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writing-prompt-s · 2 days
You are a vampire hunter. Your roommate is a vampire. Neither of you can afford the apartment on your own so if one of you attacks the other you'll lose the apartment. The tension between you two is increasing by the day.
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ritikajyala · 3 days
Tumblr media
[ID:  Do you like me?
Mom says I love
you every time I 
ask if she likes me.
  This is a short story, it begins with a womb and ends with rage filled 
     love, it begins with a screaming and raging evening and ends with a
     heavy silence at the dinner table. My mother loves me, and there is
     nothing more to say. I love my mother, and there is nothing more to 
     say. I pray and pray that I don't become her someday. And there is
     nothing more to say. 
   -Ritika Jyala, excerpt from The Flesh I Burned
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Jealousy Prompts
"Maybe I am a little bit jealous. But who wouldn't be?"
“Does he not know that we’re together?”
"Please, go with them if you like them so much better."
“You’re naive if you think he just wants to be your friend.”
“He shouldn’t go after other people’s girlfriends!”
“I’m not jealous, I’m being absolutely reasonable.”
“Have you even told him about me?”
"Jealous? Me? Pff. Never."
“I never would have thought I’d ever be jealous about that.”
“People are staring at us.” “Well, let’s make them jealous.”
“Jealousy doesn’t suit you. I like to see you smile more.”
“Hey, look at me. I’m yours and no one can change that.”
"Oh, so they are just a friend, right? That's what you're telling me?"
“I don’t like them all looking at you.”
“What would I be jealous about?”
"Maybe you should back off a little."
"I just want to have a good time, I don't need your jealousy all night."
"Why do you insist on flaunting him in my face?"
“I didn’t just imagine that!”
"Oh, you're so jealous. This is great to watch."
"This is your work place, leave the boyfriend at home next time."
"Why would I ever be jealous of someone like them?"
“He’s so obvious. It’s embarrassing.”
“Do you want to make me jealous?”
"I can't understand what you would see in them."
“Are you jealous?” “No, I’m not!” “Oh, you really are jealous! Wait, why would you be jealous?”
"Can you please stop being so jealous for one second?"
"I trust you, I just don't trust them."
"Jealousy is not a word I'm familiar with.
"Shut up, I'm not jealous!"
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demigoddessqueens · 3 days
knowing me, knowing you
Tumblr media
Based off the ABBA song, and the reincarnation + soulmate trope
Summary: Headcanons on Namor facing his lover being reincarnated in many lifetimes.
You always wore a different face every time he sees you, but he knows it’s you. The eyes are the window to your soul and it’s those same eyes that he always recognizes.
- in your first lifetime, you were a defender for your people. Facing against those who wished to do you all harm and take your homes, you lament what feels to be the end as your cries carry out to the sea shores. Ancient prayers are answered as the Feathered Serpent God repels said forces and delivers your people to victory.
-in that night, you two bond and you forever remain within the crevices of Namor’s mind
- in your second lifetime, you were reborn a noble. Fair and kind to all, you never truly fit in to the high society. Still, your acts of kindness do not go unnoticed, especially when you save an innocent who survived a storm’s shipwreck. From the murky waters, Namor’s eyes and ears hear for your soothing voice as you nurse them back to health. Humming a familiar tune that you once sang to him centuries ago after a victory.
- in the third life, you belonged to no one and no people. It was a lonesome life, but you made one for yourself on the sea. A storm crashes and rages against your crew one night, casting you into the sea as you push your first mate away to safety. Plummeting into the dark waters, you fight with all your strength before surrendering to the dark. You feel something pull you close, a soft touch that gently holds you as life and air is breathed back into your lungs and soul. You find yourself reunited with your crew by morning on the shore.
- now, in the fourth lifetime, you stand proudly before him years after the shaky alliance gains ground. A Senator and ambassador for Wakanda, Namor refuses to leave your side. A new face but still the voice and eyes that he never forgot. You’re confused as to why he looks at you like that, but it’s flattering all the same. Like he treats everything you say as the most important words that hold value to him.
-“you don’t recognize me, my love?”
-“Your Highness, I don’t think I’m the one you take me for.”
-speechless, confused, worried. You don’t know what to make of all this and try to keep things professional despite the distant and morose demeanor that seems to follow Namor in the days that follow.
-that night, the dreams that have long followed you become memories. Beaches, a victory, and a gentle song fill that hole that’s plagued your very being for a long time.
- you remember
- the next day, in the early hours of the morning, you arrive first while softly humming that familiar tune. Namor turns to face you, eyes filled with an imploring reassurance as he tightly brings you close to him.
-“you remember! You’re here.” “I’m here.”
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microsff · 2 days
"We were so glad to see we had neighbours," the message began. "We wrote poems of joy to you in the storms and the clouds. But you never responded." The message came from Jupiter. "We grieved, until we realised you cannot read those, that you read radio waves. Thus we greet you."
