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loveyourlovelysoul a day ago
Far from behind healed. Still working on myself to be better, to change how I used to be and what used to block me and trigger me. Still making mistakes. Still growing. Still learning. Still saying sorry, also to myself. I'll get there. I'm not giving up.
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positivelyghostlycomic 2 days ago
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So I looked up turkey facts and apparently turkeys actually love music. 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
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positiveupwardspiral 2 days ago
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satanasaeternus 6 hours ago
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Here to blossom only to rot.
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slfcare a month ago
good things to pay attention to more often
the color of trees
clouds and how they look different throughout the day
the different colors the mornings can have. sometimes it's an orange hue and sometimes pink and sometimes it's too misty to tell
pretty color schemes in random places (the trees and your neighbors wooden patio and the color of their car)
the states of the vehicles passing you by, dents and scratches and the different trinkets suspended from their rearview mirrors
the sound of silence
the shadows the lights cast in your home, like how sunset looks different than sunrise, and the shadows the sun casts look different than those of your lamps and candles
pretty details in buildings and houses like certain types of windows or doorknobs or archways
the movement of things in the wind. flags, leaves, flowers, people's hair and coats
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positiveseed a year ago
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rawhoneybliss 2 months ago
But you're still here, you're still trying, and that's enough.
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honeyymistt 8 months ago
an alumni from my school told me something that really stuck with me so i thought i would share it with any of my followers who are also students. she said 鈥渢ry to get good grades, but make it the least impressive thing about you.鈥 soft skills are just as important! practice empathy, leadership, and communication! have hobbies and find new things that you鈥檙e good at!! know what your values are and how you act on them!! these things are so important 馃尡
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thewanderingmillennial a year ago
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Very important.
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divinegoth 26 days ago
鈰嗏湴 饾悇饾悷饾悷饾惃饾惈饾惌饾惀饾悶饾惉饾惉 饾悓饾悮饾惂饾悽饾悷饾悶饾惉饾惌饾悮饾惌饾悽饾惃饾惂 饾悁饾悷饾悷饾悽饾惈饾惁饾悮饾惌饾悽饾惃饾惂饾惉 鉁扳媶
鈹堚攢鈹鈹堚攬鈹鈹鈹鈹堚攬鈹 鈽 鈹鈹堚攬鈹鈹鈹鈹堚攬鈹鈹鈹
鈾 I always manifest instantly
鈾 My manifestations always happen instantly
鈾 Manifesting comes to me so naturally
鈾 I鈥檓 perfect at manifesting
鈾 I always get my desires the second I want them
鈾 I can鈥檛 help that my desires always come instantly
鈾 I always get what I want the second I want it
鈾 Everything always goes my way
鈾 Everything is going my way
鈾 It鈥檚 inevitable that everything goes my way
鈾 It鈥檚 almost annoying how instantly I manifest my desires
鈾 I can鈥檛 seem to help how I manifest all my desires so quickly
鈾 Manifesting is always effortless for me
鈾 Everything always works in my favor
鈾 My manifestations are inevitable
鈾 My desires are inevitable
鈾 It鈥檚 crazy how I manifest so quickly
鈾 No matter what I always get my desires
鈾 Everything always goes how I want
鈾 I have nothing to worry about, everything always works in my favor
鈾 I always get what I want the second I want it
鈹堚攢鈹鈹堚攬鈹鈹鈹鈹堚攬鈹 鈽 鈹鈹堚攬鈹鈹鈹鈹堚攬鈹鈹鈹
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styrke 10 months ago
no, they don鈥檛 secretly hate you.
no, they鈥檙e not secretly working against you.
no, they aren鈥檛 mastermind lying to you.
be careful to not allow your anxiety and past trauma access to the controls so they can direct your thoughts down a dark path. whether this is about a significant other, your best friend, a family member, or anybody you have close to you and have a great bond with.. don鈥檛 let intrusive thoughts hammer down on it. people like you. they鈥檙e honest and open with you, cause they care about you. trust in that.
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loveyourlovelysoul a month ago
Accept that you still feel upset about how you were treated, and allow that feeling to pass through you. You don't have to pretend it's not there. You don't have to pretend to forgive the other person if you don't feel so. You can still feel hurt even if years have passed. It's valid, especially if you swept your feelings under the rug back in the days. Find your way to accept the pain, grieve, and let it be in the past where it belongs. Free yourself from these chains. From your fears. From what has been. Life changes. It brings you lessons, but also rewards (and often both are in the form of very different people). Be open to the latter now.
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the-healing-mindset 8 months ago
Hey, if you鈥檙e reading this right now, I want you to know that it鈥檚 all going to be okay. It鈥檚 possible for you to feel safe again. It鈥檚 possible for you to find happiness again. It鈥檚 possible for you to feel enthusiastic about life again. I understand if things are hard right now. I get it. But you are finding your way out of this. You are strong. Remember that. Keep going.
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recoversuggestions a year ago
friendly reminder that you didn鈥檛 waste your year. any moments of happiness or comfort, any small accomplishments, they all matter. this has been a really hard year, and simply surviving is something to be proud of.聽
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just-positive-thingys 4 days ago
You are not too much.
Your identity isn't too much.
Don't squish yourself down to fit into someone else's box. You are incredible in all of your colourful glory.
Take up space.
Make noise.
Do whatever it is that you love.
You're not too much.
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slfcare 2 months ago
sending love and warmth to everyone feeling uncomfortable, upset, fatigued, lonely, ignored, hurt or lost today. whatever it is, it has no choice but to pass. in the meantime, it鈥檚 okay to not be the strong one for once.
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