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↳ Dedicated to my awesomely honey Itz @queenrojpag  ♥ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )
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synopsis: you leave an argument in favour of some fresh air, but it’s night outside. this is how the bnha boys react:
includes: kirishima, todoroki, bakugo + midoriya! wc: 600, 650, 500 and 360 respectively
warnings: TAGS PLS WORK, probably poorly written lol, probably cringe too - posting this with my hand over my eyes, food in kirishima's and todorokis, minimal hurt and mostly comfort, don't be fooled - even tho izuku's is the shortest, his blurb is my favourite
Tumblr media
˚ ༘♡ 𝐊𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐌𝐀: the moment you shut the door behind you, kirishima deflates, already missing you despite the intense and heated discussion you had prior that left his throat scratchy and face hot. even though you were mad at him, the house just wasn’t the same without you, but he respects your boundaries and understands that he should probably just leave you alone. 
that is, until he remembers the time and how dark and cold it is outside, immediately panicking. 
with little hesitation, he all but sprints out the house, grabbing his keys and a jacket for you before slamming the door shut. the second he steps foot onto the pavement, he’s searching left and right for you, with only the dim moonlight and street lamps aiding him. thankfully, you hadn’t gone too far and kirishima could make out your figure before it was too late.
“y/n!” he calls out as heavy, fast footsteps approach you.
he hears you sigh, “what do you want, kirishima?”
he rounds in front of you and holds up the jacket, “it’s cold outside! i don’t want you getting cold!”
you give him a look before brushing past him, continuing your journey. the manner in which you were walking slightly faster told kirishima that you didn’t want to be with him right now, but he was going to insist, no matter what.
“babe, please, i’m serious!”
you don’t relent. kirishima’s always needed someone stubborn to deal with him- and he loves that quality about you, but right now, he just wanted you to listen to him.
“it’s also really dangerous, you don’t know what crime could be happening right now!” he calls out after you still with a jacket in hand.
your head and shoulders drop slightly before you turn around to face your partner, and your holding your hands out expectantly. kirishima sees the goosebumps rising on your skin and can’t help but give you his signature, toothy grin.
“thank you,” you murmur quietly whilst slinging the jacket around yourself. with a quick glance at him, it seems as if you have something to ask, but you opt to keep it to yourself. 
kirishima speaks instead, “is it okay if i… stay with you? i want to protect you in case anything bad happens.”
you furrow your brows a little before reluctantly saying a ‘yes, but i’m still mad at you’, to which kirishima responds with ‘i know, baby, i know’. he’s not sad at all when he gets the clear to trail behind you since he prefers to be by your side (or back, in this case). although keeping a five feet distance is not ideal, kirishima is still grateful that you were rational enough to let a pro-hero stay with you.
too entranced in his thoughts and you, the sturdy hero had no idea how far you travelled until the local 7/11 sign flashed in the distance, and he realised you were looking back at him with a calmer look in your eyes.
you extend an arm out to him, gesturing for him to ‘come here’ and he practically tackles you at the chance, winding a secure arm around your waist as you both stumble in a fit of laughter. 
“what do you say about some ice cream, eijiro?” you question, gesturing to the convenience store. kirishima beams even more at your suggestion.
“let’s go!” he exclaims as he practically drags you across the street (checking for cars first, of course), content and happy to have you in his arms again.
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˚ ༘♡ 𝐓𝐎𝐃𝐎𝐑𝐎𝐊𝐈: the second the door slammed shut behind you was the moment that todoroki snapped out of the fury that he previously let encompass him. the pro-hero stares at the door, dazed, as if waiting for you to come back. he hates this feeling of emptiness that you’ve left behind, your absence squeezing him dry of any warmth as he anticipates your entrance; the click of the door notifying that you were back. 
instead, there’s just silence, and it’s like this for the next few minutes.
immediately, he grabs his phone from his pocket to dial you, knowing that you left with your device.
you don’t pick up.
he tries again. to no avail.
he’s lost count of how many times he’s called you, suddenly feeling unable to move from his spot has his head spins.
this poor boy.
