looking at the orange-red sky outside. He’s not sure if it’s early in the morning or late in the day. Either way, he’s still not quite back in top shape, and can only murmur something incoherent as a response.
“I hope you’re feeling better.” He turns to his side, eyes meeting yours. “I guess not.”
“Thanks,” he groans sarcastically before falling into heavy silence. He doesn’t know why his throat suddenly goes dry when he sees you. He knows he has so much to say to you, and to everyone else at that, but it gets stuck in his throat.
“I, um, got notes from your lectures today for you,” you offer rather awkwardly, setting some papers on the nightstand next to him. “I figured you wanted to stay updated, so take a look at them when you feel up for it…if you want, of course.”
“I see.” It’s a murmur again, and he looks at the papers to your hand that is now laid idly by your side. He takes a breath. “I’m sorry.”
“Yeah,” you say, smiling rather sheepishly. “I know. We all know.”
“I’m so sorry,” he says again, pain contorting his voice. So much to say, so few words falling out.
“I can’t even offer anything to fix it,” he continues, struggling to speak. “I have nothing left. Nothing.”
Azul is, by nature, a crier, and he hates it so, so much, because once he starts, he can’t stop. That and the fact that his tears are dark black ink. It’s a mess, and he’s a mess, and it hurts when he’s forced to confront this truth in front of someone else. Embarrassing, shameful, always the same, unchanging Azul Ashengrotto.
“Oh, Azul,” you say, carefully wiping his tears with a tissue.
The tears bleed through, of course, and upon seeing your fingers stained with ink, he clumsily pulls away, opting to use his nightgown instead. He thinks you’ve given up on him at this point, because who wouldn’t feel disgusted, but when he feels a firm tug, he’s confused and panicked.
“W-wait,” he protests, resisting your pull. “I’ll ruin your uniform-“
“I can get another one,” you reassure, gently pressing his head onto your shoulder with one hand and rubbing circles on his back with the other. “You just looked like you needed a good hug.”
He’s tense and awkwardly presses his face into the space near your neck. Azul’s not even sure if he’s crying anymore or if he’s been shocked into silence, but his hands start feeling the same cold clamminess they did when he saw you at flying class.
Needless to say, it’s been a long time since he’s been held like this, or even ever, and he certainly doesn’t know the rules to embracing and if they differed between acquaintance and lover. His arms mechanically wrap around your back, because that’s what he has seen other people do and he figures mirroring your actions would be his best bet. He startles when you laugh.
“Azul, you can relax.” Your voice, like everything about you, he realizes, is warm and comforting. “Don’t think too much about it.”
How could he not think about it, he wonders in near delirium, when he feels one of your hands gently card through his hair and scrape his scalp. He feels nervous, but in the best way possible, and after what feels like hours of apprehensiveness and hesitancy, he sinks into your touch. He doesn’t remember the last time he’s been this unconcerned about how he presented himself in front of someone, but when he breathes, he finds himself relaxed, unburdened, and at peace. For now, he thinks he'll settle for an apology and silence, and tomorrow, he'll figure out what it is that he exactly wants to say to you.
And when you promise to walk him back to Octavinelle after he’s discharged, you give his hands a squeeze, and somehow, he knows that everything will be just fine.
Azul has friends, and even though the Leech twins are rather unique, he knows that perhaps he doesn’t act like friends with you. Sure, he knows that some friends are more touchy with each other, be it kisses on the cheek or linking arms. He knows that Friend Behavior varies widely and that he shouldn’t be overthinking your touches as anything more than that.
While he hates uncertainty and ambiguity, he also is admittedly too shy to ask you out properly. He likes you for sure, and everyone can see that, but he’s scared to confront the fact that perhaps you considered the two of you simply as friends.
But when he wakes up for the first time in your arms from the most peaceful sleep he’s ever had in his life, his mind starts to reel wondering if spooning is also Friend Behavior.
“Good morning,” you whisper, pressing a kiss to his forehead like you usually did when the two of you were alone. Casually and as a Good Friend, of course.
“Good morning to you too,” he responds, cheeks tinted with red before snuggling closer into the crook of your neck to hide his face. His blush reaches to the tips of his ears, though.
“Should we get up?” you ask, mindlessly caressing his head and neck. “I know you’re busy all the time.”
“…5 more minutes,” you hear him mumble and it sends you into giggles, because even Azul, a man of rigid routine and schedule, could act like this on a Sunday morning. “Why are you laughing?”
“Nothing,” you hum, delighted that you can practically hear the pout in his voice. His heart flutters. “I just like you a lot, that’s all.”
“So, can we date?” slips out of his mouth before he can even stop it, and he instantly stiffens when he feels your hand stop at the top of his head. He’s done it now, he curses. There goes everything he’s ever wanted. Why was he like this?
“Are we not already dating?” Confusion laces your voice, as he abruptly pushes himself off of you, eyes wide as saucers.
“We’re what?” he practically squeaks out, shaking. His hands grab the sheets of his bed, knuckles white. “When did this happen?”
“Azul, we cuddled all of last night during our date, and today, I woke up with you in my arms in your bed.”
“That was a date?!”
“Azul, when I asked if I could kiss you, and you said yes, what did you think that was for?”
“I- I don’t know! I thought you just picked up something from Vil! You know, as a friendly greeting?” he panics, still reeling from the fact that he went on a date without even knowing. Sure, to some, maybe cooking you dinner and watching your favorite movies all night while hugging may have looked like a date, but who was he to assume?
And sure, maybe when you asked him to bathe with you last night, he should’ve suspected something, but who is he to be weird about it when he’s been the one in water with other people for most of his life?
“You kissed me on the lips!” you nearly shout, and he wants to crawl inside an octopus pot because he feels so stupid. “Vil only does cheek kisses, too!”
You try your best to hold in your laughter, but it spills out, and through all his humiliation, Azul still thinks it’s one of the most wonderful sounds he’s ever heard in his life.
“Fine. In case it wasn’t clear already, Azul Ashengrotto, I love you so much. Can we date?” The last part is said teasingly, but he can only react by grumbling before sinking back into your arms.
“Yes, please." He’ll come up with a better way to respond later, perhaps when he calms down, but for now, he settles with his clumsy self and the feather-light kisses that cover his forehead.
(“So how many dates have we actually had?” Azul manages to ask as he’s whipping up breakfast and has come to terms with the fact that neither of you had been doing Just Friends activities for a while now. The realization takes him longer than expected, but hindsight is 20/20, and he wears glasses.
“Probably more than I can count,” you giggle, arms wrapped around his waist as you watch him chop up ingredients for an omelet. He groans apologetically. “But that’s okay because we can start all over right now.”)
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traumxrei-archive · 6 months ago
【 three's a party (and yuu does not want to play host) 】
author's note: this is a repost of my fic, but in tumblr-friendly format in case anyone dislikes ao3's formatting sjdkfsj (i've been there too dw) it's a little fic i wrote bc i had lots of octatrio brainrot n wanted to see how they'd react to crowley overworking the prefect. n then somehow this happened. kind of a filler as i work on the rest of the reqs + my leona fic, so i hope you enjoyed it if you haven't read it already !
characters: gn! yuu, azul ashengrotto, floyd leech, jade leech
warnings: non-graphic depictions of biting + blood (gee, thanks tweels but also please be careful if you're squeamish !!)
word count: 6.8k (i brainrot too hard-)
tags: uhhh octatrio *jazz hands*, yuu is overworked and underpaid (courtesy of crowley), let's pay floyd to become a professional cuddler, and pay jade to be a professional floyd-enabler, we blame the biting on both tweels, azul-typical deal making (becoming one of my fav tags ngl), protective octatrio ? hell yeah, protective octatrio !!
[ read it on ao3 | previous tumblr post ]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yuu was tired. They shuffled the papers in their arms, carrying two more folders filled with them. That sad excuse of a headmage has once again tasked them with something almost impossible. This time he was shirking his own duties to go off on some weekend getaway at the Scalding Sands.
"Now I leave these duties to you, Yuu-kun," Crowley had said, not even bothering to hide the suitcase or the travel outfit he had on. Heck, he was even slathering on sunscreen as he spoke to them.
"What is it this time, headmage?" Yuu asked, Grim clearly not paying attention as he gorged himself on the cookies Crowley had set up as a bribe.
Crowley pats at the two stacks of folders on his desk, "This side is the invoices, and this side is the supplies that we received. It'd be so helpful if you could, ah, help me out in matching and making sure they're all in order."
"F-funyah... That's gonna take a long time..." Grim backed up to the door. "I-I have to turn in my potions homework... Bye, henchman!" And, there goes Grim, leaving them alone to stare at the stack of papers.
"Ahem," Crowley awkwardly picked up his suitcase. "Well, I suggest you get started soon since I need this done by the end of the weekend. I wouldn't want you to shoulder your...excessive food funds." And then he was gone. Leaving Yuu with two stacks of terror and sleep deprivation.
Yuu's been working hard, with frequent breaks to nap so that....well, so they don't keel over and die. They've bounced around several different locations so far, searching for a spot to take care of these papers. They've been working at the library, infirmary, their own room, the cafeteria (when it wasn't mealtime), and even in Trein-sensei and Crewel-sensei's classrooms. The two teachers had sent Yuu equally as pitying looks before taking a few invoices and checking them over in the middle of their own work, which Yuu was really grateful for.
Their next spot was this place: Mostro Lounge. They just hoped that the Octatrio wouldn't find them too quickly. They still had work to get done after all. It wasn’t Jade that greets them at the entrance, much to Yuu's relief. Mostro Lounge was an ideal place to do work and almost no one would be willing to disturb a customer or gaze at their work too hard.
Yuu was quickly guided into a booth near the back next to the tank. Virtually no one sat there, due to the smallness of it but Yuu quite liked it. It was almost cozy there. They ordered a drink with espresso in it, trusting the Lounge would make something presentable out of it. Yuu then set out to work.
They had almost thirty minutes of undisturbed work before someone tapped their shoulder. Yuu looked up to see Floyd, leaning his whole body over the table, a wide grin on display. Great Seven, why did it have to be Floyd that found them first?
"Why didn't you tell me you were visiting today, Little Shrimp?" Floyd easily scooted into the booth, placing their drink down. "Thought I was smelling things earlier but Shrimpy’s name's on the order and that means I win~!"
"What...what did you win?"