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youneedsomeprompts · 3 days
Tumblr media
requested by: anonymous
Feel free to use and reblog!
snowball fight
catching snowflakes
having a ride with a horse sleigh
teaching the other ice-skating
having a skiing vacation
watching snowflakes getting stuck on the other's lashes
making snow angels
building a snowman and other snow figures
making fake trails with their footprints in the snow
picnic in the snow
sticking out their tongue to catch the falling snow
eating icicles
watching snowflakes melting in their palm
taking the sledge/skis to school/work
storing snowballs in the freezer
building an igloo
coming back inside with soaked clothes and frozen toes
watching the first snowfall from inside & instantly hurrying outside
slithering across frozen puddles
playing in the snow with their pet
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creweemmaeec11 · 1 day
Skimming off the top
"Relax, I'm not about to chop your head off," the villain mused, rounding their desk to instead lean back against it. They eyed the henchmen in the chair before them, "But I know you've been skimming money off the top. Don't dig yourself a deeper hole by denying it. Just tell me why,"
Despite the villain's calm demeanour and even reassurance, henchman was undoubtedly shaking. He knew this had been a bad idea. He was about to pay for it.
"I... I needed the money-"
"For *what*?" The villain pressed.
"My... my wife she-"
"Diana? Is she alright?"
Henchman was shocked his boss even remembered her name, but he forced himself to press on, "no, or- yes- well, kind of? She uh, she's pregnant,"
"That's amazing news," the villain replied. They sounded genuinely happy, "Are you worried about not having enough to properly start a family? You could have spoken to me about a raise,"
"No no! It's, well, there have been some complications in her pregnancy. The pressure ruptured her appendix-"
"My god, is she okay!?" Villain gasped in horror.
"Yes! Yes she and the baby are fine, but the surgery was expensive so I'd been skimming to try and pay it off,"
Villain sighed, "why didn't you just tell me in the first place?" They asked. They seemed genuinely confused.
"I- what?" Henchman stammered.
The villain rounded the desk again, sitting back down on their chair, "how much more do you need to pay it off? My calculations tell me you've skimmed about $2000 already, correct?"
"I- yes, sir. I still need $6000," he replied. What was happening here?
Suddenly villain pulled out a chequebook, "Don't get me wrong, you're still in trouble for skimming behind my back. I'm no tyrant, if you need money desperately like this, just come to me next time. We are grown-ups; we can work something out. For now, we can take it off your paychecks until it's been repaid, once this has been settled," villain explained, before standing back up and handing over a check signed for $6000. "Let me know if you need any more, okay?"
Henchman was stunned, "I- I- yes- yes sir- I- thank you-"
"You're welcome," the villain nodded, "That being said. I don't want to see you skimming again. Got it?"
"Absolutely sir, it will never happen again,"
"Good," Villain nodded, sitting back down into their large office chair, "now go home,"
The henchman's eyes widened, "but I thought I wasn't getting fired!"
"You're not," villain smiled, "but your pregnant wife just had surgery. You're on mandatory leave until her doctor clears her health, got it?"
The worker's eyes widened even more, "I- yes, yes sir. Thank you so much,"
The villain nodded, looking down at their desk again, scribbling something else on a different paper. After a moment, they glanced up to see the henchman hadn't moved. They raised an eyebrow as if to say "why are you still here?"
It was because the worker felt like he couldn't leave. He had expected such punishment, but this was...
He forced his legs to stand and walked out, heading straight home. His wife would be thrilled.
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Writing Prompt #2143
"Do you love me still?"
"Much to my chagrin, I'm afraid I must say yes."
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what-iz-life · 2 days
I love people who make others feel seen, heard, appreciated, supported, and loved. People with gorgeous hearts, open minds & gentle energy. The rare gems who make you feel deeply understood, give you total freedom to be yourself and make you feel beautiful, just for being YOU.
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lowkeywannadieeeee · 3 days
Tumblr media
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fantodsdhrit · 2 days
come weave a scarf of regrets for me: you seem tired of soaking
of memory laden with gunpowder dreamlick your arias ricochet off
rose quartz collarbone
with the naturalness
of that destitute poet
who fades away from you: wafts over your porcelain you ask me
to get sloshed but
forced joy feels as
tasteless as no one
hums my runes: no one visits my granite sanctum but the ghosts of
lowly courtesans with
unshaken bosoms aflame
i'll wear your scarf if you search for our forgotten wry scentless
that always torment
your eyelids
and split your cadence in quarter to two empty doorway: the riven
poet at sky's edge
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writing-prompt-s · 1 day
Out of the blue, your spouse asked you if you would still love them if they turned into a worm. Thinking it was a little odd, you said that yes, of course you would. It was a short time later when you realized that they actually meant “wyrm.”
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remnant-thoughts · 2 days
The hardest part is always letting go. Especially when this love is exactly like the ones in the books, exactly like the ones I’ve been writing about finding. The writer in me wonders how much more I can rewrite until I realize if it was meant to be, I wouldn’t be editing so much of our story anymore. This chapter has been too sweet.