when he decides he’s annoyed you enough with calls and voicemails, he then diverts to texting, spamming you like he’s never done before. literally, if you look at your chat history with the half-and-half, you’ll notice that he tends to send paragraphs and sentences rather than texts following the other.
when you glance down at your device that was now overheating, you’re beginning to feel terrible for ignoring him. there’s desperation in the way he’s texting, forgoing all grammar and punctuation in favour for expressing his desperation.
you don’t know how to talk to him, not when he burned you with careless words he probably didn’t mean. but you’re more than aware of the habit that todoroki has to catastrophize everything, so you shouldn’t leave him for too long.
passing by a 7/11, you know exactly how to fix this.
entering the store, you quickly head to the prepackaged meals section, grabbing two drinks on the way, paying and leaving in record time. speed-walking the way home, you’re trying to chalk up the courage to face him, puffing by time you arrive at your front door.
the sound of a lock unlatching fills todoroki’s ears and he perks up at the noise. when you emerge behind the heavy door, he finally remembers to breathe.
his shoulders sag with relief.
yours tense up at the ridiculous freezing temperature of the apartment, noticing how some objects were beginning to ice over. speaking of which, todoroki hasn’t left the spot he previously stood in.
“you’re back,” he muttered to himself.
“it’s so cold,” you chatter, chills beginning to run up your spine and todoroki only just notices the state that he left the room in.
“oh,” is all he gets out before coming closer, embracing you carefully as he melts the frost that overwhelmed you.
“thank you.”
todoroki is more than content to stay like this for a few moments longer, relishing in the feeling of having you back in his arms whilst he defrosts the walls.
“i got something,” you break the silence that held a series of unsaid words and feelings by smiling shyly at him, raising the plastic bag with the iconic ‘7’ logo, “as sorry for lashing out.”
he softens, “it’s okay, i’m sorry too for letting my emotions get the better of me.”
“looks like we both have some making up to do,” you lead him to the kitchen, grabbing the box of soba and the two juices that you purchased. the dual-quirk wielder can’t help but grin, giddy at the prospect of having convenience store soba and his favourite drink, shared with the love of his life. “i thought we could have this, together.”
todoroki nods, opening the lid as you grab two pairs of chopsticks. he puts the straw of your juice in first before his and when you hand him his chopsticks, his immediate reaction is to let you have the first bite.
even in tense situations, he can’t help but be a gentleman.
“thank you, y/n,” he whispers, sealing his gratitude with a kiss to your forehead.
Tumblr media
˚ ༘♡ 𝐁𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐆𝐎: well, you wanted some fresh air, but bakugo had other plans because the second you were heading for the door, he practically blocked the doorway; which wasn’t hard to do considering his impressive stature.
“bakugo,” you say in the most threatening tone you can muster despite the swirl of emotions pooling in your chest, ones that made you terrified to look him in the eye, “move.”
he huffs, crossing his arms over his toned chest in defiance, “and what if i don’t?”
saying nothing except stare him down, bakugo sighs at your insistence.
“look, i know you want some time alone but it’s late and probably dangerous as shit because dunceface and deku are patrolling the streets tonight-”
“-don’t say that about your friends.”
“-and i don’t trust them to keep you safe, so know that i’m not letting you leave. i’m also tired as fuck,” he yawns just to prove how tired he feels, “and i refuse to go to bed without you there.”
you merely shrug, apathetic to his claims before making a move to the door again. except this time, bakugo intercepts you by stopping you physically.
“i gave you a warning.” 
“and i told you to move.”
he merely huffs before swiftly and smoothly picking you up bridal style, quickly making his way up the stairs whilst you trash and manoeuvre in his arms. anyone would have dropped you due to your harsh and unpredictable movements, but anyone did not include your pro-hero boyfriend, who picked up wriggling casualties and wrestled villains for a living. he long got used to any sort of violent actions, to your dismay.
he even has the time to turn off the lights as he walks past the switch. how despicable.
when bakugo finally enters your shared bedroom, he wastes no time settling you into the covers, placing a kiss on your forehead as he puffs up your pillow at the sheets. in the meantime, the blond quickly goes around and does some final checks of the house, lights turned off, doors are locked, etc. 