"Well, it doesn't matter! Now let's go play~" He tugged hard at their arm, and it felt like he was about to rip it out of its socket. "We can go visit Azul too, to tell him I won, and then we can go swimming-"
"I can't, Floyd." The taller stopped talking immediately, his grin deflating into a frown. It tied Yuu's stomach in knots. They never knew how Floyd would react to rejection.
This time, he just whined, "Why not? 'S not like you're doing anything interesting."
"Uhm," Yuu tapped at the table. "It's not interesting, but imagine if Azul was bossing you aro-"
"Azul always does that though. Don't needa imagine it."
"-okay, so Azul's bossing you around. And he tells you to do something. Or else he'll make you do something you hate, for example...?"
Floyd pouted, "...letting Jade beat up all the small fries while I'm stuck with the dishes."
Yuu paused at the example, "A very Floyd answer. Or else he won't let you beat up the people who breached his contracts. For a whole month, you have to wash dishes instead."
"Not for a month!" He was whining even harder now.
"Exactly, that's why I need to do this," Yuu vaguely gestured at the papers.
Floyd's eyes lit up, "Or else Azul won't let you beat people up? Didn't know Shrimpy liked fighti-"
"No! Or else Crowley will do something like not letting me eat food at the cafeteria!"
"Oh," And Floyd gave them a pitying look– the Floyd Leech was feeling sympathetic for them, how pathetic did they have to be?– "Then we'll play next time?"
"Yes, I'll swim with you next time," Yuu said, relieved that he understood. "I promise. Thank you for letting me work, Floyd." The blue-haired nodded, but he didn't move from his spot.
Yuu sipped at the drink– something sugary that hid the espresso really well– as they continued to work. Floyd's gaze burned into them quite intently but there was nothing they could do when he was already being so good.
Then there was a finger squishing their cheek and Floyd was grinning again, "I had a great idea~ How 'bout we sit so I can squeeze Shrimpy and Shrimpy can keep doing the boring stuff? C'mon, c'mon I'll keep you company." Yuu nodded and was immediately lifted up right into the air by the armpits. Like a cat. Yuu swore that they weren't that light, it was just the students at this school that were on crack or something for them to be that strong.
Floyd hummed as he placed them between his thighs, "See, see~ This is so much more fun." His frame draped over them slightly, arms wrapping around their waist as their back met his front. It was kind of like having a weighted blanket wrapped around them, except it wasn't warm, just...oddly comforting.
"Alright, Floyd," Yuu felt him fiddling with their uniform. "Just...don't squeeze too hard." Work went on as usual, with Floyd occasionally playing with their hair, or even nipping at their ears or neck. Yuu elbowed him when he did that. His teeth were too sharp for those seemingly innocent actions to actually be innocent. One bite and they might just bleed out, right in that dingy corner at Mostro Lounge. There was also a chance that he might pick them up and drop them on the ground once he got bored of sitting around.
But after a while, Floyd was suspiciously still. His head settled onto Yuu's shoulder, the little puffs of his breath tickling Yuu's neck every few seconds. Yuu looked over at him, brushing back his bangs to see what Floyd was doing only to find him...asleep.
The Floyd Leech was asleep. On their shoulder. That wasn't something they expected to happen when they walked in here. Floyd whined a bit in his sleep, squeezing a bit tighter. Yuu shushed at him, patting his hair to placate him. He grew silent after a bit, and Yuu released a breath.
Waking Floyd was probably going to be a headache, so they continued to work. Or was trying to continue their work, before a set of familiar footsteps had stopped at their table. They didn't bother looking up, assuming it was the waiter, here to take their drink.
"My, so this was where Floyd escaped to," – Yuu's shoulders tensed before remembering they had a sleeping eel at their back– "He was always better at sniffing out prey than me."
Ignoring the fact that they got called prey, Yuu acknowledged the calmer-looking Leech, "Jade-senpai."
"I'll come back with some tea," Jade said, taking their empty glass. "Something relaxing, perhaps? You look a little stressed, Yuu-san."
Yuu nodded, "I'd...appreciate that. How much will that be? I already paid for the drink before, just in case I forgot."
"Mmm," Jade's expression turned contemplative. "It's supposed to sell at 12 thaumarks, but since I'll be dining with you, I'll foot half the bill."
"That's...oddly nice of you," Yuu said, knowing that the other wouldn't take offense at such a comment.
And surprise surprise, Jade merely smiled, razor-sharp this time, "I'm offended that you'd think so little of me." Then Jade was gone, in a flurry of perfectly placed movements. Yuu sighed, looking down at the papers in front of them. It just never seemed to end, and they would be hitting their limit soon. A nap was in due order.
Jade arrived with the tea set in no time, "Ah, think of this as repayment for getting Floyd to sleep. He's been complaining that his teeth were hurting and that he wanted to go back to the ocean...it has been quite troublesome, for both me and Azul."
"That's...not good." Yuu watched, enraptured by the way Jade was very elegantly preparing the tea. Damn him and his near-perfectionism in everything. It made him that much harder to be wary of.
"Well, he was asking me to play around, but I had really pressing work and he seemed to get it so..."
"He fell asleep soon after that?"
"He was squeezing me, but after a while, he must've dozed off," Yuu shrugged.
"My, how soft, to fall asleep in front of prey," Jade placed their cup in front of them, staring over at the sleeping Leech. "Try adding some sugar to the tea." Yuu pours a spoonful in and gasped as the tea turns from a dark blue to purple color.
There's a delight in Jade's face, maybe at their reaction, "Stir it, Yuu-san."
Yuu does, and the color changes once more, from purple to light pink.
"What kind of...magical tea is this?" Yuu held up their cup like it was going to run away from them.
"A...personal blend of mine," Jade chuckled lightly. "I've found that some plants I encounter while I do my club activities make the most fascinating teas."
Yuu narrowed their eyes at the cup, "This isn't...going to make me see hallucinations right? I really need to focus on this before Crowley wrings me out."
"Oh no, although I do know of a blend that does so, this is merely a relaxant." Jade takes a sip of his own cup as if to demonstrate its harmlessness. "I make this blend for Azul sometimes when he's got a lot of work to deal with."
Yuu braved a sip and felt a warm tingle make its way down their throat. With a sigh, Yuu felt all the muscles start to soften and they sag back against Floyd's front.
"Oh yeah, very good," Yuu took another sip, flexing their hands to get the invisible ants out.
"What have you been working on?" Jade asked, gesturing at the papers. "Something for the headmage?"
Yuu groaned, staring at the still-hefty stack of papers, "Crowley- I mean, our benevolent headmage has left a student in charge of checking invoices for the school's purchases while he goes off for a weekend escapade."
"That is...certainly a difficult situation," Jade eyed the papers. "I could help you with some, but I might need to go if Azul calls. How many of these have you gone through already?"
"There were two stacks of these, a meter tall on his desk before he left."
Jade patted their head sympathetically, grabbing a folder, "I think I can relate, especially on the part where my boss makes unreasonable demands. But at least the pay is, mmm, more handsome on those days."
And then they were working. Amicably, to Yuu's surprise. Jade Leech was a good work partner when he wasn't condescending or trying to be scary. (He didn't have to try that hard, he was already imposing enough.) Jade was efficient, and Yuu felt like their brain was turning to mush by the minute. The tea was making them drowsy as well, so that wasn't helping their situa-
Suddenly, there were teeth at their neck...? There were teeth at their neck, real and sharp from the way the jaw of their perpetrator flexed slightly against their skin. Yuu's head snapped up, "Uhm, Floy...d...?"
Floyd was grumbling quietly before the teeth are gone, "Ja~de, stop tryna steal Shrimpy from me!" His hold on them suddenly tightened, his leg moving to tangle in theirs. The teeth are back on their neck as if they'd never left. Yuu swallowed slowly, hoping that they'd get to leave this situation alive as they looked at Jade.
Jade looked unimpressed at Floyd's behavior, "Floyd, it is rude to treat Yuu-san that way when they've been courteous enough to let you sleep as they work." He set the papers he was working on aside as he focused on his twin.
It's nerve-wracking to be in the middle of a fight between these two because, well, Yuu had never seen them fight before. Sure, there are times when they disagreed, but they usually settle it quickly. Now, being the main reason why they were fighting in the first place...Yuu wasn't sure they could survive this. Maybe they should start writing a will, to give away what little possessions they had.
"I know! 'S not Little Shrimp's fault," Floyd whined and rubbed his head against Yuu's nape. "It's cuz of you, now go away, Jade, I don't wanna share."
And then like a switch was flipped, Jade smiled, all provocation, "Well, Yuu-san doesn't belong to you, Floyd." There's a tense silence and Yuu lamented going back to writing their will. Why would Jade say something that would rile him up even more? Now Floyd had his legs wrapped around Yuu's thighs, arms squeezing to the point of discomfort. And the worst part was that those teeth were still scratching at their nape.
"Floyd, I'd appreciate it if you don't bite my ne-" - Yuu shivered as the teeth pressed in a little harder. "My neck." They sat up as best they could, reaching a hand back to pet at Floyd's hair. His grip relaxed the slightest bit. "I'll die if you do."
"But if I don't bite, then Jade'll bite first. And I wanna bite first." Floyd said, so matter-of-factly that any other person would've thought he was talking about lunch. Yuu glanced over at Jade, who doesn't refute the statement, and instead looks amused. Amused, of all things! The gall of this...this overly tall mer-eel!
"No one's biting anyone, please," Yuu argued weakly. "I...really need my neck in one piece." It's a stalemate because Floyd won't let go, Jade won't leave, and Yuu's literally stuck between a rock and a hard place. And they've been stressed all day, so whatever they could do to get out of this...
A flicker of an idea appeared in Yuu's mind, and before they could think too hard, they blurted, "Does it have to be my neck?"
Jade looked visibly surprised by their statement, "You're...going to let him bite you?"
Yuu felt miserable at the prospect, "I have work to do. If this will get you both to quiet down then it's worth it. I think."
"Yay! I get to bite Little Shrimp!" Floyd cheered, jostling Yuu around. "I wonder, will Shrimpy taste like a shrimp...?" The question was asked so innocently that it left Yuu dumbfounded.
"Uhm, then how about my arm...?" They were facing Floyd now, offering up their right arm.
Floyd took it, kneading it between his hands, "Hmm... Not as squishy as your cheeks or tummy, but it'll do for today!" Jade hasn't said anything in a while, but he seemed interested as his twin rolled up the sleeve of their uniform and blazer. Well, there goes their last chance of getting out of this.