“Turning the page”, remnant-thoughts
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First Day of Gift-Giving
One True Pairing Moments
Watching the sunset
Dancing around the kitchen
Fighting over the remote
Adopting a pet together
Going grocery shopping together
Having a friendly arm-wrestling match
Calling just to hear their voice
Giving each other lazy kisses
Taking pictures when the other’s not watching
Getting a bath ready for them both
Cooking together for date night
Brushing their teeth together
Texting each other cute pictures
Doing skin care together
Having a snowball fight
Loudly singing together
Painting each other’s nails
Laughing at the stupidest jokes
Holding hands in packed areas
Kissing each other good night
24 Days of Gift-Giving
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Tips for Underwriters
Last week we talked about overwriters, but now let’s talk about tips for all the underwriters out there. I didn’t mention this in my overwriting post, but whether you’re an overwriter or an underwriter, I definitely would not worry about it until later drafts! As I say all the time, the first draft is a messy, word-vomit baby, so don’t worry about a lot of the problems associated with overwriting or underwriting until your second or even third draft! It’s completely normal to underwrite a first draft, and a lot of times, underwriting your first draft will make it way easier for you in the long run! Laying down the skeleton of the story without a ton of description or other things is a completely legitimate way to go about it! But, once you get onto those later drafts, here are a few tips if you feel like you’re underwriting or your story is lacking! 
First off, I really recommend going through and asking yourself these ten questions for all of your scenes! If you answer all of these questions thoroughly, chances are you won’t be underwriting!
Where is this scene taking place? 
What does this place look and feel like? 
How much time has passed since the last scene? 
What is your character feeling right now?
What is your character’s reaction?
What is the natural, believable way your character should be reacting? 
What is the point of this scene?
What is your protagonist’s goal for the scene?
Where’s the conflict? 
Where’s your opening hook and strong ending sentence? 
These questions are a great place to get started making sure you provide depth for your readers!
But Does The Reader Know??? 
This is one of my biggest problems with a lot of books I have been reading lately. The writer will namedrop something that is clearly important in world, but does not explain it at all. They feel extremely underwritten because the writer assumes the reader has all of this background knowledge that they simply don’t have. I think a lot of it has to do with so many books being written like fanfiction. I’m not saying that in the sense that fanfic is poorly written, but in fanfiction there’s an understanding that the reader already has a decent understanding of the backstory they’re getting into. Anyways I digress into a completely different topic, but not explaining things properly is a problem that a lot of underwriters have. As writers, we sometimes forget that even though we have all of this information inside of our heads, the reader only knows what we tell them, so we have to make sure to give them a solid understanding the world and the characters. I also think that so many writers are scared of info-dumping that they just don’t explain things at all, but if you feel like you’re underwriting, go back and look through your story to make sure anything that needs explaining is explained!
Don’t Forget Internal Conflict!
Despite being my favorite conflict, I feel like internal conflict often gets left behind in a lot of stories. Most characters have one big external problem that they spend the whole story trying to solve, and while that big problem is absolutely necessary to the story, but if there’s only one problem in your story, you might find yourself more prone to having an underwritten story. How does this big problem affect your character internally? Are they super stressed out about it? Does solving the problem compromise their moral code? Do they have to forsake a core value in order to ensure their survival and the survival of their family? There are so many ways for your character to struggle with the main problem that ups the stakes of your story, adds conflict and character development, and can help up the word count as well! If you’re struggling and want a book with well-written internal conflict, see my favorite example the Hunger Games. It doesn’t get better than that!
All Go and No Show
Despite being a chronic overwriter, this is actually a problem that I struggle with as well. I think it’s because I write scenes out of order, and I tend to write all of the exciting scenes first because as a reader and a writer, I really like to jump right in and keep it moving to the last page. I used to get kind of annoyed when I stubble across what I consider a “filler” chapter where it feels like the characters are just sitting around and doing absolutely nothing. However, those less exciting bits are just as important often because they feature the internal conflict and character development mentioned above. If you’re only featuring the exciting parts of your story, it can definitely contribute to underwriting. It can also lead to another side-effect of underwriting: not having as well-rounded and fleshed out characters. Every time some big action thing happens in your story, you probably should include your MC’s reaction to it. How your characters react to things is important to them as a character and to your story overall. Now, am I saying that you need to write a 4,000 word chapter on every single detail of your characters’ feelings? No I am not, but if your MC gets hurt or betrayed or has a friend died, and then the next scene time has passed and they’re absolutely fine, it’s bad underwriting and unrealistic!
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microsff · 12 hours
Every year, the royal offspring chooses the tool they will focus on the next year - the needle, the pen, or the sword. Prinx Van refused to choose. They learned magic and forged a tool capable of both sewing, writing, and cutting. "You must still learn to use it," the Quing said.
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