when he’s satisfied, he wastes little time retreating to his side of the bed, holding you in his arms and strategically holding you down with his body weight to ensure that you can’t leave- assuming that you want to in the first place. 
you don’t, though, because under the covers, he’s holding you tighter than he does most nights; more protectively. perhaps it’s because he’s terrified to lose you and is doing whatever he can to keep you closer to him. 
he was gifted a personality to match the quirk: loud, explosive, impatient, destructive. however, beyond the superficial, bakugo knows how to provide warmth, new beginnings and light, it’s just a little more quiet than the outer appearance.
“i’m sorry,” he utters against your skin, quiet yet sincere, “for everythin’ i said.”
“it’s okay, we’ll get over it,” you promise as his hands wrap yours around him.
“you sure?”
you ‘hmph’ in return, just to show him that you’re still mad.
bakugo gets you flowers and breakfast the next morning.
Tumblr media
˚ ༘♡ 𝐌𝐈𝐃𝐎𝐑𝐈𝐘𝐀: “wait! where are you going?” the green-haired hero quizzes, a hint of desperation seeping into his tone.
you blink, hand pausing at the door knob, ��away from here.”
midoriya takes this time to close the distance between you, hands instinctively coming up to your hand to halt your advances. he’s careful not to press you too harshly, knowing that you’re still vulnerable from the disagreement you two previously had, and in all honesty, he was too. 
except the only way he knows how to heal is with you.
“please don’t leave,” he pleads, eyes watery and glossy with emotions, heart sensitive and aching for a second chance.
you can’t look him in the eye and that fact almost makes midoriya burst into tears (again).
“i need some fresh air-”
“but it’s not safe at this hour of the night! i don’t want to risk your safety because of me,” his fingers clasp around your hand securely this time rather than ghosting over your skin like they previous had. 
you bite in the inside of your cheek, unsure about what to say apart from a feeble: “i can handle things on my own.”
“i know,” midoriya retaliates, “but i can’t.”
you finally look him in the eye and notice that tears are threatening to fall over and dribble down his cheek. realising that these tears were caused because of you, you instantly feel some semblance of guilt and are unable to resist the urge to brush away the drops with the pad of your thumbs. 
“oh, izuku, don’t cry,” you plead and he weakly laughs, grabbing onto your wrists desperately. you almost want to start crying yourself.
“‘m sorry,” he sniffles, “i just really don’t want you to leave.”
it’s because he’s not sure if you’d come back, finally realising that you were too good- too unreal for him and deserved better. midoriya shakes with ripples of heavy emotions at the thought of you leaving and you keep collecting teardrops.
“i won’t then.”
“you’ll stay?” 
“i’ll stay.”
he collapses at your feet, beginning to cry freely now. 
you kneel down beside him, as soulmates do, and continue wiping his tears.
Tumblr media
hi if you liked that pls reblog i'm so tired dude my eyelids are drooping. i didn't do as many characters as i would have hoped - if anyone is desperately wanting shinso, hawks, denki (no villains), i'm more than happy to but only if it is requested bc holy shit i'm so tired AHH
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Katsuki tapped into 2nds quirk here with this great speed he’s shown. Especially with OFA stars following him as he was doing so and 2nd showing up. Maybe that’s why he died. Izuku was told he has 5 minutes to end SFO after activating 2nds quirk.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
We don’t know what happens after those 5 minutes are up but my guess is..it’s not good. Katsuki’s heart surely didn’t handle it. He probably had even less time given his body was still adjusting to OFA.. and so.. soon after activating Transmission.. his heart blew up and he died. Or he activated the quirk much earlier. It’s also possible the explosion was set off earlier due to SFO landing a HEAVY blow to Katsuki’s chest.
Anyway..Izuku is in danger. And I’ve been saying for weeks and weeks now that this will end up with Izuku and Katsuki both dead. After those 5 minutes are up.. Izuku’s body will be overloaded and he’s going to die. Tho I’m sure not permanently.
His quirk is literally a bomb. Upon being activated, it sets a timer.. and when the timer is up, it blows up.