"Don't move, Little Shrimp, or else the blood'll go everywhere, like whoosh," Floyd made a gushing motion. "Kinda like those fancy fountains, 'cept it'll be blood~"
Was this a horrible idea? Yes. Were they going to regret this later? Oh yes, most certainly. But was it happening? Begrudgingly, also yes.
And Yuu tried not to imagine the blood fountain in their mind as Floyd clamped down on their arm. He didn't waste any time, immediately biting down. They winced. His teeth were sharp enough to cut into their skin effortlessly. Floyd smiled against their arm in content, once again confirming that Floyd Leech was slightly insane. They didn't move until he finally pulled away.
There was blood everywhere, on his teeth, lips, and even his chin, but Floyd grinned, "Y'know, 's not bad! Doesn't taste like a shrimp, but still good." He made a show of licking the wound again, "Aha, my teeth hurt of so long, so thank you, Shrimpy!"
Their arm is throbbing– burning, actually– but it didn't hurt as much as they'd expected. Maybe it was the adrenaline rushing in their ears, but they felt a little too calm and overwhelmed at the same time. There was a tingling when Floyd licked over it again, and Yuu belatedly wondered if eelmer saliva was toxic to humans.
"C'mon, Jade. You wanna bite too, right?" Floyd smiled gleefully, facing his twin. Wait...what? "Look, Shrimpy. He looks so hungry~" Yuu looked up and there's something dark in Jade's eyes. Shit. Shit, shit, shit, they had almost forgotten that both of them were clinically insane. What kind of sane person liked the taste of human blood anyway?
Jade stood, politely smiling, "Scoot over, Floyd." Said Leech backed up in the booth, giggling all the while and tugging Yuu with him.
"W-wait, how come Jade-senpai's biting me too-!"
Jade's hand grips at their forearm, glove staining with red, "My, it is rude to offer this one of us and not the other."
"He's right! And you taste good, so don't worry."
"I- I thought you didn't want to share !"
Floyd looked sinister as he grinned again, still bloody, "Well that's before. Now's now. Now be a good shrimp and let Jade bite you~" Yuu resisted the urge to kick at Jade as he settled between their legs. Calm down, this guy was just helping out before. Calm down.
Jade swept back his hair as he brought their arm closer, "I promise I'll be gentle."
It's not reassuring at all when Jade says it while smiling that smile that reminds Yuu of a predator baring its teeth. And just like that, there was a second bite on their arm. It didn't hurt as much as the first, but maybe they were growing numb to the pain by now.  Jade lapped at the blood and hummed as if pleased by the taste before retracting his teeth.
Yuu stared at the twin bites on their arm with disappointment, "You two are...literally the worst. If I die of an infection, I am not writing you guys into my will."
“Shrimpy didn’t move so it’ll heal,” Floyd petted their hair to mollify them, "Tastes pretty good, right Jade? It scratches that itch, so there's also a bonus~"
Jade nodded, licking the blood dripping down his chin, staining his shirt, "I must say, that was satisfactory." The twins flash Yuu their sharp grins, both equally caked in their blood and now Yuu remembered exactly why these two were twins. They were cut from the same piece of cloth, after all.
"Please don't say you're gonna eat me or something, I'm not food," Yuu grumbled, cupping their arm. "Could you at least get some tissues? The blood's getting everywhere." Floyd grabbed the whole tissue stand, stuffing it into Yuu's hand. But he made no effort to move from his position where he was cuddling into Yuu. Jade was no different, passively watching and occasionally helping with the used tissues.
"What in Seven's name are you doing?"
The voice made them flinch. Yuu looked up, only to make eye contact with one horrified Azul Ashengrotto. Jade doesn't look all that surprised as he turned, and Floyd gave Azul a big wave.
"Is that...Yuu–?" Azul sighed tiredly. "Up, all of you. To the VIP Room. Now."
"Yes, sir."
Floyd lifted them up with him as he stood, acting as a barrier between the rest of Mostro Lounge and their little party of four. At this point, Yuu couldn’t bring it on themself to say they could walk and just let Floyd do his thing.
"Ooh, Azul looks real mad," He mused, frowning. "But we were just havin' fun, me, Shrimpy, and Jade were."
They're placed on the couch. Or, they're placed on Floyd's lap as he sat on the couch, was a more accurate statement. Jade walked in, bloodied glove in his breast pocket as he carried a stack of papers.
"Thanks, Jade-senpai."
"Not to worry, it was me and Floyd who, ah, inconvenienced you," He sat down next to the two, exchanging another chilling smile with Floyd. Crazy, both of them were.
"Tell me why I was working peacefully when I get a report that, and I quote, 'The Leech brothers are mauling a customer'?" Azul paced around in front of the three on the couch. “Mauling” was...well, it wasn't entirely off. Their arm was still throbbing, and the blood hadn't stopped flowing yet.
"We weren't mauling the Little Shrimp," Floyd huffed, offended at the accusation. "We were just playing 'n Shrimpy said a little bite was okay."
"Quite," Jade nodded as if saddened. "I was having a nice conversation with Yuu-san before the, ah, biting, as Floyd said." They said it as if both of them didn't have blood staining their chins and the collars of their shirts. Yuu just wanted to work in peace. Why did they end up in this situation?
Azul dragged a hand over his face, "Show me." Yuu leaned as far forward as they could with Floyd holding on to them. The bites certainly didn't look as clean as before. The blood was beginning to drip. It looked kinda scary, actually. Yuu was sure there was some sort of paralyzing agent in their saliva, or else maybe they'd be screaming their heads off from the pain.
"I'll hear your explanations later. Jade, Floyd, for now, step outside the room."
Floyd's grip tightened, "Eh, but I don't wanna~"
"Floyd, let's let Azul have a turn," Jade placed a hand on his twin’s shoulder. "It'll only be about five minutes."
"I'm not some toy you can have a turn on." And Jade just smiled at the retaliation, as if he thought it was funny they were complaining after everything that happened.
Floyd reluctantly let go, "I'll be back in no time, Shrimpy."
"If you heal it all the way, we might just have to bite Yuu-san again, Azul," Jade called out before he left. Crazy bastards.
"Don't forget to change your clothes, you got blood everywhere!" Azul shouted after them before standing. He grabbed a cloth and a potion from his drawer.
He sighed as he stared at all the blood, "Let's get it cleaned up before you get an infection."
"Is their saliva poisonous?" Yuu tried not to flinch as Azul ran the cloth around the edges of the bite.
"Not as toxic as their animal counterparts, but I know that there's something that may cause infections," Azul looked up at Yuu before looking back down. "Why would you, out of all people, give them permission to bite you?"
"Well...Floyd was threatening to bite my neck-" Azul almost dropped the cloth at that. "L-Long story short, he was...er, squeezing me and he fell asleep. Jade-senpai came around with some tea, we were discussing my work and Floyd woke up."
"I see. I'm assuming he didn't want to share?" He poured half of the potion onto the bites. The skin knits together, and it's almost like it never happened, save for the light pink scars left on their arm.
Yuu sighed, "It wasn't my brightest decision, I was really tired so to save my own neck, I offered my arm. To Floyd. but then Jade-senpai just..."
"That's when you should be cautious," Azul ruffled their hair. "Rule number two when dealing with the Leeches, what one gets, the other covets too."
"What's rule number one ?"
"Where one goes, the other will follow," Azul looked a bit sorry as he ran a finger over the scars. "Next time don't let them bite you. Call me when they're being unreasonable."
"What's the price?"
"The...price?" Azul looked momentarily askew as if deals or favors from him don't usually have a price tag attached to them. But he recovered quickly. "Well, the payment will be–"
The door is flung open unceremoniously, "Azul! It's been five minutes so now I get a turn!" And there are the twins, looking more like students rather than murderers this time.
Jade placed himself next to Azul. Yuu paid them no mind, no doubt they must've been talking about Mostro Lounge's affairs. Floyd nestled back beside them, this time burying his face in their stomach. Yuu sucked in a breath at the action, having seen literally firsthand what the eel’s teeth can do. The blue-haired giggled like it was funny.
"No more biting," Yuu pleaded. "I really need to do this by the end of today." Yuu picked up the abandoned papers, eyeing the one folder that they haven't sorted through yet. They won't be getting any sleep if that isn't done.
"What've you been doin' Shrimpy?" Floyd asked, wrapping his arms around their torso.
"Hmm? Oh, these are invoices. There are papers that say what's been delivered and what's been ordered. Crowley's forcing me to check them."
"Sounds bo~ring," Floyd singsonged, snatching a paper from Yuu's hand. "What if we set them on fire and build one of those bonfire things instead?"
Yuu took the paper, "I'd get in trouble. Remember washing dishes?" And Floyd shuddered at that, which Yuu found to be a little bit of a cute reaction.
"Are you getting paid, Prefect?" Oh, so Azul was paying attention to them.
They glanced up to find both Azul and Jade staring at them, "Well no. But he did threaten to cut the food funds again, so-"
"Cutting the food funds?" Azul scoffed.
"Again?" Jade's eyebrows furrowed.
There was a short silence before Floyd sat up, "I volunteer to squeeze the headmage! I'll do a great job for you, Little Shrimp."
"What? No, he'll expel you." And the eel deflated before latching onto them again like they were some sort of throw pillow. Yuu glanced warily at Azul and Jade, who all of a sudden had their business smiles on.
Azul approached them first, "How about you work for Mostro Lounge?"
"You mean as waitstaff?" Yuu tilted their head. "I already take up shifts most weeks, but-"
"Not work at Mostro Lounge, Yuu-san," Jade said in that ever so polite tone of his. "Work for the Lounge. Like me and Floyd."
"Uhuh...like you and Floyd," Yuu briefly imagined themself fighting students from other dorms and...nope. That's impossible because one spell and they'll be sent straight to heaven. If they even had heaven here.
"Your work wouldn't be too different to what you're doing right now," Azul sat down on the coffee table, minding the papers. "Usually I am in charge of matching up invoices, but since the business has grown it's been getting a bit...much. I can assure you that you'd be paid handsomely." And Yuu felt like they were being dragged into a trap.
"Ooh, Azul's got a great idea! I get to see Little Shrimp every day!" Floyd's gaze turned contemplative. "But it might get boring. But it might not. So let's do it~"
"Plus," And Yuu jumped when they heard Jade's voice beside them, his arm already on Yuu's forearm. "If you're here then maybe we'll get another taste."
