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A major problem of being a writer is falling in love with your side characters. You want to explore them, want to share every detail you created for them, show them off to your readers. The pain of not letting them outshine the main character is real.
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lyralit · 2 days ago
flowers, plants and their meanings
Abatina - Fickleness
Acanthus - The fine art, Artifice
Aloe - Affection, also Grief
Amaryllis - Pride
Anemone - Forsaken
Angelica - Inspiration
Apple blossom - Preference
Arborvitae - Unchanging friendship
Aster - Symbol of Love, Daintiness
Bachelor’s button - Single blessedness
Basil - Good wishes
Bay tree - Glory
Begonia - Beware
Belledonna - Silence
Bittersweet - Truth
Black-eyed Susan - Justice
Bluebell - Humility
Borage - Bluntness, Directness
Butterfly weed - Let me go
Calla lily - Beauty
Camellia, pink - Longing For You
Camellia, red - You’re a Flame in My Heart
Camellia, white - You’re Adorable
Candytuft - Indifference
Carnation - Fascination, female love, mother’s love
Red carnation - Alas for my poor heart, my heart aches, deep love
White carnation - Innocence, pure love, sweet love
Pink carnation - I’ll never forget you
Striped - Refusal
Yellow carnation - Disdain, Disappointment, Rejection
Chamomile - Patience in adversity
Chives - Usefulness
Chrysanthemum, red - I love you
Chrysanthemum, yellow - Slighted love
Chrysanthemum, white - Truth
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notpikaman · 7 hours ago
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youneedsomeprompts · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
requested by: anonymous
Feel free to use and reblog!
being alone on Christmas eve
fights on Christmas
missing their loved ones when everyone else spends time with theirs
remembering late family members
being sad but everyone expects them to be happy
having their expectations for Christmas disappointed
being with toxic people on Christmas eve
having to work on Christmas eve
being dumped shortly before Christmas
having serious worries that overshadow every Christmas joy
not wanting to carry on their parents' traditions
old conflicts bubbling up during the holidays
having to cry during every Christmas movie
hating all the Christmas decorations around them
trying to ignore everyone's jolly spirit
trying to hide their sadness during the Christmas celebration
trying to make others happy at least
having the winter blues
storming off after a fight with their S/O
saying ugly things on Christmas eve they regret afterwards
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droptheprompt · 20 hours ago
Dialogue Prompt #16
"I told you no one would come for me."
"Then... how about you join me? They obviously don't deserve you."
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igc0 · 2 days ago
Please tell me if I have any errors. English is not my native language. The translator helped me a lot. And we all know how bad it is.
I've had this idea for a Lucemond fanfic Inspired by "scum villain self saving system" I couldn't help myself and wrote a little.
Tumblr media
Lucerys is a boy who just graduated from marine biology (it's a career he hates but he studied it for his grandfather) he is the middle brother and his latest obsession is a dark medieval fantasy book where one of the villains has cannon fodder the same name as him and yes, he is a little more than offended.
The protagonist is great, he has a difficult story, surrounded by a family that doesn't appreciate him (except for his mother), then he has to prove himself and work hard to get what others give him just by being born. His career is excellent and his personal growth is the best... Luke may also be a bit in love with a fictional character.
but it's not his fault, Aemond targeryan is the perfect combination of wild cold and tender psychopath. judge him if you want, luke has a type (his brother Jace always says he has bad taste in men). Luke thinks he's just being overprotective.
now, the character that has the same name as Luke, is crap. it is simple. luke never thought he could hate a five year old but he does. Fictional Lucerys Velaryon is a spoiled child, a liar and with zero empathy.
the little savage took his eye off his beautiful man Aemond! (luke is not being subjective, no)
So when Luke is swimming with his brothers at his grandparents' summer house and he gets a leg cramp, suddenly he's not just on the surface anymore, he tries to yell for help but it's all water, water in his eyes. in his lungs and in his body.
open his eyes. he takes an intense breath and shakes his arms, he was drowning but he is not anymore, there is no more water, no salty breeze or the screams of his brothers. he's not even at home Lucerys is in a strange and very old style room, his body feels very small.
— My sweet boy, it is time to wake up.
And that is the voice of his mother, his mother who should be with his father right now on their fifth anniversary.