Of course it can still be Katsuki’s explosion which got a boost because of him having access to OFA since OFA evolves quirks and that it had something to do with his speed but given we’ve just found out what 2nds quirk is.. it’s a bit too much of a coincidence.
And yea not only did we find out that 2nds quirk is transmission which allows great speed among other things.. Katsuki also gets a hell of a lot faster, basically teleports.. and then an image of 2nd appears on the screen so what else can this be other than him tapping into this quirk?
Tumblr media
I’m sure Katsuki doesn’t have OFA the way Izuku does. SFO didn’t sense it. Izuku didn’t sense it. He didn’t receive it via DNA. But there IS a leak happening somewhere. OFA has been described as a quirk that connects peoples HEARTS. And it’s also been said that emotions too strong for the wielder to handle can OVERRIDE OFA AND BEND IT’S RULES!
And we’ve seen this happen. The only feeling Izuku can’t control that sets OFA off.. is whatever he feels for Katsuki. Cause his loss of control of his heart has always been strictly Katsuki related. And so maybe their bond is so strong they can share OFA. But that brings more angst because that means.. because of their bond.. because of OFA travelling to Katsuki and 2nds quirk accidentally activating.. Katsuki died. This.. would finish Izuku off. He would blame himself.
But we know Izuku has to lose control at least once more. Katsuki hasn’t witnessed it. And he has been purposefully removed from the scene all 3 times “control your heart” quote has been said in regards to Izuku’s feelings for Katsuki. This only makes sense if he’s gonna witness it eventually. During its climax. This is probably because Katsuki is the only one who can help Izuku with this problem permanently…
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BNHA Quirkswap Au
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I’m never writing this so I’m going to psychically transmit the plot through memes
Part 2
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class1akids · 2 days ago
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Horikoshi also added his 2c on the proper spelling: it’s Shouto (not Shoto) and Bakugou (not Bakugo).
Official translation overruled, fanfic writers win.
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smallmightsupremacy · 2 days ago
What we wanted Second to be:
Tumblr media
What he actually was:
Tumblr media
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sat0sugu-angst · 23 hours ago
Kiss & Make Up
pairing: bakugo x fem!reader
summary: you've fought with Katsuki before, but never like this.
wc: 2.2k
cw: hurt/comfort, angst, established relationship, katsuki calls y/n princess bc I like that shit sorry. idk yall are mean to each other and stuff but it's kinda cute at the end. not proofread so srry abt that
a/n: idk where this came from bc I normally don't like angst but i was thinking abt an ask I answered a while back that was kinda like this and I lowkey hated what I put out and needed to ~regain my honor~ plus I feel like with dating katsuki you kinda gotta prepare for fighting. I can't go full angst because that's not fun so here's what I came up with hehe. kinda hate the title but whatevs i hope yall like itttt <3
The couple of tears falling down your cheeks only make you angrier as you glare at his ever present scowl. "I'm going to stay with a friend for a while. Don't even think about calling me or I'll block your ass." You grit out, lugging your two duffle bags full of random clothes and toiletries across the living room and to the front door.
He doesn’t reach out to you, like he had earlier, because that had earned him another tongue lashing. He was trying to contain his anger, but seeing you with all that crap in your arms ignited a fire in his chest. When you'd slammed the bedroom door in his face five minutes prior, he'd expected you to lock him out for an hour or two so you could cool off, not that you'd pack a bag to get away from him.
"Yeah, you fuckin' go right ahead!" He called at your retreating figure. Even though what he really wanted was to lock you in the house until you both could figured something out, he was just too fucking pissed that you were pulling away that he couldn't bring himself to cave. "Fuckin' child." He grunted under his breath.
You stop in your tracks, turn slowly, and settle an icy glare on him. He knows he shouldn't egg you on, that it would only make things worse, but he was pissed, and he wanted you to know that. "I'm the child? You haven't even been listening to anything I've said today, have you?" You seethed, and you had half a mind to drop your bags and have another screaming match, but you knew it would get you nowhere and you were too upset to be the bigger person. "Fuck you, Katsuki."