Yuu whipped their arm back, "No more biting. I'm serious, one time's enough." And ugh, Yuu really didn't want to get stuck between these two again.
"If I may," Azul spread his arms wide. "We can set up a contract– a work one, now don't look at me like that– and work out the details of that some other time. For now, we just need your affirmation to the deal."
"Maybe you should hire someone more capable?" Yuu couldn't believe that Azul was hiring someone like them for this job. It's not like they were a professional, they've been doing this for two days after all.
"You're more than capable, Yuu-san," Jade gestured at their work. "You've been doing the headmage's work for him. There might not be anyone as capable as you."
"Jade is right. And also, Mostro Lounge doesn't only value capability," Azul held their gaze, and there's something like warmth there. "We also value trust. There's a reason why we haven't hired another working for the internal system all this time." It's because they haven't found someone trustworthy enough. The words were left unspoken but Yuu swallowed hard.
Azul? Trusting them? Even though they were just invoices, nothing like contracts or other sensitive details like funds, it was still...something. A lot more than they thought Azul, and the Leeches by extension, would've been willing to give them. The trio had always seemed to be impenetrable, so why were they suddenly making space for someone like them?
In an instant, there were arms binding theirs, accompanied by Floyd's cheerful voice, "Shrimpy's taking too long. Imma squeeze till you say yes~"
And, well, there goes the touching mood. Azul and Jade look unfazed as if this was part of the plan should they turn away the deal. Which meant that...this was a trap all along. Was that whole spiel about trust real...? Yuu didn't know when they had time to coordinate their attacks like this, they worked too seamlessly for them to notice.
Yuu thumped their head against Floyd's chest, "Coercion. Great. Fine, I'll do it."
There's a short silence before Azul takes their hand, "It's a deal." His voice was uncharacteristically soft and Yuu barely registered the chaste kiss that he gave their knuckles. Then Yuu felt their brain short circuit because what. Azul just kissed their-
"Aha, Shrimpy's face was so funny," Floyd cupped their face, leaning closer. "Hey, will Shrimpy do it again if I kiss on th-"
Yuu scrambled, pressing a hand to the grinning eels' lips, "No kissing! No more kissing! Not now, not ever." They tumbled back-first into Jade, Floyd's weight still insistent on their front.
"My, I am quite offended that Azul got a free pass on that rule," Jade said lightly, though his arms were gripping Yuu's shoulders quite firmly. "What do you think, Floyd?"
"Well...I let Shrimpy work. And Shrimpy let me sleep. But then I bit Shrimpy. And now there's no kiss," Floyd counted on his fingers. "That means that we get to choose what to play next time~"
And oh Seven's above, that sounded like a terrible idea.
Yuu looked over at their potential savior, "Azul-senpai, you-"
"I'm already helping you," Azul said, waving a hand. "As your future boss, I'll handle these last few invoices. You can handle their games for a little more, right?"
"Poor little Yuu-san has no one to help," Jade said in a mocking tone. "Then, as Floyd said, we'll choose what to do next time. For now, you can do what you'd like."
"Mhm! I'm bein' super obedient right now, like one of those Savanaclaw pups," Floyd boasted, still in the process of crushing their ribs with his weight.
And Yuu was tired. These two were too unpredictable, and Azul...Azul was a dick when he chose to be. Which were most times. The exhaustion was clinging to them now, and their body ached, from the biting and the sitting and the working and- everything.
In a small voice, they voiced their request, "Uh, then can I borrow a bed...?"
Jade raised an eyebrow, "Well, that's quite forward of you to ask-"
"N-Not for that kind of bed stuff, ugh," Yuu made sure to pinch the inside of his wrist. They were sure they saw Azul turning red too behind the papers he was reading.
"Ooh, what type of bed stuff then, Little Shrimp?" Floyd sat himself up, sitting on Yuu's lap now. "Pillow fighting? But Azul's banned us because we broke a lot of things last time."
"No, I just...I wanted to take a nap," And their ears burn at the request. "I've...been working all day long and I didn't get any good sleep last night." Maybe it's because it's Jade, Floyd, and Azul, but it seems too silly to ask something like that out loud.
But instead of the teasing response that they expected, Floyd looked sympathetic. He patted their head, "I get that too when my teeth ache too much. 'S annoying."
Jade returned– when did he even leave?– with a pillow in hand, "You can use this couch to lie on. It's a lot more comfortable when we remove the back pillows. Azul uses it to sleep sometimes."
Azul coughed into his hand, "Ah, it's convenient to have a bed in the office, I work late hours, so I had them put it in." And it's kind of...domestic to imagine Azul squeezing onto this couch late at night.
Yuu dragged themself up, watching as Jade detached the big pillows and unfolded a sheet. The sight of something bed-like had the melatonin rushing their brain, and they can feel themself growing hazier and hazier by the minute.
"C'mon, little sleepy Shrimp," Floyd tugged them onto the softness of the couch. "I'll be your blanket for today~" And Yuu couldn't find it in themself to argue as they removed their blazer, flopping into the pillow Jade had laid out. Floyd immediately covered them much like a blanket, folding his limbs around them. Jade was sitting by their head, and there was a gloved hand stroking their hair. Oh, the couch felt like heaven against their skin, and Floyd didn't make that bad of a blanket. And Jade was...comforting... Yuu stifled a yawn.
"Sorry that I'm bothering you guys so much," Yuu found themself mumbling as they grew sleepier.
"No, no," They heard Azul reply. "It has been a rather good day since you've decided to bother us." They were sure Jade had said something, and Floyd had chimed in, but they couldn't hear it anymore. The tide of sleep had already swept them away.
Tumblr media
[ omake : octatrio’s new companion ]
"Their heartbeat's real slow," Floyd commented, ear pressed against the Prefect's chest. "I think Little Shrimp's already asleep."
"Shame they didn't hear what we said," Jade chucked, still stroking at their hair. It seemed that they got a haircut since he saw them last, and it looked...quite good on them, he thought.
Azul clicked his tongue, "I can't believe that headmage. Giving them two stacks of these to get done in two days? No wonder they were exhausted." The three were thinking about how Crowley sometimes abused the power he had over their little Ramshackle Prefect, and how they didn't quite like how tired Yuu had been.
"When they wake up, maybe let's play swimming, but in the pool," Floyd said, gently tracing the scar on their arm. "Feel bad for Shrimpy if we go to the Coral Sea all of a sudden."
"You're being really nice, Floyd," Although it was Jade who asked, Azul agreed. Floyd was being really docile around the Prefect at times.
"Well...I like the way Shrimpy talks to me!" Floyd tightened his grip on Yuu. "They don't get mad every two seconds like everyone else. But 's not like they don't ever get mad, 's just they're better than everyone else." An answer that was equal parts genuine and Floyd.
"I noticed that too," Azul said, collecting the papers into a stack. "They seem to treat us without that many reservations. Which is equally foolish and brave."
"It is quite amusing to see them still being occasionally wary," Jade said, smiling down at their sleeping prey. "They choose the best moments."
"Ooh, can we keep 'em longer?" Floyd asked in a bright tone. "Wanna play with them some more~"
The three silently gazed at the sleeping human. The subtle movement of Yuu's chest alerted them that they were alive, and showed just how fragile this person in front of them was. Magicless. There would be no way for them to protect themselves with magic. They would die from the simplest of poisons, too. So...very weak. But that's also what made them all the more worthwhile for the trio. They were quite fond of this magicless and weak creature they had befriended.
"Let's see where this goes," Azul glanced up at the twins. "If everything goes well then maybe we can take them with us to the Coral Sea someday?" And the Leech twins smile something not-so-sinister, the closest they can get to warmth. Azul himself has that grin on his face as he continued to take on the extra work alongside Jade, while Floyd watched over them.
Maybe that little sleeping shrimp would be the one to scale the tall, tall walls that the trio had built around themselves. Maybe they would let Yuu actually see who they were, instead of a mix of the personas they had built to keep themselves safe. But that would be for another time. Today, they were just content watching them peacefully doze.
Tumblr media
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auld-a · 2 months ago
hello hello, i am here again to make a request, with the dormleader with a male reader who is the prince of their stories(like malleus with philip!reader and riddle with alice!reader) i just think it would be funny (and also bcs i haven't seen people do this so-)
TWST Dormleaders x Prince!Yuu
Dude this prompt has been stuck in my head I just haven't written it for whatever reason so I thank you for giving me an excuse to do so
🌹Riddle Rosehearts🌹
I love this dynamic omfg
Alice’s immediate response to seeing Riddle is to look up, speak nicely, stop twiddling his fingers, point out his toes, curtsy, opens his mouth a little wider and exclaims “YES YOUR MAJESTY!”
Riddle is spooked at first but then goes “At least SOMEONE knows the rules”
Alice is incredibly reckless due to intense curiosity
But everytime Riddle gets onto you, you look up at him and go “But my queen, it was oh so curious”
Hearing your mid-atlantic accent he can’t stay mad at you you’re just too sweet🥺
You’ve been through Wonderland once before so you at least know how to play their version of croquet and a couple of the rules
I feel like a couple of times Alice would purposely break the rules to get collared because he’s so interested in how it works
Alice is just a tad naive due to his curiosity in EVERYTHING so if Riddle and Alice are having tea time and a white rabbit passes by, Alice will chase it
Riddle only knows the story of the Queen of Hearts not Alice In Wonderland so this makes no sense to him
Imagine a very short person running after a rabbit in the fields with Riddle the Housewarden chasing them in his dorm uniform😭
I can’t stop thinking of Alice with puffy blue dresses with ribbon decor, so cute I love
Alice and Chenya are immediate BFFS
Alice keeps calling him “Cheshire Cat” which he doesn’t get but he’s happy to go along with it
That scene when the Cheshire cat is distracting Alice from the Queen during a game of croquet but with Male! Alice, Chenya, and Riddle
Riddle keeps hearing small giggles behind him but he doesn’t understand why
Alice introduces the Hearslaybul boys to the “Painting the roses red” song
It’s their anthem now
Alice is overall a very happy boy who drags Adeuce on adventures and gives his queen a heart attack but also kiss attacks
Heartslaybul has been a more joyous place with the arrival of Alice
🦁Leona Kingscholar🦁
Isn’t….. isn’t the prince…. cheka
He is
He is the prince
I don’t know how to write this unless I break some moral codes which I’m not feeling up to
I’m sorry :,)
🐙Azul Ashengrotto🐙
This is everything
He would fall in love with Azul when he hears his singing voice
But of course in proper Little Mermaid fashion, Eric doesn’t know who said voice belongs to
He goes around the school for days, asking if someone knows someone with “The voice of an angel🥺”
This dude is a hopeless romantic who definitely believes in love at first sight (or song ig)
I think Jade catches on pretty quickly to who he’s talking about
He doesn’t do anything for a while until he decides to tell Floyd, who on the contrary thinks it would be entertaining to very much do something about it
Cue a montage of them elaborately trying to get you to realize that the person you’re looking for is Azul but just narrowly missing
This includes the boat scene
Floyd actually did end up knocking the boat over bc he was bored
When Floyd’s enthusiasm dies he’s just like “Yo the person you were looking for is Azul”
Eric: Finally the love of my life has come to me🥺
Eric is very well versed in the ways of the sea considering he spent a lot of his life on it so he knows plenty about the sea life in Twisted Wonderland or is interested in learning
This means Azul would give him a water breathing potion so he can explore underwater
It takes a lot of convincing to get Azul to come with him since he’s still kind of insecure about his octopus form
But when Eric gives him the puppy dog eyes it’s game over
He’s gushing all over Azul telling him how beautiful and majestic he is
Azul almost inks
He actually does when Eric squeezes the life out of him due to excitement
He just loves his octo bf so much🥹
But he’s still a prince so he’ll spoil Azul with his princely manners
Will always pull out a chair for him, lead him in dancing, sword fight someone in his honor etc.
