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lottiestudying · 2 days ago
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30.09.2022—the sunset the other night was glorious
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anxhelastudies · 2 days ago
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this days i’m always late for class because i hate the schedule and the bus is always late and the fact that this year the professor actually minds like it just sucks. anyway know i’m at the librar studying korean and english. when i finish i’m going to read something.
day 2 of productivity
yesterday i started reading a book i bought at the begging of summer and for now i like it, a did a little korean and one unit of english vocabulary
today’s to-do | day 3
do two lesson of ttmik
do two unit of english vocabulary
do two day of first 500 korean words
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tranquilstudy · a day ago
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september 30 | a flashback to when I was very much reading and enjoying the experience of “A Diary Of A Young Girl”. Can’t remember if I posted my final thoughts of it on here or not. I did have a lot of quotes that I liked though!
🎧 kyoto song - the cure
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cybersugarstuffs · 2 days ago
How I stay motivated ☘️
Don’t you always try to study but end up scrolling on your phone for the entire day? Yeah, me too. That’s why :
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I’m sharing with you how I stay motivated!
Find your motivation
Okay, I know this one’s a bit obvious, but so many people miss the importance of it. Finding your motivation helps you push forward, to endure all those struggles until you finally achieve your goal.
You want to be the top scorer? For what? What do you hope to achieve by being top scorer? How will it help you?
Because we don’t have specific goals, we don’t have enough conviction to finish what we want to.
Another thing that tons of people miss is the outcome. I haven’t seen anyone else talk about this, but visualising your ideal outcome gives you a great boost of motivation too.
💫[Here’s the formula to find your motivation] 💫
Have a specific goal.
(If you don’t have a vague goal yet.)
Where do you see yourself in five years time?
What will make you happy?
What do you like about life? How can you improve those things?
What do you dislike about life? How can you improve those things?
(For those who already have a goal in mind)
What do you want to do it for?
What do you hope to achieve by doing it?
How will doing this help you?
How will doing this make you happy?
What will you feel and do once you have accomplished this?
2. Visualise your desired outcome
Where will you be?
What will you be doing?
What do you see?
How do you feel?
How will people around you react?
3. Put it into action.
Once you have your goals and desired outcome in mind, motivation will come to you immediately. What you need to do is to act on it.
Ask yourself : how will I accomplish my goal?
And build an actionable plan around it.
Make time for it in your schedule
Prepare yourself for the sacrifices you will have to make
The end.
I hope this helped you! 📚 Feel free to ask for specific study tips!
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yang-jin-seo · 2 days ago
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Day 30 ☀️
📗: 청년일보 서포터즈 신청 마감일
*카페에서 공부하고 엄마랑 외식
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cynthia-viv · 11 days ago
~To the daydreamers~
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To dream–to dream has been the business of my life.
–Edgar Allan Poe
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dersolog · 27 days ago
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fantomethread · 29 days ago
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giverny, france
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lexdiscipula · a month ago
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Happy weekend guys! Today is such a busy day. Woke up at 9am cuz I went to sleep at 2am because I was busy with work. Today I have to finish 4 hour practice course, study and finish at least half of my assignment. If you’re busy too, you can do it!
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theonewhereistudy · 2 months ago
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In today's episode I spent the whole day studying math, taking random naps and staying late studying physics.
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theunaestheticstudyblr · 2 months ago
Friendly reminder that you don't need a pretty desk to be successful in your classes.
Friendly reminder that cheap highlighters still work the same as expensive ones.
Friendly reminder that you don't need a MacBook to get straight A's.
Friendly reminder that you can study anywhere that works for you.
Friendly reminder that academia should be personalized and not changed to fit an aesthetic.
Friendly reminder that if you work hard you can achieve amazing things even if you don't have the fancy things other people do.
Friendly reminder that it's ok to fail classes multiple times.
Friendly reminder that academics aren't a race and are way too competitive.
Friendly reminder that stumbling and failing is actually extremely important and beneficial to you and your growth.
Friendly reminder that perfection is fake.
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lottiestudying · 2 months ago
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16.7.2022—we’ve had some good sunsets recently 🌸🌿🍃🧚🏻‍♀️🌟
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ancientsstudies · a month ago
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Leave notes for who is coming next.
ig credit: themetropolitanist.
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tranquilstudy · a day ago
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Welcome to another one of my studyblr challenges! I’ve gained a lot more followers on this channel since the last time I did one of these so I wanted to say hello and I like to give people the opportunity to connect through events like these. Looking back at my last challenge there were actually a lot of very awesome people participating and I’m hoping this time around will be the same! Below you’ll find some rules, dates for when it begins and ends and the questions for each day of the challenge. These are usually pretty laidback so feel free to diverge from whatever rules I put out there. Can’t wait to meet new people and hear about what is going on in everyone’s lives!