You expect more yelling, that he'd shout back at you, but you don't hear anything as you walk out of the house.
In his head, he's screaming at himself to follow you. To make you stay, because even fighting was better than you leaving. But the words die in his throat. A million things he could have said ran through his mind, but none ever made it to his lips. He wanted to go to you, to bring you home, and hold you close, and hash things out until you're not mad anymore. But by the time he was able to move, your car was long gone from the driveway.
Three days pass by in a haze. Katsuki is running through the motions, but he's barely present. And even when he is, he's at his worst. The agency is even more explosive than usual, and he knows he's being too hard on his sidekicks, that he's acting like a jackass and he hates it. Hates that he can't function without you, but even more than that, he hates that you're not gonna be there when he gets home.
The house is a complete mess. Dishes have piled up, and the bed's unmade even thought he's been falling asleep to the TV light on the living room instead of your bedroom. He can't sleep there without you, knowing you're probably crashing on someone's couch when you should be in that expensive ass bed you begged him for.
"But it's soooo comfy, Katsuki." You're pouting, looking up at him through your lashes because you know he can't resist it. "Come sit on it and see."
"It'll be an investment", "can't put a price on a good night's sleep", "just think how easy you'll fall asleep on a bed like this", all the things you'd cooed at him were ringing in his head. "Don't matter how comfy it is. S'too fuckin' pricey for a mattress, Princess." He said, trying to avoid looking at you even as he feels his resolve crumbling.
When he'd finally hung his chin and gave in, he knew it had been worth it to see your face light up, how excitedly you talked about a fuckin' mattress with your mom on the phone. It would have been idiotic if it hadn't been you, but it had been, and he felt like a million bucks taking that mattress home.
A wave of nausea hit him as he remembered the way you'd looked at him when you left him. He'd just finished dinner, a sorry excuse for one in his opinion, but all of the pans sat dirty in the sink, and he'd had few options. Now he stared at your contact in his phone, the cool light the only thing on in the living room as the natural light turned dark. He hadn't bothered to turn on the TV tonight.
He wants you back so bad his chest is tight. Fuck, he can't even think straight. But he wouldn't call, couldn't call. Even if you were bluffing about blocking him if he reached out, he was too proud to be the one to break the radio silence.
He thinks about your face again, how happy you'd been about something as mundane as a mattress. Something he couldn't care less about put that sweet, sexy, stupid fucking grin on your face. He sighed, finger hovering over the call button, but then he hears keys jingling in the lock.
He freezes, eyes shooting toward the door right when it opens. You walk in, wearing an old pair of shorts and one of your favorite t-shirts of his. You look like you're in a hurry, and then you let out a yell, jumping when seeing his hulking form on the couch. "Fuck, Katsuki, what the hell are you in the dark for?" You question, flipping the switch closest to you so the soft light from the kitchen could filter into the living room.
"I-I thought you'd still be at work." You said quietly.
He realizes why you'd been in a hurry, then. "They sent me home. Said I had to come back with a better attitude or something stupid." He spat, laying back and crossing his arms. "Sorry I ruined your little cat burglary." He added dryly.
He looked away from you, and you took the opportunity to study him. His hair was even more disheveled than usual, still in his hero uniform, even. You tried not to focus on the way his exposed arms showed off his rippling muscles as he crossed his arms.
"I'm just picking up more clothes. I won't be long." You said tightly. It took you a moment to realize you were waiting there for him to respond, but when he didn't, you turned on your heel and walked into your bedroom.
You were shocked to see the state it was in. In your rush to leave, you'd left a mess of clothes on the floor, and everything was still where you'd left it. Katsuki was a tidy person, and he hated nothing more than when you'd throw your clothes from the day onto the bedroom floor instead of in the bin. You couldn't imagine what he could be going through that he wouldn't at least move the clothes out of the way.
You felt embarrassed to see how you'd left the state of your room, and guilty because he was obviously not doing well. You almost wished you could go back to before the fight, even if you wouldn't be much better off. It was hard enough to talk to Katsuki; he was a commanding presence with unwavering confidence, and even well into his twenties still no volume control. But even when you worked up the balls to talk to him about things that bothered you, they had fallen on deaf ears. You felt insignificant, an afterthought, and then you couldn't take it anymore.
