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A day-in-the-life as a lawyer that specializes in the supernatural. Airtight contracts for genie wishes. Unambiguous purchase orders with faerie craftsmen. Divorce court for vampires with centuries-old prenups. The hag-in-the-lake who is claiming squatters rights against the new golf course...
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How do I tell you I love you without choking on the words?
Growing up, I never heard my family say 'I love you'. It was something people confessed in films and books and not what mother said to us or father told my mother. I love you was an exotic bird that existed somewhere in the world- too far away from us. I love you was a weakness that required immeasurable strength.
So, I pour my love in the morning coffee. And in the evening, I peel an orange for you, I love you. And I send you 15 cat pictures an hour, I love you and I hope you see it. And I text you good morning at the same time everyday, I love you, I love you, I love you. And until I learn to swallow it and live in it and whisper it, I hope you see how much I love you.
-Ritika Jyala, excerpt from The world is a sphere of ice and our hands are made of fire
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Tumblr media
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writing is the worst i love it so much i hate it with a burning passion i treasure it with my entire heart
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A major problem of being a writer is falling in love with your side characters. You want to explore them, want to share every detail you created for them, show them off to your readers. The pain of not letting them outshine the main character is real.
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Reasons to keep writing:
it brings you joy
somebody has to take care of the characters
you have a lesson to teach
it gets you through everyday life
there's people excited for the next chapter
to provide hope for yourself and others
if you don't tell the story, no one else will
it's a way of expressing yourself / what you go through
to make yourself and others feel less alone
people adore your writing
your characters would miss you if you left
nobody can take your place / write your stories for you
to leave something behind to be remembered by
to release your emotions
to inspire other people
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*Sighs dreamily* Writing dialogue, my beloved.
*Hisses with intense malice* Writing all the dialogue tags and actions between dialogue, my beloathed.
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“My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history, naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
we punish and love our children for the things we didn’t have in equal measure
John Adams // Succession (2018) // Thomas Paine // twin sized mattress - the front-bottoms // Saturn Devours His Son, Goya // Honey Girl, Morgan Rogers // Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan, Ilya Repin // Philip Larkin // Mary Cassat
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Tumblr media
// D
Shoutout to @queerlilchinchin's too. This message's for her too.
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How to write kiss scenes with examples
Want to know how to write perfect kiss scenes? Personally, I adore writing these intimate moments between characters, especially during a slow-burn. My best advice? Less is more. I know how tempting it might be to get to that kiss scene, and to then have your favorite couple kiss every other page, but truly the longer you can postpone and the less of these intimate moments you show, the more your readers will latch onto the couple and anticipate their next MOMENT. And when that next moment comes, you can really give it your all and feel the impact on your audience.
1. Allow buildup
You don’t always have to go straight into a kiss! The nerves of anticipation when you know it’s going to happen can really emphasise your character's feelings.
Stephen Chbosky - Perks of being a wallflower
Tumblr media
2. Don’t shy away from metaphors
Lord Byron - Don Juan
Tumblr media
3. Emotions, emotions emotions
Charles Dickens - Great expectations
Tumblr media
4. What other senses and details can your character notice?
Jeffrey Eugenides - Middlesex
Tumblr media
5. Don’t overthink it
Feeling, repetition, and simplicity can work really well, especially from 1st POV. Sometimes we lose all our thoughts and ability to speak in emotional moments, and that’s just as beautiful.
Benjamin Alire-Saenz - Aristotle & Dante discover the secrets of the universe
Tumblr media
6. Be wary of detailed descriptions!
One thing I will advise to stay aware of is that you don’t need detailed descriptions of the mouths or tongues or bodies. Especially if your moment is meant to be sweet and emotional - having tongues wrestle for dominance can take your reader out of it very quickly.
Remember to save this post for kiss quote inspiration!
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I re-made my Tumblr because this is the only social media site I can go and not be inundated with ~*products*~ that are pretending not to be products.
Anyway, my dash is so dead and I would like to find people to follow so I don't have to rely on this website's terrible algorithm and search functions??? Please feel free to like/reblog/follow if we share any common interests!!!
Cool art/photography
Astronomy, biology, and just like science/nature in general
History, and especially weird history
Video games (some of my favorite series are Pokémon, Ace Attorney, and Animal Crossing, but I've played it all)
Board Games/TTRPGs
Interior design
The horror genre in general
Memes I guess? (Seriously if I see 1 (One) more tweet that's screenshotted and reposted here instead of a good old-fashioned Tumblr meme I'm gonna scream)
Word-vomiting my insignificant opinions everywhere
Stick around, if you want, or don't! I hope your day is going well, regardless. :)
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Blocks usually stem from fear of being judged. If you imagine the world is listening, you’ll never write a line.
Erica Jong
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“We’re friends now, right? Like, we’ve done the adventuring and the saving each other from certain death thing and now we’re buddies.”
“Not the usual litmus tests for friendship, but yeah.”
“Great! So I can tell you you’re being an idiot and you have to listen.”
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Short Prompt #1045
"I thought you were supposed to be heartless? Caring only about yourself?" The superhero questioned with a raised eyebrow, crowding their enemy into a corner. "Was that not what you told me?"
Supervillain's jaw was clenched tightly shut in both rage and something they had not felt in years.
They took one quick look at the frightened young hero hiding behind them, whom Supervillain had adopted just six months prior.
Perhaps they had taken the kid in for selfish reasons.
Perhaps they had wanted a loyal weapon.
Perhaps... they had changed their mind, and snarled their teeth as their kid clung to them tighter.
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Prompt #932
"You're a nuisance in my life."
"Oh, you say the sweetest things."
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deniselavestal · a day ago
not to be controversial but ''do whatever you want & what works best for your story'' is how you should approach all advice that says to avoid clichés or overused tropes because that's what it's about
whether you want to be ''original'' or not is up to you (and honestly i think the current discourse regarding originality in writing should fade out because originality isn't based on what tropes you're using, nor is your entire story suddenly unoriginal because you chose to use a sentence that's been used in many stories), but your focus should always be on what's best for your story and characters and sometimes that means using a popular thing or two and you know what? that's 100% ok. like. do what you need and do what you want
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ritikajyala · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
[ID:  Do you like me?
Mom says I love
you every time I 
ask if she likes me.
  This is a short story, it begins with a womb and ends with rage filled 
     love, it begins with a screaming and raging evening and ends with a
     heavy silence at the dinner table. My mother loves me, and there is
     nothing more to say. I love my mother, and there is nothing more to 
     say. I pray and pray that I don't become her someday. And there is
     nothing more to say. 
   -Ritika Jyala, excerpt from The Flesh I Burned
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