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[ID:  Do you like me?
Mom says I love
you every time I 
ask if she likes me.
  This is a short story, it begins with a womb and ends with rage filled 
     love, it begins with a screaming and raging evening and ends with a
     heavy silence at the dinner table. My mother loves me, and there is
     nothing more to say. I love my mother, and there is nothing more to 
     say. I pray and pray that I don't become her someday. And there is
     nothing more to say. 
   -Ritika Jyala, excerpt from The Flesh I Burned
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learnelle · 2 days
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moments from cork
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Goodbye, autumn
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clean desk today, got some new makeup by merit in the mail yesterday (also my new yorker tote bag) so i’m in a really good mood today 😬😅 this morning i’m going back to reading during my work breaks
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Academic wins can look like:
Getting an A on your test
Organizing a study group
Studying daily for an hour or two
Having perfect attendance
Getting that grant/scholarship
Getting ahead in all your classes
Academic wins can also look like:
Actually being able to focus in class for once
Getting enough sleep and food
Fighting through your depression and finishing a single assignment
Turning in a paper a little late
Taking a mental health day
Getting a C on a test you thought you failed
Academic wins are personal. They're different for everyone and depend on you, your goals, your mental and physical health, and your overall well-being. For someone working full time, getting that C and showing up to class once a week is a win and something they should be proud of! For someone who has everything financially covered and can devote plenty of time, getting the deans list should be something they rightfully should brag about! Achievements are Achievements regardless. Don't let anyone take your wins from you
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stemcellee · 2 days
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november 29 2022
it feels so good to really enjoy life. like, enjoying the gentle warm tingle of the sun and how crisp the cold air feels
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Sonndr Toronto
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29•11•22 // we've got our decor mostly set up, I'm preparing for my January exams and also trying to figure out gifts for everyone ✨☕️ I am so ready for the holiday season and all the fun that comes along with it ✨
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frenchiepal · 2 days
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29.11.22 ☁️ we got an assignment in a course that's not supposed to give out assignments woohoo so we did the exercises together after lunch :)
🎧 - a good song never dies by saint motel
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caramelcuppaccino · 2 days
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day 19 of my autumn studying challenge!:
• how was your day? you can talk about anything; vent or share a moment. i personally am willing to hear!
oh my oh my! thank you so much for this question past lunlun you know how much we like to talk about our day bestie<3 in the morning i went to the translation class. it was fun and i participated as much as i could. after the class i went to my fav cafe in the campus but on my way, me and my friend petted the doggos you can see in the pic!!! aren’t they so cute big big babies!!! in the cafe, i quickly did my translation assignment and planned the rest of my week. normally i have the museum education class at three pm but, after having visited the ceramic museum of our uni which displays the works of turkish ceramist hamiye çolakoğlu, our prof took us to the atalier of our faculty and we all made our own clay stuff!! i made a teapot ehehe :] the other prof who also helped us will bake(?) our clays and they will be ready. i had another class at five pm and i sprinted from atalier to there but it turns out it was cancelled. so i came to my dorm. and that’s it!
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veralernt · 14 hours
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studying in dark winter vibes 🥴 any tips on how to survive those annoying anxious days before a zoom call with your supervisor?:(
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learnelle · 1 day
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I got my paws on a new camera! But I still don’t know how to use it properly so I just take random pics while I’m taking my dog out for a walk. Here’s a lil collage of what I took so far:’)
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galina · 3 days
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Last poetry of the year. So much love crammed into a small space
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un-----made · 2 days
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meetings from home all day. a little bit sick again, having the worst time with allergies. i haven't been reading much these days, i like taking a few days to just listen to music when im preparing mixes for radio shows but probably i will go back to my Francoise D'Eaubonne soon (i really want to buy a new book BUT!! i need to control myself lol).
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I was gifted this beautiful notebook by my partner.
Wednesday, the 30th of November
This morning the city was engulfed by a thick fog, dipping hills and houses in blurry blue. It felt very true to my own mood today. I couldn't sleep until the early morning hours and when I finally had closed my eyes my dog became sick. Thus I was up again, nursing her while trying to wash the stains out of blankets and carpets. Fingers crossed I make it through today.
Read essays on NLP
Old English practice
Digital Humanities seminar
Medieval Illumination seminar
Read novel for Japanese literature
Practice Russian
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