You exhaled, trying to steady your resolve before you went back to face him. "Could at least pick up your mess before you leave." He said, and you turned to find him watching you from the doorway.
There was something in his eyes that didn't match his words. Something softer. You briefly recalled moments when you'd be in bed and he'd come and lean against the doorframe, looking at you with that smirk that made you feel like you could rule the world.
"Whatever. Pick it up yourself if it bothers you so much." You grumbled, even though you knew it wasn't fair.
He took up the entire doorway, and you faced him, glaring up at him as if you could will him with your mind to move. Of course, he didn't budge. "Move, Katsuki."
He made a show of leaning against the doorframe, rubbing his shoulders into the wood as if it was the most comfortable thing in the world. "Nah, don't think I wanna."
You scoff, rolling your eyes. "And you say I'm the child." You mutter. He looked awfully relaxed leaning up against the door, and you were almost curious enough to see if he'd fall over if you pushed him.
"Yeah, 'cause children run from their problems." He said, though he wasn't looking at you, but the door.
You shook your head, your previous anger flaring. "Don't go there, okay? You made me leave."
He shot a glare at you. "Bullshit. I never once asked you to leave."
"What did you think would happen? You never listened to a damn thing I said, and when you did you couldn't have a serious discussion without turning it into a fight."
Now he was quiet. You thought you'd feel good about that, that you'd gotten a jab in, but it only made you feel worse.
"I didn't treat you the way I should've." He said finally. "I should've been more attentive to you. You were always there, encouraging me, giving me strength, and I didn't do enough to show you how much that meant to me. I know I could be better. I wanna be the one encouraging you, spoiling you, pushing you. I don't wanna hold you back or make you feel like you can't talk to me."
You were waiting for more, but he was quiet. You didn't know how to respond. You wanted all of that, wanted it with him, but pretty promises didn't mean anything if things just went back to the way they were. Your heart twisted in your chest, and your throat was tight. "It's a little late for that, Katsuki, don't you think?"
"I don't care. I don't want you to leave again. I want to work on this. Don't you?"
You felt tears threatening to spill over, cursing yourself for being so quick to cry all the time. "I do. I did. I..." You stopped, turning away so he couldn't read your emotions from your face. "I don't want to feel like I did again. Like I was invisible to you."
His heart was breaking looking at you. You were opinionated and mouthy when you'd met each other, sweet and giving but never afraid to tell someone off. He felt like such a prick looking at you turn from him, how your shoulders curled in on you. How had he let this happen? How could he have done this to you?
"You were never invisible to me, Y/n. Fuck, it's always been you." He reached out tentatively, hand at your elbow. You didn't pull away from him like you had last time, and he felt something like hope in his gut as he slowly turned you to face him. "I'm sorry I ever made you feel like that. I don't wanna do that anymore."
You looked up at him, and fuck you looked devastating, eyes big and shiny and he wanted nothing more than to take you in his arms and never let you go. He didn't even realize when he'd cupped your cheek in his hand, rubbing his thumb softly into your skin.
"Katsuki, I just..." but you were out of all the excuses you'd prepared. You could barely think with him so close, the familiar scent of him, the soft callous on his hand, the way he looked at you like he couldn't breathe without you. And you were tired. Sleeping on your friend's couch was hard on your back, and it was always so hard to sleep without Katsuki's warmth, that you'd barely slept.
"Please, just stay home tonight. We can fight tomorrow." He breathed, finally giving in and pulling you against his chest, engulfing you in his arms.
You couldn't stop the couple of stray tears that trickled down your cheeks, but it felt good to be in his arms. No, not just good, you felt like a weight had been lifted from your chest.
"Fine." You said finally, trying to sound like you were doing him a favor even though you wanted nothing more than to curl up in bed in his arms. "But we're definitely fighting tomorrow."