As always, you’re more than welcome to start or stop this challenge at any time. The numbers added will correspond with when I’m tracking tags for this challenge, but they can be adjusted, re-used and re-done to your heart’s content. That being said, if you want to do it with a group and hopefully make some friends along the way, I’ll be officially tracking or starting this challenge on October 14th, 2022. The challenge has 29 questions, and with one question per day, the challenge will end on November 12th, 2022. Assuming I just counted that right. However, if you’re like me and like to answer a couple questions every couple of days, that ending day may vary for you. No worries! That’s often what happens with my posts as well.
Just like that time, I’ll be making a separate post for the taglist for this challenge. If you want to be on the taglist, just reblog this post or otherwise show interest in doing this challenge! And if you want to be added or removed you can always shoot me an ask (don’t DM me, I don’t check or answer those to get to it in a timely fashion). The taglist shows you who is hoping to participate and hopefully it’ll help people to connect with like-minded individuals!
When this challenge starts, I’ll be tracking the tag #tranquilfallbuddies so please use it when you’re posting about this challenge so I can see your lovely answers! I really bank on people using these tags to see interest in these challenges and whatever you guys have to say so feel free to use them to send me feedback or whatever you want along with your posts that are challenge related.
So, in my last challenge I had people start each day by setting themselves an intention, or a goal, or just by stating their mindset for that day and a lot of people seemed to like that, so I'm bringing it back here! So, every day (or for every post you make for the challenge), an additional question is added where you can simply fill in one of the choices here:
1. Today, I am grateful for ________. (Studies have shown that stating what you’re grateful for in each day can actually improve your mood and outlook on life. Give it a try if you want!)
2. Today, I choose ______. (Inspired by Yoga with Adrienne, whom I still admire very much).
3. Today, my goals are _________. (what do you want to accomplish today?)
You can switch up your choices too, or you can fill out two or all three of them if you want to! Just pick one, two or three that you feel suits you best for that post. Or, you can make your own if you want!
Daily Questions:
The beginning of the challenge, woohoo you did it! A lot of the time starting is the hardest part. So, tell us a little bit about yourself! What are you studying currently, what where are you in your life right now? Are you happy with where you are right now? What are your goals in doing this challenge? (this is taken from the last challenge! I loved all the answers you guys gave for it so I’m bringing it back!)
What was the last book you finished?
What type of books are you interested in?
When was the last time you had a life-changing revelation? What revelation did you have?
Cut up some fruit for yourself. Show us what fruit you picked and why.
Do you find yourself procrastinating? What are you procrastinating right now? Be honest haha
What do you think defines a person's character?
Teach others something about your area of study that they may not know about.
What would make you happy right now?
When did you create your study blog or tumblr account? Why did you create it? Has the blog fulfilled the goals you've set out to accomplish so far?
Show us your current study space, as it looks right now.
Who's the last person you held hands with?
What was the most productive thing you did today? Why do you consider this action to be productive?
What passions do you have that led you to studying what you're studying in school now?
What can you de-clutter physically or emotionally to find more ease and simplicity?
What is your favourite book at the moment? Now, find a song to match this book and explain your choice.
What misconceptions do people have about your area of study?
What do you own that gives off "cozy autumn vibes"? Do you decorate for autumn or spooky season at all?
How do you calm your nerves during exam season?
When was the last time you let yourself express yourself openly? What did you express?
What about you makes you proud to be you?
What kind of mental health support do you have? How often do you utilize these resources?
What do you do when you need comfort? How can you ask for comofrt from others? How can you give comfort to yourself?
What is the kindest thing you could do for yourself, right in this moment?
Do you find the process of learning something new discouraging or uplifting? What advice would you give to others to appreciate this journey more?
Have you ever dyed your hair? What colour would you dye your hair, if you could dye it any colour?
What do you do to calm yourself down when you feel anxious?
Do you enjoy spooky season? What things do you like or dislike about it?
 The end of the challenge so it's time to reflect! I'm very proud of you for completing this challenge so give yourself a high-five! Where are you in your life now that you've finished this challenge? Have you made any friends or discovered any new blogs during this challenge or because of this challenge? If so, tag them below!  
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caramelcuppaccino · a month ago
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almost finished drafting my term paper. now i need to edit everything, and then hopefully i'll be free. 🤲🏼
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haliudays · 2 months ago
chaotic academia || academic aesthetic
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wecandoit · a month ago
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~ 18/100 ~
12.08.2022 // been playing a lot of catch up with my lectures. also started reading this book, it's always a little hard for me to read non-fiction so we'll see how it goes!
🎧: you're wrong about - ep 4. afterchool specials
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