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hamoodmood · 2 days
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coconut917 · 1 day
You’ve got this! Go for it! You’ve got nothing to lose!
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This is your reminder to KEEP PERSISTING!!!
DO NOT GIVE UP!!! Do not give up. You are so worthy of your desires. Why would you give your power away and ditch your desires all because of the 3D?? You're literally God. You can manifest literally anything you want in the blink of an eye. You literally have sooo000 much strength in your mind. Why give up on your desires? You're too good to be doing this to yourself, I swear.
Remember why you started! Why did you start manifesting your desire in the first place? What motivated you to start consciously manifesting it? Pull yourself back up, dust yourself off, and get back on track. Your desires are already yours. Keep up with your mental diet and your self concept and you'll see movement in no time. It's that simple! Just be patient and trust the process, ok?
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maxyhb0 · 3 days
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faerygodmothr · 3 days
how many times are you going to listen to this over and over and over and over and
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malusokay · 4 months
30 Things To Do Alone
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Go for a walk. I've been trying to reach 10k steps daily.
Read a book, article, or blog... just like you're doing right now. ;)
Watch a tv show. I'm currently watching Gilmore girls.
Watch the sunset/sunrise. I prefer sunsets.
Try a youtube workout. Daisy Keech is my favorite!
Do your nails. Nice nails make a vast difference in my opinion.
Go to the grocery store and buy some snacks that you've never tried before.
Try a new recipe. I'm trying carrot cake oatmeal later!
Write a letter to your future self. <3
Test old pens and throw away the dry ones.
Make a birthday wishlist. one of my favorite things to do when I'm bored and have nothing to do.
Take the 16 Personalities test. I'm an ENFP :)
Make a bucket list. I just started writing my autumn bucket list!
Research something or watch a video essay on youtube. One of my favorite channels at the moment is Mina Le.
Make a mood/vision board. You can check out my Twitter or Tumblr for some inspiration.
Scroll Pinterest for the next 6+ hours; we've all been there.
Take a long bath. Do a full skin/hair care routine.
Cut/dye your hair. I just cut curtain bangs, and I'm loving it!!
Bake something for a loved one; I made lemon-poppy seed cookies for my Dad.
Create a new playlist. I've started making an autumn playlist, lol.
Make a photo wall. I made one last year and still love it!
Accomplished your to-do list, and you'll feel great once you're done.
Get rid of old clothes, make room for new stuff.
Go to a new coffee shop and get something to try.
Learn how to crochet. I made a sweater for my dog, lmao.
Make yourself a drink, like a tea, coffee, or smoothie!
Declutter your digital space. (emails, photos, apps, etc...)
Make your room cozy and take a nap, or just relax for a bit.
Plan some outfits and look for things to buy online.
Apply a facemask and watch a coming-of-age movie. (my guilty pleasure, lol..)
Please feel free to add more suggestions in the comments! <3
✩‧₊*:・love ya ・:*₊‧✩
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blushydior · 4 months
     welcome in a new month ♡
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set goals for self development
plan brunch & dinner dates with friends
read 5-10 books
indulge yourself more in your hobbies. do what you love unapologetically.
have more rest days without guilt
reflect on last month. what can you do differently that’ll help your overall state of being? physically, mentally & spiritually
stay off social media
do the butterfly hug method for bilateral stimulation. tell yourself all the things you wish you were/are told. ♡
make slight adjustments to your morning and night routine. keep it interesting.
schedule routine appointments (health, pamper)
get on top of deadlines.
say affirmations every morning & night
be more kind to yourself
stay firm on your boundaries, make adjustments as needed.
stand up and show up for yourself.
walk with your head held up high and shoulders back. don’t cower.
prepare for any upcoming events
learn a new skill
try a new recipe
journal often
explore new places. meet new people and make friends.
keep your thoughts in check. what you focus on grows.
daily walks
meditate, stretch.
declutter your environment (digital, physical space, social circle)
be safe.
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sexy-celestial · 2 months
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hamoodmood · 1 month
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sonasi · 4 months
sunday reset routine <3
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first things first…
clean out any trash in your room. throw it all away, and take any dirty dishes out of your room as well
return things to where they belong. Move your computer from your bed to your desk, move your bags back to their hanger, you get the idea
reorganize messy areas. Drawers, shelves, or cabinets whatever has become disorganzied or messy over the week
do your laundry. It’s okay, we all get that big mess of dirty clothes that just piles up throughout the week.
