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free-my-mindd · a day ago
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slfcare · a day ago
Don’t hold the younger you to the standards you hold yourself to today. You didn’t know as much. You were in a different headspace, with different things affecting and scaring you, facing challenges that seemed big at the time. Maybe you were even lonelier. What’s important is that you know better now, and you know more now. That’s something to move forward with, not something to curse the past with.
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kaportka · a day ago
You decide to have a good day. You don’t wait for somebody else to make it worthwhile.
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1111-angel · 2 days ago
My biggest piece of advice when manifesting would be to let go of the old story. Let go of any unfavourable memory or idea and completely indulge in the new story; if it doesn’t make you feel good, don’t allow it to take up room in your mind. Rewrite the timeline and stay faithful to that new story, I can guarantee you that things will start shifting in the 3d when you do and it feels incredible to allow yourself to live mentally in your dream life 💗🧠
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aka-em · 2 days ago
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She’s a 10 but she makes you acknowledge her. Call that the Head of the Table 😎☝️
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smiles-advice · a day ago
💕small steps are still steps💕
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mahoganybloom · 3 days ago
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Full moon in Pisces
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iambrillyant · a day ago
“sometimes you have to go back to where it’s familiar to realize your magic again. sometimes you have to go back to the root so you can remember what growth looks like again. sometimes that looks like retuning back home to you.”
— iambrillyant
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zimulacrum · 2 days ago
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(sorry for the weird angle, these were taken by a tall person without a lot of preparation)
-some people tricked me into thinking it was senior photos today so i wore a nice outfit and some makeup (which is fine i was just a little disappointed it was for nothing)
-cishet guys swore at me in the hall upon seeing me for some reason? (this is like..one of my most tame outfits, why did THIS freak them out)
-some girls kicked me in the legs at lunch because they didn't like my dress
-a nice cloud of perfume was sprayed at me shortly after that (it wasn't nice, im very allergic to most perfumes)
-almost all of the lgbt posters in school got torn down by other people
so not very nice. but it's okay! while other people didn't seem to like it, im still happy because i KNOW i look good. everyone ALWAYS looks AMAZING, and y'all shouldn't let anyone ever let you believe otherwise!
and with the outlier of events that didn't personally happen to me, lgbt hate is still a big issue in schools, despite what a lot of people (some people I know genuinely believe this) think and say. i know it's not something that can be fixed overnight, but if you're someone who has been negatively affected (effected?) for your true gender or orientation, then im really sorry. and i know me alone saying this doesnt mean much, but we can all get through this—if we don't, that means all the assholes and phobes win.
so the lesson for today: you're all GORGEOUS and KEEP BEING WHO YOU ARE and you better BELIEVE IT AND THAT IT'S ALL OKAY! i love you all and im sorry if this was a cheesey post ⚡💚
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artbylittlebug · a day ago
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shyllamapioneer · a day ago
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Dis shirt thoooo
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itsroxie · a day ago
POV: Night time routine 💫
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(Pics are not mine) ❣️
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the-joy-of-knowledge · a day ago
Things you can do in 5 minutes
1. Run in 5 minutes
2. Journal in 5 minutes
3. Draw in 5 minutes
4. Meditate in 5 minutes
5. Plan in 5 minutes
6. Pick out your outfit in 5 minutes
7. Read in 5 minutes
8. Call in 5 minutes
9. Learn something in 5 minutes
10. Declutter in 5 minutes
There is a lot you can do in five minutes. Set a timer and you’ll be amazed
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baddie-drip · a day ago
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collectyoursoul · 2 days ago
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one thing about me is, i will be cosy. 🧸
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