The tweels think it’s kind of pathetic how head over heels he is for Azul but Azul is just as enamored, just less showy about it
Discounts at the Monstro lounge is a given
There definitely was a time when Eric was knocked into the water and couldn’t get back up so Azul had to dive in to save him
🥳Kalim Al-Asim🥳
This is super cute but Aladdin has no idea how to deal
He’s dirt poor but he managed to land a partner that’s filthy rich
I mean it wouldn’t be the first time
But because of his upbringing that means that he’s become very perceptive of bad people
He probably warned Kalim before Jamil’s overblot, Kalim refused to believe him though because he was so convinced Jamil would never do anything to hurt him
He understood where he was coming from and wanted to say “Yeah you’re probably right” but he knew it wasn’t true
But he also knew Kalim wouldn’t listen to him so his hands were kind of tied
But blah blah blah Jamil’s overblot happened, Aladdin saved the day fluffy stuff
Kalim loves Abu he just wants to give him a little squeeze
Abu is slippery though so he just feeds him food
Abu likes him a bunch because of this
On days where Kalim wants to take Aladdin for a magic carpet ride he’s like “BRO I GOT ONE TOO””OMG TWINS”
There’s a lot of carpet races because of this
But on a night where Aladdin was feeling particularly romantic he serenaded him with “I can show you the world”
Kalim cried
The way that Kalim best shows affection is through material items since that’s something he knows he’s good at
He throws a lot of expensive jewelry and clothes at Aladdin
It’s not like Aladdin doesn’t appreciate it but he doesn’t need those things to be happy
All he needs is Kalim
When he tells him that, Kalim starts crying Part 2
Because of Aladdin’s tendency to swipe things he probably shouldn’t this kind of gets him into trouble a bunch
That is if anyone could catch him
Just like his pal Abu he’s a slippery fellow
Kalim finds it endearing
🦚Vil Schoenheit🦚
No hate to The Prince but he has the personality of a thumb
He’s only gotten two scenes in the movie and doesn’t even have an official name
So I’ll just call him Prince ig
But Vil and Prince are kind of the perfect couple ngl
Vil thinks of himself as a Queen and who better for a Queen than a soon to be King?
Prince simps for Vil so hard
Like I don’t know how to verbally express how much
He would die for Vil, he would kill for his Queen, every formal interaction he will get on one knee and kiss Vil’s hand, the power dynamic is kinda 🫣🥴
This just gives me “loyal puppy dog Prince x powerful ‘will kill you if you touch him’ Queen”
Of course Vil is like 😏
Prince treats him like the Queen he knows he is and Vil is obsessed with the never ending attention
He reciprocates through giving him his full attention whenever he can
Even something as small as a peck on the cheek means everything to Prince
His Queen😳
With someone as low as a Prince😳
This cannot be possible😳
But oh it is possible and Vil makes sure he knows that
He loves his loyal lover to the stars and back and he makes sure it’s known by always keeping a hand around his waist
It’s less out of protection than it is possessiveness
But it makes Prince SWOON
Any person who dares argue his Queen’s beauty or strength he will fight
He sees this as saving his Queen’s time
If they can’t take him they have no privilege to even try with Vil
this sounds like sebek omfg
Bridal carrying Vil🥹
🎮Idia Shroud🎮
There’s just so much potential here my guys
Even more so if I went by real Ancient Greece that shit was crazy
But this is Disney so I won’t
Hercules knows NOTHING about half the crap that goes on in Twisted Wonderland
“We must sacrifice the finest cattle in honor of the gods””Lol cool let’s play minecraft””What craft is yours?”
I don’t think Idia would have a lot of social anxiety around him after a bit
He’s very knew to everything in Twisted Wonderland, he doesn’t know how society or technology works, he doesn’t know how to dress, etc. so for someone like Idia to take him under his wing he looks up to him as if he was almost a god (only in twisted wonderland ofc he don’t disrespect the pantheon like that)
When Idia tells him of the story of Hades Hercules casually drops the “Oh yeah I know, he’s my uncle”
“….Bitch say sike rn”
Tbh the interactions between your two worlds is very interesting in of itself
I mean it’s obvious twisted wonderland doesn’t have “gods”. Worshipped one’s absolutely but not in the way Earth does
And considering Greek Mythology is a very real thing on Earth but the concept of Hades at least exists in twst means that Greek Mythology exists there too
But they didn’t have ancient Greece
This shit confusing I’ll just stop the existentialism right there
If he tells Idia about his world and origins that’s kind of an existential bend for Idia lol
Like he’s learning that most of the things his dorm has/are involved in was specifically named after an assortment of stories in his partner’s world?
Mind. Blown.
But also we can’t forget the fact that lil ol Idia is deadass dating a DEMIGOD
I don’t think that concept exists in twst but when he explains he like “OOOO BOY😳”
A very muscular man who came through his mirror from a different dimension not only is related to one of the Great Seven but is also the son to a being that is essentially the ruler of their universe????
Hercules would use him as a weight while exercising and Idia has his switch out playin Animal Crossing or something
Any time Frisbee is played near them he’s actively shielding Idia
He can’t risk anything after what happened to his (technically) brother Apollo
If you know, you know
🐉Malleus Draconia🐉
This one would be so funny
I’m positive Phillip knows who Maleficent is and her role in his “one true love”’s story
But imagine his surprise when he’s like “The princess is sweet but the dragon fae that’s similar to the person who tried to curse her is kinda😳👀”
He’s a hero who lived long enough to be with the villain
Being from the 14th century he knows just as much about modern things as Malleus does
Meaning Phillip is very suited towards his courting style
Phillip practicing fencing with Sebek or Silver is a must
Phillip desperately wants to see Malleus’ dragon form
It’s not anything he hasn’t seen before and he likes the idea of literally flying into battle with his bf
Phillip knows much about history and arts so Lilia and him get on swell
I think he can play many classical instruments, so he likes to serenade Malleus with a violin or piano
He would most definitely create a rendition of “Once Upon A Dream” for him too
Being a 14th century person who was thrusted to a different dimension in the future, I think he’s really into theatre
Phillip brings Malleus to many plays
Phillip hears from friends Adeuce when dorm leader meetings are held which he relays to Malleus to ensure he’s not left out of important manners
Ballroom dancing together🥺
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http-rae · 24 days ago
🍷꒱ prompts !
videogame; twisted wonderland
pairing; azul ashengrotto/jade leech × gn! reader (ft. floyd)
Tumblr media
azul/jade and yuu are looking at each other's eyes.
floyd: *opens a soda can*
azul/jade: we're having a moment.
floyd: i'm having a cola.
Tumblr media
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honeyuuyuu · 27 days ago
" 𝙄'𝙡𝙡 𝙗𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙟𝙪𝙙𝙜𝙚 𝙤𝙛 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩."
Tumblr media
Errr- some debate club ideas for Honeyuu???
How they would look like during club sessions I guess-
How I thought it would form is when she defended A*ul from a salty victim of his who foolishly signed a contract with him in the past, and Honey basically flipped the tables on him by saying they’re the “slimy idiot”-
so- yeah- whoo-
Instagram  ✎  Devianart  ✎ Reblogs help! ^^    
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ladyorchidia · 3 months ago
Azul Ashengrotto x Great White Shark!reader AU
Part 1, Part 2 and this is Part 3 !
Well this certainly took a while to make, I kept getting distracted by other ideas but I did it ! this part is a continuation of part 2, Part 4 can be found here.
Pairing : Azul Ashengrotto x shark! Reader
Warning(s) : there is a description including scars, graphic violence, use of vile language such as curse words/swearing, angst, blood, reader lost control over their temper/shark instinct
The love story of a shark and an octopus Part 3 :
Tumblr media
Before you knew it, both you and Hugo were out of breath after a continuous beat down. Your tail and upper body was covered in bite and claw marks, his body wasn't as damaged but there was clear estimated signs of long term scars adorning his fins. Seeing him just as breathless as you made you grin in disgust, who knew one small bite inflicted years ago could cause all this bullshit to happen.
The tableau around wasn't beautiful either. Most of the other merfolk who sided with Hugo ended up unconscious, laying in the reef with blood dripping out of their injuries. They won't be able to swim correctly later on, your jaws had never been this prone to violence , nevertheless the destruction of their tails were very much your doing.
Azul was luckily not in that much of a bad condition, he was set down close to the octopus pot still unawake. Seeing him resting had a wave of relief wash over you, he was involved in a fight that was not his but he wasn't too harmed.
Hugo had his right hand covering the left arm which you had previously shattered with your fangs. "Huff...huff...It's seems I underestimated you resilience to mutilation. All of this...[he looked at the other merfolk who he ganged up on you with and then noticed your eye peeking towards azul] For a useless, {Don't} weak {You dare..} and pathetic {This is your last warning} FAT TAKO !" The last ounce of mercy in you was gone, before you realized it, you slammed Hugo down with your tail and chased after the orca to pound him into the rocks below.