The woman in front of him is similar to his mother, a lot, but she's ridiculously more beautiful. her skin is like alabaster, her hair is like pale silken threads, and her eyes are a fanciful purple.
his mother doesn't have purple eyes.
no one has purple eyes.
the woman approaches and caresses his face and then lifts him up. luke feels like he's having a panic attack, he's had them before, many times. He's never been good at handling them.
It is when they go through a mirror that Luke can see himself in a mirror all childish features, sweet and round. Brown eyes, thick eyelashes, curls and red cheeks. not very different from him, so similar but not him.
Luke at this age was much more robust and did not have such delicate features. holy God. It looked like he was six years old. going to panic.
—lucerys my boy, what is it?
They are walking through long corridors, with infinitely high ceilings, all ancient stone, medieval courts and touches of royalty. Lucerys doesn't want what he thinks is happening to be real.
the threads are coming together and he feels that perhaps, the most logical thing is that he is having a hallucination.
there is a tapestry on one wall. It is a dragon, deep red like blood, it has three heads and its wings look like blades.
Luke accepts his fate he has just reincarnated as the villain of his favorite book.
the pathetic villain who marks the beginning of the hero's path.
the same one who dies in chapter four of the book in a horrible way
Lucerys begins to cry.
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dropkickwritersblock · a day ago
Write a piece about a twelve hour drive
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notpikaman · 7 hours ago
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talvenhenki · a day ago
Emotional hurt/comfort prompts
Send me one + a character/characters/ship and I might write you something!
“You know...when you get insulted enough, you'll eventually forget what a real compliment sounds like.”
“Important to you? Me? Don't joke about things like that.”
“When did you last sleep?”
“I keep returning to that place...to that moment and thinking...maybe I could have changed it, somehow.”
“Every time I hear that sound, I'm a child again, and all the bad things...they happen all over again.”
“You're hurting. Let me help.”
“I keep wishing for an accident to happen. To have a real reason for my pain. Isn’t that fucked up?”
“I’ve noticed you avoiding me. Why?”
“I don’t need anyone to tell me I’m traumatised!”
“Sometimes I feel like there is a weight on my chest that takes away all my breath.”
“I miss them, dammit! I miss them so much.”
“I know it’s stupid to want it back and yet...I can’t help but wanting to go back to the times when everything was easier.”
“You don’t always have to shoulder it alone, you know.”
“I hate seeing you be in so much pain.”
“I’ve got nothing left! Why do you still hang around me?”
“Ah, but that kind of feelings are not allowed. Not for me, anyway.”
“For someone who’s always comforting others, you sure do a shit job of letting yourself be comforted.”
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visionsofmagic · 2 days ago
currently writing/writing status [because of having so many writing prompt under my hand thanks to your beautiful requests!]
Tumblr media
in writing process:
| gow: 4 & ragnarok [spoiler!]
heimdall x reader - one in nine realms [chapter 5]
freya x f!reader [in which y/n is one who killed baldur, freya wants to forgive her but the rage she feel inside makes it impossible] - request
mimir x granddaughter!reader & maybe kratos x mimir’s granddaughter!reader [in which mimir find his granddaughter after a long time] - request
| dc
bruce wayne x reader [part 2 of differences]
. . .
planned and ready to begin [will begin soon]:
| the boys
desired supe [new chapter]
homelander x daughter!reader & a little of butcher and his mischiefs [in which homelander has a daughter who literally worship him but soon enough become someone who wants to take her revenge. billy is there to help or make things worse] - request
homelander x reader [in which y/n and homelander has a toxic relationship but being a fool in love with homelander, y/n saves his life in cost of hers. she dies in his arms] - request
. . .
in mind:  
morpheus x reader [a request, angst to happy ending]
morpheus x reader [a request from ao3, friends to lovers]  
alexios x reader [ac odyssey, deimos!alexios too]
wanda maximoff x reader x scarlet witch [angst to fluff, little mature scenes]
(  ♡  )
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daily-dose-of-writing · 2 days ago
The world ended: the forests burned, the economies collapsed, war and crime devoured cities and towns alike. Finally, one last disaster blew through and wiped out the human race. You however, managed to survive this through no apparent reason, and now find yourself alone on a desolate planet searching for anyone else who happened to have survived along with you
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evilwriter37 · 2 days ago
Okay but would Viggo like spicy food or would he not be able to handle it? IDK how many spices Vikings had access to but this is headcanon so who gives a shit.
