rawhoneybliss · 2 days ago
You're going to be beyond happy with the way it all comes together for you.
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walkswithmyfather · 2 days ago
Amen! 🙏🕊️🙌
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softdaisie · 2 months ago
maybe mediocrity isn’t wrong. maybe you don’t need to be the best at everything you do. maybe you don’t need to be the best at anything you do. it’s ok to simply do things because you enjoy doing them. its ok to not want to advance in your job. nothing has to be a competition. you don’t need to be better than anyone. you can do things just because they’re fun. you don’t need to read up on the history, and know everything about it. its ok to just exist. its ok.
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angelnumber27 · 11 months ago
For most people, life doesn’t truly begin until they’re 26-30. The way we romanticize and obsess over youth is super harmful. Your life is not over at 21, I promise you. It’s just beginning
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lady-grace-pens · a month ago
Reminder that if your writing doesn’t get many notes (if at all) when you share, it most likely doesn’t reflect on the quality of your work, your writing, you, or anything like that junk. People are just busy with life. That’s all. It’s nothing personal.
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kedreeva · 3 months ago
Here is what my mother told me when I was young: the world is harsh. It is unforgiving and it has teeth. Take no shit.
Here is what I have learned from the world: it is wounded and the humans scattered throughout it are rarely the rats of Rat Park, they are the tired, trembling experiments in need of more kindness, not less. Do no harm.
Here's what I have learned from the world: humans are good. They are soft, and gentle, and they are wounded, all of them. When humans were young and wild, they looked at the snarling beasts that came to their fires, the ones with sharp teeth in their long muzzles, and they saw soft fur and the welcome-home wag of a tail.
Here is what I have seen: Given an opportunity, humans will choose creation and love. They will create art, and music, and community. They will tell each other stories, sing each other songs, help each other heal. Even without safety, even when it wounds them, they will love. They will love each other - their family, their friends, their mates - and they will love the world.
Here is what I have seen: there is hope. Sometimes it is ugly and twisted and burns, but humans will hold onto it with both hands and their entire heart. They will share it with one another. They will use it to tame beasts with fur and teeth as well as the ones that live inside of themselves. They will create because of it; they will say I hope this makes someone smile, I hope this makes someone cry. I hope this saves someone. And it will.
Here is what I know to be true: evidence of a healed broken bone from thousands of years ago reminds us that what makes us human isn't our wounds, but how we care for one another through them.
Here is what my mother told me: the world will gnash its sharp teeth at me. It will try to wound me.
Here is what I know to be true: I am human, and humans heal one another and can turn sharp teeth into wagging tails.
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limonsuggestions · a year ago
you are lovable, even if:
someone didn’t love you in the past.
someone doesn’t love you back.
someone said you weren’t.
you believe you aren’t.
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hopepunk-humanity · 3 months ago
It matters. Can you hear me? I am holding your hands and telling you it matters because you matter
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akindplace · 4 months ago
I hope the next months bring you the courage to do something you have been dreading to do, that you recover a bit, that you can feel less pain and more love, that you can find some solutions to your problems, and find new opportunities to grow and live a better life according to your own needs and desires. I hope you develop beautiful friendships and that the relationships you already have keep improving. I hope you get to try new things you have dreamed of. I hope you feel more safe and secure. I hope you feel more confident in your own abilities. I have hope. I will try. Please have hope. Please try.
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Tumblr media
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rawhoneybliss · a year ago
The person who reblogged this from you is rooting for your success.
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blackgirlmagic65463 · 11 months ago
So many doors will open for you when you decide it's okay to start over.
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softdaisie · a month ago
maybe the purpose of life is to fill it with as many positive things as you can. regardless of how bad life gets, don’t let it steal your personality, your hobbies, your style. after coming home from a bad day at work maybe you need to sit down and read a nice book. after studying non-stop for so long, maybe you should finish that crochet project you’ve been putting off because you’re so busy. maybe we should prioritize the things we love, the things that make us happy, and not just the things we’re forced to do to survive. in this society, a little peace from the outside world is important. don’t give up on the things that make you happy. don’t forget about yourself.
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chibird · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
A gentle reminder for when things don’t feel okay. The sun will shine on you, and the moon will smile at you, and things will feel okay again with time. ♡
Chibird store | Positive pin club | Webtoon
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hoarder-of-stories-27 · 6 months ago
Aspec people who use the label “queer”, you’re so important. I’m glad you exist.
Aspec people who would use the label but feel they can’t because of aphobia, I’m so sorry. I wish you safety and peace.
Aspec people in general, I hope you’re having a good day. You deserve a community that accepts you.
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anniespositivity · 9 months ago
You're not lazy, you simply need to rest. You're not stupid, you simply have gaps in your knowledge that can be filled. You're not ugly, you simply have a wrong perception of your reflection. You're not naive, you simply believe in the good in people and in the world. You're not unlovable, you simply haven't recognised your own worth yet. All of these negative thoughts you may have in fact disguise a positive truth - a truth that you have to learn to believe. You, my love, are simply wonderful the way you are.
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