Creating a smoke of excessive bleeding, one big enough to attract the attention of close citizens. As you savagely clawed his jaw, chest, shoulder and arms. A familiar voice called out to you, "NAME ! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ?!" this voice belonged to your mother/father/guardian who looked at you in desperation.
Upon realizing what was happening, you instantly pulled back from Hugo noticing the injuries caused by your sudden aggression. Overwhelmed and lost you ended up losing yourself as muffled voices of the parents and adults clouded your mind including your mother/father/guardian as they held your shoulders pestering you with questions you couldn't answer.
"What happened here ?!", "What a monster ! My baby boy !", "NAME !!! WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO YOU ?!", "That octopus merman, he's the young ashengrotto !", "That mermaid/man/may is a beast !"
Azul. was azul alright ?
Those merfolk...you could've killed them !
Hugo- did he die ?!
What happened ?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ?!
Tumblr media
Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6 on the way
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satanscatsworld · 7 months ago
Azul: I started seeing someone.
Jade: As in dating or hallucinations?
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sober-pepper · 13 days ago
Deuce: Azul-senpai, what did Yuu have that attracted you?
Azul: So many things. Their quirks, kindness, smile and especially their BODY.
Deuce: R-Really?
Yuu: Relax. We're the same blood type. He knew he could harvest an organ.
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clappincobracheeks · 24 days ago
About the Azul Head cannon
I'm actually writing something holy snitzels
This takes place after the events of Chapter 3, and the reader's gender is unspecified.
CW: Azul having a breakdown in a bathroom stall??? swearing, reader is done with everything. maAYBE OOC? I dunno.
Word Count: 990
You liked your teachers. And your classes. It wouldn't be far of to call yourself a model student, in terms of behavior alone. But increased study times also resulted in grades to write home about.
If you could.
But even you, of all people, who was known throughout NRC as the 'bullshit handler', you HAD to have a limit. And this might as well be it.
Your hands were slick with sweat as you tried to fill out the questions on the worksheet. Grim was out cold beside you, he had kept you up all night with his snoring, but YOU'RE not the one asleep in class, are you?
Irritation started to boil under your skin. You knew you'd be the one tutoring Grim afterwards, Ace and Deuce would likely need it to. What was it with everyone leaving you to clean up their mess? Even the damn Headmage wasn't guilty of this.
Before you have time to think, your hand shot up in the air and you could hear yourself say;
"Professor? May I go to the restroom?"
You practical ran out the room upon being granted permission. Mumbling a small 'thank you' just loud enough for the teacher to hear. Not bothering to look back at Grim, who awoke from his nap.
This was... a stupid idea you tell yourself. In the semi-grand scheme of your problems, how could a five minute walk fix anything? You would probably snap at your friends afterwards anyways, and then they'd look at you weird for the rest of the day. Yeah, you were an asshole... but if they were in your shoes, they'd be worse.
As you walk by a bathroom, you hear a whimper which breaks into a full-on sob in seconds. A sob which, sounded a little familiar.
"R-Ridiculous... Don't do it!"
A countless amount of contracts are turned into sand, falling out of a gloved hand and becoming indistinguishable from the ocean floor.
The scream that followed would be one you remembered for months, if not years. At the time, it was funny to see such a pompous jerk crumble entirely over some papers. But now, it just seemed cruel.
That wasn't even two full weeks ago, I can't just sit by if it's my fault in the first place. With that as your reasoning, you crept into the bathroom.
Upon finding it empty, (aside from the poor unfortunate soul weeping in a stall) you heave a sigh of relief. Not caring for any noise you make now, you march up to the stall in question and knock. Once, twice, thrice. The squeak that follows, is on par with a dog toy.
"O-occupied!" He sniffs.
"Yeah, I can tell." You snark. But, thinking it sounded too harsh you add softly; "Azul, finals are over, what are you crying for?"
He seemed more shocked that you could tell who he was through the stall door. So much so, that he stood up from the toilet, shoes clacking against the tiled floor.
"Who i-is this?" He says with a surprising amount of composure.
"It's ____. And don't worry, I won't tell anyone about this. Although crying in the bathroom is not the smartest move for someone so concerned over their reputation."
This kept him quiet for a while. You could feel him lean against the door as he cried, and you did the same. It felt like one of those scenes from a romance manga. Except it wasn't like that at all, Azul probably hated you. And, to tell the truth, he wasn't your favorite person either.
"...At this point, where's the purpose in keeping my reputation?" He asks, mostly to himself.
"Do you have any idea how much of me was actually, well, me? So much of my image was made from those contracts. My grades in music have plummeted." He breaks off his monologue with a bitter laugh. "I can't sing to save my life."
You remember stalking him with Jack. And you remember 'his' voice echoing through the music room. It was beautiful, sure, but it felt wrong to you somehow.
"But the Mostro Lounge is doing better than ever, surely that's still working out for you, right?"
"That may be, but you know I can't settle for the bare minimum. It's-I've always got to strive for more. Of what, I don't always know. But I can't be helpless. I-I refuse to be."
"And you're not. I mean it, you're one of the most feared stu-"
"But that's just because of Jade and Floyd!!" He cried. "And, you heard them! They said they'll leave me one day if I become boring!"
"And have they? You've 'lost it all' and they still stay by your side. That means something, right? And besides, you have your family too."
He stayed silent for a while, the minutes dragging into what felt like days. Suddenly he asked;
"Do you miss your family, ____? I myself get homesick from time to time, but... I imagine it's worse for you."
"Well would you look at that? Your benevolence is genuine after all!" You half-laugh. In truth, he hit the nail on the head. You did in fact miss not only your family, but your friends, your community, you missed your world. Maybe that was why your such an asshole.
The click of the stall goes unheard to you. And as the door swings open, you fall hard against Azul. And does he catch you?
You both end up in a mess on the bathroom floor. (ew) And frankly, you can't be mad about it.
"A-are you alright?!" He gasps, trying to bring himself to his feet. Which is quite difficult due to the fact that you're sitting on them.
"Yeah, I'm alright. Don't worry"
"That's good, thank you fo-"
"And what do you two bad puppies think you're doing?" At the sound of the grown voice, the two student's blood turns cold.
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mrs-schoenheit · 5 days ago
Hear me out …. Tighnari!Yuu x Jade Leech
A series of…
Jade : What do you think of this mushroom prefect?
Tighnari!Yuu : *eats the mushroom* *vomits* *pass out*
Jade : Poisonus it is ^ ^
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mall-0-ry · 4 days ago
Can you do dorm leader x male y/n who is Albedo from genshin impact
Tumblr media
[ Here is your request! i was only able to do 4 dormheads, for i am quite busy! i’ll be continuing it next time! hope you liked it! ]
[ Requests are open ]
[ Separate One shot, Dorm Heads x Albedo m!reader. ]
Tumblr media
I sighed and walked my way to my class, tiredness visible on my face, it was 6:00am in the morning, i need to at least get to class earlier, rules are rules.
“ Riddle. “ i heard a familiar voice, i quickly knew who it was.
Y/N Kreideprinz. who’s trudging their way to me, i felt my cheeks flutter in warmth, as i smile at his face.
“ You seemed to be up early, what’s the matter? “ i asked, while looking at their tie, it was crooked, i glided my hands towards his tie and fixed it. “ Hmm, i was awoken by the faint sunlight, i couldn’t help but feel inspired, so i drew it. “ he answered, he stared at me with his enchanting Sea blue eyes, i couldn’t help but feel butterflies in my stomach.
i removed my hands from his tie and brought up one hand to my mouth and coughed.
“ Ahem, what shall we do to pass the time? “ i eagerly asked, as i await his answer with eyes full of hope, and having him by myself.
He hummed and answered. “ Hmm, then may i draw you?” he smirked as he pats my head.
I felt my face heat up as i backed away.
“ W-why would you even want to draw me? ” i asked curiously blocking my reddened face.
“I only Sketch the most beautiful things in Twisted Wonderland, may i draw you? he said, while asking for consent again.
I flushed furiously as i felt smoke coming out of my ears. He took my hand and led me to a place.
I wish that this would last forever.
“ I.. am completely smitten to you. “ i whispered as i followed him.
Tumblr media
I was listening to Trein talk about the history of the chandelier that Ace and Deuce broke, a few months ago, i sighed at the memory, that’s when a rock was being thrown from outside, i glanced to where it was, only to see the Savanaclaws Dorm-head smirking at me, i ignored him and continued to draw on my sketch pad.
That.. damned Chalk prince. who does he think he is to ignore me? when i was trying to get his attention. tch. unbelievable. i grumbled as i went back to the botanical garden, i silently grabbed a fruit and munched on it.
when will lunch even come? i’m starving. ruggie might come here late, i’ll probably won’t be able to eat anything. che’ i’ll just sleep it away.
I was fast walking towards the botanical garden, hugging a sandwich so it wouldn’t fall.
I couldn’t find the sleeping lion who disturbed my class earlier, by throwing rocks at the window.
I sighed, and called out for him. “ where may that lion.. slumbering at?..” i gave up and simply stood in silence until i felt a weight on my shoulder.
I glanced to see, that it was the lion i was looking for. i chuckled and rubbed his head gently.
“ You’re here. “ he grumbled softly as he brought his arms, and encased me in a hug.
“ I’m here.. “ i said softly as i feel him dig deeper on to my neck.
“ my apologies, Crewel sensei asked for my assistance for the First Years Potion making.” i explained to leona as he just huffed and removed himself from me.
seeing as to he wasn’t answering me.. i made a move. “as an alchemist, i would like to study you if you do not mind. i'm sure we'd have many opportunities to be alone in the future. “ i said while smirking and continued. “ You’re one interesting test subject. “ and left, after giving him the Deluxe Sandwich.
As i watch him walk away, i huffed as i kicked a pebble. that guy is seriously getting on my nerves.. “ I want more of his attention…“
Tumblr media
My costumers seems to be sky rocketing.. what may the cause be?
I sighed as i put down a quill, and went outside my office to check the if the staffs are doing their works.
Then i saw a tuff of Pale blonde hair, that’s sticking out from the Sea of people. i couldn’t help but glide my way to them.
there i saw, him checking out the menu, seemingly unaware that the crowd came here to see him.
I coughed which pointed his attention towards me.
“ Y/n what a surprise to see you here!… “ i trailed off and stared at the cat that’s staring at me, before continuing. “ and.. your pet. “ i Smiled as i took a seat in-front of him. “ ah. azul, greetings.. i hope you wouldn’t mind me dining in here. “ he says before going back to the menu book. i nodded and trailed my eyes to his School books, he seems to be writing an essay.