His chest rumbled against your ear as he chuckled. "You got it, Princess."
a/n: tysm for reading! A little outta my comfort zone but I'm pretty pleased with what I got :) anyway lmk how you liked it! comments/rbs always appreciated
taglist: @animexholic @asmaechan
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toji-bunny-girl · 17 hours ago
𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭…
Tumblr media
Mechanic!Bakugou with his tight tank top and cargo pants, sweat and grease over his muscled arms as he blasts his favourite rock band from the radio in his workshop, humming the lyrics while fixing his clients' cars.
Mechanic!Bakugou who couldn't stop his eyes from staring at the shape of your body, lowering the radio so he could hear you talk in that sweet little voice of yours clearer.
Mechanic!Bakugou who asks for you to sit while he changes your car tyres, halting the one he was in the middle of repairing just so he could look at your pretty face a little longer. And how could you refuse him after he flashes you that handsome smile of his? So before you know it, you're nodding your head and sitting your cute little ass on the chair only a little away from him.
Mechanic!Bakugou who could feel your gaze on him as his muscles flexes from the work, trailing over the outline of his body from the thin top sticking onto his skin and the chiselled muscles of his abs whenever he rubs the sweat off of his face with the hem of his shirt. He's internally smirking when you're caught face blushy and red after he glances towards your way—knowing what is exactly on your mind.
Mechanic!Bakugou who makes small talks with you while he works on your car, sneaking glimpses of the way your lips move as you talk while asking questions after questions, rolling your name out of his tongue like silk after you tell him yours; making itchy tentacles slittering around inside your belly.
Mechanic!Bakugou who’s done with your car, feeling how time is flying too fast despite working on the car for more than an hour. He could see the slight pout on your lips when you hand him the amount of money, your cheeks slowly flushing when his fingers brushed against yours; calloused and rough.
Mechanic!Bakugou who calls out for you as you get into your car, resting his arm on the top of it—close enough for you to smell the muskiness and sweat off of him as he asks to exchange numbers; in case your car needs any fixing as he flashes you a smile. Oh now again, you couldn’t say no to him in any way. So now he has your digits saved in his phone, wondering about how many days it would take for you to come back for any car repairs.
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bicheetopuff · 2 days ago
Okay… y’all aren’t hyping up these panels enough for me so I’m doing it myself
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The fact that he’s able to mirror Katsuki without even seeing what Katsuki was doing earlier is so poetic and shows how alike they really are despite being considered opposites. He’s even able to look like him…
also dekus eyes are so pretty
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thingsoverheardatua · 2 days ago
Kirishima: [pouting in a corner]
Sero: Why is he sulking?
Ashido: Because daddy was keeping a secret from mommy~
Bakugou: Whatever! Why does everyone insist on referring to us like we’re husband and wife?!
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sydmjolnir · 2 days ago
random extra: bakugou katsuki is terrifying. I wonder what he’s thinking about.
bakugou, looking at you: *internally* God, they’re so beautiful. They’re perfect, I love my baby so much- look how amazingly stunning they are, I’m so lucky-
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queenrojpag · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
every todobaku scene 114/?
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dekacchannn · 2 days ago
Hori.. stop.. please.. why so many parallels with Katsuki in his last moments? I’m scared..😭
But.. I said in this post it’s all a setup for Katsuki to mourn Izuku.. what with the rain and all.. he is the one who hates the rain after all. It doesn’t matter if he’s dead. Rain won’t hurt him.
But if he wakes up.. to mourn the one closest to him under the rain which he hates………
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chapters 358 and 368 ended almost identically .. we know what came after that..
Tumblr media
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elverrie · a day ago
i just think that it`s neat how the 2nd showed up to izuku during this time, when he looks really similar to katsuki not to be dramatic, poetic or some shit but it`s like some sort of comfort and reassuarance 
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silverynight · 15 hours ago
Katsuki *smirking*: Izuku, do you remember that time in highschool when I helped you with your English essay and you said you owed me one and you'd do anything I wanted?
Izuku *a little bit scared*: Uhh... That was a couple of years ago but yes... I remember...
Katsuki: Great! Put this ring on, we'll get married in a month!
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class1akids · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
MHA on the cover of PASH magazine November issue
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