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hazelavgagile · a day ago
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rubythecrimsonwriter · 4 months ago
I think people need to tell more kids that they're proud of them for graduating high school. I'm absolutely dead serious, especially now. I can see the graduating high schoolers surrounding me right now are burned out and traumatized and depressed, and they've undoubtedly had a much, much harder time in high school than I ever had, and I had some pretty shitty high school experiences.
I graduated high school with no more acknowledgement than the standard "congrats on surviving another year of school!" And immediately followed by "have you finished all your scholarship applications?" That was fine for me. I knew i wanted to go to college, I was set and ready for it, eager to get out of high school into more challenging courses.
But if I just finished high school after two years of fighting through online courses and no one acknowledged the battles I went through? If I was as burnt out and traumatized as these kids are right now? I'd have never have gone to college.
So for everyone graduating high school, even if you barely scraped by passing: I see you. I'm proud of you. You did such a good job. I wish you success in what you try to do, fortune enough to keep you safe and happy, and health always.
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tellmelieshulu · 20 days ago
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Based on the best-selling novel, #TellMeLies premieres September 7 on @Hulu.
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typhlonectes · 8 months ago
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disabledace · a month ago
Good luck to all the disabled students going back soon, please be kind to yourself and do what you need to to get through it
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nearlycliff · a month ago
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high school besties
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that-monochrome-rainbow · 2 months ago
Queer culture is someone in the friend group coming out and starting a chain reaction until you realise 90% of the people you know are also queer
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rachelpedd · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Copperdale High School
A fun, happy high school for your and your Sims to enjoy! Celebrate prom, practice basketball, study in class, read a book under the tree, or catch up with friends in the cafeteria!
Completely CC-free.
High School (Fully functional lot).
64 x 64 lot (Copperdale)
“bb.moveobjects on” will need to be input before placement.
Now available on The Gallery! Origin ID: RachelPedd.
Download (SimFileShare)
⭐ Please consider supporting me on Ko-Fi! ⭐
**  Thank you SO much to the EA Creator Network for allowing me early access to The Sims 4 High School Years! **
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tinysimmer · 2 months ago
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I decided to create more clubs because it was necessary..
Each club has privileges and responsibilities in the school. Example: the plant club is responsible for monitoring and caring all the plants in the school, the jockers club are in charge of the entertainment of the school as well as organizing the prom dance, the cinema club is in charge of taking the pictures of the graduation, prom and managing the school blog..
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mysharona1987 · 2 months ago
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ONLINE THINGS THAT HELP ME ON UNIVERSITY, because someone may need it
resoomer.com –> summarizes the text (you can set your native language)
wordcount.com –> counts words in document
speechinminutes.com –> counts how long it will take to read the prepared text (you can also set whether you speak slowly, quickly or normally)
essaytopicgenerator.com –> generates the topic of the essay based on keywords (the field or type of essay can also be included)
researchgate.net –> free texts that can be referred to in the essay
academia.edu –> free texts that can be referred to in the essay
Google Drive / Microsoft OneDrive and Office365 –> free cloud with tools to make slides, documents etc.
sites.google.com –> make free, simple website without any skills
carrd.co –> make free, simple and pretty website without any skills (max. 100 elements)
Online converters –> change file type to different file type
icons8.com –> free icons (for slides, sites etc.)
remove.bg –> remove background from photo
loader.to –> download YouTube video or playlist as video or sound files
forms.google.com –> make simple form/poll/quiz/etc.
quizlet.com –> make flashcards and test yourself (some things are only in pro version now)
Streaming services –> documentary films, educational podcasts etc.
artsandculture.google.com –> explore art, online museum tours etc.
plantsnap.com –> recognizes plants and mushrooms
ecosia.org –> web browser, but they plant trees when you use it
tunemymusic.com –> transfers music playlist (or text song list) to another service
shazam.com –> recognizes songs
slidesgo.com –> slides templates
Darkling Dark Mode –> dark mode for Google Chrome
Darkling Dark Mode –> dark mode for Microsoft Edge
thesaurus.com –> finds synonyms (you can easily find similar websites in your native language)
Apple reminders, google calendar etc. –> help organize
Online libraries –> free books
html-online.com –> write html, css and javascript online
supercook.com –> shows recipes with things you have at home
edx.org –> free courses
academicearth.org –> free courses
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scarletswalking · 4 months ago
Writing Research Paper Masterpost *Updated*
Tumblr media
I know a lot of you guys are in college or high school, and as finals are closing in, I thought I might help with the paper writing process a bit. This method helps not only those with ADHD, but also those who may be intimidated by college level writing. I never got a B on any paper when I used this method.
This is a long post, which is why it's under a cut. Ready?? Here we go.
You start with the top picture above, and work your way through it involving all areas at once. I will provide examples.
First, outline your paper with the numbers 1-7. 
[Image ID: A whiteboard with the following words written on it - 
1. What is it?
2. How does it work/ what does it entail?
3. What is the benefit/ what does it provide to the topic of the paper?
4. What is the overall objective or support role?
5. Why is it important/ what does it do?
6. How does it relate to [topic]*
7. Example
Main Idea
What is it? 
Is it in place?
Is it effective? /[End Image ID]
* The topic is the subject on which you are being tested. It is not the topic of the paper itself, but if you were writing a paper on innovative advances in technology over the last 100 years, you would want to relate your subject to that topic.*
Tumblr media
You can use the above guide as a template for the entire paper, or even a paragraph, outline, or PowerPoint presentation.
Let's say the topic of the paper is “Innovative advances of technology over the last 100 years” and your subject is the advances of the telephone.