“ Oh? is that the essay that trein sensei gave us earlier? do you need help? “ i asked before Cunningly smirking.
He nodded and opened his mouth to say. “I’m doing an essay on the most beautiful things of life “ he stared at me dead in the eye, i chuckled before answering.
“ So that’s the topic you’re going to be using.. very well..then we—“ I said, before the blonde prince cut me off.
“ May i use you as an example? “ I stopped on my tracks, my brain’s cogs seeming to fail me. i stared at him as i feel heat rush through my face.
“ Wh- What?”
He chuckled and packed up his stuffs and left me, at the table.
Tumblr media
Me and kalim are on a magic carpet ride, i was in awe of these scenery.. i couldn’t help but stick my nose to my sketch book and sketch them all.
I can feel Kalim taking glances at me and giggling, i couldn’t help but smile at his personality.
He’s one Cheerful guy, someone you could rely on.. well not always. he may not be the brightest. but he’s the brightest in terms of personality. i concurred in my head as i gazed at the setting sun.
I sighed at its finest beauty, which made Kalim worry that i was not enjoying myself, but truthfully i was.
“ N/n? you seemed to be stuck in that sketchbook of yours! may i see your works? “ I gazed at his smiling face before handing him my book.
He wow’ed in awe, as he flips through the pages.
before stopping at a certain page.
it was my sketch of him, smiling, i felt a sudden burst of warmth on my face as i shy’ed away from him.
“ Is that.. me? “ he asked while i nodded fidgeting on my hands.
“ You’re Talented, Y/n! “ he exclaimed while tackling me down.
“ Thank you for your kind words.. “ i bashfully replied while pinching the ends of his white hair.
“ It’s Ethereal for me! “
“ I loved the way you drew me.. “
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hey-its-cweepy · 2 months ago
A/N: Ya'll ate up my fic last time, so I decided to feed ya'll again uwu
You sit nervously in a chair within the octavinelle dorm, ordered drink in hand, waiting for the dorm leader to present himself. Why are you here? You were simply wanting to catch up with the dorm leader after the blot incident.
The only problem is that you sit practically alone in a chair, the place buzzing around with whispers and chatters... Or at least you would be alone if Grim didn't persist in joining you.
"Fnyaaaa... Why the hell are you tryna get all buddy-buddy with this guy?! Didn't he almost drained the entire school???"
You try to reassure the monster that it would just be a small conversation, admitting you're a bit concerned of his well-being.
"Ha?... 'Concerned of his well-being'?... Hmph, sounds like a 'you' thing... Im only stickin' around 'cause I refuse to let my minion go by themselves in a sketchy place like this!"
You give a small smile as you pat his head, knowing Grim just cares about you. The monster, in turn, huffs with a pout as he lets you pet his head before swatting your hand moments later.
"Alright, that's enough!... Hmph..."
You give a small chuckle before footsteps can be heard.
"Ah, dear prefect... I was told you wanted to see me?"
You give a small nod to Azul, expressing that you've been wanting to know how he's been doing after what happened, if he's been taking care of himself and if he's still doing shady business.
The suave smile on his face is quickly replaced with an upset look.
"Tch... I don't need someone to baby me around, prefect, I'll have you know I'm doing just fine... If that's all you wanted to do, then you already have your answer and you're more than free to go, I don't have all the time in the world-"
Just before he can stand up to leave, you grab his sleeve and apologize for making him think that you were trying to 'baby' him and that you're just worried about his health.
He sighs "Prefect... While I appreciate your concern, I'm more than capable of taking care of myself..."
You nod in understanding but say that you care about him and want to be able to help him should anything bother him.
"... I understand that, but really, you don't need to start checking up on me like a parent..."
"Oi!" A certain monster chimed in. "You should be grateful they even bothered to make time for ya! Hmph, if it were up to me, we wouldn't be here sitting with you!"
Azul seemed a bit surprised at Grim's words.
"... Excuse me?"
"You heard me! They took the time to come see you and you're just acting ungrateful! They didn't have to come see you, but they did anyway!"
"Hm..." He pondered, a hand under his chin. "... Very well then, I suppose you've made your point..." Azul sits back down again, taking your hand into both of his. "I apologize for acting so crass with you, prefect..."
You accept his apology, saying that it's nothing to worry about. You can feel him loosen around your hands a bit, it's clear he still feels a little guilty.
"Yeah, I hope you feel bad! Tch, ungrateful..."
You lightly tap Grim with your free hand, apologizing once more.
"Oi-! Hmph..."
"No no, it's-" He sighs. "Nevermind that... So, how have you been so far, prefect? I'm more than open to any deals if you're having any trouble~" Azul lightly teased as he chuckles a bit.
You shake your head, saying that you're not interested in any deals. You mention that, although there's still things here you have yet to get used to, you've been enjoying your time here. Sometimes you wish that Ace, Deuce and Grim wouldn't get themselves in trouble, but at least it's never boring. He lets out an amused chuckle.
"Interesting... Perhaps it would be interesting to hear about what it was like in your world if it's nothing like here..."
You say that you're more than open to sharing it sometime, clarifying that you wont talk about your personal life.
"Hm, a bit of a shame, although it's most certainly better than nothing at all"
You give a warm smile, nodding in agreement as you take a sip of the drink you previously ordered.
"I do commend you for being able to do a... Decent job in this school despite coming from a completely different world, certainly better than... Other people..." Azul gives a quick glance at Grim before turning his attention back to you, but Grim seems to have noticed.
"... H-Hey! You better not be talkin' about me!"
You chuckle a bit, you seem to be loosening up more compared to before. You thank Azul for the compliment, but argue that Grim does a good job too.
"HA! Take that!" Grim confidently boasts, a smug look on his face.
"Yes, yes, he does good in some aspects I suppose..." Azul returns the smug look. "Like being a good dishcloth"
Grim's look is wiped away as he complains.
"Fnyaaaa... I hope I never have to do that again, it was torture...."
You say that he wont have to if he doesn't agree to whatever scheme Azul might have under his sleeve.
"None of my deals are a 'trick' of any sort, prefect" The dorm leader interjects.
You give him a look with a slow nod...
"What? It's not my fault if they cant think outside the box or read fine print, prefect."
You sigh as you gently put your other hand on top of one of his, holding it with a gentle squeeze. It's your turn to hold his hands now as you express that he can still make deals, just not to the point of hurting himself... You watch Azul's face go a bit pink at the gesture as his hand slowly holds yours back.
"... I know, prefect, I know..." He sighs. "You seem to really think a lot about the students here, don't you?..."
You pause, you haven't really thought about that as you unintentionally squeeze more.
"Now look what you did, you-!"
Azul shoves a piece of bread in Grim's mouth to silence him before turning back to you. "Now now, there's no need to fret, what I said isn't meant to be taken in a bad light and I apologize if it was..."
You shake your head, saying its not that...
"Oh? Then whatever is the matter?" He inquires, a look of curiosity in his eyes.
Your thoughts start to wander once more, unsure if you should tell him anything you're thinking... You decide to shake your head, saying its nothing. Azul seems a bit disappointed in the response...
"Hm... Whatever secrets your hiding, prefect, I will most certainly find out about them..."
You nervously chuckle a bit, again repeating it's nothing.
"Oh it's 'nothing' now, but you'll see." He teases, chuckling. "Although, if you're going to lie to my face, I suggest you make it not so obvious... I can always have Jade force it out of you, if you wish"
You're quick to shake your head.
"Then please do me a favor and dont try lying to my face like this again, understood?"
You sigh but nod.
"Good... Now then... Why exactly do you seem to have everyone in mind?..." He asks, that previous look of curiosity in his eyes returning.
... You just say that you're not really sure, that you just care about them all. He doesn't seem to impressed with this response, but he seems more willing to let it go as he sighs.
"If that's what you want your answer to be, then I suppose this is as far as I'm going to get... Although... Perhaps you just have more thoughts buzzing in that head of yours than you'd like to admit."
"Hey!" Grim intervenes, after eating the bread that previously kept him silent. "Quit saying weird things that makes my minion feel uncomfortable!"
Azul chuckles a bit with a smile.
"Apologies... Perhaps we can discuss your thoughts another time, after all, you mostly came for me..."
You sigh in relief at the change as you nod, saying you're glad he's been well, finishing what's left of your drink. Before Azul can utter another word, a familiar duo burst in.
"THERE YOU ARE! Geez, we gotta stay behind once and you both just disappear?" Yelled Ace.
"Prefect, Grim! Are you alright? Did something happen?" Asked Deuce.
You apologize, but explain that you were just concerned about Azul, trying to reassure them that nothing bad or serious happened.
"Hmph, it's pretty rude of you to assume that I'd put the prefect's life in danger for no reason..." Azul huffed.
"You were probably tryna get them to sign some sketchy deal or bring the twins to do your bidding... C'mon prefect, let's get the hell out of here." Remarked Ace.
Azul sighs, unamused at Ace's statements... He then turns his attention to you with a smile.
"Well, prefect, I look forward to our next meeting... Perhaps you can let me in on some of the secrets in that little head of yours." Azul chuckles before bringing your hand to his lips, giving it a small kiss. You can feel your face turn red as both Ace and Deuce try to drag you away from him.
"O-OI! You cant just do that type of stuff to the prefect!" Deuce exclaimed.
"Yeah! What the hell's wrong with you?!" Ace chimed in.
As they both rush you out, you can see Azul giving you a smile as he waves you farewell.
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thelost-teller · 6 months ago
When they found out that Mc has wings (Angel! MC)
Notes:Male!MC x the various dorm leaders
prompt: when the dorm leaders found out that MC has angel-like wings after he’s been injured lightly (TW alert) by their dorm fellows 
Riddle Rosehearts
Tumblr media
he went to ramshackle to check on you since the other day a couple of blokes from his dorm mocked you and made you fell to the ground  (the two were collared the second he found out thanks to Ace and Deuce)
The ghosts tried to stop him from going to your room, saying that you weren’t there and other things, but he didin’t care. He wanted to see you, make sure that you were ok 
He opened the door without knocking and saw you
You were shirtless and were stretching your big, white-feathered wings
The second you tuned, hearing the door open, He wide opened his eyes, unbelieving 
it took him a couple of seconds to realize your left wing was injured, and you were medicating it with some raw bandages.
“ R-Riddle look I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier-!” You were scared he was going to leave you alone. Or mock on you. Or hit you.