Now time to deep clean!
take time to wipe down all surfaces. Use disinfecting and cleaning wipes to remove collected dust and dirt. This includes desks, tables, counters, etc. 
strip your bed. Wash the sheets, comforter, blankets, and pillow cases
vacuum the floor. Pick up any small pieces of trash you might’ve missed 
put away all your clothes. Once they’re done washing, don’t just leave them in the hamper. Fold them up and put them away where they belong
Focus on yourself
shower & skincare! On my Sunday resets, I like to take longer showers and use all my body scrubs and body butters and shower gels. wash your face with cleanser, scrubs, exfoliant, etc. moisturize and use a face roller for a few minutes. Id also recommend doing a face or hair mask
light some candles and meditate. Doing a longer meditation will make your headspace feel less cluttered and more put together. it’s like organizing in your head! This would be a good time to cleanse your crystals as well
journal. Take out your journal and write down your goals and plans for the week. you can also take this time to write manifestations, affirmations, or do a few journal prompts.
finally, do whatever you want. At the end of the day, when everything has been cleaned and organized, you can take time to yourself and do whatever you feel like doing. Not all of us have the time during the week to just relax and do what we want in that moment, so take this time to do that! you can watch youtube, draw a picture, play a game, whatever you want.
stay safe lovelies <3 :3
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glowupgal · 25 days
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I just joined a fitness class gym…cheers to trying new things, health, and fitness! My summer body is currently loading…
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luvelylili · 2 months
everything always works out perfectly for me.
manifesting is easy and instantaneous for me.
i am always successful at getting what i want.
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kitsuneisi · 11 months
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“Im the Protector” - XD
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malusokay · 1 month
Little things to feel more angelic 
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Use vanilla-scented perfume and lotions.
Dainty golden jewellery.
Thrift for cute and pretty decor items.
Wear light make-up with glittery eye shadow and rosy cheeks.
Buy lovely flowers for your room.
Speak with kindness.
Strive for meaningful conversations.
Moisturize for soft skin.
Gentle and Soothing music, whatever helps you calm down.
Ribbons, pearls and delicate fabrics.
Tea with honey and coffee with cinnamon.
Go for long strolls in nature.
Shiny, plumping lip gloss.
Open your windows for fresh air.
Trim your hair, so it stays smooth and silky.
Sheer curtains for softer lighting in your room.
Loose and braided hairstyles.
Wear cosy knitted sweaters and fluffy warm socks.
Bubble baths and candles.
Buy a silk pillowcase to protect your skin and hair.
As always, please feel free to add more suggestions in the comments! <3
✩‧₊*:・love ya ・:*₊‧✩
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heartbrokendollie · 4 months
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i dont want a window seat, i need a window seat.
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blushydior · 4 months
         morning routine ideas 🥞🫖
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how you spend your morning dictates your whole day. create a relaxing structure to truly get yourself ready before heading out into the world ♡
wake up early; before 8am.
don’t go on your phone. right when you wake, bask in the silence and background noise.
meditate by focusing on your breathing.
say affirmations to yourself: “i have woken up in my desired reality. today will be a good day. i am okay. i’m healthy, beautiful, and inspiring. something amazing will happen to me today. i am kind and gentle towards myself.”
open up any blinds to let the light in
make your bed. tidy up your space.
say hello and cuddle with your pet(s)
wash your face & brush your teeth
walk your pet(s)
make a simple breakfast and drink water and/or tea and eat it outside or looking out the window.
journal. self reflect, how you feel, what you’d like to accomplish, etc. make it a goal to be more kind to yourself and keep your thoughts in check.
read a few chapters of your current read. 
what are some things you need to get done today? make a plan and set out to get it checked off.
exercise, try a new routine.
choose an outfit, do your hair, try some new looks for the season. have fun. try new things, who knows? maybe you’ll end up loving it.
go on a walk in your neighborhood. 
get in 10,000 steps
buy yourself flowers.
light a candle
put on your favorite feel good songs. let yourself go and freely sing and dance to it.
begin your studies.
rest if needed!
try a new recipe
spend time in nature
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