Outline Example [this can be simply words or sentences - it does not have to be good writing at this point. You are just looking for starting points and the basic ideas you want to convey through your paper. I use the basic What is it {for}/is it in place/is it effective usually for my introduction.
For example:
It is for communication.
It was invented for communication.
We wouldn’t have internet without it.
A telephone used to be hard to use, but it’s easy now. 
1. (What is it)
       a. (Main idea) It is a device that creates connectivity to others in the world in ways not seen before 1876.
       b. (Evidence) People are now able to communicate around the world instantly due to advances in telephone technology.
       c. (Analysis) This is a beneficial tool because communication can be more effective.
       d. (Transition) The communication methods originally developed by Alexander Grahame Bell have been upgraded and modified so that the internet can now be used on a small phone that fits in the pocket
 2. (How does it work)
        a. (Main idea) It works by using radio waves to connect lines and blah blah 
        b. Evidence 
        c. Analysis
        d. Transition
And so on…
You can use "What is it" solely as your introduction topic, but I like to use the “What is it/ is it in place/ is it effective” as my introduction basis, and then use the rest of the guidelines to explain why the introduction makes sense.
Example of the paragraph structure: 
Here is how to write your paragraphs off of the outline.
What is it?
The telephone is an instrument that was invented for communication over long distances [main idea]. The telephone has evolved into an essential communication method since its inception in 1876, and can now be found in nearly every household in the world (citation) [evidence of the main idea]. Without the telephone, the internet, mobile communication, and many other modern comforts would be unavailable today [analysis]. Using a telephone used to be a chore involving an operator, connecting facilities, and low-quality audio. However, modern telephones can identify a person’s exact location, which is especially useful in the event of an emergency [transition].
How does it work?
Emergency communication is one of many features the telephone has enabled [main idea]. The way this operates is by blah blah blah......
As you can see, I used the simple question What is it? to identify my topic and subject, and then I used the main idea, evidence, analysis, and transition as a guideline on how to develop the What Is It paragraph. This method can be done with all of the subject matter structures as listed 1-7.
You can also use the 1-7 topics as supporting sentences in paragraphs for more or less detail, depending on how long or detailed your paper needs to be.
You can also use the individual sentences in your paragraphs within the 1-7 topics (main idea, evidence, analysis, transition) as main ideas for further paragraphs. In other words, each sentence in your section 1-7 topic paragraph can also be a paragraph subject itself.
For example, from the What is it paragraph above, I have used each sentence as a new topic for a paragraph:
The telephone was an instrument created for conversations over long distances (topic). Before the telephone, telegraphs were the fastest way to communicate, and before that was letter writing (citation). However, the first telephone communicated only between two rooms (citation). [Main idea sentence broken down into a more detailed paragraph].
In 1876, the telephone was just a novel idea (Topic). However, by 1912, telephones were found on ships like the titanic. The telephone's growth became rapid after the 1920's, and was common in offices and homes by the 1940's. (citation). [Evidence of main idea sentence broken down into a detailed paragraph].
And so on.... Then, when you move from the What is it to How does it work, the same principle can be applied. There are many ways to branch out on this method, which is beneficial for many different subjects.
You can add or skip any section that does not make sense to your topic/subject.
It should also be noted that the main idea, evidence, analysis, and transition can encompass not only information within the paragraph but also the paper as a whole. 
For example, you might need several paragraphs that enforce or explain the main idea, evidence, and/or personal analysis of your topic. But within each of these paragraphs, no matter what they are explaining or enforcing, you still need to acknowledge the Main Idea, Evidence, Analysis, and Translation format. It's like a nesting doll.
All paragraphs require 3 sentences to be considered a paragraph, but 4-5 is better. You can accomplish this by breaking down long sentences into shorter ones. Do not use first person (I, me, my, our, we) or third person (you, they) unless you are explicitly asked to. Research papers don't usually do that.
If you have questions about this method or need clarification, please feel free to comment.
And remember you guys, DON’T OVERTHINK IT!!!!!!
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cinemagal · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
THE PRINCESS DIARIES (2001) dir. Garry Marshall
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b0bthebuilder35 · 4 months ago
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THIS 👏🏻IS 👏🏻NOT 👏🏻OK👏🏻
Children should not have to live like this!
Where are the parents protesting masks in school because it would traumatize their children? Is THIS not a trauma inducing practice?!
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see-mab · 4 months ago
I'm obsessed with the academia aesthetic until it's exam season
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odetteden · a year ago
here’s a shout out to all the students who pulled through during this chaotic year - and whether you are satisfied with how you did or not, please know that grades do not define you or your worth and that you should feel proud of yourself no matter what <3
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cybxrminded · 6 months ago
some fun things to do when bored
research about revolutions and wars on the floor
or just lay on the floor. the floor is always good
fold paper covered in cursive writing into little origami shapes
put on two random pieces of clothing and see how much you can accessorize it
find some mud. draw in it with a stick or even your hands. stomp in it. get dirty and enjoy the feeling when you wash it off and get clean again
practice your WWE moves with your pillows. work through that anger you have towards that one awful class
rearrange the mess that is your desk so that it's a new mess
plan out your schoolwork in a planner then doodle on the pages
pick up a book and perform it out loud. bonus points if you use different voices for each character
put on eyeliner and mascara and then cry, dramatically looking at yourself in a mirror like you are heroine in your favorite story experiencing heartbreak
make a playlist compiled of songs that do not fit together at all, but make them fit somehow. tchaikovsky and falling in reverse? gotta have some similarities somewhere
research about five different things at once, multiple tabs open, papers strewn around the room about various historical events
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ladytrist · 7 months ago
I’m a boring bitch. i admit it, but…something in my mentally ill brain convinces me that I can be one of those pretty and mysterious academia bitches.
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