Riddle stepped closer, a serious yet really worried expression on his face, “firstly, we have to get you medicated by a real doctor, then we will talk!”
In the end He was just really curious of your Wings, he even asked if he could touch them, like a child.
You agreed since the only reaction if someone touches them is a sensation similar to tickling, and how to say no to that little face?
He touched them as gently as he could, complimenting how soft your Feathers were.
a couple of days later one of your feathers naturally fell off, and you brought it to him as a gift
“When an angel gives a human one of his feather”, you said, “it’a symbol of great trust and love!”
he went from white to his color’s hair in 0.001 seconds
“t-Thank you very much, (y\n)! I will protect this at all costs, to show you how much I deserve this!”
Leona Kingscholar
Tumblr media
He was napping as always in the School’s greenhouse
When he heard a suffocated scream followed by quick steps. He smelled your scent but...it was somehow strange
he smelled a feather scent...which was really unusual. Did you dress as a bird or something??
He opened one eye, seeing you hiding behind some big plants...he saw a white schield.
He widened his eyes a little, crawling closer to you without being noticed.
“damnit! damnit!” you cursed, taking gently with your hands  the end your wing. A stupid savanaclaw student decided to mock you and give you a push. You fell to the ground, hurting your fragile wing.
the savanaclaw student entered the greenhouse, wanting to apologize to you. He didn’t meant to make you fell.
Instead, he found his dorm leader growling at him
“ and what are you supposed to be doing here, you little Punk?” . the student felt like Leona was about to eat him Alive
he told him everything, clarifying that he wanted to apologize to you: he even took you a little flower from Sam’s!
there were seconds of silence. You shyly lifted your head up from the plant to look at the boy, and were surprised to see Leona. Where did he pop out from?!
“leave before I make all of your parent’s effort useless, ripping your face to shreads”
he ran fasted than bee-beep 
The lion man stepped closer to you. 
leona carried you bridal-style, ignoring your words, making the wings look like a feathered cloak, to your dorm, where he made you sit on your bed and medicated you
“ you could’ve just told me that you were a bird, stupid herbivore”, he smirked, “ I wouldn’t have eat you the same”
you were now a flustered mess as you looked up at him
“ t-thanks Leona... I guess..”
you hugged him out of agitation, englobing both of you with your big wings
the lion man was surprised at first, then smiled and hugged you back, careful to not hurt your wings
“tch, next time call me when someone tries to pick on you, understood, herbivore?”
Azul ashengrotto
Tumblr media
He was going back to mostro lounge after his club activites
while going he saw, in a classroom, a couple of his dorm fellows whose were laughing at something...or at someone?
He went there to check and saw you, asleep on your seat, with big feathered wings showing.
The two boys, who didin’t notice him, were mocking the asleep boy, touching his wings and playing with them
Azul was this close to turn them into seagulls
“ and what are you talking about in such a joyful tone, gentlemen?” He asked with a death glare
The two boys were shocked to see their dorm leader there (and as angry as ever) and immediately apologized to him. the one who was looking at your wings left it in hurry, making it fall ho the ground making a horrible noise, for some reasons.
Azul had death and flames of hell in his eyes.
“ you’ll apologize when this little youth is awake. now out of my view, before making your position worse than how much it already is”
the two ran faster than light, already guessing who’s gonna do the bath job at mostro lounge for the month
Azul took you in his arms gently, covering your wings with his coat and bringing you back to your dorm.
When you opened your eyes, remembering how you fell asleep right after classes, you saw Azul sitting at the edge of the bed
When he saw your big eyes, looking at him, he smiled: a lovely,warm smile
“ I see you’re awake, little angel” he giggled, making you remember your wings 
you looked at them in hurry, and saw that the edge of one was bandaged. You looked at Azul, who explained the situation he found you in
you smiled and took a little feather, positioning it on his fedora, smiling and saying “When an angel gives a human one of his feather, it’a symbol of great trust and love!”, you placed your hands on his, which were bigger than yours
he blushed hardly, smiling shyly
“Thank you, my little angel...I promise I won’t make it go to waste”
Kalim Al-Salim
Tumblr media
He was just happy going around in his dormitory, doing absolutely nothing as always.
while going around he saw a couple of boys moking his precious friend and crush (y\n)
he was all wet on his knees, one boy was holding a big metal bucket, him and his fellow were laughing 
Kalim coughed loudly to get their attention, looking at them with a frowning face
“ so, what happened here?” he asked as Jamil, who was looking for him stepped forward.
the two looked worried af as they tried to excuse themselves
“ Jamil”, Kalim’s tone was really angry, “excort them. seems like someone wants to do extra-training for the day!”
When the other were gone, Kalim turned to you and widened his eyes in shock: you had two big, white wings covering and englobing your shivering body.
“ oh dear seven! you have wings?! are those wings?! you’re shivering- oh my!”
he took you gently to his room, where he gave you a scarabia uniform for changing.
he noticed his wings tho, took a pair of scissors and cut it in order for your wings to be comfty.
“w-why did you did that!?” you exclaimed.   “because i want you to be comfty with your wings!” he smiled as he gave you it and indicated you the bathroom, where you could change.
after you went out, he looked at you and lightly blushed, saying how beautiful you looked in his dorm’s uniform
“ and the wings..?” you asked looking at him, worried. You didn’t want him to hate you. “don’t you think that I’m too much different...?”
he smiled, stepped closer to you and gently placed his hand on your cheek, with the other hand he lifted your hair from your forehead before pressing his lips on it. Then looked back at your beautiful eyes and exclaimed
“You could be a centaur, a monster from hell, a beast. I would not care at all!”
Vil Schoenheit
Tumblr media
Vil was going to your dorm, since Epel told him that two guys from Pomefiore gave you some problems and unwanted comments
the two deliquents were left to rook if you were wondering. 
He asked the ghosts if you were sleeping or something
regardlessy on how they responded, he went straight to your room, knocking at the door
there was no respond tho.
after a couple of minutes, he entered, seeing you in a corner of the room, englobed in a white weird-looking thing..?
it took him a couple of second to understand that those were feathers..that were coming out of your shirtless back.
were you asleep? he couldn’t tell
he kneeled in front of the figure, removing as gently as possible the wings.
you fell asleep after returning in your dorm. you wing was black in the inside, Vil thought for the worse. Did they try to arse you or something!?
he tried to remain calm, gently taking you bridal style and making you lay on your bed. in that moment you opened one eye
“ oh, Vil! why you’re here looking all worr-MY WINGS!” you exlaimed remembering that there wasn’t the spell covering them.
you panicked trying to hide them, but before doing anything Vil blocked you
“ hey, little potato, calm down! I couldn’t care less that you have wings now, you’re injured!”
you looked at your blackened wing, then at Vil. than you started laughing
you explained that yes, you had a little cut, but the wing made its feathers black to cover it, so it wasn’t really a big deal
but for vil it wasn’t a big deal, no, it was a HELL of a deal!
he stayed with you until your wings returned white
he seemed almost protective toward you, if he was before now more than ever.
before he was about to leave, you asked him to dance, since you liked dancing
he smiked a little, pulled you close to him and started dancing.
you were a flustered mess, the ghost even played a classical waltz song
at the end of the music, he kissed your forehead gently, giving you a little smile and caressing your rosy cheek
“ seems like I can’t call you a little potato anymore...what about little bird then? do you like it? in case you don’t, feel free to demand how you would like me to refer to you”
Idia shroud
Tumblr media
he found out thanks to his brother
a couple of blokes from Ignihyde tried to mock you, but ortho saw everything and brought you to Idia, so that you could tell him what happened and make the two have a terrible day.
Idia freaked out  when he saw your injured wings yes...but out of curiosity
he asked some questions while medicating you, and you decided to tell him about your family, an aristocratic-like angel dynasty, well-known for their love for luxury. They had many eyes and hands all over the world, and their greatest flex were their pearl-like feathers. you weren’t different for them. but you hated how  they didin’t care at all for humans. a demon you knew was way more interested in Humans’s well-being than them, and they were angels!
Idia listened to you, and at the end of the story he timidly asked you if you would’ve liked if he could talk to you about videogames or anime.
he felt closer to your story. a complicated family was no new to him, so he wanted to cheer you up a bit and distract you from your pain. even if only a little...he was ready to try!
you were excited at the idea, so you sat next to him on his bed, listening to him talking for hours
you completely forgot the wing pain
in the meanwhile, you even hugged him, cuddled close to him and used your wings for embracing him
Idia was now a flustered mess as he gently caressed your hair and a little your wings
“ Y-you look like you...emh...fell from heaven? I guess?”
Malleus Draconia
Tumblr media
he was walking near your dorm at night. nothing special
He heard a shout, it came from your room
He dashed in the dorm, ignoring the ghost, and opened the door
he saw you kneeled to the ground, with a little of blood dripping from what it seemed like a white-feathered wing
he went closer to you, gently taking you by your shoulder and making you red against his shoulder, making you seat on his knee. You looked tired
“ what happened little child of man?! who dared do this?!” he asked, fury in his voice
it made you feel scared, you covered your face in embarassment
“a couple of boys from..Diasomnia I think...They noticed my spell for hiding my wings and started ordering me to show them what I hid. When I refused the started hit me, making me loose a couple of feathers...”
Malleus knew how hurtful it was loosing a feather not naturally. It was one of the most painful thing for non-humans..and angels, he supposed.
he embraced you in his arms, gently holding you and using a healing spell to make your wing heal
“ don’t worry, child of divine, for I will confront them personally!” he said, am little of anger and worry in his voice
he caressed you cheek, removing a tear you shed from pain
he demanded you to describe the two authors of such cruelty, as he held you as he was holding a baby
once you finished, he made you lay on your bed, made sure that you were comfortable, then sitting right aside you and starting to sing you a lullaby, like Lilia used to do
he wanted his little child of man (or divine now) to feel safe and sound
white falling asleep, you took his hand in yours, placing it on your cheek. You felt indeed safe with Malleus by your side.
the following day, you found out that the two boys were punkished by malleus himself, and Lilia said that he seemed really angry
but when you met him in the corridors, he smiled at you, acting even more protective and happy than usual with you.
you gave him a feather that fell this morning.
he smiled, knowing what that meant to and angel, and embraced you
“ fear not my little child of Man, for I will always be by your side in the darkest moments, and in most joyful too if you would like me to”
hope you enjoyed! :D
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