(Whumpee!Hiccup is fucking starving and Whumper!Viggo offers him some extra-super-ultra-spicy food just to watch him suffer 😈 ...and then it turns out Hiccup has the spice tolerance of a god (plan ruined 🤡))
Viggo would act like he could handle spicy food, and then in actuality can’t.
Hiccup is a mixed bag. I could see either or from him. Very interesting whump right there! I might have to use that!! Thank you!!
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notpikaman · 7 hours ago
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Person A: My worst self destructive tendency is my drinking habits.
Person B: Oh, you’re an alcoholic?
Person A: No, I’ve destroyed my stomach lining by drinking caffeinated beverages on an empty stomach and I won’t stop.
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creativepromptsforwriting · 22 hours ago
Prompt #932
"You're a nuisance in my life."
"Oh, you say the sweetest things."
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sleepyprompts · 2 days ago
Prompt #864
“I understand that you like don’t like this. I also don’t care.”
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ghost-in-a-sea-of-clouds · 2 days ago
The Sun and the Moon. Guiding lights of two vast stars, guiding one, and guiding all
World of sunlight rises by dawn, World of moonlight falls by dusk
Golden rays enriching life in solidarity, Silver rays guiding life in cycles
Illuminating the world for all denizens of the dawn, Haunting the world for all denizens of the dusk
Shedding light upon darkness in the world, Navigating shadows cast by the sunlight
The kind, unyielding lady determined to help all The temperamental man of many faces, inclined to whimsy
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notpikaman · 7 hours ago
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lyralit · 5 months ago
show, don't tell:
anticipation - bouncing legs - darting eyes - breathing deeply - useless / mindless tasks - eyes on the clock - checking and re-checking
frustration - grumbling - heavy footsteps - hot flush - narrowed eyes - pointing fingers - pacing / stomping
sadness - eyes filling up with tears - blinking quickly - hiccuped breaths - face turned away - red / burning cheeks - short sentences with gulps
happiness - smiling / cheeks hurting - animated - chest hurts from laughing - rapid movements - eye contact - quick speaking
boredom - complaining - sighing - grumbling - pacing - leg bouncing - picking at nails
fear - quick heartbeat - shaking / clammy hands - pinching self - tuck away - closing eyes - clenched hands
disappointment - no eye contact - hard swallow - clenched hands - tears, occasionally - mhm-hmm
tiredness - spacing out - eyes closing - nodding head absently - long sighs - no eye contact - grim smile
confidence - prolonged eye contact - appreciates instead of apologizing - active listening - shoulders back - micro reactions
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youneedsomeprompts · 4 months ago
How to write a kiss scene
Tumblr media
requested by: anon request: How do I write a good kiss scene? As how do I describe it? What details or words would make it good?
What goes into the writing of a kiss scene?
details to incorporate:
the sensations in their stomach, their chest, and their knees
the way their breathing changes shortly before the kiss
the feeling of the other's hands
the texture of the other's clothing
the moment they realise they've reached the point of no return
the feeling they're left with after the kiss
words to use...
... to describe the kiss:
... to describe how they feel about the kiss:
... to show what the lips do:
exploring each other
brushing over each other
pressing against each other
crushing together
travelling (the other's body)
trailing (down to the other's chin)
grinning into the kiss
... to show how their body reacts:
feeling warm all over
pumping/palpitating heart
clenching lungs
joy bubbling up
tingly stomach
warm chest
burning cheeks
sweaty palms
blood rushing through their veins
... to describe what their hands are doing:
tangling in their lover's hair
wrapping their arms around their lover's neck
intertwining their fingers with their lover
resting on their lover's hips
pressing into their lover's shoulder blades
cupping their lover's cheeks
touching their lover's chin
curling their arm around their lover's waist
resting on their lover's shoulders
grabbing their lover's collar
sneaking up under their lover's shirt
brushing over their lover's bare skin
lightly squeezing their lover's butt
focus on:
the sensations instead of what's physically happening. (the protagonists might very well not know themselves what is happening exactly, but they feel very precisely)
I hope this helps <3
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