teabox 12 hours
i have three pennies for each time i鈥檝e seen an anne carson translation that portrayed loyalty and devotion in the form of mundane attention in a way that is gutting to me personally
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I passed my exams this week... Two more left 馃
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mal-studyblr 2 days
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december 4th, 2022 || i have 4 midterms and a state competition in the span of 6 days!! stress levels are through the roof but we got this.
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rhiannonwrites 13 hours
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12.5.22 Oat milk coffee, blue annotating, thinking about some writing goals for 2023.
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notetaeker 2 days
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December 3, 2022 - Saturday
December will be a great month inshallah, I believe it! So far I have:
tested negative for covid (after 2 weeks 馃) alhamdullillah
cleaned + disinfected my entire room - feels like a new start
went thru all my income + expenses for the last half of the year 馃ぇ (exhausting, productive and revealing 馃槵)
talked with my friend on the phone (she who is too busy to breathe).
little bro returned from trip
Tomorrow the plan is to add a pompom to a hat I knitted, make parchment envelopes to give out the dates my bro brought back from umrah, and maybe even go outside after 2 weeks -wipes tear- (outside pics are from last winter)
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hybbart 1 day
I love ur ranchers apocalypse au and think its amazing and usually see on twitter, since I lurk more there, and theres so much info of them here but im still slightly confused and been wondering this for a while
How come Jimmy has the tube/gas mask? I am aware its because the man has breathing problems but its just slightly confused me 馃槄
Thank you! I'll try to clarify things as best I can? I avoided specifics because it's not something I want to get wrong and accidentally spread wrong info about, but I'll do my best to go through it as thoroughly as it's thought out in my head. Hopefully this clears up any confusion? Sorry if it doesn't.
The tl;dr is they're attached to machines that help him breathe so he doesn't suffer further damage to his body.
When Tango first finds Jimmy he's been trapped in a cave. He'd been breathing in fumes for who knows how long and was outright unconscious by the time he's found. (Like actual birds he's more easily affected by such things, though for avians it's more about their lungs and heart and not so much their size obviously) Tango gives him his gas mask to help rescue him so they can get out of the cave.
They don't know he's developed lung damage from the incident until they're travelling and he still has trouble breathing, but they don't know what it is exactly. He spends a lot of time in the gas mask since they think it might be he's just sensitive (the apocalypse only recently happened at this point so they have little info about what's going on) but it gets worse.
They end up collecting basically any and all breathing aids they come across, but they neither know which will work or how to work them. Jimmy has a vague idea of what it is but not specifics enough to know what to do, and Tango only really knows the safety precautions to prevent it in the first place.
They end up hearing about a children's hospital being resettled by Scar and Cub and those two are thankfully able to help them by giving them info and helping Tango repair/adjust the machines they have.
The ranchers end up leaving with not-perfect equipment, but good enough cobbled together ones that Jimmy is relatively okay if they keep on top of things. It does mean they need to carry/locate more energy sources, but Tango being Tango would seek those sorts of things out regardless.
So, at this point, they have the gas mask (generally useful), a portable oxygen concentrator and nasal cannula (for daytime), and a machine made for sleep apnea with a full mask (for night time). They're one of the first things they consider when deciding what to do or where to go, it's on par with food for importance, but it's early enough in the apocalypse that food isn't a huge problem yet.
I went with these partly because they would be easier and more interesting to depict in single still images, partly because those are the tools I know from experience with my grandma, and partly because character-wise I think it would be the options the ranchers would seek out.
Jimmy takes a bit to get used to using them, too. He doesn't like them at first, but eventually he settles into using them almost constantly. He also can't fly for very long or very high because of his condition, not that he was the type to do so to begin with.
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fakestudyingblog 1 day
dec 4 | had a gift exhange with a friend and i received this beautiful black and rose gold TWSBI fountain pen. it came with its set of maintenance tools and wrote soooo smoothly and richly. very grateful馃槶馃槶馃槶
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kimblestudies 2 days
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december 3rd, saturday
today i looked at the trees outside and went "huh, it's autumn."
-> took my SAT
-> went to barnes and noble after. finally obtained some physical books i want to read again.
-> im doing absolutetly nothing tmrw
-> review week next week, finals after that, then christmas :)
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mjhartwork 2 days
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and with underwear... it鈥檚 finally done! i鈥檒l post the full page soon! Why are there so few resources on men鈥檚 edwardian underwear, the sources I could find were longjohn ads and dressing tutorials for ww1 british soldiers, meanwhile I could find 3 different variations on corsets used in the same time period for women.
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paddingtonicon 7 months
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teabox 10 hours
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i think about this tweet often. i feel such kinship with this
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itsaleois 14 days
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boltlightning 1 month
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look! the moonlight shows us for what we really are. we are not among the living, and so we cannot die 鈥 but neither are we dead.
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elsaqueenofstress 4 months
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the bear / phoebe waller-bridge / lilly dancyger / david byrne / dan pearce / suzy kassem / toni morrison / joseph fink / rabbi joseph telushkin / emily dickinson / richard siken / lone twin network / aanchal malhotra / frank ocean / gabrielle calvocoressi / maurice sendak
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notetaeker 1 day
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December 4, 2022 - Sunday
Today I compiled all the art I completed in 2022 in one place (the first half u can see on my computer and the rest of it on my tablet.) Turns out this year was longer than I thought lol but I鈥檓 still glad to have made all this. I think since I have spent most of my life in my head, nowadays I just want to make things, the more tangible the better. It鈥檚 as if to give me evidence that I am living and experiencing life and not just spending all my time thinking (about living and experiencing)馃憤馃徑 as I used to in the past.
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hybbart 3 days
for the ranchers apocalypse au, since you mentioned that jimmy would wear earmuffs more often cause of revenges barking does that mean it鈥檚 a bit harder for jimmy to hear when people are talking? also as someone who鈥檚 also very sensitive to sounds my family and i resorted to signing basic asl when i use my noise canceling headphones in order to communicate our needs, do you think the ranchers figured out a system like that too?
A bit harder to both hear and see since he also sees sound, so signing doesn't help much when overwhelmed - when he would use his earmuffs - specifically. His earmuffs are also not fit to his inhuman ears so they don't work amazingly.
It would be like blindfolding him if they did anyways since it's his primary sense. At the end of the day it's how he navigates the world so he's equally uncomfortable with no sound. They're more so for when he needs a break.
That being said it is the reason he lived out in the boonies pre-apocalypse. Crowds are pretty hellish if he's not prepared for them.
Barking is def something they quickly try to train Revenge not to do willy nilly, but he's still young with zero prior training and only Tango's worked with dogs before. He also uses sound as a primary sense, though, since he is blind. Tango is basically the only primarily visual individual in the group!
They do have signs they've made between them, though, cause that's also just a good idea when dealing with zombies and especially sculk.
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